Linsanity Storm Struck the Knicks Again; Hornets Played TeamBall in Win

Jeremy Lin provided Linsanity storm once again to led the Hornets to beat the Knicks 97-84 on 4 years after Knicks picked up Jeremy Lin in 2012.

  • JLin finished with 26pts/5asts/5rebs/1blk/5tos/3pfs and a game high +23 (7-17 FGM, 2-5 3FGM)
  • His 10-10 FT shooting is also his season high as the Knicks couldn’t stop his driving and kept fouling him.
  • Hairston also had an excellent game with a season high 20pts/10rebs
  • Kemba struggled early before also finishing with 26pts
  • This was the third time Lin has scored at least 20 against the Knicks since signing with the Rockets as a free agent

For some reason in the past 2 games, the Hornets started to play team-ball in order to win. And after coming back from 19pts to get an unlikely win with teamball, the Hornets started to believe passing the ball around can bring them a lot of wins. I didn’t get a chance to watch the game but from the highlights it looked like most Hornets players were ready to kick out the ball to open shooters. If not mistaken, this was the 1st time Kemba drove inside but chose to kick out the ball for an open JLin who drained the 3.

This is good, really good! If this continues, it means that JLin’s persistence to keep passing the ball around although he can make some shots himself will be paying off. He congratulated Hawes, Kemba and Roberts with genuine joy even when he didn’t close out the Magic win. And his teammates knew it was the real stuff and not fabricated to show off the “good guy” persona. I gave the benefit of the doubt that Kemba was not a selfish diva, freezing out Lin like Harden and Kobe did, because he seemed comfortable joking around in Lin videos. Many times, consistent little things can reveal a lot. Perhaps he simply had tunnel vision since he’s not a good passer and he thought he had to carry the team with his exceptional scoring skill in order to win.

I’m not making my mind yet but I’m willing to be open-minded. If Kemba continues to believe in team-ball and pass the ball around, the others will follow and the Wins will keep coming. because other Eastern teams started to flounder lately. If the Hornets can finally play team-ball, it is a testament of JLin’s stubbornness to play the right way with team-ball to get his teammates to believe although his personal stats took many hits. JLin and Hornets need to Win since they can help each other. A deep playoff run would only help to increase JLin’s market value.

So let’s go, JLin! Let’s go, Hornets!


Guess JLin's stats in Game 45 vs SAC


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  3. Wow all three female fans. Where are the guys???

  4. Sixers getting blow away the Celtics, looks like teams are starting to take them seriously…Ish getting squished also, hehe…hey MDA, I’m sure you realize that your boy JLin is available next year!

    EDIT: Ish has a -38, damn, how is that even possible?!?!

  5. 6th

  6. 2 thoughts:

    1. GSW v SAS tomorrow night. Big game, wish JLin were in a big game ready to start. No TDuncan though.

    2. Star Wars vs Guardians of the Galaxy … the key villain on Star Wars has so much better character dev and acting. Made the world of difference. Kylo vs Ronan. Should our JLin villains have more character development ? Harden was better then KW. McH was better than Cliff. You know what I mean lol.

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  8. Melo’s cheap shot on Lin. Originally posted by Rick Johnson, I am reposting it and hope it will get lots views. Please spread it. Thanks.

  9. Ish had been playing better than expected since going to the 76ers.

    However, he does take a lot of shots – in the Double OT game against the Knicks he took the most shots on the entire team going 8 for 28 but he did have 16 assists. Ish is kind of a double edge sword.

  10. Did it a while ago.

  11. you’re a girl? lol never knew

  12. McH was Boba Fett at best, Morey was the evil Emperor. Who makes a better Lando, Harden or CP25? LOL

  13. LOLOLOLOLOL Not a girl but definitely a female since I was born:-)

  14. Ish Smith was the starting point guard on last year’s last place team.

    This year, Ish Smith is the starting point guard on this year’s last place team.

  15. the clothesline by kobe was intentional too. chuckers really hate Lin cus unlike them, he plays the right way

  16. Lin has class, not a thug like Beverley, hence shouldn’t sink to his level.

  17. please elaborate. what did MJ do all the time?

  18. Morey will always be Wormtongue to me from LOTR.

  19. I mistaken you as a Kobe fan cause your username is Brick. Isn’t that strange?

  20. Smith’s stats on the Sixers (16.5/8.5) are proof that Lin could legitimately average 20/10 under MDA.

  21. You gotta stick to the theme! On second thought, I’d like to change Morey to Jabba the Hutt 2.0 (the original being Jerry Krause).

  22. there is a huge difference between playing dirty and taking cheap shots that can really injure a player. get a clue. for instance. LBJ and MJ play dirty like holding when refs aren’t looking. that’s smart. they don’t intentionally try to injure a player

  23. Lin has to deal with so many fake, ticky-tack fouls that he can’t afford to retaliate. He’d be benched and play <20mpg if he retaliated for every cheap shot.

  24. MJ was the master of the cheap shot. One of his tricks was punching guys in the balls as he fought through screens.

    To be fair, those were very different days where everyone was being physical (Detroit Bad Boys, Riley Knicks, Bruce Bowen). Even “gentleman” John Stockton made dirty plays.

  25. it’s kind of a retaliation which is alright especially when it’s against the bad boys

  26. Apples and Fuji apples.

  27. it’s a cheap shot that doesn’t happen all the time as you say. you’re comment is very telling which side you stand

  28. I guess the only truly evil character from Star Wars was the Death Star captain that destroyed Oderron.

  29. Ish is just a place holder for Lin for next year.

  30. has jeremy’s jumper finally settled. He struggled with his shot for most of the season, but it seems that he is finally getting used to the new shooting form. If so, his points per game should go way up

  31. Lin averages around 20 pts when he starts on the Hornets right now even with limited role and playing out of position. i’d say 20/10 is on the low side of what he’s capable of under MDA

  32. So…you’re saying that just because many players are doing it, Lin should also sink to their level?

    Many people also do DUI, coalrolling, and crystal meth, doesn’t make it right.

  33. ok, I deleted posts breaking site rules.

    I’d suggest to agree to disagree respectfully before things escalate.
    Let’s be mindful with other posters here not to take up discussion space with fights.

    Thank you.

  34. Convinced that JLIN’s shot has been and is still marginally affected by the ankle sprain.

    His shot (new form shot) left him DIRECTLY after the LAL ankle game. He constantly played on a not fully healed injury which affected his strength and mechanics.

    Simple physics really, his midrange Jumper is now NOT as affected as his 3s. To generate the force to propel a 25 foot shot takes more body, legs & feet power than a 15 footer – if the ankle is weak you lose that propulsion and must make compensations which affect accuracy.

  35. Alderaan. 🙂

  36. My suspicion is the guy you’re talking to is a prolific bait troll who has been suspended several times here already. Quite active on the other fansites posting the same stuff.

  37. another question about Jlin’s shot. i think i just don’t have a sharp enough eye. when i watched his shots in the highlights, they don’t look all that different from some of his shots from before (during Linsanity… while on Rockets or Lakers). do they look different to you guys? i guess he was pretty resolute when he said in that recent interview that he was not going to revert back to form. so, it must be different. i just can’t see it.

  38. I wouldn’t bet house money on Sixers signing Lin next year…They may feel Ish has done enough to start next year and might not want to spend the money on an additional PG that may cost them 7M-9M a year.

    Also, I think TJ McConnell has potential…Not saying he’s going to be a star, but I’ve seen enough from him to believe he could be a decent to good player in the future.

    So their most pressing need may not be a PG…There’s also a chance that they may draft one of the top PG in the upcoming draft, so that can also make it less likely to sign Lin.

    I think teams like Brooklyn Nets and even the Knicks are more realistic for Lin since they have PG that aren’t really cutting it.

    Larkin is a decent back-up PG, but not a starter…..

    Calderon is averaging about 8PPG and 4 assist…that’s way too low for a starter…Those 2 teams will be looking for a starting PG this summer, so Lin could be a realistic target for them…more so than the Sixers who has a PG that is doing 16ppg and 8 assist…While that’s not on the level of Linsanity, it’s still good enough.

  39. The change is hard to tell by watching, especially for us. Basically, shoot quicker and more efficiently

  40. interesting. anyway, that’s for mod to decide and i can care less what he is. it’s not really the trolling but the ridiculousness in their arguments that gets me

  41. I actually deleted both posts without requests since I saw things get heated up.

    My only request is to simply say, “Sorry, I just disagree” without getting personal even if others might attack first.

    Let’s keep the positive vibe going so people can focus on basketball discussion here.

    Thank you

  42. Every shooter greatly improves with rhythm, either by handling the ball or getting regular passes when open.

    Lin doesn’t get either of those things, so he often goes through cold streaks. But he always improves over the course of the season, and I expect to see him finish with 35-37% 3pt shooting even in this broken offense.

    If Lin were the actual starting PG with 15 FGA, his jumper would be waaay better. In fact, even as SG, he’s shooting 48/40/83 in the 8 games he’s started while averaging 18.3 ppg.

  43. No way that is a basketball play. I’ve never ever moved my hand like that in defense.

  44. Lin’s not that kind of player. He uses his skill to win.

  45. MJ was abused by the Pistons routinely.

  46. You’re never a great team if you don’t have sportsmanship and try to injure others.

  47. wrong

  48. The Kings had a surprising 5-game Win Streak beating Clippers/Hawks/Pacers

    Maybe yoga does them well like Kosta Koufos proudly demonstrated.
    It will be a tough game for the Hornets

  49. If you watch his FTs you’ll see how he’s much more compact in his motion. His release is lower and more in front of his eyes. He does the hop step much more now into his shot and he has a quicker release now.

  50. I feel that Kemba for sure want to give it a further push for the all star ticket, thus I wouldn’t surprise he will go a bit heroball. And if the coach let him, then I would not surprise we will end up with a L.

  51. what acbc said. quicker release; the motion is more efficient and fluid; uses the hop and thus shoots more with his legs than his arms.

    its definitely different from last year. not only that, the motion even has a lot of variation this season. even from game to game, it doesnt look the same.

    but in the recent knicks game, the motion is as fluid as ive ever seen it. recently its looked very good, and its coincided with his better FT shooting too.

  52. I think Kemba will take around 20 shots per game to get his good stats no matter he will make it to ASG or not… he will not stop ……

  53. all star voting has already finished.

  54. Charlotte is going to have their game face on tommorrow..Kings are a tough opponet for most teams in the nba right now…Cousins is a freakin beast out there look for our bigs to get demolished…Also rondo will probably have about close to 30 assist im thinking with the defense of this team lol…

  55. Kemba might follow the same recipe like the last game, play team-ball first and statpad later.

    As long as he doesn’t overdo it and Hornets win, maybe that’s the best scenario that we can hope for.
    Maybe coaches will be impressed with winning streak and Kemba scoring to choose him as a reserve.

    It could be the idea for the last push

  56. I hope to see a lot of Hansbrough to physically battle Cousins. At least his 5 fouls might slow him down a bit.
    Hawes and Frank are simply not a match

  57. yeah hans is probably the only one that may distrupt him just a least get on his nerves so cousins is thrown off his game. Lin has to have a good game along with kemba or this is a no win in my mind.

  58. All star reserve selection ends Tuesday afternoon, Kemba pushing for coaches’ votes.

  59. :p

  60. Yoga is so hard…and painful.

  61. Highlights from the previous Kings game. JLin lit them up in OT.

  62. Marc Stein talks about All-Star reserves selection:

    He’s predicting John Wall/Jimmy Butler for EC backcourt, with DeRozan/IT as wild cards. Apparently he doesn’t think Kemba/Batum will be selected, which makes sense considering the Hornets record of late.

  63. I think DeRozan it’s possible but not IT, Kemba, or Batum.

  64. I remember Lin go Cousin’s in foul trouble and Cousins was angry at him and was going to take a swipe at him. Rondo go in between Cousins and Lin to break it up at 3:00.

  65. well, i would agree to disagree with you, psalm234 about it getting heated or personal. it was rather calm. and i would also agree to disagree with you once again about it being a “agree to disagree” type of argument. tom just simply didn’t understand the difference between melo/kobe/patbev’s dirty plays versus MJ’s “dirty play” as he attempted to give an example video of MJ in a one-on-one altercation against Reggie Miller as if it was suppose to mean that MJ was a dirty player like other other players. far from it

  66. Lol. He’s a man-child.. what do you expect

  67. I’ve been noticing a rolling motion of his arm clockwise in and up to the release point. It’s very smooth and tight motion that is much less linear like the way Hawes or Casspi shoots with a straight extention of their right arm. Lin’s arm in his recent shots seem to have much less extension.

  68. Fantasy BBall – He’s been alternating scoring in single and double digits over his last eight games, resulting in a fairly mediocre average of 12.6 points, 3.0 boards, 2.6 assists and 0.8 threes during that stretch. Until Lin finds some consistency, he’ll have a tough time finding a spot on most fantasy rosters.

    Hopefully that ends tomorrow!
    *So far, Lin is averaging 14.2pts for the month of January. I’m pretty sure he can finish out the month with 15pts. 4 away games against crappy teams. Lets go!

  69. i dont follow what you mean by a clockwise rolling motion.
    and is less extension good?

  70. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cousins makes a hard foul, uncalled flagrant foul on JLin tomorrow.

  71. I wish it was something Lin can control but he can’t. The way this team plays Kemba ISO heroball is kinda schizophrenic and I have no idea how they’ll play game to game. Like last game, all of a sudden they decided to play team ball.

  72. 85 is too high!
    I don’t think Lin would ever get up to 85% in his career.
    Har en is 86% and he rarely misses.

  73. good thoughts.

  74. It’s a bit hard to explain but the way Curry sometimes pops some of his shots off quickly in an abbreviated motion is what I’m seeing in Lin’s FT the other night. Both arms hold the ball and roll together down and up to the release point in a tight circle that follows the chest up to above the eyes where he just uses his wrist to kind of flick it off to the basket. The action is timed with the body roll into the hop and uses the power of the body to propel the shot.

    The best way to see the difference is watching Hawes and Casspi shoot their shots like a riffle with the right arm extention pushing the ball to the basket, or like a Kobe holding the ball above his head then throwing the ball from above the head like someone painting the ceiling with a brush. Both these types of form is more linear in the way the shot gets off.

  75. its killed my team, but the other stars too.

  76. You have a few points there that I agree with. I HAVE SEEN upward swipe type of steal attempt in basketball games, mainly done by guards attempting to steal balls from a stationary pivoting big men, or mostly in ISO situation while the ball handler is still in triple threat position. I don’t recall seeing these type of steal attempts in the context of bigger defender doing it against smaller guards during fast breaks. Intentions aside, it is certainly a dangerous conduct and shouldn’t have been let go without proper penalties (flagrant 1 at least). Melo simply got away with it and I’d blame it on the refs (again!!). What I was not happy to see is that Melo should’ve come apologise to Lin immediately after that swipe and help him up, which I did not see him do.

  77. hmm, CP25 a stormtrooper he likes wearing flashy uniforms. ha ha. Lando … maybe J Jeffries? Harden … Jabba with Leia.

  78. yesterday game was a back to back, and Kemba played 46 min in previous day. So I’m not sure what approach he will have tomorrow.

  79. that i don’t know. But he will for sure try to shoot it first.

  80. Home court, not shopping Kemba. 😉

  81. i havent watched casspi in ages. but hawes shooting motion is incredibly show, and the arc is also quite flat.

  82. Indeed it will. I’m a Kings fan first, so i’ll be rooting for my home team!

    Lin tends to have a good game in that arena, as I know he has history with the place. He might be motivated to go hard.

  83. Agreed, in the game vs. the Knicks, Lin has a sweet stroke.
    In addition, if last year is an indication (post All Star game), Lin will play “lights out” from now on.

  84. I watched the last game and now I think the Hornets teamball is dependent on 2 factors – Lin shooting well and Kemba shooting badly.

    If Lin is shooting well, Kemba is more likely to share the ball. If Lin is shooting badly, Kemba is more likely to freeze him out, on the misguided notion that he has to “carry” the team with his scoring.

    So when Lin is not shooting well right from the start he will not get enough touches to get into rhythm. The whole team in fact cannot get going.

    The converse is also true in that Kemba is less likely to share the ball if he is shooting well.

    I have seen enough games to detect this trend though there are always other variables but it goes some way to explaining the schizophrenic nature of the team.

  85. Melo made an ugly foul and he’s not ashamed of it. That is the fact! Andrew Moon, have you ever seen Melo did this to other players? No I haven’t. What can you make out of it? You can be indifferent and you couldn’t change a fact.

  86. I am not sure that you can use the words ‘skeptical…..malicious intent’ and ‘UPPERCUT’ in the same sentence.

    That seems to defy logic.

  87. Very different to me…alignment, release point, motion……

  88. Not necessarily.

    If Lin is able to drop down defensively, which is highly likely because the Kings backcourt can’t shoot, Lin will bother Cousins all night.

  89. During Linsanity, Lin was using the shot form that his dad taught him.

    Lin got away from that in recent years due to Doc Scheppler teaching him a girl’s shooting form.

    But both the Lakers and Hornets shooting coaches have been trying to get Lin to revert to his Linsanity form. Now Lin finally has reverted, and thankfully for good.

  90. John Stockton was THE DIRTIEST point guard I’ve ever seen, BY FAR.

  91. Judging by how Lin took a reduction in his contract money to sign with Cliffrod this year. Lin will choose to sign with someone he can trust much more than a seemingly good fit.

    Colangelo and MDA both have experienced what a Nash like PG can do for them. MDA is friendly with Lin and have had dinner last year together. They text one another and keep in touch. MDA has said publicly that he’d look for an opportunity to have Lin play for him again.

    They will reunite in Philadelphia next season unless MDA gets pulled away by Brian Colangelo ( if he gets hired by the Nets).

    Where ever MDA will go to Lin will sign with that team.

  92. I don’t agree. Even though Melo may have publicly made peace with Lin that doesn’t mean they are any less intense on the court. Lin is friendly with Chandler and Jordan and yet they’ve inflicted hard fouls on Lin in games. players will do things in the heat of the game that they will regret later. It was lucky for Melo that he just glanced Lin’s head with that upper cut. The way the league let’s players hard foul rim attackers is a major problem that needs to be addressed. We’ve seen Aldredge, DJ smash Lin on follow through trying to block Lin’s shot. Many times it goes uncalled so other players also do it. DRose paid the price of that trend. When they go to block, they don’t need to swing with such heavy handedness. Melo’s action was the same. It was unnecessary to take such a might swing to try for a steal. It boggles my mind that the league don’t call that type of foul on vulnerable players in mid air. They call it on shooters coming down that gets bump into by defenders trying to block them and yet they don’t do it against an rim attacker. That’s much more dangerous but somehow it isn’t called. That’s just wrong.

  93. Terrible suggestion.

  94. Wish it were so simple.

    Unfortunately season replete with instances where Kemba shot poorly (w & w/o Batum) where JLIN still was not asked to be playmaker. (many in 4-14 stretch)

    Last game, simply a “come to Jesus moment” for Clifford where the futile realization first 6 min double digit deficit with Kemba inaffective, without NB/CZ that he had NO other CHOICE but to put ball in playmaker JLIN’s hands and let him run point.

    Reality is JLIN under normal circumstances does NOT touch ball as primary playmaker. Regardless how well or poorly JLIN shoots he was equally likely to corner stand. JLIN’s ROLE is ShootingGuard behind PG’s Kemba & BRoberts until such time as Clifford determines :

    1) team and Kemba performing so impotently in game, and
    2) Clifford desperately needs a win
    that he must allow JLIN to be playmaker.

  95. yeah, i think i agree w/most of what you say (which is compatible with most of what i said). unfortunately, we’re not sure whether melo apologized. note that melo’s upward motion movement was also at 1:26 during lin’s drive to the basket. not a fast break, but not a triple-threat position either.

  96. no, i haven’t seen melo do that to other players. i’m not sure what i make of that. it could be that he has something against lin. or it could be more evidence that it’s not really melo’s style to play dirty like that. the ambiguous evidence is enough for me to suspend judgment.

  97. There’s more to life than wins and losses. It’s like the old saying, “it’s how you play the game”. That’s the way Lin plays the game. We love Lin because he plays the game the right way and not by how others use underhanded means to get what they want.

    Lin’s win is not about just titles or games. Lin is trying to win the game of life. He’s trying to change people’s mind about what’s truly important. Selfishness with self rationalized excuses is how we’ve had people stepping on others to get more and more for themselves. That’s the “win” he is aiming for. By winning games and hopefully a NBA ring, he’ll show to fans that you don’t need to be a selfish cheater to get ahead.

  98. thanks!

  99. i think i agree w/most of what you said.

  100. not sure what the problem is. replace ‘UPPERCUT’ with ‘upward arm motion’, if that helps.

  101. Alleluya

  102. I saw Melo punch another player many years ago. Knocked him down. But I don’t think he fights much. We’d have to watch Melo every game to see if he does or not. He doesn’t always play defense that strong though. I don’t know if it is a personal thing against Lin more than this perception that Lin can be bullied that is in the NBA. It’s a false one, hard fouling Lin doesn’t stop him from penetrating.

  103. I always have Lin on my fantasy team. But I feel like im gambling when I put him in as a starter. I dont care though 😀

  104. Wow that is some deep profundity going through JLIN’s mind after getting hit in the head – and here I thought all that was going through his brain was pain and seeing birdies & stars.

    Maybe JLIN should be motivated by these Kuranic verses (2:191) – “And kill them wherever you find them…And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others beside God]”

  105. On the Hornets interactive schedule team leader in points went to Lin. But both Kemba and Lin scored the same, 26. I was wondering how they’d do it. Does it go to Lin because he got to 26 first? It’s possible all the top stats they have for a game could be shared by players: points, assists and rebounds.

  106. IMO If we only consider the underhand block technicality, we might consider Melo simply trying to make a basketball play.

    But if we looked at Melo’s reaction of standing to the side immediately after the foul without checking on Lin if he truly got hurt combined with his guilty face expression of being caught red-handed when JLin made the FTs, I personally had no doubt that Melo was trying to send a message “Don’t drive or try to score on me”. It the hit to the face was accidental in trying to block, it would make sense that Melo would check on JLin to ensure he’s okay like Tim Duncan did when JLin fell down. But Melo did no such thing so it’s more likely that he’s sending a strong message.

    But JLin simply responded brilliantly by exposing the Knicks weakness to drive and attack the rim relentlessly to get 10FTs. His message that “You can’t stop me” was loud and clear :]

  107. Lin definitely had an added incentive just because it’s the Knicks. It may also be the plan for him to attack the paint early to get Porzingis in foul trouble (I look for him to do the same with DeMacus Cousins tonight). I don’t think Knicks had trapped Lin at all the entire game so he was able to get his offense going. Lin is a smart player he plays what the defense give him and seldom forces his shots. If he needs to defer his offense that’s what he’ll do.

  108. What if JLin scores 30+pts impressing George Karl in 2 wins against the Kings so the Kings considers to pursue JLin next season? Would you root for JLin heroic win then? =]

    As we know, teams can pursue players who score a lot and win against them , just like the Hornets did with Lin last off-season

  109. yeah, he’d rather be the hero and win for sure ..

  110. The efficiency rating probably has something to do with it. Lin 7/17 Kemba 7/25.

  111. but i’ve seen this in sports too. when someone gets hit, the hit person moves away to “walk it off”, and the hitter pulls back and gives the person space to walk it off and recover. words of apology are given later. i’m not sure i would expect melo to walk off the court and follow lin as lin was walking it off and recovering. contrast this with Metta World Peace’s over the top apology… i do agree that tim duncan’s actions are exemplary.

    again, i’m not sure i’m right. i’m just not sure i’m wrong either. and yes, I did like that jlin did not back down a single bit and got his 10 FTs. =)

  112. Kobe and Melo actions revealed their true motive which is full of envy and antipathy towards Lin. From their heart, their mouth speak. From their mind, they act out their internal thinking. Think about it… how can a person hit another person and still be able to smile afterwards, knowing that the hit was intended to hurt the victim somehow… Both did smile and both did Not come over to check on Lin. God sees it all, evil and good under the sun. Don’t they know what goes around comes around???

  113. This from a baseball player who probably did drugs and peds to get ahead. You quote someone with such nonsense as if it legitimizes cheating is questionable. Cheating is just cheating and it is wrong on any level. All the baseball players that juiced up to win are now in a hall of shame. They’ve put their own lives at risk to cheat and get ahead but has instead failed in the end.

  114. well, we actually don’t see Melo smile until 40 seconds later, and who knows what’s going on then. i mean, he might be smiling awkwardly at the lady who was yelling “don’t hurt lin!”. I don’t know.

    that’s so different from how kobe seemed to be basking in the attention and almost proud of fouling lin, making a big spectacle about how it wasn’t even a foul in the first place.

  115. in this case, I actually agree with you on the difference between PBev’s “dirty play” that got RB injured in one case with MJ’s vs Reggie altercation :]

    my only suggestion is if tom or someone else couldn’t get to see your point (however clear you think it might be), then the best way is to simply agree to disagree. I had to delete posts with personal attack from both parties (i.e. clueless, spammer, etc.) since it breaks the site rules and will escalate to fights with more retaliation posts.

  116. lol .. sounds like a personal experience
    Once you do it 3-4 times, the stretching was actually great to release the enjoyable endorphin to the body

  117. It could be that he was embarrassed by that lady’s chide/reprove or he was trying to make light of the incident. Whatever it was, the fact remains, he did smile awkwardly. And that gives me pause.

  118. Have you thought of this verse Mathew 7:16? And your thought?

  119. yes

  120. I have the same experience, but I bet you also feel each time you can put him in, he has the upside just short of Curry. My bad for always having him on my roster, and while it makes me want him to have a box score result, I’ve learned to watch for what he does that makes him have such a high ceiling on the good days. This season has been nothing like year 2 on Rox. It’s not him, it’s the team he’s on, relative to box score results.

  121. new SAC game thread

    With the Hornets suddenly playing an inspired team-ball, will they continue with a 3rd game Winning Streak against the Kings on the road?

    – It won’t be easy as the Kings had their own 5 Winning Streak beating tough teams like Clippers, Hawks, Pacers

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that gets to be 100% healthy soon and will have a chance to be the playmaker to help the Hornets to win

  122. I do powerlifting as far as fitness goes- so I do lots of mobility work/foam rolling/dynamic stretching. But static stretching with yoga techniques always kill me.

    Sounds like you are really flexible and mobile you dang monkey! ;D

  123. Stay loyal man. He is owned by 50% of the fantasy league, so you know people do recognize his skillset and are waiting for his breakout year. It’ll happen soon

  124. very cool. My fantasy is not for $ so it’s just pride and I do believe in Lin. What I love about playing fantasy is you get a balance between the box scores vs the game flows, and I can understand why many fans get mad at low box scores. But the real spirit is in the game! !!!

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