“NBATV Real Camp” Jeremy Lin Notes

Thanks to @Blubell, now we have the link to JLin specific clips:

Full 2 hr 19 min Video “NBATV Real Training Camp” by LakerNation


Noteable Video Notes -psalm234
[45:53] Lin led a break and gave a nice assist.

[47:18] Rick Fox complimented how quickly JLin recovered after being winded. Reggie Miller praised Lin on the type of excellent conditioning Jeremy Lin is in.

[54:20] Lin was smiling wide as Byron Scott gave drill instruction to the team.

[55:46] Lin stripped the ball on defense to give his team 1 defensive point in the drill. Then Lin was heard on the mic to give instruction to his  team on what to do next. Reggie Miller and Rick Fox listened in with interest to find out how Lin as a PG is vocal enough to give orders.

[57:36] Lin was mic’ed up and being very focal to direct his teammates on defensive formation. Great leadership by Lin!

[58:50] Reggie praised Lin “What a pass there by Jeremy Lin! Nice fake!”

[58:58] Funny moment as Lin shot but got fouled by Kobe which received no foul.  Lin threw up his arms and said, “He can’t call.. Come ooon!”

[59:33] Lin passed to Jordan who proceeded to score. Lin gave encouragement, “Yea.. Jordan!”

[1:03:29] Lin drove inside and got fouled by Kobe. And he laughed as Kobe said something to him

[1:04:39] Kobe fouled Lin again and protested. Lin was laughing back saying, “What do you mean?”

[1:07:18] Lin was heard again on the mic to direct Clarkson to switch and cover someone. Great PG communication to defend as a team.

[1:11:14] Byron Scott started 3-team scrimmanges. Losers will run.

Note: To be continued.

There’s more to come but it’s clear that Lin has a great command being a leader of the 2nd team who will play fast. Lin has taken the role to mentor Jordan Clarkson who will most likely play SG in Nick Young’s absence. While Kobe/Nash will anchor the slow 1st team due their health *with Ronnie Price filling in for injured Nash). Gary Vitti (the trainer) pointed out that they don’t want Kobe/Nash to play fast (as PFV also pointed out in his tweet). Byron Scott obviously want to maximize the two team chemistry. But during crunch time, we should see the best playmakers on court which are Kobe, Nash, Lin so we can watch if we’ll see this lineup in any preseason games.