P04 LAL vs UTA Game Thread

Lin will not play in this game. Therefore, depends on how the game goes, there may or may not be a post game thread. LAL and coach Scott’s basketball philosophy were widely discussed among internet analyst and fans. After an ugly lost in pre-season game 3, seems like the honey moon period for coach Scott is about to be over. In the reality, he has multiple problems at hands for this LAL squad, e.g. injuries, defense, identities. Ronnie Price is most likely going to start today at PG spot. This is a rare chance for him to prove his worth to the team, let’s see what he can do, and hope Lin will have Β a speedy recovery .

Again, let’s use theΒ Disqus comments as the only option for Preseason Game 4Β Game Chat so we can benchmark our experience of using CHAT and DISQUS for Game Thread.

The game will tip off around 7pm PT OCT 16 @Β Honda Center, Anaheim, CA.


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  1. first (lieutenant) …

  2. Brent, I’m gonna skip the game today to buy time for life. Don’t care about Ronnie Price right now because no matter what he does, when Lin comes back, the equation will change. Thanks for doing this and I look fwd to nice updates from you all.

  3. LOL sorry, @blubell….

  4. I probably will not watch it either. A boring week indeed..

  5. yep … we needed some Lin this week for sure. Ambient noise is creating anxiety, lol.

  6. LOL I probably will just turn on the TV and do my own thing.

  7. This corner of Lin life might work out pretty pretty good (larry david curb your enthusiasm) … see you all after the game.

  8. ABB

  9. Oh well, catch you later. Off to play some tennis and diner with wife.

    Honestly, IMO Scott is just letting out rope and allowing the players to see for themselves what a mess they’re in. It may be what is ultimately needed to break the strong will and egos of this bunch. That’s what I hear they do in boot camp in the army isn’t it? The fact that Scott wore them out just before a beat down by the Warriors may in fact be such a ploy. Either they decide to stand shoulder to shoulder and play as a team or face the music of more embarassing defeats to come.

    I remain a glass half full fan.

  10. Ha, that makes sense too. But, did Scott not mention this from very beginning that he want players to get used to winning again? or actually don get used to losses…….

  11. LOL Indeed it’s a “boring” week for us JLin fans that he is inactive in preseason games. Good for me in a way as I was having a hard time myself this week. For the first time this week that didn’t wake up feeling worse before going to bed:o)) Hopefully my stamina will last longer today.

    Will watch the game and see how the team is doing without JLin and Nash plus 4 others. Let’s see how long it will keep me interested in watching the game. For game 3 it lasted about 5-6 minutes into the game.

    One thing I’m glad that JLin is sitting out for healing rather than pushing self to play. Sure glad that he is improving each day but bad for us fans not enjoying games without him. hahahaha sound funny in my own ears:o))

  12. As long as it’s not you πŸ˜›

  13. Watch us mods trolling again tonight. It should be more entertaining than the actual game (^_-)
    Feel better, Melody!

  14. LOL That’s what I’m anticipated. Let’s see how much I can do the trolling:o)) Need to work on assignments due on Sunday. Barely began to do the first one:o))

    Frustration at times with my stamina as well as unable to keep track on affairs because of medical distractions. Well, major of my story in the past year. Hopefully am able to keep better track of things from now on. Well, just remember not quite so as I still have another medical bump to deal with aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh:o))

  15. Winning is what takes talent and hardwork. HATING TO LOSE, that’s what separates the greats from the rank and file.

    Nothing defines an athlete more than by heartbreak losses. The ones that decide to do something about it are the truly special ones. Lin has he plenty of heartaches to make him tough as nails.

  16. Lakers Community @LakersCommunity 4 hours ago
    Practice today at the Pechanga Recreation Center. Thank you for being such great hosts! http://instagram.com/p/uOWvicO85Z/

  17. Hope you feel better soon, Melody! :]

    I probably will only watch Q1 to see the dynamics of team with RPrice as the PG.
    It’s certainly boring to watch games without Lin

  18. It’s good that Lin gets one more game rest so Laker fans can see the difference with and without Lin.

    But I will drag myself to watch at least the 1st quarter of this game. *yawn* :p

  19. I have the same feeling that Byron let his team wore out their legs before the beatdown so they know not to let bad loss happen again. Let’s see what the strategy for the last 3 preseason games.

    Enjoy tennis! Hit that topspin for me :>

  20. *gasp* Anything-But-Brent-First membership grows to 2 LOL

  21. I downvote every one of Brent’s “firsts” =p

    which was more fun when Disqus actually counted/displayed the downvotes. I don’t even know what the downvote button is for anymore. Cathartic placebo?

  22. I guess you will have to extend the Disqus in-game comments trial again. =)

  23. @Brent Correction: the time is “PT” not “CT”

  24. yeah, I thought it was an option but I think Disqus finds out downvotes deter people from posting. BTW, I set the flag threshold to 5 before the comment disappears. Good that we haven’t felt the need to test it LOL

    Hey maybe I should try it πŸ˜€

  25. I agree that in order to mould this bunch into a great team first they must be “broken”. Ego and pride. I spent 2 years in the military and the first 3 to 6 months we undergone the breaking process. Sure, we were in pieces before we can be transformed into a fighting unit. Just an analogy.

  26. oh, so Disqus does actually still use the downvotes. cool. I’ll post a test in the hangout.

  27. Done! Thanks..

  28. My bitterness is I used up one week of my ballstream account and I watched NOTHING! What a rip!

  29. I feel extremely outnumbered by ‘mods’ all of a sudden…

  30. ABB community is getting stronger………lol

  31. Very safe environment.

  32. started already?!!!

  33. I would have thought though a coach in NBA has more power to move young players, but yeah, I get it. It’s hard to get veterans to drop their individualism. Hey ac … do you have any tips on that, to get strong indivs to let go and give themselves up for a team effort?

  34. Jeremy Lin Will Make the Los Angeles Lakers Better

    With Kobe Bryant coming back into the lineup to hopefully play longer than six games, Jeremy Lin can really help them. Lin is still only a few years removed the player who dropped 38 on the Lakers while playing for the New York Knicks.
    If the Lakers can build an offense that runs, rather than having Kobe
    be the center-point of the offense as has been the case since Rik Smits
    was playing, then they might be successful in creating points for
    themselves. Lin was still not a bad scorer last year, even when he was a
    fourth or fifth option on a team that had James Harden, Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons.

    Other than scoring, Lin can create for others as well. He has pretty
    good athleticism that allows him to get around defenders, but sometimes
    he can get out of control. This is where Bryant can step in and help the
    young player with that. Bryant can take his mindfulness for the game
    that he has acquired under Phil Jackson and teach Lin to learn how to think through the game instead of feeling his way through the game.

  35. lol, never knew what that meant until now. Nice pun on abbrent.

  36. we need joyce here … and michael terry. .net went to a new poster, prob one of the trolls, back to popularity contest now. Oh well, still some great posts there, but I can only handle 1 or 2 pages before I wanna go, Can’t wait for Lin to start cranking on bad buys again.

  37. Am I in the club?

  38. Your magnetism is downright polarizing LOL
    Just like Lin! haha..

  39. I hope you don’t feel like this :p

  40. smh. BTW, where is the game chat? I think I’m lost. πŸ™


  41. sorry, no game chat today.
    We’re experimenting with Chat + Disqus for the first two preseason games + last two.
    We’ll try Chat in Game 5 and Disqus in Game 6.

    So far many people prefer Disqus but we’ll see

  42. IC

  43. Kobe hitting the rim…on free throws…hmmm thats unusual

  44. Price is pretty bad in entry pass. Kobe got a nice position but they could not pass the ball in.

  45. Kobe kept hitting that mid j and laker will kept losing

  46. They need to put boozer at the elbow, and try to get Hill out of the way of everyone

  47. Jazz looked the same…did not improve at all…

  48. 1st quarter 10-10
    LAL offense is primarily geared toward getting Kobe open and do his thing.
    But Ronnie Price is not providing dribble-penetration so there’s good spacing to get wide-open shots

    In the meantime, Hill PnR defense is pretty bad. Utah big men still get to the paint with ease.

  49. Perfect example why ppl should not jump high and release at the apex of the jump. Simply too slow…

  50. KObe benched at 7, lets so how the offense runs now…

  51. It is the interview time for price

  52. Ouch, Ronnie tried PnR and got his shot snatched from him.
    Good effort to play D but he looks out of his elements

  53. Hill need to be cut

  54. Too many PF as well

  55. Why does Wes Johnson look like he’s about to lose the ball everytime he dribbles?
    So far Wes hasn’t looked good at all.

  56. we need Henry, Lin and Davis…..

  57. yes, I can see they will look sharper and get to their positions quickly

  58. there might be room for disagreement about boozer, hill, i say mite be; but its clear johnson is just wasted space. he’s had many chances and just doesn’t show anything. he was a #4 d.p. ?

  59. wow u are da bad boy here.

  60. Lakers went back to do the worst shot in nba

  61. i believe rudy gobert is leading the league in rebounds in the preseason.

  62. Yeah, Ed Davis stuffed Travis’ attempted dunk!

  63. Lakers starting five Davis, boozer, Henry, Kobe and Lin….at least 34 wins…..more wins if bench gets it

  64. was he that high? and I expected better after training with Kobe all off-season.

  65. im asking a question but i think yeah he was that high!

  66. Lol

  67. Ed Davis is clearly outplaying Jordan Hill.
    Everyone in and outside the building knows that!

    Well, maybe everyone except Hill…

  68. really need to get swaggy x and kelly back and see what they can add. hill boozer johnson not providing much.

  69. Shaggy has to be a bench…..kelly vs boozer is debatable.

  70. what are you mod men watching this on?

  71. The game? Nba tv

  72. Lakers with 7TO already in early Q2.

    Lin is looking good for Game 5

  73. Wesley Johnson:

    Minnesota Timberwolves 1st round (4th pick, 4th overall), 2010 draft

  74. Let’s start the post game thread now I guess….lol

  75. I actually like Randle’s outside shots. Nice and confident.
    If he tries not to do too much, Lin can make him look really good.

  76. Wow….seriously?….

  77. i was rite!

  78. yeah.. Bench Hill, Start Lin/Davis :]

  79. Ed Davis gets the game!

  80. lol…..Jazz is clearly not at their best as well…

  81. M……..this is beyond bad….

  82. need another 20 more as well :)…tough

  83. yeah, home run!!!

    wait, wrong game?

  84. Intensity picked up as Kobe checked in

  85. Randle has only one move……

  86. glass half full: Lakers have only missed 2 threes. lol

  87. Lol….even Ellington were bricking long 2s….

  88. Boozer got,exploited…

  89. Boozer kept bricking out of triangle

  90. C and s for boozer is better for him.

  91. so far i break it down this way in groups of 3’s: swaggy, kelly, x (injured); lin, davis kobe (something) hill, boozer, johnson (nothing);2’s sacre, nash (pine)–sacre no talent nash no health–, rookies: clarkson (send to d league and never let him out) ,randle (bring him along slowly) and price, ellington (space filler till injuries sort out).

    lakers would need all of the groups of 3 plus randle in a rotation to be decent.

  92. Boozer can make right play, he just can not finish the play….too bad

  93. I’m reading a book on how Asians think differently than western people. To sum it up, it’s a matter of attitude. Western thinking revolves around scientific process of individual connecting parts and ideas that explain the world. Asians tend to think how everything is inter related to everything else.

    Our individualism is such an important part of who we are and what we think of ourselves that often it supersedes all other ideas. This has spawed off the philoosphy of relativism in which only truth that matters is what we believe to be true.

    LIN is the antithesis of this idea in the present NBA. He truly believes that “the rising tide raises all ships”. He believed it so much that he helped Beverley to become a better player.

    So the question must begin with what IS THE MOTIVATING FACTOR in these strong individuals on your team. Is it self promotion? Is it pride, money, admiration? Once you can find their source of motivation, you can then ask leading questions that make it seem like it was their own ideas to fix the situation.

    In the case of LIN and Bev, many fans question Lin’s manhood, his pride, his guts. The truth is that none of these normal things are Lin’s motivation. Winning in the game of basketball is nothing compared to LIN winning at spiritual progress.

  94. Ballstreams

  95. bases loaded

  96. Still early in the season…didnt wanna complain too much….will let given em some time to work on the game

  97. yeah im switching to baseball my son works for st louis newspapers hes hoping cards lose so doesnt have to work extra on extra sports editions 4 this weekend!

  98. LOL!

  99. the thing that works for me real well that someone posted on that “other site” we all came here to get away from for the first warrior game; you remember the good old days before “lead-footed” sacre derailed lin. its the only sketchy stream thing that works for me moonfruit something.

  100. Wth….Hill

  101. You call this trolling? Come on Mods, you can do better! ;P

  102. We can not troll without u

  103. awwe, you waited…

  104. Though Kobe tried to carry his team in this game, every time he left the court the Lakers struggled on offense. At the end of 4 quarters the Lakers trailed by 17 points. Kobe scored 21 points in 24 minutes.

    PS: All of the above is fictional

  105. Byron as a coach is really depressing when players loose on fundamentals…sorry for him though

  106. is nonsense allowed in disqus in-game threads?

  107. Yes, when Jeremy is not playing

  108. I thought u started it already

  109. What happened to Randle?

  110. poll: how are people refreshing disqus during in-game threads? Do you sort by newest or oldest? Do you reload the entire page or click “Show New Comment”?

  111. Nobody is at Honda Center. Lakers making every team look like playoff contenders?

  112. Need to retape something on his feet..

  113. They just said something on TV about a blister.

  114. No need, just don reload anything…

  115. I love clicking stuff and constantly pressing F5.

  116. just checking =p

  117. only when Lakers playing nonsense without Lin … :p

  118. they got the note tonight is Price-sanity, not Linsanity :]

  119. Lakers is 5/10 for free throws. That is unacceptable.

  120. huh? but you won’t see the new replies.

  121. so you do both?

  122. walk off home run!

  123. There are notifications on top or on bottom….

  124. for some reason, my Chrome browser doesn’t always show new comments alert so I hit F5 to refresh

  125. but you have to manually click on them, right?

  126. Yes. But I may not be the best example as I have not completely evolved.

  127. paying the price now πŸ™‚

  128. But once u hit f5, you will not know which are new..

  129. Oh yeah…you don want it scrolls automatically anyway…what if there are ten at once?

  130. The price is right?

  131. Sorry to hear that. U can watch it free with http://nbaliveonline.tv/. That is what I do:o)) Having some hiccup earlier and wasn’t able to watch until about 5 min before the end of second half:o((

  132. If you were my pokemon, you would have evolved already.

  133. this is what I do/dont:-

    1) I dont refresh the page
    2) the first time when i come on board, I load the entire pages so no more LMC
    3) Then I do a Control F, the find tool box open and I type “new rep”
    4) Hence when a new reply come in, the disqus will pop “one new comments above” or below.
    5) I use the control F to navigate to those replies, rather than scrolling up and down like a crazy rat

  134. for the team no for the coach maybe,bcoz he gets to see whats the price now πŸ™‚

  135. Did Jeremy travel with the team?

  136. You don’t say..

  137. So….in order to make hill work, boozer has to be more aggressive.

  138. If no nonsense is allowed, there goes 90% of my vocabulary.

  139. You can click real fast and get tendinitis. I’ve had it for 5 years. You can get yours too for free.

  140. Someone must have had hit boozer in his head

  141. Intelligent. Best answer.

  142. This is how vets work….angle and timing

  143. Price……is going to be cut? They should invite Tagashi instead…

  144. Gotta catchum all.

  145. Sounds like some kind of the discount

  146. what are you selling?

  147. He reminds me of Toney Douglas. Plays faster than he should.

  148. Tony is more stable…

  149. Kobe just did a Harden….I think Kobe is gassed…

  150. No, not Tagashi. Gonna be such a distraction.

  151. Scott going to over play Kobe and Lin and they’re gonna get injured.

  152. He looked tired in the first quarter= =

  153. Seem like it’s a pretty boring game after missing most of the first half. Lakers is really looking “old.”

  154. They are injuries with out being overplayed….

  155. That’s even worse.

  156. Yep..so don worry, will be better..

  157. Johnson is..ridiculous….never fake a cut…has to cut it, if want the ball, then seal your defender and get it

  158. Mike Trudell really likes Jeremy πŸ™‚

  159. Price read it wrong so many time and they praise that steal like he is P B in hou

  160. Trudell is not ashamed of being a Lin believer.
    Because people know it’s the truth!

  161. so far, i havent seen the commentary ridicule any players like we had seen in the past.

    But they did call on Price, on couple of wrong plays and position and mentioned, this is where we need Jeremy who drives to the paint and open ups tons of opportunity.

    SO i’m cool with it πŸ™‚

  162. Picking up a guy full court and then made a playground pick…..wth

  163. once if a while is fine, but if he is gonna pull a Beverly, definitely a no no

  164. Cut him! I am a hater..

  165. i guess he is pumped up after the steal and a dunk

  166. Lol yeah…I was just exeggrating

  167. Come on Ellington… be our Novak…

  168. Yikes… Price with 5 TO.

  169. Worse angle to shade a ball

  170. not happening.

  171. This team is terrible.

  172. Novak!

  173. That’s the kind way of saying it.

    If I don’t know any better, I think Byron is trying to set low expectations so he can win COY if his team makes the playoff.

  174. Starters are coming back? interesting…

  175. The announcers speak longingly about “when Jeremy Lin comes back” LOL

  176. Over-priced? :p

    I think he tried a bit too hard. But he’ll be an OK backup

  177. This team’s defense is going to be worse than both years Lin played in hick town.

  178. I’m a bit concerned with how it hasn’t improved from game to game.
    Not sure if it’s the tired legs or bad discipline

  179. Reporters speak longingly about “when Jeremy Lin comes back” Double-LOL

  180. I love LA

  181. that and they don’t have the talent.

    Really not trying to be a debbie downer. Laker pieces don’t fit. One thing Morey knew how to do was bring in talent that fit their offense.

  182. It will be different once all 4 are back

  183. defense won’t change much. offense will be better though.

  184. No…Lin along will make defense much better..not enough of course.

  185. My Game Summary

    Sometimes you have to miss something to really appreciate what you have”

    With 0 min played in this game, Lin has made LA announcers/reporters/fans appreciate his dribble-penetration leading to good Lakers’ floor spacing and 3-point shooting.

    Booyah! πŸ˜€

  186. Wesley Johnson has a NBA body and nothing else. This Lakers team will be a good place for Lin to get lots of appreciation. But forget the playoff this year.

  187. LOL….so is Hill

  188. Scott said he is going to shrink the rotation to 8 guys…..I guess he already lost trust on a lot of guys.

  189. Lol, thought this lineup for the lakers wouldn’t be bad…

    J. Clarkson
    J. Lin
    R. Sacre
    X. Henry
    N. Young

  190. Has to be Davis!

  191. He’s not injured yet πŸ˜›

  192. True….sadly the injured part of course

  193. It’s not the best lineup the lakers have, but it’s the DNP (aside from Nash) for this game.

  194. Clarkson needs to be a 2….he can’t play make.

  195. Totally agree he should XD. I hope we have some Euro players stashed that we can fly in…

  196. Nothing new but TWC’s take on injuries.

  197. Yes! good job…

  198. Woops, didn’t even include R. Kelly, haha.

    I think the DNP list for tonight can be a starter-quality lineup…
    Bryant, Hill, Boozer, Price, Johnson
    Young, Kelly, Davis, Lin, Henry

    So let’s not count the Lakers out just yet…

  199. At this point w/ Lin, Davis, Xavier, Nick Young, Kelly back to log heavy minutes, they’d have 5% chance of making playoff.

    But defense is still #1 issue. I haven’t seen consistent effort to prevent penetration to the paint area. If it continues, I don’t see how they can build a sustainable lead leading to many wins. I’ll wait to see how their team defense performs in the 1st 10 regular season games.

  200. I certainly has not..

  201. :-O … If that includes Kobe and Nash w/ limited minutes, the 6 guys would be super tired

  202. Always the same, like a said a few threads back in training camp. If Lakers are going to rely on help from the weak side a lot….it will be a disaster. They don’t want middle penetration, but almost all were went to the middle.

  203. nice!

  204. haha exactly…

  205. Coach Miller thinks Price played good defense, despite his turnovers.

  206. Paul Villarreal @CNM_JLin_Vids 13 seconds ago
    [CNM VIDEO] ===> “10.16.14 — Short Video — Without JLin, Utah Jazz Demolish LA #Lakers 119-86 — Analysis” http://bit.ly/1rhtinZ #NBA

  207. Ed Davis definitely is an intimidator inside so they can try to funnel people to him the way they did to Howard in HOU.

    I saw Hill was out of position in PnR defense and got exploited easily. Did you see the same thing?

  208. Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons want Linsanity in LA.

  209. OMG…..

  210. Jody Genessy ‏@DJJazzyJody 17 minutes ago
    I tried to take a sneaky pic of a New York reunion between Jeremy Lin (Lakers) and Steve Novak (Jazz). Lin noticed.

  211. yes, too bad injuries have caught up with some of them.
    Byron might have to tone down the practice intensity a bit if this continues

  212. Novak is a giant. lol.

  213. So…they think Lin will be a solid player…like he was not one b4….Kobe is right..

  214. totally!!!

  215. I think its bad discipline or rather no discipline! Its alien to them to instil that philosophy just withWe all saw how the first game went, 80% of the players were hunting for shots, they think that NBA recognizes that more. Nothing wrong there in terms of NBA thoughts, but when it comes to team play and winning, they need to bring the Spurs mentality of not chucking up bad shots and playing silo.

    But for some reason, I think Byron is capable of turning the team from bad to good but not great until they fill in some talent gaps thats apparent.

  216. Los Angeles Lakers @Lakers Β·

    1 hour ago

    Byron: β€œI was disappointed at times.β€œ 1st unit performed up to expectations, 2nd unit didn’t. Communication lacking on both ends.

  217. I thought we gonna hit the 40 mark difference again. smh

  218. haha…..NBA is really competitive….you are not ready a bit, you lost by 50…

  219. wow, sometimes I’m wondering whether I see things differently from reality…..

  220. LOL…..He is like HOU media, but in a positive way.

  221. kind of strange feeling that Scott somehow always pick on Randle, why is that?

  222. Because he IS bad……..so far…potential is there, focus and attitude are not.

  223. OK, now I have time to think about this. Thanks for the comments. Yep, I have people in it for their own ego, and it just seems that’s too much work to manage. I need to find a team of Lins. That would make everyone happier and it would amplify performance.

    In the end, one exec coach told me, great leaders know how to believe in something greater than themselves, and they work hard toward that. So, I think a team of those kinds of persons would be very cool. Yet another reason why watching Lin play gives me hope, in my daily work, which is a toil some days but a joy in many other days.

  224. yeah, no team effort…..

  225. The question is what is he going to do about it? The D-fence has gone down-Hill

  226. Stop it, psalm, just stop it… lol.

  227. The worst case would be player lost trust into the system. The coach start the camp hard, and did not put them into successful position. And if the system is too complicated for them to understand, and trained to hard to put them physically not capable situation, they might lost interest.

  228. Lin fans will be revived on Sunday I guess…might still be a lose….but who knows….I just Hope LAL can have all of their players available on the opening day vs ROX, except Young of course. Preseason is about fix things so team can compete in regular season, which is for tweaking things so can be ready for playoff.

  229. They need veterans like Kobe and Nash to really step in and help these guys understand the system and get them engaged. Especially Nash… it looks like he’s done so he should focus on mentoring these guys and act as a player/assistant coach.

  230. It will be exciting and even if we lose, it probably won’t be a blowout. Jeremy will restore order.

  231. I thought these guys were Jeremy doubters… now they want linsanity? wth.

  232. They touched on Linsanity to break out in LA as a starter PG (but not All-Star). They knew the less-than-ideal circumstance in Houston.

    I guess it’s a good acknowledgement of his starter capability with middle-of-the-line expectations. Their comparison to Jamal Crawford hinted to inconsistent performance but I think Lin will surprise them.

    Lin would need to have the balance as a PG/scorer to carry the Lakers.

  233. it shows the importance of defense and effort to stay in a game :]
    Byron is right to be upset. His guys didn’t change much from last game.

  234. Blazers is better than Jazz although not too sure about their bench now.

    I expect Byron to come down on his players on playing more disciplined but let’s see how they respond. I hope Lin will come out more assertive in both scoring and playmaking. He will also need to figure out how to play next to Kobe effectively.

    I expect a close loss with starters being more in-synch. My wild-card is Davis will come in early at 4min left in Q1 if Hill is free-lancing on defense.

  235. Announcers and reporters will be happier with more organized basketball on court :]

  236. I agree Byron might have to change tactic to give them a day of rest if they play hard.

    At this point, they need a win to feel better about their team.

  237. Jeremy will give them something to announce and report πŸ™‚

  238. Kobe said it best that it’s hard to play w/ young kids just trying to make the team. Byron needs to tell them if they don’t play within team concept, they’ll get cut or benched for sure.

  239. Mamba Linsanity in LA!!!

  240. Two things to take away for Laker fans from this game:
    1. Ronnie Price is not a starting point-guard but an okay-but-undersized backup PG
    2. Ed Davis needs Lin to be effective on the offensive side. He’s not a great one-on-one offensive player but tremendous PnR partner with Lin.

    If Jeremy brings a win next game, Laker fans will be #AllLin!

  241. Let’s cut some players 1st…lol

  242. Davis looked said out there alone without Lin. It seemed like he was the only one showing real effort on both sides.

  243. Who would you cut first?

  244. Thinking how injuries and cries for PG play preceded the Linsanity run in NY, I can’t help thinking how eerily similar the current situation in Lakers is. Does anyone else see it too?

    Two words came to my mind … “Divine Lintervention” :p

  245. Very punny. You’re on a roll tonight. ;p

  246. True, I like Davis more and more. No-nonsense, hard-working guy.
    Here’s to see a lot of Lin-Davis highlights on Sunday!

  247. ha! you too ..I learned from the best, Mr. Brent One LIN-er!

  248. I told you. This is the Jeremy Lin’s team. It’s up to Kobe now to get it and leave the keys of the team to Jeremy.

    Anyway, too many critics. I don’t agree. Lin and young were out, and they’re starter or they’ll close games. Nash could be a good backup point guard who leads the 2nd unit. Ryan Kelly will be like Steve Novak in Linsanity, he’s pretty good in shooting 3s.

    Apart all that, this team never played together, they’ve got a new coach with new system, more difficult than the old one, and it will take time to know what the coach wants from you.

    Talking about randle… I don’t like it: he’s too undersized for the PF position, his body tends to be fat and he hasn’t got a long rage. He should learn from Jared Sullinger who is smarter on rebounds and have learned to shoot 3s. I’d be glad anyway if he proves me wrong πŸ˜€

  249. yeah, but who? :]

  250. Remember guys: these are meaningless games. Spurs lost in germany and with 40 points difference against the suns.

    Don’t overreact. I’d be much more worried if my team would’ve been in full gear now!

  251. I said “you’re on a roll tonight” but what I meant to say is “you’re a troll tonight” lol.
    And as always, it is Brent’s fault.

  252. yeah, the good thing is the announcers said the grade is incomplete because of so many injuries out there.

    I want to see Lin-Kelly-Davis-Kobe to resemble Lin-Novak-Tyson-Melo lineup!
    Not sure who can be Shump defensively

  253. Wesley John was suppose to be that but I’m not so sure anymore.

  254. and I meant it when I said I learned from the best .. Mr. Brent “Nice” Trol-Lin LOL

  255. yup, Kobe needs to help Wes to play confidently

  256. nah, I’m not worried .. Even if the team is struggling at full strength, I’ll be okay as long as they give full effort and play as a team :]

    Good reminder that these are all preseason games.

  257. Paul Villarreal ‏@CNM_JLin_Vids 4 minutes ago
    [CNM VIDEO] ===> “10.16.14 — Long Video — Utah Jazz Destroy LA Lakers 119-86; J-Lin Out — Analysis” http://bit.ly/1yJ8BtS #Lakers #NBA

  258. ok, g nite folks .. over & out to catch some zzz.
    Things look great for Lin’s comeback on Sunday :] I’m content and happy..

  259. Which should be come easy with Lin leading the way.

  260. For me good morning, for melody good afternoon πŸ˜€

    Jlin fans all over the world here πŸ˜€

  261. Thanks Spot! Very good morning to u Spot. What’s the time now there in Italy?

    Just woke up from my long nap again. My energy lasted a little bit longer today. Taking a nap between PFV short and long vid postings. That was a good timing:o))

  262. Is Lakers shy in taking the 3s? or they are not good shooting the 3s. against the Jazz 0-5 not good.

    What Pop has to say about taking 3s?

    The Spurs led the league in 3-point accuracy last year, making more shots from deep than ever before.

    In the playoffs, their percentages got even better, and in the NBA
    Finals against the Heat they shot a wildly good 47 percent from 3-land.

    “I hate it,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said.

    No, he wasn’t kidding when he said that in June. Popovich detests the 3-pointer, but in this NBA, it’s a prerequisite.

    “It’s changed the game,” Popovich said. “It makes it tougher to cover that much room defensively on the court, so you do have to pay attention to it defensively. It’s a heck of a weapon. … To me it’s not basketball but you’ve got to use it. If you don’t, you’re in big trouble.”

    To wit: Of the 14 teams that made 600 attempts or less from 3-point range last season, 10 didn’t make the playoffs. The
    other four combined to go 14-21 in the postseason.

    Food for thought!

  263. Didn’t watch the game. This Sunday though, if Jeremy plays I want to see how he will make it work with R.Kelly (not the I Believe I Can Fly guy) and/or Xavier Henry. Wondering if it will be like his stint in the D-League where he played with Danny G and Novak..

  264. glad to hear that you are feeling better

  265. almost none of spurs regulars played against suns. and 6 of the lakers presumed first 12 rotations players out with injuries.

    but the injuries are a worry and the overall weak play of the older hopefully improved or revitalized lakers is a concern.

    warriors won without their starting front court. actually lakers will hit the two hottest west teams twice g.s. and utah. (hottest in preseason).

  266. i think johnson is done. hes had multiple chances to show something and just doesn’t seem to even be visible on the court. hope henry can show more.

  267. Yeah, as soon as he came in, showed energy and focus.

    Hope the same from NYoung and XH, then we are good, not great yet, but very good.

  268. As I said earlier, they are still on SILO mood, need to get into team mood

  269. agree with both observations. actually hill and boozer showed a little more this game, well they had too cause who else is available? i think in limited minutes they can hold their own but whether they start or not is not important just as long as they dont play a lot.

    kobe lin and davis (with lin) are going to have to get the bulk of minutes and hope that when kelly x and swag come back they inject some youth. (tho i guess swag’s not really young just acts young right?) well he is actually young. (nick young).

    youve heard maybe of crosby stills nash and young

    on the lakers injury list 2nite you had clarkson, henry, kelly, lin nash and young.

  270. is that near the san andrea’s fault?

  271. mite point out kobe did score 27 points. (and lead the team in assists, i think).

  272. rebel. cutting people again. dont give this man a switchblade. i feel like ive moved from thunderdome to mr. rogers neighborhood.

  273. i dont think many on them are doubters or haters, its just, the numbers have yet to come, so there is no way to claim from an outsider perspective he can be the linsanity again. What they have seen is inconsistency…although we know due to various reasons…

  274. nash: choose the appropriate metaphor: butter him hes toast stick a fork in him hes done turn out the lights the party’s over.
    yeah i never counted on anything from nash this year and ive been proved right. what i thought was anything you get there in terms of minutes is bonus but dont expect it.

    kobe actually to me seems to be doing well both on court and in being a kinder gentler kobe to teammates.

  275. i thought boozer and hill did better. but they still (especially boozer) look terrible. even when da booz gets some decent number from boxscore if you actually watch his play its leaden. not much more fluid than his look alike leadfoot sacre.

  276. there is no second unit the first second unit is all now the dl (disabled list not d league) and the 3rd unit is now the 2nd unit but long term i think the 2nd unit (or most of it) needs to become the 1st unit the 1st unit (most of it) become the 2nd unit and the 3rd unit needs to go dl (d league not disabled list) except for nash (permanent disabled list im afraid).

  277. exactly right. consensus outside lin fans tho with a much more supportive enviornment in l.a. is that lin is barely a starting quality point guard. most actually all “objective” pre season ratings have home some where at the bottom of or under the top 100 players in the league and somewhere at or under the bottom 30 point guards in the league.

  278. XD. Who knows maybe Lin could help him.

  279. I think Pop just said that because it complicates things for him. That said he is actually very strict on where players take shots.There was a clip somewhere and I think he was yelling at Patty Mills saying ‘you are only a 33% shooter from here, why are you taking shots from this position.’

  280. Jordan Hills hair.

  281. I think he is thinking every time before he reacts, to avoid making mistakes, so he always reacts one step slower. The game is probably wearing him out both mentally and physically. He’s just 18 and is going through the same fire that Kawhi did with Pop, hope he hangs in there and works through it.

  282. Oh my, another blow out.

  283. Hero born in the midst of chaos.

  284. Well, if he didn’t try to be both the pg/pf he would has more juice to play harder and longer.

  285. I am not worried either. No need or reason to worry whether Lakers win or lose? It is what it is. Beyond my control.

  286. LOL…

  287. Hay, what’s your take on Byron Scott call out Julies Randle and somehow saying that he could not trust the rookie yet, and I noticed that it has been going on even before the training camp, Byron first was picking on his conditioning, then was saying he is lost on the court, and now is that Randle could worked harder…..

    What is it? He is only 19, and is a rookie, looks to me that the game is too fast to him at this moment, but isn’t that kind of normal to a rookie? Not sure whether Byron is trying to control the expectation from the fans or he really somehow just don’t like the rook, or he is kind of old school and think you need to treat a rookie harshly. But I don’t see him do it that way to Clarkson though.

    Is Randle that much off? Somehow I think at least his attitude was good, had a lot to learn, but also had a lot of potential.

  288. You are being Sacre-legious.

  289. Could be that Byron has more faith in Randle’s potential so he is pushing him harder.

  290. Just for fun here are the NBA rankings of the players from ESPN (so take it with a box of salt )

    Kobe Bryant 40
    Jeremy Lin 100
    Carlos Boozer 137
    Julius Randle 149
    Nick Young 150
    Jordan Hill 165
    Ed Davis 185
    Steve Nash 246
    Xavier Henry 262
    Ryan Kelly 281
    Wesley Johnson 318
    Robert Sacre 382
    Wayne Ellington 394
    Jeremy Tyler 419
    Jordan Clarkson 448

  291. perhaps there is a disconnect between what Byron wants him to do on-court and what Randle actually did. Randle seems like a good kid but it’s clear he didn’t understand his role on court yet.

    After Game 1 where both Clarkson and Randle shot too early being nervous and didn’t pass to Lin to make plays as PG, Byron talked about correcting these mistakes. Clarkson got injured and Randle didn’t seem to progress as much as Byron liked. Let’s see how Randle responds to Byron’s rebuke.

  292. Clarkson would echo Kobe’s sentiment that ESPN guys don’t know what they’re doing LOL

  293. Randle at 149 for???

  294. Could be that Clarkson is 2nd round drafted and he didn’t expect much out of him.

  295. being the 7th pick and has no record yet.
    Wes Johnson was the 4th pick but ended in #318 due to 4-yr near-bust record

  296. BSPN guys don’t know what they’re doing.

  297. I think attitude was exactly the problem. What Randle has shown worries Scott…Randle did perform like he is inexperienced which is understandable, but he also was lack of effort for a long period of time. Most rookie will play as hard as they can.

  298. Ok…so seems like everyone is somewhat down on this LAL squad. Now…I do not have the adv. stats on line ups. Judging by the eye test, I will give some observations

    1. Wes Johnson seems like a player that has no clue and does not listen to Lin or even Kobe’s instructions. Will be a big problem for LAL going forward.

    2. Hill lost his focuses too quickly. He worked on his 15ft J hard on the past summer, which is a good thing. But he has to realize what kept him on this team, unless he can shoot that 15ft like LMA.

    3. Randle has high potential only because of his physical attributes. He is the symbol of an gr8 NBA player to be. He also represents the perceptions from the general NBA which ignored Lin in 2010 draft.

    4. Davis, again, impressed a lot of ppl. He should grab this chance and get his 30 minutes per game with LAL.

    5. Kobe tried, but it was simply just not enough. He has to realize if he wants to take over a game, he takes over it mentally by forcing teammates play better, not by taking 23 FGAs.

    6. Boozer is too passive, period. settling for mid-range EVERY TIME is not gonna work.

    Ok enough of the negative things. Let’s see the positives…

    1. Lin and Kelly are about to come back.
    2. I thought LAL’s starting five worked pretty ok……things went downhill after the 1st rotation change.

    3. We have saw the model of how Boozer and Hill can work together. Boozer can imitates off of a triangle in low post. He can scramble the defense while Hill cleans up the off boards. Boozer is a good passer too, but this advantage has not been utilized yet.
    4. Ronnie Price may not be able to run the team, and he may not as good as how ppl labeled him as a defender. But I think he is a good backup to any starting PG. He has almost zero court awareness, which limited him on both ends of the floor. But I think to a degree he can work with the team to maximize his defensive intensity and efficiency. When Young comes back, Young can be that offensive play maker.

    Now let’s talk about 3pt shots. I think LAL has enough shooters to take it. Ellington is in a slump right now mainly due to his increased role as a ball handler. Once Young, Kelly, and Lin are back. The spacing will be better if the offensive schemes are fully understood by players. Discussing # of 3s is simply just pointless because it depends on the personnel too much.

  299. I think I was not noticed the lack of effort part, but I did not follow the full game either….. Thanks though,

  300. Scott mentioned it too, he thinks Randle should play harder for LONGER.

  301. So Johnson ranked lower than Xavier, Ryan and Ed Davis………..

    This team is pretty sad…

  302. I really have my doubt on Johnson, Those guys are drafted because of their physical attributes. Bad thing about it is without a brain, it is hard to translate your athleticism in NBA level.

  303. I feel sad that Johnson worked out with Kobe for the whole summer, and I don’t see him reflect that in game. πŸ™ Also I don’t like yesterday all three 3pts were bricks. He does not seems a smart guy unfortunate. I was hoping a smart sf on this team, now when to cut, and good at 3pt shooting, like Parsons. I thought the first season Parsons was pretty good for Lin.

    Of course Parsons was trying to take Lin’s job in the second season which is no good. I was hoping Johnson could be at least as good as Fields.

  304. I do hope Byron shake up the line up in a big time. Not sure how those guys will feel with the preset starting line up, and I was hoping that people could perform to earn the starting position rather than granted due to their seniority. ‘

    One thing I don’t like is looks like Byron is loosing his coolness, which is no good. Hopefully Jeremy and Kelly going back to the line up could stabilize the condition a little bit, but Nash’s condition does somehow messed up with the whole team, as that added a lot of uncertainty to the team.

    At this time, the team need some kind of stability and have a feeling that they have somebody to rely on. Now feels like everybody is on their own, that’s not a good feeling.

  305. IMO. Nash was never the plan if I were Mitch and Scott. Whatever he brings is Icing on the cake. So in terms of team building, the equation should be around Kobe and Lin. Nash deserves his treatment in LAL tho. If he has not give up yet, I guess LAL will not either.

  306. could have used the first week of training camp to get Lin in the first team. It’s all about chemistry though. Especially with new system, new sets. It would be much more stable at this stage.

    However, Byron could not anticipate Jeremy’s injury, he might though to bring Jeremy to the first team in the second week is good enough….

    But I want Ed Davis to start….

  307. It is ok, they can start whenever Nash is done IMO. No point to get stable in preseason given this situation. Once we reached the 7th game, the regular rotation will be set and players will be cut. Lin should start to build then. I think it makes total sense to accommodate NASH in preseason as much as possible. The differences between “it is just math” and “classy”

  308. Yeah, that’s true.

    Hopefully it improved from there….

  309. Hopefully! ha ha…LAL can suck still, but with Lin, we have chance.

  310. Well, I already paid for ballstream so I ripped myself off by not watching any games without Lin…. πŸ˜›
    But I appreciate your help very much. Thank you!

  311. Still hot. Which is not bad πŸ˜‰

    The thing that concers me is if there comes rain after all this hot it’ll be an heavy rain. Hopefully the weather will cool down so it can rain regularly and the autumn will come

  312. Haven’t seen anything cause these games don’t mean a thing. I’ll have a look at the last preseason game.

    Like psalm, i smell linsanity.

  313. I’m wondering who is up voting your post, does that means they agree with you or what?

    With this news, I want to down vote you. lol

  314. that’s not good news.

  315. Well, don’t shoot the messenger….lol

  316. no…not at all…:P

  317. I started the pregame thread BTW.

  318. ha

  319. The pregame thread doesn’t show up for me so I’ll stick this here:


  320. Really? weird…

  321. I think some things in pre-season carry over to the regular season, particularly defense.

  322. Don’t see any new pre-game thread.

  323. he’s not playing. lin’s injuries are still an issue…

  324. Michael is already trolling there tho….

  325. Makes sense…it is all about personnel…

  326. Very true…they need more than 8 games…that’s for sure.

  327. don’t make sense, are they changing sets when players got injured? If not, means theirs sets don’t generate 3pt shot opportunity….

  328. Their sets do not change much, but they went with different options in each set….PPL will not ask Deandre Jordan to shoot 3, why would they ask the current LAL to shoot it?

  329. Wait, Lin injured last week his left ankle, but now he slightly injured his right ankle? Not good, not good at all.

  330. Sorry to hear about the egos you have to deal with. It’s tough for sure. People will act according to their own personal motivations no matter how you try to convince them otherwise.

    I’ve had to deal with it myself in my tennis coaching like how Doc had to fight the many lin fans who kept saying he should work with NBA coaches instead. Doc understood that the hop step was the commonality of all the best young shooters and set out to change the orthodoxy of the teaching in his own school. I also had to fight the ignorance within the so call experts with the accepted credentials to push forth modern tennis mechanics. I’ve seen too often students who look back at me like I was crazy because their own concepts come from what the experts say. Doc and I didn’t invent the new way, we just were willing to think outside of the box and reverse engineer the merit of what the kids have done to reinvent the game. No matter how much you know you are right, if they don’t want to believe it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

    In the workplace, there’s always competiveness, of ego, of self promotion and establishing dominance. The only hope is that you can negotiate a kind of neutral pack in order to make your team succeed. It’s within this negotiation that you can find the key motivating drive from them. If he isn’t willing to see how failing to compromise could ultimately affect his own self advancement, then there is no hope.

  331. Lazy players on defense will not get off Scott-free :]

  332. yep, and luckily in building business teams, there’s al lot of room for taking on different moves. It’s fun sometimes, and hard sometimes.

    I love that you went from bball to tennis to coaching it.

    Fall colors over yet? It’s beautiful this time of year, but CA is dry dry dry …I hope we get some rain early this fall.

  333. It’s really a beautiful time of year with fall colours in bloom. It’s my favorite time of year.

    I suspect you must be in some form of management position. In truth, most everything we do in life has to deal with people in form or other. My curiosity has always been to understand the roots of our behaviour. Like Darwinism to eugenics to the final solution. The roots of that fanaticism was sent down a slippery slope of convenience for the few with power to manipulate it. I also attribute the fall of soviet communism to the extreme greed we are witnessing in our super capitalistic climate today with the 1% owning more than the rest combined. It’s the dangerous half truths of great thinkers that ultimately leads us. The greatest of these ideas however withstand the test of time. They are the true source of all human activities. They motivate us in subtle ways we don’t ever recognize until we look backwards from where we came after a life of travel. It’s these powerful motivators that allow you to see through your adversary and know what open questions to ask. Infect you’re adversay with an even more powerful meme and let it work from within them outwards.

  334. http://www.jlinportal.com/p05-lal-vs-uta-pre-game-thread/

    You should be able to see it on the home page under Latest Posts section

  335. Upvote doesn’t necessarily have to mean you like or agree with the post. It can also mean that this is good info. This way if people sort by Best, it will show up.

  336. my hope is that Scott wants his team to focus on the fundamentals first, so in preseason, he wants the Lakers to work on teamwork. Anyone can jack up 3s, you don’t need teamwork to do that. My hope is that Scott has the same view as Pops, that he detests the 3, but realizes you have to do it if you have it open.

  337. I can see Kobe g-nash-ing at them too.

  338. This sequence of replies have to be featured.

  339. And Julius would say, “Ed tu, Kobe?” :>

  340. Bynum would shoot threes and you don’t have to ask him.

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