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  1. For fans of new TV series FreshOffTheBoat, Scottie Pippen makes the first appearance

  2. Does technology hijack your family time and dinner? Noone laughs together, share stories and connect as a family?
    This Dolmio Pepper Shaker (soon to be released) might be the solution!

  3. Let me provide guideline on discussing politics/religion that could lead into heated discussions which can destroy our vision.
    I will need to have a short leash if the discussion causes fights among Lin fans.

    Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”
    Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans

    1. State your facts and your concern respectfully. We can only bring awareness but can’t force others to believe what we believe.
    2. Don’t alienate/put down others
    3. Be ready to agree to disagree
    4. Thank and compliment others for positively responding
    5. Repeat Step 4

    Thank you for your understanding.

  4. The below is the best explanation of what transpired in May vs. Pacman fight, from Pacman fan. He’s right on point on everything. Pacman is partly to blame for a boring fight. Pacman should have pummeled Mayweather’s body, not his head from the get-go. It’s true that Pacman fought like a dummy. The poster is right on point.

    “I was one of those people who thought Pacquaio was going to beat
    Mayweather. So for a fee, we were all invited to an event, hoping an
    actual fight would break out. Look, Floyd Mayweather has been winning fights like this his entire career. We know what Floyd is about, we know his style is boring and yet many pay to see him lose. I jumped off his PPV bandwagon a few fights ago, but invested in this fight because I truly thought we were going to get something different. At the very least to see Floyd in a fire fight. Do I feel ripped off? In a sense, but I know how typical FM fights are. He wins boring, technical fights, but he never states otherwise…so as fans if we feel ripped off, but we are to blame as well. I’m a Pacquaio fan and Manny lost this fight by fighting the wrong strategy that was a blueprint for a Floyd UD. MP followed him around without throwing. Mayweather could not have asked for anything better. I knew exactly what type of fighter Mayweather is. So did everyone else. Was banking on Manny to be the one to make it a different fight. He simply didn’t. Boxing is also about not getting hit.

    It may not be exciting, but Mayweather has his formula down to a
    technical science. So for the past 3 months we heard that Freddie
    Roach and Manny had devised the secret plan to crack Mayweather’s
    impenetrable defense. Instead, we got a Manny who fought like the
    typical Mayweather victim. He followed Floyd around and did not let his hands go. Before the fight, if someone would have told me that Floyd would throw more punches than Manny, I would have laughed you to scorn. For Pacuaio to win this fight , he needed to throw 800-1000 punches.

    Mayweather gets other fighters to fall into what I called The Mayweather trance. He feints, dances, freezes guys into not being able to throw punches, and when they finally let their hands go, Floyd leaves them no angle–or he is out of there.

    I blame this fight not being exciting on the guy who was supposed to
    make it that way and that was Pacquaio. He either failed to bring his A
    fight–or Floyd’s style caused that. If you are an honest person–you
    have to admit that Floyd won, he won in his technical boring scientific
    way and part of it was Pacquaio fighting only in spurts. Manny fought
    the wrong fight, while Mayweather fought his type of fight. Pacquaio
    and his fans–which I am one of them–for 14 years; stop whining–Manny lost a clear cut UD loss.

    I scored the fight 116-112 for Mayweather.”

  5. MJ to Kemba. We love you, but if someone better comes along……LOL. Life as an NBA player. It’s a business!

  6. MJ is trying to sell high to get an All-Star like Kahwi? Probably not going to happen 🙂

    But they missed the boat to invest in JLin/Kemba as the backcourt then Batum stays as SF.
    Oh well, I guess they only wanted JLin as the 6th Man for 1 year.

    But Kemba is truly an SG trapped in a PG’s body so there’s always that ceiling of how far they can go with him.


    “Why are millennials’ projected benefits under the GOP proposal lower than projected benefits after an across-the-board reduction under the current law? To keep the system solvent, the GOP’s benefit cut for millennials helps pay for the income tax reduction for affluent retirees and helps pay for phasing in benefit reductions for older workers instead of abruptly decreasing their benefits.”

    (extended rant: )


    Extended Rant #1 (The Boiling Frog Voter):

    Extended Rant #2 (Inconvenient Truths):

    Extended Rant #3 (Millenials and Boomers):

  9. Finally, an Asian tennis player who I think can be in top 5, stay there and compete for Majors titles — Hyeon Chung. He’s got the height and mental toughness to get to top 5 and stay there IF he manages to improve accuracy and power of his serve and add a little bit more power to his forehand, especially in his 2nd serve. His backhand is second to none, and he’s really mentally tough. He has the potential to become a GREAT tennis player, not just good like Nishikori, because he has the height and is young. Will definitely try to see him play LIVE at Indian Wells tennis tournament.

  10. Agree with all your points. I think the Hornets are finally admitting to themselves that they have completely misjudged the talents that they had.
    Just like the Knicks and the Rockets, the Hornets didn’t appreciate what they had in Lin. AND HE PROVED IT ON THE COURT TOO. What a foolish miscalculation.

  11. Jason Kidd is rumored to want to be the coach at Phoenix Suns

  12. I see Hyeon Chung is just 21 and has good height at 6’2″. He’s ranked #58 already? That’s quite good.

    How long do you think it will take him to compete at the Grand Slam tournaments? Wonder what @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus thinks about him

    I see Nishikori beat him in 5 sets in French Open recently so it’s quite competitive.

  13. A good NYTimes article uncovering the presence of millions of bots in social media (mostly on Twitter who allows bots). Be careful to have your twitter identity stolen.

    The Follower Factory
    Everyone wants to be popular online. Some even pay for it. Inside social media’s black market.


    (remember, in future when any politician, Democrat or Republican, tries to argue to make these individual tax cuts permanent (everything except for the corporate tax cut, the 20% pass through rate for plutocrats, and “chained” cpi indexed tax brackets is supposed to expire on December 31, 2025 (budget reconciliation rules so this tax bill can be permanent with 50 vote majority in Senate: ), what would be locked in is the 2027 numbers, which would get much worse in second and third decade because of the compound interest effects of “chained” cpi) &


    “The deal adds $300-400 billion to the deficit over two years, and could ultimately add $1.5 trillion to the national debt, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated.”

  16. Pre-Game Research: Repeal & Replace? vs. “correction” of honest drafting errors?

    Full Rant:


    ⚠️ / / ⚠️


    Swamp Humor for the Holidays?:

    1) The entire Tax Cuts and Jobs Act should be completely repealed & replaced, with every penny of tax avoidance giveaways already stolen from ordinary Americans who actually pay taxes in this country [ / ] in the fiscal Q4 of 2017 (LOL, how do trickle down, retroactive tax cuts lead to new job creation?), and all of 2018 be clawed back,

    2) start to Drain The Swamp by closing ALL loopholes and reduce the statutory corporate tax rate to 28% [ & / / ] because a 28% corporate tax rate is revenue neutral, and still has mild stimulatory effect on economy, then

    3) re-write the entire tax code from scratch, in a very thoughtful and deliberate way under John McCain’s “regular order”, just like Obama wanted so tax incentives are designed to promote true investment and innovation and proper allocation of capital in a true free market economy, not just more tax avoidance loopholes which politically connected multi-national corporations and donor class lobbyists carve out for themselves:

    And in the interim, there is no reason that all the supposedly “honest” drafting errors in swamp creatures Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act can’t be patched immediately in completely transparent standalone bills with no political pork attached (e. g. child tax credit and earned income tax credit now have no inflation index at all, not even “chained” CPI, or the new 20% pass through rate for supposed small businesses [ ] that allows businesses unlimited State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions [ ], even though they are now capped at $10,000 for individuals who can’t define their income as business profits, with absolutely no inflation indexing at all now, too)

    [Air tight 21% corporate AMT that someone tried to slip into the bill at last minute, but was vetoed ( ) is another obvious immediate stop gap measure that a populist Decider-in-Chief like Rubber Stamp Trump should presumably take great joy in imposing on the swamp: ]

    ➡️ ( )


    (side note: economist on CNBC Asia recently said that this reckless spending bill ( ) is adding 1% to GDP in both the third and fourth quarter of 2018, but will wear off next year and just leave another mountain of debt in it’s place: )


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