A Flash of Linsanity #7 in the 4th Quarter Powered the Hawks to Reach The 7th Win

ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 18: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Atlanta Hawks handles the ball against the Washington WizardsJeremy Lin on December 18, 2018 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2018 NBAE (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

After starting slow in the first 3 quarters (4 points, 0-4 shooting, 4-4 FTs), Jeremy Lin brought a flash of Linsanity from his magic bag in the fourth quarter by scoring 12 points (6-8 shooting) out of Atlanta’s 36 points to give the Hawks the seventh win of the season. He finished with 16 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 4 fouls (6-12 shooting, 0-3 three-point shooting) in 24 minutes. Ironically, #7 jersey helped to secure the 7th win of the season for the Atlanta Hawks.

The Making of Linsanity in the 4th Quarter

Noone could have seen this flash of Linsanity coming after Jeremy Lin struggled with his shooting for the first 3 quarters. Most Lin fans would expect another three or four minutes on the floor before Trae Young came back with a good shooting night (19 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds with 3-6 three-point shooting in 26 minutes). But Coach Lloyd Pierce trusted the momentum of Lin’s team on the floor and decided to ride the momentum in the 4th quarter.

Full Highlights including defense courtesy of @CLICK

In his post-game interview, Jeremy Lin explained how he took advantage of how the lanes to the rim were so open so he exploited them over and over again with rounds of layups.

As Jeremy said, it is only a quarter of Linsanity as he smiled when reporters asked about Trae’s praise for his Linsanity game. As a team-first guy, he also emphasized the team camaraderie and hard work to share the glory of the win. But everyone knows it was his Linsanity run in the 4th quarter can make the win possible. Kent Bazemore provided his analysis of how Jeremy Lin’s contribution in scoring in the 4th quarter was so important along with Kevin Huerter.

“Man, he was everything in the 4th quarter. Kevin Huerter, too”

He elaborated that defense is important but you need to score, too. Coach put the ball in Jeremy’s hands, keep the floor spacing good, set some picks by big men for Lin, and Lin was able to keep breaking down the lanes. Also, the tough pull-up jumper by Lin was the type that deflates the other team.

Coach Lloyd Pierce, John Collins, and Trae Young praises on Lin’s 4th quarter Linsanity run as Jeremy declined to make the night about him but emphasized the importance of team camaraderie to root for one another. This is why Lin is so well-liked by his teammates because he always wants to make it about the team to share the glory rather than himself.

And, quite rightly, for his fourth quarter exploits, Lin was a large focus postgame.

“He just found a rhythm,” said Pierce of Lin. “They were a little confused on their coverage and he was able to get into the paint and get to his layups … once he got in rhythm, we’ve seen it before, you kind of just milk it. He got going for us. <b>I told the guys at the end of the bench ‘I was trying to sub some of you guys’ but we had a great rhythm, Jeremy led us and we wanted to finish with the guys that were out there.</b>”

“Huge,” said John Collins of Lin. “I didn’t know he was going to pull all those tricks out of his bag tonight. But we definitely appreciated everything he gave us. He just gave us that spark to help us finish out the game.”

“That’s Linsanity,” said Trae Young of Lin’s fourth quarter. “J Lin does so many good things for us. A lot of things that don’t even happen on the court, as far as a leader and a vet. I think it all trickles down … he’s been through a lot of injuries and fighting back. I’ve seen all the hard work he’s put in to get back in and play this game. You can see the passion. I’m very excited and happy for a guy like J Lin and a person like J Lin.”

Lin himself didn’t want this night to be about him but was happy with how the team rallied around each other.

“I don’t want to make this game about me and what I did in the fourth quarter…”

“The thing that stuck out to me tonight was our camaraderie,” said Lin of the game. “I really enjoyed that. I really enjoyed our team just rooting for each other and the excitement that we had and the unselfishness that we had. That’s why we sign up for team sports. That’s everything.”

Lin clearly didn’t want to take the plaudits or make it about himself but he deserved those plaudits. Yes, he was not great through three quarters but when it came down to it and the game was still tight in the fourth quarter, Lin was a huge part of the run that created separation for the Hawks and led the Hawks to this victory down the stretch.

What Does This Mean Going Forward?

There are several takeaways from this Linsanity flash in the game:

  • Linsanity is still there: This was the first time that Atlanta Hawks fans were treated to a display of Linsanity and this was also the first time after Jeremy Lin came back from a season long patellar injury that he demonstrated his ability to take over the game that everyone had to take notice. His ability not just scoring for himself but taking advantage of pick-and-roll plays by getting screen from his big guys and feeding them when they are open are classic Linsanity moves that we witnessed in the birth of Linsanity in 2012. Lin fans can breathe a sigh of relief that Jeremy Lin is still capable of producing Linsanity when he is trusted with the ball in his hands.
  • Lin’s trade value is increasing: Lin’s name was floated around in the Phoenix Suns trade scenario so we know Atlanta Hawks is open to trade a 30-year old Jeremy Lin to another team to get draft picks or young players back for this rebuilding team. Will New Orleans Pelicans and Orlando Magic show more interest to trade for Lin before February 2019 trade deadline? We just have to wait and see how things develop. But another few rounds of Linsanity games should continue to drive up Lin’s trade value. The Hawks would need to balance the act of developing Trae Young as the future Point Guard and allowing Jeremy Lin to sometimes running the offense in hopes of producing Linsanity to drive up his trade value. Trae Young would still be the main Point Guard as their first round draft pick but there might be larger roles for Jeremy Lin at the end of games if Coach Pierce wants to win some games to keep the Hawks fans excited once in a while.
  • Tanking Hawks Still Means Underutilized Linsanity: It is a public secret that the Hawks need to tank by losing many games in hopes of being the bottom 3 so it increases the chance to get projected #1 pick in 2019 NBA Draft (Zion Williamson). That means the Hawks cannot afford too much Linsanity because it will bring them unnecessary wins. This NBA notion of tanking games to get good players in next year draft is frustrating for basketball fans to watch games to root for losses. But unfortunately it is a common practice until NBA finds a way to fix it. Lin fans can only hope the Hawks will soon find a win-win deal with another playoff contenders who want to win and can utilize some Linsanity.
100% Recovered from Lower Back Strain

In a post-game interview, Jeremy shared that he is 100% recovered from the lower back strain. His speed and movement are faster and more efficient last night

than the previous 2 games after he suffered the lower back strain.


  1. Been waiting for about two years for this!

  2. Jeremy enjoyed his time with Kent Bazemore and Vince Carter …

  3. More of Linsanity:-)

  4. Dragic out for two months with knee injury. Not much Pure PG depth in Miami so they could use JLin. I don’t like Miami as a destination for JLin. Hassan Whitesode got his big money and is not that much of a factor anymore. 1st choice at this time is NO followed by Orlando, at least for teams that we know need a PG. I personally am hopeful of a surprise like Utah Jazz. Realistically it will come down to who can offer Tanklanta the most

  5. Thank you for this write-up, Pslam. Appreciate all the hard work you do to gather and chronicle all of the Lin-related media.

    Last night was a great night for Lin, Lin fans, and the Hawks. It proved once again, that Lin can still take over a game and dominate a team if he has a coach who believes in him, gives him enough playtime to get into rhythm, good players to play with, and calls the right plays (mostly pick and roll) for Lin and his teammates.

    You could see how Lin’s teammates all see him as a leader and enjoy playing with him. Lin leads by example: by always hustling on defense, by feeding his teammates whenever they’re open, by sacrificing his own (recovering from injury) body for the good of the team, and to win games for a team that’s tanking. His Hawks teammates play much harder and are more focused when they see Lin bust his butt out both on the court and off the court, day in, day out. They feed off of Lin’s energy and determination and play as an actual NBA team should play as, reaching their full potential and beyond.

    Hopefully coach Pierce builds upon his trust in Lin and continues to give him more, consistent playtime in meaningful siutations. Also, hopefully the vocal Lin fans give it a break and realize that Pierce is not out to get Lin like McHale and Scott. Pierce ramped Lin’s playtime and role up prior to his ankle and back injuries. He’s doing it again now that Lin is recovered from those injuries.

  6. 1. Any Playoff contending Team
    2. Any non-tanking Team
    (in that order) from there JLIN adds to his resume the rest of this season for his next contract

  7. For JLIN fans, not surprising – we’ve seen JLIN score at will all season and gotten his teammates to outplay opponents — we always know he can Turn it On…

    Big Surprise was : Why did Pierce play JLIN to start Q4 and not pull him? Obvious reason is JLIN was ballin’ – but it’s not that simple.
    a) Against NETs JLIN allowed 13min in much anticipated return to Brooklyn, in-out constantly (3-4min bursts) and never had rhythm – NOT allowed to play Q4
    b) Against WIZ, in 3Qs JLIN missed most of his shots; but customary JLIN intangibles (D, hustle etc)

    So why when mediocre JLIN already played 12 min. did Pierce elect to start JLIN in Q4? Perhaps :
    1) guilt for NOT allowing JLIN to play in hyped (NY media)BKN game;
    . Trae was playing ok, moreover Pierce ALWAYs goes Trae in close games.
    2) Schlenk FO directive to boost JLIN’s profile for upcoming trade. Trade season is here and even Hawks announcers repeatedly flogging JLIN’s play.
    3) Really wanted a Win against Wiz? Who knows? Pierce might have some fetiish to beat Wiz

    Moreover JLIN started of Q4 with a bad pass – turnover but Pierce didn’t pull him. Very strange at that stage (game still within reach) still letting JLIN play for Trae.

    Whatever the reason — nothing changed and nothing will change except JLIN has increased his trade value and perhaps indications that ATL wants to collect this Trade.

  8. One game by a player who will not be on a team beyond this season …
    … does NOT alter the entire strategy of an ATL Hawks Organization, General Manager and Head Coach.

    If you believe it does, then you will be in for disappointment in the coming games ahead — perhaps every 5th game they will throw JLIN a bone (the filet minon goes to Trae)

  9. Lin said he wasnt fully right from back injury until last game

  10. That’s not what JLIN said, he said he was 100% didn’t say when he became 100%

    Note that JLIN played 17 mins first game back against BOS but only got 13 mins against BKN, that is 31% fewer minutes against Brooklyn for JLIN

  11. Many of us call Lin “coach Lin” and “forth quarter Lin”. It’s self evident when you see what happens when people around start trusting his leadership.

    Forth quarter Lin doesn’t just happen, it’s an evolution of his coach Lin self that places his teammates growth on his back. LP talks about development, but Lin organically makes it happen. He leads by example and by leading players on, not by words but by rewarding movements. Guys start to realize that moving into open passing lanes gets rewarded with open shots. As a coach, you can scream at people to run patterns but nothing will teach them better than knowing how it helps them score.

    Lin’s ability to coach movements happens by sacrificing his own stats to help his teammates get better. So what Lin does is keep the game within reach for 3 quarters by concentrating on development and then comes crunch time, he goes into Linsanity mode to win the game.

    How many fellow teammates have gone on to get the contract of their career after playing with Lin? Guys like Ed Davis knows that Lin makes them look good.

  12. Sometimes we just gotta let go of the future and focus on growth and character.

    Growth in that Lin is facing his second tank season but has learned to cope. He is having his career best shooting year. Character in that Lin has consistently showed tenacity and selflessness. Most guys would have given up after such an injury and receiving such disrespect. Lin has won over the team and fans with his hard work and team play. That’s a level of integrity that so few players have. Only Lin. Enjoy the moment people. We won’t know what the Hawks or the rest of the NBA will do.

  13. 100 percent agree

  14. jlin portal wrote it above. dont mean to steal

    100% Recovered from Lower Back Strain

    In a post-game interview, Jeremy shared that he is 100% recovered from the lower back strain. His speed and movement are faster and more efficient last night

    than the previous 2 games after he suffered the lower back strain.

  15. This is why I’ve been saying that Lin made MDA look like a genius when in fact he couldn’t get the Knicks to develop into a team. Lin need MDA because he was the only one smart enough to recognize the unique “coach Lin” quality that no one else could or allow themselves to acknowledge. Lin’s high school coach knew it. He famously said to scouts that you can’t see the real magic of Lin’s game until it’s seen in game situations. The problem with scouting is that they focus on individual talents and strengths and not on team synergy. This is why modern PGs are scoring PGs that don’t know how to put the pieces together.

  16. Hawks’ official YouTube

  17. I hear what you said, but why all of a sudden in the MIDDLE of the game, LP changed his mind and decided to give Lin more play time? It is weird.

  18. Was about to write about the Miami Dragic situation…They could really use Lin right now and I’m almost sure they may be fully in trying to get Lin.

    Miami may possibly be a better choice for Lin ahead of N.O simply because Payton may start ahead of Lin whilke in Miami, Dragic will be out for a while which means Lin going straight into the starting 5.

    Also Miami doesn’t have a lot of scorers and ball-dominant guys like N.O and Magic but scorers can somewhat help Lin too…

    At least with Miami, he’ll get a lot of time on the ball.

  19. LP simply played Lin because he forced his hands…

    It’s well known that Lin’s minutes is based on 2 things…how Trae is playing and whether Lin is on Linsanity-mode.

    Nothing short of Linsanity can force LP to give Lin 20 minutes.

    Trae played well too, so Lin had to be Linsanity and his unit needed to be playing well too or else LP would have had an excuse to sub him out.

    So why everything had to be perfect for Lin to get past 20 minutes.

  20. Nicely put

  21. Exactly…We can be happy for Lin and him playing well, but can’t expect ANYTHING from Atlanta nor Pierce. But he sure wanted to Win this game for whatever reason so he left Lin in.

  22. Wonder if Pierce and Atlanta secretly is hoping to sneak into playoffs? Having to beat conference teams. As bad has Atlanta has been, they are only 7 games out from 8th seed, still many games to go. If so, maybe a resurgence of Lin playing more minutes. Wouldn’t the Hawks look better in free agency for star players to come play with Trae if the team could at least make playoffs?

  23. yup…don’t expect too much of that.

    All we can hope for is that Lin can make as many of his shot to keep his shooting percentage as high as possible. I f he can only take 3 shots, hope he can make 2 out of 3 or all 3 of them.

    he’s now under 40 percent from 3’…Gotta get it up above 40 percent.

  24. Landry Fields, Steve Novak, Iman Shumpert, Tyson Chandler

  25. Most important thing is the Heat has a smart and fair coach in Spolestra, any other coach may still mistreat or bench him but Spolestra won’t. Lin would also work well with Whiteside. Also there’s no doubt Lin and Dragic can work off of each other sharing PG and SG duties.

  26. ‪Finally, music to @JLin7 fans’ ears 🙏‬

  27. I prefer Lin goes to a better team, but at least someone’s interested in trading for Lin. Hopefully the Hawks keep featuring Lin in coming weeks to boost his trade value further to get more teams interested.

  28. Not sure how credible this guy is though…


  29. most of us here knew that will happen…but disappointments rather happen also even we know whats in store because somehow someway we still expect (how much little it may seem) something to materialize for Lin.

  30. I like Clifford as a defensive coach for Lin (i. e. he demands defense from everyone on court, yells out coverages from sidelines so whomever Lin is in pick and roll coverage both know what to do and just to react to Clifford’s instructions). Vucevic has legitimate three point range like Lopez, but not sure about his foot speed on defense to help Lin recover into play if he gets hung up on screen temporarily.

    Think Clifford is too conservative on offense for JLin ideally (e. g. screener often won’t roll with Lin to the rim, but instead just be prepared to fall back in transition if the highly contested shot at rim Lin is forced to take because he doesn’t have great space guy like Tyson Chandler forcing defense to make real time reads about what to do), but if he starts over D. J. Augustin, it is obviously better than Hawks, though much less ideal than Raptors, or even Pelicans.

  31. https://youtu.be/p9j2f9fVu14?t=38

    Mo Bamba is supposed to be quite the speedster, though don’t know how well he sets screens, and if he would have the same natural synergy Lin and Ed Davis had in pick and roll on Lakers. If he did, though, Double High Horns with Vucevic and Bamba does start to get rather interesting, though: http://disq.us/p/16hx4y4


  32. Here’s a story about fantasy trades that includes one involving both Jlin and Baze to Utah: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2811586-nba-trade-ideas-off-latest-buzz-deals-for-carmelo-anthony-jeremy-lin-jr-smith#slide3 The reporter here has done the work of figuring out what works in terms of salaries matching etc that I don’t do so this trade is doable. I would rather have seen both Jlin and Baze going to NO to be with AD because I think that would be a great dynamic. However, I think Utah would also be excellent for Jlin and Baze too and it would be interesting if this trade came to pass how they would impact Utah. Plus I think for Jlin Utah is a good place culturally and that they would receive him with open arms and would make a nice place for him to finish his career. They have a good coach in Snyder who was also a PG. Jlin would get his minutes in UT because Rubio and Exum both would be gone.

  33. Apparently, the Hawks have a 4-point line (5 feet beyond the regular 3-point line) in their practice facility.

    “Lloyd [Pierce] not only wants [Trae] Young to shoot from the 4-point line but to make plays from there, too. Expanding the floor outward, in turn, creates space in the paint for big men such as second-year breakout John Collins.”

    “When Trae gets here, he has decisions to make,” Pierce says from the 4-point line, before jogging to the basket to mimic a Young drive. “If someone is going to meet him at the rim, he is going to know to make those passes out.” Pierce says one reason the Hawks valued Young so highly in the draft was his ability to make kickout passes to shooters with either hand on the run.

    See : http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25559428/the-4-point-line-just-beginning-nba-latest-trend

    Note: The Hawks also have ‘corner 3’ boxes painted on their practice court. In scrimmages, a ‘corner 3’ counts for 4 points.

  34. link takes you to a “non existent” page

  35. JLin get outta ALT asap!

  36. Thx

  37. not sure what happened.. there are some extra characters at the end of the link.
    I fixed it. But thanks to Click for providing the link

  38. i live near orlando so this would be a dream for me.

  39. you’re welcome 🙂 I thought it’s important to chronicle the first Linsanity game in Atlanta. Even bigger impact is that Lin fans and NBA fans saw the proof that Lin can still produce Linsanity game with the ball in his hands after recovering from pattelar injury. I’m sure that’s a huge sigh of relief for Lin and his fans.

    I think Coach Pierce might have more confidence in Lin after this game but he probably still resorts to who “appears” to be the most active to create plays on the court (rebound/score/steal, etc.) Lin just needs to capitalize by playing like he could in the 4th quarter until he is traded 🙂

  40. oh wow .. I bet you’ll be one of the first ones to buy Lin jersey then 🙂
    If he goes there, we want some sideline reporting on Cliffy and JLin’s interaction lol

  41. Yeah, that’s why sws and I always complain about Lin being too passive (when he’s actually being passive). Even though Lin fans here hate us for saying it, Lin is too passive most games early on, which usually leads to Pierce benching him if he sees Lin not going into attack mode like he did in the 4th Q against the Wizards.

    Lin needs to realize that passing the ball off immediately after he crosses half court is not beneficial to him, to his teammates, or to his playtime. It’s a lesson Lin has trouble learning, even this late into his career. Pierce has shown over and over again that he has no problem benching anyone who isn’t playing aggressively or playing well. Even Trae gets benched if he’s playing poorly and/or not aggressively.

  42. I wonder what video games, if any, Lin and his teammates play together…


  43. In Christian terms, this would be called surrendering your ego to God’s will.

    Focus on your moments and trust in the process…or control your circle of influence. As Lin fans, we are at the mercy of the whims of owners, GMs, coaches, egos and money, most of which Lin has no control over. Letting go of our own egos and trusting Lin to do what he can is all we can do…just as Lin can only trust in his God to guide him to be in His service.

  44. Makes sense because the corner 3 is the highest percentage 3. But that doesn’t mean each guy hits from their the most. Some players have their favorite spots or spots from 3 and hit their highest percentage there.

    I’m not sure about Trae shooting from their “4 point line.” I would discourage him from taking those bombs.

  45. I wouldn’t expect anything from the NBA at all or any coach or GM. When we get there, and know that the NBA is the NBA and all teams have issues and agendas, then we’ve arrived. Lin can make the best of the situation when he can wherever he is.

  46. Now he has to get the 3 point shot back. But it is good to hear. He looked different in Tuesday night’s game.

  47. from the article

    Atlanta might also be slightly hesitant to deal Lin at this point. Trae Young has had an up and down rookie season, and Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce calls Lin the “stabilizer”. Lin’s veteran mentorship to their rookie point guard may prove more valuable than whatever teams end up offering for Lin.

  48. ohhh. good idea. ill also be going to ucf which is in orlando. oh my god this could be amazing lmao

  49. TY talks the talk but does he really listen and take advice from Jlin? Earlier in the season Jlin said TY had plenty of confidence and wasn’t worried about him. Jlin has himself to think about this year, not mentoring some rookie. If ATL won’t free Jlin to go elsewhere he can play we need to start a “free Jlin from Tanklanta” movement.

  50. its crazy how lin is becoming the leader of this team like in Brooklyn. thats invaluable to a team. just mean Lins value is high. that being said i doubt they let him go for nothing

  51. Not really sure if Atlanta wants to keep Lin…but by mentioning it that way may get a sweeter deal for him.

  52. Now a days in NBA, 1 round draft is like gold. vet player with age 30 is like nothing.

  53. everything has a price

  54. Atlanta has a huge problem. It’s unlikely that Lin will resign with them next season knowing Hawks continues to tank and he doesn’t get enough minutes so Atlanta won’t get any asset back from trading Lin.

    But they like Lin’s ‘stabilizing’ presence so they might push trading him closer to the Feb trade deadline to maximize the time to mentor Trae simply from his presence. Also, while waiting for teams like Orlando or Pelicans offer the best asset in a trade.

    We already know Lin’s name came up during the many Suns-Wizard trade scenario we know they’re shopping Lin, just not finding a good deal yet.

  55. at some point trea has to fly on his own. they have to back him fully. if he cant then they move on. cant have lin their just to not be embarrassed or to lift trea into something he isnt.

  56. Very interesting graphic and table:


  57. Really hope Lin can join them.

  58. If this trade were to go through, Lin would be projected to start which is shocking coming from a credible media outlet like Bleacher-report…Every trade rumors and scenarios always projects Lin as a nice back-up for who ever trade for him.

    Also most NBA people would claim Rubio is 10 time better than Lin, so a trade moving out Rubio with Lin replacing him would be a shocker to most who under-rates Lin.

    Before this trade, I had seen Utah as potential suitor for Lin since they have problem with Marco Rubio and also has problem with their back-up PG with is Exum.

  59. we kinda scrolled over this but phx did want lin. with the release of rivers they may still want lin. the team id least want lin to go to but its a possibility

  60. Lin was so confident during his first year with the Brooklyn Nets..You could even tell during those pre-season games that he was ready for a major break out year.
    He was basically the key guy there and he really cherrished that role.

    He was averaging about 15ppg on like 23 minute per game..Remember Atkinson and their medical staff had everybody playing well under 30 minutes during the early season…I wonder whether Lin’s injury had more to do with that when they thought low minutes decreases a player chances of getting injured.

    Too bad injuries destroyed the first year Lin…He was set for major stats..Maybe 19ppg 6 assist.

    By the second year, I thought mentally, Lin wasn’t the same…Maybe that had to do with losing his first year missing out on games through injuries…Also the DLo trade may have worried him a bit since he was seen as the franchise guy.

    I would like to see Lin return to the Brooklyn nets first year-Lin mentally and confidence wize, specially if he gets traded.

  61. Pre-Game Research: Linsanity Rewind


    Game Flow: ( http://disq.us/p/1y9m5qb )


  62. The play-call requires/demands that Lin gives up the ball at half court….Isn’t this obvious?…Every-time he does it, it’s because it is a play-call.

    LP does most of the play calling..this is why you see Lin look behind his shoulder a lot to take what call LP wants.

    Lin does not do whatever he pleases and can not just free-style whenever he wants.
    The only guys who gets “full control” of play-calling are the star point guards.

    Lin probably gets some leeway, but from watching the games, LP does indeed most of the play-calling.

    Sometimes, when the play-call is broken, Lin would free-style and call his own number…If he scores, LP would call more plays for him..this is what happened last night.

    But again, Lin can not decide to not give up the ball at half court because this is part of one of their play-call…I would have thought that was obvious to all Lin fan.

  63. Another interesting advanced stat chart, showing PER and TS% of all PGs in the NBA right now. Lin has the 2nd highest True Shooting % among all PGs, behind only Curry. Highlighted the 2 Magic PGs (D.J. Augustin and Jerian Grant), Trae, T.J. McConnell, Tony Parker, Fred VanVleet, and Patty Mills just for comparison.


  64. dude.. this is like in 2012 man. he is a better player now so whatever they say is outdated.

  65. That’s your narrative. But Lin in stints in games, seemingly when he feels like it, will go get the ball, or hang onto it, and look to make plays, and when he gets the ball back doesn’t look to immediately pass but to look for the best play for a direct assist or take the shot himself. He’ll look guys off. He’ll direct traffic. He’ll dribble more than take a dribble or two and then pass. That’s what I mean by aggressive vs. passive and I think Click sees this as well. Not everything, team after team, is on the coach. I personally think Lin is trying to perhaps empower the squad he’s playing with to move the ball, or Lin is simply looking to pace himself for a crucial time in the game. Either way, Lin has done this with more teams than the Hawks. It’s a power in his game and approach, team to team. The common denominator is not one particular coach, it is Lin. And he’s also decided to get aggressive and go into Linsanity mode as well on different teams. He usually gets more playing time when going into Linsanity mode. I don’t know if he always has the energy for it because he plays very hard defense.

    This is not necessarily even a complaint of Lin. It’s an observation. But, I think Lin has to play more ball-dominant and shoot more to have time on this team. Or to force LP to have him play because he’s getting things done.

  66. He’d start there immediately and would have a good back-court mate in Booker who is a future star.

    By the way, they’re on a 3 game winning streak.

    On the under end, they would go after a top tier PG in free agency like DLo or Rozier, but maybe Lin could had changed their mind if he played really well.

  67. dlo and rozier top tier??? i think lin could match or surpass their stats easily but its phx. who knows. lin will be a freee agent so it will be his choice. as long as lin plays and is allowed to win games im ok. still orlando and NO is above them. i think those teams have more assets to offer for lin anyways. w/e happens as they say

  68. That’s when the ball comes back to him..That usually happens when the play-call is broken or they couldn’t get the ball to their intended option based on the play-call main target.

    I’m talking about from the start of the play..Lin has to give up the ball…If he doesn’t and call his number from the start, he better make it or LP would sub him out.

    But I agree that whenever the ball gets back to him, he should be more aggressive but he has no control on how many broken-plays happens where he can just go.

  69. That’s where I disagree. He doesn’t have to at all. He can do something else. Or, he can give it up and then run to it when the big man or whoever he passed it to picks up his dribble. And he does, at times in games.

    I don’t think LP is saying run a play that takes the ball out of your hands most of the time. Initiate ball movement sure, but LP wants to see Lin be the PG and make plays. And he’s said that numerous times.

  70. That’s according to the media and NBA expert, not me…But yes, those 2 will be among the top PG in free agency this summer.

    DLo will be a restricted free agent so Brooklyn will be able to match whatever he gets…The Suns are expected to make an offer.

    If Lin plays well for whoever he’s traded to, he could become of top tier too, but his age will make him less desirable to teams like Suns or even Magic….

    It all depends on how Lin plays for whoever he’s traded too and a big playoff performance may indeed boost his free agency status a lot.

  71. Well, we disagree here…I’m pretty sure all these play-calls have a main option..Lin can not just get in the way and demand the ball whenever he pleases..Obviously, you think he can.. but hey, we disagree here.

  72. indeed. i am almost certain lin gets traded at this point. with mami now on the list of teams who need PGs as well. theres too much desperate eams. NO has lost twice in a row. ATL being more invested in lin and his leadership on the team. Lins price is rising.
    DLO and Rozier are liabilities as well. DLO is a sg. Rozier not much of a PG. Lin leadership will increase his value no doubt. This is getting interesting. keep the popcorn ready

  73. Russell and Rozier top tier? In what universe?! They might as well trade for Dinwiddie who already extended with Nets!

  74. Heat would be the best option, Eric Spoelstra is a smart coach!

  75. Orlando has many bigs and players that can help Lin without a star! They’d be the perfect destination. NO has too designated starters in AD and Holiday, Lin will still get pushed aside.

  76. Hawks has played Lin the lowest of minutes 13-18mins in his entire NBA career! They are losing so Lin or not doesn’t matter to them! They got Lin to get back some assets mid season. Lin will be gone to a playoff team soon, can’t wait for Lin to go off vs the Hawks with a real team and starter position.

  77. Trae is the franchise this is nothing new. The 4 point line is very helpful and also something Lin can practice with. Sooner I think NBA will start adding a 4 point scoring option, then Basketball will be closer to soccer/football where people can score from far away.

  78. Not so fast, after a contract extension for sure.

  79. Orlando are known for their bigs and lack stars, Lin would take over without having to defer! Best no.1 option!

  80. It’s hard to say how much of Lin’s tendency to set up his teammates in the first 1-2 quarters is LP’s directive. Even in the 4th quarter Lin was looking at LP”s direction to run plays so we know it was LP’s blessing to keep running the plays through JLin because he was rolling so well.

    But there were parts of plays that Lin forced the pass rather than taking the shots in the first 1-2 quarters. That could be Lin trying very hard to set up teammates to the detriment of his own game.

    We could only hope that Lin will continue to play his brand of basketball like we know he could. It gave birth to Linsanity in 2012, he just needs to do it again tomorrow at MSG to wake up more NBA GMs lol

  81. dragic would be back in 2 months

  82. Miami is now my “slight” favorite ahead of Orlando because they really really need a PG….Orlando has D.J Augustin and while Lin is much better, I worry Clifford may start him because he doesn’t turn the ball over much.

    In New Orleans, Efrid Payton is coming back soon and while he can’t score, they really like his defense…In the 6 games in played for them, they played well.

    Of course, Miami has Dragic and once he’s back, Lin may be removed out the starting 5 but if Lin can play well and lead them to a playoff birth, it’ll be hard to make Dragic the starter once he’s back.

    Also, Dragic wasn’t shooting well when he was playing.

  83. They do have Gordon and Fournier who commands respect..

  84. Appears as if the same source (Brandon Robinson is a legit NBA commentator) tweets Pelicans interest in Bazemore and again reiterates JLIN to Orlando.


  85. hawks will likely want dj Augustine in return for lin. he is a vet as well. he is older then lin. will provide some stability. atleast i hope ATL belives that lol.

  86. That’d be the perfect scenario, trading Lin for D.J Augustin…That opens up the starting PG spot for Lin.

    I’m sure Clifford would probably love to keep Augustin and simply add Lin where he could use him as a 6th man role just like in Charlotte.

    But D.J is not Kemba, so I hope Clifford isn’t cemented in keeping D.J the starter.

  87. i doubt any trade happens without dj and a pick. they need a pg in return. may need a third team. dj should start infront of lin. i mean if he is that good why are you trading for a pg?

  88. Chris Paul has suffered a hamstring injury. Rockets lost their game tonight against the Heat.

  89. do you really consider DLO and rozier as top tier PG????

  90. Another great highlight reel from christinecheng60

  91. how can a player be a stabilizer if he is just playing little minutes of a disaster games? LP should see that Lin is the masterful craftsman that curved margins and win games. with that he stabilize the teams passion and turned it into a firing dragon..LOL! (hope LP read this note and use it in his presscon..more laughs!)

  92. CP3’s annual injury problems pop up once again.

    Too bad most mainstream sports media and fans will never label him injury-prone like they do to Lin.

    I hope Morey doesn’t look at Lin to replace Paul.

  93. Interesting stats on assists to Lin. NBA.com also has advanced stats on hockey assists.

    As the season has gone on, I see the Hawks as having much improved ball movement and ball sharing. Even Bembry has been much more unselfish. Is it coincidence that Prince has been out? We’ll see.

    Not much of a stat geek here. But it’s always interesting to look at numbers to see how a team is really playing together, and how they are really winning or losing.

  94. Don’t know about the Hawks. But Lin played Fortnite with the Nets (RHJ).

  95. yeah, Bembry is now riding the team spirit of playball, not hogball and he’s good at defending too and not lazy unlike Prince!!

  96. From my Lin fandom bias.

    Agree with that’s how Lin makes his teammates better. They get to touch the ball, they get to get into a rhythm of playing with each other too.

    And I think that as a starter, Lin also gets the time to be out on the court and get a feel for how the other team is setting up. What are the defenses giving him and his team. He also gets into a rhythm that way. And then he takes advantage and “picks apart” the opponent as the game goes on.

  97. Ed Davis too.

  98. If Lin is still with the team, hope that Prince will have learned something and also improve when he gets back!

  99. NOOOOOO! “Holds up hands, covers eyes, to WARD OFF MOREY!”

  100. Hahahaha serves them right

  101. not yet sure not to doubt coach of magic to use lin well at this point, but a trade of lin will be accepted by me because Jeremy has no power to say no for it. Free agency should be the main concern of JLIN later and his decision then will make or break his final years in the NBA

  102. I was egging Morey on last year to PLEASE GIVE CHRIS PAUL THE MAX! And he did it!
    Still waiting for Morey to be fired by new owner.

  103. So Rockets lost to the Heat tonight. After winning a few in a row. Didn’t know Chris Paul going down again. So, again Rockets lost because of no CP? Hahaha.

    Anyone complain about CP’s ridiculous contract yet?

  104. Heat don’t like Lin lol at least heat players

  105. That’s just fancy talk trying to shoehorn Lin into a role he doesn’t want and I’m sure ty doesn’t want either

  106. I don’t think most of us are under any illusions about Lin’s role on this team.

    It’s been a tough last year. Toughest on him, of course. But also for us fans.

    However it happens. For me, it’s more about enjoying watching Lin play and ball out. Celebrating his health. And seeing him having fun again.

  107. From what I have seen, it’s not just Lin. Even when Trae Young brings the ball up court, after a made basket, TY will look over at LP to check on plays. Definitely running plays in half-court sets.

    Seems like the whole team has the most freedom after a steal/turnover and in transition.

  108. U mean Lin should start ahead of DJ.

    DJ has been okay based on the fact he doesn’t turn the ball over and he’s shooting 40% from the 3 point arc….He simply doesn’t shoot/score enough and doesn’t get enough penetration as a PG.

    Grant as the back-up, is the guy they would like to replace hence the reason they may want Lin.

    As I stated, knowing Clifford, he may simply see Lin as a great 6th-man off the bench to score but may want to keep DJ as starter simply because he’s safer with the ball + the fact he has enough player that can score in Vucinic, Gordon and Fournier, so no need to a starting scoring PG like Lin to start.

  109. Just as a cautionary example. Austin Rivers asked for buyout from the Suns. He has been waived and was originally going to go to Memphis. Hasn’t happened yet. He’s still looking for a team.

    If Lin ever asks for a buyout, he MUST ENSURE THAT A TEAM IS LINED UP AND COMMITTED TO SIGNING HIM. Very dangerous not to do that first.

    With Rivers still floating out there, not sure what impact it might have on Lin. Even though we know that LIN is obviously so much better. And Rivers has that NBA insider connection.


  110. Yep I corrected it

  111. Another lazy semi-click bait article. Read it just for a couple of complimentary sentences and stats about how well Lin is playing.

    HATE how it’s always missing “37 games” in two seasons. As if Lin is really that injury-prone. It’s the same ham-string issue in ONE season. But it’s ONE injury that sadly was season-ending. Words matter. The narrative matters.

    Enough already with the stupid questions about what an ACTIVE player (Lin) thinks of another ACTIVE player (DRussell) on another team. Especially asking about a team that traded Lin and is currently winning. Obviously stirring the pot.

    Poor Lin, having to deal with this BS. I know the NBA probably compels players to give these interviews. But jeez, talk about sleazy shallow “media”.


  112. So many comments in threads. Sorry to earlier posters if these are repeats.

    From long-time Lin supporter, Ray. I agree with this.

    “Lin has 0.0 to prove to anybody. He made his bones in NY & continues to show his all star capability. It’s never about Lin only about how he is used.”


  113. Not big on JLin going to Houston but with MDA there and if he wants JLin it would be interesting to see how he would use him with Harden. MDA did have both Harden and Paul starting together. Wherever JLin goes though it is only for this season. Actually looks like they need both JLin and Baze, Baze to provide 3 and D. He might be perfect for HOU

  114. Can watch these highlights over and over again. What an all around great game. For Lin, and the Hawks. Peachtree hoops better change their tune about Lin’s defense.

    Some observations. Lin definitely checked with LP on the sidelines a few times.

    And here’s the thing though. At 4:18, when Lin took that charge from Wall. Look at the coaches on the sidelines pumping their fists (Melvin Hunt). Competitiveness overtaking the tank directive?

    Players on the bench aren’t supposed to step out onto the court, are they? But look at how all the players (including Young) ran over to help pick Lin up. (Maybe it’s okay, as long as it’s not to get into a fight.)

    BTW, Travis Schlenk was at the game. (Don’t know if he attends all the games.) After one of the Hawks scored, they showed him (not in these highlights) sitting behind two kids in red clapping, with no emotion. Wonder what that meant, hmmmm.

  115. Producer of ‘Linsanity’ documentary and an actor is excited for tomorrow’s Hawks vs. Knicks game…


  116. Schlenk was happy with what he was seeing:


  117. I’m assuming he’s one of Lin’s insiders. If he’s excited, wonder what else is going on.
    Hawks already played at MSG, first game of season. I guess it’s because Lin was just coming back to play. Still, don’t recall any wild applause, or boos, when he stepped onto the court.
    Well, I’m looking forward to game. But it’s a big assumption that Lin will get the time and the freedom.

  118. If Morey wants Lin and Baze, as well as dump Brandon Knight, he’d need to pony up a lot more than one 1st rounder. He was willing to give up four 1st round picks for Jimmy Butler, so if Morey truly wants both Lin and Baze (and dumping Knight), he’d have to cough up at least 3 first round picks for them.

    The problem with any team looking to trade for both Lin and Baze at the same time is, Baze’s salary is too high. Lin’s is the 2nd highest salary on the Hawks and it’s 6M+ under Baze. It’s tough acquiring both Lin and Baze unless you have tons of first round picks and high salary players you need to dump onto the Hawks.

  119. Hey, great find! And fast! Thanks Click!
    Haha. If that’s a happy face……

  120. Good as Butler is JLin + Bazemore is better value especially since they fill two position needs very well at this point. 3 or 4 more high draft picks would be 7 for ATL not counting this upcoming draft, enough to choke on

  121. Hawks got outplayed by the Knicks the first meeting this year. Lin wasn’t ready to play at that time and the Hawks looked like a disorganized mess. The game tomorrow should be very different. I actually think the Hawks should be the favorites to win, especially if Pierce unleashes Lin again, the team comes out ready to play (not give up 40+ points in the first or 3rd quarter), and play good defense.

  122. Who knows what Schlenk’s real happy face looks like. He looks both happy and surprised. Either way, he has a smile on his face and is probably salivating at the trade offers that are coming in for Lin, Baze, and Dedmon.

  123. Serious question Ace. Do you really think MDA has that much power and authority?

    Do you actually want Lin to go back and play for Morey? Play with Harden? Back up CP? Used and then tossed when CP recovers? Fight for minutes with Eric Gordon? And if something goes wrong, become the scape-goat?

    Maybe I’m being selfishly prideful. Not even for ONE SECOND do I want to see Lin back in Houston. It would just about kill me to see him work so hard to come back from injury to go play for that @$$ organization. LOL.

    I almost would rather see him back on the Nets. At least he has “friends” as teammates there.

  124. Jlin will never get away from Linsanity when he goes off. This is what Linsanity has come to mean, that JLin has taken over a game and taken over his team. We should not discourage the use of Linsanity because of the new meaning it seems to have on in the eyes of the public. It’s been 8 years since the first Linsanity event and many people now maybe do not even know the background of that time with its old meaning

  125. Okay, whatever makes him tick at the moment! Maybe he’s thinking NOT tanking for one game is acceptable if trade value for Lin goes up.

  126. YES – here’s hoping for a repeat performance by all, including Pierce!

  127. Agree. I think Lin originally wanted to get away from the word because he wanted his career to be long-lasting and successful beyond that break-out. Because it kind of implied it was a fluke.

    But I think he has come to accept it and embrace it. It’s become iconic. LIn continuing to excel will ADD to his particular legacy, not be diminished by it.

  128. Rivers was waived by the Suns on Tuesday, so it has been 48 hours.

    Has he not been picked up by any team and out of the NBA now?

  129. Lin overthinks things sometimes and gets discouraged / frustrated by labels and names used on him. Everyone knows the terms Linsanity worldwide. It was one of the greatest moments in basketball history, perhaps even in all of sports. One of the greatest, most miraculous underdog stories ever. Lin should embrace the term, even if some haters use it to describe him as a flash-in-the-pan has-been. Most people never thought of Linsanity as that though.

    Also, Lin should be glad that he shares a very similar nickname with Vince. I doubt Vince disliked the “Vinsanity” nickname.

  130. That is not a bad core, those 3. Throw in Len and make him or Dedmon a stretch 4 because they can shoot the 3 and Collins and if TY could lead a bench they would be a decent team. I wish the coach would try that lineup for 10 games for the enjoyment of the fans, then they can go back to tanking

  131. I think Lin has grown and matured in his thinking.
    As recently as the Winging It podcast, Lin has also accepted his place as a trail-blazer as an Asian-American NBA player, and the platform and responsibility that it brings. Not an easy role.

  132. No, not yet. Not according to this article. At least, nothing concrete or formalized.

  133. He definitely matured throughout the years, mentally, physically, spiritually. Lin used to be his own worst enemy and got into his own head. He let outside pressure and criticisms get to him. He has since learned to block out the negativity and focus on the positives. Most players, regardless of age, would have a difficult time going through what Lin has had to go through his entire basketball career.

  134. LOL. Even TY is recruiting a draft PICK. Yikes, he’s in on the tank?

  135. Determined. Resilient. Strong. Enough said.

  136. Lloyd Pierce working today with Jeremy, Kevin Huerter and Trae Young. Jeremy’s shot looks smooth, with a nice arc.

  137. Trae was at MSG tonight watching the game, since Hawks play the Knicks at MSG tomorrow night.

  138. Thanks to Click for the many links.


  139. Curious if anyone else from the team there?

  140. Good catch!

  141. Well, like I said, If MDA wants JLin then I would think he had a need for him, knowing JLin like he does. MDA is an offensive genius and Houston was only a Chris Paul injury away from going to the Finals. If Baze can replace Ariza’s role then HOU could be right back in it. Morey payed JLin $25M a few years ago so he obviously saw something in JLin, and which since he, Morey has been proven right. That Mchale abused Jlin was on the coach. Presumably here if MDA wanted Jlin then he would use JLin more appropriately and not, hopefully, in the manner that you think may happen. CP3 May be out for a while as his hamstring injury is reoccurring. It would just make for interesting BB and at this point HOU May be one of the few teams to stay with GSW. It would still only be for this season

  142. Iconic, yes that is the descriptive term for what Linsanity has become

  143. I like this one:

    “D’antoni to Harden: I just wanted to call to let you know next game, go ahead and score 50 points… Do not think once about the points you conceded.” LOL

  144. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me (or a 3rd time).

    JLIN back in NYC gets Hyped – but indications are ATL Pierchlenk aren’t into this publicity
    – JLIN played 14 mins @ Knicks (blowout gm); “I’m looking to recreate Linsanity tonight,” Pierce jokes. “We’re looking to get that going right now.” Sarcastic cruelty?
    – JLIN played 13 mins @ Nets (again a blowout game); 3 – 4 min stretches

    Perhaps ATL urgently wants to Trade JLIN so might get some play tonight – but I won’t be surprised if not

  145. i think coach mike will be fired before morey

  146. I can’t blame Lin for hating the term Linsanity while he was being put down by every coach and GM since MDA. Just think about how he must have felt when they deliberately made him into a non entity on the court and replaced him with Beverley, Ronny Price…guys that are no way better than him? From being empowered to being deliberately diminished must have killed him inside. On top of the fact that haters would trash him at every turn, but worst was Lin fans would berate him for not going rogue as if he could play with the freedom during Linsanity.

    I believe Lin was telling his fans that Linsanity was the past becuase he knew that it happened because he was empowered. He knew that it would never happen again unless he found another favourable coach.(which is why he felt so betrayed by the Nets). It’s annoying even to me that Lin fans keep telling Lin to be like Linsanity Lin. HE CAN’T, HIS HANDS ARE TIED!

  147. Jeremy answering some questions from fans …

  148. i hope rockets dont try to get lin now

  149. That actually would be interesting. With new owner and D’Antoni there, it could be a weird but new development. But I doubt the snake would want to do that.

  150. I think the only two coaches that mistreated Lin were McHale (and his staff, especially Sampson) and Byron Scott. The rest had different systems. We can’t expect one coach to assess the team and prioritize the roles of players the way another coach did.

    D’Antoni used to be a PG-centric coach. So he empowered not only Lin, but Felton and he did Nash when Nash played for him. He saw that Lin could execute the plays and he said I’m riding this kid like Secretariat. It’s nice when you can get it, but it should not be necessarily expected on all teams and by all coaches. Woodson prioritized a post-game for Melo after D’Antoni was run off the team by Melo.

    I think Clifford saw Lin as an overall tough player that he could use in clutch situations and to organize his very much needed bench. the Hornets grew to have a reputation for one of the best benches. Why? Lin. But, Lin also played with Kemba and Batum and finished many games. Lin’s defense was valued. This is just how this particular coach wanted to use Lin. I think his problem, and I’ve said it before, was a love of Batum. But if anyone was mistreated by Clifford, it was Lamb, not Lin. Lamb played so well for the Hornets for months, then he got in Cliff’s doghouse and played very sparingly. Now, yes, I was very annoyed by Clifford in game 7 of the playoffs and his not using Lin. But that doesn’t define the season for me. And Clifford did use Lin in the other playoffs games and in the clutch and finishing many critical games in the season and in overtimes.

    Atkinson treated Lin great. But Atkinson had the motion offense system. It’s not heavy PnR, though there is some in it. Atkinson wanted a lot of ball movement and it looked like confusion early on. It makes sense if you think about it. Atkinson was a rookie coach. It takes time to establish your system, especially if you have a lot of young players in it. Now, Atkinson has figured out how to use his players better and his team is on a win streak.

    I think of Lloyd Pierce as a old-school sort of coach. He rides the starters. But he thinks of Bembry as his 6th man. He’s not opposed to playing Lin big minutes when Lin is scoring and active offensively. It’s why I say Lin has to be active offensively, dribble more, shoot more, look to make the direct assist. But I’m not seeing where Pierce is interested in playing Lin any more than an average of 20 minutes per game except when he’s very productive in scoring or assists.

    I don’t look at coaches in terms of empowering Lin or not. They coach a team, not one particular player. As a Lin fan, sure I acknowledge that. But I have to look at coaches as a basketball observer, something I’ve done long before Lin was born. Lin himself is a 5 on 5 team player and basketball is a team sport. So how does the coach coach the team? I look at how they match up situations with the squad on the other team, if they ride the hot hand, if they have one or more guys off the bench that they’ll give starters minutes to, if they mix and match bench and starters, and overall, how situational they are.

    I think LP is very much a rookie coach trying to figure it all out and then defaults to starters will play in most situations. There can be exceptions, like when Lin is in a rhythm (though he does take Lin out of games when he’s in a rhythm way too much). But, the directive is to play his high-usage rookies, Bembry gets minutes and has turned into the 6th man, and that’s what we have on the Hawks.

  151. For the record, I think Lin was underutilized by most teams and that includes the Hornets. But underutilized is not mistreated IMO.

  152. to be fair to LP, he is clearly developing trea or trying to. so trea has to play. trea is small thus he doesn’t like lin there with him. i dont think he views bremby as his 6th man. just the Beverly protecting his harden who plays zero defense.

  153. Pierce’s motives and actions are the Driving force for the fine line between Under-utilization and mistreatment.

    1) Pierce Hired to TANK under the guise of “development” – (Obvious) so why would you give performing veterans like JLIN a fair shot? You DON’T because a) winning is not a priority; b) Trae must get limelight

    2) Pierce uses JLIN during BLOWOUTs or perhaps when he feels a WIN is absolutely necessary to stop the progression of a Losing Streak that is getting embarrassingly long — empirically this has been the case

    3) JLIN’s aggressiveness/rhythm is just a Convenient Excuse, last game JLIN had ZERO rhythm thru 3 Qs but was allowed to start Q4 even though JLIN already had played 12 mins and Trae was doing OK and not tired

  154. If you look at Bembry’s minutes and usage, he seems to be closest to 6th man than anyone else on the team. So, maybe it isn’t by design, but that’s what has developed.

  155. bremby cant score. i dont think anyone who plays the most minutes off the bench is the sixth man. sixth man is a scorer off the bench. he plays alot because he plays defense on youngs man

  156. Scoring isn’t his specialty. Lots of hustle. Bembry shouldn’t be 6th man, I like him as a defensive specialist and hustle guy. Lin, of course, should be (if Trae is the absolute directive to start) but that’s not how LP is using him.

  157. Of course, Baze scores enough to be 6th man. And he plays good D when he feels like it. But he’s erratic.

  158. i get your point but alot of teams dont have a sixth man. ATL some times does and sometime doesnt. When they do its Lin

  159. he could be but he is starting now

  160. just saying if NO goes for baze instead of lin as the reports indicates then they deserve to lose davis. baze has been the most frustrating player ive seen. his offense is not efficient. he isos alot and seem to hurt his team by trying to score too much.he also gets techs alot.

  161. It may depend on what the GMs want as well. I personally think ATL may be more willing to part with Baze than Lin right now.

  162. Lin has more impact out there then baze. its kinda obvious

  163. It’s a very fair assessment of Lin’s coaches especially on Clifford and Pierce.

    MDA’s system is PG-centric so he certainly is the best one for JLin because he will put the ball in JLin’s hands to create similar to Harden now. And we know the more Lin handles the ball, the faster he gets into his rhythm to make plays. So it was a perfect marriage.
    Note: CP3 just went down with left hamstring injury and is out indefinitely but let’s hope Houston doesn’t even consider looking at JLin for a stop-gap solution.

    With Clifford and LP, they certainly had the direction from management to prioritize their star players first, i.e. Kemba Walker/Nic Batum, Trae Young/John Collins. They just see JLin is a role player. Notice how both coaches emphasized the ‘backup PG’ and ‘stabilizer’. It’s revealing to see the main role assigned to JLin. So although they might allow a few Linsanity games once in a while, they will not allow Lin to be the star player because it’s not aligned with the management goal.

    That’s why it’s easier for Lin fans to expect JLin to capitalize on limited opportunity now to showcase himself so he can potentially carve a bigger future with other NBA teams.

    It will be a tall order to expect LP is allowed to extend Linsanity quarter vs the Wizards to another Linsanity game at the MSG tonight because Trae was having a good game and didn’t get his 4th quarter minutes. Perhaps the best scenario is to expect Lin to have hot shooting+defense to help Trae close the 4th quarter tonight.

  164. In light of LeBron’s recruitment of ADavis that caused many GMs to complain about tampering, I’m not so sure it NO is a good destination for JLin. It might be 3-month transit but Lin will need to move again if AD is gone by next season.

    If Orlando is interested in Lin as a starting PG, it’s more appealing because if Lin plays well this season, he will likely get a new 2-3 year contract afterwards. It’s better for Lin’s career.

  165. I think Baze is playing down to the expectations of a team that is tanking. Not that Baze is anything but professional, but he is healthy and in his prime playing for a loser team. That has to do a number on your head. Jlin on the other hand, also acts professionally but he has a greater cause here in that he is looking to prove to himself and the league that he is still a top notch player, so his motivations are positive and rather than be bummed by being on a tanking team I am sure he is grateful for being able to play and rehab in a relatively stress-free environment. Now if he is traded, especially to a contender, the stress ratchets up a couple of notches. If Baze goes to a contender I think you will see a new-born player.

  166. great point.

  167. Great post.

  168. LBJ is tampering and he should be fined for it. This is the problem in the NBA. The superstar players aren’t held accountable.

  169. im unsure they as him a question he answered. bar the reporters from asking the question then.

  170. LeBron makes too much money for the NBA to be fined for minor infractions. It’s always a league of star players

  171. good point. Reporters are part of it.

  172. I’m sure any team willing to trade for JLin now will be motivated to use him to help them win or reach the playoff. It will be better for Lin’s upcoming FA with more minutes and better stats.

    It’s definitely better than staying in Atlanta with suppressed minutes and stats 🙂

  173. very true!

  174. Bazemore has another year and a half left on his contract, so ATL still has plenty of time to realize value from Baze. Hasn’t put up huge numbers this season, but if he does in the next 18 months … he’s worth more

    JLIN has until Feb 7 for ATL to get something of value – beyond Feb 7, nothing comes back – no draft pick, no equivalent player, no money

    If winning is not an issu – Who does ATL want to move more urgently?

  175. LeBron is 100% tampering and he doesn’t care. He knows nothing will happen and that NBA officials are too scared, too greedy to punish him. Even if he got fined, he still wouldn’t care. The tiny amount of money he’d lose is nothing compared to getting the players he wants to surround himself with.

    [Wojnarowski] The fact that Davis recently hired James’ agent — Rich Paul of Klutch Sports — for his agent representation has elevated the belief that Klutch will eventually push the Pelicans to make a deal with the Lakers — or risk losing Davis in free agency.


    [Brian Windhorst] “This particular situation (Lebrons comment on AD) it was outside the media scrum and he told dave Mcnemain that he wanted it on the record. I can tell you from knowing lebron he knew exactly what he was doing.” (35min mark)


  176. Doc must be going into overdrive calling everyone around the league to prop up and hype up his son. It’s ridiculous how many pundits have been trying their best to throw in Austin Rivers’ name into any trade rumor / scenario, when the guy sucks so badly…


  177. A note on NBA Tampering – every team does it – every Agent does it for his player — the issue that upsets NBA FOs is going PUBLIC in doing the tampering ala Lebron and a few years ago with Paul George.

    I hope that JLIN and his Agents are in contact with ORL, PHX, MIA and whoever to get this Trade done — technically any communication while a player is under contract is tampering … but it goes on and it is to the benefit of the player and most teams

  178. If they truly want to stop it, all they need to do is make it a rule that anyone from any team tries to tamper, it eliminates that team from trading for that player. LeBron then puts his own team out of the running for AD.

  179. As a coach, I can only say that systems only add or subtract a small degree of difference. AT the pro level, the thing that makes or breaks a player is confidence. Those who have it thrive, this e that don’t wilt.

    What you are parroting is what the NBA would like is to believe as an excuse for what’s happened to Lin. The truth however is that Lin could thrive in any situation if given the green light to play and to play with confidence.

    Systems don’t create confidence, only trust from coaches do that.

  180. I agree that lamb was mistreated. I see that he has potential but never really been used in the hornets.. not sure why though

  181. Jlin’s priority is to go to a contending team and make a splash. It almost doesn’t make a difference which team, as long as he gets to play and demonstrate his ability on a contending team. The team makes a difference in that some will be better for him than others but I think anybody taking on Jlin would be doing it because they think Jlin helps get them over the hump, so any team is better than a tanker like ATL. NO would be good no matter what the chatter is about AD because Jlin, after the season and if succesfull, doesn’t have to stay with NO. Baze on the other hand would have to stay another year, bad if AD leaves or forces a trade. The only priority for us Jlin fans is for Jlin to go to another team that wants to win, values what talents he has and gives him a chance. Then see what happens. With all the maneuvering that happens in the off season nowadays whole teams are restructured so it is hard to predict what they will look like next year. BTW, many here think that ORL is a good destination for Jlin because they think Clifford will use Jllin heavily. The jury is out on that for me because he had the same choice in CHA but did not choose to use Jlin. Yes, I know Jlin does not have Kemba or Batum to consider but that is another example of doing what is the best basketball-wise and doing something for another reason not totally related to playing the game. IMO.

  182. Yes. Lin is much better than Austin Rivers.

  183. new thread. Who’s ready for Linsanity?
    Let’s go, @JLin7! Just continue to play your brand of basketball 💪🔥🏀🙏

    Game 31 Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks: Fresh Off a Linsanity Game, Jeremy Lin Returns to Madison Square Garden.

  184. I don’t parrot anything and I don’t like that term being used to describe my post. I don’t look to anyone to form my opinion. They are my analysis and observations and I own them. I have a whole lot of differences with the league but I see basketball’s big picture in terms of what a coach does and that’s why I’m expressing above.

    Lin has shown he can strive in any system but his role is defined differently by different coaches so he has to thrive within their parameters. And it’s difficult with less minutes and Lin has shown it is possible.

  185. Honestly, I expect Lin to be defended tightly. Fizdale is a defensive coach and the directive may be not to let Lin go Linsanity-mode on them. I just look for a good solid game from Lin, the New York thing means little to me like it did with the Nets. Stay healthy, progressively get his 3 point shot back, and hopefully the bench looks good with Lin running it and they and Lin stay in positive territory when he’s in. I’ll take 15/5 with 2-4 3 pointers made. And of course, no type of injury at game’s end.

  186. I liked Doc as a Knick and he’s a decent coach, but he has to chill out about his son. Austin just isn’t a good player. He’s ok at times, but that’s about it. So, I’m being nicer about Austin than you are, but yes, I don’t think that much of his game either.

  187. In addition, confidence has to come from within. Most of us have had teachers that empower and encourage and teachers that say you’re grown up and just do what you’re capable of doing. A person shouldn’t have to be empowered through a coach or teacher as you can’t depend on that. It’s good that Lin didn’t always have empowering coaches because it made him stronger and he can go to his faith and wherever else for his source of encouragement and confidence.

    No crutches.

  188. If confidence must come from within then athletes shouldn’t need all the support staff around them. The fact that sports psychology has become an impactful tool means that X’s and O’s aren’t as important as a coach that can inspire and push their players. Yes players are also responsible for their inner game, but a supportive coach can build up a players confidence…just as it can subtract a player’s confidence when a coach casts doubts in the mind of a player.

    It’s not good that Lin wasn’t empowered! It’s idiotic to even suggest that notion in this day and age. It’s now well established that kids given the right supportive environment will flourish and vice versa. Lin’s own toughness allowed him to overcome, but had he been given a chance like he did with MDA, he could’ve been so much further ahead.

  189. Your assessment of Lin’s game aligne more with what the media and league chooses to espouse. I don’t agree that only Mchale and BS were deliberately trying to destroy Lin’s game. The notion that Lin can only play one style is totally bogus. Lin’s done it with Mchale’s motion offence and had many Linsanity games as when Harden was injured or when the whole bench was traded away. Lin had a whole week of Linsanity and was second in voting for player of the week. He had 9 3’s in one of those games during that week. Clifford too made sure to keep Lin from having too many Linsanity games and when he did, Clifford made sure to punish Lin the next game….aswas the case when he beat the Raptors and LeBron. So nooooo, Lin’s game was not dependent on style of offensive sets. It was and always has been based upon who empowered him or who made sure Lin didn’t succeed above their anointed stars. Melo, Harden, Kobe, Walker and now Trae are designated stars. Lin must never shine above those guys. Just you watch tonight’s game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lin is glued to the bench for winning and outshining Trae.

  190. IMO, Lin can only be responsible for Lin. There are so-called old school judges that will go the players that show me confidence are the one’s I play. So, the athletes, if they get that type of coach, has to find a way to play with as much confidence as he can. There are coaches who are just bad fits with some players, and Lin had I think two like that.

    I don’t find it a good idea to expect D’Antoni type of support from other coaches, however. Each coach has to be dealt with in a different way. That applies to all players.

  191. I didn’t say Lin can only play one way. I never thought such a thing. In fact, I’m one of the few people here that says Lin can be great as both a starter and a 6th man because he’s outstanding in both situations. Others here, including you I think, think he must start. I find advantages and disavantages in both.

    I know you don’t agree with me about Cliff and that’s fine. But I think Cliff was a positive for Lin. Because Cliff came after Scott and Lin was put in as a defender and Cliff would tell reporter after reporter Lin can play defense well.

    Harden and Walker are consistent performers. That’s why they are considered stars. And I never said I loved Harden. I respected Walker more after watching him but I don’t like Harden. Trae is hype and hype has been with a lot of drafted high players. Kobe is a player I never liked but he was a skilled player. Melo is the reason why I stopped watching the Knicks as a New Yorker and Knicks fan at the time. I couldn’t stomach him. Lin is why I came back to the Knicks. I’m not into stars, I’m into team players and players in tandem.

    I don’t have any NBA philosophy whatsoever. I don’t believe in this star-driven garbage going on in the NBA. I don’t believe in starters and “reserves.” I believe in rotational players and, like hockey, wished basketball had 2 lines of solid players (hockey is about 4 lines, like you probably know). I don’t believe starters should dominate minutes because I truly believe a lot of players that start games off the bench are better than a lot of starters. So I think you are misreading my take on basketball. An analysis of what’s present in the NBA and how to deal with what is not the same as me saying I agree with what is. Since Lin has to deal with what is, that’s what I deal with. Not what should be.

  192. jlin_fan_from_australia yes but

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