P03 LAL @ GSW Pre-Game Thread

After spraining his ankle in practice yesterday, JLin is about to be re-evaluated to see if he can play today.

If Byron lets him to play, it might be a mild sprained ankle. If not, Byron should hold Jeremy not to play not to aggravate the injury.

Jeremy will be the most reliable playmaker for the Lakers because of Kobe/Nash’s age so let’s hope Byron be conservative in his decision


  1. I am not here

  2. invisible

  3. It could’ve been worst.. just picked this news

    The Injury bug has now bitten the Oklahoma City Thunder hard. Superstar forward Kevin Durant, the reigning league MVP, will be out six to eight weeks with that is being described as a “Jones fracture” in his right foot.

  4. Brent, is that you?

  5. You’re not second :]

  6. Yeah, not sure what’s going on w injury bug in the league. Starting w PG it has spread a lot. Byron will be extra careful with his vets IMO

  7. Have been in my concerns two days ago about all the injuries. Hope that I was oversensitive about all those injuries because I followed JLin and hence NBA more closely this year. Well, the next thing I knew JLin was injured as well. Since then, hearing a few more downs with longer time recuperating. Really wonder whether it was accidental or the over-aggressiveness of players even in training camp, preseason games have increased to the point that players hurt themselves or others unnecessarily.

  8. Our prayers are with you on your results tomorrow ^^.

  9. Still no definitive news, I guess I will be going to bed since I am unable to watch it. Was just robbed by League Pass ORZ.

  10. Its like dancing…get stepped on once in a while. Just like 2 dancers got out of sync.

  11. Well, No News is Good News…

  12. Agree at this point:o))

  13. Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina 2 minutes ago
    Lin out, Kobe and Nash playing tonight

  14. Mike Trudell @LakersReporter 1 minute ago
    As expected, Jeremy Lin will not play tonight due to his sprained ankle. Byron Scott said Lin’s feeling much better than he was yesterday.

  15. Maybe I will still watch a little bit of Lakers game tonight to see how Lakers plays with Nash as a PG. I guess Price will be a back-up PG for Nash.

  16. What a relief. He should be fine for the next game on Thursday.

  17. Hope so. That’s my suspect when I checked with Art Hsu yesterday.

  18. Thanks! I’m glad Lin will not play tonight.

    After Durant injury news, it’s better to take extra precaution.

  19. yes, we get to see how the Lakers fare without Lin’s presence at all.
    Not sure how Nash and Price will defend Curry’s quickness.

  20. Yep That’s true. Saw a report saying that JLin walked rather slow:o((

  21. Very interesting to find out.

  22. LOL U’ve got the paste here faster than me:o))

  23. To keep you on your toes 😉

  24. LOL Just that I used the other method that slowed me down:o)) Anyway, don’t think there is much news on JLin. Will still watch and see how the rest of the team do with JLin.

  25. “I’m very encouraged,” Scott said. “He attacked the basket like we know he can and made some shots. HE passed the ball well and ran the offense well. I was very happy.”

  26. High praise from Coach…..wow…have been 2 yrs…..

  27. IF Curry went cold this game….ha ha ha….let’s count the # of trolls later LOL

  28. That was just too obvious…..LOL those PnR coverage was pathetic….

  29. I guess we can actually wrap up the post game report now….LOL

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