Oct 9 Lakers vs Warriors Preseason Pre-Game Thread

There is a lot of intriguing questions for this Preseason Game 2:

  • Will JLin be determined to score more in Preseason Game 2 vs the Warriors? Or will he be content to stay as a playmaker for the 2nd team? Will he get 6pts/9asts or will he get 12pts/5asts?
  • Coach Byron said he’d like to see Lin/Davis connection so will they be the 1st two players off-the-bench?
  • Will JLin get to play with the starters for 5-8min as Byron tests this rotation?
  • What is JLin’s mindset entering Game 2? Will he change the mind of some analysts like Coach Miller who thinks he will only average 8pts/5asts playing in the 2nd team?
  • How many minutes will Byron give Lin to play? Lin played the most minutes at 27 in Preseason Game

Let’s cast Your Vote on JLin’s performance!

If people like it, we can tally up points for people’s prediction for the season to see who knows JLin performance the best 😀

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