Mavs pursuing Lin using sign-and-trade

If this happens, it would bring things full circle. The Mavs were the ones who gave Lin’s first opportunity in the NBA by inviting him to their summer league after he went undrafted. Lin might not have made much impact in summer league because their future PG was supposed to be Rodrigue Beaubois. But Beaubois got hurt, so Lin got to play against John Wall in a summer league matchup. Lin ended up schooling the #1 overall draft pick and winning over the summer league crowd.

The Mavs ended up making Lin an offer, but they wanted Lin to develop in the D-League for a year or two. So Lin took the Warriors offer instead because he would be on an NBA roster.

I had wished Lin were on the Mavs many times throughout his career. When he was buried on the bench by Keith Smart with no playing time, I wished he had signed with the Mavs in hindsight. When he was cut by the Rockets, I wish he were a Mav. After the Rockets acquired Harden and Lin was relegated to a role player, I wished Lin were with the Mavs. After Lin ended up on the disaster that was the Lakers, I wished Lin were with the Mavs. Will this finally be the year that Lin get reunited with the team that gave him his first opportunity in the NBA?

C Jordan – athletic big who can play PNR, good match with Lin’s skills
PF Dirk – can shoot outside (duh) to space floor for Lin to drive.
SF Parsons – versatile SF, who could return to form if he was willing to give up his “star” mentality and let the PG do the playmaking. Good friend and relationship with Lin.
SG Matthews – coming off achilles injury, but excellent catch and shooter. Good match for Lin’s penetrate and dish skills.
PG big hole. Devon Harris is mediocre nowadays. Barea is a good motor off the bench, but he’s a defensive liability. Lin would be an amazing fit.
Coach Rick Carlisle. This would finally give Lin his first competent coach since Woodson/McHale/Scott. My respect for Carlisle grew immensely after he benched Rondo for his attitude. I believe that Carlisle would recognize Lin’s floor general IQ and have a great relationship, as well as utilize Lin’s skills properly.


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  5. nostalgia

  6. Wait… did Lin dunk on that steal?


    This article says Lin will not be signed before Thursday the 9th. I thought Lin’s people had said it would be early this week though.

  8. of course he did!

  9. Will he be #7 again? Wow that would be prophetic.

  10. Where it all started!

  11. #7 is his Texas number.

  12. 4.5 mln he’s looking for???

    That’s pathetic

  13. Jeremy Lin – Undrafted
    Wesley Matthews – Undrafted
    Chandler Parsons – 2nd round pick
    Dirk Nowitzki – #9 pick
    DeAndre Jordan – 2nd round pick

    JJ Barea – undrafted – bench

    Pretty much the entire mavs starting 5 is either a 2nd round pick or undrafted.

  14. good observation! shows that the Mavs go for talent and not just pedigree

  15. Is it more pathetic than Dirk’s $8.3M salary?

  16. They’re claiming that S&Ts are extremely difficult. Without one, 4.5 would be the max.

  17. 3 way S&T are.

  18. I really like the idea but I’m growing tired of this situation…

  19. To be fair, I think Chris Paul is a passionate and smart player. And it was incredibly frustrating playing with a low bball IQ player like Jordan. If Lin does up on the Mavs, be prepared for some frustrating moments with DJ.

  20. And a S & T would tie him into that $4.5 mil for 3 years. If you take $2.6 mil in a 2 yr 2nd year player option you are a free agent again next year when caps rise you could then sign a much better contract with any team. So that 1.9 mil ties you up for 3 years. If you are confident of your abilities and think you’re worth more when you can show it is that 1.9 mil worth it? Max contracts go to $25 mil next year, middling average contract $12.5 mil, you think your good enough to earn that then show it.

  21. It was also thanks to Jordan that Paul got 10+ assists per game.

    I wonder if he played with Asik 😀

  22. Eddie Sefko ‏@ESefko 20m20 minutes ago
    Don’t expect Mavericks to get involved in any serious sign-and-trade discussions with Clips for Jordan. It serves no benefit for Mavs.

  23. Right. You need a two-way just to get 4.5.

  24. Easily tradeable next year with that contract if Nets buyout Deron.

    You must take a look at the bigger picture, not only today

  25. And get tied up into that for 3 years.

  26. Traded for $4.5 mil for 2 more years.

  27. They don’t seem to consider giving their starting PG a respectable salary a “benefit.”

  28. When Melo criticized Lin’s Rockets contract as ridiculous, didn’t we all say that he had no business criticizing another player’s contract? It goes both ways, if a player chooses to take less to play for a contender, that’s his prerogative.

    BTW, Lin was the 17th highest-paid NBA player last year. I don’t think salary has any concern to him.

  29. Not sure why they are not doing it since it would give them full MLE and BAE

  30. If you’re good why are you worried about being traded? If you’re good and you believe in yourself if given the chance then you want to be a free agent when money and choices become plentiful. That is looking long term. 2nd yr player option for insurance in case of injury.

  31. At the same time, Lin’s patience & humble leadership worked quite well with DMo.
    Remember when Lin had to stomp once to DMo & yelled “DMo!!” when DMo was out of position?
    But after that they got along well

    I think Lin’s great building relationship off-court which matters a lot. CP3 might not try hard to build it off-court

  32. LOL. Asik isn’t a low bball IQ player though, he just has terrible hands. But yeah, CP would have had an aneurysm.

  33. No Fegan, no money, no respect. That makes me angry, unfortunately.

  34. as much as 4.5M?! Jesus

  35. Too many ifs, unfortunately.

    My concern is for Jeremy’s carreer. But anyway, God knows, it’s useless to worry about it

  36. Exactly. People make fun of CP for that, but that was actually an incredibly moronic low bball IQ ignorance by DJ.

  37. Cliff sure did look mad

  38. Cp3 always reminded me of Kobe where he tries not to build a relationship with his players. Lin will easily do that with Jordan. Already bff with Parsons.

  39. No need to treat others like that though…

  40. Well it’s not a done deal yet. Let’s see…

  41. So this is the new dig for latest Lin news. I hope Mavs would get this done already. Lin is worth the risk. Any team with cap room could be a sign and trade partner opening up some money. Mavs got to get rid of Felton to someone out there.

  42. Ok

  43. told you I post something about dj that he can surpass javale mcgee

  44. It’s been said they don’t want to help the Clippers but like I said, first take care of your own.

  45. true .. DJ made a costly mistake but CP harsh way proved to be more costly in building a championship team. DJ clearly felt disrespected with CP going up to his face screaming like that.

    CP is smart but not wise

  46. That’s Bieber’s secret technique. First identify disgruntled superstars (like D12) then pretend to be able to recruit them to Texas.

  47. no cp is good just intese he is not a bad team mate he is a point guard so he barks a lot but he is not a ego maniac like kobe…….avery johnson called by his teamate david robinson and others spurs the preacher cause he barks alot on court directing them into plays and robinson is annoy by that cause avery is intense

  48. very true. Same MO.
    Wine-and-dine unhappy superstar to woo them.

    I wonder if he uses the same MO to recruit girlfriends.
    I hope not. It will prove to be more costly and not as successful LOL

  49. I’m keep looking at my Tweeter, hoping the next tweet will be Lin signed with Mavs. Argh, Sign up already!

  50. It’s not Parsons. It’s Fegan. Parsons only recruited Fegan’s players.

    Probably last year’s pact between Fegan and Cuban was: you give Parsons big money and next year I’ll build you the team.

    Jeremy is not in Fegan team.

  51. You may have to wait until July 9

  52. what? wow, hope not

  53. look for the hastag REDNATION!

  54. So much fun to watch him…and so nice to hear all the compliments from the announcers.

  55. Yeah Bieber wouldn’t look as good with missing teeth 🙂

  56. But lesson learned 😛

  57. Has he?

  58. DeAndre and Dwight are Fegan clients. Beverley, Evans, Jefferson are not. Anyone else that Parsons recruited?

  59. yeah, unfortunately.
    Something to do with different cap numbers on July 8

  60. Matthews -> Fegan

  61. automatic ban! =p

  62. the counter is at 2 … LOL

  63. If Lin were willing to accept that or preferred that, the deal would have been done already. Right?

  64. Don’t know what thinking anymore. See how it ends.

  65. true and correct.

  66. At this point, are there any media interested in comparing Lin’s BB numbers against those landing fat contracts so far? Or really we are the only group wanting a fair shake for Lin?

  67. I agree that CP’s overall treatment of DJ was counter-productive. But in that moment itself, I’d be screaming my head off too.

  68. not that anyone here probably cares but interesting note that tho madsen is the coach scott is running training sessions for lakers summer league team!

    assume another series of injuries thru pointless drill sgt. no charmin here workouts.

    and basically the entire young lakers team is playing summer league: probably several wont even make it to opening day of the real season if they have to go thru not 1 but 2 2 2 scott t.c.

  69. Mark Madsen should probably look for different opportunities for himself. Right now, he’s the analytics guy for the Lakers whose work gets totally ignored by the head coach!

  70. (he is so disrespected he doesn’t even get to run his own training camp!)

  71. They might be looking for somewhere to trade Felton. If they simply waive Felton they have to stretch him and Lin would get $1.3M less money. If they can trade Felton without taking anything back they can pay Lin without losing $1.3M to stretch. Problem is other teams are going to want something in return for taking Felton. Like the 76ers are going to want picks.

  72. OK, my bad

  73. If Lin were willing to take that $2.8 MLE they are now planning to use for JJ Barea deal would have been done already.

  74. Another explanation for why it’s taking so long.

  75. so no deal till july 9 ??? or was that all opinion??

  76. That’s why DJ is gone. He made a big mistake but CP3 made him feel like the stupidest guy in the world. Kinda reminds me of how Kobe was throwing a fit when Lin didn’t foul against Conley in that grizz game, trying to embarrass him.

  77. Lin knows he cannot accept such a low number, even if he wanted to.

  78. But the deal w Mav will be OK, right? 7/9 it’s OK as long as the deal will go through.

  79. Huge difference. DJ’s RAM seemed to crash. Lin was simply following the coach’s instruction which he knew was wrong.

  80. Perhaps 76ers would offer him $8M but not sure if he wants to play for them. 76ers been relatively quite in FA market. I think they will tank for one more year. But JLin wants to play for a contender and a good coach but those teams are pretty much CAP’ed out.

  81. of course thats not my question. the mavs website said they would have to have wes and deandre deal on book in order to sign lin. also he said three team deal is unlikely. all of it was opinion but i was wondering if we will have to wait till july 9 or not. I’m sure we will hear about it sooner or later

  82. If this deal will go through & settle down it’s fine but I am worry that if wait until 7/9 the no deal?! Lin will loss the chance to sign w another team?! So it sounds like they will get Lin, right?

  83. jlin to ripcity

  84. Kurt Helin
    Report: Dallas thinking of bringing back Jason Terry

  85. ok i read what was being talked about it said if there are no s& trade lin get 4.5 and has to wait till the 9th. if there are a s&t then he can get more???? idk

  86. I guess we may yet be surprised. If it were a sure that he’s going to the Mavs we wouldn’t be in so much suspense. Cause the actual salary he gets, from 2.8-4.5, is not that interesting.

  87. I’m pretty sure almost of all of the free agency “leaked sources” come from the player’s agents. It doesn’t help the teams to leak that they are in the running for a player, but it does help a player/agent to publicize how many teams are interested in them.

    I believe that Lin and his agent Jim Tanner aren’t into negotiating through the (social) media. I think they just deal with the teams privately and will only announce after it’s finalized.

  88. Noooooooo!!!! I seriously despise Jason Terry, even before Lin came into the league.

  89. Or the Mavericks might just decide it’s too much trouble to get Lin and don’t want to lose picks and and Felton and sign Jason Terry.

    Kurt Helin‏@basketballtalk

    Report: Dallas thinking of bringing back Jason Terry

  90. So now what happen? Why no news? Lakers don’t want to do SnT for Lin? smh! I really hate Lakers.

  91. idk we have to wait and see

  92. No surprise here. Marc Gasol re-signs max contract with Grizzlies

  93. David West signs with Spurs. The Spurs are probably the favorites for NBA champs now (on paper), over the Warriors.

  94. wow stacked

  95. dynasty

  96. This is why if Lin doesn’t go to a contender, I want to see him in the Eastern Conf. It’s simply the weaker conference and Lin would pad his stats there, just like Reggie Jackson did.

  97. I guess from all the news that looks like Mav wants & maybe will get him. Probably the deal it’s either w SnT for more money or just sign him w 4.5M?! Well the money a little lower than Bulls but I think Lin will get more chance to show what he can do as a starter. Hope everything can settle down ASAP.

  98. for veteran’s minimum too

  99. I agree he’s not at all. But he’s lucky to get paid bc no one likes to go to that place, I guess.

  100. what will happen to BoBo

  101. wait till the 9th would be brutal

  102. Sounds like it. All the dominoes have to fall before Lin’s deal.

  103. Is that mean no Lin? or Terry just to replace Felton?

  104. Because for example: Lin got traded to the Lakers. You can get traded to the wrong team and it can stall or mess up your career. And if teams want to, they can do sign and trades and get him the $10 mil per year he deserves. If Shumpert can get $10 mil, and I think Lin is better than Shump, Lin deserves at least 10 mil per year.

  105. Yes if they get Jason Terry then no Lin.

  106. really how old is he?? he would be a vet minimum right??

  107. As long as they really will settle w him then it’s OK. But right now I don’t know what really happen?

  108. Wow, he will be 38 before the season starts. Got 5.4 last season (or season before last?).

  109. Well, Terry isn’t a true PG, he’s more of a shooting/combo guard. The last 3 years, he’s averaged 12.4 pp36 and 3.3 pp36. But everyone player they sign before Lin means less money for Lin.

  110. 3 years & 4.5 per year? Why not just one year w 4.5?!

  111. League rules, S&T agreements have to be for 3 years minimum.

  112. well he is 34. close to the end anyways

  113. stop it with what money

  114. So now no SnT w Lakers, Mav have to wait until 7/9 to sign Lin?!

  115. how kind

  116. In that case, Lin may be best off in the long term to sign 1 yr minimum, then cash in next year for 3-5 yr contract.

  117. Does not make sense, JJ’s number has nothing to do with Lin.

  118. I thought that’s the number they will give it to him before just not 3 years deal.

  119. wow .. that’s close to 90% drop

  120. just hand the trophy to spurs………they can even cancel the nba itself cause no competition at all spurs will dismantle everything in its path

  121. cap room… yes it does

  122. Really? How?

  123. cap rooommmmm

  124. Yup.

  125. So Lin is a done deal w Mav?

  126. pretty much but its not done till its done

  127. negotiations

  128. Does anyone know how the luxury tax works? From what I understand, there is a soft cap and a hard cap. All those special exemptions can be used to break the soft cap. But if you go above the cap WITHOUT an exemption, you have to pay a “luxury tax.” The question is how much would the Mavs have to pay in luxury tax if they went $5 mil above the cap to pay Lin?

  129. I want jlin go to portland now cause spurs will win it all stat padding now to portland…….other contender has no chance to spurs

  130. OK. So I can feel much better now. Lakers didn’t do SnT for him, right?

  131. negotiation looks like they will.

  132. So still have SnT from Lakers?

  133. only team that can do it

  134. You’re right.

  135. Good. Finally do something. smh! So Young will be out of Lakers too?

  136. It does not make sense. If I were him, at the end of BB career, I would take $12M instead $1.2 M. Of course, if he has some unfinished business in his BB career, that is a different story.

  137. lou williams took his role so likely. idk if a third team will be included. no details yet

  138. The JJ Barea signing is no big deal. A Sign and trade allows the team to go over the cap and sign whoever they get from that trade. 3 years 30 million for Lin easily.

  139. I knew he will be traded since BS or Kobe said he should not allow to wear Lakers uniform. smh! After that he really never ever played for Lakers again.

  140. wait and see

  141. What? 30M? Really?

  142. Pacers get Ellis and Felton
    Lakers get Hibert
    Mavs get Lin

    This way no one has to give up draft picks

  143. Yes it does. That 2.8 M is the mid level exception they had to give Lin regardless of if there were cap room or not. He could have taken that for 1 year and then negotiate a new contract in 1 year as a FA with Mavs or someone else. Now that JJ took it you have to do a S&T which locks him in for 3 years (not sure for how much). Or dump Felton to clear some cap room to sign JLin under the cap.

  144. If Reggie Jackson gets 16 million a year, then why not Lin?

  145. lakers and pacers wouldn’t do that deal

  146. I thought that was room exception for JJ…..going back to hide.

  147. Haha! I agree but I doubt not right now for Lin yet. Maybe next year.

  148. Lakers need a big and don’t want to give up draft picks
    Pacers don’t want Hibbert and don’t want to give up draft picks
    Mavs get Lin and don’t want to give up draft picks

    Everyone wins

  149. What’s the salary cap implications for Sign and Trade? No limit?

  150. DET had salary cap space and DAL doesn’t? I’m not sure the SNT rules.

  151. explain more please

  152. That’s a very good deal for the mavs. Barea is a good backup but not a starter like Lin.

  153. too short

  154. they wouldn’t hibbert is a free agent so is ellis don’t need mavs to do that deal

  155. Yup. That’s why he’s not getting the big contracts like the rest of the NBA

  156. yes there is

  157. The condition is that the player has to be signed for 3 years. No limit for the amount they want to pay

  158. but taller than Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb 😛

  159. I read some where said around 6M?!

  160. some one yesterday said 5.9 the player traded value comes into account. so feltion makes 2.9 times 150 percent i think. where is that guy who did it yesterday

  161. really? so with Sign and Trade, Mavs only have to pay luxury tax, if they get to that level?

  162. Hibbert isn’t a free agent. Has 1 more year left in his contract for 15 million

  163. If the CBA doesnt allow backloaded contract anymore but only 5% increase/yr, I would think DAL can structure DJ & Wes new contract incrementally to make more room for Lin in 1st year.
    Not sure how much it helps but maybe its one of things to discuss

    @TTNN:disqus, is this true?

  164. is he so where did the hibbart agree to the lakers rumors come from????

  165. it was via trade to Lakers

  166. ok thx that makes the deal more likely thx. i also head of maybe nick younge included a drafted player idk we will see

  167. thx

  168. Why would teams or players want to do a sign-and-trade?

    Teams benefit because they can get something in return for players they would otherwise lose to free agency. For players the benefits are limited. Under previous CBAs a player who qualified could receive a full Bird contract and go to the team of his choice, which encouraged the player to seek a sign-and-trade once he decided to play elsewhere. Under the current CBA a player receives the same contract via sign-and-trade (four years, 4.5% raises) that he could get by signing with his new team directly, and can receive a larger Bird contract only if he stays with his previous team. In addition, it is much simpler for the player to sign directly with his new team, as a sign-and-trade has to be agreed to by three parties rather than two. A player is really only forced to seek a sign-and-trade if he wants to go to a team that is capped-out (or doesn’t have enough cap room to give the player his full starting salary) and can’t sign him directly.

    Another factor encouraging a player not to seek a sign-and-trade is that his new team might be weakened by losing players or draft picks in the trade. So while a sign-and-trade is a useful tool when the team does not have the cap room to sign the player directly, the player and his new team have little reason to seek a sign-and-trade when the player can be signed without involving his previous team.

  169. Sounds good. I think that’s what will happen. It makes sense. Only thing Pacers have to do is get Felton.

  170. I would assume that DJ and Wes’s contracts already include the 5% max increase. With the upcoming NBA salary cap increases, it wouldn’t make any sense not to structure every contract with the max annual increase. (But this is only my assumption, I don’t have any facts to back it up).

  171. it’s actually 4.5% annual increase, thus DJ&Wes contracts can go as low as 18.8M and 12.2M for the 1st year, that won’t help much, probably 1M

  172. Reggie Jackson – $16 mil per year
    Corey Joseph – $7.5 mil per year
    Rodney Stuckey – $7 mil per year
    Lou Williams – $7 mil per year
    Rajon Rondo – $9.5 mil one year
    Patrick Beverly – $6.25 mil per year
    Corey Brewer – $8 mil per year
    Damian Lillard – $25 mil per year
    Monta Ellis – $11 mil per year
    Arron Afflalo – $8 mil per year
    Iman Shumpert – $10 mil per year
    Brandon Knight – $14 mil per year
    Jimmy Butler – $19 mil per year
    Danny Green – $11.25 mil per year
    Goran Dragic – $18 mil per year
    And they want our boy Jeremy Lin to take the minimum or close to it, I don’t think so.
    And to think they were complaining about Lin’s 3 year – $25 mil deal.

  173. I really think Lakers screw up his last season & this FA. smh! I think w Mav, he can finally play more free now bc they want to win like him & sure will let him do his best not like Lakers.

  174. I see you

  175. I see you too.

  176. Lin — why make it so dam complicated? just sign with 76ers already , their coach is not as dumb as BS or McHale.

  177. Did not hear 76 contact Lin? If they didn’t how can Lin go?

  178. From what/whom are you hiding, Brent, & why? #ninja 🙂

  179. that’s true.

  180. Why 3 years? Last summer Casspi also part of Asik’s SnT deal but he only got 1 year?!

  181. Hey, btw thanks for creating a new thread and nice write up 🙂

  182. Ya! In fact, I really don’t think Aldridge is a good fit w the team bc in Portland they are more young group but not spurs. Just like Love to Cav sort of not right… Well have to wait & see what really happen next season.

  183. David West $1.4M

  184. I’m not familiar with that trade but S&T has to be 3 yrs 1st year at least guaranteed. 2nd & 3rd can be non guaranteed. So depending on deal team could still cut you after 1 year but if you have break out year and deserve max team could still hold you to that deal in years 2-3 and it might seem like peanuts in retrospect. Lin fans gong to start complaining about that contract when they start seeing $25 mil/yr deals start flying around and Lin is an All-Star making $5 mil / yr. Saying Cuban should just give him more regardless of the contract.

  185. no, you only pay luxury tax when you go beyond hard cap. But above soft cap, you could not just sign people straight, you have to have exceptions, otherwise the contract is not allowed to sign.

  186. Lakers are probably trying to squeeze out more draft picks from the mavs. They know mavs are desperate for a point guard so this is why it’s taking so long.

  187. Not a PG.

  188. I’m totally fine with whatever Lin decides. The fact that he’s really taking his time tells me that he’s fully aware of the pitfalls of Dallas and Chandler Parsons: Point-Forward.

    If the Mavs are serious about him, they’ll show it by making a salary clearing move. If they don’t, Lin will sign elsewhere, preferably Philly or Chicago in the weak East.

  189. Not sure if this is totally up to date, but here are the teams with cap space as of 7/4/15.

    Teams w/ Space: DEN (6.5), DET (3.8), IND (13.1), LAL (5.1), MIL (3.7), ORL (17.4), PHI (15.7), PHX (6.9), POR (24.3), SAC (7.7), UTH (9.4)

  190. Philly is the only team that truly needs a point guard from that group and has the cap space. One thing for sure if that they will 100% not make the playoffs

  191. not sure you take cap holds into consideration or not. Like empty spot will need 0.52 M, rookie first round would take a bit over 1M etc.

  192. Thanks. I still don’t get it but that sounds like what I read 🙂

  193. Ya he could have but Lin fans have been saying $2.8 mil is a slap in the face and he shouldn’t take it. Apparently it wasn’t enough for Lin and agent either. But I’m hoping he doesn’t get stuck with a lowball 3 yr deal. Or he could just go for something like a 2 yr, 2nd yr playr option deal with Phili for $8 mil but might be similar situation on tanking team like with Lakers and still not be thought of as a max guy next year.

  194. Parsons said Dwight Howard had the most miserable year with the Lakers. Lin pretty much said the same thing. This speaks volume about Kobe as a teammate.

  195. David West is 34 years old, been there and done that. Jeremy Lin is 26 years old. I guarantee you David West would not have signed for that when he was 26 years old.

  196. If they are really working on 10×3 for lin, Harris prolly needs to be included. Doubtful for me. They loved Harris.

    Only my 2c.

  197. And yep, not a point guard. I only put up pg’s and sg’s. There’s are the Barrea’s of the world out there, but I didn’t put up the bottom of the barrel guards.

  198. Ouch! D12 back pain with last for a while.

  199. Ha ha. Parsons is throwing shade on Houston.

  200. CP25 will stab anyone to get to where he wants, it seen.

  201. My understanding is that you can exceed soft cap ($67.1M for 2015-16) only if you have an exception:

    You pay luxury cap if you exceed luxury tax threshold ($81.6M for 2015-16) regardless of exceptions.

  202. Plus guards tend to lose their value as they age and slow down. An old big like David West can still get good offers but give a discount to play for a contender in the twilight of his career.

  203. Agreed.. I’m actually looking forward to their upcoming season!

  204. I liked him. Esp when he was a part of that Dallas championship team. That was the squad right there!

  205. Portland got a lot of cap space. Lin would be a backup there or as a starting SG. Not sure that’s the route he wants to do but that’s one possibility.

  206. Oh, so there is a second threshold. Without exceptions, Cuban cannot pay Lin more, no matter how much he would like to. His hands are tied. Thanks.

  207. Exactly. Guards depend on their speed and athleticism and once they lose that, they’re expendable – Allen Iverson for example. Big Men lose their speed and jumping ability, but still have their size and power to battle down low – Tim Duncan comes to mind.

  208. Just think the Bulls makes sense if this Dallas thing doesn’t materialize

    Side note: no confidence in Jlins basketball advising team….really good non-basketball advising team.

    Prove me wrong

  209. We have to deal with this if Jeremy signs with the Mavs….

  210. “And they want our boy Jeremy Lin to take the minimum or close to it, I don’t think so.”

    Who is “they”? The Mavs?

    “And to think they were complaining about Lin’s 3 year – $25 mil deal.”

    Who is “they”? The Knicks? Rockets? Lakers?

    I don’t think the two “theys” are the same people.

  211. That’s fine. As long as CP isn’t thinking of himself as the point forward. He can be VP/GM all he wants.

  212. For as much as I dislike the guy, he’s REALLY thinking ahead.

  213. 5 and 2? smh

  214. I didn’t say “they” were the same people, “They” are whoever feels that way.

  215. He’s dissing D12 and Harden. His intention is obvious, since he has yet to play a single game with either DJ or Matthews.

  216. Appears Mavs use the room excepion to secure Barea. It prolly means the sign and trade could complete soon. But if it falls through, what would he do?

    I still predict he will sign with the Mavs disregard how much is the salary but for 1 year.

    Think there will be an anouncement later tonight. Cross your fingers, lin fans.

  217. He also said, “We plan on playing the rest of our career together.” He wants to start a bromance with Jordan I guess…

  218. The fact that Lin can make such demands of the Mavs means that he has at least one higher-paying offer elsewhere (as reporters have stated). In that case, he will sign with them. My guess is that the offer is from Chicago or Philly, but we really have no way of knowing right now.

  219. to me it meant that Barea is more important than lin.I heard that Barea is RC favorite guard

  220. DJ/CP25/Barea share the same agent I read somewhere, seems like knicks scene again. I don’t like the sound of it.

  221. Kobe!!! I think Young has the same feeling as well.

  222. Not sure about more important. But I think it means the sign and trade is not going that smoothly, so they signed Barea as insurance. Also means Lin categorically said no to the MLE. Now if Lin doesn’t sign with them, worst case for them is they’ll roll with JJ.

  223. He had one with Griffin already.

  224. It’s half MLE for now. If entire MLE, LIn may have agreed to sign already.

  225. Yes sorry, that’s right. Because my understanding is that’s what they used to sign Barea.

  226. Phily might be a good deal. They will have lots of cap space next year more than any other team, then add to that $20 mil that the cap will increase next year, plus they will have 3 first round picks, two their own and LAL’s will be top 10. If Lin takes a 1 yr deal with Philly for lets say $10 mil they could sign 3 max free agents, roll players with $80 mil in cap space, then resign Lin for $25 mil max contract and go over cap as returning player. Think of that Okafor, Lin on a max contract, 3 other max contracts (maybe Durant) and 3 1st round picks.

  227. dont forget pau left millions many many millions on the table to get out of la. and revive his career with the bulls.

  228. it is a nice writeup;

  229. The Bulls makes no sense…He’ll be on the bench playing very little minutes behind Rose…Of course, Rose has been injury prone, but why should we hope for Rose to get injured for Lin to play quality minutes…That’s not a healthy way for Jeremy Lin to think, I would think.

    Go to Philly and work hard to make them the 8th seed in a weak east..

    Okaford has talent, so maybe you can roll with him.

  230. Couple of articles from Linsanity days with quotes from RC when Knicks played the Mavs, one of best Linsanity games.

    “He played terrific,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. “He was good in the pick-and-roll, and more than anything he lined us up one-on-one. He threw in two or three shots at the end of the shot clock, and one or two of them were 3s.
    “You have to give him credit, he’s playing great.”

    “He’s an aggressive player, he shoots the outside shot, he’s a great penetrator and he’s a great pick-and-roll player,’’ coach Rick Carlisle said. “He’s got a lot of things going for him and you’ve got to work in a lot of different areas to keep him under control.’’
    “We tried to sign him,’’ Carlisle said. “But someone else offered him a longer deal.’’
    “I think it’s the exhibition season and I don’t think it’s a big deal,’’ Carlisle said. “The guy is a really
    good player and he’s a guy you’ve got to game-plan for.’’

  231. david west just took league minimum to sign with spurs. paul pierce is playing for 3 mil to go back to la.

  232. He knew he was overpaid so he has to moonlight as a self-proclaimed recruiter so noone will complain about his salary 🙂 Smart to cover his back!

  233. parsons doesn’t need a reason to self promote on all levels, it just comes naturally.

  234. You are correct. They all are Dan Fegan clients.

  235. Shaq hated playing with Kobe too.

  236. yeah..i hope lin fans dont ge too excited.More cautious on what is going on right noe

  237. David West is 34 years, about to turn 35 next month. Paul Pierce is 37 years old, about to turn 38 in October. Similar to what I said earlier, Paul Pierce would not have have signed for about $3 mil per year when he was 26 years old.

  238. Yes, Coach Carlisle will certainly design a game plan for an aggressive PnR guy he needs to game-plan against!

  239. I wish Lin can sign w this agent.

  240. Smh… parsons really talks a lot… Nothing wrong about it but don’t get head over heels.

  241. Barbosa re-signs with Warriors for 1 yr $2.5M. Likely to take another chance at a championship, then sign a long term contract with the new salary cap after.

  242. Ya! Kobe will be the King for Lakers more years to come since no one wants to come. I feel so sorry for Lou Williams bc he didn’t know what the hell he got himself into it. smh!

  243. Great quote but I sometimes question Jeff Van Gundy’s character…

  244. that is before..maybe now perspective might change..we will find out soon

  245. Perhaps he has PTSD coaching Rondo last season. Jeremy will be a breath of fresh air 🙂

  246. If Lin really go to Spurs, can he on the list? Guess not bc he probably there to replace Joseph.

  247. GSW keeps all their players so far.

  248. any particular issue that made you wonder about JVG character?
    Other than him hanging for dear life on Alonzo Mourning’s leg 🙂

  249. Yup, no surprise there. Kerr really got the whole team to buy into the strength in numbers and no individual superstar concept. Of course, David Lee will be gone, but that is more related to his contract.

  250. Good ole Musselman. He would be an even better coach for Lin over D’Antoni.

  251. too bad he hasn’t gotten another NBA chance

  252. He talks nonsense sometimes that gets on my nerves… lol.

  253. Yeah, a lot of it is about luck and timing. Musselman happened to coach the Warriors and Kings during their down years. Unless he has a huge breakout year in college where an underrated team goes deep in the NCAA tournament, his window for NBA coach may have closed.

    I noticed that he is now head coach of Nevada (Reno) Wolf Pack. That’s a nice gig, hope he has success with that.

  254. It is absurd he doesn’t have a coaching job when BScott is coaching… nice to have connections.

  255. Someone tweeted that CP said should sign Gerald Grren intead of Lin? Anyone listened? Context?

  256. sometimes he tries too hard to be Charles Barkley 🙂

  257. Why Rox didn’t want to keep him?

  258. I hope Boozer can get a deal asap.

  259. Lee will be out this summer?!

  260. Boozer is a high-character guy, but unfortunately not a player anymore. Great mentor to Lin in dealing with Kobe
    Good for WWF though screaming “Hold Dat” “And One!”

  261. more of a prisonmate than mentor LOL

  262. boozer can score and is a good clubhouse guy. he will get a deal.

  263. inmates of the institution.

  264. maybe he’s taking too many shots from the greatest player in the world?

  265. Very true, D-League coach has no future but college coach making deep NCCA tourney run would catch some eyes. Then asst. coach in NBA

    Hope he does well in Nevada

  266. All but certain he will be traded. He’s not the right fit for Warriors strategy (doesn’t have the defensive and 3 pt range)

  267. … haha…. yes… Beiber Parsonr seems like a brown-nosing, back stabbing, pretty boy
    … can’t wait to see Parsons to hit his famous body language pose of his two palms up at chest level looking impatiently at JLIN each time JLIN dribbles across mid-court… “pass me the ball, pass me the ball” haha LOL

  268. hehe.. he shared the “Get Out of Jail” card there LOL

  269. JLIN and David Lee to Portland with Ed Davis and Lillard

  270. Very pushy on the court… literally. haha.

  271. like Brad Stevens from Butler

  272. Cav’s and Spurs getting better. they better improve rather than come back with same team otherwise will get beaten with enhanced Spurs and healthy Cavs’.

  273. How long has Mike Bibby been gone. Is it 3 years?

  274. what?? lol

  275. I thought they retired. lol.

  276. What? NYK still have them?

  277. PPP yeah, you know me!
    I said it too.. tonight…or latest tomorrow.

  278. maybe then just can just re-sign them instead LOL

  279. good point..

  280. Hahahaha… I couldn’t stop LOL-ing
    This is EPIC!

  281. Somehow I don’t think GSW can win ring next season again. Cav & Spurs got more good players this FA.

  282. WT????? jhahahahahahaha

  283. LOL yes, Natural talent for WWF for sure
    “Mr. Hold Dat” pushing & screaming w/ joy!

  284. LoL LOL LOL

  285. Lin’s too special to sign with big sharks like CAA or Fegan, he prefers full control of his life. Rumor has it Lin team’s really really picky picking up his commercials, if with other big name agent guess we’re going to see Lin all over on soybean sauce promo, lol

  286. Championship character

  287. GSW’s young players has tremendous upsides. They will get better days after days.

  288. Byron Scott!

  289. Jeremy will follow the coach’s order even though it’s nonsense.

  290. So NYK wants to sign anyone now?

  291. yeah, Lin signed with a classy agent like Jim Tanner


    means Bulls not considering Lin anymore?

  293. bobby bonila day.

    every year on that day the ny mets pay ex big leaguer bobby bonila multiple millions of dollars on a deffered contract.

    he hasnt played a day since 2001

  294. they are not pg…… I read somewhere noah is on tradeblock

  295. one post said clippers are apparently interested in any one over 6 ft. 8 in.

  296. Don’t want him on the bulls either way. He’s going to get buried on bench behind glass man rose.

  297. bulls are contender

  298. that’s “turrible”

  299. Yes but only cause they play in the east

  300. thats not their fault but look up their line up thats contender heres the team that will dog out their conference finals


    notice 2 to east and 2 to west

  301. When David West was around Jeremy’s age, he went from making $3 mil per year to almost $12 mil the next year. Paul Pierce around that age was making about $11.5 mil, $12.5 mil, 13.8 mil consecutively. And all this under the old contracts where the salary cap was lower.

  302. soybean LOL

  303. He talked about acquiring Lin 2days ago, now Lin’s name off the list.

  304. Bulls are not contenders… when was the last time they made it out of 2nd round?

  305. I can see him promoting himself on the mirror just for practice

  306. Lin to Mav I think it’s pretty done deal.

  307. they have a 5m mle to spend I dont know if thats correct

  308. Bulls would be fighting for the 9th spot if they were in the west but you are right about the other 3.

  309. they face the cavs in semifinals that why they are out of the finals but the hawks was dismantle by the cavs in the east finals easily but with bulls semifinals they have a hard time

  310. well the format is east and west you have to pick 2 for east and 2 for west thats the format not their fault

  311. The Seattle StarBucks I mean Milwaukee Bucks might challenge for the 2 seed this year

  312. no…. bucks wont pass 2nd round

  313. Agreed. Mavs have another player in their summer league roster in Bobby Ray Parks who might challenge for a roster spot at the guard position. Looks like another Jeremy Lin story since he got invited like Lin did with the mavericks.

  314. I think I’d take Klay Thompson at 2 over Wes Mathews.

  315. Someone said this account it’s not Verified account?

  316. Good HoopHabit article highlighting DAL’s affinity of JLin from his rookie year

    Jeremy Lin

    Jeremy Lin has always been a player that the Mavs liked simply for the fact that he started off his career in Dallas during the Summer League before he rose up with the New York Knicks. The Mavs know they won’t be able to get him on a minimum deal so reports are that they are trying to get him in a sign-and-trade which could mean stretching out Raymond Felton‘s contract that he opted into.

    Lin averaged 11.2 points and 4.6 assists per game with the Lakers last season, which is a pretty solid, but his numbers were still slightly down from his previous seasons. There is mutual interest between Lin and the Mavericks simply because him and (you guessed it) Chandler Parsons are friends from their playing time together in Houston.

    One other reason is because of how well he played with Tyson Chandler during his time in New York. Now, as we know, Tyson Chandler just recently agreed to a deal with the Phoenix Suns, but the Mavericks were able to pull in DeAndre Jordan. Both Jordan and Chandler play similar games. Their defense and above-the-rim styles are what help them be so successful.

    Lin really enjoyed tossing alley-oops to Chandler and he recently said he feels like he could probably form that same kind of chemistry with Jordan, which would improve his game greatly and make him an important piece in Dallas. It seems like Lin is most likely heading to Dallas and he would have an opportunity to rejuvenate is career with a great group of players around him.

  317. Sounds like Jason Terry is a SG to fill in for Matthews until he’s recovered and ready to play rather than competition for JLin.

  318. Ian O’Connor ✔@Ian_OConnor
    1 reason Jeremy Lin has serious interest in Dallas-he thinks DeAndre can replicate what he had during Linsanity w/Tyson Chandler
    3:35 PM – 4 Jul 2015

  319. terry is 38

  320. 37, but ya that too.

  321. will be by season start. he won’t be able to play much minutes

  322. this is one of the reason but the main reason I think is Lin want a team called HOME.

  323. slow news for Jlin today

  324. Just think, if JLin had accepted offer with the Mavericks in 2011 after summer league he would already have a ring. Assuming they wouldn’t have kept him in the D-league.

  325. thats how life work who knows

  326. Or out of the league linsanity could not have happened on mavs
    Predestiny or not lol

  327. LOL
    #LinToDallas get it trending recruit @JLin7 us MavsFans love you, ain’t no @clutchfans

  328. closure pls

  329. jlin7nothing better than shooting through the sunrise with lil bro #1000jumpers #backfromAsia #audienceofOne

  330. the torture continues…

  331. painful…..

  332. oh, ok. thnaks

  333. Jeremy endured a full year of KoBS, the least we can do as fans is to endure FA week.

  334. I was there with him too

  335. lol

  336. and with Rocks and Knicks and summer league and harvard

  337. it won’t be long

  338. Although Mavs are still most likely, the longer this goes on, the less likely it becomes. There’s a real roadblock in the way.

    Neither the Lakers or Mavs have assets that the other wants, which makes it hard to do a S&T. Lakers don’t want Felton. Mavs don’t want Young. Simply stretching Felton isn’t enough $$$ for Lin — it would be the same salary as Barea.

  339. lin to mavs is pretty much guaranteed now

  340. make it happen already

  341. Weren’t we all?

  342. yes plz. mo off the market that’s good for jl

  343. Make it so…

  344. One less PG target for Spurs too, rumors they were talking with him, Corey fell through too. They must be talking to Lin too.

  345. cavs improved with mo good signing….if they can swing for joe Johnson….win now in full effect

  346. It’s almost certainly his real account, but it’s technically not verified. Some older, less active media members don’t go through the trouble. Doesn’t mean it’s true, but he’s no random dude either.

  347. US soybeans, 74 million farmed acres with over 37 billion dollars in revenue second to corn. Total NBA revenue, 4.8 billion dollars. NBA little kid on the block. Go with the Harvard guy.

  348. Another pg bite the dust

  349. Last pg standing…hehe

  350. i wonder why mavs didn’t want him

  351. I have to show up for this because that is what a Trekkie does….make it so…number one…

  352. No to Spurs. Especially with Manu coming back. Even with Parsons Point Forward, Lin will still play 30mpg. In SAS, he’ll get 15mpg if lucky.

  353. jlin taking forever to sign

  354. He gets only $2.15M / yr can to back on FA market next year for big contract after playing on a contender for 1 year. I think JLin should make sure his is a two year, 2nd year player option like this. I bet Cav’s offered JLin this too but he wants a starting position not backup to Irving.

  355. Parsons thinks he’s Picard, but he’s really just Wesley.

  356. What? no! he is that worker A in a star fleet ship yard.

  357. Wow Cav’s are spending all kinds of money. After losing last year in the finals they must have been PO’d and now intent on buying themselves a Championship. This isn’t business anymore, it’s personal / emotional.

  358. spurs did the same thing

  359. dan gilbert……





  360. Lin to the mavs is a done deal

  361. Lakers delaying it

  362. What if the Mavs and JLin have agreed to terms and are both waiting for the Lakers to do something =O. Damn Lakers haha

  363. Then Who Lin is? Data?

  364. Actually i think Lin and Dirk’s pick and roll will be great too if CP gets out of Lin’s way.

  365. au contrare.

    aaron brooks, jason terry, alexy shved, jameer nelson, ish smith, norris cole, nick calathes, matthew delanova, andre miller, austin rivers, and ronnie price.

  366. I’d say Lin’s Riker to Dirk’s Picard.


    The following is a breakdown of the financial positions of all 30 NBA franchises, estimating the salary cap for the 2015-16 at $67.1 million.

    Teams that go under the cap gain a $2.8 million room exception (RE), but lose their mid-level (MLE) of $5.5 million, bi-annual (BAE) of $2.1 million and any trade (TPE) exceptions.

    Maximum salaries project to be $15.7 million for players with up to six years of experience, $18.8 million for those with seven to nine and $22.0 million for those in the league for 10 years or more.

    The luxury tax threshold projects to be $81.7 million, with the hard cap at $85.7 million — only triggered when a team uses their MLE, BAE or acquire a player via sign and trade.

    Tax teams can spend the taxpayer mid-level exception (MMLE) of $3.4 million, not the full MLE or BAE.

    Players with an R after their cap hold are restricted free agents, although teams have to make qualifying offers first (before July).

    Atlanta Hawks———————

    Current: $0 space, RE

    Acquisitions: Tiago Splitter (via trade with San Antonio Spurs, details TBD), Paul Millsap (three years, $58.9 million)

    Cap Holds: Paul Millsap ($12.4 million), DeMarre Carroll ($3.2 million) — agreed to join the Toronto Raptors, Elton Brand ($2.6 million), John Jenkins ($2.2 million), Pero Antic ($1.6 million – R)

    Non-Guaranteed: Austin Daye ($1.2 million), Mike Muscala ($947k).

    Note: Depending on the cap number, and if any salary goes out for Splitter, the Hawks will need to renounce all cap holds and likely cut Daye’s non-guaranteed contract to fit in Millsap and Splitter.

    Atlanta Hawks Team Salary

    Boston Celtics———————

    Current: $4.6-13.2 million, the latter if they cut Chris Babb, Phil Pressey and stretch the contract of Gerald Wallace.

    Acquisitions: Reported two-year deals with Jonas Jerebko ($10 million, second non-guaranteed) and Amir Johnson ($24 million, second non-guaranteed); Reported five-year, $35 million deal with Jae Crowder.

    Cap Holds: Brandon Bass ($10.4 million), Jonas Jerebko ($8.6 million — re-signing), Luigi Datome ($2.3 million), Jae Crowder ($1.2 million – R, re-signing)

    Non-Guaranteed: Phil Pressey ($947k), Chris Babb ($947k)

    Note: Crowder’s low cap hold helps the Celtics, if he signs last. Should Boston under the cap they lose their MLE, BAE and TPEs ($12.9 million, $7.7 million, $1.3 mil, $1.3 million, $690k, $625k, $500k, $286k, $153k). If they can fashion a sign and trade for Johnson via the Rondo TPE, they would be able to stay above the cap.

    Boston Celtics Team Salary

    Brooklyn Nets———————–

    Current: No space, MMLE (approximately $1.9 million remaining), TPEs ($3.3 million, $1.4 million, $1.1 million, $816k, $168,666)

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to re-sign Brook Lopez for three-years, $60.7 million and Thaddeus Young for four-years, $50.2 million. Signed Chris McCullough to rookie-scale contract (2015-29th). Reportedly agreed to sign Shane Larkin to a two-year, $3 million deal, Thomas Robinson to a two-year, $2 million deal and Ryan Boatright to a $1.5 million, partially-guaranteed deal.

    Cap Holds: Brook Lopez ($18.8 million – re-signing), Thaddeus Young ($14.5 million – re-signing), Mirza Teletovic ($6.4 million – R), Alan Anderson ($1.7 million), Jerome Jordan ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Earl Clark ($1.2 million), Markel Brown ($845k, $100k guaranteed), Cory Jefferson ($845k), Ryan Boatright ($525k, $75k guaranteed)

    Note: The Nets have lost their MLE and BAE by climbing above the tax apron to gain the MMLE.

    Brooklyn Nets Team Salary

    Charlotte Hornets

    Current: No space, MLE, BAE, TPEs ($646k, $548k)

    Acquisitions: Sign Frank Kaminsky to a rookie-scale contract.

    Cap Holds: Bismack Biyombo ($9.7 million, leaving for Toronto Raptors), Mo Williams ($4.8 million), Jeffrey Taylor ($947k), Jason Maxiell ($947k)

    Note: Kemba Walker’s extension kicks at $12 million for the coming season.

    Charlotte Hornets Team Salary

    Chicago Bulls—————————-

    Current: No space, MMLE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to re-sign Jimmy Butler for five years, $90.2 million and Mike Dunleavy for three years, $15.0 million

    Cap Holds: Jimmy Butler ($15.7 million – R), Mike Dunleavy ($4.3 million), Aaron Brooks ($947k), Nazr Mohammed ($947k)

    Partially-Guaranteed: E’Twaun Moore ($1.0 million, $425k guaranteed), Cameron Bairstow ($845k, $425k guaranteed)

    Note: With Butler and Dunleavy expected to return, the Bulls project to be a team over the tax, dropping their MLE and BAE while adding the MMLE.

    Chicago Bulls Team Salary

    Cleveland Cavaliers———————————

    Current: No space, MLE, BAE, TPE ($635,816)

    Cap Holds: LeBron James ($22.0 million), Kevin Love ($18.8 million), Tristan Thompson ($11.9 million – R), J.R. Smith ($9.8 million) Iman Shumpert ($6.5 million – R), Matt Dellavedova ($1.1 million – R), Kendrick Perkins ($947k), Shawn Marion ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Brendan Haywood ($10.5 million)

    Maximum Cap Space: $31.6 million, RE

    Note: The Cavaliers could have serious cap room, or end up a luxury tax team. The latter is more likely, which would take away the MLE and BAE and add the MMLE. Haywood’s contract could prove to be an extremely valuable tool, since a team acquiring (and then cutting) the center can send the Cavaliers a high-salaried player in return.

    Cleveland Cavaliers Team Salary

    Dallas Mavericks————————

    Current: No space, RE

    Cap Holds: Tyson Chandler ($22.0 million, leaving for Phoenix Suns), Rajon Rondo ($18.8 million, leaving for Sacramento Kings), Monta Ellis ($10.9 million, leaving for Indiana Pacers), Bernard James ($947k), Charlie Villanueva ($947k), Greg Smith ($947k), Richard Jefferson ($947k, re-signing), Amar’e Stoudemire ($947k), Al-Farouq Aminu ($947k, laving for Portland Trail Blazers), J.J. Barea ($947k. re-signing)

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to sign DeAndre Jordan to a four-year, $80.4 million deal and Wesley Matthews to a four-year, $52.1 million deal. Richard Jefferson is expected to be back at the minimum. J.J. Barea is also believed to be back, terms TBD.

    Non-Guaranteed: Dwight Powell ($845k)

    Note: If the Mavericks intend to trade Monta Ellis to Indiana Pacers, perhaps to acquire Jeremy Lin from Los Angeles Lakers via a three-way deal, they’ll need to have enough cap space in the end to sign Jordan and Matthews. Barea may be the room exception singing.

    Dallas Mavericks Team Salary

    Denver Nuggets————————–

    Current: $0-$9.8 million, MLE, BAE, TPEs ($11.3 million, $7.5 million, $972k, $915k), or if a cap team, the rest renounced, replaced by the RE.

    Cap Holds: Darrell Arthur ($6.6 million), Jameer Nelson ($3.3 million), Will Barton ($1.2 million – R), Ian Clark ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Randy Foye ($3.1 million), Erick Green ($845k, $100k guaranteed), Jamaal Franklin ($947k)

    Maximum Cap Space: $9.8 million, RE

    Note: The Nuggets can get under the cap if they waive Foye.

    Denver Nuggets Team Salary

    Detroit Pistons———————————–

    Current: Up to $4.6 million, RE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly re-signing Reggie Jackson to a five-year, $80 million deal. Also Aron Baynes for three-year at $18.8 million, along with the pending Phoenix Suns trade for Marcus Morris, Danny Granger and Reggie Bullock.

    Cap Holds: Tayshaun Prince ($11.6 million), Greg Monroe ($10.4 million, leaving for Milwaukee Bucks), Reggie Jackson ($5.5 million – R, re-signing), Joel Anthony ($7.2 million), John Lucas III ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Quincy Miller ($981k)

    Note: The Pistons can still spend, as long as they hold off signing Jackson.

    Detroit Pistons Team Salary

    Golden State Warriors——————————–

    Current: No space, MMLE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly re-signing Draymond Green for five year, $85.1 million.

    Cap Holds: Draymond Green ($2.7 million – R), Justin Holiday ($947k), Ognjen Kuzmic ($1.1 million – R), Leandro Barbosa ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: James McAdoo ($845k, $100k guaranteed)

    Note: The Warriors won’t have access to their BAE and MLE because they’re a tax team, although finding a team to take on David Lee’s contract might help change that.

    Golden State Warriors Team Salary

    Houston Rockets——————————-

    Current: No space, MLE, TPEs ($1.6 million, $816k, $816k, $390k)

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to re-sign Corey Brewer to a three-year, $23.4 million deal and Patrick Beverley to a four-year, $25 million deal.

    Cap Holds: Jason Terry ($8.8 million), Corey Brewer ($6.1 million, re-signing), Patrick Beverley ($2.7 million – R, resigning), Josh Smith ($2.5 million), K.J. McDaniels ($1.0 million – R)

    Non-Guaranteed: Kostas Papanikolaou ($4.8 million), Pablo Prigioni ($1.7 million, $440k guaranteed)

    Note: The Rockets are re-signing Brewer via his Early Bird rights. If a team gives McDaniels more than his qualifying offer, Houston can only match using their MLE. Teams are limited to giving McDaniels MLE money, no more.

    Houston Rockets

    Indiana Pacers————————————-

    Current: Up to $10.1 million, RE

    Cap Holds: David West ($18.0 million), Luis Scola ($9.3 million), Chris Copeland ($4.1 million), C.J. Watson ($2.7 million), Shayne Whittington ($947k), Lavoy Allen ($947k), Donald Sloan ($947k)

    Maximum Cap Space: $11.5 million, RE

    Note: The Pacers need to sign Allen after using their cap space. The cap hold for Luis Scola takes up most of their space. His situation needs to be resolved either way.

    Indiana Pacers Team Salary

    Los Angeles Clippers—————————

    Current: No space, MLE ($2.088 million remaining), TPE ($915k)

    Cap Holds: DeAndre Jordan ($18.8 million, leaving for Dallas Mavericks), Austin Rivers ($3.1 million), Hedo Turkoglu ($947k), Ekpe Udoh ($947k), Dahntay Jones ($947k), Glen Davis ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Jordan Hamilton ($1.1 million), Lester Hudson ($1.1 million, full if not waived by 7/15/15)

    Note: The Clippers are no longer in the luxury tax with the loss of Jordan.

    Los Angeles Clippers Team Salary

    Los Angeles Lakers————————————

    Current: Cap space spent, RE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly trading for Roy Hibbert (Indiana Pacers) and signing Lou Williams to a three-year, $21 million deal.

    Cap Holds: Carlos Boozer ($22 million), Jeremy Lin ($12.6 million), Vander Blue ($1.1 million – R), Wayne Ellington ($947k), Wesley Johnson ($947k), Ronnie Price ($947k), Ed Davis ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Jordan Clarkson ($845k), Tarik Black ($845k), Jabari Brown ($845k)

    Note: By $67.1 million cap, overspent by $1.2 million. If cap climbs to $69.1 million, numbers work — otherwise Lakers can manipulate system to get out of Roy Hibbert’s trade bonus, or look to cut/trade other players to open up more cap room.

    Los Angeles Lakers Team Salary

    Memphis Grizzlies—————————–

    Current: No space, TPEs ($968k, $396k)

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to sign Brandan Wright for three-years, $17.1 million.

    Cap Holds: Marc Gasol ($18.8 million), Kosta Koufos ($5.7 million, leaving for Sacramento Kings), Nick Calathes ($1.1 million – R)

    Non/Partially-Guaranteed: Beno Udrih ($2.2 million, $923k guaranteed), JaMychal Green ($845k, $150k guaranteed), Russ Smith ($845k)

    Note: If Gasol leaves, the Grizzlies would about $9.2 million in cap space, after signing Wright (with cap room instead of the MLE). The team would also gain the RE.

    Memphis Grizzlies Team Salary

    Miami HEAT—————————–

    Current: No space, MLE, BAE

    Acquisitions: Dwyane Wade back on a one-year, $20 million deal. Goran Dragic also resigned, but on a five-year $90 million. Signed rookie Justise Winslow (2015-10th)

    Cap Holds: Dwyane Wade ($22.0 million, re-signing), Goran Dragic ($11.3 million, re-signing), Michael Beasley ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Henry Walker ($1.1 million), Hassan Whiteside ($981k), James Ennis ($845k), Tyler Johnson ($845k)

    Note: Miami already has a roster full of 15 players, though not all are guaranteed.

    Miami HEAT Team Salary

    Milwaukee Bucks—————————

    Current: $4.7 million in cap space, RE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to sign Greg Monroe to a three-year, $49.2 million deal and Khris Middleton on a five-year, $70 million deal.

    Cap Holds: Khris Middleton ($2.7 million – R, re-signing)

    Non-Guaranteed: Jorge Gutierrez ($947k)

    Note: The Bucks need to sign Monroe and use the rest of their cap room, prior to signing Middleton.

    Milwaukee Bucks Team Salary

    Minnesota Timberwolves——————————–

    Current: No space, MLE, BAE, TPEs ($6.3 million, $2.8 million, $1.5 million, $816k, $500k)

    Cap Holds: Kevin Garnett ($18.0 million), Gary Neal ($4.2 million), Robbie Hummel ($1.1 million – R), Arinze Onuaku ($947k), Justin Hamilton ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Lorenzo Brown ($947k)

    Note: The Timberwolves are over the cap regardless of their free agents.

    Minnesota Timberwolves Team Salary

    New Orleans Pelicans————————–

    Current: No space, MLE (~$2.6 million remaining), BAE, TPEs ($1.1 million, $507k)

    Acquisitions: Antony Davis agreed to an estimated $143.6 million, five-year extension. Agreed to re-sign Alexis Ajinca for four years, $20.5 million, Omer Asik for five years, $57.5 million and Dante Cunningham for three years, $9 million.

    Cap Holds: Omer Asik ($12.6 million, re-signing), Norris Cole ($5.1 million), Jeff Withey ($947k million), Luke Babbitt ($947k), Alexis Ajinca ($947k, re-signing), Jimmer Fredette ($947k), Dante Cunningham ($947k, re-signing)

    Non-Guaranteed: Toney Douglas ($1.2 million)

    Maximum Cap Space: $8.2 million, RE

    Note: The Pelicans likely used a portion of their MLE for Cunningham.

    New Orleans Pelicans Team Salary

    New York Knicks——————————-

    Current: Cap space spent, RE

    Acquisitions: Agreed to trade for Kyle O’Quinn on an estimated four-year, $16 million deal. Agreed to sign Arron Afflalo to a two-year, $16 million deal, Derrick Williams to a two-year, $10 million deal and Robin Lopez to a four-year, $54 million deal.

    Cap Holds: Andrea Bargnani ($17.3 million), Alexey Shved ($6.2 million), Jason Smith ($3.9 million), Shane Larkin ($1.7 million, leaving for Brooklyn Nets), Quincy Acy ($947k), Travis Wear ($947k), Lance Thomas ($947k), Lou Amundson ($947k), Cole Aldrich ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Ricky Ledo ($947k), Langston Galloway ($845k, $220k guaranteed)

    Note: The Knicks will need to renounce the rights to almost all their free agents to maximize cap space.

    New York Knicks Team Salary

    Oklahoma City Thunder—————————–

    Current: No space, MLE, BAE, TPEs ($1.3 million, $915k, $861k). If a tax tem than no MLE or BAE, but the MMLE.

    Acquisitions: Reportedly re-signing Kyle Singler to a five-year, $25 million deal.

    Cap Holds: Enes Kanter ($11.4 million – R), Kyle Singler ($2.7 million – R, re-signing)

    Note: The bigger issue for the Thunder is roster space and avoiding the luxury tax.

    Oklahoma City Thunder Team Salary

    Orlando Magic————————-

    Current: Up to $13.3 million, RE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly re-signing Tobias Harris for four years, $64 million. Also signing C.J. Watson on a three-year, $15 million deal, while sending Kyle O’Quinn to New York Knicks for draft considerations.

    Cap Holds: Tobias Harris ($6.0 million – R, re-signing), Kyle O’Quinn ($1.2 million – R, leaving to New York Knicks), Willie Green ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Dewayne Dedmon ($947k), Devyn Marble ($845k)

    Note: The Magic can maximize their space by signing Harris after using up their available room.

    Orlando Magic Team Salary

    Philadelphia 76ers——————————-

    Current: $18.5 million in estimated space, RE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly trading for Nik Stauskas, Jason Thompson and Carl Landry

    Cap Holds: Jason Richardson ($9.9 million), Luc Richard Mbah a Moute ($8.3 million), Thomas Robinson ($4.7 million), Henry Sims ($947k), Glenn Robinson III ($947k), Ish Smith ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Robert Covington ($1.0 million), Isaiah Canaan ($947k, $758k guaranteed), Hollis Thompson ($947k), Jakarr Sampson ($845k)

    Note: Cap space figure assumes Dario Saric signs off that he’ll play next season overseas.

    Philadelphia 76ers Team Salary

    Phoenix Suns——————————

    Current: Up to $8.4 million in space, RE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to sign Brandon Knight to a five-year, $70 million deal; Reportedly agreed to sign Tyson Chandler to a four-year, $52 million deal.

    Cap Holds: Marcus Thornton ($12.9 million), Brandan Wright ($9.5 million, leaving to Memphis Grizzlies), Brandon Knight ($8.9 million – R, re-signing), Gerald Green ($6.7 million), Earl Barron ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Jon Leuer ($1.0 million), Jerel McNeal ($947k)

    Note: The Suns also have a pending trade sending Reggie Bullock, Marcus Morris and Danny Granger to the Detroit Pistons, which is what help open up the $8.4 million in space.

    Phoenix Suns Team Salary

    Portland Trail Blazers——————————-

    Current: Up to $28.7 million, RE

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to a four-year, $30 million deal with Al-Farouq Aminu and a three-year, $20 million deal with Ed Davis. Damian Lillard reportedly agreed to a five-year, maximum extension at an estimated $120 million.

    Cap Holds: LaMarcus Aldridge ($18.8 million, leaving for San Antonio Spurs), Arron Afflalo ($11.6 million, leaving for New York Knicks), Wesley Matthews ($10.9 million, leaving for Sacramento Kings), Robin Lopez ($9.2 million, leaving for New York Knicks), Joel Freeland ($5.7 million), Dorell Wright ($4.1 million), Alonzo Gee ($947k)

    Non/Partially-Guaranteed: Allen Crabbe ($947k), Tim Frazier ($845k)

    Note: The Blazers may have more cap room than any team in the league, but only if Aldridge leaves in free agency.

    Portland Trail Blazers Team Salary

    Sacramento Kings—————————–

    Current: $1.3-$2.4 million, less depending on exact salaries of new players

    Acquisitions: Reportedly signing Rajon Rondo for $9.5 million, Kosta Koufos for four years, $30 million, Marco Belinelli for three years, $18.8 million and Omri Casspi for two years, $5.8 million.

    Cap Holds: Derrick Williams ($12.7 million, leaving for New York Knicks), Andre Miller ($8.8 million), Reggie Evans ($3.4 million), Ryan Hollins ($947k), Omri Casspi ($947k, re-signing)

    Non-Guaranteed: Ray McCallum ($947k), Eric Moreland ($845k), David Stockton ($845k)

    Note: The Kings are likely using their room exception to sign Omri Casspi.

    Sacramento Kings Team Salary

    San Antonio Spurs——————————-

    Current: No space, MLE, BAE

    Cap Holds: Tim Duncan ($15.5 million, resigning), Manu Ginobili ($10.5 million), Danny Green ($7.6 million, re-signing), Kawhi Leonard ($7.2 million – R, re-signing), Cory Joseph ($5.1 million, leaving for San Antonio Spurs), Aron Baynes ($3.9 million, leaving for Detroit Pistons), Marco Belinelli ($3.7 million, leaving for Sacramento Kings), Jeff Ayres ($2.4 million), Matt Bonner ($947k)

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to re-sign Leonard to a five-year, $90.2 million contract and Danny Green to a four-year, $44.5 million contract.

    Non-Guaranteed: Reggie Williams ($1.2 million)

    Note: The Spurs can get to $18.9 million, a maximum slot for LaMarcus Aldridge by renouncing everyone but Leonard and Green, re-signing Duncan at $5.0 million starting salary, and waiving Williams. Leonard and Green can re-sign their deals after cap space is spent. The Spurs can also look to make additional trades to open up space.

    San Antonio Spurs Team Salary

    Toronto Raptors——————————-

    Current: Space likely spent, perhaps $1.6 million depending on starting salaries of signed players.

    Acquisitions: Signed draft pick Delon Wright (2015-20th). Reportedly agreed to sign DeMarre Carroll for four years, $60 million, Cory Joseph for four years, $30 million and Bismack Biyombo for two years, $5.8 million (likely via the RE).

    Cap Holds: Amir Johnson ($10.5 million, leaving for Boston Celtics), Landry Fields ($9.4 million), Chuck Hayes ($8.9 million), Lou Williams ($8.2 million, leaving for Los Angeles Lakers), Tyler Hansbrough ($4.3 million), Greg Stiemsma ($947k)

    Non-Guaranteed: Luke Ridnour ($2.8 million)

    Note: The Raptors will have to waive Ridnour and renounce other players to maximize their cap space.

    Toronto Raptors Team Salary

    Utah Jazz—————————

    Current: $9.1-$16.6 million, depending on primarily on Trevor Booker’s partially-guaranteed salary; RE

    Cap Holds: Jeremy Evans ($3.4 million), Joe Ingles ($1.0 million – R)

    Non/Partially-Guaranteed: Trevor Booker ($4.8 million, $250k guaranteed), Christapher Johnson ($981k), Elijah Millsap ($845k), Bryce Cotton ($845k), Jack Cooley ($845k)

    Note: Booker may be more valuable on the roster, than what the team might acquire with open cap space.

    Utah Jazz Team Salary

    Washington Wizards—————————–

    Current: MLE, TPEs ($4.6 million, $2.3 million)

    Acquisitions: Reportedly agreed to sign Gary Neal for $2.1 million, via BAE.

    Cap Holds: Kevin Seraphin ($7.4 million), Paul Pierce ($6.4 million, leaving for Los Angeles Clippers), Rasual Butler ($947k), Drew Gooden ($947k), Will Bynum ($947k)

    Note: The Wizards have to make a decision this summer on a potential Bradley Beal extension. Washington isn’t hard capped yet, as the Neal money would be considered MLE until the actual MLE used.

  368. Hmmm? Is he talking about Ellis?

    Tim MacMahonVerified account‏@espn_macmahon

    @millers_life If that was meant as a shot, Rondo wouldn’t have been the primary target.

  369. rondo. he quit on the mavs during the playoffs and got into argument with carlisle

  370. But MacMahon said Rondo wasn’t the target so that leaves Monta Ellis.

  371. Don’t really see any alternative unless they’re rolling with JJ Barea and Felton. Good luck with that, what a waste of DeAndre Jordan. Parsons as point forward isn’t going to get it done.

  372. he said “if it was meant as a shot” which means it might have not been a shot at anyone. parsons was saying that but we dont know if really was taking shots at someone

  373. But but Boozer and Lin’s pnr after mid-season was quite good to watch. I am ok with him.

  374. Ohemgee. Bad bad memories.

  375. Agree, it would have been a shot against someone who left, if not Rondo, then it should be Ellis.

  376. just curious who’s here with me waiting…can we do a head count 1

  377. Agree with you here…I think its just a general statement…who wants a “bad” locker guy?

  378. Been stuck to my iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone 6, my wife’s laptop, and my brother’s desktop since July 1.

  379. I guess just the two of us man

  380. me

  381. 3.

  382. nice i don’t feel so alone now

  383. but we should have more Lin fans

  384. hey

  385. nope

  386. I volunteer Ronnie Price.

  387. stop it

  388. Lakers obviously don’t want him, and Suns are out of money for PG after Bledsoe.

  389. and to think how much games he started

  390. I am not here…


    Cuban gotta watch the jeremy lin highlights vs Mavs in 2012 again. it will boost his decision. LOL

  392. Here

  393. I’m not sure if Lin ending up with Mavs is good for him.
    1. Salary is guaranteed to be below his market value.
    2. His shot attempts will probably be very limited (Dirk, Parsons, Matthews, Jordan will all want their shots).
    3. Parson seems to want to run point-forward.
    In short, will Mavs really play him a lot of minutes and put the ball in his hands? But, it’s not like Lin has a ton of better options either. There is no “perfect” team for Lin at this point. That’s for sure.

  394. I poop here , urinate here ,shower eat take a bath in front of my desktop while hitting refresh

  395. Dont worry. There is an army of fans.

  396. They need to pitch in with some draft picks

  397. I p00p here , urinate here ,shower eat take a bath in front of my desktop while hitting refresh

  398. lol

  399. The one who flew into space when the hull was breached?? I totally forgot about that dude.

  400. Ever heard of mobile devices? LOL

  401. he will be the only playmaker and have the ball . everything us is up to the defense. i think he will score a bunch.

  402. lol…everyone seem to know clutchfans attitude

  403. I dont think CP would be running the point per se, but having diversity within CP and JLin would be good as well

  404. You are not alone. ?

  405. If he gets to run the offense good things will happen. He can do his bread n butter, which is the pick n roll, whether it be to dj for the alley oop dunk, to dirk for the pick n pop. Or lob pass from 3pt line to cp for the dunk, or slash to basket and pass to 3pt line for a Matthews wide open 3. Or just plain ole take it to the rack and do his right hand reverse layup.

  406. dont worry about it jlin is the only player that can get to the rim in that roster

  407. That’s the idea, but I have yet to see a NBA team give Lin the keys to run the team except for brief Linsanity run. So, I’m just skeptical. I guess we shall see.

  408. Yup. That’s why many of us are skeptical. That said, it’s still a starting job with a smart coach who is not afraid to bench/discipline his “star” players. So if Jeremy chooses Dallas, I’m totally fine with it.

    Personally, I’m still pulling for a Hinkie surprise in Philly…

  409. well thats every team so wait and see.

  410. He had five steals too!

  411. Man, this would have been so much easier if MDA had gone to Denver.

  412. that’s the thing.. they might know if mda gets hired..he might want lin..and becasue gm and the org doesn’t believe in lin.. it cost mda’s the chance. maybe.

    can be because mda is getting really old?

  413. idk ty lawson would still be there. look like no one wants to trade for him with his personality issues.

  414. cp can too

  415. Parsons the GM choosing what kind of players stay or go lol.

  416. of course he is not alone.. he has all the eletronic devices… he can watch anything! lol

  417. “Suns looking for a head of the snake…”

  418. I’m surprise his wife didn’t say anything.

  419. looks like no deal today… off till tomorrow ????

  420. it is probably ellis. a. macmahon was very anti both rondo and ellis and b. rondo wasnt there long enuf to be in the locker room much. he pouted and left.

  421. dont forget devin harris.

  422. rumored cut off and writhing around somewhere outside l.a.

  423. LOL Many of us are. Am patiently waiting for JLin’s decision. Whatever team that he is joining is fine with me. Support him no matter what. No desire to participate in speculating what’s going on. Check on the site, Twitter every pause of what I’m doing often. Seem like things are slowing down in US. So, I can concentrate more on my tasks:-)

    No good for my sleeping since JLin returned to US:-) Woke up every hour or so to check whether JLin has made up in his:-) Guess I’m joining many sleep deprivation fans club at the moment:-) Having said this I still want JLin and his team take their time to work things out. As JLin said: “God has the best plan for him.” Go JLin!!!!!

  424. Why the F you bring that up for?

  425. +1

  426. Karl used up all his good will at the team and they got Rondo instead

  427. Mavs fans really love him.

  428. They are moving away from Lawson. They already told Mudiay it’s his team. If MDA was there they would have drafted someone else and it would have been JLin’s team.

  429. stop

  430. F is for Felton…

  431. From LA Daily News back on March 7, 2015:
    Lin enters Sunday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks (40-24) at Staples Center averaging 15.5 points on 47.4 percent shooting, 5.63 assists and .88 turnovers in 25.12 minutes per game through eight contests following the All-Star break. That marks a sharp increase from when Lin averaged 10.2 points on 42.6 percent shooting, 4.6 assists and 2.7 turnovers in 25.5 minutes per game before the break.

    “He’s more comfortable,” Scott said. “He’s not thinking so much out there.”

    Yet, Lin argued he mostly feels comfortable because Scott has granted him both more freedom to run the offense and run more pick-and-roll plays.

    “That’s who I am,” said Lin, whose $14.9 million contract expires this offseason. “That’s what allowed me to have success in the past. That’s the reason why people are paying me money to play pick-and-roll.”

    Scott initially remained reluctant for Lin to play pick-and-roll because he believed the play stunted the team’s ball movement. Scott also preferred varying up the playbook to read how defenses were guarding various offensive approaches.

    “Everybody is stationary and it’s easy to guard,” Scott said of the pick-and-roll. “You go to that in a late game situation when you got guys who are rolling pretty good. That’s a different story. But to start the game with that is something I didn’t like.”

    Lin has run the play more since the All-Star break. But he said this new trend happened without having any dialogue with Scott about it. Lin also disagreed with Scott’s assessment that the play hurt ball movement.

    “I’m a player who will take what the defense gives me,” Lin said. “Whatever it is, if they’re giving me the shot, I’m going to shoot it. If not, I’ll try to get someone else a good shot.”
    The pick and roll is the hardest play to guard in basketball, it helps to create ball movement, not stall it like Byron Scott says. If you run pick after pick, not just for the ball handler but for guys running around, you can’t be stopped(Spurs and Warriors are examples.) This is why Byron Scott is not a good coach and Lin needs a team that allows him to do this.

  432. what are we going to do once Jeremy is with the Mavs?

  433. Buy a JLlin Mav’s jersey. Wait for schedule to mark calendar for when they trounce the Lakers and Rockets.

  434. good idea, better buy now why it’s cheap lol just add lin to the jersey

  435. Buy the Jeremy Lin Dallas Mavericks Summer League Jersey! It’s historic since he’s going back to the team that gave him a shot in the NBA.

  436. True. I can imagine Jeremy saying I owe the Mavs for giving me an opportunity to play in the NBA.

  437. Don’t the suns have like millions of guards? What is up with them and the Celtics signing so many of them?

  438. Get some sleep?

  439. at last count they had 4 from u of kentucky alone. previously they had 5.

  440. Resume my normal life until preseason?

  441. when does preseasonstart btw

  442. Usually early October. Oh, I forgot training camp followed by media day before the start of preseason.

  443. well college should keep me busy till then

  444. How refreshing it’ll be with Mavs training camp having more than just running back and forth!

  445. 1. Tweet Congrats to @JLin7
    2. break out the champagne & circle the LAL/HOU game dates.
    3. sleep 12 hrs straight
    4. Change twitter profile pic, website color to blue-ish color
    5. Find many Lin/Tyson alley-oop videos & tweet to DeAndre Jordan 🙂

  446. Literally, run til you drop dead or injured… which ever comes first. lol

  447. I wouldn’t know, you’ve gotta ask Randle. LOL

  448. You left one out:

    6. Celebrate with family at nearest Chipotle.

  449. did you catch that tho madsen is coaching the lakers summer league team scott is running the training sessions? so with all the young players (randle, russell, etc, black and two browns) on the summer league team a good chunk of the roster mite not even make it to regular season training camp.

  450. What about In-n-Out, McDonals for McFlurry, etc.

  451. Yes, BScott’s first victim.

  452. maybe we can ask JLin to do 1000 #FreeChipotle #LinToMavs campaign for his faithful fans 😀

  453. Tanking even before the season starts…

  454. Don’t jinx it, McFlurry is for when Jeremy loses.

  455. I just want to meet him in person that would be really cool…don’t need chipotle.

  456. Ooops forgot. My bad 🙁

  457. Are you studying abroad?

  458. interesting…start day dreaming

  459. how close are you to attend DAL home or road games?
    or attend JLin events like @blubell:discus did so he’s not so focused on games :]

  460. I attended the raptor game 2012 and detroit games. East coast my friend. I may drive to chicago to watch them against the bulls

  461. Last GREAT pg standing…. there you happy?

  462. ah, did you get a chance to get his signature at the tunnel where players came out?
    That’s the best way to get some interaction although he’s usually super-focused before games

  463. The quote about playing the pnr stunting ball movement, is exactly what Phil Jackson said too. Must be some clash of philosophy.

  464. i dont know what i am going to do…… but i know … morey,mchale,bs,and kobe will all be crying themselves to sleep…. and then next year…there will be a bidding war for Jlin between dallas and SA…after signing Jlin to a 5yr/110 millions contract…cuban is quoted: I will not let another mvp pg leave for nothing again…. and some where in the amazon jungle…clutch the Jlin racist hater is seen leading his flock of crazy haters from cf straight to the heart of the jungle to start a new cf hate camp…they were never seen again…but curiously…biologists found the animals in the area all gained tremendous weight with no apparent explaination… The end

  465. hm, .. we have persistent Bulls here. I didn’t expect them to still bring Lin in
    It can only work w/ JLin’s approval, right? Maybe leverage?

  466. Lin is a MAVS

    He will not be Sixers, will not be a spurs and also will not be a Bulls

    Mike Adamle ‏@TheMikeAdamle 6 hHá 6 horasVer tradução
    Latest scoop is Nick Young and Hill to CHI. Few names on the Bulls roster being thrown around. Talk seems possible.

  467. Lin definitely wants to start.
    Not sure CHI can offer Lin to start as an SG with more $ than DAL
    But it’s an interesting development for sure.

  468. Care less how much salary Lin gets, as long as he plays for a play-off bound team. Regular season games don’t mean that much, as long as your team gets into the playoff.

  469. Here’s just one example: Lin is at the top of the 3 pt line, DJ sets a pick for him, Lin drives in lane, which forces the defense to collapse. Lin kicks it out to CP at the 3 pt line, the defense runs back to try to guard the 3, CP drives in for a 15 footer or straight to the basket for a score. The pick is the catalyst of ball movement.

  470. But ppl say the original source is a fake one?

  471. lin’s agent using chicago to get more money from Mavs?

  472. I’m hearing that as well.

  473. Lin’s agents should explore all opportunities.
    If the Bulls can offer a starting position & a good system, JLin should consider it too.
    I’m just not sure about SG or double PG

  474. didn’t get a chance…..he was too far away…

  475. Pic

  476. IMO, Coach Carlisle always plays to his players’ strengths…

  477. huh

  478. #5 hould be done now rather than after but send it to cuban instead.

  479. go

  480. sometimes Disqus system requires us to refresh to see pics

  481. i think some players are pigeon holed into a specific role even if they are very good.

    Like the above link of wall vs lin in summer league. Wall was number 1 draft and even in that game he did ok..but pigeoned holed into being a starter. Lin was undrafted and he came off the bench, but lit up the team and got them up close game from double digits down. So from the start, you are pigeon holed into one ‘role’.. starter or bench player by coach, player and possibly the team/org. Bench players have to work extraordinary hard to get that starting job and it will have to take them to the all-star game in order to say the player is a starter. Just take a look at drose. He didn’t do jack ever since he got into the nba, but he still always the starting point guard of the bulls. If it was my team, I will say hey, you are you have to work your way back into the starting lineup.

  482. yeah…I was impressed with his pick and pop

  483. The last part may be bogus.

  484. Holy cow. I hadn’t seen this before. How about all those non-asian sons of the 1% jumping up and down shouting “I believe in Jeremy Lin”!!! …and the crazy ups and downs since then have only made my/our belief stronger 🙂 Next adventure, coming up (not soon enough for our nerves or our sleep schedules…hah).

  485. that’s a really good idea!
    Help quicken the decision-making

  486. Scott is probably just thinking of “iso” style PNR where the other 3 guys not involved in the play just stand around and do nothing. But yeah, like the article said, Spurs and Warriors can use it to create more motion.

  487. So Bulls are still interested…good for Jlin as bargaining chip ad having plan B

  488. sorry .. maybe next time then
    it helps to walk right next to the tunnel even if you don’t sit there 1-2 hrs before gametime, just wait for players to come out for shootaround
    That’s how some of us got his signature and wish him well

  489. if Lin goes to Philly, zxcvb’s head will explode =p

  490. Check the schedule when Mavs playing against LAL and ROX…lol

  491. cool video! skip to 2:20 for Lin

  492. don’t forget Ronnie Price

  493. Just sayin that some of these old system coaches (throw in Larry Brown) like to criticize modern day basketball alot. I didn’t say anything about it being correct.

  494. You were there when he hit the game winning 3 over Calderon?

  495. you could do all that…except taking a nap…that belongs to @Dinoneseus:disqus

  496. A good article explaining that the salary cap calculated on July 8 might be 69M, 2M more than originally thought at 67M
    If true, all teams will have $2M more in the cap including DAL for getting JLin

  497. Thats somewhat good news!

  498. Would the “max” players just demand the extra amount to be added to their contract? (since they haven’t been signed yet)

  499. Mavericks are currently have 30m cap space based on 67m cap limit. So they can’t sign both DJ and Matthews (20+12m) outright They need to waive and stretch Felton in order to sign them. Then it leaves no cap space to sign Lin other than the 2.8m room exception or 1.4m veteran minimum.

    If cap limit is 69m, then they can sign both outright and waive and stretch Felton and give Lin about 3.1m which is better than the room exception.

    Now that Barea had taken the room exception, only a sign and trade would net Lin more money, otherwise or accept the vet min or go somewhere else.

    That’s why they are working hard to facilitate a sign and trade to get Lin more money if Lakers are kind enough to cooperate. One simple sign and trade is, if cap limit is 69m, to trade Felton + 3.3m cash + a second round pick for Lin. That would give Lin at about 5.9m per year (Felton’s 3.9m x 150%). Lakers pays 600k to buy a 2nd round pick.

    Of course there other sign and trade scenarios such as 3 teams trade that currently no one knows how it goes. Not a easy situation for both Lin and the mavericks since they want each other.

    Hope this explains why mavericks can’t pay Lin more money unless they find a magical trade scenarios that benefit all parties.

  500. are you Larry Coon? =)

  501. awesome post, best explanation I’ve read so far

  502. why 150% of Felton’s salary? what rule is that?

  503. I wish, ha ha.

    Seriously, lurking the twitter and learn from them from their conversations. One guy to follow is Eric Pincus from LA, he is very good in terms of teams and players salary.

  504. Thank you. That’s very simple & straightforward explanation for a simple S&T.

    3 team trade will be more difficult involving more parties. Kupchak might do Lin a favor but they certainly want to benefit.

    Let’s hope for the best scenario by July 8-9

  505. Not sure what rule it is, I have asked Eric Pincus and he said it is doable.

  506. Yup thats for Bird Free Agent

  507. Thanks

  508. Looks like this one about simultaneous trades:

  509. Good thing you’re a quick learner 🙂
    I saw Pincus tweet exchange about multi-trade scenario question which is possible. So it’s difficult but possible

    Following Lin definitely increases our patience & perseverance not unlike his NBA journey

  510. We should make PPP’s a featured comment. How do you do that? I thought I used to see a “make featured comment” option, but I don’t see it now.

  511. I just noticed this credit at the bottom of Coon’s FAQ:

    “My thanks to … and Eric Pincus for providing feedback and suggestions”

  512. I do learn a lot although I’m old.

  513. Did you edit? I remember seeing #45 before…

  514. Yeah, I meant to link to #84, but the URL was wrong.

  515. The max contract that DJ qualifies is 30% of salary cap based on his 7yr in the league. So his agent might ask for it or they might be OK w the agreed upon amount before. Hopefully not since Mavs cant sign Lin. Maybe Mavs will ask DJ to reduce his salary in exchange of 1 alley oop per game from Lin ?

    Here is one BR article talking about DJ worth of max extension

  516. We are never too old to learn 🙂

  517. If any one interested to take a look at Mavericks cap status:

    It has been updated by Eric Pincus.

  518. yup pretty much…..I’m not sound on it too…just from reading a little here and there…its kinda complicated as well…enough to get your head spinning 🙂

    Here is a summary of my understanding;-

    non-bird – 120% of your previous salary
    early bird – 130%…
    bird free –
    non-rookie with salary below market average – 190% …
    non rookie with market average – 150%…
    rookie of third session – follows bird exception
    rookie of fourth session with salary below market average – 250% …
    rookie of fourth session with market average or above – 200%….

  519. I did on mobile but then it reset back.

    I just did it again on laptop. It should be on Top Right menu. Did it not show for you?

  520. hmmm I dont see it either

  521. If they dump Felton and give away picks, it seems maximum they can offer Lin is about $6M. If Lin signs for that, it is still a discount unless they dump someone else along with Felton to make it sweeter. At $6M, there isn’t much difference between the offer from Mavs and Bulls. It is a toss up actually other than Lin can start with the Mavs.

  522. It used to be visible here

  523. I suspect Disqus kept changing their features from time to time. I haven’t made any changes
    I can research similar issues tomorrow

  524. I like this view better…there was another link….what I cant remember now

  525. You mean trade?

    5.9m + whatever left from the 69 cap limit. They can also waive Powell 800k+ non guarantee contract. But heard that they like him.

  526. Seems better, need more time to digest for me. I have difficult time to understand the cap hold.


  527. yeah…this is where poison pill come to play…i guess, pretty much similar to Rox’s offer, the final year takes a higher margin

  528. Only 3rd year player with early birds right qualifies for poison pill? I could be wrong and don’t ask me to google. Too lazy haha.

  529. Lin shouldn’t do a sign and trade. It will tie him to that measly undermarket salary for 3 years. He would be better off taking that room exception for $2.8 mil for one year w/ 1 yr player option like Mo Williams took and get a better deal next year when there is more cap space and if he proves himself on a good team a much higher rate. Or if they can trade Felton $3.95 to anywhere, perhaps 76ers will take him for picks then it will open up $3.95M in cap space and JLin can take that for 1 yr + 1 yr player option.

  530. That chart has JJ Barea $2,814 counted in the cap. I thought they were using the room exception? Don’t you fill up the cap and then use the room exception to exceed the cap by $2.814?

  531. All contracts are not signed yet. Pincus just put it in as estimates and will be adjusted after they are signed.

    You are right. Room exception can only be used after the cap limit is reached.

  532. i think it doesnt apply to veterans….lol

  533. TBH, I prefer what you suggest as I strongly believe lin would shine under Carlisle system and earn him a much much bigger contract, like 60m for 4 years kind.

    But it’s his call and I support his decision one way or the other.

  534. Lin is at 27 next season. With 3 years playing at discount, he would reach 30 after that. Dallas can then dump him like they often did to others. The best years of Jeremy shouldn’t be discounted that much.

  535. He would have problems with Derrick Rose, the team icon, who had lost his explosiveness. Lin will then meet the same situation in Rockets that the team star icon wanted him out.

  536. Derrick Rose is fragile. He could go down any moment in hard fought games. Then it would be up to Jeremy to save the team.

  537. But Byron’s drafted PnR points guard, D’Angelo Russell. Byron is going to use what he learns from Jeremy on Lakers’ playbook next season without Jeremy.

  538. Believe we talked about 1 year, not 3. Again, I am not lin, it’s his money.

  539. It’s a bad precedent. Players don’t have to earn this from the court and the FO or coach simply gives to them.

  540. I was told that Sign and Trade is limited to contract of 3 or more years.

  541. That is what I think too.
    Everything in Lin’s career, specially the major changes, you can see the divine intervention to make it possible; no human intervention to make that happen.

  542. This is a tough one. Should he take, say, $6 per and get locked up at that level for 3 years, or take the $2.8 exception & then free agency again next year?

    I think you guys have said it well. But who knows how he feels about things? It seems either way has a risk. From the outside it seems he’s at least going through the motion of the S & T talks. But it doesn’t mean he’s going for it, or that it will even work out.

    My head says go for the S&T, not only just for the sake of locking in some $, but I think Mav’s are sincere about getting him. Otherwise why would they & the Lakers go through this exercise?

    But then my heart says, Don’t bite! I think the potential upside in FA again next year can outweigh the S & T. This is my gut, and I am inclined to lean that way.

    It’s an anxious time. But I think in the end, whatever he decides, we should trust that the decision will have been carefully thought-out. And yes, we will support him.

  543. Lin’s agent must also look at alternatives instead of putting all eggs in one Dallas basket. Mark Cuban and Chandlers Parson are not to be trusted.

  544. Lin going to Bulls would be pretty interesting. In some ways, I think it is better than playing for Mavs except for lack of starting job.

  545. Agreed…as I said, it’s his call.

  546. Sorry i didn’t mean to imply you were wrong, i knew what you meant from the start. Yeah stubborn is as stubborn does huh.

  547. off topic this dude will be superstar someday magic draft the future

  548. Good article…Thanks for posting

  549. why is it the job putting the orange ball in the hoop they make it complicated……………its so dumb adding this dumb rules just for putting the orange ball in the hoop….its not engineering dont make it complicated

  550. lawyers…:)

  551. It’s a multi-billion business, there better be rules.

  552. rules are ok but dumb rules are not

  553. exactly also smart people will tae advantage of said rule. so there better be specific rule

  554. which part of the rule is dumb?

  555. He passes the eye test…on this video…lets see

  556. DeAndre Jordon has good experience both regular and postseason, but he is still unproven…lets see

    Agreed, Without a proven PG, Mavs offense would not function as they wanted…

  557. I miss those beautiful floaters!…Thanks for posting

  558. making things complicated

  559. hahaha….same goes to life as cant disagree there

  560. Excerpt from

    “A Mavs source told Monday afternoon that “nothing is imminent’’ regarding a deal with Lin. So that part of the picture is possible, flexible …and iffy. And our impression is that the Mavs aren’t married to one specific way to get Lin – and may not be depending on getting him at all.

    Consider the possibilities. When the time comes, in theory they could always waive Felton and gain $2 mil of cap room to sign Lin, if Lin would take a contract for $2 mil, but we don’t think that idea works because the number is so small. Alternatively, they could try to find a taker for Felton’s contract in trade, in exchange for no salary in return, and gain $3.4 mil in cap room – a number that seems more possible in getting him, but still not certain. Or maybe they could somehow swap Felton for Lin, allowing a contract for Lin of up to $6.02 mil – certainly a workable number for getting Lin, but 100-percnt dependent on finding the right trade.”

  561. to many pieces just to sign jlin i am starting to doubt that mavs may get him

  562. Excellent article describing 3 DAL ways of getting JLin.

    Only the last one ($6M) seems acceptable despite being low already.
    “Nothing is imminent” is very true

    Now, about Move No. 2. A Mavs source told Monday afternoon that “nothing is imminent’’ regarding a deal with Lin. So that part of the picture is possible, flexible …and iffy. And our impression is that the Mavs aren’t married to one specific way to get Lin – and may not be depending on getting him at all.

    Consider the possibilities. When the time comes, in theory they could always
    1. waive Felton and gain $2 mil of cap room to sign Lin, if Lin would take a contract for $2 mil, but we don’t think that idea works because the number is so small. Alternatively, they could try to
    2. find a taker for Felton’s contract in trade, in exchange for no salary in return, and gain $3.4 mil in cap room – a number that seems more possible in getting him, but still not certain. Or maybe they could somehow
    3. swap Felton for Lin, allowing a contract for Lin of up to $6.02 mil – certainly a workable number for getting Lin, but 100-percnt dependent on finding the right trade.

  563. y, $6M/yr is already too low and it depends heavily on someone taking Felton

    so yes, “nothing is imminent”

  564. worse thing of it the lakers need to agreed……

  565. people need to be patient lol

  566. Kupchak might do it as a favor to Lin, but who’d take Felton not as a salary dump? 76ers?

  567. So 7/9 will be the day for finally decision?!

  568. depends

  569. lakers need a lot of help as well as dumping nick young. theres really a lot of way it can happen

  570. shadow of the knicks still haunt jlin pfffttt…

  571. I don’t think mavs considers Lin in their future plans. Im not seeing a trade scenario will happen with the lakers. Lin should just make it as simple as it should be in this free agency. Too much complications in this Dallas team.

  572. and it’d a 3year contract, it says how little they think of Lin.

  573. yes, LAL would def. want to dump Young/Hill so CHI might be more interesting w/o involving DAL

  574. I don’t like this 3 years contract deal. I would not take it if it’s me.

  575. IMO if DAL can’t find at least $6M/yr, Lin’s agents probably advises him to take CHI or 76ers for 1-2 year

    Lin can’t afford to take 3 yr low contract

  576. 76? Did they even talk to Lin yet? I know Chi but didn’t know 76?

  577. yea

  578. not lately (that we know of) but it was one of 6-7 teams that talked to JLin (or try to trade 4 him from HOU)

  579. I really think these GMs are dumb. Morey sure do know how to make it work & quick for SnT. Last year w Asik’s deal, very quick to get it done. smh!

  580. 3-yr contract the downside of S&T. I don’t know if other complicated scenario can work for 1-2 yr contract

    someone mentioned that last year can be player option, but 2 yrs of low offer is still not good

  581. it will happen lol 🙂 today for sure

  582. That’s last year. So far they didn’t say anything at all. Don’t think they will take Lin now.

  583. they are not even contender smh

  584. Looking at the salary cap situation, that’s pretty much what i thought. It is complicated. Felton’s contract is most tradable because it expires next year. They can also trade Harris but they are commited to him for 3 more years. The hard part here is Felton really sucks so i have no idea who would take him. Lakers just signed Lou Williams so not sure what value Felton has. It looks like Mavs will have to give up some picks just to get rid of Felton.

    Even if they get rid of Felton and gain his salary for the cap, the best they can offer is around $6m, i would not recommend lin sign that up for 3 years. That’s way too low.

    What a mess. Nothing comes easy for Jlin.

  585. Bad idea bc next year the cap space will increase a lot then why Mav can’t give Lin more money?! Cuban is cheap too.

  586. Starting 2nd year it could be non-guaranteed, certainly it depends on mutual agreement.

  587. Next year a max contract for a 6 year player projected to be $25 mil and all 30 teams will have $20 additional cap to play with and there FA PG market next year is weak. Mo Williams is thinking this, taking $2.8 on one year deal with a contender. This is peanuts, if it’s Linsanity 2.0 we’re talking about $25 x 4 = $100 m contract. Quibling over a few million when tying you to 3 year could cost you $46 M you would have gotten in yrs 2-3 taking a measly $4 M / year. If he believes in himself a star take that. If he thinks he’s an average backup you quibble over a few million / year.

  588. I didn’t follow him these frustrating years just to watch him become an average NBA player on a below average or middling team and I hope that isn’t God’s plan for him after all the initial excitement of Linsanity.

  589. if nothing is happening today…team lin should call CHI …before it is too late

  590. Oh! Anyone knows when is the dateline for CHi? Mav don’t think it’s really smart or willing to give up anything for LIn?

  591. That’s right, Lin would make more over the next 3 years if he took a 1 year vet min this year, then cashed in next year. Rather than sign a 3 yr contract now with a team that doesn’t have much cap room like the Mavs. Then Lin’s locked in at that low rate for 3 yrs.

  592. I saw other tweets that Lin’s agent had talked with 8-9 teams.

  593. I don’t think so. Just any team with cap space that is willing to help take Felton.

  594. let us know when you figure out cap holds. =)

  595. David Lord + Fish

    the hidden message of this article regarding mavs and jlin aquisition is telling something what it is…………….well jlin is not part of the future dallas aiming why? cause if you look at the article it says dallas is putting up pieces but it is not final yet so who is the odd man out……if ever jlin is aquired by dallas…… then a trade deadline comes who is the first to go on that line up or replaceable
    its not MAtthews, its not Parson, its not DJ certainly its not dirk….you can argue that dirk position will be the one target if FA begun so he can move at 6th man but heres the thing they planning to put parson in the PF spot cause of the prominence of small ball offense so whos the likely out its the PG postion, you can say hey the sf position is vacant… it will not anderson will take that spot so the line up will be.

    pg????? once jlin held now vacant in FA
    sg matthews
    sf anderson (dallas brass said that anderson can play multiple position I assume pg sf sg)
    pf parson
    C DJ

    I might be wrong about this …. DJ signing doesnt put them on the top and they are looking to put the pieces together the expendable position is the PG

  596. I figured it out. You have to Stop Featuring the current one, then you will see Feature option.

  597. MavsMoneyBall latest article says DAL can offer JLin $4.5M in simple S&T scenario w Lakers.
    This is as a result of adjusting Wes salary from $14.3M to 13.4M in 1st year with 4.5% max yearly increase rule

    Note: 3-way S&T is possible but difficult to pull

    But the Mavericks still need to create the $3.5 to $4 million Lin’s likely looking for. If the Mavericks stretch waived Raymond Felton — cutting him and stretching the remaining money out over four years (that’s why Mekel’s name is on the above sheet for a similar action) — they only free about $2.6 million, which is reportedly not enough. If at all possible, they’d prefer to trade him.

    A sign-and-trade feature Lin coming from Los Angeles to Dallas while the Mavericks send back Felton and a future second round pick or two seems reasonable from my end. The Mavericks could probably sign Lin to as much as $4.5 million or so in that scenario and have the money still match. However, like Barea, I suspect this will all happen after Jordan and Matthews are officially recorded on the books on June 9.

    I won’t even get into three-way sign-and-trades because while there are theoretical scenarios that could work, all of them are very unlikely and exceedingly difficult to make work, as anyone who’s been around the NBA a while knows.

  598. it is written on the wall..if mavs think lin is important..and in their future plan..they will give up their pick

  599. this website always low ball lin. no way 4.5 mill for 3 years are you ok?????

  600. I also thought about the long-term DAL future for JLin.
    – If Lin agrees to take low offer in 1st year, do they have space to offer long-term deal later?
    – If not, is JLin only a short-term solution?

    These are issues that JLin, his agents should be talking now.
    I have no doubt that if there’s no future or no likelihood that JLin can be the long-term PG in DAL, JLin team will decide to go to another team.

  601. this is a couple of days old btw

  602. yeah the article you post make me realize theres something else… I might wrong but you cant deny this is possible and the way jlin contract being discuss that it might be 1 yr deal If a big fish pg comes jlin is gone sweeptly cause of friendly contrat 1 yr deal

  603. yes…time for plan B.

  604. For me, if there isn’t at least $6M for 1st year PLUS reworking salary for long-term, there is no point to start in DAL. Getting paid cheap for a long-term will make players expendable.

    76ers starting PG will be more beneficial to get an All-Star number so JLin can have a chance to be a franchise PG that teams will build around him.

  605. true, it happened with Jameer Nelson taking low salary & got traded for Rondo.
    It can happen to JLin and any players giving a discount

  606. still no to the 76ers. bad team bad owner. bad everything. last last option

  607. Lin’s agents definitely should have Plan A, B, C on the table

  608. I dont think any team is offering Lin a chance to be an all star right now. Lin just needs to get on the court, dominate and take his chance when inevitable injuries occur to other stars, and take the reigns and never let go.

    He let go after Linsanity so it’s unlikely that chance ever comes again. Whether the letting go was his fault or out of his control is debatable.

  609. it really depends if Hinkie gives freedom for JLin for 1 year to win

    If yes, it’ll be win-win for 76ers & JLin. Lin can be an All-Star & 76ers can stop tanking

  610. afterall cuban always go after big names…elite pgs

  611. They are young and pretty talented rosters. I think they can go to playoffs in the east with Lin. Uptempo system

  612. It’s hard to fault JLin since he had only 1 HOU offer & noone could’ve predicted Morey getting Harden who took Lin’s job

    But we can take comfort to know that JLin tried to take chance to star in a young HOU team. I’ll be more disappointed if he takes the safe route to be a backup PG, never testing himself if he can be a franchise PG. He should try at 27-28 because there will be no chances when he’s 32-33

  613. not many days left..on 9 to 12..every team in the league will be busy signing their new players

  614. yesterday at July 6, 9am so a day old

  615. I think I read there are 2 more offering him houston has the bigger offer thats why they take it

  616. we have not heard anything from the 76er so thats all idealized

  617. yeah never heard sixers offer or rumor even portland that I think ok theres no offer….the bulls is the one who are in the mix and aggresive

  618. yup

  619. I think Dallas is short on talent despite what Parsons and Cuban think. I think Jlin will be relied upon eventually. They might go away from him at first, but eventually they will come back to him when he presents himself as the best option. At worse, Lin will get 30 MGP in low usage like in Houston.

    He just has to continue to fight not only the opponent but his own team.

    I acknowledge Dallas should be about 2-3 times better in player chemistry for Lin along with a smarter X&O coach, but there is still no guarantees.

  620. yes, not lately
    we are not privy to the ongoing phone calls to JLin’s agents
    They might or might not be interested

    I just hope that JLin’s agents keep telling teams that Lin’s not 100% sold on DAL so teams can make solid offer to him. That’s why I like the “Nothing is Imminent” message being sent out

  621. true, 1 yr-stint is very risky. But Wes & Parsons still recuperating until Nov/Dec will be good for a steady dose of Lin/DJ PnR combo

  622. i get it lin should have a back up plan if dallas fall apart. i think he does.

  623. Now after learning so much about how caps, lottery and free agency works I can see Hinklie’s plan now. He has tons of cap space now but he has $20 mil more next year when there will be a big increase in salaries and caps due to TV money. He will tank again one more year and then in 2016 he will have huge cap space, enough to get at least 3 max contracts and pretty attractive mid level players plus he will have 3 first round picks including 2 in the top 10. They are going to be scarry good for many years starting in 2016. If Lin goes there on a 1 year he will have to suffer tanking for 1 year but he could come back as on a max salary and as a returning player go above the cap. He could be one of 4 max players on that team, plus Okafor, plus two more top 10 draft picks. Hinklie has designed the perfect storm.

  624. we already know unfortunately as soon as Wes and Parsons come back, it will be Houston season2 all over Even if Parsons and Wes struggle at teams expense, dallas will double down.

    Remember where Lin led in scoring over 20 games with 18PPG? Then immediately benched and got reduced usage when Bev and Harden came back.

    I really believe that is what will happen to Jlin to a lesser extent even if he starts the season averaging 20,10,8 on 65% shooting over 1st 10 games.

  625. Lin will probably be relied upon on opening day. Parsons won’t be 100% recovering from surgery. Remember how Lin was first few months on Rockets? Matthews had even more serious surgery and may not bu ready until Nov and that injury has a history of player decline afterwards not just Kobe. Offense going to be based on Lin / Jordan PnR from the onset.

  626. Yup they gonna stop tanking soon….

  627. this is very optimistic. the guy had a shot at lin last year and passed

  628. look at what happened in Houston season 2 more closely.

    Lin/Jordan PnR may start the season but shortly when Parsons and Wes come back, Lin’s usage no matter how efficient or brilliant will be given away.

    It’s like taking the ball from CP3 to give it to Austin Rivers while CP3 stands in the corner. but hey, when it comes to Lin, whatever goes.

  629. whats the ideal contract the mavericks can give jlin and also your proposal

  630. Carlisle is the key here. McHale let Harden be the no-defense Diva but I have more faith in RC to have balanced offense

    RC was brave enough to bench Rondo & called out Parsons being fat. They want to develop Parsons as PF but not to the extent of being LBJ

    We can only make intelligent guesses on past history but yes, there’s no guarantee. If Lin got the chance to star with DJ, he should impress everyone that it’s the most reliable weapon. When Wes & Parsons join, he should make the combo quite lethal so Lin is indispensable in the starting lineup

  631. After reading the scenarios, I think it boils down to these two choices for the Mavs offer: Either 1 yr contract around $1.4 to 3M, or sign and trade 3 yr contract around $6M/yr.

    3 yr sign and trade: $18M over 3 yrs. He will be severely underpaid (compared to the market) for 3 years.

    1 yr contract: Even if Lin just has an average performance, he will be an UFA next year again and get around $8-10M/yr. (Next year, every team will have cap room because the cap is increasing ~$20M next year, and then another ~$20M the year after that.) So worst case, 2+8+8=$18M over 3 yrs.

    But if Lin does well with the Mavs, he is going to paid massively in his next contract, should be at least $15M/yr, depending on how well he performed. 2+15+15=$32M over 3 yrs.

    So I would definitely take the 1 yr contract, no brainer. Even if it’s another team that has more cap room, because right now Lin’s market value is low because the Lakers really diminished it. He has tremendous upside for a big contract next year.

  632. Whatever the most the Mavs can give him for 1 yr outright (no sign and trade).

  633. I;m not saying Dallas is the wrong fit. It may be the best fit.

    but I see Lin more as the Delladova of this team, maybe more dynamic, but not too much more, because of how they will ask him to play and limiting what he can actually do.

    I just dont see the fan here on this site and others saying in Dallas it will be Linsanity all over with a better cast.

    Lin is the low budget starter. Low budget starters get reduced roles and are role players with minimal stats. It’s just how it is.

    When Lin tries to do too much, you will see Rick pull him probably. I will not be surprised.

    Lin is supposed to be the swiss army knife of this team. The 6 foot 3 Draymond Green at PG.

    Those who think this is going to be Linsanity like, are off, in my opinion. And even more off when they think Lin will somehow go insane because Parsons and Wes will be out for 5-20 games.

  634. Posted above but repaste:

    I’m not saying Dallas is the wrong fit. It may be the best fit.

    I see Lin more as the Delladova of this team, maybe more dynamic, but
    not too much more, because of how they will ask him to play and limiting
    what he can actually do so Parsons and others can do it.

    I just dont see the view of those fans here on this site and others saying in
    Dallas it will be Linsanity all over with a better cast.

    Lin is the low budget starter. Low budget starters get reduced roles and are
    role players with minimal stats. It’s just how it is.

    When Lin tries to do too much and eventually make a mistake, you will see Rick pull him probably. I will not be surprised.

    Lin is supposed to be the swiss army knife of this team. The 6 foot 3 Draymond Green at PG.

    Those who think this is going to be Linsanity like, are off, in my opinion.
    And even more off when they think Lin will somehow go insane because
    Parsons and Wes will be out for 5-20 games.

  635. dont forget about Harris and Barea..they are more trusted than lin..they knew the RC system well.RC going to use them more than lin…becareful of front office intervention

  636. Lin should take the 1 yr 3M. He played himself into this position (more so off the court than on the court). he should play himself out.

    The real reason is that 6 M per year starting next season is the new 1.3 Million per season due to the increasing cap.

    So even 3 yr 6 mill by year 3 will be a low dump contract, meaning if Lin is not cemented as team star PG by then, he will be a low priced easy to trade/cut piece.

    Might as well go all out this season and take the risk it will pay off big time.

  637. There were 2 more interviews to go after Hou(one with Suns was cancelled with dragic, so basically Lin’d have one more chance with Mavs, they were ready to talk to him the next day), but the timing was imminent, no time to ponder, you had to drop Rox contract for the next one. It was very likely Cuban’s going to offer Lin at least a MLE level contract, though that’d be matched regardless.

  638. Harris and Barea will get a lot of playing time. That worries me too. Barea has NBA finals pedigree and Carlisle’s trust. Even Harris is playoff tested. If Lin struggles over games, or even 10 minutes within 1 game, is there trust to watch him fight out of it? Or will Lin just get benched asap?

  639. Here you go.,,,in fact people estimated the next 2 years cap at 90m and 108m.

  640. it’s a little bit of both, I think.

    It has Linsanity components but yes RC wouldn’t make the system PG-centric the way MDA made Nash, Lin and even Kendall Marshall look so great

    Wes and Parsons absence would certainly give Lin/DJ combo a chance to audition. It’s all about politics. RC wants to win, DJ wants to look good as the go-to-guy before Parsons & Wes are back so it’s a great opportunity.

    Nothing is written in stone yet. But for now, a respectable salary as a starting PG in DAL would go far not to marginalize Lin from the get-go

    All we Lin fans ask is just a fair chance by an unbiased coach. Something that McHale & BScott have destroyed. Let’s see how things play out

  641. I assume that’s base on the 67m cap limit?

  642. fair chance by coach and getting paid fair are 2 separate issues.

    I suspect Lin’s family is typical Asian in the sense of being smart about getting paid. More than Lin, his inner circle may be telling him to make sure to get paid properly otherwise dont go to said team. Even if Lin thinks he doesn’t care at all about salary personally.

  643. true they know system more .. but the comforting part is Dallas Mavs blog mentioned Devin Harris health to be unreliable never playing full season, & Barea defense is less than acceptable so that’s why they look for a starting PG material

    Now the Mavs find themselves with virtually zero cap space, and an incomplete starting lineup. They still need a starting PG. Sure, the Dallas Mavericks have point guards Devin Harris, Raymond Felton, and J.J. Berea on the roster, but none of them are exactly someone you want to run your team, especially one with playoff aspirations.

    Devin Harris is a strong player when healthy – it’s just he’s never healthy for an entire season. Raymond Felton has been a reliable starter in the past, but he also has had recent weight, conditioning, and performance issues. Who knows if Felton has anythingto offer going forward?

    The Dallas Mavericks just re-signed their own free agent, J.J. Berea, on a two year deal. But as a change-of-pace player incapable of even moderate defense, he can’t even be relied on to be the #1 PG. Nope, the Mavs have a stable of complements, and no lead horse.

  644. the estimated $69M by July 8, I think

  645. and don’t forget his agents too in the role of protecting his interest.

    Lin might not care about salary but if his agent pointed out that Jameer got traded by DAL after giving a discount, he’ll easily understand the implication of respectable salary

  646. Most likely both sides are waiting for tomorrow when cap is announced. Assuming Felton has a taker, the contract would be $5.9M for one year. if the new cap is $69M. Worse case, $3.9M, Felton’s salary, if Felton has a taker.

    No sign and trade. I don’t think Lin’s agent would want that, neither Maves. Too low for 3 years for Lin and too much trouble for Maves.

  647. One way they can net Lin for 10m+ per year:

    Trade Parsons to Lakers for Lin + Nick Young


  648. well that option is gone. lin and mavs seem a lock

  649. You think so? I guess Lin will not turned down Bulls if Mav can’t get the deal done, right?

  650. yep bulls out

  651. At this rate, Lin’s best option is just sign for 1 year and take his chances at the open market next year. He is so much better than what he showed as a Laker. Lin just needs a chance to showcase his talent on the big stage with the right system. I hope he will get a chance to start. Some of these offers are insulting, but his options are limited at this stage.

  652. bulls fans are crying….they hate brooks disappeared in the playoffs

  653. For who?

  654. like I said they cant wait any.longer..

  655. they dont want brooks they want jlin or stuckey but due the cap money is the problem

  656. I think Lin sure make a deal w Mav otherwise he will not turn down Bulls.

  657. AB is good.

  658. disappeared in the playoffs cannot defend offense zero

  659. But I think FO likes him otherwise they will not sign him again.

  660. no they dont have money the money they can offer is like dallas but they are repeater tax so they are on the cheap side

  661. Kobe & BS intention was to drive Lin out of NBA, only Lin’s resilience has limited damage to reduced market value.

  662. Exactly. That’s what Greg Monroe did and what Mo Williams did. Flexibility to become a FA next year and being on a team that would utilize him correctly are more important than a few million $.

  663. jlin to mavs is a done deal

  664. excellent article, thanks for posting

  665. cannot wait for the courtside bromance… cuban might see it and think WTF!!!

  666. The author has only 50 followers, is he legit?

  667. fair and positive analysis from an unbiased writer, Jay Knodell. some excerpts:

    Improved 3 pt shooting every single year. Noted that Lin is a capable catch and shooter and can score off ball. (Included video from his 9 3ptr game).

    PNR strengh: Scott was “reluctant” to run pick-and-rolls because he thought it would “stunt” the team’s ball movement. Running something that doesn’t work as opposed to something that does is so Byron Scott. Lin won’t have that problem any longer. Whichever team he decides to sign with will know his strengths and encourage him to use them.
    Lin scored 0.83 points a possession in the pick-and-roll last season for the woeful Lakers, on par with the likes of Goran Dragic, Monta Ellis, and Klay Thompson.

    Noted that Jeremy Lin would be great fit with new center DeAndre Jordan with his lob skills. Dwight Howard has his best year in Houston his lone campaign with Lin (and Parsons), partially because Lin is more adept at making these types of passes than Patrick Beverley or Jason Terry.

  668. fair article, not easy to spot nowadays.

  669. he is legit perhaps not in terms of twitter followers but thats not his prime modus operindi (sp)?–he is the dallas “beat” reporter for “fan sided” which is the sports illustrated on line sports network of sites.

    he has an actual website within that network very much on the format of bleacher report etc.

    hes not a “news breakr” ala twitter as picnus, woj, hes a writer with a big page for articles written by himself.

    as to the legitimacy of any particular article. well thats another matter.

  670. hilarious,,,,the bolded part byron scott smh

  671. huh? Mavs are one of the teams interested in Boozer?

  672. I thought Mav is no longer interested in Boozer, saw it earlier today….

  673. Another positive article from Dallas Fansided by a different writer, Reid Hanson:

    some excerpts:

    They still need a starting PG. Sure, the Dallas Mavericks have point guards Devin Harris, Raymond Felton, and J.J. Berea on the roster, but none of them are exactly someone you want to run your team, especially one with playoff aspirations.

    Devin Harris is a strong player when healthy – it’s just he’s never healthy for an entire season.

    Raymond Felton has been a reliable starter in the past, but he also has had recent weight, conditioning, and performance issues. Who knows if Felton has anything to offer going forward?

    The Dallas Mavericks just re-signed their own free agent, J.J. Berea, on a two year deal. But as a change-of-pace player incapable of even moderate defense, he can’t even be relied on to be the #1 PG. Nope, the Mavs have a stable of complements, and no lead horse.

    In recent seasons, Jeremy Lin hasn’t been a great player, but he hasn’t been a complete bum either. Lin ranked #26 in Player Efficiency Rating (15.65). That’s not great, but it’s better than what the Mavs have had with Harris (14.86), Berea (15.14), Rajon Rondo(13.49), Jameer Nelson(12.14), and Jose Calderon (11.34).

    Jeremy Lin’s True Shooting Percentage is .539 which would rank him #19 in the NBA at PG, which is less than Devin Harris, but the same as Tony Parker, and slightly better than Russell Westbrook. In fact, Lin is comparable to Tony Parker in most advanced statistics. That’s nothing to scoff at.

  674. I would have thought Villanueva signing would eliminate Boozer. C’mon Broussard, get your A game on!

  675. Jeremy needs go to the team that offers the most money, at least you know they are genuine about wanting him. Then ball out and let that do the talking. Everything else will fall into place.

  676. “The word from (the Mavs) is they want me back,” Terry said. “But there have been no negotiations whatsoever.”


    Read more here:

  677. Does lin and duncan have same agents?
    there is no Duncan in their athletes..

  678. Mav still is the team that could offer the most at this moment. He is picking of 3.3M mid level as a back up vs. 4M starter at Mav now, so shush, be patient!

    There are still lost of moving parts, such as the cap, the actual number for Wes etc. I’m pretty sure it will finalize tomorrow after the cap figure comes out.

  679. The other agent of Lin, not this one….

  680. Tanner Group

  681. Oh I c thanks

  682. lol

  683. Wallace’s finally coming off book? been so long, huge contract.

  684. No one dares to mention his #18 RPM and #17 WAR among PGs, smh

  685. They probably still want one more big man. Like Boozer or Amar’e

  686. I am increasingly confused. I’ve read that he will get only $4.5 even in a S&T. And I don’t know if that $2.* exception is still there, because they’ve just agreed to terms with JJ Barea.

  687. Shams Charania
    Free agent forward Wesley Johnson will commit to a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources tell RealGM. Terms being discussed.

  688. Mo Williams looked like he was going to Memphis before he ended up going to Cav’s. They must have need still then and perhaps also in the mix for Lin.

  689. Some agent or team passing false rumors to get leverage in negotiations?

  690. wesley johnson cant shoot at all

  691. To reduce the risk you take a 2 yr deal, 2nd yr player option. So if you get injured or bad fit you still have second year to fall back on. But if you ball out you opt out second year and get longer term market value deal. Worked for Greg Monroe, Ed Davis and what Mo Williams is doing. So it is quite common and not a slap in the face. It’s the business, reality.

  692. Yeah its confusing. But it will be cleared when NBA announces the new cap limit tomorrow.

  693. Curry is funny:
    Stephen CurryVerified account
    In honor of my boy @Dlee042 taking the next step in his career, this is how we started our relationship! Love you bro

  694. The best Memphis can offer now is the minimum, then is their trade exception which is less than a million.

    I think you need to wake up instead of dreaming.

  695. Don’t sleep on the clippers trying to get jlin. For whatever reason, Clips are not happy with Crawford and want to move him. If JCraw is moved, you can see Lin coming into the team as the 6th man playing combo guard on a 6-8 mill salary that the Harvard owner can give Lin now that DJ is gone.

    Lin gets to stay in LA, play with CP3 & Blake whom Lin called “the best NBA PG” a few years back. And he gets paid. JJ Reddick is so erratic with his shot sometimes that Lin will get enough minutes with no JC there even though we know Austin will get 20 MPG.

  696. Lin doesn’t need a long term future with the Mav’s. He needs a chance to show his ability in a system that demonstrates that. If he does next year he can get a huge contract when all teams have a fresh extra $20 mil to spend. Worse thing is to get tied to a 3 yr cheap contract.

    He needs a chance and he needs flexibility next year.

  697. I’m not dreaming, I’m presenting options. People are speculating where else he can go.

  698. Lin backing up CP3 would be worse than Lin backing up DRose.
    Besides, CP3 went out of his way to mock Melo for his boy Lin in 2012

    Chemistry wise, DAL is still better than all teams in the picture.
    No more toxic teammates would be much welcome by all Lin fans.

    For at least 1 season, I want to watch JLin games without worrying about back-stabbing teammates

  699. then you need to look for real options. Can’t speculate when the option is not there.

  700. I don’t think CP3 fears Lin anymore. CP3 knows he can control Lin with his off court game. and CP3 needs some help. Lin would be a big team help and could even average 15pt and 5 ast off the bench for the CLips.

    this is only something to think about if Crawford is moved.

    Seems like Lin and Dallas have a deal already in place and are just waiting to see if they can get a Sign n Trade or sign straight up.

  701. No to choking cliff paul and the sinking sailboats

  702. Wesley Johnson signed with the la……. clippers

  703. that’s a bad idea. CLIPPRs is salary locked with 2.0M mid level left.

    And CP3 drives DJ out of the town, not a good place to go

  704. Ya! I think Mav is the best choice among the list. Even I don’t like CP to be point-forward but I trust the coach will know who he can really run the O for this team. Mav’s teammates seem OK to me.

  705. Cp3 is like Kobe where no one likes to play with him. Cp3 would put all the blame on Lin like how he did to Jordan. No way Lin even agrees to play for the Clippers. Plus Lin has to agree to any sign and trade.

  706. I think Parson is just saying he’s a point forward so the media likes him. He is actually secretly waiting for Lin to come so he doesn’t have to do that.

  707. It’s possible he hasn’t but they just decided to move on. I think he signs with the Mavs now for sure because he has no other options. But unless they pull off a miracle trade, I dpn’t think it will be a great contract.

  708. What time tomorrow do you think we’ll get the cap space numbers?

  709. I am hoping 12:01am

  710. EST or PST? Lol

  711. didn’t know about that, hilarious!

  712. Even though they aren’t paying DJ’s salary, it just dropped the Clippers from luxury tax down to just above the soft cap (currently at $68M). So they still have zero cap space for Lin.

  713. “The exact figures aren’t likely to be available until late Wednesday, right before the signing period begins on July 9th.“

  714. The Rockets offered Lin the most money in 2012.
    Last year, the Lakers essentially “offered” the most to take Lin off the Rockets hands.
    Just sayin.

    Getting paid the most does not equate to the most success on the court. Going to a team with the right fit and a good coach is far more important for a player’s success.

  715. I’m guessing 11:59pm ET =)

  716. A question for cap experts: does it have any difference if Dallas snt Hibbert to Lakers for Jeremy? Does it increase Jeremy’s next contract?

    For example:

    Indiana: Ellis
    Lakers: Hibbert Felton 2nd round picks
    Dallas : Lin

  717. Lin’s buddy, David Lee, heads to BOS

  718. that’s old news. =p

  719. yeah, 4 hours is definitely old nowadays LOL

  720. I agree with Paul that today must be a busy day for JLin Team & his agents
    DAL FO is probably busy calling 29 other teams to see who loves Felton the most LOL

  721. CP3 never fears Lin but he still dislikes him, evident in the way he tries to put a move on JLin in every play

    oh well, let’s hope for the best scenario w DAL tomorrow

  722. Is it possible we can never have a quiet summer?

  723. Hopefully only this summer & 2016 when JLin cash in for 4-year max deal :]

  724. It would’ve been so easy snt Hibbert Jordan and give Jeremy 8-10 mln and unload Felton to pacers….

    No, it must always be the hardest way! More time pass more I think this will not have an happy ending

  725. At this point, if I were JLin, I would tell the Mavs to GO SCRATCH! This is bs. They probably told Lin not to worry and that’s why he looked so happy on his Asia tour. If we find the wait unbearable, imagine how he feels. You cannot negotiate from a position of weakness. Lin should accept a 2-year deal (2nd year player option) from the Sixers. That way he gets paid, gets a chance to show how great he can play, and then we do it again next summer. Without Lin, the Mavs suck and they know it!

  726. That’s just speculation from what I can gather. I can well imagine Lakers asking though.

  727. any info on Jrue Holiday’s stress fracture in his lower right leg? He played 34/42 games the past 2 years, one more surgery in May.

  728. I agree with you completely!

  729. In Jeremy’s case, we can agree that given the chance, he has an opportunity to succeed. Now he just needs to get paid to do it. On a basketball level, the Mavs might be the right fit, but the way it’s playing out, it sure doesn’t look like they are bending over backwards to sign Lin.

  730. I think deep down everyone agrees with us. I understand that the Mavs scenario has great potential in theory. But if you want to win a negotiation, you have to be willing to walk away.

  731. LOL, 5 minutes is old news now… everyone is F5-ing non stop.

  732. Fully agree!

  733. That pick is 1-7 protected otherwise goes to Boston. Lakers would only get it if the Mavericks finish in the bottom 7 which seems unlikely.

  734. If you look at the negatives, DJ can’t close games cause of FTs and Parsons and Matthews are coming from serious injuries and even Cuban admitted they don’t rush Matthews back.

    If a deal don’t go through soon, then walk away.

    We don’t know if it’s Jeremy who pushes for the deal or some others things we don’t know

  735. There should be a JLIN FA survival kit for fans… I don’t think I’m gonna make it… the wait… is… killing… me.

  736. Philly has always been good to JLin. With a bunch raw talents, and a blank canvas, it will be like the NY Knicks in the cold month of February all over again. LOL.

    My point is that his team won’t/shouldn’t sell him short.

  737. prob 2 more days. hang in there! =)

  738. I think it’s the Lakers that are making this complicated. Lakers want the mavericks 1st round pick but I doubt the mavs will do that.

  739. In hindsight yes. But I wonder if DAL expected to get Wes. If they only expected DJ then signing JLin would be an easier ordeal.

    But at the end of the day, it’s true JLin gets the short end of the stick :[

  740. I’m not one to insist on the perfect team. If the Mavs are not likely to win it all next year that’s not a reason to rule them out. But for example, did Mathews really need to get $14 mil to convince him? $10 mil for a guy coming off an injury like that isn’t enough?

  741. Yes, Dallas did more damage to Lin than helping him! Killed all the precious time and acted like cheapskates! I hope Lin goes somewhere and come back to torch them!

  742. LOL I slept very well last night for a change JLin returned to CA. Knowing that nothing is imminent helps me to relax. JLin and his team know what they are doing. I’m more than okay for them to not make a deal when the offer isn’t for the best for JLin. As JLin said: God’s plan is the best. In His time, everything will fall into place. God has brought him thus far, He won’t abandon JLin. Knowing this helps me to relax and not speculate what’s wrong with JLin and his team, etc.

  743. I think Philly would be fine.

  744. Blame the lakers for not making this sign and trade easy. The Mavericks do want Lin but Lakers still upset after the mavericks swept them 4-0 and sent their franchise to misery lol. Lakers trying to get as much as possible from the mavs

  745. Haha. I know and agree with you. I have my ups and downs. I should not post when I’m down 🙂

  746. Exactly

  747. They needed to put away a decent salary for Lin and use only what’s left to negotiate for a guy with the question mark of that type of injury. Anyway, it’s not too late.

  748. It’s not clear if he already missed opportunities. Perhaps the Bulls? But, yeah I also don’t like the idea of needing the Lakers to do him a favor.

  749. He asked for 15M, Kings offered him 16M/year he walked away, thus likely he’s going to eat whatever leftover with DJ. is he worht it? doubt it but it’s another Q

  750. Now you’re really rubbing salt in the wound 🙂

  751. hope you R right.

  752. If he preferred the Kings…

  753. Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine 5h5 hours ago
    ESPN sources say Aaron Brooks has struck a one-year deal to return to the Chicago Bulls

  754. Relax .. breathe deeply & find a minion to hit refresh button 😀

  755. Amen. 🙂

  756. I know. Just don’t have any desire to participate in speculations, blaming, demanding…. Never want to be part of “tiger fans.” JLIn and his team know what is going on and what they are doing much much much much better than anyone of us. Sick of seeing some fans in all sites (here, Twitter, FB, Baidu….) made all kinds of silly demands, arguments, self-righteous….. Just ignore everyone and continue to wait for JLin’s news. As I said for weeks, the earliest we knew where JLin would end up with would be after he returned from Asia trip. I’m so glad JLin takes his time to make up his mind. What’s the rush?? Making quick decision will land him a better team with better pay??? Not necessarily. Nothing is fair and perfect in life. JLin knows this very well. Continue to pray for JLin and his team. Sure glad that his agents are Christians and agree with where JLin comes from.

  757. wait .. that’s a basketball team?
    Or he’s trying to be a banker? lol

  758. the 2nd time? He tried out for them when they were in Taiwan.

  759. hash tag SBL so I assume basketball 🙂

  760. bball team.

  761. Am I wrong for thinking that the Mavs are in this predicament because bringing in Jeremy wasn’t one of their priority but an afterthought. Funny, how the teams that showed “interest” in Lin, are short on cap space. Moral of the story: Talk is cheap.

  762. Yeah that’s what I meant. Was that a fallback option for Lin? Or is Philly his 2nd option?

  763. ok, thanks. I guess I was expecting a nickname like Bank of Taiwan Tigers, etc.

  764. Let’s live with the flow. I go to bed now ?

  765. This is what JLin has said repeatedly when he was asked about FA when he was in Asia. This is what he has learned since high school. He also talked about Rox and Lakers not in great details but did hint about it.

  766. Sweet dream. You may hear the good news when you wake up in the morning:-)

  767. okay .. that looks like an awkward team-building exercise :>

  768. Philly now is his 2nd option. Both ways I think he will get paid. Either Sign and trade 3 years 21 million with a player option 3rd year + no trade clause with the mavs or 1 year 10 million with Philly.

  769. So he goes playing to Taiwan?

  770. I’m gonna put you in my survival kit 🙂

  771. Yes, Joe had a tryout in SBL when he was in Taiwan. Don’t know whether he would be accepted into the team.

  772. who gets signed first? Joseph or Jeremy? =)

  773. Mavs plan #1 was DeAndre Jordan. It was either get him or tank according to Cuban. I think they signed Matthews because DeAndre wanted him. Lin was their #1 point guard target but they knew it would be hard to get since they would have no cap space so sign and trade with lakers would be the only option. Both ways Mavs want Lin since next year free agency does not have that many good point guards.

  774. yes, life is not perfect indeed. What’s important is to know JLin and his agents are trying to find the best option for him.

    Whatever happens, Lin is in good hands. I remember the days when he went to the D-League a few times. And now, he has options to start or play backup for 6-7 yrs. It’s all about perspective 🙂

    thanks for the great reminder

  775. at this rate, Baby Lin 🙂

  776. maybe… hopefully…

  777. Now those are options!

  778. Self righteous fans who say it’s best for JLin to wait are just as self righteous as those who say he shouldn’t have. We’re all fans. Not one of us influences his decision. Leaving now.

  779. Thanks for the reply.

  780. he’s back from his injury?

  781. Wes is the reason DJ is signing with the Mavs – that’s what Parsons implied.

  782. Psalm… how many minion pics and gifs are at your disposal? should we be worried about you? 😛

  783. maybe both? what was his college major? maybe he can be an accountant-athlete 😉

  784. Yep. Huge bonus for me is I know Chinese and am Christian; can understand what JLin is saying very well:-)

  785. LOL You are doing fine.

  786. Yes. Did see some of his plays while he was in Asia. Presuming he has recovered. He was also in the clip with JLin of the 1000 shots when JLin returned to SF.

  787. Maybe:-)

  788. I wish I paid attention in Chinese class… sigh…

  789. Haha. No worries. I’m fine… just having bit of fun with my over dramatic original post. I got you out of hiding too. lol

  790. Quite a lot of debate between fans who think Jeremy should grab any starting job and prove himself, (leaving aside money considerations for now) and the fans who think Jeremy should get at least an offer commensurate with what other good PGs are getting.

    This is quite an interesting debate because we are talking huge sums of money here. Honestly, I would retire if I had anything close to US$25million in the bank. At the same time, I understand that everything is relative and respect is shown by the salary that is paid.

    Whatever happens, I hope Jeremy gets good advice and stays true to himself. He has maintained a very straight and focused course through the ups and downs and I generally find that it is better to be yourself, whilst still taking some advice and making little adjustments.

    Let’s all hope for the best.

  791. Will be sad if he gets a bigger contract than Jeremy at this rate.

  792. “I would retire if I had anything close to US$25million in the bank.”

    What would you do when you retire? Play basketball? 😉

  793. LOL Not hiding. Just my philosophy of being JLin fan is I’m just a fan and trust JLin and his team to know what they are doing:-)

  794. lol. Not that I have any clue, but I would guess that SBL’s salaries are probably closer to WNBA salaires.

  795. I agree!

  796. I know just kidding and frustrated.

  797. It’s a tense moment for all of Lin fans since we have no news and can do nothing but wait for what JLin’s decision at the earliest tomorrow after July 8 cap number was released by the league.

    I would encourage all of us to take a breather and wish/hope/pray/think positively for the best to happen. Even if the outcome might be less than ideal, we can only support Jeremy who wants to start in a team where he can fit the most.

    So let’s hope for the best and be patient with one another. I understand everyone deals with anxious moments differently. At least we can always fall back on our desire as faithful JLin fans to wish him to succeed. We’re all in the same boat here 😀

    Lin is a survivor. Whether he signs for $3M or $10M as a DAL starter or backup PG somewhere else, he will survive and thrive in the end.

  798. very well said!

  799. One hk banker told me, everyone wants to make bank and retire to go fishing. He wanted to make bank so he can hire someone to go fishing for him so he could make more money.

  800. golf for sure 🙂
    MJ and Barkley, the great ones, retired to play golf

  801. we need a distraction game to play, you know like on a long road trip, try to find letters A to Z out the window. LOL

  802. And if you truly trust in God’s perfect plan (an idea that Voltaire satirized in Candide about 300 years ago) you don’t get so upset and act self-righteous. Ironically, Voltaire was also an infamous troll on the old site 😉

  803. so pro golfers have the best jobs in the world?

  804. What do pro golfers do when they retire? play golf… to death? lol.

  805. I had no problem enjoying wwc and th goalfest … amazing sporting excellence.

  806. but that’s over! I’d watch more soccer if scores like 5-2 were typical.

  807. Actually I know some retired professionals and businessmen who spend an inordinate amount of time playing golf. But yeah, I wonder what pro golfers do when they retire.

  808. LOl of course we can bring back the Lin-Credible game while we wait :]

    The record holder is @disqus_MWXjhHjXCx:disqus with 213 points!×250.jpg

  809. Jrues wife is the holiday on us wnational team who just won wwc. She’s on fire.

  810. “My true fans are with me until the day I DIE” – Jeremy Lin

  811. yesss .. now maybe you can share how many times you recite this to Linspire you LOL

  812. yes, except for Tiger Woods now 🙂

  813. No worries .. “BANANA!!!”

  814. Lest we forget 😛

  815. ok, so maybe it’s planned all along (if we can trust Parsons)

  816. Po tay to oh ohs~~~

  817. Unless they die first of course 😉

  818. yeah, it’s very anxious moments for all JLin fans.
    Let’s just hope for the best for JLin tomorrow or the day after.

  819. Boo! Bad-News bringer :]

  820. It’s true! And poor blubell was on the verge there.

  821. We are human after all. Lets forgive and forget. Happy days are coming!

  822. Thank you, Jeremiah. Melody brought me back.

  823. Not just her. We were all thinking our happy thoughts and clapping. Isn’t that what did it for Tinkerbell?

  824. Oh, great. Another sleepless night trying to beat @7iger. Thanks, Psalm (not!). lol.

  825. For those who bored waiting for Lin contract news, I came up with a Jeremy Lin A to Z game to pass the time. Rules:

    1. Post a word that starts with the letter “A” that has something to do with Jeremy Lin. (Add an image for bonus.)
    Next person posts a word starting with “B”, and so on. After “Z”, start over with “A” again but no repeats from before.

    2. Each word should be a new post, not a reply to previous post (otherwise it won’t be seen).

    3. No consecutive posts by the same person.

  826. That game was amazing. Yep, we need the next win, for Lin.

  827. i left took a 5 hour test came back no updates ……..o……….gggg

  828. Phd?

  829. lol yea sure ….

  830. JLin triva test?

  831. B for BabyLIn, wish him all the best trying out for Taiwan Bank bball team

  832. yup passed it with flying colors. although the part on when this trade will go through was hard

  833. Well, that’s a trick question!

  834. where do you get the information that Philly is after Lin?

    I’ve been searching for such info but can’t find it…Is it just assumption Philly wants Jeremy based on previous year trying to get him?

    Maybe the Philly have decided to not spend any cash thus not going after Lin.

    If they do, I doubt he’ll be a big money offer since Lin leverage is not that strong…It’s either sign a 2.8M MLE to play for cheap for Mav.

  835. C for Couch (Landry’s and big bro).

  836. D is for league, where jlin prepped for his breakout!!!!

  837. lol d never lmao

    8 (or 9) teams have shown interest. Philly is likely among them. Teams must spend a certain minimum each season. They can’t just hold all their cash. They are likely offering Lin the most of all.

  839. I see. The test was written by KHuang. 🙂

  840. lol Question 5. when will dallas complete trade for Jeremy Lin
    A. maybe
    b. orange
    c. maybe never
    D. never always

  841. LOL. You forgot E) all of the above

  842. E is for ex Laker and ex Rocket and ex Knick

  843. lol

  844. F is for Free agency (and Frustrating wait)

  845. you forgot another “ex Rocket”

  846. E for Eremy, lol Knicks fans used to call him Eremy for not able to jump shot, look where he is now.

  847. nice, bonus points for alliteration =)

  848. and 1!

  849. I remember Landry screaming “and 1” game against the Jazz 🙂

  850. Joseph had a 2-hour workout for the team last week. His foundmental skills are sound and could mesh well with other teammates. The coach said his shooting is good but a little thin ,which is a disadventage. He hasnt made any decision
    and they have another America-born Taiwanese player whom they also have interest. Anyway he will invite Josh to have a 2nd workout in August.

    Actually the level of SBL isnt very high…lol I think he should challenge CBA rather than SBL at the stage IMO.

  851. G for girls!

  852. I hope so. Now the Bulls got Aaron Brooks. He doesn’t have leverage anymore

  853. G for Lin is a gamer, never gives up.

  854. H is for hoops.

  855. I – wonder what L will be 🙂

  856. I is for words I can think of for Byron Scott but will get my post deleted
    _ gnoramus
    _ diot
    _ becile
    _ rritating
    _ rrational
    _ gnorant
    _ nfantile

  857. J = JEREMY LIN!

  858. damm

  859. Nope. Lin is a survivor and no insult will make him lose sight of his inner goals.

    The truth is that Lin’s been insulted since high school. Lin has always been negotiating from a no win situation. Lin has no power to control his perceive value. He’s had to swallow his pride many times to find ways to disprove all the doubters. Stanford insulted him, GSW, Houston, NY, Houston again and finally LA. Guess what, he swallowed his pride and went around the obstacle.

    The NBA has been compared to WWF wrestling by many on this site. There is truth to that accusation. The owners and league office want to promote the stars to create sizzle and popularity. To that end, it has become more and a side show instead of competition. Why isn’t there a major Asian movie star? It’s because the entertainment industry don’t want one. In a popularity contest, Lin has no chance just as an Asian movie star.

    Lin is smarter than any of us. He knows why he has little value in the NBA. It has nothing to do with his stats or ability. It all has to do with perceived value and star power. An Asian NBA player just doesn’t rate!

    Do you know why you aren’t in the NBA? You can’t handle the truth. You didn’t and couldn’t put up with the BS and hate. None of us could! The amount of hate and BS Lin has to put up with would have driven us out of the game.

  860. Yay Harvard Crimson was all about Lin by that time.

  861. I ll give you one good one that won’t get you trouble. I for incompetent coach!

  862. What i have in mind is egg roll…they called him egg roll because he is as delicious as egg roll.

  863. L is for Linsanity. You knew this was coming

  864. hehehehe 🙂

  865. lol…that would be golf (the retirement plan)

  866. Thank God that at least I had less than 6 years of primary Chinese edu:-) Learned Chinese primary thru reading Chinese newspaper, books, Bible as I grew up! Not good but handy this day.

  867. It is still the 7th July in US. If JLIN deal can be concluded today at 7m and with a jersey no 7, what an alignment in destiny…..

  868. N is for New York

  869. Lol I totally forgot about this game.

  870. 7 for 7iger 😀

  871. O for Omer Asik’s Ballet Layup & Butterfingers ?
    I can’t think of anything else O

  872. LOL You have an advantage over Asia and Aussie fans as most of the deals won’t be done in midnights or early mornings. So you can rest much better than us. Go to bed when it’s just the beginning of the day in US:-)

  873. p for parson thee return of the pretty boy.

  874. h is for hover hand in the girls photo below.

  875. P for psalm234 I am pretty sure he has something to do with JLin

  876. picture has so much homoerotic vibes

  877. Argh the dreaded bromance

  878. Hear, hear.

  879. This is how Parsons recruits

  880. K for Kobe Brentyen.

  881. Look at ’em fleeting eyes!

  882. P for papaLin, palo alto high school, lol

  883. the worst pic of Lin

  884. No gas for me for JLin ?

  885. lol q for quick

  886. ^_^, cheers for ‘P for Quick’, lol

  887. lol im so tired 5 hour test

  888. You already back? or you’re taking it on computer?

  889. was hoping the trade would be done

  890. something, anything! lol

  891. Q is for questioning all the non-call fouls from the Refs, especially No17 and No12.


  893. those “steal of the night”s @

  894. Correction:
    Golddigger girls

  895. 40% next season!

  896. man the anticipation is off the charts

  897. H is for hover hand. xD

  898. S for Steal and a Dunk:

  899. P for penetration.

  900. V is for Volvo

  901. W =WINNER


  902. V for Vicious dunk on Francisco Garcia:

  903. hahahaha everyone got stuck at X.

  904. stuck at Y

  905. stuck at Z

  906. LOL I was reading from the top so I didn’t even read the game rules and randomly replied with an alphabet. Somehow I still ended up replying with a H on a post with G.

  907. X is for Xavier Henry

  908. Y is for yours truly.

  909. Yao Ming

  910. X for Xinxin Wu, his mother.

  911. Good one:-)

  912. Your beloved/cute JLin:-)

  913. Z is for Zenith – the highest point Lin WILL achieve.

  914. A good one, one that has the historical meaning.

  915. Thinking about when JLin played for Knicks. In one of the Linsanity games, the announcer said: JLin zigzag thru the players:-) (Sorry can’t remember which one)

  916. C for Christian!

  917. Cuban needs to watch this again:

  918. What really drew me to him.

  919. Was the start of Linsanity against the Nets:

  920. I would put this as 3rd most memorable Linsanity game behind Raptors and Lakers games.

  921. do some accounting for fun

  922. Z for zeroing in a good fat contract!

  923. This is what he can do when he’s unleashed. Notice he had 7 turnovers in this game. Hope his next coach let’s him play freely without having to look over his shoulder all game.

  924. I had no idea. I was like, who is this Lauren Holiday? I remember a Lauren Cheney the last world cup. Wait, she married Jrue Holiday? *that* Jrue Holiday? wha???

  925. out of 2500 prob

  926. I was thinking 2k but yeah 🙂

  927. at least he’s putting in the work 🙂

  928. I would be thrilled with 50%

  929. it’s kind of sad when you need a giant net for FT practice instead of a simple plastic scoop under the net. LOL

  930. Sad reality…

  931. They say he makes them in practice just not in games. They should put him in a room covered with video screens with a basket to create a virtual arena with crowds and noise.

  932. I don’t believe it. If he made them in practice, he would tell us his practice %

  933. Mavericks FA: 5 Things to Know About Jeremy Lin

    #1: Jeremy Lin has improved his touch from outside

    Jeremy Lin loves to get to the basket. His ability to penetrate the lane to score or find teammates jumpstarted his career in New York and has been his strongest attribute during his five-year career.

    But he has improved in other areas, most notably his shooting from outside.

    Lin shot 2.1 three-pointers a night in his 35 games with the Knicks in 2011-12, connecting on just 32% of his attempts. He shot 3.1 a night for the Rockets in 2012-13, upping his percentage to 33.9%. The season after that he shot 35.8%, and last year for the Lakers 36.9%.

    See a trend? Lin has improved in that area with each passing year and as he turns just 27-years old in August should continue to do so.

    Lin likes to have the ball in his hands, and most of his attempts last season came on pull-up situations. But though only 16% of his field goals came on a catch-and-shoot, he’s capable of hitting those, too.

    Watch this barrage he unleashed on the Philadelphia 76ers two years ago. Except for a pull-up in transition late in the game, all of Lin’s 9 made three-pointers came off a catch-and-shoot. Notice that several came on passes from Chandler Parsons, as well.

    Lin’s ability to score off the ball is imperative to his fit with the Mavericks. Parsons will have the ball in his hands much more next season, and in Rick Carlisle‘s scheme having a guard able to knock down open shots as the ball swings from side to side makes a huge difference in what Dallas wants to accomplish. Looking at you, Rajon.

  934. #2: Jeremy Lin is great in the pick-and-roll

    If Jeremy Lin has a “bread-and-butter” aspect to his game it’s definitely the pick-and-roll. In fact, it wasn’t until Lakers coach Byron Scott allowed him a little more freedom within the offense to run pick-and-rolls after the All-Star break that Lin really started to get going for Los Angeles. From a Los Angeles Daily News report back in March:

    “He’s more comfortable,” Scott said. “He’s not thinking so much out there.”

    Yet, Lin argued he mostly feels comfortable because Scott has granted him both more freedom to run the offense and run more pick-and-roll plays.

    “That’s who I am,” said Lin, whose $14.9 million contract expires this offseason. “That’s what allowed me to have success in the past. That’s the reason why people are paying me money to play pick-and-roll.”

    The report went on to say that Scott was “reluctant” to run pick-and-rolls because he thought it would “stunt” the team’s ball movement. Running something that doesn’t work as opposed to something that does is so Byron Scott.

    Lin won’t have that problem any longer. Whichever team he decides to sign with will know his strengths and encourage him to use them.

    Lin scored 0.83 points a possession in the pick-and-roll last season for the woeful Lakers, on par with the likes of Goran Dragic, Monta Ellis, and Klay Thompson. He also has good size (6’3″) allowing him to see over smaller defenders and deliver good passes to teammates in traffic.

    Look at the chemistry he shared with Ed Davis early on with the Lakers. With the freedom to operate and guys like DeAndre Jordan and Dirk Nowitzki working with him rather than Davis, Lin and the Mavericks could be very effective in that area.

  935. #3: Jeremy Lin might not be ideal, but he’s the best available option for the Mavericks

    The free agent pool for point guards this summer was pretty underwhelming. Reggie Jackson and Brandon Knight were restricted and signed long-term with their respective clubs. Goran Dragic inked a max deal and will stay with the Miami Heat, too.

    There were some rumblings that the Mavericks could try to trade for Denver’s Ty Lawson, but it was never a real likelihood and it would have cost them Wesley Matthews or DeAndre Jordan.

    Dallas’ options were whittled down quickly, and now that Mo Williams has signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers Lin is the Mavericks’ only real choice.

    Even so it could take some good fortune to land him, as the Mavs are low on cap space.

    Mavs have expressed interest in Jeremy Lin since start of free agency, but only way a deal happens now is if the Lakers sign-and-trade him.

    — Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) July 5, 2015

  936. #4: Jeremy Lin would be great fit with new center DeAndre Jordan

    We’ve already touched on Lin’s proficiency in the pick-and-roll, but it’s his strength there that makes him a great fit with the newly acquired DeAndre Jordan.

    Dwight Howard has his best year in Houston his lone campaign with Lin (and Parsons), partially because Lin is more adept at making these types of passes than Patrick Beverley or Jason Terry.

    2014-15 was the year of the alley-oop for the Mavericks. Tyson Chandler finished second in the league in dunks, most of which came via a lob pass, the Houston Rockets executed about 1,000 of them in the Mavericks’ first round playoff defeat, and Dirk Nowitzki did this in the NBA All-Star game.

    But with Lin (and Parsons) paired up with a guy like DeAndre Jordan Lob City might be coming to Big D.

    DeAndre Jordan: NBA leader in alley-oop dunks since the start of 2011-12 season (Chris Paul’s first with LAC):

    — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) July 3, 2015

    Chandler was great, but nobody finishes a play like Jordan. Just ask Brandon Knight.

  937. #5: Mavericks would be getting good, not great player in Jeremy Lin

    Part of the reason Jeremy Lin is so polarizing to fans is that expectations were too high following his breakout with the Knicks.

    The truth is that if Lin makes his way to Dallas the Mavericks will be getting a good, but not great player.

    There’s a lot to like about him: improved outside shooting, ability in the pick-and-roll, solid rebounder for his position, intelligence.

    But he’s a career 44% shooter from the floor overall and will always struggle a little bit to defend the more explosive guards roaming the western conference.

    Still, the fit is there with the Mavericks. It’s a win for both parties.

  938. G for Golden State Warriors, Lin’s first team where he became good friends with Curry and David Lee.

  939. I completely agree. Lakers 38pts #1, Raptors game winner #2, Dallas 28pts #3.

  940. I like the NJ game more, then Rap game, then MAvs

  941. Right! How could I forget the first Linsanity game!

  942. The explosive guards of the West always have trouble defending Jeremy Lin too.
    The difference is if the teammates can provide help to defend PnR on either side.

  943. I think that is the only ball catching equipment they have for all kinds of shooting. Sure wish I had one, then I wouldn’t have to chase all my missed shots that end up in the grass on some pooop left by the neighbors dog….not that that ever happened to me.

  944. Not him to you?

  945. wow, that is amazing

  946. lol

  947. Mavericks power ranking still only #11 after getting Jordan and Matthews.

    “As much as Jordan may have butted heads with Chris Paul, L.A.’s All-Star point guard throws a mean lob—far meaner than anything Devin Harris and J.J. Barea could probably conjure up.”

    “Dallas has tons of questions to answer, from “who’s playing the point?” to “when will Matthews be back from his torn Achilles?”

  948. H for Hate To Lose

    “I just really, really, really hate to lose. Really.” Jeremy Lin

  949. Will he ever be back from an Achilles injury?

  950. I wonder if Wes would need to pass a physical exam before signing the contract

  951. To be honest, it was high risk to sign Wes Matthews (at any price) after seeing Kobe. Sure Kobe’s older, but despite being an a**hole, he does work super hard. And if Kobe can’t make a half-decent comeback, not many can.

  952. JLin is going to participate in thi “Beyond Dreams in Love” Charity Event in Beijing on 8 Aug.

  953. Should be “R”

  954. Rondo had the same injury and his defense became worse. It may take a long time to recover…

  955. Still love watching the steal & dunk at 6:05!

  956. Mavericks lead the league in lobs before the Rajon Rondo trade. Cp3 is also overrated considering he never got out of the 2nd round. Also how hard is it to throw lobs? Lin will easily throw lobs to Jordan and mavs will be known as lob city.

  957. my guess is around end of the year

  958. As for Kobe, I think its mainly due to his age and over-doing things for his age and no smart play

  959. From a pure basketball standpoint, I’d be fascinated by a Lin/Matthews/Parsons/Dirk/Jordan lineup. It’s probably the only starting lineup in the league where ALL FIVE players can easily drop 20+ points on a given night. And yet no one (now that Dirk is aging) is a 25-30ppg guy. It could be very, very balanced if Carlisle keeps Parsons in line.

  960. That’s an astute observation. Last season DAL was already leading in PPG before Rondo trade with Jameer Nelson plus Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder. If everyone is healthy, it can definitely surpass last season’s performance

    Cuban should’ve traded for JLin instead of Rondo last season, they’d ve reached at least the Conference Finals

  961. Dirk is averaging 17ppg for a 37 year old so that’s pretty amazing. Dirk was at his best when he had Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. Smart intelligent players like Lin. I have a feeling Lin will make Dirk feel like a 25 year old again. Got a feeling Lin going to average around 9 to 10 assist a game this season.

  962. Exactly. Mavs were #1 in offense before Rondo so all they needed was a smart intelligent point guard like Lin and they would have gone deep.

  963. Would have been better if utilized correctly:

  964. Correct, historically odds are against players returning to their prior production after an Achilles

    History not kind for ruptured Achilles recovery

  965. Lakers destroy players careers. No one wants to play for them anymore. All LA players heading down to Texas. Lin going to turn into an all star with the mavs.


    Mavs summer league roster. Got high hopes for Bobby Ray Parks Junior. Another Jeremy Lin story

  967. I can safely assume that Mavericks without Jeremy would be absolutely trashed in Western Conference. DeAndre Jordon, Wes Matthews, Chanler Parson would be absolutely demolished by Western teams with ony JJ Barea and Delvn Harris at point. Only Jeremy can carry this crippled team to playoff.

    At the offer of $2M+ and age 26, it’s too much an insult. Jeremy shouldn’t play for discount like David West at age 34.

    Jeremy should play for money now and may be around 30 he could play for wins. Jeremy is too young to play at discount. Just tell Mark Cuban that you will play where the money is. There will be more teams that could offer much more than Mavericks.

    Dallas has been planning to lowball Jeremy from the start. Jeremy should just let Dallas crash landing next season with Wes Matthews signed with $10M more than Jeremy. Wes Matthews couldn’t help Mavericks as much as Jeremy does. Just give a flat ‘NO’ to Mark Cuban and see his team perish. Let Mark Cuban reaps what he deserves.

  968. Nice!

  969. Not a real fan.

  970. Nice change!

  971. That is why sign and trade of Indiana, Clippers and Dallas would be ideal. But Lakers got to Hibbert first. Indiana got Ellis without using their cap, Clippers got Hibbert and Dallas got DeAndre Jordan and would have enough capspace to sign Jeremy.

  972. I is for Imagine all the Lin Fans living in harmony … J is for Jeremy Lenon lol.

  973. unreal fan then …lol

  974. I wonder if Jeremy can plan Imagine on his piano? =)

  975. I don’t think Jeremy would agree the part in which it says “and no religion too” … 😀

  976. I can safely assume that Mavericks without Jeremy would be absolutely trashed in Western Conference. DeAndre Jordon, Wes Matthews, Chanler Parson would be absolutely demolished by Western teams with ony JJ Barea and Delvn Harris at point.

    Agreed. I think that’s what taking so long. On one hand, Dallas does not want to pay Lin big bucks or give up anything to get him. On the other hand, they know that they’re in big trouble without him. In brutal West, Chandler Parsons cannot be your best playmaker. He’s not Lebron or even Nic Batum. He’s maybe Gordon Hayward.

  977. The joy of having DeAndre Jordon would soon be erased by defeats next season. Both Parsons Chandler, Wes Matthews are unreliable immediate help. They need a starting PG who could start and play in the Western Conference and only Jeremy Lin had the experience and the upside to give hope to the team.

    Jordon knows how fast Jeremy is. He’s not going to a team to get clobbered. The most capable help and the best partnership with a PG like Jeremy Lin who will make him look good. Dallas needs offense next season. Defense is already strengthened by DeAndre Jordon. They need scoring punch which is the specialty of Jeremy Lin.

    Jeremy shouldn’t invest on Dallas which is not yet a contender. Dallas is not Spurs which is a guaranteed contender. So no player would go to Dallas now and play at big discount. Jeremy shouldn’t.

  978. Hope Lin will get a one year $7m or more contract with 2nd year player option.

  979. J of course for Jlin

  980. L of course for Lin

  981. Watch “DeAndre Jordan Top 20 Dunks 2015” on YouTube

    lin and deandre best PNR and alley hoop combo?

  982. Is he flying back to China or just do a short cameo by video chat or something?

  983. Estimates of remaining cap space (via Nathan Gottlieb) :

  984. Nathan Gottlieb contacted Harvey Araton, who writes about basketball for the NY Times …


  985. is this with the expected increase to ~$69 mil??

  986. I would like to see Lin sit down for a highly publicized meeting with Brett Brown and Sam Hinkie of the Sixers. Just to hear what their plans are for the coming season, to find out how they would utilize Lin, and most of all, to light a fire under Cuban’s a$$.

  987. CP-less lol

  988. He didn’t specify. He simply characterized them as ‘rough’. The fellow used to be an assistant GM with the Nets, and knows his way around the CBA.

  989. Works both ways. Dallas should try to give Lin a respectable salary even if they have to give up a pick or help out the Clippers. You know they would do it for DJ and even for Wes Mathews.

  990. I’d love to see that too but I realize JLin Team probably prefers to negotiate in stealth mode.
    As long as DAL shows good intention to find the best option for 1st year then rework the deal, it’s good to keep things behind the door.
    JLin himself probably wants to avoid HOU & NYK situation in 2012 when he was falsely accused of being “greedy” by Dolan so he’s being extra careful
    I do hope JLin’s agents still work the phone with 2 teams or more to give Lin the best options to choose & keep teams honest. I’m OK with not knowing now if it can help land Lin the best deal

  991. Tom Moore, a Sixers beat writer, talks about their options at point guard …

  992. Ok stealth mode is fine. Just so long as Cuban gets the message. No one can accuse Lin of being greedy for not accepting the vet minimum as Cuban seems to be offering.

  993. If they combined this with the additional money they would get from stretching Felton’s contract would it be enough for Lin?


    center thristan thompson
    pf okafor
    sf grant
    sg staukas
    pg canaan/wroten

    noel is pf and can defend but they are thin if okafor and noel start so thompson is the right center cause large body and can defend…jahlil is meh on defense and noel is to thin for center he is realy a power forward but among the 3 noel embid okafor only noel is capable of defending the lowpost………look up the line up its smell TANKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

    theres no way hinkie aint gonna tank

  995. I certainly wish it won’t be vet min.
    I pull for a 3-way trade for at least $6M although it seems unlikely

  996. Something smells Wroten in the tank? :]

  997. Personally I think Jeremy Lin made a few mistakes this year: 1) he was in Asia when the free agency started 2) publicly telling people what he wanted: he wanted to be a starter, he wanted to go to a contending team, he was willing to take less money…(he lost some leverage here)

  998. On the other JLin site somebody quoted that Lin has agreed to sign with Lakers for 1 year @ 8m! OMG!!!

  999. no being in asia is not the problem thats why you have agent………… is the problem its too low for market value