Nash to start? Mark Medina interviewed Coach Scott

In a recent interview (here) of Byron Scott, done by Mark Medina of LADN. One paragraph caught my eyes,

Scott will spend training camp figuring out his starting lineup, which he says will currently feature Nash, Bryant, Carlos Boozer and Jordan Hill. He is leaning toward starting Wesley Johnson at small forward because of his defensive potential and relying on Nick Young’s prolific scoring off the bench. Scott also reported Xavier Henry has not fully recovered from left wrist and right knee injuries.

Seems like Mark indirectly confirmed that Lin will be backing up Nash, if both Nash and Kobe are completely healthy at the time of the training camp.

This move might actually make basketball sense because given the current LAL rosters. LAL can have a team of vets starting as a “stable-experienced” team while having young athletes playing on an”explosive-running” team. This also confirmed a point Scott made in an earlier  interview. He said he wanted to mix it up in terms of style, between fast and slow. What do you guys think? let’s discuss it in the comment section.

Update Sep 10 2014:

Another article (here) from Mark Medina is out and here is some quotes from the article

Scott has reported Nash as fully healthy from a nerve root irritation that affected his back and hamstrings, enough for the 40-year-old guard to work out at the Lakers’ practice facility in one-on-one settings without any reported setbacks. But Scott said he will limit Nash to an undisclosed amount of minutes, and will possibly sit him out on the second night of back-to-backs.

Regardless of whether Nash stays healthy, Jeremy Lin’s role at point guard could prove crucial in providing the Lakers with needed reinforcements.

“I like Jeremy. I like what he brings to the table,” Scott said. “He’s a guard who can flat out shoot the ball and play up and down the floor and is a tough gritty kid. He competes on the defensive end and competes period. I haven’t written him out.”

Scott gushed about Lin’s aggressiveness in the paint, citing an ESPN statisticthat said that Lin shot 57.8 percent off drives last season, a mark that only trailed LeBron James (63.8 percent). Yet, Lin has also faced inconsistency with his defense and three-point shooting.

“I think his three point shot, it’s good. It’s just about taking better shots,” Scott said of Lin, who averaged 12.8 points on a 35.8 percent clip from three-point range. If he can do that, he’ll knock those down at a 40 percent rate. As far as the defensive end, I like that he competes on that end of the floor. He’s not a push over. He’s not going to be the best defensive point guard in the league. But he definitely won’t be the worst. He’s one of the guys who will take the challenge every single night and get after you.”

At this stage, it is simply too early to tell who will start for the Lakers. Once the training camp starts, lot of the questions will sort themselves out.