[NBA] Sans spotlight, Lin finds ideal locale in ‘low-key’ Charlotte

Out of the blue, there is a must read article by Sekou Smith at nba.com about JLin’s transition, exemplary work ethic, and most importantly earning the praise from his new teammates & coaches. He’s winning the hearts & earning respect from his teammates.

1. Marvin Williams praised JLin’s humility; loves his passion for basketball & work ethic
“He’s a humble, humble dude,” Hornets forward Marvin Williams said, “and I mean that. When we went to China … I’ve never seen anything like that. It was literally the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen. When we landed and the door opened there were instantly people rushing onto the place with cameras trying to find him. It was crazy. And he stopped and took pictures with everybody and signed everything, everywhere we went. He’s always talking about how blessed he is and how fortunate he is, so you know he doesn’t take any of this for granted. The thing I love about him is that he works hard and he loves to play this game, and at the end of the day, that’s what makes it so cool to be around him.”
The fact is, Lin’s a tireless worker, a player who has done everything needed to avoid the hype and actually establish himself as a someone who can be relied upon to lead a team. You don’t fight through the adversity and uncertainty he’s dealt with — multiple stints in the D-League and continuously having to prove yourself in summer league and training camps, etc. — and not develop the toughness needed to handle the rejection that often accompanies the life of an undrafted player.

2. Honest praise from Coach Clifford particularly on his good PnR defense & team defense
“It’s been fun having him on this team and there’s no doubt he can score in a variety of ways,” Clifford said. “I also think his pick and roll defense and team defense are already good and he’s bright and he’s strong and he’s got size and he can be a very good defender also. He’s been a great addition for us.”
Lin dazzled in the preseason, turning in one eye-popping performance after another and stirring up the echoes once again. But the point guard pecking order in Charlotte starts with Walker and goes from there. Walker and Lin fit well together, with both of them leaning on each other when need be and thriving off of one another when the opportunity presents itself.
The Hornets are off to an 0-2 start, dropping close games in Miami and Atlanta in advance of Sunday’s home opener against the Hawks. Walker leads them in scoring and assists and is right behind him averaging 14.5 points, 3.0 assists and 2.5 rebounds while shooting 57 percent from beyond the 3-point line.

3. Kemba praised JLin’s Team-First Attitude to Win & Humility
“The good thing for him is he came in here with the attitude that he’s doing to whatever it takes to help us win,” Walker said of Lin. “All that other stuff is in the past and we’ve talked about it. We know how good of a player he is. He’s really important to this team and he’s a good dude, good to have around.”
Lin’s played with some of the NBA’s biggest stars — Carmelo Anthony in New York, Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles and James Harden in Houston — but finds himself feeling at home on a Hornets team where the focus is strictly on the group and not one individual star.

4. JLin praised the Hornets organization, especially Coach Clifford & Silas
“It’s the whole organization, from Coach Cliff and Coach Silas, who has been really good for me as a player, just teaching me the game,” he said. “And of course, my teammates. We play together and we play for each other. We sacrifice and play really unselfish and they are really good guys off the court. And we get along and it’s just a really good culture.”

5. JLin relies on his faith in God to find a place called him after 6 years in the league
“You’re not always going to get it right on your first try,” Lin continued. “For me, just staying patient and trusting God’s plan for me and my career, has been crucial. I’m 27 years old and having played four years in college and five years in the league … yeah, if you’re asking me if I really wanted to find a home, of course, but again it’s all a part of his plan. And you just have to stay faithful, stay the course. And yes, I’m hoping this is it.”


Guess JLin's stats in Game 2 vs ATL


  1. Sofa

  2. You know how JLin always made sure to bounce back from a so-so game by his standard?

    It’s time to vote for #Hairsanity!

  3. Glad Lin is in a healthy environment but these guys better get it together. Doesn’t matter if everyone is of high character, losing sucks. Some may think this is unrealistic, but I feel any team that Lin plays 25 minutes or more a night should be over 0.500.

  4. What’s the standard for Hairsanity?

  5. I think he will have good game tomorrow. Looks like he & coach talked….

  6. LOL. You’ll know when it happens…

  7. Communication is key and his 2 previous coaches didn’t care much for it.

  8. First home game. Hopefully will do well to win over the Hornets fans.

  9. I think Hornets fans like Lin but just hope his teammates can do well to get the win. I am sure he will have good game tomorrow.

  10. Korver will be back. Atlanta will be better rested, won’t be on a B2B. Still be a tough game, I hope the team regroups, study film to see what their mistakes were and correct it.

  11. I know that’s why I hope his teammates can work well w Lin… These guys are not bad but somehow just not smooth on court yet….?!

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  13. Saw few min of NYK vs Wizards in 2Q, NYK played well?!

  14. Maybe they lost their keys.

  15. Before he was a GM Jackson said he thought the triangle was the fastest way to turn a franchise around. He did not know why other franchises did not adopt the triangle. We will see if he was right.

  16. Just a reminder ….

    Game tomorrow against Atlanta is in the AFTERNOON (2 PM Eastern time) …

    If you’ve been on Daylight Saving Time you may have to reset your clocks ( see : http://www.worldtimezone.com/daylight.html)

  17. That triangle thing depends on the players that you have. I don’t think it’s that good. The old school thing is being torn down piece by piece. The old school coaches stink.

  18. Poor number three!

  19. There’s a Hornets app that lets you download the calendar and automatically sets the right time for your time zone. Also updates results every quarter whether you follow the game stream or not. It’s quite good.

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  21. OK. Thanks! It will be 2am here in Brissie. Well, at least I will probably be able to watch the last part of game or to know the result before I have to leave house to have a more than full day of “work.”

  22. NYK beat Wizards?! smh!

  23. 5AM it is Mel…

  24. Thanks for the correction. Will check it later. Anyhow I probably only can watch a little as it will be a very long day for me anyway. I need the rest in order to get thru the day.

  25. Off topic, Steph Curry, 53 points

  26. Hes amazing, keep creating the miracles in his record.

  27. He also had 9 assists.

  28. Looks like he wants to get another MVP this season. He seems to take more shots this season.

  29. But, but, but, Harden has scored the most points w/ flopping.

  30. Man… He may never play above the rim like Jordan did but holy cow is he almost on par with His Airness in terms of skills and output… JH will always be a sour loser I’m afraid…

  31. Difference between true elite shooter and volume chucker.

  32. Talent, practice, no crazy ego, team spirit = formula for exceptional success.

  33. I hope this formula works out for Jeremy this season lol

  34. If Lin can take around 12 to 15 shots per game that I will be happy. 27shots +11 FT so that’s more than 30 shots… Not going to happen…

  35. small sample size but representative of lins career: he has fewer fga’s than anyone above him in scoring among pg’s.

    . lin gets more points (via high 3 pt % and drawing a lot of fouls even when not shooting the highest % overall) per shot than pretty much anyone, but (still) is taking fewer shots than anyone above him (among pg’s) in scoring.

    and walkers shooting continues to be awful (actually the entire team other than lin and zeller shot “turribul” even in their 7-1 pre-season).

  36. cant compare with the hopped up westbrook tho. westbrook taking more shots than mj did.

  37. Not Lin related.

    Ex-Lakers shooting guard Jabari Brown is considering playing options in China and won't be playing for Lakers' D-League team, a source said.— Marc J. Spears (@SpearsNBAYahoo) November 1, 2015

  38. the golden state reservers were destroying the rockets starters and the g.s starters were just playing with the rockets starters; like a exhibition game where a pro team goes and plays against semi pro or amateurs.

    also see harden still getting blown by on defense like hes not there, sometimes he actually seems to go away from the offensive player on purpose.

  39. I just feel Curry wants to make a statement to show those said they were lucky to get the ring or MVP…? He takes more shots this season.

  40. curry (and warriors) looked like playing exhibition game against rockets.

    like they belong in different leagues, just toying with them. even the warriors 2nd team comforbably better than rockets.

  41. When Hairston was named as a starter, a number of commenters started calling out Clifford, without taking team politics into consideration. Such act proved to be premature, and not to mention incorrect, in retrospect.

    In the first two games, Hairston played an average of 17.5 min (8th) and came in dead last in PER (1.2 – 11th). He averaged 3 ppg on 20% FG and 25% 3PT, 1 ast, 1 blk, 0.5 reb and 0 stl (obviously no defensive elite). Small sample, for sure. But his last season average in 45 games played were 5.6 ppg, 32.3% FG, 30.1% 3PT, 2 reb, 0.5 ast, 0.3 blk, 0.5 stl in 15.3 min of PT. His PER of 9.0 ranked “15th” on the team.

    Why would anyone decide to start someone with such stats in the first place, and then only play him 17.5 min? It’s not as if Clifford hasn’t worked with him in the past. The only possible answer is: it wasn’t his decision. So the only suspects are Cho and/or MJ. I’m inclined to believe it’s MJ, because 1) Cho wouldn’t risk (huge bet) his own job vouching for such a dismal player, and 2) Hairston’s UNC tie to MJ.

    Moral of the story: Clifford’s proven, time and time again, that he’s a Lin-believer. Even when many fans were turning on Lin for his PTSD-like play in the first three quarters of Game 2, Clifford kept on empowering him, which led to Lin’s bounce back in the 4th quarter. This is the exact opposite of Lin’s experience in the last three years. Whereas Lin would be punished for playing his game and outshining the “Star” (despite helping the team) or pulled at the first mistake (however slight), Clifford pulls Lin off for “not playing his brand of ball”, gives Lin encouragement, and sends him back out there to close the game.

    So in conclusion, Clifford is a guy of character and keeps his words. If one keeps on calling him out at the first small thing that doesn’t go one’s way, despite repeated proof to the contrary, then one is really no different or any better than the likes of McHale and BS.

  42. China pay more money than Lakers DL.

  43. westbrook taking an incredible almost 30 shots per game in first two games plus addtional almost 12 free throws.

    no ones going to come close to that in attempts. curry is efficeint. as tommy beer note below notes; westbrook is insane.

    i beleive jw suggested once last season at end of season he looks like hes on something.

  44. When one calls oneself the “best basketball player” in the league without knowing exactly what that means, it’s easy for that someone to get slapped hard.

  45. Wants to get as far away as possible from the pathologic pathetic Lakers organization.

  46. RW is always like that… if he takes less shots then I think we need to worry something wrong w him. LOL!

  47. other commentators have noticed when things aren’t going his way harden just sort of seems to give up. he just doesn’t have that “heart of a champion”.

  48. IMO, Lin Will never have games like this. He would never separate himself from his team in such dramatic fashion. Once the game is in hand, Lin will push his teammates to score and develop them to be better weapons. Lin’s humility and awareness of his teammates fragile psyche is what makes him the ultimate teammate. That’s why I want Lin to stay with Hornets for at least 3 years hopefully with Clifford as coach. I expect that Lin will help every player on the team to become the best they could be and every one could be the star on any given day. I expect this team to be practically unbeatable because instead of having to stop just a couple of guys, you have to stop 15.

  49. …or, his “heart of a champion” is elsewhere, other than the basketball court. One can easily figure out where “elsewhere” is.

  50. the first game hornets played williams/batum/jefferson/walker/lin/zeller and second game it shrank to williams/batum/jefferson/walker/lin.

    will be interesting to see how it progresses; lin clearly dominated the team stats pre-season.

    and is the highest scoring point guard in nba with less than double digit fga’s per game thru two games (and not starting!)–but what matters is minutes and so far he is getting his minutes; but not enuf really to tip the team in a favorable direction. needs a couple more from historic evidence.

  51. The formula works, except when you add the extra ingredient of “team politics”, which is a setback.

  52. One additional encouraging sign: when Batum tried to play PG and dominate possessions, leading to numerous dumb TOs, Clifford reined him in for that, and we saw much less of Batum PG in 2nd half.

  53. I am glad you remembered that. I think Steph Curry got that natural Jesus high, westbrook not too sure. LOL

  54. Yeah I would add ….. = success x team politics. In Jeremy’s case… Often team politics<<1 … Sigh

  55. WB’s high on something, pretty sure it’s not Jesus. 🙂

  56. I think Hornets had high expectations of batum, and they are finding out that he is not that complete player they thought he was. No shade on Batum. I think he is one of the best players in his natural position.

  57. I don’t get why when Batum & Kemba on court together, he got to be PG or handle the ball? But not Lin? Why Lin just had to be a pure CnS SG? Why coach can’t let Lin handle the ball like Batum when Lin as SG?

  58. Hornets will win the championship by hiring the following people and forming a scouting task force: Ed Weiland (predicting Linsanity), Michael Terry, KHuang, Acbc, TTNN, joyce, zxcvb, and other local resident experts (too many to mention).

    Oh, and last but not least, Michael needs to be hired to sleep during game time!

  59. Not to mention his efforts! I was fairly impressed by the way he started the game. And yes, I agree that he has to be returned to his natural position and set up for success, instead of being shoved into a hole of the wrong shape.

  60. Seriously, the guy is a top 10, maybe top 5 SF…if you need to, make MKG the sixth man when he comes back, or use Batum as a PF in a small ball lineup with MKG at SF…or just sign and trade Batum or MKG for value

  61. Because Hornets are trying to butter Batum up so that he’d renew his contract with small-market Hornets.

  62. Ya! I think so.

  63. LOL

  64. Exactly !!!

  65. You speak the truth, but it ain’t happening. MKG’s MJ’s (not so) “Golden” Boy drafted 2nd overall (before Lillard), and demoting him would be admitting error.

  66. I disagree with that approach. I’m in the shoot more camp. He played 27 minutes last night. The same amount of time Jefferson and Walker played. Lin shot 8 times to their 15 times each. Lin should shoot more. 1) He is the best scorer on the team 2) When he scores, defenses get on their heals and then his teammates do better. He is using his humility in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the end Lin looks like the one with the fragile psyche not taking shots, not his teammates.

    Lin is introspective and honest with himself but after 3 years of conditioning he is lying to himself. He is the best player on the team and needs to accept that as fact and separate himself from the rest of them in terms of game dominance. Playing at his teammates pace is only bringing the whole team down to the lowest denominator and killing the chance of winning.

  67. “I’m inclined to believe it’s MJ, because 1) Cho wouldn’t risk (huge bet) his own job vouching for such a ineffective player, and 2) Hairston’s UNC tie to MJ.” #2 doesn’t make sense, Tyler Hansbrough is a UNC Tarheel legend, and he didn’t get ANY minutes the 1st 2 games.

  68. The Hibernator should be number one. In a game of skill between equally matched teams, Lady Luck is the ultimate difference. Our number one lucky jinx is the difference maker. Lol

  69. Well said John!

  70. I’m still scratching my head on that one too… (KHuang must’ve already lost all his hair due to excessive scratching)

    Maybe…just maybe…Tyler’s white?

  71. We’ll take what we can and build upon it, that’s all we can ask for for now.

  72. Batum may be feeling the pressure as well to fulfil fo’s expectations. Lin has set the bar pretty unreachably high. I don’t envy anyone having to beat Lin at anything bball. Batum maybe good but not Lin good and he’s finding it hard to match.

  73. If he can’t play SG and MKG is the SF what are they going to do with Batum next year.

  74. I don’t really know either, but the team seems to be high on him. Not even sure if the team thought it through on what to do if “Batum as SG” experiment fails. The easy way would be to demote MKG to backup SF, but that’s not gonna happen due to politics.

  75. And number 27 seems to have been kicked in the face!

  76. Just wondering whether you’re Asian. First commenter claiming “sofa” is a common practice in the Chinese-speaking Internet community.

  77. Hairston is starting just to get the rotation in order. I don’t think it is front office. Coach has final say on players.

  78. You have the order all wrong….the Hibernator has to come first

  79. I still think JLin need to take more shots, the avg of these 2 games, Al took 14.5 shots, Batum 11.0 shots, Kemba 15.5 shots, Lin only took 9.0 shots; I understand he want to encourage & build up his teammates, but from previous years experience, if Lin can get 30 min play time, and take 12 shots per game, I think this team will have better chance to WIN. And like he himself said before, “WIN” solve a lot of things. Go, JLIN, GO!

  80. Who was the other? Kobe? Ooops that was 27 points on 53 shots.

  81. Don’t forget the anti-jinx OOO sucks squad.

  82. IMO, Lin should have 12-15 shots per game but also have 10 assists as well. These numbers would be Steve Nash territory.

  83. People would wonder why the Hornets are dragging a corpse on the road.

  84. Charlotte media are now voicing Lin really should be starting over P.J.

  85. You just put a cloud over my head. When politics trumps basketball.

  86. Regardless of whether you are in the “shoot more” camp, I think Lin’s reluctance to shoot was deliberate. Unlike the preseason, the second unit was just chucking shots. No one was making the extra pass. Only Hawes tried to pass but when it didn’t work he resorted to chucking.

    Lin probably felt that he would add to the problem if he just shot. Coach must have told him to just shoot and win the game.

    Hopefully coach can try to fix the problem a bit by the next game.

  87. 5. Kemba Walker is playing very well, but that three-pointer still isn’t going in.

    30% shooting is playing well I guess. And negative rating. Ok.

    I have no idea what people are seeing if they think that is playing well.

  88. Just shoot is easy, to win by just shoot is hard….if team ball is that easy…we would see a lot of Spurs-ish team by now

  89. *#FallBack: Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m.

  90. Let’s go Lin! Drop 38&10 tomorrow. It’s long over due.

  91. Noooooooooo!!!!!! That means the game is at 3AM….

  92. Sorry:) LOL

  93. Where are you?

  94. Taiwan

  95. That’s too ez for Lin. Give him a real challenge please.. please…

  96. Like…..getting more than 30 mins on the floor? LOL seems really hard to do

  97. Didn’t he have triple double in 29 minutes?

  98. Yes…but it means even with a TD, he still can not crack that 30 mins barrier…LOL

  99. Did you move from Dallas to Taiwan ?

  100. So pj is starting again. Lol

  101. At least he gets to close out every game. That’s when he goes super saiyan and he goes Clutch mode.

  102. Yes Ma’am! moved back! and is suffering from having to wake up super early for games..

  103. I think so. Don’t believe coach will change lineup as he said he doesn’t like to change lineup all the time.

  104. Look I have always believed lin can play on the level of LBJ if he sets his mind to it. I love the fact that Clifford has seen those complete player traits in him already.

  105. With his PR putting out the picture on Facebook and it’s home opener, im hoping he will have a big game.

  106. I guess that is what makes basketball fun to watch and frustrating at times.

  107. Wow, that’s awesome. Was it a job promotion or just a decision to move your family back?

  108. I understand he wants to do his pg job, but look at how Curry is playing,sometimes you need to score first to really help the team. It’s not a crime to shoot more when you have the competence…lol

  109. I’ll be happy with a focused Lin in control. It’s not about big stats.

    One of Lin’s best all time games is a game is where he played vs. Minnesota and scores like 6 points and 7 assists, but he was masterful, beating traps and passing precisely to knock the Wolves off.

  110. LOL

  111. I hope he wins a ring (He can definitely lead a team to the finals). Even if he doesn’t he is still an amazing player and person and I will continue watching him till the end of his career.

  112. watched it, really amazing!some passes are incredible as well. Feel Curry is achieving at a higher level this season!

  113. Adidas

  114. I truly believe that he will.

  115. l can’t see the link to comment.

  116. i think kl just wants personal glory for lin & doesn’t care for win or lose

  117. You hate losing. Coach empower you and encourage you to shoot more. Just play your game and play free. Tis the game to just Let it FLY.

  118. We all hope so….he can do it!

  119. Just wanna be with family …stay closer. USA life can wait…:P

  120. I want to twit D Wilkin manana after the game.

  121. Lin posted a pic of him practicing shooting…saying

    “time to bounce back tomorrow ‪#‎BuzzCity‬ ‪#‎Work‬”

  122. why???

  123. Dear Jeremy,
    For tomorrow opener, leave your minivan home. Bring this to the game. http://img.autobytel.com//2015/ferrari/laferrari/2-800-oemexteriorfront1300-77008.jpg

  124. You misunderstand, Michael. You’ll be allowed to stay awake for as long as you like, except for game time. You can always watch highlights after game is won. In case of insomnia, we’ll either have the drug you, or have you sing the anti-jinx chant.

  125. I’m guessing it’s like claiming “the spot” on the sofa. For details ask Dr. Sheldon Cooper. 🙂

  126. Interesting theory, but why not start Zeller or T-Hans at 3 if all that’s needed is a placeholder for rotation purposes? They’re both better than Hairston on either end of the court.

  127. Come on now, LaFerrari at around $1.6 mil, Lin needs to give up his condo and all amenities and ask Walker if he could crash on his couch for the rest of the season.

  128. Third time’s a charm, lets get a W this morning.

  129. Me too!

  130. thanks, makes sorta sense =)

  131. Bounce back from 1.5 PPS? Expecting > 2.0 PPS then! =)

  132. LOL

  133. Christine highlight:

  134. Should be there soon.

  135. Yup. Wednesday 🙂

  136. This. Big time.

  137. you need to edit your typo =)

  138. Haha he can buy it with his Adidas money. ?

  139. @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus is just channeling his inner troll…

  140. Christine is Da Real MVP!

    (The only negative is that this has ATL commentators feed)

  141. It looks like all of the highlights have the hater’s feed 🙁

  142. Too bad. CHA announcers are great overall and great to Lin. Eric Collins, Stephanie Ready, Dell Curry.

  143. I was on the FoxSports feed and it had the Charlotte announcers, a world of difference.

  144. LOL. I can hear Scott’s barking: “The suicide drills will continue until our defense improves!”


    Lakers give Coach Byron Scott ‘feedback’ on why they’re fatigued

  145. He should join NBA…who know…might beat Air Jordon?!

  146. infact there are couple of them!

  147. will be missing most of the games…next 2 weeks…due to travel

  148. thats gonna be smelly?! 🙂 lol…kiddin

  149. i dont think its fair to compare a low volume shooter with moderate volume shooter ( i consider KW as medium volume, unless he is taking 20 shots).

  150. Is that why the city is “crying a river” since you’ve left. Man you better move back before it gets completely flooded.

  151. I like how Wilkens says “and Lin can’t keep up with Teague … uh, Teague blocked from behind” Coward didn’t want to mention that Lin had a hand in the block. Next “don’t know how Lin let him out of the trap … oh that was almost a steal”. Again coward failed to mention that it was Lin that almost came up with the steal.

  152. Don’t bother – he can’t read.

  153. Politics reigns and Michael gets wet!?

  154. Lol…12-15 of those would be pretty awful.

  155. now you know!…..welcome to Asian timing…been suffering for a long time…atleast have a partner in crime

  156. You just may be right about that.

  157. LOL Same here in Brissie. Slightly better than yours. 2 hours ahead of you:-)

  158. mute!

  159. Actually it was a steal as NBA admitted that they made a mistake on calling the foul. Refs stole the game for Hawks.

  160. lol

  161. When Pete Sampras won his first US Open as a rookie pro at 19, he showed the old farts at the USTA that he wasn’t groomed to be a loser. The following year he was so relieved to just reach the final, because it proved that he was not a fluke. He lost to Stephan Edberg mentally even before entering the match with that mindset.

    Later he recounted in his auto biography that it was the best loss of his career because it left a really bitter taste in his mouth. It was after that loss that he decided he’d do everything possible to never lose again. It was that loss that gave him the heart of a champion.

    Harden may have develop a lot of great skills, but if he never learns to hate to lose to the point where he’ll do everything possible to not lose, Harden will never have a heart of a champion.

  162. Man, stop planting thoughts in my head! It’s really becoming annoying when I write something and it is the same thing as yours, lol

  163. Feel that bballbreakdown really doesn’t like JH that much:-)

  164. Glad that you are going to get JLin foundation T:-) Worth the wait. Please let us know what’s the rap about:-)

  165. OK:)

  166. Bad Call!

  167. The Hornets is extremely weak at SG.

  168. I’ve noticed in the two games, the offense is centered on Kemba. The first game against Miami, if you try to check the first quarter, Kemba is 3-14. He made a lot of attempts. Lin only made 9 attempts. That means kemba is considered as the star and Lin is not. Even if Lin is hot, he can only make few attempts because Kemba is making the most attempts and the rest are distributed to the others. Lin always follow the coach. Much as he wanted to win games, because of his obedience and unselfish play, he gives in. Thats why to me, even if he doesn’t play well in the eyes of most people in the nba world, he is the best all around player to me. Always an all star and always an MVP.

  169. Only if he is treated like a star. Like Curry, Lbj or even like kemba. Lin is treated as a back up player. If you notice and watch the games, the point is run by Kemba or Roberts. The shot attempts are made mostly by Kemba. The ball will return to Kemba at some point. Try to observe the play. Lin can’t give us Linsanity points if he is the back up and not the center of the offense. Unless Kemba or Roberts is hurt, which I don’t wish it to happen. But still Lin is very efficient on the floor. But the nba world will not look at the efficiency. They look and count your points only. Otherwise you are an efficient back up player.

  170. That Bazemore clearly made the foul after Jeremy got possession of the ball and he still ran into him.
    Jeremy knew what to do with the ball, a great assist and Zeller got the and 1 call. The commentator was absolutely an idiot saying Jeremy doesn’t know what to do with the ball! What an insult?
    Jeremy is super quick. What’re you talking about, Willis?
    How Jeremy let Teague get out of here? It is a clean steal!

    How could a commentator make so many mistakes?

  171. News on Taiwan’s fans support of JLin.

  172. That kind of commentating happened throughout the game.

  173. Good support from Taiwan..where is @brentyen:disqus sleeping early?

  174. Zeller looked good. -27 +/- didn’t tell you everything.

  175. Zeller and Tyler are not quick enough to chase SF and SG around the court. They’re better in the paint defenders. Charlotte should consider trading one of Hawes, Zeller, Al or Hansbrough for a quick wing defender. Guys like Sefolosa, Igoudala, Winslow, Danny Green are extremely valuable. I think Dorell Wright might be available but not sure how much he has left. Someone like Henry Walker would be cheap too.

  176. A hornet fan comment:

    Solomon Nwachukwu

    Coach Clifford, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Cho, I have a suggestion to make about our team. After watching the eight preseason and two regular season games I think the best starting five is:
    Walker, Lin, Batum, Williams and Jefferson. This combo have really played extremely well in the preseason and also the last two games. They have led the charge of coming back in both games in the fourt quarter. Both games in which our team trailed by double digit points.

    I think the second unit of Harriston, Lamb, Hawes, Zoeller and others will be a good unit to come in and try to hold the lead. Lamb needs more shots and Harriston needs to gain more confidence and experience on the floor.

  177. Wow Brent that is a big move. Are kids getting used to life in Taiwan?

  178. I think Lin just did not shoot. Coach gives him the time. Teammates pass him the ball. He had open looks. Did not shoot. Looked for the better shot on the court, but with his talent he is the better shot most times. He just doesn’t realize he is the better shot.

  179. They are still little, so…I guess they are fine…seems ok

  180. Oh, man. I kind of hope i might run into you in one of the games in US.

  181. Ha! I usually are not willing to attend games anyway

  182. Lol

  183. Are they trying to dress like Spurs for Halloween?

  184. Your basketball logic is incorrect in my opinion. Showing Hairston’s mediocre stats do not indicates whether the strategy worked or not. The whole point of Lin going into the 2nd unit is because he wouldn’t get enough touches in the 1st unit which does appear to be true since Hairston only shot 5 times. Are you telling me that it’s ok if Lin only made 5 shot attempts/game? Cliff may or many not be wrong but your points are irrelevant.

  185. Scott’s response to the term “play smarter not harder”

    “What does that mean?”

  186. Agreed. Batum doing ball handling seems to come from above and should have been implemented in the 1st game. Since the 1st one is a loss, the coach has no excuse but to let Batum control the ball in the 1st half of the 2nd game. Now every one knows Batum doing ball handling couldn’t have saved them the 1st game either, it would have been worse.

  187. Doesn’t have that windmill dunk and size to plow through opponents, or size to defend. Approach wise, there are a lot of similarities. Lin is an even better passer.

  188. If he went out there shooting, he could score 30 off of the bench. Just has to go out there and get into a scoring rhythm.


    If Lin is playing super hard to cover for bad teammate defense, working super hard to beat traps, loaded up on by 3 guys, and is coming off the bench, any hesitancy to shoot should be forgiven.

    Besides, he had 12 points in 27 minutes!

  190. Scott is WIMPING OUT.

    I predicted this year that Scott would have a much easier training camp. HE DID – as Kobe actually dared to practice.

    Now that the Asian guy is gone, suddenly Scott is going easier on his younger and allegedly more talented team.

    Dan Cohen, remember when you asked me that you’d want to see evidence of Scott going easier now that he’s not trying to knock out just Jeremy Lin? Well HERE IT IS.

  191. Who was he trying to pass to? He passed it straight to GSW.

  192. Dominque is a hater. Such silly-angry comments

  193. Your English comprehension is questionable, since you seem to have missed my point entirely , and went off on a wild tangent.

  194. Look at the highlights. There are 3 instances he just did not shoot. That changed in 4Q.

  195. Don’t say that, Brent Yen.

    Have you seen the Spurs play this season?

    They look terrible.

    Aldridge looks totally overweight and clueless. He is really struggling, and there is no end in sight.

    Lin’s 2nd unit with Kaminsky, Lamb, and Hansrbough could EASILY beat the Spurs starters right now.

  196. Spurs are really bad right now…and of course I was referring to the good Spurs…LOL

  197. Lin ALREADY DOES.

    He’s not individually spectacular like Lebron James, but his pure fundamentals and ability to carry his team make him just as dangerous as Lebron himself.

    Put it this way, Lebron could easily do worse against this Hawks team

  198. C’mon, once in a life time experience. Next time, when you come to New York, and Lin is playing there, my treat.

  199. Does Khuang have a lot of basketball knowledge?

  200. You are OVERESTIMATING Lin that game.

    I am pretty sure he had 4 points and 2 assists in 31 minutes.

    That was what I call the “touchdown” game for Lin because the Wolves sent 3 guys at Lin. Lin ended up throwing touchdown passes into the uncovered endzone all game long.

  201. I will take your word for it. 😛

  202. They said nothing when Lin drained that 2nd 3. Lin played better defense than Walker and either Teague or Schroeder did. He played the best defense of all the PG/combo guards on the floor. And one on one I think Lin would beat Teague.

  203. It this a trick question?

  204. LOL…..

  205. PJ Hairston needs more time – in the D League.

    Lamb needs more time, but I’m not convinced that Lamb would do well with the starters.

  206. He’s over the top with his Lin comments. Even if I were an Atlanta fan I would dislike how he trashes Lin. Sad that him and Clyde have the same mentality regarding that if he doesn’t look the part, he isn’t the part regardless of what he does.

  207. Dominique Wilkins needs to be completely muted. He has no business being a commentator.

  208. Clifford may start Lin but really, he wants Lin running the 1 in the second team and seemingly to play most of if not all of the 2nd and 4th quarters. But, if Charlotte keeps losing, he probably will put Lin in the starting unit.

  209. Looks are deceiving.

    NBA opponents don’t fear Kemba Walker. Thus Kemba is allowed to brick shots to his sub 40%FG heart’s content.

    But Lin? He’s so feared, opponents load up on him with 3 players on or off the ball. At all times, opponents are aware of Lin so much that nobody focuses on their own man when Lin’s on the court.

    Lin came ready to play, but his teammates did not. So even though Lin had total control, he actually had no control because his teammates were braindead from being frozen out too much in the past.

    Once Linstructor convinces his teammates that he’s sincerely looking to pass them the ball, they will come alive and Linsanity will roar right back.

  210. new game thread for Game 3


    After 2 road games in which the Hornets failed to finish the comeback with a win in the 4th quarter, will a home game help them to notch the 1st win?
    Will the Hornets fix the transition defense that gave up so many easy points?

    JLin struggled in the beginning but as Coach Clifford strongly urged him to shoot, he helped make the comeback.

    I’m in the opinion that JLin sets the tone of the offense, when he’s aggressive to not hesitate to shoot in the preseason, his teammates follow his confidence the next time he passes them.
    But when he is being too careful, his teammates also follow the suit.

    I predict JLin will bounce back to be aggressive especially after Coach Clifford encouraged him to keep shooting to help his teammates.
    They need leadership from JLin and I think he will lead them in Game 3

    Let’s continue to hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

    Let’s go, HairSanity!

  211. So what?

    Lin can’t constantly carry his lethargic braindead teammates. And his inability to fire shots is the result.

    Stop BLAMING LIN for teammate failures.

  212. oh man this is fantastic! I am going to the NOv 15th game sitting a few rows behind bench and was seriously considering wearing hair like this! I’m not sure I am brave enough.

  213. I think it’s the other way around.

    If Lin’s teammates play aggressively, then Lin’s constant aggression pays off.

    None of Lin’s teammates on the 2nd team other than Hansbrough has ever proven himself at a NBA level, and Hansbrough doesn’t even play.

    The Hornets bench players have had long histories of being frozen out in the NBA. It will take a lot of coaching and coaxing by Lin to get them to believe in themselves to the point where they can actually start running plays with the same crispness they did in preseason.

  214. Yes.

  215. Such a pleasant, respectful tone when posting by Hornet fans. Love it.

  216. So basically clobber at tip-off.

  217. Perhaps, you’re right. Tell me if I got this wrong. You’re claiming that Cliff put Hairston in as a starter because MJ forced him to. You showed Hairston’s terrible stats and no sane coach would start such a person and then only for minimal minutes. Is this right?

    But, I don’t agree with this logic. I think a better theory is that Hairston’s poor stats support a rotation in which you put the better player on the 2nd unit. Just like how Harden was put on the 2nd unit on the Thunder. You can’t have too many ball dominant players on the floor at the same time. This is the same reason why Knicks performed miserably when they had Carmelo and amare on the court at the same time. This is a much more credible theory rather than MJ forced Cliff to due to his love of UNC, a theory which I don’t see any actual evidence (MJ donating to UNC, mentioning UNC, etc.).

    It’s funny that you said that my English comprehension is questionable and I went on a wild logical tangent. I’ve gotten perfect scores on every standardized reading comprehension test. Perhaps, English isn’t your 1st language but I don’t think you should assume it to be true of others.

  218. Just be honest and tell what you think. I’m just surprised that he would group khuang with people who commit a lot of time to basketball analysis. Do you think Khuang has an above average knowledge of basketball?

  219. I’m not blaming Lin for his teammates failures. His teammates are who they are. I don’t expect them to rise to the occasion, but I expect Lin to . I have a higher standard for Lin because he deserves it. Lin is their one all-star talent. He has the greater talent and with that comes greater responsibility. He could handle it.

    I want to see him finish is aggressive play with an aggressive shot when he created it. Not stop and look for a teammate who is not there. Although it was his teammates fault it looked like Lin didn’t know what he was doing. I believe Lin will eventually come to the same conclusion, hopefully today and win.

  220. I think we are being inconsistent. We can’t say on one hand Lin with mediocre talent could make a team a winner and give Lin the credit when they win. Then on the other hand when the team loses with Lin on the court ,blame the loss on the mediocre talent.

    If we are going to give Lin credit for the win then give him credit for the loss. When the Hornets start winning with Lin playing significant minutes I’m sure Lin will be the main reason. If the Hornets have a losing record with Lin playing significant minutes then either Lin did not play to his potential or we have overestimated Lin’s ability. As an earlier poster said, Lin is not young anymore. He is in his prime. We could not use the argument of future potential with Lin. This is Lin at his prime without marginalization for better or for worse. Now we see how much Lin could Win.

  221. If Lin had PLAYED A BAD GAME, I’d have said he did.

    But he DIDN’T.

    It isn’t as if Lin’s teammates were executing their plays properly.

    I refuse to blame Lin for his teammates’ bad play.

  222. That’s NOT LIN’S CALL.

    If driving lanes are jammed because opponents don’t respect Lin’s teammates enough to not triple team Lin, that’s not on Lin.

    And if Lin fired passes to guys who aren’t in the right spots because they are TOO SCARED to be running plays, that’s not on Lin either.

  223. where is that comment from?

  224. More than above average….

  225. I can tell you that Khuang knows very little. He literally makes stuff up. I’m not kidding. Literally makes up details and stories out of thin air. If you don’t believe me, check his stories and facts.

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