Nets Beat Pacers 103-94 with the Arrival of Brook-Lin PnR


What a tremendous victory for Coach Atkinson, Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez and the Nets!

Nets Beat Pacers 103-94 in the first home game behind a complete game by Jeremy Lin (21pts/9asts/9rebs) and Brook Lopez 25pts/5rebs/1ast. Sean Kilpatrick and Grieviz Vasquez also provided the necessary offensive punch from the bench to start a run

What got the Pacers in the trouble is the huge number of fouls drawn by Jeremy Lin starting from the 1st quarter. He drew 3 fouls in the 1st quarter alone against 3 players. This resulted in Pacers getting foul trouble in early 4th quarter with 8 min left. Every foul got 2 Free Throws and it certainly lessened the Pacers defensive intensity.

What a great display of team effort and lethal execution of Pick-and-Roll by Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez to get the Nets going after a slow start!

Congratulations for the gritty Brooklyn Nets! This game would no doubt validated Jeremy Lin as a complete Point Guard with his all-around performance.

JLin Post-Game Interview: he praised his teammates and talked about grabbing the game ball to give to Coach Atkinson as a memento for this historic 1st win as an NBA Coach


  1. Happy to be first here also first W from Lin & Nets.

  2. First Win Congrats Nets and Lin fans!

  3. They have a game tomorrow right ?

  4. Speed of Lin, we need you! Where are those highlights ?!!!

  5. Class Act

  6. Amazing what a little Brook-Lin PnR can do

  7. Congratulations !
    This is a transformative win for the Nets !

  8. We are spoiled!!! LOL

  9. is everybody happy.

  10. in milw. lots of cheap tickets on stubhub if any1’s near there.

  11. SO TOUCHED!!!!!!! Rookie head coach Atkins, Underdog player JLIN…. a nice team win!!!!

  12. Lin better ice those knees and legs, game tomorrow

  13. Class Act

  14. Class Act

  15. I like Howard Beck, haha

  16. Lin played most minutes w/ 34. next highest at 28.

  17. I like this Howard Beck guy

  18. Now, he is just rubbing it in. HA

  19. The Nets have a better record than GSW.

  20. Forgot Al Jefferson is in Indy. Noticed he got #7 jersey.

  21. We are tied for 1st place in the Atlantic ?

  22. LOL, haha

  23. at this rate, we should get 41-41 record.

  24. On top of everything, Lin’s minutes were kept low — only 34m after 28m on Wed. He’ll have fresh legs for tomorrow.

    I think we could see Lin’s first 30pt game as a Net because his teammates might be winded from tonight. He’ll probably need to shoot 18-20 times.

  25. Awesome win! Rotation is funky but it worked, the bench was positive on +/-, referee was pretty good, commentators shows respect to Lin and very supportive. This is the first game where it’s totally positive from every angle of the game. Motion offense thought worked well in the beginning getting a bunch of setup open threes. They couldn’t knock it down. As things went on, guess they found their shots and there was a good mix of one, pop outs and motion and wasn’t dominated by a particular offensive set. K also showed that he has faith in the bench, the effect of this imo is that it provides confidence to the bench players to play as a key part of the team’s chemistry and winning formula. Last night and tonight, I can see the bench can create a spark, both in 4Q.

    Congrats Lin fans! Let’s hope and pray we will have 50+ more games like this.

  26. I am pleasantly surprised at how athletic trevor booker is. Spin move and finish dunk ,

  27. As long as he’s healthy, he’ll have 60+ games like these. 10+ even better. And let’s say 12 off-nights.

    I just hope Kenny learned his lesson. He still wasted about 10m of game time tonight.

  28. i jumped after the dunk!

  29. Forgot to mention his hair too, it’d awesome lol

  30. That’s what I saw on his highlight reel over the summer — the man is a dunking machine.
    Lin-Booker PnR is better than Lin-Lopez or Lin-Hamilton (PnP is better for Ham).

  31. Atkinson gave the credit of the balanced offense to Lin. Said he controlled the game.

  32. I saw Lin talked to all the players & coach… then walked…. he’s like real coach…haha

  33. Good point.

  34. The best of Lin’s shot of the night for me was when he caught an inbound pass with 1.4 seconds left(ref missed the ball hitting the rim). He hit a fadeaway jumper and it was nothing but net. Looks so smooth, I thought I saw a should juke there a bit like classic Mj Kobe.

  35. So happy that Lin & his teammates got the first home Win for coach Atkinson
    who trusts him and loves his game.

  36. That’s why KA wanted Lin, lucky guy. Lin makes the HC’s job much easier.

  37. Holly hell, Russell Westbrook stats.

  38. I’m so glad Nets picked up KA. Extremely underrated coach.

  39. Lin did say he wants to be a coach, would be awesome to see him be an NBA coach

  40. 37shots? W 1:23 min left OKC only up by 2 vs Sun?

  41. An assist away from a monster stay line

  42. speed of lin come on!

  43. It is a really touching move.

  44. i believe he said he didn’t want to be coach. he wants to do more of his foundation after the nba.

  45. I got a long clip today (Lin almost got a triple dub, so it’s taking a while!)

  46. Take your time!

  47. lol, i’m just messing with you. take your time bro

  48. Almost a 20-10-10 night. No biggie. Can’t wait to see more nights like this. MVP!

  49. suns put up 40 points in the first quarter.

  50. kobe-esque

  51. I agree Lin should be MVP.

  52. As usual, Lin attributes the Win to teammates play.

  53. My highlights are here! Thought Lin played amazing tonight, much needed victory!

  54. I was waiting for it, thanks a lot !!!

  55. I missed the game because i had to go to church… Anyway i prayed for lin for today’s game. 🙂

  56. KA @ 2:48 priceless

  57. A reminder. The Nets are near last (or last) in the start of the season rankings depending on which site you read. Gotta love the “experts”.

  58. So HAPPY that I was WRONG about Atkinson!

    FINALLY he let Lin and Lopez play!

    At this point, I am feeling great about Atkinson. He is THE COACH the Nets need.

    LinVP, just another routine MVP level game for him…

  59. i Love Booker’s dunks!!!

  60. From the highlights, looks like Lin got 2 blocks.

    And he should’ve and +1 with his 3 ptr. The coach even got up to complain.

  61. He made the adjustment! So glad to see a coach, any coach, admit their mistake and let his guys JUST PLAY.

  62. He might well be….it’s only his first win.

  63. Definitely going to make the top 10 highlight reel tonight! That was sickkk

  64. good man! i would also like to remind you that you were wrong about Big Al

  65. Jeremy Lin post-game interview – Nets Home Opener

  66. Great leader !

  67. A quick heads up, I won’t be around tomorrow night unfortunately for Nets vs Bucks. =(
    I’m sure someone else will post highlights but I’ll end up watching the game and posting highlights of my own during the day Sunday.

  68. Kilpatrick a +26? are you kidding me? I’ll have to call him “Skill”-“Patrick ” if this keeps up. just don’t lay an egg tomorrow in Milwaukee kid…

  69. oh man! the front pages and headlines are already coming in. it’s gonna be Linsanity all over again

  70. Your prayers were heard. 🙂

  71. New York Times: Echo of Jeremy Lin’s Glory Days as Nets Win Home Opener;
    “Jeremy Lin’s work for the Nets began about five minutes before the tip. He grabbed a microphone and thanked the fans at Barclays Center for coming to the Nets’ home opener on Friday against the Indiana Pacers. The crowd cheered. The building was full of hope.

    That feeling persisted throughout the evening as Lin darted through the lane and dropped bounce passes to open teammates. The game turned into one giant celebration as the Nets — unsung and inexperienced — engineered a 103-94 victory over the Indiana Pacers.

    Lin finished with 21 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists. Brook Lopez added 25 points, and Sean Kilpatrick came off the bench and ignited the Nets (1-1) in the second half.” ……………

  72. I just know that smart people know each other, and Lin knows KA.

  73. So glad KA isn’t a stubborn about proving of his offense. It doesn’t work move on. Glad he listened to both Lin and Lopez and made adjustments! Now the fun begins!

  74. I’m hoping Lin can drop 30 tomorrow on the Bucks to keep the hype going.

    Guys will be tired on the 2nd game of a back-to-back, but Lin’s minutes were pretty low these first two games so he should have gas left in the tank.

  75. From netsdaily comments

    Posted by Gli x Azzurri on Oct 28, 2016 | 10:07 PM

  76. Sounds good. Let’s digest Knicks’ fans.

  77. Even if he doesn’t have a big scoring game, he just needs to play scrappy defense and get Lin the ball.

  78. No matter how well he plays, Lin always credits others before himself.

    99% of guys aren’t like that, even the “nice” guys.

  79. This is not just a win for the Nets, it’s a sign of brighter days ahead after witnessing what their PG did, period.

  80. YEAH BABY! there is NO WAY we are bottom 5 in the league, NO WAY!!! give the starters some minutes? WIN! sensible rotations? WIN!

    LIN: near triple double. NUFF SAID.

    Brook: unleash the kraken! he was fouled a lot also. once we get more wins, he’ll get the star calls he deserves. those 3’s still ugh but it’s necessary to keep the d honest.

    Booker: what can i say, he’s everything i thought he would be. all out hustle and energy. nice dunks to get the crowd going. he sets good screens and rim runs. too bad he’s undersized.

    Bog: Kenny made the adjustment. didnt play him too long, more ball movement, more defense.

    RHJ: his d on pg13 was GREAT. he also didnt get too much time, made our offense better.

    SKIL: YEAH BABY this is what i been talking about all off season. give him the ball and he’ll deliver. kenny made the adjustment in the 4th, HE took the ball inbounds and vasquez was off ball. THAT’S what i been saying all along. what did he do? he balled.

    Vasquez: he made the go ahead 3, cant dog him tonight. everything else was solid/ok. moved the ball, passed it well as usual, wasnt putrid on d. kenny made the agjustment! less minutes for him = less time to exploit his weaknesses…

    Scola: Kenny made the adjustment! less minutes = better d. when he was in, he just made solid plays.

    harris: kenny made the adjustment! reigned him in on offense. less ball handling, more catch n shoot.

    hamilton: kenny does it again! more brook = less hamilton = better d. took his shot, made some, missed some, big block late, solid d on al jeff. role players role playing = wins…

    overall this was an amazing game. everything we asked for, kenny delivered. the BIGGEST adjustment was the minutes/rotation. by giving lin some rest in the middle of each quarter, he gets both minutes AND rest. my faith in kenny paid off.

  81. Linsanity again. Haha!

  82. I’m glad Kenny showed he can adjust. After 5m of ugly motion offense in the 1Q, he let Lin break from the offense and do his thing. Same goes for Brook — just give him some post-feeds down low and let him work.

    I will give Kenny credit for letting the bench play extra long in the 4th. Nets won the game, Kilpatrick delivered and Lin stayed fresh for tomorrow. He has real faith in his guys.

  83. lol lin always gets nervous around girls.. never makes eye contact with female reporters

  84. Me too…very much but I will wait until he realize this is the key of their offense, Lin and the ball in his hands.

  85. I need to frame this ?

    Let’s go, LinVP! I like it

  86. To be fair, I’m not totally against motion offense. They need it to beat top teams.

    But right now, they just need to win some games and establish a baseline system. Especially since they don’t have a lot of reliable talent beyond Lin and Lopez.

  87. Nets need a sharpshooter, both in the starting lineup and off the bench. I guess Harris could be that guy off the bench.

  88. Haha. Nice

  89. Should be reverse direction!

  90. Only two games, but this was Coach KA’s game. He made the adjustments and won. I am impressed. If this is his coaching acumen on display BKN all do better than the experts think. With a trade or two better than 40 wins. Indy is no pushover.

  91. The FORCE Awakens.

  92. pause it at 8:58.. and see how everyone was scared lin was gonna dish it out leaving him wide open

  93. anyone here in this photo?

  94. Don’t think any other player have fans united like Lin’s.

  95. they play like this, they can beat elite teams consistently.

  96. that guy monta ellis always fouls lin no matter which team he is in –

  97. She liked his game but not the hair ….

  98. What a win! My best birthday gift ever! I’d like to thanks Lin personally but I live way to far.

  99. HaHaHa, Lin MaMa, I am with you! But he is such a good kid, let him have some fun!!!

  100. great one.. in order of his career teams.

  101. let’s just hope that kenny sticks with this style – and not experiment anymore they all played as a unit

  102. i think he is itching to start dropping points

  103. Great post!

  104. For the first time since Linsanity, Lin fans cheer on Lin’s teammates great plays instead of worrying its impact on Lin. Just cheering on the whole team. It’s a great feeling.

  105. Mama Lin: “what kind of bird hair is that?”

  106. Dawkins

  107. Brook Lopez on Lin’s performance “…spectacular.. he’s the floor general out there and our leader..”

  108. Happy Birthday!!!!!! JLIN love his fans, he shall be very glad to add this WIN joy to your birthday!

  109. love it when role players role play! and skil is definitely more than a role player. he’s our 6th man i’ve no doubt.

  110. wow—Barclay center was roaring—-twas a real fun game tonight compared to the preseason games we attended— looking forward to next Friday with the Hornets.—hope they’ll protect their home court n win again…worth moving from MSG to barclay

  111. Praises for JLin From RealGM:


    Lin plays 10,000x harder than D-Will on both ends of the court, it isn’t even funny. Already love watching him play compared to having to root for the guy that seemed to barely get out of bed on game day half the time.

  112. So happy for you! We been waiting his starter wining game for a while and thanks God, it’s worth the patience!

  113. i think that if all of them play like this they can win lots more games – each of them have something to prove and show that they are hungry for winning.

  114. Skil was hot in the 4th and Lin fed him and encouraged him. This is the result.

  115. Those 2 Lin fans who wear the Rockets and Lakers jerseys must lose the Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  116. one thing about the motion offense: KENNY MADE THE ADJUSTMENT! in the preseason and in the 1st game, the motion went like this:

    lin brings up the ball
    passes to booker
    booker passes to wing (bog/rhj)
    lin sets weakside screen for other wing
    wing passes to wing with booker in position to set a high screen.

    in this motion, lin is floor spacing and the wing is the decision maker. makes sense? NO! no wonder we looked like crap. rhj and bog cant do what lin does, no way….

    tonight we saw a different motion:

    lin brings up the ball
    passes to booker
    booker passes to wing
    lin fakes going to set a weakside screen
    comes off a booker screen instead
    wing passes to lin with booker in position to rescreen

    in this motion lin is the ballhandler up top. THIS is how you get motion offense to work for you. mix it up. if harris or skil are in, they can run the 1st way and harris can get a clean look off the booker high screen, or skil can pnr to attack, etc. the key is to get lin the ball more often than not…

    motion works. we had a ton of open 3’s we simply missed in the 1st quarter. if we made all of them it would’ve been a blowout…

  117. What a wonderful night for JLIN & his his fans! Hope your family had a blessed time! Did you met other Lin Fans from this sites and cheered together?

  118. Great post!

  119. From Jeremy — One word: GRATEFUL!! #thankGod #thankyoufans #livingthedream #Nets

  120. I love how KA boosts the bench confidence by allowing them to keep trying without fear in the earlier part of the season. That’s how they can go further. Wasn’t this how JLin started his career under KA? KA is repeating what he did to JLin to the rest of Nets.

    Sticking to PnR alone doesn’t bring them far, they need to be equipped with a variety of offensive weapons to succeed.

  121. Yes he pushed so far to the result of game 1. Game 2 wasn’t the case and the result was the opposite.

  122. word. besides skil, the role players didnt even play that well. some games harris and ham will get super hot from 3 and we’ll start blowing out teams. post, pnr, motion, 3’s, etc. we can be real good… i have faith….

  123. Another monster stat line by Anthony Davis. But with a loss again. He is on an island

  124. Will he average 40pts this season? lol

  125. The Pelicans better act up and surround him with players. Or else he might jump ship to another team.

  126. I wasn’t at the game tonight. I’m at a family retreat but laying in bed checking out the post game celebratory comments. Soooo happy for the long journey we have been living with JLin and seeing it play out like this.

  127. Unbelievable game! Lin was amazing on both ends of the floor. He was a monster tonight and he played under control. I hope he can keep this up. Nets is very underrated as a team. Brook came to play tonight.

  128. He attempted 31 while the rest of the starter 19…..young Kobe.

  129. Doesnt he have like 5 more years left with them?

  130. Good ol Robin. Always watching and seeing JLin for who he is and appreciating his game. I hope Robin interviews JLin one day soon.

  131. Choosing KA means the Nets and GM are on the right track to Championship!

  132. thanx…we were so noisy inside barclay—..some fans were already shouting mvp :)—but it’s really too early for that…. we gotta reserve more tickets before linsanity 2 occurs n tickets would be selling like hotcakes……

  133. GUYS!!!! I am so convinced they are so going to make the history of NBA, Kenny Lin and Brook. This trust and bond is so unique and rare. The understanding and willingness to sacrifice for each other. Oh MY!!! (spent too much time reading news and stories)
    I am not a punter but I would love to bet that NETS will make the playoff!!!! JLIN ALL STAR!
    Now the problem is,,,as newbie as I am, where could I place such a BET? Thanks XXX

  134. There could not be many New York fans left for Knicks by the end of the season.

  135. wow— so touching–testament to their deep friendship …..when they showed KA face on the camera…we were laughing coz he was perspiring so much …looks like he too was playing on court—’twas funny

  136. Guys also post game interview links please if you have them, I was on the road and only watched last 4 mins of the game..

  137. @JLin7 thanks all the Nets fans for showing up. It’s awesome first win for coach Kenny Atkinson and the team.

  138. I’ve heard some people saying he wasn’t too friendly with Lin when both of them were in the Warriors…

  139. were going to playoffs boys(and girls)!!

  140. Absolutely. I know during this game, I was ecstatic when Grevis, the backup PG made his shot. I don’t think I was rooting for every single player when Lin was on other teams due to a biased coaching staff. This is game was a great win and Lin played the most mins. Excellent.

  141. If they continue to play like tonight. No Motion O system.

  142. I think so. How taking the atlantic division ?

  143. I like this PnR-In-Motion more =)

  144. thanx also for a FUN game–worth the traffic driving to brooklyn 🙂 🙂 right after work

  145. man, many of us so wished to be there watching with all of you =)

    Which play received the loudest cheer in the building?
    Which one you loved best?

  146. The MVP of this game is Lin’s hairdresser. Braid’s on point!

  147. LOL

  148. Hornets win again! time to bring back the Win with K…campaign :

    also, what a game by Sessions! great signing Rich “Benedict” Cho.

  149. on point indeed. i think he is gonna braid it up against the knicks , nationally televised on espn

  150. might happen–barclay was full n noisy…..many people were in Models in front of Barclay center–they’re already checking out JLin”s Jersey

  151. remember JLin, can’t wash your hair with those braids bro!

  152. This is Lin’s style. More fun. KA system it’s mess.

  153. ellis is the type of team mate who annoys everyone from what I have heard – he was in the mavs as well – think he just likes fouling lin esp

  154. how will he wash his hair though?

  155. robin l has always been pro lin – very nice of him and so gracious

  156. From NetsDaily article

    Along with Lopez and Kilpatrick, Jeremy Lin was the unsung hero throughout the entire game. He finished with a near triple-double of 21 points, nine assists and nine rebounds. He facilitated the Nets offense with ease against a tough Indiana team, and showed why Kenny Atkinson is going to rely on him heavily.

    “I see a different maturity about him, a different confidence,’’ Atkinson said of Lin. “The good thing about Jeremy: He never seems overwhelmed by the moment. He has an air about him, a confidence about him. I see a different guy. I see more of a leader and he’s been great with that from the beginning of preseason. This is what makes this fun. … It’s great. He relishes the challenge.”

  157. JLin is only baller that is labeled as “unsung” after nearly getting a triple double. guess one wouldn’t call Westbrook that…

  158. hornets are exceeding expectations, Rich Cho definitely knows how to build a team. A great GM.

  159. he’s a great Uncle Tom and a great Benedict Arnold…

  160. Wait until the residual Lin effect wears off and they lose the patterns Lin had imprinted behind. When mid season comes around and the pressure is on, then we will see the true hornets team fold like every other team that sent him packing.

  161. I guess we will wait and see how the hornets continue to fare –

  162. wth are you talking about?

  163. just look up those two in Wikipedia

  164. i know what an uncle tom and a benedict arnold are. I don’t get how Cho is any of those two? He is the first asian GM in the league, and he is doing great so far.

  165. HBD! Enjoy!

  166. Amazing! Only 1 #Nets player played > 30 min in this win @JLin7 with 34 min
    Fresh legs to play vs Bucks tomorrow. Props to Coach Atkinson! #TeamWin

    Playing 10 players with between 14 and 34 min is a stroke of brilliance in these back-to-back games!

  167. If Bog hit that triple, it would have been a double double.

  168. Can Paul come up with a better photo?

  169. He can’t until they lose a game….and that might be a long time.

  170. I think they’re somewhat speechless to describe the #Linning impact =)

    I’m not too impressed with Westbrook’s 51pts triple-double with 17-44 shooting (2-10 3FG) in 45 min vs the Suns
    Oladipo with 2nd highest shot attempts at 17 FGAs

    Individual brilliance indeed but I doubt he can play 40+min to carry the team in 82-game season+playoff. He’ll burn out sooner than later.

    Lin’s near triple-double in 34 min with team effort is more impressive for the long-term

  171. First time to watch (REAL) Lin’s game, It happeded to be his first home Nets game as starting PG. It happend to be a big win. Love it,

  172. “Congrats on the first win, Coach. Game ball is yours.”

  173. The best part i saw in the video is that you can see how Brook to set the screen for Lin. They played so well together today。Scola would do the same too. It is going to be a fun season. Booker and Kirkpatrick were just unbelievable motivated players.

  174. Rich Cho is another Yes man GM propping up a fake star in Kemba and give a dumb max contract to an injury prone and ineffective Batum. Hornets are not going to make the playoffs. Also why are we even talking about them?

  175. Kilpatrick finally came alive.
    Wondered where his shot has been

  176. Lin and Lopez’s style. KA finally released Lopez and allowed him to play his post game with 25 pts!

  177. Another nice writing on Lin in addition to Howard Beck’s. The quality of NY writers really shows!

  178. I can’t watch the video, it’s on private D=

  179. I did not feel Brook had 5 TOs, it looked like almost perfect night. RHJ had only one TO, but i feel he had more than 3, Sometimes the stats cannot tell the real stories.

  180. really? let me check.

  181. 5 TOs is nothing, we’ve seen far worst from Batum, Harden, and Kobe.

  182. lol KA looks a bit embarrassed.

  183. Thanks! It’s working now!

  184. Sorry, i forgot to publish. It should work now.

  185. Predict Lin’s stats tomorrow ….. back to back, hope he goes for 20p

  186. Lin often does worst in back to back games and he played the most minutes. I hope he’ll be fine tomorrow. So happy there are games on Friday and Saturday. More motivation for the weekend!

  187. Mama Lin is RIGHT

    Looks like a lizard

  188. Nets’ second unit is not bad at all in past two games. we are going to see ESPN change their power ranking for Nets very soon,

  189. Let’s go on getting more wins!!

  190. Great friendship.

  191. lol

  192. Ya! Bc it’s Lin not him to win this game. Haha! But if he continues to allow Lin to play like this. he really will get Coach of the Year.

  193. It’s called confidence!

  194. I just realized that the Nets won without even good 3PT shooting (30% or 10-33)
    Only SKil (4-4), Lin (2-4), Vasquez (1-1) shot very well 3FG%.
    The rest is only 3-24

    The sky is the limit when Brook-Lin PnR is rolling.
    Throw in Book-Lin PnR =)

  195. Main course of Lin PnR and Lopez post ups. Then mix in motion offense for variety 🙂

  196. booker looks like a miniature lebron with the beard and facial structure lol

  197. this would have been a blow-out had a few more of those 3pts dropped. Just think about that.

  198. I’m not worried because if you notice, Lin paces himself. He’s not 100% all the time.. a lot of times he just stand there with the ball and waits. I think he’ll be fine.

  199. Yes, it is a good story.

  200. Lin x Lopez, Lin can’t take all the credit. Also credit Lopez for speaking up after last game about need for adjustments. Both franchise players of the team wanted PnR, Post plays except KA saying Lin was stubborn when it really was him who’s stubborn about the motion offense.

  201. My favorite part from the USA article,

    As the final few seconds ticked off, Lin kept his promise to himself, dribbling out the clock, but looking around his new home and trying to commit it all to memory as another New York fan base fell in love.
    “You know, take a deep breath,” Lin said. “Look around. There’s so many little kids. I was one of those little kids. Think about the little kids who come to the game. And I get to stand at the middle of the court with thousands of fans and we got our first win. It’s been a long journey. So a lot of emotions. I wanted to thank God for it all. Like I said, it’s been a tough journey.”

  202. And Pacers is supposed to be #4 seed in the East!
    Imagine that =)

  203. he was nervous and forces a lot of his shots. I think Lin helped calm him down and gave him confidence. Once he settled his shots dropped.

  204. Nice #Linning formula! haha..

  205. 18 or 20 would be great but most important is to continue winning! 😀 There are so many unproven talent on this team they just lack experience but they have a lot fight in them. I think we will be surprised by a lot of them by the end of the season. I won’t be surprised if some get offered big contracts if Nets does well which could become an issue.

  206. He just found the groove tonight.. my moderate guess is 20pts/11asts

  207. LOL wow I’ve been thinking the same thing!! Glad someone finally said it!!

  208. Haha. Let’s see how Lin performs tomorrow, 2nd game of back to back. It might be a grind out performance type

  209. It should say, “Face the LINTENSITY!” ?

  210. I liked Indiana as top4 coming into the season. They don’t look good today. I still say Cavs , Raptors, Celtics top 3

  211. Tyson Chandler is being wasted in Phoenix. their guards are such ballhogs. they just use Tyson for his great screens but never pass it to him. he played 38 minutes tonight so he can still be very productive. i hope the Nets front office trade for him

  212. They are actually very good individually but they didn’t play as together as the Nets.
    That’s probably why Paul George said the Nets played very well together.

    Lin made the offensive flow humming to near-perfection

  213. I read he wanted out since they are in “rebuilding” mode. I’m not sure he would fit this team though, and surely Sean Marks will not trade for him because of his contract.

  214. I thought i saw Nets players were more nervous than Pacers players today. Maybe it was only the second game and they are stilling get to know each other. I think they can perform 10% (scoring efficiency) better after 10 games

  215. I doubt… Nets GM likes young players more….

  216. Ya, I still think Indiana is top4 material. It is a long season ….

  217. they did drafted Dragan Bender so maybe Tyson felt a little jilted by that

  218. Poor AL. Brook was killing him.

  219. Tyson would help in playoff push with his defense and experience.
    If the ABennet experience doesn’t work, they’ll need some defensive presence for sure.

    Someone mentioned Psycho T as a possibility. He will be better than AB rebounding-wise

  220. Tyson is on the downside of his career. He does not have the athleticism he used to have and he cannot shoot.

  221. Lin joked at AK “You better not let me see you play with that ball! You’d better frame it!”

  222. yeah but he did play 38 minutes tonight. he’s still serviceable in my opinion. he never was a good shooter

  223. his athletic abilities and playing style are also similar…obviously nowhere near lebron but similar

  224. Almost forgot the obligatory Celebration LINNING Dance!

  225. GM won’t trade for his contract.

  226. He kinda looks scary.

  227. Other fans don’t notice that the Sixers and the Sun management are dysfunctional as the Knicks.

  228. Effortless.

  229. So… Jeremy Lin Most Improved Player is in play . And Atkinson Coach of the Year award is in play …

  230. Omg lol. So awkward..

  231. lol thats the point! He is the enforcer of the team. For me though he doesn’t look scary, he looks more like a family man than anything else. Nobody on the nets really stands out as “tough/aggressive”…maybe brook lopez, that man has tree trunks for legs and he just throws people around like they’re dolls.

  232. Wow, really? Lin wrecked them. If they’re supposed to be #4, then I don’t even know anymore.

  233. Starters had plus/- of -13. Second unit had +63. Go figure

  234. ignore this guy. He’s just saying Cho is a race traitor to Asians for not keeping Lin around, forgetting he’s the only one who gave Lin a chance to shine.

  235. Thanks for the post…really nice article. Heartfelt.

  236. Yea, true. I disagree with Lopez lol, I think he looks like a very charming, sweet, nice guy. Not tough or aggressive to me..

  237. Don’t look now but Charlotte is 2-0. Looked good against Miami.

  238. soon JLin All-Star is gonna be in play.

  239. JLIn only played 34 very efficient minutes. Lopez something like 25 efficient minutes. KA did a masterful job in managing minutes. Great efficiency from his two main players

  240. Agreed. Kilpatrick came out of no where lol.

  241. I’ve been very critical of Atkinson this preseason and game 1. Haven’t watched the game yet, but was listening on the radio and loved what I was hearing. Atkinson unleashing Brook-Lin. Whether the first game was to preserve the starters for this game, or pulling a Popovich and only letting an Eastern contender see a limited offense for the future (stretching it there), Atkinson and the fans just had a taste of what is possible and there is no turning back from letting Lin play his game. Great job COACH!

  242. you can tell the entire Pacers team was just scared of what Lin’s planning.

  243. sweet charming and nice? 😛 if you say so…if I were on the other team, id be more scared of him than anyone else lol

  244. Psycho T would provide much needed rebounding, and can learn PnR with Lin

  245. lol…are you getting these from netsdaily?

  246. They got beaten by the sheer Lintelligence =)

    They can’t pick their poison, “What is he going to do? Pass, drive, 3s, draw fouls .. whoops Jumpshot!” ?

  247. no, Twitter GIF is the motherlode lol

  248. Nice. Love the crowd.

  249. I believe Atkinson would know how to play Psycho T, the only thing is he’s not a 3pt shooter.
    Then again not Tyson Chandler either.

    It’ll be hard to find a shotblocker who can hit 3s

  250. Can’t wait to see how Lin beat Kidd tomorrow…

  251. The bench surge in the past 2 games have been pleasantly shocking.

    It’s also the impact of Lin kept drawing fouls in the 1st half finally wore down the Pacers.
    By 8-9 min mark in the 4th quarter, they’re already in foul trouble.
    They can’t be as aggressive defending the rim

    Lin’s ability to draw fouls is truly underrated. I counted at least 3 in the 1st quarter on 3 different players

  252. I know that’s why I want Lin to beat Kidd tomorrow.

  253. Whaaat, whaat. Just saw the highlights (haven’t watched game yet). Why am I so giddy. Haha. What a thing of beauty. Lin playing the PnR w/ Lopez, Scola, Booker. This is going to be an exciting year. Great job COACH letting them play!

  254. Let’s see how Lin performs in a back to back this time around….

  255. Here comes the MVP Chants =D

    @danfavale: listen closely and you can hear nets fans chanting “MVP” for Jeremy Lin

  256. does anyone know links for post game interviews?

  257. Nets daily has them, audio form

  258. Russell Westbrook is going to be crazy this year. Hope he doesn’t break his body going all out like this.

  259. “Jeremy Lin chats it up with former teammate Aaron Brooks”

    AB is a great guy! If you remember, AB said to McHale wanting to pull Lin, “Let Jeremy play, coach. Let him do his thing”

  260. Last year, he was BETTER in back to back games. No longer a problem for him.

  261. 32p/7a. They’ll need him to score more on the 2nd night of a back-to-back.

  262. Brook got 4 TOs in just very short span in the 3Q when he got the ball inside but lost it going up. He should have kicked the ball back out since they were playing him so tight.

    Other than that, he was used really well tonight.

  263. He has 70FGA in the past 2 games. He’s in straight up ball hog mode and doesn’t give a damn. Lol

  264. thanks so much!


    “Meanwhile, the myth of Lin’s defensive limitations — in reality, his teams have consistently performed better with him on the floor than off dating back to Knicks days — continued to recede as he held his opposite number, Jeff Teague, to just one field goal in the first half. Teague finished 2-for-13 from the field, scored four points. Lin had 12 at the half, along with five assists.”

  266. Novak reunion tomorrow! I wish this team had AB and Novak on it. Perfect for on-court and off-court chemistry.

  267. He took 44 shots today haha, holy hell. Although looking at the highlights he made some nifty passes

  268. I’m sorry, but 44 FGA is just embarrassing. This is why Durant left.

  269. Good analysis by a Netsdaily poster.
    Lin’s ability to draw so many fouls to get Pacers in early foul trouble and less aggressive defense is truly underrated.

    Great game
    1 Brook was more aggressive today. Took the right shots and did his work inside. Id like him cut down on a couple of those 3’s and be more aggressive on the defensive end and get on the boards.
    2 Skil did a great job today. Way to play with confidence. His offensive intensity also carried through on the defensive end. Good showing.
    3 Great game by jeremy lin. Filling up the stat sheet. All his point came within the flow. Kept the team steady and under control. Did his damage in controlling the flow of this game and got everyone involved. Also getting his opponent into foul trouble.
    4 Booker is the real deal. Most of us knew he was underrated. What heart and energy. Way to show that emotion on the court.
    5 Harris had an off shooting night but thought he did alright defensively. He showed he is able to move his feet and stay in front of his man. He also has a strong body to not get pushed around.
    6 Ham came up with a couple of key plays today. Good block on turner.
    by Nomad_balla

  270. It will be fun seeing him go all out though. Their point differential in these wins is not big. When they face the elite teams , he cannot do it all

  271. It’s hard not to break his body shooting 17/44 for 45 min … against the Suns
    He’s going even harder than Kemba, who had an off-season surgery on torn meniscus

  272. I really like Nets daily. They are just great to Lin & even his fans…haha

  273. I’d be surprise if he’s not injured before the All-Star break. At this rate- I imagine his knee is gonna go through some serious wear and tear

  274. OKC has talent to work with, but Russ ain’t interested in leading. Only racking up stats and glory like his buddy Harden. Westbrook does play some defense though.

  275. Another Nets fan won over by Lin due to JKidd-like reassuring quality, not like Deron Williams

    The Lin effect is in full swing
    There’s just something about him where I feel completely comfortable with him leading the team. D-Will…I liked him early on…but he definitely had some attitude toward him where he’d complain to the point where it got beyond annoying. He almost complained as much as Kyle Lowry. But with Lin it just seems so much reassuring seeing our PG be so calm and collected. It’s like when Kidd was playing and he would play with ice water in his veins. Lin is the same way and you can tell that his #1 priority is to win and not to rack up the stats. I guess he’s the type that sees the bigger picture and knows that if he does his job then the numbers will come, but he doesn’t put himself over the team. I just love the guy and he’s looking like a total steal right now.

    Posted by Do0msday

  276. Exactly like the Steven Nash PG mentality.

  277. I was pleasantly shocked by Booker’s spin-move and monster jam off Lin’s pass!
    I thought he was going to do a polite layup LOL

  278. I like this.
    Isola is starting Coach of the Year campaign or Coach Atkinson

    @FisolaNYDN: As of tonight, the Nets Kenny Atkinson is leading candidate for coach of the year.

  279. It’s amazing what guys can do when you give them a chance! That’s the real “Lin Effect.” When Jeremy gets going, other guys like Booker and Kilpatrick get going too.

    Basketball is way more psychological than most people think. That’s why analytics needs to be taken with a truckload of salt when it comes to basketball (it’s great for baseball though).

  280. Isola is a leech. He’ll praise Lin if it gets clicks and shames Melo/Dolan. He’ll bash Lin if it gets clicks and angers fans.
    I always ignore anything he says about anyone, positive or negative.

  281. Certainly more even-handed than the Real GM Nets forum, which is bashing Lin even tonight. What can you say about a community that mostly supports Donald Trump for president?

  282. I agree; Morey’s analytics heavily favored individual efficiency and stats like Harden possesses.
    It even identified Lin’s individual ability for scoring efficiency.

    But so far it fails to identify the team aspect of the analytics; how Lin makes other guys better by feeling empowered.

    This clip is a clear example of Lin’s court-vision to see Booker has an open lane to the rim. He trusted Booker to make his move and Booker reciprocated Lin’s trust by doing his part with confidence.

    That’s simply a beautiful team basketball. Lin could have easily frozen his teammates by doing multiple “heat checks” but he believes in team basketball!

  283. true, he’s a click journalist with no loyalty … no offense to @Click_Click =)

  284. Yes! Lin is perhaps one of the most underrated in terms of being a floor general.

  285. Howard Beck is great though! Even though he writes for Bleacher Report now. BR is actually trying to be legit — they hired 2-3 real reporters/writers.

  286. Yes. Isola shall forever remain a villain for many Lin fans…

  287. Never liked those silly chants, especially for Kobe

  288. Booker is going to have his best season this year. He was slept on by other teams too.

  289. What’s also astounding about this picture is Randy Foye’s joyful reaction in the back in street clothes.

    He didn’t even play but he truly felt being part of the team in this historic win!
    I’m sure he also laughed at Coach Atkinson getting embarrassed

  290. 25p/ 7ast

  291. Exactly. Another thing Lin does that can’t be measured is rewarding great defensive plays with offensive touches. Play hard on defense? Lin will do everything to reward you ASAP on offense — that reinforces the positive behavior (good defense).

    Lin often gets TOs on himself trying to reward guys and build up their confidence (i.e. by forcing a pass to them in traffic). He knows that it doesn’t matter whether his stats look better or not. It’s about keeping teammates happy and alert.

  292. so true .. the RB’s “me first” mentality was not good for team chemistry

  293. let’s steer away from politics =)
    it has caused multiple fights

  294. so true .. Lin derives pure joy from seeing his teammates succeed!
    that’s why he’s such a good leader

  295. very true, he was clearly underutilized even in Utah.
    He has surprising athleticism and quite an offensive arsenal!

  296. This one play got me so heat up

  297. Lin’s post game interview praising his teammates and talking about grabbing the game ball to give to Coach Atkinson.
    I’ll also add it in the article above

  298. This play is so good. All 5 Pacers collapse on Lin in the paint, then he fake passes all 5 of them and they all run away from him leaving him alone to take an open shot.

  299. What a great picture!

    @_Ed_Hamilton: JLin, scream and shout your way to success

  300. Glad Miami lost

  301. Lin fans represented all his NBA jerseys

    Joey Yeh @JLin7 #JeremyLin’s NBA History #welcomeback #linsanitysawakening #myroommateisyourno1fan

  302. @_Ed_Hamilton
    @JLin7 who said Lin can’t handle the ball? think again haters

  303. @JLin7: “It’s been a long journey. A lot of emotions.
    I wanted to thank God for it all
    Like I said, it’s been a tough journey” [USAToday]

  304. WOW What a night! I took too many pictures, but here are 90 of the best ones on Google Drive. Enjoy!

  305. Man I’m so jealous the crowd must have been absolutely atmospheric with the way they were playing tonight.

  306. Nice pics bud.

  307. Brooklyn Nets‏
    Coach Atkinson on Lin: “I see a leader. He’s been great with that from preseason. That’s what makes this fun. He relishes the challenge.”

    Brian Lewis‏
    Kenny Atkinson on @JLin7 since #Linsanity: “Definitely, he’s matured. I see a different maturity about him, a different confidence.” #Nets

    Atkinson: “He never seems overwhelmed by the moment. He has an air about him, a confidence. I see a different guy…more of a leader” #Nets

  308. i just hope that the nets thrash the bucks – i will always remember the foul kidd gave lin –

  309. tell lin never to dance again – it even makes me look good

  310. was just thinking lin beat the pacers when he was in charlotte last season now same thing in a different team

  311. can he wear the same uniform then – maybe he brings them good luck

  312. It took me 2 and a half hours just to get INTO Barclays. Knew it was a mistake and I’ll never drive there again. Paid $50+ for tolls 1 way, $40 for parking, $9+ hot dogs, $6 bottle of water, plus tickets… it was worth every penny and minute.

    So the game started out pretty bad for the Nets, due to poor shooting, but ball movement was good and we were getting lots of open shots. Nets stuck with it and eventually, shots started falling. The defense was good all night, which was key to winning tonight, especially in the 4th quarter when we went on a 14-2 run and Pacers went 0 for 9 FG.

    Lin was amazing tonight. He directed traffics and dictated the pace of the game. He was giving out instructions to his teammates all night. A true floor general. You could tell he (and every Nets player) wanted to win this game bad and was not going to let anything stop him from getting a W in the home opener. Lin was a man on a mission, grabbing 9 rebounds, 9 assists, and of course 21 points.

    Brook got off to a great start. He was being fed by Lin and finally started making shots… shots that Brook usually makes in the past 8 years. We finally got a taste of what Brook-Lin and boy did it taste great! Crowd was pretty subdued for the for first quarter, but started coming alive after Lin assisted Brook on that reverse dunk. This is what I was talking about when I said that Brook didn’t have to adjust to Kenny’s system, but rather, Kenny has to adjust to Brook and find a way to incorporate him into the motion offense. I still don’t like Brook taking so many 3s, but at least he was posting up a lot more tonight and being utilized the right way.

    Booker. Oh man, tonight showed what I always thought Booker could be for the Nets since he got signed and we all saw his monster dunk highlights. I believe he had 3 monster dunks. He electrified the crowd. It was amazing. He led the Nets with 11 rebounds tonight too. I hope he can keep up this energy, defense, rebounding, and get at least a monster dunk or two every game. This could be Booker’s break out year.

    Sean Skilpatrick. What a stud. Lin kept saying that everybody will be surprised at how good he can be and Kilpatrick proved it tonight. He was on fire at the 3-point line and Pacers couldn’t stop his drives either. I expect more of these games from him this season. Loved the energy and intensity he brought on top of the hot scoring.

    Everybody else was pretty quiet tonight, but they all contributed in their own ways. They played very good defense and kept this strong Pacers team on their heels. As usual, Nets had a bad 3rd quarter, but they came back strong in the 4th and dominated the Pacers. If Nets can play with this hunger and intensity for most nights this year, I firmly believe we can make the playoffs.

    Some other interesting tidbits… Brooklyn Brigade were leading the charge in chants and providing energy for the arena. I was sitting much closer to the court than them, but they were behind me. I followed their chanting and also started some of my own, which got my section going as well. At one point, we started chanting MVP for Lin. Not everybody was chanting, but I was and so were the Brigade. It was awesome lol. I also yelled out “you can’t stop him!” a few times when Lin was driving to basket. :p

    I sat in the same row as a Redditor that got tickets when I posted the deal on the Nets subreddit. He was also an Asian haha. He kept looking at me during the game because I was decked out in Nets gear and wore a Lin jersey and I also told him around what row I was sitting at in that Reddit thread, so he pieced it together and came up to me after the game. He asked “You from Reddit?” And I was like yup. We talked for a minute or so about the game and then left.

    Anyway, I’m super tired. Been running on adrenaline and now I’m pooped. Talk to you guys tomorrow morning. 🙂

  313. Thanks

  314. It was insane. The crowd started out really quiet and somber, but as the game progressed, it got louder and louder, wilder and wilder. It kept building up and then went completely insane in the 4th quarter. What an experience.

  315. Nice report! Thanks!

  316. I think you gotta give Hamilton some credit as well. Didn’t shoot well but his defense seemed better tonight.

  317. Yes, he made a nice block. He gave the Pacers problems in the paint.

  318. So many signings looking like steals already. Booker, Hamilton, Joe Harris. Keeping Kilpatrick was a great idea as well.

  319. Yup, Sean Marks is a genius. Imagine what could’ve been if Blazers and Heat didn’t match…

  320. You’re welcome. 🙂

  321. Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson are masterminds. My only gripe are the vets, but we do need them and they’re on very friendly deals.

    If Blazers & Heat didn’t match, I would have predicted within the 40-45 range. Maybe even close to 50.

  322. man…I was hoping for a atleast one full page report! thanks 😉

  323. By the way, I believe Lin’s black wristband says “In Jesus’ name” or something like that. I zoomed in with the pictures I took before I resized them.

  324. true enough! agreed

  325. :p

  326. Both Lin and Kilpatrick praise the Lord. Both will be doing well.

  327. Vasquez is also very religious.

  328. Darn, didn’t know that. Seems like they all have a bit in common already!

  329. I would love to see the Nets players who are currently sitting on the bench be a little more enthusiastic for their teammates who are currently on the court as the season goes along 🙂

  330. lol…wont be surprised…many professional players do just that!

  331. Pick-Motion-Roll

  332. Just in case if its not posted yet…

    by Blaiyan

  333. By Speed of Lin

  334. Jeremy Lin Postgame Interview #NetsOpener
    By Popo Chung

  335. Photos taken with your mobile or camera? Nice pixs

  336. Jeremy Lin 林書豪21分9籃板9助攻 緯來體育 HD 20161029

    By liao anton 13.36min

  337. Always a great feelin to wake up and read great reports after a win…wooohooo

  338. Kobe said he sees a lot of himself in Westbrook.

  339. Motion Pick ture…?

  340. lol Same here Lopez does look scary especially when he isn’t smiling, dude is a giant you don’t want to be on his bad side.

  341. I like this better with Brook-Lin’s greetings to fans.

  342. Some of them were standing and cheering especially for Booker’s dunk.

  343. I beat U by a sec maybe! LOL
    Glad we like the same thing.

  344. I believe Nets can go beyond the 40 mark. If they acquired the off season players they wanted they would totally make past the 50 mark. Lets see how far they can go with this team they have some sleeping dragons just need KA to adjust use everyone properly.

  345. I was wondering why Lin was so open. It helps a lot to have a monster like Lopez in the paint. They’d rather double him than Lin since leaving Lopez open is automatic dunk or post up. It’s refreshing to finally have a capable and mature star PF/C Lin can work with!

  346. PFV’s comments

  347. And that is why Westbrook is a ball hog and shot chucker who won’t ever win a ring. He’s lucky his teammate was a team 1st guy in KD. KD is one of the most efficient scorers in the league yet for some reason he was always playing 2nd fiddle to Westbrook. The iso centric system also didn’t help. OKC had all these talents yet what’s the point when the 2 main guys took all the shots?

  348. Booker’s post-game interview:

    Talking about defense: “For the most part, we did a pretty good job. For the 4th quarter, we had them to only 15 points, which was huge, and that’s why we came out with the win. Now we’ve shown that we’re capable of doing it, we just have to do it–you know–for 80 more games.”.

  349. Who cares about ESPN their ranks are always false and they are Lin haters. I rather they not post about Nets at all. They will be the dark horse in the rankings and playoff runs this year!

  350. Wow so rare for a teammate to talk about “defense” instead of offense.

  351. Haha thanks guys for posting a longer highlight!

  352. I’d say we just need one more defense expert like booker, or if a few more players could be playing like booker defensively, we’ll be all set for playoff…if only AB could be like booker someday.

  353. Lol You must have short memory, they were awful last game. This game they almost blew the Pacers’ lead up during 3rd quarter again. It’s a good thing they finally came through in the 4th. Vazquez was complete garbage always fouled, couldn’t even make layups but redeemed himself when he came and was an instant spark of 3 pointers.

  354. I get to like Brook better every day.

  355. just in case u will go back to BC–there are free parking around …we’ve been to BC several times and found free parking easily….u just have to walk 3-4 blocks

  356. the center was kinda quiet at the start but I enjoyed the fourth quarter the most when the whole arena was into the game shouting defense….everybody was into it

  357. You’re as fascinating as Lin is.

  358. Lakers and Rockets and Knicks too.

    NOBODY kills the Pacers like Lin does.

    It’s LINVENGE for when Pacers president said “We don’t want Lin, I don’t want anybody (book smarter and thus not hoop) smarter than me”.

  359. best fake in the NBA I have EVER seen

    that should be a Shaqtin a Fool moment!

  360. After the first win of the Nets, let’s review the season predictions by those sport writers. I have their names attached.
    32 wins Bleacher report (Joe Pantorno) ,
    28.8 wins (ESPN insider)
    25 wins Bleacher report (Dan Favale)
    20.5 wins (Las Vegas)
    18 wins Fansided Sir Charles in Charge by (Michael Saenz)
    16 wins Hoopshabit (Gerald Bourguet)
    14 wins Bleacher report (Adam Fromal)

    How does Adam Fromal feel after this win of the Nets?

  361. which play…there were several moments but the most enjoyable one was — when booker did a turn around and dunk the ball—that was amazing…

  362. To me… frank is always “ibola”

  363. google jeremey lin this early morning here in the usa and heres what you get:

    Echo of Jeremy Lin’s Glory Days as Nets Win Home Opener
    New York Times

    Jeremy Lin leads Nets to comeback win in home debut
    New York Post

    Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin lead Nets to win over Pacers in home opener

    Lin Barely Misses Triple-Double As Nets Beat Pacers 103-94

    Linsanity is back, in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn braces for Linsanity as Nets win home opener
    New York Daily News

  364. This is absolutely hilarious! I’ll watch it again and again. Shaq a fool needs this.

  365. I almost feel sorry for Anthony Bennett.

  366. Sounds like your typical linsanity game.

  367. He makes fun of Melo. At least he bashes everyone.

  368. A post after a great game = way less comments…. lol

  369. Awesome! Make their “expertise” = they dont what their talking anout…

  370. Sorry folks that I didn’t have any chance to post anything since I left Brissie about a week ago.

    It is awesome to witness JLin and his team last night. Am really happy to meet up few JLin fans in the game. I had fun and enjoy every minute of meeting as well as the game. I wouldn’t be able to write up what I’ve observed until probably tonight.

    My time in NYC is up and is about to embark to my next phase of traveling. Time to go and get ready to leave.

  371. Have a great Trip! I know it started great with last night’s game

  372. someone should correct his stats 2 blocks

  373. …watching Jeremy Lin lead the Nets to a home opener win in MVP-like fashion….Priceless.

  374. It’s like the afterglow, a sense of peace, well being and calm, when reflecting on the wonderful evening and awesome meal with friends and family. Just enjoying it.

  375. Lucky you to see that first great won from Lin & Nets. Have fun trip in USA.

  376. Where to now?

  377. One to Ellis, who is the other?

  378. Apparently not to sleep

  379. Coach’s mom has a hilarious voice:). Raising 7 close-knit boys, she should win coach of the year

  380. has Lin’s stats as 1 block for 2 games played so far.

  381. Let’s cross them out one by one when wins reach their threadhold. They knew what is coming after first win by Nets

  382. Well there is another game in a few hours so definately not.

  383. “You can’t stop him!”

  384. Enjoy your next trip. Lucky lady.

    I’m really happy that you witnessed in person the 1st Win of Lin and coach Atkinson’s Nets.

  385. @BrooklynNets just rolled Lin’s highlights

  386. The highlight will roll on today!

  387. @nba also liked JLin’s home debut highlights!
    Pinch me 🙂 Is this 2012 or 2016?

    Jeremy Lin puts up 21 points, 9 rebounds & 9 assists in his @BrooklynNets home debut! #KiaTipOff16

  388. man, it feels like 2012 .. with another game in 9 hours lol

  389. Thanks for sharing your game-time experience! I wish we could be there chanting and screaming with you =)

    So glad you got to witness the historic game for JLin as the franchise leader and Coach Atkinsons’ first win as an NBA coach. Someday you could retell the stores to the grandkids lol

  390. Because of the stupid amount of traffic I had to go through, I got there a bit later than I had hoped and I even left early. I found a free parking spot, but it was a bit shady, so I didn’t park in it. I circled around a 2nd time and someone already parked in that spot. :/

  391. One of the beautiful things about Lopez is how easy he makes scoring look.

    In the back of every Net players mind is that “if we need a basket we could take one with Lopez near the basket.”

    This allows everyone else on the team to play loose and confident.

  392. Woooooohoooooo

  393. Of all the games you could have gone to, you picked THE GREATEST GAME of Lin’s entire career!

    Good for you!

  394. I kind of question the fidelity of this…

  395. exactly~~~

  396. This is why I have been calling Brook Lopez “the best center in the NBA”.

    When he gets the ball down low, he CANNOT BE STOPPED.

  397. I don’t.

    Doc Scheppler has been saying that for Lin’s ENTIRE career!

  398. feels BETTER than 2012 to me.

  399. another great article by Greg ?
    Coach KA is smart to adapt. Brook-Lin PnR simply befuddled the Pacers ? They looked so listless in the 4th quarter trying to stop it

    Brooklyn Nets: Jeremy Lin & Brook Lopez Pick & Roll Lethal as Can Be

    Lopez led the Nets with 25 points in 26 minutes. He had a kinda of mixed game, taking too many 3-pointer (0-for-4) and spending too many times hovering around the perimeter instead of doing what he does best. But he and Lin were almost automatic whenever they went for the pick & roll, helping Lopez score 8 of his points. The Pacers couldn’t stop Lin when he took off towards the paint, and they had no one to handle Lopez when he got the ball inside. It might not be part of the motion offense Kenny Atkinson dreams of, but it’s the best play the Nets have, and there’s no reason to hide away from it as long as teams don’t have an answer for it.
    Lin finished with 21 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, and for some reason the box score didn’t show any steals, but he had a couple of them. Monta Ellis and Jeff Teague both struggled to contain him whenever he tried attacking the rim, which helped Lin get to the line 8 times, making 7 of his shots. It was a lot easier with screens being set up for him. When the Nets have players rolling to the basket while Lin is moving in that direction as well, they’re very difficult to stop. Trevor Booker scored 4 points off of that, and the Nets final points of the game displayed what kind of confusion a defense has when Lin comes off a screen and enters the paint. Too many options, but it’s up to his teammates to keep up.

    Maybe more impressive on in the Lin aspect of the game was his shooting. He finished with 6-of-12 from the field and 2-for-4 from beyond the arc. Good, but not mind blowing. So what’s the big deal? His form and confidence when going up for jumpers, even the difficult ones, seems fluid, smooth. It’s something best seen, not imagined through words written on a screen.

    Sean Kilpatrick scored 18 points off the bench. He emerged as a terrific player last season from the Nets almost out of nowhere, and from the looks of things, they’d do much better with him in the lineup instead of Bojan Bogdanovic …

  400. I mean if he will email Nathan or not…not what he have or have not said….LOL

  401. Need to make better decision, just like Lin….. I kid I kid…

  402. Lopez definitely can be an unstoppable center in the NBA!

    I actually thought he’s the closes thing to Tim Duncan after he retired.
    His great footwork around the paint, his range with the midrange Js, his towering presence and arrays of finishes around the basket .. He just needed an All-Star caliber PG all this years (whose name is not Deron)!

    Lin completes him! ?

  403. maybe we can email Doc to confirm the email LOL

  404. The biggest difference between the previous game and this game was that Lin’s teammates suddenly realized that Lin is actively looking for them on offense.

    This game, Lin’s guys made very hard cuts and set solid screens and were ready to receive passes. And that put tremendous pressure on the Pacers defensively.

    Every Lin team has this moment where the teammates fully realize that they have to play through Lin. In the case of the Nets, it happened sooner than any other Lin team.

  405. LOL I think the mail will go to Nathan instead…jk

  406. Agree.

    Lopez will never read the court as well as Duncan did, but he certainly can be one of the NBA’s top 5 players and a top 1 center.

  407. So glad you got to witness JLin’s historic game in your first NBA game =)
    You don’t know how blessed you are .. I’ve been in so many games with losses because Lin was hidden behind selfish teammates haha…

  408. auto-forward lololol

  409. You should have bought those seats behind the bench so you could have had many chat with him during the game…LOL

  410. When I think of Milwaukee, I only think of the one player who has played evenly with Lin on many occasions:

    Matthew Dellavedova.

    I know that the Nets are committed to Isiah Whitehead and got Greivis Vasquez as a one year veteran stopgap (more gap than stop) so that Whitehead could do one year of learning before becoming the backup PG. So getting Greivis Vasquez was an inexpensive gamble but not a mistake.

    Dellavedova could have been bought by the Nets at $9 million annually. He’d have been an ideal fit on this gritty tough rugged Nets team.

    Dellavedova will do his best to impede Lin tonight. Unlike any other PG in the NBA, Dellavedova stands a real fighting chance against Lin.

  411. I feel the need to marvel at JLin’s behind-the-back one more time
    (ok, 3-4 more times)

    [email protected] picks up the loose ball and throws a perfectly executed behind the back pass.

  412. The ball fake on 5 defenders that Lin did, that was THE BEST ball fake I’ve ever seen done in the NBA.

    That highlight should be #1 on “Shaqtin a Fool”, as it was nastier than any anklebreak dribbling.

  413. I think he faked some of his teammates too….LOL

  414. Faked ME out!

  415. I might get escorted out by the security guards if I tried to chat Lin too much LOL
    You might see Melody, @blubell and me escorted out hahaha..

  416. Coach Atkinson probably deserves credit for getting his players to understand.

  417. Sean Kilpatrick is the 2nd coming of Vinnie “Microwave” Johnson off the bench.

  418. I think they will escort Lin out too

  419. I kind of wish we had a day or two to savor this win and let everybody process how amazing it was…

  420. Love the highlights. Too bad didn’t promote Lin or the Nets win more last night like they did with some other players and teams.

  421. Based on what I saw in the postgame interviews, I would say that Atkinson “coached” Lin and the Nets the exact same way Erik Spoelstra and David Blatt and Tyronn Lue “coached” Lebron James.

  422. This was such a hard and fancy pass to make. To run at full speed down the court with a defender next to him, look behind real fast to your trailer, then pass it perfectly behind the back without looking again, all without breaking Kilpatrick’s stride was truly Linsane.

  423. Only Hall of Famers can make that kind of play regularly like Lin does.

  424. Soooo you are saying the Nets will be winning a championship? ?

  425. Getting Brook going early was key because the other players’ shots weren’t going in, even though they were getting open looks. Nets would’ve been trailing by a ton in the 1st half if it wasn’t for Brook (and Lin) getting off to a good start.

  426. That’s not hard 🙂

  427. haha .. that’s mean lol

  428. LOL I actually knew that driving there was a mistake months ago because of what so many people kept telling us here and elsewhere. I just didn’t think it was going to be that bad.

  429. Lin only got to see through the corner of his eyes the trailing teammates but he can delivered the difficult behind-the-back pass with such precision. Linsane indeed!

  430. =)

  431. TRUE!

    Great post.

  432. NOT AT ALL.

    She’s RIGHT!

  433. It’s such a nice feeling proving the doubters, haters, naysayers, and critics on Reddit wrong…

    Of course this is just the beginning and Nets haven’t gotten 30+ wins yet, but the trolls are now hiding in their caves, scared that Lin and the Nets will do well this year.

  434. I just want to say that everything that JLin did last night was downright Steve Nash-esque, in being in full-control of the game.

    Those who watched Steve Nash in his heydays know exactly what I’m talking about:
    1. The probing in the lane, the patience to wait for teammates to get open, the forays into the paint area, the excellent ball-control and dribble-drive,
    2. the swishing of the jumpers, the deep 3s with 2-3 feet behind the line without hesitation, the turnaround jumper with 1.3 second left in the shot-clock …

    Someone has been studying Nash game films for a long time since 2011 and finally mastered it to add his offensive arsenal to complete his own strength in drives and defense.

    And then Lin added some more with his own strength of drawing so many fouls to get FTs and get the Pacers afraid to get to close to touch him in the 4th. Plus those close-down “Get-It-Out-of-Here” swatdown blocks from behind that Monta Ellis had to experience =) To remember how Monta used not to think much of Lin in GSW and he had to experience the full-dose of LINSANE game was thoroughly gratifying…

    After 6 years in the NBA, the LIN-transformation is almost 100% complete =)
    We are witnessing Jeremy Lin entering his peak period in the NBA at 28 years old. It’s simply marvelous!

  435. Nash could never have carried a team like these downtrodden Nets the way Lin has.

  436. SIC EM, Click Click!!!

  437. not defensively, he couldn’t

  438. Featured comment is great. But you really shouldn’t complain about the drive into Barclays. Every New Yorker knows that it’s crazy to drive and park in the city. Almost every subway line drops you right at the arena entrance. I also wouldn’t just get the hotdogs at Barclays. They actually have a large and delicious selection of food choices.

    My main point is that Lin fans shouldn’t hesitate to actually come out to the games and show support for the Nets decision to make JLin their starting PG with an appropriate salary. The more we show that winning now with Lin will create a Nets fanbase, the more likely they are to unleash Linsanity rather than purposely lose to develope the young players.

    Besides, it really a amazing to experience to watch Lin lead his team to victory live and in person.

  439. People used to say about Larry Bird and Magic Johnson:

    “Eyes in the back of his head”.

    That’s Lin too.

  440. Or offensively, as Nash could never split defenses and score inside like Lin could.

  441. Barclays should serve DIM SUM

    That would REALLY draw in the fans – and not just Asian fans either!!!

  442. True! I told guest services that they need to have more Asian cuisine. Lol

  443. I’m not complaining, I’m sharing my experience of last night’s game and that included the commute there. I knew it was a bad idea to drive to Barclays, but I had to for different reasons.

    I didn’t want to get hot dogs and fries either, but the concession area was right outside of our section’s entrance / exit. We got food and drinks at halftime and waited a long time in line. If we went searching for better food elsewhere around Barclays, it would’ve taken a lot more time. We still missed the first 8 minutes of the 3rd quarter because of this.

  444. They have Asian food there Khuang. They have sushi also

  445. I understand. I think it’s really great that you did come to the game all decked out in Lin gear and even leading chants!

    I just didnt want people to read your first paragraph and decide that it’s much better to stay home and just watch the games on TV. The Nets desperately need a fanbase and I think ownership is watching carefully to see if Linsanity can really bring it.

  446. If you readers didn’t realize how exciting and amazing it was to be at the game from reading my post, then that’s their problem. :p

    By the way, ownership already knows Lin can bring it. It won’t be Linsanity, but it will be sustained good basketball, led by Lin.

  447. they should have chicken feet lol

  448. Huh. One guy in VIP services (who was Asian) told me he thought there wasn’t any. Is the sushi sold at the Abagail’s concession?

  449. Haha! More to come….

  450. Yeah but $50+$40+$9+$6+ticket$ is bound to scare some people off. ?

  451. It’s in the ground floor area.

  452. young

  453. I appreciate both your concerns about parking and food. Each one has his/her situational needs. I for one will bring my family there with my friends and we are driving and we will get our own food. But hey, it is a once (maybe more to come) in a life time experience and I just wanted to be there and share with my kids what Lin is all about.

  454. Thanks

  455. WOW, I think I missed the pass the 2nd time when I watched the full review, it is just so unbelievable and stealthy.

  456. Be afraid, Knicks!

  457. If you’re driving there, take Parents of many kids’ advice the other day and get there at least an hour early. There will be many free parking spaces available about a block or two away and you can just walk to Barclays. I tried getting there an hour early, but because of heavy traffic, I got there an hour late instead. Just make sure you’re not parking near a fire hydrant or in an area that doesn’t allow parking.

    It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience getting to watch Lin lead the Nets in person. Obviously not every game will be this exciting and Nets won’t win every home game like Warriors (until April) last year, but it’s still worth going to a game. I highly recommend the lower sections if you can afford it. Well worth the money spent.

  458. Since Yi & Zhou aren’t in NBA now, a lot basketball fans in China said will vote Lin for All-Star if he keep this performance.

  459. If you come in large groups, the cost of parking gets diluted out. And @ParentOfLotsaKids posted that she’s been able to park for free in the neighborhood by coming an hour early. As the games become more popular the free parking may be more difficult to find.

  460. NYK is going to have their home game opening tonight… vs Mem. Let’s see ….

  461. We still don’t know if Lin can do it either. Let’s get to 25 games before we declare Lin better than Nash

  462. A nice article from the Nets about Jeremy giving KA the game ball …

    “It was pretty special,” said Atkinson, whose eyes showed a deep appreciation, as he deflected the attention off himself and back to his players. Lin said that’s just Kenny being Kenny.

    “He’s like allergic to credit, it’s so funny,” Lin said. “Any time you say something he does well, he runs, rolls his eye, turns around and changes the subject. I love it. It’s hilarious. I love making him uncomfortable about something that he did. That’s just who he is. He doesn’t want the credit, he doesn’t do it for the credit, he loves the game, is passionate about the game and he wants to see us do it as a team. In a situation like this, he deserves it.”

    See :

  463. Agreed about dellevadova, his grit and tenacity would have been perfect for the nets. Unfortunately he is one of a few players I prefer Lin sit out against. Him and Patrick Beverley both are fairly dirty players who dive at knees, tackle, flop, etc. I appreciate that kind of play but don’t want Lin to be on the receiving end.

  464. Yeah, Duncan is in his own league. It’s crazy that a lot of teams actually still wanted him to play for them, even at 40. Of course Timmy didn’t want to do that to the spurs so he just retired lol.

  465. What metric are you going to use to gauge this 25 games later?

  466. So SICK!!!

  467. IYO. Always good to add “imo” after your own personal thoughts lol

  468. I will be driving there with my family as well. I actually want to hear more about his experience driving there and parking situation.

  469. The vote is a black box…….so….not sure if that will matter or not. Larger base is always better I guess

  470. Really? I sure hope so.

  471. By bring it, I meant a fanbase. As far as wins go, even some of his most loyal fans lose faith sometimes. Very few believe that Lin can lead such a low-talent team to playoffs.

  472. I will be little more specific. I think we are going to spend a night in NY. Looking for a “safe” place to sleep & park, and possibly take subway to the arena.

  473. Yes, that will be huge if only 10% of them vote. I know a lot of Chinese fans focus on Nets after Yi left Lakers.

  474. Good point, not completely sure to be honest with you. Wins above losses would be the gold standard but with this nets team I’m not sure that is possible or even fair to Lin. Another thing may be personal stats but I’m not someone who approves of empty stat padding in losses either. Maybe a combination of the two would be best.

  475. By roughly count the ppl I know would vote to the actually number for the past few years….I would just say that the numbers were not that legit……imo

  476. That’s the way to do it. Park in a good neighborhood in Brooklyn, then take the subway.

  477. Lin will have good and bad games, but I’m hoping he averages around 18ppg. That should get him consideration for all star

  478. One thing I’ve noticed throughout the preseason and in the first two regular season games is that Lin went away from some of the dribbling maneuvers he utilized last season. I agree with this move because I’ve felt it puts a huge strain on the lower back due to having to maintain a body angle that’s too low to the ground (bad athletic posture IMO). It’s probably a bit too much for any player who plays a complete game offensively and defensively, and with increased minutes (compared to last couple seasons). If doing a cost-benefit analysis, the increased likelihood and magnitude of health risks probably outweighs any benefits of flashier, ankle breaking Professor stuff. In addition, it’s probably not even that much more effective overall. As we’ve seen yesterday, Lin can dominate with physicality and decision making alone, and it really comes naturally to him.

  479. Lin is substantially better than Dellavedova

  480. Obviously you r not from d city 🙂 :)… everywhere is always kinda edgy.. haha… we usually park close to d police precinct .. if you find one … grab it rt away coz it won’t be der next time you circle around …. every time we find free parking in d city– you’d feel like your lucky day…. next time… use parkwhiz or spot hero … u won’t pay that much

  481. You’re a truly dedicated Lin fan. Glad you were able to witness last night game at Barclays. 🙂

  482. I don’t bring my car into NYC. I don’t live in NYC, but a half-hours drive away in light traffic. There are many subway lines and the LIRR that service this station. But, that’s a personal decision, whether to drive to places or take public transportation.

    Lin is going to bring buzz to Barclay’s. That’s great. He already has with this great first game.

  483. I know what we want to gauge is the impact Lin has to the team…indeed the metric is not my knowledge. So I will go with my eye test and say KH is not really wrong. I see Lin is basically a more athletic Nash. give or take in terms of some particular skills…

  484. Isn’t that a famous quote by Yogi Ferrell, “You can’t win every game, because sometimes you lose.” ?

  485. The best option is to park in New Jersey, at a bus / train depot and take public transportation into Barclays.

  486. Lopez is being given the night off as it’s the second night of a back to back, and part of 4 games in 6 days, according to Brian Lewis (NY Post).

  487. I think subway is the way to go…I used to live around that area…..

  488. Uh oh…

  489. I forget who but one of the coaches from another team mentioned that Delly plays dirty.

  490. I’m in Brooklyn Heights. I think it’s known to be a pretty safe residential area. It’s about a 20 minute walk from Barclays, faster on subway.

  491. I take NJT to Penn. Then several lines are at the station or one block awat that service the Barclay’s station. I think the 2, 3, and Q are the quickest there from Penn Station. Parking in an NJ depot is a good idea.

  492. Delly another undrafted..

  493. Lopez only played 25 minutes. I don’t understand why they’re so stingy with his playing time.

  494. Really? weird decision.

  495. I love the adjustment KA has made for game 2. But sitting Brook for the first back to back season game is a little too much…

  496. What? So today is Motion system again?

  497. ?. Big news. He is literally the center of the Nets offense.

    I guess their new training staff are more careful with their big men from getting injuries.

    Was feeling so good today. Now back to concerned.

  498. There must be something going on that we are not aware off

  499. Its gonna be interesting without the big guy!

  500. small ball?

  501. He’s 27 or 28. Weird. I can see less minutes but the Bucks are a tough matchup with him due to their length and athleticism. Without him, we’ll just have to see what Atkinson has in mind.

  502. There’s nothing going on. This new Nets regime actually care about each player’s health… sometimes a bit too much. That’s why they limited everybody’s playtime in preseason and in the 1st game against Celtics. They will continue to keep limiting everybody’s playtime until they feel they’re in peak condition to play 30+ minutes every night.

    Brook has had a history of foot injuries. He finally had a full year healthy last year, but he’s also had tons of mileage playing 8 years as a starter in the NBA. Marks, Kenny, and the training / coaching staff want to help Brook prolong his career so that he could be like Scola and still play at age 36+. It sucks for fans that we won’t see Brook play as much as we’d like to, but this best for his career. I’m sure they’ll let him play a lot more as the season progresses.

  503. I agree. I suspect Planter Fascitis but it could be something else a well.

  504. KA sure wants to play his motion O system. It’s to try different system not rest I think.

  505. Why? He’s only 28, right?

  506. I think Lin can do fine against Dellavedova. Offensively, Delly is great in the PnR. It used to be Chris Paul and Chalmers played Lin tough. Or bigger guys like K Leonard, Igoudala, guys known for their D that disrupt many players offense. Next Friday we’ll see if Clifford puts MKG on Lin and how Lin does against him. MKG has looked pretty impressive in the first two games defensively.

  507. 7 footer tend to not last long in the nba. I understand the worry right now to prolong his career

  508. He is 7ft tall

  509. We’ll see. But I have to disagree. He’s being careful with Brook for some reason.

    Lin said KA will mix motion offense with PnR and other types. He did last night and that’s very encouraging.

  510. It is going to be interesting their record without lopez is this year

  511. It could be as well….but in general sports trend for those coach who does that…normally starts a little heavy during the start of the season and then slows down during mid season, and re-peak during the end of the season, when everyone carrying heavy legs and body…

    lets see, I do understand Kenny has some kinda strategy we just need to show a little patience and let it pan out

  512. Did Duncan, Garnett, Shaq and others play in B2B games? There might be something about Lopez physically the Nets are protecting him from.

  513. This is all about health and preserving him. Anthony bennet should get some time.

  514. Yeah and recent interview KA did mention that he intend to prolong Brooks career

  515. Last night it’s all about Lin’s game I think today will back to Motion again. Even I hope not…

  516. You listed 3 players and said others. 7ft normally don’t last long. Yao being the main example. Some do. Hard to tell whose knees will hold.

  517. new Game 3 thread vs the Bucks
    Game 3 Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks: “The Quest for the First Road Win”
    KEY OF THE GAME: A nice dose of Brook-Lin PnR, motion offense more suitable for the 2nd unit and the strong rebounding game (52-49 advantage over the Pacers) would continue to be the key to notch their first road win of the season. A better 3pt shooting (only 30% vs the Pacers) will only help to secure a win.

  518. Yao

  519. Yao was 7’6″ which is a rare height. Yao was rather injury prone unfortunately. Lopez has issues with his feet, so that may be behind what’s going on with KA’s start low and build up process, rest him in B2Bs. There’s also a game Monday. So it is 3 games in 4 nights to start off the season.

  520. Kenny isn’t a traditional coach. :p

    Patience is key for us fans. We shouldn’t be overreacting to both the good and bad games, nor the decisions that we think Kenny should or shouldn’t make.

  521. fair point

  522. i hope that they wash the uniforms though

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