Oct 6 Lakers vs Nuggets Preseason Pre-Game Thread

Mon, 6 Oct, Denver NuggetsValley View Casino Center, San Diego, CA (Preseason #1) 19:00 

2:32 pm VIDEO: Byron Scott shared what he expects from his team in the 1st preseason game after 1 week of training camp.

Two things Byron wants to prioritize are:
1. Intensity on the defensive end
2. How the Lakers rebound on the defensive end (i.e. measure defensive Opponent Field Goal%)

This makes sense because that’s what Byron wants to prioritize as a team (defense). And there’s not enough time to implement complex X and O set plays. But they can always put in 100% defensive effort. Very refreshing to see since not many NBA teams require star players to go through hard defensive drills and conditioning. What Kobe did in TC to partake in tiring defensive drills set the tone for all the Laker players, especially young ones.

Note: Byron praised how well his team performed in Training Camp and has better conditioning than what he expected. He counted on 10-11 reliable players he can count on but with Nick Young and Xavier Henry down, he has to adjust the plan. Kobe might play more on 3 (SF position). Byron wants him to play on below FT and extended area to do the most damage like in practice. Byron expects Nick Young to be back in 4-6 weeks (mid-Nov or late-Nov) timeframe.


  1. 1st….hehehe

  2. Team defense is and always will be about limiting high percentage shots. Let’s hope this LAL team can squeeze in the TOP 10 in D.

  3. hahahaha I didn’t make it mainly because I read what Psalm was written and u got it here first:o)) My heart isn’t into being the “first.” hehehehe

  4. Thanks Psalm for the good summary of what Scott has said. Can’t wait to see how all these will translate in tomorrow game and thereafter. Am really excited about this.

  5. Amazing!
    Even when being under the radar, you can lightning-quick reflex! LOL
    I guess you gave @blubell and Melody one chance each, haha..

  6. Yeah! Strong team D and health would be the recipe of having any chance to make the playoff … plus beating Houston in Game 1 😀

  7. You’re welcome, Melody 🙂 I like Byron Scott more every time I listen to him.
    I really really hope Byron will try to put Kobe/Lin/Nash 3-2-1 lineup at the same time to experiment in closing games.
    That would make me very happy for preseason game 1. haha…

  8. LOL I’m not that greedy. Just playing that in any of the time will do. Just give me a glimpse of that combination and I’m a very happy camper:o))

  9. LOL @Psalm. Don’t believe that @Brent is “under the radar.” He is always on the radar. It’s just a matter whether Brent wants to be off the radar lol

  10. @psalm234:disqus are we using the chat room or this thread for in game chat?

  11. Haha. I was watching the Cav’s preseason game. You snooze you lose I guess.

  12. LOL……well…this is a serious competition! LOL JK…

  13. Nop Can’t compete with a person that is always on the radar lol

  14. Thinking it’s better here than chat room. It’s gone from the record very quickly if u miss it certain # of posts. Haven’t learned how to retrieve the previous posts.

  15. We’ll create another post for Game Thread w/ Disqus comments as the main discussion but I can include the Game Chat in the post for experimentation.

    I doubt the Chat would be performing quite well with > 15-20 users but let’s give it a shot.

  16. That’s true. We can log the chat but not quite sure how it works to retrieve it easily.
    Let’s give it a try

  17. LOL As I’m good in trying to read and watch at the same time. Don’t even try to make any comment in the past. So, I’ll probably give it a miss in trying out:o)) I will be too slow in making any response:o))

  18. Good oL print-screen…caveman style.

  19. I have something I want to discuss with you about some gifts(or freebies or whatever they are called). Is there anyway I can contact you? (This is yet another one of those rare occasions where I am being serious)

  20. Legendary Lakers @goldlakerss 25 minutes ago
    One surprising thing that happened today in practice, Jeremy Lin practiced the first scrimmage but sat out the 2nd. While Nash played both.

  21. I m trying to send a personal message to brent and psalm but it is not working is something wrong? am I blocked?

  22. ???? Apparently not. You still can send message here. @brentyen:disqus @psalm234:disqus will be the one who have the answer.

  23. Click on their website avatar… not the disqus avatar. It should take you to their profile where you can send private messages.

  24. was trying to send a message to both at the same time… gave up just sent it to each individually. I have sent them both messages before but for some reasons it would not let me this time… no problem just had to copy paste the message and send it twice.

  25. I found it interesting that Scott said that after he saw that Nash played ‘excellent’ in the scrimmage, he had him sit down. I’m betting that he thought that Kobe and Lin looked excellent in scrimmages too so had also rested him today.

  26. Got your message!! I replied!!!

  27. replied back. I would rather the conversation have been with both of you but for whatever reasons I could only send to one at a time.

  28. just got your message. Let me try to reply to @brentyen:disqus and you.

  29. Psalm set it up for all of us.

  30. I’m not seeing anything in messages.

  31. He used an old thread that you used to send us for info

  32. Kobe and Lin are the leaders of this team. Nash is just too fragile…

  33. I used the “I’ll be out” thread from 1-2 weeks ago.
    If you couldn’t find it let me try DM in twitter.

    Sorry, I’m also having the problem of only sending one at a time only

  34. @psalm234, is there anyway to move the floating Tweet and reddit box?

  35. yeah, I have to move it to the left side.
    It gets very distracting on the right side.

    Thanks! You summed up Byron Scott very well. Pretty soon Byron will be Linning :]

  36. With this in mind, the strength of the team is how much the weakest link can withstand in game time. The helping defense seems to be what Jeremy’s game is about. Hope the 2nd unit will flourish in the preseason in time to torch the Rockets. The first game of the season will set the tune for the team for this season.

    One thing for sure is, this team will be in a better condition than the Rockets because it has a real coach. The Houston team has to count on their assistant coach to do the work for McHale. What they can think of is only hero ball with D12 in the paint and Harden around the perimeter. Yeah, the 3 point shots too. Perimeter defense of the Lakers will neutralize the 3 point shooters like Troy Daniels.

    Can’t wait to see the 1st regular season game against the failing Rockets..

  37. You hit the nail on the head with your point that a team’s (chain) strength is as strong as the weakest link during game time. POR definitely embarrassed HOU by exploiting Harden’s weak D over and over again that I believe it affected his psyche on the offensive end.

    It’s good that Lakers has the complete opposite of philosophy by emphasizing defense under Byron Scott.

    I would probably check how Harden’s D might improve in the preseason games. I don’t think much will change to be honest. I hope Lakers will gel more as a team in preseason and be in tip-top shape defensively by Oct 28. It would be so satisfying if Houston’s defense get exploited again because they don’t hold Harden accountable on defense. Harden is the total opposite of Kobe when it comes in defense.

  38. Let me give a bit negativeness…lol

    If Scott preach help defense. More often than not, the defense will be broken down within 24 seconds due to the elite NBA offense. Think of it this way, if some points need help means you are playing catching up. You are just trying to STAY in a play. The terms will be dictated by the offensive team.

    ALso I noticed Nash never helps “one pass away” while multiple young players do. This will kill the team in the long run because they are facing NBA shooters.

    That been said, I do think Scott knows it. He is basically just trying to do what he can do, which is making sure players will rotate correctly to stay in a play. This part is not about the effort, if you made a wrong move defensively, the more effort you put the worse you get. It is just as simple as that.

  39. I agree. Byron knows that Kobe and Lin bring excellence to the game based on the past 5 days. So they just need plenty of rest to have a go tomorrow vs. the Nuggets.

    Even in a meaningless preseason game, I think Byron would like to get a win with defensive effort to set the tone for the young players.

  40. You’re doing mighty fine being a devil’s advocate, Brent :] I got your point.

    Help D can only do so much to contain explosive offense. Byron just wants all personnel to give their max effort to raise their hands and rotate to contest shots, then hope for lots of rebounds.

    I think you’re right that with young players like Randle and Clarkson and no big bodies, Byron is thinking what will get them to the playoff. Defense and running would compensate lack of talent and big bodies. I bet he’s observing Phoenix Suns surprise recipe last year plus Rockets’ effort to get 8th seed in 2012. They run and gun basically. But the wrinkle is the slow team of ‘Kobe/Nash’. I would be interested in your post-game analysis to see how well their defensive formation holds up for 1st and 2nd team. :}

    As for the team approach, Byron has the unenviable task of having 2 teams (slow/old/experienced and fast/quick/inexperienced) to mesh well. And too bad Swaggy, Ryan Kelly, Wes Johnson are already down in TC.

    I’m counting on Lin’s ability to elevate his 2nd team performance that he’s also gaining trust from Byron to play-make for the 1st team in crunch time. It will take some time but seeing how Lin’s smile got wider as the TC went by, I’m sure he’s comfortable with what he needs to do help the Lakers win in 1st or 2nd team. The guy is like a sponge to be able to learn quickly from 1 mistake and gets better immediately :]

  41. I bet Nash doesn’t help 1 pass away because he will either be too slow to recover, or tweak something if he shifts gears too hard. But I think this kind of defense will only struggle against pass first teams. I remember it takes less than a second for a guard to move from the post to the perimeter, so as long as you have the Hardens of the world on your team, the Lakers defense should be able to hold down the fort. (hopefully)

  42. Any idea when Kelly is coming back? I thought I saw Wes in some of the practices…

  43. lol…..that is about discipline. helping one pass away and allow middle penetration are the 2 worst thing you can do playing defense. Helps have to come from the weakside and ball handlers have to be pushed toward the side line.

  44. I am just testing…

  45. it is also about matchups and personal talents. THat shell drill they did was about the contain dribble penetration while contesting shots when needed. For example, if Rondo is handling the ball, probably a few screen and re-screen plus a snake weaving after the final screen can get him to the middle of the paint anyway.

  46. will be in the end of this week I think.

  47. Hey so I have been trying to talk to you about these books that a group of friends from Taiwan made. They are not for sale, and there are like a few left over gathering dust (in acceptable condition). It’s in mandarin though, and from the Linsanity days when Lin was a Knick. I was wondering if you could come up with some sort of event so they could be sent out as gifts??

  48. In Taiwan? when did you try to talk to me? Not sure about the event tho, I do not live in TW now.

  49. FWIW, they exploited Parsons too…:P

  50. Been trying to find a way to send you a message (obviously did not succeed). About the event I was referring to something like… people from this site guess Lin’s average stats for the pre-season, and the closest 3 win. Then I can just mail it to them.

  51. Oh wow…haha ok… I think so far this site does not have enough user to do that tho…..We 2 probably will win all of it…:P

  52. next Thursday is the estimate. Not sure how accurate this is for a hamstring injury

    ‏@MarkG_Medina Oct 4
    Byron Scott hopes to get Ryan Kelly back practicing by Thursday

  53. We shall see.

  54. Why does it sound like a threat= =

  55. They, thanks for the offer. I think,it is doable, but has to wait after this site is more matured

  56. Lol not at all….

  57. Watching the training camp yesterday, the intensity was much greater doing the defensive drills. Scott demanded everyone to play their top defense and will drill the entire team whenever there is a defensive lapse in one of the players. That’s how it should be.

    I am pleased that Jeremy is mentoring Jordan Clarkson, not because he has Filipino heritage (I’m not one of the many kabayans who burst with excitement whenever someone is reported to have some Filipino roots or some Filipino connection like RIP Robin Williams, even if it’s,like 1/82 percentage) but because Jeremy as a mentor, he is grooming the rookie not just on the basketball aspect, but also on the other aspects of life. There is only one trivial thing I want to know: what are the rookie hazings Jeremy is doing to Jordan aside from the usual carrying the vets bags and eating last during team meals.

  58. Teams can assign up to four players, cut from training camp, to the D-League as affiliate players. Players assigned are still free to receive call ups from other teams (or other leagues). Teams can offer some salary, too. The three Orlando Magic players that are likely to be sent to the Erie BayHawks have guarantees in the $75-$150k range.

    See : http://www.basketballinsiders.com/cuts-coming-as-nba-nears-season/

  59. The waiting is unbearable. How does the Lakers team look like in game situation with Jeremy running plays as PG? One thing for sure is Jeremy will play as a PG.

  60. I just read this post over on LakersGround [post link], and I confess that I entirely missed this player during all practices, videos, etc. But if Lin was winning multiple 3on3’s with this guy and Sacre, I hope the Coach has his eye on him. We can use someone like that if he’s consistent. Did anyone else see him in the practice videos?

    lakersboy – Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:07 am
    “Did everyone miss Jabari Brown, the leading scorer on Clarkson’s team last year? I had to hear Scott call his 1st name before I knew who he was and then I started watching him. Reggie Millar and Rick Fox never mentioned him. First, he made a Goudelock type 1 handed runner from above the free throw line with such ease that even Nick Young raised an eyebrow. Next, during the 3 team practice, he teamed with Sacre, Lin, and ??? and they won several games where he was nailing outside shots. After that I noticed he’s one of the best shooters out there, he creates, and drives into the paint. I hope he plays tomorrow.”

  61. Does anyone think that Scott wants Lin to play with 2nd Unit because 1st Unit will be too slow for up tempo style of game and fast breaks which Lin excels?

  62. Could very well be. We will found out shortly. I think pretty much they might be forced to defend this way due to old age and lack of a true center.

  63. Ball** via Roku worked very well for me for Cav pre-season game yesterday both Live and Recorded. All ready to watch on TV screen all Lakers games (and maybe even Houston games). Quality also was good.

  64. Hoping for a speedy recovery and that all goes better than expected.

    We'd like to wish @NickSwagyPYoung a speedy recovery as he's scheduled for surgery on his right thumb today. pic.twitter.com/iRJkZvrZ50— LAKERFANATICS (@LAKERFANATICS) October 6, 2014

  65. ESPN and TNT retained the rights to show NBA games for the next nine years in a new deal announced Monday. The New York Times reports the deal’s value at more than $2.5 billion per year.

    See : http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/11652297/nba-extends-television-deals-espn-tnt

  66. quick catch and shoot three?

  67. Since Synergy Sport closed their access to end users because of the deal with NBA. I guess NBA.com is the only way to get video of play by play. but the video can not be embedded, it seems.

  68. It was still not good for me…darn it!

  69. That was the 1st come to my mind 1+ months ago when I am discussing with PFV. I said seems like LAL are building 2 teams, one experienced (stable) starting unit and one explosive running team.

  70. I don’t think it works this way…..

  71. Lack of true center yes, but this requires more running…so…not sure about old age.

  72. tried 🙁

  73. You have to select the best server and have a decent wi-fi connection.

  74. He should be back 4-6 weeks

  75. did that, but I think ATT Uverse is not behaving recently for me.

  76. TBH, I do not even know what did he look like. Need to check. But if he is really that good, then I hope he stays.

  77. test again

  78. I checked, it can be done in blog posts. but not Disqus comment. see here http://www.jlinportal.com/jeremy-lins-jump-shooting-release-time/

  79. Maybe you should try ethernet connection rather than wi-fi connection.

  80. Hear it first time here ever.

  81. Just mail it to me I am the winner. =)

  82. Lakers[dot]com reviews the first week of training camp :

    Among the standouts at practice has been Jeremy Lin, who has showcased his ability to get to the rim with regularity, opening up the defense and creating good shots for his teammates. If Nash can stay healthy and ends up starting, Lin will still likely play more minutes. In fact, he and Johnson could vie for the most playing time on the team.

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/141006_campWrapup?cid=tw

  83. I almost never use wifi except iPad and phones. But I watch it on PC. I wired everything in the house that s wire-able….lol

  84. Tonight schedule: Watch Lin play BB, and during commercial and half-time, watch Hyun-jin Ryu pitch for Dodgers. I will be busy for 3 hours or so.

  85. Kobe & Lakers arrived in San Diego 3 hrs (2pm?) before the game


  86. Sounds like a plan! :]

  87. Hm, I didn’t see him either. There was Jeremy Tyler that played in Lin’s team but I haven’t heard Jabari Brown yet.
    We might hear his name in the game later then.

  88. Jeremy is a great teammate. DMO said it all. Only scrubs like Beverley could not appreciate. This overhyped scrub will know how horrible his defense is when he plays against Jeremy. Hope Lin will wear a knee cap.

  89. Also Nick Young can work on his left hand.

  90. helping 1 pass away is not recommendable because you virtually leave your man wide open.

  91. Lin getting some midrange reps in now https://t.co/MkSeHEktvO— Silver Screen & Roll (@LakersBlog_SSR) October 7, 2014

  92. good to see Lakers encourage JLin’s midrange in practice and in games.

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