NBA Finals Game 1 GS Warriors vs Toronto Raptors: Steph Curry and Jeremy Lin Share Stories on Each Other

Steph Curry shared his memory of Jeremy Lin [5:06]:

“My impression of him (Jeremy) is how hard he works in practice, challenging me and Klay in terms of making us better and establishing himself as an NBA player. Like most of the world, my favorite thing about him is his perseverance… I remember when he got waived during the training camp, ends up in Houston, and ends up in NY; and obviously Linsanity takes over.. Not a lot of people who can go through defeats if you will, and still have the self confidence. That Whatever opportunity does to present itself, I’m going to take advantage of it. He’s made an amazing career.

Just him as a human being, he is a great dude. When you talked about guys on a struggling team trying to make it, that bond of work ethic and attitude of we’re just going to appreciate every opportunity we have to play basketball, that means a lot for sure.”

Jeremy Lin shared how impressed he was with Steph Curry to still want to play the last game #82 of the season with sprained ankle during his GSW rookie year: