Oct 6 Lakers vs Nuggets Preseason Pre-Game Thread

Mon, 6 Oct, Denver NuggetsValley View Casino Center, San Diego, CA (Preseason #1) 19:00 

2:32 pm VIDEO: Byron Scott shared what he expects from his team in the 1st preseason game after 1 week of training camp.

Two things Byron wants to prioritize are:
1. Intensity on the defensive end
2. How the Lakers rebound on the defensive end (i.e. measure defensive Opponent Field Goal%)

This makes sense because that’s what Byron wants to prioritize as a team (defense). And there’s not enough time to implement complex X and O set plays. But they can always put in 100% defensive effort. Very refreshing to see since not many NBA teams require star players to go through hard defensive drills and conditioning. What Kobe did in TC to partake in tiring defensive drills set the tone for all the Laker players, especially young ones.

Note: Byron praised how well his team performed in Training Camp and has better conditioning than what he expected. He counted on 10-11 reliable players he can count on but with Nick Young and Xavier Henry down, he has to adjust the plan. Kobe might play more on 3 (SF position). Byron wants him to play on below FT and extended area to do the most damage like in practice. Byron expects Nick Young to be back in 4-6 weeks (mid-Nov or late-Nov) timeframe.