Mike D’Antoni Confirmed Knicks Resentment towards Jeremy Lin; Shares His Philosophy to Instill Confidence in PGs

In a must-listen interview of Mike D’Antoni and Adrian “Woj” Wojnarowski, Mike confirmed that there was real resentment by Knicks teammates toward Jeremy Lin that led to his exit from New York.

1. [17:38] How much resentment did Knicks teammates have during Jeremy Linย breakout stretch in 2012?

Credit to @Click’s post:

“D’Antoni said that there was some resentment and it was real, but that all teams in the league have this problem. He said he couldn’t get into the minds of the players, so he doesn’t know for sure, but that he felt the resentment there against Lin during Linsanity.

He wasn’t very clear with his explanation, but I think he said something about Melo not wanting to move to PF position and Amar’e not wanting to move back or take a backup role to Tyson Chandler, which he also didn’t want to do. D’Antoni also said that in order for Lin to be successful, he had to play a certain way (being ball dominant, I’m guessing), which took away from the way Melo and Amar’e were successful, which was to have the ball in their hands all the time.

It was interesting how D’Antoni said that he had to resign because the players no longer listened to him and did what he wanted, so he couldn’t get the best out of them. He had to leave the Knicks so they would make the playoffs that year. D’Antoni also said that he’d rather have the respect of certain players in the league than to keep his job. Maybe he was referring to Lin without saying Lin’s name”

2. Mike D’Antoni’s Philosophy on Instilling Confidence to his Point Guards

Starting at 27:45, MDA also talked about his own experience made him want to inject confidence to his PG, not looking over their shoulder doubting himself.

Confident Lin with 7 TOs was better than team 14TOs, culminating in Toronto 3pt-game winner
“He looked at me for the last shot and I looked at him like ‘Go Do it!’

Note: the complete story started at 26:56 with MDA wavering confidence as a player before going to Italy that later shaped him as a coach to always instill confidence to his players, especially his Point Guards like Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin.


  1. Netted First!

  2. It’s a great interview and provides some insight to what happened during Linsanity. But let’s also remember that D’Antoni is remembering events through his own biases. I’m not saying he’s intentionally twisting the story, just that it was a stressful time for him and his perception of reality was from one particular angle.

  3. He’s being diplomatic. The fact that he has revealed as much as he did today tells us something about him that we have long suspect about his character is that he values respect over $ or popularity!

  4. It’s certainly true that everyone would have personal biases when telling their own stories.
    It doesn’t make it 100% true or 100% false.

    It’s when we put together a collection of personal stories that we can draw a big picture of what happened:
    – Melo and JR did the unthinkable to criticize another player’s contract with their ‘Ridiculous’ comment in 2012
    – Feb 2016: Amare said “Not everyone was a fan of Lin’s success. He was a great, great guy. Great teammate. He worked hard ..”. Melo denied it by saying he highly doubt Amare was talking about him (but he also didn’t say Lin was a great guy and he wished him to stay in NY)
    – July 2016: MDA verified that the Knicks teammates resentment was ‘real’

    It’s pretty clear that Melo and JR were the jealous teammates from the ‘ridiculous’ comments back then.
    I personally do not think Amare was jealous of Jeremy although he might not want to come off the bench & let Tyson Chandler start. MDA has always been so rigid with his system that he even left Phoenix Suns when GM & ownership wanted to hire a defensive assistant for him. It was hard for MDA to manage the star’s egos. I’m sure he has learned from the past experience to get better as he shared.

  5. They would love NY drama to drum up interest of the Knicks vs the Nets matchup ๐Ÿ™‚

    The power of NY media is strong indeed.

  6. we all saw it unfolding right before our eyes. MDA didn’t even have to say anything and most Lin fans would have already known. simply put, Lin + Tyson + scrubs was Linsanity basketball. when Amare came back, it took away the effectiveness of Tyson as the PNR big. and when Melo came back, the whole offense self destructed.. it was as if Linsanity never happened. they went back to losing again. just as MDA said, he resigned so that they’d get into the playoffs which they did. the reason was, Melo started to play a little less selfish because he was being closely monitored and they had a new coach

  7. Yup. I won’t be surprised if this story gets more and more steam soon. This drama is what everyone has been waiting for and D’Antoni served it up to Woj on a silver platter.

    I’m just glad D’Antoni has the courage and integrity to finally publicly tell the truth. This confirms and vindicates what us Lin fans have been saying about Linsanity and his coaches since D’Antoni, not letting him play the position and role he was born to play and what he’s always been great at. It also confirms what we’ve all been saying about Lin’s egotistical ballhog teammates being such a detriment to their teams and Lin.

    I’ve always had high respect and liking for MDA. It’s even more profound now. I want him to succeed, just not in Houston.

  8. “If [Lin] stayed, it wouldโ€™ve been cool. But everyone wasnโ€™t a fan of
    Former Knicks coach Mike Dโ€™Antoni confirmed this week on a podcast with The Vertical
    that the two established stars โ€” sidelined for much of the incredible
    stretch โ€” resented Lin for the praise he received and were unwilling to
    adapt to his style, which propelled the Knicks to seven straight wins in
    February 2012.him being a new star. So he didnโ€™t stay long. Jeremy was a great, great guy, great with teammates, worked hard. He put the work in. We were
    proud of him having his moment. A lot of times you got to enjoy somebody elseโ€™s success.

    “That wasnโ€™t the case for us during that

    You got to enjoy that and let that player enjoy himself and
    cherish those moments. He was becoming a star and I didnโ€™t think
    everyone was pleased with that.โ€™โ€™

    My take on this will always be that Amare WAS ALSO not happy (Jealousy is too hard a word )about the emergence of Linsanity back then because it affects his position on the team. when one is being somewhat displaced , a silent rage comes out against those person/things/moment that can’t be controlled and affect your behavior somehow.

    added this:

    “Former Knicks coach Mike Dโ€™Antoni confirmed this week on a podcast with The Vertical
    that the two established stars โ€” sidelined for much of the incredible
    stretch โ€” resented Lin for the praise he received and were unwilling to
    adapt to his style, which propelled the Knicks to seven straight wins in
    February 2012.”

    as for the reason it didn’t worked out:

    ” And again, they could have co-existed if Melo went to the 4, which he
    really didn’t want to and Amare came to the back up 5, like with Tyson,
    which he really didn’t want though.”


  9. Lin destroys the Knicks even off the bench. This season, unleashed as a true starting PG, he going to obliterate them. If Melo is lucky, Lin will run up a 20p lead by the end of the 3Q and they can avoid him going off for 30+.

  10. Hindsight is 20/20, MDA probably see’s everything more honestly, clearly and truthfully than ever.

    JLIN fans have been saying for 6years what MDA and Amare have confirmed this year … it is vindication.

  11. stou and MDA JUST confirmed what were the events and happening during those times and how it did affects personalities then!

  12. It will be this all year:

    I can’t wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. That’s a best case scenario for the Knicks. This time, Lin won’t have to watch Kemba overdribble or Al/Cody miss easy buckets that Lopez would finish automatically.

  14. How do you listen to the interview? Is there a link or something?

  15. The Woj interview with D’Antoni is in this blog post. Here it is again:


  16. Why did MDA choose to dwell into the details at this point in time? Do you think MDA talking about it is sending a msg to his Rox team/JH by way of reverse psychology?

  17. Yes, that was my only point: don’t take it as 100% true. There’s no doubt that Melo and his gang resented Jeremy’s success. That’s not the part of D’Antoni’s story that I thought might be tinted. It’s those parts that paint him in the best possible light, which most people will do when put in a public spot.

    It won’t happen, but it’d be interesting to hear Atkinson’s view of those few months. Maybe at the least he’ll talk about Jeremy’s work ethic during the weeks he shuffled back & forth from the D-League.

  18. If you want to listen on a mobile device, use one of the podcast apps.

  19. Also IMO, but it sounded like Amar’e wasn’t happy with what D’Antoni wanted him to do, not necessarily with Jeremy’s success. Aside from the time he missed to attend a family funeral, my memory was that he and Jeremy did well together.

  20. I don’t know why he’s being so brutally honest right now. Maybe he wants Lin to succeed in Brooklyn, so he’s putting the blame of Knicks losing Lin fiasco straight onto the shoulders of Melo, Amar’e, and Dolan (he didn’t mention Dolan by name but basically implied he was forced to resign because of him).

    Maybe D’Antoni wants to get this off his chest finally, putting to rest all of the rumors and misinformation about what really happened during Linsanity and why he resigned.

    Maybe he wants a new start in Houston and is giving Harden and Morey a warning that he’s not afraid to speak out (eventually) and air all of their dirty little secrets if they don’t listen to him and if Harden keep ballhogging and disrupting his system.

    There are a lot of reasons why MDA finally decided to do this interview and tell everyone the truth. I’m glad he did because this proves that we’ve been right about Lin, his coaches, and his ballhog, jealous teammates all along.

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  22. MDA certainly had his own stubbornness that made him hard to get along with owners, FOs or players. He believed so much in his system but it was hard for him to work together on the people aspect.

    yes, Kenny Atkinson’s stories would be very interesting. I remember he left the Knicks not soon after Lin was shown his way out. I think he disagreed a lot with how things were handled in 2012

  23. I think he was specifically asked about if there were players that resented Jeremy. Don’t remember if he was asked about Melo specifically, he may have.

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  25. Good reminder. There was a thread about jerseys a few days ago. I ordered the $60 Swingman after someone on Twitter pointed out that the Authentic jerseys were really long…so long that unless you’re tall (over 6′ 3″), the jerseys were not wearable practically speaking. I contacted a rep on the NBAstore site and they were not able to verify the actual lengths of the jersey as listed on the size charts.

    I ordered mine on 7/9 and this is the ETA message: “THIS IS A MANUFACTURER DIRECT ITEM. THIS ITEM SHIPS ON OR BEFORE Wednesday, July 20”

  26. Where’s the new one I want the Lin one!!! Haha

  27. I called them today and the rep on the phone said she never held an official jersey in her hands so she couldn’t tell me whether or not the sizing was off. She was really nice but totally clueless. She did say the jersey was going to ship on or before the 20th of this month.

    I really wouldn’t gamble $138 on a jersey that’s unwearable. The authentic jerseys are made for extremely tall athletic people to tuck into their shorts or pants, which would look stupid on a normal-sized human being, tucked or untucked. Wish they made these authentic jerseys in normal sizes. I would definitely buy one if they fit.

    $60 is not a bad price for the official Swingman Nets jersey from last year. Don’t invest a lot of money into the authentic or the new Nets Swingman jerseys that costs $110-$140. Nike will take over next season as the official jersey makers and these adidas jerseys will be out of date and out of fashion.

  28. I thought the Nike doesn’t take over the NBA Jerseys until 2017-18 season? Still should be Adidas this season.


    The NBA announced on Wednesday that it has signed an apparel deal with Nike beginning with the 2017-18 season.

  29. Back in 2014-15 season the swingman jerseys were still made with twilled names and numbers. Starting last year the names and numbers all became heat transferred (pressed on). I seriously don’t have much faith in durability of the heat transferred version but the only twilled ones you can get now are the authentic jerseys which would cost you a limb…. And yes, the authentic ones are ridiculously long…

  30. Yup, not the greatest options if you want a Nets Lin jersey. Plenty of knock-offs and Knicks/Rockets/Lakers/Hornets stuff on eBay, but… I figure I’m mostly using this while watching (not playing) basketball, so the heat transfer material should hopefully hold up well enough.

  31. Glad that Lin fans has finally been vindicated…

  32. I said next season, as in not this upcoming season, but the one after. The new Nets Swingman jerseys are the $110-$140 ones that aren’t discounted. They have the adidas log on the front and the NBA logo on the back. Those are this upcoming season’s jersey.

  33. this story is always funny when it is brought up, and its good to hear melo getting uncomfortable/awkward when someone asks him the question about linsanity LOL. I think he has some lin trauma that he can’t shake for the last few years.

  34. From the reviews that I’ve read on Reddit, people are saying the heat transferred (glued / pressed on) jerseys are actually more comfortable and breathable. They’re lighter weight and easier to wear. I haven’t heard stories of the numbers and letters coming off from any of the reviews.

    I’ve said in the previous thread that I own both authentic and replica NHL (Rangers) and MLB (Yankees) jerseys. The authentic jerseys are definitely much nicer and a lot higher quality, but are also heavier and more difficult to wear if you’re not actually playing a sport while wearing them. And of course, they’re 2-3X more expensive than the replicas.

  35. the resentment is of COURSE real, and whether he acts like he has moved on or not, the truth is melo hasn’t. Linsanity is still fresh in his mind, we were reminded of that when melo decided to upper cut lin on a transition basket for no good reason in a regular season game. The salt, the jealousy, the anger is STILL there, hidden like a snake in the grass. Now Linsanity has moved next door…to haunt him from across the river lmao! Get ready crymelo!

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  37. I actually wear my swingmans for playing ball, real life, not NBA 2K. So it’s not a good news for me regarding the heat transferred version. We had them on the Champions jerseys back in the 90s and most of them wear out pretty fast after the first few months of washings. I hope the latest heat transfer technology and material have improved by leaps and bounds…

  38. Both can be customized with Lin & 7 on the back. Look for the drop-down menu just below the price.

  39. lol…maybe you should try wearing it for NBA2K…maybe its more suitable for it?! hahhaa….kiddinnnnnn

  40. Oh I see. Didn’t know why there were two Swingmans. Perhaps the movement of the NBA logo is to make room for the corporate advertising they are starting this season.

  41. It’s going to be fun to hear how Melo handles the questions this coming season, especially if the Knicks lose even one game to the Nets. It’s good Brooklyn picked up some older dudes to go up against the sneaky old Knicks.

  42. I hope Lin will put 40 points on Knick every time they meet! Also if Melo does that again, please one of the bigs of Nets give Melo an elbow shove and smack in the face for Lin thanks!

  43. Lin has been pretty good at beating the Knicks since he left. Excluding when he was on the tanking Lakers.

  44. NY media would blast Melo if he tried any flagrant crud and I’m pretty sure the league doesn’t want another YouTube video going viral.

  45. Oh, you don’t wanna mess with Booker on the court. He’s not afraid to fight back. He’ll be the enforcer on the Nets the next few years for sure…

  46. Also…

  47. Finally…

  48. Adrian Wojnarowski
    Free agent guard Joe Harris has agreed to a deal with the Brooklyn Nets, league sources tell

  49. What the…

    I don’t wanna be racist, but Nets are getting whiter by the day.

  50. I think those were all justified. The slap wasn’t a good response just because it’s too blatant, but the dude ran right into him. Griffin is pretty bonkers himself winding up for a swing, but he’s one of the ‘untouchable’ superstars.

  51. lol…who in the world is Joe Harris?

  52. Yeah most of Booker’s altercations are justified. I’m just saying that he’s not afraid to get physical and start throwing punches and elbows if you mess with him on the court. He’s very chill off the court, but a whole different person and personality on the court.

  53. I like Booker. Haha!

  54. One of the Reddit responses:

    This dude was money at UVA. A solid three point shooter who got buried under a barrage of SGs on the Cavs roster and never got a chance in the NBA

  55. So back to Young player again?

  56. Looks like Cavs traded him to Orlando, who immediately waived him. So he wasn’t on any team the final half of last season. Another hungry youngster trying to make an NBA roster. I wonder why they didn’t have him play SL?

  57. Joe Harris.. someone who made his team better..

    “Joe Harris walked onto the scene as a freshman in 2010 and became a starter.

    He finished his career as the biggest piece to the puzzle of resurrecting Virginia’s slumbering basketball program.

    His career stats are notable — more than 1,600 points and over 500 rebounds — but they don’t do justice telling the impact Joe Harris made in Charlottesville.

    After having an incredible 570 point (45% 3-point) season in 2012-2013, Harris earned All-ACC first team honors, and entered the 2013-2014 on the Wooden watch list for national player of the year.

    Harris didn’t come close to the season he had the year before when measured by box scores and statistics. He
    made the team better by allowing other players like Malcolm Brogdon and London Perrantes grow and carry a share of the workload. Joe Harris broke his personal record for assists in a season at UVa in 2013-2014 and even played a decreased amount of time per game; a testament to the unselfishness he showed in Virginia’s ACC Championship season.

    Harris won’t ever be compared to Virginia greats such as Ralph Sampson or Bryant Stith, Jeff Lamp or Buzzy Wilkinson, Curtis Staples or Wally Walker. But what Joe Harris did in his four years at the University deserves a place in history with all of those greats.

    As the years pass, time may put Harris in the same class as recent Virginia stars Mustapha Farrakhan and Mike Scott. But Joe Harris holds a title that very few Cavaliers have; Architect of the Program. In Harris’ four years as a starting guard at UVa, the team’s win percentage improved each season — culminating in a 30-win season his senior year in which the Cavs won the ACC regular season title and ACC Tournament, and earned a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament while advancing to the Sweet
    Sixteen. #12 Joe Harris of Chelan, Washington: A Virginia legend in his own class”

  58. Maybe like Troy Daniels.

  59. That’s good. It wouldn’t hurt for Jeremy to pick up a little (just a little) of that attitude. He’s playing for Brooklyn now.

  60. If you watch the Banana boat crew, I wonder if you feel that they take it out on Lin (Wade to a lesser degree than the other two ) every time they play against him. Or maybe they are smart enough to know how dangerous it is to play him straight up ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. wow, talk about hidden gem! So a pure shooting SG? Nice.

  62. A lot of sharp shooters are white… what can u do.

  63. Well, the dude passed the character test for sure! How’s his defense though?

  64. Probably because they are looking for hidden gems and the white players are invisible to the rest of the NBA.

  65. Yeah except the only sharpshooters on the Nets are Bog and supposedly this dude… hopefully.

    Lin and Scola can shoot 3s too but only when they get hot.

  66. LOL true

  67. Let’s hope this Harris guy can do 45% 3’s in the NBA eh

  68. this topic hit reddit.

    Four years later, Mike D’Antoni finally spills the beans on the Knicks’ resentment towards JLin during Linsanity

  69. As long as the they have no problem playing with Asian players, I have no issue with white players, LOL… This is a team of “scrappy” guys with a chip on their shoulders eh

  70. He better not bring this crap to the Nets this year. To be honest I don’t think he needed to do ANY of this.

  71. Got this from the other side.

  72. I see the NY media getting warmed up on reporting all things Lin again. But where are the Lin puns, not enough LINTEREST yet?

  73. I would LOVE to see lin give melo a nice smack in the face…im sure the crowd would go nuts too ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. yeah lol…nets need some colour

  75. Well, most of the rookies and sophomore rookies are black.

  76. YUp I wonder about his D also. Certainly high character, and also a college graduate.

  77. Looks like a guy just need a legit chance to prove he can play after injury. Feels like Marks and Atkinson would do just that. If it doesn’t work out, it’s a tiny contract. Again, win-win.

  78. who ????????

  79. I see you Marks. Building the ultimate underdog , underrated team of all time ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. He is a SG, and the first choice SG Crabbe is retained by Portland. I don’t think you want Waiters right?

  81. Troy Daniels costs 10 mil / 3 yrs. This guy is a bargain.

  82. I love getting Joe Harris over someone like Dion Waiters or Lance.

  83. Only 2 roster spots left now. I say sign Mockevicius from the SL team (as 3rd string center) and then Novak with the last spot. They should stockpile shooting around the Brook-Lin PnR attack. Between Bogdanovic, Kilpatrick, Harris, Scola, Hamilton and Novak, you’re bound to get at least THREE quality 3pt shooters, maybe four.

  84. I don’t think those guys are on Marks’ radar. Just BS rumors by their agents since Nets have cap room. Marks is all about character and culture and has backed up his words so far.

  85. Yup, although I was a little worried that he was going to deviate from his plan

  86. He can shoot and pass…


  87. @NetsDaily Educated guess on how much cap space #Nets have left after Scola, Vasquez, Harris, Hamilton & Whitehead deals … about $25m, give or take.

  88. I like this Joe Harris signing.
    Sean Marks stays true to Plan B to find undervalued versatile players who can pass & shoot to play in the unselfish system that Kenny Atkinson emphasizes in the Summer League.

    I can see how this Spurs-like system will continue to evolve.
    – They still need JLin to be a healthy Tony Parker to attack the rim at will, run PnR with Brook Lopez as the new Tim Duncan
    – Surround Brook-Lin with sharpshooters like Danny Green/Bruce-Bowen/Patty Mills to draw defenders out and allow a lot of room for guards penetration.

    They still don’t have lock-down defenders like Kahwi/Bruce Bowen or Manu-caliber 6th Man who can spark the bench and close the games out. Tyler Johnson has this potential but it didn’t happen.

    They also still need big bodies/backup centers/shotblockers for defensive purpose

  89. enough for one big poison pill for Dmo! LOL

  90. Ya! TJ is out.

  91. DMo would work well with Lin too.

  92. Basically, this guy is younger and more athletic version of Steve Novak. He could be a good fit for Jeremy if he can drain those 3s. It will open up spacing for Jeremy to drive.

  93. RHJ could be that lock-down defender. No super-six men, true, but how many team does? That could be something for next season.

  94. He also likes to play w Lin.

  95. I do too, it just feels good if it works out. Another great come from behind story. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t a huge gamble. The guy deserve one more shot and there it is. I’m sure this signing is 100% Lin-approve.

  96. Pretty obvious Melo is one of those petty, jealous, insecure guy who must have all the attention on himself. He is so overrated as a player it is just ridiculous the media keep labeling this guy “superstar”. Superstar at what? Taking 25 shots a game so he can get his stats. He is definitely the biggest culprit as far as Knicks Lin haters go.

  97. it is interesting how Ama’re basically said it’s none of his business yet MDA clearly stated it was both him and Melo. I guess he’s no Lin friend, just a good liar.

  98. Heck no to Movkevicius

  99. yeah look at our SL team – all black except for Beech.

  100. Why no one is interested in JJ Hickson?

  101. true, someone said RHJ has that potential to be left-handed MKG
    there were flashes of rebounding but he’s still quite a way to resemble MKG

  102. Eh, I think him and Lin get along, based on their behavior after games where they play each other. They always chit chat a bit.

  103. errr….Amare not wanting to play backup to Tyson. Nothing said that Amare is against JLin.
    In fact, Amare has only good things to say about JLin.

  104. white boys are underrated by scouts hehe. thats where the value is found in the league.

  105. who is harris?

  106. err, nevermind.

  107. That’s nothing though, even Melo is seen friendly to Lin on the court.

  108. Well it make more sense that Amare is also jealous of the attention and of course, not wanting to play backup because of him. Him saying good thing is really nothing. NBA players say bs in front of press all the time.

  109. what’s so special about him?

  110. True, even elite white players are called “scrappy” for no good reason.

  111. good rebounder, good shot blocker, good PnR. used to average double double

  112. Joe Harris’ FGA vids from his healthy rookie season. There are 120 vids.


  113. Harris is salary friendly player and has chips on his shoulder too to prove that he belong! nice pick up by marks. i think theres no need for the likes of DMO. i just have a feeling that DMO is a closet Arrogant person..LOL!

  114. i’m impressed by how much scouting infrastructure Marks has put together. i dont know who he brought over but he manages to find all these unknown players.

  115. i think and IMO, the matching of Crabbe and the other players Offer sheet player (forgot his name immediately,LOL) is a blessing in disguise for now , nets remain a team that will surprised everybody because it has no player with big ego and arrogance and almost all of its player are hungry to prove that they really Belong!!!.

  116. Oh no! IMO Amare was genuinely praising JLin. When Amare’s brother was killed in an accident (coincidentally was during the emergence of Linsanity), Amare said that it was Linsanity which took his mind off the family tragedy. Well, I honestly think Amare is a good guy., But I have doubts about Melo and JR Smith. they are in the same boat.

  117. well prepared and deep thinking by Marks. Its not the glitters that he looks but the potential to be a Gem that attracts him to a certain player he signed.

    and i laughed when somebody made mentioned that the Nets are almost “white” boys team!

  118. it is silly to call that racist.

  119. Through Recommendations. Joe Harris worked with both Nets assistant Mike Batisite, then an assistant with the Charge (D-L), and Nets assistant GM Trajan Langdon, who worked in player development with Cleveland.

  120. yeah, I feel the same right after both fell through. This is a team of a player ready to break low expectations, two guys with high expectations and big paychecks just don’t fit that well.

  121. The young guys are almost 100% black though.

  122. why is his stock so low now? injury?

  123. there is no benefit to these ‘plan B’ players except to show that lin can do a lot with less.

    but for the sake of lin and the team, crabbe and TJ would have been good. to say otherwise is just rationalizing the outcome.

  124. Amare was not jealous of Lin but he of course wouldn’t to be benched and backing up Tyson Chandler that’s for sure. Also Amare was the only player who talked to Lin after the game when he was with the Rockets.

  125. thats a weird signing….. TJ wont get much playing time there…

  126. Of course that’s the right way of thinking now. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the regular season. Perhaps someone will break out big time, and make us feel glad one or both of them weren’t signed.

  127. Perhaps his stock is really low and NO is one of the few teams showing interest.

  128. Updated depth chart first posted by DrewBear:


    1. Jeremy Lin 6โ€™ 3″, 200 lbs, age 27

    2. Greivis Vasquez 6โ€™ 6″, 217 lbs, age 29

    3. Isaiah Whitehead (Drafted 42nd overall) 6โ€™ 5″, 210 lbs, age 21

    4. Yogi Ferrell (Agreed to a contract with Brooklyn โ€“ partially guaranteed) 6โ€™ 0″ (more like 5โ€™ 8″), 178 lbs, age 23


    1. Sean Kilpatrick 6โ€™ 4″, 210 lbs, age 26

    2. Joe Harris 6โ€™ 6″, 225 lbs, age 24

    3. Caris LeVert (Drafted 20th overall โ€“ recovering from surgery) 6โ€™ 7″, 205 lbs, age 21


    1. Bojan Bogdanovic 6โ€™ 8″, 216 lbs, age 27

    2. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 6โ€™ 7″, 220 lbs, age 21


    1. Trevor Booker 6โ€™ 8″, 228 lbs, age 28

    2. Chris McCullough 6โ€™ 11″, 200 lbs, age 21

    3. Luis Scola 6โ€™ 9″, 240 lbs, age 36


    1. Brook Lopez 7โ€™ 0″, 275 lbs, age 28

    2. Justin Hamilton 7โ€™ 0″, 260 lbs, age 26

    3. Egidijus Mockevicius (1 year $543k contract โ€“ partially guaranteed June 26) 6โ€™ 10″, 225 lbs, age 23

  129. Holy crap is Yogi really just 5-8?

  130. I agree with others that Amare’s always nice to Lin ever since Linsanity. Lin even invited him to attend his fund-raising campaign when he’s with the Rockets first year! This tells Lin trust Amare is a genuine person. I remember Lin said, toward the end of that season, he realized who he can be friend with, who he cannot. Something like that.

  131. Some people say he’s really 5’7″, who knows for sure.

  132. What do you guys think about this?

  133. He seems like a good shooter and passer but I wonder if he’s a good playmaker.

  134. his ceiling is Isiaih Canaan
    his floor is Yuki Togash

  135. He’s very fast, has a decent shot, works hard, and is determined to win. But he is too raw, especially with his ball handling skills to be a good PG. He loses the ball easily, turning the ball over way too often. He also doesn’t know what to do whenever he gets double teamed.

    He needs at least another year or two to develop if he wants to be an NBA player. Maybe put him in the D-League and see how he does there.

    Having said that, this was only from watching 2 SL games he’s played in so far. It’s not nearly enough to determine how good or bad Yogi or any other player truly is. Hopefully he becomes a good player one day. I see potential in him.

  136. nice plays, but yes he does look short, but more like KB short, not barely taller than my wife short. The video says he’s 6-1? So which is it? LOL… I think he’s a good D-league signing and emergency backup.

  137. he’s just short, heh

  138. The Nets are eventually going to give a player or two a big contract, most likely next offseason. I think you’re too caught up in salary, as if that would have had a big effect on those players.

    Crabbe is a good guy. He played in the Bay Area and I saw about 85% of his games. He’s not a big ego guy and neither is Tyler Johnson. There’s a reason Marks went after those two.

  139. My starting line up preference strictly for scoring:

    Jeremy Lin
    Joe Harris (Sean sub)
    Boj Bog (RHJ sub)
    Luis Scola
    Brook Lopez (Hamilton sub)

    If shots aren’t sinking and defense is suffering:

    Jeremy Lin
    Booker (CMC)

    2nd Unit (Balanced Def and Off)

  140. RHJ is starting. Atkinson is not going with no defense on the wings. Even as a rookie in his limited PT, he has the best Net Rating on the team. Yeah, they were bad, but he’s an impact player.

  141. looks like most players that went to houston (post harden) had a negative impact in their careers…

  142. True, but it’s Only two players, well, actually, one player that we’re talking about (Crabb gets more PT). So, it’s Not a big loss or should even be a loss because we don’t know how he’ll gel with the main guy “JL7” and others. I’m talking about “TEAM” in all aspects – if JL7 is the heart and soul then I have no fear whatsoever. If Coach A & JL7 can get each player to play as a unit then it’s like Spurs ball or GS ball – that they’ll make it good regardless of “extra talent.” This Opportunity is Very Serious for JL7 – for him to carry a No-Name team to the playoffs will open ALL eyes… and minds. The credits will definitely go to JL7 and Coach A. I have No doubts that they can make playoffs. Its a gamble but JL7 NEEDS this (as much as he needed last season). JL7 can do!

  143. A quick point guard, Ferrell said he rejected draft-and-stash offers โ€” in which draftees are expected to play their first season abroad โ€” and did not get picked on June 23. Instead, he signed a summer-league contract with the Nets, who will play their first game Saturday in Las Vegas.

    โ€œNot hearing my name, kind of sad,โ€ he said of draft night. โ€œA couple of teams wanted to draft and stash me, but I didnโ€™t want to do that. I felt like I had a better opportunity choosing my team. Looking at Brooklyn, they liked how I worked out for them in the pre-draft workouts.โ€


  144. Idk, I don’t think RHJ will start. I think Atkinson will stick with Vets, and eventually RHJ might take over. That’s just my personal opinion.

  145. Man… 5’8″ and 6’0″ is quite a big difference… Unless he’s always wearing platform shoes there’s no way he’ll be listed as 6’0″. Judging by his weight, he should be at least 5’11” unless he’s either fat or extremely ripped.

  146. seem to be like 5’11”

  147. Yes I think he might be a bit stocky which makes him appear short. He’s probably same height as Kemba…

  148. i think you are getting confused with JRSmith?

  149. Booker is getting paid 9mil/per, so I think he starts, although Ibelieve he’s a bad fit if you want to spread the floor.

    in that case, scola is better to spread the floor since he’s the netter hooter, but scola is 36 and can’t play D.

  150. Projected Rotation (not necessarily my preference)

    Lin / Vazquez
    RHJ / Kilpatrick
    Bogdanovic / RHJ
    Scola / Booker
    Lopez / Hamilton

    – I think Scola begins the year as starting PF because RHJ can’t shoot and there needs to be spacing for the Lin/Lopez PnR.
    – Bogdanovic is too skilled not to start but he’s better against SFs since he’s 6-8, strong but slow.
    – I’m not sold on RHJ, but he’s their main prospect and it’s good to have a defensive starter who is the clear “5th option.”
    – Booker will play 20+mpg even when he comes off the bench. His rebounding and defense are vital.
    – I can see Lin and Vazquez playing together some. Lin’s off-ball skills really improved and GV is definitely pass-first.

  151. In a perfect world, I’d agree with you, but keep in mind Booker is getting paid 9M per..I also heard somewhere he was promised the starting 4 position.

    But I agree that Atkinson should try his best to throw in as many shooters in the starting 5 without delluting team defense too much.

    I like the starting 5 that you have: Lin/RHJ/Bogs/Scola/Lopez….But my guess is we won’t see this because Booker makes 4 time as much as Scola and cola can’t play D.

    Bogs is the only dead-eye shooter, but is also not known to be a good defender….

    But I still believe this line-up is the most balanced one in my opinion..If you start Booker, than you only have 1 good shooter in Bogs..That’s just not enough in modern NBA to spread the floor.

  152. According to Atkinson, starting PF is up in the air:


    “I think we’re going to let it play out,” Atkinson said. “I know those guys wouldn’t want it any other way. I think they’re two competitors, they understand the NBA and they’re going to battle it out and compete for the spot.”

    Asked about potentially starting, Booker responded, “It’s not going to be given to me. I’m going to go in with the mindset that I want it, so we’ll see.”

    Honestly, for both W-L and $$$, I think the best choice is to put out the best offensive team possible and then rely on Atkinson’s coaching (and on-court leadership from Lin) to get guys to play solid defense. It’s amazing what effort and discipline can do even with mediocre/bad defenders.

  153. Here is my prediction:
    Lin / Vazquez / Whitehead / Ferrell
    Kilpatrick / Vazquez / Harris
    RHJ / Bogdanovic / Harris
    Booker / Bogdanovic / Hamilton /Scola
    Lopez / Hamilton

    I dont think Scola will get to play so much… he will be there to mentor the young ones…

    We really need a defensive big…

  154. According to Atkinson, Scola might start. Booker is working on his jumper, but if it’s not reliable, then the spacing is going to be poor with him and RHJ both in the starting lineup.

    Don’t think Ferrell will make the cut (only a partial guarantee). Even if he does, he’ll be in D-League. LeVert and McCullough will likely get the 3rd string/garbage time minutes with Whitehead in D-League.

  155. The above quote refer to PF position.

  156. That’s what we’re talking about. Starting PF between Booker and Scola. It could be either.

  157. Nets coach Kenny Atkinson is ready to hand the ball to Jeremy Lin and let him be the quarterback. “I don’t think there will be a quarterback controversy right off the bat,” Atkinson cracked. “I think that everybody thinks Jeremy’s best position is that combo guard off the bench. We took a little kind of outside of the box idea and said he can be our full-time point guard… I saw it in flashes in New York that he can distribute the ball, He has got great vision. I think if you look at his attributes, he can play and defend the point guard position. I see him leading our team, I see him being a great pick-and-roll combination with Brook (Lopez). I think that is part of the reason we got him, we challenged him with that role.”

  158. ???? I’m talking about power forward (PF), not point guard.

  159. According to Atkinson, starting PG is up in the air. This is your title.

  160. Ha! That was a typo. I edited right away but it didn’t refresh on the page for you, I guess.

  161. Ok all’s good now.

  162. veteran net fans seem to think mccullough will play more (than suggested in the two posts above). he seems the next most matured player in summer league behind kilpatrick. i still like kilpatrick a lot but hes dismissed because hes older and has been mostly a d leaguer but hes put up good numbers when (rarely) given a chance.

    who’s harris?

  163. most long time hornets fans insisted walker was much shorter than his listed height. on court against thomas he seemed about the same height.

    of course kevin durant has admitted his height varies depending on circumstances.

  164. Hilarious, two regulars from here dominate the NetsDaily Mike D’Antoni thread playing good cop bad cop? smh

  165. wow..that line-up has no shooting at all….You would probably have to start Bogs ahead of Kilpatrick since he’s a better shooter and Kilpatrick is also not a good defender.

  166. where did Atkinson said Scola might start?

    I’d prefer Scola start simply because he’s added a 3point shot last year and Booker simply does not shoot it well, but more importantly, Booker doesn’t take enough 3point shot..He’s more of a classic under-sized PF.

  167. Bogdonavic is showing his shooting and leadership chops with his performance on the Croatia team.

    If he continues that kind of play into the Olympics, they will have to start him for the Nets.

  168. two trains; and a railroad track, one leaving and the other one coming back.

  169. he said: “might start”. would assume he’s referring to the quote somewhere here where atkinson said “we’re going to let it play out”.

  170. Kenny mentioned Scola and Booker will compete to play for the right to start here
    “Scola figures to battle for the starting power forward spot with Trevor Booker, who signed a two-year, $18 million deal with Brooklyn. “I think we’re going to let it play out,” Atkinson said. “I know those guys wouldn’t want it any other way. I think they’re two competitors, they understand the NBA and they’re going to battle it out and compete for the spot.”

  171. Once again, my apology. I honestly tried to look for a thread on Feedbacks and somehow I had missed it. Sigh.

  172. were they regulars from somewhere else before they were here?

  173. Probably the other site, and they know who they are. Many aliases used.

  174. agreed…In my opinion, because this team has so few shooting, you HAVE to start him..Atkinson has no choice all floor spacing will be very small.

  175. That’s my take as well. Whenever they met on the court post Linsanity Amar’e always gave Lin a bro hug and chat for a bit.

  176. I know that there were Rox fans going around other forums creating multiple accounts playing (fake) good cops and bad cops as Lin and anti-Lin fans, creating animosity in those forums and damaging the reputation of Lin fans. Just wondering if these two that you mentioned are possibly from there too.

  177. Lin/RHJ/Bogs/Scola/Lopez is truly the best line-up up to date…Good balance and shooting.

    RHJ can possibly hide Bogs..just have RHJ guard the best wings on the opposite team.

    Scola may have a year left in his tank..If he has, good be a very good stretch-4..shot 40% from 3PT.

  178. dont worry we dont have fake fans here! But we have @michael the anti-troll

    we have sharp eyes!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  179. Brooklyn Nets Salary Cap

  180. twin tower?

  181. 25.5m to be exact

  182. Marks is doing a good job in FA. I think some of these value signings will surprise people. He is picking good players that’s underrated and have good charterers. Lin will bring out the best in them and lead them to success.

  183. You don’t start someone who has a broken jump shot over a guy who is beastin’ it in FIBA, has proven he can be a bit-time scorer last year, and is your only true perimeter threat on the team just for a sophomore rookie who plays D, can’t handle the ball, and does what Booker does except much worse at it. RHJ has potential but he’s not starter material… not yet. He’d be good on the 2nd unit to help hold the lead the 1st unit gets for the team.

  184. I’m very excited on this season and how marks build this team around Lin’s skill set.Nets have no superstars but with Lin,Brooks and a lot of young promising players eager to play would be a very dangerous team.

  185. I posted a lot in that comment section. Good cop, bad cop? Who are you referring to? I saw someone with the name ImRickJames talking a lot of smack about Lin on there. Hope it’s not our RickJames because he’d be a huge hypocrite if it was.

  186. Whatever happens out of this forum…let it remain as such…dont really prefer to bring another site discussion into this site and comparing notes about a poster. cheers

  187. Perhaps you should be directing this comment at don, then. Since he’s the one who brought up the topic and didn’t specify who he was talking about.

    Also, I like RickJames here and I agree with a lot of what he says here. I’m hoping he’s not the same guy on NetsDaily because that’d be very two-faced of him to say positive things about Lin here and negative things about Lin on NetsDaily.

  188. Lol, your presumptions are spot on yet you don’t want to admit the obvious. haha

  189. Admitting what? There’s nothing to admit. I don’t hide behind alt accounts to post on other sites. I speak the truth everywhere I go, even if people hate me for it.

  190. I’m not referring to your line of comment – the other guy’s is staring you in the face but you won’t acknowledge him and notorious on the other site.

  191. Well I can’t jump to conclusions about a poster with a similar name there. It could be a different RickJames or it could be him. It’s up to him to fess up here or deny he’s the same poster on NetsDaily. Not my call.

  192. Now why would there be a fess up? Never has been before when confronted.

  193. Since this thread is about Mike D’Antoni, I’d thought I’d mention that the Rockets have formally parted ways with assistant coach Chris Finch …

  194. Again, I don’t want to jump to conclusions. If he wants to be a hypocrite and two-faced, there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m hoping it’s not him because I do like what he posts here. It would be very disappointing to find out they are the same person.

  195. MDA reshaping his coaching staff.

  196. Purveyor of multiple aliases is the game of some JLIN fans, why? your guess is as good as any… I have no idea what kick people get out of it.

  197. To be fair, if it is the same person, he’s not using multiple aliases. They have similar, almost identical names, obviously referring to the skit and character Dave Chappelle got famous for.

    Obviously anyone could technically be using multiple aliases anytime, anywhere, but using a such a similar name on NetsDaily does not fit under that definition.

  198. Im referring to the past history of a person using multiple aliases, dropping names on this site is frowned upon.

    I would gladly give you a history on the other site of the multiple aliases of poster in question,.

  199. Oh, didn’t know about his history on other sites.

  200. Although I understand the concerns about big-salary players, I agree there were good reasons those two were part of Plan A.

  201. I love Jimmer’s perseverance and if he was 2inches taller and more “brownish” he would still be in the NBA.

    He had all the advantages JLIN did not have an NCAA Division I scholarship and 1st round drafted pick – but missing JLIN’s skills and athletic attributes (beyond his shooting of course).

    I say the video’s of how Rambis used Jimmer in the 2 trash periods Jimmer was allowed to play and Rambis must have hated Jimmer in practice because Jimmer sank the shots when he was in the game.

    Hope he can finally break through.

  202. Kurt Helin
    Kurt Helin โ€“ โ€@basketballtalk

    Report: Pelicans nearing one-year deal with Terrence Jones http://dlvr.it/Lp2wFF
    Kurt Helin
    Kurt Helin
    Embedded image
    Report: Pelicans nearing one-year deal with Terrence Jones

    The Pelicans have quietly had a nice offseason, adding plenty of young talent around Anthony Davis. Buddy Hield, Solomon Hill, Eโ€™Twaun Moore โ€” and now Terrence Jones. Shams Charania of Yahoo โ€ฆ

  203. I really like what the Nets have been done and I probably is the only one who was happy about bout Portland and Heats matched Nets offer on their RFA. So far Nets have a roster that all have something to prove, just like last year Hornets. It is time to shock the NBA. Go Nets!

  204. no problem ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it’s still a constant improvement process
    thanks again for the feedback

  205. You’re not the only one.

  206. ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. I like Jimmer too.

  208. https://twitter.com/MikeAScotto/status/753622718659043329

    Michael Scotto
    Michael Scotto โ€“ โ€@MikeAScotto

    Sources: Former No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett and the Brooklyn Nets are nearing an agreement. Talks are in advanced stages at this time

  209. Nice summary of the potential depth-chart. Position-less basketball?

    “The signing of Joe Harris, expected in the next few days, will bring the number of fully guaranteed roster spots to 13, meaning the Nets have two to fill. Or maybe they’re done and will let training camp invitees battle it out for the last spots.

    That said, the team’s depth chart is now coming into focus, with one caveat: Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson keep talking about what many call “position-less basketball,” meaning a system where players are versatile, can play two or even three positions.”


  210. Although Bennett is a tweener and considered a bust as a former No 1 pick, I trust Kenny Atkinson and Sean Marks if they believe they can develop him to unleash the potential.

    There is no guarantee of success but this Nets roster team is carefully assembled with a bunch of high-character, unselfish players tossed aside by many teams. They will have a lot to prove to play in an unselfish system and shock the NBA next season.

    Led by JLin who has a proven track record to make his teammates better and empowered by Kenny Atkinson, I believe we’ll be in a nice surprise next season ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now they need to find big bodies/shotblockers to back up Brook Lopez

  211. Nice background story of Joe Harris
    Check out the similarity with Lin from Tony Bennet (his U of Virginia college coach).
    “โ€œHeโ€™s deceptively quick, heโ€™s tough and heโ€™s a complete guard,โ€ Bennett said. โ€œHe can shoot it, he can pass it and he can put it on the floor. Because his character is so strong, heโ€™s about the team first. Thereโ€™s a lot of good in this young man. He really embodies what most programs are looking for in a player.โ€

    His offense is great but we’ll have to see for his defensive skills.

  212. I am happy they didn’t get Crabbe too. He is kinda a laid-back and would occupy a great deal of salary cap.

  213. Hopefully they can find a upgrade on SF as well.

  214. As long as they sign Bennet to a minimum contract and one year deal or 1+1 team option there is little risk and potential upside if he works out.

  215. more I read about him more I think he doesn’t fit the culture here. Plus he seemed really happy in Portland.

  216. At least it’s a minimum contract

    Another “prove it” deal. Low risk, potentially high reward.

    Yeah, Bennett failed on every NBA team heโ€™s ever played for, but he looks like heโ€™s leaner, meaner, and hungrier than ever to prove he can still play in the NBA.

  217. He lost his weight too

  218. Who will be the 13th roster?
    I think We still have more than 20mils right?
    I dont think they will reach salary cap floor.

  219. Does sound like Lin! I look forward to see if he’s the x-factors – the natural ability to make his team better and over-achieve, and the clutch gene to take over and win the game by sheer will!

  220. I think physically he could be better then his reputation because his rookie year he was diagnosed g with asthma and sleep apnea. A lot of stamina and metabolic complications when you can’t sleep and breath.

    As long as he plays and works hard he could contribute. AND take his meds.

  221. Yeah I like this sign! Why not give him a second chance (or 4th chance), after all this team is comprised of a lot of second-chancers

  222. Marks is going HAM

  223. “Privately, NBA people worried about his true love for the game, his dedication to conditioning, his willingness to consistently put in the time necessary. Everyone likes Bennett โ€” he is a nice, shy, polite young man who people want to see succeed โ€” but they all grew increasingly frustrated with his inability to grasp what it really takes in the cut-throat world of the NBA.”


  224. Bennett has had many chances and hopefully he can fit what Marks/Atkinson is looking for. Coming out of high school he was touted as having a high BBIQ but that notion dropped dramatically quickly.

    I really love the level of BBIQ of the vast majority of the Nets roster, but remember it takes only 1 player out of 5 who can ruin the flow of a team when he mentally doesn’t get to his spot, misses the open pass or makes a poor decision.

    If Marks wants to give Bennet the benefit of the doubt, then can’t complain.

  225. Nah, I think JR straight on hating JLin. Ama’re always say he’s good with Lin but I never believed him.

  226. From the films he is short but more like KW short. I don’t think it’s THAT bad.

  227. Sounds like another guy with chip on the shoulder. Maybe we can use him after some D-league games.

  228. Kinda like the Lakers.. LOL.. poor TJ.

  229. wow, Randy Foye?
    I’m not sure why another SG

    The depth chart for SG would be:
    Bojan Bogdanovic,Sean Kilpatrick, Caris LeVert, Harris, Foye

    Bogdanovic & LeVert might be able to play SF. I guess Marks is hoping one of these SGs would fit well

  230. How cool would it be if there was a Linsanity Part II: The Return.
    Talks about his departure from NY –> Houston –> Lakers –> Hornets –> Brooklyn. The movie ends with him tying his shoes and walking out of the Tunnel for the Round 1 1st Play Off game.

  231. beat me to it lol

  232. Another Guard? They need SF and Center.

  233. Lol maybe Marks and Atkinson really wants to find a sharp shooter for Lin. One of them will emerge as the solid starter during the season hopefully.

  234. At this point, I think Marks is just throwing a bunch of darts on the dart board and hoping at least 1 or 2 of them sticks and pans out for the Nets.

    There aren’t many quality SFs or Cs out there, so we’re loading up on guards instead.

  235. He must be having fun shopping for bargain ingredients for a good team around Brook-Lin.

  236. Sean Marks conducted his own “America Got SG Talent” competition here ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t know if Randy Foye can play different position than SG

  237. True, because I think Hamilton and Lopez are solid and will get the job done. Plus having them two will help them with game flow. One can stay long enough in the game to not get cold.

  238. Looks like he played quite a bit of Point with the Nuggets.

  239. true but I’m concerned with the depth chart for C
    Perhaps Marks think Scola can play some backup C so he goes bargain-hunting for shooters.
    I check his Net Rating for C was slightly better than PF

    C Roster depth:
    Brook Lopez, Justin Hamilton, 6’10” Scola see some minutes here?,Henry Sims,

  240. It’s a given. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re just witnessing the plot being written.

  241. Mockevicius is signed to a partially guaranteed 1 year contract. He’s most likely playing C and a 3rd stringer if they don’t send him to the L.I. Nets.

  242. That’s what I’m thinking too. One of them will become the 3 pot specialist/wing threat Lin needs to get his PnR running.

  243. Foye strikes me as a good slasher and 3pt shooter; some good blocking ability

    Almost like JR Smith-type player
    He doesn’t pass at all in his highlights .. maybe once ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. I really hope he gets sent to the L.I. Nets…he’s so bad =(

  245. ok, maybe they think they have enough bigs already

  246. I guess 15 spots are filled by now
    The Brooklyn Nets have filled 15 spots for the roster. Here’s how it’s looking for 2016-2017:

  247. I think Bog will play SF.

  248. Professor Marks accidentally add a secret ingredient. ..chemical LIN…thus created the Powerful Nets.

  249. PG

    Jeremy Lin 6โ€™ 3″, 200 lbs, age 27
    Greivis Vasquez 6โ€™ 6″, 217 lbs, age 29
    Isaiah Whitehead (Drafted 42nd overall) 6โ€™ 5″, 210 lbs, age 21
    Yogi Ferrell (Agreed to a contract with Brooklyn โ€“ partially guaranteed) 6โ€™ 0″ (more like 5โ€™ 8″), 178 lbs, age 23


    Sean Kilpatrick 6โ€™ 4″, 210 lbs, age 26
    Randy Foye 6′ 4″, 213 lbs, age 32
    Joe Harris 6โ€™ 6″, 225 lbs, age 24
    Caris LeVert (Drafted 20th overall โ€“ recovering from surgery) 6โ€™ 7″, 205 lbs, age 21


    Bojan Bogdanovic 6โ€™ 8″, 216 lbs, age 27
    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 6โ€™ 7″, 220 lbs, age 21


    Trevor Booker 6โ€™ 8″, 228 lbs, age 28
    Chris McCullough 6โ€™ 11″, 200 lbs, age 21
    Luis Scola 6โ€™ 9″, 240 lbs, age 36
    Anthony Bennett 6′ 8″, 245 lbs, age 23


    Brook Lopez 7โ€™ 0″, 275 lbs, age 28
    Justin Hamilton 7โ€™ 0″, 260 lbs, age 26
    Egidijus Mockevicius (1 year $543k contract โ€“ partially guaranteed June 26) 6โ€™ 10″, 225 lbs, age 23

  250. Mockevicius and Yogi are most likely going to the L.I. Nets D-League team.

  251. Now that you mentioned it, maybe it is a good idea to put more shooter around JLin and Brook for inside out offense. But I really think Nets should get some pieces for defensive purpose as Brook is not really a good defender….

  252. wait no more moves after that. Foye and bannert are the last moves

  253. ??

  254. But they still have lots of money left, right?

  255. Another good thing about a large pool of SG is that every player, great or average, will have an off day, where shots just don’t go in for whatever reason. It sucks but it happens. When it happens, SOMEONE out of the 8 will have there shot for that game.

  256. I guess everyone is getting a raise

  257. Really? Oh! That’s good. LOL!

  258. lol, everyone that has been saying Lin deserved more, well here you go! Generous GM & FO.

  259. I think this is a solid group. Play-Off bound!

  260. Lin should get more of course. Like one from CBS said he got paid w backup salary but do starting job.

  261. 5mill raise?

  262. Haha! Sounds good to me. LOL! Well really don’t know how they are going to divided to every player in the team….

  263. Have they reached the floor ?

  264. I very much doubt it.

  265. Salary floor is $84.73M so maybe if it’s still short, everyone will get a raise ๐Ÿ™‚

    The salary cap for 2016โ€“17 season will be set at $94.14 million, with the salary floor at 84.73 million and the luxury tax limit at $113.29 million. The NBA uses “soft” cap, meaning that teams were allowed to exceed the cap in order to retain the rights to a player who was already on the team.

  266. That secret ingredient creates remarkable chemistry among all ingredients. ๐Ÿ˜€

  267. Best defense is it’s best offense. If they are scoring consistently, just have to hope that the other teams shots aren’t draining in clutch moments. Need to score to win, that’s what I think =P.

  268. or could become a useful 3rd party in trades exchanging cap space for picks. Lots of mega trades could go down and Nets can benefit from it. Honestly decent picks are really important.

  269. only if some of the riskier picks works out and the kids step up. At least 40 wins I hope.

  270. Good job in putting together the line up. I was about to do the same. BTW, just want to let you know I’ve read some of your posts from Nets Daily and appreciate that you’ve been posting hard cold facts and sound arguments in Lin’s defense…

  271. He’s being sarcastic.

  272. You’re correct. I didn’t pay much attention before
    The guy is so far off he doesn’t know his stats.

    I really need to put the Stats page together to compile the latest JLin stats for easy access

  273. they signed anthony bennet?

  274. No prob. This list was originally created by DrewBear, so I gotta give him most of the credit. I just updated it and made it look nice. :p

    I’m trying to make good posts on NetsDaily, but there are definitely a lot of trolls popping up there recently, as well as Nets fans who can’t really handle my type of aggressive, in your face, full of facts, stats, videos, and links type of posting. I also call out people a lot when they’re crapping on Lin, so some people can’t handle that either. It is what it is.

  275. Ya! 2 years.

  276. Trevor Booker: “When I step out onto the court, I don’t let anyone play harder than me.”
    Jeremy Lin signing, Vasquez, Brook Lopez down-low & some of the younger guys that we have .. I think this organization is going the right direction

  277. I like Booker. I hope he starts.

  278. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. The world of sports journalism is filled with mediocre, racist, frat-boy types. The sucked at both academics and sports so Jeremy Lin drives them crazy with jealousy. Only Lin’s play can shut them up. I pity him if he replies to my tweet.


  279. Not gonna like this looks like the worst team in the NBA
    they literally cant trade anyone other than Lopez and Lin
    No one wants any of these players not getting TJ and Crabbe really hurt them
    hope coach works his magic or something hoping for some miracle here

  280. ugh another bad signing

  281. Your vacation is over! How’s your vacation?

  282. yah yah keep telling yourself that

  283. Nice, he keeps mentioning Lin in his SL interview and also in this video.

    I’ve been saying since Booker agreed to the offer, that he’s gonna shock a lot of people this year. Dude’s got the right attitude and aggressive basketball playstyle we need on this team. The amount of alley-oops and monster dunks he’ll get from Lin will make people’s jaws drop. Can’t wait to see them.

  284. Busy

  285. nah man, give these guys a chance

  286. It’s minimum deal, w only 1st year guaranteed.

  287. Im curious, what would you’ve done given the circumstances?

  288. that’s why they are almost all 1 year vet-min deals. The hope is that their upside kicks in an they become good players and then they’ll be valuable to keep or trade for picks. It’s a good gamble and the best Marks can do given the dire situation the Nets were in.

  289. Looks like focus is small ball/run & gun offense. you need a lot of guards to keep the pressure going.

  290. u might want to rethink foye as any kind of good shooter, his 3 point % last year was 301.

    and in terms of overall shooting % for players playing in at least 60 games and at least 18 minutes he was second worst in the league ahead of only marcus smart; directly above him?

    abl p. hairston and kobe bean.

    so: he can’t shoot, you say he doesn’t pass, what does he bring to the table: availability!

    foye was one of only 29 players in the league (out of 480 who say playing time) to play in at least 90 games.

  291. I agree. He’s going to be good on court w Lin.

  292. Differently
    they might have had a difficult situation getting FAs
    that still doesnt change the fact that the roster looks really bad

  293. lol…thanks for the shout-out, but I’m more than happy that you’re taking over and keeping the list updated.

  294. Really hope so too.
    These are all NBA players after all
    In the right system with the right coach, almost any NBA level player can play really well(spurs)
    so I’m hoping the coach will work his magic
    some of the Hornets players were in the same situation last year as well, like Marvin Williams

  295. still doesn’t answer the question…eh well at least above ^ you’re not all that negative.

  296. I like his confident demeanor and tough-guy play style. He may be a good veteran presence in the locker room too.

  297. Whitehead and Yogi are most likely 3rd stringers and development projects on the L.I. Nets. Joe Harris will be given a shot to play and contribute some, but I doubt he’ll play tons of minutes. Randy Foye is here to provide depth and mentorship, not significant playtime. So we’re really just left with Lin, Greivis, Kilpatrick, and LeVert getting most of the guard playtime.

    Bog and RHJ will eat up most of the playtime in the SF position anyway. If we need more depth, just move Joe Harris over. Center, we don’t have a lot of depth in, but it’s more reliant on fast-paced ball movement offense anyway. We’ve got Brook there doing most of the heavy lifting, with Hamilton backing him up on the 2nd unit.

  298. he has proved that he wasnt NBA ready but I hope he proves me wrong
    he was the worst 1st overall pick but he was also a 1st pick for a reason

  299. Agree – he’s like a poor man’s Mark Aguirre as an undersized PF with a complete inside and outside game that’s not elite but completely serviceable.

  300. as abba once said: take a chance take a chance take a chance on me.

  301. That’s a TOUGH defensive team, one that doesn’t allow dribble penetration and fights hard in the post and doubles up on shooters.

  302. The guy probably just counted # of white guys and decided to call it back. Not to mention the Asian.

  303. Having players that nobody else wants doesn’t mean the Nets cannot WIN.

  304. Many 1 year deals allow the Nets to jettison the underperformers and load up for the key long-term Nets type of Team Players with a nice free agent class next summer.

  305. Brooklyn Nets List of High Basketball IQ Players (in no particular order)
    Greivis Vasquez
    Bojan Bogdanovic
    Luis Scola
    Brook Lopez
    Justin Hamilton
    Caris LeVert
    Randy Foye
    Egidijus Mockevicius
    Joe Harris

    That gives us fully 67% of our roster in the top quarter of the highest BBIQ’s in the NBA based upon my understanding of each player (take that with a grain of salt). So while we might not have the most athletically gifted, we do have the smartest team.

    High BBIQ teams:
    1. place team stats before individual;
    2. make the right decisions
    3. get to the position where they are supposed to be at the right time
    4. execute Kenny’s plays correctly
    5. make the extra pass to the open man
    6. sacrifice unselfishly for the only thing that counts: WINs

  306. As the season is underway, some teams will try to dump salary. Maybe not this year but one or two from now Miami and Portland will be.

  307. i said differently
    would have thrown more money at more proven veterans like David Lee instead of the biggest draft bust Anthony Bennet for one
    would have gone for a more legitimate SG or SF
    Marks did his best but this roaster does not look good however you look at it

  308. I wouldn’t have done much differently.

    Instead of Anthony Bennett and Joe Harris, I’d have gotten Jimmer Fredette and a bruising D league center like Greg Smith (probably could get a center more skilled than Smith).

  309. b4 the trade deadline yes any team not in serious playoff contention. not sure of all the rules and regulations. but would think having cap space would be desireable.

  310. this

  311. but I also believe almost any NBA player can perform well in the right system like the spurs
    so i hope the coach works his magic and all of these players prove the doubters wrong including myself
    they are in the NBA for a reason

  312. True the spurs won with a bunch of scrubs and Tim duncan+leonard(who probably woudnt have been a star on anyother team)
    so this is on the coach now

  313. well, he is playing beside lin, hopefully bennet works harder after seeing how hard lin and the other guys work

  314. whats new lol

  315. lol they did throw 50mil and 75mil offer sheets…

  316. nets summer league to date ppg and shooting % (x made out of y attempts)

    kilpatrick 14 on 10/17
    mccullough 11.7 on 11/23
    jefferson 10 on 11/27
    whitehead 10 on 11/27
    mockevicius 8.5 on 5/9
    beech 8.5 on 10/29
    ferrell 8 on 6/17
    benimon 7 on 6/11
    thomas 6.5 on 3/9
    sims 5 on 2/7
    hunt 4 on 2/6
    magette 3 on 2/6
    obrien 2 on 1/4

  317. They will discuss Xs and Os with the quarterback and have feedbacks back and forth on and off the courts. This is going to be a team that will play out to their best potential fully as individuals and as a team.

  318. So true.

  319. Didn’t see anyone post this yet…

    Ananth Pandian of CBS Sports has compiled a list of the biggest bargains in this summer’s free agency and at the top of the list are the Nets and Jeremy Lin. At three years and $36 million, the contract is steal, writes Pandian. Lin, he believes, is underpaid.



  320. Lin personally believes is underpaid?

  321. No, the CBS writer believes Lin is underpaid.

  322. They might be going small ball but if you look at most of the guards they’re all tall or long for the guard position. I’m looking forward to the 1-2 or 1-3 pnr with Lin.

  323. Foye has fell off a cliff the past two years, but he’s a good mentor for the young guys. He’ll likely be the “emergency” 3rd string PG/SG until LeVert is healthy and ready. After that, he can serve as the Juwan Howard of the Nets, more assistant than player.

    As I wrote before, Bennett got into serious shape these past few months, but I still don’t like having a guy with motivation issues. But if Marks and Atkinson believe he’s buying in…why not. Just a minimum contract that can be waived at the first sign of trouble.

  324. and this is the same NBA that labeled Lin as soft…

  325. He’s underpaid. So is MW both got the same agent.

  326. This team is clearly lins and brook lopez team. lol Brook-Lin

  327. If nets win anything over 20 games is all because of Lin

  328. can you link to the SL interview? can’t seem to google it

  329. Lin will obviously be a major part of the turnaround, but you can’t discount the importance of Atkinson, Brook, and Marks. Marks was the one with the vision and intelligence to hire Atkinson, target Lin as their main acquisition, build a team around Lin, and give Lin the keys to this team. Atkinson is the guy who trusts Lin to be his QB and on-court coach / leader. Brook will be Lin’s main partner in the PnR. Brook-Lin will have to do the most of the scoring on this Nets team.

    If this team wins a lot of games, it won’t be only because of Lin. It will be a team effort. Without a team, no player can win games by themselves.

  330. This team is set up like a “team” thank goodness”. It really gives Lin a chance to be” The Guy” for the first time in his career. We will see.

  331. yes, Booker seems to know JLin’s unselfish plays will get him and everyone easy points.
    Booker “The Enforcer”!

  332. I listen to NBA radio and sports radio everyday. No one is talking about the Nets. Looking at this Roster I can’t blame them. That said I still say 50 wins and the playoffs!

  333. Well at least they did’t trash them yet…LOL!

  334. Let the fun games begin!

  335. Let’s hope Bennett proves the doubters/haters wrong, like Lin, with his performance in Team Brook-Lin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. I hope he is a real tough guy, not just an act. For all the fan complaints about JLin getting flagrantly w/o getting calls it should have been up to his coach and teammates to have his back- and they didn’t. Every team needs an enforcer and every teammate needs to have his teammates back. The next time there is a flagrant foul, especially to the head of JLin or any other player the perpetrator needs to find himself on the floor.

  337. Sounds like a tv cop character.

    Book’em Booker!

  338. Yes, it’s here. Can’t Believe It’s Real – JL7 finally has his own team to run with the support from coach, GM, and Org. Really can’t wait for the season to start. But it’s best that there’s time from now to start of season for everyone to get ready – not just with their bodies but minds.

  339. After hearing about MDA talked about Nash and the “quiet” Suns team back in the days – how I’m looking forward to “this Nets team” bringing back some resemblance of that Nash’s team.

  340. Of course! No one can do it alone even “the superstars,” but this time there’ll be Zero excuses for people to say it’s only a … “fluke,” and it’s because of this or that… No more hiding in the shadows behind false narratives.
    We all know this: Mr. 4th Quarter/Mr. Clutch will show up in many, many games.
    Yeah, teamball and all-stars will be re-created on this New Nets team.
    I was pleasantly surprised about The Hawks and The Pistons for last two seasons – The Nets can achieve that now!

  341. NETS/SIXERS @NBASummerLeague action will tip off at 6:30pm/et on @ESPNU & @ESPN3 #NBASummer https://t.co/NdgdcAHpEV

  342. Hopefully Ben Simmons plays today instead of sitting out. I want to see the Nets young guns destroy him and Philly on live national TV lol.

  343. It’s “playoff” time, so you’d think they’d play him.

  344. Las Vegas summer league tournament bracket.

  345. If the team will commit to team defense, they can win 40+ games. Defense wins championships.

  346. good thing his name isn’t booger

  347. Balance wins championships -Kenny Atkinson

  348. i love the new smell of air around ….
    “But the marketing possibilities for the Nets and Lin seem almost infinite. Not
    to mention Lin’s pure basketball value: with Lin’s penetration,
    scoring, and “PROVEN DEFENSIVE mettle”, he’ll sell tickets and TV too. Lin
    was already a top 20 seller in jerseys, as a Charlotte Hornet. As the New York Daily News
    opines, Brooklyn gets “tremendous value from Lin, both from a
    basketball standpoint and a marketing one.” He’ll be the “FACE OF THE FRANCHISE.” Now all that’s left to know is how successful is the
    franchise going to be.” (caps for emphasis)

  349. right, run & gun with tall guard + pnr with Lin when he’s in the line up.

  350. Well said! I agree fully.

    New team, new coach, new culture. We will find out who would be the tough enforcer for the Nets, Booker or another teammate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  351. I think this roster can get to 45 wins.

  352. SL doesn’t mean crap, they’ll probably sit him to avoid injuries. Honestly if you are building winning culture you leave the kids in and let them fight. But Sixers is not about winning culture. LOL

  353. Bah

  354. The sixers are losers. They should play him to build rapport and moral.

  355. he’ll get a nice bonus this year if the floor is not reached. But Marc might create a pick or two from the left over cap space yet.

  356. Why? His BBIQ is low and kicked a beggar outside a club.I don’t like him at all.

  357. Yeah pretty dumb how they’re making him sit most of these games. Summer League doesn’t matter, but it’s a good place to work on your fundamentals, weaknesses, show off skills, etc. A lot of #1 or top 10 picks play(ed) in SL games, but not Simmons. Maybe they’re afraid of his cramping issues or something.

  358. farewell tour year I guess.

  359. I trust Marks’ judgement on character at this point.

  360. Farewell + get paid tour.

  361. That’s around my estimates as well, with a few surprise wins against big teams.

  362. It must be the smell of success in the air? Exciting and fragrant! ๐Ÿ˜€

    It emanates from Barclay center, spreads across the sky over vast land and reaches you in your town.

  363. They are a pathetic organization. I am glad Jeremy didn’t go to this dump. Most of these teams don’t get more than a total of 5 games in SL. They have more than 2 months left to rest before training camps. The more reps these guys gets, the better. They need to be able to evaluate his skill sets so that they can properly strategize how they can sound him with talent and use him when camp begins. Oh well, good ridden to them. One less team for net to compete with in the East.

  364. Raymond Felton got minimum contract with the Clips.

  365. Game is finally starting. First thing broadcasters say is how Simmons is sitting “due to rest.”

  366. CMC off to a good start. Lookin’ great so far.

  367. LOL RHJ afraid to shoot 2 open 3s. Don’t blame him…

  368. Well he should stay with “defense & rebound specialist” first.

  369. ya got a stream? At work here.

  370. soon they will all be talking about the Nets.

  371. I know. That’s what he’s great at.

    Aktinson still running RHJ at point. Guess last game didn’t phase Kenny in trying to see if RHJ could be a point forward. He’s just not a good ball handler or point forward.

  372. Epie posted a link above to Youtube. I’m watching on ESPN streaming:


  373. where’s the yt link? I’ve been a wire cutter for years now.

  374. yeah…it looks to me like he decided to retire after he heard the timmy news and will play for one last year and get his money. Parker will probably play for another 2 years and retire as well.

  375. Fat Felton happy to be 3rd string with the Clips eating burger on the bench.

  376. Guess he deleted it, not sure.

  377. Beech is a parson in the making???like his moves and can still be developed. good ballhandling skills and maybe a fast break players that can run and space.

  378. Beech is going to be real good in a few years. Might even be good with 1 year of development. Tons of potential.

  379. Sheesh, Philly is shooting 6 for 8 from the arc, @ 75%.

  380. agree..still raw but has potential..hope he can maintain his high character level guy. can be a good addition with the nets.

  381. nice thing i noticed with Nets SL team, they have decent and basic defensive skills.

  382. 44-41 Sixers at the half.

    They’re killing the Nets at the arc. 8-19 3s vs. 1-5 with Nets.

  383. Another day, another terrorist attack. 73 dead in France. So sad.

  384. Ban those guns. /s

  385. there are millions of middle easterners in france, possibly the most out of any western country. Unfortunateyl, that leads to alot of these kinds of terrorist attacks because the government isn’t able to sort out terrorists from the normal people. Like they say: hiding in plain sight.

  386. some thing needs to be done about these people

  387. those guns are illegal

  388. i think i don’t like the way whitehead and RJH plays…maybe first time looking at them..kilpatrick can ball as well as Beech, and maybe Yogi…

  389. They used granades and a truck. Ban trucks?

  390. didnt like the 75 one but i understand
    still dont think TJ and Crabbe are proven

  391. hes the worst no.1 overall pick

  392. everything being used to create havoc by those terrorist are all illegals..banning those guns already banned?

  393. agreed but team looks bad right now

  394. Agreed Whitehead wont get in the rotation
    RJH is there for defense only

  395. LOL. This ‘really bad’ rosters is what Lin needed to prove all the false narratives wrong and Mchale dogma that Linsanity was a flute. Anyways the Linsanity rosters was no better. Haha cheers.

  396. I like Whitehead, but he tries to do too much and he’s too raw. Needs to spend a year in the D-League.

    RHJ should not be playing point, but he keeps doing it… maybe Aktinson wants to test him in this role which doesn’t fit him at all.

    Kilpatrick is our starting SG, so he better be playing well during Summer League, which is he.

    Beech definitely should get a contract from the Nets to either be a 3rd stringer or D-League spot.

    Yogi needs more development but will eventually be a good bench guy.

    CMC is the most polished and NBA-ready right now on this Nets team other than Kilpatrick. Love CMC. Just needs to put on more muscle / weight.

  397. /s means I’m being sarcastic.

  398. LOL!..well maybe you may add to also ban the terrorist..:P..

    seriously, this is a sad news for everybody and its hard to just stop this..minimizing casualty is not the terrorists definition…what to do???

  399. it will all come down to the system
    they have no one on the roster other than Lin and Lopez that are not below average in the NBA
    This is a really weak roster and not much potential like the 76ers
    they really need to play great teamball a system that brings the very best out of all players like the spurs to do well
    if not, easily can go below .300

  400. I don’t want to get too deep into it, but let’s just say this was all designed and planned out by evil globalist elite scum who have controlled this world for centuries. They purposely allowed radical jihadists and Muslims into Europe, UK, and U.S.

  401. I really want you to get deep into it and i am not being sarcastic

  402. This SL broadcast crew makes me sick with how much in love they are with the 76’ers and how much they keep talking about Simmons. At least try to be somewhat less biased for crying out loud. The announcers for previous games were so much better.

  403. IMO. This rosters is effectively a smallball run and gun centric will lots of 2 guards pick and roll actions and paint penetrations the type of plays Pop was weary of when facing a Lin lead team. Haha cheers.

  404. I’m not sure this is the proper forum or message board to talk about these things.

  405. IMO Scola is to provide the mentoring and skill set training on court like how to set solid screens etc.He is the JJ of Linsanity2. haha cheers.

  406. This is Kilpatrick’s 3rd time in SL and he’s 26 years old. He knows better what’s expected (fewer mistakes, for one) and hopefully the younger guys are learning from him.

  407. Not bad. Relatively cheap, short-term contracts for good role players.

  408. Yeah Kilpatrick is a SL vet. He really should be a backup SG, but because we failed to get Crabbe, he’s the default starting SG on the Nets now.

  409. Long interview with Tim Duncan by a longtime friend of his. I haven’t watched it all, but thought this part about NOT comparing salaries was wise (and probably the way Jeremy thinks about it): https://youtu.be/AIG7OHjAXig?t=9m35s

  410. Too little, too late, Sixers. Should’ve made a huge offer for Lin while you had the chance (even though Lin already made up his mind):


  411. They were not even one of the suitors during the first day of FA. Now they want a veteran PG? It just show you how short-sighted they are.

  412. maybe they will overpay A. Brooks for 3 year 50mil contract..LOL!

  413. I thought they already got 2 vet PGs???

  414. I thought they were going to let Simmons play point. I’m glad they didn’t make a serious bid for Jeremy. I think the Nets organization will end up putting much more focus on Lin than any of the other suitors.

  415. IMO. Bennetts will be a development project for trade for draft picks next year etc.. haha cheers

  416. This show How smart the Nets were by signing JLin on the first day of the free agency period.

  417. Nice defense on last possession. They let the Sixers run the clock down, get their iso, and then 3 Nets all collapsed onto their PG driving in to force a turnover. Nets up by 3 with 4 seconds left.

  418. clutch free throws by RhJ

  419. A lot of us, including me, thought Sixers were one of the 3 teams meeting with Lin at midnight. They’re so dumb and unorganized. Hinkie got them all those picks, but they fired him and now they don’t know what to do with their team.

  420. Word

  421. maybe they will overpay the vet guard for 1 year so simmons can have a year experience first, then second year, they will let him play as full pledge PG.

  422. They have Bayless, Sergio Rodriguez, and JT. It’s not so bad, but they could have definitely used JLin.

  423. Nets win. Too close for comfort, especially with Sixers sitting Simmons. On to the 2nd round!


  424. Kilpatrick is going to be good. Lin can get him the ball in a better position.

  425. dont worry 76ers….wait 2 years, then offer lin a max contract, he will be knocking on your door the next day.

  426. I was one of those who thought JLin would be perfect for their bigs and that they would be the one bidding high for Jeremy, but they didn’t. They have no idea what they are doing. Even the Nets who are going young have a few valuable vets on 1 year deal to mentors all their picks. They have so much talents and assets, but they don’t play well together. It’s a team game after all.

  427. Nets need to get 3pt shooting up. Lots of 3s will be raining this coming season. That’s the trend of the league. All Nets need to practice and shoot their 3s w/ confidence…

  428. I thought so as well. I mean if 6ers offered lin a decent deal on the first day, they likely could have formed an amazing team, and lin would definitely have matured the rest of the players and been a good influence on them. They should have offered lin a $20M contract for 3 years, but they didn’t. Their loss, nets gain.

  429. Even if some of these players on the roster today don’t make the cut after training camp, there’s always this possibility:

    “Long Island Nets…will play its home games during the 2016-17 inaugural season at Barclays Center and hold practices at the recently opened HSS Training Center in Brooklyn.”

  430. That’s why I kept saying we needed Crabbe so badly. It’s also why Marks had to settle for Joe Harris instead.

    The Nets don’t have legit, proven perimeter threats other than Bog. Lin and Scola can also make a lot of 3s, but only when they’re hot. I really hope Harris turns out to be as good as he was with 3s in college.

  431. I love his game. He plays so much under control. He plays within the game. You rarely see him doing iso. He either drive to the hoop or he shoot an open jumper. That is all he does. Will be a great teammate for Jeremy.

    Atkinson needs to stop his experiment with playing RHJ at point. The guy can’t even handle the most basic dribbling skill. He is a turnover waiting to happen. It’s not a wise investment to experiment with this when the focus should be to try out something that has the possibility of succeeding. RHJ should have only 3 jobs. Play defense, rebound and slash to the basket. If he plays within this role, he is a gem. If not, Nets will have a long season. He will single-handedly lose you game if you allow him to play-make.

  432. By the way, that Kennedy tweet was just spin from The Vertical’s reporting of Sixers forcing Spurs to spend so much on Manu:


  433. So basically, both Sixers and Spurs were going after Manu with crazy offers, when they should’ve both been going after Lin instead. SMH

  434. Hope so. Need a 3pt specialist ready to turn it on at any moment during the game. Lin facilitated Novak w/ his 3pt shooting by passing to him in his sweet spot at the right moment. Lin made him relevant during the Linsanity stretch and got paid big $ afterwards. Other pgs before and after Lin did not or was not able to bring out his 3pt expertise.

  435. Ty Lawson?

  436. Well, they’ve already targeted Lin and most likely had Atkinson recruit Lin way before FA started.

    The part where they were smart in was giving Lin a lowball offer but not too low to insult him and his worth/value. Then they forced Lin to make a quick decision by feigning interest in Jennings and Rondo.

    Marks played Lin and his agents like a fiddle, but he kind of had to, in order to make sure he has enough money and time to go after other FAs.

  437. We had rumors that up to 6 teams were interested in JLIN only 3 were named and those were the midnight teams Nets, Pelicans and Rockets. Hornets were not one of the 6.

    Very likely 76ers were one of the six teams but for whatever reason, JLIN and his agents elected not to meet them at midnight – doesn’t mean they were not interested in JLIN necessarily.

  438. I personally wanted a bidding war for Lin, just to drive up the Nets’ offer for him. I thought Spurs and Sixers (and Mavs) were going to go after Lin like they’re going after Manu now, but they didn’t prioritize correctly and didn’t value Lin at all, which was a mistake on the part of both those teams.

  439. They even had TJ McConnell be the primary ball handler over Simmons in the close Lakers game. TJ played many minutes at PG behind Ish Smith.

    No way Simmons in the first year is the primary playmaker, Colangelos want to win, not Tank.

  440. Nets/ pelicans/ rockets? not Nets , pelicans and bulls?

  441. Bulls were not one of the three but was likely one of the 6 as well.

  442. What was the Rox supposed to have offered Lin? Wow, glad that Nets was the one, I can’t stomach the idea of Lin at Houston again. Anyone know what the Rox was offering Lin?

  443. I doubt the 6 team rumor was true. We certainly never got any confirmation of that rumor being true. There wasn’t even a confirmed report of Lin meeting with any team other than Pelicans and Nets. Houston was never mentioned as a team he met with.


  444. Pre-free agent day, there were suggestions by the pundits that up to 8 teams wanted JLIN as a bench backup in the manner of how Charlotte used JLIN. Nets and Rockets wanted JLIN as a starter and likely the Pelicans too wanted him to start.

    Based on that, there is NO REASON to disbelieve that at MINIMUM 3 more teams wanted to speak with JLIN, but his team culled all of those backup offers to only the ones which registered any interest for him.

  445. Again, no confirmed reports any of those rumors were true. You can speculate all you want, but the fact remains, only Pelicans and Nets met with Lin at midnight.

  446. Nobody knows for certain because it was not made public. However since MDA loves JLIN it is an easy assumption that he wanted JLIN as a starter and push Pat Bev to the bench where he belongs.

  447. I don’t mind Nets low balling Lin a bit in salary. As a Lin fan I will likely need group therapy just to imagine Lin having to deal with the Rox management, JH, and the CF, dream shakes or whoever those bozos are.

  448. JLIN wanted to make a quick decision and he did, to not risk any DeAndre Jordan type fiasco.

    You are welcome to believe that JLIN had NO other interest by any other teams. The ENTIRE NBA community stated that JLIN was one of the top 1 or 2 free agent PGs of the year, so they dont agree with you.

    Are you also one of the people who believed the hearsay from JLIN’s dad from last year? But now this year you discount all of the respected sports sources that touted JLIN highly?

  449. I go by facts and confirmed truth. I don’t go by what pundits speculate or rumors from random people that have no credibility or real knowledge of what happened. Not sure why you’re getting so worked up over this. Provide some concrete evidence on the teams who met with Lin and I’m more than willing to believe you.

  450. IMO Lin team of close associates and agents wouldn’t divulge anything on FA now. When Linsanity2 happens then only we will know for sure how many teams wanted his service as their starting point guard/quarterback and defacto ‘face of the franchise’ whomever other so called superstar may be in those team. Haha cheers.

  451. So you believe JLIN had more interest last season after his reputation was destroyed than from teams this year, that borders on the ridiculous.

    Hide your head in the sand – makes no difference to me.

  452. They divulged the Pelicans as a team Lin met with. Why wouldn’t they divulge other teams as well?

  453. Lin had more interest last year because he waited for much longer to make his decision. He rushed his decision this year because he already had his mind made up on the Nets. If he waited as long as he did last year or even just 2 more days (after Conley was off the table), I guarantee he would’ve gotten at least 3 more teams to make him offers.

    Why are you talking crap to me when I never said anything to offend you? Hide my head in the sand? I think you’re the one who’s doing that. You’d rather believe in rumors and speculation than actual confirmed facts.

  454. First of all, JLIN’s camp released the midnight names and no other names, there is no rule stipulating what anyone needs to release.

    Second, JLIN made a decision to join Nets within 12 hours.

    But, let me give you a scenario? Had JLIN not come to any agreement with the first 3 teams you can bet your bottom dollar he would have spoken (there is also a thing called a telephone) with more teams the remaining 6 and you probably would have heard about them.

    Oh but you discounted all of the other teams who wanted JLIN as a backup because you didnt see any “concrete evidence” thats right.

  455. What the heck are you even arguing about now?

    You spend all this time saying that NO other teams were interested in JLIN and now you concede that he could have gotten 3 more offers… let’s put an end to this.

  456. IMO. The Pelican and Rocket team interest was a given as they are having preseason games in China right! IMO, Lin team would have informed MDA politely to cancel their meeting after learning that Houston intended to extend Harden. Anyways would appreciate we wait for the revelations in due course rather than we speculate like the last FA. Thank you. Haha cheers.

  457. If I’m not mistaken, there was a sports report indicating about 6 teams who had contacted Lin’s agent for a meet

  458. I think in your blind rage and anger, you failed to even read what I wrote and understand what I’m saying. Really pointless arguing with you anymore. Believe what you want to believe bro. I’ll stick with facts.

  459. I think Lin had already made up his mind, same goes to Nets prior to FA. We have seen many indicators from Lin and NETS claiming how they want to build the team and the PG they are looking for.

  460. Go back and read the thread, wow.

  461. smart Kid! indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

  462. I raise them well…hehe

  463. IMO that kind of scenerio about the lowballing may not be true at all. IMO Lin could very well asked for such a contract terms so as to provide his team the flexibility to build a respectable rosters of high character guys. Haha cheers.

  464. Great parenting as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  465. Click while I agree with you somewhat, your posts nowadays are filled with jealousy and spite. Lin is happy that he got his money, we are happy that he got his money, no need to spread hate for no reason. Lin’s day will come.

    You should try to center yourself, I used to like reading alot of your posts, but I think your thoughts have shifted too far to the right because of some of the other posters, mostly the trolls in disguise. Try going on a vacation for a while and come back refreshed!

  466. LOL now I’m pretty sure you’re the same guy on NetsDaily named ImRickJames who was talking crap about Lin. Not even gonna bother replying to your posts in the future.

  467. IMO the terms for Lin service as the quarterback is just fine and most appropriate in order to dispel all the false narratives like he get Houston to up the poison pill and whatmore the ridiculous comments etc… haha cheers

  468. yes that is me…im trying to undo the damage that you are doing to us lin fans. We have a dedicated fan site here and the other one for a reason. No need to go to other sites and give lin and his fanbase a bad image. Please be respectful and understand that other people do not see lin in the same way as us. It is not good for you to go spreading your lin bible around, it just annoys and frustrates other posters. I believe that is a policy on this site as well, not to go to other sites and behave disrespectfully.

  469. At least you’re man enough to finally admit you’re the same poster there. I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt earlier today when don called you out. I’m no longer going to bother replying to your troll bait posts and your hypocritical two-faced Lin praise here and bashing on NetsDaily. You’ll be the first on my block list for this site.

  470. I have not once bashed lin on netsdaily, but offered a logical praise of him, unlike you who goes around saying he is better than curry, harden etc. Who does more damage in that respect?

  471. IMO A Brooks not good enough to mentor. They should get Nash as assistant coach. Haha cheers.

  472. Hahaha. These announcers were bandwagoners. I could imagine them giving John Walls all the praises until Lin punked him during the SL. Haha cheers.

  473. wow what thats silly.

  474. Yeah I think they started working him out starting from May. He really really wants to make a comeback in the NBA and believes the Nets will give him that opportunity.

  475. It’s good they got to observe him over an extended period of time, but it’s a bit concerning it took that long to decide to offer him a job. Oh well, at least it’s low risk.

  476. Don’t fall off a cliff catching them pokemons!

  477. Man, if they can get him on the right path, his potential could be spectacular.

  478. Worth the risk with not a lot to lose.

    I’m just curious as to how much playtime he’ll receive. You gotta give him a fair shot and good amount of playtime, but that will eat into other players’ playtime as well.

  479. I think he needs to work really hard in the coming months to even make the roster. Some of these younger guys are going to D-League, but at least it’s in the same stadium and they’ll be using the same practice facilities. This really is a fresh start for the organization. It’s almost like an expansion team with a new minor league system all at once.

  480. 76ers has been very clear in overpaying veteran guard for 1-2 years for short-term.
    It’s clear their priority is to groom Ben Simmons to be a Point Forward.

    JLin smartly avoided this 76ers trap because he’ll never be a true PG in 76ers, just a stop-gap

  481. KD in town! Hope Lin will get a chance to ride a bicycle in Taipei next time. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26b1be26c5ba885f5af9268a6998bd8c7979b77380e7235941b96692002fa9cc.jpg

  482. It’s ultimately a moot point since Brooklyn was clearly Lin’s #1 choice all along — and vice versa. If I were another team, I wouldn’t even bother calling because I know Lin is Brooklyn bound.

  483. Neither with the Hornets!

  484. That’s encouraging. But how will Bennett react if he rides the bench for weeks, months? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy with the patience to accept that. If he can play SF, he might have a chance to play some right away.

  485. man, it’s everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚
    Is it very addictive?

  486. Riding a bicycle in downtown Taipei is very dangerous, especially if you’re an extremely famous celebrity like Lin. There are tons of motorcycles and cars packed on the streets. Sidewalks are filled with people and food stands too.

  487. No team knew Brooklyn was his #1 choice. Not even us Lin fans knew for sure. We only speculated that it was a top choice for him, but nobody actually knew for a fact that he had his mind set on the Nets and wasn’t going to change his mind to play for other teams. It’s a team’s GM’s duty to at least make an offer on a player you think can benefit your team.

  488. let’s hope the 1st season everyone will buy into the system and build chemistry quickly.

    It will be exciting, unselfish PnR bball… the very definition of Linsanity team-ball!

  489. Yes very…hehe

  490. Drive very slowly…jk….don’t play and drive…bad for your health.

  491. Even so, a smart GM would still offer Lin a good deal after all Lin is one of the top PGs in FA this year. If would be abnormal if they wouldn’t. As a Lin fan, I’d hope more teams chase Lin in every season.

  492. Obviously KD is not as famous as Lin to people in Taiwan. For sure, when Lin’s riding, they’ll definitely block the road for him, perhaps night time is more feasible. Just thought Lin should do something different every year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  493. Yeah at night is probably doable. Have we ever seen Lin ride an actual bicycle? I don’t remember ever seeing him ride a non-stationary bike lol.

  494. wow, its almost looks like a kids bike for him

  495. Sure. When he was with the Lakers, he rode his bike there. He enjoyed doing that.

  496. And he’s taller than Taipei 101 lol

  497. Hahaha~

  498. look at those arms and thighs. hes enormous.

  499. Kenny Atkinson must’ve believed he can develop Anthony Bennet.
    I believe in Coach KAt the same way he believed in JLin

    Atkinson said he first liked what he saw from Bennett at FIBA Americas in 2015 when he coached DR national team.

  500. @linfinity88
    1 Holy Hammies
    2 FUBON BRAVES just got their rookie of the year & 1st team all leaguer back!! Congrats @Joelinsta!!

  501. Is Joe good enough to be on Taiwan’s Olympic team? Or perhaps in 4 years when he develops more?

  502. I forgot who I was talking to about Lin’s adidas sneakers a few weeks back, but I found his player edition sneakers in Nets colors (they were manufactured / released in Asia back in April of this year):



  503. I think he did in Santa Monica. I remember seeing a fan picture of him in a bicycle shop.

  504. Probs me

  505. Oh yeah, I think it was you. Did you end up getting any of these PEs? This black, white, and silver version looks sick, especially because they’re Nets colors (minus silver, but I count that as white).

  506. Nah, and I’m kind of waiting for another design, I don’t like them honestly =[. And I hate Adidas brand lol, we already had this convo though!

  507. Good point…he better simmer down or be made an example–“OUTTA HERE”

  508. I know we talked about preferring and wearing Nike / Jordan brand, but I thought you said you liked the looks of the JLin PEs and I thought you said you wanted to buy Lin sneakers. Oh well, I like this shoe design and color scheme. Wonder how they feel.

  509. Lol why would he go there. $$ doesn’t matter to Jlin, Coach and FO > $$

  510. I like the hornet color ones and they were a design before these. There are new ones coming out that Kyle Lowry, Hadren, and Lin are going to be wearing so look out for those! They look much nicer in my opinion!

  511. These just came out 3 months ago, they got new designs coming out already? Got a link?

  512. These were the ones you liked, right?


  513. where is Linsideme?

  514. I remember seeing these. Supposedly, they released it already only July 2. Wonder when the Lin PEs and colors will be coming out…

  515. Although Black is my favorite color clothing wise, I do like bright colors when I’m playing on the court (preferably red), but yeah hopefully the Nets color way for his PE Bball shoes will be nice for this shoe and future shoes. The designs are getting better, but I still love Nike and Jordan too much

  516. I hear ya. Wish Lin was under Nike or Jordan sponsorship. Maybe if he plays great the next few years, he’ll get better, different sponsorship offers.

  517. he’s kinda slow ain’t he.

  518. probably not an issue.

  519. 2 weeks too late.

  520. He’s good enough to win Rookie of the Year.
    I would imagine he would need to develop and bulk up more to represent the Taiwan’s Olympic team?
    I haven’t followed his games or the competition.

  521. Oh he plays for Fubon.. they’re a decent conglomerate… treat employees well. Wife got friend working in their banks. One of top places to work in Taiwan. Very Blue; Baby Lin should be treated well.

  522. So Kenny evaluated Bennett for 3 full weeks! Must showed real progress and motivation to sign it. They are doing their home work? In Kenny we believe!


  523. he said they worked out with Nets for 3 weeks before signing. I think we’ll get another diamond out of him yet.

  524. there are bike friendly places and lanes.. u just gotta do it in places like Neihu, then you’ll be fine. As for mob-chasing Lin… that won’t happen until he starts winning and they throw that Light of Taiwan crap on him again, lol.

  525. He’s not. Most people in Taiwan don’t really follow the NBA that closely and KD is not a global star like Kobe or Shaq.

  526. too much baby fat. The man needs to get cut.

  527. so, how familiar are you guys with the nets broadcaster commentators? i remember them being very even keeled.

    im glad to be rid of stephanie ready’s extraneous commentary, and her kemba worship.

  528. They’re actually really good broadcasters, especially Ian Eagle.

    Bios: http://www.nba.com/nets/brooklyn/broadcasters_brooklyn.html

    I watch YES mainly for Yankees, but the rare times I watched the Nets, they had good announcers.

  529. i remember them being like the miami guys. good commentary and not too homerish.

  530. JLin traveling again. Is at airport:


  531. ROFL they can’t get any nerdier than this (coming from a huge gamer / Twitch watcher). I love it.

  532. ICYMI
    ESPN Nets Reporter Mike Mazzeo breaks down what Brooklyn hopes to get from former No 1 pick Anthony Bennett and why the organization needs to be creative …

  533. yes, Coach Kenny must’ve seen something that he really likes and believes he can develop AB

  534. lol .. be careful, I saw news of teens getting hit by a car crossing busy streets

  535. Scola is actually more potent offensively than JJ but yes, hopefully he can be a good mentor and future assistant coach ๐Ÿ™‚

  536. Meh. Mazzeo said Nets lack talent on this roster at the end of the call. Same narrative everyone keeps saying about the Nets and they’re so wrong.

    Nets have plenty of talent and skill…. maybe not the proven starter talent the pundits and NBA fans always want in players.

  537. Perhaps your impression on riding a bicycle in Taipei is pretty outdated. Taipei has a very sound riverside bikeway system. KD’s picture shows he was riding on one of Taipei’s riverside bikeways–from the background it looks like somewhere in Neihu or Nangang along the Keelung River. Those riverside bikeways are for bicycles and pedestrians only.



  538. That’s why I said downtown Taipei. Obviously the outskirts of Taipei are fine because they’re made for bike riding.

  539. That’s so messed up how her kids left her alone. Asian culture always dictates that kids have to take care of their parents when they get old. Maybe they got Americanized and ditched her like a lot of American people do to their parents these days.

    I hope they find out what happened to her. I don’t think an elderly person can survive being hit by a car. Very sad indeed.

  540. yup…when i biked there…it was very safe and well equipped with pathway and bike stations for rentals

  541. i just hope their Americanized kids are happy with their trophy white spouse, a house in the suburbs, two kids, and dog. sick people allowing their parents live this way

  542. too many Asian immigrants just assumed culture carries over, or worse yet, wanted their kid to become American. This is what ended up happening – aging alone and neglected, American style. They may regret it but it’s too late. Raising kids in the US must be done with the maximum effort to stop the mainstream white culture from brainwashing the kids.

  543. more of that kind of talk the better, then when they start to win these same folks will be writing about how shocked they are.

  544. NBA is just a career, DOTA is the real love.

    He’s probably going back to NYC for press conference after the SL’s over.

  545. that’s what I remembered too. They didn’t just follow the Lin’s bad defense/backup guard/overrated route most lazy commentators took.

  546. Like the Knicks, Rox, Lakers, and Hornets, Nike will kick themselves for letting Lin go.

  547. I know. It’s better being the underdogs and overachieving than being the favorites and getting mocked for not living up to expectations.

    It’s just disappointing to see Mazzeo say the Nets lack talent when he knows full well they have Lin, Brook, a lot of solid veteran role players, and a bunch of very talented young players with high potential.

  548. Taiwan is now like big time on Biking.. a lot of controversy created by the new Taipei mayor surrounding bike lanes/free bike rental. He’s a big biker who seemed to believe that people should start commuting with bikes.

  549. he’s gonna run out of Lin names real soon.

  550. Linrun

  551. It’s not white culture. It’s the modern liberal worldview and belief that the elderly are not worth keeping alive and should be tossed out like garbage… either by ditching them completely or throwing them into a nursing home, which is usually a death sentence anyway.

  552. he’s hedging his bet. Saying too much praises will bill you as a homer or too biased. Honestly, there’s no reason to be optimistic unless you are Lin fans who know what he’s capable of. Most other fans can’t imagine what Lin’s about to do to these rookie/has-been/busts/left-overs.

  553. Not do to, but do with. :p

    Yeah, most Nets fans and even some Lin fans already gave up on this season. They are so pessimistic and cynical, after years of losing and being mocked by other teams’ fans. I don’t really blame them because they don’t know what we know about Lin.

  554. I wouldn’t say that. Lin really does love playing basketball. It’s just that he grew up as a gamer like many people are from his / my generation. Once you get addicted to a game like Lin, his brothers, and his friends are, it’s tough to put it down.

  555. Hahaha. IMO they will coin so new narratives like deceptively talented. Haha cheers

  556. Or discarded raw talents. These guys will unfortunately drafted into selfish and losers’ mentality teams with inept FOs living on hypes and confirmation biases. IMO Atkinson and Lin will be mentors and modivators for all these impressionable youths. Haha cheers.

  557. Here is a pic of KD with other riders. (must be somewhere near Grand Hotel). I hope to see Lin leads other bikes while the media chasing after him in those areas. lol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b461d5f4b4275725775b6fbd5e7268661280b43cbb437576fa85d682340c785.jpg

  558. It’s not that bad in Taiwan; elderly are worse off but not as bad as the way Americans treat their older people – like garbage essentially.

  559. These Nets fans has no idea what kind of great GM/C they got going here. They are still chasing for crappy coaches and lazy “stars”. I feel this is a learning experience for everyone. It will take a while for the existing Nets fans to realize that they have the New Spurs on their hands.

  560. It’s just a joke. kinda. Not really. He’s found his real love in being gamer; bball is more carried over from Papa Lin… w/o Papa Lin, I would seriously doubt Jlin would chose the NBA as a career.

  561. He said it himself that playing in the NBA (along with being a starter, all-star, and winning a championship) was always a dream of his. Why do you think he worked so hard and endured so much grief, racism, harassment, and mental anguish if he didn’t truly love the game of basketball? I know Lin said he thought about quitting at the end of the Lakers season, but he still fought through all of that adversity. If Lin didn’t truly love playing basketball, he would’ve quit before Linsanity even started.

  562. sure he love it now, I’m saying that’s basically carried over due to Papa Lin’s love for the game. Of course he loves it now, because he grew up with that love installed in him via his love for his dad. Kids do that a lot. Gaming is his own love, came from nobody. His parents probably against it. That’s all I’m saying.

  563. How did they know she was hit by a car ?

  564. Nets don’t have the upper talent in the NBA, that is an indisputable fact. We only have Bropez and JLIN as bona fide talent (and that statement people will dispute).

    But that doesn’t mean Nets can’t have a successful team, Atlanta Hawks for the past 4 seasons began with no talent but a semi-star in Al Horford and then average joes stepped up.

    And the reason is team-play which is the same reason that “talent-less” teams like Davidson, Butler, Villanova can be successful in the NCAA against the Kentucky’s, Dukes, UNC who are loaded with all the stars”. They may not win the championship but can go far.

  565. The most pessimistic and cynical of the lot, never believed JLIN would regain his starting PG ever again.

    After the got over the shock, they have once again reloaded their pessimism and cynicism into “even though JLIN has his own team, he will never make them successful”.

    I wonder about these people.

  566. JLIN has pure love of basketball, even if Papa Lin’ hated baskeball and loved video games – JLIN would still love basketball.

  567. 3 year contract? That is too long.

    I really like Joe’s game and he can make it in a better league even come out and try an NBA Summer League – it he can put up 20pts/7assts some team might want him as a role player on their NBA team.

  568. It is indeed a very very sad case. Don’t mean to turn this into something else.

    But with Lin coming to NY, there is so much that Lin can bring to the local society. Not my right or anything, but just a thought.

  569. 3/14 3 pters…ouch

  570. This IS freaking sad. Her children should be ashamed of themselves.

  571. She doesn’t get any money or help from government? Usually should have basic senior pension after 65 even didn’t work.

  572. Put life into perspective.

  573. what i find sad is how unhappy all the players are – when jlin was on the court in new york and rockets – pple were so happy to be playing – there was smiling and it was fun as well because it wasn’t just confined to the top players – everyone played and everyone had the chance to score – that is the difference

  574. At least 84 people in Paris yesterday didn’t have a chance to become senior citizens, now that is freaking sad and sick.

  575. I betcha Rondo would like to go to the Nets too but Lin was signed ahead of him and Conley.

  576. There’s help offer for her and she can gets it. Not sure if she doesn’t know how to gets it or what reasons. One of my fd live around Chinatown spring st said there’s this one homeless Chinese woman staying in the same corner for over 10 years already. People ask to help her, she always refused.

  577. No matter what culture there are kids who have the heart to take care their elderly parents n those who don’t.

  578. [MacMahon] Dwight Powell might have taken a discount to stay in Dallas. A league source said the Brooklyn Nets were interested in Powell and pondering making a four-year, $48 million offer to the restricted free agent.


  579. Stating the obvious?

  580. You are the one who bring up Americanized etc not me. If this is so obvious to you then you know you shouldnt related this kind of matter to blame on one culture.

  581. ugh, very depressing, thats the problem with western countries. Kids not taking care of their parents and ditching them, being brainwashed by the rotten culture here, especically white culture where its OK to leave your aging parents to fend for themselves.

  582. they can both be sad and sick! They are not mutually exclusive.

  583. Put into nursing home maybe better sometimes than taking care them alone especially when your parent has certain kind of disease that require professional care. If you have the money to hire people, the big house for people to come over to taking care of your parent , that’s great on your part. But average people don’t.

  584. But I do blame it on culture. American culture has turned ugly and disgusting. Before the liberals took over America, people actually respected each other and were respectful and kind to the elderly, similar to Asian culture.

  585. There’s a huge difference between private nursing homes and public ones that are paid by insurance or the government. Private nursing homes usually take great care of the elderly but costs a boatload of money. Public ones are usually a fasttrack to the morgue and grave.

  586. Lin is great guy on and off court

  587. indeed, its better to take care of parents yourself when they grow old, just have them move in with you.

  588. yes, that same happiness was found in charlotte too. Even if kemba ball hogged alot, the team generally passed alot to each other and trusted each other. It was a great team as well.

  589. I heard how jeff teague moved back in with his parents when he got traded to pacers and I gained some respect for him. Alot of bball players forget their roots when they get rich.

  590. If you have the money good for you and your parents.

  591. Most people don’t have boatloads of money to throw at private nursing homes. That’s the point.

  592. So shocking to die like that… even childrens

  593. If that’s what you experienced and feel.

  594. It is, that’s why I wrote it.

  595. Awww it breaks my heart… You wanna help her so much. I always give money to poor old lady on the street. I’m a soft-hearted.. I always imagine what could led them to live on the street from a day to another..

  596. … I think he did it because he had no place to stay; I’m certain his parents can’t wait to kick him out again, LOL

  597. .. After JLin took his team to the playoffs: “he’ll never get out of first round”

    .. after a deep playoff run: “he’ll never get his team to the finals”

    — after winning the finals: “he’ll never do it again, and it’s really due to player x/y/z who was better”

    — after winning multiple titles: “he’s never be as great as Kobe or Jordan, and w/o his teammates he’s nothing”

    – after becoming GOAT: “well he’s STILL ASIAN SO THERE!”

  598. LOL

  599. Just a reminder, the NBA will be putting corporate logos onto jerseys starting next season (after this upcoming season). So if you want to buy a Lin jersey without a random, huge corporate logo on it, buy them this season.



  600. If Kemba ball hogged, then was there a 2nd ball on the floor?

    Kemba’s got one ball in his hands, where did the other ball come from?

  601. just saying he wasn’t as big of a ball hog as many players lin has played with, ie harden and kobe. If there is a good type of ball hog, kemba walker is probably it. On a ballhog scale of 1-10, kemba would be a 5 maybe a 6, and harden a 9, kobe a 10 or 11. In playoffs especially, game 3,4,5 even 6 kemba was deferring to others more than iso’ing…i was happy to see his progress compared to the start of the season.

    I think after he saw the warriors wooping his azz so bad with curry sitting the entire 4th quarter and embarrasing him, he started to see the light lol

  602. I’d like to clarify on this “Brook-Lin” trademark issue:
    The thought behind it was to do fun T-Shirts for JLinFoundation fundraising. I actually asked JLin’s agent email to transfer the trademark to avoid any legal issues in the future or avoid impropriety.

    I’d rather not to break JLin’s trust especially after we help JLin Foundation with fundraising for the past 2 years

  603. A lot of people are going to take this the wrong way and think you’re out for the attention and/or money. I hope you handle this the right way and you better clear everything up asap before the narrative gets set for you and this site. Netsdaily is already mad that you did this for whatever reason and that site has a lot of reach and power.

  604. Sounds like it won’t have the logo by default but may be an option:

    “As a compromise, jerseys sold to fans will not include the corporate logo, although teams will have the option of selling a version that includes the logo.”

  605. They’ll eventually have it on all jerseys, consumer and player. They’re just trying to ease people’s minds and slowly making us accustomed to seeing corporate logos on a major American sport’s jersey.

  606. I trust you! With a great mind like you have, you can make a lot of money else where. No need to milk off in the name of Jeremy Lin.

  607. thanks, in hindsight it’s not good because it can create a lot of misunderstanding

  608. Listening to the local radio, Nets fans are pessimistic in a big way. Pretty much all calling up thought the Nets will drop to the bottom of the NBA, be the worst team, and may get wins in the teens. They think LA and the 76ers have improved.

    In a way, this is good. Let them have very low expectations. Whatever the team manages and Lin can bring out of them will not be expected. IMO, it’s better for them to be pleasantly surprised than expect a huge jump from last year. Let them be the sort of Cinderella team if such a thing can exist in the NBA. And far as anyone’s predictions, low or high, I just don’t think it’s possible to predict. So, they’re guesses IMO. You play the game and you see what happens is my motto.

    I don’t know what to think. So I won’t. Time to take a break, enjoy the summer, and September/October they’ll be more to go on. For now, we see some guys in the summer league, and some of them are ok.

  609. no need to be sorry….lin fans invented the phrasing before the idea of lin joining the nets was even a whisper in the wind

  610. Yeah, I realize that it’s better for a true Lin fan like yourself to trademark it, instead of some other opportunist out there looking to make a quick buck. But because you’re the owner of 1 of the 2 major Lin fansites, people will jump to conclusions and label you greedy and attention-seeking. I hope you get everything cleared up with Jeremy and Netsdaily asap. Good luck man.

  611. yeah that’s the best course of action.

  612. Exactly, let them be utterly shocked and full of joy when the Nets starts to win.

  613. Where were you when this happened?

  614. You really can’t blame the fans. The Nets roster does not look strong.

  615. Haters gonna hate. The real fans of JLin that WANTED him to go to the Nets deserves the credit and I agree with the whole sneaky opportunist vs JLin Portal. As long as you have JLin’s respect and trust,
    forget what NetsDaily think and other people who WISHED they could have though of the idea. For all we know, besides Atkinson and the FO, the whole city was crying for anyone BESIDES Lin.

  616. Looks like the presser date has been set:


  617. So what if he is? Those idiots should be mad at themselves for not smart enough to figure it out first.

  618. Good move. I’m glad you’ve trademark “Brook-Lin”.
    You have the right to do so.
    If anyone wishes to dispute you can point them to this discussion board. Clearly we have the evidence to show that the term Brook Lin” was coined before JLin signed with Nets.
    Don’t be afraid to stand for your rights.

  619. Low expectation is OK. Their roster is not good that’s true but I still believe Lin will figure it out something…. haha!

  620. All together?

  621. I guess so. It would show team unity. Instead of just Lin up there hogging up all the spotlight.

  622. It’s okay. It’s better to clarify the situation so we can focus JLin and the Nets can have a great 2016-17 season.

    I would hate to put a damper in what could be a great start.
    It’s important to clarify any misunderstanding ๐Ÿ™‚

  623. Coach is going to have a tough time to decide who will start at 2,3 and 4.

  624. I saw Hawks do the same. Spurs too?

  625. The good part is that Atkinson can choose the starters without being handcuffed by big salaries and big egos.

    The only two guaranteed starters are Lin and Lopez.

  626. Thank you for the sentiment.

    I’d rather not create any bickering around the suspicion on profiting on the trademark.
    I just don’t want to have something like fun T-Shirt fundraising for JLin Foundation to cast suspicion among Lin fans, Nets fans. It would go against the vision of this site to create positive environment for Lin fans.

    I have to be very careful in anything that we do from now on.
    Now I understand a little bit what JLin experienced with all the accusations after he moved to HOU from NY

  627. Your foresight holds “Brook-Lin” for the foundation and not personal gains. No worries from me.

  628. Yes that’s why to decide by fit a ability will not be easy.

  629. Let’s take a walk down Pessimistic Memory Lane a year ago…

    Hornets fans coming off disappointing 33-49 season had just traded key players and acquired many new faces. Would team chemistry flourish and could they establish a new culture? There was hope but expectations were low amid Some Pessimism.

    Hornets win a few preseason games and even beat mighty LA Clippers in China with JLIN leading the way but suddenly MKG shoulder out for possibly whole season. JLIN fans saw hope that he would perhaps start or at least get more playing time but the CHA fans flowed with High Pessimism for the season

    With MKG out every NBA expert predicts Hornets to be even worse with average total of 27 wins for CHA fans Pessimism Peaked, they spoke of just TANKING the season. Meanwhile JLIN doing great leading CHA to a 7-1 preseason record.

    So JLIN fans, we have been down this path of pessimism before with JLIN on a new team and we know that the ending was far from what the original Pessimistic fans predicted.

    Most of us are convinced we will see a similar repeat.

  630. why not Foye? He’s in the Olympics too?

  631. It’s perfectly understandable that Nets fans are predicting that the Nets will win under 20 games.

    Unlike us Lin fans who’ve watched Lin lead every single team into the playoffs since 2012 except for the Lakers when Lin led the NBA’s #1 rated bench, Nets fans are not aware of exactly how DOMINANT Lin is.

    They’ll LEARN – and have tons of fun along the way!

  632. … but the press will only want to ask Lin questions… LOL

    “So who’s your new Bromance target?”

  633. That’s great! Less pressure and more time. Just like last year, Lin worked perfectly in Charlotte. I think Hornets fans didn’t expect to be in playoff before the season.

  634. I wasn’t in the city of Nice

  635. It’s sad this world is filled with greedy and jealous people who view others through their own belief system. They think that because someone like yourself was quick to trademark Brook-Lin, it’s for the sole purpose of making money for yourself and seeking Lin’s attention. They assume, because all they’ve seen and known are greed and selfishness, that you’ll do the same with the trademark rights.

    I do think it’s best for all parties involved if you transfer the trademark to Jeremy and have him handle this. There’s a reason why Lin felt the need to trademark Linsanity and fight against other people trying to apply for the trademark. He just doesn’t want people to use his name and profit from it. He never sold anything under that trademark after he got it, whether it for his foundation or not. In this case, it gets even trickier because it’s not only Lin’s name that’s involved, but also Brook Lopez.

  636. We trust you no worries. But yes it can be misunderstood. Better clarify everything.

  637. Here’s how I’d do it:

    PG: Lin
    SG: Foye
    SF: RHJ
    PF: Scola
    C: Lopez

    PG: General Greivis
    SG: Kilpatrick
    SF: Bogdanovic (6th man)
    PF: Booker
    C: Hamilton

    11th and 12th: Bennett and Levert

    I’d limit RHJ’s minutes to under 20 and play Bogdanovic most of the minutes at the 3.

    Lin would play about 32 minutes for me. Same with Lopez.

    In blowouts – and there will be many Nets victories – Lin and Lopez sit A LOT.

  638. Me :p

  639. “What’s your haircut going to be?”

  640. thank you. Your trust mean a lot to me

  641. Gotcha. I missed the fine detail. Quite some distance.

  642. “Not good”?

    If we’re talking about ball hogging chest pounding no fundamentals showboating, OK.

    If we’re talking about hardnosed two way team play that doesn’t create controversy and focuses on production, then the Nets are a SUPERB team (the BEST Lin’s ever had).

  643. Depends on who’s looking.

    To me, the roster is EXTREMELY STRONG even without Lin added to the picture.

  644. Horrible that was the thing we liked about NBA. No logos on jersey made it a more serious thing. But now it’s gonna be logos AND still a lot of commercials. Lol

  645. thank you for the trust. It’s important to continue our annual JLinFoundation fundraising.
    It’s good that we always ask people to donate directly and not to us ๐Ÿ™‚
    It saves a lot of headache for sure

  646. A known troll from Clutchfans on the other Lin forum is already accusing you of STEALING FROM LIN and has even cited your first name online.

  647. Nets vs Hornets

    Brook vs Cody
    Booker vs Marvin
    Bojan vs MKG
    Kilpatrick vs Batum
    Lin vs Kemba

    Atkinson vs Clofford
    Marks vs Cho

    I don’t see why Nets cannot beat Hornets. I would bet Nets 3-1, at least.

  648. Teamball wins in the NBA.

    Very few teams in the modern era have actually played teamball, the Spurs being the prime team and the Warriors when Stephen Curry is out being the other.

  649. That is what Lin and Atkinson can do.

  650. I like it but not sure about starting Foye just yet.

  651. it was interesting what atkinson has done so far in summer league; as far as i know no other team is doing this, most of the time he running entire line changes ie. 5 guys play then 5 guys go out and a different 5 guys go in; then those guys go out and the starting five go back in, some specific exceptions for specific reasons but that has been the general pattern. again haven’t seen anyone else doing that.

    atkinson himself is coaching the summer league team right? only a couple coaches doing that (new coaches to their teams in each case i think).

  652. scola is too old to start

  653. The Nets are constructed in such a way that even without Lin, they’ll still win quite a few games.

    But as we Lin fans well know, Lin alone is worth at least 20 games of improvement.

    When Lin took that 0.333 Knicks losing team and transformed them into a 0.666 team overnight, that’s the kind of impact Lin will have on the Nets as long as Lin is not supplanted in the starting lineup by yet another undeserving D League scrub.

    Such improvement is similar to the impact Larry Bird had on the Celtics in Bird’s first year – not that Bird even came close to equalling Lin in Lin’s first starts!

  654. Nets fans are pessimistic? that is not a bad thing. Our Lin fans should not be overoptimistic. It is going to be a tough season. It is learning process for many young players. They might do better than people expect. Some players in other teams would try hard to prove Lin not a starter. I know Lin could have a best season (mentally and stats). I wish he did not play over 32 mins and keep injury away.

  655. That’s GREAT.

    I hope Atkinson coaches like that in the NBA too.

    On the other hand, the Nets veterans are so battlehardened and fundamentally sound that he can pretty much throw any combination of them out there and WIN as long as Lin is on the floor.

  656. C’mon, he started 76 games for Toronto that was #2 in the East!!!

    So Scola’s good enough to start for the powerful playoff Raptors but not good enough to start for Lin’s lowly Nets? Of course not!

  657. NBA schedule is what I want to see next.

  658. ohh wow didn’t notice that. Thx . So I’m guessing he starts but he will be on limited minutes

  659. I consider Foye inferior in talent and impact as a SG to Bogdanovic and Kilpatrick.

    However, Foye is a NBA veteran who has two skills that complement Lin well: he can handle the ball when opponents load up on Lin in the backcourt, and he is a proven NBA defender who Lin doesn’t have to cover for.

    Bogdanovic and Kilpatrick are terrific scorers, but I doubt that they can handle and defend as well as Foye can. Starting either of them might result in Lin having like 5 turnovers a game since there would be no ballhandling pressure relief in the backcourt.

  660. Yes, highly likely.

    Just because Scola starts, that doesn’t mean he plays major minutes.

  661. Is foy good enough to start. Maybe bogdonavich should start. Idk though if bogdonavich is good enough on defense. or Foye for that matter

  662. Personally I feel Bogdanovic absolutely has NBA starter ability on both ends of the court, but I think that the Nets need to get Lin and Lopez established early and that would take touches away from Bogdanovic.

    I’d rather the unskilled but springy Rondae Hollis Jefferson take the initial athletic hits against opposing NBA starting SFs, then bring in Bogdanovic to shoot the ball every time he touches it off Lin’s passes. Bogdanovic would then terrorize opposing benches and would close out games with the starters.

  663. “Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson keep talking about what many call “position-less basketball,” meaning a system where players are versatile, can play two or even three positions.”


  664. Why not start both. That way we have length in each position .

  665. My sole concern is that Bogdanovic doesn’t appear to me to be a good enough ballhandler to take backcourt pressure off Lin if opponents pressure Lin with 2 or 3 players at midcourt.

    When Lin was with the Knicks, the lack of that ballhandling SG caused Lin’s high turnovers.

  666. I think the one way Nets succeed is if Nets become Lins team. When its your team. You are given the ball and have to make something happen.

  667. Lin wanted a chance to be the guy. He has to make things happen. It all on his shoulders. He said thats what he wanted

  668. Sean kilpatrick will likely be the sixth man.

  669. I don’t think that’s how it will play out, though.

    If anything, I envision Lin’s Nets doing a very traditional halfcourt offense with strongly defined roles even though players will move around in those roles seamlessly.

  670. true, but nets are a 20 win team, totally different scenario. Hornets were a 43 win team when fully health in 2013-2014 and made playoffs. In 2014-2015 they were a 33 win team because kemba/mkg was injured for half the season. In 2015 of course it is a different story because Lin joined the hornets and is better than mkg. In the beginning of the season hornet fans didn’t know that like we did but they sure as hell knew it when they got their first taste of linsanity against the raptors, second against spurs, 3rd against cavs, 4th against celtics, and a whole pie to the face in the playoffs LOL. Point of the story, we all know lin can lead a semi decent team with a good structure, all the way to the top. Question is if he can take a team of scrubs anywhere in a full 82 game season??

  671. Nets vs Knicks

    Brook vs Noah
    McCullough vs Porzingis (tough match, maybe)
    Bojan/Booker vs Melo
    Kilpatrick vs Lee
    Lin vs Rose

    I do not see Nets has much disadvantages here. Lin might have more fans than Rose in Madison Square Garden.

  672. Predictions for the Charlotte Hornets 2015-2016 schedule
    By Chris Barnewall ๏˜‘ @ChrisBarnewall on Aug 12, 2015, 11:01a

    “Today, the NBA will finally release the schedule for the 2015-2016 season, and Charlotte Hornets fans are probably entering this with a few expectations in their mind. Some of theses are from trends of years past that are unlikely to change in the upcoming season, and others might be due to the Hornets chances of contending for a playoff spot near the end of the season. Of course, nothing is set in stone right now, and it could end up that none of these predictions are correct, but what’s the fun in a schedule release without a few surprises thrown in?”

  673. He will not play more than 26 min per game.

  674. Well, a lot of guys are going to have to do things that they’ve never been asked to do.

    With every Lin team, it usually ends up with the opposition sending 3 defenders at Lin and daring Lin’s teammates to attack the gaps created by Lin. Foye certainly has that capability, and the other Nets SGs probably do too but we don’t know yet.

  675. It’s totally different?
    No difference at all, do you think Charlotte was the only team to have injuries? Was CHA the only team with bad luck?

  676. Yeah, but no player can do it alone.

    I’d love to start Bogdanovic at SG, but his ballhandling is suspect even though his defense and offensive skills are not.

    The SG beside Lin needs to be able to cut, defend, and most of all handle the ball when Lin is trapped. Foye can do that, I’m not sure if Bogdanovic can.

  677. For sure I think Scola and Vazquez are home in their country.

  678. No names vs brand names

    Teamball vs isoball

  679. What you describe might mean the same thing quoted above. We’ll just have to wait and see how they actually play when the season starts. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of adjustments made throughout the season.

  680. If bogdanich is not in then we have no three point shooter on the court. I think bogdanovich has to start.

  681. The analyst were wrong about Charlotte. They wrote off Batum b/c he had an off year in Portland due to injury and they only saw Lin as a backup and his rep was hurt by his time with the Lakers. Analyst did not anticipate Charlotte shooting more 3’s which I understand but underestimating Lin’s impact was silly. That being said, Charlotte had Kemba, Batum, Jefferson (when not hurt) and Lin doing damage w/o MKG. Charlotte was in the playoffs before their disaster season with injuries and Lance Stephenson Brooklyn only has Lin and Lopez. I can see the reason for pessimism with the roster surrounding Lin. Just b/c Lin is on the team does not instantly means Brooklyn will improve dramatically.

  682. we may need to start mccoulough

  683. ” Just b/c Lin is on the team does not instantly means Brooklyn will improve dramatically.”

    Yes it does

  684. Chris McCullough will be very important for Lin because we need spacing. His three shooting as will as bogdanovic is very important. Chris may not start but I’m guessing he plays a lot. Honestly we may need both to start. I don’t see the spacing with Lin, bogdanavich, rhj, scola and Lopez. 4 of the 5 player need to score in the paint.

  685. listen man, the only time we know that lin led a team of scrubs so far was linsanity…1 month of brilliant balling. And even then, that team was under rated, they were actually not scrubs but improperly used. Steve Novak, Landry Fields, Tyson Chandler, Amare, Jared Jeffries. Alot of these guys had a TON of talent that lin exploited. The nets are a question mark…they don’t have a 3pt shooter anywhere near the talent of Novak, who was shooting almost 60% during linsanity. Tyson Chandler and Amare are better than bropez. Landry Fields in his prime was under rated, he could have ended up a star if not for his injuries. Jared Jeffries was also decent. You can’t compare the knicks team to the current nets team, the knicks were simply better even back then.

    Oh yes, lets not forget rookie coach atkinson

  686. 2015-16 NBA Expert Predictions – Charlotte Hornets
    22 wins – Matt Moore @MattMooreCBS
    29 wins – Zach Harper @TalkHoops
    30 wins – James Herbert @outsidethenba
    26 wins – Ananth Pandian @Ananth_Pandian

  687. excellent post! I am hopeful as well but im not going to say this team will be better than the hornets team that lin was on last season.

  688. Lin was on the Lakers and they did not improve. Just saying.

  689. Lakers had Byron Scott, the tank commander. They purposely lost games for high draft picks. Scott benched Lin in favor of Ronnie Price and DNP’d Lin because he played too well and helped the Lakers win too many games. Where have you been?

  690. Maybe not “totally different”, but definitely NOT “no difference at all”. Although I agree with the general premise that Jeremy’s team will surprise the pessimists, there are some important differences between the teams.

    โ€ข Jeremy starts vs back up.
    โ€ข Nets have 1 historically regular starter (Brook) vs Hornets had 4 (Kemba, Nic, Marv & Al) and 3 of them end up with career-best seasons.
    โ€ข 3rd straight season with same head coach refining his system vs 1st season with rookie HC developing a system.

  691. Listen man, you might not wish to believe this is a scrub lineup Lin | Lamb | Kaminsky | Williams | Hawes but your in the minority, JLIN made it a TOP 10 with no other scrub lineups from any other team in the TOP 11.

    Nets had made the playoffs 3 of the last 4 seasons before their injuries, where was CHA?

  692. They had winning record when Kemba was out 12-9 (.571).

  693. Nets were in the playoffs 3 of the last 4 seasons – where was CHA?

  694. Yes, Chris and Bojan might split 48 mins.

  695. You mean Byron Scotts Lanker Tankers?

  696. My point is that just because Lin is on the team does not necessary means the team will improve dramatically. Other factors have to come into play. Some posters on here think that Lin is enough for the Nets and that is not true.

  697. Usually around mid August.

  698. It’s what JLIN does for his team that makes the dramatic improvement.

    Lin | Lamb | Kaminsky | Williams | Hawes is a top 10 lineup and there is no other Point Guard in the NBA that likely could have duplicated that feat.

  699. Let them fight it out. Rotate. The one plays best with Lin wins.

  700. Yeah I’m high on CMC since I watched the Nets beat the Cavs last year. He was the big reason they’ve won. Hope he develops fast.

  701. Picking out his locker? Introducing himself to the security staff?


  702. Your point is invalid though because the Lakers were a tanking team mandated by their front office and executed by their coach that year and last year to do everything necessary to lose as many games as possible.

    Also, Lin is in a completely different situation now on the Nets compared to every other team he’s ever been on because the entire Nets organization from the front office to head coach to hopefully the players are in full support of Lin being the leader of the team and in full control of the offense. Lin’s never had this opportunity / situation before.

  703. What!? You ignore the differences I point out and bring something up from left field in another galaxy?

  704. handing out autographs to the sec folks.. “please refer to this photo when u see tall Asian”

  705. Aren’t they practicing for the Olympics?

  706. Nice, he’s finally roaming around the facilities and getting to know everyone.

    Hopefully this year, the Nets security won’t have to ID him whenever he tries to enter Barclays. :p

  707. Line ups:
    1.Lin Bogdanovic RHJ McCullough Lopez

    2. Lin Kilpatrick bogdanovich McCullough Lopez

    3. Lin bogdanovich RHJ scola Lopez

    4. Lin Kilpatrick RHJ booker Lopez

    Which one is the best line up. I think Number 2 is the best but may not start. We may start with number 3

  708. NO Booker? I thought he could was better than MKG

  709. I understand the situation with the tanking Lakers. But Lin in Brooklyn, which seems to be a better environment, does not means the team will “dramatically improve”. To me “dramatically improving” is just barely missing the playoffs or making the playoffs. I’m not saying that it can’t happen, but I won’t be surprise if it didn’t because the Nets roster on paper is not that strong.

  710. He is in the 4th line up. Im just thinking if Raj is our best Defensive player. We need a three shooter there to Help with spacing. Oddly enough our 4 spot is the most stocked and uncertained

  711. These are ideas for starting lineups. Please add more if you have some

  712. Good thing results to seasons aren’t measured by how strong or weak you are “on paper.” As we’ve seen time and time again, weak “on paper” teams surprise and shock analysts and fans all of the time.

    Last season, Blazers, Hornets, and Celtics far surpassed expectations and original analyst predictions because they all played like a team and beat other teams that had more talent “on paper” than the did.

    This year will be the same with the Nets. They will “dramatically improve” from a 21-win team. I guarantee it.

  713. Must be very close to the level of bull proof glass. Lol.

  714. I’m walking around, checking out Brooklyn for the first time. Barclays looks pretty nice.

  715. I’m thinking about driving an hour and a half (or more with traffic) down to HSS training center next week… wonder if you’re even allowed inside without a press pass.

  716. At least he got in fine without ID incident.

  717. What a view. ok, that must be God’s window – now Lin can truly say he is playing for God ๐Ÿ™‚

  718. Lin kilpatrick Bog booker lopez

  719. Maybe. That’s why Lin got to NY early? Bc press conference is next Wed.

  720. Yup, that’s the starting lineup.

    It’s too early to worry about starting lineup right now. They change all throughout the season anyway.

  721. He’s with Brooklyn Nets ticket sales…. ka-ching!!!

  722. Lin = $$$

  723. Issue is defense

  724. this would be my choice also.

  725. he and kilpatrick have been the most impressive performers in summer league for nets so far.

  726. someone on some nets site following up on the no names theme suggests the “brooklyn projects”.

  727. maybe. I’m certain they’ve met Lin if he’s in town. Lin is that kind of dude.

  728. “Typically, the NBA schedule is released late July. Often times, the schedule is delayed until early August so that TV networks and the league office can project out and intelligently schedule games at critical times like opening night, Christmas Day, mid-April etc.”

    i believe was aug 12 last year.

  729. He needs to get a place first for the next 3years! I guess.

  730. all spots are open save 1 and 5.

  731. I don’t see Kilpatrick as a starter. Not a very good defender and he hunts his own shot too much to play in that lineup. He’s better used off the bench where he can be more aggressive in looking for his own shot.

  732. Lin / RHJ / Bojan / Booker / Lopez is the most balanced lineup in my eyes. Not ideal, but based on available personnel, that’s what it looks like until maybe McCullough is physically ready to play st PF.

  733. possibly. Coach will figure that out

  734. Jeremy Lin will be in attendance*
    *players may change

    hmmm…they cover both scenarios ..Lin may or may not be in there LOL.. worth taking the chance to try to meet him. Also notice it’s Nets Shop by Adidas.. not Nike?


  735. I personally feel that jeremy should have his own press conference. It will be weird for the other players if all the questions were directed to Jlin only. It would feel awkward.

  736. They will probably meet Jlin for dinner.

  737. I personally feel that jeremy should have his own press conference. It will be weird for the other players if all the questions were directed to Jlin only. It would feel awkward.

  738. What? One year contract no press conference? Still think Lin should have his own press conference…

  739. Well, They probably will limit Lin’s min for question. I saw Hawks press conference for D12 & Bazemore… everyone will have their own limited time.

  740. looks like he deleted the tweet I tried to link in my previous post. It was flyer advertising the introduction of Nets players. It was open to all and there was a notation

    Jeremy Lin will be in attendance*
    *players may change

    hmmm…they cover both scenarios ..Lin may or may not be in there LOL.. worth taking the chance to try to meet him. Also notice it’s Nets Shop by Adidas.. not Nike?

  741. The Brooklyn Nets will introduce the newest members of the team at a press conference on Wednesday, July 20 at 1:00 p.m. at HSS Training Center.

    The press conference will be televised live on the YES Network and streamed live on both the Netsโ€™ Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BrooklynNets) and brooklynnets.com.

  742. I don’t think that’s the reason… the first two are in Olympic camps… not sure why Foye won’t make it.

  743. no, Jeremy will do anything but that. To show team spirit I’m sure he’ll prefer a team intro and ask the press don’t just ask him questions.

  744. he can’t just tell press not to ask questions. haha… he will get a lot of questions for sure. I am just afraid that the other players will get ignored.

  745. Hockey line change. But even hockey has 2 or 3 guys at a time go out, opposed to 5.

  746. He still has the tweets in his timeline. That’s where I saw it. Still, I agree w/ most here that Lin should have his own separate conference. I’d imagine Lin would be asked most questions. Don’t want any feeling of jealousy or create any unintentional friction/disrespect towards his new teammates by the press. I guess Nets management want to avoid the appearance of preferential treatment and will contain or distribute the press questions equally, but we know that Lin is a magnet for the media. We’ll see how this goes…
    Here’s Anthony Puccio’s article: http://www.netsdaily.com/2016/7/15/12203182/brooklyn-nets-to-hold-2016-free-agent-press-conference-live-online

  747. I think he’ll just limit the time he gets to answer questions. He has to stay low key or risk.. issues…

  748. Lol, sometimes I dont even know if your trolling or not

  749. Nets will dramatically improve. And surprise everyone. Absolutely possible with Lin + weak Eastern Conference.

  750. lamb?? He was never in any lineup down the stretch, you know as well as I do that the only place he was, was on the bench. Williams is a GREAT stretch 4,and he played really well with lin. Hes not an amazing player but he is a vital role player on any team. Kaminsky was a top 10 draft pick, young and athletic 7 footer. Hawes may not be the best post offensive player but defensively, alot of times he was LOCKDOWN in the paint, nobody could get past him. Oh yeah Hawes could shoot a 3 like hes curry when hes hot.

    So tell me about all the amazing net players on the roster….I am waiting. Oh yeah, and let me know about the tons of experience that the head coach, Coach Atkinson has in the nba.

  751. That might be nice, but I think doing joint conference and staying as low profile as possible is not a bad idea either. That way he can fly under the radar…until it’s time to strike. =)

  752. The Nets might well have a formal press conference, structured to allow time for all the players to be asked questions, with the understanding that the media can hang around afterwards to ask individual players (e.g. Jeremy) more questions.

  753. https://youtu.be/XomaKiAN2c0

    Sean Kilpatrick Career High 25 Points Full Highlights (3/22/2016)
    Nets vs Hornets

  754. I am definitely envious, playing at that facility at night time, in the heart of NYC must be amazing.

  755. I agree, the press conference is going to be a media circus.

  756. When Kilpatrick gets hot, he’s pretty tough to stop. Then again, most NBA players are the same.

    Pretty funny how he lit up Lee, Batum, and Kemba that game. Lin had his guy on lock down most of the time, but Kilpatrick took advantage of the other Hornets players.

  757. He’s been pretty consistently good in the SL. I think he’s NBA ready now that he has confidence in the team and the new coach.

  758. I agree. He has to step up and embrace the starting SG role. Nets have little choice now because of not getting Crabbe or TJ. I think he’s ready for the role.

  759. Is it open to public?

  760. Not sure, but I doubt it.

  761. can lin play for the taiwanese national team? Is he considered a natural citizen because of his parents or not? I would love to see him compete in the olympics, its a shame but I don’t think he will get a chance to play for team USA

  762. Kilpatrick is likely not starting. I’m almost certain of that. The Nets won’t have Bogdanovic and Kilpatrick staring at both the wing spots. That would give them no D on the wings.

  763. Wow, that thread on reddit is now top 6 on /r/nba. Why are people overwhelmingly voting it up so much…?

  764. He can score, but a scoring 2-guard is not the best fit next to Lin in the starting lineup. People get way too caught up on scoring in Summer League, especially at the expense of other things like defense. Kind of the reason why people are pining for Jimmer Freddette, for crying out loud.

  765. I can’t believe the IOC gave the olympics to such a crummy place. The should have given it to a more stable country in the first place. I guess bribes really go far with those people

  766. Yes, poor infrastructure / security of that country combined with increased global terrorism is a disaster waiting to happen. Olympics will be a ripe, exposed sitting target for extremist.

  767. LOL first game against the Heat. Hope we kick their butt even if it’s just preseason.

  768. I’ve spoken to people who live in Brazil and they say they would never want to willingly live in Rio. Place is super dangerous and riddled with crime.

    I hope the Olympics hire a ton of private security and emergency personnel. If I was a NBA player playing there, I would hire a team of bodyguards. No wonder so many NBA stars refused to go play there this year.

  769. OMG

  770. Notice names are listed in alphabet order. Team unity.

  771. This is after the press conference too, so it won’t be at HSS. It’s going to be Barclays. Guess they want everyone to be buying stuff at their adidas shop after the meet and greet…

    Who’s going? ๐Ÿ™‚

  772. Can’t wait!!

  773. You can bet JLIN will be savoring the opportunity to match wits against Coach Spo in a revenge game. Heat has lost Wade and a number of others but JLIN knows the tricks Spo employs against him and has all the answers.

    Chance to complete the interrupted stomping on their necks without some disingenuous coach standing in his way will be satisfying.

  774. meh, heat aren’t the same. They dont even have wade anymore and bosh is probably retiring. Heat are a scrub team!

  775. All you lucky fans in the metropolitan area get to hobnob with JLIN regularly now.

  776. It’s a pain for me though because I live an hour – hour and a half outside of Brooklyn. There’s no parking at Barclays, so I would have to take a bus and/or train there from Jersey. I do have relatives in NJ so I could drive to their place and park there.

    Lin fans living in Brooklyn are the truly lucky ones. If I lived in Brooklyn, I would probably try to get season tickets.

  777. Adele, you live nearby? Will you go?

  778. meh

  779. easy blow out

  780. Yes Heart. 30 minutes from our place. Will try to go out early from work.

  781. Better to take the train than driving. You will be stressed with the parking and the same amount of walking to/from your car to the Barclays center.

  782. Me. Are you going? Any fans out here going on Wednesday?

  783. I guess so. I will check out their stuff. We usually order the jerseys online.

  784. Glad to know. Wow, you’re blessed. Hope you will meet Lin and take lots of pics. Enjoy. We’re going to need lots of your reporting this coming season. Many thanks in advance.

  785. I know. I keep on praying for this. God answered our prayers. But then God gave me a lot of blessings this time also. Just got promoted. I don’t know if its a blessing or a pain because I might not be able to watch a lot of games. But can’t complain. God is good.

  786. Congratulations on your promotion! That’s a blessing from God for sure. Don’t worry. Take care of your welfare/family/work/etc. first. God knows.

  787. Yes. I’m sure most of us have their priorities too. But I’m very excited and looking forward to watching a lot of games at the Barclays as much as possible. Will take lots and lots of pics. I would have wanted to have a get together with some Lin fans with a suite with food and drinks. Maybe in my dreams? Lol!

  788. Hope that will happen one day, especially when Lin plays in the playoffs. This time, we have to pray for not only Lin but practically the entire Nets org. (owner, coaches, teammates, media staff, etc.) to get behind Lin bc the spotlight in NY is very bright and there will be lots of scrutiny. With the history behind Lin and Melo, the media may hype up rivalry… I can see it now.

  789. Where’s the invitation to the event?

  790. This is great! I would like to go. I’ll email them bc the RSVP button is not working.

  791. I’m sure! Bring it on.

  792. Yes. try to email the above email address. Or call Kevin.

  793. It was sent to us by the Nets Org for regular ticket holders.

  794. Meanwhile, I’m also excited with our summer league team. They are in the quarter finals. Go summer league Nets! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f5aa64bd81a779b78f80a0410fa10706e53181467d982781aefdf5121054c7ab.jpg

  795. Tomorrow’s game will be at 10PM EST on ESPN 2. Gonna be a rematch against the only team Nets lost to so far, at the last 24 seconds of the game. The Cavs are carried by 2 guys: Kay Felder and Jordan McRae. Hopefully Kenny has a better plan of containing these 2 tomorrow night.

  796. I reserved tickets. Hopefully they contact me us soon with confirmation. Gonna have to call up friends and relatives to see if they want to go once they send us the confirmation e-mail.

  797. Hope so. I pray that they will be the summer league champions.

  798. I ordered the custom Lin away jersey on the 9th (over a week ago). Still no shipping confirmation. Called them up yesterday and they said it will ship on or before the 20th, the day of the press conference / open house. I wish they would’ve sent it out sooner so I could wear the Lin jersey to the meet and greet lol.

  799. That would have been great. I will just wear my regular Nets jersey for now.

  800. Great. I will be checking my phone all the time to check on you too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  801. We should wear name tags saying “Hi my name is ____ fron jlinportal” :p

  802. LOL its like being in a convention or a seminar.

  803. It’d be nice to start off the season as champs of something. ๐Ÿ™‚

  804. yes, you will need to pray extra hard in the regular season ๐Ÿ˜‰

  805. I want to see preseason…

  806. Wow! So happy for you. Wait for your report!!!

  807. Maybe a scrub team with the #1 shot blocker.

  808. Congrats!

  809. #1 shot blocker, but now he got his money he doesn’t care. All somebody has to do is keep driving into the basket and get him in foul trouble, then all of a sudden he is much more careful and hesitant to block shots. Or, easily ignore him by shooting 3’s.

  810. I don’t think there defense is that bad. If shots are going in, it should neutralize the “no D”. But I mean as long as you’re not a Harden and atleast contest shots it should be okay.

  811. Some people are hating on this site and the mod saying he did something wrong for trademarking brook-lin. That is foolish, and I hope psalm does not pay attention to the haters. Like I said on the other site, someone was going to make money from the phrase, either the billionaire owner of nets or some other company. What makes them more worthy of the phrase and the $$ than lin fans? As far as Im concerned, psalm only trademarked one variation, that is Brook-Lin, but there are many possible variations to choose from, ie BrookLin, even BroookLinnn!, or some other dumb variation.

    Some people complaining that the mod is doing it for personal gain…again what does it matter to you?? The mod even said he will donate some or all to charity, and I personally trust his word. Others are saying that the charity donations are a facade and illintentioned in order to gain popularity, even quoting the bible. When did jlinportal go about advertising the charitable donations? It was only found out when some troll at netsdaily accused this site and the mod of some crime. I say tell netsdaily to get lost, they don’t deserve any response or acknowledgement, they aren’t even affiliated officially with the brooklyn nets.

    Keep your head up my man!

  812. Haha~ Amen!

  813. True. I bet we wouldn’t see any motivation from some overnight super rich young players. I am glad Nets has not overpaid any player and keep the big cap for next 2-3 years.

  814. The defense from Anyone in Nets roster will be much better than Kemba. Clifford knows it so he always assigned other player to cover for him except Worriors game which Curry had 28 points in one quarter.

  815. LOL. Are you trying the baiting game again? The last time you did it Melody delete some of your inappropriate postings before I could reply to sort of telling you to respect this site and other fans. Please be more considerate and respect fellow posters. Thank you
    Haha cheers.

  816. i have no problem with fans trademarking variations of BrookLin like Brook-Lin, BrookLynn, or even Brook*Lin. LOL. trademarking Brook-Lin doesn’t prevent anyone from using BrookLin

  817. I am sure there is a way to deal with Whiteside. I am not even a fan of whiteside, but what is it about Whiteside that tells you now that he got his money he doesn’t care?

  818. If you are talking about H Whiteside, he played D league with Lin. He tried CBA and over seas before Miami , yes he has a big contract but on that basis are you concluding he does not have motivation? We have to wait and see.

  819. I don’t expect a championship in this regular season. Maybe in two years. That’s when pray hard?

  820. I really like this coach. This is a dream come true, JLin paired with this dude who share his vision on just about everything.

  821. I can tell why his nickname is “Skilpatrick”…

  822. God should have mentioned if you go please document the event for us, lol

  823. Basketball doesn’t work that way. And yes, Bogdanovic and Kilpatrick would get feasted upon by NBA starters. Bojan was one of the worst defenders in the League statistically and Kilpatrick doesn’t offer much upside at that end, either.

    The point I’m trying to make is that most fans here believe that you have to surround Lin with good offensive players, but based on what I’ve seen throughout the years, that is not true. Surrounding him with good defenders is more important, IMO. With Lin and Lopez, two of the better scorers at their positions in the League, you don’t have to have 5 guys on the court that are looking for their own offense. The best offenses are run with 2 or 3 main guys that are the main threats. The other 2 or 3 play supporting roles.

  824. We can hope for that because it is possible. I like the low-key approach. Hope for it. Predict nothing. Not a single person knows what will happen. And people usually go with what’s on paper until it is proven wrong.

  825. Ask yourself why Kemba could score 30+ points and still NEVER beat any elite teams?

    Then ask why JLIN could score far fewer and get that same team to beat the top NBA teams.

    Because JLIN seeks to involve teammates on the offensive end and as a consequence they play HARDER on defense for him. Perhaps something to do with focusing teammatesโ€™ minds into-the-game because the pass could be coming to you. That mental attentiveness carries over to fewer mental lapses on defense whereas Isoball-hogs infect the team with “observer-itus” on both sides of the ball.

    Odd trait of JLIN’s playmaking that he can bring the best out of his team on the defense-end as well as offensive.

  826. He kils teams with his skil.

  827. Lin already dealt with Whiteside.

    Before the playoffs, Lin fans were crowing that Whiteside would stop Lin. I repeatedly posted that “Lin would have no trouble with Whiteside in the playoffs.

    Then Lin goes out and shoots a higher percentage with Whiteside on the court than off!

  828. You don’t know anything about Jimmer Fredette, so you don’t know how he’s shot 49 and 49 for half a season and has had multiple 20+ scoring games throughout his NBA career.

  829. I mean if you think RHJ will make that much of a difference then more power to you (idk who else you’d rather have start in place of them). I’m saying Chemistry beats a good offense or good defense.

  830. Besides, you tell me who the best defender was:

    Jeremy Lamb
    Marvin Williams
    Cody Zellar
    Spencer Hawes

    There weren’t any amazing defenders JLin had last year with the hornets…

    I think he has a better team this year offensively & defensivily then any of Jeremy Lin’s unit from
    Hornets last year.

  831. Completely disagree as usual.

    First of all, Lin was a low usage SG for the last four seasons. So any SGs on the court with Lin were actually competing with Lin for shots and roles.

    Second, you need a ton of good scorers to win in today’s NBA. What you are advocating for Lin is that he be the next James Harden as a high usage PG with nonscorers around him. The reason the Rockets cannot win is that since Harden is the only guy scoring and nobody else can score even if they wanted to, opponents can rest on defense and blow the Rockets out on offense. That’s the scenario you want for Lin.

    Any team with Lin on it is going to eventually have opponents doubling and tripling Lin defensively with Lin’s teammates left unguarded. The key to beating this is that Lin’s teammates have to attack and score. If they can’t, then it’ll be more 5 turnover games like Lin had in NY because his shooting guards were incapable of attacking without Lin helping them until JR Smith showed up.

    I fully understand that you’re trying to intellectually fit Lin into a “standard” NBA paradigm of one high usage ballhandler and 4 guys on the court feeding that ballhandler. But Lin’s BETTER than that, and you and I and the NBA will find that out next season.

  832. YES hit it right on the nail

  833. I love Atkinson’s win first approach to Summer League.

    Normally, coaches in Summer league try to feature their prized draft picks and will forcefeed them the ball in a way that causes the kind of selfishness that makes teams lose big in the NBA.

    Teamball all the way.

  834. Cavs vs Nets, preview of playoffs this year!

  835. Agree with Khuang, Whiteside was more of a speed bump then a shot blocker in the playoffs once Lin figured him out. Lin’s biggest advantage is always his mind. I thought it was really smart how Lin would just simply dribble a little bit more to get Whiteside off balance and ruin his shot block. I figured he would do a little floater or jump shot to avoid Whiteside, instead he just adjusted a little and not stop attacking so he could disrupt Heat’s defense. They should’ve won the series. Silly Clifford.

  836. It’s hilarious how you’re using last year’s stats of Kilpatrick’s bad defense and applying it to this year’s team. Do you realize how bad the team was surround Kilpatrick when he was given time to play last year? Defense is a team effort. You and your team don’t play any D when you know you’re going to lose anyway, which was when Kilpatrick was given a chance to play last year.

    Here’s just 1 example of how bad the Nets were last year when they shutdown both Brook and Thad:


    Kilpatrick was actually the leading scorer in that game on the Nets and he wasn’t even a starter. He came in when the rest of the Summer League / D-Leaguers came in.

    This year will be different if and when Kilpatrick starts on the Nets. They will actually want to win. With Atkinson preaching defense to this new Nets team and with Lin getting everyone involved on offense, the entire team will play a lot harder on defense as well. We’ve seen it countless times with the teams Lin has been on before where he took scrubs and made them into very very good players, both on the defensive end as well as offensive.

  837. If Atkinson mindset is to play to win in summer league I figure the same for the preseason.

  838. Marvin Williams played the 4 in most of his minutes. And Zeller often played the 5. Both are decent defenders. You’re also forgetting Nic Batum, who is at least an average wing defender.

    If you think Bogdanovic, who is a turnstile, and Kilpatrick, an average athlete, are going to present any resistance to the competition that is the NBA, then you simply don’t watch much NBA basketball.

  839. yeah, you can tell he’s not worried about individual performance, but how the kids play as a team. He’s keeping Kirkpatrick, RHJ, CMC, and Whitehead together most of the time and have them develop rapport and trust. This is our second unit in regular season here.

  840. RHJ was statistically one of the best wing defenders in the NBA last season as a rookie. As he gains more experience, he’ll only get better. He’s got all the physical tools and the mentality.

    This article articulates exactly why he needs to start and play big minutes on this team:


  841. In one of espn ny radio show yesterday, they said that every teams have a chance to go to playoff except Nets and Sixers… If Nets can go to playoff, everyone will be shocked except Lin fans?? LOL

  842. lol, afraid of what is coming

  843. I thought they trashed Nets for a while… bc they wanted to let OKC know the pick they got from Nets is going to be top pick for the trade.

  844. never doubted it for a second

  845. yah yah lah blah cry me a river

  846. Their sixth sense or premonition will come true. Watch! Just like Lin’s HS championship game vs Mater Dei. The Mater Dei HS HC said and had similar sentiment–“…the more I watch the tapes, I just have a feeling, you know what these guys are better than I thought..”

  847. Nah well be shocked too but the good kind
    then again Lin never stops shocking us(the good kind)

  848. or maybe theres no one to forcefeed on that team
    no one is a lottery pick
    they will probably forcefeed Lin and Brook Lopez a little in the regular season

  849. How can nets keep the picks?

  850. They getting scurred of losing a high lotto pick swap if and when the Nets “shock” the NBA.

    That’s why there were so many rumors of Celtics trying so hard to trade away the Nets draft swap. The actual professional Celtics scouts and analysts know the Nets have a good chance of being a good team this year.

    Meanwhile, the pundits, fake analysts without a clue, and casual NBA / Nets / Celtics fans are expecting Nets to be the worst or one of the worst NBA teams this upcoming season.

  851. I won’t be shocked either way. I don’t underestimate the challenges facing the Nets. LeBron was drafted by the Cavs following a 17-win season. They went to 35, then 42 wins the next two seasons with LeBron and still failed to make the playoffs. On the other hand, as I’ve mentioned a number of times already, Jason Kidd led a 26-win Nets team to the Finals in one season.

  852. They can’t. They traded those picks away a few years ago.

  853. Or Harvard, led by Lin, beating the 12th-ranked Huskies (with Kemba lol) and 17th-ranked BC Eagles. A scrub Ivy League team beat overwhelming favorites with far superior players all because of Lin leading them. Now Lin will accomplish the same thing at the NBA level.

  854. It’s a trade swap this year. Celtics can swap picks with the Nets or choose not to. Nets get a pick regardless this year, unlike last year. Celtics fans are hoping Nets suck so they can swap with them and get a high lotto pick again.

  855. Yes, they’re called the Huskies.

  856. lol…Pac-10 guy here, so Huskies immediately conjures up Washington.

  857. LeBron was still very young and raw with his crazy talents back then. He’s also not a real point guard like Lin is. He became a point forward later in his career because his teams needed him to be.

    Jason Kidd is a legend, but let’s not get it twisted. He had a lot of help on that Nets team. Kenyon Martin was a beast, Richard Jefferson was great back then, and Keith Van Horn was a sniper. He had a lot of very good role players around him to help propel those Nets to perennial playoff contenders.

  858. They lost to uconn..fyi

  859. Yeah, my bad.

  860. Too bad, but if Lin had help like KW did around him in that game, Harvard would have won, IMO.

  861. No worries just fyi.

  862. I agree with everything you itemized. My point was the Nets don’t instantly become a playoff-bound team, which seems to be the consensus opinion here. There is a ton of work to be done and a lot of things need to go right for the Nets.

  863. I only added who Jeremy played with most of the time as he lead the 2nd unit

  864. Perhaps this has something to do with your irrational fear, you know what JLIN is capable of firsthand just 3 mos ago:

    “Lin’s 25 leads Charlotte Hornets past Boston Celtics 114-100”

    “Linโ€™s performance was eye-popping just when the Hornets needed a boost”

  865. And a lot of things that went right for the Hornets to propel them to the playoffs could and will go wrong for the Hornets. 3 critical pieces replaced by uhh…

  866. And I laugh at how you underestimate Bog and Kilpatrick. You’re just like all those other people that underestimate Lin.

    I just think RHJ will screw up the flow of the game if he starts and try to be ball dominant or take wild shots. I have a feeling him and most of the younger players still aren’t buying into JLin’s leadership role, where as Sean and Bog who has matured and are considered Vet probably have more of a respect for Jeremy’s game then the young guns and rookies

  867. Just finished rewatching g3 highlight vs heat. At the end of the game announcer said, it’s the first playoff win for the Hornets in 14 years with the image showing MJ was priceless.

  868. I’m one of the more optimistic posters around here and elsewhere, but I don’t think this Nets team can make the playoffs without Crabbe and TJ. That’s why I said my realistic prediction is 33-37 wins, which isn’t enough to get them into playoffs. 40+ wins is certainly possible and sneaking into playoffs is too, though.

  869. Dang TVN once said “Lin isn’t good enough to play in the NBA”?.

    I’m done debating with him lol, he lost all credentials.

  870. Nope TJ and Crabbe were not the keys to the playoffs. JLIN and Kenny will make due – the level of talent needed to move the needle perceptibly exceeds what TJ/Crabbe could have provided over and above what JLIN will get from the existing core.

    We shall find out this season.

  871. He destroyed a bigger taller Turner who got rewarded new big contract.

  872. Those Celtics announcers are so boring and homerish.

    Lin torched Boston that night. Helped the Hornets come back and keep the lead. All of the Celtics who were trying to guard Lin were so frustrated that he kept blowing by them and they kept fouling him because they had no other choice. Evan Turner even stuck his leg out to trip Lin at the end. Celtics are a joke.

  873. JLIN was everywhere in that game, like he had 8 hands getting to everything.

  874. It’s ridiculous how much Blazers gave him this year. What were they thinking? His stats and eyeball tests were so much worse than Lin, yet he gets a much bigger payday. Oh yeah, it’s because of the Asian discount.

  875. More than once, twice, ten times that Lin can impact a game in many way. As Lin fans, we all know that.

    Can’t wait how the season pans out. No expectation with great expectation.

  876. Nets with Lin leading them will be over .500

  877. I hope so. Not too sure it’ll happen, but it would be great if it did.

  878. Ainge wants to get rid of the Nets’ draft swap so badly, but he wants too much and nobody wants to risk the Nets doing well this year…


  879. Ainge is smart and knows that Nets pick is gonna be a dud after JLin takes the team to the 8th seed

  880. That Celtics game was actually one of the most important games of the season, especially for the Celtics

  881. Yeah, but other teams are smart too, or at least not as dumb as Billy King. Nobody wants to get fleeced by Ainge like he fleeced King. Other teams also know that it’s not a sure thing that the Nets’ picks are going to be high lotto picks this year and the next.

  882. Oh, Yeah?

    โ€œAnother sticking point in that and in other deals Boston is talking about is that pick from the Nets next year,โ€ said one of these sources. ‘Danny will make it available in the right situation, but heโ€™s not going to give it up with core players, too. Thatโ€™s going to be a good draft, and thatโ€™s going to be a high pick.'”

  883. Well, what do you expect him to say, he’s trying to get a good deal for the pick despite understanding that it’s gonna suck…it’s the art of the deal ๐Ÿ˜€

  884. I was going to post that in my original post, but glad you picked up on it.


    โ€œOh, Danny definitely wants to do something,โ€ said one rival general manager. โ€œWeโ€™ve got nothing that really works with Boston, but I bet something happens there.โ€

    Proves Ainge has been trying very, very hard for quite a while, to shop around the Nets’ draft picks.

  885. As a JLIN fan I would hate this, but here’s an idea that some of those Nets fans would love:

    Let’s say JLIN’s Nets start the season 8-2 and Danny Ainge is now quivering in your boots that the draft pick is going to be worthless.

    Sean Marks decides to approach Ainge and trades him an end-of-the-bench player for the Nets pick back from the Celtics.

    Finally, Sean Marks orders Kenny & JLIN to TANK rest of season to take advantage of a nice 2017 draft class.

    Cynical, but alot of those die-hard Nets fans would love to do it.

  886. The big white guy that Anthony Bennet mowed down might still be unconscious

    If Anthony Bennet turns out to be another diamond in the rough (my first diamond is Justin Hamilton) then Kenny (who scouted Bennet) and Marks deserve every accolade for squeezing blood from stones.

  887. That won’t happen because Marks, Atkinson, and Lin wants to change the culture of the Nets and will never purposely tank a season unless they’re late into the season already and have no shot of getting more than 25 wins (which I also doubt will be the case).

  888. The Nets are the only team that controls the Nets destiny, if they begin to win very early in the season – Danny Ainge will have fits as the value of that pick drops precipitously because he knows that no other team besides the Nets will give him anything of value for the pick as long as Nets are doing well.

    That scenario will force Ainge to speak with Marks if Ainge wants to see a return on that pick investment. And of course getting that pick would be more valuable to Marks than any of the other 29 teams.

  889. Why do you think Ainge has been trying so hard to shop these picks right now, before the season starts? He doesn’t want a scenario like that to happen. He wants to get rid of the Nets picks before there’s any chance of other teams wondering how good the Nets can be next year.

    Right now, the general attitude and opinion of the fans around the league is that the Nets are a bottom-feeding team and will be one of, if not the worst in the NBA. Ainge used his propaganda guy in the media, Bill Simmons, to brainwash everybody into thinking the Nets will suck next year. Right now is the best time for Ainge to strike a deal while the perception of the Nets are at rock bottom.

    I just don’t see your scenario happening at all. First of all, Ainge will most likely get a trade done prior to the start of the season. Second, like I said, Marks, Atkinson, and Lin will refuse to tank. Third, even if those unlikely scenarios happen, Ainge won’t want an “end-of-the-bench player” from the Nets. Nobody would. They only want stars or proven starters in return for 2 first rounders. No matter how well or badly Nets do this year, 2 draft picks in the first round regardless of position, is worth much more than “end-of-the-bench players” from the Nets.

  890. I don’t see my scenario happening either. But a variant of my scenario could unfold:

    1. Ainge cannot get rid of the pick to any other suitor. He is asking too much for the pick from other teams and their GMs also recognize with Marks/Atkinson/JLIN there is risk the pick isn’t worth much – Ainge either asks for less or nobody will trade anything of value before the season begins.

    2. Season begins and JLIN starts winning, Ainge is nervous and talks to Marks. Marks says I’ll trade you Randy Foye (who is playing well) for the Nets pick back because at this rate the pick is worth around #25 if we make playoffs. Remember Hornets traded the #22 for Marco freakin Belinelli.

    3. Now that Marks has the pick back, he is happy with a 30 win season which gives him a #16 pick in a good draft class.

  891. As a Lin fan, I pray that Nets will not tank in the next 2 yrs period. I hope Lin will help Nets win and secure good personal STATS.

  892. JLIN will not allow tanking.

  893. Ainge will drop his asking price if there are no suitors. He won’t wait until the season starts to get rid of the picks.

    Randy Foye for a 1st rounder… LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  894. Marco Belinelli with the worst stats in his CAREER for a first round #22 pick, lol.

    Ainge will not be able to trade that pick is my prediction.

  895. Ah, that is where Kenny’s integrity is essetnali.

  896. Cho was desperate for a replacement to Lee. The move was panned by most Hornets fans, NBA fans, and analysts when he did it. Ainge isn’t desperate. He has all of the cards in his favor right now.

  897. Come pre-season if Nets begin winning, Ainge will be working the phones like a mad-man as his cards look like junk.

  898. Lol yeah, I doubt Marks is that kind of person. Neither is Atkinson. I hope it doesn’t happen because it’s not worth to compromise their I lntegrity

  899. frugality apparently not one of randy foyes virtues, reporting spending most of his new salary on a jersey home he bought from “the boss”.

  900. Nate Gottlieb has written a good article


  901. He is from NJ, and had been interested in that home in 2/16.

  902. ugh…why put so much expectations on lin? Lin will do great but no need to put these articles out there. If net fans don’t expect to win, why change their mind about it? Its better to surprise them in the regular season. If things dont go as well as we’d like for some reason or another then we lin fans AND Jeremy don’t have to be caught with out pants down either. Whatever happened to being humble??

  903. Under promise, over deliver. That to me is the best policy. Keep expectations modest. Lin fans, IMO, are putting a job on Lin that he doesn’t need. The idea that Lin is riding on a white horse and will turn a unexpected bunch in to a 35-plus win team, some even have the team in the playoffs, to me is not a belief or assessment with everything involved of what Lin can do. It’s more making him a superman figure, and what is reasonably expected of him to do is show he can make the team organized, competitive, and fun to watch. Will that results in winning? Who knows? It may in the best scenario. It can. I believe it can but I’m not sure what will ever happen.

    It doesn’t all lie on Lin’s shoulders. Lin needs to have chemistry with the other players, the length of that process can’t be predicted, and they have to execute. He can’t make them play like winners, hopefully, Atkinson’s coaching and not only Lin, but Lopez’s leadership, and perhaps some other vets on the team, will make the team a surprise team. But no one can predict anything or say for sure what will happen. There are no Nostrodamuses among Lin and anti-Lin fans, just people with opinions.

  904. Sean kilpatrick looks to be the starting sg right. Im not sure how much randy foye has left in the tank

  905. That’s scary. Bennett stopped right after that play to check the condition of that player. Tough watching plays like that.

  906. Did Nathan Gottlieb create Brook-Lin.com? It’ a great name for the website!

    There are already many good features and articles there. So, it’ll be a competitor with this site? ๐Ÿ˜›

  907. The article is not for Lin fans or Lin haters. It’s for Nets fans who paid no attention to the far away, nobody care, zero national televised Charlotte Hornets. It gives them facts about the talents of Jeremy Lin and what he could do and will do for the Nets. Those Nets fans needed those to stay exciting for this coming season despite all the lies and negatives from other websites throwing at them.

  908. It’s a great article highlighting Jeremy’s true skill as a leader and playmaker. He mentions the old narratives that have defined Lin since Linsanity which has followed him up til his last season with the hornets.

    Lin is getting in some great training with Doc who has helped him in his career as a better shooter. 9 three pointers agains sixers while with the rockets and he looked even better in the beginning with the Lakers until Byron started tank mode.
    When the season starts, I’m confident in Atkinson’s player development and most importantly his relationship with Lin, and they’ll continue to work on his shots, types of shots, and different types of ways to get his own looks as an Iso player even though they’ll emphasize team play. Look out, this will be his true Breakout Season!

  909. It’s not owned by Nathan Gottlieb.

  910. glad to see the owner made it clear that it stands for Brooklyn+ Jeremy Lin. many Nets assumed Brook-Lin was Lopez+Lin claiming that Lopez should have a stake in revenue generated…smh

  911. I agree with him. Linsanity sounds more like throwing shades than praise. I’ll stop using it from now on. If he plays like that the time, there’s nothing insane about it.

  912. There’s no way anyone on the Nets wants to tank. Just do well and watch the Celtics cry is good enough.

  913. Don’t think so
    Too unproven
    Foye will probably start

  914. why not? Brook is the best player on the team right now
    no need to exclude him like that
    not good for team chemistry either

  915. “He can’t make them play like winners”
    JLIN more often than not, does make them play like winners.

  916. “why put so much expectations on lin?” – I’ll not debate the merits of that sentence relative to how average humans feel about JLIN’s success leading the Nets.

    But I will say this, I heard that sort of comment for 8 straight months when I said JLIN’s play would earn him a starting point guard job on his own team this season.

    I saw it this way – I’m going to write what I believe and it’s up to the reader to accept it or reject it – Gottleib probably feels the same.

  917. From the context of the whole passage, I think it might be a typo…

  918. Wholeheartly agree with this. Brook not necessary meant Brook. It’s Brooklyn as Brook-Lin. So now does the whole Brooklyn borough gonna need to ask for part of the profit whatsoever? Jealousy people don’t make much sense. and the phrase does not really belongs to anyone technically and lawfully speaking. Whoever comes first gets it. It’s very different from the phrase linsanity. Whereas it’s truly belongs to Lin.

  919. As a Lin fan blog, IMO it’s only correct to make that clarification. By all means If you or someone wants to run another site and call that BrookLin fill with information of Lopez and Lin – make that known and go for it.

  920. Come on now, be honest with yourself. Whether you like it or not, everyone knows that Brook-Lin stands for Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin connection. They are the 2 obvious stars on the team and are going to be leaders of the Nets. You can try to spin it like it stands for “Brooklin,” but it doesn’t.

  921. Easily interpreted as BROOK Lopez and Jeremy LIN. That’s how I’ve been reading it.

  922. Foye is on the Nets to add depth and provide mentorship. He’s not on the Nets to be a starter. Heck, he might not even be a backup, depending on what Kenny wants to do with Harris and LeVert. He was pretty bad last year and has been on a steep decline for 3 years now. I don’t think he has much left in the tank. Out of all of the Marks signings, this is the one I don’t like and don’t think the Nets needed on the team.

  923. That’s what you think. Not everyone. You can deny it does not stands for Brooklin but it does to many.

  924. Not Nathan Gottlieb?
    Do you know who is the owner of the Brook-Lin.com. Curious me.

  925. That’s not how I read it. No idea who’s Brook Lopez until Lin signed with the Brooklyn. Already made this term when the rumor came out Lin might sign with the nets a while ago. At that time I believe most of us saw it as Brooklyn+Lin and then later realize there’s this other player name Brook Lopez too. It’s a fun coincidence. However, People can read the phrase whichever way they like and want.

  926. nope, honestly when I first saw Brooklin, to me it was a play on Brooklyn with Lin’s name. The 7-11 Brook Lopez…etc were consequential discovery of more elements related to Lin.

  927. You speak it!

  928. Omg. I just checked Foye’s stats. He’s got some really messed up FG%. I’m worried…. “Chucker” the word immediately cames to mind.

  929. foye still has decent change of direction (his low center of gravity helps), but not enuf to get all the way to bucket. he can dribble twice into lane and kick out, is about it now. i see him mostly as a spot up shooter on nets.

  930. read news that he bought a NJ house from Bruce Springsteen a few month back. Maybe he already plan to retire back to his hometown then. Could be he saw Nets opportunity and reached out to them leading to this signing? He did sign for less than what he took last season.

  931. I really hope he is just there for vet leadership and spot minutes. Give the young athletic guys more minutes.

  932. If Foye buys into to be strictly a spot up shooter and cutter/slasher, then I have no problem with him…I’m concerned that he’s only assisted on around 30% of his Field Goals, I haven’t seen his highlights, but this suggests he like to go off on his own and ISO, which would not benefit JLin or the team, and should not be permitted

  933. I hope you realize that Foye has been in the NBA for 12 years, going on his 13th year. It’s not like he’s a rookie and this is his first big paycheck. He’s earned a lot of money throughout his NBA career, totaling up to over $30 million (he probably gets to keep $12-$13M after taxes, agent fees, etc.).


  934. Yeah he most likely wants to retire soon and figures he’s got at least a year left in his bones. I hope he goes all out this year in Brooklyn. Even though Foye is on the tail end of his career, he’s not that old… just basketball old. He’s been pretty bad the past 3 years, but when Foye is on fire, he’s pretty tough to stop (like a lot of NBA players tend to be).

  935. I say give sean kilpatrick and caris lavert minutes over him. Have him for mentorship

  936. yep some people are just too narrow minded

  937. one of the worst fg% in the league last year among players with significant games played and minutes per game.

    right there with kobe, abl p.hairston and … forgot the other one. oh, uh someone was worse…. marcus smart!

    (and only 301 from 3)

  938. Brook is Lin’s teammate
    I dont know why you have to be so narrow minded about this
    Lin is a team player but some fans get jealous of his team mates
    unwilling to share the spotlight
    so much for criticizing harden, kobe and melo lol
    imo, thats pretty much the same
    double standard much?
    Brook-Lin should be about Lopez and Lin too
    They are the cornerstone
    all this jealousy and selfishness is just ugly Lin wouldnt want that either

  939. lol you dont know basketball much do you?

  940. This will be Lin’s home for the next 2-3 years. What a great picture.

  941. my guess is everyone will get a chance and earn the starting spot.

  942. Nathan said he was invited to write to the site, not owned by him No idea who…

  943. For those interested, here’s what you’re “looking at” with those panoramic views from the Nets’ training facility.

  944. Nets sure promised him a bright future ahead. Somehow I think TJ will be as trade asset for Heat in the future.

  945. Don’t know his name, but he responds quickly. @Brook_Lin_Com

  946. I want to think that it’s for the rest of his NBA career ?

  947. Am a very late reader on this article. If you have already read this, forgive me to post here. This is my first time to see and read this article. Wish I have seen and read this much much earlier.

  948. Robin did so much for Lin even lots of NYK fans trashed him for that…. I really hope he can have interview w Lin in NY. Haha!

  949. TJ is the man who wants somebody to “show him the money”

  950. The facility is epic, has state of the art equipment and like a 3000 square foot players lounge…I wouldn’t mind just living there ๐Ÿ˜€

  951. Hornet fans love to say for every game JLIN play good, it was offset by game where he played bad.

    Truth is JLIN played great against elite teams when he had no choice but to take over the game, he played not-so-good against awful teams where his scoring was not needed because KemBatum were fine at running up the score against awful teams.

    Additionally, JLIN was a key member of every Hornets lineup that mattered.

  952. Dang straight


    Against playoff teams, JLin had a better FG% and 3pt% than his average (both better than Kemba) and was 19th in scoring/36mins among all PGs (only behind Kemba by like 3pts per 36mins, but on much more efficient shooting)

  953. The one thing that struck me as a Lin fan is that paragraph about how every other rookie gets a pass if they get the sophomore funk. All rookies go through that because of how teams learn to defend them and game plan against them, but mainly it’s the expectation that comes with success that causes the sophomore jinx.

    What Robin says is so true, Lin was being put down as an excuse to jettison his services. Basically, Lin was chased out of town to make way for Melo.

  954. I have not visited New York in a long time but I here Brooklyn is really picking up.

  955. Good observation and you got it right. IMO. BrookLopez could have his own Brooklyn connection easily if he was marketable and ‘patentable’ like Brook2pez 6years back etc. Why the need to be bandwagoner to ride on the [email protected] BrookLin thingy which IMO was the very ‘1st love impression’ of any discerning fans on a Lin fan site. Haha cheers

  956. Only nets fans would even think of Brooks – Lin. Most Lin fans from all over would never think of that connection. The obvious one is Brookln the city and not Brooks the player. It’s not like Brooks is a star or anything… Not yet anyways until Ln does his magic!

  957. Not only you who understand business, Riley.

  958. Replacing Lin with whoever they will be forgotten.

  959. Was Lin all in the top 5 lineup of the Hornets?

  960. IMO Lin earned his starting point guard job in the NBA right after his Harvard days. He should have been drafted a lottery pick. He punked the no1 pick didn’t he? It goes to show the biasness of the NBA and the ineptness of the entire NBA fraternity. Haha cheers.

  961. Why you have to call people narrow minded when people just have different perspective about this? Stop being too pushy. You can go head and call whatever you want. Nobody will restrain you from that.

  962. Ayyyyy-men!

  963. I think it’s a win-win argument for either Brook (Lopez)- Lin advocate or Brook(Lyn)-Lin advocate. Which ever way people like. Just don’t push their idea on others. Mix it whatever way you like cause honestly it can go either way.

  964. Thanks! Curiosity, curiosity lingers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  965. Thanks! Maybe my curiosity would drive me to contact the site mod. ๐Ÿ™‚

  966. Yes he can if he wants. Don’t think he care that much about Taiwan though. He’s very ABC.

  967. Lin can play with anyone in any situation. He has the ability to adjust….Take Lawson for example, he couldn’t handle Harden and worse, killed his starter career.

  968. im surprised celtics lineup is in that bunch

  969. These Summer League playoff games today have been crazy. Tight games, actual playoff atmosphere, teams playing top-notch basketball. Bulls vs. Wizards just ended. Bulls barely beat the Wizards, who was the only team that barely beat the Nets.

    Nets vs. Cavs up next. ESPN 2.

  970. is it new?

  971. Because he’s excluding Lopez out of this and putting him down even though he is Lin’s team mate
    theres no need for that yet

  972. Lin always elevates his game against great teams and teams that are better than his own team talent-wise. Lin thrives against good / great competition because he’s a big-game player. This has always been Lin’s M.O., ever since high school. Reminds me of this amazing old, classic article written by Lin’s high school team after Linsanity happened:


    Lin ended up winning the position by the end of the year, but he still did not always give his full effort at every practice. If drills were not competitive, Lin was simply not motivated to perform at a high level.

    โ€œWhen it was a more non-competitive drill like defensive fundamentals, his performance would be lower because he just wasnโ€™t excited about it, wasnโ€™t motivated to do it and didnโ€™t see how it could help him,โ€ Diepenbrock said.

    Linโ€™s competitiveness remained though, and could be observed even in practice settings when he felt motivated to perform.

    โ€œIf we did a competitive drill, like if it was five-on-five [where] if you lose you have to run, then his performance would be much better,โ€ Diepenbrock said.

  973. I said this earlier and repeating it here ” when I first saw Brooklin, to me it was a play on Brooklyn with Lin’s name. The 7-11, Brook Lopez…etc were consequential discovery of more elements related to Lin and his teammates.

    Please! don’t spin my post and my view so you could vent about your displeasure about people here not kissing up to harden kobe or melo. You have some anger issue about posts on this site and you try to put words in my post. Calling it narrow minded, jealousy and double standard ?? Where did I or anyone talk negatively about Lopez? Just because a website is name Brook-lin as in Brooklyn+Jeremy, you come to the glorious conclusion that we are all jealous and selfish fans? All this name calling is unnecessary sign of immaturity just because my opinion doesn’t match up to yours? This is absurd!

    I come here to talk about Lin on a Lin site . If I want to talk about other players, I will seek other sites to post, not here.

  974. Now you are spinning my post, i never said some are narrow minded and now you are twisting words smh
    If you are gonna exclude Lopez out of this out of jealousy, you are no better than Melo, Kobe and Harden.
    “claiming that Lopez should have a stake in revenue generated…smh” <- not jealous, huh?
    I'm here to talk about Lin too and his teammates by extension
    not here to talk bad about them, there's no need for that kind of negativity here

  975. Brook-Lin is just as marketable (Brooklyn + Lin && Brook + Lin)
    Win-Win for every one
    why exclude a team mate here?

  976. Brook Lopez is a star
    any NBA fan would make the Brook – Lin connection easily

  977. Link to the game?

  978. http://www.nba.com/games/20160716/CLEBKN/gameinfo.html?ls=iref:nba:scoreboard

    Nets crawled back after having a bad 1st Q and Cavs having a hot 1st Q. Game is tied 41-41 at the half.

    Kenny needs to stop playing Sims. This guy is pure trash and has been all SL. I have no clue why Mockevicius is sitting and Sims is playing so much.

    I love CMC, but wow he’s terrible this game. Completely different player from last game. I hope he finds his game in the 2nd half.

    RHJ, Whitehead, Beech are all having a good game so far. They need to keep this up the rest of the game.

    Kilpatrick is having another good game but dude’s starting to ballhog and chucking up way too many shots. I understand he’s the team’s main / leading scorer, but he’s gotta get his teammates involved more.

  979. Yeah, I agree. Sims was just.. lost and I noticed Kilpatrick and Yogi ball hogging a lot.

  980. Dang… Whitehead down, someone stepped on his hand.

  981. IMO the refinement is in Brooklyn + Lin = BrookLin which is more marketable than Brook Lopez + Jeremy Lin = Brook-Lin which is a more mundane partnership as it could very well be Kilpatrick + Lin = Kil-Lin. In this connection a reference to BrookLin is more discerning sort of puns for Lin’s fan sites like all Lin’s (ALLIN!!/BALLIN!!) related puns like Linsanity etc. Haha cheers.

  982. Learn to read the WHOLE context of my post, not the part you want to read. I was agreeing with the Owner of website who clearly indicated what the word meant to him so Lopez/Nets fans and yourself should respect that. It does not prevent any fan of Brook or Lin from taking the initiative to build another website and call it Brooklin that defines it as Lopez+Lin. Since you’re loving this Brookgelina connection, its a good project site idea.

    You spin it again and put words into something I never given second thought to.
    “Jamie said : yep some people are just too narrow minded”
    “Jamie said :If you are gonna exclude Lopez out of this out of jealousy ”
    (This was implied in all your post) and I am noting that
    No one says Lopez isn’t a star.
    No one says Brook isn’t the best player.
    A website about Brooklyn+Lin does not mean its not good for team chemistry.

    Ending this discussion. Respect the owner who build a website that meant Brooklyn+Lin. This does not equate to site owner/ site visitors or a post here talking about it as jealous or narrow minded.

  983. Good post and observations of some blokes here. Keep it up. You are a great fan. Thank you sir for posting as such to remind ‘fans’ to be discerning and post positively with decorum Haha cheers

  984. Wow, Beau Beech going off tonight. I keep saying this, but Marks really needs to sign him asap. He has a very bright future in the NBA.

  985. beech will be the recipient of many JLIN assist because he know how to space and make himself ready for a shot…come 2 years he will be another high price PF or SF but i read he is a SG with his height?

  986. Yeah, I see Beech turning into a Parsons-like player. Just needs a bit more development time and get into better shape.

  987. At least 3 bad calls against the Nets tonight. Biased or bad refs are handing Cavs this game.

  988. Ugly way to end this game. Gave it away. Kenny making questionable calls. Oh well, it’s been a fun SL.

  989. Oh man.. that 1 free throw could’ve won the game. Too much ball hogging today, weak defense.

  990. cool cool

  991. Both are pretty marketable
    BrookLin can have 2 meanings
    the more the merrier

  992. yep

  993. ugh please dont be one of those iso coaches
    the nets cannot play that way
    Only teamball can get them some Ws

  994. IMO. Not enough shooters on this SL team to implement team ball consistently. Anyways good effort by the team to come back from early deficit in 1st quarter and forced OT. Didn’t step on the necks in the end there. Git stepped on instead in OT. Anyways well done coach. Haha cheers.