P07 LAL vs POR Game Thread+Chat

22 Oct 2014 – Preseason 7: LA Lakers vs Portland Blazers

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  1. Welcome to the 1st Game Thread using Disqus comments+Chat Box Side-By-Side
    1. For well-thought posts to get upvotes + record-keeping, use Disqus
    2. For cheering and saying Hello, use Chat Box for fun interaction

  2. LOL sneaky @psalm234:disqus to create this new thread while I was busy:o)) Glad that I was able to come back now:o))

    Reformating the first attempt didn’t work. Something wasn’t right. Had to reformat again yesterday. Thank God finally it’s done and still have a few things I need to install before it’s all good. So much time was spending on getting this laptop work again in the past couple weeks:o((

  3. haha.. sorry I had to steal the 1st comment since I need it to show as an example of Disqus+Chat side-by-side 😀

    Just make sure you backup your laptop data 🙂

  4. Learned my lessons few years ago. I did backup all my data in two external hard disks:o)) Just that redo the whole thing took so much of time. Just reinstalling the antivirus took over 3 hrs. So frustrating but at lesat it works “perfectly” now:o))

    Not sure I will attempt to watch any live game now. That’s why all the virus got in when I watched online.

  5. Remember to get a Recovery DVD next time. I think some Laptops even have a single key recovery installed on a hidden part on your drive, so you just have to press a key when starting your laptop and….wala….good as new.

  6. Lin will shoulder a lot of responsibility in tonight’s game:


  7. LOL I know learned my big lesson. That was the first attempt. Thought I didn’t do one. So my bro-in-law used a way to download the infected one. That’s why the major prob. As I tried to find all disks to redownload everything, found the original piece. After slightly over a day, it all froze up, Had to reformat again. That was why I was totally up for yesterday. Took almost 18 hours to get things work again. Time consuming.

  8. which stream site gave you virus? Did you try http://www.firstrows.eu/us/basketball? That one seems clean for me?

  9. This is unrelated to the game but nba.com’s annual go survey ranked harden as the top shooting guard with Klay Thompson second and curry and kobe tied for third.

  10. With Kobe sitting out the rest of preseason games, will Jeremy be expected to pick up the scoring load by playing SG?


  11. Harden’s offensive talent would always make him be top-ranked SG.
    But he has a long way to prove himself on defense and advancing deep in playoff.

  12. perhaps we’ll see experiment of Lin playing SG a lot next to Ronnie Price?

  13. Yeah right, top shooting guard and best center in the league, yet cannot clear first round. Some cornerstones.

  14. Jeremy and the Lakers have arrived at Ontario


  15. Ontario, California, that is.

  16. nbaonline.TV. Tried all the other ones and didn’t work. I’m in nbaonline.tv now. It’s ok thus far.

  17. it’s funny how all these “away” preseason games are very close to LA (Anaheim, Ontario, San Diego, etc.)

  18. I think Byron really wants Lin to gel with the ‘young&fast’ second unit (Lin/Davis/Randle/Clarkson) because they could be the future. As long as Lin finishes the game, I”ll be okay.

  19. ok, good .. that’s one Linfectious computer virus you don’t want :]

  20. I don’t know what Scott wants but the it sounds like this might be an ugly game to start.

  21. Actually, I believe that all of the Lakers preseason games are officially considered “home” games. If you look at the schedule, the Lakers are listed second in all the preseason games. Whereas the regular season, Lakers are either listed first (away) or second (home).

    Compare to Clippers preseason, where the Clippers are listed either first or second.

  22. I think he’s counting Price to facilitate so Ellington can shoot 3s with Boozer playing the passing big man inside. But without dribble penetration, spacing will be too tight for any shooters just like we’ve seen in several games already. Noone can really create in this 1st team.

    So yes, it would be ugly

  23. It’s almost like Nash is becoming the forgotten man:


  24. ok, thanks. I guess Lakers has special privileges to have all “home” games during preseason :]

  25. our boy gets to be in first class cabin now.

  26. This looks like a 1st unit that would get beat by the 2nd unit!

  27. do you guys consider it a good tactic or bad? Lin doesnt have much time geling with Kobe during preseason game. now, Kobe is resting.

  28. I certainly hope so…something like 20+ points would be welcome.

  29. 2 good high-end pros playing together … you don’t need court time in preseason. When I was competitive, it didn’t matter when you walked on – you could make it work if the other guys were good players. That’s amateur. Pros … they have tape, meetings, coaches, trainers … Kobe and Lin will hone their game in the first 8 weeks.

  30. we’ve seen that movie before ha ha.

  31. tells you how bright these GMs are

  32. If this was in Houston I would be worried, but seeing how Lin is being praised by almost all the players and the Lakers organization, I feel this is all part of their plan.

    Perhaps Byron is also trying to manage some egos here and there. I mean, when Kobe was out the team always had a week start. Can you imagine if Lin was there and they got a huge lead? Then the media would have a field day, trying to pit teammate against teammate.

    Either way as long as the praise for Lin keeps coming, I feel comfortable for now in the preseason.

    But once the season starts, I’ll have slightly different expectations. So I’m just hoping for the best for now.

  33. good point, good point. Gotta keep Kobe’s unit nice and needy lol.

  34. I think this is the best they could do with the situation. If Lin didn’t get injured they probably would have had more time. But as it stands now, it’s probably smart to rest Kobe for now.

    Also, it’ll be a nice surprise for the Rockets when they see how good Kobe and Jeremy can be together.

  35. LOL Also learned to block ad now. So, hopefully I’m free from Linfection for good now:o))

  36. im with you here waiting for the game to begin!

  37. Which do more people use…disqus or game chat?

  38. It definitely seems like Byron is keeping lin on the bench to avoid a “QB controversy”. He is trying to set up a rotation and roles for each player.

  39. chat for nonsense and disqus for sense…lol

  40. Q1 4:47 Randle and Davis came in for Boozer and Sacre.

  41. Q1 4:07 Lin came in for Price

  42. test

  43. Lin led 12-2 run to close the 1st quarter at 26-18
    Lin had 5pts, 2 rebs, 1TO

  44. Q2 8:21 Lin got caught with hand-checking Lillard for a foul but in the next possesion poked the ball enough to cause Lillard to lose the ball

  45. Q2 6:23 Lin and Davis rested with Lakers leading 34-27
    Lin with 7pts/1ast/2rebs/2TO/1PF +9

  46. James Worthy said Lin and Davis has “special connection”

  47. Worthy can eat sh*t.

  48. yeah, but in the second unit…

  49. he can be flippant but still good to hear him and Antawn Jamison(?) talked nice things about Lin and Davis

  50. Is that Horry or Jamieson?

  51. Not Horry.

  52. His 1st day I think…..

  53. Why don’t they want to start Davis? Because of his salary vs Hill?

  54. Horryble analyst.

  55. Lakers led 50-37 at half-time.
    Blazers went cold for a period of time. Lillard had 8pts, 5 TOs.
    Price did a decent job w/ 6pts/3asts/2stls/1TO/2PFs

    Lin and Wes Johnson led the Lakers in points with 7 each.

  56. During halftime, Worthy chose to talk about Jeremy Lin (his ability to get to paint, score with his left and right). He likes Lin in his experimentation during preseason

  57. That special connection is called “good basketball fundamentals” and “knowing PNR well”.

  58. I don’t think Jeremy will play much tonight. I heard from Lakers radio that scouts from Europe and Asia are here so guys in the bubble will get their opportunities.

  59. rightfully so…they need chances I wish them succeed somewhere.

  60. Roscoe Smith is definitely impressive with his offensive rebounds

  61. looks like it will be 1-1 KC vs SF. Just sayin’ halftime chatter. Hey batta batta batta!

  62. Boozer is experiencing Asik’s butter hands in losing so many balls

  63. A sign of old ages?

  64. Earvin Magic @MagicJohnson
    Jeremy Lin is going to be a good starting PG for the Lakers w/ his ability to get in the lane and create shots for himself & his teammates.


  65. Q3 3:07 Lin and Davis came in

  66. this is uncalled for remarks!

  67. Is that a yes vote for starting pg?

  68. Strong Yes from Magic will be good advise for his buddy Coach Byron

  69. Q4 9:23 Good team play started by Clarkson’s hustle to steal the ball to prevent the layup then to Lin-Davis-Roscoe Smith’s FT

  70. my chat about 15 sec delay.

  71. A lot of new faces in jln.net

  72. Good or bad?

  73. Both

  74. Same alley oop all day

  75. This year, we will see tons of PnR with Davis … it’ll be better than Tyson Chandler!

  76. Serena Winters‏@SerenaWinters
    That Lin to Ed Davis oooooop is on point!


  77. Mark Medina‏@MarkG_Medina
    When the Clippers-Lakers play, I want to see Jeremy Lin + Ed Davis & CP3 + Blake Griffin have a lob contest


  78. 4 blocks for Davis

  79. Kobe getting the Tim Duncan royalty treatment.

  80. Scott is all smile.

  81. Los Angeles LakersVerified account‏@Lakers
    Final: Lakers 94, Blazers 86.

    Julius Randle leads the way with 17 pts and 8 rebs off the bench. Jeremy Lin adds 13 pts, 5 asts.

  82. On the 2nd night of back-to-back games, Lin finished with 13pts/5asts/3rebs/6TOs/4PFs with +7
    He’s the 2nd highest scorer after Randle’s 17pts.

  83. Scott is happy because he knows who to cut?

  84. Multitasking truthfully you are on twitter, side bar chat, Disqus JLinportal and Disqus JLindotnet.

  85. Missed the game but looking at box score. Lillard had 5 TOs in 17 minutes.

  86. This is from last night… Coach Miller on Jeremy/Davis duo

  87. Asian reporter asking about whether Scott is thinking about starting Lin for the last pre-season game. Scott said he will think about it but also gave a smile/smirk with his response… not sure.

  88. Kobe has spoken, Magic has spoken… who’s next to speak?

  89. Good answer actually.

  90. It’s more his facial expression. Anyone else see it? We’ll see.

  91. That was funny, and I think Scott know the Q b4 that reporter even finished the sentence.

  92. Jeremy?!

  93. Thanks for the link, bye Jamison…(into bucket)

  94. Mama Lin? 🙂

  95. hmmmm BScott must be reading jlnet

  96. Brent Scott!! I knew it!

  97. He doesn’t want to give away any clues about his starting lineup eh…

  98. Silver Screen & Roll‏@LakersBlog_SSR
    Scott says Ed Davis is doing everything they want out of him, mentioned setting screens and diving as a big part of his role.

  99. McHale? You know if the Lakers actually outplay the Rockets, then McHale yelling at Lin “We are trying to win the game here!!” will make sense.

  100. The good takeaways from this 7th preseason game (2nd of B2B games):
    1. Byron let Jeremy Lin close out the games in the 4th quarter despite tired legs and many TOs. That’s trust that we wouldn’t expect in HOU.
    2. Magic Johnson tweeted his approval for Lin as the starting PG for the Lakers. He’s a good friend with Byron so his words will carry far with him.

  101. Do we have to go about the lobster conversation again?

  102. Lin being interviewed – said some stretches good and others not so good; at times felt out of breath; played 24 minutes but felt like played 62 minutes.

  103. A post game post?

  104. I think this will be ok for a post game post… whatever it means hahaha

  105. Conditioning. Didn’t really play for 2 games.

  106. ” That’s trust that we wouldn’t expect in HOU.”

    not “wouldnt”, rather it NEVER happens in HOU

  107. Worthy saying he thinks this will be a home for Lin and a big upside to Lin. Jamison saying this is a great time for Lin to do his thing. Jamison is saying very nice things about Lin.

  108. Thanks for sharing the summary. He definitely looked less aggressive than yesterday but managed some short bursts.

    His conditioning probably will get better as he does more scrimmages.

  109. Are you going to post on a post game post a post of post game analysis? Please do Brent.

  110. sounds like this would account for TOs. he just needs to play. no injuries, God willing.

  111. I need to wash dishes, let me defer to the great @psalm234 and I will add things later.

  112. I think this thread can hold up till Kings game

  113. As long as Byron lets Jeremy played despite the TOs,I’m good.

  114. It’s like a Lin Love-Fest during half-time and post-game.

    Add Magic Johnsons’ tweet, we should be happy that Worthy and Magic are close confidants of Coach Byron Scott.

    Things are looking up for Jeremy “Shu-How Time” Lin in LA 😀

  115. cheers on that

  116. It’s not “trust” in HOU but “THRUST” as in “the knife was thrusted in the back”

  117. We will see if that will be the case in the regular season. Price is not exactly a low TOV PG either anyway.

  118. yeah…sadly….its their lost in the end…they missed a gem. Rox had the rotations to go deep into playoffs

  119. hmm…
    Silver Screen & Roll‏@LakersBlog_SSR
    Randle on childhood friends wanting him to play like Shaq: “I didn’t want to be Shaq, I wanted to be Kobe.”

  120. Ha. Sorry Randle, wrong body type.

  121. aiming high….hope he falls in between

  122. You may do one but this one is pretty lean since we used mostly Chat during game :]

    One big thing that I observed is we had more participation with Disqus yesterday. I think the Disqus upvotes is a bigger part that we thought before.

    @real_dsb:disqus, this is also an observation note for you.

  123. Jeremy post game interview.

  124. That explains a lot of things. Randle is an SG/PG trapped in a PF body

  125. crab! dont tease my seafood now!

  126. PFV.

  127. Lakers gonna lowball Lin.

  128. be positive, good to have a home….hard to lowball a UFA too.

  129. Lin usually gets TOs when he is tired.

  130. Highlights

  131. Blayian’s longer highlight 🙂

  132. Blaiyan STILL the MVP of JLin highlights.

  133. True, unless no one wants him. 5-7mil/yr is a lowball offer. That’s disrespectful.

    Weren’t very many teams interested in him after Linsanity. We’ll see how things play out this summer.

  134. Byron Scott.

  135. Ok @psalm234:disqus my personal take: since we tested chat, I still like chat during live games because it’s real time, only the one we have is lagging. Maybe we had more replies using Disqus because we’re used to it or it’s faster than chat or some other personal reasons by other users.

  136. yeah like some trolls hi-jacking DIsqus posts…right? @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus @maknusia:disqus

  137. thanks for the credit!!!! hooo hooo

  138. Woohooo!!! I got a mention!!

  139. Disqus FTW!!!

  140. CP3 is good. But he is also lucky to have 2 bigs he can lob to. That opens an extra dimension to cover for the defense.

  141. It’s like a lobster with 2 claws.

  142. or with 2 crab side kicks…

  143. Your obsession with lobsters isn’t bad but can’t be good… what happened?

  144. I’m gonna give you 2 guys a banana….leave my seafood alone!

  145. Allergic to lobsters, actually.

  146. @psalm234:disqus is this the kind of nonsense that you have been referring to?

  147. what did he say?

  148. Now I know your weakness….

  149. Clarkson just said “hello” in chinese/mandarin

  150. THe cocoNUT water’s bottle on my desk has a note on it. Saying it has more potassium than banana and do not tell the monkeys.

  151. Will the monkeys go NUTs if I tell them?

  152. plutonium maybe.

  153. I got that… thank you.
    What did JEREMY say?

  154. I don’t know….you need to tell @maknusia:disqus to see if he will go NUTs or not.

  155. We won tonight. My friend wants to say hello to you.

  156. I’m with you. I love seafood.

  157. I know some peeps plugged in, and Lin will have bidders. He had people who wanted his ability to get to the rim this summer too, and LAL got lucky because they were there at the right time.

  158. Blubell … what are you doing that’s new? I can’t see a link. I use ad-block plus, ghostery, and better privacy so I don’t see embeds. It’s ok, I have those bookmarked. Just wondering what you are doing so I know how these add-ons affect my UX.

  159. oops, removed bcuz Michael said so.

  160. me no nuts, no banana…only seafood!

  161. nothing new… just copy/paste links as always.

  162. Our boy got jelly legs :] Well-deserved rest!

    When Magic and Kobe said “Starting PG” and “great playmaker” about you, I would sleep well too 🙂

    Pinch me that this LA thing is not a dream. I’m afraid I’m gonna sleep and wake up with Lin in Houston again.

  163. hmmm … my browser is acting up. Prob the new Apple privacy innovations ha ha.

  164. pinch, punch … ready to rock again.

  165. This is from the LA/PHX game Max had some nice words about Lin/Davis starting from the 17:40 mark http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=11747063&s=espn

  166. I listened to this on my way home today. Thanks for the reminder!
    Max said Jeremy was the best point guard on the floor despite IT’s better looking stats. They are very consistent in their assessment of Jeremy.

  167. I have a feeling that John Ireland of Mason & Ireland will be well spoken of Lin too this year.

  168. I can still sense bit of doubt from Ireland but it should change. Jeremy will win hearts and minds in LA 🙂

  169. Photos from tonight's win over the Blazers: http://t.co/vyp5G5H8Fl pic.twitter.com/aNUqpCjQhs— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 23, 2014

  170. Ireland will help the players that he likes (such as Steve Blake). He will ask the kind of questions that are good for a players image (not that Lin really needs that). Very player friendly.

  171. Doing some assistant coach stuff?

  172. The reporters in LA in general ask great questions and seem to have good relationship with the players which I thought were lacking in Houston.

  173. LOL. Did he take the clipboard and the marker at the end?

  174. I think Byron said something about a play then just HANDED him the whiteboard and marker, probably to tell the rookies.

  175. Lakers not practicing tomorrow. Training camp was intense first week and then tapered off so guys could get legs back— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 23, 2014

  176. Planning to be the first AA NBA coach?

  177. They need this rest.

  178. well deserved.

  179. so do I. fingers are so tired after all this trolling…I mean typing.

  180. Pass it down 😉

  181. Got instagram? The 2014/15 LA Lakers: http://t.co/1tfVDWu3GC #lakeshow #Lakers pic.twitter.com/J3vFEk8Cez— Shahan Ahmed (@shahanLA) October 23, 2014

  182. For Brent – Davis can smile 🙂

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsPmnxwNefk&w=560&h=315%5D

  183. I just purchased a new Video Gallery plugin and installed it on the homepage. Hope everyone enjoys it :>
    Please give some feedback on how well it works.
    Here is the detail on the Site Feedback page.


    10/22/14 Update: After much consideration, I decided to purchase a new Searchable/Shareable Video Gallery plugin and installed it on the homepage. This will primarily contain Game Highlights, Post-Game Interviews, TWCSN Analysis. There will be a separate Video Gallery Page for Fun video categories, Mixed Music Video, Best Highlights, Fan Video, etc.

    I might install a Paypal Donation plugin soon so others who want to help can support with the cost of plugins and running operation of the website so it won’t break my bank :] I’m also in the process of investigating to move to a better and more reliable web hosting provider.

    Please give us some feedback if it works well in all platforms (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android). Hope everyone likes it 😀

  184. haha. thanks. it would be interesting to see what’s the % of Disqus posts comprise of ‘personal reasons’ and because it’s faster

    What do you think of the upvotes? Does it help people to participate more?

  185. Lakers win without Kobe? Ok mates, Linsanity is ready to take over LA 😀

    Can’t wait for 10/28 !!!

    Our man hasn’t lost his magic touch

  186. Paul Villarreal @CNM_JLin_Vids 2 minutes ago
    [LONG VIDEO] ====> “10.22.14 — LA Lakers Defeat Portland 94-86 In Preseason Game #7 — J-Lin Solid” http://bit.ly/12gPuKd #Lakers #NBA

  187. Yeah, but at the same time, there aren’t that many great SGs in the game currently. Kobe’s coming back from injury, so he’s an unknown. Harden is pretty much the #1 offensive SG, and since offense is mostly what people care about in the NBA, that’s why Harden gets the vote. I’d vote for Klay myself, his defense makes him better overall than Harden in my opinion.

  188. why not rest Lillard as well?

  189. Kobe and Lin can just play NBA 2K15 together to simulate. =p

  190. is Mark Medina also going to tweet that the sky is blue? =)

  191. what’s that?

  192. personally, I don’t think upvotes help for in-game discussions because there’s not really time to click upvote (or look at the upvotes for my comments) during the game. I think they absolutely help for non-game discussions though.

  193. some comments about the game:

    Lin’s left hand is looking good. He brings up the ball with his left hand often, even against Lillard. That means he is comfortable and confident with it. Previously, he mostly blew by people going to right, but today he also blew by defenders going to his left–both dribbling and finishing with the left. He also had a very difficult lefty layup against the center that required a lot of spin and touch off the glass.

    I liked his pullup 20 ft jumper. He’s going to have to use that more often to get his own shot without expending much energy.

    6 TOs, hah. Well 3.0 ast/to ratio is still good.

    Grade: B

  194. chat vs disqus feedback: I didn’t like the sidebar chat because it was too skinny to be useful. It was better to just pop it out to a separate window. Then resize the main/disqus window to about 50-67% width, and the chat box to 33-50% width.

    @psalm234: you mentioned that there was more participation in yesterday’s disqus-only game thread. Yesterday, the disqus game thread had around 400 posts after the game. Today’s disqus has 200, and the chat seems to be around 200, for a total of 400. Do those numbers look right to you?

    anyways, keep experimenting and then take a vote later.

  195. Personally the upvotes are more for the posted contents and what @real_dsb:disqus said.

  196. I LIKE IT!!!! It’s time this site should give you some passive income.

  197. Here’s Jeremy’s rating at Lakersground:

    Lin — a winking smiley — He said at times he was out of breath. “I played 24 minutes tonight
    and it felt like I played 62 minutes,” Lin said. He had 19 assists and 1
    turnover coming into the game. Tonight, 5 assists with 6 turnovers. Two
    of those came off post entry passes on his first play after subbing in.
    The Lakers as a whole need to clean up their post entries. If someone
    fronts or partially fronts, we just aren’t comfortable going to
    counters. We’ll see the team try to prevent that from even happening by
    running our post players of screens, but we really need to work on
    cleaning up the angles and flowing into instant counters. Scoring-wise,
    he had a nice sequence to close the first quarter and start the second
    quarter when he scored three straight layups. That was about half his
    points in about 30 seconds. I couldn’t wait for Lin and the second unit
    to get in the game. They could have easily been the starters tonight the
    Sacre/Ellington/Price starting group. Hope we don’t see that during the
    regular season. Lin, Randle, Clarkson…that unit can create offense. So
    much more fun to watch. The game changed when we brought them in. They
    will only get better as Lin’s still trying to get his wind. It will
    come. The Stats:
    He scored 13 points on 5-9 shooting (3-4 from the line) to go with 3
    boards, 5 assists, 1 block, 6 turnovers and 4 fouls in 25 minutes. He
    was a +7. The Action:
    Poor post entry pass, turnover. He waited a little too long on the
    break and his pass was deflected out of bounds. He probed off the high
    screen and lost Darius on a hesitation move to draw FTs at the rim, he
    made one. He blew past his man at the end of the quarter for an
    uncontested layup. A few seconds later, we got it to him on an inbounds
    after a Blazer turnover, he attacked baseline and scored another layup
    (4 points in the last 4 seconds). He attacked to his left on the first
    possession to start the next quarter and scored another layup with his
    left (three straight layups). He set up Davis for the short jumper off
    the two-man game. He forced a turnover by getting a hand on the ball on
    an inbounds pass. He crossed over but couldn’t knock down the 18-footer.
    Second Half:
    Another post entry pass picked off, layup the other way. He missed a
    layup attempt off a probe. He traveled off a handoff. He attacked down
    the middle of the lane but couldn’t finish. HE swished a wing jumper
    working off the Davis screens. He drew FTs on a perimeter foul, he made
    both. He was sizing up his man and drew an illegal D tech on Portland.
    Wing pick and roll with Davis and Lin lobbed it up for Davis to slam
    down. He stepped on the gas, blew by his man and scored the layup with
    ease all with his left. He missed a drive to his right next time down.
    His kickout was swiped (poor spacing on this sequence).

    Scott — a dancing red devil banana! — He brought in Davis and Randle for Boozer and Sacre down 5 with 5 minutes left in the quarter. Finally some life out there… He sat Ellington for Clarkson and Price for Lin a minute later… Randle and Lin dominating the Blazers… The Lakers led 26-18 after the first quarter…. Smith in for Wes to go with Davis, Randle, Clarkson and Lin… Up 7, he sat Clarkson for Ellington… Still up 7, he sat Lin and Davis for Price and Sacre. So Sacre, Randle, Smith, Ellington, Price… Up 5, he sat Randle for Boozer. Wes back in for Smith… They extended the lead to 10 on a Price three and another Price steal and Laker score, forcing a timeout… The Lakers led 50-37 at the half… Two Lakers with 7 points, four with 6 points. Quite the distribution… Some good looking team defense sequences, forcing turnovers. The offense, though… Up 10 with 3 minutes left and Lin and Davis came in for Price and Sacre… He started the Davis, Randle, Smith, Clarkson, Lin lineup to open the fourth… More spark again with this lineup and they forced a timeout up 72-60… Up 9, he sat Clarkson for Ellington with 4:38 left… Young Randle on fire, burying the Blazers…

  198. Unbelievable the difference between linnet and this site. It’s like night and day. A real yingyang of positive and negative energy.
    It’s becoming unbearable there.

  199. Does B-Scott even has a twitter account?

  200. Not because of the up votes but because 1. the chat window is too small and laggy. 2. Lin’s fan are too used to with Disqus. It is a matter of comfortable.

  201. … looks like HOF’er and Laker icon Magic is giving a not-so-subtle hint to Lakers organization about JLIN being a starter and the PG.

  202. LOL, we had the line crossed long ago. No discredit to jlnet, its still a great site and lively, but with a little moderation, it would go a long way….

  203. lol, a poster specifically was wishing you (and some other posters from that site) to come to this site yesterday. welcome!

  204. Seems B Scott has designated Jeremy as the floor leader for the 2nd unit . Feels that Lakers support Lin and want to give him more and more responsibility and leadership.

  205. The good thing is JLIN demonstrated he has ability to drive straight to rim for easy shots… counted 4 layups by Lin. Think 3 of them were left-handed too.

  206. Shut up and take my money. Lol.

  207. For Magic who’s the iconic Laker and well-respected HOF to say that during game, it should have a HUGE impact to his close friends Coach Byron Scott and part-time big-men teacher, James Worthy.

    I can just imagine Magic watching the game and seeing all the debate and tweets whether Lin should start or not, he immediately felt the urgency to speak up his mind. “If Lakers want its best chance of winning this season, Lin should become a Starting PG so he can develop chemistry with starters”

    For all the diplomatic debate that closing out games is more important than starting, being an NBA starter would give more practice times with starters and credibility as the “Magically Chosen One” with the rest of his teammates.

  208. A Big WoW to you, mate. Thanks for the new upgrade…. I like it 🙂

  209. Here is my two cents on the subject……no really here is my 2 cents. Big spender that I am.

  210. Looks exactly the same as me sleeping…minus the face.

  211. with effect:

  212. Classic 😉

  213. I like this poll – http://forums.lakersground.net/viewtopic.php?t=170475

    ..and the replies after the poll.

  214. Since Randle wants to be next Kobe, let him be the PG for 2nd Unit, and let Lin play with 1st Unit. I rather Lin play with Kobe than with Randle, the Kobe wanna-be.

  215. Magic is a wishy-washy type of person. He will say one thing in public and then another thing in private.

  216. LOL Shots Fired by Jeanie to Dwight Howard before Oct 28!

  217. lol…..he is just a young kid who is trying real hard to fit in, not knowing what is NBA

  218. wait! which one is the positive one? LOL

  219. I didnt read it from that angle, but it do makes sense as well.

  220. Rookie should listen to Jeremy more,rather than go against the plays.

    Clarkson did in this game. Didn’t do shabby himself. Didn’t break plays. Positioned himself and he received good passes. Got better shot selection.

  221. LOL, “2-Cent” is a great rapper name! I would look forward to watching any of your rap video :>

  222. Also Melo I believe

  223. then you need to go to bed…you only see him in sleep

  224. glad you like it! I love how it can search automatically (i.e.”Sun” “Highlights”) and show results dynamically.

  225. LOL .. and it you’re willing to guest-star in @Michael “2-Cent” rap video, that would be icing on the cake :>

  226. Melo wants to be Kobe. He is a superstar on offense (according to Stephen A.)…Never knew you could do that. I guess we can start calling Lin a superstar at driving to the basket, Kevin Love a superstar at inbound passes, Prigioni a superstar at calling timeouts…etc.

  227. I will pay to watch that…[email protected]_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus AND @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus rap………..video..

  228. Wherever we are not I guess.

  229. posting again here.

    situation that could use some Jlin fan activity:

    It was brought to my attention the league pass did not have Jeremy Lin listed as an option for fan preferences

    I think we need to be vocal and get this fixed. essentially it is not an oversight it is purposeful

    more here:


  230. Most of the team “vets” who are possibly in the list of second unit (Xavier, R. Kelly, Nick) are out with injuries. Once they return, I believe Jeremy will be gradually eased into the starting lineup.

  231. Thanks

  232. I don’t know why, but when I see such positive commentary about Jeremy, I am happy but I hold my breath wondering when the haterade will be turned on.
    Must be my PTSD. Houston really did a number on me.

  233. And the astonishing fact for me is Lefty Lin felt comfortable to hurt Defense w/ his 3 lefty layups on the back end of Back-to-Back Games.

    It used to be that his left-hand was a weakness but it has become a strength in a game where he didn’t have his wind. JLin has come a long way to make his left-hand to be another weapon :>

  234. I don’t think so but Magic would surely tell him over lunch or dinner 😀

  235. Haha, I was about to say that! (And also do the black thing by putting my hands to my ‘O’ opened mouth with big eyes, and pulling my legs up to my body on the couch as I laugh).

  236. You might be correct. We would need to get accurate # of comments in regular season to get good comparison. I didn’t turn on the Chat log because it’s already so laggy.

  237. This guy put the whole game on YT. I wonder when will he be banned….

  238. Over here 15 seconds including lag, on dotnet…next year.

  239. instructions on how to send a message to league pass… http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/3902/thread

  240. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, wukong.

    This is crazy NBA League Pass list for Fan Preference.

    Hamed Haddadi is there even when he hasn’t played in the NBA since 2013 but Jeremy Lin is NOT?

    If they want to show their incompetence, they are exceeding expectations.


  241. Great observation about Lin’s left hand. It’s amazing transformation that he managed to transform his past weakness to his strength. 3 Lefty-layups in a game where he was super-tired shows how comfortable he is with using his left-hand as a reliable weapon!

  242. I think it’ll be best if you gather the fans with League Pass (attach some screenshots of your account for greater effect) then you bombard them with emails.

  243. is there a dictionary/legend of what DancingBarry’s symbols mean? =) I can generally tell if is a symbol is good or bad, but I can’t tell if a waving banana is better than smiley face. LOL

  244. so far 88% want Lin to start, 10% said didn’t matter, only 1 vote for No. (out of 106 votes)

  245. I bet that 1 vote is from Brent…

  246. Yeah, I have to keep reminding myself that he’s only 19. But like Kobe said to Randle (paraphrased), “With all the mentors surrounding you, you’d be an idiot if you messed up this opportunity.” Instead of trying to prove himself by trying to do it all himself, he should prove himself by hustling hard and listening to the vets like Scott, Kobe, Nash, Lin.

  247. I think the most effective way will be for as many people to tweet. Emailing League Pass is fine, but only 1 low level employee at League Pass will see it and probably ignore it. If you tweet it, it could be picked up by more people (like sports media). Then it will be more public and LP will be publicly embarrassed into fixing it.

    Just think how the airline customer relations works these days.

    But is there a better and complete list of the players? I only saw some really hard to read screenshots. Someone with LP needs to grab the html code. Is that vote publicly available or only to LP members?

  248. oh wait, I looked at the full list, and I think the reason Lin is not on there is because it’s a terribly out of date list, probably precedes 2010. Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis are not on there either (they were drafted in 2012). No Kyrie, Klay (drafted in 2011). No John Wall, Paul George (drafted 2010).

    It looks to be the entire NBA roster from some really old year. Nothing against Lin at all.

    It’s hilarious actually:

    Joe Alexander
    Gilbert Arenas
    Ron Artest
    Charlie Bell
    Yao Ming

  249. Who’s Ron Artest? lol

  250. The waving banana looks cooler though hahaha. I think if you just stink so bad (Wes Johnson yesterday), you’ll get the dead banana, so probably the dancing banana is the highest, the waving banana second highest. Smileys remind me of Yahoo Messenger.

  251. Is that Magic’s quote?
    If true, obviously carries a lot of clout.

  252. Deleted.

  253. the facial expression of the woman on the right is classic

  254. That’s pure,unadulterated incompetence and laziness.

  255. how about Joe Alexander, not in the NBA since 2009-10. LOL

  256. I don’t know, but I looked him up, and he looks just like Metta World Peace and Panda’s Friend. Crazy.

  257. Someone working in the NBA League Pass would be on the hot seat 😀

  258. Yes, he even tweeted it during game time. This is so great to have Magic behind Lin as the starting PG. That’s why Lakers is such a great organization. They recognize real gems to help them win.

  259. I wonder if the Lakers talked to Byron Scott about this:


  260. not a well thought out campaign. LOL

  261. Anyone know where to find preseason total stats?

    I can only find preseason game logs at espn, but it doesn’t have totals/averages.

  262. tell me how to do it… the bad screen shots are best I could manage.

  263. ah found it. realgm and cbssports have decent sortable preseason stats

  264. He isn’t even denying it (`o´)

  265. From this season already? I can only see stats for 2013-2014.

  266. I just checked, @blubell was the one and only who voted no….

  267. Since Linsanity, Magic – as a legendary PG – has been quite outspoken about his support for Lin.

    Regarding Nash starting over Lin, I think Magic’s comment was more calculated (ie. Nash will likely not be able to play majority minutes and/or play all or most games, which has turned out to be true sooner than people have hoped)

  268. Hard to close the game when coming off the bench, unless 1st stint of the starting PG is very short. Or he playing a very short stint in 3rd q…..I wonder how will this work out.

  269. Here’s one scenario where Lin can come off the bench and close the game. He would get 32 mins. 16 mins with second unit, 16 mins with first unit. There would be 8 mins overlap with Price, where Lin could play SG because Kobe would be sitting those 8 mins.

    This table divides each quarter into three 4-minute chunks:

    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 TOT
    KB 44- -44 44- -44 32
    JL –4 444 –4 444 32
    RP 444 — 444 — 24

  270. Byron Scott hate trees. 🙂

  271. lots of rest whenever the game isn’t important.

  272. lol, or as we’ve seen, hands and elbows simulating plays after the whistle. Nice to see on-court game strategy being worked out after fouls are called. LOL PJ Tucker listening in …

  273. Their plane looks a bit bland. Would be nice if it carried the Lakers’ colours:


  274. maybe they don’t want to attract attention, like the bus

  275. Well, Michael and I are both being polite.

    JLin said … We won tonight, my friend wants to say “hello”. Ni Hao!

  276. SBNation article on Lin and Davis connection:

    Jeremy Lin stands as the Los Angeles Lakers’ best chance at finding consistent, dynamic point guard play this season.

    [Davis] definitely reads the defense really well. He’s a really unselfish player. He does his job of trying to get me open as much as possible,” Lin said. “I think we just like playing with each other.”

    “It’s just easy baskets,” Davis said. “Jeremy’s really finding me. I’m just staying under the rim, he’s just passing to to me, and I’m just finishing.”

  277. Jeanie Buss?

  278. Looks a bit long 2 12-16 minute stretchs for each PG. Kobe’s time looks good though.

  279. lol, I don’t think she’s trying to hide from the limelight!

  280. Love her quote XD.

  281. Eric Pincus of the LA Times newspaper encountering some excitable Lin fans.


  282. passionate is an understatement. lol

  283. Eric Pincus on Magic Johnson’s comments about Jeremy Lin, and who should start at point guard:

    Without Nash, Lin may step into the starting five — but that may have to wait until Young returns. Lacking the firepower in Young, or playmaking in Lin, the second unit would be a disaster with Price. While Price is a capable, scrappy veteran, he’s not going to be a high-volume scorer, or shot creator for others via penetration.

    See : http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/lakersnow/la-sp-ln-jeremy-lin-lakers-start-20141023-story.html

  284. Nash is out

    I've been told @SteveNash will be ruled out for the entire 2014-15 NBA season with nerve issues: http://t.co/wur5txQ3Ar. #Lakers— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) October 23, 2014

  285. you know some of those rabid fans are troll /haters from cf just causing trouble.

  286. smh

  287. Plus they lose a good assistant coach.

  288. Too bad that Nash’s career will end this way.

    This comes as no surprise. When Nash first had the recurrence of his nerve issue in his 2nd preseason game against the Warriors, I said his season and career were most likely over.

  289. that is so sad and unfortunate. i wish him good luck getting his health back asap regardless he retires or not.

  290. winning is the ultimate goal.

  291. There. Fixed it up for you, wu kong.

  292. The whole argument of Lin is the better PG than Price so he should lead the 2nd team is absurd.
    The main objective is to create the best chemistry for the “closers” to win games.

    If Lin is limited in practice time to baby-sit the 2nd team, how can he be expected to have chemistry with the starters to close out games strong? At best he might be equal in performance with Price who would have more chemistry with starters. The best players simply practice and play together. Lin might not start but he needs to practice more time with starters. How would that work?

    And we can ask any reporters if they’re okay their boss tell them they do such a great job so they can teach the newbies and not get to work with better reporters? No promotion since they do a better job with newbies?

    This is an absurd logic.

  293. I am a bit worried that Kobe is not playing the last 2 preseason games, plus the team didn’t have a practice session yesterday. Hope he isn’t having any issues.

  294. joyce ward mentioned that Randle’s mother played basketball in college, so the kid may just be listening to his mother.

  295. But the bench would be so bad that the starters would have to log really heavy minutes to make up for them. I get where you are coming from, it’s not ideal for Lin at all, but if Lin doesn’t help them keep the newbies afloat, they will be lost at sea. The greatest difference from the Rockets situation is that they had a bench that could carry their own, and they used to have Aaron Brooks, so Lin on the second unit made no sense at all. The Lakers have too many holes in the roster “at the moment”. But if Nick Young comes back, and Lin is still not the starting PG I will start screaming foul.

  296. A huge blow…..I really want to see those magical passes few more times…

  297. I used to mod a high-volume Gundam forum, and learned how difficult it is. While it’s easy to identify and ban trolls, negativity and mildly inflammatory comments are not always clear-cut. Personally, I prefer the tighter control here.
    BTW, I posted something about Boozer yesterday and got “awaiting moderation” or something, then the comment just disappeared. No offensive word whatsoever, wonder what the trigger was.

  298. Unfortunately, when we buy into the argument, that’s what would happen.
    “Look, Lin/NickYoung combo is so lethal so why rock the boat to make Lin a starter?” justification would follow.

    I always said a half-truth is not truth.
    If the #1 goal is winning, then the priority should be:
    1. How to get the best team to pull the win during crunch time?
    2. How to help develop the 2nd team?

    If the answer to #1 is to have Kobe/Lin/Davis/Boozer/pickAnySF as the best team, then they should practice a lot to close games strong.

    And Price hasn’t been tried to lead the 2nd team with Randle and Clarkson. Randle can be a playmaker so Price could work as a veteran facilitator. Clarkson can score a bunch too. Price actually would be great to help develop them. We can already see Lin’s scoring be held when Randle starts being a playmaker. If Randle aspires to be a Point Forward, let Ronnie Price facilitate and help him. If anything the last preseason game should be spent to experiment on this lineup.

    My #1 objection is Lin in practice will not get a lot of practice time with starters so he can’t be expected to finish well to close out games with starters. Then people will use it to justify Lin’s not that good anyway playing with starters. You can see how the circular logic works.

  299. I think from a team building perspective, to a weak team like LAL. You always start with the BEST starting lineup that you can come up with. Then use the rest players for the 2nd unit. It is just arrogant thinking you can do less than 100% for your starting line up and expect the 2nd unit with some starting caliber players can win you more games. To a upper ECHELON team, maybe. But this is NBA, if you have to lose, you will not want to lose with your starting unit.

    OTOH, thinking ball will be with Kobe all the time so having to put Lin in the 2nd unit is equally absurd. UNLESS you think the ONLY function Lin has is to handle the ball. The fact is Lin can do much more. He can draw defense w/o the ball, he can still direct the traffic, be the 2ndary point of attack, etc. It is up to the coaching staff to find a way to make MULTIPLE ball handler work together.

  300. Hm, I just checked but nothing is pending approval?

    Sometimes my comments got placed on Disqus pending list too without any offensive words. Disqus can be weird sometimes.

    Thanks, I think the “Be Polite & Respectful” and 70% positivity and have been working quite well so we’ll keep it up :> Sometimes mods do pre-emptive trolling to fill the 30% negativity quota..haha

  301. We heard that excuse b4 and this 2nd time around doesn’t sit well with me even if it is make sense. To me it makes no sense at all.

  302. Always is for NORMAL teams. The hard part is to figure out how to do it.

  303. Wondering if Rox/Lakers would use such excuse if Lin is black/white.

  304. May be they don’t want to fund it that is why.

  305. As much as I want to troll you, the only thing I can think of is Ginobili master of the poisonous sausage, sort of runs the point for second unit and closes games. But do I want that role for Lin…NO.

  306. After Houston, I’m suspicious of all these excuses. I will never forget the lies they told us during Asian tour last year about the PG starter being undecided.
    It’s always ‘buy some time’ until most people no longer care.

  307. Scott has to win to keep his job, UNLIKE MCHALE! Scott answers to the GM, the owners and especially the LA Lakers fans. This isn’t houston Rockets with an agenda to bury LIN at all costs.

    If this experiment fails to produce, Scott will be out of a job. Kobe may feel like he can produce enough points as well as create for his starters, but it’s a gamble to spread the strength too thin and wind up with a very weak first team. If Scott starts losing badly with the starters leaving the floor for LIN to clean up, fans will call for his head.

    The Spurs won the title last year not with the starters. Duncan and Parker kept pace with Lebron and kept the team close until the second unit comes in to push them ahead. Lebron ran out of gas because Miami’s bench got killed by the Spurs. The Spurs lost to the Heat the year before when the bench choked due to lack of experience. Pop just kept building them up till they were THE best bench in the league next to LIN; which is why they kept losing to the rockets. Scott may be looking long term to build an equally strong second unit.

    In a way, starter or bench is not appropriate for today’s game. First and second unit must both be strong to win. The Spurs have shown the way to team play, team win chemistry. Maybe the Lakers are actually trying to copy that philosophy.

    It’s time to stop thinking of starters and bench with the stigma of roles and abilities. It’s better to think in terms of first unit of vets and second unit as developing young stars with potentials to harness. Time to stop calling bench players scrubs and starters stars.

  308. Me too. Nash you will be remembered.

  309. Maybe the word boooo. You can only use it with Brent boooo

  310. Mychal Thompson always pronounces three as tree XD. Maybe Scott does too. I don’t want so many trees….

  311. What was your favorite Nash move.

  312. I forgot to mention…it is better to keep per stint minutes less than 10. Unless it is the crunch time in 4th Q

  313. I don’t buy this 2nd team need a play maker theory. If Lin is going to play 35 min a game, he will have enough time to overlap with 2nd team, and the rotation in regular season is not like preseason, you have two separate line up and they don’t mix. You would always have couple of starters play together with 2nd unit anyway. It is pretty easy to stagger Kober and Lin’s time with 2nd unit to make sure there is always a play maker on the floor.

    It does not make sense to sacrifice the starting unit to enhance 2nd unit.

  314. Yes and No.
    On one hand, many high profile bench players, such as Ginobili, don’t have their rep diminished just because they’re not starting. On the other hand, those players are not Asian, and do not have to fend off the level of doubt and criticism Lin does.
    I would’ve agreed with you 100% on most other bench players, but Lin’s really a unique case. Because of racial bias, he needs that extra aura of starting IN ADDITION TO his exceptional basketball skills, as well as the extra spotlight so that he’s not robbed of stats or short changed on foul calls (like what happend with Houston).
    We’ll see what Scott does when Young and Kelly return and the bench gains more depth. No telling when Henry will return yet.

  315. You’re making it sound like he just passed away…

  316. Valid points, but I would reserve my comments til we see atleast 10-20 games into the season

  317. Yeah, if Price is really so great, why not have HIM lead the 2nd squad? It may also have to do with not wanting to elevate Ed Davis into starting line up and bump off someone.

  318. My bad.

  319. Agree. Unless the coaches are incompetence to do so. I will put it in 1000% incompetence to even think that way.

  320. behind the back pass to 3pt shooters while moving at top speed.

  321. ^^ mine are his slingshot passes from the baseline. Tried those a few times, injured my shoulder.

  322. The shooter never had to reach for the ball either. I tried to do those in college, injured my shoulder.

  323. Spurs have a very capable starting unit. Ginobili was a starter in some playoff series actually. I agree that to be a champion, 1st and 2nd unit both have to perform. If Spurs is a team that its starters can not keep the team in the game at all, the rotation would be completely different.

  324. There’s a thread for Nash here…Thanks to @brent

  325. Did scott announce starting pg yet? Or is Eric just talking about a pre-season game?

  326. Agreed.

  327. I bought the idea Lin to start behind Nash but not behind Price.
    If Price helps Kobe and starters to perform at 80%, why shouldn’t Lin help them to achieve 100%?

    Basketball is a team game, a unit (starters/bench) need practice to create great teamwork. If we have a 6th Man player like JR and Harden, then it can create sparks off the bench. Jeremy is a better playmaker than scorer

  328. yes, it simply doesn’t make sense

  329. Backstage Lakers episode 5
    Jeremy’s first game @Staples Center.

  330. Well, his career just passed away.

  331. BTW…those were done with his off hand. That was crazy.

  332. Thanks, @blubell. I added it to the Gallery.
    Another quality-production from Lakers TWCSN.

    Watching Jeremy Tyler’s journey to be waived so he can sign a deal in China, I realized how special Jeremy Lin journey is. It’s so hard to make it in the NBA.

  333. If I did that I would be typing with a pencil in my mouth.

  334. despite all the hard work, its kinda sad to see he was cut. People think its easy to be in NBA, it takes great sacrifices and work ethic and hearth. Go Lin!

    Recent he got into fight with his wife who went berserk sad indeed.

  335. Davis-Lin pick and roll effective already http://
    Surprise to read a very good article from ESPN. This is the best quote:

    “Jeremy Lin has shown in his career that he’s very effective in the pick-and-roll no matter who he’s with,” Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts said. “He penetrates well, he can make midrange shots and he sets up shots for other people. For him, it all starts at the point of attack. If he can create an advantage, he causes problems.”

  336. This why I say that Kobe may not be able to keep the Lakers in it with the 1st unit and then having lin impact the second unit becomes a constant catch up affair. No matter if lin is starter or not, he’ll have to play heavy minute to keep the Lakers in games. Scott is gambling that KOBE can create for the first unit and lin can develop the second unit.

    The Spurs with Parker and Duncan can keep them in the game against most teams. Where they beat up on the rest of the league is when their deep second unit comes in. The fact that they could not do that against the Lin and the Rockets says tons about how strong a contender the rockets could have been had they been managed properly.

    Lin will start in a lot of games anyways because no one else on the team can create and fill the huge gap left open when KOBE sits out back to backs.

  337. Reputation is something no one can control. This is why Kobe and NASH coulda and woulda helped lin a great deal. Too bad NASH is out but Kobe is definitely changing the way Lakers fans see Lin.

    I just don’t think Lin cares all that much about what others say about him. He’s had to deal with negativity all of his career so this isn’t anythng new to him. He just simply keeps using the challenge to get better. Is this any different than what we’ve had to deal with in our lives in America? We’ve always had to be twice as good as anyone else to get recognition. It’s not fair for sure but then it’s only been less than fifty years since Asians could legally immigrate into America. The spoken language before then was Toisan, then Cantonese and now it’s Manderin. Change takes time. Chinese people generally like to work from the inside the system to change their lot. It’s a lot harder to do that. Lin is also trying to change the perception from within the system. I truly believe that Kobe and NASH will help to change his image and perception. That won’t happen over night as so many lin fans want.

    Scott may want to use Lin to further the future depth of the lakers potential. But given how Kobe can’t be playing like before and risk a career ending injury, Scott will be forced to put Lin in to win games. 2 things can happen. Lakers could start losing because starters aren’t able to keep up with other teams; or lin will start to roll into linsane mode and fans will demand lin to lead the Lakers.

  338. That’s already more praise than Lin’s former coach ever gave him…in two years…combined.

  339. I read it differently. It is more likely Lin asked for the board. But it was all out of context and we are just reading only a fraction of what was really going on. I am begining to fell that Scott doesn’t like Lin, given all the drama about starting.

  340. … the way JLIN is playing the Lakers need his spreading the floor, team basket ball, paint penetration, unselfish ball movement in both the first unit AND the second unit.

  341. I actually can understand the point raised by Eric Pincus in his article that the 2nd team needs Lin as a scorer while Nick Young is out, plus helping Randle and Clarkson get good shots.

    But it pales in importance to Lin’s role with the starters. Lin is also needed to make Kobe’s job easier to score since Price is not a threat for dribble-penetration. Kobe has been taking tough shots and one-man Kobe offense is not going to win games against good teams.

    Noone brings up the possibility that Price can help the 2nd team by facilitating. It hasn’t been tried and why not now in the last preseason game?

    IMO Lin is much more needed to help Kobe+starters and save his legs. Plus build chemistry to close games strongly.

    There’s a lot of confusion out there now. I’m glad Magic is supporting Lin to start. And Kobe recognize Lin is a difference maker. Let’s see how things transpire and Byron can see the light.

  342. I think many of us are just jumping the gun here…let the pieces fall into places,,, and we shall evaluate then 🙂

  343. every single of Lin’s opponents coaches and opponent announcers gave Lin more praise than Houston coach and announcers.

  344. I didn’t watch the video. Who was cut? Who got into a fight with his wife and went berserk?

  345. Yes, sometimes we all forget how hard it is to make it in the NBA. And how hard it is to stay in the NBA. Even lottery picks like Joe Alexander (#8 overall) were out of the league after 2 years.

  346. This I totally agree.

  347. agree

  348. I remember when Joe Alexander just impressed during NCAA tournament and then just disappeared in the NBA. That was so weird. Perhaps a low BB IQ despite the athleticism?

  349. It’s the fans making the drama. The irony is it’s the fans who aren’t even in the Arena who watched the game live that are making the drama.

  350. I think it was the curse of the Milwaukee Bucks. Many of their lottery picks turn out to be busts: Glenn Robinson, Bogut, Yi Jianlian, Joe Alexander. Robinson and Bogut weren’t total busts, but not the impact expected from a #1 overall.

    Too bad, Joe Alexander, first and only NBA player born in Taiwan.

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