Oct 9 Lakers vs Warriors Preseason Pre-Game Thread

There is a lot of intriguing questions for this Preseason Game 2:

  • Will JLin be determined to score more in Preseason Game 2 vs the Warriors? Or will he be content to stay as a playmaker for the 2nd team? Will he get 6pts/9asts or will he get 12pts/5asts?
  • Coach Byron said he’d like to see Lin/Davis connection so will they be the 1st two players off-the-bench?
  • Will JLin get to play with the starters for 5-8min as Byron tests this rotation?
  • What is JLin’s mindset entering Game 2? Will he change the mind of some analysts like Coach Miller who thinks he will only average 8pts/5asts playing in the 2nd team?
  • How many minutes will Byron give Lin to play? Lin played the most minutes at 27 in Preseason Game

Let’s cast Your Vote on JLin’s performance!

If people like it, we can tally up points for people’s prediction for the season to see who knows JLin performance the best 😀

What is the JLin's stats for Preseason Game 2 vs. Warriors?


  1. First! LOL No competition as North Americans go to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz:o))

  2. @Psalm234 JLin played slightly over 27 not 24 minutes in Preseason Game 1.

    JLin said he wouldn’t change anything but improved. So I hope he will do at least 10 points with 7 assists:o))

    Please cheer for me as I won’t be able to watch the game until much later. Have a med test appointment at the beginning of the game. I do hope I’m able to watch second half of the game.

  3. ok, I’ll correct it :] thanks
    For sure, our prayers will be with you .. Just don’t get your heartbeats racing during the med test because you can’t wait to watch, haha 🙂

  4. a gift for you 🙂

  5. Thanks! Not sleeping yet??? Pretty late for you.

  6. LOL No worries at that department as the test has nothing to do with heart:o))

  7. about too 🙂 Don’t forget to vote!

  8. good.. later then .. zzzz

  9. What? Where??

  10. Nite nite!!!

  11. in the post 🙂

  12. Thanks! You added it in while I was in the page. Couldn’t see it unless I refreshed the page:o)) Got it now!

  13. Take care.

  14. Game against GSW will be interesting. Traditionally JLin has done pretty decent against them. However I don’t think JLin will turn on the scoring machine just yet. He is still feeling the way playing with new team mates and esp if he is again put with the rookies. But I am not worried at all if JLin has zero point (though very low probability). We may get to see more of Price coming in. JLin and Kobe have already proven they can compete so HC may let DNPs have more minutes. I also hope to see more of JC in action.

    Staying healthy is top priority


    North Americans “failed” this time.

  16. If the game is close or the Lakers are winning, I think Jeremy will concentrate on fine-tuning his game. If the Lakers start falling behind I think he might try to take over and change the momentum of the game.

    By the way, I find Disqus to be unstable at times. Occasionally when I post something it puts the message in moderation. I find that odd because I never use vulgarity in my posts or mention other web sites. Also, at times, if I post a message and include a tweet, refreshing the screen multiple times still doesn’t cause the tweet to appear. There is probably nothing that can be done about these concerns at a local level but I thought I’d pass them along regardless.

  17. Voted other 10points / 10assists

  18. 14pts, 7assts, 26minutes.

  19. Those are pretty much. known issues. Maybe psalm has more insights

    T times, although certain words are common usage, but for some reason Disqus doesnt like it, so we need to be diligent in choosing those words

    As for tweeters, it should appears, else try closing and opening your browser to view it.

  20. You take care, now

  21. It all depends on the number of minutes, if the minutes remains the same as PSG1, then my guess is 12/7

  22. I also found Disqus at times to be too “cautious” to hold comment for approval even when there are no “bad words”. I’ve had mine and others in pending but I found no words matching the restricted words list. Disqus might have some internal rule that I can’t see.

    The mods would just have to be more diligent to check pending messages to approve good ones. If I found the reasons, I would make some adjustments.

    Thanks for sharing the observations.

  23. Thanks, Mak. Yes, tweeter and pics always need refresh to display them. These are known Disqus behaviors

  24. I got a feeling that Byron will play Lin/Davis more + Lin/starters to get Jeremy into scoring mode.
    Byron knows Lin is the most durable playmaker in the Lakers now so he’d want him to be in rhythm with his shooting and playmaking.

    After preseason game 3-4 and Lin looks comfortable in his role, Byron might reduce Lin’s minutes to rest him & evaluate players to cut (19 to 15)

    And curiously, Jeremy has been talking about his scoring ability as his strength and he needs to focus more on it in Game 2. No doubt he wants to gain coaches’ trust that he is reliable as a scorer too. Let’s hope he’ll get his usual 15/6 stat … or better :]

  25. last game you got the min correct :]
    This time I think you’ll get the 14/7 right!

  26. Double-double would be an ideal outcome at his 1st home game at Staple Center!

  27. Should I go get a powerball ticket if I get all 3 right? hehe

    On second thought, powerball are six numbers so if only get 3 numbers right that mean only a few dollars.

  28. Usually preseason games are more about getting to see your personnel and tweaking the teams offense and defense. But in Kerrs case he will probably go for the win, to prove his worth as head coach. So if the rookies get very limited playing time, the Warriors have a huge advantage of putting seasoned players who have played at least 1 season together, against the Lakers who are just beginning to get to know each other. That said 12 points 6 assists. Go Lin.

  29. I wrote a program that got 4 out of 6 once for $100 :]
    So if u get all 3, let’s get in business LOL

  30. A win will be much better. But for a young team. Cumulatiing small sucesses is more important. GSW can shoot, it is a good chance to test LAL’s defensive scheme. Sometimes, a win hides a lot of bad things.

  31. How much did you spend before you get that $100? I’m alLin if spend less than $100 to get $100. =)

  32. Yay!!

  33. 13 pts, 8 asts, 3r, 2 steals, 1blk, 4/6 fg, 1/2 3fg, 4/5 ft, couple drives to the basket for a reverse lay up or a floater, perhaps a mid range jumper and finally lots of smiles…
    Well, the last one is the only guarantee 😉

  34. Good business sense :] less than $100 but since then they added more numbers so it didn’t work as well haha…

  35. Thanks, Psalm.

  36. That is a very detail prediction LOL.

  37. Byron Scott says Nash is fine but he seems to be contemplating starting Lin.



  38. I predict lin will exactly what the coach asks him to do. He’ll give his 100% effort and impact the team in anyway the coach wants him to.

    IMO Scott is trying to change the culture of the Lakers team away from the current nba standard star system back towards a Spurs template. In Scott’s system, what will matter is if everyone buys into a team first ideal. This will be easy for lin to do, BUT IT WILL BE HARD FOR US TO ACCEPT. Players like Harden, Melo and even Lebron look at their teammates as pieces to help THEM to perform better. They believe that when they themselves perform better, then the team will win. There’s a video of NASH bras Lakers in the playoffs on utube in which he scored 17pts and had 23 assists. It’s time we went back to a team game again like that.

    “Don’t ask what your teamates can do for you, ask what you can do for your teammates”

  39. Mark Medina with more background on Lin:

    “He seems to be able thrive when given an opportunity,” Scott said. “He’s going to get an opportunity. There will be times he starts like tonight could be one of those nights. There’s going to be nights he’s coming off the bench playing 20-something minutes. I think he’s ready to be honest with you. His role doesn’t change if he’s starting or not. His role will be the same.”


    “The second unit was playing extremely well. You don’t want to break that group up, but a lot of times that will be out of my control,” Scott said. “It goes on with what’s going on with us as a team and certain individuals.”

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/10/09/byron-scott-likely-to-start-jeremy-lin-rest-steve-nash-vs-warriors/

  40. Any items will need refresh to display them except just words. Very annoying but this is what it’s. Just bear with it:o((

  41. Thanks! Just another hiccup with my health I hope. Nothing serious will be found:o))

  42. They all went to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz except Psalm234 who created the new thread very early for us from the other side of the world:o))

  43. LOL

  44. Jeremy Lin is starting tonight.— Lakers Dynasty (@DYNASTY_ON_LA) October 9, 2014

  45. Anyone here agrees to Lakers taking more 3-point shots instead of limiting the numbers? Just for this game vs GSW.

  46. Oh no JLin won’t be a starter now. Stay in second unit.

  47. Have a very clear streaming here:

  48. If that is true – Pretty good strategy by HC.
    The way I see it as highest regards to JLin orchestrating the 2nd unit again. That is a high calling. Not the same as when he was in Houston.

  49. Scott mentioned yesterday or the day before he wanted to stay with the same unit for the first two games, mixed in the next few games, then the last couple preseason games wouldl be the most likely rotation for the regular games. That was why I was surprised to see he was a starter and now it all makes sense:o))

  50. So confusing about who is starting as just saw this:

    Byron says it's definite Nash will rest. Jeremy Lin will start tonight— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 10, 2014

  51. sorry, I got blank when clicking the link?

  52. Here’s where the focus of the Warriors won’t be tonight, apparently:


  53. I think Lin will focus on team chemistry in preseason. He doesn’t need to prove that he can score. More important to develop chemistry with teammates, knowing how they cut, where they like the ball. I predict 10 pt / 6 ast.

  54. You know what was my favorite part of the Preseason Game 1 highlights? When Lin talked strategy with Kobe on the court and Kobe listened to him intently and nodded in agreement. That shows that Kobe respects Lin.

    Can you imagine Harden in that situation? He would be more like, “You the point guard? Just pass me the ball.”

  55. Interesting. I guess it’s like NFL preseason where the coaches just do vanilla offense and defense, and just focus on the fundamentals rather than try to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses.

  56. Mike Trudell with Jeremy before the Warriors game:

  57. Hi Psalm,

    At noon eastern time on Friday this link is working:


    I’ve attached the Lakers’ and Warriors’ logos as examples. One of the images is a GIF and the other is PNG. Hope that’s not problematic.

  58. thanks, it works now. Yes, I have these pics in the Media Gallery already so we can choose them as ‘Featured Image’ when creating posts.

    Was that what you meant?
    I also see nice All-Stars logo

  59. Things are looking up at Lakers. Lazy players making no effort in D or O will definitely be axed. I think they will be keeping JR and JC. May spend some time in D League probably.

  60. I agree. They do have some real talent and will be keepers. D-League will be good but if they’re short-handed with injuries, they might get some PT in 2nd team

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