P06 LAL vs PHX Post-Game

Min Pts FG 3Pt FT Reb Ast Stl TO +/-
Q2 12 4 0-1 0-1 4-6 2 3 2 0 +4
Q4 12 11 3-4 1-2 4-4 2 2 0 0 +8
Total 24 15 3-5 1-3 8-10 4 5 2 0 +12

Note: one of his 3 pt attempts was a 3/4 court heave at the end of the half.


  • Scott played Lin in the 2nd and 4th quarters, giving him good minutes with both first and second units. Lin played well with both units, especially with Ed Davis again.
  • Lin was aggressive and confident. He shot the jumpers confidently and without hesitation. He was 2-3 from 20+ ft (excluding the heave). He aggressively drove into the paint, drawing several fouls. Even though he almost got the ball poked out twice during double team help, he didn’t play tentative and continued to attack.
  • Despite his aggressiveness, Lin played under control most of the time. Especially compared to many of the Lakers players who seemed a little wild and out of control. This was evidenced by his 0 turnovers.
  • Passing: excellent. His passing today showed his vision in the open court as well as penetrating in traffic. He found big men on the break for dunks. He hit Davis on a beautiful alley. He was using bounce passes to get the ball to the post. These weren’t simple passes either. Lin now has an incredible 19 ast to 2 turnover ratio (9.5) in 3 preseason games. Small sample size obviously, but a good sign.
  • Defense: decent. For the most part, Lin kept Isaiah Thomas in check, but Thomas was making ridiculous shots. Lin did have too many fouls and ended up fouling out. One was definitely a phantom foul, but the one at the end of the game could have gone either way. He was also coming back from 2 sprained ankles too.
  • Grade: A on offense, B on defense, overall B+


What are your post-game analysis and grades?

 Brent’s takes

@realdsb made excellent breakdown/analysis/observation above already. I will just adding some more:

  • Lin was rusty at the beginning of his stint, his handle in particular, BUT he have kept his aggressiveness. This is a huge upgrade from him over his mentality last year. Very good to see.
  • Lin is playing more and more like Steve Nash. Poised, under control, but with added explosiveness.
  • Lin is gonna have to increase his off the dribble pull up 3 %age. This particular kind of 3 will help him a lot in PnR situations. He was at 26 %. Does not have to be like Curry, but really 33-35% will do. I am sure Doc will add it to Lin’s drills in the coming summers.
  • Lin is really great in any chaos and scrambled situations, he made clear reads and stabilized the team.
  • This team has shown its potential today. They just need chemistry to get to the next level. Yes, PPL will argue it is true for every team. But seems like Scott is pretty good at x and o’s on both ends. It means it is more likely that he can maximize his team further than some other teams can.
  • The difference of style between the starters and benches is huge. Lin seems to work fine with both, this is good to see.
  • Lin’s defense is noticeably better than Price’s D.
  • Lin gets calls now!
  • Lin was still not 100%, needs to get his feet under him.

All in all, I will give Lin an A- for today’s game.