P03 LAL @ GSW Game Thread

It’s less than 2 hours before game time but there has been no news about Lin’s ankle injury. Byron Scott might keep the media from breaking the news for the element of surprise. Let’s hope Lin’s ankle is okay whether he plays or not in this game.

Edit: 4:53pm As expected, Mike Trudell tweeted that Lin will NOT be playing in this game. Let’s hope he comes back next Thursday with 4 more days of rest in the Utah game. We will get to watch how the Lakers team play without Lin tonight.

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  1. 1st…

  2. ……….

  3. 0.0

  4. o.0

  5. Not possible to watch this game live

  6. This blows.

  7. Last!

  8. No chat???

  9. I probably watch Q1 and early Q2 to see how the team performs w/o Lin.
    It probably depends on how long Nash will play.

    Other than probably I will stop watching once rookies start playing

  10. no chat this time to experiment on Disqus experience :]

  11. 2-8 with Curry running wild. This will get ugly

  12. ok, 4-pt play as Nash fouled Curry’s 3.
    12-2 Ouch!

  13. Lakers are definitely missing Jeremy.

  14. 3 3’s for Curry within 1.5 minutes. Going to be big loss today

  15. This is hard to watch. Curry exploiting Nash.

  16. Wow Not sure I would like to continue to watch:o((

  17. no kidding. Lakers couldn’t buy a shot w/ lack of defense.

    Nash couldn’t finish his drives resulting in TOs and transition points.

    Lakers misses Lin very much

  18. Nash just doesn’t the same speed to get past Curry on offense.
    Or catch him on defense. Even worse there’s no big men to stop him in the middle.

    This is a disaster

  19. Warriors are running… Lakers not so much.

  20. Lakers was playing w/o any intensity.
    They just walked around on defense.

    I’d insert Ed Davis immediately if I were Byron

  21. exactly. There is no fight in them.

  22. We’ll see how the rest of the game goes but this makes clear to all (hopefully) why there is no way Nash can match up with the younger, faster PGs like Curry and Westbrook, and Lin has to start games against teams like these, at minimum, or all games.

  23. Warriors are just toying with the Lakers.

  24. Once Nash couldn’t score enough pts and keep having TOs, the media and fans will demand for him to come off the bench.

  25. 7-26. Lakers just got dominated on both offense and defense.

  26. Thats one of the reason, I liked this game becoz it shows LAFO a team without Lin, and this is what they get…..good experiment as well

  27. arghhh. Wes Johnson blew an open dunk from Nash’s amazing lob.
    How bad can this game go?

  28. true, it will reflect well on how crucial Lin is for the Lakers.

    But this is a hard game to watch.
    Like watching bullies stealing candies from kids πŸ™

  29. It is indeed…but it is also important for Byron to figure out lineups for games, where JL is not in

  30. It would have been nice if Clarkson is in the lineup…that would have forced Clarkson to play PG rather than SG…and see how he fair

  31. so is it gonna be a 40pt game?

  32. I think Clarkson would still go Westbrook-style as a PG

  33. Maybe, but I think he has potential, with proper coaching and a knock on his head, he should fair

  34. 39pt quarter. I guess they prevented 40 πŸ™

  35. LOL…so its preseason 2014-2015 record!

  36. Sacre!! lol

  37. GSW shot 71% (15-21) while Lakers hit a low point at 15% (4-27)

    I think I will get my dinner first

  38. Everybody relax, if lin gets in the game with Davis, he can equalize a lot of situations with his athleticism. What happens is that when you have 5 guys that aren’t able to match an opposing team, they over force the play trying to make up the difference. By just adding one player that can shuffle down the key guys to a lower match of skills will even things out incredibly. This is what lin did for nyc and rox whenever they needed a player to fill in for Harden.

    The injured players like swaggy and Xavier will also add explosiveness and with coach lin on the job building Randdle, I’d expect he’d be more than capable of helping to bring the team up to speed.

    I have every confidence that Lin will add 5-10 more wins this year to the Laker’s record. It’s just a matter of getting over the injury bugs and building on team chemistry.

  39. I hope fans now understand why Lakers had been lowly rated….in addition, JL alone, doesnt meant playoff, there are still many things that needs to fall in place, but obviously with JL it does heighten the team

  40. he’s really an SG at heart that occasionally passes. More like Harden-style, I think

  41. Haha. I just ate and came back to this…

  42. we are relaxed πŸ™‚ cheers mate

  43. now we know the reason…team playing bad…you ate before the players, and they are on empty stomach!

  44. he has good, speed, handle and lenght, and looking back on some of is previous videos, I came to think that he can handle PG with better coaching, but he is very raw and doesnt know how to make his team be in right position…but he will learn

  45. But I was hungry πŸ™

  46. no worries, Lin looks even better to Lakers fans now :]

    It’s just that I don’t see any urgencies in Lakers starters to defend. That’s not good at all for Byron

  47. Bench is doing much better

  48. Lakers are desperate… throwing shoes now eh? lol

  49. We are relaxed. We just miss Jeremy πŸ™‚

  50. thats their 6th player! 6 vs 5 now

  51. Still not helping the Lakers unfortunately.

  52. it stopped the game to get a little rest

  53. I don’t think we will need to have a post game thread. This is just a realization of the Murphy’s Law. That been said, b4 this team get any basic level of cohesion, win or loss (no matter how bad) is meaningless.

  54. Not a good game to test game thread w/o chat I guess

  55. Lin did the impossible with an injured riddled team in NY. The only good solid player they was Chandler. He had bench players and rookies and was able to bring on linsanity. This isn’t about over confidence, it’s about recognizing a skill set. Lin pulled everyone else in Knicks along with the speed of his play and the attacking dynamics of his rim attack.

    Like I said, it’s easy to see how bad the team is IF THEY ARE FORCED TO PLAY UP BEYOND WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF. Having just one guys who can keep up and run with the opponents’ best shunts all the players down a notch into coverages that are easier. This is the dynamics of team sports with only limited players. Kobe is trying too hard because no one else is stepping up. Everyone is already running scared. They’ve hit the wall and no one is there to calm them down. Lin can and will.

  56. Kobe usually reverts to this when no one else can step up. I don’t blame him.

  57. Exactly..

  58. Agreed, sadly

  59. LOL I cooked my lunch and have already eaten. Just too boring for me:o))

  60. Lakers seem to be on panic mode and playing scared. This should be a learning experience for them.

  61. It seems a bit ridiculous for Kerr to play his starters right now so I hope no one gets injured considering the slew of injuries. Good practice for Lakers I guess. 17% shooting for Lakers is beyond abysmal

  62. Player of the game.

  63. its good…its good…its a huge learning lesson for lakers, and Byron would always refer to this game to pinpoint their weaknesses and mental lapses on defensive end

  64. hahaha, you never know…lets see towards end of the game, if the shoe gets to shine! πŸ™‚

  65. LOL. good one.

  66. Did anyone have a glimpse of JLin thus far?

  67. In a sense, he is just doing his own thing. So…it is regardless on Lakers side, or the scores.

  68. I don’t see him on the bench. Hmmm…I thought he travelled with the team.

  69. Just tuned in to the game and saw the score. Guys, what did I tell you after I saw their first pre-season game against GSW? I told you clearly that there is no way that Lakers can make it to playoff because they are too slow. GSW was just playing around with Lakers during that game and turned it on whenever they wanted to score. Even with Lin in the line-up, Lakers are too slow to keep up with any good team. What I noticed very clearly was that Lakers has no offense and no motor. And they lack talent big time. Houston will kill Lakers also.

  70. i thought you suppose to change your avatar?! so have come to like it…ya?

  71. LOL

  72. 4 more ppl on the team, maybe he sit behind cameras.

  73. Too lazy to change. Lakers team is not deserving of my changing Avatar. πŸ™‚

  74. I like that chicken…..

  75. Yess!
    Lin’s been playing well so don’t change it!

  76. It’s not chicken…

  77. Lakers is deserving of this Avatar. Playing like a headless chicken. Strangely, I noticed that Lakers play with no heart and pride. Maybe they want to throw away games.

  78. Rooster? GMOed duck?

  79. Not chicken. Om-Nom Candy Monster with Chicken Hat :]

  80. I’m not going to say something against a team based on one preseason game, ESPECIALLY a game when Jeremy is out.. I’m not even watching the game.

  81. Oh….finally someone tells me what that is!!

  82. Maybe he is being treated at the training room???

  83. Actually, psalm mentioned it many times… wake up Brent!!!

  84. It’s Michael’s fault

  85. Introduce the original Om-Nom to your boys!
    They’ll love it!


  86. Well, at least we got a buzzer beater.

  87. They are not allowed…so……LOL

  88. The game is so boring that I almost fell into sleep:o))

  89. Lakers will lost to decent to good teams 80% of time, and they will go 50%/50% against the rest, so I think they will end up with around 30 wins. In certain cases, pre-season games show a great deal. For example, I went to Lakers pre-season game last year, and I thought this year’s Lakers was worse than the last year’s Lakers. Maybe Kobe will be desperate to let Lin lead.

  90. No it isn’t…yikes just saw the score, and no Lin. Going back to sleep.

  91. I don’t know, I think they are just under performing….

  92. It looks better now .. after I had my dinner LOL

  93. It is!..its always the Late Comer’s fault!

  94. We all give Lebron so much credit and immediately made Cleveland into eastern finalists. I just happen to believe like Khuang that Lin IS a very special player on the level of influence of a Lebron. Lin already did it in NY, we’ve just been brainwashed into not believing it. Lin is tested as good an athlete as Wall, scores top 5 in rim attacks and second to LBJ in the playoffs.

    One transformative player makes a huge differnce in team dynamics. I’ve seen it in my own coaching. Not only do they settle their own teammates down, they can make them believe in their own abilities again. Lin is especially good at helping his teammates shine. Look at butterfingers Asik. Lin kept feeding him with easier and easier passes until he became a passable offensive threat.

    Just think of the reverse of what happens to the teams that let lin go and you can see the impact of Lin.

  95. True words my friend, but you are forgetting something important. I am not here.

  96. So I guess we shouldn’t eat or sleep when the game is on. lol

  97. What did you have, we need you to eat that in every future game day. Just like we need Michael to sleep in every game day.

  98. don’t play the game. maybe YT video when they’re older :]

  99. Agree…again…can you please say something thats a little controversial…so that we can argue over it

  100. BBQ .. Chicken :]

  101. true…i’m speaking to you in dreams….

  102. So you basically BBQed @webattorney …..

  103. Not if Lin, Davis play more min and defense.
    Interior D is the key here. If Davis can looks like Tyson Chandler, they’ll get 40+ wins

  104. oops…leave the head alone!

  105. I have not checked any HOU games….But I think Lin is indeed a very impactful player.

  106. I think web deserves that avatar, he is a “roosterteaser”.

  107. yes, I left the head alone.
    Just focused on the body :>

  108. The best thing about attending Lakers game was: Laker Girls were pretty good.

  109. The one from Taiwanese famaily was cut this year…too bad…

  110. Trying to be amphibious?

  111. good….we need the head here…lol

  112. LOL U r so funny! Keep me awake!

  113. I am not relaxed because I messed up the recording settings and the DVR missed “the walking dead”. Someone is not happy right now….:V

  114. 1st Unit might be able to hang barely (but very slow), but 2nd Unit will get killed. No, I thought of several options; none of the options will get them to playoffs. I just saw a huge lack of talent in Lakers. Seeing the game in person actually made this point very clear for me.

  115. perhaps Byron will be forced to do put the ball in Lin more.
    If he gets more PT with starters, Lin can steer the ship correctly

  116. Good, we can’t have a headless chicken running around. Lakers are already doing that.

  117. We will see πŸ˜›

  118. I don’t think she was pretty TBH. πŸ™‚

  119. it’s pretty bad when bodiless chicken is a more exciting than a Lakers game :]

  120. Easier to root for. haha I think she is good. My wife loves that show!

  121. It’s that bad to me. Guess without JLin, I will definitely go back to the years that I didn’t have any inclination of watching any game.

  122. got sent to D-League?

  123. Will be painful to watch, so low-lights might be a way to go for this season. Hope all injured players return and play with some pride.

  124. I am not sure if Lakers girl has that…

  125. can’t blame you. This one is sooo bad

  126. Nash sits

  127. Hills is killing the team by being passive.

  128. So I guess they are playing like the Rockets?

  129. Lakers’ paint area is like Circle K…. open 24×7

  130. Exactly, Scott will be forced to put the ball into Lin’s hand to save his own job. All’so good.

  131. Stealing glances at the score. Wooo… looks really really demoralising…Think JLin needs to suit up and show Kobe how to shoot. Maybe he spoke too soon he’s gonna show JLin some defence tricks.

    Hope Lakers do better in 2nd half.

  132. LOL. Tonight’s game has brought out the comedian in all of us.

  133. go back to work…nothing much can be done now…too late

  134. Wes Johnson always get the direction wrong for contesting shooters.

  135. we have to find ways to cope with this :]

  136. Thanks. C u

  137. nah…its all good…more relaxed!

  138. He just woke up, a moment ago…he might go back to sleep mode again…lets see

  139. yes, don’t worry .. Lin will look even better after this debacle

  140. Michael needs to go to his dream and wake him up.

  141. inception?

  142. DMo should have been thrown on that Rockets discarded pile that is traded to Lakers. Plays fundamentally better than most of the Lakers big.

  143. sort of…lol

  144. But then, one of us need to go to sleep as well to inform Michael?!

  145. true, more polished post-game.

    too bad McHale needs a new scapegoat

  146. Too bad he’ll be stuck to the bench again after this preseason. Plays better defense than Hill and Sacre imo.

  147. yeah…for abig…he moves well, runs the floor and slices when needed.

  148. I’m sure DMo’ll flourish somewhere else post-McHale era

  149. Magic Johnson said Lakers look slow and searching for identity.

    Identity is resting to let his sprained ankle heal.


  150. Jeremy Bourne Identity?

  151. Nice!…40 pt difference now!

  152. It’s good Mike knows what the Lakers is missing in Lin to break down defenses πŸ™‚
    Sad to see Nash is no longer able to finish. But Lin needs to be a starter badly for the Lakers sake

  153. Yup, definitely need Jeremy out there as the PG

  154. First and foremost they need to understand what is defense and its importance, second is obviously JL

  155. 60-100 at the end of Q3. Brrr!

  156. Fundamental.

  157. Byron has to kinda rethink about the 3-point shooting policy. They shouldn’t live by the 3s (as Warriors and Rockets are) but they shouldn’t settle for less than 10 attempts.

  158. Which Lakers players can shoot 3s pretty well? Nash, one.

  159. Yes, Lakers shouldn’t live by the 3s but they shouldn’t die by the missing 3s either.

    0-2 from 3pt land by Q4 won’t win many games in the NBA.

  160. Doesn’t happen to good teams even during pre-season.

  161. I see Mike Trudell is doing his job well :]
    He knows what’s up.

  162. Linsanity is the Identity. Or a key to not losing by 20 points every game.

  163. Interesting that Davis hasn’t even checked in yet with 8 min left in Q4.
    I really think Byron wants let Lakers lose by 40-50pts to make a statement game for the Lakers.

    ‏@bgarcia90 8min ago
    Ed Davis has yet to check in the game.

  164. Hmm, Ed your PnR partner is injured so no PT for you? hehehe

  165. Ed misses Jeremy like everyone else.

  166. One of the biggest problems with athletes is that they can be forced into a losing situation and they will do things beyond their own physical abilities. People talk a lot about pride, fight, and will and blame the player for lacking heart. The truth isn’t just that. It’s a real divide of skills that can make things go from bad to worst very quickly. A good coach must always know the limits of each players physical and mental competitiveness. Preseason is the perfect time to see who will push beyond what they are capable of and who will break beyond their own expectations.

    The thing about will to fight and pride is that it’s a two edge sword. Each player must first recognize how much they can reasonably push their own limits to compete without running out of skills that they don’t even have. This is the danger of a team trying too hard because everyone gies Rambo in full hog mode. A well season coach will know exactly when to pull the reign and when to let it out.

    The separation of skills is real, aLebron can make anyone look like a chump. A coach must never allow his players lose their mind and pride in a blowout by trying to do things they simply are not capable of. Push them to just the. Edge of where they run out of skills and pull them back to stay reasonably close to not lose their pride. That is the real job of a good coach. It’s then up to the GM to bring in better talent to compete.

  167. Believe he passed the test. The rest of the team is still up in the air.

  168. Coach already knows what Ed Davis can do out there.

  169. This game really sets the platform for Jeremy to come and shine in next game against Jazz. Its all perception, like how SCurry set during the first half, and everyone will rep SC set up the team to lead. No discredit to SC, he did whats needed.

  170. Oh well,
    The Good: Scott knows this team badly needs a Jeremy Lin leadership.
    The Bad: Teams will load up on Jeremy now.
    The Solution: Play Jeremy with Davis. Slap those lost big guys for a reality check.

  171. this is one game, that i’m not gonna rewatch again…hope we dont more of these! πŸ™

  172. And yeah…as predicted…the “Shoe” went to game highlights!!!

  173. Oh no, it is going to start over Jeremy!

  174. Seems to be a better defender compared to the whole team!

  175. Jeremy/Shoe combo will be interesting to see… with the shoe doing the dirty work.

  176. oh oh…

  177. I wonder how much can Scott do to make those players believe they can play at a high level. I think they need guys like Lin to make their game show, hence higher confidence and more pride of keep competing.

  178. Nick Y and Lin?

  179. Gotta love Ronnie Price’s Shoe-Gate! :]

    He’s a ‘shoo-in’ for ESPN Top Play tonight!


  180. Just as I predicted…

  181. What concern me is Hill and Boozer didn’t even try to stop penetration.
    I know it’s preseason but it sure looks like they haven’t bought into Byron’s defense first system.

    Lin would help but these big guys need to step up big time. I’d say Byron should make a statement to start Ed Davis if they don’t shape up.

  182. He could have bought 2000 mcchickens or 4000 jack in the box tacos… oh, well. live and learn πŸ™‚

  183. ok, do we even need Post-Game Analysis thread?

    Perhaps we wait if there’s a lot of Lin chatter as a result of this game.

  184. Current thread is fine πŸ™‚

  185. I’d say no.

  186. It takes time to drill the defensive initiative into the stick skull. We need to be patient. Kobe/Lin/Nash/Davis as seniors need to pick it up and instill on the rest as well.

  187. unfortunately this is the only time he can run these drills. WHen the season starts there wont be much time, for conditioning and defensive drills

  188. I agree and Byron did say he is making the practices hard to make the games easier.

  189. Once they show 3 more alley-oops, there’s no going back! :>

  190. That alley oop in the first game was definitely the highlight of the preseason so far. Hope to see more alley oops from pnr and in transition. Run Lakers Run!

  191. Between Mark Medina and Mike Trudell, Laker fans will be very informed how much they need Jeremy Lin this season

  192. sources: food poisoning from bad curry

  193. Serena Winters too.

  194. OT: Too funny, LeBron sets a pick for the other team. This is Javale McGee league.


  195. no, but we could use the pre-game earlier, like Tues. not too much to say about this game

  196. Good Idea, that’s move on

  197. Means……he is not going that gatorade shxt…

  198. Lol. Thanks for the translation.

  199. Meaning Jeremy must start and save Nash from future food poisoning. Got it.

  200. Just like the Lakers bigs not named Davis…

  201. Here’s the short review of tonight’s game from Paul Villarreal:


  202. good thought. Every game looks better and better for Lin, even for the one he didn’t play!

  203. Good idea on the short-name standard for the Game Thread. I like it!

  204. LOL @RachaelHoops “still better defense than james harden”


  205. The Lakers need to sign that shoe before it runs off to another team.

  206. LOL

  207. Nice to see Lakers are not sweeping things under the carpet and down playing Jeremy’s importance

  208. Without Jeremy I doubt there will be a longer version.

  209. They used to call Gary Payton the Glove. I wonder if they will start calling Price the Shoe.

  210. Haha my exact same thoughts.

  211. Dozing off is an excellent coping mechanism.

  212. I thought I could get Hill out in time, but you know how it is down there. Five minutes in the real world gives you an hour in the dream…

  213. That is scary…

  214. I forgot to ask. How’s the familiar Disqus experience compared to the Chat?
    We planned for another Disqus thread on Preseason Gm5 then back alternating for the rest of preseason games.

  215. Honestly, there are no lock down defenders that can lead by example. They simply don’t have the talent to to be a top 20 defensive team in the NBA. Scott needs to cut his losses and pull a Mchale. Focus on offense.

  216. this is BAD news. If Nash isn’t right, their season pretty much is over. His contributions are underrated.

  217. That’s it.

  218. I needed to get away from jeremylin.net. There are so many trolls and laker haters trashing on Jlin’s team mates. Hope it’s better here!

  219. Lin’s going to get a lot of playing time this year. Hope his body can handle it. His J needs to be on point and that floater he’s been practicing would be helpful.

  220. You can take refuge here πŸ˜‰

  221. I am leaning towards disqus for now.

  222. so far no disrespectful discussions here, and the legions of mods intend to enforce the rules:


  223. Thank you! I really need some positivity. There was too much negative post. They just need to relax, it’s only preseason!

  224. A good place to revitalize! πŸ™‚

  225. I’m on the same boat 59%-41%.
    I want to see more when Lin is playing in the game on Thursday

  226. Pity Byron; he got his handsfull; its gonna be sleepless night for him. Really looking forward on revamping…good lesson learnt

  227. Its pretty much known, he is not going to be main contributor on the floor, but more off the floor

  228. You came to the right place. Our vision: “Positively bringing together JLin fan”

  229. Byron allows 10-15 hosts, its enough for these guys to dominate the numbers, NY, JL and SN

  230. He played all 82 games in his first year in Houston even after coming back from injury. He can handle it.

  231. You’re much welcome here :]
    We try to stay optimistic but realistic here.

    Life is too short to get brought down by trolls and negativity. Watching Lin is supposed to be Linspiring after all :>

  232. Jeremy should be able to hold on to top 5 spot in assists in the regular season. His first year in Houston, he was top 10 and top 5 in assists and steals respectively for most of the 1st half of the season but couldn’t maintain it due to the unfair treatment. This year will be different!

  233. Definitely prefer Disqus. Can trace back the convo easier.

  234. Paul did say that he was only doing one vid for this game while the game was still going on. Not much to comment as there was no JLin:o))

    I totally lost my interest soon after second half began. Guess I’m thoroughly JLin. If one day JLin isn’t going to play, don’t think I will watch anymore ball game. NBA and other sports just can’t get my attention for long.

  235. Shoe-gate explained πŸ™‚

  236. You should have joined us here…trolling! πŸ™‚

  237. LOL. The mods were trolling hard tonight.

  238. We troll harder than the Trolls to keep them away! thumbsup

  239. Yeah! Teamwork!

  240. I pretty much agree with the LakersGround post-game analysis.

    The bigs (Hill and Boozer) simply need to do a better job with rim protection and not let GSW walk in there.
    GSW scored at will in Q1 and jumped to 28-7 and Lakers never recovered.

    I think Byron will challenge them to respond next game. I’m just not sure if they’re up to the task.


    Hill — — Surprising numbers with the 8 points and 7 boards in limited minutes. That’s double-double pace ball. He did hit a couple of jumpers in this one and had a nice reverse putback in the second half. But the Lakers bigs were thoroughly outclassed and really had no chemistry on the floor. β€œWe got a lot of stuff to work on. That’s the good thing about preseason,” Hill said. After Hill’s first score, the Lakers made just one of their next 22 shots.

    The Stats: He scored 8 points on 3-8 shooting to go with 7 boards (4 offensive), 2 assists, 1 block and 3 fouls in 21 minutes. He was a -23.

    The Action: He sank a one-footed elbow jumper off a deflected pass for the Lakers first score. He missed a point-blank tip. He choked an easy one-hander. He missed an 18-footer. He iso’d, slipped around his man baseline and was fouled on the reverse, he made both FTs.

    Second Half: He sank a step-back 16-footer straight away. He sealed his man, grabbed an offensive board on the other side of the rim and put it in before coming down. He missed an 18-footer.

    Boozer — — The Hill/Boozer combo has not looked good to start games. They just have too little footspeed defensively and too little rim protection to make up for mistakes. I know Byron wants to lean on his vets, but all we’ve seen from this unit is the Lakers getting into a big holes to start. They need to either figure something out quickly or Scott needs to experiment while the games don’t count. β€œWe got work to do. We’ll get in the lab and get better,” Boozer said.

    The Stats: He scored 10 points on 4-10 shooting (2-2 from the line) to go with 4 boards and 1 foul in 17 minutes. He was a -30.

    The Action: He missed a baseline jumper. He missed an elbow jumper. He missed a turnaround. He hit a jumphook in transition. He drew FTs taking contact in transition, he made both.

    Second Half: He missed a 17-footer, layup the other way. He was blocked on a layup attempt. He missed an 18-footer. He drained a short jumper in the lane over his man. He sank a FT jumper. He got his man off-balance and hit the open FT jumper.

  241. I did but also lost my interest:o))

  242. good take! nothing to disagree there. Both combined should have the mind to protect the rim

  243. My #1 impression is Byron Scott wanted the bigs (Hill and Boozer) to feel the humiliation w/41 loss (esp. on rim protection) so hopefully they will respond to the challenge in next games

    That’s also why he didn’t insert Ed Davis quickly in Q1 to cut down GSW lead. In fact, he didn’t play Ed Davis at all since he already knew what Ed Davis brought.

    Also he let marginal players play their minutes to see what they can do. I think Jabari Brown, Keith Appling, Roscoe Smith, Jeremy Tyler might be on the bubble to be cut.

  244. Hope…by next game, we get to see the full roaster (minus NYoung)

  245. Is Clarkson coming back or is it just Henry and Kelly?

  246. Agree with you, except the word “humiliation” Byron ran team drill this morning, obviously to show that they still lack the legs. This proves the point. I think at preseason, Byron didnt care much on winning but to install his philosophy and proving to them, on what they lack

  247. One week off

  248. Well we do have one Brent, but he is kinda shady…(just kidding I hold a mild amount of respect for him)

  249. Would you categorize him as a troll or hater or both?

  250. The folk here keep it light and positive. I am hey, I’m here and so far guess what? Not banned.

  251. I thought you are not here… make up your mind.

  252. I remember Pat Riley keeping the starters in when they were being blown out to send a message. Last year when the Rockets were blown out, McHale subbed in Lin during garbage time with 3 tier bench warmers. Some say you have to protect your players when the game is out of reach, well not when you lose because your starters are not putting in the effort. That is pampering not protecting and damaging to a teams culture.

  253. A traitor..

  254. I wasn’t…til now.

  255. Brents trolling and hating uplifts the spirit. I think he is unique in that way.

  256. It was a trick question. You passed the test. lol

  257. I’m dumb not retarded.

  258. What is that strange aura around his feet!?

  259. Are we going to have some kind of vote for the Game Chat experience. Also if I was asleep the whole time and am just catching up, do I get a vote?

  260. I didn’t get to participate in today’s live/in-game Disqus test. Did it not become bothersome to keep clicking on “new comments” to see the new comments?

  261. WOW, looks like its meltdown everywhere, LG, LN, JLnet

    Inner Peace! πŸ™‚

  262. Dont understand why some fans demands so much, when the odd is against us.

    1) Key players are not available (injured)
    2) New players on the team
    3) Team training is still going on
    4) Lineups guestimate is on going
    5) New Coach
    6) Need to instill the fundamentals and team philosophy – Priority One
    7) We are at PreSeason games, this is where real training especially for new teams happens
    8) Daily extra conditioning/training is ongoing

    So…what more can we aspect in terms of performance. Let the season start…only then evaluation would make sense

  263. Really!!! Haven’t checked any site. I know it will be bad but don’t know it won’t be this bad:o((

    JLnet became almost unbearable in the past few days. Haven’t really gone there today as I lost my interest in bb when I learned JLin wouldn’t be able to play. I tried to watch the game in the first few minutes but when I saw how bad it was, I tried to watch but….

  264. There are some level minded post as well, but mocking the team, coach and players…thats bad

  265. Highlight of the night …”Price-less-Shoe”…

    Kind of funny watching him tossed his shoe…jokes aside… Lakers looks tired, lethargic and low down demoralised.

    Anyone posted JLin’s court-side photos?

  266. “Lakers looks tired, lethargic and low down demoralised.”

    They thought, “No Lin? No chance. Let’s get this game over with.” =)

  267. LG and LN too? I’m not a Lakers fan, but I think they are like Yankees fans: Expectation to win the championship every year, or else they will be pissed.

  268. “almost unbearable in the past few days”

    Past few days? I’d say the past couple years.

  269. wait, really? Lin was top 10 in assists and top 5 in steals the first half of 2012-13? Do you have any links to that data?

  270. LOL Guess I didn’t pay as much attention in the past:o)) When I know something is bad like today’s happened. I avoided all JL fan sites except PFV. May go to have a glimpse on few posts. If it was bad, I just left. No point to waste my time and energy.

  271. When you are just cheering on in the middle of the game, Chat is more gratifying. But Disqus is better for deep and intellectual discussions about the team, coach, players, basketball..etc. such as the ones me and Brent have……..are not a good example.

    There is something about seeing a whole string of Yeah!!! babies!! scrolling up the screen when Lin makes a nice play that is very invigorating, Waking up and reading posts and seeing a Yippeee from me on Disqus 5 hours later, not so much.

    Conclusion : Stuck on the fence like a scarecrow.

  272. Kobe to Lin: “hmm, I guess it’s harder than I thought”


  273. btw, Curry shot that with 16 seconds left on the shot clock

  274. No screen either. Well contested shot though.

  275. You can tell when Lin had a good game or not by how fast he speaks during the intro.

  276. Jeremy Lin’s pre-game interview about his injury.

  277. Hmm, Brent and the walking dead…oh you mean the lakers last night!

  278. That was pretty good defending….nothing much can be done, when SCurry shoots like that

  279. Saying anything bad here will not last more than 30 seconds, you can tell more mods here than posters hehehe.

  280. Without Lin Garfield have no interest. No prayer.

  281. Did he thinks that the bball is ex-president Bush? hehe

  282. Dozing off? Beware of the nightmare.

  283. Let’s be honest here, your wife or you?

  284. Both? lol

  285. ha ha ha, that too…no the real show. thankfully, it re airs 2 hrs later.

  286. That’s one of the reason why GSW kept making noises but never really threatened teams like Spurs or even Thunder and Clippers…..

  287. Well….In that case, I guess their life will be full of anger….

  288. Remember, YOU ARE NOT HERE…..

  289. I think it is true….his stl will like 2 a game in the 1st half.

  290. Things could turn completely opposite if Boozer and Hill can hit jumpers and get 5 more rebs each.

  291. That was yesterday

  292. I thought that’s forever…

  293. Byron Scott: what went wrong on defense:


  294. I guess you will be banned either way? lol

  295. Being negative is ok, but some there are not negative, they are lost………

  296. He was still recovering from knee surgery and didn’t play that well. He was getting pulled from games and didn’t have consistent minutes. He’s older now, has more injuries — lingering back pain. Not the same.

  297. For them to have a chance in hell to compete, they need 20min/game from him.

  298. you’re probably right. “Humiliation” is too strong, more like “a wake-up call” at this point :]
    Let’s hope they’re freshly awakened haha..

  299. very true, they’d get a lot more opportunities because they’re vets and paid a lot more :]
    Besides, Boozer is the only qualified good-passing big man in the Princeton offense so it’s hard to replace him.

  300. Perhaps Ronnie is named after .. Ronald Reagan :]

  301. when Curry is that hot, it might be smarter to foul him so that he could only get 2pts rather 3pts.

  302. Come to check whether there is any post game analysis, guess no one would have any appetite to analysis 41 pts lost. I was out last night, and follow the game a bit on my phone with ballstream.com. Gosh, it is hard, never thought Lakers could be that bad, no changes and no improvement on defense was the most disappointed point for me.

    I guess guys are really tired, not sure what did Bryon do in his training camp. I remember in the first game when people say Jeremy looks tired, thus he went 0-6, I found that hard to believe. As I think Jeremy trained hard, and should be well conditioned, and he should survived the camp the best. Now look back, yeah, if Jeremy got that tired in the camp and was not able to recover, I think the camp might be too hard. And Byron might tried too hard at the beginning.

    Next game will be on Thursday so they have plenty of time to recover, and hopefully Byron could learn some lesson, and give those guys a break, but hold them accountable, and those big really need to move. Also I hope he could switch up the line up earlier.

    On the other hand, I do think Byron know what he is doing, he did not play Ed Davis much, and give those end of the bench guy more time, so he is scouting his roster now, and hopefully in the future games, he is getting closer and closer to his final line up. He might not start to make those move till a bit later, and he seen enough.

  303. Byron Scott easing off on practice time:


  304. What Laker highlights there were from last night’s game:

  305. I see what you mean. Each has strong points.
    We’d have to account for all pro vs cons (thread history, performance, level of user participation, interactive nature, logs, etc.) to make the final decision.

  306. i 2 needed to get away from the place u mention for the same reason; one particular really offensive new poster on there dominating the board. but the last time i was here i was delteted i have no idea why for a post that was in no way offensive just expressed an opposite opinion to the post i was commenting on. ill try again maybe there was a technical reason.

    the last game proves the difference with and without lin. in houston lin fans used to say with christ baldwin “no lin no win”

    in la. to date you can say “no lin, …a lot worse”.

    i only see 3 lakers offering anything postitive to date; lin, kobe and davis.

    henry swaggy and kelly are injured

    i never expected anything out of sacre and nash and no reason to change that.

    but boozer hill and johnson have been a disappointment. they either need to find some more game or lin and davis are in for a lot of minutes.

    randle i see having promise clarkson i see as a problem.

    thats everybody but i suppose if injuries remain of camp fodder price and ellington one or both mite have to be retained.

    bottom line after 3; lin looking good, lakers not so much. but wont really know anything until get all pieces available.

    the thing is (looking at lakers last year and around the league this pre-season) that may never happen.

    lakers are not good enuf individually to not have everyone available. hopefully before actual season gets too far perhaps they will.

  307. not all who are lost are capable of wonder

  308. For me, it’s not quite bothersome to click 1-2 Disqus “new comments”. When there are many, I always hit F5 to refresh to see all the latest comments.

    Or use Disqus notifications to see if there’a reply to respond first.

  309. its almost embarassing to be somewhere that the mild mannered brent yen patent-er of the short modest post is considered the troll and hater.

  310. yes, I see both approach when coach bench starters early since they don’t perform or make them play to feel the embarrassment of being outplayed. In either case, the coach holds the players accountable after game with consequence of reduced minutes for stubborn players.

    But HOU simply didn’t hold the star player accountable for not playing defense or breaking plays. That ruined the team chemistry and any chance of future championships. It was certainly that bad

  311. As long as we’re not full of anger, it’ll be OK πŸ™‚

  312. that’s a great point. The flow of conversation is much better than Chat, which is more linear

  313. LoL. We like to tease him and he teases back.

  314. Don’t have the link/data but I like to check the stats throughout the season and I’ve noticed he was ranked high in assists and steals at the time. Also if you watch those games, the Houston announcers frequently mention it. Remember, Jeremy had the most steals in January of that season.

  315. I think he successfully set the tone for this team. Now it is the matter of actually putting players to the correct positions for them to succeed( or to not fail) lol

  316. Exactly……hill and randle’s mind are just too slow to make a decision in time.

  317. No need to rush and further aggravate the injury.

  318. I looked it up. In the first half (first 41 games) of 2012-13, Lin was averaging 6.2 ast, 2.0 stl, 12.2 pts per game.

    6.2 ast/gm would have only placed Lin #19 in 2012-13. (Actually he finished with 6.1 ast/g and #19 anyways)

    2.0 stl/gm would have placed Lin #5 in 2012-13

  319. that was a sad highlight video

  320. So they actually practiced that morning……


  321. Nash is not OK. He only played 1 quarter in the 2nd preseason game of the year. To have his nerve problem act up again unfortunately most likely indicates that his productive career is essentially over.

  322. does not sound good with sciatica problem. I do hope those would help Byron to make decision of put Nash in second team, he is not reliable at this age. Pretty sure Jeremy’s injury kind of messed up Byron’s schedule. Jeremy suppose to start practice together with starters this week, but he will miss that very important week, the last week of training camp is pretty game heavy.

    I do feel Nash has behaved a bit selfish for this training camp, wanting to start, but it is really hard to blame him, as an athlete, I think it is really hard to face aging, accept reality, and they would always want to compete.

  323. I think the report was he was not feeling right even before the game, and the game just confirm that he could not overcome it in game condition. I think this would be an alert to him, that he is still 40 yr old, and he is still limited.

  324. Yeah, but there are some none-basketball reasons that does tied up Byron’s hand, and he has to do some changes step by step, such as sit Nash, such as get ball out of Kobe’s hand a little bit more, such as sit Hill. I do wish Davis eventually got to start.

  325. And this one from yesterday.

    Looks like Jeremy knows what to do after injury, elevate his foot. Looks not that much swollen, which is good. Not icing all the time, which is good, and he did not play yesterday, which is good.


  326. So many good-s…lol

  327. Actually, what I meant included those. It is just not a instant thing, more like a process, a long one…

  328. Byron Scott after practice today:


  329. Really? I don’t know much bout English (or American) names.

  330. Honestly thinking that Scott didn’t stop asking for suicides until he saw even the most conditioned player out of breath and tired; he’s trying to get them to reach the next level instead of just a set number.

  331. I tried going there when there was no new posts here… SUCH A BAD IDEA. I can’t believe how much argument there was in the posts about other posters.

    I come to these sites for news about JLin, not for the drama. I actually saw some posts there that said that drama was GOOD for sites. SMH.

  332. Agreed. The moment I see a personal attack against anyone, I find myself wincing at the post. Example: even though I may disagree with Mchale, I refuse to call him Mcfail or any other sort of name; it’s so unnecessary, it makes his name pretty much into a slur. Not only that, it causes the people who support the person immediately go on the defensive and then logic and reasoned discussion goes right out the window and it devolves into a spiral of personal attacks and he-said-she-said and “being right” instead of working together to find the right solution/answer.

  333. Posted it last night. It was in the latest sight of JLin thread.

  334. it’s true, drama and arguing brings more traffic to a site (at least in the short term)

  335. yeah, good defense. i think especially because 1) forced curry to push off with off arm which arguably is a foul 2) lured curry into attempting a very long three early in the shot clock

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