P06 LAL vs PHX Post-Game

Min Pts FG 3Pt FT Reb Ast Stl TO +/-
Q2 12 4 0-1 0-1 4-6 2 3 2 0 +4
Q4 12 11 3-4 1-2 4-4 2 2 0 0 +8
Total 24 15 3-5 1-3 8-10 4 5 2 0 +12

Note: one of his 3 pt attempts was a 3/4 court heave at the end of the half.


  • Scott played Lin in the 2nd and 4th quarters, giving him good minutes with both first and second units. Lin played well with both units, especially with Ed Davis again.
  • Lin was aggressive and confident. He shot the jumpers confidently and without hesitation. He was 2-3 from 20+ ft (excluding the heave). He aggressively drove into the paint, drawing several fouls. Even though he almost got the ball poked out twice during double team help, he didn’t play tentative and continued to attack.
  • Despite his aggressiveness, Lin played under control most of the time. Especially compared to many of the Lakers players who seemed a little wild and out of control. This was evidenced by his 0 turnovers.
  • Passing: excellent. His passing today showed his vision in the open court as well as penetrating in traffic. He found big men on the break for dunks. He hit Davis on a beautiful alley. He was using bounce passes to get the ball to the post. These weren’t simple passes either. Lin now has an incredible 19 ast to 2 turnover ratio (9.5) in 3 preseason games. Small sample size obviously, but a good sign.
  • Defense: decent. For the most part, Lin kept Isaiah Thomas in check, but Thomas was making ridiculous shots. Lin did have too many fouls and ended up fouling out. One was definitely a phantom foul, but the one at the end of the game could have gone either way. He was also coming back from 2 sprained ankles too.
  • Grade: A on offense, B on defense, overall B+


What are your post-game analysis and grades?

 Brent’s takes

@realdsb made excellent breakdown/analysis/observation above already. I will just adding some more:

  • Lin was rusty at the beginning of his stint, his handle in particular, BUT he have kept his aggressiveness. This is a huge upgrade from him over his mentality last year. Very good to see.
  • Lin is playing more and more like Steve Nash. Poised, under control, but with added explosiveness.
  • Lin is gonna have to increase his off the dribble pull up 3 %age. This particular kind of 3 will help him a lot in PnR situations. He was at 26 %. Does not have to be like Curry, but really 33-35% will do. I am sure Doc will add it to Lin’s drills in the coming summers.
  • Lin is really great in any chaos and scrambled situations, he made clear reads and stabilized the team.
  • This team has shown its potential today. They just need chemistry to get to the next level. Yes, PPL will argue it is true for every team. But seems like Scott is pretty good at x and o’s on both ends. It means it is more likely that he can maximize his team further than some other teams can.
  • The difference of style between the starters and benches is huge. Lin seems to work fine with both, this is good to see.
  • Lin’s defense is noticeably better than Price’s D.
  • Lin gets calls now!
  • Lin was still not 100%, needs to get his feet under him.

All in all, I will give Lin an A- for today’s game.




  1. hey cool, it automatically sets the featured image from the youtube video

  2. Thanks, @real_dsb:disqus!

  3. Lakers vs. Suns: Jeremy Lin On Why Kobe Bryant’s A ‘Watchdog’

  4. Horry and Worthy attributed the Lin-Davis chemistry to practicing together, I see it more as Davis being more familiar with PNR fundamentals than the rest of the bench. Randle’s got the Intel Core i5 hardware, but running Windows 95 on it.

  5. PFV: Long vid.
    Woohoo 🙂

  6. get real dsb. its good enuf for me.

    not much to add. or subtract. i shut it off once lin fouled out; it was obvious, no lin no win cuz no one else was even doing anything to small down that nasty little manlet as someone on some comments line called him.

    he was doing the harden; getting all his points from foul shots. hits what first 8 strait f.t.s at that point hadnt even hit much

    it appreaed to me lins confidence in his ability to move safely without reinjury increased as the game went on and hence his effectiveness.

    ronnie price was useless against bledsoe or manlet. and useless generally. hes always been just a practice player and wont be anything else regardless of fears and or hypes otherwise….

    these numbers again in contraindiction to other more pessimisstic or absurdly fancificul projections similar to what i would expect from lin for the season and are exactly in the middle of the range of anywhere realistic projectioins from both ends of the spectrum (sorry bout spelling) not correcting im just up eyes blurry dark out getting ready for a flight.

    um ive said previously the detractors still put him at 13 5 3 and the fans at 17 7 5 and the difference is only 1 pt per quarter and 1 assist/rebound per half.

    with lin its more a matter of belief that reality. if you beleive lins great and abused; if you dont beleive hes a scrub and overrated. but both ends of spectrum are seeing almost the same thing just filtered thru their own lenses.

    i think the minutes can’t be sorted out till see who is availalbe for the season but i would execpt a few mintues more but wouldn’t want a lot more.

    29 would be fine he did these number in 24. 32 to 35 would be quite probable depending as i say on who’s availalb.e

    lakers themselves are not as bad as people saying after big loses; look who they’ve lost or lost badly to. all the those teams have the best records and numbers in the league so far and they havent jsut been playing the lakers!

    and half their team has been out with injuries.

    in sum; its all good.

  7. i am pre tech enuf that a. i would have used the analagy the other way around and b. windows 95 was probably the last system i knew.

  8. Was Lin able to execute the princeton/triangle or did they resort to pnr? Could this be why Scott wants Lin to come off the bench?

  9. Yes…that part is automatic…:P BTW…you stole the 1st…..you are the author!! @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus hates you…lol

  10. DOS 3.3?

  11. I think they tried to run it a few times, but guys were running into each other XD. Had to reset the offense each time.

  12. I think we need to understand one thing. One set can flow to another set. Not all initial sets will directly ended up as shot attempts. You can start with a triangle and ends up with doing sideline PnR with mismatches…The fluidity of offense requires BB IQ, familiarity (personal level) and cohesiveness (team level). Lakers do not have those, yet.

  13. @blubell is a +12 for being first.

  14. So basically you are saying the fluidity of offense requires Wes to be on the bench?

  15. I harp on him, but he is serviceable. LOL LAL just should not letting him handle the ball. Needs to be a finisher.

  16. Haha. Yeah I should stop taking jabs at him. Bad habit. He should probably try to keep things simple.

  17. This post game thread is just up, but we will need a pregame thread too soon….lol

  18. The Back2Back game is not only hard work for Lin but also for us fans 😀

  19. Sounding more and more like etane hehe.

  20. oooooops….. @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus is exposed…

  21. LOL….but feels like Price will still start. Anyway…it is really boring to watch Lin with starters…..no excitement at all.

  22. Yup, the ball always end up with Kobe.

  23. Lin brought up again in post-game interview that he really didn’t have a chance to practice with starters. I hope Byron knows that Lin needs to practice more with starters to close games.

    Otherwise, he risks losing some valuable games not preparing for Kobe+Lin to perform well in crunch time. Lin is a Game-Changer but Price is simply not.

    Those who Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

  24. I thought that’s definitely excessive but Kobe could be fine-tuning his ISOs to close game during preseason.

    At some point, Kobe needs to practice with Lin on how to play off each other to close games so each would have easier shots.

  25. LAL did, I think Scott knows what he is doing. They ran Kobe and Lin pinch post. while the other 3 are stuffed on another side. Huge spacing. One good example

  26. In the highlite,
    1) around 55s, Eill failed to cut in time so Lin’s ball was tapped (he became a sitting duck between 2 defenders). One example of bad chemistry.
    2) 1:40 mark, Lin refused to pass to Wes. Happened many times in the game. I think a pecking order is formed already on who should handle the ball when the shot clock is fresh.
    3) 1:47 mark, Lin and Kobe PnR while no shooter on strong side. very powerful setup. Both guys are triple threat player and they got half of the court to operate.
    4) 2:34, similarly to 3)…but a pinch post by Kobe and Lin. Well spaced.
    5)4:21 if it was Asik or Randolph or Duncan, they will seal the position and Lin would pass for an easy bucket. This shows the cohesion is not completely there yet. Not harping on Davis, he was great.

    Just showing some of the observations I have…there are more. But all are JMO, they might trying to do different things at the time. I could be wrong.

  27. on number 2: Maybe Jeremy already saw how questionable Wes Johnson is when handling the ball. 8 damn TOs and he’s not even playing as point forward.

  28. He knew, that’s for sure. Not sure if that was the reason for him to no pass to Wes tho.

  29. Pure speculation but if kobe wants to play with lin bc lin helps open up the game for him, as it seems kobe realizes based on his post game comments yesterday, lin could start. Realistically, it should be a matter of when lin starts. That being said, I like price. Imo, Lin did something interesting bc by emphasizing how he wants to close out games, it has become more of an issue in that media brings it up with Scott.

  30. I’ll say it again… As long as it’s not you 😛

  31. For you and the rest of the folk actually doing the heavy lifting yes. Not me. I am just enjoying everything. Doesn’t that make you just want to Ban me (⌒∩⌒)

  32. If I did that in public I would be arrested.

  33. Maybe Wes telegraphed a “I’m going to mess this play up if you pass to me” kind of look. All foolishness aside, I think Lin keeps track of who hasn’t touched the ball for a while, so he can make sure everyone gets their touches when he is playing point. That is a very remarkable part of his game that you really don’t see other guards do. Just think of the amount of information Lin has to process every time he goes up and down the court, balancing touches and creating the best shot at the same time. It would be much easier to say “I just take what the defense gives me” but then you would be Ronnie Price.

  34. Off topic, if MDA stays…..I think Hill would be the one being kicked out. Plus Wes….LOL

  35. For average teams, “take what defenses gives me” works good. For great teams, they do whatever they want with or without defenses….

  36. Yeah he would have gone to the D-Fenders.

  37. Time to roll up the sleeve to help us out then 😀
    Let me know what you want to help out (Contributor, Mods banning people, etc.)

    I think we can use more mods in Asia and Europe time. Trolls have started to come out to play.

  38. LOL yep…..crazy that he said that…..

  39. They did? so you are inviting a troll to fight trolls……fire with fire..

  40. I haven’t seen any on this site besides Brent and I.

  41. I am not basketball savvy enough to be a contributor, and my moral standards are too low to ban people. I am a programmer and can do some translating, but that is about it. Also I am very lazy. Not sure how I can be of service.

  42. Does not seem lazy when you troll…lol

  43. Someone said the same thing when he took Lin’s job….LOL

  44. ok, Brent and I will have to think hard of what programming tasks will fit what you like to do :]

  45. you can check the Mod group message.. yup regular season is about to start for open troll season

  46. What did you guys think of the 6th foul called on Jeremy where he was defending Isaiah Thomas at the end of regulation?

  47. It was a foul but it usually won’t be called…Lin’s hands were not straight up…..Also I am not sure yet when was the foul occurring…. If called on the contact of IT dribbling hitting Lin. Then it is 100% a phantom foul to me.

  48. Good grades. I gave him A-.

  49. Initially, I thought it was a legitimate foul (even though the announcers called it a phantom foul) because IT was going straight up for his 3 pt attempt, and there was contact between Lin and IT. So it’s pretty much up to ref’s discretion to call it or not.

    But later I realized that the call was on the floor, prior to the shot attempt (that’s why IT only had 2 FTAs, not 3). Viewing the slow motion replays, you can see that Lin was set in position, and IT was the one who initiated contact into Lin. When the ref raises his hand, that’s when he made the call (before IT started his shot attempt).


  50. Jeremy can’t have 6 fouls in less than 30 minutes. he should play smarter…

  51. Aw cmon, Disqus. No embedded gfycats?

  52. jeremy can’t go everytime for the steal. he’s not kobe, james, durant who can do whatever they want on the court. he should just avoid the shot or make it the most difficult to make. no need to put hands on your opponent, no needs to contest the shot, no need to overhelp in defence. play smart. it’s your season Jeremy, c’mon!

    you’ll do great things this year!

  53. problem is he put hands on thomas. in this way if your opponent is smart can simulate a foul. that’s what made james harden a 20 points player

  54. He won’t..

  55. 2 phantoms.

  56. I agree, no ref should be deciding games when it’s contested unless it’s egregious.

  57. they’re still 4 fouls in less than 30 minutes. sometimes he tries too much when he just has to avoid the shot.

    basketball is not soccer where you must steal the ball from your opponent. you just have to make the clock run and try to make sure your opponent does a very difficult shot. when he plays smarter he’s a very deadly defender. i remember the defence on gallinari once… that was a pretty good defence.

    he doesn’t have to imitate beverley. beverley is a scrub. he’s much better than this.

  58. anyway, he had 2 ankles sprained, so i won’t worry too much. but sometimes he tries to do too much on defence… when he overhelps on d… i saw, maybe on the training video, a part in which he ran to cover a player who were too distant to cover. and it was marked too!

    it’s up to his teammates to guard theyr man. stick to your man Jeremy and rotate and help on d when it’s needed. in this way you’ll be much more fresh to create plays and shoot on offence.

  59. Mark Medina wrote a great article on “Will Jeremy Lin close out games for the Lakers?”


  60. and Jeremy provided his answers

    Yet, Lin downplayed about whether he fulfilled that job description to state his case as the Lakers’ closer at point guard.

    “It goes back to my overall mindset this whole season. I’m not trying to prove anything to any human out there,” Lin said. “I’m enjoying the game and playing for God. I’m very free mentally. I’m not even thinking about that right now.”

    Instead, Lin said he is thinking about something else.

    “Just trying to stay aggressive the whole game and make plays,” Lin said. “That’s how I like to play so as long as I continue to do that, I feel like over time, things will open up and the floor will open up especially as a point guard. You can’t just score all the time. It depends on what the defense is giving you.”

    Whether Lin will provide that role late in games hinges on a few variables. Can Nash restore his health and maintain it? How does Lin’s ankle hold up? Will Lin’s presence remain better suited with an energetic second unit or the veteran starting lineup currently manned by nine-year pro Ronnie Price?

    Meanwhile, Lin conceded the challenge in guarding Phoenix guard Isaiah Thomas, who posted 26 points on 6-of-12 shooting in 31 minutes. Lin also lamented fouling out after spending the majority of his offseason working on defensive drills.

    “It’s going to be a style that refs haven’t seen me play before in terms of being more of an aggressive and attacking defender,” Lin said. “I’d rather foul out now and then slowly build a reputation as a good defender who plays a certain way.”

    By that point, Lin had already ignited a crowd encouraged by his late-game heroics. He will soon find out if he will have more opportunities to close out games in similar fashion.

  61. “It’s going to be a style that refs haven’t seen me play before in terms
    of being more of an aggressive and attacking defender,” Lin said. “I’d
    rather foul out now and then slowly build a reputation as a good
    defender who plays a certain way.”

    hmm, I like that philosophy. Kind of like how Iverson initially getting his crossovers called for traveling, then refs got used to it and allowed it.

  62. yep, good article. but jeremy is not beverley. he should play smarter. beverley is a scrub, jeremy is an harvard graduate

  63. yes, interestingly Lin actually wants to create a new “aggressive & attacking defender” persona that refs will get used to it. Hopefully refs will learn soon Lin will harass the opposing guards.

    Kinda like Brent and Michael working hard to establish “good trolls” persona :]

  64. i don’t like this part. i want jeremy on the court. if lin is out the court lakers are a pretty awful team. he doesn’t have to go for the steal. he just has to make sure his opponent does a difficult shot. if he does, good for him, if he doesn’t get ready for the rebound. that’s it. not imitate beverley. please jeremy. don’t. you’re much better than that

  65. that’s the thing. I bet Kobe talked to Jeremy about his challenge to be a great defender and this is part of the process. Will refs hold blowing the whistle in tough games for Lin? Only time will tell

  66. gangnam style

  67. jeremy is not kobe or james or durant who can’t do everything they want on the court. i hope scott will know what to do. jeremy got in his hands the whole lakers’ season. if scott wants to win games he better found a way to keep jeremy on court as much as he can

  68. Trolls got to eat.

  69. I don’t think Lin is trying to imitate Beverley. Gary Payton also played a harassing, in-your-face defensive style.

  70. > I haven’t seen any on this site besides Brent and I.

    That’s because they got snuffed out immediately by the mods.

  71. true, Lin’s strength is still his playmaking so he needs to be on-court. But I thought it’s admirable that Kobe tried to mentor him to be a great defender

  72. that’s a phantom call indeed.
    Lin’s left hand barely touched Thomas and Thomas initiated the contact.
    Not sure what the ref thought he saw.

  73. Anyone helps me to move this new JLin Chinese Lakers promotion vid from his Chinese FB? Thanks!

  74. yeah, lol, it didn’t escape me he was channeling Bev yesterday. I think IT and he have a thing going for each other … bromance XIV ha ha.

  75. That’s what was interesting … 2 bad wheels and still able to do such a good job in 1-1 D. I wonder if that’s why he fouled out of his norm. Sort of like, ice skating and cannot stop his body as well. I know how it feels to play hard cutting ball on bad wheels. You sort of have to let go at a certain point because you think you can do it, but the joints let go and you fly …

  76. That might also come from supportive pros like Nash and Kobe talking to him. If it were harden, he wouldn’t know. Harden is just at the stage to teach Jeremy how to attract fouls. He’s not into the heads of refs or opponents yet, I think maybe. D12 of course is too fun loving for me to think he thinks this way. Def not able to get that wisdom from bangin’ inside playa McHale. Morey has his head in fake numbers as we all know. So there you go, I think it’s in Lin and coming out because his mentors are supporting his growth in the more subtle parts of the game.

  77. Who came over? Wondering … wish to see jw, acbc, anderson hu, lilly chen, etc over here. Those are real-deal people. And more.

  78. what do you mean by “move”? move it where?

  79. He definitely gave some reason for those fouls though. He has to walk a very fine line.

  80. TWC on Jeremy’s comeback

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