LINSANITY & the Hornets Beat the Spurs from Down 23Pts

Jeremy Lin created Linsanity to power the Hornets to beat the Spurs 91-88 after being down 23 pts

He had 29pts/7rebs/2asts/1stl shooting 11-18 and 4-4 from 3PT land!!!

JLin Entered the Zone


  1. 1st

  2. Let’s go!

  3. Edited: 3rd!!! :3

  4. Don’t think so πŸ™‚

  5. Let’s give the credit where it is overdue.

  6. 29pt is generous discount. He can do 38pt or more. So this game is not linsane i think.


  8. This isn’t season high, right?

  9. @NBA
    Jeremy Lin is BALLIN’ as @Hornets take the lead on @NBATV! #NBARapidReplay #SASatCHA

  10. was insane!!

  11. You’ve got to consider from who the scores were made.

  12. the vid u added on this article is from a video game btw

  13. When are we getting a full-replay? Austin market was blacked out.

  14. Why are videogame highlights in the post?

  15. This game is great in that he was the clear top performer among players of both teams with a big margin and it was against a streaking top team. There is no way for haters to make excuses / divert attention / blame weak opponent / say only because he has help from teammates etc.

  16. i like Batum. I truly think Batum likes the way Lin plays. It’s unselfish. He tends to give weird looks to KW too when KW plays ISO instead of running a play.

  17. Paul Villarreal made the difference point.

  18. Especially after that 1Q where Kemba and Batum played the worst quarter in the NBA. CHA actually set a season record tonight for fewest pts in a quarter!!!

    And they won. All because of Lin playing 70% of his potential (wasn’t allowed to play PG for ~8m of his 31m).

  19. Hey Lin!!! if you comes to Spurs, i will be your back up in two years.

    -tony parker

  20. lots of ppl lost money in Vegas?

  21. infinity88 β€Ž@linfinity88
    @JLin7 is trending on NBA Pulse No. 1
    6:47 PM – 21 Mar 2016

  22. “See you in Brooklyn, Jeremy.” -MDA

  23. its ok even Hornets own coaches forgot what Lin could do for the team.

  24. “Lin putting my hometown on the map” – Steph Curry

  25. If I’m MDA, I’m calling PHI and BKN tonight to sell them on Lin.
    “He can do this every night if you give him the ball like a real PG.”

  26. Only way to cool him off

  27. wow I just read Lin scored 15 points in the 4th qtr. That is madness.

  28. He let Kemba do his worthless thing for a few minutes too.

  29. Melo is ah. I hate that guy.

  30. Maybe the Spurs scouting report was that Lin was in a shooting slump and couldn’t hit anything. Don’t bother to guard his jump shot. LOL

  31. Jeremy is the leader… follow him, and you will WIN…

  32. #linsanity is trending more than #cavs and #dubnation on Twitter

  33. That is Linsanity!

  34. He rubs off on every one. His playing is contagious to all hornets.

  35. Dawn, no archive game in league pass because of nbatv.

  36. LOL Pop had to admit Lin is ‘decent’. Coudn’t stop him all night!
    Hehe, not even with Kahwi

    Pop on Jeremy Lin”He was decent,(laughs)we couldn’t stop him all night.”Spurs’ biggest blown lead in a L in TD era.

  37. How these impossible games only come when Lin is given a chance by Clifford? I think he needs to give Lin a looser leash.

  38. off the bench it is

  39. Supposedly, Pop went up to Lin and complimented him after the game.

  40. 23 points deficit to a win. MJ watching this and proud of Lin.

  41. You couldn’t be implying ….

  42. That’s why is the leader… he knows what he is doing… and you WIN

  43. We all know the reason. K-E-M-B-A.

    They bet the farm on him, he’s their lottery pick, their 4yr extension guy. They want to win with him.

  44. Hey lin, if you stay, I’ll be your back up for many years to come.


  45. Why is that video game clip is featured here?

  46. All he needs is opportunity!

  47. and for Cliff to stop micro managing him. When he micro manage Lin, he’s basically telling Lin to hand the ball off to someone else. Lin is the most unselfish player on this team, he will pass it on his own. He doesn’t need a coach to tell him that. The coach needs to draw him more offense plays instead.

  48. Hopefully gave him his phone number too.

  49. He would be beloved if he gave that chance to jlin. He is so dumb. Jordan too.

  50. If Manu retires, Lin may get a phone call. Still holding out hope for MDA.

  51. So… can the Spurs pay for JLin now?

  52. Ya, Jordan needs to slam the hammer down right now if he wants to keep Lin next season.

  53. Please Pop, recruit Lin next season!

  54. Wow.

  55. Me-low? Who?

  56. kemba is pissed…gonna be ball hogging more than ever now. he should’ve been benched this game smh

  57. No idea.. I told them to take it off :

  58. After Jeremy opts out πŸ˜›

  59. KW blew it. Ain’t no one to be pissed about besides himself.

  60. Pop couldn’t keep a straight face with that joke. busted out laughing

  61. Clip or it didn’t happen!

  62. Lin made all his 3s, 4/4 3FGM tonight? Thank God!

  63. Giving JLin the keys would put Jordan in another stratosphere, put hornets on the map, and a whole continent of fans… but he is too dumb…

  64. Malcolm Gladwell talks about how sports teams aren’t run like rational businesses. It’s not about $$$ or even winning. It’s about the personal enjoyment of ownership. They just do what they want, not what works per se.

  65. There were a lot of Spurs fans there too. Lin put a dagger through all of them. Hopefully he gets to play for Spurs next season.

  66. it was telegraphed. that’s how greatness communicate with each other πŸ˜€

  67. Sweet… Harvard is part of the reason i follow him… smart dude…

  68. Lin killed the first unit even worse! 15p in the 4Q with bad calls hurting him!

  69. Warriors about to lose two in a row!

  70. damn right! MDA just need to show Colangelo and FO what Lin can do against Cavs and Spurs to make his pitch!

  71. Walker is not happy, bank it…

  72. 6-6 in the last 2 games. I keep saying his “shooting woes” are total BS.

    It’s just lack of touches and some mood/confidence issues because of his constant mistreatment.

  73. You got it!

  74. ENJOY!!!!

  75. Lin did mention his shooting struggles with the new form and his shot has been off until last game. Of course low minutes and usage just made it worst.

  76. I have been saying the same things here for more than a season now. The system has serious flaws.

  77. Come on, we all know Jeremy well enough by now. He always takes blame whenever possible and never takes full credit when he beasts.

    Obviously, his %s are down, but it’s not because of his form or Doc Scheppler. His shot is indeed “off”…because of low touches/confidence. Problem goes away 100% when he plays REAL PG.

  78. Lets not bring any negativity or bad mouthing other players after a game like this.

  79. “A $2M player leading the team against the Spurs with 29 pts off the bench? I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT. THAT’S UNHEARD OF!” – THE NBA GODS

  80. unless their names are melo, kobe, harden, etc

  81. That’s true, previous teams packed the paint and forcing Lin to make jumpers when his shot was off. This game he finally made them pay!

  82. KW underperformed, trade him for Tony Parker

  83. Why bring them up at all?

  84. Can anyone tell me who is Nelly who photobombed JLin when he was on the courtside interview?

  85. gonna let clifford know about it

  86. Yep. Playing the weak Nets tomorrow so he’ll statpad while Lin is benched/iced out.

  87. Rapper Nelly

  88. Rapper

  89. They will lose once Lin’s gone. I hope Batum doesn’t sign with them, don’t think he can stand Kemba’s iso ball hog and he’s obviously not the main guy.

  90. Famous rapper late 90’s-mid 2000. Currently wifing up Floyd Mayweathers ex.

  91. Lin beat the Cavs, the Raptors, and the Spurs. All top 4 teams

  92. As long as it doesn’t devolve into profanity or hate speech, fans should be able to speak their minds. Lin Fans are always hated and taunted racially elsewhere, but I’m not the mods so I guess they can decide.

  93. Nelly, he gets his grills from this asian guy named Johnny Dang.

  94. How do you know?

  95. I wish he was allowed to lead the team against Warriors this season

  96. What deal?

  97. Believe it, MJ was definitely watching this game. It was a hyped game on national tv, after that big win against the GSW.

  98. Deal = game. Reading comp?

  99. He’s a famous singer.

  100. We all know what he really means. “I got the ball for once and I beasted.”

  101. I give credit to NB today for recognizing Lin’s plays/effort by showering his kudos to Lin w/water! lol.

  102. Hornets haven’t beaten a single top team w/o Lin leading. Kemba is useless against real contenders.

  103. won the game.

  104. His shot was definitely way off in previous games and with low minutes it doesn’t give him chance to get into rhythm like Batum or Kemba.

  105. ice cream sundae’s are way better with a bit of topping. pizza’s are better with a little parmesan cheese and crushed peppers. i like my Linsanity with a little bit if villian πŸ˜€

  106. Batum had to cool him off cause he was scorching.

  107. Batum ok now, but cautious.

  108. Batum has been a team guy since ASB

  109. No, his shooting form is BACK TO LINSANITY.

    Lin’s using that old school Larry Bird style shot that he learned from his dad and used during Linsanity.

    This game more than any other, Lin’s right elbow was lined up with the rim because he had his footwork properly turned to the left.

  110. Even he was shocked they won! Beating a healthy, rested Spurs is near-impossible this season. Beating them after being down 28-7 is more than insane. It’s LINsane.

  111. Geez I wonder why

  112. That still felt surreal.

  113. NBA TVVerified account
    ICYMI: @JLin7 stopped by #Gametime to discuss his big night.

  114. But Lin’s shot LOOKS DIFFERENT.

    He’s not corkscrewing his body the way Doc Scheppler taught him with the girls’ technique.

    Lin’s jumping less but using his legs more.

  115. Ehh. Let’s not go nuts.

  116. gotta give Batum and Lee credit today for the awareness to pass it right back to Lin for the 3’s

  117. the holy man needs his holy water

  118. Hot is herre. He blew up shortly after Eminem

  119. Pop missed scouting report?

  120. “I’m there for MY kids…” “You’re SUPPOSED to be there for your kids!”

  121. I don’t remember a NBA game being turned around like this, and by a minimum wage bench player too.

  122. Spurs gameplanned to stop Kemba. Even took him full court to deny him entry passes after made baskets. Lin would come back to get the ball. When they did that to Lin, Lamb came back. Players adjusted this game.

  123. Shout out to Psalm has been always saying “let’s go Jeremy”

    Simple statement but it’s his consistency as the Mod that makes days like this special

    Go jlin homie

    Wish you were still in NY

  124. I saw a stat that Charlotte’s 7pts was the season-low for points in a quarter. And I can’t imagine the all-time low is much worse! Incredible.

  125. Even when Lamb sucks at shooting, he needs to be guarded and that opens up the court for Lin.

    Also, Lamb is terrific defensively.

  126. This is not Linsanity, this is Linsanity 2.0.

  127. especially by a minimum wage player

  128. LOL Super saiyan hair literally.

  129. Lamb is what defensively?

  130. Lin giving KW credit like a humble man he is

  131. Hear, hear.

  132. This is Lin Reality. He’s better than Linsanity. He’s a great defender now and a much better jump-shooter when allowed to play PG.

  133. lol the part where Lin was surprised that the team had only 7 pts at the end of the 1st quarter.

  134. Picture look like Kemba motivating JLin.

  135. how about a season?

  136. LOL at the highlight posted on top. Just a video game

  137. Emba was pumping Lin up.

  138. Here’s the real one in case people need it:

  139. Thanks πŸ™‚ This is the only beginning. No stopping Lin now πŸ˜€

    Let’s go, JLin!
    Let’s go Brook-LIN Nets as @disqus_hpbnOOqkJ6:disqus always says!

  140. ESPN Stats & InfoVerified account


    Jeremy Lin, who came off the bench, outscored San Antonio’s bench 29-18. Spurs entered the game 3rd in the NBA in bench scoring at 39.7 PPG.

  141. I don’t wanna watch the highlights because I wanna watch the whole game.Good job Jeremy !!!!We always believe!!!!

  142. He falls asleep too often, but he can make big plays. He had 2-3 big tips/strips tonight.

    His offense is awful though. My Lord, he just ISOed every damn possession! It’s amazing how Lin overcame Lamb and Kemba on top of beating the Spurs. At least Al was bricking good shots.

  143. Wow, that was fast.

  144. Haha… I just checked it..
    I fixed it now LOL

  145. thx

  146. Dawkins

  147. lol its ok

  148. I think thats why ciach took him out.

  149. I hate that, lol. But that’s why he’s a great teammate.

  150. HE is tall and has a body for great defense. His defensive and offensive IQ is just low

  151. Couldn’t follow the game…ran to the nba site to check score as soon as I got home. What! They beat the Spurs? Only LIN could make this happen! Clicked for box scores…J had 29 points?!!! How did Clifford let THAT happen? Kemba injured or something? Nope…6 points? Am I in an alternate universe? Had to run through the whole play-by-play to believe my eyes. Even being so late to the party I’m THRILLED out of my wits!! He’s beyond clutch…just the BEST!!!! I want to hug everyone on this site πŸ˜€

  152. Warriors 103 Wolves 100. 1min left in 4th.

  153. Jeremy Lin continues to make history!

  154. Even if that’s true, he “reverts to the old style” whenever he gets touches. Either way, it’s all about usage/minutes.

  155. its a crime to make Lin a 9th man on the team. He deserves to be at least a 6th man and even at that, it’s still considered marginalizing Lin.


  157. Making history wherever he goes.

  158. hehe… this is our time as faithful JLin fans to celebrate!
    FREE MINION HUGS for everyone
    On the House!!

  159. Gameplan to stop Kemba, good grief. That’s not hard to do, smh. Prolly just didn’t take the Hornets seriously. Forgot about how dangerous Mr. Lin is. Not likely to make that mistake again πŸ™‚

  160. GAME OF THE YEAR. Not just for Lin fans, but maybe all true hoops fans.

    23pt comeback versus the super-elite Spurs with Lin battling teammates, refs and defenders forcing him to shoot his “shaky” jumper. 4/4 from 3 baby!

  161. You need to update to Zootopia now πŸ˜›

  162. Are you not LINtertained?!

  163. great teammate. never hogged the ball away from lin

  164. only at start of season but I think he was instructed to do so

  165. Pop in July 2016 be like, “U want to make history with the Spurs, Jeremy?” LOL

  166. Never say never, but he does change lately for the better.

  167. “Maybe you should pass to him regularly? You know, instead of asking him to save you against great teams while hogging stats against bad and mediocre ones?” I don’t like anyone on this team.

  168. man, I need to watch it now LOL

  169. Lin is made for the media to go crazy

  170. Batum is good in my book, it’s just the bad coaching that’s making Batum look bad to Lin fans

  171. yeah i uno what you guys mean, but after the first several games of the season, nic has always been willing to pass it to jeremy. just clumsy at times when he thinks he can dribble lol

  172. He did very early on in the season, for about a dozen games or so. Then he changed, in retrospect I’d dismiss it as transitional.

  173. I love this triumphant pic!!!

  174. He’s also made to play out of his natural SF position. TO prone because he’s an SF made to play PG, since Walker can’t playmake and only wants to shoot.

  175. He definitely hogs it a lot, but that’s what Cliff wants him to do. It’s always Kemba-centric or Batum-centric. Lin-centric offense only happens in emergencies like tonight, CLE and @TOR.

    Oh look, that’s their only 3 elite wins of the year! What a “coincidence…”

  176. Why not ? Join them or beat them.

  177. Only Cliff has the power to end Linsanity. I’m still worried.

  178. Nicolas BatumVerified account
    Great team win and sorry for the bad 1st quarter #BuzzCity! @JLin7 way to play bro !!!

  179. that’s right because clifford was trying to shield kemba from his awful ball distribution. but when Batum plays with Lin, he can just let Lin handle the ball distribution and play his natural position as a SF

  180. wahapen to MJ?…he should have been there for this victory…way better than d’ cavs game

  181. Just remembered we watch every game good or bad because theres a chance this will happen.

  182. The only thing we need now before the playoffs is for Jeremy to blow up Madison Square Garden on April 6.

  183. gotta get our tickets then πŸ™‚

  184. Dennis Ginobili ‏@manu77728 2m2 minutes ago
    Papa Lin was at the game tonight. He said the best game he witnessed Jeremy this season. Fans congrats him a lot.

  185. Thinking about it!

  186. 110% agree. I never believed Lin had worse shooting skills than before. It is the situations Clifford treated him more and more like BS and McHale did. I felt so bad for him.

  187. He looks like Wolverine or DragonBall LOL

  188. Very cool.

  189. BAM THATS WHAT TALKING ABOUT! gonna work with a damn smile aaaaaaall day!

  190. Cliff actually said Lin was the catalyst this game. Is he going to play him more now?

  191. Just found out he is actually part-owner of the Hornets? Interesting lol

  192. Clifford said that he wanted to finish with Nic and Kemba but Jeremy did so well. So why did he bench Jeremy last game? Lol

  193. Meanwhile in Lakerland:

    Alexis Jones, an activist trying to stop athletes from committing sexual harassment, sexual abuse and domestic violence, said two players — later identified online as Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson — harassed her and another woman Sunday night in Hollywood.

    Photo proof:

  194. starters were down 23?

  195. we know Lin would be catalyst any game if he was full time or 2/3 time pg

  196. He’s literally surprised *sheesh* LOL

  197. He ain’t cheap anymore

  198. Clifford were about to let them pad the stats like Denver game

  199. New York media missing J Lin so much that they are rehashing an article from late last year.

  200. are you serious? lol hanging out with the wrong dude clarkson lol.

  201. Post game vs Spurs, at mark 2:46min, Cliff said he was going to bring Lee back in to but Jeremy was playing so well… Listen and judge for yourself… Anticipate Lin will have another low scoring for upcoming game again…Cliff is giving Lee all sort of praises too…

  202. I wish Lin signed 5 years deal with Brooklyn, He would kicks Knicks a** for 5 years for sure.

  203. I know I believe they all want Lin back but Dumb Dolan… smh!

  204. of course…. of course…. screw him

  205. Nets only can give him 4 years.

  206. You know Cliff, lip service from time to time. I need to see hard evidence to believe…

  207. it’s always difficult to bench scorers cus the arena would get furious. Lin should definitely look to shoot more

  208. Thanks Heart, that confirms my worries.

  209. ok, 4+1

  210. He did give credit to Lin a lot in the post interview, but whether that is just lip service for a great game he had or not, I do think Lin will continue to be marginalized cause Cliff has his favorites. I really don’t understand how Lin lost his 6th man position. It all started after a great Cavs game. IMO, it’s just Cliff wanting to prove that Kemba and Batum are better than Lin but he’s doing it the wrong way that could cost games.

  211. feels like the Gladiator wining the crowd.

  212. Smh!

  213. You could tell the crowd did not want Kemba handling the rock in the 4th qtr. They wanted the ball in JLins hands

  214. Actually, it started with the Kings OT game, and was reinforced by the 35pts Raptors game. Win over Cavs CEMENTED it.

    BTW, I still don’t believe Cliff likes Kemba very much, but must play him due to politics. No coach can possibly like someone who disobeys and breaks his plays on a regular basis.

  215. True. A game like this shouldn’t settle with anything less than a full game, plus honey bees’ dances.

  216. ya that TO KW made at that crucial time. I don’t believe Kemba can handle the pressure as good as Lin can.

  217. I believe Cliff got the green light from MJ to let Lin played tonight otherwise Lin couldn’t take so many shots. They all passed the ball to him late 4Q….. Of course Cliff needed to say so to prove he’s right vs Nuggets game even they lose that one.

  218. Been saying Lin needs to shoot more, when he’s scoring coach can’t pull him out!

  219. as I said before Batum,Lin and Williams are the best players of this team.You’re rooting on the wrong guy MJ.

  220. The first qtr by the Hornets was abysmal. 28-7. And then Lin unleashed Linsanity in the 2nd qtr.

  221. They had no choice but desperate for playoff

  222. If watching Lin beat Cavs won’t change his mind nothing will.

  223. I think that is irrelevant in Clifford-Lin dynamics. There’s been times when Lin began to get going but Clifford pulled him out anyway…

  224. Like the number 1 pick?

  225. Well, I really think bc Lin will not stay so they have to root for their own player- Kemba.

  226. Lin really needs a better big to work with. It’s the only reason he got 2 assists today. Al isn’t PnR friendly.

  227. Caption: “Are you not…LINtertained?!”

  228. Ya! This game just like vs Cav… since they will not win why not try Lin again.

  229. Nelly is a part owner of Hornets? emm….

  230. Why would he when they never allowed him to start nor play PG unless Batum or Kemba was injured?! Lin was even playing SF at one point, if not stuck in the corner being iced out!

  231. Well they root for Batum not knowing if he will stay either so why not root for Lin? From what I’ve seen, MJ cheers for Lin a lot on the side line. He looks angry when KW has a great ISO game. This is why I think it’s a Cliff issue and not really a MJ issue. Like MJ said earlier, there are no heroes on this team. I also haven’t seen Mj at the games in a long time. Maybe he is protesting Cliff’s decisions.

  232. Flank his business 101 subject..Lol

  233. Lol!

  234. Yes, it’s lip service. Cliff only gives credit to Lin when asked, but voluntarily gives credit to Lee. His face brightens up when he talks about Lee. Once he said he was going to bring Lee back in the game, that confirms to me that he was trying to win w/o Lin, even when Lin was the one led the come back and Lee benefited. But Cliff couldn’t take Lin off the floor tonight bc KW was struggling and Spurs stopped his game. I think Hornets would have lost the game if Cliff took Lin off the floor. Hornets lost a winnable game when he did that vs Nuggets, so he didn’t want to lose face again, IMO.

  235. Well this tells me that either they don’t believe Lin will stay next year, or they actually already know he won’t stay. Gotta pump for the players you’re gonna keep. I’m sure he hates to have to play Jeremy, but at this point everybody wants to be locked in for the playoffs so he has to bite the bullet and use him for the wins. I truly believe it’s not because he doesn’t trust or doesn’t like is just 100% political. He will do his utmost to reward and showcase his “starters” in the playoffs. It’s OK…Jeremy has already mined gold out of Charlotte. The vindictive lies of McHale and BS are little dots in the rear view mirror. Onward and upward!

  236. Batum will stay & he will be #1 guy next season. Hornets will not let him pad his stats & walk out of door w good stats.

  237. Kemba is great player too. He just tries to beat his opponent off the dribble too much and play flimsy D.

  238. MJ’s been missing after Lin beat Cavs, wonder why.

  239. Looks like he’s auditioning for Parkers job when leaves

  240. idk, there was a period where Batum was doing bad and was on a slump too.

  241. Batum Genuinely happy for Lin, can’t say the same about the ball hog Kemba.

  242. Soon we will know. But once Lin is out of Hornets, I don’t care about this team anymore.

  243. 7 pts – the worst first quarter of the NBA season – another record to keep for Hornets.

  244. I watched from start to finish. I taped the game and rewind some nice Lin moves. Very entertaining. He is a championship caliber player. Some analysts will look deep and hard on Lin at this point. I was shouting at the top of my lungs and jumped and danced like a kid.

  245. Contact not signed not so he can still walk. Even if he verbally agreed, things can still changed just look at Deandre Jordan.

  246. it should be the worst quarter of the NBA history

  247. Brian MahoneyVerified account
    If you predicted the Spurs would shut down Curry on Saturday but wouldn’t have an answer for Lin on Monday … well, you’d be right.

    NBA writer for The Associated Press, focusing on areas such as the Knicks, Nets, USA Basketball, and poking fun at Heatmedia.

  248. I don’t know… I think MJ actually likes Lin on a personal level. But he’s also a businessman. It’s pretty apparent that CHA is committed to Kemba for long term and Jordan gave him the endorsement deal. So there’s going to be certain degree of favouritism. I think MJ has entertained the idea of integrating Lin in his roster long term but perhaps there are more voices in the organisation that’s making him hesitate…. I don’t know. Just letting my thoughts flow…

  249. it is his left hand.

  250. Was that why Linsanity happened tonight? Can Papa Lin be at each game from now on? πŸ™‚

  251. And Lin wasn’t in that stretch at all IIRC!

  252. Lin made people forget Hornets’ shame.

  253. I’m so happy Jeremy was part of all this tonight. Making a mark whoever he plays for.

  254. Kemba a great player? You kidding right? His shot efficiency is horrible and the only reason he has high PPG is that he needs to take almost 30 shots just to get his 30 points.

  255. Lin’s lockerroom interview, I think he hinted that he had great games when he gets more minutes (taking a jab at Cliff’s decisions?)

  256. Lol… i changed my initial comment bc i misunderstood the original comment but lol!

  257. I am so happy for JLin. All my troubles seemed so far away….

  258. He is a good teammate!

  259. LOL. That really shows Lin’s determination and competitiveness (From some tweet). Never give up. #DontCrackUnderPressure

  260. I think he’s said it before.

  261. Last 4 min of 1st quarter he was in. Sorry to ruin it. But let’s look at the fact that 1st quarter was all Kemba ball. Lin touched the ball like…. Once!?

  262. Dam right… its the truth!

  263. Amazing comeback….Pop was impressed!!

  264. ya it’s funny how we’re the only ones who know this. The rest of the fans/media are like, How come he gets good games out of no where but they don’t see that he’s being put in a role that he isn’t suppose to be in and gets less minutes/touches.

  265. Lol

  266. First time after all those times when Lin beat them with 30+ points.

  267. I don’t like how Steph Ready praises Cliff on the way he knows how to utilize his personnel. I remember she said good coaches don’t mold their players, but Cliff is doing that to Lin rather than playing to his strengths. He wants Lin to be a SF, he wants Batum to be a PG, etc. Lin should be backup PG, not a stand in the corner guy wait for one touch every 4 minutes and play defense only.

  268. No other team will give him the way Hornets did…. Like he said why not? Batum is good player but just not #1 guy in the team.

  269. The focus is different… They don’t do analysis as much as we do here i reckon. And we do it because Lin’s greatness are hidden in advance figures. That’s what normal mobs of basketball fans won’t dig out…

  270. That makes him a creppy player…

  271. Just to drag out the joy, went through all the great comments first and just now watched the highlights. I have no words!! Christmas! All my birthdays! Goosebumps! Might have to run around the block to get back in my body πŸ˜€

  272. Jordan is the owner. He calls the shots, not yes man clifford.

  273. If Batum doesn’t want to be on a Championship team sure and playing 2nd fiddle to a ball hog like Kemba. Only reason he would sign is for money.

  274. i give credit to troy but Lin did it against the Spurs.

  275. Not happening, he’s not even no.1 guy right now without signing the contract! Once he signs the contract like Lamb who knows how he’d be treated.

  276. higher highs and lower lows comes with big changes like shooting forms. perseverance will pay off. looking forward to more games like this! gotta give credit to Doc Scheppler

  277. Happy looney on the loose lol!

  278. Many of us know it but not Cliff……

  279. Lol

  280. Once Lin nails his new shooting form he’d be unstoppable every game. I liked how he didn’t just charge at the rim but made many mid range jumpers. When he gets to the rim, he gets fouled with no calls!

  281. Jlins a stud.

  282. Viewing the whole interview, Cliff could barely speak. What I found interesting was he joked about his pay vs. the team and said I know the most of you guys can get me fired. Hmmm. Anyway, he had a huge amount of praise for Lin and his work ethic and how he impacted the game. Said he was the number one offensive force in the game. When the question went to Lee and his defense, Cliff said very positive things about him but truth be told, Lee had a really excellent 3Q and played solid defense. He seemed to be saying that because of his defense, he puts him alongside Kemba and Batum to finish games and he was trying to work him back, he didn’t want him to sit so long but Lin was doing so well that he couldn’t bring him in while the unit on the floor was working out. I think Cliff knows good and well what Lin can bring to winning. I also think Lin had a mindset of Kemba is taken away this game, I’m feeling it, my 3s are finally falling, I’m the guy. When Lin says I’m the guy and some outside shots fall, he’s Magic Lin. Linsanity Lin. Which he was tonight.

    At this point, 12 more games with Charlotte, I don’t give so much care in anything other than seeing Lin go on that hot streak and maybe play big in the playoffs. The off-season is the bridge that is in the distance, but some other significant places need to be got to before we get there. Last game was good, this game was way “gooder”, in fact it was a monster game. And I was hoping to see him get it going until the end of the season. I don’t doubt Mr. Lin when he says Kemba is behind him and rallies for him. And I don’t doubt that Kemba is a numbers padder and has tunnel vision and is used to being the man and expect to be him but sometimes, Lin or someone else can be the man. And maybe Lin says, that’s the NBA, Kemba still a decent guy. And I think he knows decent guy from, to put it in the spirit of the board, very very not decent ones.

    Onward and upward.

  283. yup. he mixed it up tonight. early on, he penetrated and layup which gave him space for jump shots later on

  284. No, it’s all race.

    People always defend similar players when they’re not Asian: “Lowry/Dragic/Reggie Jackson just needs freedom!” But for Lin, he needs to deliver 18ppg as a backup SG 5th option or he’s “trash” who’s “inconsistent.”

  285. Without Kemba in the game, JLin is the pg. That made a huge difference in what JLin could do. When Kemba was in the court with JLin, JLin touched no ball.

  286. It’s because they were losing by 23 points in the first quarter with the starters. The score is 28 Spurs and 7 hornets. Lin didn’t touch the ball when he came in the 1st qrtr. On the second qrtr. Lin shoot a 3 and a foul. Got 4 points. He perfected his 4/4 3 point shooting. Kemba was in foul trouble in the 2nd qrtr with only 3 points. Lin got 8 points in 6 minutes. Clifford tried to insert Kemba but never made a shot. He is 2/11. This is clearly Lins win. Clifford can’t suppress this win. They have to win because they are on the 6th seed but only3 games above 4 other teams. Pacers is playing Philadelphia tonight and Bulls is playing Sacramento. Those are non playoff teams and Clifford is desperate. They can be out of the playoffs if he won’t unleash Lin.

  287. Wasn’t in wonderful!

  288. Lin’s still defense underrated. He was flying all over the court as usual guarding 2-3 guys on every play. Singlehandedly got stops by closing out on shooters, harassing bigs and grabbing rebounds.

    Only allowed 16p in the 4th quarter!

  289. He was in all Hornets home games when he is with JLin. It’s just not reported as such.

  290. Lin took down the top East and West teams.. Spurs & Cav.

  291. OK.

  292. Back to 5th option tomorrow; Kemba’s gotta statpad. After the Cavs game, Lin got benched too (17m).

  293. Do you guys know how to watch the game live? I totally missed the game πŸ™

  294. They all keep their own personal opinions to themselves. For business and job, they would say what the PR dept wanted to say or stay quite, even it’s against their own belief.

  295. Yes I only found out when I saw this tweet. Very interesting indeed. I have absolutely who he is until after he videoboomed JLin:-)

  296. I look for a link here:

  297. haha…Cliff is so predictable…just enjoy today anyway…

  298. 7 rebounds that is

  299. I know MJ loves this Lin tonight, and the Lin that won the Cavs game. I don’t know what he thinks of the Lin that has the low-scoring, lower impact games and why he doesn’t see this Lin more. I wish he was there tonight. But I’m sure he saw Lin step up against the Spurs, and I don’t think he was surprised at all. He’s seen it before.

    MJ and Cho have to think about all the salary considerations and such and if Lin is ok with what is a much smaller role than he should have on this team.

  300. The key was 23 point down by starters.

  301. He’s still too nice. I would have finally let off some steam: “I don’t run the offense much, but if you give me the ball, I can always deliver. But while I’m here, I’ll do what they want…”

  302. LP will have video.

  303. I know. Back to Kemba stat padding. It’s ok. Let’s savor this win. A lot of analysts are paying attention to Lin I’m sure.

  304. NBA TV will replay at 2AM CT.

  305. I love the crisscrossing and dishing and cruisin. Ha ha I have to copy Clyde from the Knicks.

  306. Not the “Starters”. It’s pretty much Kemba. There was a stretch of runs by the starters towards the middle-end of 3rd Q and they totally freezed Kemba out for a couple of possessions. And they reduced the difference during that stretch. Before that, Kemba was forcing and forcing, it was hard to watch…

  307. Not just Cliff, it has happened to every bias and yes man coach Lin has dealt with including Mchale and BS. In fact Mchale started the trend!

  308. Wow! I like this tweet. Please RT everyone. Haha!

  309. They should just do that every game!

  310. He didn’t really.

  311. Highights from NBA

  312. U da man, psalm…

  313. Too bad Jeremy couldn’t get more assists feeding the clumsy hands of Kaminsky and Jefferson who proceeded to miss jumpshots and easy layups at the rim.

  314. I subscribe to LP, how do you get the video?

  315. someone complained yesterday in this forum that there are so few after game interviews for JLin.
    Wooo…I love his comments…intelligent stuff

  316. I find your observations to be logical and reasonable and insightful.

  317. So lets skip tomorrows game… lol

  318. I was saying the deep hole was dug by starters in the 1Q.

  319. From what I heard the hole was dug by Kemba forcing shots after shots.

  320. Wow! Even Isola said so…..

  321. “Jeremy Lin came in and gave us life” – Batum

  322. Oh man! missed the game!!!! darn!

    Hugs to everyone!!! Great Great game..yet another historic game from Jeremy Lin!

    Go LIN!!! Linsanity Baby or rather Zoosanity worked!

    I’m not sleeping tonite…gotta watch the whole game!!!! :))

  323. Waiting for the full offense and defense highlights. Guess I’ll need to check back tomorrow.

  324. im waiting for League Pass to archive it

  325. Finally Lin puts a smile on everyone’s face!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  326. Nic Batum: Jeremy came in and gave us life πŸ™‚

  327. He’s talking about the SEASON right?

  328. Unlike Harden, he’s done that in just 3 pt free throw and just 31 min.

  329. @FisolaNYDN
    And after San Antonio shut down Steph Curry, Jeremy Lin – remember him? – detonated for 29 points tonight.

  330. Someone beats you in seconds finally. lol

  331. It’s not going to happen unless they trade away Kemba. They don’t value him, if not he would’ve started this entire season just like Batum!

  332. Haha. yeah, just saw it lol

  333. More than a smile, a prolonged grin that won’t go away LOL

  334. Nelly is a LOF now

  335. Seriously, what is wrong with LP- how many hours does it take for a game to “archive”? Seriously not worth a cent.. Piss of crap.

  336. This game was too good i have to watch it again

  337. I respect people who bravely give credit where it’s due.

  338. Skipped the first qtr if I were you unless you wanted to get a boiling hot blood:-) I almost quit watching and began to make fun of starters and Cliff:-)

  339. Could be next day. I’ve heard it will replay later.

  340. Hope MJ gets infected too.

  341. it is always fun to watch JLin-led Hornets win…everyone is celebrating…the fans go wild…
    It’s never a dull win…

  342. where to watch? My LP has been archiving this game since several hours ago???

  343. Check the game & it will show. Any national TV games will show later.

  344. That’s Linsanity for you πŸ™‚

  345. Batum got some bad TOs too.

  346. Yup waiting for my second dip lol

  347. It will show… Just have to wait….

  348. I think NBA TV might replay this game late at night in which case the game won’t be available for replay as an archived game. I’m waiting also …

  349. I believe nbatv re-runs all nationally-broadcast games. Check their schedule.

  350. I’ve never had a game take this long to archive. Think those squandrels in LP want to charge us or something – realize there will be plenty of demand. Wish I could download it on Redit.

  351. Oh oh, mom forgot to DVR for the kids?

  352. Found this tweet kind of funny cause of the username and avatar

  353. Anybody see the Pop’s postgame interview? Is there a video?

  354. ya he was so deceptively quick….jk
    like to see all the zig-zag drives to the rim…
    You watch the game between Spurs and GSW, Spurs was switching defenders on Curry.
    Spurs tried it on Lin but failed miserably. One that left Lin with an open 3 – one that Parker switched wrongly.

  355. All I heard him say is when you start you have more minutes to get into the flow of the game. He thought it was the best he did off of the bench this season.

  356. Observation/Recap
    1) Spurs have been hearing how KW was unstoppable and carried his team, they determined to stop him and succeeded;
    2) Yet, Hornets still won w/Lin leading the charge who made history for the Hornets franchise to win against Spurs for the first time since 2010, while playing from behind Spurs 28pts vs Hornets 7pts, 1Q.
    3) Spurs, a #2 seed stopped Curry & Co., and GSW #1 seed lost to them just the other night.
    4) But Lin (coming off the bench) made history for Hornets to win over #2 seed Spurs for the first time since 2010!
    Don’t you think this win should be even bigger news?

  357. OK understood

  358. I don’t agree but I’m too happy to get into why Lin doesn’t start yet again.

  359. You have to wait until LP archives the game and makes it available for replay which they won’t do until NBA TV is done reshowing the game.

  360. ya cause it’s on national TV too

  361. It’s funny how Lin comes in this season and set the records, save the day, and rides into the sunset…. Pretty typical western isn’t it?

  362. Right up there with JLIN leading Hornets over Lebron’s Cavs without KW

  363. I think this won really big for Lin bc Pop’s comment on him that “we couldn’t stop him all night.” It’s Spurs who just beat Curry & CO. That really means something & so good for Lin. So happy.

    I really don’t care about Hornets history. LOL!

  364. Maybe its because its NBA tv

  365. #1 defense just stopped curry. Lin-lol my turn

  366. Amen!

  367. First team wins with scoring just 7 pts or less in 1Q since 2000 something.

  368. Indeed! Destined for Greatness!!! (no matter what)

  369. All I’ll say is that the Spurs were protecting an undefeated win streak at home for the season. They went all out. Tonight, they weren’t home. It was an impressive win and a great win but the Hornets are nowhere near as good as GSW. Tonight, Lin did a spectacular job and that stands on his own in my opinion. GSW is one of the best teams in history. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

    Other factors mattered too like in the 3Q how the starters got the deficit down and how Lamb got rebounds and the big, big game by Lee especially in the 3Q. It was a team win led by Lin. But as Lin said in his post-game, many of his other team mate stepped up big.

  370. NBA tv shows the replay at 3:00 am EST

  371. Popovich on Lin: β€œHe was spectacular. We couldn’t stop him all night.”

    Respect earned.

  372. Ty. Record now.

  373. I don’t know about LP in the US. International ones varies. Takes a few hours if you want to see a replay on APPLE TV APP. If watching replays through browser, it’s instant….

  374. Hornets under Kemba’s starting point guard leadership is “nowhere near as good as GSW”

    Do not claim under JLIN’s leadership they are not as good.

  375. Patty Mills is an underrated fast PG.

  376. Hornets under anyone’s leadership is not as good as GSW. They are an historically great team. And GSW has whipped the Hornets this season.

  377. Lin stated his shot would return to his old form during games or be a hybrid of his old/new form. His said recently they’ve started shooting a lot the day of the game which seems to be working

  378. That’s what we were saying. He is somewhere in-between the old and new shot form.

  379. 1. Lin made a minority owner of Hornets, Nelly, go nuts and photobombed him after the Spurs game today.
    2. Lin made MJ, the goat/majority owner of Hornets, stand up and slap Lin’s butt after the Cavs game.

    If they really have Lin’s back, the owners need to get together and have a deep discussion about Jeremy Lin’s future role in this organization.

  380. Psalm, I believe for those who voted “Hairsanity” deserve a full point instead of half a point πŸ˜›

  381. NB and Lin seem friendly to each other. I saw NB pouring water on Lin’s head when Lin did post game interview with Dell Curry. LOL!

  382. This highlights show how helpless the Spurs from their body language to stop JLin πŸ˜€

  383. Linsanity like. Very proud of him tonight. I like Nic now. He’s got a weird manner but he seems like a decent teammate.

  384. Let’s tally, shall we? JLIN has been allowed to be main playmaker for just THREE games:
    1) Toronto Raptors – JLIN dominated with double digit lead entire game until Kembaisoball almost lost 4Q
    2) Lebron’s Cavs – JLIN led wire to wire WITHOUT KEMBA game was never in doubt
    3) Spurs – brought starters back from 23pt deficit with KW/NB nonfactors

    So the TALLY is JLIN allowed to lead 3 games and he BEAT 3 of the BEST (top) 4 teams in the NBA

  385. Lin has the HIGHEST True Shooting Percentage for a point guard in
    “Clutch Time” this year (must have played 20 or more games that involved
    “Clutch Time”).!/clutch/advanced/?Season=2015-16&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&sort=TS_PCT&dir=1&CF=GP*GE*20&PlayerPosition=G

  386. He’s French. Forgive him πŸ™‚

  387. #2 is Curry…sorry MVP πŸ˜€

  388. Even on the road, the Spurs are intimidating. Lin has beaten the Cavs, the Raps and the Spurs. Superpowers in this league which the Hornets had never won since under KW regime.

  389. As usual, you have to find a way to take away some of what Lin has done today.

  390. Agreed…. didnt vote..missed it πŸ™

  391. LIn played a FANTASTIC game tonight. I’m extremely proud of him. He was the main reason the Hornets win. I see it totally not useful to talk about the Spurs vs. GSW. That’s irrelevant to this game. That was a different game with the Spurs going for history.

    It’s just not realistic to say that Lin leading the Hornets is a better team than the Spurs or GSW. Yes, the Hornets won tonight, but those are some of the best teams in NBA history.

  392. But did a poor job with tired, misapplied, mistaken excuses.

  393. Just finish watching the game on LP. OMG screaming my ars off even I know the result! LOL

  394. Nothing you wrote even remotely rebuts the evidence of beating the top 3 teams in the league — but as usual I’ll let you get in the final word.

  395. Cliff’s post game interview, did I hear it correctly? That Cliff is scared of the starters getting him fired cause they have higher salary than him? Maybe that’s why he’s been kissing their butts so hard. He doesn’t have to kiss it that hard though.

  396. Who said they are better than GS and SA? But with Lin leading the team, they have great chance to compete. That’s good enough.

  397. Hey…. come on. A bit of bitterness makes the sweet even sweeter…. I won’t be able to fully appreciate how great Lin was in this game without the desperation of that 1st Q….

  398. As usual we go and take a great game by Lin and get into hyperbole comparing him to some of the greatest ever. He’s a winner and I’m one of the ones praising him but why get into nonsense about GSW and the Spurs. These teams are great. K Leonard is a phenomenal player. T Duncan is one of the best ever, he belongs on the basketball Mt. Rushmore he’s so great. Aldridge is a better post up player than anyone on the Hornets. TP is better than Kemba all-around.

    And GSW? Please. Curry is heading straight for the hall of fame. And this GSW team is headed for a possible Bulls record breaking performance for this season and history. Let’s not get carried away and stay grounded. We can feel great for Lin without going over the top.

    Can some of you please get out of this Lin did this and he isn’t this one night? That’s turning things negative. He help beat one of the best teams in the league tonight. Why is that not good enough?

  399. LP? I thought they are still archiving…..?

  400. He was joking but he was admitting they could get him fired.

  401. Huh? What exactly did he say?

  402. Yep, you heard it. That shows me that he’s weak…

  403. I just read today that Bruce Fraser, Steph’s trainer, does 500 3pt shots with Steph every practice. It’s on Bruce’s wikipedia. JLin would do well to get Dell to hang with him for some after practice work πŸ™‚

  404. He was joking. He said please, please please do better. Someone. I know most of you guys can get me fired but please, let’s do better. Then he said they took a vote and it was 8 to 7 with MKG’s vote being the deciding one. He was NOT serious.

  405. it is but maybe not for those areas who are not blacked out.

  406. Yeah. I am lucky… Maybe it is faster for Canada????

  407. They have a chance to compete when Lin is playing at the level he played tonight. Lin tends to do well against SA, mixed against GSW.

  408. I really like Clyde Frazier from the knicks!
    Slashing n slicing
    Dancing n prancing
    Slicing n dicing
    Vicious n malicious etc

  409. As usual you’re just being yourself and personal. Move on. I’m in no mood for this crap tonight,. Lin did great and I’m just adding something that I think needed to be added to this discussion because we go off the deep end sometimes.

  410. Comparing is a good thing in real competitive life. You compare so you know where you’re and what you have done to help the progress. You know what you could do and what you not yet done.

    You need to layoff and let fans to celebrate this great game for Lin again proving he’s the best PG of the team, hand down.

  411. Taste From the San Antonio Spurs game thread…

    “Lin going curry on us??”

    “Does this have to be the Linsanity game?”

    “lin is keeping them somewhat in it. he always plays well against us. ugh.”


    “LIN, you turd! WHY”

    “jeremy curry”

    “Go away Lin. All the way away. Leave.”

    “Jeremy Lin. Freaking Jeremy Lin. Wow”

    “That is the biggest collapse in Spurs history under Greg Popovich.”

    “They had never lost a game under him when leading by at least 23 points in a game. Horrible.”

    “Had been 286-0.”

  412. same post del.

  413. I’ve just been lurking for a while , silently supporting and praying for our boy. Yes, there were many times that in this journey, we’ve been brought to a roller coaster ride. The struggles were real. Despite that, I’ve always believed he’s Destined for Greatness. He is a man of Destiny! And so it was again today , we were treated to a glimpse of what he can truly do. Go, Jeremy! Take your rightful place! SLAY!!!

  414. Lin wasn’t close to leading the team playing against the GSW.

    Even with the Lakers and their roster, Lin led them to beat GS and almost beat them in their own home court.

  415. The game was blacked out in Canada LP too. But, it is available already. Feel sorry for you guys…

  416. This is funny. LOL!

  417. hahaahahhaahahahhaha

  418. Someone should tell them to open up their cheque book next year….

  419. You should reply them….sayin…Lin is auditioning…Get him!!!

  420. Batum is always a good team mate

  421. whoa! i didn’t know that that’s what he sounded like.

  422. I’m enjoying it as well. I think there’s this unnecessary put down great players to elevate Lin that is totally unnecessary. That’s all.

  423. This reminds me… that’s actually a foul…. Green had his hands wrapped around Lin’s waist and arms before they slipped onto the balls after Lin tried to lift off.

  424. i hope that’s not lingering in his head when he’s making coaching decisions related to Lin. Cause Lin has one of the lowest salaries on this team.

  425. MIxed. He’s had good games against GSW, and not good games at all. Against the Spurs he’s been mostly good to spectacular.

  426. that jump ball, Lin won it

  427. Exactly, using the joke to express how you really feel. BTW, Lin made much mess than he does.

  428. But was whistled a foul by the ref….

  429. He was joking. And it is nice to see Cliff finally lightening up a little and trying to be funny. It wasn’t against Lin at all. He was talking about the whole team.

  430. JLIN has saved Clifford’s butt on at least 11-13 games this year.

    Contract extension or no – had JLIN not been on this team especially when the starters had so frequently build large 1Q deficits – Clifford would be lucky to not have gone the way of McHale.

  431. LOLOL You can win it all if you want:-)

  432. Yeah, the foul was before that photo. Nice hustle by Green but refs bailed him out twice.

  433. Thanks.

  434. Ref sees 6-3 Asian guy out-jump a 6-5 black player and whattaya know, a late whistle after the ball is already in CHA control.

  435. Not completely joking when you score 7 points in first quarter against ANY team; as a coach you need to worry about JOB SECURITY in the NBA

  436. Haha. I’m not trying to win but I just want this full point! lol

  437. Totally!

  438. So sick of Cliff. His words mean nothing either way. Total hypocrite.

    Coaches I respect: Pop, Stevens, MDA. Maybe Carlisle. That is all.

  439. He’s given credit to Lin and did tonight before any questions were asked. And Lee played terrifically in the 4Q. In fact, I wished Lin and Lee played together more. Lee is terrific defensively and so is Lin. And their games could work well together.

  440. And he’s not even the guy standing right there to throw the ball up.

  441. Can’t believe only game I didn’t watch this year be ause of NBATV and THIS happened! This is a testament to all the die hard Lin fans in this forum that he rises to the occasion and Linsanity is still here, in a better form, just shackled by many circumstances we already know too well. So happy for everyone in this forum!

  442. Very similar to his pose in the Cavs game.

  443. Have to give Cliff credit, he finally argued with the ref for bad call on Lin.

  444. Yeah it’s like he had X-ray vision, can see through a bunch of big players…

  445. Maybe you shouldn’t watch Lin’s live game anymore. lol

  446. He was joking. Absolutely. And the press guys knew it as well and were laughing. You’re making something serious that was 100 percent not serious.

  447. It doesn’t really matter to me. That’s just white noise. It’s all about usage, touches, minutes.

    If he’s used like a real PG, or even real 6th man, he always shoots great. Otherwise, he’s shaky. It’s a non-issue. Like arguing about Lin’s hair affecting his shot.

  448. Yes he was. He was behind the baseline.

  449. Two NBADL teammates playing hard against each other. Nice picture.

  450. Lol

  451. Yes, take one for the team LOL

  452. Clifford and MJ are in cahoots. Initially I blamed Cliff less since he takes orders from MJ but have moved to equal blame.

    Cho ?, I pity becuase I believe Cho is a true JLIN fan deep down but his hands are tied.

  453. we also have to be thankful that Kemba played so poorly today cause without that, Lin wouldn’t get his chance.

  454. I just watched the game…holy cow!!!!!Lin was amazing on this game,Linsanity atmosphere and spectacular JeremyLin show…Lee and lamb were also contributed to the big win.

  455. yup. buddies

  456. Yeah, he needs to join Michael and sleep when Jeremy is playing. LOL.

  457. Yeah take one for the team like psalm said.

  458. Batum too in 2nd half. Not first half.

  459. Coaches have been fired for humiliating displays – Dave Blatt of the Cavs exhibit A

    Dig a hole and put your head in – avoidance of empirical data isn’t uncommon for some fans of Clifford.

  460. Let’s go, JLin πŸ™‚

    Do you want to try it again the next game if it brings another Linsanity game? LOL

  461. Maybe LP should black out all his remaining 12 games. LOL

  462. I disagree. I’ve seen nothing at all from Cho to make me think he believes in Lin.

    If anything, MJ looks like the only real Lin fan because of Lin’s ability to beat elite teams (CLE, SAS, @TOR) and his global marketing appeal (MJ loves his $$$).

  463. so happy for jeremy this was a long time coming. give lin the ball and minutes and he will produce. btw did jeremy lin use his old or new shooting form tonight?

  464. first time?

  465. Kemba played the way he always plays – Spurs exploited the way Kemba plays and MADE Kemba play “poorly” – very simple

  466. Tonight’s game is so important & good for Lin. Bc it’s vs Spurs who just beat GSW. Check this. Got it from the other side.

    –Tonight on sports radio here in GSW country, who are they talking about after the loss to the Spurs a couple of nights ago? Yep, our boy Jeremy!

  467. Lee was HUGE because he made shots & passed at the right time.
    Plus the huge steal in the end.

    Lamb is a mixed bag, good in shooting but too much 1-on-1 and not passing to Lin to create.
    It could’ve been disastrous.

  468. yep like any good team. This is why it’s also very important that the coach doesn’t kick Lin to the curb and should try to use Lin’s strengths instead

  469. I agree with you Sws it was a great team win. funny how people on the forum talk about Templay playing as a team yet when Lin scores big the win was all him. Great game from Lin Great game from the team overall.

  470. I saw part of it and I almost quit watching after first quarter. So, when JLin began to play his game in 2nd qtr, I watched the whole qtr. Watched a little of 3rd qtr and cooked some food. So, I watched almost the whole 4th qtr. I stopped tweeting and commenting when the game was on line until after the game was over:-) I didn’t miss the best part of the game:-)

  471. I agree psalm. Lamb really hangs on to the ball too long and just doesn’t have the BBIQ of Lee and Lin. Lin and Lee together are great. And Lee was the Lin of the 3Q, he was big. Then Lin came in and was even better in the 4Q than he was in the 2Q, and he turned the game around in the 2Q. As Batum said, paraphrasing, Lin injected life into the team.

  472. True but I give Cho pity because he is an Asian male – 9.9 out of 10 asian males want to see JLIN be awesome so I’m playing the odds that he is an in-the-closet JLIN uber fan.

    Cho’s objectives MISALIGN with JLIN’s objectives but that is the orders that Cho must follow from MJ.

  473. Heard teammates also iced Kemba out in 3rd quarter, wish they could do that every game when he forces things and goes ball hog mode.

  474. Come a long way! Then again Green makes 10m despite zero offense while Lin makes 2m and gets bashed.

  475. Wow that’s awesome! GSW won tonight and they talk about our boy instead? What did they talk about?

  476. true, that’s what I witnessed. Lamb needs to stop dribbling so much and have better vision at passing the ball.

  477. I think all his made 3pts were new shooting form, not so much arc

    But his midrange J had more arc. Whatever works LOL

  478. Yep but his huge defense and that 3 in the corner was also a game changer

  479. I think he’s scared to push for Lin because it’ll look like he’s “supporting his own kind.”

  480. Lamb wasted that possession then got a TO for Spurs quick fast-break.
    Then he behaved LOL

  481. moon ball, I think that was what the announcer said of his midrange.

  482. I’m really hoping that the last game, this game follow through to a bunch of games for the remainder of the season. If he has 2 or 3 single digit games out of the next 12, and the others in the 13-20 point range with a few 20 plus, I’d be ecstatic.

  483. yes.. one huge block, I think.
    Lamb needs regular time & coaching to pass to PG first πŸ™‚

  484. Question is who in the Hornets organization determined the Troy Daniels experiment was effectively OVER.

    I agree with the decision and have preferred JLamb all along but would like to know the story – MJ?

  485. I mean a momentum changer

  486. Don’t worry. Jeremy is just taking a scenic route… to stardom.

  487. too little too late, if they truly valued him they would’ve started him every game after Cavs win. Instead time again, Lin gets pushed aside for nobodies PJ, Lee, anyone but Lin.

  488. Anybody know if someone put this whole game on youtube? They did that for the CLE game.

  489. yes.. Lin was feeling it for sure.. “In-the-Zone” as he said in the post-game interview :}

  490. What’s wrong with that? Black people support their own kind all the time.

  491. such a nice thing, for JLin to get the cred for this.

  492. Overall, he did well enough. He’s got a lot of maturing to do as a player.

  493. Wait patiently. I’m sure there will be. Can’t underestimate the passion from Lin fans….

  494. if yes, we need to download it asap since NBA will remove it soon after

  495. tap tap tap tap lol.

  496. The higher arc might be due to the closer range and to avoid being blocked.

  497. Like Lins shooting coaches said. He doesn’t know how to play basketball as a team player. He looks like a chicken with his head cut off haif the time on offense and defense

  498. this will be so Linstrumental to get Lin multiple starting PG offers .. plus 1 backup PG offer from the Spurs LOL

  499. Guess this is one of the famous games …

  500. anti Timmy!

  501. Prob something like Bay Area trumps SA afterall….

  502. Same here this is the Lin i want too see. the funny thing is if he wants to he can. im not saying 29 points every game. but averaging double digits every game should not be a problem for him. Just want to see this every game be aggresive thats what got you to where you are today that relentless attacking. now with the improved skills that he have he can do it in various ways like we saw tonight. hoping it continues.

  503. yes.. towards the end, Lin was feeling it no matter what & can make all kinds of shot with a high level of difficulty

    My goodness .. it was beautiful to watch!

  504. Yes first I’ve seen

  505. yes, I believe with coaching he can change..

  506. hmmm so Lin baked Spurs and you cooked as well! πŸ™‚

  507. A good coach would stop catering to his star players. Should’ve benched kemba and kept Lee in.

  508. It was be that fast and if someone were to put the game…it wont last as well…youtube would take it down

  509. I looked… nothing so far.

  510. ya if Cliff is so competent as a coach, he wouldn’t have brought Kemba back in. He would have kept Lee out there. There has to be a reason why he kisses Kemba’s butt. He wants to keep his job.

  511. If so, does the unleashing of Lin has to do with MJ too? Lets see what happens next game.

  512. BTW…you could download it from

  513. I totally agree

  514. As it stands, Kemba probably on his hot-line phone after game to MJ complaining that bad Clifford didn’t let him get his 40 minutes.

  515. And let Lin finish the quarter/game

  516. MJ said there are no heroes on this team.

  517. A look at how Clifford played JLIN immediately after he led the Cavs Lebron win might deflate your “hopes”

  518. Welcome back! πŸ™‚ Yeah Lin put a lasting smile on all of us…..great day indeed!

  519. Wow, sucks to be an American right now.

  520. The NEXT 12 games of Linsanity!!!!please…. GO LIN

  521. I think I still gonna get my wish with Lin getting 14pts ave. this season

  522. Interesting but safer to catch any short lived youtube version. I can’t read what is is, Russian?

  523. I want 6MOY!

  524. I was gonna settle for replay on LP today. Was out playing golf this morning but got called back by security company saying my house alarm tripped. So I rushed back realising the house was fine and it must’ve been a gecko crawling over the sensor…. Got home just in time for Jeremy’s sub-in. I guess God is doing his work….lol

  525. Lin, Hornets erase 23-point deficit, beat Spurs 91-88

    Posted Mar 21 2016 10:34PM

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) Eleven seconds into the second quarter, Charlotte Hornets coach Steve Clifford called a timeout with his team trailing the San Antonio Spurs 30-7.

    “I told them please try harder,” Clifford said after the game with a laugh. “I’m begging you. I know y’all make more money than me. I know most of you could get me fired. I’m just saying, please.”

    Jeremy Lin answered that plea, scoring 15 of his 29 points in the fourth quarter to help Charlotte rally for a 91-88 victory on Monday night, snapping the Spurs’ six-game winning streak and denying them their 60th win of the season.

    While perhaps not quite “Linsanity II,” the 23-point lead was the largest surrendered by the Spurs in the Tim Duncan era, which began in 1997, according to information provided to the Hornets by Elias.

    Lin was 11 of 18 from the field and hit all four 3-point attempts, including three in the fourth quarter, and provided the go-ahead jumper with 48 seconds left.

    “He was spectacular,” said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. “We couldn’t stop him all night. He had a great night. He was wonderful.”

    Charlotte became the first team to score seven points or fewer in the opening quarter and come back to win since the Utah Jazz against the New Jersey Nets on Dec. 12, 2008.

    “We turned the ball over a little too much – just inconsistency throughout,” Duncan said. “It was an unfortunate loss, but we will move on from it and hopefully become better from it.”

    Courtney Lee had 17 points, including 14 in a pivotal third quarter.

    Nicolas Batum added 15 points, and Cody Zeller grabbed 14 rebounds for the Hornets, who bounced back from a disappointing loss to the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night.

    “We just turned it up,” Lin said. “We just played hard. I’m so thankful to God because I’ve been struggling so much. We lost one the other night we felt like we shouldn’t have lost. So to come out here and get this win is a huge boost for us.”

    Tony Parker had 19 points for the Spurs, while LaMarcus Aldridge added 18 points and 12 rebounds. Duncan had 16 points and 10 rebounds.

    The Spurs had two chances to tie it at the end of regulation, but Patty Mills and Danny Green both missed 3-point attempts. Lee sealed the game with a steal off an inbounds pass as time expired.

    The Hornets snapped an 11-game losing streak to the Spurs and picked up an important win.

    “Lin was the catalyst in this,” Clifford said. “In the first quarter, I don’t know what the numbers were, but we were just shooting the ball (and weren’t) getting in the paint. He got the ball going toward the basket. So we scored 84 in three quarters against a team right now, by the numbers, is going to be the best defensive team in NBA history.”

    It looked early on like the Spurs would rout the Hornets.

    San Antonio led by 28-7 after the first quarter, holding the Hornets to 3-of-21 shooting from the field – including a pair of airballs – while forcing five turnovers. Parker outscored the Hornets all by himself in the opening quarter with 12 points.

    But Charlotte would battle back, steadily chipping away until finally taking the lead with 9:09 left in the game behind a pair of 3-pointers from Lin from the top of the key.

    “When the first 3 went down and when I’m comfortable and in a zone, it’s usually good for me,” Lin said.

    It was back and forth from there.

    Lin then provided the shot of the night, hitting a fallaway jumper from 16 feet on the right wing with 48 seconds left to give the Hornets the lead for good at 89-88. Lin then grabbed a rebound on the other end of the floor and was fouled. He converted a pair of free throws with 18 seconds left for the final margin.


    Spurs: Held Hornets to a season-low seven points in first quarter. … Duncan passed Gary Payton in career minutes played (47,117).

    Hornets: Charlotte held a 21-4 edge on fast-break points. … For the second straight game, the Hornets failed to reach 40 points in the first half, entering the locker room down 51-36.

  526. And defensive 1st team! lol

  527. The game is on League Pass now. WOOT!

  528. Lin:Don’t worry boys I’ll get that for you.

  529. yup Russian…this is where I get my downloads of all the games πŸ˜‰

    Its safe….use torrent

  530. Lin kept plodding steadfastly and God finally rewarded him.
    He’s about to open the floodgates =)

  531. scaring thought — if Kemba played half decent tonight then there wouldn’t be any Linsanity cause Clifford would stick with Kemba like the Denver game….

  532. Yes I did:-) When I returned to the game on 4th qtr, Charlotte was 1 point behind:-)

  533. Freddie Coleman ESPN radio giving a shoutout to Jeremy Lin’s great performance against the Spurs – said “Jeremy keep on doin’ your thang!” Lol!

  534. Word goes that the Nuggets game was Vegas related.

  535. lol…yeah…this is NBA..way too many stuff behind the scene…politics, bookies, etc

  536. Who won that Hornets lost?

  537. IC … I’ve avoided torrents so far.

  538. Yep Batum always give those open passes for Lin and most of the time Lin always delivers,I think Batum really like Lin

  539. Realize that Clifford only gives playmaking responsibilty to JLIN for HOPELESS games — for those games JLIN becomes the only hope Spurs, Cavs, Raptors.

    Even if Kemba plays poorly against a bad team/below .500 team – Clifford will not deviate from the minutes that he allocates to JLIN even if KW goes 1-11 unless Cliff desperately wants the win.

  540. takemeback2reaganyears,

    SWS94 is a true Lin’s fan even he have different point on view sometime. He has been defending all year long in Real GM Forum. I know cause I got banned from that site for defending Lin.

    Go Lin!!!

  541. u can’t send clash royale cards!

  542. Enjoy what the Spurs forum said about the 23pt lead then the comeback with Linsanity performance courtesy of a Hornets fan who compiled it πŸ˜€

    I have more respect for the Spurs franchise than any NBA franchise by far, so I’m ready to comb through their 900+ (!) comment strong live game thread for Hornets remarks:
    – Lol this is what happens when the Charlotte announcers say we don’t get many steals.
    – Spurs too good for hornets. It seems they have already given up.

    (wait for it…)
    – We will win by 30
    – So this is the third best team in the East?
    – This is embarrassing for Charlotte

    (wait fooooooor it…)
    – IF im a Hornet fan today…
    – im not a Hornet fan today…ouch
    – nooo they have 11 now. trade everyone.
    – They cut a 21 point lead to 14. Unacceptable. Now 12.
    Lin going curry on us??
    – I like Batum. I always thought he’d be a good Spur.
    Does this have to be the Linsanity game?
    – The Hornets outscored the Spurs by 6 in the second quarter. Pop is gonna pop a vein.
    lin is keeping them somewhat in it. he always plays well against us. ugh.
    – …why is the lead disappearing?!
    – Charlotte is a good team. We’re still doing much better than GS is against a much weaker opponent.
    – We getting killed by Courtney Lee?
    I really can’t stand this female Hornet’s announcer.

    LIN, you turd! WHY
    jeremy curry
    Go away Lin. All the way away. Leave.

    CHA defense is rotating nicely but our ball movement is not the same
    What is in the water in Charlotte; Mr. Harvard looking like Mr. Universe?
    Jeremy Lin. Freaking Jeremy Lin. Wow
    That is the biggest collapse in Spurs history under Greg Popovich.
    They had never lost a game under him when leading by at least 23 points in a game. Horrible.
    Had been 286-0.

  543. Why is he posting this? I don’t like the “NigaHiga” screen name, take that crap down Jeremy

  544. I meant he has been defending Lin from other haters @ real gm forum

  545. He’s afraid to get fired by the franchise player(s). He joked about that in his post game interview, but he did say it, so it’s on his mind….

  546. I remember when the season started Batum had no respect on Lin at all. it took the Frenchman several games to find out Lin is for real……

  547. Hm, Nelly is a minority owner?
    Maybe he would push to retain JLin next season if there’s more Linsanity games

  548. I like Spurs. They play team ball and fair. And especially our guy, Lin, has their number most of the times…lol.

  549. Would have been 31 pts if refs had called that last foul instead of making it a jump ball.

  550. Warriors wishing they had signed Jeremy Lin, the ultimate Spurs-Killer

  551. Yep. Nelly is a Hornets minority owner. He witnessed Linsanity first-hand!

  552. oh! really….torrent is my life saver…with my work schedule…I hardly get a chance to watch like 40% of the games…thanks to the RU site…..they have it on HD and 60fps as well!

  553. 6-6 (not counting his GSW days) with a 16.3ppg average…pretty darn good if you ask me πŸ˜€

  554. LP has full game now.

  555. is that a coincidence? first quarter 7 points, jlin 7, 7 is god.

  556. Nice! You’re saying when the Hornets got 7pts in the 1st quarter, it’s like sending a Batman Signal to God =)
    JLin immediately got 4pts in the 2nd quarter

  557. Can’t wait to see the Offense + Defense highlights. Lin bothered a lot of Spurs players, forced them into a couple turnovers, and made them miss shots they would otherwise score easily with Kemba defending.

  558. he’s one of the more famous you tubers out there bro. It’s Japanese, not an offensive term:

  559. Right, Chief Gordon!

  560. yeah, you are a new gen.

  561. lol…I wish!

  562. yep, they’ve been saying that from Linsanity.

  563. In Korean it means “I am …”

  564. “I really can’t stand this female Hornets announcer”. LOL

  565. So much is wrong with that advertisement. Why is Jeremy in a Lakers jersey ? Why does it say Hornets vs. Lakers, when it’s Hornets vs. Spurs ??

  566. Game recognize game. Thanks Pop.

  567. Somewhere on the internet, someone is photoshopping an In-N-Out burger over the ball.

    And Parker’s expression lol

  568. anybody else see the horns on Cliff?

  569. I speak Japanese (although not fluent anymore) but I can’t seem to recall “niga’ having any association with “rant” in Japanese. The only translation I can pull out from my memory is “bitter” γ«γŒγ„. So I really don’t know where people get the idea of “niga” meaning “rant” in Japanese….

  570. thanks … that helps me. I’ve always thought its was some Japanese reference so I believed that post. BitterHiga is just as good. Sort of self-depricating, which is Ryan Higa’s style. But I think he’s a bit goofy. I’m a KevJumba fan, but it seems he’s gone private to get his Qi … yep, it was too bad when KevJ dropped out of UC Davis.

  571. Is this from today or last season?

  572. At least we are on the same page on that! She is really annoying though with her bias comments.

  573. Just re-watch the game, Hornets commentators said tonight’s French heritage night.. so that’s from last season.

  574. Correct me if I’m wrong but Jeremy has worn the ANKLE Brace now for TWO games.

    And in those Two games he is 6-6 on 3ptr shots 100%

    Behind the Arc shots require the most leg power and stability. Braces seem like a WINNER to me.

  575. thanks.

  576. He wore the brace tonight too?

  577. “He was spectacular. We couldn’t stop him all night”
    WOW, Jeremy Lin got the co-sign from Gregg “MidSeason Form” Popovich.

  578. I think he was trying to be funny but I’m sure there’s some truth to what he’s saying about the stars (kw) getting him fired.

    For this game he was desperate for someone to inject some life so the game was at least competitive and not a major embarrassment like the first quarter. Unfortunately for him and kw it was Lin that did it and not Lamb or Frank.

  579. My son is convinced that his Zootopia theory helped JLin bust the shooting slump with 100% 3FGM (6-6) and 61% FGM πŸ™‚ I don’t have the hearts to tell him that it’s probably the relaxing family time (movie time with cousins, cooking for Papa Lin + friends) that helped him to play well.

    But if ankle brace also works to stabilize his ankle, let’s not change the winning team!

  580. Let’s not forget that the Hornets fans were BOOING after Batum/Kemba/Al launched their 5th airball of the night. It was that kinda of game until Lin saved the day. This is the most impressive win in years for Charlotte and it was Lin leading the way.

    The only comparable game was the CLE game…also with Lin leading.

  581. Here’s an interesting opinion from a Hornets fan on how Lin’s shot mechanics might have improved:

    Can someone with basketball chops please explain to me what lin has done to change his shot?
    – Better arch in his shot and utilizing a more of a sweep and sway to align his shoulder and hips straight to the basket which give him a 45 degree turn into the shot before he shot straight up and down.
    – Seems like he is less tense in his upper body notice his leg is swaying on his 3 more to release more tension into his lower body which gives an effortless shot.
    – Not sure but seems to me he is improving on releasing the ball with his index finger with a more downward cookie jar Grab release which gives a nice spin to the ball.
    Once he learn to sweep and sway he can do more pull up jumpers coming off a screen on the weak side which is our hot spot for us right hand shooters due to the angle in which we turn our hips and shoulder towards the basket.

  582. yeah, I remembered the loud boos because the Hornets seemed rattled with being behind 7-28;
    they shot without confidence resulting in so many airballs

  583. Everything fixes itself if you give him the ball.

    He’s a PG forced to be backup SG, yet fans want to bash him for not scoring 15+ppg as the 5th option.

  584. They were playing horrible, totally scared, turning it over, airballing 4-5 shots in the 1Q alone! I forgot who airballed it right before they started booing.

  585. This is in-line with what I was suspecting through his shooting slump; he has a nagging ankle injury which has not fully recovered since the time he tweeted that picture of his swollen ankle. On top of the ankle brace, I hope Adidas give him a pair of shoes with Boost foam. I just bought my DRose 6.0 a month or two ago and it really is THE BEST performance shoes I’ve ever had in terms of cushioning and support.

  586. The key was, now standing in the corner and waiting many minutes until the ball gets to him. Teammates looked to give Lin the ball off of screens, and he was an early option, instead of the last option to score.

  587. I want a RING for Lin!

  588. He’s banged up but a lot of players are. Tonight just shows that giving him the ball fixes everything.

    Sadly, CHA will not learn any lessons and Kemba Ball will dominate again. They’d rather be a 1st rd exit with Kemba as a fake start, then let the Asian guy lead them to contention.

  589. Highlights from JUN LIU

  590. I agree.

    When they gave JLin the ball as a PG, these natural relaxed motion is a byproduct of being in the rhythm and “in-the-zone” as JLin shared.

    That timely lob to Frank displayed such a superb court-vision that only JLin can do in this team but yet we’re deprived of Lin playing PG all season long. Cliff really didn’t know how to utilize JLin’s strength to the max.

  591. LOL

  592. Let’s find a team first πŸ™‚

  593. that’s next year …

  594. Gonna get benched after this game. Won’t get many touches/min tomorrow.
    But once again he proved that he has what Kemba doesn’t: the ability to beat ELITE teams.

  595. Yeah, he should have had 4-5 assists tonight with his passes. So many missed layups (esp. by Al). Not to mention the dropped passes for easy dunks.

  596. Batum sure looked like Tony Parker!

  597. I think we all believed this but to actually see this in black and white without all the other noise… that’s very impressive.

  598. Im convinced as well!

  599. One of the last was Al but not sure the one before the boo.
    I know Kemba and Batum had at least one. It was so bad that it felt like the Hornets would be a road-kill.

    But to finally win by 3 against the mighty Spurs after being down 23? .. This was a Linsanity Special Edition indeed. JLin’s defense was also in full display. Simply marvelous! Much better than Linsanity 2012

  600. Thanks, I’ll let him know πŸ™‚
    He wanted to know desperately what people think of his theory LOL

  601. The problem with such terrific game by Lin.
    This becomes such distraction on my working hours, altho made up by the positive vibes …

  602. Nah, don’t use that term.

  603. Just realized there are 2 parts. Refresh.

  604. Definitely Zootopia! Officer Hopps never gives up πŸ™‚

  605. Its been renamed to Lintopia aka Zoosanity

  606. lol!…really!!! I need to watch that

  607. But the people of Charlotte are so nice, they deserve a title.

  608. Dont mind if its this year!

  609. So I just noticed, when Lin had that for the last 2 FTs, he was at 5 seconds in the halfcourt and had Danny Green not reached in, Parker was there to stop Lin right? Wow that was a close one. Did they have a time out left for Lin to call in case the refs didn’t call the foul?

  610. The video got cut off before Dell Curry could say “You’re like the son I never had.” XD

  611. Just got done watching the replay. OMG this is what it’s like for Lin to touch the ball. Us JLinPortal fans all know that when JLin leads the team only great things happens. Just give him the ball!!! Now tomorrow whether Coach Cliff will play Lin only 15 minutes and takes the ball out of Lin’s hands. Linsanity game!!! Happy for JLin and us JLin fanatics.

  612. I’m not religious but I’ll be saying prayers for an MDA reunion. That’s probably the only way Lin will be allowed to play his game, whether it’s Philly or Brooklyn or somewhere else. Lin’s career is so unpredictable.

  613. will see…the verdict would be out in less than 21hrs!

  614. Maybe this is one of those games where he played like his body was being taken over by a higher power, a la Linsanity days.

  615. I think tomorrow he will most likely back to 10 shots around 20 min + or – game.

  616. Man, God is sooooo good~~ Perseverance. Thank you Lord, thank you Jeremy, and thank you all! It certainly felt like the game vs. the Nets in 2012. Tears of joy!

  617. Can we expect to hear a Jeremy Lin reference in his next rap song?

  618. At least we didn’t have to hear her much. When Lin scored or did anything positive Ready was tight lip. Only fawns over KW that’s why we didn’t have to hear her annoying voice today. So happy!!!

  619. lol

  620. The Hornets’s first win against Spurs since 2011

  621. Yeah, know what you mean. Reading technical papers and scouring the web for articles at the same time.

  622. Thanks! Watching Jun Liu highlights with headphones make you feel like you’re there in person πŸ˜€

  623. Sportscenter is so lame. In their, “highlights” of the game, they make it look like it was Courtney Lee who won the game. They show one (ONE!) shot by Lin and barely mention he had 29 points. Unbelievable bias.

  624. I guess that was a big steal as well…everyone knows…it was Lin who singled handedly brought the game back and broke SAS

  625. Good thoughtful analysis.

    Kemba genuinely cheered for Lin in this game. That’s more than Melo, Harden and Kobe had ever done really. But as you said, he had his limitations with tunnel-vision and can only play to be the dog-eats-dog main man. So he’ll be back to dominate very soon, maybe tomorrow.

    Let’s hope he will form a mutual partnership for the rest of the season for the mutual success.
    That’ll be the best-case scenario for this season

  626. FYI all video links have also been added to the Video Gallery on homepage.
    Thanks to @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus , @CaliUSMC:disqus and others who posted links

  627. That’s pretty weird.
    Lin’s 29pts and 15pts out of Hornets 24 4th quarter should speak for itself.

    Lee was excellent in O and D but Lin won this game almost single-handedly

  628. Is Sixth Man of the Year awarded based on the regular season or does it also look at how a player does in the playoffs?

  629. Wait? But wouldn’t that make you … religious? Ha ha.

  630. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Sportscenter has ignored Jeremy’s contribution.

  631. It was so blatant. I just wonder what the rationale was.

  632. Regular season.

  633. Regular season.
    Lou Williams won 6MOY last season as early as April 20, 2015

  634. At least for this game, the whole team bought in to team ball strategy, even Kemba. I guess that’s how you have to play against the Spurs.

  635. Zootopia is the new ASB for Jeremy Lin. Its lights out from here on!

  636. Love watching the bench reaction. Feels like Linsanity πŸ™‚

  637. Thanks everyone…for the wonderful tweets and videos! cheers

  638. @nbastats
    #SASatCHA is the 1st time @spurs have ever lost a game in which they led by 20+ pts at the end of 1Q.

  639. First Pop, then Tony and now Timmy?! They should stop being coy and just tell Jeremy that they want him on the team next year!

  640. same for me. Heard that Hornets beat Spurs. I knew that Lin must have had a Linsanity game because there’s no way the Hornets could have beat the Spurs otherwise!

  641. Yes, like how Curry repeats “lock in” before every game.

  642. This game puts Lin right back in the hunt!

  643. I like Stephanie Ready. She has plenty of compliments for Lin since the beginning of the season.

  644. The playoffs will be a clean slate for Jeremy. If he gets hot during a playoff series and helps the Hornets to some big wins, he will get national respect and he will have much interest from other teams.

  645. I’m really liking bobby marks

  646. Yes, I hope JLin will even stick to what worked tonight for him for the last 12 regular season games.
    Lee might still finish most games but Cliff would have no choice but to play Lin more in the playoff if he keeps scoring/distributing/defending like tonight

  647. I think so too. Just like after the Cavs game. So sad.

  648. I think this one game was worth paying Lin $2M lol

  649. Lin only played 3 games over 30 min in Feb & Mar – a really sad situation.
    In fact, this is the only game in Mar where Lin played more than 30 min.
    vs SAS (W, 31 Min, 29 Pts)
    vs BKN (W, 31 Min, 11 Pts)
    vs CLE (W, 32 Min, 24 Pts)

    This just further confirmation that Lin is a WINNER!!

  650. Between this game, CLE and @TOR, Lin is responsible for ALL three elite wins this year.

  651. I expect to see him play well even as a backup SG. Something about the playoffs in a weak East will bring out his killer instinct. He won’t be used enough to get big stats, but he’ll gave a couple big games.

    They won’t advance though. Kemba Ball will sink them against legit good teams.

  652. Bobby Marks was the Assistant GM for the Nets.
    No relation to Sean, but I hope he still has Brooklyn’s ear!

  653. yeah, iwatched it after the last game and how i can coined JLIn resurgence to a new found height..One can make a change if he just believe!!!!

  654. this says it all regarding “CLIFF”….
    Taken from a writeup entitled-

    Jeremy Lin leads way as Charlotte Hornets rally to stun San Antonio Spurs by Associated Press:

    “I told them please try harder,” Clifford said after the game with a
    laugh. “I’m begging you.
    I know y’all make more money than me.

    I know most of you could get me FIRED.

    I’m just saying, please.”….

    so as we know also!!!!

  655. Yes to the extend that even Pop, Parker and Duncan gave the credit to JLin.

  656. 15 minutes yo-yo playing time, 2-6 FA, 7 points for the next 2 games.

  657. Leopard can’t change its spot. Kemba will try his very best tomorrow game so that he will get his glory for all the weak teams. Only when Cliff is desperate for not losing so bad like first quarter and JLin is doing brilliant from all starters that he will play 20+ min game. Glad that it’s only 12 more regular games to go. Then JLin can do better in playoffs games as starters can’t.

  658. Some interesting statistic when Lin played over 30 mins (15 times – 9W, 6L) or as Starters (11 times).
    While limited samples, but showing consistencies …
    – Over 30: 36 Min, 18.4 Pts, 46.7 FG%, 44.4 3P%, 80.7 FT%, 5.1 Reb, 4.3 Ast, 2.5 TO, 2.4 PF
    – Starters: 35 Min, 17.8 Pts, 45.6 FG%, 41.5 3P%, 81.8 FT%, 4.0 Reb, 4.7 Ast, 2.5 TO, 2.9 PF

  659. This isn’t a real Lin’s game. His shot adjustment is complete. The last two games, Lin’s 3 points % is 100. He’d played as an SG instead of a playmaker. Though he is doing well, this is only 70% of his pinnacle.

    No PnR, no screens, no ally-oop and no corner 3 pointers waiting for him. Clifford is wasting so much talent.

  660. The Spurs is such a strong defense team. Anyone getting 29 points and winning the game against them deserves the credit.

  661. 15 minutes yo-yo time for the next three games. I posted my prediction somewhere else. KW needs three games to re-build his confidence.

  662. Back to Kemba iso. He needs the stats for the all star. Smh!

  663. That’s what made it so very interesting. Like watching a movie and you don’t know the outcome and at times it will surprise you in a good way. Sometimes the bad elements showed that they’re winning but then the glory of winning in the end is worth it.

  664. I’ve been saying that all season long. Sigh!

  665. True. Hope some people will open their eyes that the coach should trust Lin enough to handle and manage the ball. Lin is the most unselfish player out there. There was a point last night when he was just searching for Kemba and pass the ball to him. Such unselfish gesture. Even if he knows Kembas shot is not falling. Also lots of passes to al and Kaminsky and didn’t fall either.

  666. As what I’ve been saying all this time. But this coach doesn’t deserve Lin.

  667. You should have seen Kemba after the first quarter, he slumped his shoulder already accepted their loss. Even Stephanie ready said that this is the game where you have to bury from your memory. But Lin? He is in winning mode. When he came into the 2nd quarter and became pg because Kemba sat, he made 3 and a foul. That’s when I knew that they will have a good chance. But I got scared again when Kemba came back! Sigh. I said to myself. Clifford give me a break! Let me enjoy this game. And I did with a sore throat after. Lol!

  668. Yup! I’m so happy I watched this whole historic game. And cheered all the way. Dancing and jumping and shouting like a kid. But hey, that winning shot in Toronto is still the best for me. I watched that whole game too. It was Valentine’s Day.

  669. wow!!!… the other Lin’s 29pts videos has 35500 views!!!!

  670. it’s true!

  671. C’mon, I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

    When Lin reverts to the Larry Bird Michael Jordan shot form his dad taught him, Lin shoots as well as those guys did.

    Last season, the Lakers tried to change Lin’s shot. It worked, and Lin shot that blistering 44 and 36. Then Lin tried to change the shot this offseason but Doc Scheppler got in the way.

    Now that Doc has essentially been eliminated, Lin is shooting his dad’s form better than ever.

    It’s all in the footwork. Doc had Lin centered toward the basket too much. But now Lin is properly turned to the side. So now Lin is going up straight instead of corkscrewing like he usually does.

  672. It’s more his altered shooting form than the brace.

  673. yup!lol

  674. Just read there’s Harvard fan meeting last night after the game. 今倩θ¨ͺε•εΎŒι‚„ζœ‰ε€‹ε“ˆδ½›ζ ‘ε‹θ¦‹ι’ζœƒ.

  675. Back to back strong performances for @JLin7 How good can this team be when is playing his game? Perfect timing for him to get hot

  676. I think regular season…. But in the past, their stats are much more higher than Lin. If Hornets really makes it to higher ranking, can that count more than his stats?

  677. The same injury? He will be OK w Mav since Cuban likes him so much.

  678. PeteGuelli: “when (Lin) is playing his game?”. Exactly, Pete… when Clifford allows Lin to play his game, you get wins and exciting basketball! Please tell that to Clifford, MJ, & Cho!!!

  679. Lin treated us with a dose of Linsanity against the Spurs. He performed brilliantly on the big stage against 1 of the best teams in the league on national TV. He was so confident and it was great to see his shot falling for him. He tore the Spurs apart with his speed, craftiness and his 3pt shots. It was a game from Lin.

  680. This Hornets team has a great group of guys, all routing for one another. Lin seems like he really likes being around the team.

  681. oh my…..torn meniscus has a tendency of recurring

  682. OK Picture Time! πŸ™‚

  683. Yup we have some sweet pictures today!

  684. More coming….

  685. Make sure you have enough bandwidth! πŸ™‚

  686. Yup more to come….

  687. more more…

  688. OK Thats it Folks….hope you enjoyed…

  689. 24 pts against the Cavs, maybe it’s a typo.

  690. Did anyone see that humpback sequence between Lin and Danny Green (which Jeremy apparently won) ? Why was there a loose ball foul called on Lin ?

  691. Just watched the entire game. What amazes me was that Jeremy was not forcing the game at all. The Hornets were not trying to run the offence through him. He just played so well that they had to pass to him. Incredible performance.

    Also, the Spurs were trying to stop him, sending different guys to cover him but it just did not work.

  692. Parsons has been very injury prone since joining Dallas.

  693. If Lin was allowed to play 35 mpg, he might have had 40 points.

  694. Lin was boxing out Green by sticking out his butt.

  695. So much for Kawhi Leonard being Defensive Player of the Year.

    When a great player like Lin gets hot, there’s little that the elitest of elite defenders in Leonard can do to stop Lin.

    Leonard played great defense. Lin simply played greater offense.

  696. GQ Magazine article, For One Night, Linsanity Returned and It Was Gloriousby, by Jack Moore, 22 March 2016:
    “…….found his true niche as a solid role player who can occasionally take over a game.” ——–> Don’t agree w/this statement at all!!
    Due to jealousy or for whatever reason, Lin has not been allowed to play his game and has been pigeonholing as a role player in which he’s clearly is NOT. IMO, Lin is a starting caliber PG if he’s given opportunity and is allowed to play his game!!!

  697. Lin can become a superstar, not only his skill and ability, but his big heart. Cilff won’t use Lin so much if have another option. Last 2 games, it really show Lin can clutch and play better even under huge pressure. That’s the key different with some players.

  698. NY just loves him.

  699. Was this after the ball was tipped in the air ?

  700. Does GQ even follow basketball?

    Haven’t they been aware that Lin’s had PLENTY of Linsanity level games over the last 4 seasons???

    Articles like these are why I as an Asian American have no respect for the totally racist Asian bashing American media.

  701. I like how @NBA highlights shows the Spurs perspective on how helpless they tried to stop JLin πŸ™‚

    Scoring 15 of his game-high 29 in the 4th, @JLin7 leads the @Hornets comeback over the @Spurs

  702. Lin ALREADY IS a TRUE superstar.

  703. If any nonAsian $2 million minumum wage veteran off the bench went up and destroyed the Spurs like this, the national news would be like “NEW SUPERSTAR” and teams would be clamoring to get this $2 million guy onto their rosters.

  704. Kamba is a good teammate and a good person. He is a talented scorer. I highly admire this kid. It is the coach that needs to find a right way to exploit the talent but bend his knees to someone’s ego.


    The NY media said this same “Linsanity has returned” for the last 4 seasons every time Lin’s come in and kicked the crap out of the Knicks.

    I’m sick tired of the racist NY media constantly saying “Linsanity is back for one game” literally 10 times in a row.

  706. HoopsHabit summarized Lin’s usage in the Hornets very well.
    Let’s brace ourselves for Linsanity Porsche back in the garage tonight just like the post-Cavs game.
    Hornets want to see Kemba snap out of the 2 bad games vs the Nets.

    For Steve Clifford, Lin is the Porsche you only take out of the garage when you need to outrun Jason Statham’s character from the Fast and Furious franchise. He doesn’t always need to break it out, but boy it’s nice to have it when you need it most.

  707. Brooklyn is a good place to land. They have Lopez to play PnR and he can pass.

  708. Lin is truly underrated.
    I hope all GMs took note of this Linsane performance for their off-season plan, including the Spurs GM.

  709. I don’t trust Franchmen.

  710. @ 1.56 was such a hair raising moment. NBA did good showing these clips.

  711. This fan celebration to shake his poor friend after JLin 3 took the lead for the 1st time was the best LOL
    At first, I thought he was choking him :]

  712. Yes, thanks GOD and God turn the impossible into POSSIBLE! JLIN got rewarded for his Faith; It is not easy in JLIN’s situation, and he been handle it very well, contributed every game to whatever he can do when his number is called. Pray he stay healthy and enjoy when he play! Go Jlin,GO!

  713. Thanks GOD! turning the impossible into POSSIBLE! He knows our needs and JLIN got rewarded for his Faith; It is not easy in JLIN’s situation, and he been handling it so well, contributed every game to whatever he can do when his number is called. Pray JLIN stay healthy and enjoy when he play! Go JLIN, GO!

  714. Both of them missed the tip at the top I think. It was on the way down that Lin pushed Green away with his butt and at the same time tipped the ball.

  715. this trend of over 30 minutes for Lin is nothing new. give him the minutes you get wins and great performances. Linsanity was never missing it is just waiting there just under the surface for the time on the court.

  716. For our Lin fans, he is, but he need to approve by NBA fans.

    BTW, did you say Lin won’t get any offer next season? is this still count? πŸ™‚

  717. It’s all there on tape. May we as a forum have some collective movement ahead?

    – JLin’s new shot is beautiful
    – JLin uses floaters at speed well
    – JLin now has a “moonballlllll …”
    – JLin still has his UCONN Linsanity mojo when he needs …
    – No Question JLin can be a PG that gets his team scoring. Lee did great, and while both he and Lin had moments in the highlights where they were waiving for the ball from each other and missed the look, both scored individually and still shared the ball well later.

    It seems this site continues to be politely rocked by the same false narratives that JLin has had to live with his entire career (no left, no handles, bad shot, inconsistency, etc.) Why not just assume he’s doing his best, and let it go? That is, why not just bear it like him and let him work out his issues with his injuries, his organizational dysfunction, etc?

    I mean, JLin has always come through when given the chance (CLE last, Spurs now, when next?)

    Let’s be positive fans, please. Let’s have faith, even for 2 weeks (8 games in NBA). Faith, Hope, Love, these 3 … that’s JLin.

  718. Just a New York state of mind:

  719. We’re always positive Joe but there’s always a few that will question his skills and abilities as a player.

  720. Yes, that is true, but the river of this site continues to repeat the same false narratives and support it by discussing it over and over. It’s not only boring, it’s not truthful and allows dysfunction in what is supposed to be a positive place. I would just ignore the false narratives … have you noticed that many old posters who contribute no longer come here, and then we amplify the same old convos over and over. I am just saying, let’s keep the original vision for this site as specified by psalm and mods, and move the convo v much away from what JLin is struggling against, and move to where he is working towards. Last night he showed us what he’s doing in practice. It’s not only the same as he always was, but just so much better.

    By that, I mean … where have you seen a guy shoot a 13 ft midrange into the rafters and make it? The closest thing on that this year is Steph’s left-handed high glass almost touching the top, and I would say Steph’s is easier to make because of the glass buffer for error.

  721. happy day yesterday, wu kong!

  722. good point!

  723. BBALLBREAKDOWN β€Ž@bballbreakdown
    How Jeremy Lin helped beat The Spurs last night:

  724. Only in the most trying time will you see the real character of a man.

    He is in a shooting slump. He is the last option in the offense. His PT gets fewer and fewer. He is constantly yelled at by the coach without much merit. His usual spot is always in the corner when the star hogging the ball. He is always ridiculed not only by broad designated haters/doubters, but also by some of his lost-faith fans. Situations get worsen by the day.

    But he just keeps fighting, as in the game like last night. Down 23, with no hope in end as seemed to be for most of the teammates and coaches and fans. Only him, seeing the impossible, with sparks in his eyes, rises up and fights the impossible.

    Inconsistent: is his performance, his PT, his roles, his shooting. Out of all these ever changing variables and contexts, only ONE invariable in this – determination. It is this character that will stand out. It is this trait that distinguishes him from other normals. We shall see more greatness from him, on and off courts.

  725. I love God’s timing. He explodes on rare hornets national televised game.

  726. The game last night was just a real proof that he can handle a team and there’s no problem about his shootings,handle and resiliency being an NBA player,he always have that winning mentality in him that when he will be given a chance,he will absolutely produce.But I know what you’re talking about,some were just a fair weather fans and tries to give their opinions trying to prove themselves that they aren’t deluded in the premise that Lin isn’t ready to handle a team.Well here you go,he proved once again that he can really play and he’s slaying the big giants in the NBA without any true ALL STAR player playing with him.

  727. Great wiin by our own Lin.

  728. I know the main reason why. Lin was allowed to play pg las night for a long time. Because Kemba thinks they already lose during the first quarter. Watch Kemba on his defeated gesture and compare it to Lins demeanor in the game. Lin has the winning attitude.πŸ‘πŸΌ

  729. I will try to ignore some posts and posters but as a fan I can’t just give them a pass when they’re trying to derogate his skills and abilities as a player

  730. It was supposed to be his night, the future all-star and MVP (at least to some locals). It was supposed to be his, in a rare national televised game, before a home crowd, against a top team with an opportunity to showcase his MVP skills.

    But he shrinks, deflates, fades, as usual in crucial times.

    It is SUPPOSED TO BE his night, with full support of a whole team hierarchy. But …

    MVP, the dream that seems so far far away.

  731. No. He should be in Brooklyn Nets

  732. So maybe the refs should have just had a re-do since nobody tipped the ball.

  733. This is a great analysis. Also, in passing, I love his comment on how well J can protect the ball with his body. He does this all the time and I just love watching it. He is very, very strong against real physical pressure. Can’t remember which game it was now, but there was a bigger defender leaning on him like a fallen tree and he held him off with one arm and handled the ball beautifully with the other. People keep leaving one word out of Pop’s comment last night…between the laugh and the “couldn’t stop him” he said “He was SUPERB”. That is the right word for Jeremy Lin!

  734. There was only two types of people that did not look happy in the stands last night. Spur fans and Walker’s mom

  735. Best basketball breakdown that I’ve seen so far

  736. On one of the highlight sequences yesterday, JLin was like a pinball fighting through screens to keep pressure on Parker, and Parker threw a bailout that Lee intercepted. JLin was like a vid game player, and it was so impressive. He took at least 2 hard physical hits, one from Parker who shoved him into a hard screen.

  737. That’s how it is supposed to be done!

  738. walker’s mom, I saw that!

  739. we should leave all players’ parents out.

  740. hahahah sorry Brandon, it ain’t gonna happen. Not unless KW is gone. hahahaha

  741. I can felt for her. It is supposed to be her son’s night.

  742. I think she always looks like that. Even when Walker is having a great game she looks like that.

  743. No they going after Rondo because that’s what Melo wants and he fits the Triangle. I say let them.

  744. Prediction, if the Hornets are in playoff (most likely) Lin will have a new hair style. Wondering what it would be.

  745. “… have you noticed that many old posters who contribute no longer come here”

    This to me is the most concerning thing. The life blood of a site like this is the group of posters that contribute substantial, insightful commentary. They generate discussion and draw readers to the site.

  746. As a parent watching kids play, I think its more emotional for the parent then the player. I could imagine how she felt. πŸ™

  747. Prediction, Nets’ owner and their FO will be in the building tonight to witness their hopeful future PG.

  748. I’m glad you said this, Arsenium12.

  749. Jlin is there for us, we just need to make sure we are strong as untied fans, for his journey that he’s upholding.

  750. new BKN game thread.

    What a tremendous game! After JLin unleashed his best Linsanity performance (29pts/7rebs/2asts/1stl) to almost single-handedly beat the mighty Spurs, what can we expect on the back end of a back-to-back game at Brooklyn Nets tonight?

    1. If Kemba regains his shooting touch after 2 bad games (8-29 shooting, 1-13 3FGM), we can expect a smaller usage for JLin (15min) similar to what happened after the huge Cavs win when JLin started and Kemba was out
    2. Our only hope is JLin continues to ride high on his relaxed approach and confidence level to attack and shoot. Whether Clifford chooses to use him or not, he will prove to be a formidable weapon to be used in the playoff while auditioning for the rest of the NBA
    3. Will this Spurs win change the Hornets mind to give him bigger role in hopes of resigning him to a larger contract? Probably not since, Courtney Lee’s strong play will be a good match next to Kemba next season

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would continue to play well after some relaxing family time no matter if he finishes or not.

  751. I agree on disagreeing with falsehoods, but living there with them is something I’ve fallen for and am trying to remove myself from.

  752. This is true, they all gave up but Lin and Lee, newbies to the team.

  753. She’s had many games this season to be happy and proud for her son – he has a miles long leash.

    JLIN’s mom? Her son is marginalized spending a handful of minutes doing what he does best which is playmaking and the large majority of time watching as Kembatum run the team.

  754. Sure…. Show us you mean it, give Kemba’s contract to him.

  755. Shall we eat mooncakes to celebrate moonball….?

  756. If you have a Porsche, ditch the the Volkswagen…

  757. Lol! Loving this😊

  758. It’s a pity that I will be working. Otherwise I would have been in Brooklyn tonight. Sigh!

  759. ha ha, only the ones without the duck egg yolks … to me those are just no fun.

  760. I feel bad for Lin mom too. I think how Lin parents must feel watching him get those flagrant fouls.

    I feel bad for moms in general if their kids are suffering.

    Did not have to be like this. If Cliff had walker share the backcourt with Lin then everyone could have career years and everybody’s mom be happy.

  761. Actually, in one of the highlight videos in the 4th when Lin sunk the fadeaway three, I saw Kemba’s mom cheering. So I don’t think she is not happy for her son’s team. I think she is alright.

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