Nash to start? Mark Medina interviewed Coach Scott

In a recent interview (here) of Byron Scott, done by Mark Medina of LADN. One paragraph caught my eyes,

Scott will spend training camp figuring out his starting lineup, which he says will currently feature Nash, Bryant, Carlos Boozer and Jordan Hill. He is leaning toward starting Wesley Johnson at small forward because of his defensive potential and relying on Nick Young’s prolific scoring off the bench. Scott also reported Xavier Henry has not fully recovered from left wrist and right knee injuries.

Seems like Mark indirectly confirmed that Lin will be backing up Nash, if both Nash and Kobe are completely healthy at the time of the training camp.

This move might actually make basketball sense because given the current LAL rosters. LAL can have a team of vets starting as a “stable-experienced” team while having young athletes playing on an”explosive-running” team. This also confirmed a point Scott made in an earlier  interview. He said he wanted to mix it up in terms of style, between fast and slow. What do you guys think? let’s discuss it in the comment section.

Update Sep 10 2014:

Another article (here) from Mark Medina is out and here is some quotes from the article

Scott has reported Nash as fully healthy from a nerve root irritation that affected his back and hamstrings, enough for the 40-year-old guard to work out at the Lakers’ practice facility in one-on-one settings without any reported setbacks. But Scott said he will limit Nash to an undisclosed amount of minutes, and will possibly sit him out on the second night of back-to-backs.

Regardless of whether Nash stays healthy, Jeremy Lin’s role at point guard could prove crucial in providing the Lakers with needed reinforcements.

“I like Jeremy. I like what he brings to the table,” Scott said. “He’s a guard who can flat out shoot the ball and play up and down the floor and is a tough gritty kid. He competes on the defensive end and competes period. I haven’t written him out.”

Scott gushed about Lin’s aggressiveness in the paint, citing an ESPN statisticthat said that Lin shot 57.8 percent off drives last season, a mark that only trailed LeBron James (63.8 percent). Yet, Lin has also faced inconsistency with his defense and three-point shooting.

“I think his three point shot, it’s good. It’s just about taking better shots,” Scott said of Lin, who averaged 12.8 points on a 35.8 percent clip from three-point range. If he can do that, he’ll knock those down at a 40 percent rate. As far as the defensive end, I like that he competes on that end of the floor. He’s not a push over. He’s not going to be the best defensive point guard in the league. But he definitely won’t be the worst. He’s one of the guys who will take the challenge every single night and get after you.”

At this stage, it is simply too early to tell who will start for the Lakers. Once the training camp starts, lot of the questions will sort themselves out.


  1. That’s very interesting. I didn’t see that before but I’m not worried at all.
    But if I were thinking as a head coach, I probably would do the same going into the training camp.

    I’d want to respect Nash, the 2-time MVP, as the de facto starting PG before the training camp starts.
    Then see if Nash proves himself to be healthy enough to do so. It’s great for team chemistry.

    Also, Byron might want to see how the starting lineup with 2 veterans coming off injury will look like.
    It really depends how healthy Nash and Kobe are. If none can penetrate and keeps the defense honest, it’s a failed experiment.

    Personally, I think by the end of training camp, Byron Scott would have to make Lin the primary threat as Kobe and Nash are coming into game-shape. If Kobe or Nash go down early in the season, that would be the most disastrous result for the Lakers.

    Byron also mentioned there might be games that Kobe would have to sit on back-to-back games. So we might see Nash/Lin backcourt line-up with Lin playing the SG.

  2. I still think Lin should start, just for defensive purpose alone…….Even for last yr’s LAL, they did not struggle to score….Now…Lin is stamped with the reputation as a bad defender…So…..he will need time to clear his name I guess….

  3. I don’t see Kobe/Nash starting every game, especially Nash. I believe Jeremy will be starting majority of the season and having significant minutes due to Kobe/Nash’s health.
    Backing up Nash/Kobe is respectable compared to backing up Harden/Bev so I’m not worried about Jeremy not starting. Although Jeremy shines brighter as a PG, his time in Houston has strengthened his SG skills (catch and shoot, knocking down open threes, cutting, etc)

  4. As far as defense, I see it really depends on how the coach recognizes Lin’s contribution.

    McHale did the most damage by not acknowledging much of Lin’s defense, even when he shut down Tony Parker, Holiday, etc. in that string of games when Bev was out.

    I think Byron said he was surprised to see how Lin’s defense was underrated so I’d expect more praise from Byron Scott on Lin’s defense.

  5. I agree. Knowing Lin, he’d be happily let Nash start out of respect. Nash would give the respect back by teaching Lin all his bags of tricks. Win-win!

    Realistically, Lin will play 35+min and be a threat to close the game with his penetration and get to FT line!
    That’s what matters anyway.

  6. In this case, i would try to build as many line up with positive ratings as possible…in the beginning of the season….so chemistry issue does not come back and haunt the team…..

  7. Jeremy just wants to do whatever it takes to win and play the right way. All that drama about starting and not starting is in the past and not really an issue in LAL. He is focused on sharpening his skills and bringing Ws.

  8. absolutely true!
    And W = wins, not women :]

  9. Good thing he’s not around Dwight and Harden then… jk jk..

  10. We’ll see come preseason.

  11. Corner stones…….

  12. Henry played pretty good for LAL last yr. it will be a big minus if he is not ready for the season…

  13. Seems like a good kid too. I hope he will be ready…

  14. Anyone getting anxious about Jeremy’s minutes should relax.

    I might monitor Nash’s health and condition though, for Jeremy’s minutes. I’ll stick with my prediction of:

    1. Nash starting for 10 minutes, 1Q.,Jeremy to play the rest of 1Q and 15 minutes into 2Q. Same minutes for Nash in 3Q, Jeremy to play the rest of 3Q and 15-20 minutes of 4Q.Nash’s minutes for 4Q depends on his health.

    2. Nash to start till end of November or first week of December. Jeremy to start from December till midseason. Split starter minutes for Jeremy and Nash during tail end of regular season. 70% Jeremy to start,30% Nash to start come playoffs, depending how deep Lakers go, but I’m leaning towards Jeremy to start majority of the playoff games.

  15. I think the only down side of this is the familiarity among different line ups…I see Nash and Kobe both play 25 minutes per game. One good thing about letting Nash start is he gets to play right after the warm up drills….same can be said to Kobe too, just there was never a doubt that Kobe will start.

    Lin can do both, starter or bench. So really not a big deal….but still an important aspect to pay attention to. Quite possibly, Lin turned out to be logging heavy minutes (more than 38 MPG), which is not a good thing either….

  16. 25min/gm for Nash and Kobe sounds good, especially to start the season.
    To force them to log heavy minutes are counter-productive since it’s a long season.

    I’d have to see how Nash really performs at training camp before he convinces everyone that he can be the starting PG for 20-25min. He’s a year older and only played 15 games last year.
    Even the LA media already talked about low expectations of playing 10-15min to be a mentor/coach role last week.

    If Nash demands to start as PG for pride, that’s okay. Lin will comply to respect him and get on Nash’s good side. In the long-term, Lin will play a lot of minutes for sure.

    I’m also concerned if Lin has to play 38MPG if Nash/Kobe goes down early. That would be a disaster. I trust Byron knows what he’s doing to keep his team healthy.

  17. There you go, folks. Byron himself said Nash’s min will be a lot less than Kobe even if he’s going to start.
    Maybe 10-20min/gm?

    As posted by @Arsenium

    Scott envisions a similar scenario with Nash, who averaged only 20.9 minutes in 15 games last season because of recurring nerve root irritation in his back and hamstrings. Nash sounded amenable in his exit interview in April about playing limited minutes even as a reserve. Scott tentatively has penciled Nash in as the starting point guard ahead of Jeremy Lin, but noted that Nash’s “minutes are a lot less than I’m thinking at this particular point than Kobe’s minutes.”

  18. Just out of my curiosity mind. Will any out cry of fans change the plan of coaches and/or their treatment to particular player????

  19. Unlikely to happen…..and they should not have to be affected by us either…LOL

  20. That’s my understanding. Then why JLin’s fans are so angry/upset/bitter/demand…. about what Byron contemplated about his team now??? Understand the hellish exp in the past 2 years but few literally attack other fans for something that none of us is controlled off. The season is yet started and implodes of JLin fans. Crazy!!! Silly for no reason. I will definitely hold my gun until I see the pattern of how JLin is treated into games. One thing I do know is JLin is improving and his situation is way much better than before. Want him to stay healthy and have fun. The rest will follow.

  21. Unfortunately, some Lin fans are way “too protective” and too traumatized from HOU experience.
    This can backfire in giving Lin fans bad rep of not understanding how BB team works.

    As a coach, Byron would want to do his best to help the Lakers win in his 1st year.
    That includes being careful with managing Kobe/Nash min but also their egos as the ex-MVPs.
    He already stated Lin is a triple-threat so he’s gonna use Lin well and sell it to Kobe/Nash that Lin the young guy can work hard to give them easy shots.

    I don’t know why fans would set their pants set on fire too soon 🙂
    IMO Byron is doing his job with “coach-speak” very well.

  22. I think a few facts need to be laid out 1st.
    1. Scott and Kobe run this LAL team,
    2. Nash is a well respected player,
    3. Nash and Kobe are not their young selves,
    4. Lin will do great both starting and coming off the bench,
    5. Training camp has not started yet, and things change very quickly.

    Now here comes some opinions,
    1. Lin starts can win LAL more games,
    2. Lin starts will help his image more which was damaged by ROX,
    3. Lin starts will help Kobe to reduce his load on the court.
    4. Lin is the only hope in guards that can provides good defensive performance.

    So…I get when fans are anxious about start or bench, and TBH, both outcome will not surprise me. Personally I hope Lin can start because I want to see LAL wins more games and Lin can rebuild his image quicker.

  23. Thanks for the great summary of what’s going on. No doubt we all want Lakers to win more games with JLin and get into playoffs. No doubt Scott, Kobe, Nash, JLin…… want to win games. How it is going to work about the rotations, minutes.. is none of us can control. Only God knows how things will proceed from now on. I will continue to read the story as it unfolds soon. Am the kind of reader likes to know the end story line before I begin to read a book but in JLin story, it’s still unfolding. For once I will stay with the page until the next line unfolds:o))

  24. Agreed. Maybe due to my recent health experience, I have seen the benefit of not getting into into an unnecessarily creation of “imagine” trauma. Holding the wait and see view really helps me to move on my life in a much peaceful and calm state of mind. If I perceive all the dreadful prospect and doom of this and that, I become very fearful and agitated with what might happen. Everything is so bleak and depressed. Not going to that route for whoever and whatever. Stay focus on what I have accomplished and draws on God to deal with things ahead to glorify His name.

  25. Great!! emotions hurts/helps body too……well documented in TCM….

  26. 100% agree!

    Worry is like praying for something you don’t want to happen 🙂
    It starts as a concern then it runs marathon in our brain, haha..

    We should discipline our mind to focus on good things God bless us, work on things we can control and trust God will take care of the unknown.

    I lived by these rules since I was 12 and I’m trying to impart them to my boys so they have joy and peace in their hearts.

  27. very true! I’ve seen over and over again.. how worry and stress brings down the immune system, can’t sleep well and brings sickness.

  28. Good. Practice Matt. 6:34 daily:o))

  29. This piece places another light on the same topic:

    Byron Scott Now Unsure If Steve Nash Will Start This Year

    When the Lakers traded for Steve Nash two years ago, they believed they had solidified their point guard position for the next three seasons. Obviously, that was not the case.

    After two injury plagued seasons, Nash enters his final season hoping to salvage one good year with the Lakers. According to the OC Register’s Bill Oram, Byron Scott believes Nash looks great, but a starting position is not guaranteed:

    This is a slight contrast to what Scott said earlier when he said Nash, along with Kobe Bryant, Carlos Boozer, and Jordan Hill were likely to be starters right now. Though he did say that training camp will determine the final lineup.

    It looks as if there will basically be an open competition for the point guard spot between Nash and Jeremy Lin. With Nash’s health always a question, and Scott expecting toughness and defense, Lin seems to be a better fit in the starting lineup.

    Whether or not Nash starts is irrelevant at this point. Fans would simply like to see the two-time MVP contribute regularly to the team, which he has been unable to do since his arrival. If he is able to do that, it will be a victory for him and the fans.

  30. I updated the post with the new article…Thanks @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus

  31. The key word to me is as follows…

    “That’s how I look at it right now,” Scott said. “But when the ball is
    thrown up September 30th, if the next guy can beat the guy in front of
    them, so be it.”

  32. Yep…but I believe that does not apply to scenarios involving Kobe and Nash….

  33. additions….to your comment 4
    Lin is the only hope in guards that can provides good defensive and offensive performance

  34. Nash can shoot, if he can be on the court. But yeah, I am being moderate…lol

  35. Brent, quick one….I think I read somewhere either you or @psalm234, said, we are not going to use the forum?

    I feel, important topic as this and any statistical number and review should have a forum thread together with disqus for fan’s comments.


  36. Exactly, let the coach test it out during the scrimmage and we can have a better opinion then 🙂

  37. which corner?

  38. yeah…It was discussed. Some of us think Disqus is more chatting friendly….so we decided to run this site as using Disqus for conversations while using forum for backing up info…

  39. quote

    He competes on the defensive end and competes period. I haven’t written him out.”

  40. ok, thanks 🙂

  41. Kobe and Nash to start will probably not be BB decision since they’re not 100% game-shape.

    But if it’s good for team chemistry, it’s okay. I want Nash to take Lin under his wings to impart his wisdom for years to come. I would see it as a long-term investment.

  42. Perhaps we will archive to Forum after 30 days of when posts are created.
    I need to find ways to automate the process

  43. Great!…love that

  44. dark…

  45. thanks. I actually have the plugin to do it automatically but it needs to be done on post-by-post basis. Things to ponder later 🙂

  46. heard this before…

    Remember when Mchale was “undecided” and alternating lin/bev as the starter during pre-season?

  47. He wants to start too. He’s said that on multiple occasions.

  48. Yes, but winning is more important.

  49. He should not have done that during the Asia trip. Very unfair to fans in Philippines who wanted to see Jeremy play only to see him coming off the bench…

  50. a lot has been made of lin not starting that game but i was there and saw it live or nearly live on tv and all rotation players played equal minutes and lin actually led the team in assists; then the next game in taiwan lin was the star.

  51. Sometimes, it is about status…….So I personally am ok with both. I do agree with TVN to a degree that if he is a starter, it would be easier for him to fix his image….there are still some subtle differences. However, if he plays super great next season, those differences are smaller…

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