P06 LAL vs PHX Pre-Game Thread

Will Jeremy be cleared to play against Phoenix Suns?

He was reported to have a remarkable recovery so it’s a good chance he is ready to play

But Coach Byron Scott wanted Jeremy to to scrimmage + cut + change direction to test ankle.

Mark Medina reported today (10/22) is an off day and it will hurt his chance of playing tomorrow.

We all want to see Jeremy play but if he’s not cleared, it’s the best scenario to give the ankle time to heal and stabilize before regular season starts.


  1. Woohoo. Go Jeremy!

  2. First+1

  3. Cheers ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  4. Thanks but no. Someone can take my piece I am not a cake lover.

  5. A selection of post-game interviews from yesterday. From the top:

    Randle (‘Tough love from coaches’),
    Bryant (‘If you **** this up),
    Boozer (General), and
    Bryant (‘Smash mouth basketball’)


  6. A selection of post-game interviews from yesterday. From the top:

    Randle (‘Tough love from coaches’),
    Bryant (‘If you **** this up),
    Boozer, and
    Bryant (‘Smash mouth basketball’)

  7. Yay! Sharing is caring.

  8. @psalm234:disqus Next game is not with POR on Wed….it is with Suns on Tues.

  9. Tomorrow is game day, and since it will be a back to back, not sure whether the Lakers will still hold an practice in the game day though, thus Medina’s concern is still valid.

    However, gives two more days of rest, maybe he could recover better.

    Hope Lin did not have a set back….

  10. Well…injuries are just out of control…bad luck.

  11. got it. I missed this one Preseason with Phx. I will add later

  12. More good press for Jeremy Lin (via HoopsHabit[dot]com):

    Lin presumably moves into the starter’s role, and should stay there barring any sudden major acquisitions. He will have a chance to play alongside Kobe Bryant, and potentially put up some nice numbers in a contract year. Perhaps most importantly, having Jeremy Lin as the starter puts the best player at the position for the Lakers on the court for the majority of game. This ends the facade (one that I bought into) of attempting to push Steve Nash out as a starter.

    Heading into the last week of the preseason we should see Jeremy Lin play some heavier minutes assuming his ankles are getting back to one hundred percent, and we will get a glimpse of how this team will look going into the season opener against the Houston Rockets.

    See : http://hoopshabit.com/2014/10/20/los-angeles-lakers-weekly-jeremy-lin-rise/

  13. Formal announcement from the Lakers:

    Lakers Waive Appling and Tyler

    EL SEGUNDO – The Los Angeles Lakers have waived guard Keith Appling and center Jeremy Tyler, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

    Appling, a rookie from Michigan State, saw action in two games this preseason, scoring two points with three rebounds and two assists in 20 minutes. Tyler, a three-year NBA veteran with Golden State, Atlanta, and New York, appeared in three preseason games for the Lakers, averaging 2.7 points and 3.3 rebounds in 9.4 minutes per game. Both players were originally signed to the Lakers training camp roster on September 23. The training camp roster (attached) currently stands at 17.

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/releases/141020lakers_wavie_appling_tyler?cid=TW

  14. Garfield refusing food? Hmmm.

  15. Eric Pincus has an article reviewing the situation for the Lakers’ remaining non-guaranteed contract players. He also notes that Keith Appling, who was just waived, was under contract for $507,336. Since he was on a “summer” contract and was waived after an injury, he receives just $6,000.

    See : http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/lakersnow/la-sp-ln-lakers-waive-jeremy-tyler-keith-appling-20141020-story.html

  16. 6000!!? oh wow….life is tough…

  17. Good on u blubell. Well done!!!!:o))

  18. Thanks for sharing IJ. You can have all of them:o))

    Not my piece of cake!!!!:o)) Don’t like “sweet.” Only eat it if I’m in “crazy” mood which happens maybe once in every other year:o)) Like cheesecake better:o))

  19. You are blessed. some of us can’t eat cheese = =

  20. lol, I read it as “Vices”

  21. seriously. He would make more in the d-league.

  22. that’s why people don’t get how blessed Lin is even though he paid a heavy price. There are many great players who got the wrong injury, the bad rotations that caused them to sit and fade, etc. Sports is like that – there are fewer chances to shine. In business, you can always go across and join an new team and be redeemed once again. People change jobs all the time, and they can tell stories that upgrade their own contribution and erase their faults. So much harder to do it in the fishbowl of video and stats, but anyway, here’s to all those who work had and faded before we even knew them …

  23. So here’s to hoping Lin gets to play tomorrow and does well …

  24. There goes my fellow state-man! 🙁

  25. True…that goes to RPrice as well. We had seen how he performs, once his confidence been up.
    Beginning of the Q, we saw, he was timid and defers the ball to Kobe. Couple of time, Kobe pushed the ball back to Price or pass the ball to hum at half court to bring it up while Kobe runs to the post.

    Couple of time of this, Q3, we saw, what he could as a PG. Although he had not shown much penetration skill, but he moved and facilitated well. Just looking at his career, its so easy to dismiss him.

    Unfortunately he was played to only about 12min with 3FGA, thats really low usage. If one goes season in and out with low minutes, you just dont have the passion to shine.

    I think is is a reliable player, which LAL truly needs during critical times.

  26. Garfield on diet for his next movie. He like Jeremy’s arm

  27. That’s a huge pay cut.

  28. http://www.cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-basketball/24761011/a-breakdown-of-anonymous-sources-takedown-of-kobe-bryant

    The above article shows why Lakers are forced to let Kobe be Kobe in Lakers until he wants to leave.

  29. Is Lin playing tomorrow (Tues) against Suns?

  30. adidas Basketball “Employee Of the Year” – Jeremy Lin 年度最佳店員 林書豪

  31. With Lakers, Lin’s penetration ability might not be all that useful because Lakers doesn’t have good 3 points shooters. Besides, Kobe can pretty much create his own shots, including 3 pointers, so he doesn’t need Lin to dish out to him. In addition, Lin’s “easy” points from fast breaks will occur less frequently with Lakers being kinda slow. At least, Wesley Johnson seems to be able to finish and run fast breaks. Lakers really need injured players back.

  32. Thanks. It goes beyond just basketball. Any player going to play on the Lakers with Kobe thinking that Kobe will change and being disappointed to find Kobe being Kobe is ridiculous.

    That being said, however, am I hopeful that Kobe will have changed a bit after experiencing his injuries? Sure. Is it likely? Who knows. I just want to see JLin play and we will see how things go.

  33. That’s my point. It goes beyond just basketball. No player is going to play on Lakers thinking Kobe will not be Kobe and change. This is why Lakers will not be able to truly rebuild until Kobe leaves the team because no player of talent will want to be a 2nd fiddle to Kobe. I noticed this at my 1st Lakers game at Staples: fans really are there to see Kobe and the company, and know that Lakers will not be all that good; they are there to see Kobe play and do his thing, whether he takes 10 shots and misses 7 of them and make 3. No wonder Kobe loves Los Angeles area; he won’t get this kind of “love” anywhere else.

  34. curious whether tomorrow there is any English version of it…….

  35. As much as Bev was cut down by Lin fans, Price is worse than Bev. Objectively, I would say Bev is slightly or somewhat better than Price. Bev can knock down some open shots, play tough man to man D and also is better than Price in going to the rim and scoring with either a floater or spin moves. If Bev doesn’t belong in NBA, I would say Price doesn’t even belong in D League. Yeah, Price is more humble than Bev for sure, but that doesn’t change things.

  36. It turns out we can turn on the English subtitle on Youtube video.

  37. Lin did pretty good acting job. I wonder how his Chinese was? Did he speak with an accent that people recognize right away?

    I’m quite impressed that he’s comfortable acting and speaking in Chinese. I thought it would be a dead giveaway but it seemed to work

  38. LOL. “But now after 2 years he is just a bench player” -Jeremy

  39. Less likely but possible

  40. I think everyone understands Kobe will be outspoken with who he likes and doesn’t like. He’s quite a good friend with Gasol but he antagonized many teammates like Shaq, Smush Parker, etc. who might be lazy, not talented.

    He did change a bit this past year to mentor his less talented teammates. The article clearly is out to cover just the negatives w/o covering some recent positives. Not sure what’s Henry Abbott beef with Kobe.

  41. That Abbott piece is just another B/R like piece….all the accountability goes to those “sources” and he gets his clicks..


  43. He does has heavy accent…..but that was funny!

  44. I only understood a few words, but somehow I still found this funny.

    He only worked for 1 hour and he’s tired of it? What a brat! Mwahaha!

  45. Kobe missing Jeremy the Playmaker 🙂

  46. Weba, we shall see. I like your approach to posting. I think Lin will ge this chances, but I cannot tell because we haven’t really had a team to watch … just a bunch of players. Some good play, but with all those injuries, I can’t really get too fussed about watching because as you can see in my handle, for me it’s about the team flow. Can’t with to see when Lin is healthy and the games are meaningful.

  47. Yeah, Price was good to see for what little I watched. But I like Davis and Randle’s play yesterday too, what little I watched.

  48. That’s how I see it, let’s see how it gels when the games count and Lin is healthier.

  49. LOL JLin also fooled me until toward the end when his identity was revealed. hahaha I must admit I wasn’t paying attention to the vid when I first watched it. Just got back from ultrasound and saw it the first thing I turned on my laptop. Immediate I was distracted by needing to get my antivirus works as I just got my laptop restored and didn’t have the chance to work on this. Hence, was only paying half of my attention on the vid. It was really funny vid. He really did a good job to fool customers I must admit:o))

    More woe to my health. Ultrasound shows “growth.” Will know the result when I picked up the report. Honestly I pray and hope it is just cyst (2.4 x 2.5cm). Believe also my endometriosis also returns. I just don’t want to know what I have more at the moment. Maybe I’m in “denial???!!!!” More due to my tiredness of non-ending medical issues this year or I should say from last year but went to pinnacle from June this year. Just don’t want to go thru another laparoscopic procedure. Had one in 2008.

  50. yeah, but at what cost to the team? The prob with Bev is that HOU promoted him to start and he was ‘made better’ than Lin, and that cost the team some. Like that fiasco D on Lillard. That cost them the series. Price probably won’t be over promoted, so overall, maybe he’ll play his role way better? Thus, more effective for a winning team, maybe. We’ll see. That’s how I look at it – Bev is ancient history. I would not turn on the TV to watch Bev. Harden too. D12, maybe because he’s a big kid with talent. Yeah, don’t have time to think about those guys anymore. They aren’t on JLin’s team haha.

  51. Agreed.

  52. I hope the report comes back indicating positives…

  53. hoping and praying you will get good results!

  54. Hahaha I am from Japan…this is hilarious. Thanks for the vid.

  55. It’s hilarious that he’s trying to give away his own shirts by saying nobody wants to buy them…lol! And he got rejected!

  56. Anyone else having issues displaying youtube videos on this site? It only does 75%of the screen on my Android phone. otherwise great site, keep up the great work guys! hilarious video.

  57. Not that I know of if using laptop. Only problem when using mobile. It is small but clearer and smoother.

  58. No doubt about it. I like Kobe now, a change from being a skeptic because of his reputation. Worrying how JLin will “survive” in his team. In the past few weeks, I saw their interaction together and what he said about JLin and others, I began to like him. He is as genuine as JLin except JLin doesn’t use “cuss” words.

  59. It’s even funnier as I rewatch it several times. Can’t stop laughing:o))

  60. Thanks! This is different health issue than my cancer. Just pray that the “growth” that I saw in ultrasound while the technician was doing it, nothing but cyst. I have done ultrasound (annual checkup — both upper and lower) back in early July, this growth wasn’t there. Strange body. That is all I can say:o((

  61. LOL Hope the result is negatives (means not cancer but benign cyst). If it’s positive, that means it’s cancer in medical term speaking.

  62. His Chinese is pretty good considering he is ABC. Just an American speaking Mandarin. That’s why he had to say he came from Japan. Otherwise, he would give himself away:o))

  63. I turned off TV after first quarter and half, so didn’t witness Price’s better play. I mean when you get down to it, most NBA players can shine if given a chance, but I still say he’s one step below Bev overall. A lot better personality though.

  64. For me, the only interesting thing about watching Lakers is going to be seeing how Lin handles frequent losing, and if that makes him pissed off to play without deferring to Kobe.

  65. A very nice article on Kobe, written by Henry Abbott. My first reaction after reading the title was that it’s fire-back at Kobe’s “idiot” comment, but it’s actually an in-depth analysis of the Lakers’ predicament with Kobe in recent years. It’s a lengthy read, but worthy of your time.


  66. Awesome publicity stunt! I loved the part where he pretended to be a soccer fan and not know basketball. When faced with Jeremy Lin questions, he answered in self-mockery that he doesn’t know much about him(self), but he heard that he kind of SUCKED.

  67. i have the same problem with my samsung 5

  68. keep believing. get well soon.

  69. agree 100%

  70. Garfield want mouse not cake.

  71. Where is the English subtitle?

  72. Aww.. Cool, didn’t know about it.

  73. Hope it’s nothing then….lol

  74. I think it is well written, but it is weak if the purpose of the article is to diss Player like Kobe.

  75. nvm, just found out that you can turn on Eng sub on Youtube (thanks to psalm)

  76. I think, Brent meant in turn of good result hehe. Wishing you the best.

  77. I don’t see it as a diss at all. He does hog the ball, thought that was public knowledge. If anything, Nash has cred.

  78. thanks, @chunkychen:disqus. Glad you’re enjoying the site :]
    I would test it in Android to see if I have the same issues.
    But I’m testing a new video gallery so stay tuned for it.

  79. thanks for letting us know, @cheapjing:disqus. I will look into it or replace it with a new video gallery soon.

  80. This is actually where I got the inspiration for quantifying each of the good and bad plays for all the rockets players in crunch time in the finals last season. Kenny Smith compares the number of Correct Plays made by Lebron vs Kobe. You can draw your own conclusions, I will not share mine even if Brent holds a water pistol to my head.

    We have seen that when a whole team is clicking, it is at its most dangerous. We have also seen many teams lose close games in crunch time because they didn’t have a reliable player to go to.

    I am sorry to have to bring up Lin again, but he is one of the few players who has the ability to play teamball for 3 1/2 quarters and then make a big assist or bucket in the last few minutes of any game. Most players can only fit one role for reasons of skill or mindset.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ob8AN3x1ns?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360%5D

  81. Espn definitely has their own agendas. It’s no different than Fox News trying to incite and inflame with only the intent of emotionally charging up an issue to rile people up. News isn’t news anymore, it’s opinions laced with the strongest emotions of love and hate. I despise the fact that what once was an honourable profession has been watered down to trash entertainment. It was once called the fifth estate as a counterbalance to government.

    Espn is like Bleachers report, it’s in business to get clicks that’s all. I had to give espn a click to read the article which is what they want. I hope that more members would cut and paste these articles in order to stop this negative trend of bad writing.

  82. I didn’t read cause ppls said it is a long read.

  83. I think the article’s goal is to show Kobe’s bad attitude drove many FAs away from wanting to play with him in LA because he would publicly slam them. The writer tried to do this by providing a lot of anonymous source quotes.

    It might be true for some players who Kobe didn’t respect. My biggest problem is the article is so one-sided by not covering how Gasol, Fisher can play with Kobe.

    Then again, the article wants to create a lot of controversy so it’s telling half-truth. I don’t like Kobe personally but I can see a hack job when the article excludes some facts to support one biased argument. A half-truth is not truth.

  84. Lin is gonna hate it, and he will try to do his stuff if coach lets him have the time. That means he and Kobe will be talking about it ha ha. UCONN baby!

  85. I hear you, but what alternative is there?

  86. JLF fOz, I am sorry to read this and will keep you in my prayers. You are a great contributor to our fan sites. Giving and now receiving vibes from CA west coast.

  87. tip: click CC on the youtube video to get the English subtitles!

  88. Pretty impressed those girls spotted him right away. A lot of times people don’t recognize celebrities because their brain tells them that’s it not logical for the celebrity to be there doing that. Leno had recurring segment where celebrities would go on the street *without any disguise whatsoever* and interview people about *themselves*. I especially remember Matt Harvey (Mets ace pitcher) talking to diehard Mets fans who didn’t even recognize him.

  89. I learned that Lin’s favorite player is Messi. LOL

  90. Loved this vid. His accent is way better than before. Someone was helping him on the headset, but for sure he was improvising too. I loved how he dissed himself and got the guy to buy in to not even wanting the free shirt lol. Wish western fans could understand this … he’s so different when he acts like that confused dude who thinks somewhat highly of himself. Should put the need for some Lin Fans in US to know Lin has that swagger in him, he’s just managing it. Thanks!

  91. really. So many gems in this vid.

  92. Anyone know who @LibraFree is? Are they just a Lin superfan? someone in Lin’s inner circle?

  93. I think this video deserves its own post since it’s a separate topic from pregame. I’ll go ahead and create it, but in the future, go ahead and do it yourself!

  94. None…..lol

  95. That’s what I thought. So really the only alternative is to be smart enough yourself to recognize what bias or agenda any media has, whether its espn, SI, fox news, cnn, etc.

  96. It is a layered mess…so….the way I do it the to only take the factual things 1st (needed basic trust), then opinions. Then ask what could be the facts that were not presented….which gives you the total credibility of the analysis.

  97. I’m from Japan. The new France ha ha.

  98. His brain was v tired from riffing in Mandarin lol.

  99. I think just a super-fan, like Penny.

  100. no thanks, I’m not *that* big of a Lin fan to want a free t-shirt

  101. positively negative, then!

    Wishing the best for you!

  102. ^Lazy cat

  103. huh? did you reply to the wrong thread? we were talking about Keith Appling.

  104. I like the super-fan in the video who said she won’t wash her hands for 10 years after shaking Lin’s hand. #SuperGrossFan :]

  105. No wonder Ebola is spreading….lol

  106. gross. how about just wipe your hands in a petri dish to save Lin’s germs and wash your hands?

  107. So we shouldn’t shake hand with anyone that had shake hand with Lin.

  108. Unlikely that I will get the chance to do it anyway. 😛

  109. Never know, may be your neighbor might had or may be one that had might move next door.

  110. I like the super-fan in the video who said she won’t wash her hands for 10 years after shaking Lin’s hand. #SuperGrossFan :]

  111. ;> Get Lin-bola!

  112. I’m pretty sure the girl would also sleep next to the petri dish every night.
    She would name it “Germy Lin” :]

  113. Most cysts are benign. I had one benign.

  114. What does that black tape do….anyone? seems like some kind of secret healing tape….

  115. We plan keep alternating between Chat and Disqus for the rest of preseason games then we’ll vote if we use Chat during games then Disqus for post-games. Does it sound good?

    P06 PHX Disqus
    P07 POR Disqus+CHAT
    P08 SAC Disqus

    Note: there are still pro vs cons with Chat. Some users just don’t participate when Chat is being used. It’s more interactive but slow. No upvotes, etc.

  116. sounds like a good plan.

    I think in the end what matters most is which one gets the most participation. Obviously, we have to compare apples to apples (separate games that Lin played in versus games that Lin sat).

  117. it’s a non-sticky layer that prevents the sticky white tape from irritating your skin or causing friction/blisters.

  118. Mark Medina talks about Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin on “TheBeast980”:

    I think Jeremy Lin is going to have a huge role this year. There is so much uncertainty about Steve Nash’s healthy and if he’s even going to play again. Even if he does, the sense I get from talking to the Lakers training staff and Byron Scott is that they’re going to be even more conservative with him than they were last year. By virtue of that, Jeremy is going to be playing a lot of minutes and this is a huge opportunity for him.


  119. One question what is the color of Batmans body armor? There is your answer.

  120. True.
    It might need the 1st 10 games of regular seasons to see the actual trend of user participation

  121. Oh wow, thanks for the info.

  122. I’m not sure whether the attitude was necessarily “bad”, but from the chain of events it does appear that Kobe’s not a plus when luring free agent superstars. I had this impression even before the article. Heard about Nash’s comment before, but the subtle comments from Sessions are new to me. My dad really liked him, and we’ve always wondered why he left the Lakers, this article sheds some light on it.

    That said, you are correct in that the article is unbalanced. It sort of escaped me as I’m already quite familiar with Kobe’s positive side, so I didn’t really need to read it from the article. But to someone who’s unfamiliar with the background it may skew the reader’s view on Kobe.

    And last but not least, I appreciate your gentle demeanor. Many over at our old place just jumped at me, seemingly without even having read the entire article. I posted it NOT to hate on Kobe, as I think he’s changing for the better, but only because it had some insight that were little known (at least to me).

  123. Steve Nash is out for the game tonight and Ronnie Price is starting.

  124. Ya’ll okay with this?

  125. Ha, ha, it’s starting all over again.

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