Brooklyn Nets Trade Jeremy Lin to Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks acquired point guard Jeremy Lin and a 2025 second-round draft pick from the Nets in a surprise trade on July 12. As part of the deal, the Hawks also sent the Nets a top-55 protected draft pick in 2020 (via Portland) and the rights to Isaia Cordinier and acquired the right to swap second-round draft picks with the Nets in the 2023 draft.

Brooklyn Nets Trade Situation

The trade was seen as part of a salary dump as Brooklyn Nets focused on developing young players and prepared to make some room in the salary cap for next year’s free agency. It came as a surprise because it happened before the season starts and after the Nets signed Ed Davis as a free agent. Lin lobbied Coach Atkinson to recruit Ed Davis back in 2016 because he is a smart player and had a special connection as a Pick-and-Roll partner during the 2014-15 Lakers season.

With this move, GM Sean Marks showed he did not want to wait to showcase Jeremy Lin in the first half of the season to increase his market value before Feb 2019 trade deadline. Perhaps a soon to be 29 year old Jeremy Lin no longer fits the future plan for the Nets team as he only played 39 games in 2 injury-riddled seasons.

Atlanta Hawks PG situation

The trade for Lin could be  the latest signal that incumbent Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder could be on his way out. He has been on trade rumors in the past few weeks despite lukewarm response due to his alleged criminal battery case in 2017

In addition to Lin and Schroder, the Hawks have two other point guards on the roster: Trae Young and Jaylen Adams. Young, the No. 5 overall pick in last month’s draft, is expected to have a major role next season with the rebuilding Hawks. Adams is a “two-way” player who is projected to spend most of his time next season playing for the the G League affiliate in Erie, Pa.

The Hawks absorbed Lin’s $12.5 million salary into their cap space. The Nets will be responsible for paying Lin a $1.25 million trade bonus, but that amount will count against the Hawks’ salary sheet.

Coach Lloyd Pierce and Jeremy Lin Connection

There seems to be some good news about Atlanta Hawks coach, Lloyd Pierce, having a connection and familiarity with Jeremy Lin. as he helped to develop Jeremy Lin in rookie year. He and Silas (GSW assistant coach) actually worked closely Jeremy Lin as a rookie in Golden State.

Since GSW, he has become assistant coach with Cleveland and 76ers before he became the Atlanta Hawks coach in May 2018

Still, Lin kept arriving early, leaving late, devouring film and working studiously with Silas and later Lloyd Pierce. But what Lin really needed was game repetition. The Warriors sent him to Reno, their D-League affiliate, on three occasions. That is where the lessons started to take hold.

Atlanta reached an agreement Lloyd Pierce to become the franchise’s new head coach, the team announced on Friday. Pierce arrives fresh off a second-round run with Philadelphia as an assistant coach. His five-year run with the 76ers came after assistant coaching stints with Memphis, Golden State and Cleveland.


GM Sean Marks released a statement to thank Jeremy Lin for 2 seasons and to wish him well

We would like to thank Jeremy for all of his contributions to the Nets organization both on and off the court over the past two seasons and wish him much success as he moves forward with his basketball career,” said Nets General Manager Sean Marks.

Jeremy Lin decided to focus on finding joy in his NBA journey as he would need to prove himself again that he can come back strong from ruptured patella tendon that sidelined him for the whole season

Joe Tsai as a minority owner also tweeted that he was updated by GM Sean Marks on the team’s moves. As expected, many Lin fans expressed disappointment in trading Lin.

Jeremy Lin would have to prove himself again as an NBA player that he can come back stronger than ever after 2 injury-riddled seasons. He is ready to put in the work everyday as he posts his motivational workout video with the message to continue to challenge yourself.

More update will be provided later.



  1. First in a long time. Am still stunned with this trade. Not sure what to believe anymore. There is too many variables to make a sense of what’s happening. Would like to hear thoughts about this trade from JLin himself. I know NBA is business but why a GM/organization can go to such low??!!! The betrayal is just too much for me to comprehend even after more than 30 hours of learning this news.

  2. Not going to lie. It feels bad and disappointing. But Let’s focus on a new start then and looking forward to a healthy Jeremy Lin on the court. On the bright side, it seems he is starting again.

  3. No big deal when I think about it. Unless Tsai actually had some power and was willing to exercise it to promote Lin on Nets, Lin’s position on Nets wasn’t going to be that great. I consistently didn’t like Nets’ coach anyway.

  4. Sean Marks is committed to his new young star DLo. He seems to be on his way to prove that DLo is the franchise player for the Nets.

    Of course, I don’t believe it. We all think that DLo will fail badly even in the best situations that Nets has provided for him. The future unfolds and will tell us the true story. I’m now glad that Lin can go to the other team with a different GM because this one doesn’t believe in him.

  5. Taiwan news on Lin’s trade also seems to be not very happy about it….


    蔡崇信當日在網路推文表示:「馬克斯(Sean Marks)有向我報告球隊的一舉一動,他正努力幫助球隊重建,他做得非常棒。我愛林書豪,因為他展現出我們的奮戰精神,場內和場外都是一流的人物。」

    依照蔡崇信的說法,豪哥被賣似乎不關他的事,動手的是籃網總管馬克斯,畢竟蔡崇信只有49%股權,他未來3年內有機會買下球隊經營權,但目前還是得尊重老闆普羅霍羅夫(Mikhail Prokhorov)和總管馬克斯的決策。





  6. I don’t agree that he’s committed to DLo. They haven’t even talked to him about extending his contract where many believe they should. That was just in the news. I don’t believe the Nets are in love with DLo at all. The Nets love the fact that he’s young, but he’s only one of the young players they like to make up a young core. I see no one, not Marks, not KA, enamored with D’Angelo Russell.

    EDIT: There are Kemba for DLo trade rumors in the air. I don’t think it’ll happen, but I think this also shows the Nets aren’t sold on DLo.

  7. Can you sum it up for those of us that don’t know Mandarin please?

  8. They thought (Taiwan fans) after Tsai bought near half rights on Nets, Lin should be OK with Nets… but from Tsai’s tweets sounds like it’s all Marks & Mikhail Prokhorov made the decision on Lin’s trade … with this trade Tsai sure can’t get the support from Taiwan’s fans.

    Nets traded Lin for that pick… so Tsai can you say you two are good friends?? As someone from tweets said “Tsai you spent lots of money to buy near half a team but they traded your favor player to other team… Is this what you want as a boss? ” Why not you just go to buy Hawks instead….

    NBA is always business first …. Bc injury so Lin didn’t play that much this maybe the reason he got traded but player always got bad feeling for been traded to another team…..

  9. I think after Marks got Dlo that pretty much sets the tone… he’s the young future for Nets not Lin. W Lin’s injury in 2nd year… it’s even more easy to convince the boss to trade Lin when the price is right from Marks.

  10. Thanks.

  11. Which GM ever does? Hawks already has a young franchise as well!

  12. Maybe. Or maybe he’s the team’s scorer, replacing what Brook could do. I think the turning point was CLV and Dinwiddie’s play. DLo alone wasn’t making that much of a difference. But Dinwiddie was showing he could play pretty well and help the Nets keep the game close and CLV especially was very Lin-like in his penetration game and defense. Allen is also good, especially in PnR.

    I don’t think KA is high on DLo, his game or his attitude. I’m not sure about Marks. They haven’t talked to DLo about extending his contract, so I think they want to see if he improves his team play before moving forward with him.

    Marks pattern of trading vets concerned me. I tried to voice that concern here but the feeling was Tsai would help Lin and make sure he wasn’t traded. I didn’t think so and hoped I was wrong.

    But, all in all, I felt Lin wasn’t wanted as much on the Nets and had to prove himself again. I think, no, he’s proven himself already. So, I was kind of sour on the Nets. I don’t like the Hawks, but I think of this year as Lin to get healthy and he’s free next season to go where he wishes as hopefully, a healthy player.

  13. I don’t know whether DLo is trainable or not, it is yet to see, but his character definitely does not fit what Marks said Nets would build around. Marks is the mirror of Morey and Tsai praised him.

    I have less problem if Tsai had to let Lin go for the “business reason”. But I have a LOT of problems with him praising Marks trading Lin away. Tsai could have kept silent. It is not that he tweets a lot, no he does not. But he chose to be vocal to support Marks. That is stab at the back of Lin and all Asian fans.

    What even worse is according to some comments, right after Tsai twitted how good Lin is and he will follow Lin’s progress no matter where Lin is, he UNFOLLOWED Lin on twitter.

    He himself played lacrosse at Yale. If anyone, he is the one knows how difficult for Asians to get opportunity in sports. He is the one knew and experienced the discrimination in sports in the US as an Asian. But when he has the opportunity to stick out against discrimination for Asians he chose to be white washed. Not to mention in the meantime, making tons of money in China.

  14. I didn’t know he unfollowed Lin on twitter…. Bc when I check his account. no Lin but I didn’t know before…. If this is true then that’s bad.

  15. If Marks decided to trade Lin bc his reb didn’t go as they want & they worry about his health… that I can understand. But if that’s his plan from the beginning… you know all the players signed 2 years ago were gone (besides Joe who is young )… sort of like they were just for these 2 years then I really think he just used Lin for this period. We never know which one but I was really surprised to see Lin got traded…. smh!

  16. I’m sure Jeremy will be gracious in Shenzhen. There might be some awkwardness with the fans.

    I wonder when Jeremy is going to Atlanta for his physical, so the trade can be completed.

  17. “From Tsai’s tweets sounds like it’s all Marks & Mikhail Prokhorov made the decision on Lin’s trade.”

    (LOL, Tsai is just another billionaire laundering his fortune by buying a sports franchise, while also getting a very nice tax shelter subsidized by the ordinary Americans who, gasp, actually have to pay taxes in this country): ( )

  18. Very good translation. Thanks!

  19. If JLin had not gotten injured so much and been able to play a lot more that would have made the difference. Marks did not see enough of JLin to make him a believer. I never though KA was much of a JLin supporter, at least vocally. But in fairness to KA JLin just did not play enough. Though I don’t like the trade, especially to an outpost like ATL, it is understandable that Marks did not see JLin like the Lin fans. I hope Pierce is a better coach, because I did not like KA’s socialist basketball. Team ball is one thing, but trying to make everybody equal is another. In all the years since the breakout of LInsanity, not one coach, unless forced to by circumstances (Clifford in CHA with the Clev and SAS games) has allowed JLin open reign to do what he does best, run a team and make it better. Maybe he will get the chance in ATL simply because he could be the best player on that team, in which case maybe ATL is a good spot for him individually. It will be harder though, for international Asians to embrace a city like ATL though.

  20. Lin prolly understands the business side of the NBA, no one is untradable especially for a rebuilding team like the Nets. I believe what he was disappointed or upset is that he anticipates he will be notified as he mentioned in the interview just the day before the trade in Vegas. He expects some kind of respect. That made him look like a fool in front of the media.

  21. Tsai should withdraws himself from the event even though Lin prolly still will welcome him but the fans will boo him off the court. lol

  22. I think Marks didn’t really believe in Lin like KA from the beginning. Signed Lin bc no one really wanted to come to Nets so…. If Lin can have good season w them that sure will change their thought on Lin. But too bad… no chance…

    ATL is in rebuild & develop mood like Nets…. smh! I don’t like it but hope they also want to win…. Really hope this can be like CHA to give Lin a chance to play well. But that trouble PG seems to hard to trade…. problem not really solve yet.

  23. Yes, it’s a huge challenge to trade Schroeder. Schroeder may end up playing in Europe ultimately.

  24. Awkward, lol!

  25. So did Joe Tsai disapprove with trade with not enuf say, or did he go with his $ sense? Did he figure into the negative publicity it brings? Well, time to face the Lin hoard, lol.

  26. First question I want asked to Lin in the next interview:
    “Lin, I know basketball is a business, but did anyone call you before the news broke out you would be traded?”
    Curious minds want to know.

  27. That’s why I have no problem trashing him. Biz is biz. So, you have to take your biz limps from fans and publicity, negative in this case, that goes with it.

  28. According to the following report, Hawks GM Travis Schlenk is a long-time Lin fan, and there are reports from elsewhere saying that Schlenk’s plan is to have Lin help Trae Young prepare for his NBA career.

    Duno if this has been posted: Marc Stein of NY Times reports:

    “Lin, who turns 30 in August, is entering the final season of a
    three-year, $38 million deal he received from the Nets in the summer of
    2016. He has a longstanding fan in Atlanta General Manager Travis
    Schlenk, who was part of the Golden State Warriors’ organization when
    Lin broke into the N.B.A. with the Warriors as an undrafted guard out of
    Harvard in the summer of 2010.

    The acquisition of Lin will set up the Hawks to more aggressively shop
    Atlanta’s incumbent starting point guard Dennis Schroder in trades,
    according to the people. Young is regarded as the Hawks’ lead guard of
    the future after Schlenk acquired the former Oklahoma star on draft
    night, as well as 2019 first-round pick, in a major trade with the
    Dallas Mavericks that landed the No. 3 overall pick Luka Doncic in


  29. Basically, just blaming Tsai for Lin’s trade. I believe that’s baseless though. At least that’s what I got from Tsai’s reactions. SM just did what he is supposed to do as a NBA GM and bet agaist Lin. Let’s see how it goes.

  30. This is just a lip service from the GM,Atlanta has no interest in winning this season and they’re just using JLin to promote a good team culture.If JLin is ready to play and healthy this coming season,his best option is to buyout his contract.

  31. This “Jeremy Lin Welcom to Atlanta” video was put on YouTube yesterday:

  32. From the article, couldn’t tell if there is next move from Hawks. But now that we learn and some might have known for a long time, in the end NBA is all about business. Anything is possible. Let’s hope those evil teams (you know what I meant) are not Lin’s final destination. That would be Lin’s career killer.

    As long as Lin stays healthy, and has a coach that wants to use him (no matter the motive is). Lin can still re-emerge.

  33. It doesn’t hurt for Lin to have a one-year rental @Hawks, considering he’s just back from a bad knee injury and he needs to prove he can get his mojo back. It’s the contract year for both Sean and Kenny,and surely they will have winning pressure. If Lin stayed with Nets, he would have the same pressure. And if Nets refuses to trade DLo, Lin will have to play with DLo who has no sense of defense. And I’m afraid if Lin has to cover for DLo’s lack of defense, the odds for him getting injured again probably will be high. If he gets another serious injury like the one from last year, it willl be game over for him and for us lin fans. Look what have happened to Cousins and IT when they got injured in their contract year–they had no choice but to take a minimum contract. I would rather see Lin stay with a team like Hawks for one year to stay healthy and get his mojo back.

  34. I agree with you 100%. Pray that Lin stays healthy for the coming season.

    I just feel sad that he has to prove himself on the court and adapt to a new team culture again!

  35. I don’t get the hype about Dlo. After 3 years in NBA, he is still a prospect. The only one thing that he is really good at is the passing ability, however, that correlate with high TO. Other things, such as explosiveness, efficiency, athleticism, etc., are at best, average.

  36. That’s what most of NBA players are, journey man. Only the so called privileged with heavy agent backing players can call the shot. Never a fan of NBA model. I am here b/c of Lin.

  37. It’s a very good take,it can be played either way.This trade doesn’t really make sense for Atlanta unless they have another trade coming up.For JLin situation,I’m afraid that they’re just using him to have a team make over.This is a same story like Houston and Nets.

  38. He is the culture.

  39. And below average. He can score and he has a bit of a clutch gene when his shot is falling. I don’t think he’s a leader or a winner. He just doesn’t have the qualities that great players have. I’ll say he has offensive talent, but that talent also needs the right mindset. I see him as lacking mentally. And I think some of the Nets management sense it too.

  40. If it is true, their taste for talents is kind of poor.

  41. I was always leaning against putting too much faith in Tsai with Lin’s status on the Nets. He’s a businessman and he’ll support business decisions. I know he’s Taiwanese and he probably loves Lin as a person and basketball player. But personal feelings and business usually don’t go together and often are at odds with one another. It’s not something that I necessarily agree with and I would have loved to see a Taiwanese businessman support Lin. But I don’t think anyone should be surprised that he supported the business decision, though one could be very, very disappointed. Now, if there’s is something unique to Taiwanese or Chinese culture where he should have supported Lin, that’s a great argument. I feel like that’s something I need to learn and defer to those knowledgable about it.

  42. Seems bottom line is BKN talks “culture” then trades the ultimate culture guy for a person that they acquired in part because of culture issues from his former team. JLin is in a similar position now with ATL in that he has to prove himself because of injury. Except this time he gets $13 M. Plus it looks like he will have a coach and GM who like him. So even if he is there to mentor the ATL draft pick at PG, he will get to prove himself (unlike at at CHA where he was lucky to have the opportunities that he had) and then see what happens with his next contract (or maybe he will get picked up by a contender). I looked at the ATL blog, the Peachtree something or other and they seem pretty friendly to JLin at this point, a good sign. Definitely better than the BKN blogs, and seemingly more knowledgeable too. If JLin is healthy and gets his minutes this might be fun!

  43. I thought Tsai’s purchase of Nets is purely out of his love to basketball, but not from a business perspective. He is making way more money in Alibaba than anything else combined. The thing is, with or without moving Lin, Nets not gonna change that much with current asset evaluation and development strategy.

  44. Not all businesses are equal and I can say Nets’ isn’t a good one. The management could have chosen the easy path of Brook-Lin connection, instead they let the (small) money dominate their thinking for the big picture. The coaches could have adapted their system to the Brook-Lin PnRs style offense, which was natural and called for by most fans, but instead they wanted to prove a point for their non flexible “motion offense” which essentially tanked the team. I don’t think this is a success in business.

  45. For coach & GM, rebuild & tank can keep their job for much longer than fight for playoff. Plus you can put all the problems to ” just trust the process…. “

  46. Maybe he’s taking a hands-off approach. As far as the Nets go, they will have to make a decision that they’re done building the core and will then bring in talent with that core to compete. I think KA is a perfect development coach, but can he take a team to the playoffs without a veteran like Lin guiding them? I don’t see anyone on the current squad that can. They’ll have to find that player.

  47. I know he looks good, but is his play? ;D

  48. Agreed. They haven’t been able to deliver anything that can inspire the hope of winning, except for the games Lin had played and fighted for them despite the poor system.

  49. Taurean Prince, the Hawks 6’8″ SF, gave a warm welcome to Jeremy on twitter.
    Note: Trae Young also gave a shoutout in Instagram.

  50. Going to repost some of my posts from the previous thread…

    Regarding what Lin means to the Hawks:

    IF Lin can stay healthy and IF Lin regains 90%+ of his athleticism and explosiveness, then Hawks made a great deal trading for Lin. Marks/Nets were not willing to take that risk and had draft picks dangled in front of them, so they booted Lin like a sack of potatoes. Atlanta is taking a chance on Lin, hoping Lin can return and contribute on the court, in the locker room, and also mentor Trae for them.

    IF everything goes well and Lin balls out, they even have the option of flipping Lin at the deadline to contenders. There’s a lot riding on Lin this year. We’ve said this many times before, but this truly is his last chance to “prove it” in the NBA. If he injures himself again or can’t return to norm, then his career in the NBA is over. Lin has “proved it” before, after a disastrous year in LA, where Byron Scott tanked his value and reputation, Lin was able to ressurect his career in Charlotte. Lin needs to do it again, this time, coming off of a major injury and surgery to his knee.

    Regarding Hawks’ new head coach:

    We can only hope Atlanta’s new, rookie head coach is not stubborn like many previous coaches of Lin’s, and that he doesn’t treat Lin differently (worse) than other players. People have said Lin and Lloyd had a connection back in GSW days, but those were not good days for Lin and it was short-lived.

    We’ve already trusted Kenny due to his close relationship with Lin and look how that turned out. Kenny wouldn’t allow Lin to play his game and barked at Lin all the time for straying away from his “everyone is a PG and allowed to chuck 3s” offensive scheme.

    Regarding Dennis Schröder (Hawks’ starting PG):

    He is vastly overpaid at $15.5M per year and has 3 more years in his contract. He has an attitude problem and he’s not a good player (he can score, but barely plays D). He also might be a convicted felon soon, so he might not be able to play and have his contract voided, then deported back to Germany.

    If Hawks want him gone, they have to give up a lot of assets or hope that he gets convicted, thus, voiding his contract. They haven’t been able to get a deal done all summer and it got harder now that teams know Hawks are desperate to get rid of him, since they want to keep Lin instead.

    Regarding Lin signing with Nets and how it all ended:

    I’ve said from day 1 of the Nets signing, that the only positive is having Brook on the Nets to play with Lin. They ended up not even playing half a season together, but looked good when they did. Then Marks traded away Brook and Lin got injured again.

    Looking back, Lin should’ve waited and not signed with Nets immediately. Kenny and Marks sold Lin on a bunch of lies. I remember most fans around here and elsewhere were super excited and made excuses for Lin rushing to sign that contract 12 hours after free agency started. I was among the few who wasn’t as excited. Lin took a deep discount (at the time) and this is the result: being traded and dumped.

    Though, I don’t blame Kenny or Marks (obviously) for Lin getting injured twice and barely played for the Nets. Which is probably why they don’t feel any remorse or regret in throwing Lin out like a piece of garbage, as well as lying to Lin and fans. They think he’s lucky to have been paid $24M (so far) for playing less than 40 games in 2 years.

    Regarding Sean Marks:

    All of Marks’ talk about continuity, culture, family, blah blah blah… all BS. This guy would deal away anyone if it got him picks. He got rid of Brook when Brook played a great season and was loved by teammates and fans.

    No wonder Brook didn’t even bother to say goodbye to a city and organization he played 9 years for. Marks most likely broke promises he made with Brook too. Ended up trading Brook to a rebuilding team with rookie head coach that misused Brook and benched him during his contract year, resulting in Brook’s value plummeting this year. Now Marks did the same thing to Lin, except he dumped him to an even worse team after a major injury.

    I’m shocked Marks lied and broke his promises. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Marks traded Lin in December, January, or February. But after Marks made the statements he did last week and after Lin said he would’ve been told whether or not he was being traded 2 days ago, Marks pulls this crap.

    Marks flat-out lied about everything like I said: continuity, culture, family, respect, etc. All lies. This guy is shrewd and ruthless. All he cares about is draft picks and now that Nets have their own picks: saving cap space. He sold everyone a bunch of bull the past 2 years.

    Lin was betrayed by everyone he thought he could trust in the NBA. Even a billionaire “fan” of his who had his family sit next to Lin days prior.

  51. Did Lin thank Brooklyn fans, Sean Marks, or Kenny yet? I don’t remember seeing Lin do this.

    Reason I bring this up, Brook also didn’t thank or acknowledge the Nets organization since he got traded/betrayed by Marks… and Brook played 9 straight years for the franchise. Also, Brooklyn fans have no sense of loyalty or respect. They talked about trading Brook every year and did the same thing to Lin. They finally get their wish. Hope they’re happy with DLo and draft picks.

    I think Brook and Lin were both lied to and betrayed by Marks. They must be hurt because they thought they were going to be given a real chance to lead the rebuild of the Nets. Instead, they got dumped to other rebuilding, tanking teams.

  52. Uncle Tsai! Hope you or your people read this site…

  53. My intetests are going toward soccer… almost everyone i know has lost interest in nba, nfl, and mlb

  54. I still watch and love my Yankees. I also love the NY Rangers, but they’re in a rebuild, so it’s tough to watch them sometimes.

    Soccer bores me to death. I usually fall asleep when I try to watch soccer. World Cup has been exciting this year though.

    NFL is full of anti-American, hypocritical, criminal bigots on roids. Stopped watching that trash after they chased out Tebow so many years ago.

    NBA is pretty much dead to me. It is so rigged and it’s all about superteams these days. Almost every player, coach, and GM are selfish and fake. Fans are toxic and many are racists.

    After Michael Jordan retired, I’ve only watched NBA due to Linsanity and Lin. This year, I might not even watch Lin if Hawks really are in tank mode. Can’t stand to see another repeat of Lin on the Lakers.

  55. The answer is obviously no, since Lin came out with a public statement that he would’ve been notified if he was being moved, ONE DAY prior to being traded.

    If Lin says yes, he either lying or Marks called him hours before being traded… which is Marks lying and betraying Lin anyway, since this deal most likely has been in motion for many days, if not weeks in advance.

    Marks also lied to the public when he said the roster they have now is the roster they’re going into the season with. He also said that the so-called PG glut is not a thing and that it’s good to have extra guards. All lies, all BS. Can’t believe I trusted this guy to be upstanding and honorable for 2 years.

  56. I still remember he got caught sleeping when lin passed it to Booker for a baseline dunk. Haha

  57. Look what Marks just did, and Napier is 27 yo SMH
    Blazers Guard Shabazz Napier Signs with Brooklyn Nets

  58. this deal may have been a real time trigger pull, instead of actively built to. Lin probably got called as woj was notified

  59. wow. so much for never betting against Jeremy Lin.

  60. it’s a business means look I tell my wife and kids we can buy a house in Brooklyn but daddy may be working in San Antonio in 2 years

  61. If Tsai dare to go to Lin’s Hoop for Hope event in China, I hope Chinese fans give Tsai a hell

  62. Signing Shabazz to a 2-year deal signals DLo’s departure.

    Marks knows DLo is not trust-worthy and is very capable of losing games by himself, due to his chucking, selfishness, and crap defense. DLo was also injured for half the season last year, so Marks doesn’t want to take the risk of having 1 PG again.

    Dinwiddie is good, but he’s not a leader nor is he capable of closing games like Lin can.

  63. It depends on where you live, in the US basketball and baseball are the most popular. Outside of US, soccer aka football is the most popular sport.

  64. I think more likely to replace Dinwiddie not DLo. Marks probably will trade Dinwiddie when his market is high to get more picks…. DLo will get a good extend contract next summer I guess. That’s his guy.

  65. Marks had his chance to sell high on Dinwiddie last year. He didn’t. Why would he wait even more to trade Dinwiddie this year?

    DLo has already shown the type of player he is, with 3 years of disappointing performances. Nets fans and Net Income love bringing up his stats prior to getting injured and ignoring his stats after coming back from injury, but those stats were not taken into account with his advanced stats, that show DLo is a chucker with terrible defense, and contributes to losing more than winning.

    It’s going to take a sizable chunk of money to commit to DLo next summer. I would not invest that much money into the guy unless he has a breakout year this year. Even then, I would think long and hard, because DLo’s ego and attitude will be uncontrollable at that point.

  66. the spurs way is not to trade all your assets for flash and big names but to reload and stock your team with contingencies for stable excellence

  67. The Spurs way is to have cornerstone, humble, perennial all-stars carry your role players to the playoffs and championship every year. Nets don’t have that and probably won’t for a long time.

  68. Marks asked too much on Dinwiddie plus Lin & DLo both got injuried. I don’t think Dinwiddie will be his long team project. He will make DLo look bad…lol!

  69. yes, nets dont have that big mistake to trade Lin. they rationalized it somehow. but lost their Tony Parker for an AAU Manu Ginobli

  70. LOL Nets fans are all confused at the Shabazz signing. They thought Marks solved their “PG logjam” problem by trading Lin, so now they’re trying to make sense of and make excuses for the Napier signing.

  71. I think Sean Marks traded 2 guards away and they recognized their shortage of PGs. They wanted to take advantage of the addition of draft choices and the veteran PFs but trading Lin is upon the request of the Hawks. Lloyd Pierce’s offer is too good for him to refuse. He at first did not intend to trade Lin.
    Napier’s signing may be intended to cover the risk of losing Dinwiddie or DLo. There is always an opportunity for either one or both to leave Nets. I agree that Dinwiddie is more likely because he’s going to be unrestricted. DLo is going to be restricted free agent should Nets offered him the qualifying contract amount to $9M. Nets may refuse though.
    Sean Marks maintains high flexibility.

  72. Sadly I think this does have some truth to it. Lin plays both ways and what did it give him? Two season worth of injuries.

    Lonzo was way over rated, now that Lebron is there they don’t need him.

  73. Lets hope that welcome tweet from Trae Young isn’t just for show. As the franchise lets hope he doesn’t get jealous of Lin or sharing the spotlight with him.

  74. No contract extension for Russell says it all. Shabazz could very well be the Lin replacement.

  75. Kid is 19 and not all that spectacular judging from summer league games. He knows it’ll take a few years for him to mature and get acquainted to the NBA. What better mentor to have than Lin?

  76. It’s funny because Nets fans are trying to say that Shabazz is DLo’s insurance. Prior to Lin getting traded, they were all crying for Lin to be traded and never brought up DLo’s injury last year. Now all of the sudden, they need an excuse for this signing, without mentioning the potential of DLo or Dinwiddie getting moved as a result.

  77. Lin looks a bit slower in this clip, looks fit and ready to go though. lol what’s with the Naruto music?

  78. Not everyone wants to be mentored by Lin unfortunately. Honestly hope Lin and Young can share the PG duties and be a backcourt duo.

  79. Egotistical players and players who have played a few years in the league might not want to be mentored, by anyone, not just Lin. However, for a young, raw rookie, having a good, selfless mentor like Lin is a God send.

  80. I don’t think Lin playing defense is the problem. I believe the problem lies with the Nets’ inexperienced (in professional sports) and brand new performance team.

    So many Nets players have suffered injuries the past 2 years. The first year, Lin was among multiple players with hamstring injuries. Last year, both Lin and DLo had knee injuries that required surgeries.

    Think about it. Lin played a crazy style of basketball and played tough defense for 5 years straight. Never had a serious injury. Rockets, Lakers, Hornets. The only times he got seriously injured was when he played in New York, both for the Knicks and for the Nets.

    It might also have something to do with the cold climate that gives Lin problems. Remember how much he complains about the cold and snow? Dude was born and raised in southern California.

  81. He’s not going to go all-out during practice. He’s easing back into NBA-level game shape.

    Lin loves Naruto. His inner nerd is calling for him to never give up like Naruto.

  82. You don’t work out a complicated 3-team trade (for the Nets) in 1 day. This was methodically planned and executed by Marks… without telling Lin or Lin’s agent, when he said he would notify them if Lin was being moved.

  83. Lloyd Pierce is the new, rookie head coach of the Hawks. He’s not the GM. Travis Schlenk is. Hawks only gave up a 2020 2nd round pick for Lin.

    Artūras Karnišovas is the Nuggets’ GM, who gave up a protected 1st round pick in a salary dump. This was the offer Marks couldn’t refuse, but needed to make room to take on those salaries.

    Trust me, Marks intended to trade Lin all along. He was lying and BS’ing Lin and fans for the past week about not wanting to move Lin and other players on the roster.

  84. We think so, but I doubt this high pick players would think the same way. They all feel they are the best and know all LOL but sad

  85. Be an optimist. While I agree with your sentiments re basketball egos maybe the character of JLin will rub off on this young man and all will be the better for it. The kid will be much better off with JLin than with Schroder.

  86. I think the Lakers will get one year of the “old” Lebron. But he has a lot of miles on him and unless he is taking PED he will fade. There is still yet to be determined how Lebron will get along with Luke Walton (you know, the coach) as well as Magic Johnson, no slouch in the ego department himself. Throw in Rajan Rondo and Lance Stephenson, both with locker room (and coach) issues and it could be pretty interesting from a personnel drama point of view. I think Lebron in LA has a 50-50 chance of working out and by working out I mean a trip to the finals.

  87. This is going to be one of the worst teams Lin signed with. At least with the Lakers he had the veterans that wanted to win too, making Byron Scott split them up so they wouldn’t win. This is not a good move. Hawks are admitting before getting started they are tanking to develop and to pick up future picks..

    3. Sean Marks NOT good GM, moves overrated – NO patience/loyalty.
    2. Tsai NO backbone or perhaps just impotent – with SMarks team future is garbage
    1. Ultimately JLIN’s injuries biggest disappointment; a healthy JLIN = 180degrees different

    1. Atlanta moved Coach Budenholzer for Pierce – rerun D’Antoni refused to tank BScott replaced – SAME
    2. Pierce is acquainted with JLIN but it means little to nothing
    3. Lakers Byron Scott scenario all over again

    1. STOP working out in the gym so hard (I know this isn’t a popular view). Hall of Fame legends Kareem, Barkley, Jordan never worked out in the gym or played hard in practice scrimmage, but 110% during games and thus prolonged wear and tear on their bodies – study what those veterans DIDN’T do.
    2. Any playing time Hawks give a healthy JLIN – be selfish and take over the game!
    3. By the trade deadline if they haven’t traded you; then buy out your contract and SIGN a minimum contract for a PLAYOFF team

    It is what it is, last two seasons of injury have been utterly devastating; hope we can get some good luck but it is hard to be optimistic with these set of current facts.

  89. Everything you say about Marks is irrelevant based on your last sentence. Tsai should have made Lin untouchable. But he didn’t. Perhaps it’s clear to everyone but Lin that he will never be the same player again.

  90. There is no such thing as an impotent, multi-billionaire.

  91. Despite wanting to believe since Tsai currently does not hold 51% majority control over Brooklyn, he was outvoted (thus impotent) by Prokhorov & Marks — the reality is probably he just didn’t have the backbone to put up a spirited fight for JLIN

  92. This interview shows that Trae Young seems like a humble, hungry kid who is willing to learn and improve.

  93. Trae Young highlights in summer league:

    Looks like he’s got RANGE and good court vision. Willing to pass the ball and not be selfish. I think his first 2 games were bad, but his last 2 were really good.

  94. Most new pros who go in the top 10 picks have handlers that tell them what they need to say to appear like a decent new addition to their teams…

    …. It’s rare and a bit hard to believe that this 5th pick overall doesn’t see JLIN as just some old washed up Asian (who shouldn’t even be in the game)

  95. Oh God, it’s you again…

  96. If he’s unselfish that’s a legitimate indicator, but Summer League competition good or bad rarely means much

  97. And that means what?

  98. Wishes for JLIN’s future – knowing what we know currently.

    1. Stay healthy – obviously.
    2. Exploit Gametime Minutes to their fullest extent
    3. Demand a trade to a playoff (non-tanking team) by trade deadline
    4. Buy out your contract if they don’t trade (you can afford it)
    5. Sign with ANY Playoff team
    6. Exploit Playoff Gametime Minutes to their fullest extent
    7. Parlay playoff performance into a new contract with a non-tanking team.

    My ideal scenario, hope it pans out

  99. The reality is that WE have no idea what happened. The ones who do know, like Lin and Tsai are not talking—yet.

  100. The only way JLIN knows what happened is Tsai came clean and confessed to JLIN what happened, that’s NOT likely – ONLY Tsai really knows

  101. this situation feels a lot like the LA and hornets situations. on the one hand, you have the tanking factor. on the other is the potential factor. even though the atl fans are all in on a process style tank, i think there is no reason the front office and coach wont at least TRY to be competitive at the start. if trae is the next steph curry, then why not try to win with him right off the bat?

    be ready guys, trae pulls up from 30+ feet for threes so he WILL jack it up. he has the ULTIMATE green light. is that kinda play a detriment to lin and the team? YES! but it’s a development tank also. they need to know how good trae is, so he gets to do whatever he likes. we can only hope he has no ego and will LEARN from lin.

    so my hope is this, that trae is actually very good right away so he contributes to winnning. lin is the ultimate x factor and he contributes to winning. the front office and fans see that we have a shot at actually being good in the lebronless east and forget the tank.

    who knows what happens with lin. if he gets traded mid season, re-signs, or goes elsewhere in free agency. let’s cross that bridge when we get there. for now, let’s all hope and pray that lin is healthy and that the team wont tank right away. i want to see lin ball. it’s been too long….

  102. In trying times like these for Lin and Lin fans, it’s good to re-listen / re-watch and be reminded of Jeremy’s testimony and motivational speech about chasing your (his) dreams from last year…

  103. – Tank Commander Byron Scott is where Scott belongs – outside of coaching forever.
    – If Young has the ultimate green light – there is no more clearer indicator of full on TANKING
    – Young at 6″ 2″ in shoes will likely get eaten up by NBA PGs – but as to it’s effects on JLIN, how Trae performs is irrelevant to the impact on JLIN’s future in Atlanta imho. UNLESS Trae is injured.

  104. Was that him? I didn’t pay attention before because the guys was so far out of the picture lol

    Maybe he got to appreciate Lin’s court-vision right there and then 🙂

  105. “Very good episode on Hawks acquisitions of GSW’s Chelsea Lang, Larry Riley and especially on @JLin7.”

    Some highlights “Lin is better than Shroeder” “Lin’s intangibles / x factors” “Lin’s defence is good”

  106. It seems to be warm welcome Lin got from Hawks. Hope everything can go smooth for Lin this coming season.

  107. It is heartening that ATL commentators are open minded to JLIN.

    Hopefully the overall fan base of the Hawks demand that the Hawks do not tank

  108. Hawks will tank, but it is nice to have the warm welcome.

    My guess is Hawks are tanking but they also want to fill the seats.

    Following NBA long enough taught me whatever people put out, a lot of the time is from the FO.

  109. who know.. maybe ed davis will opt out next yr and follow lin haha

  110. Very very interesting how Atlanta hired 3 people who were vital in building GSW into the powerhouse superteam it is today. Looks like they realize that Hawks need to rebuild the culture in Atlanta and also have a high quality mentor for Trae Young, their potential future Curry.

    Some Hawks fans might be confused as to why they would sign Lin, a 30-year old coming off of 2 injuries and only played 37 games the past 2 years. Well, we Lin fans know why and the knowledgeable and smart Hawks fans also know why. Lin can provide everything the Hawks need right now, and if Lin can stay healthy, he can lead them into the playoffs in the weak East.

    For a mere 2nd rounder, Lin is medium risk, very very high reward pickup for the Hawks. He’s an expiring contract, so if Lin performs well and stays healthy, he can even be flipped to a contender. Hawks GM and the special adviser (the guy who drafted Steph) know exactly what they’re doing.

  111. You said most, not all to 10 picks. Maybe Trae Young will be the exception.

  112. i feel much better about the situation after listening to this… i dunno anymore. some of these moves make me feel they may not be process tanking… development tank? sure. but process style? i dunno anymore… lin is a winner and perhaps the atl FO knew this. that’s why they used their cap space on him. makes sense if they actually value him… i of course have massive lin ptsd so assumed they only want lin to make money off him. but what if the guy who signed him to the nba to begin with wants him again? give them both a second chance?

    i mean if the nets were the “spurs of the east” then atl is setting themselves up to be the “gsw of the east” so maybe God works in mysterious ways? gets lin off a team that lost faith in him onto a team that believes in him? who knows…maybe…. just maybe….

  113. if lin is healthy i have no doubt that he can recoup his value. and if by some miracle the atl FO actually believes in lin, then i would LOVE for lin to find a home, even if it’s in the most unlikely of places… i mean i hated the charlotte signing at first, i was like lin, what is you doin? but then it turned out to be the best move he has made in a while. low expectations and left a small legacy. this stint in atl can be the same and even perhaps more…

  114. God works in mysterious ways. Really painful and strange ways in Lin’s case.

    Lin does have a shot at helping build ANOTHER rebuilding franchise from the ground up. He helped Brooklyn do it, even though he barely played for them. He could do it again in Atlanta.

  115. i will call it the donovan mitchell effect. if trae young lives up to the next steph curry hype and with the help of lin, the team actually gets off to a hot start, there is no way we tank. there is no need for a “development tank” on a winning team. it’ll just be “development” then!

    i pray lin gets 100% healthy and has the chance to prove himself once more. there is a looming dark cloud of tanking over him, trae, and the team BUT if they start out winning, maybe there is a sliver of hope that they change their goals and say to themselves we’re better than i thought, lets not tank and develop the guys we already have. trae, collins, prince, spellman, heurter, etc.

    baze, dedmon, plumlee, muscala all guys that are solid nba players that can help us win. the more i learn, the more i think we’re not half bad. keep expectations low and surprise the heck out of them!

  116. Hmm, not sure why it’s only linking the picture, not the post…

  117. if they trade carroll, their last remaining vet, then we will all know that marks is in fact a lying snake. “culture” means nothing to him. if they keep him, then we will know they chose him over lin to be the vet leader on the team…

  118. I don’t need Carroll traded to know Marks is a lying snake. It’s pretty clear to me he is.

    Still, I have to give him credit for what he’s done thus far. He got the Nets lots of picks and dug them out of a ditch in an extremely short period of time. To accomplish that, he had to lie and break his promises to good players and fans.

  119. So many have bought into the idea that Marks has saved the Nets … from what has Marks exactly proven that he’s done?
    DLo, some picks, Levert, Allen? NONE of these have proven to move the needle even one TINY BIT yet. JLIN in the lineup won nearly 50% of games played, every other lineup up to end of last season was far inferior.

    And I am of the belief that the culture of losing that Marks has instituted will continue as long as Marks is there because, the moves he’s made has NOT turned them around and will not in the future.

  120. Reminds though of LAL period where we thought BScott at the behest of Magic Johnson and others had put JLIN in as the STARTER when Steve Nash went down.

    BScott promptly began to tear JLIN down and committed to vehement tanking, ALL because JLIN’s play risked them not losing all the games that Lakers wanted lose.

    The point is: when an organization has committed itself to tank, (and Budenholzer knew it) there is very little that will prevent that organization from making it happen.

  121. First off, I have never said Marks saved the Nets. I said he got them a lot of picks and dug them out of the ditch in a very short period of time. How do you even save an already dead franchise?

    Second, DLo might turn out to be a bust, but he’s still a 2nd overall pick and shows glimpses of greatness. I personally think he sucks on most nights and won’t improve enough to become the all-star his fans think he’ll be. LeVert is really good for only playing 2 years in the NBA. Lin took LeVert under his wings and helped develop him well. Allen was a great pick and has tons of potential, especially for only played 1 year so far.

    Marks also picked up Harris from the garbage heap and look at what he turned into in 2 years. A great sharpshooter, cutter, and team player. Crabbe is an overpay, but he is also another great sharpshooter. Marks turned DeMarre Carroll from a salary dump pariah into a 1st and 2nd round pick, as well as a valuable veteran + trade piece. Dinwiddie was another salvage from the dumpster and turned into a finalist for Most Improved Player. He’s another valuable backup PG or trade piece.

    While I may criticize Marks for being a lying, ruthless, and cold individual, you can’t deny the fact he’s done great things for the Nets thus far. I hate how he treats players the way he does (like pawns) and lied to fans about caring so much about the players like they’re family, but gotta give credit where credit is due. He’s shrewd, smart, and good at his job.

  122. Brooklyn is STILL in the ditch until proven otherwise – when Marks is gone is when that ship turns around… mark that down.

  123. Without Lin and Brook, they improved from a 20-win team to 28-win team. So they’re already out of the ditch. Nice of you to ignore everything I wrote, as usual.

  124. How many games did JLIN play in the 20 win season? JLIN contributed to?
    How many games did DLo play in the 28 win season? Contributed to?

    Out of curiousity, what do you think Nets do this year??????
    Do they make the playoffs?
    What is the ditch in your opinion?

  125. The ends justify the means? Marks had to lie like a snake to get what he wanted and that is OK?

  126. Lin: 36 games in 2016.
    DLo: 48 games in 2017.

    What’s your point?

    I think Nets will improve again. If they kept Lin and the whole team stayed healthy, I predicted they’d win 35-40 games and maybe make playoffs. Without Lin, I predict 30-33 wins.

    What’s your point?

    Ditch means dead last with no hope for a better future. Which is where they were before Marks took over.

    Again, what’s your point?

    Or do you just love arguing and making dumb comments?

  127. That is OK in most Nets’ fans minds, the owners’ minds, and Marks’ mind. They only care about results, new picks, cap flexibility, and shiny new objects (players). They couldn’t care less about promises, honor, integrity, and not treating players like they’re disposable toys.

  128. Stop with your snide remarks and at least try to act reasonable.

    My claim is they probably do worse this year than last but wouldn’t surprise me to see 20-29 wins… as far as I’m concerned that is CLOSE ENOUGH to the bottom of the NBA so they are still in the ditch until proven otherwise. We’ll see.

  129. I’ve acted reasonable. You however, ignore everything I say and immediately respond with silly comments because you love arguing, not having proper discussions. You think I forgot about your behavior from years past?

    How are the Nets going to do worse when they’ve improved by signing Ed Davis, a new quality backup PG today, and have a whole year of experience playing together? Unless they suffer devastating injuries to multiple players, this is a silly prediction from you.

    Again, you still haven’t answered my question: what’s your point in asking me all of those questions that I’ve answered, point by point?

  130. Man do you take the cake…?

    Who cares about Ed Davis when DLo and Din cannot share the court???????????

    When DINW is the PG they might and the W/L bears this out, they could perhaps win 30 gms — that ain’t happening so they will be pressed to win even 28 games Kapiche?

  131. Take the cake? What in the world are you talking about? Is that supposed to be an insult?

    Who cares about Ed Davis? You mean the guy who is lauded by multiple analysts and fans around the league for being one of the best backup centers in the league (I personally think he’s more of a PF)? The guy who is a great rebounder, defensive big, who can also set good screens? The guy who is going to improve and remedy the Nets’ major flaws/weaknesses from the last 2 years? Who cares about Ed Davis? LOL

    Most Nets fans view DLo as their starting PG and Dinwiddie as their backup PG. Yes, they’ve experimented with having both of them on the court playing off of each other and it didn’t end up great most of the time. That doesn’t mean they can’t share the court together and it doesn’t mean they will. It just means they’re not a great pairing, which is probably one of the reasons why Marks went out and got Shabazz Napier today.

    What does DLo and Dinwiddie’s capatibility have anything to do with Ed Davis? Do you even think before you post?

  132. 20-29 wins — DITCH courtesy of your boy Sean Marks

  133. I don’t really agree with the “it’s just business” comments. There are different ways to do business. If you deal honourably it will take time and lots of things falling into place to improve. Or you can just be a snake with quick fixes.

    I was worried about the Lopez trade for several reasons. Marks betrayed a loyal vet in the final year of his contract. Marks could have negotiated an extension but he wanted to sell high. Marks also showed a liking for overhyped chuckers like Russell.

    I am not saying Marks planned to ditch Lin all along. However I am saying that he was always open to it and was waiting for the opportunity.

  134. There were trade rumors for Carroll last year won’t be surprised if he’s gone too.

  135. If Hawks gives Lin a full time starting position and a 3-4 year contract he’ll stay for sure.

  136. It’s a small world …

    Atlanta Hawks’ coach, Lloyd Pierce, played basketball at Santa Clara University, in California. His back-court partner was Steve Nash.

    Both Pierce and Nash are members of the Santa Clara University Athletic Hall of Fame.

    See :

  137. Yup getting the same Lakers and Nets vibe from this signing. They are in tank and development mode so they sign Lin to grab attention and fill seats.

  138. Depends on how much Trae will be chucking, 15-20 is still acceptable since the average for starters is 15.

  139. I think Lin can be “The Guy” in hawks team.
    I hope Linsanity 2.0 will happen this season.

  140. Who cares? It’s Trae’s team so he gets to do whatever the GM and coach allows him to do.

    Lin is at most only a half season to 1 season rental. His job is to put great stats for another long term contract. What he gets is entirely up to the Hawks.

  141. On a tanking team? Not likely, just want Lin to put up great stats for his next contract. Unless Trae is really the next steph curry, Hawks aren’t going anywhere.

  142. Lloyd Pierce learned from the best tanking coach in the NBA, this is a fact — Brett Brown has the record at 76ers of the worst period of Win/Loss over a 3 year span.

    Lloyd knows how it’s done, why it’s done, and how to do it… most likely he was hired for this fact because Mike Budenholzer had a reputation to uphold – none so for a first time head coach like Pierce ….

    …. and this is the main cause for worry, so basically JLIN must maximizes every minute of game time he can get and take it upon himself to figure out how to get his without upsetting the organization’s tanking strategic trajectory.

  143. Lets hope he’s friends with Nash and will look after him.

  144. Sean Marks is just doing his job. He refuses to take a risk on Lin’s coming back. No need to be sore at him. Lin doesn’t need Nets as much as Nets needs him now.
    The future of Lin is again in God’s hands and no one else.

  145. Interesting… wonder if Collins or Lin knows that there’s going to be Naruto fans on the same team.

  146. Those downtown shots, passing at the rim are all very Curry-Like indeed! Hawks really got themselves a good one! Honestly hope Hawks won’t be tanking. if Trae Young is the next Steph Curry, with Lin as no.2 option they already have their “2 stars”.

  147. Disagree, Summer League definitely shows whether that player has star and starting potential. Just look at Kyle Kuzma he had the best summer league performance last year!

  148. Honestly players should always treat themselves as newbies to continuously improve. Lin can also learn from Trae Young’s downtown shooting confidence and passing abilities that are so Curry-Like! If Lin can learn to shoot that far downtown he’d be a much deadlier player. Curry’s downtown 3s has gotten all these young players copying him. Pretty soon the entire NBA will be shooting downtown 3s. This change is exactly why Lebron’s window for his so called Legacy has closed because his best offense are his drives.

  149. Marks is a mirror of Morey, he sacrifices players career for his own advancement.

  150. It could also be wear and tear, Lin has had minor injuries that built up over the years. Sooner or later things break down, coupled with the high demand of motion offense.

    Just so happens that Hawks are also a die-hard motion offense team so…lets him Lin will stay healthy.

  151. I gave more thoughts of Lin’s new team situation. Lin seems pretty down by the trade. He knew the GM and HC of Hawks back in Warriors days but he still seems down. That is not a good sign.
    Usually Lin would be courtesy and said something nice about the new opportunity. Remember he was so excited being traded to Lakers? He was silent except the bible tweet and enjoy the journey tweet. This does not look good.

  152. He got betrayed and lied to by Marks, who traded him to a terrible rebuilding team. He was also made to look like an idiot for saying he doesn’t think he’ll be traded ONE DAY before he got traded, because of Marks’ treachery. Lin always felt like he had unfinished business in New York. Business he hoped to take care of and prove himself, but won’t get the chance to, due to injuries and Marks not trusting in him.

    Of course Lin is down, but he’s not out. He won’t give up unless his body does again this year.

  153. First Brook, then Booker, now Lin.

    Whitehead, Okafor, and several other lesser players are also casualties in Marks’ quest to acquire as many picks and cap space as he can get… by any means necessary.

  154. Fans worry about his shot selection and poor defense. These things can be improved and fixed, but yeah, the dude’s got real potential to become a great PG one day, with proper development and a good mentor to help him like Lin.

  155. I think he’s in China right now & got traded by a team he thought he will stay for more years to come…. that sure will upset him. I bet after he visits Hawks he will feel much better bc so far Hawks seems to be warm to him.

    Also feel so weird… where is KA? He didn’t show up for a while… not even for the summer league… Is he still the coach for this team?

  156. Lin is still in the U.S., getting ready to leave for China.

  157. Trae Young interview before he got drafted. He seems like a humble kid and is also a Christian.

  158. Looking back to before Lin’s first injury, it’s crazy to see that Marks only kept 3 players from that year’s roster: Harris, RHJ, and LeVert. He discarded everyone else. Continuity? LOL not a chance.

    There was so much optimism and excitement before Lin went down. Such a shame, what could’ve been…

  159. It’s a pleasant surprise to see many Hawks fans are excited to welcome JLin.
    Hawks twitter shared the Linsane jump in twitter followers.

  160. the roster had been demolished and restocked This was the GMs team

  161. I know everyone is concerned about tanking. I am just keeping an open mind and looking out for the positives.

    I think many people have forgotten that the Lakers had some perverse deal whereby their draft pick was protected / restricted and they had to tank really hard to get a top 3 draft pick.

    Also the Hawks roster may be unknown but it was the same with the Nets when Lin joined them. The Nets only had 2 good players in Lin and Lopez but Atkinson refused to let the offence run through them. He wanted to show everyone he was the great coach who “developed” Jeremy Lin. Like he was capable of creating more Jeremys instead of acknowledging Jeremy’s innate talent and intagible qualities.

    I still think the Hawks will suck but perhaps not as badly as some fear.

  162. I guess it’s not meant to be. The closest thing the Nets experienced to Linsanity was a glimpse of 12-13 record that Lin led to close the 2016-17 season.

    Injuries are simply hard to predict. I really hope Lin will find a way to rejuvenate his playing style ala Steve Nash. It’ll be hard to not rely on his strength of driving to the rim but he can’t afford to not be playing next season. I hope he will find the balance next season with his resculpted body.

  163. My favorite Lin moments as a Net was 1st year’s opening night (I was there at Barclays and they won – EVERYONE was super hyped) and when Lin returned from his injury to carry the awful, dreadful Nets to a respectable record after the all-star break.

    The hamstring injury, I and most people thought was a fluke. Multiple Nets players had the same or similar hamstring injury that year. I blame it on the performance team. The knee injury was shocking, because of the severity of it and because it didn’t even look like an injury the way Lin landed. Turned out to be final nail in Lin’s Nets coffin.

    I’m not sure if Lin has to adjust his playstyle: not drive hard and fast to the rim anymore. Maybe do it a lot less often, but if he eliminated that from his game all together, he won’t be a threat on offense anymore. His shooting is good, but not great. I do agree that he must not be injured again, because it’s the end of his career if he does next year.

  164. Oh! Just about to leave now… haha!

  165. Ya! We should follow Hawks now. I just listen to that radio show from Hawks. I can tell… this program it’s from the team to promote or tell fans how good Lin’s for the team. I really think they want Lin bc he can train young players for them. They seem to be very warm & now I really think it’s not as bad as we thought… Plus they said they will trade Schroder soon. Still few months before season starts….

  166. It all depends on what the GM and new rookie head coach of the Hawks want. If they allow Lin to play his game and get 25-30 minutes per game, then the Hawks have a chance at not sucking.

    Hawks do have a decent starting 5, but I think their bench sucks. Bazemore is actually pretty good and he’s a vet. Dedmon, Collins, and Plumlee are all decent big men and can contribute as good role players. If Trae Young can do something similar to what he did for Oklahoma last year, and Lin can stay healthy, I do see the Hawks not being completely crappy team. They might even make the playoffs if everyone stays healthy and the coach doesn’t purposely sit Lin to tank.

    Things do look bleak right now, but the truth is, we just don’t know what the future holds. All we can do is hope for the best and pray for Jeremy and the Hawks.

  167. For you doubters out there, this article has an excellent writeup on Lin’s value to Hawks rebuild: “Lin is due a hefty amount next year, but the leadership, mentorship, and production on the court is priceless for a young team trying to take the next step.”

    Lin to Atlanta: A Slam Dunk for the Hawks


    Lin has taken many teammates under his wing, and Trae Young will be
    his next. Young is the franchise centerpiece of a team with a first year
    coach and a very young core. Lin is the perfect influence to Trae, as
    Lin has dealt with the spotlight, losing, and talented, young guards
    like Young.

    Like any rookie, Young will go through learning curves, tough spells,
    and the rigor of a 82 game season. But, Lin will now be beside him
    through every step of his rookie season as Young attempts to steer the
    franchise into a winning culture. And, Lin won’t be beside him just off
    the court, as Lin will help Young learn how to play Point Guard in the
    NBA. Before Lin, the Hawks had no Point Guard to mentor Trae Young, as
    Dennis Schröder is young, wreckless, and not known to be a great

    Lin can also teach Young how to lead a team on the court. He can
    teach Young how to learn a system and how to prepare for games. If Lin
    makes close to a full recovery, he’ll be one of the Hawks’ best players.
    Lin will help the Hawks slowly build a winning culture with his
    performance. And, Trae Young is only 19 and needs veterans to show him
    the ropes. Lin is due a hefty amount next year, but the leadership,
    mentorship, and production on the court is priceless for a young team
    trying to take the next step.

  168. Oh! One thing I like about Hawks… the host said some fans maybe think why we didn’t go direct to Nuggets for picks …. he said management probably think Lin is more important than the picks…!!! (Unlike Nets…)

    Plus if it works out we want this as a long team thing….

  169. Lin needs to add plyometric training to keep his muscles strong and explosive. I think he lacked the flexibility and strength because of the type of training he was lacking with Brooklyn Nets. Look all around the world at older professional athletes because of advanced science and training available to them.
    They brought in a military conditioning personnel that trains for stamina and endurance! Not explosive athletic movements that’s required in professional sports. He lacked the flexibility and plyometric training. You can control the load while training, pushing your body past a certain point that they wouldn’t get in game. Like jumping with an extra 10 pounds of weight so when it come to game time, he feels less effort and load.

  170. That’s the same line of bull that Nets said. Hasn’t 6 yrs in the NBA taught Lin fan’s anything on how they perceive Lin?

  171. Don’t forget if Lin is healthy, his presence will have at least a 30% boost to his peer players no matter he’s a stater or off the bench.

  172. Training camp won’t start for over 2 months. Preseason games won’t start in over 3 months. So, I will hold a wait and see to what happens from now and then. Who knows what might happen tomorrow. As we learned such a hard way one more time, our JLin’s fan journey turned upside down in less than 24 hours, I’m holding my judgement what 2018-2019 might look like for JLin in the mean time. Yes, I don’t like this trade because of uncertainty future for JLin but I will put Nets as another team/org I dislike. Well, if JLin is doing well in this coming season, I might have a chance to watch him to play…..

  173. So i’ve been looking into the ATL players and i was surprised. there is actually a lot of potential here. im actually starting to like what i see. not sure who starts but i think i see a potential “death lineup” of

    PG: young
    SG: lin
    SF: baze
    PF: prince
    C: collins

    -young is obvious. he’s their new star.
    -lin is obvious.
    -baze is a prototypical 3&D player. started at the 2, but i think he can move over to the 3 and be just as effective.
    -prince started at the 3 but i think he can be like RHJ, a small ball 4. one BIG difference though is that prince can handle the ball better and is a WAY better shooter.
    -collins looks like a beast. not great size at 6’10” but he’s fast, athletic, plays above the rim and can shoot the corner 3. he started at 4 but i suspect this season we will play 4 out and he moves to the 5.

    bench pieces:
    -dedmon started at the 5 but i can see him get pushed to back up 5. last year showed he can hit the 3.
    -huerter is a good shooter and attacks the rim. reminds me of a young parsons.
    -spellman is a stretch 4.
    -bembry is a young wing. attacks the rim and ok shooter.
    -muscala and plumlee are vet bigs.

    last but not least schroder still has to get traded so who knows who else they might get?

  174. I don’t care what BS Nets said. It is bygone. BTW, the article was not from HAWKS. Most likely it’s not from a Lin fan either. Don’t mix up what a sane writer says with propaganda.

  175. Trust me, I didn’t forget. Lin’s leadership is what makes all teams he’s played for much better than their talent allows. Heck, he took an all-time bad Nets team and turned them into almost a .500 team, after he came back from his injury in 2017. That was something most players cannot do by themselves. Hawks’ GM and special adviser knows this. That’s why they’re taking a chance on Lin.

  176. Hawks might not want to completely suck and fully tank:

    It’s an open secret at this point that the Hawks are not going to try to be competitive this season, instead using another year for player development to obtain a high draft pick. Even though this is the goal throughout the organization, there’s nothing to stop them from signing a useful player or two to help buoy the team and offset some of that losing, especially since the lottery odds have flattened out in 2019 and beyond to make it less beneficial to be among the worst teams in the league.

    We saw this with the Jeremy Lin trade – they could have taken on entirely dead salary into their cap space, but they decided to go with a player in Lin who can absolutely still contribute on the court and will likely be a big part of the team’s success next season, to whatever extent that success occurs.

  177. Hey psalm, do you want to have a section where links to Hawks fansites and social media links can be found?

    Since Lin seems to be content on playing for them and Hawks seem to want him to stay… at least for a few months lol.

  178. Also this one: sole newspaper beat writer who covers Hawks

  179. Thanks for the efforts! I won’t follow anyone until later when I know for sure which ones are best to follow….

  180. Same feeling here. Their 3 1st round drafts from this year are particularly exciting. All three are excellent 3pt shooters. (And one of them is fond of logo shots from time to time.) There are so many coverages on Young, so I’ll pass him.

    Take a look at the #30 pick Omari Spellman: This guy is a monster athlete + an excellent 3pt shooter @ 6’9 253lb. In his short one-year career at college, he led his team with a .433% 3P%. I think sooner or later he will be the starter PF in Hawks lineup. My “death lineup” will have Spellman in place of Prince. Check out #71 @ NBA Combine Scrimmage Highlights | Totals: 24 Pts, 21 Rebs, 7 Asts:

  181. Spellman does look great. A big dude who can stretch the floor, pass, drive, camp under the basket for easy putbacks, and defend is pretty rare. Can’t believe he dropped to 30th pick. Haven’t watched enough of him to know what his deficiencies are, but this dude looks like a young, inexperienced Dray who can shoot better.

  182. Looks like Lloyd Pierce is going to run a fast-paced offensive scheme focused on efficiency rather than chucking. He doesn’t want ISO ballhogs and knows he doesn’t have those type of players on the Hawks. He’s also a defensive-minded coach, so that alone is better than Kenny already.

    SB NATION: What kind of team do you want to be?

    LLOYD PIERCE: I get asked that question all the time. Anytime you go into preconceived notions with what you want to be, that’s a trick situation. My job right now is to get a feel for who I have. The scary part of the preconceived notion, you spend a lot of time, and then all of a sudden: that’s not going to work. I don’t want to put myself in a corner. This is who we’re going to be, this is how we’re going to be.

    We have to be in great condition, we have to take advantage of our youth. We have to find a way to play high efficient basketball. Layups in transition, threes in transition, score before the defense can get set, play with pace.

    Pace to me, as I’ve tried to define it, is not just getting the ball up the floor and jacking up a shot. It’s moving the basketball and not getting stuck with the ball and being hard to guard. That’s going to require a lot of work on our staff to getting our guys committed to believing that.

    SB: Play fast, but not in a hurry, right?

    LP: How much movement can you create, whether it’s the ball or body movement. You’ll see defenses break down. You’ll see guys enjoy playing together. It’s not static basketball. We’re not going to be good enough to play static basketball.

    “We’re not going to be good enough to play static basketball.”
    James Harden can hold the ball for the entire possession and hit a three and make it look easy. We don’t have that. We have to play together, create our own energy, and the shots we take and the plays we make have to be about high efficiency.

    SB: You mentioned in your introductory press conference, ‘Defense is who I am.’ [Sixers coach] Brett Brown entrusted you with that defense. What can you take from that experience?

    LP: People say, how do you get head coaching experience and how do you get comfortable being in that seat and making those decisions? I’ve had a couple of years of making those decisions. I credit Brett. It’s not an ego thing for him. He didn’t need to take credit for this, he didn’t need to make every decision. He wanted us to help him, and that was one of the ways he wanted to do it.

    As a result I sat in the chair during timeouts and drew up the coverages or adjustments. I had to be able to read and react to situations that were occurring during the flow of the game. I don’t feel as nervous or hesitant because I’ve made those decisions already. That’s a credit to Brett.

    I talked to my guys today. You should want to be coached, but you shouldn’t rely on a coach to motivate you. Every great player loves to get challenged, They don’t want a coach that’s going to let you do anything they want and be a pushover.

    You should always want to be coached and want someone who’s going to challenge you and push you to another level, but the great ones don’t need it. They don’t rely on it. And they’re definitely not asking for it.

    I’m not going to hold anybody’s hands. We have a lot of young guys and you have to educate them on how to get the through the process of being professional and being competitive. If I have to call a player every night — ‘Are you going to be in the gym tomorrow?’ — we’ve already lost the battle because they don’t understand what it takes. The ones that do, they’re calling me and asking me when we’re getting in the gym so they can get in an hour early.

  183. From the video, Spellman is almost a spotless all-around big. From the scouting report, his weaknesses are:
    – Not a great passer–turnover prone (but this contradicts with that NBA combine game in which he had 7 Asts)
    – Plays with too much energy and susceptible to foul trouble
    – Moves can become predictable in the halfcourt
    – Shot blocking was not particularly great–only 5.5%
    – Struggles guarding in space

    Looks like those “weaknesses” are all trainable pretty minor things.

    I too was puzzled why everyone passed him and let Hawks pick him at #30. In particular for Nets: their #29 pick isn’t that exciting, and Spellman should’ve been a perfect fit for the stretch 4 that they needed badly. Judging from recent development, my guts feeling is that nets will still be in tank mode next season for a lottery area draft, and Kenny will be a scapegoat for bad performances after next season. Now I realize God is not making a joke on Lin: IT IS ACTUALLY BEST FOR LIN TO LEAVE NETS AT THIS TIME!

  184. I am activating the Forum format as a default so we can have multiple threads/articles. That way discussion and comments can be focused on specific issues and not get easily lost due to too many comments.
    Note: You may still see the Latest Posts format by clicking the right tab.

    For example, I created a new thread for ‘Ex-GSW Warrior Staff in Atlanta Hawks’ to discuss why they possibly want Jeremy Lin.

  185. ok, thanks for compiling the list. I will publish a separate thread tomorrow so it won’t get easily lost.
    I just activated the Forum format by default so hopefully people find it more helpful eventually.

  186. Thanks for the great summary. I think we can benefit from a separate thread to get to know ATL Hawks players. I’m activating the Forum format by default so we can have focused discussion on specific topics

    I copied your post and hchao’s post in a new thread to start the discussion

  187. That’s Linsane. I’m actually surprised 200,000 Chinese would even follow the Hawks before Lin. But Lin boosted their numbers by a crazy amount in such a short time.

  188. I don’t want. Lin to play with DLo. I think Atlanta this season seems to be on its way to a new direction. They need a new PG. Lin may have a future there. In God we trust.
    I can’t wait for the training camp. I fed up with DLo and the talk about his talent. At this moment the team is a mess with all those bad trades.
    Sean Marks doesn’t seem to know the game should play. The trade for DLo is a king size error. The trade for Nicholson is horror. I can almost be sure he will be fired soon after this recent trades.

  189. Oh no, it isn’t very good news. One of the fans who went to airport to meet JLin said that he looked “down.” Guess he is still struggling to accept that he is traded to Hawks….Not surprised to hear this…

  190. @Psalm234 Is there anything we can do to show our support to Lin in addition to leave messages on his social media?

  191. I find it hard to forgive the Nets despite tellin myself it’s strictly business. This would be worse than any other teams from the past. You sort of knew what the deal was from the beginning with all his past teams. The obstacles for him were there very early on so we were all sort of prepared for some kind of less-than-fairytale outcome with each team. But the Nets, Marks especially was cold and cunning as. Put a smile on, embrace him, lowering his guard and bang! In goes the backstab…. I wonder if Lin feels the same way I am feeling now. I guess he’s still trying to search for excuses to forgive them… he’s too nice of a person.

  192. The betrayal is just too great for me to handle. If I feel this way, I believe JLin will feel even worse… I always have a hard time to overcome “betrayal.” I wonder how long will JLin take to overcome this……

  193. Really good news… I didn’t see this when Lin joined Nets…. Just great!

  194. Good no more motion…. haha!

  195. did the nets following decreased 300k ? lol

  196. sigh. initialy people here say omg a bad team.. now ppl here say there is some potential?
    man. either ppl are being too emotionally impulsive or they just say that because now lin is on the team with wishful thinking or they really did their analytical work.

  197. My Prediction:

    Nets are about to become the new Washington Wizards.

    (i. e. players will only go there if the only thing they care about is getting paid)


  198. Since Nets got to pick 29th in the first round, Spellman was still available. I thought Nets would pick him but not. Mitchel Robinson was also available then but Nets picked Dzanan Musa instead.
    Jared Venderbilt was also available when Nets picks picked Rodion Kurucs. Nets picked European players first.

  199. Of course he’d be down, why would he be happy being traded? Nets was supposed to be “his” team. Now he’s lossed it, and who knows what role or minuets he’ll get on a tanking Hawks?

  200. In other words, Lin won’t have the ball in his hands nor handle the ball. Doesn’t sound too different from the motion offense. We’ll see. Without the ball in his hands not sure how affective Lin can be. It’s his contract year so I hope he looks after himself and get good stats. Not to mention this might be his last year in the league.

  201. Russian owner, not likely. My guess is Marks won’t be fired until 4 years from now when Joe Tsai becomes 100% share owner. I doubt he’d forget the backlash he got for trading Lin. But minority owner is minority owner he won’t get the final say on things.

  202. lol they want to push Schroder out with Lin so they’ll promote and say good things about him. Fine by me! It’ll be a problem if they can’t trade Schroder before the season starts.

  203. Just from the summer league clips he looks likes like a team player. Won’t be surprised if he’s a fan of Steph Curry from how his game mirrors Curry’s. I’d rather Lin play along side an upcoming Steph Curry than a wannabe Kobe, shot chucker and ball hog in Russell.

  204. KA is on his way out too. I get a feeling the assistant coach is about to take his place.

  205. Most of the NBA world think Marks is a strong, excellent GM and thought the Lin trade was great. Unless the Nets get appreciably worse, Marks isn’t going anywhere. Marks is the type of GM the NBA loves.

  206. Even with Lin’s season ending injury right at start of last season, Nets should have been way, way more competitive than they were, except me-Lo had to pad his stats and create YouTube highlights of himself so fan base would force Nets to give him a max contract this summer.

    Same will still be true this upcoming season, except now he will also be motivated to make himself an All Star, too.

    I think Hornets were so disappointing last few seasons for same reason (Kemba was driven to become an All Star, rather than sacrifice personal glory for collective team success).

    Yes, Dwight was locker room poison, but I suspect it wouldn’t have been such an issue if Hornets had actually been winning and living up to collective team expectations then.

    (Remember, Clifford said that that Hornets team right after Lin left was specifically built to win now / get into the playoffs, WITH home court advantage in the first round, too! Jordan keeps destroying his franchise (e. g. salary cap maxed out Raymond Felton / Tyson Chandler Hornets [Bobcats] team with very limited ceiling before Clifford’s initial rebuild around 2010) just like Prokorov seems intent on doing with the Nets yet again).

    Bring back Billy King and Bobby Marks, give me-Lo the max, and be done with it already! 🤣

  207. Let’s wait and see. Let’s wait and see if Lin plays anything like his old self and go from there.

  208. Where do you get that idea from? Lloyd is saying he doesn’t have someone like Harden who dribbles the entire possession away, then chucks up a shot. Even he recognizes that is not what Hawks can or should do. We should be happy Lloyd doesn’t want ISO ballhoggers like Harden.

    He never talks about motion offense or not allowing anyone to handle the ball. He wants efficient shots and movement on the ball. Lloyd is open to what his system will be. He’s not ridgid and stubborn like Kenny is, at least from what he’s saying in this interview. He says he wants to first see what his players can do, before deciding on what system to run. Kenny on the other hand, forced his style of motion offense onto Lin and the Nets, not using his players’ strengths.

  209. I also believe DLo will get max next summer from Nets.

  210. Then Marks will get fired because of that.

  211. Initial reaction was correct and it was because we simply went by W-L records from this past season, where Hawks were dead last, and by what Hawks fans were saying: they’re rebuilding and tanking. We didn’t have time to do research or analyze a brand new team in just a few hours.

    After the initial reactions, certain Lin fans who actually do research, spend time watching highlights of players, and compare stats, are starting to see the potential of this Hawks team with a healthy Lin leading it.

    It’s not wishful thinking to realize that if Hawks can get rid of a toxic player with bad attitude like Dennis Schröder and replace him with a veteran leader like Lin, that this Hawks team can improve a great amount, especially because they just drafted 3 young, high potential players this year. We’ve seen what Lin can do with a terrible team before: dragged them from all-time bad 9-47 record to finishing with a 10-11 record after Lin came back from injury without minutes restriction.

  212. Lin got betrayed and lied to by Marks, who traded him to a terrible (record-wise from last year) rebuilding team. He was also made to look like an dunce for saying he doesn’t think he’ll be traded ONE DAY before he got traded, because of Marks’ treachery.

    Lin said he always felt like he had unfinished business in New York. Business he hoped to take care of and prove to himself and to the basketball world, but won’t get the chance to, due to injuries and Marks not believing in him. Lin wanted to lead a team of his own into the playoffs and beyond. Due to injuries and Marks’ deception, Lin will not be able to do it… at least not in Brooklyn.

    Lin is also leaving teammates he built a good relationship with. Of course Lin is down, but he’s not out. He won’t give up unless his body does again this year.

  213. I don’t think Lin looks like a dunce. I think it looks like he was not communicated to by the Nets management in an honest way. Or, that his agent was asleep at the wheel in not alerting Lin to the upcoming trade. And he was right in the Lin to OKC trade wasn’t the trade that was in the works. To me, it showed that talks about Lin were possible.

    Lin will be OK in a few weeks. He’s sensitive and he’s down. He’s resilient and tough and he’ll get into this new teammates in time. And he knows he has another choice to make next season and probably is most focused on his health and getting back into playing shape.

  214. I believe after so many years, Lin has learned his lesson not trust NBA any more.

    My guess is he probably felt betrayed mostly by KA and to some degree by Tsai. Lin must have asked KA about his status with Nets and definitely was misled/lied by. He went to Nets because of KA. They promised they would let him know if they plan to trade him and Lin was made a fool in front of the media. I think in Lin’s mind he probably never thought even KA would betray him.

    As far as Tsai, I also have the feelings that Tsai said something to Lin before and/or right after he bought Netsbecause they are “great friends” LOL.. Also, when Tsai sat his sons right next to Lin in SL, Tsai probably also said something falsely made Lin be optimistic staying in Nets.

  215. They say kharma is a “switch”. Switching from Lin culture to Dlo superstar is to make the team just like the Hornets. The lies from Joe Tsai and Marks will bite them in the rear. So let’s leave them to their glory and move on.

    What truly bothers me is that as a human being, I try to have faith in people, the goodness of people and take them on face value. When one of our own stabs us in the back and uses Machiavellian logic ( Mach·i·a·vel·li·an adjectiv…cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one’s career.
    synonyms: devious, cunning, crafty, artful, wily, sly, scheming, treacherous, two-faced, Janus-faced, tricky, double-dealing, unscrupulous, deceitful, dishonest; More ). If this sounds like the zeitgeist of our times, you are absolutely correct.

    What’s even more unsettling is that we accept it as “just business”. Joe Tsai lied to us that he’s a fan of Lin and that he has altruistic hopes for his team. Lol. As a elite wealthy Asian, he showed that he really doesn’t care about Asians at all…if he did, he’d make sure Lin was given a chance to make the Nets great again and become the voice of positive change for Asians everywhere. By torpedoing Lin’s comeback, Lin’s future as a trailblazer for Asians has been made tougher. It makes it possible for Lin be finally pushed out if the NBA.

    Life’s is hard for anyone who has faith. We are always forced to believe that human nature is basically good. It’s yet another tough test for Lin to swallow another stab in the back….and for all of us Lin fans. This test is even harder for us with faith. We are asked to sacrifice our own personal corporal wealth and financial existence for the future spiritual life to come. To be anyone with good faith means having good faith! We aren’t given the luxury to distrustful and judge others. A good criminal investigator must think like a criminal! The truely faithful must be soooo strong to take the cuts and pains of modern life. Lin has to forgive and forget. Lin’s capacity to overcome is a superpower I and very few of us have. It’s why I care so much for Lin and it’s why so many of do as well.

    Many have said in the past that Lin is too naive, well his faith in Joe Tsai and Marks certainly has made him look naive. I too have been too naive to trust in these people. So what do we do? Should we live life as if everyone is out to get us? I know Lin won’t so I’ll follow and learn from him. Lin will not live life walking backwards while allowing Joe Tsai or Marks keep their claws in his heart. Lin will let it go and forget what’s happen to him in Brooklyn. I will do the same as well…or at least try to.

    The best revenge for us all is to send all our positive energies to Lin in Atlanta and hope that he’s finally healthy. Let’s all hope Linsanity will arrive in Atlanta next fall.

  216. Was looking forward to hearing from you.

    IMO, you weren’t naive in so much as you were looking for integrity in vision and word. Sadly, that’s not a part of the NBA. But that’s not your fault to believe in that. That’s how it should be.

  217. We must all stand together now as one.

  218. My post is going to be “uber” practical. GMs do not believe in Lin as a long-term starter. I don’t agree whatsoever with them and I think that is their shortcoming and in many cases, based on Lin’s race. If Lin’s chosen as starter, he’s a “stopgap” starter on a “rebuilding” team in their minds. However, some may see Lin as a “6th man.”

    I want to make this very clear. Lin as a “backup PG” in my opinion, unequivocally, is totally unacceptable. Lin in a 6th man role on a contender, a Lou Williams or Andre Iguodala role, is something I think Lin should explore. I think GMs would not look to replace him on that role and may even see him as valuable or in rare cases, invaluable. Lin will get a chance to play in big playoff games and show how much he’s a winning player, and there’s more chance for some type of team stability in that role. I think Lin, in the future as a free agent, should consider only contenders and not go to young teams.

    That said, I honor, respect, any choice Lin makes in the future. It’s his life, career to choose and for him to try to realize whatever goals he’ll set at this stage in his career. If starting is his number one priority still, I totally support him in that.

  219. You need to stop making excuses for what occurred and realize that Lin got lied to and betrayed by Marks, and that he was made to look like a dunce for thinking he’s not being traded. Lin said this 1 day before being traded:

    So please, stop making crap up about how Lin’s agent was asleep at the wheel or that he was right about the OKC trade deal. That was not what Lin said at all. I’m thinking about making an image where I gather everything Marks and Lin said leading up to the trade so people like you would stop making things up to fit your narrative and beliefs about how this all went down.

  220. “Don’t get mad, get better,”
    when circumstances are beyond ones control
    when betrayal cuts so deep.

  221. It is NBA. GM has their right to do business. BUT….they should have informed a player honestly. It is business, no personal. But the way Net handling it might have become personal. To me, it is becoming personal. Ha Ha. ^_^.

  222. Nobody has ever said Marks did not have a right to trade Lin. He obviously has all the right to. The way he conducted himself and his “business” is the wrong way to do things.

    Remember, this is the same Sean Marks who kept blabbing about treating players like a family, treating them with respect, and building a culture in Brooklyn with continuity. Do you treat family this way? Promise them things you never delivered on? Kicking them out the door like a sack of potatoes without even notifying them when you said you would? Blatantly lying to the fans just so you can keep your reputation as an organization that never leaks trade rumors before they happen?

    It was all a lie, just a bunch of BS to keep Nets fans happy while he backstabbed all of the veterans he signed in his first year, tricking them into believing Marks and Kenny are trying to build something different, something better than how “business” is usually conducted in the NBA and how organizations treat their players.

    I don’t mind that Lin got traded. The writing was on the wall. It was bound to happen eventually. I expected it to happen 4, 5, 6 months from now. Why? Because of what Marks publicly said just a week ago and because he promised Lin he’d notify him if he was being traded. But to lie to fans and to Lin, that’s not right and we should not be making excuses for Marks’ behavior and lies. There’s nothing we can do about it, but to call him out, which most fans are not doing. Most people just wants to accept this as “business as usual.”

  223. Well said – especially the last paragraph.


    Injuries have forced Jeremy Lin to miss 127 games during his first two years with the Nets. General manager Sean Marks won’t be surprised if the guard returns to his best in his third season in Brooklyn.

    “I think a guy like Jeremy, he’s proven people wrong his entire career,” Marks said in his end of the season press conference. “That’s something when we first brought Jeremy on board [that] intrigued us about him. There’s no market too big for him, there’s no moment. I would say I wouldn’t bet against Jeremy.”

    “We’re not going to rush him back by any means, as much as he’d probably like to be playing right now,” Marks said. “At the same time, it’ll work its way out. I’m not too worried about that.”

    All lies, all platitude, all BS. Sean Marks bet against Lin’s recovery so he could stockpile another 1st round (protected) pick. He has 0 credibility. You can’t believe a word that comes out of this guy’s mouth. But he doesn’t care because he knows us Lin fans are going to move on and most are too meek and passive (like Lin) to call him out on it. He also knows that all Nets fans care about are shiny new picks and players, while holding on to hope that their savior DLo becomes an all-star without competition like Lin holding him back.

    I hope and pray Jeremy proves Marks and Nets fans wrong next year.

  225. The more I think about how things played out, the more I’m starting to believe that the reason Marks shipped Lin off to another country to do his rehab is to keep him away from the Nets as much as possible. He didn’t want Lin sitting courtside with a clipboard, telling Kenny how to coach, and cheering his teammates on like the first year.

    Marks also didn’t want Lin to interfere with building up DLo and preventing DLo from trying to develop his leadership skills with the Nets. Obviously, DLo is not the leader he claims he wants to be and could not lead the Nets to any meaningful wins, even without Lin there the entire year. If anything, he led the team to more losses than wins last year, the exact opposite of what happened when Lin came back from injury the first year.

  226. I know this is wishful, but if Hawks destroy Nets, then we should quote Marks: “I would say I wouldn’t bet against Jeremy.”

    I bet they could if they didn’t go right to tanking.

  227. It’s possible, but everyone on Hawks has to stay healthy. Lloyd Pierce also can’t bench Lin and has to allow Lin to play his game. Lots of things up in the air not in Lin’s control.

    Hawks has a better starting lineup with Lin compared to Nets, but Nets have a much better and deeper bench than Hawks.

  228. I would agree with you 100% if Tsai was the majority owner, but as a minority owner he doesn’t have the power to veto the move. I think Marks just let him know as a courtesy.

  229. You sound angry and go on about how I make excuses for Marks. I’ve never made any excuses for him so give that a rest please.

  230. I’m not angry, I’m frustrated with people like you who constantly make things up and pretend like they’re facts, just so you can push your narrative.

    Oh, and you’ve made plenty of excuses for Marks the past 2 days, constantly saying stuff like “it’s just business.” Stop lying and playing innocent.

  231. Nets have shown their true two faced lip service.

  232. Well, be polite in your frustration and don’t make stuff up about me. I expected Marks to trade Lin due to his patterns. I expected it after watching how he traded Booker for young players. I think Marks is a typical GM and I expressed I don’t like how the NBA does business and treats players. So, I’m not making up excuses about Marks or any other GM, that’s what they do. I don’t like it and think it is awful. The whole NBA has treated Lin unfairly to put it mildly. And no, Lin, in my opinion, whether you agree or not, does not look like a dunce. I doubt many people even saw that tweet and even if they did, I gave my opinion that it wasn’t Lin’s fault, but the fault of Marks and Nets management as well as Lin’s agent.

    I’m not interested in fighting with you so if you want to fight and be frustrated, go do it with someone else. As Acbc said, it’s time to stick together as Lin fans.

  233. Think Lin and lin sponsors should snub all Nets connections in Asia. After all it’s all #justbusiness.

  234. At this age and stage of his career with injuries decimating part of the prime of his career I think he will have to prove not only to the team and league of his durability, but to himself. I can’t see him starting this year coming off of those injuries and having played so little over two years. However if Coach Pierce thinks JLin can start then that would be good enough for me and then go from there. But it would not be bad at this stage to be thinking about being a valuable Manu Ginobili role, rather than a Steve Nash. Now that the Nets front office have fully revealed themselves and their true character, maybe this is a blessing in disguise for JLin to get out now rather than have to take second seat to a inferior player (DLo). I think that the coach will play a huge role in how JLin does from here. With the right coach (D’Antoni) he broke out and thrived. After that has there been a “good” coach for him? I think not. So I really hope Coach Pierce is a good coach. Hope for the best. I just want to see him play.

  235. Agreed, I don’t believe your suggestion is petty there is no reason that JLIN should be responsible for any additional revenue for the Brooklyn organization.

  236. I also thought about they shipped Lin to Canada so DLo could be free to run the team but they never thought he got injury too. I think Marks likes DLo more than Lin. He’s top pick guy… You know this is sort of like Rox… Morey just likes Harden, he tried everything he could to make him succeed.

  237. Atlanta has had a dismal season with the coach quitting his job as a result. The new coach acquires Jeremy Lin; it is not just a salary dump from Nets. We are interested how Jeremy Lin will be used in the new team.
    As to the rehab of Lin, it’s an ongoing thing. Lin has to involve the Hawks with it. They are going to have to work it out. For the time being Lin has to follow Fortius Sport and Health on his own.
    Atlanta has to get involved and foot the bills in order to make the best use of Lin. We have not heard from it. The team staff has lots of work in their hands now..
    One thing for sure is the team needs Lin. Lin to Atlanta is a project among many other projects under the new coach. Anyway, this coming season is guaranteed.

  238. From what I have seen of the ATL basketball community, while they seem confused as to why ATL made this move for JLin they seem to be supportive and have a warm attitude towards him. Overall at this point their attitude is much better than the Nets bloggers (and front office). They seem to be more like the Hornets fans who seemed to really embrace JLin. This comparison with Nets fans makes me glad JLin got traded to ATL.

  239. Absolutely, it’s all part of the consequences of decisions made. No guilt there. Just like Lin fans defecting and voicing their protest. All part of the deal.

  240. Marks, unless there is proof to the contrary, most likely had zero input to “shipping” JLIN off to Canada.

    Alternatively, I believe JLIN completely lost confidence in the Nets Performance team and CHOSE to go to Fortius, this in hindsight could have been disadvantageous. Because:

    A. Could be construed as negative publicity for the Nets HHS
    B. JLIN out of sight, Out of mind. (previous season he was right there in the midst of everything on the sidelines)

  241. Sorry, my mistake I was looking at 2017. You are correct Budenholzer missed the playoffs first time this season in 7 consecutive seasons

  242. I agree with you. I don’t have link but from what I heard the radio show to talk about Lin. I like Hawks attitude to Lin. Don’t remember exactly the words.. but sort of like the FO thought Lin is more important than pick from Nuggets… Wow! What a different… Marks bc that pick to give up on Lin??? smh! I believe he just don’t want him to stay anymore…. bc if Marks thought high on Lin, he would not do it….

  243. How a couple years of injury can affect the sentiment and the facts we now face.

    The climb back will be difficult and the odds slim, regardless of that I want to see JLIN attempt at least another comeback before he determines he must resign to a backup role.

    I have laid out my ideal scenario for the comeback, yesterday — if that doesn’t pan out then the backup role on a playoff team might be the only reasonable choice that remains.

  244. don’t make stuff up about me.

    LOL you’re the one making stuff up. Oh, and stop lying about you not defending Marks. You purposely ignore everything he’s said and lie about what Lin said to push your narrative and so you can keep arguing with me, acting like you expected this all along like you’re such a visionary / psychic. “Typical GM.” “Business always rules out.” “I don’t think Marks is evil.” Blah blah blah.

    And no, Lin, in my opinion, whether you agree or not, does not look like a dunce. I doubt many people even saw that tweet and even if they did

    Plenty of NBA fans saw it and commented on how Lin was backstabbed and duped. You may not want to admit it, but Lin did look like a dunce by being so naive to say that he doesn’t think he’ll be traded because he’d be notified. Then 1 day later, he gets traded.

  245. Take a breath. We’re all Lin supporters here 🙂

  246. Ahh, the typical response when I provide enough proof to finally shut you up.

  247. I’m trying to be nice. One more post like this and I’ll have to report you. Your anger is great, but I post according to how I see things as do you. No point in fighting each other.

  248. “You sound angry.” “Take a breath.” “I’m trying to be nice.” “Your anger is great.”

    Nice job trying to constantly bait me. Go ahead and report me. You think I care? I’ve provided all the proof here to show how you lie, ignore everything Marks and Lin has said, and keep defending Marks’ actions.

  249. That is my point.

  250. Come on, Webattorney, I would expect more from you to know how people behave in front of their soon-to-be boss.

    Marks MUST have Tsai’s blessings to trade Lin. The only exception could be the Russian owner insisted trading Lin but Tsai disagreed, since Tsai is still minority, Tsai had to give in which I do not believe is the case.

  251. I do like how Coach Pierce described his coaching style as “not having pre-conceived notions”. I was tired about hearing about the “motion” offense and that the Nets tried to get the players into that offense rather than look at the talent they had and build a scheme around that. How is this where they want everybody to touch the ball going to work with a high usage player like DLo? Coach Pierce and JLin could make beautiful music together. Now if only they could get Ed Davis…

  252. Hoping Lin has some Ed Davis like chemistry with a player on the Hawks.

  253. Southern hospitality. People from the south are usually very welcoming and nice… until you give them a reason to dislike you and/or wear out your welcome. Kinda like what Schroder did in Atlanta.

  254. Agree 100%

  255. Too bad Lin already made Nets tons of money with merchandising, jersey sales, and ticket sales. He also gave them tons of publicity and recognition in Asia.

    I guess they’re even, seeing as how Nets did spend $23M on Lin and he only played 37 games for them in 2 years. Well worth $23M considering all the money he’s made them in return, brand/name recognition, and mentoring / building the culture. Tough to find a better ROI in the NBA who are not superstars / all-stars than Lin.

    “Business is business.”

  256. This might be why Hawks went out and grabbed Chelsea Lane, a great performance expert most have credited with keeping the Warriors players healthy for the most part and on the court.

  257. @psalm234:disqus , Thanks for setting that up – this is great! Hope that fellow posters will try to post accordingly! So glad to see many posters coming back. (Albeit started by unhappy news.)

    1) As a non-technologist of the internet, how difficult is it, cost-wise and time-wise, to have a format like the Realgm forums? I find that format to be most user-friendly, in terms of catching up and responding to latest posts. (Not having to scroll down entire pages.)

    2) And, if not too much trouble, I’d like to suggest another thread? For posting all the welcoming messages from the Hawks, and the supportive messages from Lin’s friends and fans, and the fond goodbye messages from some media, and Lin’s ex-Nets teammates.

    Thanks for reading Psalm! Gotta run. Catch up later.

  258. Joseph Tsai owns half of the Nets with an option to buy the rest in a few years. Anyone who thinks Marks could trade Lin away (especially to one of the worst NBA teams from a player’s perspective) without the green light from Tsai is delusional. Is Tsai a heartless traitor or has the Nets medical team concluded that Lin will never regain the athleticism necessary to compete at the NBA level? It makes me laugh when someone posts the excuse “the NBA is a business.” So is JLin bad for business? Is he bad for winning? He is if he can’t play anymore. And then it really doesn’t matter which team he got traded to as an expiring contract. In the season opener last year Lin crashed to the ground repeating over and over, “I’m done, I’m done!” That was probably his last NBA game.

  259. Yes, this Forum format basically displays multiple format like RealGM discussion forum. Any latest comment should make it go to the top discussion.

    For a while, fans are not used to it but I think it’s better in the long-run so people can easily find information. Posts won’t get lost in 500+ comments.

    If any users want to create new threads, just let me know. You just need to login to WordPress account, then I can grant access to create threads (choose ‘Create New Post’ green button)

  260. “That was probably his last NBA game”.
    You should have started there, then I would not have read the rest.

  261. Perhaps we can create a graphic with encouraging words from Lin fans?
    I think that’s what will mean the most for him in this time.

    If yes, we can create a separate thread for Lin fans to send their message to JLin; then perhaps if there is a talented graphic artist can create good graphic.

    Or we can compile those words into a beautiful word mosaic/cloud like this, except we can use his JL7 logo shape

  262. You’re being too emotional rather than rational. I’m not happy about it but how else do you explain Lin getting dumped off by his favorite NBA owner/coach combo at a time when his value was lowest. If the Nets had any faith in Lin ever being an NBA-level player again, then it would be good for business to showcase him until the trade deadline in February instead of getting rid of him for virtually nothing. And don’t expect Tsai to admit responsibility for the decision. If Lin has played his last NBA game wouldn’t you rather know now then start to read up on the Atlanta friggin’ Hawks?

  263. Sorry, your summary conclusion that Lin will not play another game is irrational. Is he on a team as of now? We don’t know how well he has recovered, but won’t he play another game?

  264. Good to see him smile. Hope his fans will reenergize him.

  265. He may not. Maybe he will and it will be painful to watch him struggle. That may be something Tsai chose to avoid. Otherwise, why not let the Asian fans line up for Nets tickets this season? Isn’t that good for business?

  266. Lin’s recovery is on schedule. Yes, he needs to change part of his ways of playing the game. His muscle responds differently now. He has told us his plan and he’s going through all the details. We know that he’s strong; probably stronger than before because he’s using the strong muscle to fire up his motion. He has to use it to his advantage.

    He may lose some of his speed by playing differently. It’ll take time. However to say that this is the last game he’s going to play is untrue because he has to pass the medical tests before the Hawks to ascertain the deal. Lin can play.

    How well can Lin play is another question. The Hawks take the chance. Why shouldn’t we? There are 3 possibilities; better, same, worse. Time will tell.

  267. Do you think Isaiah Thomas “passed” his medical test when he got traded to the Cavs or did the trade go through anyway? If the tanking Hawks acquired Lin for his expiring contract they really don’t care about his medical test.

  268. I agreed 100% with the part about Tsai.

    I don’t think Marks or anyone knows Lin can not play any more. If that was the case, they would have flat out told Lin that with that kind of injury, he would not recover and Lin would not be so down. Also, Lin would have sent out prayer request or fans would get a hint that he is done with NBA. Therefore, I do not think Nets were sure Lin could not play games.

    It is the snake Marks and traitor Tsai at work.

  269. Just thought of one thing.
    What would friends of Tsai’s children think of them now?
    Does anyone know they go to school in China or the US?

  270. IT has more problem than injury. IT can not defend and always needs others players to shield. I think that is the main reason no team wants him.

  271. As a religious man, Lin has faith that his “superpowers” will eventually return regardless of what doctors conclude. Tsai and the Nets are more likely to be pragmatic and trust the doctors’ opinions. This was a catastrophic knee injury. There was a chance he would heal fully but probably not a very high chance. No one could say for sure until they saw exactly how Lin’s specific injury healed. Every individual and every injury can heal differently. It would be cruel to tell Lin we don’t believe you’ll ever fully heal. It’s easier to trade him and say it’s a business decision.

  272. Lin stated Wednesday night he didn’t expect to be traded because he hadn’t gotten a call from Marks or coach Kenny Atkinson, and had actually gotten a call from his agent just to clarify recent reports. Less than 36 hours later, he was bound for Atlanta.

    “Find joy in your journey!!” Lin tweeted Friday..


  273. That’s true but IT is an ALL-NBA, All-Star who “everyone knows is much better than Lin.” I just wanted to point out that a team can accept an injured player in a trade even though a medical exam is mandatory.

  274. I just find it hard to believe that of all the evil, nasty characters in the NBA that abused Lin, Taiwanese, Christian, Ivy Leaguer Joseph Tsai is the worst yet?

  275. That’s why we are all so upset.

    Tsai played on Yale’s lacrosse team and he would not give his “great friend” an opportunity to test his body after the only Asian player (except bench Qi) put in so much work the past year.

    Not only that, he dumped Lin to the worst team in the NBA.

    If his kids go to school in China, good luck with that. Chinese are very patriotic. Although some view Lin a Taiwanese, but quite a few still would consider Tsai a traitor.

  276. That’s why I tried to think of an alternative explanation. Lin did say recently that he’s not as explosive as he was. If he can’t blow by defenders to drive to the rim, his game will be limited unless he can become more Nash-like. The Nets seemed to be in a huge hurry to dump him.

  277. I see you try to make sense of it. I still think not for medical reasons otherwise Lin would have sent out prayer requests and would not be so down.

    The reason Lin is down because he had expectation and was taken by surprise.

  278. Thanks. These all sound great ideas. Let’s take actions to support our Lin.

  279. tough guy, tough public facade…

  280. Man, Lin looks like he doesn’t even want to be there, fake smiles & all. Just fulfilling his contractual obligations. Can’t believe they dumped Lin right before he was going back to China and had events planned with Joe Tsai and Dinwiddie. Cold.

  281. My heart aches.

    Thanks for posting.

  282. But but “Tsai is only minority owner and has no power,” some say.

    BS. If someone spends $1.15 billion and owns 49% of the team, with option to buy the rest in 3 years, he’s got decision making powers. In fact, even Marks said it (though, we now know everything Marks says turns out to be lies).

    Joe Tsai hasn’t met with the media since agreeing to buy 49 percent of the Nets, but a couple of things are already pretty clear about the Taiwan-born billionaire. He’ll be hands-on and he’ll be spreading the Nets word around the world.

    Brooklyn is going global.

    “We already know we have an ownership group that’s ready to fork out the big money when that timing is right,” general manager Sean Marks said. “We know with our ownership group … you’ve got owners that are committed to building this with a foundation that has some longevity and they’re committed to this, which is great.”

    “Mikhail and Joe are both committed owners and they’ll be hands-on to a certain extent,” Marks said. “The fact that Joe saw something that he liked in Brooklyn, saw something that he liked with the Nets organization, I think there’ll be a great partnership between the two.

    Yeah, good luck with taking Brooklyn global, Tsai. You just ruined your own investment and plans by getting rid of Lin and not giving him a chance to prove himself. For what? A protected 1st round pick? Taiwanese and Chinese fans won’t forget this. I hope Lin never goes back to Brooklyn if they ever offer him another contract.

  283. I hope Lin listens to hi speech friend Nash and make a change to score more. Was it a prod to light a fire under Lin? I hope so. When he was young he did it by attacking the basket. During Linsanity, he was pushed to the edge of the exits of the NBA. He responded by making himself the leader by scoring. IT was by scoring that he helped the Knicks go on a winning streak. He increased his own usage rate and forced the team behind him to follow. Lin made himself relevant by scoring.

    It was Mchale that forced Lin to change to the supportive teammate mode. Lin was already easily convinced to be the clubhouse leader by helping the youngsters and teammates to improve. Everywhere he’s gone, he’s been the catalyst for team play while taking a back seat to others scoring. This altruistic way is great for the club and coaches but not so good for his own leadership. Lin in a way is doing exactly what a lot of us Asians do at work. We are great middle managers by getting and helping our staff be good workers, only have the glass ceiling stop us getting ahead while everyone else advances.

    Nash himself may have finally come to the conclusion that his own leadership should have been less about spreading the ball and forcing the issues himself. This mindset help Lin far exceed his own expectations during Linsanity. The mindset of aggression to be ”the man” was forced upon Nash when he was the only NBA caliber player for the Canadian Olympic team. He led them to their best ever showing and proved to everyone that he was more than capable of leading a NBA team. Nash had his own Linsanity moment during the Olympic Games and was then called Captain Canada.

    That mindset is not only necessary, it’s the difference being winner or runner up. I believe Nash may have at the end realize that he cam second too often because he lost that mental edge. Like anything, our mind is a muscle that needs to be excercise. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Nash may have realized that when it counted, he should have led instead of handing his destiny to someone else.

    Let’s hope Lin has finally improved his shooting now to make himself a triple threat. It’s vital now for Lin to be impactful by not just sacrifice his body to draw defence to him while driving to the hoop.

  284. Yup, Lin’s problem has always been that he’s too passive, not willing to go against his coaches’ wishes, and restrict himself by listening to their nonsense. NBA is all about padding stats. While fans may love watching selfless basketball, they inevitably end up only caring about 2 things: big flashy stats and winning the chip. If you’re not winning a title, then what’s left? Make yourself look good. Lin sacrifices his own stats to build friendships, camaraderie, team cohesiveness. What has it gotten him? Bench roles, disrespect, and kicked off multiple teams.

  285. From his record, Tsai seems to be a man with great vision. He should be well aware of Lin’s popularity in Asia and among asian American. Can’t really understand the move then if he has a say.

  286. He’s only looking at the 1st round protected pick and not willing to risk betting on Lin making a full recovery or being able to stay healthy this year, next year, long-term.

    Marks must’ve convinced him this is the best, safest move to make and he listened, gave approval, and together, they all backstabbed Lin, while lying to fans about their plans.

  287. So much about the “Culture” of SM and KA. The snake finally showed its’ fangs.

  288. Kind of disappointed to see it took this long for them to free Lin.

  289. At this point of his career, I don’t think KA can influence SM. KA seems to be a hardworking YES-man in front of SM.

  290. Yeah, all his photos has Brooklyn Nets jerseys. SMH

  291. KA has been a hardworking YES man since the day he was hired.

  292. @Dorothy proposed a good idea to create a way for faithful JLin fans to cheer him up after the trade and motivate him for next season. Please say your encouragement in the following thread and we can create a Word art to tweet him in one week. If anyone is a professional graphic designer, please feel free to create something special.

    Say Your Encouraging Words to Jeremy Lin Post-Trade

    As faithful Jeremy Lin fans, we want to cheer up Jeremy Lin after the surprising trade to Atlanta Hawks on July 12, 2018. He must still be taken back by the surprise as many of his fans did so some encouraging words might help to cheer him up that he still has a lot of fans to support him no matter where he goes.

    Please post your encouragement to Jeremy Lin below. After a week (July 22 2018) , I can compile all of them into a Word Art similar to what is posted above. If any of Lin fans are professional graphic designer, please feel free to share your ideas of another good way to create a good graphic with the summary of all the words.

    We can send it via twitter so Jeremy can use it to motivate him next season.


    “Stay strong, Jeremy 💪Your faithful fans will continue to cheer for your journey May you continue to defy the expectations by staying healthy and winning next season 🙏 #AudienceOfOne


  293. A healthy Lin can push Nets to run for a playoff spot. Now they are bottom 5 again with current roster. Not to mention Lin’s influence world-wide off-court. A top-10 protected 1st rounder is really not that big of a deal. SM’s ability to spot talent is just mediocre and I believe that’s the most important part of being a great GM.

  294. That’s exactly how Dinwiddie and DLo gained the perceptive advantage, because they played to score. We all know how many times coaches tell Lin not to score, but let’s anyone not named Lin become a shoot first guard. Hypocrisy to no end. I hope this lights a fire under Lin too, and he gets his, if I’m going to go out, I’m going to go out my way attitude back.

  295. If we are true Lin fan’s, we need to not post words encouragement, but defiance and empowerment; It’s time to get yours!, It’s time for Linsanity again! Words of power, not faith. Faith got him into the NBA and will always be there regardless playing basketball or not. That’s what Faith is, but it’s his will alone to grab this next year by the horns and own it. “he’s not going to ever dunk again?” nope, It’s time to put down some dunks and posterize people like he did with Wall. It’s Lin’s Time! The Time is NOW! Forget the Naysayers and show them why Linsanity was and IS real!

  296. Soar high on wings like eagles, Lin!

    Below is Lin’s Instagram post on 12/28/2017 – some Chinese fans wonder: did Lin predict his new destination: Hawks then?

    Jlin7 (IG) Those who trust in the LORD will find new strength, they will soar high on wings like eagles – Isaiah 40:31

  297. I always thought Lin’s threat to score set up his passing game. But I remember Lin saying KA said he was being too selfish as a PG. So maybe this notion started before McHale, but McHale made it worse.

  298. It’s good for Jeremy to get any encouragement, motivation, and empowerment.
    If fans words can give him extra motivation to prove the naysayers wrong next season, it will be very rewarding!

    Please post it on that thread

  299. Posted. Thx! Never posted like this directly to Jeremy, but he needs to know we are behind him even if he is a little arrogant and cocky! We need that Jeremy back. His love for God is not less, his Faith is not less for it, nor the respect from his fans will be lessened because of it!

  300. Got a feeling that God may be sending Lin to many NBA teams to influence/convert as many NBA players to believers?? He started bible study group in the last 3 teams?

  301. Every time Lin would have a high scoring game, Atkinson made sure to game plan for him to spread the ball around! But then let D’Lo and Dinwiddie chuck up shots. Dinwiddie, less, but otherwise, no different.

  302. Lin is popular in Taiwan and most of Asia, but he’s not all that popular in China. Kobe Bryant is more popular than Lin in China.

  303. thats one positive way to look at this trades and transfer by Jlin…

  304. As a tennis analogy, I’ve had to tell my players to not spend too much time on their own weaknesses. It is essential to become a complete player but one must never forget or ignore what got you there. There is a fine line between helping too much and not maintaining your guns. If you work too hard on your backhand, you’ll lose the fine twitch muscles skills on your forehand that have been hitting winners for you.

    I believe Nash was warning Lin to not to spend too much of his own time developing the weaknesses of his teammates while ignoring his own elite gifts.

  305. In the video, they were mobbing Lin and it looked like Lin told them to backup and rubbed his eyes for some reason. 😯

    These fans need to relax. Lin is being overwhelmed…

  306. Just like Novak Djokovic came back from his injury and funk to lift the Wimbledon trophy — as I knew he would because I have never seen another tennis player reach a greater level during two year period several years ago — I wish Lin can lift Hawks to playoff.

  307. You should have known their words didn’t mean anything when they brought in DLo.

  308. Tsai is at this point just a marketing ambassador in Asia. He doesn’t have as much power as he wants to appear to have. He also doesn’t have B.B. knowledge.

  309. Not half. 49%. Big difference. Until we hear straight from Tsai on this issue, we won’t know how little he tried. But you know what? Good thing Lin left. Maybe Tsai did Lin a favor to free him from a back up PG position.

  310. Courtesy of @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus , here is the post containing Atlanta Hawks fansites and social media links.
    You can see it from the main page. If there is more, please post the links there.

    Atlanta Hawks Fan Sites and Social Media Links

  311. Sweet! 😀

  312. LOL Lin trying to have some fun and joke about looking for a job…

  313. Well at least it looks like some writers know Lin’s true value to a team isn’t merely marketability. This kind of article reassures me that it won’t be such a bad year for Lin in Atlanta…. fingers crossed.

  314. Nets might have the best view of any practice facility in the NBA, but the Hawks have the newest, biggest, and most impressive facility. Hawks’ practice facility is partnered with an entire hospital and have their own doctors there at the facility, similar to HSS in Brooklyn. This place is very, very impressive. I encourage everyone to watch the whole thing. I think Lin will be in safe hands.

  315. Thanks for sharing.

  316. This is a relief.

  317. It’s interesting.

    Joe Tsai is a Canadian citizen (not an American).

    Does he still benefit from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed last year (specifically, the 20% pass through rate for plutocrats)?


  318. Thanks…more and more we learn

  319. Nice one…I like the way you put it!

  320. JLin is NOT an underdog nor does he need our sympathy. He is an exceptionally strong-minded, strong-willed, exceptionally accomplished individual. He is accomplishing inwardly and outwardly more than most of us will in our lifetime.

    Please excuse my language as I proceed to rant on.

    He had an amazing basketball career in northern Cal, having grown up and graduated from a great high school, with a loving, supportive, accomplished family around him. He fricken won the state championship in California! Beat the fricken Mater Dei HS for goodness sake. He got a perfect 800 on his Math SATII test!!!!! Then got into the frickent University of Universities, the snobbiest of them all- Harvard University (which as you know has admitted internally to their internal bias of Asians as the most “unlikable”)

    He gets to play college basketball- again, for Harvard! Graduates with a Harvard degree with the strongest alumni network ever!

    He then gets to play in the fricken NBA!!!! (What is the percentage of kids who dream of playing basketball professionally and actually gets to do that? I bet less than fricken 1%!)

    And then just when he wants to hang it up once and for all, the guy gets to rewrite the history of basketball and sports with a phenomenon known as Linsanity! Who the heck gets to have a phenomenon named after them? No one but the hurricanes!

    He gets to spread his influence from one city to another, from one continent to another, stars in YouTube videos, gets paid zillion dollars, has the widest platform ever to talk about the things he believes to be important.

    Jeremy, yes, I’m glad you are learning to enjoy the journey. We all have our journeys to be part of and learn to enjoy. Yours gets to play out in front of the entire world, but so be it, that’s the price of having the platform and the gifts that you have been given.

    Jeremy is NOT an underdog- he is on one fricken amazing ride of this lifetime- and his journey is a joy to behold because it is unpredictable and original. Enjoy the ride, indeed, Jeremy!!!!

  321. He’s not easy to get along so hope he gets out of Hawks ASAP. But….???

  322. It really annoys me and pisses me off that Joe Tsai called Jeremy an “underdog,” That says a lot about what Joe really thought about Jeremy. Jeremy is NOT an underdog. See my rant below. Jeremy is a superhero (by most human standard) and NOT an UNDERDOG!!!! That’s like calling Joe Tsai, the billionaire, an underdog. Get your facts straight, Jose Tsai!

  323. To follow up on the video I posted of Hawks’ practice facility, pay attention to what it says outside of that facility. This place is a mainly a sports medicine center, physical therapy, peak performance project, health care courts.

    I think this is one of the reasons why Hawks front office felt comfortable taking a chance on Lin. They know they can rehab him even more if necessary and have the tools / staff there to keep him healthy, especially now that they’ve hired Chelsea Lane.

  324. Wondering what Lin’s weight is now? He looks great in that practice video above.

  325. It’s an interesting fact that JLin suited up for Erie Bayhawks (Hawks G-League team) for 1 game in 2011-12 season and posted triple-double. Perhaps this is a good sign of things to come.

    On Friday, the @ATLHawks acquired @JLin7 from the @BrooklynNets…

    DID YOU KNOW: Lin suited up for the BayHawks for one game in the 2011-12 season. In that one game, he registered a 28-point, 12-assist and 11-rebound triple-double in 44.4 minutes of action.


  326. Happy to read the article !

  327. You’re correct but I wouldn’t be mad at Joe for using a wrong word while trying to say a few nice words to Lin. It’s the guy lied to Lin and shipped him out of town to make room for his famous trade D’Angelo to be the star.

  328. And he doesn’t properly identify the challenges Jeremy has faced (e.g. racial stereotypes).

  329. I understand and appreciate your anger and frustration at Tsai, but Lin is often labeled an underdog because he was able to overcome many adversities that non-underdogs don’t have to overcome.

    Many fans call Lin an underdog because he was able to break through and succeed in college and the NBA, when most Asians couldn’t and haven’t, due to racism, prejudice, bias, jealously, bigotry, physical and mental limitations, and cultural animosity (how many times has Lin told us how his parents’ friends told them not to let Lin go down the sports path?).

  330. It doesn’t make any sense why you are so piss about it unless you think lin is god which is what many extremist lin fans think. If he is god and/or a superhero, he will not be hurt.

    Do you even know what an underdog really means? It’s because of his underdogness that’s what made him popular.

    I say lin is the underdog. It is because he was/is the underdog which cause me to follow him in the first place as I root for the underdog which by definition means “a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.” The key word is “thought”, and everyone except for lin fans, though he has little chance.

    – Asian American already hard to break into the stereotype mentality of NBA.
    That’s consider an underdog. He broke in.

    – Being undrafted and STILL in the NBA.
    That is consider to be an underdog. He is still in the NBA.

    – Graduated instead of top bball school, but academic school HARVARD to play and remain in the NBA.
    That is considered to be an underdog. Name one except for him that is able to do that…none.

    – Still have to battle the stereotype of asian americans in predominantly black sport but still able to stay in the NBA.
    That is considered to be an underdog. He been doing that his whole life.

    – If many many people think you cannot play, but you are able to constantly prove them wrong over and over again, then that is consider an underdog status. (at first it’s like ‘oh he chinese he can’t play’. Next is ‘oh, he can play, but he just a 3rd stringer’, Then it’s ‘oh he can be a good backup pg’, then it’s ‘he can be a starter on a very bad team..not a high caliber team which is consider a backup’ (which is his current status now)’, then maybe it’s like ‘oh he is a starting material but not all star or win championship’ etc). THAT IS CONSIDER AN UNDERDOG STATUS.

  331. smh

  332. LOL truth hurts. Glad so many fans and pundits are finally waking up to reality, now that Melo has been proven to be a selfish, me-first snake. He showed his true colors in the 1 year he had with OKC, no longer protected by Dolan and NYC’s biased and corrupt media.

  333. Thought he’s a Knick longer than 4 years.

  334. Good, anything to take that ridiculous superteam down a notch. They’re still going to win another title easily, but at least their organization is slowly being dismantled.

    Hawks fans have been mostly confused and even angry at Travis Shlenk (Hawks GM) and Antony Ressler (Hawks owner) so far. Many have questioned their moves / non-moves and motives, but it’s obvious to analysts and intelligent fans that they’re trying to build another Warriors dynasty in the East. Will it work? Who knows. At least they’re trying to do it.

    Hawks have a brand new, state-of-the-art facility. They fired Coach Budenholzer. They drafted 3 sharptshooters and playmakers. They have a young and talented core. They are taking a chance on Lin… the only piece missing to lead them and to mentor them. The only problem left for them to solve is Dennis Schroder. How do they get rid of him while also not get fleeced?

  335. Trae Young’s favorite player growing up is Steve Nash. That gives me some hope.

  336. Yes, but one of his idols was Kobe Bryant…

  337. Only the acts on the court speak truth. I am going to hold my take on him. Who knows what he will act if a Nash like mentor on court, taking some of the spot lights (well assuming Schroder got traded.)

  338. Lin fans might be worried about Trae Young. Yes, he is the Hawks’ future. Yes, he is the Hawks’ “face of the franchise.” Yes, he will most likely get more touches, shots, and playtime than Lin.

    However, from all the videos and interviews I’ve watched of him thus far, he comes off as a humble kid who is hungry to learn, improve, work hard, achieve greatness, and willing to take advice / input. For a player many have touted to be the next Steph Curry and has one of, if not the most impressive college year ever, this is encouraging. It means success and stardom has not gotten to his head and he is still open to being mentored. This is something that DLo was never open to and why DLo has not improved much since his college days.

  339. lol…pretty much many growing up kids, had/has KB as their idol

  340. Yeah, like most of China.

  341. Lin did a lot for a team that most fans or reporters don’t know behind the door…. I think that’s why Hawks wants him.

  342. Because dumped salary players don’t sign with non-playoff teams.

  343. Lin is just the temporary solution of Hawks. He will have Trae Young replaced him in one or two years. I don’t like it at all.

  344. one year left. what happens after dont matter

  345. Right on! right on! JLin is an NBA veteran and contrary to what many think a proven vet. What is not proven is how healthy he is and will be from this point forward. If he is healthy he will be a valuable asset to ATL.

  346. Of course. It’s obvious Lin is not in the long-term plans of the Hawks… unless he can prove he can still play and stay healthy, helping the Hawks grow and win. Even then, they might trade Lin to a contender, which is what most of us are hoping for.

    You don’t have to like it. It is what it is. Lin just has to make the best of this situation and stay healthy. If he can remain healthy, everything will sort itself out eventually.

    I’m just trying to see the positive side to this situation. Trae is not our or Lin’s problem. If anything, he’s the main reason Lin even has a role on a team this coming year and maybe years beyond.

  347. That’s a likely possibility. But it doesn’t hurt to get something out of a mutually beneficial situation. Lin’s stock value is not high right now. Going to a team that values his contributions and playing as a mentor to their franchise project should open up some nice opportunities for him next summer.

  348. If this year Lin can play well that will open more doors for him. Hawks so far seems to be not bad place for him. At least Hawks gave Lin good promote & warm welcome to me.

  349. Philips Arena, where the Atlanta Hawks play, is undergoing a $200 M renovation. As a June, 2018, work was still expected to be completed by the start of the 2018-19 NBA season.

    See :

  350. And how is this worse than having DLo at your back. I think ATL is a better situation for JLin. I like it better all the time. Neither team is good. But at least ATL wants JLin and the community, at least online, seems better. At this point the only concern is the health issue and it sounds like ATL is getting a good trainer in Lane. If JLin is healthy the rest will work out

  351. I now believe in NBA, most of promotes or demotes are from FO.

  352. Ya! Like this radio show… you can tell it’s from Hawks FO….. the program it’s 30 min & talk about Lin for 21 min….. Very nice of Hawks. They really like him.

  353. feel the same way.

  354. Looks like I ruffled some feathers…

  355. Injury happens to all players. Lin might be there for a good reason.

  356. His source is a vibe. We all know a vibe is more reliable than the words from the mouth of a chief executive. He needs to go work for CNN. I am liking ATL more and more.

  357. “don’t believe Hawks want that for next season”

    This is a perfectly reasonable statement from an NBA reporter. In fact you don’t need inside sources to know that the Hawks will tank this season. It’s obvious to even casual fans.

    You’re criticizing him for not accepting the possibility the Hawks used their cap space on Lin because they think he will bring wins. Never mind the possibility of a future injury, there is no evidence that Lin has fully recovered from last season’s catastrophic knee injury or when that might occur. Finally, the reporter stressed to you that it wasn’t his opinion but rather what he had heard from some 15 different NBA insiders.

    He’s obviously not just making that up to insult Lin. In fact this trade to the Hawks is very fishy. If you believe that Lin will provide significant value to the Hawks by actually playing and contributing to winning basketball then why on earth did Tsai, Kenny and the rest of the Nets decide to treat Lin in this most humiliating way and dump him to the Hawks for nothing in return?

  358. Salary dumps are trades of overpaid players who have no say in the matter. What are you talking about?

  359. Salary dumps is to make room to put money into free agents once they have cap space due to taking on 1 yr contracts, hence “salary dump”. I’m a huge Lin fan, but come on; why do you think ATKINSON and Nets didn’t want to allow Lopez and Lin to shine and help the team win? Because they wanted draft picks to build a new team for young players to develop together with Atkinson’s crappy coaching! On a biz level, Nets did what they had to do, but on a human level, they screwed Lin.

  360. It’s exactly the same thing that Atkinson and Marks said. Lin fans, get your head out of [email protected]#. I want Lin to excel and succeed, but come on, look at the history. How else are they going to get Asians to buy tickets. They sell hope and hype for the betterment of the organization, not for the betterment of Lin! Positive thinking is great! But the FACTS! are real when it comes to the use of Lin in the NBA.

  361. Eric Pincus is a good guy, I remember him always being gracious in reporting Lin during the Lakers season

    I think something is amiss here. I don’t doubt he reports some people question by spend the cap space on JLin; some articles discuss that issue. The main question is why the GM says one thing but others still have questions.

    I’m in the wait-and-see approach because we don’t have all the information yet. Some people even consider Lin can be repackaged as a backup to playoff contender later but that also doesn’t quite make sense because now Lin takes up $13.5M salary cap space after the $1.5M trade kicker.

    I think it’s good to be nice to reporters so they’ll be more likely to give positive reporting on Lin and his fans 🙂 I don’t think Eric lied with bad intention; it’s just many people don’t understand the GM’s logic.

  362. You obviously didn’t read all of the posts in that Twitter thread.

    It was his opinion, being passed off as a fact, from an anonymous source he refuses to divulge. He kept ignoring Lin fans’ reasoning as to why Hawks traded for Lin, as well as the Hawks GM’s actual quotes as to why they traded for Lin.

    I wasn’t criticizing him for not accepting the possibility the Hawks used their cap on Lin because they think he’ll bring wins. I was criticizing him for ignoring ANY of the reasons why Lin could possibly be wanted, over assets that his “sources” say were priority for the Hawks. I was criticizing him for ignoring the Hawks’ GM’s own words. I was criticizing him for passing off his own opinions as facts he was supposedly reporting on. I was criticizing his insistence that people should care about other teams’ opinions and curiosity, when their opinions and curiosity matters not one bit.

    Nobody was saying Pincus is making stuff up to insult Lin, so stop it with that crap.

    How is the Hawks trading for Lin fishy? They’re looking for a mentor to Trae Young, a leader for their leader-less team, and a quality player (when healthy) to help build a winning culture in Atlanta. They’re also looking to make money and knows that Lin will help fill seats in their empty and newly renovated arena. They also know Lin will help sell merchandise, jerseys, and market their team to Asia.

    If you want to continue this conversation, man up and stop posting as a Guest like a coward. Otherwise, I will ignore all of your comments on this topic from now on.

  363. If people want to support Lin, donate to his FOUNDATION instead of buying NBA gear and tickets.

  364. Nobody cares about the betterment of Lin. Like people keep saying, this is a business. A very cold, harsh, and ruthless business.

  365. My speculation: the GM has no logic. He did a favor to the Nets to take Lin off their hands. The Nets will probably need to repay the favor at a later date. If Lin is actually of any value to the Hawks as a basketball player then he should have even more value to Tsai, Kenny and the Nets. So why did the Nets deliver the most shocking and insulting blow to Lin yet?

  366. Ya! Eric is nice to Lin & his fans… I don’t think he tried to insult Lin at all. In fact, my friends & I also asked the same question why they want Lin so badly & even gave up the pick??? I think bc Lin sure can bring in something more than just what they said in public… I am so glad they do so bc that just show how dumb Nets are… lol! Well, I believe Marks likes DLo more than Lin now …. don’t like it but after 2 years injury from Lin… he lose the confident on Lin… Anyway, Hawks is good so far.

  367. Look click-click, you can call me clack-clack if that makes you feel like you know who I am. Answer this one question: if Lin will be so valuable to the Hawks, why did Tsai and the whole friggin Nets organization just dump Lin like a piece of worthless crap?

  368. There is some confusion about why Atlanta Hawks GM and FO want Lin despite $13.5M cap space (after $1.5M trade kicker) which goes against rebuilding.

    Some speculates it’s about marketing, some think about mentoring Trae Young and other players as a veteran PG like the GM said, also as Schroder’s replacement whom the Hawks has trouble shopping due to his criminal battery case. Some even speculates Lin might be repackaged later to a playoff contender,

    Perhaps there is some truth in all of them but we can’t be sure. I’ll take it with a grain of salt. Lin’s market value is down due to 1.5 season of injury but his veteran leadership and marketability are still plus to play in the NBA. I think the latter is also Lin’s strength because many talented players (i.e. #3 pick Jahlil Okafor, Dwight Howard, Carmelo, etc.) is either unsigned or unwanted due to locker room issues.

    Lin just needs a similar chance like the Hornets season to prove he can play again, stay healthy so he can get a good contract the following season. If the Hawks wants him and is giving him a chance; I’d say it’s a pretty good situation. Having Chelsea Lane who helped Steph Curry to stay healthy in GSW is a bonus.

  369. yeah, so far so good with the Hawks. At least, Lin would get similar chance like with the Hornets to prove he can still play well.

    There’s worse situation when NBA players were just not signed or waived 🙂

  370. I thought about why Nets traded Lin now and not later before Feb 2019 trade deadline after his market value can go up after showcasing him.

    Perhaps they don’t want to take the risk and also want to give DLo, Dinwiddie, LeVert more playing time for the sake of development. I think they will regret it because noone can teach them how to win like JLin has proven. There’ll be more close losses in the 4th quarters like last season.

  371. Exactly. I think he will have chance to show how good he can be then go from there…..

  372. Marks likes to have good report card for himself… & I believe after he got DLo he likes him more… I really don’t like him but …. just like Morey he just favor Harden over Lin… smh!

  373. Smh. The cap space created by a salary dump can be used to acquire free agents or it can be used to absorb another salary dump plus pick or anything else money can buy.

  374. Lin will be considered temporary by most teams unless he signs a long-term contract. But then they still may consider him a “trade asset”

    I view as on a journey in the NBA to spread his good qualities to different teams for the time he’s there. I was hoping for a Dragic type of story but Lin’s journey is working out to be different than that.

  375. Did you hear what Igoudala said about Lane? Good stuff.

  376. Seems like they want to replace Shroeder’s bad attitude with Lin’s great attitude in mentoring Trae. At least Lin’s positive role on a team is being acknowledged. It’s something the Nets through away. Lin helped RHJ, CLV and Dinwiddie a great deal in developing their games.

  377. The 3rd PG is aka the most important PG.

  378. Lin was convinced he wouldn’t be traded. At the very least he thought he would have advance notice. It couldn’t be publicized but you can bet he had a personal relationship with Tsai. But if Lin couldn’t get a fair shake from this owner and this coach it’s pretty clear he never will.

  379. Agree, at least now Lin has hope because it can’t be worse than the worst Brooklyn.

  380. Watching his games, to me it’s enough to call supporting.

  381. That showed me the snake GM did it on his own as he does not need owners approval.

  382. I don’t necessarily agree about Marks and DLo. DLo is very young and played about half the games last season. I think Marks will give DLo more time, but he didn’t invite DLo to extend his contract. That means he’s not fully sold on DLo. I think Marks has a habit of dealing vets, but we don’t know how he handles younger players. Although, Okafor is a player that just didn’t work out in Brooklyn.

    I don’t think the Nets organization is sold on DLo. If he works out, he can be promoted as a “star,” be he hasn’t yet. KA doesn’t seem that big on him, judging by how he coached him. KA benched DLo after a few bad plays in one game last year in the 2Q and didn’t bring him back for the whole game. He didn’t do that with RHJ or any other young player.

  383. Rehab year. Get healthy, and maybe he’ll get more healthy with the Hawks trainer. She’s got a great reputation. Then, go out on his own and find the best situation possible next year. Or maybe something else will happen. Things aren’t predictable but hoping great health for Lin.

  384. Well, you deal with what you know vs what you don’t know in the future. They know that lin right now haven’t played much and thinks maybe him being in the nets will disrupt the development plan of the other younger guards. So since someone ask for Lin for picks.. they will take it because they didn’t think any team will take lin due to his injuries.

    So the business decision is .. we now know that some team wants lin for some picks which is what we want..but we do not know how lin will be healthy and how he will play. Anything say he will do well blah is coming from hope and lin fans, not from business and planning logic. So since we have 3 guards which are young and developing and proved that they can play at least like dinwiddle. So it’s not a bad deal to give them lin in exchange for picks.

    Now, say if lin helped them to a championship faster than usual last year, then they might have him as a bigger trade chip or use him for more mentorship and leadership. There will be no lost for them.

  385. speaking too early.

  386. When you trade stocks, you do not stay married to your stocks. If the stock is not doing what it’s suppose to do, you trade another one in hope that it will give better returns. Will you get burned if you did that, could be. But at least at the current moment, you know that the stock is not doing as well as you think, so you see if you can get another few.

  387. If you’re talking about salary dump trade, that’s Lin. I was talking about buy off contract salary dump.

  388. I guess it’s because Atlanta wanted Lin and made it happen.

  389. You just reiterated my point. smh

  390. I don’t know if I like your “it is just a business” analogy:
    Lin is merely a “stock”, an asset the GM buy or sell, nothing more.

  391. Well then it’s called a buyout not a salary dump which are two different things.

  392. If your stock tanks but you have faith it will regain its value do you sell at a terrible loss or do you double down to make some money. Tsai and Kenny had no faith in Lin’s recovery. What does that tell you?

  393. I couldn’t understand why you were explaining a salary dump to me.

  394. Well, if you have a stock which lost in values, common people will keep it to hope it rise regardless if they believe in it or not. But business and stock traders will do one thing.. trade it for something especially when you potentially can get a facebook or amazon stock which you don’t know the value yet but you get to control your pick, will you do it. I would in business sense. it’s all about the money. If we still believe nba is not a business we are kdding ourselves like 5 years old kids.

  395. Whether you like it or not, NBA and other sports is a business. We fan fares are not.

  396. You don’t seem to understand the purpose of an analogy.

  397. How could they possibly want a player who has not yet participated in full contact 5 on 5 play and will cost them $13.5M which they could have used for a first round pick?

  398. Doesn’t need the owner’s approval only if he doesn’t need to keep his job. Face it, Tsai gave the green light.

  399. If the mindset of FO is not settled to tank for higher picks, I believe that ATL will be making noise next season. But for Lin, first and foremost, STAY HEALTHY, take care of himself.

  400. If you check what Tsai said when he just bought Nets… he said they all told me DLo is good… but Jeremy is my favor player…. I believe Nets FO likes him & also consider he’s the future…. even I think he’s still a kid… I read the tweet from Nets reporter, he & fans discussed about this issue too… they all think it’s risk in someway Marks bet on DLo…. Anyway, I think Lin to Hawks maybe not too bad bc so far Hawks seems to be welcome him.

  401. Thanks for reply.

    Currently using Disqus to login. Do you suggest using WordPress instead? If so, I will look into setting up account there.

    I do see that the latest comment from which thread is noted on the home page forum format. And that helps a lot.

    I don’t know if you have time to check out RealGM. What happens there is that even the replies to a comment shows up on the most recent page, with the preceding comments repeated as a string, even time-stamped. (See link.) Maybe this style takes up too much bandwidth?

    The Portal format is the same as the SBNation format. For example, The replies (which could be 15 mins ago) to a “new original” comment (which could have been started 2 hrs ago) are still located below that original comment. To read it, still have to scroll down and find.

    Or am I missing something?

    Anyway, this is NOT a complaint. I am very thankful that you are devoting so much time and effort to provide this forum for some of us to RANT AND RAVE here. 🙂

  402. sorry…I cant read twitter at this moment, what did Eric say about the trade?


  403. Hear hear.

  404. This is a franchise of a world class professional sport league, not a restaurant where you can fire anyone you want. The GM might not have his job after his contract with Brooklyn but what SM did was sticking to his plan since day one.

  405. Well then it’s call a trade not a buyout by your definition.

  406. Don’t accuse others as it seems like what you constantly do here, when you are not seeing other people’s POV. GM are traders. We fan fare are the common people. So go back and read the analogy and you should get it hopefully.

  407. occam’s razor: the hawks used their cap on lin because they aren’t tanking…

    everyone assumes they are tanking and so they can’t wrap their head around these “puzzling” moves. but the simple answer may just be that they are no longer tanking! they tanked and got trae young. if he turns out to be the next steph curry, then there you go! mission accomplished! perhaps schlenk thinks trae is a generational talent. why continue to tank when you found your guy?

    also as i outlined earlier, the team actually has some pretty good young talent besides trae. so adding lin might just be the final piece of the puzzle. he’s no slouch himself, great mentor for their future franchise player, and he brings fans/media attention/money… what’s not to love about that?

  408. “Perhaps there is some truth in all of them but we can’t be sure. I’ll take it with a grain of salt.” – can’t agree more!

    There are too many “sources” out there. Too many opinions and speculations from sports media and blogs. Who knows what their agenda is?

    Can’t get too high with every positive sign. Can’t get too low with any negative “vibes”. A lot can still happen before training camp. One day at a time. Just waiting for a fully recovered JLin to get on the court again.

  409. To support Lin the person, yes, totally agree.

    But to support Lin the basketball player, IN THE NBA. Buying Lin’s gear and tickets to his games is the only small way to indicate that he is popular and generates revenue. That in turn could impact the kind of shoe contracts that he gets, etc.

    Yes, the fans, and Lin, are being exploited. Can you imagine if his fans are not buying his gear?

    Your heart is in the right place. But, I’m not sure if boycotting will work.

  410. Was listening to the Hawks podcast. The host pointed out that the league has changed the rules regarding draft lottery starting next year so that team with the worst record does not get too far ahead in odds to land lower overall picks. This rule change obviously is put in place to discourage teams from an all-out tanking mentality which have drawn criticisms from some fans I guess. This may have an impact on Atlanta’s decision to abandon tanking and move towards trying to focus on developing Trae Young… who knows…?

  411. Yes it’s now a business. Big time sports as it is now is all about money. Sad and true.

    It’s why there is no loyalties. All the talk about culture is fake. It’s propaganda to pacify the fans. It’s everyone for themselves.

    There is however one business that has done very well with culture. The current dynasty in GSW is built on culture. It’s why people want to be on that team. They are loyal because they want to be part of the culture of a real team.

    The excuse for Marks is long and full of euphemism of team building, but they are hollow. Players now know that 3vets of high value has been fired. They now know that the talk of Brooklyn culture is BS.

    There’s price to be paid in the long run for backstabbing. That price is the lost of loyalty.

  412. Eric Pincus Verified account @EricPincus 12 hours ago
    “The vibe around the league, from the people I spoke to in Vegas, some confusion as to why the Hawks took on Lin with their cap space instead of holding out for a first from a team looking to dump salary…I’m reporting what some 15 or more people told me, from various teams. You’d have to convince them, not me..”

    This was after report by the Atlanta Journal: So why did the Hawks trade for Lin?

    “We had the opportunity to add a veteran point guard to the locker room,” Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk said. “We’ve said all along that it takes high-character, good guys to help a young team grow. Jeremy fits the bill. We had two point guards on the roster, and we needed a third.”

  413. Click, kudos to you (and quite a few other Lin fans), for your passion and energy to go out there and continually defend Lin and call people out. To speak up and speak out on his behalf.

    But, at some point, just have to pick your battles. Consider the source. Pincus is a capologist. That’s mostly what he comments on. I think (I hope) there’s no hidden agenda.

    Now if Dominique Wilkins start trashing Lin again, then yeah, let him have it! 🙂

  414. There shouldn’t be any confusion as to why Hawks want Lin. It’s pretty darn clear and there are multiple reasons…

    1. Lin is a leader. Hawks have no leaders. They need a leader to win games and build a winning culture. Hawks GM publicly said they got Lin because of his character. You know what having a good character means? Locker room presence, leadership, and… mentorship. Hawks are trying to build the Warriors of the East and they can’t do it by tanking every year.

    2. Trae Young is the Hawks’ future. He is only 19 (20 when the season starts). He is raw and only played 1 year of college. He needs a mentor. Lin is the best mentor out there. For ~$13M, Lin is a no-brainer decision for the Hawks. Trae has said multiple times that he wants to model his game after Steve Nash. Lin’s good friends with Nash and knows how Nash plays. You think Dennis Schroder is going to mentor Young? Heck no. Dude’s got a bad attitude, he’s only 24, and his playstyle is nothing like Nash or Lin or Trae’s.

    3. Hawks need to fill the stadium. While Trae Young will bring excitement and fill some seats, Hawks front office knows that Lin can fill seats. Lin is a proven cash cow. Jersey sales, ticket sales, merchandising sales, you name it. Hawks have to fill their empty stadium somehow. They just spent a ton of money on renovations and built a brand new state-of-the-art training facility too. They are in the red. Oh, Lin also gets the Hawks name/brand recognition Asia too.

    4. If Lin stays healthy and plays well, he will be prized by multiple teams at the trade deadline. Contenders will need someone like Lin to bolster their roster or maybe replace an injured guard. Lin’s expiring contract is valuable to many teams, on top of his basketball & leadership abilities.

    Now, to those who say Hawks are trying to stockpile assets and it’s dumb to use up their capspace on Lin, when they could have took on bad contracts in exchange for 1st round picks like Nets did with the Nuggets, first of all, nobody knows if the same offer Nuggets offered Nets was even available to the Hawks.

    Hawks already have a stockpile of assets and future picks. They have THREE 1st round picks next year, and THREE 1st round picks the year after. That’s nuts! Here is a chart to show you how many picks they have:

    This is an even more detailed chart:

    On top of the THREE 1st round picks they already got this year, and an already young team, Hawks don’t need or want any more picks and young players. They are overflowing with them already. What they need is what I’ve listed above; everything that Lin can provide. Do you see now why they targeted Lin and was willing to give up the picks that Nuggets were offering the Nets (again, we don’t even know if the same offer was available to the Hawks)?

    Now for those who say Hawks are tanking for a high lotto pick next year, I posted this yesterday. The NBA has changed their rules so that teams who tank don’t always get the best picks…

    It’s an open secret at this point that the Hawks are not going to try to be competitive this season, instead using another year for player development to obtain a high draft pick. Even though this is the goal throughout the organization, there’s nothing to stop them from signing a useful player or two to help buoy the team and offset some of that losing, especially since the lottery odds have flattened out in 2019 and beyond to make it less beneficial to be among the worst teams in the league.

    We saw this with the Jeremy Lin trade – they could have taken on entirely dead salary into their cap space, but they decided to go with a player in Lin who can absolutely still contribute on the court and will likely be a big part of the team’s success next season, to whatever extent that success occurs.

  415. Exactly, he’s a numbers guy. He shouldn’t get involved with rumors and speculation, especially if he can’t handle little ‘ol me questioning him and destroying his narrative.

  416. It’s been a few days now since the surprising news of JLin’s trade. And you know what? BKLN is old news. I can’t hardly remember anything about them. And personally I feel better for JLin. I hope it is true that ATL is NOT tanking. I have never understood the idea of a multi million dollar professional sports teams actually admitting that “yeah, we want to lose for a while so we can get better”. If those multimillion dollar sports teams are not going to try their best and openly admit it, then while they are “losing to get better” then they should drop their ticket prices to $0.50 a game and then when they are ready to start trying they can let us know and try to raise prices again. This daily insult of talking about tanking is a major reason why pro sports is a fraud. Have any of you had your kids ask you “what is tanking? Why do you want to lose? Good luck with that one

  417. I don’t know. How reliable are “words from the mouth of a chief executive”?

    Let’s face it. EVERYTHING should be looked at with skepticism. As far as Lin is concerned, as fans. We’ve been beaten over the head with it enough.

  418. In retrospect, Lin may have been used as an on court playing coach. There was tmes when I questioned Atkinson’s rotations and play calling. This annoying though made me think that maybe Nash was not only lamenting his own past…maybe it was also meant as a warning to Lin.

    Lin’s own confidence of his situation was so absolute that not many of us would have guessed what was about to transpired.

    The truth is, it happened to Nash as well. Right after he finally help the Mavericks go into the playoffs with an all star year, he was not even rewarded with a good contract by Cuban who thought he was too fragile and too old at 30. Nash was offered a generously contract by Phoenix where he went on to win 2 MVPs.

    Nash may have been trying to warn Lin of the snakes in the grass….that “business is business” in the NBA. How can there be loyalty when you are not treated as valued human beings? If you are only there to help others get past you, then when they are done with you, your gone. The only way you can BE INDISPENSABLE IS IF YOU ARE THE TOP DOG….it’s just business!h. The only way you can help build a team culture is if you’re around long enough to lead.

  419. Well said and I hope your assessment is dead on. If Jlin is healthy AND he has a good coach in Pierce then no matter how ATL does in wins and losses this will be a fun year for us fans

  420. VERY INTERESTING. Thanks!

    Heard about Milwaukee’s new arena, but did NOT know about Atlanta. And did not know about Wilkins.

  421. hmmm…am I missing something here..

    Hawks says they need a veteran to guide the young players and JL fits the bill…that i get it.

    But what does Eric’s reporting say? I still dont get what his sources say?


  422. I’m sure of my assessment in this case. There’s no other reason for Hawks to choose Lin over picks/assets.

    This could all go out the window like most of our opinions on what Lin can do and bring to the Nets, if he injures himself again. Staying healthy is priority #1. Everyone better hope or pray (if you’re religious) that Lin stays healthy next year or his career is over and none of what we typed matters.

  423. Thats a good analysis based on the info we have on our hand.! Thanks

    We also know, JL would be a free agent next season, so he can still decide where and what to pick

  424. Tanking is a blight, a cancer, and an ugly sore in sports. Nobody should ever be rewarded for purposely losing. That’s why Adam Silver is finally TRYING to curb tanking in the NBA. Tanking won’t be eliminated of course, but it shouldn’t be as bad as previous years.

  425. I think Eric is claiming that people that he spoke to, per his “SOURCES”, seem to believe that the Hawks are making a mistake. In trading for Lin without enough compensation (higher, or more picks), AND using their shrinking cap space to sign Lin.

    Click’s anger is that these people consider it as a mistake ONLY because they are looking at Lin as a salary dump. Instead of seeing Lin as a wanted asset, taking him on cap space, as if he was signed as a free agent. Which is what the GM said about Lin.

    Hope my run-on makes sense.

  426. Yeah, well, social media makes everybody overly sensitive. Remember Net Income? Better yet, let’s not. LOL.

  427. Everything you said makes perfect sense. Most logical.

    But as we know, from what all the teams have done with Lin and the disrespect for him. Did ANY of them behave in a rational way, and learn to value Lin?

    Let’s see what happens, I will believe it when I see it.

  428. That’s correct! Click-click also posted that above.

  429. ok got it now…thanks…yeah…they league dont think high of Lin, especially coming back from injury…and his performance is is untested.

    I guess, he is merely posting what he had heard and not his opinion.

    BTW, I wont be surprise if Lin moves on or moved next season, unless Lin bring a big surprise to the franchise, which is possible as well. Its a new team, and building pieces, hence anything can happen

  430. Ironic, isn’t it? Maybe it is a sign!

    Lin beat the Maine Red Claws in this game. (122-113) Here’s the highlight vid!

    HAHAHA! MRC’s response: “Yeah, we remember, thanks.”

  431. HaHa, Good to see that he sees the humor in this situation.

  432. great find!


    “I’ve seen somebody cook chicken with an iron,” Colorado Rockies prospect Brendan Rodgers said. “Put a piece of chicken on the ironing board, press it down and eat it.”

    (and if anyone is interested, the omnibus bill mentioned in article that limits the number of hours minor league baseball players can be paid for is here: )

  434. Nice to see hope and positivity on this site. We Lin fans are almost as resilient as Lin!

  435. I am happy to be free of Atkinson’s system. It just looked like guys chucking 3s every chance they get and Jeremy driving to the hoop against 5 defenders. The defence was just as bad. I really tried to like Atkinson because of his supposed relationship with Lin. Now I am unshackled to say that his system was the worst. Other than D’Antoni’s system I liked Clifford’s system the best.

  436. Jeremy thanking Josh and his fans who watched him workout …

    Josh Fan – Thanks for the luggage help so I could sign autographs and take pics…true friend
    Fans – S/O the fans who snuck into the gym during my workout lol.

  437. I just can’t wait to see the first game Jeremy and the Hawks kick the crap out of the Nets.

  438. Jeremy working out in Beijing, putting Brooklyn in the rearview mirror. Some nice photography work …

  439. Jeremy is investing in a new basketball training app with Steve Nash, Mark Cuban, Sam Hinkie, and others ….

  440. I think there is a wish for DLo to pan out as a player and I think that in terms of talent, DLo has some. I look at management and coaches actions. I don’t see the promotion of DLo from KA and there’s the contract part. I base my opinion on their actions. I don’t trust what GMs and owners say publicly.

  441. Hawks talking basketball, reporters talking outsider strategy

  442. Trae Young was only 13 when Linsanity happened. Many of the Hawks were almost as young. I wonder if they saw Linsanity as it unfolded and what the effect it had on them? If any

  443. clarkson.. but then once they in the nba, they become competitors.

  444. One thing for sure is JLin knows BKN weaknesses. I wonder who and what position they will attack?

  445. Lins recent breakup with Nets is like any other breakup we’ve all gone through, except he’s been through so many that he’s learned from them all.

    It’s always the shock and numbing realization that it’s over. First it’s disbelief, then is anger, then it’s denial and finally we move on. Most of take a lot time to move on because it’s very hard to deal with betrayal. Lin’s inner strength of character and his unflinching faith, as well as so many experiences that he knows how to deal with it better than any of us.

    When he says enjoy the journey, he means that life is now and not in the past. You can’t control what has happened, what others with power do to you. What you can do is set your eyes on the things you can control…and that’s the next step, and next step after to come.

    When people say it’s “just Business”, they mean you are only a piece of meat to be used for their own purposes. This is the divide between “true culture” and just business. Jeremy Lin’s journey isn’t just about playing bball, it’s about changing culture. A lot of teams and people talk about culture but they have no idea what it is. Culture Ian the absolute antithesis of “just business”. It means you treat everyone as a human being, as someone worthwhile and important.

  446. I would love to see Lin get back to shape on the Hawks and do his thing there. Wouldn’t mind him them joining a championship team to contirbute. Tough to go far on a rebuilding team.

  447. There is more respect from young up and coming players towards Jeremy Lin vs older “star” players, where Lin can take away some of their shine for sure.

  448. Play soft defense and crowd the paint, let them shoot crappy threes and let Dlo take all the shots. Not sure if you have to be an NBA coach to beat the Nets/Atkinson’s system.

  449. Morning of the trade. What a snake.

    Of course Lin handled it like a pro, that’s who he is.

  450. I asked this 2 days ago, but did Lin thank the Nets or Nets fans yet? I don’t recall seeing it. He must be pissed and feels betrayed.

  451. To Nets, the trade to send Lin to Atlanta is a salary dump to acquire Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur,a protected first-rounder, and an unprotected second-rounder. Atlanta has got Jeremy Lin plus insignifcant second round draft choices much later.

    It is safe to say that Atlanta wants to acquire Lin and Nets wants to dump Lin to acquire other assests; two PFs plus a future first rounder. Nets needs help in the front court. This coming season, the team has acquired ED Davis, Kenneth Faried and Darrell Arthur, all PFs. Atlanta needs help in the back court; Lin is acquired to beef up what they are having, a starting caliber PG and a very young PG, Trae Young, a prized first rounder.

    Anyway, Lin is going to be viewed as an asset for the Hawks on and off the court. This I cherish. He is not going to be treated like a dump like Darrell Arthur in Brooklyn now.

    Whether the relationship between Lin and Atlanta will be long lasting depends how well Lin is after rehab. He is considered an asset until proved otherwise. Nets immediately signed another PG for safety precaution because the team has lost the starting PG, and now it has 3 PGs in Dinwiddie, DLo and Napier. It is safe to say that the departure of Lin has created a void in the back court for Nets.

    Again I still think that Sean Marks didn’t want to trade Lin but Atlanta and Denver have made an offer that Nets has found it hard to refuse. The lost of Lin is not as important to Sean Marks as the incoming help to the front court and the first rounder.

    I disagree with Sean Marks because I think Ed Davis is enough to satisfy the need in the front court and Kenneth Faried plus Darrel Arthur is superflous. Lin-Davis connection is proven to be a valuable combination but Sean Marks didn’t see it this way.

    Now Lin is gone from the Nets. I like the situation of Jeremy in Atlanta because the team has a better players and I want Lin to take the team to playoff.

  452. Interestingly, Jeremy also still follows Daryl Morey in twitter. He told the story about getting excited upon learning the news of being traded to the Lakers. I guess it just didn’t work out in Houston with Harden’s presence but Lin might’ve expected the trade in 2014.

    Perhaps the way the Lakers trade was handled was better than the Nets one. It gave the impression that JLin was caught by surprise this time.

  453. Lin is not given the chance to prove his worth to Nets on the court. However I feel Lin and Atlanta has a better chance to make it to the playoff than D’Angelo Russell and Nets.

  454. Apparently, Sean Marks had a press conference today to introduce Shabazz Napier.

    In addition to the tweet below, Bryan Fonseca also tweeted that Marks “expected Jeremy to be ready for training camp” and “had no problem with Jeremy rehabbing in Vancouver.”

  455. The injuries was the main factor but I agree the Nets should at least play Lin for half a season to consider trading him or keeping him.

    oh well, let’s hope Lin proves them wrong next season. I want to circle the calendar when the Hawks play the Nets. Lin’s record against his old team is very good.

  456. So Lin is ready for playing next season….

  457. Now Sean Marks is on an irrevocable way to bet against Jeremy Lin.
    He traded Brook Lopez because he thought D’Angelo Russell is worth much more than Brook Lopez and the late first rounder. Marks is going to be surprised.

  458. More from Sean Marks, tweeted by Anthony Puccio.

    In addition to the tweet below, apparently Marks also said again “Never bet against Jeremy.” and “He (Jeremy Lin) handled it like a professional. We wish him nothing but the best.”

  459. Ya! I think he should let Lin plays… now he said he’s ready for training camp… why not let him plays… ??? Well, they want him to remove now. I think w Hawks, Lin can do even better.

  460. It is hard to imagine ATL has these many 1st round draft picks the next two years. Get ready JLin. Let’s go.

  461. I can’t stand looking at that rat face of his anymore.

  462. I think he’s going younger, getting vets out of key positions and replacing them with younger players. The vets he has now are on the 2nd team except for Carroll.

  463. Sean Marks made it clear that cap space/flexibility is his priority as GM for Nets that means moving Lin’s $12M salary.

  464. Ya! If he can trade Carroll he will… I think Carroll will move to 2nd unit next season.

  465. Sean Marks made it clear that cap space/flexibility is his priority as GM for Nets that means moving Lin’s $12M salary.

    I’m still impressed with GM Schlenk to trade for Lin $13.5M after the trade-kicker although both Nets and Hawks are supposed to be rebuilding with young players and maintaining cap space/flexibility.

  466. It’s interesting Kobe gave an advice to Trae Young on how to read the court in a film study

  467. well, we are a lin fan.. so of course you are impressed with Schlenk or any team that wants lin.. so there is some bias there as always.

  468. Trading JLin now means they had no intent on keeping him. If you know that now, why wait in case JLin is not recovered or is injured again and they get nothing. JLin was apparently not worth the risk nor did he have ultimate value in BKN long term plans, no matter what Marks said. ATL GM takes the other position, that if healthy JLin is just right for this young team and to groom young PG, so take a chance because JLin is good for the culture it seems they are trying to build and if healthy will be great for ATL basketball.

  469. Ya! I think so too. Marks has no intention to keep Lin. I believe he will give good or even Max contract to DLo next year if he has good stats.

  470. Do as I say, not as I do.

  471. He’s obviously not talking about Lin’s contract when talking about cap flexibility, because Lin’s on an expiring contract.

    I really don’t care what Marks says anymore. Guy is a lying rat and Lin is no longer on the Nets anyway.

  472. Many on this board seem to be disparaging of DLo, some backing up their negative opinion about DLo with statistics. This board in general seems to see a choice by BKN front office between JLin and DLo and maybe this is so. This would mean also that we are going against the judgement of Marks because he sees the future in DLo and not JLin. It will be interesting to see how this plays out to this time next year, especially if JLin is healthy and Pierce is the kind of coach that can get the best out of JLin because to this point it doesn’t seem that KA has done much to improve DLo.

  473. I think signing DLo or not will have much to do with team chemistry. Does he fit how the team plays, is he listening to and adapting the type of advice that KA gives to him. Again, I don’t think they are that high on DLo and may even have alternative plans. I think Lin was the right kind of player for the team, just not the right age and for the Nets, didn’t stay healthy. I think if Lin was 25/26, he would not have been traded.

  474. yeah, there’s a lot of good meme about no-pass Kobe lol

    But Lin can benefit from shooting more to help his team win. I wish Nash can advise JLin how to score more but still be a playmaker like he wished he did.

  475. No, you forgot Morey had a huge Melo picture wearing Lin’s nunber 7 hanging outside the arena?

  476. Kobe? Forget it.

  477. That’s very true. The trade itself proved that Atlanta’s GM believes Lin has more value to mentor young players than Marks said, even when he’s not 100% yet.

    Action speaks louder than words.

  478. It’s his style of play, taking too many shots, seeming to be more about himself than his team, not giving enough effort on defense. There is a Harden-lite type of sense to him. Also, Lin’s team, now some “star” is brought in and will play a lot of PG, didn’t feel good. I didn’t like that he came in to the Nets at 21 years old talking about being one of the leaders. He didn’t earn that. Lin was the leader on the team and the other players said it. That turned me off to him and other things.

    I’m not that down on him because I think it’s more the emergence of Dinwiddie and CLV, plus Lin being injured and his aged that brought Marks to trade Lin. Not DLo. KA could have looked for a CJ McCullom/Lilliard type of backcourt with Lin and DLo.

  479. Yes, he was the designated PG starter and leader of the team. Had 2 rounds of hamstring injuries. Next year was supposed to be Lin and DLo in the backcourt, and Lin started that first game. Lost the year to injury. He was given the chance.

    As far as Atlanta goes, we just have to see where Lin is in terms of getting back to NBA speed basketball and physicality as well as how far they have to go. We also have to take a look at their coach’s system. I only care that Lin plays and if healthy, gets decent minutes. I view this as a temporary stop to where Lin chooses to go next season and a big rehab year for Lin.

  480. I’m still learning about the Hawks young players but I think they might be better positioned than the Nets because many picks were given to Boston in that KG/Paul Pierce trade.

    But I prepared my mind that JLin might only be temporary in Atlanta 🙂 We need to be ready with NBA shipping players left and right, i.e. DWade, Dwight, Jimmy Butler, etc. It seems it doesn’t matter if they are franchise player or not

  481. Exactly. I think of Atlanta as the new 2015-16 Hornets season for Lin to play for his new contract. It worked for Lin so hopefully this one does, too.

  482. I don’t agree with Marks’ action. He can talk all about future plans and such and picks and so-forth, but Lin would have helped out his young team and proved how much he can do so, even in the relatively small amount of games he played there. The only thing I could say that’s rational is, Lin wasn’t healthy in Brooklyn. If Marks didn’t want to take the chance, fine. But, if he really valued Lin and if he were true to his words, he would not have traded Lin this last season of his contract. He acts like a GM, and maybe he’ll do well for the Nets. But I don’t like how he handled Lin.

  483. Ya! Morey & Mc all called Lin after the trade… Owner also wanted Lin back… Well, they seem to be OK w each other after the trade even Lin’s fans hate Rox…. But this time w Nets it’s different… I think the owner didn’t want Lin…

  484. That was still tasteless of Morey to entice Melo. I don’t think Lin necessarily like Morey personally but professionally he’s good to interact. They presented at the MIT Sloan conference last year, I think.

  485. Yes. We shook our heads as to why Lin chose Charlotte. Although many didn’t like Clifford here, I’m fine with him. I don’t agree with all of his moves regarding Lin, but overall, he told the NBA, Lin is an excellent defender. And Lin played in the clutch. And Lin helped bring that team to the playoffs and was the catalyst for all three wins. It put Lin back on the map in a positive way and paved the way for Lin to start in Brooklyn. Maybe there is a real big pleasant surprise for Lin in Atlanta. I hope so. He deserves some good fortune.

  486. yes, judging by how surprised Lin reacted, I don’t think it was handled correctly by Marks. IMO I think Marks jumped at the deal when Atlanta called, then let Lin know in the aftermath so there was no follow-up of his promise to keep Lin and his team in the loop.

    Let’s see if the detail will come out in the future.

  487. ATL has a leadership vacuum, yes? JLin steps in as the veteran with skills if healthy. He doesn’t have to fight the Charlotte culture of Kemba, Jordan, Clifford and Batum. By default, almost, he is the leader. If healthy he will play well, no doubt and he will cement his leadership role. With their young talent and draft picks it will be tempting to stay and develop this team rather than try to bolt for a playoff team at the deadline. I am trying to give ATL some credit for wanting JLin for the player he is.

  488. personally Lin fans will be happy of many teams wanting Lin 🙂

    But in comparison, Schlenk’s action definitely proved he doesn’t mind absorbing $1.5M more in cap space than Marks did. And that’s for less than 100% Lin. It makes me want to learn more about Schlenk/Lin prior relationship.

    Perhaps Schlenk was secretly Linsanity’s fan lol

  489. That’s excellent analysis. I don’t like Kobe, but he knows the game of basketball. However, when he played, he forced up a lot of contested fadeaway jumpers.

  490. Clifford did himself a disservice by not playing JLin more. He really could not see the value of JLin even when JLin proved himself. Whatever reason he had for not playing JLin more I do not understand, but in the end he hurt CHA more than JLin. JLin got a nice contract, a starting job and CHA saddled themselves with a big contract (Batum) and dropped off the radar. Oh and Cliff got fired. Not playing JLin in the playoffs against Miami cost CHA a win IMO.

  491. At that time JLin was probably happy to be going to the west coast and especially LA. Until Byron Scott and Kobe. This time might not be as glamorous but his reception and potential for playing and leading, unless ATL is fooling us, will be much better

  492. I disagree, I think he did see the value in Lin. He played Lin as a starter when Batum was out, he had Lin finish games, even when he had a relatively weak game in the first 3 quarters, he still had Lin finish games. He trusted Lin on defense. He talked up Lin’s defense. Just because he used Lin off the bench doesn’t mean he didn’t value him. Lin was considered a 6th man, not just a backup, and that’s why he was in the 6th man of the year running. Lin still finished games, that’s the sign of someone who trusts a player. And Lin did spot start for Batum and one huge game Kemba was out.

    And in all fairness, if Lin had a great game 6, Charlotte would have advanced. Lin had terrific games 3-5, good games 1-2, but he couldn’t get it going in game 6. Clifford mismanaged game 7 and certainly should have payed Lin big minutes as he played well in that game, but I think Charlotte’s chance to advance was better at home in game 6, not game 7.

    Clifford got fired because Charlotte played poorly after that season. And he deserved it. I’m not saying Clifford is a great coach. But he did good things for Lin overall IMO. Much better than Byron or McHale. And Lin did go to Charlotte to play off the bench, but with starters as well as the second unit. And he did that.

  493. And Morey gave him $25 Million . JLin had no future in NY with Dolan, none. Though whenever I picture JLin playing it is in a Knick’s uniform.


    note: click on the YouTube logo so video cues up at proper 2 minute 52 second start mark

    “Walsh’s “system” depended on a nimble quarterback with an accurate arm who could adjust quickly to each defensive sequence as it unfolded.” &

  495. And I am sure Coach Pierce had input as well. This will be a fun pre season especially seeing all the comments and speculation. I sense a lot of positive energy whereas before we were trying to 2nd guess Marks, criticize DLo. The only bright spot to me was Ed Davis.

  496. The BKN-ATL video shows how well Brook-lin worked together. Lopez looked really good and I think JLin made him as good as he could be in the spread offense. Too bad they did not have more time together though then they might have made the playoffs and screwed up the tanking scheme.

  497. So, Lin was told that he was fired by SM few hours before Nets announced it to the media on July 11.

    This fan is so grateful that SM showed such respect and thoughtfulness to Lin by giving him such short advance notice.

    Though I tried to think positively, I cannic help feeling that Lin was used up and tossed out. It’s just business as usual in NBA. Right!?

  498. yes, Coach Pierce must have been quite a big factor. In a way, he and Asst. Coach Silas in GSW helped to give birth to Linsanity with many hours spent developing Lin so they must have some personal attachment.

    But Coach Atkinson had similar connection so I guess GM connection is even more important. We need to learn as much as possible about Schlenk-Lin connection 😀

  499. Good point. The PG situation in Atlanta is unique.

    With Dennis Schroder embroiled in the criminal battery case and expressing desire to be out of Atlanta, JLin looks like a saint next to him. I can see Schlenk not wanting Schroder’s toxic presence around the young players, especially an impressionable 19-yr old Trae Young.

    If noone team wants to take Schroder being afraid of the potential criminal case (they try to settle), I don’t know what Atlanta will do, though.

  500. I looked up Schroders story. It was nasty. If ATL really wants to build a good team culture there is no way they can keep Schroder. I can see why Schroder wants out of ATL too as I expect his fan base isn’ too fond of him- unless his fan base are criminals. I am sure ATL will take a loss of some kind to get rid of Schroder.

  501. Easier said than done, always. I think for Kobe, it’s not about he cant pass. He just thougt he still got it after the injuries.

  502. Kobe also had a center named O’Neal

  503. You make it sound like we are delusional Lin fans by making negative judgments on Dlo, that simply isn’t the case. Many other sources from knowledgeable writers have come to the same conclusions as we have.

    The fact that the predictions of win lost numbers indicate that when Dlo played, the Nets lost more while when Dinwiddie played, the Nets won more.

    I’m hoping Marks extends and maxes out Dlo. Lin in the meantime will get back to health and rebuild his own brand. With any luck, he’ll stay healthy and return to form. If that happens, Marks will remember what he said “don’t bet against Lin”. Dlo will bring the Nets down and Lin will play well again. Joe Tsai will have seller’s remorse and fire Marks. JUST like what happened to Cho and Clifford.

  504. Atkinson applied the offense at fast pace and caused injuries to players.

  505. Nets has new players in the front court; Ed Davis, Kenneth Faried and to a less extent Darrell Arthur.

  506. Anyone has any info of when training camp and preseason games of Hawks?

  507. Like to see the comments from KA after the Lin trade. Usually Lin’s coach will get fired after one season or so.

  508. I’m sure that Lin will be used properly next season. Atlanta could have gone to trade with Denver directly without Nets.for what Nets received but Hawks would like to have Lin instead. Lin to Atlanta is worth more than Kenneth Faried and the protected first round draft choice and of course Lin’s salary is just the right price for Jeremy’s service.

    Now Atlanta needs to find another team to dump the salary of DS. Couldn’t wait to see Lin play for the team that really wants him even after an injury.

  509. The fact is DLo has not improved on his game in all the NBA seasons that he played.

  510. He may be too busy now for such things.

  511. Nets have officially signed Napier but Ed Davis seems not yet signed. Wondering if he is thinking of backing out? LOL

  512. That will be a salary dump.

  513. How do you read my mind? lol
    I bet there’s at least 20 people wondering the same thing.

    Realistically, unless Ed Davis gave his word that he’ll sign $4.4M/1 year deal with the Nets to play with JLin, it would be hard for him to back out.

    If true and the Hawks want to sign Ed Davis, it means we get early Christmas present in July ol

  514. Ya! It’s so weird why took so long not signed Ed yet? Maybe Nets change their mind about it…?? Like Mav cancel the deal w Yogi Ferrell.

  515. Ohhhh, make that so!

  516. May your wish come true. There will be a lot of jubilation.

  517. Love the idea, but unless other trade planned, Hawks already 4 or 5 guys can play 5, so—

  518. Mark Cuban tweeted a Wall Street Journal article on the HomeCourt app featuring Jeremy Lin deserves its own thread. It shows Jeremy Lin is among the savvy NBA investors such as Mark Cuban, Steve Nash, Sam Hinkie.

  519. Absolutely have no clue why Plumlee can get that kind of contract. But hustle and tough guy like ED for sure can help ATL.

  520. Maybe none moreso than JLin. But I think we are dreaming here folks

  521. So…Psalm, is it in the plans to change the top banner colors to that of the Hawks? 🙂

  522. What I saw the point of this comment? Shouldn’t we be happy someone values our favourite player? Isn’t there already too much anti Lin bias already?

  523. ESPN has been a Lin-hating website.
    But $13+M for a third string PG is insane. Clearly Atlanta is rebuilding with lots of draft choices but I simply don’t understand why did its star head coach back out and applied for jobs. Of course, he’s going to coach Bucks; I presume.
    The Hawks is now having a new coach. This is a very interesting team to say the least.

  524. You mention that ED signed a deal with Nets to play with JLin on his word, does that mean if JLin is not there the deal on the basis of this verbal agreement is voided?

  525. Hawks are tanking so of course he resigned! No ones going to ruin their rep for a tanking team.

  526. Lopez was good regardless of Lin. Lopez was the best and most versatile center/PF to play alongside Lin, post up, 3s, mid jumpers, blocks, he could do it all!

  527. *sigh* I knew someone would ask lol

    If there is a remote possibility that JLin might get traded again in mid-season to (hopefully) a playoff contender, perhaps we should use JLin’s color (blue and black in his logo)?

    It’s getting harder to find the spare time to keep changing it

  528. There no contract to void if nothing’s been signed in the first place, though ED’d be backing out on his word. That being said, ED can get out on the premise that the verbal agreement was hinged on Jeremy’s presence.

  529. Ed Davis hasn’t signed yet and I won’t be surprised if he backs out after learning Lin’s trade.

  530. This is exactly why the Russian owner only sold 49% of his shares so he can call the shots for 4 more years.

  531. Haha, it was also me last time, if you remember. 🙂

    I was hoping Lin doesn’t get traded again, and gets to sign a big contract with the Hawks next summer. How about we change the banner colors in celebration of Jeremy getting his five-year fat contract next summer?

  532. ESPN’s been hating since 2012, nothing new here…

  533. Lol by default Trae Young will be the leader! He’s the franchise, Lin at most will only be no2 option if lucky. At least with Hawks we outright know who’s the franchise unlike Nets with the “leadership role” BS.

  534. Atlanta can always waive Shcroder no?

  535. What @johnfocker73:disqus elaborated is exactly what I meant.

    We just don’t know if Ed made the verbal agreement with contingency to play with JLin or not. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

    If true, that’s a big deal to really show Lin’s true value. Let’s keep crossing our fingers

  536. From what I read at RealGM and other Hawks forums, many agree that while Trae “will” be the future leader of the Hawks, he’s still green and could benefit from being groomed by a veteran PG of high character like Lin.

    Hawks fans appear to be much more level-headed in general.

  537. Lin’s role at Nets was also to mentor and lead a rebulding team. But now that the rebuilding is done they don’t want a 2 season injury prone player.

    Hawks is just copying why Nets did. Lin just need to ball out and for a another longer term contract.

  538. Sounds like a good deal, buddy. Looking forward to that day!

    Hawks as the GSW Eastern expansion with ex-GSW architects; I wonder how it will play out.

  539. Haven’t we heard the same from Nets? In other words Lin is not hired as a long term player. Lin will no doubt need to find another team after this Hawks trade.

  540. ed davis is a net. he have to get over it. he’s not signed because he doesnt have to be. he verbally agreed to the room mid level exception, which does NOT count against the cap. therefore he will officially sign after all moves are made. as we can see with the napier signing, marks is still making moves even after the big lin trade.

  541. Kind of ironic for any team to aspire to be the East-coast Spurs now that the original is falling apart.

    On with the trend of East-coast Warriors, starting with the Hawks!!! They already have five key pieces, IIRC.

  542. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now it’s time to heal and keep on rooting.

  543. Seattle Supersonics are coming back!

  544. That’s too much dead money onwards.

  545. Is it official? :0

  546. My relief is Atlanta has got Chelsa Lane, the athletic trainer of Stephan Curry, running the athletic training program in Atlanta.The only player can use her service right away is Jeremy Lin. Atlanta is really a big organization with great facilities.

    I can wait to see Jeremy Lin in the training camp now.

  547. We have the ideal point guard for Supersonics, Dennis Schroder. LOL

  548. Haha, GOOD one. LOL

    And we’ll trade him to Sonics for first round picks.

  549. I remember a few years ago it looked like Curry would never last in the NBA due to his ankle. It is amazing the ankle has been rehabilitated to take the pounding of an NBA season. Another rehab miracle at GSW is Shaun Livingston who had a horrible knee injury. Never thought he was coming back either.

  550. People have seen Chelsa Lane with Stephen Curry on sidelines. Next season, perhaps, we would see her helping Jeremy. Good for Lin to have a star trainer taking care of him.

  551. Chelsea Lane may be THE silver lining in this trade, Jeremy needs the best he can get to return to peak form. If Chelsea was good to restore Curry, then I’d be optimistic about her work on Lin.

  552. Really, I don’t blame Sean Marks for trading Lin to Atlanta. It’s an offer hard to refuse. Suddenly Nets received two PFs and a first round draft choice for Jeremy Lin who is coming back from rehab. I’m not sure Atkinson like the idea but he didn’t say anything.
    I figure Dean Marks will say, “Man, you need PFs, I am giving you 3 plus a first rounder next season. It is an offer, as the GM, that I can’t refuse.”

  553. Agreed. I also think it’s Atlanta who made it happen.

  554. It’s NOT as much about the trade itself as the way it was handled. Marks promised Lin to tell him BEFOREHAND if a trade were to take place, and he didn’t.

    Now Marks is doing damage control, blurring the timeline to find an excuse. Yes, he did tell Jeremy the same morning………AFTER Woj broke the news a little past midnight on the same day.

  555. Doesn’t matter, Marks nor KA gave Lin a call before he was notified that he was shipped off to Hawks by his manager!

  556. Very likely that KA didn’t find out until Jeremy did. DEFINITELY not ahead of Woj.

  557. I don’t really care anymore. As far as I’m concerned let’s never talk about Marks until he gets fired….and it’ll happen. It always does to any coach or GM that” bets against Lin”.

  558. Nash already said he wished he was more of a scoring PG. There’s no need for explanations besides Lin change his style to a shoot first, pass 2nd player! All this passing and stubbornness has gotten him no where in the league!

    If Lin likes passing so much he should’ve went for soccer/football then. Everyone who watches basketball watches it for the fast pace and quick scoring!

  559. Keith Smart, Mike D’Antoni, Kevin McHale, Kelvin Swampson, Byron Scott, Mitch Kupchak, John Cho, Steve Clifford (though it was outside his influence)…

    History’s on our side.

  560. All except Morey lol who slandered Lin’s rep and trashed his career!

  561. You mean black and blue for the beating to his heart?

  562. Yeah, that’s the slippery one that got away…

  563. Here is what Andre Iguodala said about Chelsea Lane:

    “She’s like a shrink to us, for real, and that isn’t her job description either but she sees how regularly we are dehumanized. People don’t even see us as a human, they see us as machines. Our bodies no longer belong to us and there is disregard for our emotions, our feelings, our desires. But she knows how wrong that is and the effect it has on us. It’s rare for a player to confide in a team employee but she knows NBA players deal with stress few others do. She’s like real family to me.”

    The quote is from this podcast, starting at about the 2-3 minute mark :–ep-13–Staff-acquisitions-and-Linsanity-e1q48t

  564. Oh shut up you old fart.

  565. How I want it to be true. I really would love to see LED connection:-)

  566. You mean Sean Marks isn’t building this team around Lin as you’ve been preaching to us for two years now? Even after the trade for DLo. 🤦‍♂️

  567. A couple of thoughts about Lin, the state of the NBA, and what’s going on with the Nets:

    The NBA is a sport with two camps. You have your all stars and their role players in one camp, And you have your young and gun potentials in the other.

    If you’re not part of these two camps, you’re one of several things:

    1) An overpaid contract

    2) A good player that no one wants to build around

    3) A solid vet that can mentor young and guns

    This is the “washed out” space. Its no man’s land. Brook Lopez is a prime example of this. Great player. No one wants him. Why? Because he isn’t going to win you a title, and neither is he going to develop anymore. So, in proper business fashion, he has “little value” as an asset.

    Lin is also in this no man’s land. He’s a great player, and I bet the best basketball of his life is still ahead of him. But until someone sees him as a champion piece, he’s going to be without a home.

    If you look at how past organizations treated Lin, they tried to fit him into a role player. Rockets, Lakers, Hornets… no one bet on Lin, no one asked Lin to carry the game the way he was given in NY.

    Actually, this is not true. Before injuries derailed his time there, the Nets did. They asked him to carry a lot of games. You may not realize because he’s been out, but his stats on the Nets was his best year in basketball, arguably better than Linsanity. His numbers were better. His role was bigger. The Nets really treated him very well, and because of that I can’t say anything bad.

    Numbers wise, role wise, and leadership wise, they were ready to give him the reigns. For that, I have to sincerely thank Marks and Kenny.

    Unfortunately, Marks has a business to run. The window where Lin can be a leader and potentially move into being a champion piece has closed. The org has chosen a safer approach – let Lin go and let younger players develop, and see if there are any young and guns that can make it into the superstar camp. And NBA life goes on…

    If you understand basketball, you’ll understand that it’s a system. You’re a player in a game, subject to it’s rules on and off the court. To have the game bend its rules and make an exception for you is one of the most unlikely of scenarios, and Lin has already had that happen, defying many, many odds to fight for his place to play.

    For Lin’s future, I don’t want much. I just want to see him play basketball and have a smile doing it.

    With this in mind, I actually don’t mind the change. The Nets have too many agendas, too many players to play, too much drama about future super stars and what-not. On that team, Lin’s freedom to play how he wants to play is unclear. But with the Hawks, I think Lin will get a chance play, and if I can come home and see 5 min highlight reels of my favorite player again, I’ll be pretty content.

  568. Pleeeeeease, no excuse for Marks or Tsai. I believe Lin is a reasonable and forgiving person. He would not be so upset for no reason.

  569. All points made are reasonable and understandable…

    …EXCEPT, it couldn’t have been handled any worse in PR terms.

    It’s not always about WHAT has been done, it’s also about HOW it’s done.

    And we know for FACT that Marks can do better than this, because we’ve all seen it handled with far more grace on the Bogdanović, Lopez, Ferrell, Booker trades.

    We all know that trades inevitably happen, but the humiliating approach taken was unnecessary and uncalled for.

    And Marks knows this, hence the PR damage control that just came out.

  570. Here is some info about the NBA 2018-19 preseason:

    Sep 22 — Training camps open for all teams participating in preseason NBA Global Games
    Sep 25 — Training camps open for all other teams [Atlanta is included in this group]

    Sep 29 — Beginning of preseason.
    Oct 26 — End of preseason.


    Here are the Hawks’ preseason games scheduled so far :

    Oct 7 — @Oklahoma City — BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Oct 10 — v.San Antonio — McCamish Pavilion, Atlanta, Georgia
    Oct 12 — @Miami — AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, Florida

    Check here for updates :


    International preseason games :

    The Toronto Raptors will play two preseason games in Canada first beginning with the Portland Trail Blazers in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena on September 29. And then the Brooklyn Nets in Montreal at the Bell Centre on October 10.

    The Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers will play two preseason games in China at Shanghai on October 5 and Shenzhen on October 8.

  571. You know what? Nets should have before and now build the team around Lin. Lin and Lin fans will have the last laugh.

  572. Agree. It’s not so much what he did as it is how he did it it. Jlin publicly says he was told he wasn’t being traded and the next day he is. Making Jlin look clueless is unprofessional and lacks class. Marks couldn’t pick up the phone and tell Jlin personally? For all BKLN’s talk about the character culture the talk does not match the walk. No wonder Brook Lopez, 9 years with BKLN, has been silent. I think this move to ATL is a blessing in disguise.

  573. Thanks for throwing the cold water of reality on our fantasizing:)

  574. But I wonder if Jlin being in BKLN played any part in Ed Davis to sign for so little and leave Portland where he was appreciated

  575. players talk to each other all the time. im sure jlin put in a good word about bklyn. only to be backstabbed afterwards but what are you gonna do eh?

  576. Mark Cuban made the very same mistake when he placed Steve Nash into your third category. A lot of talent gets pigeon hole into has beens and too old to improve.

  577. Ice bucket still a thang?

  578. Actually, Marks didn’t handle most of the trades in a manner in which he abided by his own insistence on treating players with respect and treat them like they’re family. The most egregious treatment was Brook and Lin, the 2 players who were not only the most talented, but also with the highest character and both were leaders of the Nets.

    Brook got dumped to a tanking team and till this day, he still hasn’t thanked anyone in the Nets organization or Nets fans. His value tanked because he played for a tanking team with a coach who benched him and misused him… similar to how Morey dumped Lin to the Lakers. It was literally a repeat of the same situation that Lin went through, but instead of going to the Hornets to rehab his career, Brook is going to the Bucks and he’s older than Lin when Lin went to the Hornets.

    FYI this is how Booker found out about being traded to the Sixers:

    First of all, how did you get the news that you were being traded to Philadelphia?

    Trevor Booker: I was taking my pre-game nap. My wife came in and woke me up to tell me what she heard. She had heard that I was being traded to Philly. Next thing you know, my [hotel] room phone started ringing and when she answered it, they told her to wake me up. Then they told me to come downstairs to meet with Sean [Marks] and that’s when I found out officially.

    That’s right, Booker was got traded before a game and found out while he was taking a nap.

    This is how Marks treats his vets: with total disrespect and disregard for them or their careers. Lin’s too nice and too classy to tell Marks off, but I’m pretty sure he knows deep down that he got shafted, lied to, and betrayed.

  579. right now i’m over the nets and what they did to lin. just another team to root against….

    what i’m really anxious about is the schroder situation. he’s virtually untradeable. this VERY much affects lin, his role and playing time.

    my guess is that they wait until his legal issues are over. but what happens if that happens after the season starts? they wont sit him out right? they wont bench him if they’re trying to trade him right? i check atl news everyday for updates on this situation…

  580. Worse comes to worse, they play Schroder a bunch, try to showcase him, allow Lin to ease back into NBA game shape, mentor Trae in the background, trade Schroder a few months in, after his legal matter concludes and/or another team is willing to trade for him.

  581. Hawks are also rebuilding around young players with a newly drafted franchise! Not to mention they have a ton of 1st round draft picks and will be tanking next season! Lin’s future there is also gloomy and a 1 year rental at best. Nets was his last chance to prove he can lead his own team and be a franchise and yet he had 2 season ending injuries. No other team would be willing to build around Lin and give him the full starting PG role again. They’d rather risk their bet on a young draft pick!

  582. JLin admitted himself he was stubborn growing up and it helped him to work hard to get to the NBA. But I wish he heeded his grandma’s advice to shoot more 🙂

    With injuries and age, JLin should adjust like any other NBA players so he can play until 41 yrs old like Nash. Maybe not that old but 38 would be good.

    NBA is a scorer’s league so scorers will be given more chances; teammates and GM will value you more. JLin is smart; let’s hope he figures it out how to balance scoring/passing soon. More importantly to find a style to minimize injury risk.

  583. Actually not a bad way for JLin to ease in after a rehab. Get some NBA contact back then when they get rid of Schroder start Lin.

  584. Asides from getting a 10-game suspension, Schroder may either get traded or jailed.

    Does anyone know what happens in terms of cap space and contractual obligations if Schroder gets a jail sentence long enough to prevent him from playing?

  585. Yeah, that’s why I’m not really worried about the 3 PG situation in Atlanta right now. I’m pretty sure Hawks have a plan to sort this out prior to trading for Lin.

  586. Even then…Booker still found out BEFORE the trade, rather than after the fact. It ain’t even about HOW you find out, but not finding out at all until after the fact.

    Up until the day (midnight) when Woj announced the news, Lin was still saying that Marks would let him know FIRST before any trades.

  587. There’s a clause in everyone’s contract saying if you get convicted of a crime, the team you signed to can void the contract. Thus, they don’t have to pay you and you can get waived immediately.

    The Hawks are hoping and praying the Schroder gets convicted, but he’s a millionaire, so he’ll have top-tier lawyers. Thing is, they supposedly caught Schroder on camera kicking/beating a guy at a bar with a group of people, sending that person to the hospital. So the best outcome for Schroder is to plead down to a misdemeanor, instead of getting convicted of a felony that was recommended he get charged with.

  588. I wonder how much of an increase there has been in ATL Hawks website and blog traffic?

  589. Well, Marks claimed he called Lin the morning of the trade, and afterwards. Who knows if that’s true and who knows how far in advance before the deal was done. Can’t believe anything that snake says anyway.

  590. QBs traditionally take longer to develop. PGs as well also takes time to learn the ropes.

    Mark Cuban used your way of thinking to get rid of Steve Nash at 30. Nash then won 2 MVPs with Phoenix. Cuban thought like you that Nash was too old, too fragile so he didn’t even match the offer from Phoenix. Instead Cuban went out and signed some hotshot youngster who turned into a perennial bench player.

    Lin was undrafted because he didn’t fit into any of your categories. Scouts and GMs want to pipeon hole people because that’s their formula…it’s a easy way out to perpetuate the system they’ve Ben taught.

    Last season Case Keenum of the Vikings stepped in as QB when the starter got injure and almost took them deep into the playoffs. He’s 30!

    Other notables are Warren Moon, Joe Theisman.

  591. but what if lin is good to go by the season opener? i’d HATE to see lin play 15 minutes because they are showcasing schroder and of course developing trae…

    that’s why im so anxious. i dont even care that atl is a bad team. i care that lin may not play much and do it on a losing team. it’s like LA all over again. i just…. can’t…. not again….

    that’s why i have my iconic avatar: never forget…

  592. Yeah, but Woj got word out shortly after midnight, BEFORE Marks’ alleged morning talk (PR damage control). Lin said he didn’t know, and I tend to believe him.

    At this point I wouldn’t trust Marks about his own name.

  593. I mean, there’s literally nothing anyone can do about it. Not even Lin. There’s no point in worrying or be anxious. If this turns into another Lakers season, then I’m simply not going to watch. I don’t think that’s the case this time though.

  594. If convicted of a felony isn’t his contract voided?

  595. Thanks for the info!

    Would it be unclassy to wish that a felon gets jail time?

  596. A felon will get jail time regardless lol. You don’t have to hope for it.

    In Schroder’s case, he’d also be deported back to Germany.

  597. Ah, I totally forgot about that. That’d pretty much guarantee no court time for Schroder.

  598. schlenk better be working 24/7 on this…. if schroder isnt traded for a bag of peanuts before the 1st game, the whole locker room will be messed up.

    i think this situation can turn out very good (lin leads a young team into the playoffs) or this can turn out really bad (LA 2.0)… either way, i’ve waited 2 years for lin to play again…

  599. Or maybe Hawks are waiting to see if Lin can come back healthy first, before they trade away their starting PG. If Lin can’t come back healthy or there are setbacks, and they trade away Schroder, they’re left with only Trae. That’s not a good idea.

    There’s still 2-3 months before they are forced to make that decision.

    Hawks are trying to find a deal right now where they don’t get fleeced and have to give up lots of picks to get rid of Schroder. Nobody is biting… yet.

  600. I think it’d be more realistic to get a Schroder jail sentence than a successful trade at this point.

  601. Having not played in so so long I think it would be foolish to start Lin and play him extended minutes. Ease in the first 20 games, see where he is at and go from there. I can’t see why ATL would go to this effort and cost to get JLin if the truly did not see value in him and expect him to stay in ATL. If JLin is playing well by the trade deadline and some contender makes an offer ATL can’t refuse then JLin May go. But so far it just seems like they want JLin and to be wanted at this stage may be enough for him to stay a Hawk. The key though will be the coach. And maybe trainer

  602. Pretty sure Blazers weren’t willing to pay Ed Davis even 4 mil so he walked. No way does Ed Davis leave knowing he could’ve gotten more money.

  603. can he join atlanta if he chooses not to sign with brooklin?

  604. there is NO scenario where the victim doesnt take a settlement from a multi-millionaire athlete. they are probably trying to get more money knowing that the season starts soon.

    but the longer this is dragged out, the less time schlenk has to work out a deal.

  605. maybe cuban will recruit lin next season lol

  606. This isn’t a civil case, it’s a legal case. Civil suit will come later and Schroder will definitely have to shell out millions to settle that.

  607. im assuming lin is 100% healthy and ready to go. he can ease his way in during training camp and preseason. but when the reg season starts and if he’s ready to go, then why hold him back? unless the schroder situation is something schlenk didnt think would get dragged out so long…

  608. I just downloaded the app. Looks pretty cool.

  609. at worst they play trae a lot and development tank. lin’s health is not at all an impediment to getting rid of schroder.

  610. With Nash maybe it was simply the coach change. Dallas had a coach named Avery something or something Avery, who I believe was also a point guard in his playing days. Nash goes to Phoenix, meets Dantoni and the rest is history. JLin meets Dantoni, the only one who recognizes the talents of JLin (after he is forced to play him) and again history is made. Then Woodson! McHale, Scott and to a degree Clifford, then KA and the motion offense. If Pierce is anything close to Dantoni then JLin has a great chance to be all he can be. Wasn’t Pierce a teammate of Steve Nash at St. Mary?

  611. Just to be safe. He will only have played less than one game in a full year

  612. playing around with the espn trade machine…

    schroder + someone like dorsey for…. chandler parsons!!! it works, have memphis throw in a measly 2nd round pick and everyone’s a winner… memphis sheds salary and gets useful players. atl gets rid of shrod, gets a male model/instagram star, and gets a 2nd rd pick to boot…

  613. Nash took a Dallas team from nowhere into multiple playoffs and was also an all star a couple of years. Dallas would have gone on to win multiple championships because Dirk and Nash developed good chemistry. Nash was already a great player but Cuban was too stupid to recognize it, just as he didn’t recognize Tyson Chandler’s role in the championship team.

  614. plea deal to downgrade to misdemeanor… happens all the time…

  615. That’s why he’s Morey the eel, or Morey eel. Shocking isn’t it!

  616. LOL no thanks. That dude is so fake and buddied up with Lin for more fame and attention.

    His contract is quiet possibly the worst in the NBA. Can’t believe he’s still owed $24/$25M for the next 2 years! That’s insane. The reason why Mephis can’t get rid of his contract is because they have no assets.

  617. I am so surprised by what Marks said PG order… will be very interesting to see who’s the starting PG for Nets next season….

  618. You were talking about settling with money, which is a civil case.

    Did you read what I wrote above?

    So the best outcome for Schroder is to plead down to a misdemeanor, instead of getting convicted of a felony that was recommended he get charged with.

  619. Thanks…I just threw up a little.

  620. Dont believe him. He is just saying it. He just wants to make DLo play better so he does not look like a fool trading for him.

  621. and who wants schroder? it’s win win in my book. supposedly the knicks aren’t willing to give up assets to move noah. what other bad contracts can we go after? that’s what it’s going to take to rid ourselves of schrod…

  622. That ship has sailed long ago, when he paid a couple of million for just the rights to draft Whitehead.

  623. Sure, he’d still make a pretty good wingman…at the clubs.

  624. Schroder can still play and is still young, bro. Parsons is basically done. He doesn’t give a crap about playing basketball. He’s simply collecting his ridiculous paychecks every year and living the life.

  625. Boom!

  626. Wait & see if Dinwiddie wins Marks will really make him starting PG or not…

  627. i read somehwere schroder hasnt been formally charged. so if the victim doesnt “press charges” they can avoid criminal court and just settle out of court.

    and if the DA wants to charge schroder, then they can plea bargain for a misdemeanor.

  628. Maybe Lin is talking about Schroder… 😂

  629. schroder is a punk. if he had any value, he would have been gone already. mozgov was traded twice for gods sake! mozgov easier to move than dennis, can you believe that? believe it!

  630. buyout? LOL…

  631. To be fair, Mozgov’s not facing any criminal charges. That just “may” be a factor.

  632. he’d have to pull a deandre jordan and break his verbal agreement. so unless cp3, blake griffin, and doc rivers barricade themselves in his house…. no…

  633. Yes, he is a punk, but he can still play… until he gets convicted (maybe). The reason nobody wants Schroder is because of his legal case, not because of his value, ability to play, injuries, or not wanting to play basketball (like Parsons).

  634. Touché!

  635. From NY Times (long
    Lin, who turns 30 in August, is entering the final season of a
    three-year, $38 million deal he received from the Nets in the summer of
    2016. He has a longstanding fan in Atlanta General Manager Travis
    Schlenk, who was part of the Golden State Warriors’ organization when
    Lin broke into the N.B.A. with the Warriors as an undrafted guard out of
    Harvard in the summer of 2010.
    GM changes From Sean Marks to Travis
    Schlenk. (long standing fan?)

  636. Just say that he can trade anyone after this season but Napier is going to stay.

  637. exchange bad contracts?

  638. Parsons’ contract is much worse than Schroders’. Even before we find out the results of Schroder’s legal case, it’s still better than Parsons’. Memphis doesn’t have enough assets to get a deal done, which is probably why they still have Parsons.

  639. supposedly the knicks aren’t willing to give up assets to move noah.

    Funny you mention that…

  640. So glad to see a team & GM both like Lin. Hope good season for Lin.

  641. yes, but 29% 3p% with no defense + bad attitude + legal trouble? schroder is untradeable right now. let’s see what happens legally first but even after that, atl has no leverage. i think the parsons deal is fine. only 2 years left and can probably buy out the last year…

  642. I think this is from Steve Jobs’ speech… Don’t settle…Keep chasing your dream. Never give up … something like that….

  643. Don’t click for them. I will not.

  644. it’s 1000% a factor but there’s no changing that fact. even after he escapes jail time, how much value does he really have? 15 mil for 3 more years, bad 3pt shooter, bad defender, bad attitude. also every team knows trae is the future and lin was recently acquired with PURE CAP SPACE no less. schlenk has no leverage. it’s either a bag of peanuts or an equally bad contract…

  645. After Day 2, let’s just say the @JLin7 Word Art gets more interesting 😉
    Can’t wait to see what the final form will look like after 1 week

    Hope Jeremy will love the well-wishes from his beloved fans 🌶️🙏🏀
    Add your messages here if you haven’t done so 👉

  646. Jeremy was asked by a fan about when he would start playing on the court

  647. He didn’t rule out a trade on DLo: “But things happen quickly.” “..I’m not going to rule out anything….”

  648. Nets’ trade of Lin could not have been accidental–Marks probably had had it in mind for a long time.

    Jeremy Lin deal illustrates where mindset is for Nets management

    “There was internal concern about whether he would have been ready for the start of camp. And getting Lin’s $12.5 million salary off the books opened up the door
    for the deal with Denver.”

    “The Post has reported for months the Nets were interested in taking on
    Faried in exchange for a pick. They couldn’t come to a deal before last
    month’s draft, and considering Denver traded away the pick that became
    budding star Donovan Mitchell last year, it’s easy to understand their

  649. Well, I really don’t care this person/organization anymore. Part of me, the mean part, just wants Nets to remain at the bottom as long as JLin is still playing.

  650. 100 percent healthy doesn’t mean 100 percent in regular-season basketball shape. He must come back slowly. The pre-season games aren’t played at regular game speed or intensity. Last year should teach the NBA that players need about 6-8 pre-season games to get their bodies back in shape. Lin hasn’t played in over a year. I agree with Ace. Ease Lin in for about 20 games or however long it takes.

  651. Even all-stars get traded. News is out that DeRozen is going to be dealt for Kawhi Leonard.

    Years ago, back in the 1990s, Knicks Coach Riley said he talks to all of his players. The message is that every member of the team is valued for their contribution. But, almost all of them can be traded at any time during trade season. It’s a contradiction that is a possibility for most players.

    Your post is spot on. I didn’t think Lin was that much welcome in Brooklyn anymore. We have to remember he was a 2 +1 year player and he opted in. The writing was on the wall. We always hear trade rumors but I felt there was something to them this summer. You get a feel for this after years of watching pro sports, but you get most things wrong as well.

    I’m in no way getting attached to Atlanta. Conditions now on the team could change at any time. Not only players have to accept this, so do fans. I don’t like that it is this way, but it’s been this way since I could remember for decades. And it’s not bound to change anytime soon, if ever.

  652. This relates to trade. Toronto is finalizing a Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan trade. DeRozan is very upset and posted about it in his IG. Ex-Toronto players, including Demarre Carroll are saying that Toronto should build a statue for DeRozan and retire his number.

    This is the NBA.

    DeRozan is about 1 year younger than Lin. Turns 29 on August 7.

  653. This is from an SB article:

    According to Wojnarowski and Haynes, none of the big three stars involved in the trade are okay with the move. Aside from DeRozan’s Instagram posts, Kyle Lowry is reportedly “not showing enthusiasm for the deal,” and Leonard has “no desire to play in Toronto.”

    DeRozan was reportedly told during Summer League in Las Vegas by the Raptors’ brass that he wouldn’t be traded. That’s why this probably stings a whole lot more to him.

    That’s a concern on both sides, as teams are risking a toxic locker room. Though DeRozan is locked in for the next two years under contract, Leonard could walk next summer.

    The nature of this deal shows what we’ve already known to be true: The NBA is a business, and for the most part, teams will do what’s best for themselves.

    That’s why we’re seeing a beloved franchise cornerstone like DeRozan moved for another star that has no interest in being there.

  654. Cuban isn’t stupid. He got some things wrong and some things right, like most owners or GMs.

  655. I think so as well

  656. “Don’t be surprised if Kobe [Kawhi] doesn’t get himself next to Lin for a few Instagram shots. Holding a Rockets [Raptors] jersey. Wearing an “I heart China” headband. Black Mamba knows where the money’s at.”


  657. Wow! DeRozan really spoke out his mind…. I don’t think it’s good trade bc Kawhi Leonard will not stay w Raptors.

  658. I think Raptors more interested in getting away from DeRozan’s contract.

  659. He’s very hurt. Some players speak out, others don’t. He’s getting a lot of support from Toronto fans.

  660. Maybe. I think the mistake teams make is to mislead players. It lacks integrity to tell a player they won’t be traded and then trade them.

  661. Ya! I think so… he turns 29…

  662. You really can’t trust what GM told you.

  663. Yes, that’s the full trade.

  664. Got Kawhi as far away from San Antonio as possible lol.



    (Green is obviously not the elite natural shooter Allen Crabbe is, but I think his shooting slump last few seasons has more with Dejounte Murray run Spurs offense not being able to create as good open looks like Tony Parker in past; Green, like Lin, is also a great transition defender, and Green reads the floor well and cuts to open space just like Joe Harris. Danny Green was starting shooting guard with Lin on Reno Big Horns, so he knows how he treated teammates when he was just another nobody who himself never thought he was capable of scaling the heights of Linsanity)

  666. Haha! Ya! Canada.

  667. Snakes everywhere in the league. No loyalty, no respect, no honor. It’s disgusting how GMs behave and they keep getting away with it because “business is business.”

  668. He has a right to speak his mind publicly. Played 9 straight seasons in Toronto. Drafted there and was the heart and soul of the franchise, exactly like Brook was with the Nets franchise. More players need to do this and expose these lowlife GMs for who they are.


    Full Rant: ( )

    “That guy stole my MVP again,” Justin Tuck (two sacks, three quarterback pressures) said.”


  670. With all the talk this morning about lying GM’s why should we take this statement at face value? Besides, who cares! BKLN is in the rear view mirror. On to ATL!

  671. That is probably why it is so very rare to have a “no trade” clause in contracts. That is the only true assurance you will not be traded without being sued. Everything else is just talk and one should beware.

  672. Pro sports anymore (if they ever were) is not for the fans. It is for money and maybe egocentric owners. Fans just pay all the bills including in some cities paying for stadiums. Until the fans protest i.e. stay away from games, don’t buy merchandise then ownership and administration will continue to behave like this. We have met the enemy and he is us. I have left pro sports behind years ago. Maybe that is because at 72 years I have seen too many sports, the games are all the same and there are way too many. But also with this old perspective I remember a time when players, coaches and even owners could connect with fans on a more intimate level. It is hard for me to feel bad for players who make millions a year then complain they were lied to just like it is hard for me to have any credible connection with actors who make political statements and expect to be taken seriously. These are insults and I am repelled by this and the media that puts this in front of us 24/7. However, we have the choice to listen or not, so I do not. But there are personalities and issues that occasionally don’t seem phonied up. JLin, for us fans, and especially Asian fans, do feel this attachment. All true basketball fans felt this attachment during that glorious period of Linsanity. Then it was snuffed out and buried, for whatever reason, and it is back to business as normal.

  673. Loll John Cho from Harold and Kumar? What did he do to Lin? 😂

  674. It could be a trick. Light a fire under Russell so he will try harder. Or, he may prefer Dinwiddie. I think Napier is insurance, but will play because he’s a good player.

  675. Duly noted.

  676. The Hawks are ready to start making some money …

  677. That was fast. Less than 1 week of being traded, they already have official jerseys for sale. Hawks know a cash cow when they see one…

  678. OK, number 7.

  679. Saw hour article on Reddit. Very nice. Articulate and well reasoned.

  680. “Be told one thing and the outcome another.” We Lin fans understand his anger and

    frustration seeing Lin receiving the same “NBA-is-a-business” treatment.

  681. On the other hand a player like Kawhi is unhappy, whether justified or not, and as a professional athlete making millions forces the team to trade him, preferably where he wants to go. Shcroder commits a violent act, on camera no less, reducing his commercial value as well as his value to the team but still has to be paid. So one feeds the other. Toronto not a bad city. I have been there and I like it. Very cosmopolitan and calm for such a large population. Cold though

  682. So Schroder is not leaving… no more #17?

  683. Lin always preferred number 7. When he was on the knicks he had no choice but to take #17 because melo.

  684. Wow. Fast!
    Does this mean that Lin would remain a Hawk for a while?

  685. doubt it

  686. It means Hawks are capitalizing on the Lin trade as fast as possible.

    Who knows if they’re planning on keeping Lin. I doubt it, but it all depends on Lin’s health and performance.

  687. Thanks

  688. Pretty sure Dame was talking about DeRozan being lied to and betrayed.

    Screw Kawhi. Guy is ungrateful, disrespectful, and unprofessional. He also never speaks for himself, but rather, uses his uncle to speak for him. His uncle does not have his best interest in mind and is making PR blunder after PR blunder in Kawhi’s name. He needs to man up and speak for himself or his reputation will keep getting destroyed.

  689. Same guy who said OKC was going to trade Melo for Lin…

  690. Haha! I really hope it’s true this time….

  691. Everyone, I am debating whether to place an order now:

    I can order it now which helps to show Hawks Lin’s influences and Lin Fans’ buying power and hope they will respect Lin more


    I do not buy it now until Hawks use Lin correctly, this way we show Hawks Lin fans will no longer taking crxp from NBA team any more. They have to show they respect Lin’s game before we fans open our wallets.

    What do you all think?

  692. I wouldn’t buy unless you’re a Lin jersey collector or you’re rich and don’t care about money.

    Up to you, but it’s probably smart to wait, see if Lin is even healthy enough to play significant minutes, and watch how Hawks uses Lin, before you drop $110 on a jersey that Lin might not even be wearing in a few months.

  693. wow…this must be one of the craziest season

  694. I don’t need any Lin jerseys 🙂 , but have been buying them to show support of Lin.

    I don’t mind if I buy Lin’s jerseys and Lin never plays one game for Hawks.

    But I do mind, if I buy Lin’s jerseys but Hawks treat Lin like crxp, then I would want my money back.

    What is the consensus among us Lin fans?

  695. Make no sense for OKC to take that deal. Their top priority now is to remove Anthony to save big money. They dont need/cant afford a 3rd PG that make 15m a year.

  696. I honestly think this guy is just a mouthpiece of Melo’s agent, trying to gin up interest in a Melo trade, trying to get him off OKC and bought out by any team asap.

  697. How low can GMs go? Really, really low.

  698. Anthony has pure negative value now. OKC need to attach at least a 1st rounder to ship him out. I dont understand why Morey wanted him but it would be dramatic if Anthony ended up in Houston uniform. He would certainely make a scene there.

  699. OKC doesn’t have a 1st rounder until 2021. Which is actually good for Atlanta because they have three 1st round picks either next year or the year after, plus their 3 1st round picks they just selected this year, plus their already young roster.

  700. This guy is more credible than that Mitch Lawrence guy.

  701. Good. Hope it can happen ASAP.

  702. Nets signed another fwd before we Davis. . Wonder what’s going on there

  703. Well at least Lin gets extra $1.5 million on the trade clause.

  704. He gets to keep his number, he’s there to stay.

  705. I already bought mine, but I’m currently in atl

  706. I don’t like IT and it was his fault that he rushed back from 2 injuries and didn’t properly rehab, but I do agree with him that loyalty means nothing in the NBA. Dude must be really bitter that he never got paid like he said he would.

  707. I didn’t follow IT’s whole story but from what I recall he said to” back up the truck” so he was going to get paid. I don’t think that is a good promotional tactic and it is questionable as to whether or not that would endear him to fans, let alone owners and GM’s. I also couldn’t see how a short guard with suspect defense that needs to shoot the ball was worth a max contract

  708. He’s nothing more than a ballhog scorer. Once his hips gave out on him, he became useless.

    By the way, his defense wasn’t suspect, it’s non-existent. IT has the worst defense in the NBA.

  709. ATL paid Schroder all that money for a number of years. What possesses GM’s to fawn over players in free agency and then a year or two later lament that they don’t play defense, can’t shoot 3’s etc. Didn’t they know that when they pushed the big money out there? Look at Chandler Parsons, why in the world did they give him such a huge contract? So many bad deals out there after the signing floating around and yet the GM’s seem to stay in place. There is a whole lot of money in the NBA and this is why the NBA has lost touch with me

  710. I think more and more players should insist on the “no trade” clause if they can. It’s just hard for any player that is older or not consider a “star” to get one.

  711. Players get overpaid all the time. There are too many reasons why. Some GMs have to overpay for players to stay with / go to the team because their city/franchise is not a desired destination. Other GMs overpay because they overvalue a young player and don’t want to lose them, hoping they’d develop into something great. GMs also do favors for certain agents who have players they want in the future or have to repay a debt to. Then there are GMs who are just dumb and clueless, not knowing the market, the player’s potential and ceiling, or is too much of a fan of a player.

    In Schroder’s case, he was a good 6th man bench player for the Hawks. He’s still young, so they thought he’d develop more and be a good starting PG for them. Little did they know, his lack of effort and bad defensive abilities would be exposed when all of their high quality defensive starters left the team, and they had to tank last year. Schroder didn’t even try on D last year, rather focusing on his offense instead. His shooting is terrible though, so Hawks didn’t properly evaluate that bad aspect to Schroder’s game. Then of course, they could have never predicted or imagined Schroder would get himself in serious legal trouble by beating up a guy.

  712. What is that these Nets you mention?:)

  713. Melo to Hawks? If so, that would be interesting.

  714. For buyout

  715. Most scoffed at the idea Lin getting paid what he deserved, but I see Karma is a @&!#%

  716. till the end of the season

  717. I am going to work

  718. Lol… at leaat 1/2

  719. Dont buy… i bought a bunch of nets crap bc i thought this was really it… im never going to buy nba crap again

  720. He gets paid millions and millions…

  721. another product of stevens’ system… IT reverted back to what he was on the kings and suns. anyone surprised? not really…

  722. music to my ears… can we nab a 2nd rd pick out of this also?

  723. makes perfect sense. okc doesnt want to pay luxury tax.

  724. they have no immediate 1st rd picks to trade because they traded them all away. they can maybe add a pick swap but they are a pretty good win now team so the picks and swaps arent very valuable anyways…

    morey wants carmelo at vet min after the buyout. houston is in the same spot with anderson. he makes 20mil and houston’s 1st rounders have no value, they are a top 3 team…

  725. if anything, buy adidas. they have been pretty good to lin after nike dropped him after linsanity…

  726. Interesting take
    “As an undersized, score-first point guard who has drawn comparisons to Kemba Walker, Trae Young will be the benefactor of playing alongside Lin who will take pressure off the Hawks rookie first-round pick, share ball-handling responsibilities, and set Young up to score while playing off-ball”

    The Hawks trade for Jeremy Lin is one of the smartest this offseason

    On-court presence
    Following the trade, a lot of people were asking why the Hawks were adding another point guard, and another undersized one at that. With Dennis Schroder (6-foot-1, 172 pounds) and Trae Young (6-foot-2, 180 pounds) already on the roster, it might not have made sense to someone who hasn’t followed Lin closely over the last several years.

    Aside from the leadership and veteran presence mentioned above, Lin, if healthy, is also a tremendously versatile backcourt player. He’s shown the ability to be productive either as a starter or bench player and his ability to play on or off the ball makes him someone who can be seamlessly plugged in at either guard position.

    While playing with Charlotte in 2015-2016, Lin not only played point guard with the second unit behind Kemba Walker but also shared the floor with Walker for stretches, particularly in crunch time. Among all guard combos that played together during the fourth quarter in at least 55 games, Lin and Walker were top ten in net rating (plus-12.4) and true shooting percentage (57.9). The Hornets also won 48 games that season and Walker elevated his game to a different stratosphere, increasing his scoring average from 17.3 points the season before to 20.9. Not only did he improve his scoring totals, but he did it while taking fewer shots, turning in on of the most efficient seasons of his career by raising his shooting from 38.5 to 42.7 percent.

    As an undersized, score-first point guard who has drawn comparisons to Kemba Walker, Trae Young will be the benefactor of playing alongside Lin who will take pressure off the Hawks rookie first-round pick, share ball-handling responsibilities, and set Young up to score while playing off-ball

  727. I stand corrected, Rich Cho. Been reading too much San Diego Comic Con Trek panel stuff!

  728. Absolutely!

    Though IT himself was not cognizant of this fact, and made clear of wanting a Brinks truck worth of dollars.

  729. It’s not the trading that hurts…it’s the LYING IN YOUR FACE part.

  730. yea for the kids they are affected bc of friends at school, their plans get lost like new different school system

  731. Once the shock of the trade starts to fade and JLIn looks at things he has to be starting to get excited in his new position. Schroder is management’s problem to deal with. By acquiring JLin he has to know Schroder is gone. Hawks may not be done yet, but for JLin things look pretty good. The only thing he has to do is be healthy. We, and he needs to study on the young Hawks players. They tanked last year so maybe that is done. Staff and facilities look great. But it will be (1) his health (2) his coach that will determine the future. Be healthy, play ball and the rest will take care of itself.

  732. He might get it right: Atlanta wanted to produce an improved version of the Lin-Walker back court.

  733. I bought some Lakers tshirts back when Jeremy escaped from Houston and only just managed to give them away to farmers in China a few months ago. Brand new.
    I still have my NY, Charlotte and Nets gear. Gonna hold off on Hawks until I see how they treat him.

  734. Mark Cubans made two very big mistakes by breaking up championship caliber teams because of his own ego. He saw some hotshot young guard and determined that he could replace Nash. Paid him a long term contract and turned into a perennial bench player. Meanwhile Nash went on to be a MVP player for Phoenix. Had he kept Nash and Dirk together, they could have won a couple of titles.

    Cuban like to think he’s smarter than anyone else and it’s his ego that broke up another championship team when they didn’t resigne Tyson Chandler, who was the anchor of the team. Even with Jason Kidd and Cince Carter, they were 20 games worst without Chandler.

  735. IT is a bench PG at best. Lin hater got what he deserved. Should’ve cherished his role on the Celtics.

    Lin and Vanvleet would also give the Raptors of going with two athletic slashers from opposite sides of the court ala Lin and Kemba, and also what Lin and Tyler Johnson might have looked like for Nets if Heat hadn’t matched that poison pill contract few seasons ago) And of course Lin only started because Nic Batum had the toe injury.

  737. If Jeremy won’t speak out for himself, his little bro Joe will.

  738. Who’s mistakes? Nets?

  739. Nets, Jlin again duped and betrayed… twisting and turning path.
    .. lol… ut.not sure why he passive… to me, hope hed make some.noise and stop speaking through other people, speaking in code, and staying quiet…

  740. Nice joe… speak up!

  741. I have a nickname for joe tsai… traitor joe!

  742. after all he did get hurt only play 38 games out of 164 for 24 million.. That’s good pay right there.

  743. ppl in the comments there still don’t believe it.. one even said what is the big deal doesn’t do squad for the team

  744. Thats not the point… of note, he was grossly underpaid
    … more significantly, he was given every indication of continued support, and then traded….

  745. Easy the reason is for many teams the owner gets to call the shots. Cuban was the one who decided to steal Chandler away from Rockets and Morey to show him up. He has loads of money so it doesn’t really matter. So long as the owner is happy the GM is safe.

  746. Not interested, even with the Nets 3 year deal I didn’t buy a Lin jersey let alone now with the 1 year rental.

  747. There is a plausible theory on Hawks Peachtree fansite that GM Schlenk intercepted a possible OKC-Nets deal to trade Melo with Lin as part of Nets trade (salary not enough). He wanted to get Lin and needed to get move Dennis Schroder.

    Let’s see if it will happen. GM Schlenk needs to move Dennis and not many teams are interested. OKC might help to take Schroder and then the Hawks can buyout Melo.

    I get it now: Lin deal was done to facilitate Carmelo deal
    I just saw a report in the NY Post that the Nets were in discussions with OKC for a Lin-Carmelo swap.

    My thinking is that Schlenk had to swoop in and get Lin first to block OKC then turn around and swap Dennis for Carmelo.

    Backwards, but if it pans out we get what Schlenk wanted – Lin AND out from Dennis’ contract.
    Posted by small forward on Jul 18, 2018 | 10:42 PM

    Makes sense for a new GM to want a clean slate. Especially w all the picks coming up
    Posted by Bamalawdawg on Jul 18, 2018 | 10:44 PM

  748. 😁😁😁

  749. My memory’s a bit vague, but in summer 2016 either the Pelicans or Pacers was offering something along the line of 3yr/45M, which Lin turned down to join the Nets as an “investment”.

    So bottom line is, Lin took a 9M+ paycut to join the Nets because he bought into the culture and vision described by Marks.

  750. Our boy also did some of this himself too… so passive and trusting… frustrating to watch him sometimes…

  751. I think it was more KA than Marks. I wanted Lin to go to the Pelicans to play with AD.

  752. No one could’ve predicted the back-to-back injuries, which played a HUGE factor leading up to this trade…sigh

  753. This is likely what you were thinking about.
    Pelicans make unsuccessful push for point guard Jeremy Lin
    Updated July 1, 2016 at 6:15 PM;

    After the first few hours of the NBA free agency period, the New Orleans Pelicans have yet to land any of their desired targets.

    But they did get a meeting with unrestricted point guard Jeremy Lin on Friday morning, but he ended up agreeing to a three-year, $36 million deal to join the Brooklyn Nets.

    Sources confirm that Lin’s asking price was too steep for the Pelicans, but the Nets were willing to extend him a deal that averages about $12 million per season.

    See :

  754. Do we want Carmelo to come? I’m confused about the Carmelo trade…wouldn’t that be bad for Lin?

  755. No worries, fairly sure he’d be bought off and never set foot in Atlanta.

    Likely destination…Houston.

  756. Actually Melo played well with Lin if he wanted too. I still remember Lin once made a loooong pass to the front court to Melo and Melo easily ran around the only defender in high speed and put the ball into the basket.

  757. Need I remind everyone about…”Shou-ryu-ken”?

  758. Like Melo, DH12 also played well with Lin if he wanted too. But their ego prevented them from doing it.

  759. Wouldn’t that be ironic. They wanted Lin so maneuvered to intercept the deal because they wanted Lin. They were trying to keep Lin and we’re willing to dump Melo to get there man. Kharma!

  760. I don’t consider Lin passive, quite the opposite. If anything Lin is very brave. Being trusting is part of the greater love all true Christians must live by. It’s a life path that’s full of lurking dangers. The latest chapter is one of the most sinister part of modern life. We all pass it off as “just business”, as if that’s a good enough reason. Lin is so strong that he’s willing to throw his life against this current of “passivity”.

    It us that is passive, not Lin. He fights the good fight against the tide of greed and selfishness, of self preservation, of lies and treachery. He trusts because he wants to build trust, just as when we want love, we must give love. The politicians that’s selling out the country because they want to preserve their own jobs are complicit in downfall of America. Convenience of personal truth has left the moral high grounds that’s made America great.

    Basketball is only a game but it represents us as the team that can be built of love and respect. Lin was totally invested with his heart to such an ideal in Brooklyn because he’d hope it could match his own vision of aworking unit that can be both a family and winners. It take real guts to put your life on the line for ideals. It is all too easy to accept “just business” until they send your job off shore.

  761. That would definitely be the ultimate irony. Melo drove Lin out of NY then fast-forward 6 years later Atlanta pursued Lin and used Melo’s contract to drive out a PG.

    How quickly NBA can change a “star” like Melo, He was wanted in NY, wanted in Houston, then just like that he was wanted no more. Lin might not be 100% healthy yet but his high-character and leadership is still wanted.

    Dwight Howard was almost following the same path with Melo. I still like Dwight better than Melo, though.

  762. Melo is getting bought out by whatever team is desperate enough to trade for him. That team might be the Hawks because they are also desperate to get rid of Schroder. Melo is not staying with Hawks if they trade for him.

  763. Dwight has a good heart and soul. He’s just too goofy, stubborn, and oblivious as to why teammates hate him and don’t want to play with him. He could still have been a superstar in this league if he was willing to change his role to fit what the NBA has turned big men into. But he’s still stuck in the past and thinks every team should change their schemes and bend to his will of him being the 1st option on offense as a post-up player.

    Melo on the other hand does not have a good heart and soul. All he cares about is himself and is willing to screw other players over to remain top dog. He is purely selfish. He doesn’t care about anything other than money and fame. Too bad his skills have declined and he’s out of his prime now.

    Melo wasted all that talent. If he wasn’t so greedy and jealous, he and Lin could have built something great in NY and been a perennial contender, enjoying the spotlight together. Instead, he couldn’t handle Linsanity and ruined one of basketball’s greatest stories and Lin’s career suffered as a result. Now he’s getting what he deserves and exposed as what us Lin fans knew him to be all along.

  764. I don’t think Lin played too passive either. He alwayed did things the right way considering the circumstances. However I think now is great time to shift focus on scoring a bit more and explore that mindset once again. One blessing from being sidelined for so long is that you really get to heal up from nagging injuries too, like with the back, wrist etc, that affect shooting practice. All these years he was waiting for his shot to evolve to a level he was happy with, and now it’s finally here.

  765. Melo now meets his fate to be trashed. Lin is still at his prime with his knowledge from Gorgeous Sports & Health like Steve Nash.

  766. fishing nets

  767. Looking at the media, to this point at least, ATL seems to be welcoming the arrival of JLin more than BKLN did. I have seen a few articles now making the positive case as to why JLin is good news in ATL. I can’t recall really seeing anything but rationalizing articles as to what JLin could bring to BKLN.

  768. Ya! Feel the same way.

  769. Dorothy asked if she (I’m assuming by name) should buy Lin’s new jersey and I said no…

    Forgot NBA and American Express have a program where you get replace a jersey if the player gets traded within 3 months of the jersey purchase. Details are here:

    Doesn’t look like they have Lin’s jersey up yet at the NBA online store. The link to the Lin jersey Hawks Twitter posted yesterday has been down. Maybe too many people bought Lin jerseys and they sold out lol.

  770. This link is not working…you have to go to online store will be fine.

  771. Link is working, but number seven is Ilyasova

  772. Now he really is treated like some disease.

  773. Rondae asking if he can still troll Jeremy on social media.

  774. That’s very close to Bruce Lee body.
    Lin’s gonna surprise a lot of people this season.

  775. The hawkstore couldn’t handle Linsanity 🙂

    So with 3-month refundable guarantee upon trade, at least 3 month before Feb 2019 trade deadline would be a good time to buy JLin’s ATL jersey?

  776. Very well said. I couldn’t agree more.
    What goes around comes around.

  777. So this is the first unofficial confirmation from the JLin team that some mistakes were made in the whole trade ordeal.

    I wonder if Brook and JLin got into any discussion about how the trade happened.

  778. And that wasn’t called a flagrant foul. That looked deliberate to me, like an uppercut to the jaw. Could have seriously injured Lin.

  779. Very interesting message.
    Perhaps JLin is inspired by Bruce Lee’s quote “BeLikeWater, my friend” so that’s why his body is half-submerged under water?

    JLin is definitely one smart cookie!
    Strong like Bruce Lee and ready to adapt to any obstacles like water

  780. The full quote by Bruce on “Be Like Water” is also very interesting.

    He said not to be assertive, but adapt so maybe not be too stubborn trying one way but be flexible to find another way around or through the obstacle.

    JLin can adopt this mentality by finding ways to thrive in the NBA around trades, injuries, aging, etc.

  781. Gotta love what Greg Logan said about JLin and players’ loyalty

  782. “Train like Jeremy Lin at the Fortius Gymnasium.” Burnaby is a city which is part of greater Vancouver.

  783. Umm… what in the world? Schroder is not traded yet?

  784. I know some people dislike RHJ, but I think he’s a good guy and a good player. It’s great to see Lin making good friendships everywhere he goes, and RHJ is one of those friends he picked up on his long NBA journey.

    I will miss the good guys on the Nets: RHJ, Harris, Dinwiddie, Carroll, etc. Wish them nothing but the best, except when Lin plays against them. 😉

  785. I see mixed reports on this trade with and w/o Schroder. Schroder has got to be included otherwise what is the point?

  786. Finally! Hawks did what is expected by various sources!
    Not a bad news for Lin or his fans. 😉

  787. Exactly. Hawks’ main beat reporter didn’t say anything about Schroder, Shams says Schroder is in the trade, but doesn’t say where he goes, Woj says Schroder is going to OKC.

  788. Muscala was well liked in ATL. Would have been good with JLin coming in. Too bad they had to ship out a character guy just to get rid of a toxin like Schroder. Bad drives out good.

  789. Yes I have also grown quite fond of Rondae through Lin’s time at the Nets too. Hard working genuine young bloke.

  790. Yeah, Hawks fans really like him. They called him Moose. Says he’s a good stretch 5. Oh well, sacrifices had to be made to get rid of Schroder and get back a 1st round pick.

  791. Yup, as long as you have a qualifying AMEX card. So November is the best time to buy a Lin Hawks jersey.

  792. I hope Melo destroys the Rockets’ chemistry and D’Antoni forces him out. It would make for a poetic ending and give D’Antoni the last laugh.

    I don’t understand why Morey / Rockets want Melo so much, after all these years. Even if he signs a vet minimum contract, he’ll still be a cancer to any team he plays for.

  793. Its a panic move after losing ariza and the other guy(i forgot his name).Its a flasy move to act like they can compete against gsw

  794. I am with you. We Lin fans want Morey, Harden and Melo be the laughing stocks but I feel Lin for D’Antoni sake would want Rockets to win. Lin has a bigger heart than me…

  795. More room for …someone like Ed Davis? 🙂
    Early #ChristmasWish

  796. It would be fun to see who is going to do the defense for Harden, maybe melo this time.

  797. Im going to enjoy that. especailly without ariza

  798. Took the words out of my brain! Hope it works out.

  799. I don’t think Lin wants any team in the NBA to win, as long as it’s not the team he plays for. Well, maybe Warriors because Lin’s always been a fan of the Warriors growing up as a kid.

  800. They’d have to move Miles Plumlee, which is very hard to do, since he’s a bad player (according to Hawks fans) who can’t catch passes and is still owed $12.5M a year, this year and next.

    Hawks already have Dedmon, who I think plays a similar role as Ed. I do want to see Lin play with Ed, but at this point, it’s just hopeful thinking.

  801. That’s insane how big of a move this was for OKC…

  802. Could it be Chris Paul trying to assemble a mini banana boat?

  803. More like Baptism with a new life.

  804. That’s what this image reminded me of.

  805. Lin is already game-planning on how to be the floor general / coach of the Hawks. 😄

  806. He sounds pretty happy to me. Maybe he realizes the benefits of this trade for him. W/o Schroder JLin is almost the defacto leader of ATL (except for maybe Bazemore). He has been annointed leader far more than BKLN did. Get healthy and play ball!

  807. If Atlanta gets Ed Davis, I bet they are going to the playoffs.

  808. Now that all the facts are all laid out bare for us, it appears that Hawks really really wanted Lin. To do it, they had to jump through hoops to get him. By securing Lin first, they could then absorb and waive Melo in exchange, OKC would then take Schroder off their hands. This leaves Lin as a starter next to Young.

    The talk of Lin mentoring their first round pick small guard as a side bar comes from the year he spent with Kemba Walker in Charlotte. The numbers and wins they generated took them to the playoffs, giving them a surge of wins only while Lin was with that team. By now, we all know that Lin did amazing things for Walker and turned him into an all star.

    Too bad for Nets and Marks that they failed to accept Lin’s true value as veterin leadership and positive role model for 19 years old rookie. Lin’s dedication and work ethics has made an impact with the younger Nets and will also benefit the Hawks.

    With any luck, Lin will be healthy and ready. I’m now very hopeful that he’ll return to form and take the Harws to the playoffs next year.

    If Marks pushes Dlo, he’ll be looking for work the following season. Remember what you said Marks, “don’t bet against Lin”!

  809. Can’t believe it really happen…. Ya!

  810. It’s possible. CP3 might be trying to talk Morey into this. Morey is a snake, but he ain’t dumb. He knows that Melo is a cancer and lost a lot of his skills, now that he’s out of his prime. CP3 had to do his friend a solid.

    Just to be clear, no deal has been made with Rockets yet. I’m just hoping they’ll sign Melo so he’ll destroy that team next year and also end his career, solidifying him as a toxic has-been, me-first player that he’s always been.

  811. I love the great artwork by a fan
    boblian1206 (IG) @jlin7 #nba #atlantahawks #jeremylin #nbaart #basketballart #boblian1206

  812. I just realized something. If Trae Young is going to wear his #11 jersey from college on the Hawks, him and Lin will be 7-11, just like Brook-Lin numbers on the Nets.

  813. I never disliked RHJ. He tried his hardest to be a good teammate. What was hoped from him was a Draymon Green defensive stud. He’s got the athleticism but not so much on the bball IQ. He did improve quite a bit with Lin helping him. But what separates good defensive skills is spacial awareness and good defensive reading like NFL defensive backs must do. RHJ is still young but without a great mentor like Lin, he’s going to never achieve his full capabilities. I do wish the best for most of the young guys who looked up to Lin.

  814. You forgot this play-off, Lin said he wanted Rockets to win because of D’Antoni and Zhou Qi.

  815. so happy with today’s trade.

    i’m really starting to think my proposed lineup may be the starting 5. young/lin/baze/prince/collins.
    2 ball handlers, 2 wings, 1 big. ALL 5 can shoot the 3. this is going to be a pretty exciting lineup regardless of whether or not it’s the starting lineup.

    the bad thing is the bench will be kinda weak… full of rookies, young players, and vet bigs… no x factor 6th man type guys. maybe huerter surprises? i need to see them play first…

  816. Yeah. Still quite understand why OKC do it but I’ll take it.

  817. i think there are arguments for all 3 scenarios.

    1.) start both lin & trae: like lin & kemba it can work. start your best players!
    2.) lin starts: go with the vet and ease trae into more minutes and eventually starting if they trade lin or out of playoff contention.
    3.) trae starts: development tank with trae getting as many minutes as he can handle. lin a sure bet as 6th man/closer

    i personally think they both start. if lin is healthy, it’s a no brainer to at least TRY it for the start of the season.

  818. I don’t want Lin to start… at the beginning of the season. I want him to be eased in, back into NBA game shape, and not get injured again. This also allows Hawks fans to see that Trae is too raw to be a full time starter in his rookie season, and needs Lin to take the load off his shoulders.

    I honestly don’t care if Lin starts or not. I know Lin cares, but at this point, all I want is for him to remain healthy and not end his NBA career… which will happen if he gets injured again. We need to stop focusing on starting or not. As long as the new head coach Lloyd doesn’t bench Lin like tank commander Scott did, I will be happy.

  819. That’s the closing lineup in my mind.I strongly believe that ATL will surprise a lot of people as long as players are healthy.

  820. looking back, i think atl didnt want to do the faried/arthur dump because it wouldnt solve the schroder situation. so instead they “helped” brooklyn do that dump while gaining assets (lin, 2nd rd pick, 2nd rd pick swap) themselves.

    then they did the carmelo dump solving the schroder problem AND getting a 1st rd pick at the cost of ONE year’s cap room.

    brilliant moves by schlenk… brilliant….

    now granted the roster is not very good, but i still contend that there is a very good 5 man lineup on this team that can win some games or keep them competitive in the east… 35 wins may not be out of reach, and if lin is truly healthy, then 40 wins may not be impossible either…

  821. Good point. Slowly easing back in is a better process to get Lin to his game.

  822. if atl loses a lot of games early, the tank is on… worst…. case…. scenario….

    if lin is healthy, play him as normal 25-30 minutes… that’s enough time to do his thing…

  823. for sure.

    lin is a known quantity, the only question is his health…
    baze is a known quantity…
    prince broke out last season when players were injured and he was the #1 option…
    collins has crazy upside and rekt people in summer league…
    and trae is a huge question mark, but obviously talented/skilled. it’s just a matter of translating it to the nba. he’ll be the next steph or the next jimmer….

  824. Schlenk doesn’t seem to maneuver the same as Marks. Marks jumps around doing this deal and that deal, talking character acting differently, supposedly planning for the future but we still do not see a plan or vision in place. Schlenk, other than tanking last season when all was lost and after he lost his key players seems to be more methodical and efficient. Maybe not, that is the impression I am getting since I have not ever followed ATL. His vision though I am starting to see because he wanted JLin, and he wanted him while injured. Now if he trades him sometime soon, and I dont’t see the value in that, then he wants what we all see in JLin a winner, a scraper, a person who makes all around him better. If JLin is healthy, now Schlenk truly has someone he believes in to build around unlike Marks and the BKLN mob guys. Now that Schroder is gone that is the signal that confirms that JLin is “the man” in ATL and it is his team to guide. I am looking forward to the next year and hope that at this time next year JLin will have had a healthy season. If healthy I know he will be successful and Schlenk will have reaped some of his #1 draft picks or traded for others and maybe will have a top free agent in place.

  825. No way for Pierce to bench JLin after what they did to get him. Ease him in for sure because JLin will not have played in a full year. I figure JLin if healthy, and if he is like Nash, has 3-4-5 more years in which to start and be MVP candidate material just like Nash.There is a plan here unlike BKLN where there was just pointless activity

  826. Young’s ball handling and athleticism is much better than Jimmer. I think he should be able to pan out well.

  827. Tanking is a cancer. A professional should be embarrassed to be seen as tanking. If that happens JLin or no I won’t pay attention. Plus I don’t think JLin would ever tank, How do you tell a person like that that “we’re going to lay down and roll over:” I think he would play harder

  828. Lets be honest Hawks wants to rebuild around Trae Young, not Lin. They wanted Lin so Nets wouldn’t be able to due the trade with OKC so they can get rid schroder. Meanwhile they have a vet who can help out the young franchise. Either way I’m not expecting this to be a long term stay unless Lin and Trae brings them to the playoffs and they’re willing to give him another 3 year contract.

  829. This is the first time in Lin’s NBA career that I do not care if he starts or not. I would be a happy fan if Lin remains mostly healthy throughout the season.

    Of course, I would be a happier fan if he could have at least 20 minutes of PT for each game in Atlanta!

  830. JLin doesn’t have to he’ll get benched and treated poorly like when he was with Lakers. It’s not up to the players, with bad rotations and coaching they will automatically lose just look at what BS did.

  831. Why does Lim even need to be benched?! Just start him and sit him early each quarter and have him close! That’s what Nets did when hewas back from injury. Benching Lin would be a huge disrespect.

  832. I wonder if Dantoni wanted Melo?


    Full Rant: (oh, those poor Knicks fans)

  834. ATL could start JLin to show him respect and establish his place on the team. But he still has not played NBA ball for what will be a full year. It is only smart to ease him in. They can still start him and play him limited minutes until he feels he is ready to ball full out. I expect this would take a few weeks. It is the smart thing to do.

  835. Agree. It is more important that JLIn be healthy and play for a few more years than to let his ego demand to start when the prudent thing is to work his way back. And when JLin does come back full time it will be for more than 20 minutes!

  836. Hey, don’t lead me on and get my hopes up:)

  837. Davis would be a great starter and mentor to Collins just like JLin would be to Trae Young. Plus ATL would now have the beginnings of a great bench, which is what they would need.

  838. Forgot about Dedmon in my comments above. But you can never have enough good players. Plus in the close ATL could have a demon defense.

  839. Agree with BS. He was the tank Captain for sure. He was toxic for JLin. So was Kobe.

  840. Melo’s numbers is staggering 🧐Hopefully Hawks won’t do full buyout because he’ll get paid more bu the Rockets

  841. Absolutely, Lin can definitely start even with minutes restriction.

  842. Unfortunately the buyout number likely already set before they reach a deal. But I think we will enjoy how he destroy the Rockets.

  843. I love to see him get the veteran’s minimum.

  844. Speaking of Jimmer I wonder how he is doing? Is he still in China? Is he looking at trying to come back to the NBA?

  845. I believe he is going to be waived and stretched, while getting his full salary from Thunder Hawks.

    (IIRC, Thunder actively recruited him and offered him that money, so I have no problem with him collecting it all. Shroeder and Westbrook on same team is going to be must see tv, too: )

  846. It’s too early to tell if a lottery pick is a bust or star. How about DLo or Big Jah?
    Lin is a proven veteran though.

  847. Marks is being disingenous again because he is obviously betting that letting JLin go and elevating Dlo to team leader is a winning strategy. If Jlin comes back strong and Dlo blows it big, then by “betting against Lin” he will have screwed himself twice. Nice!

  848. He better wish that Dlo boy take a leap this year. Otherwise he will eat crow and Nets should fire him because that would prove that he doesn’t have the vision to discover talents. Look at other deals he made, Hamilton gone, Whitehead gone, BAnthony gone.

  849. Something I don’t get, Not a NBA rule expert. So need some help here.

    Why Melo can be waied once traded to Hawks? Why can’t OKC just do that? Why can’t Hawks just waive Schroder instead of going all the trouble of trades?

  850. True but how many times have we seen GMs still give the fake star the green light even though they don’t have what it takes? Would be great if Lin can become the franchise of his own team but at this point it’s doubtful any team would give him the reigns. Nets was his best bet. Unless Lin breaks out next year for a big contract. Even then he’d have to go to a team that doesn’t have their own franchise already.

    Teams with a franchise wouldn’t want Lin to overshadow their “star” and he’d be marginalized again. Happened on every team except the Nets.

  851. Getting some Black Panter vibes from this photo lol

  852. Not an expert either but let me try, Hawks have cap space to waive Melo and it’s his final season so no long term damage there.

  853. This is my understanding (I am by no means a NBA rules expert):
    OKC could have waived Melo, but the team would not receive any asset in return and Melo’s salary would remain on OKC’s book.

    Hawks and Melo reportedly agreed to a “contract buyout” already, meaning Melo would be willing to forfeit a portion of his humongous salary remaining on the contract in order to be released by Hawks.

    This is a helfpul article about NBA contract buyout which also touched upon waiver a bit.

  854. Melo will not get paid more by the Rockets. if he signed with the Rockets for example $2M, the Hawks will only be responsible for the difference of $26M.

  855. Thanks for the info. You’re more of an expert than I am!

  856. I know it’s hard to trust anyone after all that’s happened with Brooklyn, Charlotte, LA, Houston, Knicks, houston and GSW. In every instance, Lin was used for what they wanted to use him for and nothing more. In every instance, they would see a little value but always had doubts in the back of the minds. THE ONLY ONE THAT TRULY BELIVED IN LIN WAS MDA and maybe Atkinson…a little. I remember reading that it was Atkinson that had to twist Marks arm to get Lin, which makes Marks a doubter that was always looking for any reason to downgrade Lin’s value.

    So let’s look at what’s just happened with Atlanta and count all the positives that seems to add up to the fact that the GM truly values Lin for all the things we know he’s capable of. He’s willing to take a chance that few others were willing to by taking the risk to bring in someone that most of the league sees as a backup 6th man player and install him as a starter next to their 19year old rookie. They need Lin’s quidence. They see Young’s potential, but I would not doubt yet that they don’t recognize Lin’s proof of value throughout the years Lin’s been yanked around by nefarious forces outside of his control.

    IMO, we must at least give this situation a chance…what other choice do we have?

  857. You are very welcome. 🙂

  858. yeah i agree however if he doesn’t play well this year he might not find a contract the year after….so he has to score and play really well.

  859. I believe that Lin finally has found his team. Never mind about the rookie, he won’t be a factor for years to come. Now Lin has to be the go to guy for the coming season. He can make the difference. All eyes are watching on him in the coming season.

  860. Hawks is really nice to Lin. Show their support to him. After Lin joined Hawks when he post anything on IG, Hawks is always the first one to show Like…. Great!

  861. All of the negatives that you say have been true since after Dantoni through Marks. With all the snark and criticism that has been going on for the past few days about players saying there is no “loyalty”among management just supports how front offices act. But not all FO’s and GM’s and owners are snakes. Maybe Schlenk and his team are more like GSWthanthe rest of the league. Maybe JLin has found people who are more like him. Maybe JLin has found a home. Until ATL demonstrate otherwise I am going to allow myself not to be cynical and rush to judgement w/o seeing the actions behind the words. Maybe it takes certain kinds of people to recognize a “brother” and treat him like one. Trae Youngfor all the talk about building the “future” around and being the “franchise” has not played a minute of NBA ball. He is a talented kid,emphasis on the kid. If Jlin is healthy no doubt he will be the star of ATL and as long as he stays healthy will become a few more years yet simply because he makes those around him so much better.

  862. Totally agree. I think hyping draft picks is just marketing. I think ATL May have picked up Jlin thinking that if they allow him to play like he did during Linsanity which no one did after that time then why can’t he do it again. What surprisingly logical thinking!

  863. I think what you and many people are forgetting is that Melo has a NO TRADE CLAUSE in his contract. Melo and his agent (CAA) had all of the leverage in this deal. They forced the Hawks to agree to fully buy him out, before he’d waive his NTC and agree to the trade in the first place. OKC was forced to send the Hawks their 2022 protected 1st round pick to make this deal not lopsided and Hawks don’t get fleeced.

    OKC couldn’t just waive Melo because they’d be losing $73M+ in luxury taxes this year, as pointed out by Woj and Bobby Marks today.

  864. Let’s be realistic. Lin didn’t find his team. Hawks found him. Could they be a good match and fit? Yes, totally. But we still don’t know many factors to predict this right now…

    We don’t know if Lin will stay healthy. We don’t know if Lin will come back 100% or even 80%. We don’t know if Hawks are in tank mode. We don’t know if Hawks’ new head coach is going to bench Lin to tank or give Trae the reigns like most coaches do with their lotto picks, even if they’re raw and not playing well. We don’t know if Hawks made this trade for the sole purpose of Lin being a mentor to Trae. We don’t know if Hawks got Lin just to make some money. We don’t know if Hawks will trade Lin by the deadline.

    It’s way too early to say Trae won’t be a factor for years when we haven’t seen him play in the NBA yet. It’s way too early to say that there’s no way Hawks won’t keep Lin if he has a good season with them. It’s good to be optimistic (I am), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, setting yourself up for major disappointment in a few months.

  865. Plus,Lin has improved in all aspects of the game. He becomes an all round player at both end of the court. His skill is as good as his athleticism. He’s experienced and he is always a great game closer.

  866. totally agree. i think we should just enjoy this one season and see what happens.

    but the fit on this team DOES excite me… good (hopefully) backcourt mate, elite (hopefully) big, solid wings….

    if this team had a solid bench mob, i’d be even more excited…

  867. From what we see in Summer League, the low level competition, throwing the rookie to NBA level has to be a big risk. Lin will start and play this coming season. Lin will be a free agent after this season. Signing Lin after this season is not without competition.

  868. Yes but you’re assuming things way too early. Trae Young will be given every opportunity, minutes, and leadership role to succeed. We don’t know anything about what Hawks will do nor how this new coach will treat Lin until the season starts. 6-7 different teams should’ve taught you to be cautiously optimistic by now instead of setting up yourself for disappointment.

    One thing is for sure, Lin will have a heavy chip on his shoulder next season. Never seen him this mad during off season, hope he will turn that anger into to motivation to just ball out instead of try to accommodate what the coach want.

    Lin sacrifices his game for every coaches’ offense and what can that gotten him? Only 10PPG average per season….10PPG average will never get him an all star badge.

  869. “if healthy no doube he would be the star” did we all think the same with the Nets? That there’s no way they will give up Lin over other players? Sure it takes time to develop but that doesn’t mean Trae Young won’t be leading the team right off the bat.

    Heck we don’t even know if Lin will be used as just a spot shooter or what his role will even be. We don’t even know if Hawks are tanking or not. If Hawks are tanking his role won’t even matter.

  870. Trae didn’t play well during the first 2 games of SL because he hasn’t played 5 on 5 since college ended. He played well the last 2 games of SL. It’s pointless to judge a player based on SL games anyway. This is well known. To say that Trae won’t be a factor for years is simply ridiculous.

    There are plenty of rookies that do well their rookie year. That’s why they have Rookie of the Year awards. Many rookies do great and win that award. Just Google the list of previous winners to get an idea. Do I think Trae is too raw and young to be used 30+ MPG? Yeah, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be used that much by a rookie head coach and an organization that doesn’t care about winning right now because they’re in a rebuild.

    All I’m saying is that your proclamations and hype is too premature at this point. #1 priority is for us to hope and pray Lin stays healthy. Wanting and expecting more than that is setting yourself up for major disappointment, and it’s unrealistic to expect the Hawks to cater to Lin when he’s not their focus or future.