P05 LAL vs UTA Pre-Game Thread

First of all, some game information. This game will be held @ Staples Center,  on OCT 19th at 7:30 PM PT.




Lin tweaked another ankle. Bad news for Lin fans, but he is still hopeful for Sunday.

Coach Scott thinks otherwise. Lin might sit again.



  1. Something is up

  2. Like…you stole the “1st” from @Blubell? and woke up too much….

  3. You are the harbinger of bad news.

  4. And you are the reason/cause?

  5. I just woke up how is it my fault?

  6. because you woke up….

  7. don’t miss this.

    Mike Bresnahan ✔ @Mike_BresnahanFollow
    State of the Lakers these days: Jeremy Lin tweaked his other ankle during individual workouts Thursday. Still hopes to play Sunday.
    2:46 PM – 17 Oct 2014

  8. How

  9. How

  10. How Lin plays in preseason carries over to the regular season. 12-13′ — rough preseason, bad knee, rough couple months of regular season. 13-14′ fast as heck on the court, worked really hard in off season, played hard for starting spot, played great in preseason and 1st couple months of regular season. 14-15′ preseason – looks slower, back spasms still an issue, bad ankles, old/slow team, coach stuck in the 80’s.

  11. No…he was good in the 1st 2 games of 12-13…after a super bad preseason. He missed 2 games in 13-14 preseason and came out of the gate super hot in that season.

  12. 10th
    Personal Best.

  13. why you said he is slow in 14-15 preseason? I don’t think he is slow though, especially the second game….

  14. LOL….not bad….not gonna cut it if you wanna be the king of the pirates…

  15. He wasn’t that good in the 1st 2 regular season games of 12-13. He just had high usage. Even he said he wasn’t playing well. 13-14 – that’s what I said.

  16. I think he played great in those games. Thins went downhill after Harden tried to take over.

  17. Harden did take over but he was still recovering, trying to get his knee back into game shape. Thus, the rough start.

  18. Maybe it’s deliberate on his part? Playing with more control.

  19. What I am trying to say is, IF harden was like Kobe now, Lin would have a much better season even with that injury.

  20. I get where you’re coming from but Lin himself said that he wasn’t playing well and had to get his knee back into game shape/play comfortably without thinking bout it.

  21. in12-13, the second game he almost got a triple double, 21pts, 10 assists and 7 boards, I don’t know what do you mean he wasn’t that good, just had high usage.

  22. I think he said that in the pre-season games, but never mentioned about get his knee back into game shape in regular season.

  23. haha.. that’s the spirit. You got many chances to break your record :]

  24. I start to wonder if Lin came back too early so he had a mid sprain on the right ankle.

    All these injuries bug will make people question if Byron’s hard training regimen doesn’t allow enough recovery time for the players.

  25. King of pilates.

  26. Not sure it is about the time or the load.

  27. If they were non-contact injuries it would be Byron’s problem, but injuries like stepping on other players faces is just bad luck.

  28. Well the second one came from himself tho…

  29. I thought you were going to say it was my fault.

  30. It is a given, I don’t even need to say it.

  31. I cannot disagree less.

  32. quick quiz: which 3 teams are virtually tied for most points allowed by opponent per game in the pre-season so far?

    hint: two of them can be found in the same city.

  33. Clippy and Lakey?

  34. I know it’s conjecture but overexertion or playing too many minutes like Kobe did (39-40+min/gm) before the Achilles Heel tear can push the body beyond the limit.

    It’s hard to prove for sure but when players dropping left and right, I can see people questioning Byron’s method. It’s just human nature and how media would respond if things don’t turn out well. I hope it doesn’t happen and players get healthy soon.

  35. I just hope Lin will be 100% strength before he plays again.
    If necessary, he can sit out all the preseason games

  36. two of three; and okc.

    btw just for yer info as mods admittedly the format here is confusing to me but some the “recent comments” allegedly on this thread; for me do not show up if i click on the thread itself. they only show up either in recent comments or when i click on them directly as they show up on the front page down below.

  37. Interview with Byron Scott: injury updates, shooting 3s, Julius Randle, etc.


  38. That doesn’t negate the fact that he still had a rough first couple months of the 12-13 season. He himself said he wasn’t playing well after the 12/16 loss to TOR.

  39. do they show up when you click on the time? (i.e. “12 minutes ago”)
    Don’t click on the post/thread name.

    It should directly bring you to the comment in the thread.
    Let me know if it works for you.

  40. Thanks. I guess OKC and Clippers don’t have anything to prove in preseason with mostly veteran players. Lakers are just injury-riddled now.

  41. So it’s true Lin said he was favoring the left when he got the mild right ankle sprain.
    This is exactly what the famed Suns medical staff try to do to strengthen all parts of the body so there won’t be imbalance which cause injuries. I forgot the medical term.

    It doesn’t sound that bad though. Lin is relaxed and smiling :]

  42. Looks Lakers were pretty careful not to put people on court early, like Clarkson still not back, it was said one week, but looks like he is taking longer than that. Same with Kelley and Henry. Hope they hold Jeremy back too.

  43. Wonder if it was one of those body subconsciously putting more strain on the good foot that caused him to tweak it.

  44. yes, Lin just had to tell the truth to ruin my conspiracy theory :]

  45. I really hope so. If he only plays against Blazers or Kings, that would be good

  46. “Coach Scott is a great coach” [mark 3:19] Jeremy praised Byron Scott trusting he knows how to make Princeton system works.

    It made me realize that Lin has never said the same thing about Coach McHale. And Lin is quite an honest guy :]

  47. McHale is hard to praise…that is for sure.

  48. Site admins: how does the front page “gallery” work? It’s still showing Game 2. Maybe that’s causing newcomers to not realize there is a new pregame thread.

    Personally, I think the gallery is redundant. I would just remove it and have the Latest Posts be the top sections.

  49. because we do not have new highlites…….Lin only played 2 games..

  50. oh, they’re only for video highlights? I thought they were links to the posts. Never mind, then.

  51. Actually I am not sure 😛 need to summon the great one and only @psalm234:disqus

  52. Here’s my feedback using Disqus for in-game comments. I realize I’m probably in the minority, but I’m just giving my two cents:

    I didn’t like using Disqus for in-game comments. Refreshing to see the latest comments was a poor user experience. There are 2 ways to refresh comments in Disqus:

    1) You can reload the entire web page by pressing F5 or clicking browser reload button. When I do this, there is about 5 seconds wait before the page even starts to reload. Then when it starts to reload, the screen is blank for another 5 seconds before the comments are visible again. So that’s 10 seconds for a reload, with 5 seconds of blank screen, which means I can’t even read previous comments during that time.

    2) The other way is to not reload the web page, but use Disqus’ feature to dynamically load the new comments. This method is better in that you never have a blank screen. But you have to constantly click all over the place: Show New Comments above, New Comments below, and Show New Replies. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. I feel like I’m going to get carpal tunnel.

    The threading feature is great for regular discussions, but it can be counterproductive for live in-game because if someone replies to an older thread, you might not see it too far below. Or to see it, you have to keep scrolling past posts you’ve already read.

    So I personally much prefer Chat compared to Disqus. Some people felt that Chat was too laggy (maybe 5-10 seconds before your comment shows up), but that’s actually much faster than either of Disqus’ methods to refresh. And you don’t have to click or press anything, the new comments just automatically scroll in. Great for if you prefer to focus on the game on TV and just glance at the comments occasionally.

  53. yes, the video is only for Youtube highlights 🙂
    That tells me you never click so I probably should add a title “Video Gallery” LOL

    Thanks, @brentyen:disqus

  54. the funny thing Lin used the word ‘sticky’ in the video to describe 3pt shooting woes. That’s probably what Lin remembers the most from Coach McHale :]

  55. Noticed this in passing:


    The subcribe button is in the upper right corner of the Whistle Sports YouTube page.

  56. Yes!! another voter for chat!

  57. LOL When I heard “sticky,” I can’t help but laugh:o))

  58. Lin said the 2 yrs in HOU was definitely one of the lowest pts of his career. “Connected with: JLin”

  59. ?? how you connected with Jlin?

  60. THat is a show on TWCSN. “Connect with: somebody”

  61. thanks, hopefully there will be youtube links later on

  62. It is not aired yet, Access SN just showed a small portion of it.

  63. Maybe I should quit my job so I can be 1st all the time ;P

  64. he did say McHale was nice and was texting him while on fam leave, but never after that Q4 benching by Sampson … guess Lin knew they were peas in a pod. Also, around that time, Lin’s bro tweeted the infamous ‘let my people go’ tweet … you know, the one that say give my bro the ball!

  65. Literally lowest points = =

  66. I repeat, I wanna see Lin riding the bike on the sidelines Sunday, waving to the fans and mocking Rox 100% with a parade marshall smile.

  67. I got it, create a post and be first to comment lol.

  68. really, I didn’t know about the back. Hope he recovers that one quickly.

  69. who is this thief?

  70. Backstage: Lakers – episode 4

  71. 12:20 – shot of Jeremy sleeping 🙂

  72. like 2 seconds?

  73. yup…

  74. Title of this video….is………..a joke then,,,,,lol

  75. yeah…..

  76. Hopefully we’ll get video of this. Not surprised though. It was a low point for me too, ha.

  77. I’d like to hear JLin elaborates more about his low points in HOU. Especially how it made him stronger.

  78. this is bait and switch :] but I enjoyed the well-made video.
    Great footwork lessons from James Worthy! I just knew he’ll give weekly lessons for the big men.

  79. Imo, it’s better to have the wrong strategy than not having ANY strategy at all. Even a bad coach with bad ideas can learn if they at least follow through decisively to one at a time. Just doing that simple elimination process would eventually lead you to the right way to run the personal you have on your team.

    This proves how bad a coach Mchale is. He couldn’t even be a bad enough coach to at least eliminate any strategy at all because he could never commit to any. “Adjustments are over rated” and “ball got sticky” was the best he could come up with as a coach.

  80. I tried to transcribe it…..might have many mistakes.

    Q: what has been the biggest disappointment of your career so far.

    Lin: The biggest disappointment.That is a good question, I don’t know. I don’t really know if there is anyone but I would say a couple of low points probably hmn..my rookie yr, going to the DL and..kind of doing that going through whole DL circus was tough. getting Cut twice in two weeks was pretty tough. And then I would say you know my time in HOU was definitely very hard for me as well. in some way, in a lot of ways are very disappointing how those 2 yrs ended up and hum..who know without, you would never be able to, you know, say it only because of this, or its only because of that or is this person’s fault or is that person’s fault. BUT, hm. overall when I think about my time in Houston, I just did nothing, those 2 yrs were a little disappointing.

    Q: when you looked back, and you know you mentioned you been cut twice. Did you ever think? men I should be doing something else? I got a Harvard degree. Do you ever think about walking away from NBA?
    Lin: Yeah, definately. I was gonna walk away on my own terms, in terms of like, it was more one of those things like if I got cut, if I got cut again from the Knicks. I probably would have taken a little bit of time off and reset, reevaluate. And then I think like if I had like gone to the point where the only thing left was to play in the DL full time. I think I would definitely have walked away at that point as well. So there is definitely a lot dots of quitting that were in my mind. And you know trying not to think about getting cut but then to be as realistic as possible. knowing that you know I was probably gonna get cut.

  81. I just did above…I tried…I don want this to be brought out of context.

  82. This is so true! LOL

  83. Just trolling… lol

  84. McHale was certainly never as articulate as Byron in explaining the strategy, only to speak in generalities such as ‘sticky ball’ and ‘move-the-ball’. Even worse is his inability to discipline his star when breaking his non-sticky policy.

    I learned more about Byron’s coaching strategy in 1 post-practice interview than how McHale answered reporters’ questions in 2 years.

  85. wow, thanks for taking the time :] let me read it!

  86. Thanks for transcribing, Brent! It sounds Lin didn’t want to give specifics.
    Did it sound like he didn’t want to blame this person or that person?

    It’s clear that he had high expectations but didn’t achieve it due to external factors.

  87. I don think he can’t “blame” Hou any better.

  88. Thanks for transcribing, Brent. At last, we heard from Lin himself how hard was the situation at HOU.

  89. I was listening Mc Jin’s Nick of time. I’ve just found out the second part of the song is prophetic :O

    Yes I’m really here to serve You not just pretend to
    with each setback I intend to
    learn from experience and get better with time
    no matter what I achieve none of the credit is mine
    in the grand scheme of things You’re the head of design
    and in any circumstance You said I’ll be fine
    the ultimate play maker I follow Your lead
    never find need to feed into these naysayers
    who repeatedly told me that I would never make it
    You’re probably testing me to see if I could take it
    the bond between us they could never break it
    all that You have given me I shall not forsake it

    i mean, WOW!! <3

  90. LIN is clearly saying it for us. Saying without saying is the most powerful form of subversion. It works from the inside out.

    Bob Dylan began as a protest singer until he got so famous that people and groups started to use his songs and ideas to justify their own agendas. They all wanted a piece of him for themselves. A lot of artists and poets have to distance themselves from their work because an artist’s real role is to be a mirror of the times they live. It’s dangerous to allow personal ego to get involved in perception; it colours the world with intent. Songs like “Born in the USA” and more recently Leneord Cohen’s “Hallelujah” have nothing to do with the way those songs are used by others to promote their own agendas.

    Dylan started to write deliberately in code and stop being so literal in his language.

  91. I hope we find out soon whether Lin is playing tomorrow. Is it at Honda Center?

  92. Thanks. really nice. We all know how hard it was in Houston for him, but hear form him saying it, it is different. Glad he didn’t holding it back and spell it out.

  93. From Mike Trudell during the scrimmage. In an earlier tweet Trudell said: “Kelly looks like the only possibility for Sunday, with Clarkson and Lin looking at Tuesday and Nash TBD. Henry, Young out for preseason.”


  94. awesome! I put MC Jin’s “Nick of Time” with lyrics as the 1st video on homepage :]

  95. Xavier Henry headed to Germany to have similar Regenokine knee treatment with Kobe.
    He’ll be out for a while.


  96. yes, you can find all game locations and dates in the Full Game Schedule (link on homepage)


  97. Byron confirmed injuries limited what plays he can put in both Offense and Defense


  98. 🙁

  99. Beautiful 🙂

  100. What’s wrong with Nash now? I thought he was playing tomorrow?

  101. Byron did say that if possible, Jeremy could get some minutes tomorrow if he could play. So if there is a training session in the morning, they might have a 5 on 5, then Jeremy might get to go. Does not looks like Jeremy is in 5 on 5 today.

  102. Same problem. Sore back, shooting pain through legs. Right now he is back to waiting to be pain free, then gradually increasing the load til he can scrimmage before he can get back on court.

  103. really good post. “I just did nothing” wow. Touch indictment on Rox.

  104. now it’s on all the commercials, lol. You age, you give it up ha ha.

  105. thanks for writing, where’s this from? the “Connect With: JLin” show?

  106. .

  107. I learned that Lakers had a league-leading 319 games missed due to injury last year. Wow.


  108. Yes..not aired yet…this is just from a sneak peek in access sportnet on twcsn…….

  109. Here’s Jeremy Lin talking about his time in Houston, in a story just posted by Mike Bresnahan in the LA Times:

    “It was a time for me to go through some bumps and some hurdles and learn how to grow,” Lin said in retrospect. “When I first
    got there, I was supposed to be the guy and they were supposed to kind of hand the torch to me. And I ended up getting traded away basically for nothing. Actually, they had to give up a draft pick to convince someone else to take me. Pretty much given away for nothing. Definitely not how I envisioned it.”

    Once again, Lin seems pretty subdued about his time in Houston. Hope this year will allow him to put the Houston experience even farther behind him.

    See : http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-jeremy-lin-20141019-story.html

  110. Curry’s advice for Lin. Curry was a believer in Lin way before most others.

    “Just be himself,” Stephen Curry said. “When I was with him in the Bay, he showed the potential. We didn’t really know he was going to explode like he did in New York but I knew he was an NBA player. It was a matter of time. Obviously the whole ‘Linsanity’ thing happened and it’s probably a lot to handle.

    I think he’s gotten better as a player just looking from afar and seeing where his game’s at now. I know it’s going to be a great opportunity for him to play significant minutes and have a good impact with the team, with Steve not knowing how much he’s going to be able to play this entire season. Jeremy’s going to be a huge part of what they do.”

  111. He better quit before he really damages his body.

  112. No smiles but Jeremy is is wearing purple

  113. does purple mean starting unit?

  114. yup

  115. Jeremy Lin (ankle) is unlikely to suit up for Sunday’s exhibition against the Jazz.

    He was spotted getting up some jumpers at Saturday’s practice which is a good indication that he is making progress from his recently sprained ankle. We expect him to be ready for the season opener and the Lakers are just being cautious at the moment. Lin projects as a solid late-round selection as he should see plenty of minutes in LA’s backcourt this season.

  116. I’m cool with that. With all the Lakers injuries, the last thing they need is to risk yet another longer term injury by playing a less than 100% Lin in preseason.

  117. yeah the players did not look happy about it.

  118. waving the flag of surrender ive tried to figure out how to get to the newest posts on here and i just can’t do it. i go to the front page and scroll down to the bottom it appears the newest are tehre and i try clicking on them on way or another and going to the thread they’re supposed to be on as sometimes they’re and sometimes they’re not and depending the starting of my intro to a comment i find it or dont at the top or not at the top or not there at all. i thought i had down that if i just click on the front page comment and then go tot he thread its supposed to be on and then make sure newest comments is the disqus presentation format i had it and it worked once but then not when i tried with a different thread . ahh. too techy for me; and it appears most people as 80% of the posts are by mods. this is the lin mods site. much more pleasant here but just too confusing for an old fart like myself. disqus on that other degraded site is simple i just click on newest and refresh everytime i come back and all the newest comments are there.

    thats all im caplable of dealing with. i pop in there occasionally and if the worst element are not present i make a comment or two. otehrewise just stay away.

    id like to be able to post things here but ive tried multipel times to get some order out of what is happening that will be capable of being absorbed by my technical understandings and failed.

    but for those who have the means to understand its a worthy project. if however you want to expand to a point where you have more posters than moderators (and maybe you do not!) then it would need to get more


    still hard for me fathom a rebel long posting brent; its obviously the alter ego been hiding and hidden and supressed at that other place.

    dont let the e-t 1 know.

  119. Thanks! I kinda really like this song!! Very meaningful.

  120. @1mtoldman, sorry you’re having so much trouble how to get the newest posts using direct Disqus link 🙁 But don’t worry, I even have the same problem for this post. It’s actually a problem with Disqus system because sometimes it will bring to the comment but then it quickly loses its place.

    To avoid frustration, if the direct comment link doesn’t work, you can simply go to click on the Latest Posts so it will bring you to the newest comments.

    For example, you will see this Latest Posts section and just click on the # of comments (i.e. 124 in this case)

    Let me know if it works well for you.

  121. Ok I’ll get some extended sleep instead. He better plays on my birthday!!!

  122. from LG, one guy went to the open practice said “Also Scott told everyone to be there early tomorrow cause they’re gonna run a hard scrimmage. ” So my feeling is correct, if Jeremy feels okay, we might see him tonight, I’d say maybe 20 min.

    I don’t think they would do hard scrimmage in an open practice, but both Kelly and Lin need to have a test run…..

  123. Clicking on the time seems to take me straight to the correct post. Initially it did move a bit but it was pretty close by, usually scrolling up or down slightly (just look for the vertical yellow bar next to the avatar). I think this is because I touched the scroll wheel before it actually moved to the post (the response a bit delayed so I got antsy). So if you just click the time and don’t move your scrollwheel it eventually should take you there no problem. Let me know if this helps.

    Oh, also I just wanted to make sure you saw my post regarding me updating the website logo mockups with the new colors, including the yellow you requested. I once again somehow uploaded multiple copies into the post and when I tried to delete it to start a new post I noticed the content was still there so I just left it as is, only now it’s under Guest instead of my handle. See it here:


    Anyway, I don’t know if you ever saw it since I never heard back from you.

  124. Happy Birthday IBJ!

    I think he “might” play but very limited minutes

  125. Haha, so true; but I don’t begrudge them their due. It’s a residual for the work they’ve done to enlighten us.

    “I was so much older then, I’m so much younger now”. If only we can live up to these words and remain flexible in our minds. When I read the JLin.net posts all I see is too much “older” stiff and rid gift minds out of the mouths of the young ones.

  126. Thats indeed good news!

    If the Orthokine method works, we could see XH way much sooner on court. I’m looking forward to see in less than

    4 weeks, maybe?

    But I wonder why he travels to NY, since there a office in LA for consultancy. Guessing that he couldnt get an appointment here.

  127. Happy Birthday

  128. Thanks! Not yet now. Next game it is!

  129. Thanks. It’s on the game vs Trailblazers though.

  130. Bunch of footage of practice at Pechanga – prior to injuring his other ankle

  131. Pic is a bit blurry but I think I see a smile here 🙂

  132. Compilation of Jeremy’s shooting from yesterday

  133. this is a joke, what happened to lakers?


  134. smh…

  135. oh, thanks so much for redoing all the website logo! You’re right, I didn’t see this one before. Let me try the yellow one 🙂 It looks great and soothing on the eyes!

    On Disqus comment link, I might have done the same to move the scroller up and down.

  136. Can barely call it a training camp with all the injuries coming one after another. Waiting for Brent to come up with a good explanation.

  137. Maybe we’ll throw a Birthday party where everyone makes an IJ-Lin puns 😀

  138. love your assessment, but I think a lot of it is snarky today’s connections that our SV has wrought, maybe starting from texting. Humans always needed more connection but nowadays, tech is isolating us.

    For example, I was watching Peanuts Halloween special. We’ve seen it so many times, and yet, after watching all the modern kids cartoons, this seemed so dated. Then I was thinking … not one snarky comment from the Gang, except maybe something Lucy said but there was so much emotional buildup and consequences. Today, all the kids shows is all about me me me and snarky. It took me a couple of days, and then I realized … Peanuts and the love they evoked in us is not dated … it’s just not practiced.

    Ah well, back to Sunday. Go 9ers!

  139. How did Ryan Kelly injure his right hamstring after getting well from his left one?
    The good thing is it’s not as severe as the previous one

  140. Deleted.

  141. It’s sad but in the pursuit of ratings, TV has devolved down to the lowest common denominator. Dumb and dumber is too smart for TV. To articulate our senses that have been desensitized by bad writing and lack of innovation, we’ve resorted to cheap sensationalism. Shows like “Scandel”, “How to Get Away With Murder”….what the eff!€¥#%!

    What totally bums me out is how people choose to subtract from life and dumb it down to the “truth” of our primal existence. I’m totally delusional to believe that there are actually people who do care to add substance back into the universe.

    YOU GUYS GET IT ON THIS SITE and I appreciate the sanity of coming over here. I recharge my batteries and go back over to the big board to fight the good fight with the numbskulls over there.

  142. I think I’m heading to the same conclusion. Mod over there allows Solidz to come back over and over, there has to be a reason for that. Guy has been banned 3 times on that site, and many times on other sites. I just go there because there are some good posters but it’s only worth about 10 mins now.

    Well, on TV … reality is cheaper to produce, like American Ninja or Survivor. Then you see once in awhile things like the Good Wife. I always wonder why it always has to be about lawyers, cops, doctors, etc. I mean, King of Queens was pretty awesome 🙂

  143. No problem, my pleasure. What you want to do or not do with it is up to you, just wanted to make sure you saw it first.

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