Linsightful Lessons from “Why It’s Not Easy Being Lin” ESPN Article by Pablo Torre

With 12 games left in the frustrating Lakers season, Pablo Torre managed to write another great article capturing Jeremy Lin’s thoughts on how he dealt with the difficulty of work. Many million thoughts and sleepless nights were spent searching for ways to analyze and do things better.

The well-written and researched article offered insights on how a frustrated Lin even refused to hear concerns and complaints from his loved ones about Byron Scott treatment of DNP and 3rd-string guard marginalization) and Kobe’s unleashed fury during practice. He didn’t want to carry that negativity to work. And that’s the right step. He chose to spend his sleepless Linsomnia hours to mull over ways to positively turn the situation.

We should learn an important lesson as Lin fans with this insight. Jeremy needs more positivity and support in his twitter feed or daily interaction since he doesn’t need more negativity to his work. If we want him to do well, it’s only fair to give him more positivity than complaints/criticism (however valid they might be)

At least he has mustered some success post-All Star Game Break (ASB) with a string of Linsanity, uhm .. (Lin shunned the word Linsanity due to connotation of a flash of great moment in NY) let’s just call it “JLin Prime” (as Joyce @awarde suggested) for now. Let’s vote for the new Lin nickname below!

All this great publicity (“Making Plays” #taketoday Adidas tweet, Linsanity DVD Giveaway, JLin Back as Starter, etc.) combined with Jeremy’s strong plays (#16 ranked PER after ASB) will greatly help increase Jeremy Lin’s values in the upcoming Free Agency. Let’s hope for bigger and better“JLin Prime”  games in the last 12 games!

Source: “Why It’s Not Easy Being Lin”, Pablo Torre, ESPN Magazine, Mar 27 2015

 “When it comes to talking about work, though, those walls instinctively shoot back up. He cannot help but tune out his dad and mom, who call from Palo Alto with concerns about his well-being. He refuses to engage friends’ complaints about Lakers coach Byron Scott giving his starting job to little-known Ronnie Price in December, then to littler-known Jordan Clarkson in January. The backup’s backup isolates himself from the loved ones featured on that canvas board, from the people who cannot help but watch the games, read the articles, scroll down to the comments and emerge, in Lin’s words, “just super pissed off.”

“It got to a point where I had to tell all of them, ‘Look, I appreciate you guys being on my side,'” he says. “‘But all this stuff about how upset you guys are, or how bad you think this is, I don’t want to hear any of it. I can’t carry that negativity to work.‘””

It’s a Monday afternoon in late February, and Lin and I have been catching up at a small brown dining table beneath a clock ornamented with ceramic pieces of sushi. By the time the hour hand ticks from salmon to spicy tuna, I notice that Lin, dressed in a gray hoodie and black athletic shorts, has been going out of his way to avoid saying the word Linsanity, a word he trademarked in 2012 to prevent strangers from profiting from his image. (Of his 10,381 words in our interview, he utters it exactly twice: once as part of the phrase “this, this whole Linsanity … thing,” as if using tongs to hold a diaper, and once when explaining why the term makes him uncomfortable.) In its place, Lin keeps substituting “New York,” referring to the shock of true global fame — the paparazzi who stalked him, the phantom knocks on his door at the downtown W Hotel — that urged him to hide from a city that venerated his success.”

New JLin’s NickName Poll to Replace Linsanity
What Should Be the new NickName to usher in a new era of LINSANITY?


  1. “I think Jeremy can fit anywhere as a player,” D’Antoni says. “He’s that good. But he’s not Linsanity if you put him just anywhere. If you close the floor on him” — that is, if you don’t stretch out defenses, if you don’t leverage his yearning to attack the rim — “he’s going to look mediocre.” Can someone say Byron Scott is the culprit of this. Seems like MDA has been watching lin play on the Lakers. BTW, I am first…hahaha

  2. That’s the best quote but sorry we must balance it with the worst/dumbest quote:

    “J-Lin is used to having the ball 90 percent of the time, and in my system, you just don’t do that,” Scott tells me after a recent Lakers practice. “He’s had some moments where he’s been terrific. But sometimes smart people who get in this system can be the dumbest people in the world.”

  3. since new thread will ask same question here in response to point in data above did on the old: is there a link to the oft quoted “#16 per after asb”. i know where to find for entire season but not for specific breakdown such as that.

  4. ahhemm.. exactly when did he say that.. if he did.. I wish some reporters will then ask what about kobe.

    kobe has the ball 95% of the time.. lin I will 50% of the time and the 50% is scattered to other players .. like 10%, 20% 10% and 10%. (oh.. bring the ball up does not count).

  5. I give credit to Paul Villareal who tweeted the PER number.

    I’ll add it to the post

  6. Not remember exact date but it was quoted by BS before the ASB. BS is a liar and a hypocrite. His mouth moves seconds before his brain really kicks in for thinking.

  7. am aware of that post but doesn’t help me to find a link to actual #s. im assuming this is from hollingers espn per (i dont like per “per-say” think there are better weighted stats formulas for rating overall performance) but all i can find on espn are season long ratings; i just wondered if the actual stats showing lin (and others) since asb breakdown is accessible, linkable somewhere on line.

    and i suggested in post on previous thread that perhaps this more detailed info is one of those things only available to espn “insider” subscribers.

    if anyone knows would appreciate posting further info here where to find. thank you.

  8. Glad there was a new thread made with this article in mind. Some of my choices for a new nickname:
    Little LINgine that Could; LINginuity; Just Jeremy; LINdominable Spirit.

  9. My question is what system is he referring to? His? Also don’t get his insinuation about dumbest people. It’s a lie. JLin hasn’t had ball 90% of time since Houston.

  10. This article was finished around ASB I think. Now Lin has proved he can work with those BS sets too. He just need to add some personal touches of his own. He increased the pace, mixed PnR and Set plays better etc. Of Course, stats wise, he would be even better, under MDA. But his number now post ASB was great too.

  11. That’s a lie for him to say that Lin used to handle the ball 90% and as smart like Lin can also be dumb in his system.

    BS is a horrible human being.

  12. Post ASG Leaders!!!

  13. LIn is Top 5 in Player Eff and Off Rating

  14. Lin is ranked 5th on PER!

  15. Had there were less blown assists, he would be TOP 5 on Assist % too…I think

  16. yeah….if only BScott had let run the offensive Lin’s way, he could have made his teammates a better shooter with floor spacing, and kickout 3s

  17. I’m still hunting the drive to basket number that you requested…

  18. the thing is with lin.. he handles 50% of the time..but the other 50% is scatter to other players and ususally when that happens.. that other 50% is the attack from the players..
    he reads the defense while dribbling..that’s time..(say 8s)
    then he drives or just passes to someone
    when he drives.. he will passes to someone and that someone will touch the ball for 3 seconds and try to score.

  19. As for the Overall standing for the season…he is still top 20!

  20. ok, I added the Poll for new nickname to replace Linsanity:
    Every member can vote up to 2 choices. Should I open it up for non-members?

    So far we have 5 candidates but we can add more

    What Should Be the new NickName to replace Linsanity?
    1. JLin Prime
    2. Super LINtendo
    3. SmiLIN Assasin
    4. LINtastic
    5. LIN Dynasty

  21. So has anyone sent this articles to any friends in China. I am sure they it will make headlines in Taiwan.

  22. It will I believe….I am waiting for the morning news….lol

  23. Linspired! 🙂 thanks to @linspiredinla

  24. So the title is “ISOLATION play”, is that a mocking on Lakers? lol

  25. Penny posted on FB. I am sure it will be in all major Asia news soon, if not already.

  26. hahaha…good catch…pretty sure it is!

  27. I still love Linsanity! 🙁

  28. I got confused with the title, is it “isoLatIoN Play” or “It’s Not Easy Being Lin”?

    As for “isoLatIoN Play”, it is fitting to address how LIN was isolated by all the ISOLATION plays making him feel isolated =)

  29. add another …

    thats is the URL title

  30. wow, Kevin Durant got a 2nd foot surgery and is shut down for the season

  31. you may add a new answer in the poll =)

  32. I think it is like “isoLatIoN Play: It’s Not Easy Being Lin”

  33. Man….super bad….

  34. Our man does not like it……

  35. no way…the only reason he is trying to stay away of it because of media mocks and fans criticism…I’m pretty sure he is playing something beyond Linsanity…but first he needs to find a suitable team

  36. I hope D’Antoni is hired by the Nuggets and Lin goes there. Too bad D’Antoni hadn’t stayed with the Lakers for this year.

  37. open…to public…that would be Linteresting…

  38. I can imagibe Mitch/Buss somewhere giving each other five saying thank you lin, you have made our job easier to fire scott, and buyout kobe before next season.LOL

  39. sweet…keeping my fingers crossed!

  40. We cross our fingers so much for the past 3 yr that it is not straight anymore…

  41. ESPN has been critical of Kobe’s chucking (and free agents not wanting to play with him), Scott’s coaching (ranked 2nd to last) and even front office. Now this comes out. Interesting to see if any fallout.

  42. hahaha…sadly 🙁

  43. I think Lin sure is not happy w these two on the team. I guess he has offers already that’s why he talked so frank… I think if BS is not fired or Kobe is not retired… Lin will not stay in Lakers.

  44. Yeah, I wander where the fallout is going to land….

  45. Now I think RW will get MVP. It’s fine w me bc I don’t want Harden to get it. LOL!

  46. In that case, just let Curry get it…

  47. Now we know why lin was getting so much praise from Stu and TCW because they knew this article was coming out.LOL

  48. Curry is great. As long as it’s not Harden I am OK w it. LOL!

  49. Most national media don’t have the time to watch and pay well attention to one team. Most of them depend on the local report and TW Sports are the talking point of the organization and BS’s protectors. Lin often gets unfair opinion started with Miller.

  50. I think Jeremy has a great PR team. Notice how videos from TAG Heuer, Adidas, his own video post ASG, and now article from Pablo all timed to be released during crucial times. A+ from me.

  51. And only Lin was being called “injury prone”.

  52. Well, today a lot of national media are tweeted about this.

  53. Either that or it only makes them look foolish with Lin’s stats after asb says otherwise.

  54. ok, it makes sense then. thanks
    man, why don’t they just put the title & subtitle together

  55. zamm..and those are top notch pgs with him.

  56. Linonidas (as in King Leonidas of Sparta)

  57. Jeremy, himself, avoids mentioning the word “Linsanity” but that doesn’t mean he is against the word being used by others.

    The title of the piece, “IsoLatIoN Play” highlights the letters LIN, and is clearly meant to imply that Lin is isolated. Notice how virtually all of the photos show a solitary and even a dejected Lin. The subtitle also states, “…the toughest year of Jeremy Lin’s life. It’s the feeling that, as hard as he tries, he just doesn’t fit in.” The recurring theme throughout the article is that Jeremy has been completely cut off, even from his closest friends and family. Pablo would have us believe, that aside from God, Jeremy is utterly alone.

    For this reason and many others, I do not see this article as an “amazing pro-Lin piece.” Although the article makes some positive points, all-in-all, it paints a bleak picture of Jeremy’s life. ESPN is in the business of making money from sports stories. It has no incentive to do the bidding of Lin’s agents. In fact if ESPN were to publish one-sided, flattering stories of athletes according to the interest of their agents, their readership would quickly decline.

    Yes, Jeremy agreed to be interviewed by this reporter, and Jeremy’s quotes are scattered throughout the piece. But that doesn’t mean that Jeremy would agree with everything that is asserted by the article and he may not even be happy with the central theme: Jeremy Lin has become totally isolated.

  58. Best part is that article is on the front page.

  59. I think the article went tru Lin and his agents before it was released.

  60. D Rose is injury prone

  61. ESPN?

  62. Imagine if Lin joins D’Antoni and breaks out again how bad that would look on so many levels for the Lakers? For Byron Scott not seeing and allowing Lin to succeed and D’Antoni who he replaced does. How the Lakers FO fired D’Antoni, how Kobe-ball hinders other players. All the Time Warner Scott cheerleaders will have egg on their face.

  63. ESPN published a very unflattering piece on Kobe. Do you think that article went through Kobe and his agents as well?

  64. more like rotten tomato and rotten egg on their face!

  65. Lin and Pablo go back to their days at Harvard. I thin they are friends,It is no be abpout a pro-lin piece that is about lin finally exhaling after all of the things he has gone through in this league.. Notice that lin owns up to his mess, but he is saying that there is so much one person can take.He is in a league where there is no level playing field for him. He has to be better than anyonelse. Even when he proves he just as good, he still gets the undertone of can he keep it up. Most coaches in the league play to the players strength, lin has spent a lot of time playing to his weakness by these coaches.

  66. Those are different articles. This article has one on one interview quotes. Lin has control on those and how it would be presented.

  67. Curious to see what the reaction to this article?
    So far it has been positive from the media with many followers

    Steve Mason ‏@VeniceMase 28.9K followers
    World’s Oldest Millennial – ESPNLA 710, Fox 11/KTTV, movie theatre owner, pop culture junkie.

    Ethan Strauss, ESPN Writer, 29K followers

    AngryAsianMan, 33.9K followers

    Lee Jenkins, Senior SI Writer, 38K followers

  68. I think you need to know some background from this author before you make quick judgement.

    Pablo interviewed Lin when he was still in Harvard, before Lin’s Linsanity run. He wrote an article after Lin signed with Rocket, and in that one is the only voice from Lin that he wanted to go back to Knick, and yet Knick did not give him anything during that summer.

    Pablo interviewed Lin when he was first on Rocket.

    So, if anything, Pablo is THE writer Lin trusted.

    I like your cute analysis, but you jump on things too quick.

  69. That was because the guy whi wrote the article had an ax to grind against Kobe. Also ESPN had an ax to grind with him after he called them a bunch of idiots.

  70. I really want to know how Lakers FO think about it?!

  71. “Every time I see someone, I run and hide.” Does that sound like Jeremy to you?

  72. Yes but now it’s breaking news on KDurant out for the season.

  73. Seems ok…what is the problem with that?

  74. But no media called him that.

  75. I don’t think they can say much.

  76. I do not wanna know, can not wait for the FA…lol

  77. Do you think Lin will stay?

  78. yes.

  79. When you have a lousy coach, this would normally happen.

  80. Very UNLIKELY…

  81. It’s the exact opposite of the truth. How many countless photos do we see of Lin being kind to fans? Even interrupting his meals to take pictures with them.

  82. I believe if Lin could have avoid those fans, he would. Scenarios are different.

  83. Yes….what ‘s your point?

  84. My favorite section of the entire article:

    “To be honest,” Lin says, “I don’t want to be defined by one style of play. People say, ‘You’re so much better without Kobe,’ but you want superstars on your team. My goal is to evolve my game so I’m not so contingent on any system. Great players can figure that stuff out.” By his own definition, he knows, he’s far from great. The part that hurts is that it’s not for lack of trying. “Shoot,” Lin says. “What do you think I’m doing when I can’t sleep?”

    He visualizes Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley, who thrives without space, and Bryant, who inspired Lin’s “point of emphasis” for this summer: midrange shots. Later, when I relay this plan to D’Antoni, I brace for a spit take. But the jobless coach invokes that PG-as-CEO metaphor. “There’s trying to run your own company,” D’Antoni says, grinning. “But you’ve gotta be employed too.”

    I have been saying in the past he thrives in a certain system, so he has to try to learn to play regardless of system if he wants to be great at both sites. (but some ppl here in the past bashed me and claims that all players has a certain system to thrive in, which is true and say I’m not a fan. blah. But my main point is, if he want to be versatile, he has to do well in irtually ANY system, but no one got my point.) He even said himself in this article.. so he knows that he shouldn’t just thrive in a certain system. Another thing is the quate by MDA. He obviously know what lin’s strength is.. leading. Also his quote basically sums the whole thing up that lin should also try to thrive in different systems where he is not the lead. (employee instead of the ceo). That’s why lebron is so great – positionless bball player.

  85. IMO, they’re being held hostage by Kobe and BS.

  86. Still the lowest USG% on the list…..

  87. You are trying to create drama using wordplay when there is none. If you don’t like the article fine, but I trust Pablo and obviously lin trust Pablo. I am sure that Pablo showed the article before he posted it. Pablo didn’t have to do that, but he did it because they have developed a kin ship. Also Pablo is a Filipino American, so why would he want to throw shade on lin like that.

  88. I get it. The point I was making is that ppl use box score to gauge success. In fact, different systems can not be compared this way. Regardless of Lin, ANY NBA PG can get better stats under MDA than they are under BS. The only difference is by how much.

  89. I think really the point is Lin trusts Pablo.

  90. The article did focus on the feelings of isolated Jeremy Lin but painted him in a positive way of fighting through many sleepless nights trying to constantly improve. Judging from the media tweets (see my summary post above), it has accomplished its objective positively to get non-Lin fans to understand and sympathize on what he went through.

    I like how Pablo painted Lin as equally-driven in wanting to wins, contrasting it to the “Bryant’s toilet paper tirade”
    “But just because I have a certain demeanor, it doesn’t mean you can tell how much I want something,” Lin says. “You can’t just say that the more you talk, the more you care.” Take Bryant’s toilet paper tirade from practice

    IMO I see the article tries to explore the human-side of Lin in dealing with difficult circumstances the best way that he could, to the point of asking his family members and friends not to speak about negativity and relying on his faith to march on. In that sense, it has achieved its objective to get readers to understand and like Lin more.

  91. Good to see media folks are tweeting about it, instead of just lin fans

  92. So you think the editors at ESPN decided to let Lin’s best buddy write a cover story on him? They want to flatter Lin as much as possible? As I wrote, the piece makes some positive points. But you cannot ignore the title, the subtitle and the photos. It may be considered a “balanced” piece but it is far from strictly pro-Lin perspective. For that, we would need to hear the story from Jeremy himself. And that will take a while.

  93. Lin has always said that he wanted to be a versatile player, but Lin’s problem is that he has had coaches tell him to play this way, and then the next play, play this way. Scott probalem is that he has no system.

  94. true.. which someone refuted me because I did say mda tends to make all pg better than they are and they said something similar to what you wrote. and made me realized that ok, that person might be right..not many can have 25 and 9.. or like nash.. 20 and 23.. only certain player can do that.. even jodie meeks or marshall cannot do what lin or nash does (assists are great, but not the points).

  95. Good.

  96. It is indeed.

  97. lets call it unbiased article…if you want media attention, one cant go about writing like a pro-lin…its just doesnt work that way. When you blow a trumpet, you need to chose the right place and direction as well, else you gonna get blown away

  98. yes, they need to appear somewhat neutral but good to see they retweet it as a good insightful reading

  99. Like I said, it depends on for a particular player what is the difference to them, and how much is the average of that difference. Lin 20/8(MDA) v.s. Lin 12/4 (BS/McHale) seems like a big differences. But what if it was CP3? Conley?. IDK, the difference maybe larger or smaller. However the point is still that to compare that 20/8 and 12/4 is almost completely pointless. And this is when the discussion are still just limited on talking offensive style….Not usg%, politics, etc.

  100. I think they thought, “We needed to give this Linsanity Giveaway DVD publicity stunt before this article came out! At least the FO appeared to want Lin to succeed” =)

  101. Unbreakable

    Yea I know Lin is not in the name, but I feel like this word sums it up for me

  102. you are a little extreme here. And you totally missed the positive point of this article. It is really not about a positive or negative adj used in the article, it is the voice from Jeremy’s side, it is the way it clearly states the point of view from Jeremy, it is how Jeremy expressed himself.

    This is from a long while, we really hear what is Jeremy’s take of the whole incidence. And you know how hard that is? Even Jeremy got interviewed almost everyday, but how many times he invite a writer to his own apartment, and spend hours with him, and tell him when he could not go to sleep, what he was thinking about?

    And yet, you are focusing on one or two “negative” world, how he was painting Jeremy Lin? You totally 捡了芝麻,丢了西瓜。

  103. nice .. it also rhymes a bit with Adidas although a bit tongue-twister !

  104. what are you saying? You are just going back and forth. Dude get your life….peace out.

  105. true, I think Lin can weight-light much more than Durant

  106. I thought about it but am concerned with a troll answer
    maybe we’ll try it

  107. It will take some breakout games to get more attention and make it stick though. Otherwise article will be forgotten. Just like Frazer said during the first Linsanity game, his great performance will only be remembered by family if they don’t win the game.

  108. You know me @psalm234:disqus, iI am not the one for somebody baiting over here….smh

  109. Exactly. They knew the article was coming. I suspect you won’t here a peek out of the Laker’s unless somebody directly asks them about the article.

  110. These two Harvard grad are not dumb.

    -Instead of saying BS is a bad coach, he said he tried so hard but couldn’t fit in (dumb system) or Kobe is selfish old and injury, he said you want superstar in your team.

  111. I believe JLin doesn’t use the word Linsanity because the term has become a caricature of himself. This caricature represents either God like ability no mortal can comprehend or utter failure that should fall off the face of the earth. Either way, JLin wants no part of that. He’s gracious and humble so he doesn’t want a term that would inflate many a person’s ego. He just wants to be authentic and play basketball. Nothing flashy, nothing crazy. Just simple fun.

  112. Joyce, Jeremiah is not some one trying to troll or bait or anything, she is a Lin fan following Lin for a long while, just she might be a bit extreme on certain things, I’d say she put Lin in a very high level and could not tolerate any bad word to Lin. That happens to the way she attacked Paul for saying things she consider negative to Lin.

    Maybe she is less tolerate, or look at the world in black and white, but I don’t think she has any bad intention, if that count as anything.

  113. I agree to some extent that Lin needs to learn to thrive in many different systems.
    But if his greatest potential is within MDA system to not only be “employed” and be an 2-Time All-Star like Nash, I would still go with MDA. After all, NBA is all about numbers as Harden has aptly demonstrated.

    I’d rather Lin plays in MDA system but also still learns other aspects like “midrange jumpers” and ISO-moves to realize his best potential in the NBA. Like Lin said, it’s been 3 years with bad coaches who didn’t think much of him and made him look mediocre. Only due to his immense talent, he can thrive in the less-than-ideal systems (backup scorer in HOU & baby-sitter PG in LA)

  114. Its getting wide publicity..even mavericks forum posted it!

  115. yup, they just want to cover their back

  116. As I read through the article, there were many assertions that I objected to. For example the subtitle, ” … as hard as he tries, he just doesn’t fit in.” Again, this is just the opposite of reality. Jeremy’s ability to “fit in” is one of his many amazing talents: 1) He is obviously verywell liked by his teammates and colleagues around the league, despite being an Asian Harvard grad (i.e. so different from everyone else.) 2) Jeremy has managed to “fit in” and eventually excel even in Scott’s unsuitable system. 11.3 ppg / 4.7apg in 25 mpg = 16ppg / 7 apg in 36 minutes. Those are amazing stats no matter how you slice it! How is that not fitting in? He can’t help it if BS only gives him 25 minutes.

    This also made me think of Scott’s recent admission that Jeremy does belong in the NBA but I guess every article has to have a theme and this reporter chose to focus on Lin’s isolation.

  117. true, I think Jeremiah is just concerned with Lin being painted in negative image and tried to be protective.

    In the grand scheme of things and based on 3 or more years of relationship (and articles) that Pablo has developed with Lin, I believe Pablo means well and Lin seemed to trust him to give these insider access to his thoughts.

    I’m glad to see all the positive reactions from the media =)

  118. Do you think Lin told FO about this article coming out? Why now?

  119. Yup, after reading the article I don’t think Lin will stay unless BS gone and Kobe sideline.

  120. So Taiwan and China will be waking up soon…snd the plot thickens

  121. Wow. Link?

  122. What did they say?

  123. I think Lakers FO do want Lin to succeed that’s why they spent 15M to get him but too bad, they just don’t have enough guts to say NO to Kobe & BS… If they treated Lin right then Lin will stay w/o a question. smh!

  124. Well, it is the Jeremiah guy after all so drama is expected.

  125. Don’t worry the reporters always do translate the articles from USA.

  126. Jeremiah The Grey…you are looking at the article either as black or white…instead or grey! jk jk

    Its middle ground article where the writer portraits lin’s inner feelings facing various reality.

    If it was another player, like westbrook and akin, they would have performed differently (on the fit in perspective)…they would have taken way much more shots just to prove they can score.

    Instead, Jeremy is his own philosophy on how a PG should play and not about just taking shots, but winning and getting the whole team involved…hence fitting in to the expectation is mentioned in the article

  127. OK, thanks, i had never seeen this poster before.

  128. Very good….clappping hands

  129. I had a different thought when I read that line. I focused on the word “feeling” & “doesn’t fit in”

    It’s the feeling that, as hard as he tries, he just doesn’t fit in.”

    I took it to mean that Lin felt like he couldn’t fit in which might raise the race issue or stereotyping of NBA baller. So it’s not judging Lin but observing Lin’s feelings. It stopped short of exploring this possibility but we know Byron Scott doesn’t like Lin for many reasons. Even it’s not race, his stereotypical ‘tough&vocal defender’ might mistake Lin’s quietness as being timid. Lin refuted that in the different section of the article contrasting his approach with Kobe.

  130. You don’t seem to get it. Jeremy cannot speak for himself. One time he tried by speaking on 60 minutes about the racism he faced and he was immediately accused of playing the race card. Jeremy has learned that if he ever dares to complain or make excuses, he will immediately be accused of whining. So he doesn’t do it. No matter how unfair the treatment he’s subjected to, he takes it like a stoic. It’s one of the reasons why I admire him so much.
    The best he can do is provide interviews to sympathetic or at least fair reporters and hope that they present his side of the story. But there is no reason to assume that such a reporter will let Lin control the final draft or even see it before publication.

  131. Why Mav forum posted this article? Hope they want to get Lin? LOL!

  132. They seem like they want him to come to Dallas.

  133. Sometimes, I feel that the Jeremiah guy is a reverse troll. How the fk someone pick out the word Lin out of Isolation and claim that the article is against Lin.

  134. yeah I see that as well…kinda interesting for Mav forum to post on Jeremy.

    as usual, other forums are picking up as well

  135. Yeah right, everything with the word isolation is against Lin LOL. May be people should change the way they spell isolation.

  136. fans…seems to be interested on him

  137. Lots positive comments. Hope Cuban will step up.

  138. excellent point.

    In order to reach the readers, the writer needs to find something that readers can identify with to accomplish its goal. In this case, the feeling of isolation or loneliness are strong feelings that almost everyone can identify and sympathize with Lin.

    In the big picture, the article shines light on Lin as a hard-working athlete with strong faith who gives his best despite the hard circumstances.

  139. I had been following him for some time…he is critical and stubborn to his statement…hence many call him troll, etc…I think he is all good…at times get carried away

  140. You are thinking too much…lol

  141. yeah…the positive from media folks…speaks

  142. Oh! Ya! Cuban is like that type of person… lol!

  143. Who posted it? Fan?

  144. Kobe should have texted BS instead of Lin.

  145. I’m beginning to wonder if a draft of this article didn’t make it’s way off the ESPN servers two or three weeks ago and delivered into the hands of someone in the Lakers FO. I’ve been amazed at the very sudden local turnaround in the narrative about Jeremy. Suddenly he’s starting a few games before Scott said he’d start him. The local broadcast crew suddenly have chucked all the “thinks too much” or “inconsistent” narrative that have been spoonfed to them.

    I thought maybe the change in narrative in the national observations (praise by opposing coaches, etc) might have influenced the Lakers. But somehow, it seemed like something more was at work.

    Also, the travesty of the Lakers benching of Jeremy in the Minnesota game has finally laid bare the deceit in treating Jeremy fairly. “Going with the hot hand” certainly didn’t apply. Jeremy got benched because he had the hot hand — and the sports media is noticing what we’ve known for a while … that Jeremy’s treatment has nothing to do with how well he’s performing.

    Because of the naked chicanery of the Minnesota game, I think everyone is going to be watching more closely tonight to see how Scott engineers another deliberate loss in his tanking strategy.

  146. I don’t mind which team Lin will be joining I trusted him to make the right decision this time since he has more experience and he will be unrestricted FA.

  147. midnite text?! lol

  148. BTW, I am so curious about why this article show up now? Did Lakers FO approved it? Is this the sign they will fired BS?

  149. You completely misinterpret the meaning of run and hide, smh

  150. Nothing will happen now I think….It is just one article….a very good one.

  151. Kobe should texted himself LOL

  152. my first time there…but the site is a media site for mavericks and dallas

  153. I know. If they really want to fired BS they will wait after draft to do it. I think FO know if BS stays then Lin will not stay.

  154. let’s put it this way. Jeremy will not invite any writer to his apartment he don’t trust for this kind of interview. Not even Baldwin or that Greg guy who were write positive things for Jeremy all the time either.

    He will invite people he trusted that will be truth to the fact, not people he think he can manipulate.

  155. i think FO will await how the draft pick turns out…then decide on coaching…if they want to tank again, BScott is the best

  156. Doubt Lakers have to approve of an ESPN article for them to publish it. Doubt they had any say in the “nobody wants to play with Kobe” article.

  157. You tend to see the positive in everything which is good (for you!) Everything can be interpreted in many directions, but titles and subtitles are very important parts of a story. That’s all some people bother to read! “Isolation play” is not the most positive title for a piece on JLin. I’m not saying that it is a totally negative article. Not at all. Just saying that we shouldn’t regard it as a pro-Lin PR piece written by Lin’s team. Far from it.
    If I were to write an article, for example, the story would be much simpler: BS/Kobe have Linsanity in shackles and as soon as Lin gets to a team with a fair coach, Linsanity will resume. And trust me, at that point, the term Linsanity will be used more that ever before. So, I also wanted to point out that Linsanity doesn’t need to be replaced. Lin avoids it, but you do not need to banish it from this site.

  158. The only group that would had a say is Lin and his agents

  159. They can’t tank again bc they will loss more rating on TV & fans pay the money to see the game live… In fact, they already not that good this season. I think they sent out the tickets to some Org to fill the empty seats.

  160. But there are still 12 games to go…?! Lin doesn’t want to play anymore?

  161. He just know he needs to salvage what ever he can from the situation…and this 12 games.

  162. “Isolation play” is the title. (And therefore, also the central theme of the article.) I didn’t claim the article is against Lin. Just not completely for Lin. If you use logic, that’s a good thing.

  163. If you read literature…thats one of the best title…just because it can be interpreted in many ways…its story telling

    Isolation play = I could interpret as Jeremy is made to play in isolation rather than making him as the team focal and contribute to wins. Lin is playing in isolation, where he wants a win but LAL wants draft picks…on and on

  164. Maybe Lin’s already break up w Lakers? LOL!

  165. you never know….they should have learnt from last season…but it seems …nah….

  166. IDK, my guess is, he tries to make his life with LAKERS simpler. Just get paid and do the work. Being a professional.

  167. Really? Wow! That’s good. LOL! I believe this article is sure huge now.

  168. Some were saying this interview was around the all star break. Maybe that’s when Lin’s mind set was screw the Lakers and hence his change in play since the ASG.

  169. I can’t use the term Linsanity because you know, I’m humble and modest. But you guys can! But please keep voting for Linsanity every game! –JLIn

  170. I know he was not happy w Lakers at that time (now seems to be a little bit better ?) I guess Lin just wants to make a statement that what he wants… IF he really will stay in Lakers then he will not want this to happen again. Hope he will not…LOL!

  171. LinSanity!

  172. I think that is exactly what he does. Lin is going through the motions working on his game.

  173. This is not literature, it’s journalism. Titles are supposed to summarize the piece. Things can always be spun but “isolation play” is the antithesis of Lin. Lin is all about team play. Iso play is Melo, Harden, and Kobe.
    In this context, the author is clearly stating that Lin is isolated even from his loving parents.

  174. You mean that the way BS says it to Jeremy? 🙂

  175. LOL….He is better than Linsanity now…..JMO

  176. I know you are adamant to your point…and I’m not saying your point is wrong…end of the day its all about perception…thats life…so far the media feedback been positive…I will take that…cheers mate

  177. Thats the reason I said LinSanity

  178. Not enough….I guess….LOL

  179. First of all, I’m a guy. Second, I doubt you can find one sentence I’ve posted that could be characterized as “extreme.”
    I didn’t attack PFV. I pointed out 2 cases where he said things that were clearly wrong. That’s all.

  180. How about “LinXanity”?

  181. It sounds weird……for 18 and older? LOL

  182. How about “Linssanity”?

  183. lol…you need to rinse your brain

  184. Brent is a bad man. Nasty.

  185. that should be Linse your Brain!

  186. Supreme Troll!!!!

  187. Man so many false narratives out there…

  188. How about “Linnasty”?

  189. its all perception…that you have created…take ownership like Lin

  190. He never owns those crap….LOL

  191. Brentnasty?

  192. Maybe just nasty will do

  193. It’s like saying we understand Black culture by watching Cosby Show.

  194. i think all the mods need to be banned! trolls

  195. The day JLin gets a basketball team to call home: I’m going to use “Big Lin 6” in honor of the Disney movie.

    Who would be your starting roster? Plus who’s the 6th man?

  196. We can choose to just ban @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus and move on…LOL

  197. Plus this nickname not only has Lin, but involves the entire team! Team nickname!

  198. agreed! the sleeping scapegoat!

  199. i am getting old. I thought he said “because you read Shunga” LOL

  200. For me there is no need to change…. Jeremy is always LINSANITY to me.
    Go Ln Go!
    Welcome to my hometown Toronto and hope you have a great game!

  201. Are you going to the game?

  202. I wish but I can’t … hope they will show the game locally.

  203. Does anybody Know what this says?

  204. I have a big health issue dealing with 🙁 … can’t move much…

  205. What’s up with Lowery?

  206. Dont you think this is positive?!

  207. I’m all for it…Toronto and Michigan do have huge Asian community!
    Go North!

  208. Just checked… they will show the game on TV …Yeah!!!! Lowry hurt still not playing … but Toronto FO loves him…

  209. Who is your backup PG?

  210. Take care mate…health comes first!

  211. Toronto has over 1 million Asian population but more important, this city is muti cultural and really means it. Racism is very low (of course it exits … anywhere in the world for that matter) When you go to the game you will see people of all colour cheering for their hero no matter what they color is. If Jeremy comes to join the… OMG! hahaha…

  212. No idea … I don’t follow them… Oh no… please don;t let the Raptors fans know. I follow the LA Fakers… shame on me … shame on me…

  213. yup, thats close to 50% of the population!

  214. True… unless you have close friends of other culture for sometime, one has no idea what the other culture really is.

  215. greives vazquez (sp) decent player, about the level of beno udrih of memphis; maybe a little better.

    lowry im speculating just sitting out due to embarssment of his and teams play since asg.

    but perhaps there are legitmate health reasons: ill look up actual official explanation and post.

  216. offcial reason the all to familiar : back spasms

  217. haha… not that much… well… about 25% A lot intermarriage too… hehe.. really mixing it up! Good!

  218. I notice how the Lakers haven’t responded to the Pablo article..LOL

  219. “yer mind is not dirty so dont let no one wash your brain”/ (reggae lyric)

  220. well sum do.

  221. his sleeping is essential.

  222. shhh…dont wake him up …now

  223. breaking up is hard to do.

  224. Just talked to my friend….. do you guys think this article will be good for Lin’s FA or not?

  225. well what is correct regarding 50% is 50% non-native born.

    darn foreigners.

  226. somebody’s number dont add up. toronto is 2.5. so can’t be 1 mil and 25%.

  227. Robin Lundberg
    @PabloTorre thought you nailed pretty much all of it

  228. yer 1 million is close to correct; yer 25% incorrect; yes about 35% of toronto is listed as ethnically some sort of asian by most recent census #s.

  229. B4 this article, I think his FA is bright already. I think article like this does not affect FA result by much. But it might affect his exposure and general perception on him.

  230. NBA Pulse: Lin number 8, Kobe 3
    Something to do with the article today

  231. Means Hill shoots too much for little reward with those long 2’s.
    Darius Soriano‏@forumbluegold
    The Hill that has a usage rate of 25, shoots 46% and is in love w/ long two point jumpers? Yeah, that dude can sit behind Ed Davis, thanks.

  232. kobe’s always top 5 even when no kobe news.

  233. When he misses those it’s like a turnover because he isn’t close enough to try to get a rebound. Coach is totally incompetent to let him play that way. Other teams don’t even cover him, they want him to take that shot all day. Instead his guy is in the paint making it hard for JLin to find a lane.

  234. i still dont understand how “useage rate” is defined, if you have a link that explains in clear defined terms within the definition i’d appreciate it being put up.

  235. This was a very insightful article. It further proves that Lin will definitely play for another team next season. He cannot thrive under Byron Scott. He knows that the Lakers coaching staff does not appreciate him and for a summer he controls his own destiny. When he succeed next season, Lin will make the Lakers coaching staff look even more inept

  236. well its not an issue on this road trip because he is dnp.

  237. Fallout from the article already? That was quick. He’s going to get the Swaggy treatment now.

  238. LOL

  239. I see. Looks like he can’t work w Kobe & BS next season if they don’t change…? But I doubt they will…

  240. I don’t believe it’s true… but looks like FO & Lin maybe need to talk soon….

  241. Take it easy ..have plenty of rest to get back to being healthy soon
    I’m coming down with a little something too so need plenty of vitamin C

  242. Jeremy Lin said he's going to play tonight, but said he has felt no improvement in his sinuses in past two days— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) March 27, 2015

  243. Tough as nails….

  244. If he doesn’t play then maybe will be like Young… DNP to the end.

  245. I didn’t say it had no positive points. But you know, sometimes Lin does take too much of the blame. Some of the statements I most disagreed with were JLin quotes! LOL:

    “… And for three straight years, I’ve put in a lot of work, but I haven’t seen the results on the court.”

    “The majority of the responsibility is on me,” Lin will say when asked about problems of fit. “I’m not running from that.”

    Great players can figure that stuff out.” By his own definition, he knows, he’s far from great.

    As I said, per 36 minutes, Lin has averaged 16/7. What’s so bad about that?

  246. Ok, LINSANITY!!!

  247. Game 71 LAL vs TOR is now open

    Will Jeremy come to play or rest due reported respiratory issues related to his sinus?

    Let’s hope Jeremy will only play if he feels he can contribute to the game. After the publication of the excellent Pablo Torre article on “It’s Not Easy Being Lin”, it would be great to watch Lin play a good game but only if his health allows it

    Go Jeremy!

  248. good one, like that Bruce Willis movie!

  249. maybe bench because of the ESPN article on Lin.

  250. That I do try to be objective to see the positive =)

    Perhaps we can find the common ground that the results seem to be positively received by the media. And the cover story on ESPN is quite a big deal (before Kevin Durant injury replaced it) for his FA.

    That’s the final goal that all Lin fans will care about … anything to help Lin in his FA to find the best team for him. Did you see how positive comments in DAL MAVs board? Pretty good vibe of them welcoming him for the right price, even some think of him as a backup still

  251. The article does make the case for Lin at many points and if that helps Lin in FA, of course I’m happy about that. I guess the only really negative parts of the article are the title and some of JLin’s own quotes when he takes the blame for a bad fit. Also, my first impression from reading the article was that JLIn is now isolated and struggling. Does that imagery really attract coaches and GMs to go after such a player? I suspect that the reporter wanted to have an interesting title that could serve as a theme for the piece. And it just happened to be kind of depressing.

  252. I opened up the vote to the Internet to help @JLin7 get excited with a new nickname to usher in the new era of Linsanity

  253. he should just rest. preserve his body for FA

  254. “But I watched the movie.”

  255. including the suburbs… city of Toronto is 2.5 when you add Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough… the city is rather populated. 3.5+ MM

  256. Thank you …. yesterday I add tooth ache to my problem list… well… it happens and I am posiitive that this will go away.

  257. Just found the number from Internet:

    City of Toronto: 2.6 million
    Greater Metropolitan of Toronto: 5.58 Million.
    2011 stat showed about 600,000 are ethnic Chinese; visible minority is over 1 MM.

  258. But I was referring to Asian overall rather than just ethnic Chinese 🙂

  259. Just read the ESPN article on Lin, wow so much detail into Lin’s life and recent struggles or how he deals with friends and family complaining about his mistreatment.

  260. Byron Scott hasn’t been working well with anyone lately and the same for Kobe.

  261. Don’t think Toronto Raptors need any PG.

  262. Take care of yourself. We need you.

  263. ESPN responded with the “Jeremy Lin’s Rise and Fall” which is trash!
    It should be “Jeremy Lin’s Fall and Rise”

  264. Inept coaching! They should make Jordon Hill shoot 3s.

  265. The Mavericks is an offensive team and they brought in Rondo who is a total mismatch. Mark Cuban blew this one big and that would cost them a lot more than he could imagine. I predict that Dallas would take a free fall this season and the next if they keeps on going without major changes in their roster.

  266. I really do not like the term Asian. Lin is ethnic Chinese (don’t confuse this with the Taiwan vs PRC issue). He should be referred to as Chinese American. Asian is way too generic and means nothing as it just lumps all the Indians with the Korean and Philippinos, etc and not much in common between them.

  267. I always thought Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York were always considered as Toronto proper. Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughn are considered Greater Toronto, if I m not mistaken.

  268. you are right. anyhow, the pop is now swell up pushing 6MM . Driving here sucks as highway is still very 70s like just had added the 407 paid highway since. I live in Markham which is growing too fast… building new houses and condo everywhere. Other than new comers to Canada there are many moving up from other parts of Toronto.

  269. thank you bro. In addition to my battered back my gum infection really driving me crazy. But all these will pass… hanging in there. ;-}

  270. Lowry still out but you probably right they don’t. I sincerely hope Jeremy won’t go back to the Lakers if they want him back. NO! please……

  271. Adding the huge southeast asian population (over 500,000) and over 200,000 Philipinos, and other visible minorities, I think it will be above 1.25MM … The thing is when you live in this city you don’t think much about race any more (at least to me). Just got use to folks of different size, shape and colour. You most likely will hear folks with difference accents (strong) with they English. I like it! Fun!

  272. Hey Psalms
    I’d like to add a replacement name to Linsnaity to the poll. I was thinking of Linspiration or Linspired. Is it too late to add it to the poll?

  273. Did it.

  274. What about Lin Your Face?

  275. No way period!

  276. Lin has talked a lot about spiritual readiness. What exactly does he mean and how does it help a player to perform?
    A young rookie like Clarkson goes wild or rogue is a sign of mental chaos. Often coaches would reign that energy in to maintain a team discipline. On the Lakers, this type of behavior is allowed to happen for the sake of tanking. It isn’t much different than when KOBE does his thing and ices everyone else out. It’s just that LA is so used to it that the don’t understand how it negatively affects team play.

    Spiritual readiness is a higher order of self. One of the best sports psychology books is “the Inner Game of Tennis”. It talks at great lengths about how all of us have 2 voices within us, a king of “ego vs id” kind of dichotomy that can negatively affect our inner balance. There is often an inner voice from our ego to judge everything we do as good or bad. Sometimes it’s a reflection of how others have judge us that triggers the self hate within us. It takes very little to push us down this path of self defeat.

    It takes incredible self control to silence that inner voice. Spiritual readiness is that ability to have the strength to overcome the dark forces that can overtake our actions. When powerful people push their negativity on you and subject you to negative judgement, it’s easy to absorb it into your own subconscious. That voice becomes your own ego’s voice of fear, doubt, self hate and self condemnation. Every action takes on that colouring of either good or bad, when in fact it’s neither. A play is a series of actions that either works or doesn’t based upon evolving events with multiple people. It could lead to scores or not. The problem with self judgements is that it gets in the way of how the best athletic performances spring forth. The best athletics are the ones that require no thinking, no judgements and non interference from our cognitive processes. When you begin playing with self judgement already in place, you have placed an extra barrier between you and an ideal performance.

    Athletes often talk about entering the zone during play. What exactly happens during those moments of greatness. Often it happens when your eyes operate the body bypassing the cognitive brain. When players worry about the meaning of every action, they fear repercussions of making bad mistakes. It becomes a debilitating cycle of negative self judgement and fear. Athletes choke because they fear the meaning of the moment. When Lin finally was pushed into the realization that he may play his last game as a pro in 2012, he finally gave up on fearing what it would mean to fail. It was that release that opened himself up to stellar play and Linsanity.

    Some coaches mistake mental toughness and “will to win” with spiritual readiness. There’s no denying that KOBE is mentally tough or have massive will to win, what he lacks is spiritual readiness to separate his own need to win for the greater good of the team. That’s something he has never been able to do. Winning a battle is not the same as winning a war. A soldier who goes rogue for what he believes is the best for himself can easily threaten the long term strategy of winning the war. This is the situation that faces the Lakers franchise.

    An athlete that allows his mental chaos to power up their desire to win can make things worst. This is much easier to see in an individual sport like tennis where team dynamics can hide the faults. A tennis player who loses his cool and blindly powers up will likely start to go for winners too early and start to lose many points on unforced errors. In BBall it’s in making bad passes, bad shots, ball hogging, going for bad steals, fouling, technicals and picking up flagrant 1/2s. A player who is spiritual ready can be calm under pressure to see how to maintain control of his personal centre while applying the correct changes to help the team. You and your team may lose anyways, but you can learn positively from the experience by controlling how you lose, to learn and build towards the next encounter.

    Spiritual readiness for an athlete is the ability to see the big picture under stress and to calmly adapt to the pressure in such a way that sets the course towards defining ways to improve. It comes when they can put aside the fear and negativity of self judgement and accept their best effort not as a definition of who they are but rather, where they are on their process into their destiny.

    As fans, we place an enormous amount of pressure on elite athletes to succeed. That’s why it’s called the “weight of expectation”. The larger the fan base, the heavier the burden. As a coach, I groom my students to ignore ALL fans, there’s no good or bad fans, because fans all have expectations from you.

    To be a good fan is a bit like being a good parent or spouse. You have to care for them and yet never be possessive. You have to care, but not ever demand. Very few fans could ever be that way, but if you truly wish for Lin to succeed, you have to say ” be free, I place my faith and trust in you to do what’s best for yourself.” It’s really like being a great parent!

    Being a good coach or parent is a very difficult balancing act. We often see our students or children work so hard off court to better themselves but can never redefine themselves mentally until they are put into these situations. Believing in ones greatness isn’t the same as owning it. Spiritual readiness opens the mind and soul to that experience of ownership of their own talents. Coaches that don’t put their players into situations to test themselves are limiting their abilities to grow. The tough part sometimes is to let them go and make the mistakes for themselves and learn for themselves. At the same time however, they also need to recognize when a player has pushed themselves into mental chaos and pull them back into spiritual readiness.

  277. In psychology intellectualizing is one of the highest forms of defense. This seems to be Lin’s defense mechanism, but it is second to humor as the highest defense mechanism. I was hoping young and boozer would teach Lin to use humor as a defense mechanism as well. For as the bible says “what man could add an hour to his day but worrying.”

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