P06 LAL vs PHX Game Thread

Finally, Lin WILL PLAY in this game. There was no reporter announcement but Jeremy tweeted the news himself.

Again, let’s use the Disqus comments as the only option for Preseason Game 6 Game Chat so we can benchmark our experience of using CHAT and DISQUS for Game Thread.

The game will tip off around 7pm PT OCT 21 @ Honda Center, Anaheim, CA.


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  1. Go Jeremy and the Lakers!

  2. Finally, you’re back to be 1ST!

  3. Jeremy in the yellow jumpsuit has arrived at Anaheim with his teammates. #BruceLinStyle #EnterTheDragon


  4. Go bluebell…boooo Brent…(even though he isn’t here)

  5. Word is that Price is starting and Lin coming off the bench.

  6. yes.. I just saw Mark Medina’s tweet .BOOO!


  7. As I’ve maintained all along, I actually don’t care who starts. All that matters is who plays the important minutes.

    And this being a preseason game where Lin is not 100% healed from 2 ankle sprains, I’m not sweating it.

  8. True, I see there’s some experimentation but at some point I want to see how Kobe+Lin will finish strong.

    There needs to be a lot of PT with Kobe+Lin on the floor to finish games.

  9. Whew, I’m here for a fresh breath of air and some cool basketball minds. Our old turd just blew a few lids off about Lin not starting. So much negativity despite troll Voltron banned. It’s only preseason and people already bent out of shape on an hourly basis.

    I’m so grateful for this Sanctuary!

  10. LOL….Lin is unlikely to play many minutes tonight, no reason to put him in starting lineup at all.

  11. Exactly, and Price’s been running with the starters so it’s only fair that he’s allowed his 5 minutes of glory. Management is an art.

    Yet people at the old turf are calling Scott racist and making death wishes. I’ve spent a couple of years there and there are still a lot of great people, it’s sad to have to leave, but the negativity there is overwhelming. Here I can’t use colorful language but I like the fact that I won’t need to.

  12. Me too. It’s like if you don’t agree that Lin has to start they can just swear at you. And it’s just a preseason game, and we don’t know if Lin’s ankle is 100%..

  13. Ha! This is internet all about…:P

  14. Maybe we should switch to intranet.

  15. well im not tech enuf to follow the format here but i monitor; that other place was fun early 2nite i even popped in for a bit to clown around with etane and others before closer to game time; i am pleased to hear that voltron who i left there because of was finally banned. but as you say theres a whole new legion of baby v’s born and attracting the worst of the old. appreciate the info. i saw it starting to get dark there again so left. i been watching houston/mia. houston winnning; has there ever been a game harden played when he scored more points than the primary player he was opposed with on the other team? harden making wade look good; howard beating bosh tho.

  16. My router is about to die, I guess I can not join the conversation today…darn it.

  17. where do old routers go when they die?

  18. CPR

  19. doing heart transplant?

  20. If it’s crashing because of the heat, turn a fan on it. Or get one of your kids to fan it during the game.

  21. Nah…I suspect there are defects in the memory chip.

  22. i feel the same. I hope more come over.

  23. … and then they call you out for being beta when you might have already taken it to the hoop many times and won and lost.

  24. I am sure you can still do your trolling in Disqus.

  25. can you do a cold reboot, or reflash your firmware?

  26. I don’t know what their obsession with this alpha beta thing is about. Maybe too much teenwolf.

  27. Better have Price start on this one, with Jeremy coming back from injury. The last thing this birthday girl needs is seeing Jeremy getting into an injury almost immediately again.

  28. aw man, too bad. How are you commenting now if your router is dead?

  29. time to make friends with your neighbor and ask for their wifi password. =p

  30. I know … when I was younger, it was really painful to be shut down all the time bcuz of being Asian, yellow fever from our own, etc. At the end of the day, it took a lot of will and drive to ascend despite that. Nowadays, with social media, you get the ones unwilling to put in the effort, so all you get is complaining about stuff.

    Really, every person on this planet is facing adversity, and it takes character (like Lin) to ascend through adversity.

    So there you go, I understand them, but it still is a trollfest so here I am.

  31. today’s your birthday? Happy birthday!

  32. Yes, and thanks!

  33. I heard that was going to sit this one out as a precaution, but upon finding out it was your bday, he decided to come off the bench for you. =)

  34. Happy birthday

  35. wow, kobe playing defense like it’s the olympics

  36. Happy birthday! Even Jeremy is celebrating it by coming back from his injury. He got his priority straight! 🙂

  37. happy day! Hug your dad and mom!

  38. Emergency maneuver: put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and take it out before condensation forms inside the router.

  39. terrible shot selection by Bledsoe

  40. impressed with Kobe’s defense though

  41. terrible cross court pass by Price, led to dunk

  42. thanks for the updates. hopefully i’ll be able to catch some of it.

  43. that’s one bad telegraphed pass. His shooting started well. More like Toney Douglas game as a small SG

  44. Thanks!

  45. LOL….condensation will kill it…well it is dying anyway

  46. that’s a good comparison

  47. LOL

  48. on my cell phone

  49. defense looks good, offense kind of slow

  50. I just reinstalled the firmware,…..nothing changed

  51. Starters are old…:P

  52. I mentally sent him a message to play on the 21st.

  53. I did.Thanks!

  54. Wes is…

  55. they should let Lin there now, they are getting sloppy now

  56. Thanks! 🙂

  57. Wes Johnson with bad screen canceling Kobe’s breakaway layup.
    His BB IQ is not very high. There’ve been some silly TOs like this

  58. Lakers need a point guard

  59. wow, that’s Price’s defense, just let Dragic walk in

  60. should call a time out now

  61. His defense was Priceless


  63. Price TO. Traveled trying to create dribble-penetration.
    It’s really not his game. He simply tried to give the ball to Kobe.

  64. Scott probably preplanned when he will sub Lin in. Since it’s preseason, I don’t think he will sub based on score or play. Scott wants to see what this lineup can do.

  65. Followed by and travel…and Happy Birthday!!

  66. Goran blew right by Price

  67. Haha thanks! Thanks Dragic!lol

  68. Price could not stop Dragic…. 8 pts in one quarter

  69. LOVE the pic with boyfie!

  70. good defense by Price there, very Lin-like. Holding his ground, not allowing the opponent to push him around.

  71. ‘Blew by’ an understatement.He danced his way to the basket.

  72. box score closer than I thought.

  73. he gon be the starter.

  74. be patient, and see, this is still pre-season

  75. assist to TO: 0.5

  76. Never understood some people’s doubt about Boozer, the guy’s still got game, especially with mid-range Js. He may have slowed down a bit with age, but with Lin dishing lobs out he’ll be awesome again.

  77. I dunno 4 mistakes as a PG and 1 very good defensive play guarding bledsoe = starting PG? Sure hope not. And he is not a rookie.

  78. bummer. new toys!

  79. Are we there yet..

  80. Lin is in to start the 2nd quarter

  81. After 1st quarter, Lakers is down 17-24.

    Price performed OK but way too many TOs IMO in an experiment to hand the ball to Kobe to create. Decent defense.
    He simply didn’t help Kobe’s job to be easier which is the primary criteria.

  82. Lin’s in for 2nd quarter!

  83. No wonder you were sharing the cake

  84. wow, what a block by Davis!

  85. Lin has a tough assignment to guard the tiny and quick Isaiah Thomas

  86. Lin with good deflection on Thomas leading to fastbreak

  87. Q2 10m Lin drew the defense and kicked out for a wide open Ellington. unfortunately Ell missed the 3

  88. this is going to happen a lot.

  89. Q2 10m Lin poked the ball away, Ell came up with the ball for the breakaway. Got fouled and missed the dunk/layup

  90. Geez! Lakers Clanks a lot

  91. Damn shots not falling for the Lakers.

  92. And it went in as I said that

  93. LOL, no way Randle was going to stop on that fast break

  94. randle handles way better than Parsons, imho

  95. He is faster…

  96. Happy B-day

  97. and he can go in weaving fakes while he moves. Parson’s is easy to guard because he’s linear.

  98. Someone with more time than me should do on/off stats for league players who make their rosters get more steals just by being on the floor. ‘Cause I swear Lin helps poke so many balls loose that teammates capitalize on.

  99. looks like Lin actually got credit for the steal instead of Ellington

  100. yup

  101. Thanks Garfield…7iger

  102. another block for Davis

  103. Lin with another great assist to Davis as the shot clock ran out!

  104. feeding Davis!

  105. wow, Lin draws quadruple team in the penetration and fed Davis. love the Lin Davis connection!

  106. Lin is boss.

  107. 4 more points to trim down…go!

  108. kobe Lin action!

  109. Don’t sound like KHuang, someone might attack you. I kid.

  110. like the aggressiveness and confidence by Lin, despite almost getting picked

  111. Q2 6m Gerald Green, are you serious? that was Curry-like

  112. kobe sharing!

  113. Interesting interaction between Jeremy and Kobe.

  114. beautiful pass by Kobe to Davis, got fouled before the dunk though

  115. Linteresting Linteraction? :>

  116. Nice D

  117. Great D by Lin on Thomas causing him to travel!

  118. Stop it ;P

  119. Nah, Lin no D 😉

  120. Come one, trolling stops when Jeremy plays 🙂

  121. handle is rusty

  122. announcers basically said that lin’s defense was on point, because that’s how you’d have to defend a guard iso’ing ^_^ nice indirect kudos to lin there

  123. yes, loved the single mindset to get to the basket!
    He’s the great playmaker that can consistently do it (as Kobe said).

  124. handle or randle?

  125. yeah, need a lot of practice

  126. 2 guys reaching tho.

  127. can it be both?

  128. so starters here now

  129. yeah, you smile at that Kobe …

  130. Does Hill always screen out Lin?

  131. he was very assertive, very focused to bring to the basket. Thats what he need to constantly do, beautiful to see that

  132. J playing with starters.These guys better step up.

  133. you got props from announcers …

  134. beautiful in blocking he passing lane and causes TO to Suns!

  135. Now real starters here.

  136. Wesley Johnson blows Lin’s awesome 3/4 court pass

  137. He got pickpocketed by a foot

  138. Wes very boneheaded move out there,passing to Hill whose back is turned away.More Davis time.

  139. Hockey assist?

  140. low BB IQ, what can you say =)

  141. LOL Gerald Green pass to outer space!

  142. Very aggressive Jeremy tonight.

  143. oh boy Lin fall too many times already

  144. Loved Lin’s aggressiveness to the basket. 4pts with 0FG!

  145. Jeremy aggressive again, forcing his way in the paint, but without jumping and taking a hard fall. I like it.

  146. wow, love they are running 1,2 pick and roll, nice

  147. Lakers have the lead, Lin +7 so far

  148. awwww =) I think Kobe just asked if Lin’s alright, because Lin seemed to say “yeah I’m alright” while nodding

  149. liking Lin working with Kobe …

  150. 1 point to go!

  151. I love Davis

  152. so upset that they didn’t go to this more with harden and lin, I really hope the lakers choose to abuse this play

  153. they’re talking and communicating constantly!
    This is not Houston anymore :>

  154. Lin leads them back … ha ha trolls not here.

  155. that went in but Lin’s defense has been on point

  156. Q2 3m Lin with great perimeter defense on Thomas. Unfortunately, Thomas ended up making a circus lefty shot.

  157. just a matter of time …

  158. No love for Lin’s D on Isaiah?

  159. good one … chose to abuse …

  160. and not getting technical from the ref after pumping his fist hoping for a foul

  161. I hope this current line up will be their starters. I don’t like Hill, I like Davis.

  162. Just better offense….very low percentage shot

  163. Davis is 5X Hill on defense

  164. agreed

  165. yeah

  166. you mean from the announcers? we’re loving it here

  167. props to:

    Kobe working with Lin
    Announcers talking truth
    Lin steady and coming back from injury

    Only wish … one more FT. 4/6 not cool but maybe he can finish up 9/10.

  168. got the T, kobe just shot it

  169. Great pass.

  170. Lin with the highest +/- at +11 to lead 26-15 run in the 2nd quarter

  171. Lin making a lot of great bounce passes.

  172. Jeremy is a game changer.

  173. Isaiah fighting with Lin. Good. Get his head outta there ..

  174. you mean 8/10? 🙂

  175. Lin was sealed at the block!!!

  176. Jeremy trying to post up IT 😉

  177. oops, brain mush …

  178. a bit later but he kept yapping at the ref and got it 😀

  179. so Jeremy don’t have a FGA yet?

  180. q2 1m ugh, another low bb iq play by wes. Bounce pass straight to the opponent.

  181. nope just FTs

  182. nope.. kept getting fouled driving to the basket :>

  183. uh, there is Lin’s FGA

  184. liking the intensity between Lin and IT.

  185. Q2 0m refs called foul on Lin on Thomas. replayed showed there was no contact.

  186. now he does. 3/4 end of half shot. =p

  187. IT has been like that since last yr. He plays extra hard against Lin.

  188. am I the only one feel Jeremy’s passing get better? he has some surprise passing angle than last season….

  189. the squeaky wheel gets the grease (technical)

  190. Must be all those math lessons from Morey.

  191. The smaller guards tend to do play hard against him. Like Nate Robinson and Barea.

  192. I commented below too. Really effective bounce passes to get the ball into the post. Last year, Houston could not get the ball into the post.

  193. better movement from Kobe and a good cut from Boozer?

  194. I think when they were saying the couldn’t get to the post, Lin was doing it and it was Harden and Bev who couldn’t get it to D12.

  195. This year they are much much much…about the same.

  196. Jeremy seems to be using his left hand a lot more or is it just me?

  197. IT messed with him by cheating right by a lot on one play, but Lin didn’t go left because he was still scoping out the play.

  198. IMO, in IT’s case, he just can not bearing the thought that he was out played by Lin

  199. They shades him to his left…this is common

  200. You are not alone.

  201. I think it was not the passing. It was because of the body movement

  202. I am here with you…

  203. He is not here

  204. You are not alone (and I got a You have already made this comment warning).

  205. Oops thought we are sing MJ “you are not alone”

  206. IT seems very pleased with himself, but he is starving his other 4 teammates.

  207. Yep….I still remember last yr, he elbowed Lin then complained to ref about Lin fouled him.

  208. Ah, thanks for the explanation.

  209. Halftime summary:

    As reported, Price started the game and played the entire 1st quarter. Price didn’t do a whole lot. Just passed the ball to Kobe.

    Lin played the entire 2nd quarter. Matched up against Isaiah Thomas the entire time. He was very aggressive and confident, forcing his way into the paint at times to pick up the foul. He made a ton of accurate bounce passes to get the ball into the post. 3 assists and no turnovers. The “3 pt miss” was just a 3/4 court heave at the end of the half and can be ignored.

    On defense, he guarded the tiny and quick Isaiah Thomas well, despite a misleading box score. For the most part, Lin held IT in check. Also got 2 steals.

    Q2: 12 min, 4 pts, 0-1 fg, 0-1 3pt, 4-6 ft, 2 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 0 to, +4 (leads the Lakers).
    Note, the 3 pt miss was a 3/4 court heave at the end of the half.

  210. they’re not here together 😀

  211. I noted that, but I can’t remember what move he made. I think he too IT to a screen. Definitely showed his brain at work not taking the bait.

  212. He has played well… but he wasn’t aggressive or confident, IMO.

    Lin usually gets the ball, and without starting his dribble, does a triple threat move and goes right with his first step. But so far, I have seen him repeatedly be in this position and then back off to “call a play”. And I don’t recall him starting a drive from a standstill into the land and finishing yet this preseason.

    I believe it’s either a) ankles b) Scot telling him specifically to “call plays” and set up the offense.

  213. I think his aggressiveness was ok

  214. I feel thats true for all the PG playing against JL

  215. Price starting Q3, Lin sitting

  216. Lin will finish

  217. yes, but IT stood out to me in this regard for 2 yrs now

  218. I like his lingression too.

  219. IT got 2 FT on phantom contact.

  220. Q2 10m without Lin in there, Kobe has to carry the team on his back.

  221. Price should be benched ….

  222. Priceless D on Bledsoe.

  223. When he’s been on his own, his first move has resulted in double team and close out. So, I think he just needs to work it out how he’s going to get the ball to the cutting man. Like with booz and the one where the shot clock was gone. He’s doing alright … just need the rest of team and him to be in sync.

  224. so defensively, they hide Kobe at 4.

  225. Price getting schooled by Bledsoe. Price even did the Harden defense, let him drive past him and try to poke the ball out from behind. Didn’t work, and led to a Bledsoe assist for dunk.

  226. Price isn’t helping the offense either, everything is on Kobe now. Not a good look.

  227. Ugly offense with J not on the floor.Horrendous defense

  228. Kobe can not run a team…weird.

  229. points slipping when JLin is laying down with the puppies.

  230. Bledsoe is eating Price alive…lol

  231. wesley johnson, another low bbiq bounce pass that missed badly

  232. Not a bad rotation to test Lin. Basically let his minutes slides 6 minutes so he gets to play with starters and bench with about the same minutes

  233. not weird … too young and they don’t listen to older guys ha ha.

  234. the same with Price

  235. Yep

  236. 3q3m Davis with a nice finish inside

  237. 3q3m Price ugly play. I don’t even know what happened, but it was ugly

  238. Price with good perimeter defense, problem was Dragic was in the paint making a layup. Only off by 10 ft. or so.

  239. Seems like Davis is better than Hill at taking contact.

  240. 4Q is gonna be fun!

  241. 3q2m IT back in the game, matched up against Price

  242. Helping one pass away…SMH

  243. Suns simply having more fire power….and LAL are not loading their gun at all. 😛

  244. Why was Randle blocking Lin…

  245. so that foul results in no basket.

  246. Finally some J jumper.

  247. Q4 Lin is in, matched up against Thomas.

  248. 4q11m IT made tough jumper over Lin

  249. Alley oop!

  250. I just smiled big.

  251. JL trademark…just there

  252. Alley to Davis!woo hoo!

  253. 4q9m Lin draws the triple team. Alley oop to Davis!!! Just like Knicks Tyson days.

  254. Lakers really hurt not shooting and making 3s

  255. yeah, that truly hurts….

  256. They have bigger problems ….so…

  257. what problem?

  258. Lin said, “That was for IsabeliJane. Happy bday!”

  259. Last year NBA’s slogan was think BIG

  260. was there people chanting Jeremy Lin?

  261. Who ran into Jeremy?

  262. Jeremy/Davis… let’s go!

  263. The commentators was chanting Linsanity

  264. LiiiinN! to Davis again.

  265. Another J-Davis connection!

  266. 4q8m Lin with great vision to find a wide open Davis on the break. Like the good ole days.

  267. Another signature pass.

  268. 3!!!!

  269. Jeremy the difference maker 😉

  270. welcome back baby

  271. 4q7m Kobe back in

  272. Randle completely ignored Jeremy.

  273. Lin said to Randle, “I was OPEN!”

    Randle failed to be LBJ

  274. PG Randle

  275. Dang, Lin wide open for the 3 no kick out.

  276. randle… showing that he’s a rookie

  277. Rookie,know your place!

  278. Randle and Clarkson to D-League for a few weeks for respect and discipline lessons as soon as Young and Kelly are back.

  279. 4q5 Kobe with a 35 ft attempt. lol

  280. I like Lakers commentators, pretty fair

  281. send Wes too

  282. that’s an understatement compared to the Rox commentators

  283. D-league will not help Wes

  284. WEs has to go to Europe

  285. Announcer, “I like Lin’s change of direction”

    They notice and appreciate good things

  286. Is it me, or is Lin their only hope to win this, even though it’s preseason.

  287. He had his defender in the air, over him. He should’ve gone up leaning in a bit, and gotten possibly an and-one.

  288. You are not alone.

  289. I think not just you, everyone.

  290. He followed the big in … don’t know why he kicked it out to the 3 though, he was wide open.

  291. yes, then if Randle had kicked it out, it’d be almost tied.

  292. Lin cut through the heart of the defense. SLICED!

  293. Jeremy very active

  294. Wes!!!!!

  295. I mean most Lin’s fan.

  296. blutbell .. JLin goest first step left. Awesome. He’s just not taking bait!

  297. to the D-League!

  298. Wes with 7 TOs!!!!!

  299. OMG, even stone hands O can catch that.

  300. Mr. 4th quarter doing his thing 😉

  301. I really really like LA refs’ whistle for Lin 😀

  302. nice to see the fair foul call he gets

  303. 4q4 Lin setting the offense like the floor general, draws foul against IT.

  304. LOL Lin with the Harden sell.

  305. 2 years with Har_en better learn that.

  306. Almost a 3! That would have brought down the building…

  307. 4q2 Lin with the pullup 3, missed. I like his confidence though. Good percentage open look.

  308. That pull up shot is what Lin needs to do. He was 26% last yr.

  309. okay, who wished for 8-10 FT? you got it already. 🙂

  310. @joeteam:disqus 😀

  311. That’s a Curry specialty. On a good night, that ends the opposition. Lin gotta hang out with Curry more.

  312. That would have crashed the server.

  313. I wanna have more, don’t want to be right …

  314. Announcers, “Jeremy Lin really TOOK OVER in the 4th quarter!”

  315. greedy!

  316. Don’t know what’s with Stu having so much trouble giving Lin any compliments. Not as bad as Drexler, but it’s quite clear that any sort of acknowledgement out of him comes only begrudgingly. It’s like he’s one of those who had dismissed in the past Lin as being a fluke, and now is having difficulty reconciling himself to accept Lin as a legit player.

  317. yes!

  318. Davis always efficiency.

  319. 4q1:30 Kobe calling the iso for himself. Fadeaway jumper for the lead.

  320. well, sometimes it’s good right?

  321. Kobe taking over the game…

  322. wow Kobe

  323. Are we in for OT?

  324. 4q0:43 Kobe draws triple team. turnaround jumper.

  325. announcers said about Lin:

    he’s taking over in the 4th quarter
    reading the defense
    good passing
    outside shot looks confident

  326. it’s almost like Kobe heard the announcers say how Lin was taking over the 4th quarter and Kobe’s like, “hold on, don’t forget me” =)

  327. Thomas afraid to leave Lin all the way to help def Kobe.

  328. They need bigs for double. IT is too small

  329. This is a great game for Lin to be the 2nd Banana for the Lakers after Kobe.

    Kobe as the highest scorer with 21 pts, Lin 2nd with 15pts

  330. thats was MJ mimic on body shake

  331. hope not, need to rest Lin. I was bummed with the 3/3 kobe near end. Hope this isn’t a trend. Too easy to lose big games.

  332. It’s clear LAL were looking for Lin to lead the offense back, until it was time for ISO.

  333. wow a foul

  334. 2 phantom fouls called on Lin tonight, per the announcers!

  335. Booooooo

  336. And Kobe needs that from Lin, because he wouldn’t have the legs for those fadeaway jumpers at the end of the game if Kobe had to carry them in q1-3

  337. Isaiah Thomas choked

  338. Then Wes choked

  339. It’s ok now … whew. I wished Lin could have finished out, but it’s ok. Great Game!

  340. Twice

  341. Wes Johnson seems to have money on the Suns…

  342. wow. OT

  343. I knew Wes was going to miss the FT

  344. LOL OT

  345. dang, OT without Lin. Crap.

  346. His heart is made of Tofu

  347. uhhhh, OT no Lin….. who suppose to defend IT?

  348. Wes was standing there ball watching, didn’t box out and didn’t go for the rebound.

  349. well, I gotta say this is probably the best preseason game of the year. both teams actually playing hard and exciting.

  350. Lin +12, Price -13…

  351. you called it

  352. W. Johnson sucks..

  353. Lin and Davis with the two highest +/- at +12 and +10.

    The next one is Ellington at +4

  354. This OT Brent’s fault…

  355. Trolls said Price gonna seal starter tonight.

  356. floyd mayweather (lin hater) watching this game. Is he a Lakers fan? ugh

  357. will give him some time, to get familiarize with play and team

  358. Wes seems to have A LOT of money on the Suns…

  359. True, true … see how tired he was after the 3rd one.

  360. LOL

  361. I guess it is all depend on Kobe now

  362. i was thinking the same here…ban brent

  363. OMG, 8 TO for Johnson

  364. Wes seems to have mortgaged his house to bet on the Suns…

  365. Wes bball IQ is too low to be a starter.

  366. Note to Byron:the guard coming from injury made an IMPACT WAY BETTER than the other guard (not the injured future HoF).If you’re smart,you’ll know who to start.

  367. It took just 1 game to show that the difference of 85% Lin and Price is day and night

  368. ot2m Kobe out of the game. Scott being smart and not overplaying Kobe in preseason.

  369. Sun keep Leading every time without Lin.

  370. Wes-Nile-sanity!

  371. so Kobe is out?

  372. really good decision.

  373. Oh, psalm… lol

  374. yeah, that’s smart

  375. Johnson try to redeem?

  376. What else is new…

  377. he needs that, so he could be confidence

  378. hey, Phx is your team. Do you like this year’s setup?

  379. others need to learn to step up

  380. Price, @#[email protected]*^&$%

  381. ot0:26 Price loses the ball himself trying a 360 spin.

  382. And ppl say Lin’s handle is bad…

  383. Currently, Johnson -8, 8rb, 8TO

  384. Price trying to force into….he should learn to calm down in running the offense

  385. It is over

  386. how Price got 10 assist? Don’t feel that way though.

  387. I h8 his game tonight.

  388. The regulation had a regular season intensity.OT was meh…

  389. He passed to Kobe.

  390. I still can’t believe how he got those 8 TOs.
    They are simply killers

  391. 1st and 3rd Q was meh too.

  392. win would had been nice…but I’m okay…playing together in getting the chemistry right is more important.

  393. IC

  394. Mostly low IQ TO

  395. Price is -19!!!!

  396. Not anymore after last 2 points, now -10.

  397. Price played really poorly but he should start because he is gritty….whatever that means.

  398. Not bad, this Laker team will still be fun…..

  399. wow, i’m shocked, definitely didn’t feel like 10 asts. I would have guessed 3.

  400. lol.

  401. Edit: The 4Q had a regular season intensity

  402. I guess when Lin sub out we can just keep on chatting haha. The offense is unbearable without Lin’s command.

  403. I’ll chant for “championship!championship!”

  404. A question to the elders on this site. Is this the norm for the lakers front court?
    Wes low BBIQ
    Hill soft
    Boozer slow
    A bit disturbing.

  405. Nice game by Jeremy. Sort of troubled this team is so thin. They can be scouted easily. They better work it out over the next month … talent there, but I wonder about some decisions on the court. Also they have to shoot better, get more 3s to keep D honest.

  406. Davis should start

  407. 1. Lin and Price are at the other end of the +/- spectrum with +12 and -19.
    31pt swing is one eye-opener for Laker fans, announcers and reporters

    2. Price really squandered his opportunity to be Nash replacement with the starters.
    He tried his best but he simply doesn’t have the court-vision or athleticism. He’ll be a good backup PG.
    Lin on the other hand, rose to the occasion as Mr. 4th Quarter

    3. Lin-Davis are definitely the highlights of the night connecting on multiple occasions with ESPN-worthy highlights.
    No look-pass, alley-oop, wrap-around pass. They’s just sublime and so fitting for LA Showtime!

    I’m fully satisfied with the LIN-pactful force tonight!

  408. Well, they still have a few weapon left on those injured players.

  409. Nice game from Jeremy. So refreshing to see him play point. The 3rd was so boring and the Lakers looked rough. Then Jeremy happened in the 4th and Game On…too bad it ended for him on a sour note. Looking forward to seeing him play this season; it has been a long two years.

  410. true true.

  411. Game thread now: JLN 2100 comments (incl both halves). JLP 400 comments. So this site is around 20% of JLN active participation. Very impressive given the short time it’s been around.

  412. The refs really have to cut down on those phantom fouls, or maybe it’s just for Halloween.

  413. I think Lin scared Thomas so the refs have to call foul.

  414. I hate Halloween.

  415. and no trolling posts to fight through so maybe we have 50% of .net’s quality reads. It’s good enough for me, I’m just looking for good Lin fan and bball talk.

  416. I don’t get it either.

  417. And 0 turnovers

  418. You mean Lintensity?

  419. And LA being a showbiz town.. they’ll want to see more Lin-Davis and Lin-Kobe :>
    Lin is where he belongs!

  420. Lin didn’t do enough IMO, if he had a +19 he could have balanced out Prices -19. It’s just math.

  421. who said that?

  422. Whereas Jeremy is +12, and Davis +10.

  423. good stats-checking!

  424. Lakers don’t focus on Jeremy’s TOs like Houston.

  425. I had the same observations.

  426. Well, they probably have trolls too.

  427. Are you filling in for Brent tonight?

  428. yeah, that’s all we want. Fun cheering and good BB talk!
    Life is too short to spend time with trolls… well, good trolls we’ll keep 😀

  429. More horrific than a horror movie.

    Add this:
    Back court:PG depth

  430. Boozer is old so slow is normal.

  431. Yes. I hear his router pulled a hamstring, so he couldn’t do his duties as a troll.

  432. I was listening to ESPN LA for the fourth with Thompson and some other guy, and they were all positive on Lin. I come home to and am watching postgame coverage…more positive comments. It is honestly refreshing.

  433. May be his wife pull the plug from his router for keep smiling at the pc.

  434. How many days will the injured router be out? hahaha

    Brent’s Router – DNP

  435. Those were on highlights on TWC sportnet postgame coverage.

  436. Well Brent Scott said he wanted to watch it scrimmage with his kids first, before letting it play.

  437. Hmm… Scott was asked whether he thought Lin was going to be a closer in games like today and he said that it was a chance to give Lin 20 something minutes and give Price a rest, and then something about tomorrow’s game. Won’t read too much into this, but just reporting.

  438. e.g. cohesiveness, discipline…

  439. The trolls on that site have gotten even worse. A bunch of new members that post as “fans” at first and then all of a sudden post some very CF stuff.

    I tried to go back and browse there but it’s just too hard.

    Though I will say it was a bit confusing at first with Forum, Disqus, and Chat. Wasn’t really sure which area to go to. But overall a great site. Thanks for working together everyone 😀

  440. I am glad I found your site…JLN went down hill couldn’t trust to look at it with my kids around. I want basketball comments not all the other junk. Hoping you will provide this! So far, I like what I see and hear!!

  441. I like how he doesn’t throw his players under the bus even if they had a poor outing. This is both encouraging and also firm.

  442. d*u*mb*a*zz coach.

  443. You may take out “probably”. 🙂

  444. I hate Lin puns as much as J does but I’ll upvote that 😉

  445. Welcome!

  446. Take out the trolls.

  447. Well, I better off to sleep b4 my wife pull my router’s plug for keep smiling at the PC. Nite all.

  448. yeah, it takes some time getting used to 🙂 Forum is just an archive of old posts with comments.

    Disqus is just for general BB talk. Chat is still experimental but many lean towards Disqus, I think

  449. I think Scott is just being smart. What he’s trying to do now is manage the confidence of his players. We all know Lin is the better player and he knows Lin is mentally tough so there’s no need to throw Price under the bus.

    Also, remember, he doesn’t want to push Lin too hard either and also take too much of the spotlight away from Kobe. While Kobe is definitely more mature than Melo and has way more accomplishments, he’s only human as well.

    So I want to give Scott the benefit of the doubt there. That he’s going to team unity right now. I’m sure if the reporter had asked something negative about Lin, then Scott would have defended him too.

    We’ll just have to hope and see. Fingers crossed!

  450. psalm is out of control with Lin puns these days. I’m a little worried. lol

  451. Nice! They must be smart analysts LOL

  452. Good night and join us tomorrow night!

  453. Too late, when you wake up tomorrow, your PC will be gone

  454. The Lakers’ stat guy is Price’s agent.

  455. Brent disagrees. Brent is leaning like Michael Jackson towards chat…

  456. Price interview – He’s seems relatively humble. Being asked about 10 assists and he says that it’s just guys making shots. Says happy to have Jeremy back. “He looked great.”

  457. now we have a new JLin fan saying …

  458. Hey. You are back. I can’t fill your shoes. They are too big.

  459. you have experienced this lol?

  460. LOL about to

  461. we really get the sense that the announcer fully appreciate what Lin brings

    One example:
    After watching Lin quickly cut to the heart of defense in a split second, Announcer said “It’s one thing to see the opening but to be able to quickly do it is GREAT!”

  462. I think we should bench Brent and make you our starting troll.

  463. I thought he already is

  464. Chat – benefit is is it like live chat so you are in with your Lin pals and it’s for real.

    Disqus – asynchronously, you see who agreed with you with up votes, and it enhances the convos and relationships.

    It lean to chat because you feel like you are really with the people.

  465. Good that you don’t care about who starts 😉

  466. We have 2 starting quality trolls. We are going to alternate between them this season….Sounds familiar?

  467. team player I am….

  468. are we going to do that alternative starting thing..?

  469. Not to sound like McHale but “Yes!”

  470. Do we need Post-Game thread?

  471. I don’t remember this happening. lol.

  472. seems ok so far

  473. Definitely. They love his penetration and passing. Also great to hear Lin bringing the ball up practically every possession. Really noticed this because I would listen to Rockets games on my way back from work and sometimes I never heard Lin’s name although he was in.

  474. No wonder you initialed M too.

  475. PFV.

  476. I saw this on the highlights on TWC sportsnet. He did it after the alley-oop I think.

  477. hey, Brent 🙂 Where u been, man?

  478. He did that after that no look pass from Lin. But it only lasted for 1 second, plus the amplitude was really low.

  479. reprogram my router and watch the game using my cell phone…..laggy…

  480. Woah that was fast.

  481. JLin assist to Ed Davis. Both understand PnR very well.
    It’s a beauty to watch!

  482. Michale?

  483. Johnson saying Kobe trusting teammates.

  484. ah, I just replaced mine 2 days ago.. Life is good afterwards :]

  485. Well, how far Kobe goes into this season also depends on how Jeremy plays.

    Kobe’s shooting caught fire when Jeremy smoothed out their offense in 4Q.

  486. Somehow no lag at all when my wife is watching Korean drama.

  487. LOL .. It’s Korean router customized for Korean drama

  488. Price sounds like a good guy. He’ll be a good backup PG with decent defense, good hustle and occasional good shooting.

  489. Wise husband. I better do the same LOL

  490. I am sure the RAM is made by Samsung…

  491. I know this isn’t all due to Lin but apparently Davis has the highest FG% in the NBA right now.

  492. Blaiyan – MVP of Jeremy Lin highlights

  493. Some guy I don’t remember from some Espn radio show saying Price may pull a Beverly on Lin.

  494. only 360p? what happened?

  495. Thanks for the tweets blubell!

  496. Lin – Feels good physically. First 2-3 minutes of each time he went in, game felt fast. Says he is trying to be a better defender. He called out the refs a bit. Asked about fouling out. Lin says that he thinks maybe refs not used to but getting used to seeing him as more of an attacking defender. Says he would rather foul out now and get a rep for defending.

  497. Kobe – “Jeremy Lin makes a big difference.” Creates shots for others; puts pressure on defense. Makes a really big difference.

  498. Now we know what Kobe and Jeremy are talking about on the court.

  499. I’m going to note that the question was what was the difference between the blow-out games, and the Jazz game and today’s game. He says some general stuff and then says this about Lin.

  500. I never go by a coach/gm’s words or promises. I go by their actions when it counts.

  501. What exactly did Byron mean with that?
    I need to watch the post-game interview

  502. Because YT is still processing

  503. TWC on Jeremy

  504. you’re too fast with the post.

    LOL, first world problems: Lin’s highlight video is only 360p! Unacceptable!!

  505. LOL……..

  506. Nah, to replace Brent, he’d have to keep to less than 5 words per post.

  507. He has to watch on the guy who will take over the Lakers team once he retires.

  508. But he won’t start.

  509. Post game:

  510. I wont say its great, bad he compensates well with speed and moves

  511. lol, ok scott.

  512. Thanks. I added it to the Video Gallery on homepage

  513. I guess we’ll hope for better highlights

  514. I love the Lakers announcers.

  515. Stu lantz and Joel meyers on Jeremy Lin 10.21.14 Lakers vs Suns

  516. I hope the Lakers Ground guys who does the reviews finally give Jeremy the dancing bananas rating!

  517. Byron Scott post game interview.

  518. I would rest Price too.

  519. He did that, I think.

  520. This tweet is misleading and out of context.

  521. I believe Lin was projected to play only 18 minutes. The last 5 minutes in 4 Q was Price’s. Lin is coming out of 2 injuries……well Lin fouled himself out anyway. LOL

  522. Just for the note

    Jeremy “Mr 4th. Quarter” Lin finished with 15pts/5asts/4rebs/2stls/0TOs with the highest +12 on +/- in 24 min.
    Lin and Ed Davis connected a few times on highlight worthy plays

  523. Scored 11 of his 15 points in the fourth.
    3-5fg, 1-3 3fg, 8-10ft (thanks to @joeteam:disqus)

  524. If Lin can shoot off the dribble pull up threes at 36+%….he will be super deadly. Especially when he shoots it on top of the key. His worst zone I believe.

  525. lol … I said 9/10 need remedial math. Saved by psalm.

  526. you see that when Lin and Kobe were trying to work the pnr, and Lin went in and got fouled. Kobe runs over to explain the play, with PJ Tucker trying to listen it. It’s in the highlights, v interesting to see.

  527. he’s going to need it on LAL because they won’t naturally kick it out to him for the 3. So, a pull-up will get him some spacing respect.

  528. Sounds of the Game: Kobe Bryant praised Jeremy Lin in his return as the Lakers agree that they’re finally starting to gel as a team.

  529. And I noticed that they run a lot of high PnR on top…..

  530. so tell me more …

  531. It just seems like teams still in “Dare Lin to shoot” mode especially when he is coming off a screen.

  532. Kobe post game interview

  533. so, LAL do high PnR, and teams give him room to pull-up?

  534. Credit to McHale there,,, he deserves the credit, though

  535. Yes…he is known for his drive…

  536. Not just on top of the key tho…that is in general true. Lin is too quick that even defender keep half or one step awaym he still can get to the spots he wants. This advantage will be gone after Lin passed his prime.

  537. ok, I get it. Yes, if Lin just keep working in his pull-up and fadeaway, he would be generating his own space. I see thanks.

  538. so, visually, I’m seeing what you mean by his Linsanity pull-back jumper against the Timberwolves, I think. It was almost like a crossover and had about 15 feet of separation.

    Tonight, I was really bummed when Randle (iirc) didn’t kick out to a wide open Lin at the practiced HOU 3spot.

  539. But I guess his focus is not there right now….let’s just keep healthy and work on it in summer.

  540. Randle is like those players who set the play 1st in their mind, then they go……so. Kind of like a fake read and react.

  541. Yes, when Lin is with his team, his focus is getting the team going. It’s quite a responsibility. It’s less draining with good coaching and a vet like Kobe next to him.

  542. It is not the first time Randle ignored Jeremy…

  543. I’ll see what you mean as the season goes along. I’m not watching any non-lin minutes because on the west coast, it’s family time and I’m in trouble as it is doing my work lol.

  544. yeah, and that one wow he was so open.

  545. Not 100% sure but Randle got benched after that…

  546. lol, funny. A coach with accountability maybe.

  547. He’s still young and long ways to go.

  548. Yup. MVP chants for Jeremy.

  549. *gasp*

  550. Thank you all for one enjoyable game. Time to find the bed.

  551. Who hid your bed?

  552. LG rating gave Jeremy Lin a waving banana & clapping smiley!

    @IsabeliJane*17, have a great birthday! 😀


    — — Back in after missing three games and the chemistry with Davis was there from their first possession together. Glad they had him on the floor tonight because the offense was pretty clueless at times. He was the only one able to organize anything semi-consistently. I’m sure he will work his way into the starting lineup. I’d prefer to see them iron out wrinkles now versus when the regular season comes. Lin eventually fouled out in this game on a phantom foul in the final seconds, so no overtime for him. Which is a bummer…with Kobe sitting to close that, Lin would have been taking over from there. That would have been fun. “Jeremy Lin makes a big difference,” Kobe said. Jeremy’s dealing with the bad wheels. He looked mobile and generally active. Considering that, his D was pretty respectable. He gave up a late drive, but he battled pretty well all things considered. It seemed like a lot more than 5 assists in this game, one or two of those passes led to FTs. “I thought he looked good. A little rusty in the first half,” Scott said. Lin did an excellent job drawing fouls and getting to the line 10 times in just 24 minutes. The combo of Kobe and Lin drawing fouls will help the team as a whole. He led the team with a +12. “I feel like I feel great and will be ready to go tomorrow,” he said. He said he thinks maybe the refs aren’t use to him being an attacking defender and playing that style. I think if the team develops that rep as a whole (which is what they look like they want to do), then that will help him in that regard.

    The Stats:

    He scored 15 points on 3-5 shooting (1-3 from three, 8-10 from the line to go with 4 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals and 6 fouls in 24 minutes. He was a +12.

    The Action:

    First possession and he set up Davis for FTs on the bounce pass. Great reach from behind to strip his man and it led to a Laker breakaway. With the shotclock low, he backed it out, attacked off the Davis screen and fed him for a layup. He was nearly stripped, recovered the ball, attacked and drew FTs in the paint, he made both. He drew FTs after tracking down a rebound and trying to turn it up court, he missed both, however. He attacked the lane with speed and drew FTs getting tripped up, he made both this time. He swiped a pass in transition to prevent a breakaway. He worked the ball to Hill in some traffic off the two-man game for a score. He zipped a pass to Boozer cutting into the lane for an easy score. He ran into Thomas’s legs on a challenge at the end of the half to give up FTs. He missed a long heave 60 feet out. He had 4 points, 3 assists and 2 steals at the half.

    Second Half: He sank a pull-up 18-footer from the wing. He worked the two-man game and lobbed it to Davis for the dunk. He curled into the lane with speed and took it into the heart of the D under the hoop to earn FTs, he made both. Sweet no-look read to his main man, Davis, in transition for a dunk (the D was totally caught off guard). He swished a long three up against the shotclock. Out of a timeout, he blew past Thomas and finger rolled in a layup down the middle of the D. He drew two fouls on one possession to put the Suns in the penalty, he made both FTs. He missed a long three behind Boozer. Wow, phantom foul with 11.5 seconds left, fouling Lin out and giving up two FTs up by 3.

  553. I am waving back at the banana.

  554. Lin is the 2nd Banana after Kobe after this Linsightful game for Laker fans! :p

  555. You’re out of control with the Lin puns lately. It is time we have a………….. Lintervention 😛

  556. no worries. We’ll continue to experiment in regular season games :]
    @real_dsb:disqus has good criteria to evaluate their effectiveness

    I also feel Disqus allows more well-thought analysis and nice summarization of good comments through “Best Votes”

    We might need to experiment with “ShoutBox”-like chat on the side of Disqus comments (Sidebar) rather than inside the post which feels separate from Disqus

  557. For tomorrow’s Game+Chat, we might experiment “ShoutBox”-like chat on the side of Disqus comments (Sidebar) rather than inside the post. Currently Chat feels like separate from Disqus because you can’t see them both.

    Hopefully, this will allow us to post well-thought long analysis in Disqus but allow us to yell/shout/cheer at the Chat box!

  558. great….thanks…lets experiment it as part of preseason exercise! 🙂

  559. well, you successfully Lintegrated me to be mindful in my Linning Lingo :>
    It’s simply Lin-sational!

  560. Well, that was Lincessant use of Lin puns.

  561. Once you Lin, you can’t go back :]
    It’s Lin-conceivable!

  562. I like how 2 reporters cautioned Jeremy to be careful in answering questions about fouling out :]
    You can tell they have a certain level of comfort with Jeremy and likes him.
    He’s in a good place now :>

  563. FWIW VERY small sample size

    @JLin7 Preseason stats: TS% 97.6% ! http://t.co/lM0skpm2Ga pic.twitter.com/d8jEQd4GCA— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) October 22, 2014

  564. AST/TO = 9.5

  565. sorry… too late for me to be doing math…ts% correction 64%

    @JLin7 ** Corrected TS%** 64%!! still incredible sorry too late for me to do math 🙁 pic.twitter.com/T8NWFVPU8y— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) October 22, 2014

  566. Linsufferable….

  567. I think it’s racist that they keep labeling Lin as a banana.

    (just kidding!)

  568. lol

  569. i still cant figure out how to use chat to be honest. yeah, really appreciate your hard work (and Brent) to provide this platform to us. it is so refreshing not having trolls (brent excluded lol) in this forum.

    just one feedback, from time to time, the forum crash on me for unknown reason.

  570. belated happy birthday

  571. hahahaa, we are all free now from those colorful language

  572. Thanks!

  573. Thanks @cheapjing:disqus

  574. Hahaha thanks! This made my day more fun. I’m a bit disappointed it’s not the dancing banana but at least it’s a banana.

    Wes Johnson with a fainted banana.

  575. Bananas are yummy and good energy boosters, especially for athletes 😉

    In the case of Wes though, his banana fainted…

  576. That was for Kobe

  577. I build pc as a hobby so my wife can’t possibly hide all my pc.

  578. The scattered MVP chants could very well be for Kobe or Lin.

    But please change the username because it’s a violation of Rule 1 “Be Polite and Respectful’


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