Linteresting Brooklyn Nets Games in the 2016-17 NBA Season


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The NBA finally released the 2016-17 NBA Season Schedule.

There are some notably interesting Lin (Linteresting) games against his old teams that all faithful Jeremy Lin fans will need to set  reminders in their calendar.

  1. New York Knicks: Nov 9 (MSG), Feb 1, Mar 12, Mar 16 (MSG)
  2. Charlotte Hornets: Nov 4, Dec 26, Jan 21 (CHA), Feb 7 (CHA)
  3. Houston Rockets: Dec 12 (HOU), Jan 15
  4. LA Lakers: Nov 15 (LA), Dec 14

Notable Games
  • Nov 4 home game vs Charlotte Hornets will be an interesting matchup against Lin’s old team who can only offer a backup PG role. Will Lin be able to showcase his full potential as a starting Point Guard in only the 6th game of the season? The good news is there are only 3 home games this week (Bulls, Pistons, Hornets) and it comes with 1 day rest after the Nov 2 game vs the Pistons.
  • Nov 9 game vs the Knicks at the Madison Square Garden will be a tough game because it comes at the back end of a back-to-back game after a home game vs Minnesota Timberwolves on Nov 8. But it is an important game nonetheless because the 1st Linsanity games happened on Feb 4, 2012 when Jeremy Lin came off the bench to lead the Knicks with 25pts/7asts/5rebs to beat the New Jersey Nets. A win would bring back so many memories for New York fans of what could have been if the Knicks chose to keep Lin in 2012.
  • Dec 12 game vs the Houston Rockets would mark the first game of the season when Jeremy Lin plays against his old team coached by newly hired Mike D’Antoni who helped to create Linsanity in 2012 with his PG-centric system. Will Jeremy Lin be able to show his old team and his old coach of what they miss in his PG leadership? A matchup against his old teammate, James Harden, is always an interesting matchup.

Credit to CLEDITS7

The 1st game vs Boston Celtics is still 2.5 months away on Oct 26 but this will be a great challenge for a young Brooklyn Nets team who was formed with the unselfish, high-character identity by Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson. It is the Year 1 of emulating a great San Antonio Spurs culture  so noone expects anything from them. ESPN predicts only 21 wins and 63 losses but they should never count a hungry team if it plays unselfishly and gives their all on both ends of the floor.

Under the tutelage of a great development coach in Kenny Atkinson and the smart and unselfish leadership of Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez, we can expect the Brooklyn Nets to overachieve their 21 wins next season. Brooklyn Strong!

Here is the link to see the full 2016-17 schedule of the Brooklyn Nets.