Mavs pursuing Lin using sign-and-trade

If this happens, it would bring things full circle. The Mavs were the ones who gave Lin’s first opportunity in the NBA by inviting him to their summer league after he went undrafted. Lin might not have made much impact in summer league because their future PG was supposed to be Rodrigue Beaubois. But Beaubois got hurt, so Lin got to play against John Wall in a summer league matchup. Lin ended up schooling the #1 overall draft pick and winning over the summer league crowd.

The Mavs ended up making Lin an offer, but they wanted Lin to develop in the D-League for a year or two. So Lin took the Warriors offer instead because he would be on an NBA roster.

I had wished Lin were on the Mavs many times throughout his career. When he was buried on the bench by Keith Smart with no playing time, I wished he had signed with the Mavs in hindsight. When he was cut by the Rockets, I wish he were a Mav. After the Rockets acquired Harden and Lin was relegated to a role player, I wished Lin were with the Mavs. After Lin ended up on the disaster that was the Lakers, I wished Lin were with the Mavs. Will this finally be the year that Lin get reunited with the team that gave him his first opportunity in the NBA?

C Jordan – athletic big who can play PNR, good match with Lin’s skills
PF Dirk – can shoot outside (duh) to space floor for Lin to drive.
SF Parsons – versatile SF, who could return to form if he was willing to give up his “star” mentality and let the PG do the playmaking. Good friend and relationship with Lin.
SG Matthews – coming off achilles injury, but excellent catch and shooter. Good match for Lin’s penetrate and dish skills.
PG big hole. Devon Harris is mediocre nowadays. Barea is a good motor off the bench, but he’s a defensive liability. Lin would be an amazing fit.
Coach Rick Carlisle. This would finally give Lin his first competent coach since Woodson/McHale/Scott. My respect for Carlisle grew immensely after he benched Rondo for his attitude. I believe that Carlisle would recognize Lin’s floor general IQ and have a great relationship, as well as utilize Lin’s skills properly.