Oct 9 GSW @ LAL Post Game

(Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

@realdsb: Add your grades and post game analysis here!

Min FG 3Pt FT Pts Reb Ast TO
Q1 9 2-2 1-1 2-2 7 1 1 1
Q3 12 2-2 0-0 3-4 7 3 3 0
Total 21 4-4 1-1 5-6 14 4 4 1

Here’s my analysis for Thursday’s game:


  • We told you not to worry about Lin’s scoring! He had 14 pts on only 4 FGA.
  • Another efficient passing game: 4 ast with only 1 turnover. In preason now, Lin has 14 ast and only 2 turnovers.
  • He shot his 3 ptr with no hesitation and was a perfect swish. (Sadly, it was the only 3 ptr that the Lakers made).



  • Lin was guarding Curry mostly. After the 1st quarter, Lin held Curry to 0-1 shooting, 2 pts, and 3 TOs. And even for the first 7 minutes of the 3rd quarter, Lin held Curry to only 2 pts. So the first 16 minutes Lin guarded Curry, Curry was only 1-2, 4 pts, 3 TOs.
  • Then Lin made his run-in-circles layup on Curry, and that seemed to set Curry off. Curry got hot and scored 12 pts in the next 2.5 minutes.
  • Lin was quick to get back on transition defense when the Lakers turned it over on offense. He stopped at least two Warriors fast freaks.
  • Overall, I thought Lin played well on defense. He had a miscommunication and allowed Curry a backdoor layup. For the most part, he shut down Curry except for those 2.5 minutes, but when Curry’s that hot, no one can stop him anyways.
  • The Lakers team defense has a long ways to go.


Grade: B+

Brent Los Angeles Lakers were crushed by the Golden State Warriors and I will give some observations/opinions on this game (on top of @realdsb’s).

  • Lin played a really great game, In 21 minutes of playing he had 14 points on 4-4 shooting. He also dished 4 assists and grabbed 4 rebounds with only 1 turnover.
  • Seems like Lin’s legs was back, his jumper was rhythmical, and his speed was explosive. All the worries from game 1 about his shooting should be died down now. However, he still need to figure out how to play with Kobe (or to some extend, some rookies). The lack of aggression from both Lin and Kobe right after the tip off was one of the big reason why GSW felt comfortable and made shots at high rate.
  • Lin’s defense was great individually. But the whole team was not good as an unit. Often, you see Lin play squared to Curry while Bigs were either too slow or did not hedge on ball handler at all. LAL preaches no middle penetrations, and GSW got a lot of that due to miscommunications on LAL’s side. Those errors are, again, correctable.
  • Lakers’ bigs except Ed Davis were killing their own team on both end of the floor. Boozer and Hill, in particular, were just liabilities. Both are not rookies, hence I think Scott will make them understand what he wants in his system quickly.

All in all, the problem of this LAL team is not about how much talent they got. It is just about the cohesiveness among players and coaches. Given a roster this young, the gelling process will need time. I liked the offensive schemes in general from Scott. Yesterday were mostly triangles and loop play. One elevator play was called for Lin but was defended well by GSW. Man…when Lin turned on that after bunner, he is really really fast. Overall, I will give Lin an ” A- “.

@TTNN: Nice summary! For sure will come to check this out for your post game analysis in the future.

So after watch the game, I’d like to share some of my thoughts here:

  1.  Am I the only one feel that Jeremy is not moving as freely as he suppose to be? I had this feeling last game too. Not really during his move in action, but more when the game is in a pause, the way he stand and the way he walks. Hope his back is not acting up. But anyway, that does not seem really bad, and now the schedule is not hard, so he should have enough time to recover.
  2.  Am I the only one feel that now Jeremy could get foul called much easier now than when he was in Rockets? He got 6 three throw chances, and none of them got hacked really hard. Which I thought in Houston, some of those might end up as TO. I think that goes to the same level as when he was in Knicks, he could get those foul calls pretty easily, but in Houston, it just looks like if he is not bleeding, he could never buy a whistle. Really happy to see that.
  3. E. Davis is better than J. HIll? Not sure which one is longer, but Davis is way better in P&R defense, and more active. Hill and Boozer are lazy and they don’t move during offense, nor during defense. Hill had flashes, but not consistent. He is resting here and there. Boozer somehow don’t have passion in this team, just my feeling.
  4. Kobe’s game is fun to see. Really looking forward to see Jeremy and Kobe get used to each other and play off each other, then the team’s offense would be really fun.
  5.  This team don’t run. 🙁 And they are missing shooters. And this team is mentally not strong enough at this moment, but that would improve.
  6.  I like both rookies, but they are not ready. Long way to go. Randle is better than TJ, but he is kind of slow in response. Hope he is a smart person can learn quick. I like Clarkson, once he learns to play within himself, he would be good. I see him a 2 though.

Anyway, that’s it. Would be interesting to see how the team chemistry develop when they are losing. As they need to go through those a lot. Also how long can Kobe stay cool when the team is losing would be important.