[NBA] Sans spotlight, Lin finds ideal locale in ‘low-key’ Charlotte

Out of the blue, there is a must read article by Sekou Smith at nba.com about JLin’s transition, exemplary work ethic, and most importantly earning the praise from his new teammates & coaches. He’s winning the hearts & earning respect from his teammates.

1. Marvin Williams praised JLin’s humility; loves his passion for basketball & work ethic
“He’s a humble, humble dude,” Hornets forward Marvin Williams said, “and I mean that. When we went to China … I’ve never seen anything like that. It was literally the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen. When we landed and the door opened there were instantly people rushing onto the place with cameras trying to find him. It was crazy. And he stopped and took pictures with everybody and signed everything, everywhere we went. He’s always talking about how blessed he is and how fortunate he is, so you know he doesn’t take any of this for granted. The thing I love about him is that he works hard and he loves to play this game, and at the end of the day, that’s what makes it so cool to be around him.”
The fact is, Lin’s a tireless worker, a player who has done everything needed to avoid the hype and actually establish himself as a someone who can be relied upon to lead a team. You don’t fight through the adversity and uncertainty he’s dealt with — multiple stints in the D-League and continuously having to prove yourself in summer league and training camps, etc. — and not develop the toughness needed to handle the rejection that often accompanies the life of an undrafted player.

2. Honest praise from Coach Clifford particularly on his good PnR defense & team defense
“It’s been fun having him on this team and there’s no doubt he can score in a variety of ways,” Clifford said. “I also think his pick and roll defense and team defense are already good and he’s bright and he’s strong and he’s got size and he can be a very good defender also. He’s been a great addition for us.”
Lin dazzled in the preseason, turning in one eye-popping performance after another and stirring up the echoes once again. But the point guard pecking order in Charlotte starts with Walker and goes from there. Walker and Lin fit well together, with both of them leaning on each other when need be and thriving off of one another when the opportunity presents itself.
The Hornets are off to an 0-2 start, dropping close games in Miami and Atlanta in advance of Sunday’s home opener against the Hawks. Walker leads them in scoring and assists and is right behind him averaging 14.5 points, 3.0 assists and 2.5 rebounds while shooting 57 percent from beyond the 3-point line.

3. Kemba praised JLin’s Team-First Attitude to Win & Humility
“The good thing for him is he came in here with the attitude that he’s doing to whatever it takes to help us win,” Walker said of Lin. “All that other stuff is in the past and we’ve talked about it. We know how good of a player he is. He’s really important to this team and he’s a good dude, good to have around.”
Lin’s played with some of the NBA’s biggest stars — Carmelo Anthony in New York, Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles and James Harden in Houston — but finds himself feeling at home on a Hornets team where the focus is strictly on the group and not one individual star.

4. JLin praised the Hornets organization, especially Coach Clifford & Silas
“It’s the whole organization, from Coach Cliff and Coach Silas, who has been really good for me as a player, just teaching me the game,” he said. “And of course, my teammates. We play together and we play for each other. We sacrifice and play really unselfish and they are really good guys off the court. And we get along and it’s just a really good culture.”

5. JLin relies on his faith in God to find a place called him after 6 years in the league
“You’re not always going to get it right on your first try,” Lin continued. “For me, just staying patient and trusting God’s plan for me and my career, has been crucial. I’m 27 years old and having played four years in college and five years in the league … yeah, if you’re asking me if I really wanted to find a home, of course, but again it’s all a part of his plan. And you just have to stay faithful, stay the course. And yes, I’m hoping this is it.”


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