The Brooklyn Nets Approach in Restricted Free Agency


May 16, 2016; Brooklyn, NY, USA;  Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks  introduces new head coach Kenny Atkinson at HSS Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

May 16, 2016; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks introduces new head coach Kenny Atkinson at HSS Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a brilliant method of madness in Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks’ approach in pursuing Restricted Free Agents (RFA)?

The Nets has struck out 0-3 in chasing RFAs (Alan Crabbe, Tyler Johnson, Donatas Motiejunas) and is waiting on Washington Wizards to match their $106M max offer sheet to Otto Porter Jr. The Wizards is expected to match the offer after withdrawing qualifying RFA offer to Bojan Bogdanovic who proceeded to sign with Indiana Pacers for $21M for 2 years (he was reportedly looking for $15M/yr deal with the Wizards). Ironically, the Nets previously traded Bojan to the Wizards but now the Wizards has to let him go in order to keep the Nets from signing Porter. The next target could be KCP, JaMychal Green or Nikola Mirotic.

Despite going 0-of-3 on RFAs heading into this summer, Marks dove right back into that well this offseason with the max offer sheet for Porter, which Washington reportedly plans on matching, according to Chris Mannix of The Vertical. Assuming the Wizards follow through with that pledge—they have until 11:59 p.m. Saturday to make their decision if Porter inks his offer sheet right when the July Moratorium lifts Thursday—Marks could turn around and fire offer sheets at Dallas Mavericks big man Nerlens Noel, Detroit Pistons 2-guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Atlanta Hawks swingman Tim Hardaway Jr., Memphis Grizzlies forward JaMychal Green or Chicago Bulls stretch 4 Nikola Mirotic. With cap space quickly drying up across the league, the Nets remain the one wild card for teams attempting to wait out their own restricted free agents.

According to Bryan Toporek from BBall Insiders, Sean Marks strategy has no downside to this strategy. Even when he’s 0-3 in his RFA pursuit, he has essentially removed 3 potential free-agent competitors by signing their player to bloated offer sheets. (Blazers, Heat, and possibly Wizards). In 2018-19, the Nets would the flexibility in their cap space to sign free agents by only having $55 million in salary on the books.

Regardless of whether Marks can successfully pry away a restricted free agent this offseason, there’s no downside to his strategy. The Nets owe their unprotected 2018 first-round pick to the Boston Celtics as the final payment for their ill-fated acquisition of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry back in 2013. Having no first-round draft pick gives them zero incentive to tank this upcoming season, and it also kneecaps their ability to add top-tier young talent to their core.


In other words: Within the past 12 months, Marks has removed three potential free-agent competitors from the market by signing their players to bloated offer sheets. Seeing as the Nets are financially flexible in future seasons—including all options, they only have $55 million in salary on the books in 2018-19—they could find themselves firmly in a buyer’s market next summer. As ESPN’s Bobby Marks noted Sunday on Twitter, around half of the NBA could be in luxury-tax territory after this season, limiting the amount of potential free-agent suitors.

Who will be the next Nets RFA/FA target after Otto Porter?

If the Wizards matches Otto max offer sheet, who will GM Sean Marks set his sight as a potential target? Many sources indicate he will try to pursue Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (KCP) who just became a Free Agent after the Pistons declined to sign him.

Would KCP be the best player to pursue after Porter? Based on ESPN 2016-17 RPM stats, Porter is the best player with 3.56 RPM followed by Eryan Ilyasova, JaMychal Green, and finally KCP. RPM measures player’s on-court impact on team performance so it greatly helps to see a potential player impact to the team if the Nets sign them. And more importantly, it helps to determine if a player is worth the maximum offer sheet.

From this ranking, Porter deserves the max offer after being ranked 24th best among 468 NBA players

KCP defense is supposed to be his srength but surprisingly, his -1.31 DPRM defensive impact is only ranked #377 out of 468 players. Both Ilyasova and Green have the 2nd and 4th best defensive impact at 0.74 and 0.39 as Nets targets.

Will the Wizards match Porter offer by the end of Saturday, July 8 midnight deadline? Will the Nets pursue KCP, Ilyasova, JaMychal, Mirotic, or other FA/RFAs? We just need to stay tuned to see if the Nets will be successful in signing their first RFA or continue to handicapping more NBA teams with debilitating luxury tax situation to sign good free agents in 2018-19.


  1. Thank you, Psalm, for the new thread!

  2. Is C. J. Miles Nets’ next target if Porter deal fell through?
    He is 30, SF.

  3. There is no news on the Porter UFA contract status yet?

    Hasn’t it been 48 hours already since delivery of the Nets’ offer sheet? Are Wizards using the (dirty) delay tactic to hold Nets cap space hostage till 7/12?

  4. First

  5. Is there no updates on the Porter UFA contract status? Hasn’t it been 48 hours already?

    Wizards reportedly will match Nets’ creative offer sheet. But, will they apply the (dirty) delay tactic to hold Nets’ cap space hostage till 7/12??

  6. Sorry. You are Second today, not First. ?

  7. Since Woj and Netsdaily have been tweeting about Nets’ next target after Wizards matches Porter, I feel more comfortable to bet a boiling fish with Sichuan pepper that Wizards won’t match.

  8. No matter how dirty the Wizards do in response, it’s just equal to what SM did to them.

  9. Don’t believe the drama and lies created by idiot fans. DLo was at the Nets SL game first, then stayed for the Lakers game afterwards. He even gave an interview during the Nets game:

  10. Ellington seemed like a good guy when Jeremy played with him in LA. Nice to see the Heat have guaranteed his contract for the coming season.

  11. Ditto from me Psalms

  12. Harden Supermax Contract Extension

  13. So Harden is still the #1 guy in Rox.

  14. No hope for the max contract then ?

  15. Sounds like they will match….

  16. The salary cap is projected to $144M in 2025/26.

  17. maybe he wanted to check out that Lonzo Ball, obviously Lakers took him over DLo.

  18. What’s happened with restricted free agents the last five summers? Of the 86 such players who signed new contracts :

    – seven (8.1%) had offer sheets from another team matched,
    – six (7.0%) saw their former team decline to match an offer,
    – eight (9.3%) changed teams via sign-and-trade,
    – eight (9.3%) accepted the one-year qualifying offer teams must tender restricted free agents, and
    – fifty seven (66.3%) re-signed to longer or more lucrative deals with their team.

    (via Kevin Pelton / ESPN)

  19. Houston (and its fans) obviously adore a strip-joint enthusiast who will not win a championship

  20. These supermax deals. I wonder what lebron will get next year

  21. Ding Yantuhang hype is real. If Mavs don’t sign him by the end of summer league, I’m pretty sure other teams are going to go after him. Nets should be watching carefully.

  22. Bunch of lies. DLo was there at the Nets game first. Lakers game came afterwards, so he stayed for that too. He even gave an interview during the Nets game.

  23. It’s clear that Nets goes for the must-matched RFAs and they surely eliminated the teams from the competition of RFAs in the near future. I’m sure the later Nets gets his RFA, the better will that be.

    The competition of Nets to other teams really gets more interesting. If Nets doesn’t get his player, the whole league is in trouble because Nets aims to pull these teams into luxury tax penalty. For teams who want to compete with Nets for RFAs, they have to put the luxury tax into consideration while Nets is under the cap limit.

  24. Mavericks has Nerlens Noel to worry first.

  25. The poison pill contract of Tyler Johnson would take its toll soon. Heat keeps Ellington, another ex-Laker. I believe there are more who are underrated ex-Lakers. Once they played for Lakers, their value plunged in the market. Lin is another example. Just hope one day a team teemed with ex-Lakers starts beat the Lakers sound and square.

  26. It couldn’t possible match what SM did. SM is having fun looking at the future of Wizards.

  27. I don’t believe that Atkinson let Isaiah Whitehead take 17 shots in a summer league game but this guy seems so unrelenting in making only 5/17.

  28. “This is ABSURD. Listen to this crowd. Linsanity is back and it’s Ding Yanyuhang. ?? #Dingsanity”

  29. If they didn’t mind to use regular season to allow young players to play out of control, this summer league games are nothing.

  30. This is like Dantoni in LA again.

  31. Sure happy to see Nicholson get involved. Sincerely hope that he can make a comeback. Nets needs him at 4.

  32. So it’s 50-50 matched or not.

  33. Archie Goodwin seems to put his heart into the game more.

  34. I like Archie, his game and his attitude.

    Well, that depends who your team is.
    If you’re the Celtics, Cavaliers, Rockets or Spurs, you’ll probably land a player who can help you win one or two more games in a seven-game series against the Warriors.
    If your team is the Nuggets, Suns, 76ers, Lakers, Clippers, or Timberwolves, you may land a fringe All-Star or a solid starter that could be the difference between missing or making the playoffs.
    If you are the Kings, Knicks, Nets, Magic, Bulls, Pacers or Hawks, the answer is no, and you probably know why.

    From ‘How 2017 NBA free agency will work, in a 5-minute read’

  36. I think Dinwiddie is the best of the crop. He will definitely help Nets win more games. The backcourt of Lin, DAR and Dinwiddie will distinguish itself in the league this season. I think he’s even better than Caris LeVert now.

  37. If Andrew Nicholson can be the power forward that Nets wants…

  38. This is the expected result. Good try on Marks. Disappointed but it’s time to move on. Not going to spend much energy on this FA and so on but JLin’s Taiwan and China tours in the mean while.


    I hope its not max offer. I hope nets can bring both jamachal green and KCP.

  40. After a career year and with the Bulls having an abundance of cap space, along with how some players are getting paid this off-season, Green would most probably receive an offer of about $10 million per year. It remains to be seen if the Grizzlies value him that much.

  41. Sub 40 FG last season, below average defense among SGs, can he accept a sub 10m/yr contract ?

  42. BKN has 32 cap space.
    KCP must be at least 20M per year.

    Jamychal Green must be 18-22M per year. He was starter in MEM. The price must be higher than Tyler Johnson and AC last year.

  43. The Nets would go to Green first.
    In last SL game, it shows they need shooters. And there is position overlap or undersize if signing KCP

  44. “Otto” – Too bad…
    #Not crazy about KCP

  45. Ding-sanity!

  46. Good. Let’s screw the cap room of another eastern team.

  47. Smh..Kyle Kuzma score 31 points tonight for lakers summer league. He was lost from the Nets in the Dlo trade. Could’ve used a shooter like him.

  48. Carroll was the Hawks top perimeter defender. Guess Tor’s back court ball hogs made him look bad.

  49. Now who is the “nasty” one? SMH. Expected but unnecessary spite!

  50. More confirmation that Lin is the starting PG and lead guard this season no matter who else they get.

    Kenny (and Marks) value people, relationships, IQ, veteran leadership. As long as Lin stays healthy, Kenny and Marks want him to be their starting PG for the next few years.

  51. Even Raps fans complain about too much ISO and simplistic PnR. Not enough ball movement, which was fatal to Carroll’s game.

    Also, he had a major knee surgery and looked a bit slow. Like Lin in 2012, though, maybe he just needed a full year to recover. We’ll see. Even a step slow, he’s way better than any SF the Nets have right now.

  52. Yes, a big market team should get picks and players from trades instead of tanking. Some coaches’ dump could be other coaches’ treasure.

  53. I’m just glad to see Marks not offering KCP 20M. That would be a terrible move and show that they don’t care about anything beyond the next year. Either they don’t get him at all or get him for cheap, which means they’re fine with him coming off the bench.

  54. I did not follow Carroll’s career, but he is 30 and Hamilton 27. Is it an upgrade for Nets?

  55. He’s a great glue guy. Two-way player. Shoots the 3, knows the motion offense. Defends multiple positions (SG, SF, PF). High character, unselfish.

  56. He had it in Jan 2016. Hope he has recovered fully.

  57. Wow. Nets are getting a 1st-round draft picks and a 2nd-round one in this trade.

    Good job, Mr. Mark!

  58. At age 30, he probably needed more time to recover than 20-somethings.

  59. I like this deal. It’s good. So glad they didn’t give KCP max….

  60. I agree! Otto is my first but not just getting overpaid player for the sake of just getting players.

  61. I love your description of the newest member of Nets! Thank you.

    And the team is getting a 1st round and a 2nd round draft picks also!

  62. Bottom line is I trust Lin to open things up and make teammates better … like he know how (most recently, the Hornets). I’m glad he has a running mate in DLo – can be a great scorer.

  63. location, location, location! 🙂

  64. Apparently, the 2nd rd pick is not the Raps — it’s the lower of the Magic or Lakers’ 2nd rd pick.

    So that’ll probably be in the 30-40 range. Pretty good value for a 2nd rounder.

  65. At least, there’s a big contract for Lin. He’s will be the first big contract – that’ll be very sweet.

  66. Nets GM did a great job here!

  67. I’m not gonna jinx it. I don’t want to tempt fate with another freak injury!

  68. You’re right…
    But we didn’t last season, did we … It’s up to the Basketball Gods

  69. It seems to be a good deal for Nets.

    It is good to hear what our BB experts said below: this trade further confirms Lin’s lead PG position for the coming season!

  70. Carroll should start at SF and LeVert should be the 6th man. He’s young, raw and missed most of last year with major surgery recovery. With Lin and Russell in the backcourt, LeVert will get more shots as 6th man than starter. If Harden can be 6th man before becoming a starter, then Caris can do the same.

    Nets still need a PF though. I see another glaring need there.

  71. would love to see carroll play well for us under kenny again. the raps are a terrible iso team with a bad coach. if he can come back 100% from his past injury, he can still play… funny how the lin hating nets fans all said we were going young…. again this isnt the hinkie era sixers tank job. development comes from playing WITH solid vets…. i dont expect lin to be going anywhere. he’s the embodiment of what marks is building… he’s the embodiment of what kenny is coaching… business is business, but marks KNOWS what he’s doing… he aint gonna right the ship with kneejerk decisions like starting all young guys with no vet leadership…

    we still have close to 20 mil in cap space…. i see only value signings going forward… kcp imo is not going to get done. his agent is rich paul, the guy who got tristan thompson 80 mil. kcp isnt going to settle for less than 20 mil per… will marks blow everything on him? i dont think he will… cap space is KING in the nba.

  72. I think it’s very good deal for Nets. Marks finally made a deal that I like…. haha!

  73. KCP seems to be a smoke screen for the Wiz, no longer needed.

  74. jamychal green? funny enough if we do sign him, look at the bench…dinwiddie/whitehead/levert/rhj/allen… wait a minute isnt that the summer league roster? hmmm…..add skil and booker and that’s basically your rotation…

  75. i believe there’s mutual interest, but there is no way rich paul gets kcp a bad contract. at worst, he signs a jj reddick style 1 year contract and hope next year turns out better.

    if marks think kcp is his guy, then why did he try for porter first? and why did detroit essentially “give up” on him and make him unrestricted? things dont match up. only the lin hating nets fans were clamoring for him like we missed out on porter so we MUST spend the money to get an overpaid consolation prize…

    marks knows what he’s doing… lin hating nets fans dont…

  76. nets are literally a team made up of reclamation projects

    lin: we all know his story
    dlo: we all know his story
    levert: lotto talent that fell due to injury
    mozgov: salary dump
    carroll: salary dump
    nicholson: salary dump
    dinwiddie, archie, harris: drafted then cut
    skil: undrafted

  77. Yeah. Woj and Netsdaily are sometimes used as smoke screens in exchange for some real info. But as I said, farmers don’t ask for opinions of cows.

  78. i was hoping to see levert drop 20+ in summer league but he still seems so timid out there… he lacks fire… i dunno… im starting to lower my expectations a bit for him… benching him seems best for his development…

  79. well at this point we all know netsdaily is a cesspool of lin hate so anything from there should be disregarded. as for woj, im not so sure he gets leaks from the nets FO like other organizations…. can we really trust his info?

  80. The ultimate underdog team. They’re all hungry and have something to prove. Big chips on their shoulders and has the will to win at any cost.

  81. This was a great trade. Win-win for both sides, but like the DLo trade, bigger win for the Nets and Sean Marks. Nets needed picks badly because we have no picks next year except a 2nd rounder. This trade solves that issue.

    It also helps fill one of the main holes the Nets have and that is the SF position. DMC might not be what he was for the the Hawks, but he’s still a quality vet who can mentor the Nets young players. He’s a great locker room presence from what I’ve read and even has his own charity…

    If Kenny can fit him into the motion offense, which he should be familiar with, since they both came from the Hawks organization that utilized it, then DMC can be a decent starting SF for the Nets. He can no longer be the lockdown defender he once was known for, but at least he won’t be a useless deadweight in Kenny’s system like he was with the Raptors. DMC can still shoot well, so expect him to be a nice perimeter threat next year.

    I hope Marks now goes out and acquires JaMychal Green, Dewayne Dedmon, or tries for yet another long-shot RFA in Nerlens Noel. He can definitely sign Green and Dedmon. Memphis most likely won’t match a high offer for Green. Dedmon’s agent said he’s been sitting on 2 offer sheets and a sign & trade for the past few days. Wonder if they’ve been waiting for Marks and the Porter situation to settle first before they make a decision.

    Things are looking good, folks. The KCP nonsense is finally dying down. The Porter nonsense is finally dead. Once we get our PF/C situation sorted, this is going to be Nets team fighting for a potential 6-8th seed in the east next year.

  82. Relax man. It was the first summer league game. They’re all rusty even though they’ve been practicing and training all summer. Remember how rusty Lin is whenever he came back from injuries?

    LeVert will be fine. I’m not super high on him like some Nets fans are, but I believe he will become a very good role player in a few years. He’s already a good defender now. He just has to be more consistent with his shots.

  83. Agree! Can’t handle all the FA shenanigans or Fest… Just want the team to get the right guys asap so they can start practices and gelling.

  84. uhm what about whitehead and dinwiddie lol

  85. that was before he got injured hes useless now
    Toronto didnt want him
    Toronto fans hate him

  86. Did not like that one bit. Not a fan of Lavar Ball’s attics but he’s a great dad. Embiid & Simmons both should played hard instead of getting into tweeter wars.

  87. The media is the problem, not Lavar.

    It reminds me Linsanity in NY. They created the hype and watched you falling.


    I think he is a good fit with nets.

  89. This is a stroke from a genius. Now Wizards can delay as long as it wants to because Nets has a backup plan. This must have put a little pressure on Wizards because all its effort to avenge for the signing of Porter is rendered a failure to damage Nets’ plan to rebuild.

  90. Nets projected lineup
    Jeremy Lin, DAR; combo guards
    SF DeMarre Carroll
    PF Trevor Booker
    C: Timothy Mozgov.
    Who is the backup center?????

  91. Agree to give LeVert some room to grow. Starting from the bench will give him more time to develop his game. By the way, bench RHJ for the same reason too. They can comfort each other not starting.

  92. Whitehead should be behind Dinwiddie in the rotation.

  93. Dinwiddie should be the 6th man and LeVert the 7th or may be 8th with RHJ sitting beside him.

  94. Click Click clicks.

  95. If they get a proper PF and move LeVert to the bench as 6th man…I’ll be so pumped for this season. In a historically awful East, Lin could lead the Nets to a “shocking” 6th seed.

  96. The Nets Summer League team is laughably close to their regular season squad and STILL they almost lost! The fact that many fans want to bench Lin is just hilarious to me.

    Without Lin, next year’s team would finish with 70 losses. Luckily, Kenny and Marks know this and Lin will be starting no matter what (as shown by Redick turning down the Nets).

  97. DAR and Lin are guards starting for Nets. They are combo guards and they will love to switch to PG or SG anyway. Who cares which position they play as long as they enjoy it. They both can score and make assists when opportunities are there. I’ll let the sport writers worry about that.

  98. Jarrett Allen most likely in the G-League so there is definitely a hole at Center, but I’m confident Marks will get us one. Hopefully he can do some miracle and get rid of Nicholson/Acy/youngster for a decent backup Center and Starting Caliber PF

  99. Mostly true, but there are clues as to who the designated PG is even in a position-less system:

    a) Who’s hands does KA put the ball into at the end of close games
    b) Who does the other team’s PG guard on the Nets

    That person is the defacto PG and it’ll be JLIN under a Kenny system

  100. DMC should be great for us and he is another one of Kenny’s guys and if Kenny likes JLIN then we should respect his wisdom with DMC.

    Only thing is DMC had knee surgery so we’ll need to watch his minutes but the flip side is Caris Levert gets more playing time off the bench.

  101. win-win any way you see it.
    The two draft picks are just bonus for the trade. This guy started for the Raptors in 72 games last season. Hamilton is not in the future plan of Nets anyway.

  102. With the loss of Justin Hamilton and the rookie-ness of Jarrett Allen I’m believing that we might have a more acute need at the Center spot than Power Forward spot.

    When push comes to shove – we have undersized PFs at Booker, RHJ and Acy but even DeMarre Carroll has played PF on occasion for TOR; however asking any one of those guys to go up against an average near 7 foot NBA backup center would be a monumental challenge.

    We need to trade some pieces for a Center and a Starting PF if possible

  103. What is wrong with Acy?

  104. Lorenzo took a game to warm up and I wouldn’t mind if LeVert takes 2.

  105. All we need is a PF. Can Jared Allen Play PF?

  106. Maybe but well just pick up cheap Centers. The PF is the biggest issue. Teams will just bully rhj. Remember when they did that last year?

  107. Can birds fly?

  108. lmao. Im just saying. Is he is mobile enough to be on the court with another center? dont want to clog the lanes.

  109. Acy is a good backup PF better than RHJ/Nicholson but worse than Booker and has shown he’s a good outside shooter – actually it comes down to value in trade who can give us most back from a trade.

    We have too many wannabee backup PFs and need a STARTING PF and Backup Center all possible through a trade

  110. We have already given up Lopez. The only other player that can be traded is Lin. I’m sure there are lots of takers but what else then? The team needs Lin more than any others, man!

  111. The tallest guy besides Mozgov 7’1″ currently is Jarrett Allen a rookie and a unplayable Nicholson at 6’9″.

    The PF is no longer the biggest issue after losing Justin Hamilton – you can’t throw a 19yo rookie against NBA centers who eat him alive and shatter his confidence

  112. We don’t need an expensive backup Center – Nicholson/Booker/Acy can all be traded… you don’t trade your only true PG unless you believe you can live with Dinwiddie as your starting PG

  113. Raptors are 3rd on my favorites list and I’ve followed DMC a bit. He’s a tough defender and decent spot up 3 guy. A really good find IMO.

  114. I really do not like Casey and their system. I’m truly disappointed at GM Ujirii for staying with Lowrey who is a defensive liability and choker. So much for his post season comment that the team needed a change culture.

  115. Yep, just the kind of guy the raptors SHOULD HAVE KEPT instead of Lowrey. Their lost, our gain.

  116. He looks like a flying truck.

  117. I believe both are deadly shooters at the clutch. Just ask the opposition to choose which way to die.

  118. Correction: It’s up to God, the God that Lin believes.

  119. We have no objection.

  120. Wizards is down. Who’s next?

  121. Sing a song to condole Wizards on the way to cap hell.

  122. James Harden $228 million after extension.

    “Since he arrived in Houston, James has exhibited the incredible work ethic, desire to win, and passion to be the best that has made him one of the most unique and talented superstars in the history of the game,” Rockets owner Leslie Alexander said in the team’s statement. “Additionally, the commitment he has shown to our organization, the City of Houston, and Rockets fans all over the world makes him a perfect leader in our pursuit of another championship.”

    Disappointed in Les Alexander statement. His praise of Harden is laying it on thick. As a Rockets fan I was hoping we would eventually move on from Harden. I know he is talented but don’t find him terribly entertaining.

  123. Good bye coach. Melo is coming and he will run his own offense.

  124. If the goal is to rebuild I like the mix of vets and young guys from a Nets perspective. When Philly tried to go all Young guns it’s a disaster.

    For a proper rebuild you need some experienced players like DCM and Lin.

    From a Lin perspective I like some vets Lin could play with and some rookies I know he would enjoy to teach. Lin is just a giving person.

    From a fan perspective I just hope they somehow win. Watching them lose all the time is painful.

  125. Totally agree with the mix of vets and young. Better plan then Philly did.

  126. is demarre better than levert?

  127. He started 72 games for Raptors season even with injury not fully recovered. He could be worse but equally likely be better this season.

  128. yea. he is a defensive stopper or used to be. He would be the one gaurding lebron

  129. I’m surprised to hear Brooklyn hates Lin. After Linsanity I thought the New York area would be more progressive about an Asian player.

  130. Can 16M/season buy a backup center?

  131. I would say it’s an upgrade since they hardly used Hamilton. He can’t help if the coach won’t play him.

  132. Why is dlo considered a great scorer. I hardly see the guy take open shots. All difficult shots.

  133. rockets will soon have an unhappy james harden and carmelo anthony.. mda is def gone lol

  134. id say 4m/season

  135. Still lots of money left to be active in the market.

  136. Cold blooded Sean Marks. Great job. Two stones in a day, one offense (getting picks from Toronto) and one defense (putting Wizard over cap). You have to be amazed by how he can manipulate what is given. great job.

  137. Now Nets have acquired 5 legit NBA players to start for the team.
    Lin, DAR, Mozgov, Demarre and Booker plus a very solid bench.
    plus $20M for a backup center.

  138. I like this signing. I’m suspicious of D Russell’s character, but I like Carroll.

  139. I like this trade too. As for Russell, so far so good bc Nets don’t have that many media like Lakers to let him talks too much…. lol!

  140. He said in an interview he considers himself a leader. I don’t like that. He’s too young and has a lot to learn. Jeremy Lin is the leader. Dinwiddie said this is Lin’s team. That’s what I want to hear from Russell. So, I’m distrustful of him.

  141. Don’t worry about Russell, soon he will know who’s the leader for this team.

  142. ok 🙂

  143. NetsDaily is the only one who keeps promoting Russell w any chance they can get…. smh!

  144. I stay from them.

  145. Rondo to NYK…. too bad, Melo is on his way out now….lol!

  146. This trade has been in the works for about a week. Marks and Masai was even chatting during summer league… most likely about this trade. Marks is a very strategic and shrewd GM. He has several plans in waiting in case his initial plans don’t pan out.

  147. What did you expect him to say? “Nah, I’m not a leader. This isn’t my team, it’s Lin’s team. He’s the real leader. I’m just gonna chill and let him do all the leading”

    DLo will quickly find out who the true leader is regardless of what he says to the media. He has been coached well by his agent and his father to always say the right things in front of the media. You can tell, from all of the interviews and press conferences he’s given.

  148. I am pretty sure Russell says he is a leader is because Magic said he wasn’t a leader. DLo is just trying to prove Magic wrong. I don’t see anything wrong with that but right now this is Lin’s team.

  149. jeremy lin being interviewd on summer league.

  150. just like melo..

  151. Lin interview at Nets SL game vs. Bucks

  152. It’s good to hear an update on Lin’s offseason training.

  153. In terms of mileage . Minutes played. Jeremy lin has about half that of russell westbrook. They are basically the same age.

  154. Bodes well for the coming season.

  155. “You know, we’ve worked out. We’ve talked. We’ve texted. We’ve hungout. He’s a great guy and I know people try to say certain things about him but I haven’t seen any of the negative stuff. He’s been great – awesome so far. We’ve already talked about what we want to do, how we want to play and different things like that.”

  156. Wonder what is GM Mark’s next FA move? Nets fans love him more now. 🙂

  157. Sean Marks scored big on the Raptors to get the 1st and 2nd round picks. He’s a very savvy GM indeed

  158. “The couch bromance between Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin is alive and well. #nba #NBASummerLeague”

  159. Great catch by the fan!

    Is Fields scouting for the Spurs? 🙂

  160. The action off the court is more appealing for some fans. 🙂

  161. Summer league feels like am extend training camp for the rookie Nets players. Not sure but is the regular season coach usually coaching the summer league team too?

  162. I saw him shut down Lebron in a regular season game that Raptors won. His injury really hurt the Raptors, IMO.

  163. The question I raised about Boston and their willingness to become the best was answered recently with the trading of Avery Bradley while retaining IT. In comparison to GSW, who got rid of a ball hog LIKE Monte Ellis to take a few years to develop Curry, teams like Boston, Toronto, OKC and Houston continue to play for good enough. GSW would have traded IT and continue to build a complete player like Bradley.

    It’s laughable that Harden is the highest paid player in the NBA. Truth is this fact is just so sad in so many ways. Morey is a joke. This move is less about team building than further proving his “genius” for acquiring Harden. People like Morey, Cho continues to make lateral moves to further promote themselves. When compared to what KD signed, it tells us why GSW is not only winning on court but off court as well. GSW players all care equally as the FO and owners that they all commit to the overall health of the team. Marks and Atkinson are following GSW game plan.

    Salary dumps are exactly the way to get draft picks. GSW got Green in the second round(?) and they were about to deliberately trade down even to get him. Marks isn’t just building a middle of the road type team. IMO, he’s copying the patient approach of GSW to find good fits to the team. Nets have a Curry type guy in Lin. Now they may have a Green guy in Allen. Mosgov and Russell may fill in roles as well. Each piece will add to the picture of a team that can one day be the best.

    What is truly puzzling is our perchance for negativity on this site. These fans mesmerized by the negative media that offer up useless comments for clicks. Theses media types are like leaches or vampires in this world that feed off the living by sucking the blood of the people that actually work extra hard to make something of themselves. Media fan sites with agendas are blood suckers that do nothing of their own. They just let others make things happen while they feed off their sweat and blood.

    All of us have a choice to live life with glass half full or not. Our days are always half light and half darkness. If you choose to come out in the dark and hide from the daylight, you can also choose to live off the negatives sides of everything. A glass is half empty or full….a day is half light and dark. You choose always to either walk forward through life or live in fear of your future.

    A lot of things can happen for Lin….and has happened to Lin. Unlike those here that dwell on the pain and suffering, Lin faces each trial head on with the sunny glow of positivity. We should all do the same. Lin has come this far by taking every lemon thrown at him and sold it off as lemonade. He’s come this far already by simply applying his positivity and faith. We can always choose to focus always on the shadows and frozen in fear. The brightest light always casts the darkest shadows AND LIN IS A VERY BRIGHT LIGHT. Lins light comes from within and its this light that has overpowered all the darkness throw his way. Christians that have faith don’t dwell on the impending darkness or on fear of hell, they live for the bright light of heaven to come.

  164. I think DInwiddie will be waived
    LeVert will get a lot of minutes

  165. He was a huge disappointment in Toronto
    he’s not gonna get any better

  166. He’s really talented and soon it will be his team
    After Lin, Russel is their best player so he sort of has to be a leader
    he is not THE leader but A leader

  167. Mozgov is not a legit NBA player lol he has no business making 16m or start
    DeMarre is garbage too

  168. not like he could
    Cavs swept them and DeMarre barely made and impact

  169. Why posters think development is only associated with losing ? It will come to a point that playing is only going through the motions if there’s NO winning mentality. Again, can’t blame them for losing last season when they Simply Can’t win without Lin.

  170. Well said. One should always look at the positive side of life, which helps the brain function better and thus leads to better outcome.

  171. /u/ca1294 from Reddit worked hard to compile four seasons of rim protection data and here are the findings.

    Conventional narrative wouldn’t guess that Lin defends the rim more often and better than Lebron, Klay Thompson, Paul George, Avery Bradley (whose defense is getting alot of praise this free agency), Mike Conley, etc, but the data shows that Lin’s rim defense is in close company of Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant. This is something fans with close eyes have already noticed, and it’s nice to see some validation.

    Of course, they all play different positions so that needs to be taken into account. Though I distinctly remember Lebron posting up Lin on a few possessions and coming up short…

    More info here:

  172. The Nets are not looking good at the Summer league. Caris Levert still has a lot of practice to do before even being considered as a starter material. All the other players apart from Goodwin and maybe Dinwiddie are not even good enough to make an NBA roster. And Russell btw while with the tanking Lakers, He had the highest usage and lowest efficiency
    score ratings ever. Their defense tanked with Him on the court. Those Nets fan are going to get a dose of reality check. The Nets are in no shape to even speak of a playoff birth in 2018. They need more NBA ready players.

  173. And they think by adding KCP it is going to make them better. KCP has been regressing on a subpar team like Detroit. Horrible shooting percentages and was arrested on DUI. What makes them think He is going to succeed on a worse them like the Nets? And He is not even a high character type of guy because of the DUI arrest.

  174. ABJ: anyone but jeremy… the haters can find excuses to make anyone better than lin. they can say he’s old, he wants more money, he’s injury prone, etc…. i’ve heard it all, but it never stays the same… every year it’s a new excuse…

  175. Lin is their best player right now. Russell still has a lot to learn. He would be better served coming off the bench if they signed KCP, which I highly doubt. He is not a high character guy.

  176. stats can be deceiving… these numbers are for fg% AT THE RIM… theoretically speaking, the best perimeter defenders wouldnt even be on this list as they’d never let anyone get past them to begin with!

    having said that 1.) Lin DOES have “poor” lateral quickness. he’ll never get better cuz this is something you’re born with. some people are just more athletic than others. 2.) lin NEVER gives up on the play, that’s why blowing by him or using a screen on him isnt an easy score, cuz lin RECOVERS well. this is partly why he’s such a great defender.

  177. philly went all young to tank. they knew this, only dumb lin haters dont know this. now that philly has tanked enough to get embiid/simmons/fultz/saric + the useless okafor they went and signed vets like jj and amir johnson. they also signed them short term to maintain cap flexibility. that’s why signing guys like kcp is dumb. he’s not good enough to move the needle yet takes up so much cap space for so many years… it’s no coincidence that otto was matched then carroll came in a salary dump. carroll was plan b NOT kcp. marks too smart for that…

  178. i disagree in the sense that kcp is at or close to his ceiling. he’s young but not THAT young. he’s had opportunity in detroit and has not broke out. marks isnt stupid enough to waste money on him.

    dlo on the other hand is 21 and still very raw, but there’s undeniable talent there…

  179. It’s pretty clear despite all their playing time last year, the Nets players are not great, especially after seeing Ball and Tatum. The main thing I contribute it to is Atkinson’s motion offense. No true playmaker, everyone trying to do too much out of their comfort zone.

  180. glad caris played better, but his 3 is still kinda bad… carroll has to start. im not sold on him being a bad player. maybe just injury and an iso heavy team made him look bad… hopefully he’s healthy for us. at the worst he’s a solid spot up shooter.

    RHJ is what he is… he competes and as long as he doesnt try to do too much he’s a solid pf in today’s nba. unless we get jamychal green, i see rhj still starting at the 4. he grabs rebounds, can defend the perimeter, and hustles. i like him attacking the rim if he has a speed advantage, but he needs to pick his spots. hopefully he has worked on his shot and it’s better this season. he has less of a hitch on it, so he’s been working…

    if more moves were to be made, look for booker’s expiring to be pretty valuable… booker is like rhj but older and worse defender. like hamilton he’s a net negative so hope marks gets rid of him soon. sign and trade for jamychal green would be huge… memphis would benefit from a trade exception…

  181. They should sign this dude if the Mavericks doesn’t sign him.

    He is killing it in Summer League and better than any Brooklyn players playing in the Summer League.

  182. Great bonding time for Lin and his Nets teammates (SKil, DLo) at #TopGolf
    But fans want to see @JLin7 sweet golf swing ? ?️ ⛳️

  183. a chandler parson in the making????

  184. nice try by @JLin7 at his golf swing
    A bit too much pingpong move though ? #wowthatsmypointguard

  185. Joe Harris, Jeremy, Andrew Nicholson, Sean Kilpatrick, and Trevor Booker at Summer League …

  186. everyplayer in the NBA is an Upgrade in the waiting. some are just given more time because they have more skills than other, but given their given time, they will also be change and replaced like an old worn tire. but for as long at one team doesn’t have a new tire, the old one will still be usable and grudgingly will be use to the fullest!

  187. Maybe in a few years if Parker thinks about retirement 🙂

  188. Part 2 IG Story: When you’re not good at golf????
    @JLin7: This. Game. Sucks.
    @SeanKilpatrick: Struggle real Brody!
    @35_Fitz: Round 2 smh

  189. He is a scout for the Spurs now.
    Lin may join them next year.

  190. Saw his highlights, looks like he can score and pass. Would be a nice addition to the team.

  191. The Nets give RFAs who are playing for PLAYOFF Teams (POR, MIA in 2016, WAS in 2016)

    Pistons is not even a playoff team last season.

    It proves how good KCP is.

  192. Signing KCP will be a terrible mistake as he’s not the kind of paper that fills in the most urgent need of Nets. Nets needs a 3 and a 4 more than a 2 right now. Signing KCP will depreciate values of some of the existing players and so his added on value is not really high enough to deserve the contract that he is asking.
    To make Nets a playoff contender, Nets needs players like Mozgov and DeMarre to start for the team. Look at the stats, there is nobody on the Nets roster who is better than either of them. They come in the team as an many areas comparing to THE LAST season.
    Lakers and Raptors may consider them salary dumps but they become the best that Nets has. They can help Nets win more games for sure. Also they brought in extra value to the team. Mozgov’s trade brought in DAR and DeMarre brought in 2 draft choices next season. They are great trades for Nets. Who cares about money from Nets boss. He’d better spend as much as the team needs to make up for his silly mistake in the past.

  193. When people look at the contracts of DeMarre, Mozgov, and DAR, they have lot of opinions. I think none of them really matters. What really matters is they represent improvements of the team in lots of areas and they are the keys to take the team to the playoff next season. They are valuable additions. Moreover they only got paid for about two more seasons before becoming UFAs and Nets can surely afford them. DAR is still in his rookie contract which represents higher value to the team.

    I am really happy that Nets has got help at 1, 2, 3, and 5 so early. Look at those young players in Summer League. I have a distinct impression that they are still not ready for the big time basketball. Nets need more veterans to make this team more competent.

  194. Nets is looking for players that could help them to playoff and the players above are long shots.

  195. is that the summary?

  196. sandals!!! lol

    he’s really found of it 🙂

  197. I just don’t think Nets are interested in them.

  198. play those guys 30 minutes and the nets might win some games.

    stick with the summer leaguers who cant even beat a team that lost by 30 the previous game to a team of no names; when they (the nets summer leaguers) are all guys (4 of 5) who played 20 minutes + last season in the nba regular season + the dumped by two successive l.a. admins failed high dp who’s only there to prove the gm can get a high dp and not just antagnozie other gms by “brilliant” cap strangling and the washed up and washed out only there because he’s a fellow russian to the owner most laughed at contract in nba absorbed and…

    well the results will not be pretty; but then “development” isn’t supposed to be pretty: right?

  199. Lin’s shooting has really improved a lot since last season.

  200. He’s sort of like a veteran now. He could be a leader on the court. There could be many leaders on a team. It’s not like a monarchy on the court.

  201. Foreign players are frequently abused by the press in USA. Mozgov is a legit NBA player without a doubt and he doesn’t fit in Lakers. Lin didn’t fit in too. DAR didn’t fit in too. Aren’t they all legit NBA players. Look at the stats of DeMarre before you make such a comment. After injury, he started in all the games for Raptors. I DON’T think there is a garbage player that can start in 72 games for a playoff team.
    In short, you are just badmouthing these two players.

  202. Media are always pushing mikes into people’s faces and asking leading questions to get a good sound bite. Russell is too young to pick his words carefully like Lin does.

    Even though he may have stepped on toes unwittingly, I’d be a lot more disappointed if he hesitated in asserting his full intention to become the team leader.

  203. Since March, 2017, the Lakers shut down a healthy Mozgov for the rest of the season to give the majority of playing time over the final 15 games to the team’s younger players just like what they did to Lin. I wouldn’t call them garbage. There are lots of problems in Lakers management. Mozgov and DAR were both traded. They weren’t really treated fairly by the organization.

    I’m glad that Mozgov, DAR, and Lin could have second chance to show what they are really worth.
    Plus there are many more ex-Lakers like Young who is going to make a name for themselves in this league.

  204. Jeremy on DeMarre Carroll (from Brian Lewis’ article) …

    “Oh, he’ll definitely help me,’’ Lin said. “We have to collectively keep each other accountable and push each other. That’s just what we’re trying to get towards, and I’m sure he’ll help, with the things I’ve heard about him. I don’t know him personally, but I’ve heard and talked to someone on the Raptors [on Saturday]. He was talking about his personality, how he is, and he was raving about him.”

  205. “The Raptors were better defensively with Carroll on the bench.”

  206. But Netsdaily doesn’t seem to agree with the Nets on him 33%..

  207. How old is Chris Paul? How old is Trevor Ariza? How old is PJ Tucker? 32
    How old is Ryan Anderson? 28
    How old is Harden? 27
    How old is Lin? 28

  208. Someone on the raptors = landry field??

  209. summer league notes:

    focus primarily on the current vegas league where 25 of the 30 nba teams (i think) are participating:

    quick quiz–who is the leading scorer among this years draft picks having played two games in the league:

    a. lonzo ball
    b. markel fultz
    c. jayson tatum
    d. bam bam
    e. pebbles
    f. some guy the lakers took in the pick the nets had to give away to take on the mozgov contract dump and the least efficient scoring pg in the league last year

    if you said f. bazinga to you, with the 27th pick of the draft acquired from the nets the l.a. lakers take:

    kyle kuzma

    now averaging 20 points

    (maybe there’s another this years draft pick better but i dont see any off the top that register with me as this years dp’s but would be happy for a correction if someone finds one)

    most dominant player tho would probably b mavs point guard of the present (who knicks could have had on the previous pick but took someone else and now are desperately trying to find a point guard since the guy they took is only a point guard of the future)

    dennis smith jr. who’s slashing 19.5/7.5/5

    others: jayson tatum boston (#3 pick but arguably the #1 pick cause ainge said they would have taken him #1 if they still had the #1 pick)
    19/9 (close to a double double)

    d’aron fox (the other ready now and not needing development thank you pg) 17.5/4/4

    josh jackson 16.5/8.5

    john collins (acutal double double) 15/10.5

    caleb swanigan (26th pick just before kuzma, another actual dd) 14/10

    regarding nets: its pretty much caris levert 15/6.5./2.5; but again you got to remember levert was a 20 minute plus player during the regular nba season last year, almost none of the summer league players were are nor ever will be.

    as pointed out previously the milw team nets playing with 4 rotation players from last season lost to– in its previous game was routed by almost 30 points by a cleveland team featuring…well no one anyone ever heard of.

    after a dreadful start lonzo (lala land) ball has settled into a jason kidd like line of 8/8/8 (kidd was actually 12/8/6 but comes out about the same). kidd a dreadful shooter did at least end with a carreer sp of 40%; ball clocking in at 25% to date here (should be pointed out kendall marshall was his opposition in the first game; marshall also averaging 8 assists in the extremely small sample size 2 games in summer vegas)

    recapping other summer leagues in utah s.o. dp.s

    tatum (doing it in two places) fultz (now down with injury) and donovan mitchell

    and in orlando:

    bam bam
    luke kennard &
    t.j. leaf

    the thing to remember about summer league: it doesn’t mean anything if yer good necessarilly but it probably means something if yer bad. (and if yer bad multiple times well…)

    …leading us to other nets notes:

    rhj (third time around in summer league) 27% shooting
    whitehead 30% shooting

    probably also worth noting with the quartet of backcourt players from last years rotation: goodwin, whitehead, dinwiddie, levert, none has averaged even 3 assists per game

  210. Pat Patterson I think.

  211. MO is a mess without players of good software.

  212. Same ol’ Nets.

  213. How about top 16 teams go to playoffs?

  214. That’s so lame. People talked trash about EC as if no EC teams ever beat any good WC teams in regular season except the Cavs and 2-3 more teams.
    They look at the stars players in the WC.

  215. Thanks for the info!
    I’d like to get my NBA news on this site because of great posters like you.

  216. No, it’s the three headed monster missing the heads.

  217. That’s for sure!
    Hope KA letting Lin do a little bit more of talking on the court as well.
    No doubts, DLo, Moz, DeMarre will have breakout season playing with Lin. He will open up so much game for them. They are talented players that’s been locked up on other teams like “old tires never used to the fullest.”
    We’ve seen Harris, Dinwiddie, Booker improved on the Nets from previous teams.
    Like how Magic kept hyping Lonzo up – Every the Lakers talk about Lonzo I’ve Lin came to mind.
    Lin > Lonzo. A player they just simply ignored.

  218. Lin is THE best PG in the eastern conference right now.

  219. Exactly!
    36 games played – 20 wins for the team.
    Unlike everyone else outside of the site they thought the Nets want to tank and just develop the young guys. What’s there to develop if they lack the talents to bring this Nets team to relevancy ? You can’t just develop role players. And whether the Nets FO gonna believes it or not, the Lin effect is unstoppable.

  220. It’s an upgrade. How we’ve been so frustrated last season with some guys…. Well, they’ll be competing for starting jobs.

  221. Yes, I do agree. Only SC30 can have a greater overall impact than Lin. Today’s Lin is there with RW, Harden, Irving, CP3, Lillard.

  222. Nets players appreciate Coach Atkinson being there in the summer league.

    “For him to be around and for guys to actually see and hear from him. It’s impactful.” #NetsSummer

  223. That is really cool. I guess it’s unusual for the head coach to be at the summer league games? I really hope for Linsanity2 this season. I hardly hear of Jeremy Lin (or of the Nets) in the NY media. Really would be awesome to see the media fall all over themselves as they try to eat crow and get to JLin and the Nets when Linsanity2 hits “out of nowhere” again.

  224. Nets figuring out how to replace Brook Lopez’s scoring ability

    ‘Point guard Jeremy Lin, who arrived at Summer League on Sunday to support his teammates, said the Nets must make up for the loss of Lopez’s scoring “by committee,” and he said Russell and Carroll certainly will help take up the slack.

    “If you spread it out and play quick, I think we’ll see a lot of easy shots, dunks, open threes, things like that,” Lin said. “We’re going to have D’Angelo and Caris [LeVert] who are, hopefully, going to take big steps in their games. Hopefully, I can stay healthy and play more minutes.

    “When you look at the end-of-the-season points per game, I don’t envision a huge dropoff, although we’re definitely going to miss Brook’s innate scoring ability.” ‘

  225. The growth of Max Contracts and where they’re heading…

  226. Fields is a college scout for the Spurs.

  227. Pretty good interview. Don’t know if posted already.

    Suiting Up w/ @PaulRabil- @JLin7: I want to be real…be authentic. I don’t want to endorse sth I don’t do myself.

  228. Nets blew out Pelicans tonight, what happened ?

  229. Nice to see Lin with a big smile. ?

  230. caris and archie looked great in game 3 of summer league. was fun to watch a blowout in our favor… team d looked good.

    -caris still needs more work on his 3’s. but he attacked the rim and finished well. good d and rebs.
    -archie can get to the rim like crazy and can finish. very hesitant to shoot though. looks more and more like a keeper…
    -that boothe guy can bomb from 3 but looks like doesnt do anything else.
    -whitehead looks lost. not great shooting, not great finishing. he has an nba body though…
    -RHJ doing what he does. defense and hustle with a dash of ball handling and driving. and a small pinch of shooting. i would be fine with him as starting PF. both mozgov and allen have at least a solid mid range shot. stretching that to corner 3’s is likely. rhj also has way less hitch on his shot, so i remain confident he can get better there…
    -dinwiddie looks the same. makes the safe play. he plays not to mess up and doesnt move he needle much.
    -senglin can flat out shoot too. he’s small and adds little else though…

  231. Glad to see JLin continues to speak up

    I love how unafraid and outspoken @JLin7 is here:
    Jeremy Lin: Asian people underestimated in America

    ..“I’m very happy and hope they can perform well,” Lin said in an exchange translated to English by TMZ. “In the U.S., a lot of (people) — doesn’t matter if it’s basketball players or people in other professions — they look at Chinese people or Asians and they surely will underestimate us. So I think if we can have more Asian basketball players it will help our masculinity a lot. …

    “I think we just need to keep being ourselves and I think that the world will come around and appreciate us Asians.”

  232. Love That!

  233. Thanks for infos! Get it here only!

  234. Lin made a funny comment with the same photo on IG:

    jlin7 (IG) Missed the no-smile memo lol. But got good work in w @seankilpatrick @dloading
    #BrooklynGrit #waitonit #hungryhoopers

  235. Raptors waives Justin Hamilton.
    Would Nets be able to sign him back ?

  236. Before the season begins, Net is having a better and better roster. They are having solid starters and draft choices in 2018. Players comes in: DAR, Mozgov, DeMarre Carroll with Lin and Booker. 5 veterans that can play. Having RHJ, LeVert, Joe Harris, Sean Skilpatrick, Dinwiddie, Quincy, Goodwin, Jarrett Allen etc on the bench.
    A healthy Lin can take this team to playoff.

  237. Carroll’s comments give me a lot of hope. He openly called out Lowry and Derozan for being selfish and praised teamball. He’s here to play big minutes, not just be a salary dump for draft picks. It’s clear that Kenny really values trust and teamplay.

    Lin is the leader and now he finally has some help. Carroll is an unseflish glue guy. Mozgov is a blue collar big to set screens. And Russell can be a secondary ballhandler so Lin doesn’t get double/triple-teamed on every drive.

  238. After next year, they could. I still like Hamilton. He had a bad break with Lin’s injury and his vision/migraine problems. But the chance to get Carroll and two picks was too much to pass up.

  239. DeMarre Carroll played in 72 games last season 26.1 minutes on the average shooting 34.1% beyond the arc, 76.1% on the line FT%, 3.8 rebounds, 1 assist, 1.1 steals. In Nets, he’s going to be a much better player.

  240. RAPTORS just gives Nets a sold player and two draft choices for free.. Of course Nets has to pay the player. The owner of Nets has money and we don’t have to worry about him. This trade is mind boggling; even better than the trade for DAR and Mozgov because Nets had to give Lopez and a draft pick to get them.

    It’s not a trade. It is a gift. Raptors simply told Nets if you wanted him, you could take him and I would give u two draft choices for your trouble.

  241. Definitely. He thrived in the motion offense in Atlanta during their 60-win season. He’s the perfect SF next to Lin. The only question is about his knee…did he just need more time to recover?

  242. KCP is a total bust. He can’t even shoot decently. With Russell and Carroll, there’s no longer any need at all for KCP, who really played poorly last year.

    Marks should just get another big man like JaMychal Green or Mason Plumlee.

  243. The 20ppg that Bropez provided will be filled by MOZ, DAR and DMC easily. My expectation is that Moz (playing alongside JLIN) will be known as a hard rolling P&R center after this season in addition to being already acknowledged as a hard pick/screen setter

  244. If we want to sign a big Stretch 4/5 we go back and get a 29 yo Brook Lopez when he becomes Free Agent next season – a frontcourt of Bropez at the 4 with his perimeter play and face up posts along with Moz at 5 is a good choice.

    JHam likely gets waived by TOR

  245. All the hype about KCP will go the same way as the hype about Teodosic – literally they already had Teodosic in a Nets uniform by beginning of June.

  246. RHJ a 3rd year starting Pro – should be dominating against Summer League talent – far from it – and he is as far from an NBA level starting PF as one can be against real PFs

  247. I really hope Lin’s PT doesn’t get limited to 27 minutes per game. I want him to play at least 34 minutes.

  248. Awesome.

  249. 3rd times the charm

    as nets law firm of hollis, jefferson, dinwiddie, levert, whitehead and goodwin finally come up with a big game blowing out of …who exactly? ahh a pels (my son who doesn’t care anything about nba was hysterical when he found out there was a team called the “pelicans” and even more so when he saw their logo).

    where was i….ahh yes a pels team that is unvictorious in sl; 0-3 now and featuring a “big 5” with an entire 2 games collectively in their carreers in nba regular season averaging 20 minutes per game while the nets “big 5” listed above have 296 such games.

    not really a fair fight is it?

    anyway goodwin/levert remain the most impressive of these tbd’s (to be developed’s).

    rhj/whitehead continue to shoot under 40%.

    and dinwiddie is kind of just there.

    elsewhere lonzo ball found a way to climb to the leader board in assists, by not playing due to already injured (as ben simmons last year and markel fultz this year also) oh but wait…actually

    his replacement “who’s alex caruso?” in his first appearance (his stats came in too late to make the leader board) actually had one more assist (than ball is averaging) actually made the ball go in the basket when he shot it towards the basket (78% fg% to balls to date 25%) and actually led his team to a win (something ball had been unable to do).

    otherwise the same known of this years dps shining more or less: dennis smith jr, jayson tatum, bam bam, da fox, john collins and d.j. wilson.

    (nets giveaway to lakers kyle kuzma still top scorer per game among this years dps with minimum 2 games played)

    btw one may often watch many of these games on watch espn even without have to be keying in a local service provider; just go to watch espn site and look for the games that dont have a symbol of a key next to them.

    speaking of sked: today, nets dnp as other teams concluding their 3rd game to determine seeding for “tournament” (remainder of games)–at 2 and 1 good shot (depending on outcomes of 2days games) at getting a “bye” seeding. should that happen they wouldn’t play again till thursday.

    (id like to thank those who upvoted me on my previous summer league post whose encouragement in so doing inspired me to continue periodic sl reports.)

    also there are 24 teams of 30 sending teams to vegas, i think i mistakenly previously typo’d it as 25.

  250. I’ve been saying that for a long time now. Lowrey and Derozen takes all the shots and Casey is the guilty one for setting up a system that keeps feeding them fake stats. That’s why I was so hopeful when Masai Ujuri said after yet another dismal performance by Lowrey in the last playoffs that he was quoted saying “we need to to change the culture of the club.”

  251. Unfortunately an inaccurate translation: “underestimated” not same as “underappreciated”

  252. Suiting Up with Paul Rabil
    I want to be real. I want to be authentic. I don’t want to endorse something that I don’t do myself.

  253. Within 12 months, Sean Marks has ruined the cap sheets of 3 teams.
    Here is the explanation provided:

    Sean Marks Is Out Here Destroying Teams, One Restricted Free Agent At A Time

    The Miami Heat know all about this trouble. Matching for Tyler Johnson a year ago has left them a little buggered thanks to all the booby traps that Marks and the Nets planted in that deal. The Heat went hard at
    Gordon Hayward and missed out so now they’re doing their best to re-sign the blokes that had such a brilliant second half of a season for them last time. Dion Waiters is coming back. James Johnson is coming back. They cleared some room with Chris Bosh’s medical retirement but then gave big money to Kelly Olynyk too.

    All of which has left the Heat scrambling for space to fit everyone in, especially since Waiters and Johnson are effectively playing in the same position. Both should be valuable parts of the rotation but Johnson’s
    salary takes a big leap next season (he’ll earn $19m in the last two years of that deal) and as tough as it’s proving to fit ‘em all in now that’s only gonna get tougher in 2018 when TJ sucks the last remaining
    dregs of their cap space down.

    Could they trade him? Sure… but his trade kicker means they’d owe him $6.5m to do so and while he’s been good, there aren’t too many teams willing to take on a salary next season equal to what Paul George is getting this season for what he brings. Although a year is up now so the Nets can technically trade for
    him again…

    As for the Trail Blazers, what have they been doing this offseason? Nothing because they’re nearly $40m over the salary cap. They have a decent team there built around Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum, Evan Turner and the likes. Jusuf Nurkic came in via trade last season too. This is a relatively young squad but it’s also a completely inflexible one. Allen Crabbe is a handy sixth man who just shot 44.4% from deep in 16-17. But, like… for $18.5m you’d want more than 10.7 ppg. They’re packed too tight to move now and unless they dump mass salary they can’t really do anything next year either. At this stage they’re just hoping there’s another cap spike coming in two summers because this is all too much to be paying a team that won 41 games and were swept in the first round last season (albeit by the Warriors).

  254. I’m not much of a conspiracy theory believer, so when I read a book called “you are being lied to”, I’m doing so with suspicion to begin with. There is myth (according to the writer) that Pearl Harbour wasn’t as much a surprise attack as it appears. There were multiple warnings from intelligence and naval commanders that Japan was building up for a major assault. The top brass laught it off that the “simians in khaki”, referring to the Japanese solders with distaine, could never organize such an elaborate attack.

    the facts surrounding the events of Pearl Harbour may never be uncovered. History is as always rewrittened by the victorious. What is known to me is that the hatred for Asians is and was real. The Asian threat was laught off by naval intelligence is congruent with how Asians were treated in America. I keep reiterating that we Asians were accidentally emancipated by the civil rights bill in the sixties by LBJ. Before that, very few if any could legally emigrate to America.

  255. must listen…good interview there!

  256. Over the weekend the Nets released this promo video on RHJ – with some reflection I believe this indicates Brooklyn is shopping RHJ around the NBA. This production company does marketing media promotions for professional, college and high school prospects – Jae Crowder (who BOS has shopped), Miles Bridges (top NCAA prospect) and guys who currently play overseas who desire to make the NBA.

    Video is carefully edited to counter RHJ’s known major weakness – by making it appear as if RHJ can’t miss on his jump shot. Let’s hope RHJ can show something in Summer League so we can get 2 second rounders for him.

  257. You might have heard of JLin’s e-Team VGJ….check it out here

  258. Agree. Detailed and in-depth.

  259. NBA draft is really no more accurate than stock picking. KHuang could be more right on Lonzo than Magic this time.

  260. Good job. In 2 years, half of the playoff teams will be screwed with their cap.

  261. I really don’t like the KCP talk because the only way to accommodate him is to trade away Jeremy Lin.

  262. KCP is a wing that means he is an SG or SF – thus for your theory to hold that means KA must successfully convert DAR to PG which Luke Walton, Byron Scott and Magic Johnson have all failed to do and additionally DAR acknowledged that he prefers SG.

  263. I think the reason that sean is trying to get him first before Green (PF) is trying to get most valuable players. So he can use good players for trade asset.
    They got no picks until 2018. May be he can use kcp or dlo for picks or trade for players who can fit in position they need in the future. I think they will try to keep Lin if they are smart. I think nets will use kcp for SF for now.

  264. Only Lin’s contract is big enough and still be able to find teams to be interested in. The current cap space is not enough to make an offer to KCP. The best scenario is to forget about KCP and look for big man in the front court. It’s up to Sean Marks to make the decision and not Atkinson.

  265. When there is a lot of talks, the chances are it won’t happen. Management could leak it for PR or other considerations.

  266. I sure hope so. Changes like that really affect the vision of the future for the team.

  267. Whats going on? I thought this was over…

  268. stats for nets sl big 5 thru 3 game prelims prior to “tournament”:


    levert 16/7/2 46%
    goodwin 13/4/4/ 58%!
    whitehead 12/5/3 37%
    rhj 9/9/1 39%
    dinwidie 8/2/2 40%

  269. @JLin7 & GM Sean Marks praised #Nets Summer League team #unselfish #movetheball #familyculture #formtrust

  270. KCP? He’s not hot anymore…. no long team deal?

  271. Whitehead also has NBA defense and looks like he can block shots as well as Lin. He needs to work on his offense and use his spin-move more strategically and not overuse it.

  272. NBA trade rumors: Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets is getting closer to reality

  273. I hope Melo can go to Rox… let Harden shows him who’s the boss….. lol! I also believe this trade not really makes Rox better …. but worst …..

    “Anthony isn’t a great defender. He never has been. It’s hard to imagine Houston as a great defensive team with Anthony and Harden on the floor together. They won’t have a defensive stopper who can match up with the top wings in the conference. They’ll have to outscore opponents every night without stops, which is possible but difficult.

    The team’s depth will suffer to make the trade work. Some combination of Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, and Clint Capela will likely have to be included in the deal with Capela being the most untouchable player in any deal.

    Anthony isn’t the same star player he used to be, but his $26 million salary makes it difficult to keep key players on the roster. Whether he’s worth that still remains to be seen.”

  274. I like how Goodwin has stepped up and keeps improving.

  275. He may have to wear DH12’s previous shoes, LOL.

  276. Two ball hogs, defenseless, shot chuckers, on the same team with the whiner, Chris Paul lol Let the drama begin.

  277. Poor MDA tho.

  278. lol it’s Harden’s team and I’m sure Chris Paul has more authority over the ball than Melo who will be 3rd option. MDA can’t bench Harden but he can sure bench Melo with the support from the boss.

  279. RHJ’s mid range jumpers were pretty smooth last season. He needs to make it even more consistent and improve his rim game. 3 pointers not likely to improve that much in 1 season.

  280. No way, if Nets makes the playoffs he deserves at 4 year max contract!

  281. I actually asked that earlier whether the regular season coach usually coaches the summer league too? If not then KA is really using it as an extended training camp for his roster and motion offense.

  282. It’s KA’s desire and skewed thinking to not allow PnR and just have motion offense. No clue why but it was only towards the end of the season with Lin that they were allowed a few more screens but still not much PnR.

  283. Nets daily are not the mouth piece of Nets.

  284. With new offense threats, Lin’s game will open up too.

  285. Hopefully his stats will get on the same level this season to prove that.

  286. no such thing as linsanity2.. it’s MO. as oppose to PGO.

  287. even say there is.. based on MO, it’s like tony parker silent impact effect. as oppose to linsanity loud media effect.

  288. Agree with this..I hope they’d move on from KCP and concentrate on other target…KCP forces either Lin or DLo to come off the bench.

  289. yep, just as i suspected. one year deal and try again next year. rich paul will NEVER get less money for his clients…

  290. DAR had nice stats for a rookie
    Mozgov and DeMarre completely [email protected] the bed after they got paid
    I am not bad mouthing them just stating the very obvious
    these two are shyt the whole NBA knows that and look how much their teams gave up for those 2 over paid skrubs, a lot! thats just the truth

  291. thank god
    hes not even that good not worth the max

  292. Now that the Porter and KCP nonsense is dead, time to get hyped for JaMychal Green. If Marks can land him or by some miracle, Nerlens Noel, this Nets team is definitely a playoffs contender next year.

  293. remember guys, marks COULD have offered kcp close to 20 mil and “locked up” the young core of dlo/kcp/levert…. BUT HE DIDNT!!! of course it could all just be because marks didnt offer enough money… but maybe, just maybe marks doesnt want to “give up” on lin just yet… this is yet ANOTHER move that shows me marks knows what he’s doing…

    i can taste the salty tears of all the lin hating nets fans crying tonight…

  294. he couldve?
    werent they waiting for Washington to match otherwise they wouldnt have the cap space

  295. meh on noel. just develop allen. mozgov is fine as starter, and allen will get the rest of the minutes at the 5. nicholson will be 3rd string and the “new” hamilton this season…

    the 4 is a problem cuz i like rhj and think him starting is fine enough. green would be perfect but he’s a RFA. dont want to overpay role players. booker should be traded for a salary dump at this point. acy does everything booker can do AND can shoot the 3…

  296. Yup, Lin haters / doubters were wrong about Milos and wrong about KCP. They were also wrong about DLo’s arrival meaning Lin was going to be traded or benched. They’ll soon retreat back into their troll caves and wallow in their miserable lives once again.

  297. officially they had to wait but they could verbally agree just like hayward to boston. boston had to make moves to clear cap. for sure rich paul wanted max or close to it. good thing marks is smart enough to see past the hype and not fall into that trap…

  298. have they been right about anything? like for real… whatever net crapcome writes, the opposite happens lol…

  299. Lin-hating Nets fans fail again! Nets Daily users need to learn their lesson.

    “Teodosic is coming and Lin will be benched!”
    Nope. Teodosic doesn’t sign.

    “Russell is here and Redick is coming, so Lin will be benched!”
    Nope. Redick didn’t sign because Lin is for sure the starting PG and Russell is for now the starting SG.

    “KCP is all but signed! Nets are committed to him, so Lin must be benched!”
    Nope. KCP signs with the Lakers with no evidence that the Nets were ever serious.

  300. Allen is 19 years old and his frame is way too brittle to handle the giants in the NBA. He’d get injured if he play much or at all next year. He already has a hip injury right now. Nets will take it slowly with him and build both his body and experience up.

    Nets don’t have a legit center behind or ahead of Mozgov. Nicholson is not a center. He can play small ball center, but I doubt he’d do well, seeing as how he already sucks at PF. Nets need another center. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marks offer something big to Noel, even if Cuban has been adamant he’d match anything.

    FYI Nuggets aren’t keen on matching JaMychal on anything over $8-$10M. If Marks offered him $10-$12M, we can easily obtain him AND still have money left over to spend on our young guys or leave some cap space open for small salary dumps.

  301. tedosic also signed for a LOT less than these haters wanted to give lol. the ABJ mentality is so strong they wanted to give a guy who has NEVER PLAYED A SINGLE SECOND in the nba JUUUUST to get lin off the team….

  302. Can’t believe Rondo’s value becomes so low now?

  303. I guess they were right about Porter, but Porter was by far the best RFA this free agency and worth the overpay. I didn’t want Porter for max, but I can see why Marks offered it to him.

  304. When healthy Lin has a great season this coming year, their argument will be “Trade him while his value is high!”

  305. but porter would have fit the lin/dlo/porter dynamic us lin fans have talked about. it made sense. but kcp is more of a traditional 2 guard and not a combo guard that kenny loves so much.

    crabbe would have been a 3 like porter, tyler would have been a combo guard like dlo. it all makes sense…

    us lin fans are straight up smarter than the haters… we’re right more often than not….

  306. Management used them to send a smoke screen to Wiz.

  307. exactly. you cant win with the haters… if he drops 40/20/10/5/5 and wins mvp they will say trade him for westbrook…

  308. they already said at his press conference that he’ll get a lot of playing time. nowadays the nba is more perimeter oriented anyways so he wont be banging down low all that much… he was drafted to help right away. they even left the door open for him to start by saying it will be a competition… i firmly believe they intend to start mozgov but if allen blows them away then who knows right?

    im optimistic on green. just dont overpay. grizzlies in cap hell anyways after signing man whore parsons…

  309. fight fight fight on the court – make it happen please

  310. after watching the few summer league games IM FINE if nothing else happens in free agency…

    PG: Lin when healthy is straight up all star quality. he just never had the opportunity. if all goes well, he’ll have his breakout year!
    SG: Dlo is young and hella talented. i fully believe him and lin will work great together. he’ll take pressure off lin and vice versa. previously brook would take pressure off lin… in the post! that wasnt a modern brand of bball. now with a fellow perimeter threat in dlo, lin will flourish and dlo will be way more efficient.
    SF: Levert is a star in the making. he sucked the 1st SL game but balled in game 2 and 3. reminded me of how well he played to end last season. if he gets his 3 to be more consistent, they sky is the limit.
    PF: RHJ is very much a modern style small ball 4, except without the shooting. he can guard the perimeter and can grab boards. he can playmake/pass a little, dribble/drive a little, and can shoot a little. rhj when he doesnt try to do too much is a great role player.
    C: mozgov is as solid as it gets. set screens, grab rebs, block shots, make mid range shots. the consummate role player. he was good enough to play with lebron, nuff said…

    SF/PF: carroll… i dont know if he starts at the 3 over levert, at the 4 over rhj, or even comes off the bench… i can see a case being made for all 3… either way at the least he will compete defensively and shoot the 3. injury and age may have made him a worse player than when he last played under kenny, but i know for sure kenny will know how to use him…

    dinwiddie – solid guy who makes solid plays. a healthy lin and dlo will take his minutes away. he just needs to not mess up.
    whitehead and archie – both young guys who can get to the rim and cant shoot very well. they just need to play aggressive d and attack the rim. shoot when open and dont chuck.
    skil – the 6th man. microwave scorer. needs to play with a competent pg to make the most of his talent. playing with lin and dlo should help.
    harris – floor spacer. give him spot minutes is enough.
    booker – trade this man…
    acy – small ball 4/5 who can hit a 3 and hustle all night…
    allen – super young big who can guard the perimeter if switched on and against the pnr.
    nicholson – small ball 4/5 who can occasionally hit a 3 and is ok on the post. spot minutes and garbage time only.

    bottomline is this, a healthy lin will lead this team to the playoffs. im confident of that. add a few small pieces and all the better. most of the free agency drama is over with. lin is here to play, to lead, and to succeed… LETS GO!

  311. Milos was definitely on the table until the trade for Russell came along. As far as lin, SM didn’t hesitate to say he would trade lin because this is business.

  312. i think his attitude and behaviour gets worse over time though he seemed to have done ok in chicago

  313. Your could have, would have were evidence you’re smarter than other fans?

  314. we talking bball here, not drama, go away.

  315. That’s about bb IQ you compared yours to others.

  316. the way Lakers are taking in players is just like get the best of them all and lets worry when the times comes..while nets trying to cover all loopholes first before getting or offer a player not to be burdened by anything that will hamper development..which is more practical? NBA is a business and business is risky, but the less risk it takes the better the business will become, i guess?

  317. i wonder why is that????LOL!!!

  318. damn if you do and damn if you don’t…with that haters!!!!

  319. well, mark might think twice if its WB…(will WB buys MO, Mark ‘s final question on his mind???)LOL!!!!

  320. what about the fruit named “PLUM”??? are nets buying it???LOL

  321. lakers have MASSIVE cap space next year. magic is banking on his ability to sign superstars…

  322. Very good analysis.

  323. more drama… whats the point of this, really? you here to talk bball or not?

  324. solid back up for very little money. these are the kinda moves i see marks doing, if at all. the FA frenzy is over…

    i fully expect booker’s expiring to be traded for a salary dump and asset. it seems like such a marks move for a guy that just doesnt fit what we doing… s&t for green would be ideal…

  325. oh yeah the haters also said marks traded brook cuz he was old… and lin’s old so he gets traded next… what??? sean marks LITERALLY said in that espn radio interview he doesnt look at or care about age, only what you can do. THAT’S why brook was traded, cuz he didnt FIT!

    the haters will use any kind of logic to get rid of lin…

  326. LOL…you’re on a roll!

  327. Agree with most of this except like I said before, I think Nets still need a big man.

    Also, I like Booker. I know most people don’t like him, but in my opinion, he was one of the best 2-way players for the Nets last year. Kenny didn’t like Booker because he would ballhog sometimes, make dumb plays / passes, sometimes not hustle back on D, and turn over the ball when he brings the ball up the court and drives into the lane. However, he’s more often than not, a great energy guy, defensive stopper, and good rebounder. I don’t want him traded like so many Nets and Lin fans do.

  328. Carroll would most likely start unless he is really terrible in practice.

    I don’t know why people are still so excited about Whitehead. He sucks big time and both Dinwiddie and Archie has shown more potential and consistency. He also had been given the most opportunities last season but did not take advantage of that at all. And with Dlo, Skil and Harris, he would not see playtime and should be sent to the G-League to brush up his skill.

    If Nets can still get a starting calibre PF like Green, then the roster would be a massive upgrade. Exciting times!

  329. agree with you on whitehead..he seems lacking in BBIQ and slow learner, but still useful unless an upgrade comes in. my take only!

  330. unless he minimize his ISO and penchant for a coast to coast, he’s ok for now unless another upgrade can come in…LOL!

  331. Banana Boat with Harden instead of LBJ= no championship

  332. They aren’t going to have Lopez back.

  333. Lakers needs more cap space to pay for KCP. Looking forward to salary dump from Lakers with draft choices. LOL

  334. Hello fellas:
    How many games where Lin7 scored 18+ points throughout his NBA career ?? How about 22+ points ?

  335. I like Brewer’s game. He’s quite good in Houston. Players will play freely with Lin.

  336. There are some contenders in the league who is trying to give up good players for super players They are going to beg Nets to pick up those good players with a little incentives; draft choices or good young players.

  337. Right. That will help the Nets big time.

  338. Specially when these players play against their old teams. LOL!

  339. Agree. We just hope KA sees the same thing. Well, he better do the right thing.

  340. Hi, Sean,I have some good players for you. Just take it.

    Nay, they only have 1 or 2 years left in their career. I am looking for young talents.

    OK, OK. How about that? I will give you some young talents if you take this good player away from us.

    Deal! Thanks. You’re such a good sport. Call me up any time you want.

  341. Sean Marks – “I’m really proud of the culture that’s started to develop here and it’s player led – we can help organizing that but all the credit goes to the players. They’re giving up their time to support the young bucks and giving up their summer to do this and be around each other. That’s where the trust and collaboration is formed and it’s great to see.”

    We know that Lin, Booker, Harris, Nicholson, Kilpatrick and DLo are out there in Vegas supporting the rookies. This is the kind of stuff that you want to see on this team!

  342. in case it hasn’t been posted yet: link here

    nets (7th seed) play the winner of todays houston/denver tomorrow

    if would win then would play again 15th one of these 3: cleveland, phil, lal

    (but more importantly game of thrones is back sunday.)

  343. Just questioning what made you think you’re smarter than those you’re disagreed with? Your could have would have?

  344. “NBA free agency 2018: The top point guards who could hit the market”

    “1. Russell Westbrook, 2. Chris Paul, 3. Isaiah Thomas, 4. Macus Smart, 5. Tony Parker

    6. Jeremy Lin
    Current team: Brooklyn Nets | Age on July 1, 2018: 29 | 2017-18 salary: $12 million

    When Lin agreed to terms with the Nets last summer, I wondered whether unquestioned status as a team’s top point guard presaged a return to stardom for Knicks fans’ favorite pick-and-roll comet. “Stardom” might be too strong a word, but amid a season-scuttling raft of injuries, Lin did produce when he was on the court. He averaged 21.3 points, 7.5 assists and 5.5 rebounds per 36 minutes, and assisted on a share of his teammates’ buckets that would’ve ranked just outside the league’s top 10. The Nets performed 4.2 points per 100 possessions better with him on the floor than off it, going 13-23 with him in the lineup (.361 win percentage, a 30-win pace) compared to 7-39 with him sidelined (.152 win percentage, a 12-win pace).

    After Brooklyn added former No. 2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell just before the 2017 NBA draft, Lin will enter next season in a familiar situation: expected to share touches and opportunities with another lead ball-handler and playmaker. He says he’s excited for the partnership, but if they don’t quite mesh, or if Lin again looks to have more potential to pop as a solo artist than he does in a tandem, he could become an intriguing option for a team looking for a big name at the point who might still have some as-yet-untapped production after several years of sharing and false starts. — DD”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9NzQ0O2g9NTc1/

  345. Mason Plumlee?
    David Lee?
    Courtney Lee?

  346. 4 teams? I hope Nets is one of the teams…. they can get Ariza….

  347. 77 games total?

    and it seems to deteriorate per year.. that’s not good.

  348. I hope lin have a break out year next season and re-sign with Nets 100mils for 4 years.

  349. don’t hope.. you can jinx it.

  350. I agree – $26-$31M /Year for 3-4 years.

  351. He could receive up to $31M/year next season according to the projected max salary:

  352. JL seems to really unfortunate circumstances…this year was due to health. Hope that jinx ends and nest season the world would be able to see true JL

  353. A victory of Lin fans against haters who have been drumming up situations to get Lin out of this league but they failed time after time. Lin came back seasons after seasons better, stronger despite having coaches like McHale, Byron Scott, who have been proven inept NBA coaches and most likely will never have a chance to coach another NBA team again.

    Nets build teams in s strange manner. This team can’t follow 76ers and Lakers approach to rebuilding; tanking seasons after seasons. Nets don’t have its own draft choices until a few more years and tanking is absolutely out of the question. Nets don’t have lottery picks and they are about to mount a serious comeback next season to playoff. What did Metta World Peace say?

    I enjoy witnessing Nets blows the minds of NBA commentators off. Nets will get to playoff sooner than 76ers, Lakers and Kings

  354. Apparently, Luis Scola has signed a contract worth 2.5M with Shanxi for next season. I think Scola turned professional in 1995, in Argentina.

  355. A video showing Jeremy Lin (his actual name), a 14 year old, who attended the 2017 Ballislife Jr All American Camp by adidas Hoops. He’s the player #159 in the video.

  356. I think Lin should get max for what he did for this team….

  357. He will be popular in China, being the former teammate of Yao Ming.

  358. Is Trevor Ariza on the trade table? At 32, is he a good SF for the Nets?

  359. wow…he is good….hope to see him in NBA some day…It will be Another Jeremy Lin story!

  360. Jeremy with a fan (via Joy Jeng) …

    Caption to photo (from crystalhalley522) : Great seeing my fellow Bay Area Taiwanese Ivy Leaguer @JLin7. Still remember ur first career NBA 3PT FG w/ Warriors in 2011

  361. I think he’s. He’s good in O & D. Hope Nets can get him…. haha!

  362. I agree. It is unfortunate that he received an “Incomplete” grade (from coach KA) for the past season due to injury. Pray that he stays healthy throughout the coming season.

  363. I guess we will find out soon.

    It would be fun to watch the “half-banana-boat & only-one-ball” drama unfold in Houston. Lol.

  364. Haha, like it.

  365. imagine .. the next Jeremy Lin could be Jeremy Lin! =)

    Great potential with ball-handling and shooting touch plus court-vision.
    He just needs to consume lots of milk and In-N-Out burgers

  366. Maybe if Lin gets Nets into playoff next season.

  367. Itll be funny when someone tries to demean him by calling him “Jeremy lin” because hes asian, like when people called Jlin Yao at games. But his name is in fact jeremy lin so he wont be offended at all.

  368. a couple dates of note announced today: trade deadline moved up to feb. 8
    regular season to start oct. 17

  369. If they are going to clone Jeremy Lin then they could be more subtle and give the clone a different name.

    The problem with the Rockets is that they want to match salaries by dealing Anderson, who has three years and over $61 million remaining on his deal. Anthony – who is a much better all-around player — has only two years and $54 million on his contract.

    The idea is to shed salary and move away from one-dimensional players, not take more on. In other words, the Knicks need a third team to take on Anderson’s contract. The fourth team, according to ESPN, would take on a player “neither the Knicks nor Rockets would accept.”
    Are Nets involved using cap space for Assets?

  371. Yep, another of Yao’s former teammates getting paid either, endorsements or extending career.

  372. Ryan Anderson to the Nets in a salary dump and a 1st round draft pick, I’ll take that deal.

  373. wow … Peyton Manning roasted Durant with this joke and he’s not a happy camper
    Unlike Westbrook who is trying to stifle a laugh

  374. on second thought, Durant looked like he’s also stifling a laugh.
    So this might’ve been rehearsed and they knew it’s coming

  375. Hope we hear about Ilyasova, JaMychal Green, or good veteran FAs/RFAs soon after Nets regain $24.7M Porter’s cap space.
    It will signify Marks want to win this season, not just rebuild with young players

  376. Darn it, Payton still looks so good to win another SB ring.

  377. Nets need to be the 4th team to facilitate Melo trade to Houston. and as a sweetener, they should receive Zhao Qi!

  378. he joined the best team and won a ship and won the finals MVP
    hows this man even remotely salty

  379. not gonna happen. houston is EXPLOITING zhou to get chinese fans to watch. thats why they EXPLOITED lin after linsanity and set into motion a career of missed opportunity…

  380. the effects of linsanity are starting to be felt. without linsanity, this guy would have NEVER been invited…

    maybe it takes 50 or 100 years to truly appreciate, but lin will be remembered as a true pioneer…

  381. better be a knicks 1st rounder with light protections or no deal… anderson has a huge contract to swallow and his defense makes him barely playable…

  382. Good job Nets! Ilyasova is gone to the Hawks on a 1 year 6mill deal. Doh!

  383. true, they missed the Chinese $ and Maxxis Tires endorsements. i just hope they’re desperate enough to get Melo that they’re willing to let go of Zhou. this way, they implode within and Zhou escape Houston. just feel bad for MDA if that happens but he’s got his coach of the year last year

  384. He was the best stretch 4 available. Agreed. Means they don’t care about this season. They want youth.

  385. Also a very good rebounder and defender. I have observed His game since He was with the Bucks. Dude is a stud, His usage rate was low as usual. He has played with too many ball hogs PGs.

  386. “You could move a three to a four. They can go back and forth. What did [Celtics coach] Brad Stevens say: ‘There are ballhandlers, there’s wings and then there’s bigs.’ It’s gotten that way,” Atkinson said. “We’re not even putting one, two, three, four, five up there on the white board anymore. It’s smalls, wings and bigs.”

  387. it is probably rehearsed to make a good TV =)

  388. That’s very disappointing that the Nets don’t have interest in Ilyasova being that cheap.
    He’s 30. I wonder if a 27-yr old JaMychal Green would be more appealing to the Nets

  389. Yes, 1 year 6 million deal is a steal for His services. They could have at least pursue Him. He is better than any of the PF on the Nets roster. He is a good size PF, plays within His game and position. Unlike Booker and RHJ, undisciplined and plays all over the place.

  390. Still too young to tell. Linsanity won’t happen if Lin missed any chance. Just image if Lin wasn’t growing to 6″3 . Anyway, hope this kid has good future!

  391. @BrooklynNets
    Today we put down the basketball and picked up the gloves ??

    Gallery ?: #NetsSummer

  392. kd played extremely well, but leaving to join the team that beat him is one of the weakest moves ever made by a super star! people here are just biased cuz there are a lot of GSW fans on this forum.

  393. dang lin is lucky! forrest griffin is a true pioneer for the sport of mixed martial arts!

  394. u got it dude.

    it remains surprising to me that as many times over and over and over again that marks/atkinson have said winning is not a priority and they are all about development that some foks still have other expectations.

  395. so if the opposite happens (as half of or i guess technically a third of that already has now) would u concede that the reverse is also true: ie “marks does not want to win this season (or for that matter the next or perhaps even the next) just rebuild with young players”.

    or is that a false tautology?

    or something?

  396. summer league update:

    big ball-in out in sin city.

    lonzo moves from the bottom of the barrel (game 1) to the top of the charts (game 4)

    it must be the shoes…dumping his family brand for some kobe nike’s lb goes for 36 and joins the noted this years dp’s readjusted to reflect game 4:

    john jackson

  397. ya man…imagine that…JL’s successor is Jeremy Lin and the Legend continues.

    It should be in 5-7 years when he makes to NBA, just when JL steps down…baton handed over…

  398. Greg Logan talking about dealing with the Nets, as a member of the media ….

  399. Why would Raptors make such a generous offer to Nets?
    Perhaps Raptors expected Nets would make a max contract offer to KCP soon. The only way to save Raptors from paying high luxury tax is to dump DeMarre’s contract and only Nets would accept this because of coach Atkinson’s relationship with DeMarre. Raptors had to act quickly and so quickly they lost their senses in offering two draft choices to Nets.

  400. He is a key contributor of the Linsanity 1.0.

  401. What does “but need more” mean? Need more from JLin, or need more athletes than just Jeremy? I think the second. Nets need more spokespersons/ quotable characters, is what he’s saying I think.

  402. Never knew Jeffries taught Lin so much about basketball as a business and not to be so gullible, thinking nobody is out to get him.

  403. I think he meant Nets need more spokepeople like Lin.

    Logan really likes Lin and is one of the only fair / unbiased sports journalist to cover the Nets.

  404. Except when he got clowned by that crazy knockout from Anderson Silva…

    I do respect Forest though. Good fighter and good guy.

  405. What does he mean by “Going to miss Randy Foye?”

    Is Randy Foye leaving Nets? I must have missed the report.

  406. Featured Comment: “IM FINE if nothing else happens in free agency…”

    Is there anyone else misinformed or delusional enough to agree with this comment?

    This team is so weak at the 4 & 5 positions that Lin would have to make a herculean effort on D just to keep the team from getting blown out on a nightly basis. Marks and KA do not care about wins and losses. It’s all about development of assets. They’ve said so countless times. Lin tried to force this team to wins against the wishes of the FO and the result was predictable: he injured himself. I assume Lin has learned the lesson: you can’t force a team to win if it doesn’t want to. Especially if it doesn’t let you play to your strengths. If Marks is done in FA the message is clear: this team is still in development mode. Following season the Nets own their pick and have maximum incentive to lose as much as possible.

  407. Foye was only signed for 1 year. They didn’t extend him or offer a new contract. No NBA team has yet. Foye might need to retire if nobody picks him up.

  408. What’s that saying again….”the pot calling the kettle yellow?” Lol

  409. Marks should jump on the phone asap and see if we can nab Simmons…

  410. Thank you.

    The story of how Foye, losing his mother at 6, found her remains in Brooklyn after signing with the Nets, nearly two decades after her disappearance was very touching. His pocast on “finding mother” moved me to tears.

    While he may not be the most potent offensive or defensive player, he is a good veteran influence for Nets and a good teammate/friend of Lin. Hope he would find a new home in NBA soon.

  411. You want the Nets to pick up yet another guard? As it is it seems like the overflow will knock Lin’s playing time well below 30 MPG. And why would a SG choose a team with an overcrowded guard situation unless that team way over-payed for him?

  412. There is Nets power forward.

  413. “Warriors offered Klay Thompson for Paul George.”

  414. Wow! Warriors never stop building a super team.

  415. Well, I think GSW knew Klay will not stay w them after his contract is up…. Plus don’t want Paul George to be w Lakers w Klay in the future….

  416. Woj clarifies … . Indiana made the offer to Golden State. Golden State said ‘No’.

  417. I think it the other way around…

    6 mins ago – via Twitter wojespn
    Adrian Wojnarowski: What Paul George and I discussed: Indiana — not Golden State — made that offer. Warriors said no. And that was the end. Tweet is gone below, but some were confused about PG conversation. Here’s the deal: Golden State NEVER offered Klay Thompson in a trade.

  418. Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports
    DeMarre Carroll was in attendance for Nets Summer League action on Thursday and spoke with the ESPN2 crew about his new team, his role and Kenny Atkinson.

    No surprise, Carroll seems most excited to be reunited with his assistant coach from Atlanta.

    “I’m happy. I’m coming to what I call family, Carroll said. “Kenny [Atkinson] I’ve known since Atlanta and he’s the one that helped me take my game to the next level. I’m just happy to get back under his wing.”

    Carroll’s play took a dip after leaving Atkinson and Atlanta two seasons back. He’s just glad to be back in the gym with his new (and former) coach.

    Humans have been dreaming of weird ways to launch into space for centuries — but this might be the weirdest one yet
    Humans have been dreaming of weird ways to launch into space for centuries — but this might be the weirdest one yet
    Paid Content FromKFC
    “He’s a worker, man. He’s always working. He’s the only guy I know that wakes up at five in the morning and runs five miles. He’s a worker and he’s a great developer and I think that’s his biggest thing: player development. I can’t wait to get in the work with him.”

    Carroll’s play declined when he left for Toronto. He hurt his knee, underwent the knife and never full recovered. He explained that after working out in L.A. this summer, it’s the healthiest he’s been since leaving Atlanta.

    “This is the healthiest I’ve been in years. I’ve been out in L.A. working with a great group of guys and I worked out even more. It’s the healthiest I’ve been in two years.”

    Carroll, 30, has been on six different teams throughout the course of his career. He joins a VERY young Nets team as one of the few current veterans.

    “I’m trying to bring leadership and help these guys grow. At the end of the day it’s all about helping these guys grow for the future. You just gotta teach them – sometimes mostly vocal. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve been through it, so I’m just trying to help these guys live out their dreams,” he continued.

    “I just gotta help these young guys out because they got a lot of talent. Caris LeVert – he’s gonna be really good for us. Rondae [Hollis-Jefferson] – he’s gonna be really good for us. Just gotta put veterans around them.”

    He may be new but he knows Kenny Atkinson and the type of team he runs. He’s seen the young Nets play, and when P.J. Carlesimo asked about the persistent Nets from last season, Carroll praised them despite the horrid record.

    “They were always a fighting young group. At times they just couldn’t finish games. Jeremy Lin was out a lot, but when he was playing they played pretty well. We just gotta compete and if I can teach that to these young guys we can do some things this year.”

    He knows what to expect. At 30-years-old, it’s uncertain what to expect back.

  419. 1. He’s a good talent who can be had for relatively cheap. He’s basically KCP, just older (not old), can’t shoot as well, but has much better defense, can guard multiple positions, is taller / bigger, and won’t cost nearly as much. Nets are always looking for talent and Simmons can help the Nets win games. He can play multiple positions and is a good 2-way player, which is what Kenny and Marks are constantly looking for in players.

    2. Simmons is better than any of the Nets’ bench right now. He’s not as good as Kilpatrick in scoring, but he’s way better in defense, which Nets need. The team last year didn’t have trouble scoring, but had tons of problems holding onto leads in the 2nd half.

    3. Who says Nets can’t make trades to offload some guards? There are still a lot of teams needing guards and the offseason isn’t over yet. Just because we go after a big guard (Simmons is actually more of a SF than SG) doesn’t mean we can’t still acquire more bigs. Your reasoning is highly flawed.

    4. Why would Simmons not choose the Nets? Nets have the most cap space left of any team right now and can offer Simmons the most money. He’ll get playtime in Brooklyn… more than he’ll get on most other teams. We don’t need to overpay to get him like we would to get KCP and Porter, which are both on other teams now anyway.

    5. Why do you keep worrying about Lin’s playtime? Kenny will give Lin plenty of playtime, as long as he can stay healthy. He’s not going to bench Lin just because haters and doubters say so, nor because Nets acquire another quality guard / forward. Kenny doesn’t allow ANY player over 30 minutes per game anyway. His fast-paced motion offense gasses players out too fast. Last year, every single Nets player played under 26 minutes per game except Brook and he didn’t even go over 30 MPG.

  420. In sports or in business, if you stand still on your laurels, you’ll get run over.

  421. …”Jeremy Lin was out a lot, but when he was playing they played pretty well. ”
    —DeMarre Carroll

  422. Defence wins championships in my books.

  423. Yup. All players, coaches, and executives know this. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have 3 sharpshooters like Warriors do, but most teams can’t be like the Warriors.

    Lin also said multiple times that the Nets need to acquire defensive players who rebound and protect the rim. Kenny said the same thing. Simmons can help with this, especially because DLo sucks at D.

  424. Demarre knows what’s up!

  425. so did KA and Marks.

  426. Carroll tells it like it is. He’s not afraid to be honest and blunt in front of the media.

  427. Interesting background story on how Gordon Hayward finally chose Boston Celtics.
    Bottom line, it’s easier to go to the Finals through the East

  428. ah, that makes more sense. I guess not too many people wants to take Paul George as a 1-yr rental knowing he’ll probably go to the Lakers afterwards.

  429. Just another national reporter hatin’ on and discounting Lin and the Nets…

  430. W only 1 TR… he means nothing to me & fans.

  431. Interesting, a new player in Net’s summer team is Jeremy SengLin.

  432. Jeremy Lin talking about the other (younger) Jeremy Lin …

  433. and now its time to BOXED out opponent…good for their defensive assignments!!!

  434. Knicks are a schizophrenic organization.

    Someone told Melo, “by the way if you go to Houston, they’re actually gonna make you listen to MDA this time” but Melo’s not having any of that

  435. Rox want to get rid of a bad contract more than getting his contract.

  436. please make the nba and play with the knicks, wear 17 so my knicks jersey will be current again.

  437. Talent recognizes Talent. Mavericks making the playoffs with Smith Jr.

  438. but whats important was/is , that he fights to the last and give it all!!!

  439. but maybe Ilyasova doesn’t want to go to the nets thats why, or mark and KA knew something that is not good about him that made them shy away from acquiring him, good for ilyasova that he find another team even for a year.

  440. and you want him to suffer the same fate from dolan????LOL!!!
    better chose a good team when he enters the NBA rather than go with toxic environment that will stifle his growth and dev. anyway your jersey remains current from all jlin followers.
    cheers for your jersey!!!

  441. Duh what did he expect? Only Dolan and Knicks are dumb enough to keep him as 1st option. He’d be third option on the Rockets.

  442. The Bulls D is tough .. even to their own teammates ?

  443. He may not mean much to you, but he has a ton of followers and he writes for He has some clout to control the narrative and perception of Lin around the league.

    This guy is actually the founder of NetsDaily, but handed off the reigns to Bob Windrem aka Net Income aka another Lin hater.

  444. @JLin7:#tbt to when i was a young hooper w nothing under my name but big dreams, a supporting family and a faithful Father #nbasummerleague

  445. @JLin7: Preppin that testimony for 台中 !

  446. he needs to get on latex much better than word

  447. If he’s such a hater to Lin, really no need to waste time w him bc he will not change his opinion no matter what…. the more argue w him the more bad comments he will write about Lin. I think no click for his article or RT for his tweet that’s the best to deal w hater like him. This just my own opinion.

  448. i was just saying how Dennis Smith Jr is the REAL DEAL on the other site. wow. Jeremy Lin is just as blown away by Dennis Smith Jr as i am. the guy is a complete package for a point guard plus he has a 48 in vertical. the Mavs are so lucky to have landed him at #9. i think he should have been the #1 overall pick. they got their next franchise player right there. actually, Mavs have been really good at picking point guards, i mean look at Nash, JLIn and Yogi. they messed up with Beaubois though

  449. I haven’t argued with him nor replied to him since September of last year. I’ve never retweeted him either. I’m just notifying people that it’s Lin haters like him in the media who is causing fans to have a negative view of Lin and the Nets. There are a lot of Nets and Lin fans following this guy and NetsDaily, including our very own pslam.

    You can remain ignorant of these haters and hope they go away, but they won’t. You have to call them out and shame them for their bias and hate. They are emboldened to continue bashing Lin when nobody speaks out against them and their BS.

  450. I see some analysts still don’t have high opinion about JLin but I think over time they will change their mind when they witness Lin leads the Nets to many unexpected wins. Lin just needs to be healthy to surprise them next season.

    I’d rather leave them with their opinions and let the numbers speak for itself later on. Writers like Greg Logan and coaches like Brad Stevens know Lin is not about piling up individual team stats but he’s able to make his teammates better. The 11-12 strong finish with Lin and 6-38 without Lin proved that. Lin just needs a whole season to change more people’s minds.

    The funny thing is they will say “Oh, now Lin proved me wrong” but they never have insight like Brad Stevens or Lin fans to begin with.

  451. The funny thing is they will say “Oh, now Lin proved me wrong”

    They’ll never admit wrong or fault. Lin could put up amazing stats and they’ll always find ways to undermine and diminish his effectiveness and importance.

    Did Schuhmann admit he was wrong when Lin put up great PER and Per 36 stats this past year, even on minutes restrictions and coming off an injury? Nope, he didn’t. For a guy that’s all about stats, he refuses to post anything positive about Lin’s stellar numbers and ability to lead the Nets to wins. Same with all of Lin’s other haters and doubters.

  452. No doubts! The Lin critics and haters will never kowtow to their own bias. It doesn’t matter because that’s not where true happiness lies. They can continue to live in their own world of lies and hatred. Lin will have his own supporters to fight the injustice.

  453. No. They let Nash walked. They let JLin walked. They could’ve gotten Lin BEFORE the DeAndre Jordan deal. Yogi is not that good, not starter level. They strucked with Smith Jr.

  454. I agree. Some reporters still don’t think high on Lin yet. I don’t like it but Lin really not show what he can do for Nets yet…. W healthy Lin, soon they will change their mind. I really don’t think to argue w someone’s opinion is good idea bc always turns out to be annoying only. Do you think they will change to like Lin after that…NO NO NO. Like I don’t like Morey & Harden… if they fans fight w me then I will change my mind about them? Of course not, I will hate them even more….

  455. Ya man…the thing is many analyst only look at final numbers…JL could have put in good numbers if not for his injuries….there had always been some external factors that hinders his production.

    Truly hope he will have a good season ahead….once and for all shuts those doubters

  456. He could be a hater alll right and if he never admits he’s wrong due to personal bias, probably needs someone to show his tweet screenshots and stats to prove him wrong 🙂

    IMO sometimes the best way to deal with haters is to ignore them but some other times give them something to digest so deep down they know they’re wrong. If we care too much about them, they feed off the attention and will antagonize us out of spite and they can’t see reason/logic anymore.

    In a way, I guess we can admire Morey who was willing admits the racism plays a big part (even if to show his numbers were correct that Lin can play)

  457. true, arguing with people with different opinions can bring too much negativity to our lives and life is stressful enough 🙂

    I agree people in general don’t like to be proven wrong .. giving the right stats and logic to let them draw their own conclusion would be best. We are stress-free and they can finally see the light lol

  458. yeah, injuries was the big deal. Personally, I thought JLin putting so much energy on defense last season could have been a factor in not giving his body enough rest and be injury-prone. What do you think? I remember Kobe said he stopped drawing charges because it took so much toll to his body. All the hot pilates, and some yoga stretching sessions like he did in Charlottes should help to prevent injuries, right?

    I still want Lin to play good team D but not overexert himself because his team needs him on the floor to lead them. It is easier said than done for sure.

  459. Sorry Mak, haters will hate. This according to Nobel prize winner Daniel Khaneman. I saw a lecture on PBS by him on his 2 brain theory. I bought his book,_Fast_and_Slow brain.

    Haters are driven by the fast ( lazy ) brain and never engages their slow brain to think through facts. They let it govern their emotions and vice versa. The problem is fans begin by emotion. Their is no logic involved. This is why it’s pointless to fight them.

    What’s best is to post independent ideas and facts to negate the troll posts so that those who are willing to be thinkers can be changed over to observe Lin correctly.

  460. As a layman, I would say yes to you.

    Unfortunately the little science that I had studied, tell me its due to 2 factors

    1) due to his previous knee surgery (left knee)…left hamstring ( high risk and higher chances to pull a hamstring)

    2) many athletes tend to focus on thigh muscles ( similar to biceps) strengthening exercise but failed to understand in order for the leg to move in a balanced manner while sprinting or jumping; thigh and hamstring (triceps) works on reverse range of movement mechanism.

    One tightens (contracts) and the other expands, hence having equal power on both side of the leg is important. When the muscle strength is not equal, the release and contracts dont synchronize well. Hence injury occurs, when the long hamstring muscles takes longer to response.

    This is a good article to read

  461. Thanks for the great professional insight. It makes sense that the whole body/holistic approach that the Suns medical team use is very effective. They managed to give some fountain of youth to Grant Hill, Shaq, Nash.

    I also read about NFL players doing ballet, yoga, pilates in the off-season and it greatly helped to prevent injuries even after twisting legs and being piled under many players.

    Let’s hope JLin’s team continue the yoga/pilates/stretching exercises throughout the season.

  462. Is it really? I’ve never used LaTex. I guess Word or Google Docs are the most ubiquitous

  463. Brook Lopez sighting at the Lakers Summer League game.
    I wonder if he’ll get together with his Nets ex-teammates.

  464. They didn’t say Lopez….

  465. dolan is cursed by lin.. only thing to uncurse is is him not being owner or he hires him back with 1 billion dollars.

  466. What is John schulmann smoking? no one wants that.
    Look at session.. that is a 3rd guard.. lin is miles comapre to him obviously don’e say thgat because it’s not good to compare nba players.. but still.

  467. “when they witness Lin leads the Nets to many unexpected wins. Lin just needs to be healthy to surprise them next season”

    I doubt it.. Lin has to be like a one man team and win the championships TWICE to really beat into their double thick skull and eyes for them to say ‘lin is not bad’.

    One man team because they will say others made him better.. and twice because they will say he got lucky on the 1st one.

  468. And lin really have to do something personal for them especially when they needd it for them to START changing their minds.. because of double think skull and eye lens.

  469. hahaha so stoopi

  470. zamm DING DING DING

    man he is going to set himself up to so many jokes and puns chinese name abuse more than lin did..when he does go viral

  471. gregor called him ‘boy’.


  473. Lin already proved that he’s AT LEAST a backup PG on a playoff team for Hornets. And this guy says he’s a good 3rd Guard on a good team? Lol

  474. I also doubt it. Unless Lin leads Nets to playoff or gets 17/5 for an entire season . . . Lin already led Nets to some unexpected wins last season.

  475. Whats wrong with 3rd guard on a good team… Steph, Klay, then Jlin.. see not bad.

  476. Sorry but his previous knee surgery occurred 5 seasons prior to the hamstring injury. If there were any connection between the two there wouldn’t have been such a long delay. And there are so many PGs who have had serious knee injuries (e.g. Kemba, Westbrook, Bledsoe, etc.) that didn’t have subsequent hamstring problems.

  477. More like moving Melo out finally?

  478. Their new GM wants to keep Melo?? Well, I think they start to copy what Nets do…. Culture change, rebuild w young players…. lol!

  479. Knicks announce that Steve Mills has been named president and Scott Perry has been named general manager.

  480. They are having lots of 1 year contracts to manage for the next season. I just hope Nets will take shot to get Lopez back with a decent offer.

  481. Without Lin and injured players but having a healthy team the contrast is so dramatic. Suddenly Hornets crashed in the last season without any games that they might celebrate. The season before, they beat Cavaliers and Spurs. They could have beaten the Heat too but they chose to shackle Lin after Jeremy led them to comeback lead in the series.

  482. The deals will come to Nets, arguably the worst team in NBA in the worst conference. GMs seem to be confident that giving Nets a good deal won’t get them fired. One more deal like the Raptors trade will make Sean Marks an unanimous marked GM in the league.
    The best salary dump or called it a trade is not the one of Timofey Mozgov.

  483. Just hope this kid grows up fast and takes his game to new height.

  484. Ian Eagle, the Nets’ head broadcaster, got interviewed by Sports Illustrated. The Nets section starts at about the 1:04:55 mark and Ian starts talking about Lin at the 1:08:33 mark of the interview…

  485. 3 years of about $20M each. More than 2 first round draft choices are needed to trade him away. There will be no taker for him. Let Morey eat this contract up.

  486. Lakers is trying to make the playoff next season in order to make the team look respectable to attract more FAs. The team has tanked for several seasons to reach what they are now.

  487. I don’t think Nets will take back Lopez….

  488. Listened to that and I really like Ian Eagle’s take on the Nets and Lin’s impact on the team.
    Who the heck suggested SKilpatrick would start over Lin… And the host didn’t even mention Lin’s name… – bias at its best – Lol…

  489. works was the only thing i never understood.

    i still do all my writing on a never internet connected old “compaq” with wonderful works.

    what i really would like tho is an ibm selectric.

  490. Here is a power forward that Nets could get from waiver; Boris Diaw!
    He can make the game of basketball more fun in Brooklyn. Sean Marks is familiar with him too. Moreover it will just be a 1 year contract.

  491. As a layman as well, I’ve always though as you that overdevelopment of one side is just plain wrong. When people want to increase speed, most tend to work on the push muscles. Truth is just as you said. To run fast you must touch the ground as quickly as possible because acceleration can only happen applying ground force. It’s the opposing leg muscle that pulls the feet back into position to touch down onto the ground. One way to make you run faster is to run downhill. Your momentum increases depending on the steepness of the hill. If you lack the ability to bring your leg fast enough forward, you basically fall flat on your face. You’ll quickly learn that to run faster, your reverse muscles must become quicker as well.

  492. I agree. Hope there’s 2 more moves to see out of nowhere and be beneficial to the team.

  493. Guess the true demand for his service is weak. If he opts out next year, he may not find a bigger contract so he might as well stay in the Knicks for a few more years.

  494. NYK don’t want Rondo? I thought Melo likes him….?

  495. melo might be gone

  496. How about John Henson from the bucks? Suppose to be a good shot blocker. Maybe Nets can get some picks from the bucks to take on his contract.

  497. That is great. Nets can use him if Bucks could throw in a first round pick in a trade. Nets have lots of guards that can give you.

  498. How about Ryan Anderson.

  499. Hi psalm, please open a new thread for JLin trip to Taiwan. More info are coming. JLin is on the flight to Taiwan and should arrive there in a few hours time. Then there is a media time at 3pm local time plus friendly game at 7pm. Both of them have a live streaming. Here is the info:

    ?19:00【林書豪 vs. 蕭敬騰籃球對決】

  500. i write to correct an inadvertent error in the “featured post” (mine) above–were it not featured (and i have no idea why suddenly after years of like never being featured i have been twice, i swear i did not bribe the mak in anyway to do so)–i would not bother cause it would just be long buried info but since it is up front:

    the game between the most fabulous name in the history of basketball perhaps of all balls the great ball-er himself and the nets fab 4 (whitehead, rhj, levert and dinwiddie) will take place not sunday as listed in the “featured post” but saturday ie today in th u.s. time 10pm et to be specific.

    as both nets and lakers did win and move on.

    this is the quarterfinals of summer league vegas tournament.

  501. Cute nephew.

  502. Diaw needs to commit to lose some wt and increase his game.

  503. Shouldn’t we pick him back up since he’s cheap and knows the team and system?

  504. Nets traded him not bc they wanted to save the money. So I don’t think they will bring him back.

  505. He will get paid. Plus he can find his team to play either in NBA or Europe.

  506. Lopez has developed to be almost a perfect 4.

  507. How good Lin really is? It is reflected in how horrible that Hornets became without Jeremy even when MKG came back healthy for a whole season. Charlotte had its chance to build something special and it will never be the same again. This coming season, they are going to be worse than before.

  508. They try to get Bledsoe..

  509. Thanks for the info. I don’t have the China itinerary yet so we can always add it later
    I’ll incorporate the live streaming links in the thread

  510. Yea right. Only if the old Donald is gone would the Knicks culture change. It is the same old Knicks.

  511. nah..he’s done in my list..he’s too soft and inconsistent as a 7 footer..better him gone with the nets!

  512. Cuz there are so many libraries and templates to help you make really good documents or slides in Latex and formatting is completely up to like indentation and all that
    with google docs or word its hard because some times u can get the indentation right and all that

  513. lol I think ur right ahaha

  514. Agreed like I understand he took the easy way out but like a player like him can make any team a contender so he did nothing wrong but messed up the league no competition now

  515. JLin reminds me of my lil bro, but with way more bball skillz.

  516. p piller, , köpa billigt Stockholm.

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