Linteresting Brooklyn Nets Games in the 2016-17 NBA Season


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The NBA finally released the 2016-17 NBA Season Schedule.

There are some notably interesting Lin (Linteresting) games against his old teams that all faithful Jeremy Lin fans will need to set  reminders in their calendar.

  1. New York Knicks: Nov 9 (MSG), Feb 1, Mar 12, Mar 16 (MSG)
  2. Charlotte Hornets: Nov 4, Dec 26, Jan 21 (CHA), Feb 7 (CHA)
  3. Houston Rockets: Dec 12 (HOU), Jan 15
  4. LA Lakers: Nov 15 (LA), Dec 14

Notable Games
  • Nov 4 home game vs Charlotte Hornets will be an interesting matchup against Lin’s old team who can only offer a backup PG role. Will Lin be able to showcase his full potential as a starting Point Guard in only the 6th game of the season? The good news is there are only 3 home games this week (Bulls, Pistons, Hornets) and it comes with 1 day rest after the Nov 2 game vs the Pistons.
  • Nov 9 game vs the Knicks at the Madison Square Garden will be a tough game because it comes at the back end of a back-to-back game after a home game vs Minnesota Timberwolves on Nov 8. But it is an important game nonetheless because the 1st Linsanity games happened on Feb 4, 2012 when Jeremy Lin came off the bench to lead the Knicks with 25pts/7asts/5rebs to beat the New Jersey Nets. A win would bring back so many memories for New York fans of what could have been if the Knicks chose to keep Lin in 2012.
  • Dec 12 game vs the Houston Rockets would mark the first game of the season when Jeremy Lin plays against his old team coached by newly hired Mike D’Antoni who helped to create Linsanity in 2012 with his PG-centric system. Will Jeremy Lin be able to show his old team and his old coach of what they miss in his PG leadership? A matchup against his old teammate, James Harden, is always an interesting matchup.

Credit to CLEDITS7

The 1st game vs Boston Celtics is still 2.5 months away on Oct 26 but this will be a great challenge for a young Brooklyn Nets team who was formed with the unselfish, high-character identity by Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson. It is the Year 1 of emulating a great San Antonio Spurs culture  so noone expects anything from them. ESPN predicts only 21 wins and 63 losses but they should never count a hungry team if it plays unselfishly and gives their all on both ends of the floor.

Under the tutelage of a great development coach in Kenny Atkinson and the smart and unselfish leadership of Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez, we can expect the Brooklyn Nets to overachieve their 21 wins next season. Brooklyn Strong!

Here is the link to see the full 2016-17 schedule of the Brooklyn Nets.



  1. Some brutal back-to-backs but an overall easy schedule to start the season.

    In the first 10 games, the Clips are the only “surefire loss” I see. I expect Lin to have a big game at Boston to start the season (like he did in April), but I don’t know if his teammates will be ready so soon, so I can see a close loss there. 7-3 is not out of the question.

  2. From the NY Post …

    The Nets will be on national television just three times: ESPN for the first Knicks games, and two NBATV games (March 23 against the Suns, April 8 against the Bulls, both in Brooklyn).

    The Nets will have 14-back-to-backs …. and four back-to-backs in January alone. There is an early five-game road trip in November and one hellacious eight-game trip from Feb. 24-March 8 that stops for games against the Nuggets, Warriors, Kings, Jazz, Trail Blazers, Grizzlies, Hawks and Mavericks.

  3. 1 less than last season, what a shame.

  4. They got 3 national TV games. Better than I thought… Haha!

  5. Nice art work psalm, 3D Lin.

  6. Beside all 82 Nets games, OKC vs GS will be fun to watch.

  7. Full credit to CLEDITS7
    I haven’t found the original link on instagram yet

  8. Melo says he’s fine with (potentially) winning 3 gold medals and not an NBA championship…

    “Most athletes don’t have an opportunity to say that they won a gold medal, better yet three gold medals,” Anthony said.. “I would be very happy walking away from the game knowing that I’ve given the game everything I have (and) knowing I played on a high level at every level: High school, college, won (a championship) in college (at Syracuse) and possibly three gold medals.

    “I can look back on it when my career is over — if I don’t have an NBA championship ring — and say I had a great career.”

    And this is why Melo will never be an NBA champion.

  9. CBC commentator called 14-year old Chinese swimmer a pig…

    “That little 14-year-old from China dropped the ball, baby. Too excited, went out like a stink and died like a pig,” MacDonald said.

  10. Melo knows he will not get a ring.

  11. Thanks!.
    The Nets gets 7 games, the 3rd fewest after ORL and PHI.

    But only BKN and ORL have 0 TNT games.
    This should change quickly by Dec if the Nets come out strongly

  12. So it’s 7. Hornets was a playoff team but only 9…

  13. Apparently. I think the 3 TV games first mentioned may be referring to games at Barclay Center. There may be 4 televised away games in addition.

  14. I hate NBAtv because it will be blackout on league pass.

  15. I only see 3 national tv games in the espn schedule.

  16. Some “experts” will predict a 2-8.

  17. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the chart I copied here. But the ESPN schedule may only only noting televised home games for each team. But if the chart is accurate, then ESPN should be listing four televised games on other teams’ schedules when Brooklyn is visiting.

  18. The Knicks will be disappointed to hear that!

  19. Home and Away

  20. They usually ignore the obvious and make excuses for Melo. Willfully ignorant bunch.

  21. I see “7” in this picture, but where’s “11”?

  22. infinity88 ‏@linfinity88 39m39 minutes ago
    korieyang: Just caught Jeremy Lin and he was super nice!!! #dota2 #ti6 #keyarena #jeremylin #seattle

  23. These are the new Nets players, not the ones returning.

  24. Talk about having a full plate…

  25. Yummy red meat.

  26. Argentina playing so poorly so far in 1st Q against Lithuania. Score is 16-15 Lith.

    Scola looked so slow on defense. He allowed players to blow past him at least 3 times already. For some reason, he played for all 10 minutes in 1st Q. Also, Manu missed 4 free throws, back to back double misses. Very rare to see.

  27. Ah! Thanks.

  28. The “Coiling Dragon Cliff” skywalk is 100 meters long and winds around the sheer cliffs of Tianmen Mountain in southern China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The walkway opened to the public on Aug. 1. The vertical drop is 1.5 km.

    See :

  29. Brooklyn’s 8-game road trip, from Feb. 24-March 10, is their annual “circus road trip,” so-called because the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus will take over Barclays Center. This year they’ll play games in Denver, Golden State, Sacramento, Utah, Portland, Memphis, Atlanta and Dallas.

  30. In any other country in the world than the racist US, there would be no “Linsanity” because an Asian guy like Lin would be judged fairly according to his ability and not dismissed because of his race.

  31. Given that the Clippers have no guard that can impede Lin, I would not call Nets vs Clippers a “surefire loss”.

  32. old, fatigue

  33. Yeah, I couldn’t find the complete team pic so Brook & Bojan are missing ?

  34. First ten games:

    Celtics Oct 26 Away
    Pacers Oct 28 Home
    Bucks Oct 29 Home
    Bulls Oct 31 Home
    Pistons Nov 02 Home
    Hornets Nov 04 Home
    Wolves Nov 08 Home
    Knicks Nov 09 Away
    Suns Nov 12 Away
    Clippers Nov 14 Away

    In terms of opponents, it’s not bad at all, as there no top-seeded teams besides the Clippers.

    But the schedule is pretty brutal. Starts out with three games in four nights! ending with a back-to-back against the Bucks.

    And the Knicks game at MSG is a back-to-back; on the plus side, the game before that is at Barclays so the the game at MSG won’t involve plane travel. But the Knicks will have had three nights of rest — plenty of time for recovery and gameplanning.

    On the positive side, there is a continuous two-week stretch in which they stay in NY (between Oct 27 to Nov 11), resulting in less fatigue and less time wasted on travel, and more time for rest and practice sessions.

  35. It’s not that bad for b2b knicks game. There will not be any travel, they will still go home have nice rest. about 6 miles from Barclays to MSG.

  36. TNT and ESPN will regret the decision they made this season about none or just one game of the Nets to be aired nationally. I want all of of us to remember what us Lin fans have predicted, the awakening of Linsanity is about to happen. Only God and his health can have the power to stop it. 3 years of constipation is about to relieve.

  37. they do tend to change some during the season…so hopefully we get to see more NETS games added on later

  38. Jeremy says he plays “fast and a little bit reckless” so the corresponding Dota 2 hero would be “Spirit Breaker” …

  39. Exactly. Another reason a good start will be HUGE for the Nets.

  40. Most annoying quirk is that 2 of 3 CLE games are 2nd night of a back-to-back where Cavs will be rested. I guess they don’t want Lin to humiliate Lebron, Kyrie and Love again…

  41. Lin won’t have a problem, but his teammates will. Clips will just outrun the rest of the Nets team.

  42. Joy Jeng ‏@Loveforlife0323 1h1 hour ago
    anqi320 IG:Interview Jeremy Lin @JLin7 in key arena of TI6 today~
    #jeremylin #dota2 #TI6 #林书豪 #nba

  43. Jeremy Lin compares NBA All Stars to Dota heroes

  44. since b2b are basically schedule-induced losses, it might as well be against a top-seed team like the cavs.

    this quirk is in nets favor, insofar as the goal is making the playoffs.

  45. Yeah…as long as Nets clicks and starts the season well, similar to Hornets, they had some games added to national broadcasting.

    Just cant wait to see how things mesh up…Go LiNets

  46. Yesss

  47. So anxious!! Can’t wait to show the world how great JLin. Literally, everyone I know thinks he’s below average.. my brother, cousins, coworkers, boyfriend, EVERYONE!!! And I’m getting tired of proving them wrong and hope to see the Nets get it on

  48. Celtics Oct 26 Away => Lost
    Pacers Oct 28 Home => Win
    Bucks Oct 29 Home => Win
    Bulls Oct 31 Home => Lost
    Pistons Nov 02 Home => Lost
    Hornets Nov 04 Home => Win
    Wolves Nov 08 Home => Win
    Knicks Nov 09 Away => Lost
    Suns Nov 12 Away => Win
    Clippers Nov 14 Away => Lost

    5-5, hope a reasonable prediction, considering no real top seed opponents …

  49. Still disagree.

    JJ Redick might outrun the rest of the team, though Lin is one of the few guards in the NBA capable of stopping Redick.

    But the Nets will likely play swarming fundamentally sound defense, more than enough to stay competitive.

    It’s not just Lopez that will have no trouble against Jordan and Griffin. Hamilton won’t either – and I’ll bet that Booker and Scola go off from outside and in switches.

  50. Agreed. Any win is a plus.

  51. well it’s certainly more viable to project wins/losses once you know exactly who is playing who when and where.

    regarding nets there appear to be 4 levels of negativity. the most negative the pundits who universally have less than zero expectations for nets; placing them either last or next to last (w/ philly) in east and most generally overall. a recent post sked report on a major national site not even referencing the nets at all in its commentary (6ers get mentioned for ben simmons only) but actually placing the nets at or above win total of 3 other teams in the league including 6ers. but giving them the worst odds at a championship (consistent with vegas odds).

    next level would be the clearly hostile to nets current state nets site nets realgm where the majority of and certainly the most prolific posters are bitter as to nets chances and choices in past and present. a typical comment there by a tens of thousands of posts poster:

    “Looking at the schedule, we could possibly start the season easily 1-10 or 0-11.

    reality now starts to set in. this team may not win more than 13 games”

    then you come up to the more civil and for the most part (with outliers) positive netsdaily were still (again with outliers in the opposite positive direction) a typical comment and reply would be:

    “This team is going to lose early and often”

    “yeah, but that has nothing to do with the schedule”

    then on to the most positive (surprise surprise) again with outliers lin fan site here where a plurality of opinion would be a minimum of 30 some wins with playoffs clearly possible.

    interestingly enough as i have referenced before with the exception of a couple general grumps about everything on nets realgm the overwhelming majority everywhere regardless of opinion on nets feel positive about lin. see a very good season for him, just question (outside lin fans) whether he is capable of dragging along with him (in conjunction with lopez) the remainder of the what is soon as and reasonably so a rather to date unproven remainder of the roster.

  52. Plan to go to this place next year. Don’t think I’m able to take up this challenge:-(

  53. You are very complimentary to the Nets roster. Is there any teams you think are much better then them?

  54. I’ll always remember what Larry Bird said about NBA scheduling:

    Assistant coach Rick Carlisle of the Indiana Pacers moaned to Bird about the Pacers having a “tough schedule”.

    Head coach Larry Bird said “Hmm, 41 home games and 41 away games. Seems fair to me!”

  55. At least the MYTH that “Lin plays poorly in back to backs” was dispelled over the last 3 seasons.

  56. In Bible, the heroes and Jesus used to be tested for 40 years or 40 days, in Jeremy’s NBA case it is 4 years. And I believe It is his time now empowered by God.

  57. Damn, it’s like the NBA is rigged. The big name teams that they want to win, get the easiest schedules.

  58. The NBA is rigged, especially during the playoffs. NBA doesn’t even care to hide the fact they are rigging playoff games. Everyone knows it deep down, but fans will still watch and pretend like the sport and league officials are fair and unbiased. They rig the regular season by giving favorable schedules to the teams they want to win the most that year and give the worst schedules to the teams they don’t care about.

    The NFL is even worse than NBA. That’s why I’ve stopped watching NFL completely and only care about the NBA because of Lin. NHL is really bad with rigged games during the playoffs as well. MLB used to be bad too, but they’ve been under the microscope due to all of the insider betting and rigging in the past, so MLB is the least rigged professional U.S. sport in modern times.

  59. I am not a Christian but thanks for a small lesson.

  60. Hey everyone, I’ve been dying to get one picture with lin throughout these years but have been unable to. I know he’s speaking at SeaCoast Grace Church in OC tomorrow. Is anyone coming? Any tips haha?

  61. More Analyses on Schedules:
    These two individuals have posted some very informative charts in their twitter accounts and blog. They provide a little more information into the easy/difficult schedules computations.

    Ed Kupfer Twitter:

    Jared Dubin Blog and Twitter:

  62. someone on this site (rhymes with ding dong i think) has often touted the importance of andrew bogut; compare the aussies in olympics with and without. thru 3 games with bogut, destroy france comfortably cruse over serbia and lead u.s. at halftime.

    without bogut; playing only even with a china team that hasn’t come close to beating anyone.

    (bogut btw thru his three games among top 20 in the olympics in points, assists, rebounds, and blocks. )

  63. Wow, women’s USA soccer team just lost against Sweden and are eliminated from the Olympics for the first time. Came down to a shootout, but there were 2 controversial calls in the 2nd overtime against both teams. Refs were terrible in the 2nd OT.

  64. I live in LA and would love to go but my family said I’m going overboard with my Lin obsession lol

  65. Did you see men’s South Korea’s soccer match against Germany? Can’t believe they let them score with less than 1 minute… ridiculous TIE.

  66. No tip but good luck to you.

  67. One Day’s Wages (ODW) is a grassroots movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. See :

  68. Guys, pre-sale for tickets are happening now. HURRY!!!

  69. Wish I live there. Nets tickets are much cheaper than Knicks too.

  70. Sounds like a great opportunity.
    Probably best to get there early and attempt to reach front seats. Probably also a good idea to wear a Lin Jersey (over a shirt) if you can

  71. Yeah, “circle every game” because each one is big and considered an upset if the Nets win. LOL

  72. I just grabbed 2 pre-sale seats for Sunday Nov 20 game against Portland. Heading east to visit family and will have a stopover in NYC for the game. I went to his game against Santa Clara few years ago, this will be my first time seeing Lin live as a Pro.

  73. So the cheapest tickets are the early season tickets. They keep getting progressively more expensive as the season goes on. I got tickets to the first Knicks home game for $100 a ticket on the lower level. Cheapest tickets for that game are $25, $35, and $50 for the upper deck seats. Well worth it in my opinion.

    Warriors and Cavs games are sold out, as expected.

  74. I think my name rhymes with “ding dong” too!

  75. Can someone post the list of schedule assignment? Nets have hardest schedule I assume?

  76. Missing Brook Lopez on the pictures here is not good!

  77. “. The five toughest pre-break schedules belong to the Blazers, Nets, Lakers, Pistons, and Kings.“

    That’s prolly a good thing that the nets start out tough, bc they are bound to lose some due to newly assembled team, but after that they can hit their stride

  78. Lin is ruining his hair if he keeps braiding it that tight…

    Looks like Sideshow Bob

  79. Lol have to shave it soon bro

  80. Bing bong

  81. i think u should adopt whatever hairstyle lin has each time he changes.

  82. king kong
    sing song
    im wrong
    time bomb
    (en) bon temps

  83. Lol. A good lesson in philosophy I reckon like ‘believe without expectation’. Haha cheers

  84. Nice poem I’ll learn it by heart 😉

  85. so is his finial farewell to long hair?

  86. Omg

  87. Another Lin highlight compilation…

  88. I doubt it. He’s only saying bye to his braids. Might do more braids in the future, who knows.

  89. ikr (i think you taught me that one a long time ago).

  90. Man, that sounds like … Most of us, our stories as well. JL7 is just a “one hit wonder” for everyone that’s “not” his true fans that’s followed him through good and bad times. This coming season will really be like “Lin’s NYK days that I’ve watched countless times.” People will say “where have you been, JLin ?” He’s been here all along. But at the end of day, it’s just basketball games. Life goes on… People don’t care about JLin and his accomplishments. Only the true fans will. From beginning to end and beyond. Best wishes to everyone here.

  91. Side track a bit. The little red dot Singapore won its 1st ever Olympics Gold medal by Joseph Schooling in the Men’s 100m butterfly beating Michael Phelps and broke the Olympic record in the proceedings. Hurray! Singapore. Bolehland Malaysia still waiting to get our 1st Olympics Gold soon , hopefully. Haha Cheers

  92. Well Malaysia should share some of the glory.
    His mum’s from Malaysia (PR in sg)

  93. Ohh! I didn’t know that. Thanks for the compliment. Haha cheers

  94. LOLOLOLOL We can always take a little of glory from S’pore:-)

  95. Lololol. Still 1st Gold medal for S’pore. So not a holiday in Bolehland on Monday, hmm. Haha cheers

  96. LOLOLOL What about Lee Chong Wei??? He didn’t win a gold?

  97. Yea! Schooling has a Chinese mom and Eurasian dad . Go Schooling for putting the tiny red dot on national media. Here’s the “king and kid” as the media labelled him before tonight’s win.

  98. Lee Chong Wei was bridesmaid(Won silver) to LinDan of China for the last 2 Olympics. Hopefully he can win the badminton men’s single gold in Rio. Haha cheers.

  99. Nice article on Jeremy’s interest in E-sports and investing in a team. He’s quite articulate, as usual.

    See :

  100. Hope he continues to grow…He is training in Texas, under Eddie Reese

  101. Yep. Seem like Lin Chong Wei did better in the past few months than Lin Dan. Hopefully he continues to do so:-)

  102. Personally I like LCW more than LD, but I think last few games LD losing to LCW is politics and self-serve…they are at end of their career….

  103. Lin Dan only take part in selected tournaments just to remain in the top ranking and to play in big sporting events like the World Championship, Thomas Cup, Asian Games and the Olympics. Haha cheers.

  104. Phelps: ‘My hat’s definitely off to Schooling’

  105. Anyone know a way to watch the Yes Network that are not in the NE region?

  106. Not Eurasia dad. He was quite pixx when people say his son is non local.

  107. Come, drink with us.
    Today, we feast !

  108. By Eurasian I was referring to his ancestry lineage.

    “Colin: “My grandfather was an officer in the British army. He came from England and married a local Portuguese-Eurasian. I was born here, so was my father. ”

    Eurasians are part of the Singapore population too.

  109. Malaysia has their divers too.

  110. Good point, the local Eurasians population in this region of S-E Asia have been here since the 15th Century. Haha Cheers

  111. This may not be the kind of solution you’re looking for, but this is what the “Yes” web site says :

  112. I’m still trying to find the Nets graphics with all complete teammates.
    Brook and Bodan are missing since they are the incumbents.

    If you found a good graphics, please let me know. Thank you

  113. Seems that Jeremy is a “special correspondent” for Bleacher Report, at the Dota 2 convention.

    “The Brooklyn Nets star and Dota 2 enthusiast will be walking around TI6 to interview some of the attendees. Video coming Monday.”

  114. I’m guessing nobody is watching the Argentina vs. Brazil basketball game. What a crazy game. Nocioni went nuts today. He beat Bogdanovic and Melo for most scoring in Olympics so far with 34 pts. Game is now in overtime.

  115. Not the best Photoshop job but I added Brook & Bojan pics

  116. Absolutely disgusting…

    Earlier in the day, some athletes were quoted as saying that the pool smelled slightly sewer-ish, but that did not seem to be the case in the afternoon. It seemed, too, that the pool was a bit lighter in color, though it remained murky and swampy.

    The problems with the water in Rio are well-documented, but Olympic athletes tend to shrug it off and say they are just focused on their events, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.

    But now, it may cost one European a medal, after she apparently got a bacterial infection from the water.

    When we visited Rio in June, we saw trash covering parts of the bay and a giant plume of sewage flowing into the marina, where Olympic sailors are now launching their boats. About 1,400 athletes are now competing in water-based events in Rio, and some will have to swim in it.

    But not Renato Picao, a microbiologist who took us to parts of the bay near the Olympic events and said she would never swim in the water. Her scientific tests show alarming levels of super bacteria – the result of both sewage and medical waste from hospitals.

    Expert to Rio athletes: “Don’t put your head under water”
    Why did the Olympics diving pool turn green?
    “Almost half of what we generate goes raw into our water bodies and definitely goes to the bay and then to the beaches,” Picao said.

    “And that’s essentially like just flushing a toilet into the water?” Tracy asked.

    “Yes,” Picao answered.

    In order to get the Olympics, Rio promised to install eight treatment plants on the polluted rivers entering Guanabara Bay. It built one.

    Rio also promised to treat 80 percent of the sewage entering the water, but is treating just about half. Those broken promises might cost Van Acker an Olympic medal.

  117. That is good enough! It’s a matter of goodwill to Lin’s teammates more than anything else.

  118. So, that means I can watch nets games with direct tv if I live on the west coast? I thought they blacklist NY sport games if you aren’t in the region.

  119. You can’t another like Lin, Clifford.

  120. I remember Nocióni from years ago, I think he played for the Bulls for 1 or 2 seasons. Couldn’t stay in the NBA for whatever reason.

  121. Lol and that nation had the nerve to lecture the world about “Green”

  122. So lin is speaking at the church today and tomorrow ?

  123. Get landry a training camp tryout haha

  124. I can’t find a stream or video of Lin at Seacoast, but it should be posted here if at all:

  125. Happy kid (and his dad, too) …

  126. Jeremy and Landry were well-received.

  127. LOLOLOL JLin took the wrong Uber as he was in hurry after the talk:-)

  128. He’s so gonna start a Bible study group in Brooklyn as well. First guy to join will most likely be Greivis. 😀

  129. Turns out Lin was offered the bed, but he took the famous sofa instead.

  130. Here’s the evidence …

  131. I am very glad to have found Dr. Suh, UCLA Cardiovascular Disease doctor who presented a movie about a procedure called Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). My husband is scheduled to have this procedure at the end of this month. I am very happy that Dr. Suh and his family are Jeremy Lin’s fans! Otherwise, I might not have found Dr. Suh’s wonderful presentation. I am very grateful!

  132. Driver should have recognized… But what driver will pass up opportunity to drive Lin?

  133. Jeremy’s interview at the 9 a.m. service at Seacoast Grace Church is available here :

  134. I guess this bad publicity can deter tourists from visiting Brazil

    That was super dangerous not unlike Hollywood movies

  135. I joked earlier that if Lin played for China that they would blow out USA by 30.

    I’m starting to think there is more truth in that then I thought after watching USA in the last three games. They just barely beat France today. Their peripheral and PNR defense has not been sharp. The help defense has been almost Harden- like losing their man.

    USA flaw in PNR and help defense is Lin specialty and he could really cause USA basketball headaches if he had played for China.

  136. Just came back from hearing Jlin speak at church with Landry Fields. Not sure how many of those people were church members or only came to see Lin, but it was very packed! Here are some interesting tidbits that I found interesting. It’s also kind of weird how we get more inside stuff from Lin during these church speaking engagements than anywhere else.

    – Landry Fields first heard of Jeremy Lin when he was in HS at Los Alamitos
    -Lin says he felt tremendous pressure and anxiety trying to represent for Asians during his GS years.
    -He says he spoke to Mike D’antoni since after Linsanity and Dantoni confimed that they were going to “release” Lin but since they had back-to-back-to back games, they had no time and figured they’ll just throw Lin in to give him a shot and that they were going to waive him after.
    -Lin’s agent called him before the Nets game and told him he needs to perform bc this could be his last game in the nba
    -Lin, who always felt anxious and anxiety before games, felt a supernatural at-ease feeling before nets game and no anxiety whatsover.
    -When Lin scored 6 points vs the nets in that break-out game against the nets, he was so happy he socred 6 points, way higher than what he usually scores.
    -Landry fields says that as a spectator and witnessing Linsanity, he has never witnessed a team that played more purely. He says it was a representation of the most selflessness he has ever experienced. Fields also says that during the linsanty stretch, he took all the guys aside and look them in the eyes and that he felt the guys would literally die for Lin.
    -Lin says the anxiety and anxiouness came back before the Chicago Bulls game sometime after the 2 weeks of linsanity. He says beyond the lakers 38 point game, the toronto buzzer beater or the nets break-out game, this was the moment that was most memorable. The feeling of extreme anxiety, stress and feeling empty, always having to outdo the next performance.
    -Lin received so many free stuff during Linsanity stretch, loads of boxes were sent to lin’s apt. Landry fields would come by and try to take some the free stuff.
    -Lin was able to lead a bible study at the end of the Knicks season and guys that normally would have made fun of “chrisitanity” actually came out.
    -His most difficult time in post-linsanity came against spurs when he was a laker. During that game, Lin was benched and did not even sniff court time. He felt like his career was regressing back to where it all first started pre-linsanity. From bench to the highest peak to falling back down. Says that through that experience, he came out stronger than ever. Learned a lot about himself.

    I think i might be missing stuff, but I loved the true friendship between fields and lin. You can tell that without fields with lin during ny days, it wouldn’t have been as great. Also, you can tell the linsanity guys truly valued lin during the stretch, until melo came back.

    Having been a lin fan for so long, it really makes me appreciate how strong he is. To overcome obstacles and continually stick to his principles and values. I can’t wait to see what ‘s next in Lin’s story!

  137. Thank you for sharing!

  138. Is the video still available at the link?

  139. The word has already gotten out that Rio is not a safe tourist destination. The IOC is just trying to cover up how bad it really is there.

    I’ve already said before the Olympics started that they should’ve postponed the Olympics this year and move it to another country. It’s ridiculous to hold the Olympic games in a city and country where they cannot even pay the police and other emergency personnel, where they dump raw sewage into their rivers and ocean, where crime and corruption rates are out of control. Without multiple foreign military and special operations teams there to provide security, there would’ve been chaos at Rio. It’s so bad that the USA basketball teams, both men’s and women’s, have to live on a cruise ship.

  140. If you said Lin being France’s PG, I would’ve agreed. China is not France. They’re not even close to being comparable. China is a terrible team… the only team at the Olympics who have not won a game.

  141. Here is an interesting passage from Jeremy’s interview where he’s talking about his “journey” from the Knicks to the Lakers, and the impact of the DNP game he had with the Lakers.

  142. Thank you for sharing!

  143. Here are some points that caught my attention when I listened to the video:

    – Jeremy said his best workout (before the 2010 draft) was with the Knicks. After the workout, D’Antoni called him into his office and expressed the hope that “they could work something out” since the Knicks had a mid-second-round pick (39th or 40th). Instead of choosing Jeremy with that pick the Knicks went with Landry Fields.

    – When Jeremy was playing for the Warriors he said he hated game days because he got so anxious. He felt better when the game was over.

    – When he got to the Rockets, just before the 2011-12 season, there were a lot of guards in camp (I think a total of 6, with 3 under contract). In any case, Jeremy was fed-up and didn’t see a way he was going to make the team. That’s when he cleared out his locker and told his agent to tell the Rockets that he was through. His agent said that wasn’t a good idea and told him to put his stuff back in his locker.

    – Before the Nets game Jeremy went out and had a meal of junk food at “Papaya Dog” thinking well if this is my last game I might as well enjoy the meal. I found that a touching recollection. The sense I got was of his feeling alone and very much “up against it.”

  144. Lin finally revealed when and what team it was that made him thought of quitting basketball and that was the first Rockets stint. I guessed it was after the Lakers season because it was the lowest point of his career, but I guess being cut by the Rockets on Christmas eve and not even playing for them, after being cut by the Warriors really got to Lin.

    By the way, Gray’s Papaya has amazing hotdogs. I used to eat at one of their locations at least once a week back when I had to commute to NYC. Cheap, good tasting hotdogs and drinks there. They usually have a long line of people waiting to be served and they would pump out the orders really fast. You had to have the order ready and tell them fast or they would stare you down and/or you wouldn’t even be served if they were really busy and you took too long to order.

  145. So many ups and downs in Lin’s basketball career. God tested him and Lin was able to come out a better person and a stronger follower of Jesus as a result. Even though Lin has gone through some of the worst adversities that most professional sports players never have to go through, he learned a lot and became the man he is today because of it.

    Like I’ve said multiple times before here, everything in Lin’s life happened for a reason and like Lin has stated many times, it’s God’s perfect plan for him.

  146. I will never forget that DNP – CD…Hoping that Byron Scott watches as JLin gets named to the All-star game next year out of merit, and then a great expose article comes out trashing Scott’s entire coaching career…

  147. Thank you.

  148. The world would NOT have had Linsanity, if Roger Montgomery had not given Lin the wise advice.

    Lin “cleared out his locker and told his agent to tell the Rockets that he was through. His agent said that wasn’t a good idea and told him to put his stuff back in his locker.”

    Now I fully understand the ultimate loyalty Lin has shown for Roger Montgomery. Thank you, Mr. Montgomery, for Linsanity.

  149. you and tens of thousands of Lin fans…

  150. Thanks Tim, did you end up got a picture w lin?

  151. B scott is like doomsday in batman vs superman

  152. Thanks for great infor.

  153. I am more optimistic about Bojan.

  154. After Lakers I think the jib is up for Scott. I heard Lakers fans decry how exlakers play better when they are away from Scott, including Lin.

  155. Maybe it will be like Joseph and his coats of many colors. In the end he was on top and his brothers who hurt him were the ones bowing down.

  156. nope. but it was okay. too many people and lin went backstage

  157. The USA team looks AWFUL in these Olympics.

    “Superstars” are struggling to make basic plays. These are guys who usually have the dirty work done for them by gritty toughs like Lin.

    There’s no reason a half decent European team can come in and WHUP the USA team by 20 or more. But it’s painfully obvious that international teams are so unnecessarily intimidated by the USA Olympians.

    If anything, the NBA players on foreign teams are the ones playing scared.

    Everybody playing the USA should have the same attitude Nicholas Jokic had when he bullied his wah to the rim for 25 points and then declared the USA to be very beatable. Instead, foreign teams have the pansy attitude that the USA is too powerful and thus opponents are not playing their hardest against the US team.

    I would normally route for the USA team, but I can’t honestly say I do because they have all the selfish “superstars” I dislike all on a single underachieving team.

  158. Put Lin on that China team and China would be a threat to beat ANYBODY – team USA included.

  159. The whole Rio Olympics has been a total mess of crime and failure.

  160. geez hope they not gay!! haahhasah

  161. wow….so what those motivational speaker said are right..
    you are on the way to success if you hit the blink of a possible failure…which is the nets game.

  162. Haha… of course not. LF is going to have another baby boy soon.

  163. They actually joked about this in the video below. It was the story of how Lin slept on Landry’s couch, but they went more in-depth about it. Starts around the 14 minute mark.

  164. I think Lin said that in Linsanity documentary, he also mentioned it last summer in LA…… Definitely talked about it before.

  165. We know Lin and Landry was close, and I did not realized that they were this close, that they could share their weak moments to each other.

    Kind of think even Parsons and Lin appeared to be close, but wouldn’t think they were the same way as Landry and Lin.

  166. Ok…I just watched linsanity first game, 2nd game and dallas games again.
    Then I just realized..who need AC in 99* weather when you watch those games.
    you will get goosebumps by watching.

  167. Most of those Linsanity games were goosebump-inducing games. You didn’t mention the Lakers and Raptors games. Those were probably the 2 most spectacular games that gives me the chills (in a good way) whenever I rewatch what Lin was able to do against all odds and the crazy amount of hype surrounding those games.

  168. Landry’s kid is going to grow up and be a lady’s man.

  169. Just a reminder, Nets single game tickets are going on sale (without pre-sale codes) starting this morning at 10 AM EST, 7 AM PST. I’m hoping they’ll have better seats for a bit cheaper than what’s available now.

  170. I doubt it man… Landry Field’s wife is smoooooookin

  171. Lin can marry me to get the French nationality and be the PG. Lol

  172. The unsung hero in Lin’s last season: Spencer Hawes.
    I wish the Nets would try to get him to Brooklyn

  173. Some new seats opened up for the general public single game ticket sale this morning.

    There are some good deals to be had for Nets games at Barclays. Upper corner seats cost anywhere from $35-$45 (not including the ridiculous Ticketmaster fees) for games against meh teams that aren’t hyped up. I got $89 seats for the February 1 Home game vs. the Knicks. The home opener vs. Pacers is only $45 and against the Hornets, it’s only $35.

    There’s a season ticket holder reselling 2 seats behind the scorers table for big money. If you have the money, these are prime seats and worth the big money he’s asking in my opinion. You will be behind the bench on the Nets’ side. Depending on the game, he’s asking $500-$1,650 per seat. Here’s the view from his seats:

  174. Which section is this?

  175. 231

  176. Lately I have been very perturbed by the racism and negative stereotypes against Asian masculinity. This was triggered by the realisation that even though I live in Asia, many basketball fans here think that Jeremy was a fluke or that he somehow “lost his basketball skills” after Linsanity.

    I started paying attention to TV programs and Hollywood shows that my kids were watching. I was shocked that even kids’ entertainment already feed the racist stereotypes we all know and complain about. It seems that from a very early age, anyone fed with Hollywood or mainstream entertainment would be indoctrinated on the emasculation of Asian males.

    In fact, I realised that I once subconsciously believed that Asian males were less masculine than other races. I know that is a strange thing to say. But mainstream media is just so pervasive and so full of stereotypes. We were starved of roles models and we always watched some other non-Asian dude do all the manly stuff. It took me a while to even realise this about myself but eventually I saw the big picture. I now believe that no race is inherently more masculine or manly or attractive or whatever.

    Unfortunately, basketball fans around me seem to have been fed on the same racist agenda and they believe it. That Lin lost his starting job, not because of politics, but because he was not good enough. That Lin is just average and got lucky for a few weeks. Lin just never got the benefit of the doubt.

    I know that other races also face racism in different ways and I am not in any way downplaying that. Also it is sad that things do not appear to be improving. Racism is just a bit more subtle now. In fact, one school of thought is that race problems actually get worse and worse over time. Racism does not disappear with modernisation but in fact, gets worse because any establishment that gains power will entrench their power and that includes playing the race card to benefit themselves.

    All in all, very depressing thoughts. But as always, I should focus on what I can do.

    I can support Jeremy Lin, a dude who is walking proof that racism still exists, and yet he busts every stereotype there is. I can do my best to support projects that are based on fairness and avoid mainstream crap that reinforces negative stereotypes. I can do my best to be a strong role model of Asian masculinity, and also show an example of tolerance and open mindedness.

    Oh well, just my rambling thoughts. But honestly I am so glad that Jeremy is doing what he is doing.

  177. If you can prove to me that someone can get lucky and score 29 against the Spurs and beat them, you would be a helluva basketball fan.

  178. We watch every Jeremy Lin game. The average fan does not. So most guys I know never even watched that game.

  179. Want to know the truth about how Kemba thought of Lin? Read his Busy Summer Blog:

    *Now that I’ve had time to reflect on it, last season was a confidence booster for me. I think it allowed me and my teammates to gain a lot of confidence coming into this season. We know what it takes to win, to get to that next level. For me personally, it has helped me become a better leader and I am looking forward to becoming an even better leader for my teammates in the upcoming season.

    We had a pretty good offseason too, and it all started by re-signing Nic (Batum). Both MKG (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) and I decided we had to be a part of the meeting with Nic because we had to let him know that not only does the organization want him to be here, but we as players want him here. Playing with Nic last year took this team to another level. It took my game to another level, as well as other players on this team. We had to let him know that we appreciate him and how much we really wanted him back here. He just makes everyone better on our team. He’s a special player and a great teammate off the court. So we just really wanted him to know that we wanted him. MKG and I took the day and made the trip to Dallas… it was a really special trip. The guys upstairs [the Hornets front-office] did a great job with their presentation, it was awesome actually, it was pretty special. They put together an amazing video for him and it was pretty incredible. They did a great job with that. They went back to his hometown in France and they went to Portland. It was actually pretty touching. I’m surprised he didn’t shed a tear. It was a really cool experience and I enjoyed it. For MKG and I to be there and go through that experience, it was cool. We thought it would surprise him when he walked into the room and saw us but we actually saw him in the hotel before the meeting and he was really surprised. I don’t think he had any clue that we were going to be there. It was pretty cool. We just felt as leaders we had to be there. We had to be there to show our face and let him know that we want him back.

    We also brought back Marvin (Williams) and that was super important – super important. I would have been devastated if we lost Marvin. I was excited we got him back. He is such a good teammate – one of the best teammates I have ever been around. One of the hardest workers I have ever been around as well. He is just such a good, genuine dude. I am just happy we got him back.

    It was pretty tough losing Al (Jefferson) though. Al was my guy from day one. He just came in and helped turn this organization around. He was a really special teammate and that guy in the locker room you are definitely going to miss – a guy who just knows what it takes. That is just the way of this league. Guys are going to go every year, and you are going to have different teammates every year. Especially depending on contract situations and the money situation. It’s a business and I am just happy he was able to go on to another great situation in Indiana. They have a great team, it’s not like he is going to a team who won’t be really good. I’m happy for him and I hope he stays healthy and has a great year.

    But even though Al moved on, we got some new teammates, too. Playing with Roy Hibbert will be cool. Roy is huge, he’s a huge presence in the paint. I think he will be really good, especially with us. We have the reputation of really working hard and getting guys back to their old selves. Hopefully we can get him back to his old self, like the days he had in Indiana when he was a two-time All-Star. That will be great. We have the perfect guys for him in Cliff [Coach Steve Clifford] and Patrick Ewing. We have guys for him who will help him. I think he is going to flourish with us.

    We also brought back two familiar faces to Charlotte fans. We have Ramon [Sessions] and we got B-Rob [Brian Roberts] back. It’s exciting. They are two guys I have always enjoyed playing alongside. Ramon is very fun to play with, he gets to the free throw line a lot, just like Jeremy [Lin] in that aspect. It’s going to be fun. Having B-Rob back, that’s going to be fun as well. His wife, she makes all the cupcakes, that’s another reason why I am super happy. Over the years I have learned so much from Brian, he probably doesn’t know, and I probably won’t tell him that much. I have learned so much from him over the last couple years that I have been playing with him and he is a really special teammate that I really enjoy playing with.

    One of the things I’m most excited about this season will be the return of MKG. I can’t wait. Especially the glimpse we got of him last season and me being around him this summer, seeing how hard he has been working to get back. It’s going to be a special year for him and I think the league better watch out for him because he is going to have a huge

  180. Well, it’s weird. I read from Baidu few days ago… or so… Kemba said this was the bad FA for us bc we lose Lin, AJ, & Lee….. Lin deserves to be a starter…. Haha! But this one only one sentence about Lin?? It’s not matter I believe both all for PR purpose. I believe Kemba really happy Lin is finally out no matter what he said about Lin….

  181. LOL Listening to how Landy heard about Jeremy Lin in HS from Palo Alto upsetting Mater Dei in the championship is so funny 🙂
    Landry’s friend told me, “Mater Dei got destroyed by this PG… And he’s Asian!” lol

  182. I’m not at all surprised. The only reason he mentioned Lin in the article interview was for PR and to get hits to his Player Tribute which was written a week before press and received zero interest. Bonnell probably hinted that you got to mention Lin to get hits, That news about Lin IMO not truly sincere, I call that lip service. Read back his blog, he hardly mentioned Lin.

  183. To me, the words are PRed. Too polished.

  184. Wow. After all he did for them and in the playoffs, I can’t believe he didn’t have more to say about……

    Courtney Lee. What no love?

  185. No big deal.

    Kemba Walker is focused on the teammates he has next season, and that’s where his focus ought to be.

    The thing is that Walker is far less focused on his teammates on the court than he is on them OFF the court. That shows us all why Walker has been an abysmally bad player for the Hornets for years, especially in crunchtime.

    It’s better that Lin goes to a much more professional team in the Nets, especially since the Nets are vastly more talented than the Hornets.

  186. Lee was a rental and only played in 28 games with the Hornets, 35 including playoffs. Lin was there the entire season.

    This blog post is obviously a PR piece to help generate some hype and optimism for the fans on the team next year. There’s no point in talking about last year’s teammates that are no longer on the team. Kemba or whomever wrote / edited this for him, is focusing on the new players and players coming back, not players who left.

    The interview Kemba did with Bonnell is more authentic on Kemba’s thoughts and feelings…

  187. No harm to anyone or Lin now. This is just to confirm that the jealousy is not from Lin but in fact Kemba who had great concern losing spotlight from Lin.

  188. I understand Kemba is focused on the current teammates, but it’s his “reflection of the last season”. JLin was one of the most important pieces of the last season, like it or not. I have to agree with takeme2cruz on this.

  189. nice turn of phrase, and true.

  190. Thank you, he wrote “busy summer” crying for losing Al but ignored who gave him and his franchise the first playoff wins (3s) in 14 years?

  191. imo his blog is his true feeling and the Bonnell piece was plain BS PR to get click to his PTribute article. Bonnell was hardly complimentary of Lin throughout last season till playoff Game 3 and after. The blog is in true KW fashion… plenty of “I” and ‘me’ .
    Anyway it’s all in the past and it’s all good in the end. We have plenty to look forward to in the coming Nets season with Lin.

  192. Big Al’s been with Kemba and the Hornets franchise for 3 straight seasons. Of course Kemba has to mention him.

  193. Yes of course, but many historic wins because of Lin was nothing, not a word?

  194. Interviews don’t give the interviewee hours, days, or weeks to think up of what the best PR-friendly response would be. You get asked questions, you answer them. Unless Kemba was coached by his agent for that interview, which I seriously doubt because there’s no reason to be coached, his response is a lot more authentic than his blog post, which sounds more rehearsed, more edited, more PR.

    Some people still can’t let go of their hate against Lin’s teammates, even after Lin himself repeatedly say good things about Kemba. Some people just can’t be happy for Lin and let go of the resentment they have against Lin’s previous teammates. I really hope the same thing doesn’t happen this year again with players on the Nets.

  195. He already spoke about Lin in the Bonnell interview bro. I really don’t know what your problem is with Kemba. Lin and Kemba genuinely liked each other.

  196. I don’t have a problem with him since I don’t know him. He might be a very nice guy off court but this topic is bout bb and business. What he said to in an interviewer was meaningless comparing to what he really did in this “busy summer”.

  197. You obviously have a problem with Kemba. You’re obviously still resentful of Kemba.

    How can you say his interview was meaningless and his blog post is his true feelings? You said you don’t even know him, so how can you determine what Kemba’s true feelings and thoughts are?

    Just let it go man. It’s gonna be a long year if you and others start hating on Lin’s Nets teammates as much as you’ve hated on Kemba and Lin’s Hornets teammates. If Hornets are a winning team and you have this much resentment against them still, then I can’t imagine how people like you will react if Nets don’t reach 48 wins like Hornets did and don’t make the playoffs.

  198. nope, I am not a hater. I just believe credit needs to be given where due. That was my frustration with the hornets PR throughout the season where hardly any credit was accorded to Lin no matter how well he played. Lin was never mentioned in their players that mattered. That’s my frustration with Bonnell, my #1 beef and how his articles was totally in tune with FO agenda, propagandizing fans mind. Well somewhere during playoff I think he soften his stand and took a detour.

    Anyway like I say before, looking forward to Nets and so far I am enjoying their fan blog/PR and support of Lin and all Nets team players equally. I like fairness and proper reporting.

  199. Again, what’s wrong with you? You’re no different with those Lin haters describing us every time we pointed out facts? “the hate against Lin’s teammates?”

    WE DO NOT HATE KEMBA. We just hate his basketball on basketball court and pointing out facts.

    Can’t you just disagree with us and praising Kemba based on one of his quote without calling us hates?

    Pros always selected words and what they should say in any interview.

  200. Don’t tell me you know how I feel because only I know how I feel.

    You can’t see facts so just you don’t blame me for bringing it.

  201. YOU DID NOT CRITICIZE KEMBA FOR HIS ON COURT BASKETBALL ISSUES. You’re not pointing out facts about his basketball-related problems.

    If you don’t hate Kemba, then criticize him on basketball-related issues, not what you believe are his true feelings and thoughts on Lin. There’s nothing wrong with me because I’m not the one still criticizing Kemba for something he hasn’t even done against Lin.

    It’s not enough for Kemba to straight-up say that Lin deserves to be a starter. You want him to praise Lin in every blog post or interview from now on or else you believe Kemba is still jealous of Lin? Give me a break man. You’re a Kemba hater and it’s so obvious.

  202. I never called you a hater.

    If you have a problem with Hornets PR, then call THEM out. Kemba is not the Hornets’ PR department. Kemba is not Bonnell. From what I’ve read on the Hornets subreddit, most of them hate Bonnell.

    As for you enjoying NetsDaily’s coverage on Lin so far, yeah, they’re doing a good job. But make no mistake about it. If and when the Nets start losing, they can and will turn on Lin and start criticizing / blaming him. Every team’s fansites do the same thing. It’s what fans and fansite writers do. If you can’t handle how Hornets have treated Lin, you’re in for a rude awakening for how the NY media will treat him (again) if he doesn’t perform up to our expectations.

  203. the article today was wrote by him NOT me. So all you called me a hater by bringing it here? You can’t handle the true about who he is as a selfish player so you attacked and called the guy copy and paste his article a hater. Very well about who you are.

  204. I’m just stating the obvious from what you’ve posted so far.

    So are you denying the fact that you’re not still resentful of Kemba?

  205. I’m calling you a hater from what you’ve posted here. Once again, you did not criticize Kemba for his on-court basketball-related issues. You’re criticizing him for what you personally believe he truly thinks about Lin, which are just your own personal assumptions stemming from your personal beef against Kemba. He did not say anything bad or negative about Lin in his blog post. All Kemba has said are good things about Lin and vice versa.

  206. Yes of course, from bad personality and selfishness which caused bad behavior on court. You can’t be that naive and …… (you know what). You can call me anything you want because fact is what you can’t handle. Again, his article was what I mainly pointed out for what he did this summer was the opposite with what he said in an pre-setup interview.

  207. Anyone selfishly treated Lin badly and unfairly on basketball court like Harden and Kobe did, I must point out the true, something you can’t absorb because you won’t debate me with issues but instead you call names.

  208. Bad personality, selfishness, bad behavior on court? Where are you getting all of this from? Certainly not facts like you’re claiming. This is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s your own personal beef and hate against Kemba. Everything I’ve seen from Kemba and everything I’ve heard from Lin points to Kemba being a good teammate, an unselfish player, and well-behaved on the court. The EXACT OPPOSITE of what you’re claiming.

    My personal gripe with Kemba is that he shoots way too much, even he’s ice cold. This is not selfishness, this is because he’s told to shoot that much and given free reign to shoot his team to victories or losses by Clifford and MJ. He’s not a ballhog like Melo, Harden, or Kobe. Kemba is just a ball-dominant guard, similar to Lin. They both need to have the ball in their hands to perform at a high level. Of course, I believe Lin is a better point guard than Kemba, but Kemba is a better shooting guard / shooter than Lin.

    See what I just did? That’s called a basketball-related criticism of Kemba, which is not what you’ve been posting here.

  209. I got 2 tickets each for feb 1 and march 12. Hope to meet alot of lin fans

  210. So you’re saying Kemba treated Lin badly and unfairly like Harden and Kobe? Because that’s simply not true. Again, it’s your own personal, twisted opinion and view of how Lin was really treated by Kemba. If you really think Kemba treated Lin like crap, then you’re calling Lin a straight up liar and you don’t believe a word Lin says when he has praised Kemba multiple times in multiple interviews, often unsolicited by the interviewer.

    I’ve been debating you with facts and logic. You’re the one who’s ignoring what I’ve been saying because you know I’m right and you’re just hating on Kemba.

  211. Where did I get it from? Obviously you have not paid much attention last season and what he did this summer. All you cared for was 1 quote in his interview.

  212. Both Nets home games against Knicks, nice.

  213. I’ve paid plenty of attention. I guarantee you can’t show me any proof of what you’re claiming Kemba is. Meanwhile, I can show you all of Lin’s interviews where he said the exact opposite of what you’re saying Kemba is. You can’t even point to where Kemba said anything negative or bad about Lin in this blog post of his. It’s all based on your extremely biased negative opinions and views of Kemba.

  214. Yup i’m sitting in the section 16. What game is your ticket?

  215. lee should have confer the last game winner shot to him, maybe there would be a token mentioned 😉

  216. Feb 1 Knicks game. I’ll be in 231.

  217. “So you’re saying Kemba treated Lin badly and unfairly like Harden and Kobe? That’s simply not true.”

    Accidentally or intentionally taking out my word “on basketball court”?

    I do not believe everything an athlete speaks in front of the media’s microphones and cameras.

  218. im going to the game on feb 1 and march 12 next year. Sitting in section 16. This is the first time i’m going to a game. never met lin. Hope to say hi to him after the game. Has anyone booked their tickets yet, if yes what game and what seats?

  219. Neat.

  220. Once again, Kemba did not treat Lin badly or unfairly on the court or off. You’re still wrong.

    Nice to know you don’t believe anything Lin says. Not even sure how you’re a Lin fan if you think he’s a complete liar in front of the media.

  221. I (and if you’re smart) do not believe everything from an athlete when he speaks in an interview. Why? questions are either setup or trap.

    The article wrote by Kemba today was my proof.

  222. So basically, you want to ignore everything Lin has said about Kemba, plug your ears, and say “blah blah blah, what I think is right, what Lin said about Kemba is BS.” Gotcha.

    The blog post written by Kemba has 0 negative or bad things said about Lin. In fact, he was still complimentary of Lin, even if it was to compliment Lin’s replacement. You have 0 proof. Keep trying, man.

  223. If you couldn’t see what Kemba’s agendas on Lin last season and this summer, ok I give up since you can’t and never will see it.

  224. I don’t see and hear what I want to see and hear, even if it’s untrue like you are doing here. You ignore everything Lin has said about Kemba and everything Kemba has said about Lin. You’re making stuff up based on your personal hatred and resentment of Kemba. You’re right, you should give up because you’re looking more and more silly with each post you make on this vendetta of yours against Kemba.

  225. I ignore everything he said about Harden, Kobe and the love to come back to play for LA too.

    Days ago he quoted how great Lin was in an “pre-interview”. Today in his “busy summer” confession, he didn’t mention Lin or tried to convince the office to push for Lin. Zero effort or intention to work to keep Lin. more than that, Praising his new backup as Lin’s replacement.

    To me his quote in the pre-interview don’t match with his true action.

  226. When words and actions don’t match, I ignore words but accept actions. Kemba wanted Lin go badly because he’s the only one threaten his spotlights. History repeated just like Melo, Harden and Kobe and BS.

  227. You went from not believing anything Lin has said in front of the media to now saying you ignore everything he said about Harden, Kobe, and Kemba. Nice backtrack man.

    Lin never said the same things about Harden and Kobe that he said about Kemba. He usually tries to dodge the questions about Harden and Kobe. The best thing I’ve heard Lin say about Kobe was that he’s learned to carefully study film and put more emphasis on footwork like Kobe does. I can’t remember Lin ever saying Harden was an unselfish player or a great teammate like he’s said multiple times about Kemba.

    Once again, Kemba did mention Lin in his blog post. He even complimented Lin while complimenting Sessions. Once again, you’re making things up. Your hatred of Kemba has completely blinded you to what he actually wrote. How you got anything negative out of this comment is beyond me…

    Ramon is very fun to play with, he gets to the free throw line a lot, just like Jeremy [Lin] in that aspect. It’s going to be fun.

    You’re seriously grasping at straws.

  228. Except both Kemba’s and Lin’s actions and words match. It’s your own words and what they both said and did on court that doesn’t match. Yet you’re still here trying to claim the exact opposite of what both Lin and Kemba has said and done.

    You’re being ignorant to the truth and facts, in a bad attempt to try and push your own narrative that Kemba was jealous of Lin and wanted him gone because Lin stole too much spotlight. History did not repeat itself. Kemba is not Melo, Harden, or Kobe. Kemba does not have their enormous egos, superstar status, nor selfish ballhogging traits, no matter how much you want it to be true.

  229. Not believing in anything or ignore everything, what’s the difference when they all came from PR?

    Like I said, you have not paid attention, Lin praised all those guys in different ways but still he praised them.
    Many times he said Kobe talked and helped to him a lot about bb until he’s injured and hardly in Staples center.

    You’re such a naive. He wasn’t praising Lin, he was praising Session who can do what Lin did while in Charlotte like go to the foul line.

    Praising lin would be it’s hard to replace Lin.

  230. I truly give up. Actions and Words matched? LOL.

    Kemba’s confession: Zero effort to keep Lin while praising team and himself for getting $120 mil Batum.

    Lin’s action: 1st day available, I’m the Nets. In other words, he couldn’t wait to get the F out of Charlotte. Zero hours to wait for Charlotte.

    Where’s the MATCH?

  231. He praised them in different ways, but again, he never said the things he said about Kemba when talking about Harden and Kobe. He spoke about other factors in which he benefited from them. Lin was particularly complimentary of Kemba every chance he has to speak about Kemba, not only when he’s being asked by the interviewer. Lin always brings Kemba up even when he doesn’t have to. That didn’t happen with Harden and Kobe because Lin didn’t like those 2 guys as actual friends. They were just teammates he had to deal with and had to deal with Lin.

    You call me naive, but you’re the one who’s naive and ignorant. How can Kemba say it’s hard replacing Lin? That would be saying that Sessions can’t replace Lin. That would be a slight against Sessions, his new teammates. Kemba was complimentary to both Lin and Sessions. You’re ridiculous if you think Kemba would say something like that and start a firestorm in the media and locker room before the season even starts for no reason other than to appease delusional people like you.

  232. Really? Did you really say this?

    He praised them in different ways, but again, he never said the things he said about Kemba when talking about Harden and Kobe?

    Lol. a praising is a praising. How? Does it matter? Aren’t debating what they said don’t match with their actions or what Lin said to different individual? Lol. In the end, they all the same, Lin couldn’t wait to leave all those people he praised and those people were all happy Lin’s gone.

    I am no naive like you, I only example what praising meant. He does not have to say Lin is hard to replace, but he praised Session is as good as Lin as a backup. Those are opposite with what he said in the pre interview.

  233. You act like Kemba is the GM of the team. He’s not LeBron. Again, you’re placing blame on Kemba for something that’s not even his fault and for something he didn’t even do against Lin.

    Of course he has to praise Batum and MKG. They’re his current teammates, not Lin. The goal of this blog post was to generate hype and optimism for next year. It’s not to praise Lin and put down his teammates like you want him to. You’re completely out of touch with reality if you think Kemba should be saying Lin is not replaceable in this blog post.

    Lin’s action was what is best for his career. There was no room for Lin to start on the Hornets. Everybody knew this. That’s why Lin left and took Marks’ offer to start and lead the Nets. It’s not because he secretly hates the Hornets or Kemba like seem you think.

    Take your own advice man, just give up for real this time. Like I said, the more you keep posting, the more ridiculous you make yourself out to be with your twisted views of Kemba and Lin’s relationship.

  234. Of course it matters how Lin praised his ex-teammates. He never talked about Kobe or Harden unless he was asked specifically about them. He never said the same things he said about Kemba. He avoids talking about Harden and Kobe, but brings Kemba up when he doesn’t have to and says a bunch of good things about Kemba.

    You’re wrong again. Kemba did not say Sessions is as good of a backup as Lin. You’re making stuff up for the 10th time. Kemba said “he gets to the free throw line a lot, just like Jeremy [Lin] in that aspect.” You seriously need help bro.

  235. You keep coming back with nonsense and I have great concern for your twisted mind.

    You are giving excuses and again naive. If your franchise player wants sudden players, he will at least get the front office to make some moves whether success or not. ZERO effort. While he and KMG made travels to recruit Batum like there’s another team fighting to give him $120 mil.

    BUT hey I just only pointed out how wrong you have been: “Except both Kemba’s and Lin’s actions and words both match” LOL

  236. Lol, “it matters how Lin praised his teammates”? You’re beyond help. I am out.

  237. You’re the one who is posting made up comments, lies, and a fantasy world where Kemba hates Lin and vice versa. It’s honestly not even worth responding to you anymore because everything you’ve posted is the exact opposite of reality and what Lin has said countless times. If you won’t even believe Lin, then there’s no point in having a discussion with you. At this point, you’re just trolling and purposely trying to drag this conversation out when you know you’re 100% wrong.

  238. You said you were out like 4 times already. Gotta get the last word in, eh? Even though your words make 0 sense and are completely made up garbage lies.

  239. His busy summer confession was written by himself, Kemba……NOT my words.

  240. I would have stopped if you keep debating the endless topic but instead I enjoy your name calling lies and garbage etc.. showed your desperation.

  241. Sorry man, didn’t mean to cause this firestorm by supporting your opinion. It’s really hard to take how some Lin fans are so quick label some one as a “hater” just for having a different opinion. Yes, personally, I didn’t like Kemba during last season. I’ve seen so many times him ignoring wide open Lin and choose to lose the game. Lin said good things about Kemba, so yeah, I trust his words, but that doesn’t change how I feel about Kemba. It’s not hate, and no reason to hate Kemba. Disliking is not hate.

  242. Says the hypocrite who called me names too. Don’t act like you didn’t start this and keep perpetuating it with your ridiculous posts. I’m more than fine exposing your delusional hatred for Kemba and Lin’s ex-teammates. You on the other hand can’t handle being exposed for the hater you are.

    It’s gonna be a fun season with the Nets. Can’t wait for you to hate on Lin’s new teammates and blame them for everything your twisted little mind thinks is ailing Lin.

  243. Some can’t handle differences as they should. You obviously remember everything went on last season games after games and you speak out as what you saw with honest opinions….. and we got attacked with names for that instead of welcoming discussion.

  244. If there’s a team cancer like Kemba pushing Lin to the corner to stand while on shooting spree, I will.

  245. Planning on going in March, but not sure yet. But I will be there for sure. NY is only 3 hours away from here. Yay!

  246. new thread

    I compiled Tim Pham’s wonderful post, videos posted here to show how special Jeremy and Landry’s special bond in friendship and brotherhood in Christ faith in the 8/14-15 interview at the SeaCoas Grace Church

    Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields Share Their Faith and Special Friendship

  247. Kemba is already quaking in his boots and looking over his shoulder at the Lin express coming this fall. It’s all false bravado to spell out the good teammates around him like it’s going to be a bigger and better season coming. Kemba’s confidence came from having Lin cleaning up the starters mess. We will see soon enough what happens this season when Lin isn’t there to dig them out of the hole and it becomes his job as leader to pull it off.

    Kemba is already trying to rewrite Hornets history by deliberately ignoring Lin’s heroics away.

  248. That what happens when you’re not a starter in this league.

  249. Agreed. My brother, cousins, coworkers, everyone I know IRL thinks he’s below average.

  250. look i do understand what you are saying – that is ok but try and remember that charlotte was a benefit to jeremy and that he made friends and was happy there and then moved on – let’s send positive vibes to the hornets and kemba etc for what they meant to jeremy ok? but at the same time , defeating the hornets wd be great as well

  251. just ignore it – the hornets will be back to their non winning ways soon enough. don’t forget that they had a lot of the same pple pre jeremy as well and lost so all this noise doesnt matter in the scheme of things. charlotte was a stepping stone for jeremy and it gave him a chance to enjoy basketball again after the lakers stint so we sd focus on the present not the past imho.

  252. i wonder how many more pple attended the games because of jeremy lin though? that wd be interesting to see

  253. Whenever someone tells me that Hornets was good for Lin, I laugh. It’s only those who’ve been beaten down so long that when someone picks you up from the gutters then allows you to clean their dirty boots while patting you on the head. Sure Lin proved himself inspite of the condescending backhanded compliments but it want because they wanted to, it was because they were desperate enough to want some wins.

    If you truly believe that Cho, MJ and Clifford had any intention of helping Lin then you maybe drinking too much of their PR coolaide. They had no intention of helping Lin, they had only intention of helping themselves, period. When Lin became a threat to their favorite star, they made sure to put Hairston as starter then went out and got Lee as starter. The last game against the Heat was as plain an example of this lapdog treatment of Lin. If they allowed Lin to save the game and come back to defeat the heat, Lin could conceivably lead the team over the Raptors! What will happen to Kemba then… Cho, MJ and Clifford made sure of that by not allowing Lin to play the 7th and deciding game.

    Lin made good despite the hornets and not because of them.

  254. true dat but what can i say ? you are right though thinking abt it. but i just want to know why charlotte are so enamoured of kemba and batum. i just don’t see what the greatness of walker actually is. but i get your point

  255. These owners, GMs and coaches have too much riding on the draft and trade acquisitions they make. Their pride as experts at what they do demands that they do everything possible to prove they were right.

    Kemba became their man once he was top drafted. He was then given max to boot by Cho. If they let a $2 million dollar backup come in and embarrass their prize stallion, they risk losing their own reputation and job.

    Morey and Less did the same with Harden. Dolan did the same with Melo. Lakers did the same with Kobe.

  256. yeah i guess so but tbh i was watching the game when lin was in the lakers and he played against them walker/jefferson etc all included – it was just embarassing how easily they lost –

  257. yeah it is just so unlucky that he has been treated this way tbh. he really wanted to stay on in new york

  258. I hope Lin do not play over aggressive. He wants to win, but it is long season and Nets needs some time to get together

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