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  • For fans of new TV series FreshOffTheBoat, Scottie Pippen makes the first appearance

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    The below is the best explanation of what transpired in May vs. Pacman fight, from Pacman fan. He’s right on point on everything. Pacman is partly to blame for a boring fight. Pacman should have pummeled Mayweather’s body, not his head from the get-go. It’s true that Pacman fought like a dummy. The poster is right on point.

    “I was one of those people who thought Pacquaio was going to beat
    Mayweather. So for a fee, we were all invited to an event, hoping an
    actual fight would break out. Look, Floyd Mayweather has been winning fights like this his entire career. We know what Floyd is about, we know his style is boring and yet many pay to see him lose. I jumped off his PPV bandwagon a few fights ago, but invested in this fight because I truly thought we were going to get something different. At the very least to see Floyd in a fire fight. Do I feel ripped off? In a sense, but I know how typical FM fights are. He wins boring, technical fights, but he never states otherwise…so as fans if we feel ripped off, but we are to blame as well. I’m a Pacquaio fan and Manny lost this fight by fighting the wrong strategy that was a blueprint for a Floyd UD. MP followed him around without throwing. Mayweather could not have asked for anything better. I knew exactly what type of fighter Mayweather is. So did everyone else. Was banking on Manny to be the one to make it a different fight. He simply didn’t. Boxing is also about not getting hit.

    It may not be exciting, but Mayweather has his formula down to a
    technical science. So for the past 3 months we heard that Freddie
    Roach and Manny had devised the secret plan to crack Mayweather’s
    impenetrable defense. Instead, we got a Manny who fought like the
    typical Mayweather victim. He followed Floyd around and did not let his hands go. Before the fight, if someone would have told me that Floyd would throw more punches than Manny, I would have laughed you to scorn. For Pacuaio to win this fight , he needed to throw 800-1000 punches.

    Mayweather gets other fighters to fall into what I called The Mayweather trance. He feints, dances, freezes guys into not being able to throw punches, and when they finally let their hands go, Floyd leaves them no angle–or he is out of there.

    I blame this fight not being exciting on the guy who was supposed to
    make it that way and that was Pacquaio. He either failed to bring his A
    fight–or Floyd’s style caused that. If you are an honest person–you
    have to admit that Floyd won, he won in his technical boring scientific
    way and part of it was Pacquaio fighting only in spurts. Manny fought
    the wrong fight, while Mayweather fought his type of fight. Pacquaio
    and his fans–which I am one of them–for 14 years; stop whining–Manny lost a clear cut UD loss.

    I scored the fight 116-112 for Mayweather.”