P04 LAL vs UTA Pre-Game Thread

First of all, some game information.

This game will be held @ Honda Center, Anaheim, CA,  on OCT 16th at 7:00 PM PT.


Lin is adding things everyday, he is about to come back!!!! However, seems like we will have to wait until at least Sunday.

Lin practices his handle reminded me how good his handle looked in Linsanity era. The handling is there, only needed encouragements to show.



Lin starts to pick up some light activities. Nash’s old problem seems is coming back. LAL is in a need for another playmaker. Even if Lin starts, the 2nd unit will collapse without playmakers…

Seems like it is possible that Price will start on Thur against Jazz


OCT 13

We do not know whether J. Lin will play in this game or not. It is so far a 50/50 chance that he will play.

Also Nash seems was hit by injury bug as well.

A big question by fans to Coach Scoot is, is the heavy practice sessions partially causing the injuries and sub-par performances in the games against Warriors. Seems like Scott dialed down a liitle bit after 3 pre-season games were in the book now.

Defense will still be the one and the only focus for the LAL in the coming game against Jazz.

However, Coach Scott might also start to think about the regular rotations for this team in the regular season. So far it seems the chances of Lin starting is getting higher….we will wait and see how it will plays out in the final 5 preseason games.





  1. If I am the 2nd there will be none dare to be 1st (take a page from watching too much old school kung fu movies)

    Going to be a long wait for the next game.

  2. A favor to ask, can mods put date and time with the pre-game thread title too?

  3. Also time? We have a game schedule widget on the right side…..

  4. Scott kept focusing on defense. But let’s talk about some offense here. LAL did not have players with enough foot speed to compete with GSW except Lin and Randle. So. most of the shots LAL got were semi-contested mid-range Js. Very low efficiency shots.

    To me, it seems like most players still give up the ball too slowly and think too much. Especially Rookies. Boozer, on the other hand, took the shots too quickly and missed a bunch. I saw encouragements that LAL did have weak side movements (an huge upgrade over HOU). But seems like they did not utilize that movements well, and ball was not going from side to side more.

    If you do not have foot speed advantages, you need better angle and precision passing to move the defense. All in all, just like the defense, the key things are cohesiveness and the the understanding of the game. One of Lin’s ability is to accelerate that gelling process for the whole team if he gets the control. I think if LAL can hang in there (stay within 7 gms below 500) passing the ASB and stays relatively healthy, they have to good chance to enter the playoff.

  5. LAL comparison to NYC:

    Today’s game is headed to SAS style (whole team, pass up good shots for the best, use the whole clock, etc) vs when Linsanity happened, which was more the Heat style to win (Big 3).

    Know that, what is the possibility of Linsanity 2.0 hitting sometime early this season?

    Tyson Chandler – who on LAL has a chance to be that? Jazz fans say Boozer didn’t have the work ethic, collecting cap space on injuries, etc. J Hill … any comparison? I haven’t watched.

    Shump intense on D: are we waiting for Nick Young? I think XH and RK did ok last year. XH is v long.

    Fields: though Fields faded from view later in spring, he really helped to pump up the teamwork. We got better than that in Kobe if he will play SG you know what I mean.

    Stat: Randle, Davis, did Tyler play well? I mean, Stat wasn’t really healthy, he was just there eating up the dunks and part of the support for Linsanity, so can one of these guys service? I mean, I don’t remember Stat being a defensive force.

    Novak: nobody on LAL?

    Jeffries: who on LAL will enforce, energize team?

    Anybody have comparisons that make sense. Just passing the time because we might not see Lin again on the court until end of week. Cannot have a decent discussion on this with dotnet trolls. I dunno, jus trying to talk real bball for a bit.

  6. Glad to read this. I have only watched say 80% of Lin’s minutes this season, and none without him. Plan to watch whole games once I get my LP in and get past a work burst.

    What I did see when Lin was in Q3 of first GSW game, entire quarter, I didn’t see much space for him to work. Can you remember why the space was so cluttered? Is it the offensive system, or that the players, game plan is not in tune? It seemed to me in HOU, after 2 years running that offense, there was a lot of room but of course they did not have many options in crunch time and D was weak so 1 and out.

    If you were to remember Lin pg-ing the shape of the team, what is the problem with the present setup so that they could not make a complete runback that quarter? They go it from over 20 down to I think 11, but then stalled.

  7. Spacing was poor because LAL does not have talents to space it. To me, there are 2 ways to think it, 1) with shooters, you can expand the area a defense needs to cover, 2) OTOH, with penetration, although you do not have many shooters, but you can actively collapse/squeeze the defense coverage.

    So far, all the offenses are ran tru Kobe…..for many reasons. Lin’s speed is kind of wasted or say…not showcased. Just think if Lin gets the screens Curry was getting……oh well…Lin does not need to shoot like Curry, but he can make damages in many other ways.

  8. TBH, I think the 2012 NYK team is more talented than the current team. But not by much. However, they both suffer with low degree of cohesiveness, due to different reasons..

  9. Yes, the definitely need a 3s threat.

    I didn’t like to see the offense go to Kobe and stop for a few seconds with the 1-1 action. Kobe covers more ground that Harden, but the effect is the same. And it clutters up the space because he’s not working with anyone toward the end, just 1-1 an then pass if that happens.

    Yes, I saw Lin try to take first step, even getting high screens, but he had nowhere to go because of spacing.

    Scott needs to work with Kobe to design an offense that works with him and Lin. The spacing right now gives Lin nowhere to go. That runaround the baseline layup was indicative … nobody open to give to, no way to get open unless he’s doing a big circle and getting defensive bigs and trailing guards bumping into each other.

    Maybe 2 birds with one stone – focus Kobe on a few 3s each game to keep them honest. Is Kobe a reliable 3s guy? I have never watched him carefully.

  10. How funny, I totally forgot about Melo ha ha.

  11. Interestingly no one was identified for ex-Novak position. Allow me to deviate a little. I really hope HC did not set a cap on the number of 3s players can take. I’m not sure what is the rationale. Maybe too many 3s taken last season. Maybe in this preseason games players are forced to take mid range or drive to the rim.
    What do you think opponents would do in defence if they know players are not taking 3s? The defence will stay compact ..challenging every mid range shots and choke the lanes. I am no expert. Just felt that cutting 3s is sure way of losing big time.

  12. I don’t think he set any cap on 3…he was talking about the team should only take good shots. And by his estimate, that is about 10-15.

  13. Agree. After going 1 for 11 in game 2 players became shy taking 3s. Is that strategy or psychological?

  14. Just personnel I think…Lin was out, Nash did not feel right, Clarkson was out, and Johnson looked lost

  15. Yes these factors contributing the bad defeat too.

  16. GSW just made them looked bad IMO. They are not really bad…..of course, they are not a good team either. Needs time…

  17. I thought I read Scott having goal for 10-15 3FTAs, but don’t quote me on it. Someone said they fell far short of that last game. Maybe it was a game plan for tired legs to try to test something. I’m not a believer in that stats thing, but to lean to stats and then coach the heck of of each situation.

    Game 1 GSW: 1/11 3PM-A GSW 12/21
    Game 2 GSW: 0/3 GSW 13/33

  18. He was a non factor, indeed…lol He gets to score and team get to lose….

  19. For Lakers, you only need to stop their play makers, which are Kobe, Nash and Lin.

  20. Shoot … then they need to feed the other guys givemes. Takes awhile to get the offensive flow confident in more than those 3 ways. It’s sort of like in business … you see all these team players with great track records, but if they don’t interact honestly toward the goal, the company is a mess.

  21. You hit the nail on the head, low efficiency shots. They can’t play slow and grind out a win with the best advantage on offense with a foot injury.

  22. I wonder if Ellington might be Novak: good three point shooter if set up, otherwise cannot produce his own shot and is meh on defense

  23. Okay, for context, I for one has written up many posts on dreamshake and cf on how the 3pt shot is more efficient than the 2.

    But then the last playoffs happened… and Houston was barely able to make their threes, due to increased defensive focus. And I can’t help but remember the various times that people against using the 3pt shot kept saying that the playoffs will take away the 3’s teams get used to taking in regular season. I mean GSW only made it to second round (I think?).

    So, what I’m wondering is if Scott is trying to teach the team playoff-style basketball, even if it makes the regular season harder.

  24. This, and I kinda feel that both rookies can improve off-ball; moving more, shifting defenders around, etc. Which makes sense given their respective positions on their college teams and the fact that they’re so raw still.

  25. agreed with all of this

  26. Isn’t Kelly a capable 3pt shooter? If so he could fill in that Novak slot.

  27. The bigs meaning Sacre, Hill and Boozer are playing kinda strange. Maybe they are just pacing themselves for the regular season, or maybe they are really burnt out by the practices (they are much harder on the body when you are several pounds heavier than the guards). None of them have any bad reputations for being lazy, but the way they are playing now is quite uninspiring= =

  28. I see you don’t like fruit either.

  29. no, 33.8% 3pt shooting is not really good, he was consider okay only because he is a big, and usually big don’t shoot 3s. But, he is no Novak for sure.

    Even Nick Young was only 38.6% at 3pt, good but not great. Jeremy considered a pretty good 3pt shooter on this team already.

  30. Got to watch some film on Ellington.

  31. Max & Marcellus:
    Why Jeremy should start.

    Starts around 14:10

  32. Good…They just don’t give up! LOL

  33. Yikes, not good indeed. Thanks for the info. I remember he was good in college, then had a very subpar first year. Hopefully his game will catch up.

  34. Marcellus is keeping it really real XD.

  35. Well….since Scott is going to limit bad shots. You should look at the C&S 3%age…not the overall

  36. practice report

  37. ESPN LA Now, Mychal Tompson:

    If he is the coach, the first thing he is going to do is to start Jeremy Lin. (4:40)


  38. And I wonder why I like the LA media so much better 😛

  39. I gotta eat more fruit – cholesterol fighters.

  40. fruit are cold too….don’t eat it once the sun goes down.

  41. ah, ok, then oatmeal for anti-cholesterol.

  42. Just checked, In 2013-14 regular season. Out of 82 players who took at least 2 C&S 3 per game, played at least 27 MPG and player at least 41 games in the season. Lin ranked 30th in C&S 3 at 40.5%. Young was 41.8%. Marshall at 40.7% Meeks at 43.3% and the top ranked is kyle Korver at 49.9%. Curry was 48.5%

    If we rank C&S overall eFG% (2 and 3 are both included), Lin ranked 14th out of 82 at 60.8% while Korver was at 71.3%. Catch and Shoot is defined as, “Any jump shot outside of 10 feet where a player possessed the ball for 2 seconds or less and took no dribbles.”

    Given those numbers, I think LAL will have better spacing once they limits their scheme to do only C&S.

  43. Does Lakers has any good 3pt shooting SF?

  44. Young?

  45. I think ppl focus on wrong things. It is not about you take 3 or not. It is always about your defense, the only play off team that had trouble to generate offense is Bulls. Other than that, shoot or not does not matter that much. You limits your opponents to 90 a game while you get 95…you win.

  46. He is good I think. and his numbers were misleading because he took too many ill-advised shots.

  47. Spurs model is the answer. “Give up good shots for better shots”. The secret is the balance and being unpredictable. Too many 3s or 2s are plainly inefficient because opponents know what they’ll do. Contested shots will always have lower % than wide-open shots.

    That’s why Lin is a perfect fit for the Spurs because he always tries to do what the defense gives him. I hope Byron wouldn’t strictly limit 10-15 3s per game.

  48. Don’t forget to vote for JLin as the Most Impressive Laker Newcomer before 10/17 Friday on TWCSN Poll


  49. I think most guys shoot C&S 3s, only small amount people who create for themselves do dribble and pull up 3s. So on this roster, maybe only Nash, Jeremy and Young would take pull up 3s. Oh, Price, but he can’t shoot, so he might only do pull up long 2s.

  50. I didn’t know Novak is with the Jazz!

  51. How can u not knowing this……well…I forgot too lol

  52. In the two years in Houston, majority of Jeremy’s clutch threes were catch and shoots. He really improved last year for sure.

  53. I was just watching the highlights from the game tonight against the Clippers. Didn’t know that either. Who is Gobert? Jazz appear to have improved quite a bit. We need Novak on the Lakers. He has been wasting away elsewhere.

  54. Don’t know much about the Jazz and only familiar names I see are Hayward, Burke, Favors, and Evans (from the dunk contest). Is Hayward really worth it? I remember he usually played well against the Rockets but it is not saying much since Harden was suppose to be guarding him…

  55. No not young players 3pt shooting small forwards, please read the question.

  56. Yes… read the question…

  57. Not sure how I feel about coach Miller anymore. He seems high on Jeremy before the training camp then not so much afterwards.. hmmm. Is he a doubter?

  58. I am not that familiar with Hayward but I remember KHuang often sang Hayward’s praises.

  59. Scott is doing good. These are friendlies and mean nothing.

    Training hard now is good. The benefit will come in the second part of the season.

  60. maybe some people don’t understand 19:00 =p

  61. Here are the 2013-14 3 pt % for the Lakers:

    42% Ellington
    39% Young
    37% Johnson
    36% Lin
    35% Henry
    34% Kelly
    33% Nash
    21% Price
    19% Bryant

  62. Kobe?

  63. Of course Lin should start. But it really doesn’t matter. I can’t see Nash playing more than 20 mpg (especially if you include the games he doesn’t play), and I can’t see Lin playing less than 30 mpg.

  64. Max said, “Lin is an underrated defensive player”.

  65. I found out that Marcellus Wiley went to Columbia University O_O! He should definitely have Lin’s back, being Ivy League brethren. =)

  66. Too bad Meeks is not still on the Lakers. He would have nailed so many catch and shoot 3s from Lin’s penetration.

  67. gobert is with the french national team; played well in fiba.

  68. hes an entertainer. hes not a serious sports guy; he uses his past as a coach to promote his brand.

  69. who is this other brent yen long form; here where as on that other site that has become a cesspool he is only known for short form. two personalities?

  70. waiting for henry to heal to c. has potential. but as with, johnson, hill to date not lived up to it. (also his actual position is not entirely certain either; going into the season sf was considered the weakest link for lakers and johnson has to date made it look even weaker)

  71. brent i think didn’t mean young players he meant nick young aka swaggy who is often considered as a possible sf as well as sg

  72. i can’t see nash playing more than 400 minutes period the entire season. the admirable sophie p suggest 10 mintues per game and i agree but for only 40 games. look at what little he has been able to do so far and its just preseason. so yes whether you are right or i am right either way as you say “it doesn’t really matter”.

    lin is going (assuming he would stay healthy) to get the most minutes not only at pg but probably on the team.

  73. i guess this is way scott is not high on 3’s; hes looking at the level of 3 pt shooting available to him.

  74. in pre season a lot of teams are shooting 30 3’s per game! (often only making somewhere around 20%)–i mean the lakers without lin obviously looked really bad but did you see the knicks for example last nite? nicks and rapts first quarter score 12 to 12! and 20% shooting.

  75. johnson has looked lost all the time.

  76. gsw is a good team and splash bros have been together since the beginning of fiba training. in mid season form. and front court healthy.

  77. or maybe they’re just not very good. kelly and davis will have to log a lot of minutes and i think they are going to have to get anotehr big body somewhere. if they really wanted to be more competitive.

  78. In the post season the good teams do their research, they also rotate a lot harder on defense. Many of the shots that were available in the regular season are not there just 1 or 2 passes away. If the defense goes up a notch but the offense doesn’t, you will probably end up taking bad shots. I totally agree with you that the 3 is more efficient and it does not matter if it is in the regular season or play-offs. I often think of our dear friend Novak. Deadly in the regular season yet heavily criticized in the playoffs for not being able to take a shot, with a defender near him. Without teammates that required double-teaming, the ability to penetrate and kick it out, or playing with a guy with the mentality of “I have never taken a shot that I didn’t like”, instead of acting as a decoy to create space for his teammates, Novak really could not contribute much. It is more of a team problem, rather than the 3ptr not being a good weapon in the playoffs.

    As to the Rockets the chart below shows you how they kept losing close games. People were trying to play hero-ball instead of locking down on defense and sticking to the game plan. A lot of the three’s they took were bad shots, either taken from low% shooting spots or contested.

  79. Gobert was pretty good with France in World Cup. He dominated the paint in defence against pau gasol.

  80. G. Hayward #20E. Kanter # 0D. Favors #15R. Hood # 5T. Burke # 3

    Most likely their starting 5. Novak didnt play the previous game

  81. Haha yeah. I was just trying to do some lite trolling.

  82. Its still a game time decision on Jeremy

  83. I like to see something like below but you don’t have to do it, just a suggestion.

    P04 LAL vs UTA Pre-Game ThreadP04 LAL vs UTA Pre-Game Thread (Date, Time)

  84. He is the boss here so he has more explaining to do.

  85. not 2…but multiple

  86. sure

  87. I have a suggestion to Psalm234 and Brent Yen. You need to add “Jeremy Lin” in every title and url link. Every time i search in google using “Jeremy Lin”, your website is not shown in page 1 to page 5, and i don’t bother to search page 6 and above. I think a lot of fans use the same “Jeremy Lin” keyword, and the reason jeremylin.net is so popular is because it is always at the first page of google search. If user search using “jlin”, i think your website can be found at page 1 or page 2, but I don’t think many people using “jlin” keyword to search.

  88. @psalm234:disqus you can check this, I think it is about the SEO……? thanks for the suggestion!!!

  89. Thanks!!! Will think about it with @psalm234:disqus

  90. Mark Medina has posted a new article on Ed Davis. In part it talks about how Byron Scott will decide who gets the majority of minutes at back-up center:

    “The first thing is on the defensive end,” Scott said. “Pick and roll coverage in this league is a must. We have so many great point guards and so many guys who run pick and roll coverages. It’s the easiest thing to run, but the most difficult thing to guard. A lot of it will depend on the defensive end, who plays the coverages better and who rebounds the ball better and who protects the rim better.”


  91. Hill should get the majority minutes of the backup center…

  92. This….but he is in general positive….I think he is ok….He and SAS are both entertainers but on the two ends of the spectrum

  93. Just a little sidekick! 😛

  94. ha…..because too many posts are about LAL’s spacing. So…we need some data to get the idea…

  95. Is this @webattorney:disqus, why became a GUest….were you trying to delete it?

  96. Who made this chart? Liked it, I think doing a tolly of good, bad, and ok. plays from a players means more than numbers.

  97. Not always true….most shooter do C&S around 40+% while doing pull up around 28% That is why their overall %age are in between.

  98. I made it when I was slightly agitated after reading a lot of people blaming Lin for his playoff performance in Houston.

  99. Yeah I think this can sort of represent the eye-test, and combined with advanced stats can give a clearer picture of what a player really brings to each game.

  100. Given the shooting %age I dug out earlier….Combined it with the interview with Doc Scheppler who mentioned that he added more shooting situations to Lin’s shooting drills. We have seen some during the summer, e.g. pull up 3 on a fast break, C&S 3 out of a screen, pull up 3 behind a pick. Seems like Lin tried to increase his overall pull up 3 %age as well (was at 26% last yr). This totally makes sense because as a ball handler, he is going to have to shoot pull up J more. Plus, like I always said, C&S is for role players and Lin is more than that!

  101. Little sidekick boss

  102. The problem of stats is its lack of context. Of course doing tally implied that it is subject to opinions of what is good, bad or ok. Still it presents the context much better than numbers do..Most of the time, numbers were just used for twisting the narative of a particular player.

  103. not sure if any of you are following these two stories…

    @JLin7 just curious does this happen to all the players? Is it just caught b/c of such a large diligent fan base? http://t.co/VTDibSG2nY— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) October 14, 2014

  104. Such as best SG alive.

  105. this is similar to what I did for each playoff game: http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/1477/thread and http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/1478/thread

    won’t be as easy to do anymore can’t get to the video clips like before b/c my synergy is closed.. 🙁

  106. Good research. I always thought Lin was one of best in those really tight catch and shoot situations.

  107. This will happen less once Lin restored his “star status” 😛

  108. Yes…I checked yours from time to time! But that function is transferred to NBA.com now. I was talking about that to @psalm234:disqus the other day. You can now watch video clips in play by play for free.

  109. your trolling was never lite….:P

  110. LOL exactly

  111. Patiently waiting for Nash to abdicate the starting PG throne…

  112. This happened at an alarming rate in Houston = =

  113. Nope… It was someone else.

  114. I really feel for Nash, but not knowing if a player can even make it onto the court game by game, makes it really hard for team to gain consistency and for the coaching staff to plan strategies.

  115. Exactly….but I think since it is just preseason, LAL just trying to be classy and give NASH the chances that he deserves.

  116. That chicken head is the default profile picture for any users on this website. psalm’s son favorite character.

  117. I know, I was judging by the tone and words. Just guessing

  118. Aww… now you sound like Michael

  119. If the LAL had won….NBA will use Kobe’s photo on the cover.

  120. Are you saying I am fat?

  121. ……even though Kobe DNP.

  122. OK……

  123. ooooops, you figured it out

  124. I have no comeback.

  125. 2 months? that’s awful news for Meeks

  126. He got money, it is awful for the team more..

  127. It’s bad job indeed but I’m not sure if it’s intentional yet.
    If it keeps happening, we can definitely show the possibility of intention behind it.

    What we know is stars won’t get this kind of ‘mistake’ as Brent said.

  128. Thanks for the great tips, @jlim7!

    Yes, Brent. we need to do both:
    1. Add ‘Jeremy Lin’ in the title
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    @real_dsb:disqus, can we change the thread name format to include “Jeremy Lin”?
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  129. The DNP-CD might be the Lakers fault. Usually the team has to submit an official injury report, so if Lin’s injury didn’t get officially reported, then the box score will just show DNP with no injury info. The box scores probably automatically pull data from an official source, no human element deciding what to write.

  130. However, I think adding Jeremy Lin will make the title too long.

  131. I am not ready to claim intention on either episode… yet… but it is something to watch.

    It is just the idea that the casual fan might check in on GSW’s thumping of LAL and see the DNP and The al kinds of conspiracy/ false narratives occur as to why Jlin was DNP…
    probably being an overly sensitive jlin fan… but with the picture episode too… the *error* /*simple oversight* starts losing traction and the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories of NBA out to get JLin start getting better traction….

  132. i guess that is the same for the picture too… would LAL supply that as well?

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  134. Probably not. That’s probably just lazy editing by someone, possibly also confusion due to the back to back games with the same teams.

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  141. So…it is not really that “open”

  142. How legit is Quin Snyder?

  143. It is at their training facility, not in Staple center, so they could not host too many people. Hopefully they will stream it.

  144. I just hadn’t commented yet because the site was changing every day, so I thought I’d wait for it to settle. =)

  145. should be settled for awhile now… won’t have time to do much as season starts.

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  154. Hey, @disqus_IFBkFbRLrH:disqus :]
    Scott definitely looks like he knows what he’s doing. Understood tired legs affecting the previous game & didn’t play Ed Davis. I think he would give more rest for the Utah game so his team would look good. Blowout against Utah would look much worse than blowout against GSW :>

  155. Is this automatic? so it does not matter what title I chose in the editor?

  156. It is the American way of free and open.

  157. Not sure…seems legit..

  158. Latest pic on Lin’s shooting after practice


  159. I thought Nash would last 10-20 regular games as the starter but his ‘sciatica’ back issues definitely looks worse than it is.
    I’m guessing Nash will be out for the time being. Lin’s #1 priority is health from now on.


  160. yes, it’s embedded in the tag which Google bots read and index for searches.

  161. Let Price start this one, so everyone can see what Price can do as a starting PG, so no one will complain when Lin starts from Sunday.

  162. “as I long as I get paid” =)

  163. It’s like black friday shopping. While supplies (only one) last. =p

  164. LOL so true. That’s what professionals do after all :> Last year, baby!

  165. Price starting Thursday and Lin gets full rest will be a good scenario.
    Team will look as bad as last Sunday then Lin will make them a winner on next Sunday!
    Laker fans can make up their mind easily then.

  166. Benchmark for the future. Google search for:

    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 12 pages/120 results). jl.net is #3

    “jeremy lin forum”: page 3. #27 overall.

    Note that you have to do this test from a browser private session. Otherwise, google uses your existing history and cookies to skew the results.

  167. got it. This will be a good benchmark.
    I need to spend more time studying SEO

  168. Not sure even with Lin starting Lakers will be a winner on Sunday.

  169. Why would he complain when he cannot even contribute to Lakers that much? It’s laughable. Either put up or shut up and get paid big money on the bench. Not blaming Nash at all for having back issues, but if he does have it, why in the world would you want to start in the first place and increase the likelihood of injuring your back even more?

  170. Card decks?! The ones with the holes in it. Once mixed up .ohho…ok back in the 80s…

  171. welcome to the geezer club :-p

  172. it’s the whole ‘warmed-up body’ to start, slow starters and pride dynamic. But his body simply betrays him so Lin will rightfully start giving Lakers more winning chances.

  173. VIDEO: HC Scott updates on injuries & considers the idea of @SteveNash coming off the bench

  174. [Mark 3:30] See JLin shooting in the background as Byron said Lin is one of Top PGs to get into the paint.

    Don’t you just love it when coaches acknowledge his player’s strength?
    Gone are the McHale days snickering on Lin’s questions. Good riddance! Hallelujah! :p

  175. true, but with fresher legs and Lin’s dribble penetration Lakers would have a fighting chance.
    Jazz is not GSW who can run up points in a hurry and bury the opponent.

  176. Jazz looked much better than last year.

  177. VIDEO: @JLin7 sets his sights on returning for Sunday’s game against the Utah Jazz – http://on.nba.com/1va739w


  178. From his answer, there is a slight chance, he might not be able to play even Sunday game. He does look a lot happier even in his interaction with reporters.

  179. Yes……although most likely he was just being conservative..

  180. thanks for providing basic info without lunactic clf speculation.

  181. i think gsw is going 2 be really good if front court stays healthy.

  182. i would put in same class as denver at this point so a good test.

  183. The man really knows his stuff. O,O

  184. Glad to hear he said that he is good at 4th quarter, and just love to play when the game is on the line……

    He is pretty happy.

    Also he said he landed on Sacre’s foot, not be stepped on, so that’s good, much better this way. Also good that he is not rushing to come out……

  185. i didn’t expect anything of nash this year. when i was assessing lakers possibilities preseason i just assumed nothing from nash and that anything got would be a bonus.

    i think im going to be proved right.

  186. Sacre must be feeling the heat XD.

  187. He probably texted Lin to say those…LOL

  188. Man, then Kobe can just be Novak + Parsons and let Lin take them all ahead and he’s back on track with being highest scorer of all time. If he doesn’t get more than 1700 this season, he’ll never catch up to the lost 2 years unless he pulls a Nash.

  189. I’m on the same boat with you. After watching what the doctors did to his back in his documentary, most people will say he’s pretty much done. Nerve issues can flare up easily and harder to handle than muscle/bone

  190. the question would be if Bogut can be healthy at all
    1 screen on Jeremy and he tumbled :] that’s funny haha

  191. It’s not by accident that LIN and NASH has been instrumental in making the MDA pick and roll offence work. They both have the brain speed to recognize multiple movements and flow of all the players on the floor. It’s a special skill to have that inner vision. I sometimes get it when I play, a kind of secondary eye with an overhead view of the action while the real eyes goes into a peripheral mode of unfocused perception. A shooter on the other hand is more singlely focussed on a target to the exclusion of all other distraction. How NASH can switch modes from facilitator to shooter is what has made him so great. Hopefully he can pass on that special skill to LIN.

    What I have seen of the Princeton offence is of mostly peripheral attack with no slashing players and multiple screens creating movements. It’s inability to create interior attack is not going to help space the floor when you load one side of the court.

    When NASH and LIN are at their best, they can use their imagination and mental speed as well as their physical quickness to pick and roll the center of the defence. It’s collapses the defence unto itself leaving a specially skilled NASH or LIN to truly read and react to what the defence gives them. In the triangle and Princeton, the play naturally divides the court into strong and weak side attacks. This then allows the outside boundary to in fact help the defence to not have to spread itself. By forcing LIN and NASH to play away from their strengths, the Lakers would lose a powerful tool that few others have. This also explains why LIN sometimes has to jumps in the pick and roll situation down the middle. He’s inside the trees and needs to jump above it to find his teammates.

  192. miajanelledeleon: Bae came by to bring me lunch

  193. This has to be one of Jeremy’s best post practice interviews… very revealing.

  194. McHale always seemed to be annoyed when asked about Jeremy and would avoid the question by saying “Jeremy will be fine.. mumble, mumble, mumble” Well, he’s right. Jeremy is doing just fine now as a Laker 😉

  195. JLin would be a perfect IKEA model. Great values and versatile!

  196. so it’s safe to stop sending the heat to Sacre :]

  197. I really hope McHale and Houston will be one item for the next 3-4 years so we can witness the annual early playoff exit :]

    And I can’t wait to see how Jeremy will come out to play against Houston. He was always pumped up to play the Knicks (5-0 record, right?), with Houston we might see another level of Linsanity that McHale despises so much LOL

  198. Every time I see a picture of Byron and Jeremy together, I smile since they seem relaxed and they get each other :]
    On pics wiith McHale, you can almost cut the tension with butter knife!

  199. Smile, Jeremy 🙂

  200. Ronnie or Jeremy to start? I understand Nash starting but to even consider Ronnie over Lin? I don’t know.

  201. How did he play soccer over the summer? Soccer with sciatica and back problems is almost impossible.

  202. Meant on Thursday I think…

  203. He did not have those at that time I think?

  204. This feels like a father-son thing…..oh…I guess I exaggerated….

  205. Old pic?

  206. Ah man. Just saw this, registration already closed. Man, that would’ve been very cool.

  207. It was old….yes….

  208. It closed within 7 minutes…

  209. He was playing this past summer with friends in Brazil during the World Cup.

  210. yep, and some LAL fans were mad….

  211. Oh ok, I had no chance. 🙁

    So I won’t feel so bad.

  212. I wasn’t mad though – I was excited and hopeful that he would be healthy enough to play this season.

  213. I hope so… otherwise, déjà vu…

  214. His thing is not really injury in a sense….it is like a switch….only on and off, and no cure or recovery…

  215. Scott will not start Ronnie over Jeremy without a good reason like injury. I think he mentioned Ronnie due to politics regarding starting PG position at this time.

  216. I don’t even bother with Black Friday deals. It’s not worth the stress and frustration. But lakers open practice with Lin and Kobe? I’d sacrifice for that.

  217. I don’t read the triangle and princeton this way, but that makes sense too. Anyway, the only way for LAL to have an efficient offense is to let Lin to initiate it, and let Kobe bail them out when a particular possession went bad. Scott’s set play so far was already way better than “you know who”‘s….however, it has not showcased Lin’s ability fully yet. I expect this to change in the regular season.

  218. I hope they’re on the lookout for additional PGs. Ronnie did not live up to the hype but than it was against the hot shooting GSW. Also, don’t think Clarkson is ready to step up yet.

  219. Lindorsement? 😛

  220. You said the same thing in Houston…dont trust you anymore

  221. i dont like the situation of him missing 2 games, when team chemistry is in the build-stage

    Unfortunately he cant do much with his sore ankle, have a good rest and speedy recovery, JL!

  222. LOL. Join the club.

  223. Yeah, I would like to see Price and Clarkson play, win or loose doesnt matter, but would like to see what they bring to the floor, in terms of facilitating, being THE PG and playing off Kobe and using he bigs

  224. EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Entering what is probably his final NBA season, two-time MVP Steve Nash faces the very real prospect of spending it in a new role: as a backup.

    Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott said Jeremy Lin could become the team’s starting point guard because of Nash’s nagging health issues.

    “That is something I’m definitely thinking about it,” Scott said
    after the team’s practice Tuesday. “Is it in our best interest to start
    Jeremy or Ronnie [Price] or do we wait day by day, game by game? We’ll play these last five preseason games out. We’ll figure it out from there.”

    Said Lin: “Whatever position [Scott] calls me to, I’ll do my best.
    It doesn’t change that much to me. No question I want to be a starter.
    But it’s one of those things that game by game it changes so much.

    Nash played in the Lakers’ preseason opener, sat out the second
    exhibition game and played briefly in the third before asking to come
    out, saying he didn’t feel right.

    Nash hasn’t practiced for two consecutive days and hasn’t spoken to
    reporters since Sunday’s game. His status for Thursday’s exhibition game
    against the Utah Jazz is unclear.

    At 40, Nash is the NBA’s oldest active player and is in the final
    year of a three-year, $28-million contract. The 18-year NBA veteran
    played only 15 games last season, averaging 6.8 points and 5.7 assists.

    “I have no doubt in my mind if I went to Steve tomorrow and said,
    ‘I’m going to start Jeremy, and the games you’re available we’re going
    to bring you off the bench,’ ” Scott said. “He’s such a professional
    that I don’t think it will be a problem whatsoever. He just wants to
    help the team win as much as he can. That’s not a concern of mine. But
    we haven’t talked about it.”

  225. True…..sadly

  226. Kelly and young plus Henry are out anyway….

  227. Jelly?

  228. What?

  229. I smell an anti-Brent club….forming here….lol

  230. Would you like to join? We have an opening.

  231. I thought I am in already? No?

  232. LOL, despite many fans calling out McHale, I think their relationship good, else Jeremy wouldnt have pushed aside McHale to take over the board for game plan draws.

    The only problem in Houston is that, McHale and ROXFO, didnt understand Jeremy’s game in addition Jeremy was going to switching position after position, making it difficult on him to perform consistently.

    That probably taken by the Coaching staff negatively without understanding what was going on. McHale is definitely not there (level) in terms of coaching

  233. Look at your comment above… who is Jelly?

  234. What jelly? 😉

  235. Right… I forgot you’re the president… sorry. Don’t kick me out.

  236. Peanut butter jelly time?

  237. BB users the back muscles more constantly compared to soccer, worst still for a PG who has to handle the ball more often and ran a play. The bending during bouncing takes a huge toll on one’s back

    Unlike soccer, its more on your core, and hamstring

  238. I will get the bread!

  239. Here by I annunce…., the Brent-haters club is dissolved……

  240. This video convinced me that LA ‘SmiLin-Virus’ has infected Jeremy :]..
    I’ve never seen the guy smile this much the past 2 years!

  241. Vetoed.

  242. That jelly-old @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus :]

  243. Dissolved-> meaning
    “become or cause to become incorporated into a liquid so as to form a solution.”

    translation:- he had put (dissolved) his hater thought onto all of US!!!

  244. Oh, ok……that makes sense…

  245. Funny thing is there is a video like this when Jeremy was a Knick but not as a Rocket… well at least I don’t see any. lol

  246. He is the founder and president of Brent-haters club. He can do whatever he wants. It was short lived but it was fun while it lasted 😛

  247. Good that Jeremy spoke his mind. He wants to be a starter and finish the game but he’ll do what’s best for the team.
    What more can a coach from a player? :]

  248. That’s why I can’t resist for not posting the pic when I saw it. I really like the relationship. It is so”sweet!!!”

  249. Can’t remember how many times I watched and rewatched earlier:o))

  250. Sneaky… this is why Brent hater club keeps popping up.
    We need to take that edit option away from you 😛

  251. Fwiw, I edited it b4 ur question pop out I think..

  252. I’m afraid I now associate Kelly with Jelly. Thanks, Brent.

  253. Really enjoy JLin’s smile. His smile/laugh is very contagious! This is what a lot of his fans root for:o))

  254. Glad that JLin made it very clear this time:o)) I understand his stand perfectly even without spells it out:o))

    Guess lots of his “demanding” critics @ jlnet are really happy now. Maybe not????!!!! Haven’t visited site for the past couple days. Don’t know what is going on.

  255. Seem like JLin might become a starter is the huge news everywhere. WOW!!!

    It will explode when Scott makes the official announcement!!!!!!!

  256. ESPN: Should Jeremy start over Nash.

  257. me too :> .. See No Evil, Hear No Evil lol
    Maybe when things are slowing down on my end, I’ll visit a few times …

  258. I agree to real-dsb, its probably lazy reporting.

    I have seen it happening all over the reporting world. And fans or followers come screaming back.

    Ido and fans did a good job in highlighting the mistake….hope they had learnt a lesson and be a little more cautious on their pictures in future

  259. great, he can jump. hope he is ok on Sunday

  260. theyll only be happy when mommy retrofits their mancave. its pretty ugly there i had to get away. 1 specific not troll but moron seemed to appear out of nowhere (some think he is ghost of trolls past but i think is just new vitrolic moron) and seemed to after slipping past a first attempt at banning acquire not only some level of acceptance but attracting and encouraging old and new less than desireable postees–i sneak in occasionally when most of them are asleep and it can be manageable. its kind of like whack a mole.

    gotta take yer shot and get out.

  261. rocket to ruin. reversed.

  262. wow this site is so mild that brent plays the etane role. whoda thunk it?

  263. lets not bring the name calling to this site, please. Lets put our POV objectively.

    Anyways,I totally agree with your sentiment.

  264. Guys, can anyone provide a gist of this interview please. Thanks!

    That plush penguin with pink bow upstaged Lin Shu How BIG TIME!

  265. Jeremy doing some drills after practice:


  266. Great! let me also include this one

  267. About time!

  268. :-O Wow, Steve Nash tweaked his back while lifting luggage? I don’t know what to say to this.
    Don’t carry heavy-luggage before game time?

  269. That’s the best plan to shoot for Sunday. With all these injuries and back-tweaking bugs, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  270. Not sure, JLin is ready to replace his best friend Casspi with the penguin? :]
    Brent would be the expert here.

  271. LA Media opinion has shifted that JLin has to start because Nash’s 40-yr old bad back/knee is simply not dependable.
    Max & Marcellus only touched on Lakers losing valuable time not having Lin practice with the starters before regular season starts.

    This should be very easy decision to make for Byron Scott. Nash tried but couldn’t deliver so time to depend on JLin.

  272. I think they need to sign or trade for another PG, for this to work. From a DL team maybe.

  273. The amount of posters reminded me JLNET in early days….we hardly reach 500 posts per thread. lol….however, I always hate that “load more” thing…..lol why there is no “load all” option?

  274. The not-so-good all days having my sore thumb due to “Load-All” overclicking :>
    I would take Disqus any days with Notifications. Remember how we have to search to find our reply? Brrr!

  275. LOL….yeah….but wanna see things that were not replied to me too…

  276. Doc Rivers talking about players who CHOOSE to come off the bench:

    “There are two groups,” Rivers said. “One is the old veterans … . They want to come off the bench. That’s when they’ve figured it out — it saves them, it makes them fresher, they’re smarter, they can actually watch the game and evaluate the game. “And then there’s that extraordinary group of guys who clearly could be starters and actually still prefer coming off the bench…. .” …

    As a coach, however, Rivers has a completely different perspective. He thinks that there’s too much emphasis placed on starting
    when, in fact, it’s who finishes the game that really matters.

    See : http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-doc-rivers-bench-clippers-20141015-story.html

  277. Byron needs more time to see the special back-tweaking luggage that sidelined Nash :]
    I can’t tell if Byron wants to be diplomatic to get Nash’s full support later or he simply wants to see how easily Nash reinjures himself again.

  278. “And now the finishing lineup of the night is ….”
    That’s actually a great idea! Give it 5 min rest with 4min left then Vegas will do the rest.

  279. I’m going to assume that Scott’s a bright guy and is being diplomatic towards a future HOFer.

  280. 500? that’s not the early days. Early days never even reached the “load more” button. =)

  281. Byron Scott’s press conference after practice today. He said Jeremy Lin ran and did “suicide” (endurance) drills.


  282. probably true. He seems good as a coach-player so he must have known how to deal with Nash’s situation properly.

    He’d want Nash to say, “I ask the coach to put me as a backup for the good of Lakers since my health is not dependable. But I tried my best.” It’ll be good PR.

  283. wow, the bad news comes piling on for Nash

  284. Glad that Lin will get more rest on his ankle and not come back before it’s fully healed.

  285. Load more was added after or they changed the threshold of folding the comments….not sure which one was the case here..lol

  286. That’s right. This site will not tolerate name calling or personal insults towards anyone–whether it’s other posters, Lin’s teammates, coaches, writers.

  287. Great interview with Jeremy Lin after practice, talking about his interactions with Steve Nash:

  288. early days is when @brentyen:disqus era has not dawned yet.. prehistoric LOL

  289. Well, my expectations are for the first 15-20 regular season games to be the team chemistry phase. This team is not expected to make the playoffs, so it’s not like other teams who need to start winning right out of the gate.

  290. Lin’s hair grows really fast, the fastest in the league.

  291. Nice interview, love it

  292. Nash being a 50-40-90 shooter (FG%, 3FG%, FT%) is in JLin’s mind. Good!

    And he finally chose “Nash playing the right way” getting team going, ball flowing, team chemistry .. more than being 20pts shooter by launching 3 more shots. Nash did play the right way to play team-ball.

  293. Lol…

  294. Longer version of press conference with Lin after practice (from different source) talking about how the team is developing, what’s being done in practice, in addition to what’s going on with Steve Nash.


  295. Another Smile! Reporters seem to enjoy how Jeremy is always articulate in giving insights in answering the questions.
    I bet it helps them to write good articles and having enjoyable convo.

    Jeremy singled out Ed Davis as the good PnR partner. He also mentioned Boozer and Hill (who likes to pop a shot rather than roll to the basket) and commended them to pop consistently. He’s being nice not to call them soft :]

  296. ugh, Boozer’s jump shot. I can’t look.

  297. yep, if there’s anything we learned over the past 2 years, it’s that being named a “starter” is meaningless if you’re getting yanked at important times in the game.

  298. I thought the passage right at the end of the video was interesting, where he said essentially: “We’re both professionals … and winning makes the season much more enjoyable … whatever it takes.” He seemed more composed and assertive than in yesterday’s interview; but still respectful of Nash.

    When he talked about “playing the right way” he seemed so relaxed, open, and genuine. He seems to be in a very good place.

  299. very true.. he seems happy to be in a place where he’s wanted and appreciated. When he does, he tends to play very well.
    Jeremy has no poker face indeeed LOL

  300. LOL Watched it last night while I was so exhausted. Can’t remember what was being said. Now think of it. It was more on preseason NBA games in China. Talked about JLin missed playing preseason games in China. He experienced playoff like experience game in Taipei preseason game and it would be similar in China. He urged fans to support his good friend Omri Gaspi who was playing in China preseason game.

  301. Yeah…that would be another interesting format as well…hmmm

    But the rest is kinda tricky bcoz, a clutch player goes beyond endurance and stamina to perform the last 4 minutes. By giving a rest, it resets the energy level onto all players similar to starters

  302. @psalm234:disqus at some point we need to consider opening a “part2” of the same thread.

    As we know, “Load more comments” to refresh the page gets irritating in Disqus.

    Any thoughts? Folks, put your suggestions as well. Thanks

  303. Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung 4 minutes ago
    Rush Hour 4 LA (Lee and cater) jlin7 #Lakers http://instagram.com/p/uMmQy9OGFS/

  304. littlemissjc @missjchang 11 minutes ago
    Inches away from Jeremy Lin and I don’t know what to say!! http://instagram.com/p/uMl0DcqzCR/

  305. We do not really have many posters here but the Disqus is starting to fold the comments already. I am not sure about the separate posts tho….seems will make the site messy…

  306. Not sure how I feel about these Lin stickers. Haha.

  307. They are emoticons. Looks good ….lol

  308. Someone said they’re stickers. They’re somewhat cute, I guess…

  309. Well…not sure where am I gonna stick those on….

  310. He can just focus on basketball in LA with the organization fully supporting him to succeed. He was really alone in Houston and lots of drama in the lockerroom.

  311. Your kids? Kids LOVE stickers.

  312. Yes…..so….I took it away from them…..LOL

  313. Trolling never stops ;P

  314. Seems like this is the official Lin emoticons on Line APP

  315. They’re actually cute hahaha

  316. Thanks Melody! Hope you’ll be fully healthy real soon!

  317. I don’t mind. Can the penguin play defense or at least rebound though?

  318. Well I’d rather have Jeremy finish AND win games (and championshipS).

  319. not sure but that pinguin can sure do Lin-ux LOL

  320. I actually wish they’re REAL stickers. I had a lot of ancient stickers, saved from my childhood. Adding some Jeremy Lin stickers wouldn’t be bad.

  321. Welcome!

    My stamina is still not fully back. If I went out for more than couple hours or so, I was basically being wiped out for a couple days Was out for the last couple days plus getting things done related to my studies, I was overextended myself. Couldn’t really function much since I woke up this morning. Good that I was able to take couple hours of nap and now at least I become a little bit more humane again. Having said that, my stamina has improved lots since I finished treatment.

    Went to see specialist couple days ago, she said side-effects were normal after treatment. Tiredness would last another couple months or so, pain and itchiness would last for another 6 months or a year. Not the news that I wanted to hear but at least my cancer is a noninvasive one. Operations and radiation should bring the result. That’s good to hear!

  322. Where are the rookies?Shouldn’t lifting the vets’ luggage be part of their “job” aka rookie initiation?

  323. The important thing is, you’re getting healthier and there are improvements even if they may seem to be small in our human perspective.

  324. Good article on 3pters and Byron’s past coaching history on it

    De-emphasizing the 3 point shot has long been Byron Scott’s M.O.


    In this following graphic we illustrate the best and worst shooting teams
    from last season from varying distances on the floor and note the
    nominal difference in efficiency rate from 3 and areas below the
    three-point line.



    Looking at each full season of the teams that Scott coached in his
    career you can see that his teams always ranked from the middle or
    towards the bottom of the league in three-point shot attempts.


    Scott’s coaching history doesn’t just show that his teams de-emphasizes taking the three-point shot, but defending it as well.


    When you go against the grain, and taking 10-15 three point shots a game
    and having an indifference to the launching of three-point shots on
    defense in today’s NBA is definitely going hard against that grain,
    there are only two outcomes: You either look like a genius if you
    succeed or foolish if you fail. Lakers are desperately hoping for the
    former after a few stints of the latter.

    – credit Fern Rea

  325. Great links. While I am definitely against live-and-die-by-the-3 like Houston was with their league leading 28.9 3PA/G, the reality is that in today’s game, you need to be able to shoot the 3 because it is a valuable weapon. If you have an open look, it is a higher pt expectation value than a 2 pt jumper. The Spurs, who I don’t consider a 3-pt reliant team, ranked 7th with 21.5 3PA/G. The other Finals team Heat, ranked 6th with 22.1 3PA/G.

    If Scott wants between 10-15 3PA/G, the Lakers will probably rank last in the league. Last year, only Memphis had less than 15 3PA/G. I don’t believe in forcing 3s, but if the opponent gives you an open look, you should take it. I would not pass up an open 3 just to reduce the number of attempts. Taking 3’s also opens up the spacing too.

    Now, on the flip side, I think I can understand Scott’s philosophy. He probably wants the team to learn how to play fundamental basketball, rather resorting to just jacking up 3s. That’s lazy offense and won’t get you very far either.


  326. I guess this is from Lakers Casino Night to raise money for Lakers Youth Foundation

  327. at first I thought you meant Nick Young O_O

  328. I just sort by Newest, then I don’t have to click Load More Comments.

  329. you need to. The sort by “Newest” is for post (new post) and not updates.

    Meaning, if someone were to post an update to the page “2” or 3, you wont able to see it, until you LMC (load more comments)

  330. gimme the stats for it…

    trolling here…just to make my point earlier that one need LMC in order to see this comment update. But as for you, its not a problem, because you get a disqus notification. But other readers, wont be able to follow this part of the discussion, if they dont LMC

    This is where I liked forum format compared to disqus 🙂

  331. Yeah, that’s true.

    But it’s not really practical to keep creating separate posts to avoid LMC. We don’t even have that many users on this site yet. What if we get 10 times more? Then we would need 10 posts per topic?

    I think your best solution may be to use a browser addon that will automatically LMC for you. I don’t know if one exists for Disqus, but let us know if you find one, or I will if I find one.

  332. I don’t have Disqus notifications, but I do go to my Disqus Dashboard, where I can see replies to me. That doesn’t show me LMC updates that aren’t replies to me, of course.

    (btw, I prefer the old version of the dashboard)

  333. @maknusia:disqus
    I tested a browser addin to automatically LMC, and it seems to work. Try it out. You will need to install greasemonkey for firefox or tampermonkey for chrome. Let me know how it goes. If it works well, maybe we can add to the FAQ.


  334. aj rafael @ajRAFAEL 1 hour ago
    My mom was such a cute fan girl tonight. jlin7 always making moms happy. Hahah. #bromo http://instagram.com/p/uNUv4kl0OQ/

  335. this is kind of several links away from j lin related i guess and from that dark past we are supposed to be beyond; but then nobody ever really relinquishes the past….anyway; there is an interesting article on bleacher report i think showing the 47 players sam hinkle (sp) has acquired (suspected morey disciple) for the (always accused of tanking but actually allegedly remaining flexible for the future) 6ers.

    almost none of them have ever played a regular season game for the sixers.

    of the few that have only one of them has accutally achevied anything other than scrub numbers and that one has been the topic of conversation because of the sixers alleged confirmed attempts to try their best to get rid of him.

    so at the present moment at least the 6ers mr. sam’s record is one of trying desperately to get rid of the only player who has actually accomplished anything for the team.

  336. small sample size: of the 8 teams playing other nba teams last nite the ave # of 3 points shot was 24+; the least 18 (indiana) and the most 31 (dont remember who)

  337. Haha Bruce Lee spinning the tables, Jeet Kune Do style. Nice t-shirt.

  338. Listened to ESPN LA, troll alert for Kelvin Washington. The original host Mark Willard was a Lin doubter, but I don’t really mind him. His replacement Kelvin said Lin can’t shoot 3’s, not a good passer, not a defender, …and wait for it….can’t drive, upon which Mycal Thompson yelled “What?!! What is wrong with you”, because it was such a blatant lie. Kelvin is really promoting Price and was the first to suggest that Price could replace Lin like Beverly in Houston.

    So if you do listen to ESPN LA just tune him out and listen to dear old Mychal Thompson.

  339. The Sixers are Marc Lamont Hills team. 😛

  340. Thanks for the info, anyways, I rarely listen to radio.

  341. It is the gf luggage of shoes so he has no choice but to pick it up.

  342. Like I said before, only two things matter, 1) shot selections and 2) 3FG%. There are no reason to shoot a lot of 3s when 1) there were better shots, and 2) you can not knock it down at high rate. I think the argument of using # of FGAs per game to correlate with # of Wins is flawed. They are correlated…..but ppl need to figure out the actual causation behind it.

    If you have good shooters, yes, shoot it….but if you don’t or your system is still not ready…then…..that is a totally different story.

  343. LOL….oh well…..I was pretty excited when I watching the 3 preseason games. Like I said in post game threads, Scott seems knows some x and o’s…I think in preseason, it is ok to start with more sets, then pick the set you like more in the regular season.

  344. There would definately be hater, despite how well Jeremy does. Every star player has its own set of hater. We just need to ignore them and not get carried away.

    Thanks for the headsup Michael, if you are not here, I will whisper in your dreams then 🙂

  345. I installed tampermonkey and this Auto-LoadMoreComments script. I worked quite well in Chrome but a bit sluggish and slowed down load time.

  346. The Rockets shot a low 31.8% from the three which basically only translates to a 0.06 points gain per shot. Almost zero advantage shooting 3’s at that rate. The sheer number of shots the team took reminds me of those volume shooters who inflate their stats by jacking up a ton of shots, but does not necessarily benefit the team, because it also inflates the possessions of the opposing team. Extra possessions created out of defense probably have a larger impact on points gained compared to shooting more 3’s than 2’s.

    If you get 5 more possessions off of rebounds, steals or creating turnovers, then only shoot 2’s at 45%
    5 x 2pts x 45% = 4.5 extra points

    If you just push the pace so you take 5 more 3’s at 40% (which is very good)
    5 x (3pts x 40% – 2pts x 45%) = 1.5 extra points

    I think this is why Scott is so focused on getting the guys to play defense.

    Not sure if the logic is sound. Feel free to comment.

  347. So what is the number for Child Protective Services near you?

  348. Right now I am busy slaying trolls in my dreams…

  349. They are never happy = =

  350. So Lin is not going to play tonight?

  351. Why is my name mentioned?

  352. I think they’re busy carrying Hello Kitty and Barbie backpacks 😉

  353. I think he would lose his way in there XD.

  354. Not tonight. He’s saying likely Sunday, against the Utah Jazz – http://on.nba.com/1va739w

  355. That was a knee slapper, psalm ;P

  356. I approve 😀

  357. Actually it may be going global…

  358. You read too much Sherlock Holmes.

  359. Please keep them coming.

  360. So Princeton and Triangle = Pringle….wait isn’t that D’Antoni.

  361. So AJ look like his mother.

  362. MIchael the Troll Slayer!

  363. We should have a game thread for tonight’s game for in game chat, right @psalm234:disqus?

  364. Thanks! worked for me.

  365. you haters

  366. Lakers doing shoot-around at Pechanga Casino.


  367. You started it 😛

  368. literally yes :> it’s basically hiking in a concrete maze

  369. Brent said Ryan Kelly -> Jelly -> Jolly -> Michael. Good logic!

  370. I think the gf is working him too hard with luggages and baggages

  371. One thing is for sure, 3pt shooting teams tend to be black horses because the possible um-match-able outputs in few games’ span. Overall 3p%age simply does not tell your what were the quality of those shots. Even if you combined it with the point advantages…..because we do not know if there were better shots among those 3FGAs at those instances.

    Defense is the key for sure….because the game is about the relative score where both teams can interfere with each other. Not 2 teams competing separately for highest scores possible. So…I think that math is valid. In fact, possessions off of rebounds, steals will end up with high FG% because it will be in transition.

  372. http://youtu.be/dsVIMvrtbh0

    Not sure how Lin’s going to do in this offense. BScott…sucks. No shooters, teams gonna pack the paint.

  373. Seems like our post count reached a level that double posts will keep happening….lol

  374. did you already post this? sorry.

    I don’t think LAL will win more than 35 games.

  375. No no no I am not blaming you, just saying Disqus is hard to track old posts….35 games……I am not sure….I still think they can be a 500 team….

  376. Jeremy Lin working on his dribbling today:


  377. I was watching LakeShow yesterday. They had clips of Lin dribbling 2 balls….his handle seems improved. I don’t know why he did not use those gloves in MO’s camp. Might help a ton…..

  378. He should probably only use those things during longer practice spans , otherwise he will have to adjust back to the normal feel of the ball in games.

  379. Well…the weight and bounce do not change…it is not like he practice with medicine balls….kind of different…

  380. Must be some sort of rolling code.

  381. Lin: The tangent trajectory of this curve is off by…
    Byron: Uh huh…..

  382. Why are they called medicine balls?

  383. I believe the origin of it is for medical purposes, e.g. rehabilitation.

  384. Definitely hard to swallow.

  385. I installed tampermonkey and this Auto-LoadMoreComments script. I worked
    quite well in Chrome but a bit sluggish and slowed down load time.

    Right, that’s the reason Disqus has Load More Comments paging. I’m 90% sure that it doesn’t impact your wordpress server. All the slowness is directly between the user’s browser and Disqus servers. So it’s up to each user whether they want to have faster load but click LMC, or slower load but don’t have to click LMC.

  386. Translation:

    Trollface Pringles
    I wouldn’t dare trying them

  387. One would have to be either legally blind, or blinded by racial bias (if not hatred) to not see what Jeremy does.

    Their loss, really.

  388. Kelvin dude makes SAS seem fair and almost likable in comparison.

  389. A match made in heaven. They deserve each other.

  390. true .. personally I like the folded long-comment to look neat. But if I want to read the whole comment, the LMC script will come very handy. Thanks!

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