LINSANITY in LA Season-High 29pts!

Let’s CELEBRATE  a true Linsanity experience in LA!  😆 😛  :mrgreen:

What a tremendous performance by Jeremy Lin who still had the effect of back spasm but managed to have “Cant’ Miss” game with hot shooting and highlights-worthy of Lin-Davis connection

29-points/5rebounds/5assists/1steal/2TOs with 10-16 shooting, a perfect 2-2 from 3pt-land in just 29min.  :mrgreen:

He shared a game-high +10 with whoelse but Ed Davis himself  😆

See more videos in the Video Gallery on homepage as they are to be released soon!


Guess JLin's stats in Game 69 vs OKC


  1. hehehe

  2. It was superfun! Let’s do it again and again… lol

  3. Hands down – on the right.

  4. I’m enjoying it.

  5. Yeah, nice photoshop 🙂

  6. Totally awesome game – Lin was looking for his and then with 3 mins left, he shut it down for himself but maintained control and feeds.

  7. yep..a fantastic game.Thank you God.

  8. Any longer highlight?

  9. I need more games like this to tide me over until next season.

  10. They erased Byron out to not get between Lin/Davis :>

  11. 5 games road trip will be ugly anyway. Let’s see how much he can salvage out of the remaining games.

  12. not yet. This highlights is just like Lin.

    It leaves you hungry for MORE! 🙂

  13. Slightly longer highlight

  14. right !!

  15. not sure if court-side interview has been posted

  16. I did but this includes TWC reaction.

  17. Longer locker room post game interview.

  18. Woah! .. This will be HUGE Anti-Tank squad!

  19. ok, cool, thanks!
    I could barely keep up adding your links to the Video Gallery :>

  20. So the rest of players all have to miss the shots….LOL!

  21. Sorry, I overdosed on Linsanity tonight. lol.

  22. Hmm so Lin + Davis, Kelly, Hill, and Sacre? lol

  23. Lol Big Ed in the background taking radio interview awesome! This could be a great team if Lin, Ed, and Young were able to lead them without Kobe and BS.

  24. Should have done that from the very beginning of the season. Lin driving in after a pick from Davis could have kicked out to Kobe for easy open baskets instead of those triple team contested 2’s Kobe kept taking. Kobe would have lasted longer, team would have been winning.

  25. Kobe is his own greatest undoing.

  26. Let’s hope Lin/Davis will take their All-Star talent somewhere without tank and Kobe/BS =) We’ll get nights like this in regular basis, no doubt about it!

  27. it’s ok, just don’t pass out lol

  28. true, it’s Byron’s specialty! 🙂

  29. Except Kobe doesn’t like Lin handling the ball, getting all the attention, and that goes for most SGs. The best for Lin is to work with a star center/PF, Ed Davis can totally be that person with another scorer who can create for himself who doesn’t ball hog or chuck up shots.

  30. perhaps it’s a coincidence … or a subliminal message to Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons

  31. I had Sacre in mind too lol

  32. “Lakers were an entirely different team in 2nd half with Lin running the offense”

  33. PFV’s video ready for us.

  34. Or Adidas caught wind of something…

  35. may our dream comes true!!! 🙂

  36. “We tried to double team with seven or six and a half minutes left and [Jeremy Lin] still found ways to score,” said head coach Brett Brown. “We tried multiple people on him. We tried to get length on him. We tried to get quickness on him, and we tried to blitz him. We searched to try to find ways to defend him, and we struggled all night.”

  37. I guess he did not get the memo from other teams… have to deny lin the ball

  38. But I am so happy Lin seemed to be more prepare w double team now. That’s great! Bc he will be the target for double team a lot.

  39. This might not be a favorite to listen to BScott talk.
    Basically, he said Lin played great on both ends, was a quick healer jokingly.
    He didn’t realize the standing ovation but was not surprised based on feedback from people he talked around the city on how they liked how hard the team played

    [1:54] Interesting question about tanking .. “Would this game hurt if Lakers fell out of Top 5 Pick which would go to 76ers? Not really!” but his eyes blinked. I think he was scared a bit of the possibility LOL

  40. For some reason, I felt…BScott answers and the way he put it was different from the previous interviews

  41. you mean .. he went a bit Linsane? lol

  42. Another awesome comment from opposing Head Coach!

    Translation = “If possible, we WANT him in July!”

  43. amen, bruh!

  44. With the recent post-ASG long leash on Lin, followed by the Linsanity DVD giveaway, the change of tone from BS and Stu(TWC in general) and tonight’s game, it’s tempting to suspect F/O internal battles are coming to an end. This could mean either the Pro-Lin faction has come out on top, or that Kobe’s recovery is really going very badly, thus he’s losing his death grip on the club.

    In the current state of things, it DOES look like Lakers want to keep him, or at least not to burn the bridge with Lin. Seeing how Lin has no leverage on the Lakers, it does seem that the former possibility beint the more likely.

  45. Great take.. We haven’t heard much about Kobe’s recovery so it could be lack of good news from the doctor so Plan B by Lakers FO to test-drive Lin is in place.

    The challenge would continue to excite Lakers fans at home while still tanking to get Top 5 pick. So Byron might try to lose all road games

  46. That’s what BScott has been doing.

  47. “We” including Byron Scott.

  48. The 76er actually are decent in the last 10 games. They are winning more games than before.

    They took OKC and Chicago to OT and lost the game. They also lost to Toronto, Utah, Brooklyn and Boston.

    They won games against Atlanta, Sacramento, NY Knicks and Detroit.

  49. Yes, he seemed subdued. Perhaps because of family situation.

  50. If what Stu said about everyone is auditioning for next season with noone playing over 30min is true, I’d say Lin just blew #AmericanLindol competition out of the water!

  51. I hit stop as soon as Stu mentioned Westbrook. Just hate that guy.

  52. Too much Monta? Mavs might have to move on

    Dump Monta and Rondo. Bring in Lin. Problem solved.

  53. ah, that’s true ..
    Condolences to Byron Scott and family.
    It must be so hard to lose a parent :[

  54. Hm, Monta is downward-spiraling while Linsanity is rising.

    Hope Mark Cuban is noticing Lin/Davis connection and capitalize soon

  55. Still waiting for long highlights but this LinDavis connection to beat the double-team is worth at least 5 replay!

  56. GaryCGY with another awesome caricature on Lin’s season-high 29pts

  57. This is why Lin needs to move back to Eastern Conf next year!


  59. Yes.

  60. Another crowd pleasing pass… to Wes.

  61. Really, need a big who can move, seal, catch, and out it in. ED is pretty good.

  62. Like I said earlier, it’s fun seeing how Ed have practically “memorized” Jeremy’s passes, even the no-look ones. In the video below, Jeremy is triple teamed (Wes’ man is on the lookout for Jeremy also); still he made that assist to Ed. These two could have cause several teams problems but because of the inept coach, their pairing wasn’t utilized even to it’s 20% rate.

  63. Skip the ref a wink.

  64. it is basically 3 on Lin and 2 on Ed, Lin and Ed are 2 on 5 and yet they can not stop LED connection.

  65. Hopefully Jeanie Buss see this face of joy of #Lakers court-side fans after watch Lin/Johnson connection.
    She had to know about the standing ovation from Lakers fans at the end of the game

  66. [0:25] Two 76ers almost got a whiplash trying to follow Lin’s whipping the ball so fast! lol

    Ed’s defender just didn’t think Lin had the angle to deliver to Davis but he whipped it after creating the angle.
    It was almost a misdirection.

  67. 12 minutes highlights.

  68. Finally! Thanks!
    Added to Video Gallery on homepage =)

    Note: It’s a Team Highlights so I’ll also wait for Lin Only Highlights

  69. as the title suggests “team highlites” ; lin pretty much doesn’t appear in the first half. fast forward (but dont miss the clarkson/swaggy take on ed davis dunk)

  70. Tank failed! and the ’hardcore’ Lakers fans are pissed. “Stupid, meaningless win” , they say, and blame Lin for jeopardizing the top picks.

    All I can say is – Ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

  71. yep. i am just noting some about that in post below. you beat me to it.

  72. its interesting to contrast the reaction of laker fans who actually go to the games and lakers fans who “presumably” only post on line. i have looked over a variety of lead articles various places on internet with feature headlines referencing lins big game and resultant laker win and majority of comments are derogatory; really angry at lin for playing well and jeopardizing lakers draft pick.

  73. LoL.
    In fact, 76ers wants to win games at the end of the season. They have been playing some very good games. The dragged Chicago and OKC to overtime and lost. and they won at least 4 games in the last 10.
    Lakers would have their chance!

  74. Jeremy is the highlight in this game and you will see lots of Jeremy Lin in this video.

  75. but not in the first six minutes.

  76. These so-called “hardcore” Lakers fans are typically the ones who didn’t pay a dime to watch the game. People who pay real money don’t want to see tanking.

  77. NOTHING has been jeopardized.

    Lakers were 4th from the bottom, still are 4th after the win. These so-called fans are just closet haters in disguise. Despicable human beings who are too cowardly to admit that they’re biased/racist/hating.

  78. You will see Jeremy after the first minute or so in this video. Also most of the good plays are included. With the scores following the highlights, you will appreciate the impact of Lin on this game. The slow motion of the plays are good.

  79. Just curious. Aren’t there is a rule that a team supposed to report the injury player on a weekly basis??? Thought I read it somewhere before.

  80. From bottom:
    1. Knicks 14-56
    2. Minnesota 15-54
    3. Phil Sixers 17-53
    4. Lakers 18-50
    5. Magic 22-50
    Lakers still has room to win 3 more games to win before they lose their 4th place.

  81. yeah. they’re on the internet fighting for a lost cause 🙂

  82. Then the fakers wouldn’t be playing for the Okafor sweepstakes…

  83. another highlights clip:

  84. Picture Time…

  85. Picture Picture here we come!…

  86. More coming…..

  87. Break Time! 🙂

  88. Lets continue…

  89. A Little Bit more…

  90. Thats It for today…Folks…Enjoy…. 🙂

  91. can’t stop smiling 🙂

    beautiful game…

  92. Team defense at best.

  93. Wait till Scott comes back, he would smell magic.

  94. Monta is about 30 now. Normally his game would slow down a bit.

  95. First time this season, Jeremy’s PER goes above 16. 🙂

  96. I think the Laker’s F/O have decided not to pay overpay Rondo just for a big name. I think they know that no quality PG is coming to the Laker’s while Kobe is on the team. I think that the Laker’s will hold out for Westbrook in 2017, but in the meantime, they will offer Lin a contract to keep the fans in the seat and let him play his game leading the bench. I think that the only reason lin will consider a contract with the Laker’s, if they offer his brother a contract with the Laker’s D League team. just some thoughts

  97. but she reads LG.

  98. I don’t think his brother wants to play basketball as a profession. What happened to Jeremy will keep him from trying. Lin will only consider Laker if MDA is the coach. Well, we’re all guessing. LOL. LOL LOL.
    God will help Jeremy make the right decision.

  99. see reaction of philly’s coach at 0:08 on the sidelines.. what is he so angry for.. LOL..

  100. bcoz they suppose to double-triple team JL…and yet he got loose! 🙂

  101. need to watch how westbrook also gets double team.. I’m sure wb is a target for double team due his 10 TD.

  102. You might be right, but I think that the Laker’s big man that they go after in FA might be Kevin Love. Love is the 3rd guy on the totem poll in Cleveland and I think he and the coach has some issues. I think he is a big enough name that Kobe will play with him for a year. At this point I don’t see the Laker’s offering Kobe another contract after this next season. I don’t know, something has changed in the F/O of the lakers with the narrative on Lin lately.

  103. Dallas has a problem and Rick Carlisle is mad that the team is not performing (not working hard enough).
    All their guards are about or above 29 years old. They need young Jeremy to the rescue.

  104. The Divine Intervention is on the way. Things are changing. God knows what’s going to be for Jeremy. Who would have guessed that Jeremy explode after ASG. He simply takes his time, gets himself comfortable with the flow of the game, and then he tears the defense apart in the last quarter. WOW! That’s Linsanity Prime. Now his PER is above 16. If he could get his PER higher, he would be able to get a decent contract anywhere he likes.

    The FO seems to be making a move in favour of Jeremy. Mitch simply ignores Kobe’s request for more. Scott seems to soften at least in post game interview. As I see it, Lin definitely is the future of Laker if they keeps him. He tends to make everybody around him play better. Lakers would win lots more games this season if Kobe didn’t go crazy and Byron didn’t try to help Kobe out by losing games.

  105. Tank fought the Lin and the Lin won…tank fought the Lin and the Lin won…

  106. I think, the F/O knows that they have hit rock bottom when the Laker’s tickets start at $35.00 now. I don’t think F/O buying this fans want to see Kobe play because even Jeannie Buss said that the Laker tickets weren’t selling even when kobe was playing. Also notice how Scott said today that he was thinking about starting Lin/Davis. Translation: we start them at home games to sell more tickets. I also think scott knows that his employment is tied to whether kobe comes back to play next season, or perhaps Mitch has told Scott that he needs to chose sides(F/O side) if he wants to remain as the coach.

  107. Byron Scott will have lots to think about before the season ends. Again, I’m always against tanking for draft picks. Good organization like Miami Heats always gets help from scouting talents that most teams don’t want.

    Rebuilding starts from a coach and with vision and competence that Byron don’t have. Like you say, the plot thickens when Mitch is stepping up his pressure.

    Lin definitely should be a part of the Lakers rebuilding. He’s the PG that many organization covets because right now he’s underrated and he always plays against PGs like Dragic, Bledsoe and Westbrook. Jeremy stays with them on the court on both sides of the court. That’s not easy to find.

  108. Exactly and he is not a selfish player. Also I think it is very interesting that Lin is becoming a master at wearing many hats depending on the team that they play. I suspect that he will have a 10-12 point game against OKC, because much of his energy will be spent playing defense.

  109. Also I notice that the team chemistry of the bench improves. Jabrai Brown and Jeremy are working smoothly passing the ball around. for good shots.

    Playing against OKC, the team is going to step up to the next level. Without Scott, the team might just break out with players like Tarik Black, Jordon Clarkson, Jabrai Brown, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson and even Jordon Hill (if he starts hitting 3s, he will be a very formidable big man for the Thunders). Nobody knows fully their potential and Jeremy would play well with all of them. Basketball is a game of five players on the court, you know.

  110. This is an interesting dichotomy. Some Lin fans (including me) wants Lin to be more cautious in order to reduce his T/Os. In other words, I want him to play a “low risk” game. However, he has openly stated that he is at his best when he plays a “high risk; high reward” game. Perhaps the key for him is to play with abandon & unworried, but somehow finding a way to maintain self-control & sound decision-making.

    That’s the sweet spot and is easier said than done., although I think he is on his way of finding it. I am just glad that Lin is now self-assured enough not to allow all that noise around him, especially from Scott, affecth is mindset. Play on, Jeremy!

  111. I agree. I think he needs a good coach to help him develop these techniques.

  112. I get the PR talk part, but to do it via throwing others under the bus ain’t cool. It would’ve looked better if Carlisle blamed himself instead. Monta has already stated that he wants to opt out, and personally I think him and Rondo will both leave, if Cuban has any sense left in him.

  113. If you play hard enough, you attack as a team. You will get many offensive rebounds. The missing shots may be just like assists to your teammates. That I can understand.

  114. Lin’s PER is now a season high 16.02, up from a low of 14.00 coming out of the ASG.

    Something to watch for: A rule of thumb is that for a player to maintain or increase his PER, he needs to shoot 30.4% from 2-point range (~3-10), and 21.4% from 3-point range (~1-5) [all other things being equal], i.e. look for Lin to continue to increase his PER down the stretch heading into FA. Especially with Scott loosening the reins on Lin now that he thinks the bottom 5 position is secure and indicating he will probably start Lin and Davis soon.


  115. I think that Lin/Davis will start at more home games to sell tickets.

  116. BTW, was kobe at the game tonight? No mention of him whatsoever.

  117. Yes, Joyce! And that mind set is so important. So glad Lin is tuning the noise out & playing his game in his own pace & rhythm, Scott not withstanding. But you’re right. Lin needs a more supportive coach on his next team to help him solidify his game at the next level.

  118. Monta and Rondo opting out? I heard about RR but not ME. Wow, Mavs are underperforming and will be a different club next season. Dirk’s peak years are gone.

  119. All of their guards are > 29 years old next season.
    Their centers are > 30
    Parson Chandlers is the only young star there.
    They need to win now; they need Jeremy.

  120. Imagine the hate if Little Lin was in the league a la JR Smith and his little brother. I know Dragic was had similar arrangements but…

  121. Awesome. … I have always wanted Jlin to bust the tank….haha

  122. Did you guys see the 76er’s coach during that no look pass to Wes.LOL

  123. It’s time to start Jeremy Lin, Ellington, Wesley Johnson, Ed Davis, Carlos Boozer.
    The bench would be Jordon Hill, Tarik Black, Ryan Kelly, Jordon Clarkson, Robert Sacre, Jabrai Brown.

  124. Lord thank you for the Linsanity game and Jlin came out healthy….Amen …. now I know what you meant when you said ” asked and thou shall receive “.

  125. Watching the game on Ballstream now.

  126. Yup. What was odd was that Lantz and MacDonald were uncharacteristically complimentary of Lin from the very start of the game – likely instructions from above. And on the Lakers site, there’s a short clip titled “Lin Leads Lakers.” (!) Earlier in the season, the Lakers would’ve downplayed his performance.

  127. Didn’t see him only Young & Randle. He probably too mad after Lakers sent out Linsanity DVD to fans last game. LOL!

  128. Is kobe on the bench?

  129. indeed!

  130. What a buzzkill! If the Scott quotes in the Medina article are accurate and represent Kupchak’s genuine feelings, then it’s going to take the Lakers several years to recover. It’s really hard to comprehend where their collective heads are at.

    Some days I almost think the Lakers FO finally get it. Then I read about the GM giving an unqualified endorsement of the coaching decisions which got them where they are now. (big sigh)

  131. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, because they both Mitch/Scott are probably lying to each other.LOL

  132. LOL. Comes June and see what turns out. Bottom line, If FO really wants to keep Lin, they need to let BS go.

  133. Season is not end yet of course Mitch has to say so… wait until off season to see what really will happen then?!

  134. Even LakerNation knows Lin/Davis will be such a valuable package in the FA soon

  135. well said!

  136. Obviously…he had done a great job…to get the draft pick!…lol

  137. zamm… look at the double team tower ing him.

  138. i still dont think lin fans and conventional basketball fans in general get it that laker fans at least laker fans on line (and it has been referenced in here previously that arguably —by myself and others–there is a difference between game attending fans and on line fans) but that many perhaps most casual laker fans generally only care about retaining that top five protected pick and are indeed furious at lin for jeopardizing that by having a good game against a key tankathon opponent; of course these are the same fans that previously said lin was no good; they didn’t like him for being (they said) a poor player and now when it clearly can’t be denied he plays well they dont like him for playing well.

    some of the stuff is just unbeleiveable. i was looking just for some data and stats and there were related lin headline links one was: lin helps 6ers to lottery pick.

    that is the thinking of (again at least on line and “pundit”) laker fans.

    so yes, scott (thru either general ineptitude or conscious intent up to the individual to decide) has done a great job. towards that goal.

    (and recalibrating previous data: playing lin more threatens that, when lin plays 24 mintues or more–and btw almost half the time this year he has not–the lakers win % is 35%, less than 24 only 15%, which would calibrate to at this point, yes the lakers falling out of the top of the bottom and their pick going to the 6ers.)

    so there has been ample reason for lin to be contained. (beyond the usual ones).

    one thing is statistically clear, wherever lin is and whatever his situation; more minutes for lin, more wins for his team.

    last year the rockets ignored that to their misforutne. this year the lakers (to date) have contained that factor to their (or so they seem to belive) good fortune,

    someone else more capable of complex calculations and modeling would have to determine if its possible for lin to be “released” further and still permit the desired saving of the pick seeing as their are only a handful of games to go; perhaps it may be so.

    whither or no lin has learned to use further restricted time well and increased his standing has a free agent in the post season.

  139. I’ll buy that — but I’m not sure who is lying to whom. The Lakers seem dead set on turning the 2015-16 season into Kobe’s farewell tour. Worse, I think Kobe is determined to turn the 2015-16 season into a springboard to another contract. I think Scott’s position is secure as long as Kobe is calling the shots.

  140. ive defended monta ellis here before against accusations of being harden like; and that there was no statistical data to support that.

    however since the asg; ellis play has been quite poor. and it seems his response is to shoot more in frustration, taking on more than he had and failing at it acheiving a sort of kobe like response.

    so yes ellis has not been good since the asg. but it seems there is more turmoil there than just ellis, as carlisle has said:

    and all the mavericks problems really began with the acquistion of rondo.

  141. June should be interesting. Other teams can’t approach Jeremy until 12:01 a.m. on July 1. But the Lakers can make offers before then. It’ll be interesting to see if the Lakers make an offer in June — or if they decide to wait until later in the summer to see if they can’t sign whoever else Kobe wants first.

  142. as i said previously that pass was just sick.

  143. found it odd as well. Seemed disingenuous. Though there were at least 3 passes/plays that could not help but elicit some sincere praise. That no look bounce pass to Wesley Johnson for the dunk, the pass to Davis for the lay up during a fast break, and the pass to Davis through 2 bigs at the end stood out.

  144. true and correct.

  145. I think it’s only for active player with injury but if it’s out-of-the-season there should be no need to report the update of recovery, I think

  146. very true, fans of the game just enjoy great game w/o much tanking aspiration

  147. IMO if we read between lines, it could mean that BScott is doing a great job to do what FO approves.
    Support Kobe in the beginning (until he wore out), tank and feature Lin lately w/o jeopardizing the tank to get Top 5 pick.
    We’re about to see if Lin continues to be featured in the last 15 games as part of Lakers audition. Interesting times indeed!

    Note: I still want Lin to leave and rejoin MDA somewhere

    “He said I’ve been doing a great job in getting all these guys to play hard every night,” Scott said. “With all the injuries that we’ve had and to be in the games that we’ve been in, he thinks I’ve done a terrific job.”

    Scott also said Kupchak reiterated what he and executive Jim Buss stressed during last year’s coaching interviews. Then, Scott reported the Lakers’ front office conceded a possible lengthy rebuilding process that they would address in the 2015 offseason through the NBA Draft in late June and free agency in July.

  148. I don’t think Ellis ever changed. Carlisle got him under control until Rondo arrived and pretty much ruined the established balance. This may have been what left Ellis confused and frustrated, losing his delicate discipline coddled by Carlisle’s regime.
    As much as I dislike Rondo and thing he’s way overrated, in all fairness the Mavs’ predicament wasn’t entirely his fault. The Mavs had a nice gig going and Cuban risked tipping the scale over, and it didn’t pay off.

  149. Monta announced that he’s opting out of the 3rd year player option. Rondo doesn’t have such option, he’s just waiting to see who offers him the best contract this summer, a situation not unlike Dragic’s.

  150. From

    “We tried to double-team Lin with about seven minutes left, and he still found ways to score,” 76ers coach Brett Brown said. “We tried multiple people on him and tried to get length on him with Jerami Grant. We tried to blitz him and searched to try to find ways to defend him, but we struggled all night.”

  151. He was just as greedy when he played for the GSW. They improved significantly when he left and acquired Thompson, Iguodala, etc.

  152. MDA posted on the other Lin site.

  153. Really? About what?

  154. NBA.comVerified account
    RECAP: @JLin7 rediscovers #Linsanity as Lakers take down Sixers #Sixers #Lakers

  155. Couple of TAG Heuers or one of this:

  156. bull

  157. About Linsanity.

  158. it’s someone who post as MDA on the user name

  159. Huang thinks it is real.

  160. to be honest, those leaving LAL want to win and don’t care about the tank. ED as an example. NY. Those who are stuck with Kobe know the scoreboard. There you go, it’s ok if they want to vent because what will come to pass will and it’s not long now. LAL tanker supporters really betrayed the game this year.

  161. Most likely yes, it was just active 19 days ago and might be designed to smart-troll some people

  162. Laker fans who blamed Lin for winning the game missed the main point: BScott allowed it to happen this game unlike most other games. The question is WHY

    Reporters asked BScott correctly as a coach during the post-game interview if this win will hurt when 76ers got the Top 5 Pick. He looked a bit surprised someone asked that question but just laughed it off saying it’s difficult to see how 1 win had implication in June and he simply tried his best to win

  163. I think the Lakers have a dilemma. The FO may decide to give the Lakers ticket-buyers some excitement for the rest of this season. Why not let Lin lead the team in some fast-break excitement and some more Taco wins?

    But what happens at the beginning of the 2015-16 season when everyone — again — has to slow down their game to accommodate their team’s returning senior citizen? It’s going to be a different game once more.

    As I said in an earlier post, we’ll know in a few weeks how much the Lakers want Jeremy to return. If they want him, they’ll at least have to make an offer before July 1 when the rest of the teams can call his agent with offer sheets in hand.

  164. It’s nice to take a break now and then.

  165. He, I gotta question, did you post pics as Ed Hamilton for a time?

  166. His shot selection & efficiency has always been questionable despite his ability to create shots. IMO Jeremy is 3X the playmaker Monta is since he makes his teammates better like we all witnessed last night. Monta would chuck the shots to get to 35-38pts.
    Lin simply looked what defense gave and kept beating the double-team by finding teammates =) Let’s hope Cuban sees the same thing we see!

  167. oh, does she? I only know she reads her twitter feed


    Lin — — “We needed this win,” Lin said. “On the road you never know what can happen, it’s tough.” He got better as the game went along. He had 8 points in the first half, 9 points in the third quarter, getting to the line and being aggressive. He threw the knockout punch in the fourth when he went off for 12 and led the charge against the lowly Sixers. All of his assists came in the second half, including a sweet no-looker to Wes for a dunk and a fastball off the dribble to Davis from about 35 feet out for a layup. He didn’t have that Steve Nash stiffness to him tonight, but had the game. Extremely well-rounded attack, hitting threes, step-backs in the lane, drives, drawing FTs. He got the 29 points in 29 minutes. “He looked pretty good and obviously he must have felt good,” he said, giving him praise for his play on both ends of the floor.

    The Stats: He scored 29 points on 10-16 shooting (2-2 from three, 7-8 from the line) to go with 5 boards, 5 assists, 1 steal, 2 turnovers and 4 fouls in 29 minutes. He was a +10.

    The Action: He wasn’t aware of the shotclock after entering the game and it expired with the ball in his hands and the D giving him room to shoot, tanksational. He attacked from the wing and scored a layup. He had a lob deflected (should have gone for a two-for one). He was called for a push-off with his off arm on a drive. He sank a three in early offense. He dribbled into a crowd and was tied up on the floor. We won the jump and he swished a three. He missed an elbow pull-up jumper. He had 8 points on 3-4 shooting, no assists and 2 turnovers.

    Second Half: Quick attack down the middle of the lane for a layup. He no-looked a sweet bounce pass between defenders on the break to Wes for the slam. He attacked the paint and drew contact trying to turn the corner, he made both. He attacked the paint and ran over a player, looked like possibly a charge but he got FTs, he made one. He drew a touch foul on the perimeter for more FTs, he made both. He stripped a man, pushed it up and hit Brown for the three. He swished a step-back wing jumper in early offense (possibly going for a two-for-one). He missed a wing pull-up to end the third. He sank an elbow jumper. Davis blocked a shot and Lin took it the distance for a layup. He pushed out the Davis block and hit Davis for the layup. He missed a floater. He probed the lane and swished the step-back 10-footer. He attacked and was blocked out of bounds. He attacked and hit the step-back wing jumper. He curled off a screen and hit a fading 16-footer. Nice challenge on the other end to get a stop. He was trapped and drew FTs, he made both. Wide open wing jumper and he missed. He pushed up the break, awkwardly scooped a shot around a defender and bricked badly. With trapping defenders trying to track him down, brilliant bullet baseball feed off the dribble from about 35 feet out to Davis for the layup.

  169. @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus posted interesting thought that this latest Lin audition was allowed in case Kobe’s health sink him again next season and Lin might be the insurance plan. So LAL doesn’t want to burn bridges with Lin.

    IMO What’s also possible is to keep a good relationship in case LAL wants to recruit Lin again after Kobe retires in 1-2 years.

    Will Lakers be able to make larger offer than other teams before July 1? I thought if it’s an unrestricted FA, then LA doesn’t have the advantage. I haven’t read much about Lin’s contract scenario

  170. Lakers can offer 5 years instead of 4 but I dont think lin really cares.

  171. Isn’t this a bad year to get a long term contract? I thought the new TV deal or something that player can get more money kicks in after next season.

  172. yes, at this point the only logical way Lin stays is when Lakers has moved on from Kobe/BScott IMO

  173. A lin fan

    Jeremy Lin biggest fan

  174. not sure about it. But Lin is better off signing 2-3 yr short-term contract anyway to shine in a good system then secures a long-term contract afterwards

  175. The only “advantages” the home team has in the case of an UFA is that they can offer a longer contract than other teams — and (more importantly) they can make their offer before the other teams can make theirs. The home team doesn’t have to wait until July 1 to offer a new contract.

    If you read some of the internet stuff posted by Laker fans, you would get the idea they think Lin will be hanging on until just before training camp this year, with Lin hoping against hope that the mighty Lakers will just allow lucky him to come sit on their bench for peanuts next season.

    I think the Lakers FO knows that Lin will be gone if they don’t make an offer before July 1 — and it’s more than likely he’ll be gone even if they do. Why would he subject himself to even one more year of the tender mercies of Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant? But would the Lakers even make the gesture of offering him something early to at least give the appearance of trying to keep him?

  176. I like Mark Medina more and more #LinDavis #ShockAndAwe #PnR

  177. thanks for the UFA advantage summary

    I can see Lakers trying to keep good relationship by making some kind of offer in hopes that Lin might come consider coming back in 2-3 years. It makes sense to think Kupchak knows Lin won’t come back considering Kobe needs the PG job more after the injury because he can’t shoot well.

  178. Finally, a rockin’ banana… not just a dancing banana 🙂

  179. Can someone explain “Steve Nash stiffness”?

  180. Steve Nash also had chronic “back spasm” that caused stiffness so Nash can’t move well.
    Lin’s back spasm didn’t seem to slow him down at all

  181. I want 15 more Rockin’ banana! greedy-mode 🙂

  182. I believe Lakers announcer said Kobe wasn’t there.

  183. There’s one other advantage the home team may have that I haven’t thought about. I don’t know if the Lakers have Jeremy’s “Bird Rights” or not. According to Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ [link], the Bird Exception enables a team exceed its salary cap to re-sign its own free agent.

    But then the order of signing of various players becomes important. The “Bird Rights” signing has to come last — after the salary cap is almost filled by other signings. The player waiting to sign last has to have a certain amount of trust in the management that the contract will be there when promised.

  184. Next game against OKC, on my bday! As I’ve said in the past Lin is undefeated on the teams he played with on the March 24th date. Hope that streak dosen’t end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost though..

  185. Lin didn’t take 30 shots. He shot when the defense let him. He passed when it’s in the flow. He could score all night or he could pass all night.
    He waited patiently before he made his first dazzling assist to Wesley Johnson for the dunk. I’m sure Jeremy was telling the defense that I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t make any assist at all in the game as long as my team beat yours. Finally they had to send 2 to 3 players chasing him and 2 players covering big ED. Bingo, a dazzling hook pass for another assist.
    The unstoppable comes from unpredictable.

  186. Back Spasm is uncontrollable muscular pain and it happens to many NBA players including Lin’s ex-teammate Chandler Parsons. With proper treatment the pain could be relieved but Lin has to rest enough for the pain to go away but it will always come back when he plays for extensive minutes. Byron Scott’s rotation doesn’t help because Jeremy was usually asked to play from the rest of 3Q to 4Q. That could be about 17 minutes with only a quarter break for him to rest.

    Lin has to maintain a correct posture and is gritty enough to keep playing.

  187. The injuries that Scott had is nothing comparing to MDA’s situation.

    Last season, Robert Sacre committed 6 fouls and couldn’t be fouled out because the team had to keep five players on the floor. MDA don’t have any more players that could play.

    Now Scott had at least 2 teams of players that could play; the starters and the bench totally amounted to 13 healthy players now.

  188. Kobe stops the flow of the game. He actually slows down the flow of the game.
    Jeremy likes to play at high speed and pulls his teammates together with him. Yes he will use PnR when there is no open court fast break opportunities.

  189. It’s best to sign a one year contract because he will be 27 then. The team could sign him with the duration over his 30s.

  190. I really don’t think Lin should bet on the Lakers with a long contract. He might just be used as a trade bait. Jeremy should never give Lakers the home court discount.

  191. Breaking News: Jack in The Box is considering canceling Lakers Free Tacos because of Jeremy Lin. Lol jk

  192. I have to say. is surprisingly pleasant to listen to the tankers announcers. … keep it up Jlin …make them have to praise you.

  193. I don’t think it’s fair to ask fans to pay to see Lakers loss. Those fans supporting tanking are so sick that the team shouldn’t even care what they think. 76ers has tanked for years. See what they have left on their team. Not much!
    Tanking doesn’t guarantee success. Miami didn’t tank and this season they signed Shabazz Napier,Tyler Johnson, Hassan Whiteside. They also signed Luol Deng as FA and traded for Goran Dragic. They kept Wade and Bosh too. Miami is having a pretty good roster for years to come. They just might make Beasley work for them through excellent coaching too. Pat Riley wouldn’t allow tanking on his team.

  194. No Davis? Stupid. Black is good too though.

  195. Couldn’t agree more!

  196. But who will be backup PG?! So Lin is more like SG? He replaced Ellington.

  197. Do you think Kobe can still call the shot when his legacy is almost over? Nobody is buying that Kobe will play beyond his present contract.

  198. At least they have until then to negotiate a contract with Lin’s agent. Jeremy Lin is one of the most marketable NBA player in the league. People just love to see him play.

  199. Not so pumped about Jeremy starting as shooting guard. Will be good only if Davis comes in when Clarkson comes out and Jeremy moves to PG. BTW BS, Jeremy is a PG!

  200. This is really a weird change…so the Bench will run Boozer ISO all day long?

  201. They’re starting Jeremy ahead of schedule…hmmmm.

  202. BS never ceases to amaze me on how much he could tank. Take LIn out of position, detach him from Ed Davis, pair the worst shooter on the court in Kelly. Sorry BS your plan will still fail because everyone in this lineup will play defense and Lin will make Black look like a star.

  203. This sucks then especially if JC is PG. Lin doesn’t seems to gel w/ JC very well.

  204. So…I guess to start Lin as SG is more like BS wants Lin to babysit JC too?

  205. …………M………

  206. It gotta be that they wanna hide Davis and try to resign him or something for playing him so little minutes. Lin and Davis not playing together just doesn’t make any sense other than tanking.

  207. I agree.

  208. I do think Kobe will have a difficult time selling the Lakers on another contract. But I also think he will do everything he can to use next season to try. And, as long as Byron Scott is coaching and Kobe is on the team, then Kobe will be calling the shots.

    It was really chilling to watch Kobe giving the death stare to his team mates’ exuberance upon winning a game a few weeks ago. But what really was a punch in the gut was Byron Scott’s rush the next day to cover Kobe’s rear end by similarly dumping on his team’s celebrations. (Way to encourage a winning mentality, coach!) So yes, Kobe will be calling the shots next year — even if it means having his personally-approved coach once again sit promising and energetic youngsters to bring in another slower, thirtyish ball handler to spoon-feed the aging diva.

    A leader like Jeremy brings joy to the game and his team. Jeremy will bark at a team mate in the heat of the game, but he doesn’t hold a grudge after the game. Yet Jeremy’s work ethic and effort have never been questionned. I can’t imagine having to play along side of Kobe’s continuous, dour disapproval for a whole year.

  209. So lin will baby sit again. ..smh

  210. LOL… it’s so obvious what lakers are doing. they really want that pick. Everyone knows davis and lin play well together, so naturally, they separate them.

  211. Lin to start, means,
    1) babysit the future of the Lakers, either JC or JB
    2) making him to adjust again.

  212. I think Lin did so well last game is becuz they were playing fast and not have to play BS’s stagnant offense. With Davis on defensive side and Lin pushing the ball, the defense was never able to ready for Lin and his fast decisions.

  213. Well, given Jeremy enough time, he has already developed team chemistry with even Jabrai Brown. This is the merit of Jeremy: he really wants to play with his teammates and he will find ways to involve and be involved. There is no problem of playing with JC because Jeremy will have him space the court and share the ball. They will catch on. Ed Davis should come in earlier and Jordan Hill should try more 3s. That will really spread out and generate opportunities for fastbreak and open court passing.

  214. JC will be SG?

  215. 76ers’ defense is actually better than I thought. They are long and fast. Just lack of experiences I think. Even JC just called PnR possession after possession….he just bricked most of the shots..

  216. The triple threat with Ed Davis, Boozer and Lin actually allow more ball sharing and passing. Assists could come from either one of them.

  217. Kind of puzzling though. I think most teams when they tank trade away their best players. Why didn’t they trade Lin away at the deadline if they wanted to tank?

  218. Totally, had Boozer can HOLD the ball better, they would actually won more games.

  219. probably couldn’t given his huge salary. i’m sure they tried to.

  220. I think they have tried

  221. Could have waived him then.

  222. I’m not sure the CBA allows other teams to approach Jeremy’s agent before July 1. For all practical purposes, I’m not sure the league makes a distinction between a free agent and the free agent’s agent when it comes prohibits recruitment by other teams.

  223. He still has to play with Kelly who has been struggling. This line up …smh

  224. Well. I think Kelly will bounce back. I like him as a player actually. To me, he is one of the victims under BS

  225. lakers want to tank, but they also want to fill their seats. not smart to waive lin when he has such a huge fan base… but honestly, who knows whats going on inside their heads

  226. They could, but no advantages of doing so.

  227. Just like the game against the 76ers, Lin will let Jabrai Brown run some plays and get his assists too. If the opposition keys on Jeremy’s passing, Lin will just take the ball to the hoop or shoot it himself. Same is true for Jordan Clarkson. Linsanity Prime is to take whatever the defense gives you.

    The important point is Jeremy really having patient to get in the flow of the game before asserting himself. He took the time to warm up on the court, reading his teammates and the opposition before making plays. He worked on defense and played without the ball before the flow of game came to him.

  228. i think kelly is horrible. hopefully, playing in this new position will help him to find his groove. he just looks so unathletic and uncoordinated out there.

  229. Unfortunately every game I went to he disappointed me.

  230. I feel you

  231. He is not used right IMO

  232. i agree. so for once, scott is finally using him in his rightful position in this last stretch. i really hope he does well because i think he’s a great guy

  233. That $15mil is sunk cost. If keeping him causes them to win and lose the top 5 draft pick then they are disadvantaged by keeping him. Unless they figure they keep him to draw fans, ratings and Scott can keep a lid on him so they don’t win. But then why did Scott let him play so much and finish yesterday. He usually take him out when they crawl out of a hole and get within 1 point or ahead 1 point.

  234. Too many victims under scott and yet f/o told him he is doing a great job.

  235. Jabari is a scorer. Lin can work w/ him cuz Lin is in charge. BS wants JC to be PG so Lin is not used as much to build chemistry.

  236. AS we all saw, keeping Lin and Kept losing can be done at the same time. I think Lin himself also changed after ASB which the FO was not expected that to happen. The way Lin is playing now, BS simply can not affect it as much as b4.

  237. Just like earlier in the season, when Ellington almost became a PG. It destroyed Ellingtons’s game so much. Coaches need to give a clever perimeter for each player to work with based on what they can and can not do. JMO

  238. FO never said what exactly is that Job.

  239. So they are using Lin to teach clarkson now that nash has officially retired? I assume if nash retires lakers can’t ask him to help clarkson? Not that he wouldn’t on his own… idk

  240. I agree. No long-term contract esp. when Kobe/BScott are around

  241. Only player capable of being pg is Jeremy. Not Kobe, Clarkson, etc.

  242. I think so too.

  243. That is one reason why this LAL team kept losing, even when sometimes Lin is actually playing

  244. Tanking?

  245. usually 2yr with 2nd year as player option is more common, just like Davis’ current contract. This way Lin can test the water with coach/org

  246. shhh…

  247. Kobe is not the concern really, FO is my concern.

  248. TANKING!!!

  249. LOL

  250. LOL

  251. Lin works well with Black too. So if they get some practice in they should still be good. So Lin as PG can work with Black when with starters or Davis when he plays with bench.

  252. WTH was that!……That implies he thinks Lin is a fluke?

  253. So he ignored Harden and Kobe

  254. Works best with a defensive minded SG like Shumpert.

  255. He is so backhanded. Even in his interview he said something about players not being able to play games like last night consistently.

  256. Jeremy is having more patient with the game, he started slowly and picked up the rhythm of the game together with his teammates before making his moves. His teammates seem to respond much better after that. He even deferred to Jabrai Brown when he first came in the game against the 76ers. Who would have thought that Jabrai Brown picked up 4 assists and scored 10 points together with Jeremy’s 29 points and 5 dimes, 5 rebounds,

    Wesley Johnson is very important to Lin’s passing game. He is the SF and he catches unbelievable pass with his athleticism. Boy, can he jump? This team still has lots of potential. Jordon Hill definitely can shoot 3s. He should play Ryan Kelly’s game. Plus he could block shots that Kelly couldn’t. Tarik Black is quick and a mobile big man. He almost destroyed Rudy Gobert against the Utah all by himself outscoring and rebounding the monstrous center. There is definite some team chemistry developed in the team to be uncovered. It will have to show at the next game when they play against the Thunders.

  257. No!!!!!! The tank is still rolling

  258. Beautiful game management from Lin I would say

  259. LoL
    I thought they will give more when Jeremy reaches Linsanity. Like giving out free XXXX when Jeremy makes/breaks his season highs.

  260. To be fair, I feel Black played better with JC. But I guess Lin just did not have enough chances to work it out

  261. Kelly just needs to fix his shots I guess

  262. Man….Bill…

  263. That is why i stopped following him and Idomir on twitter.

  264. Yup. Unfortunately.

  265. I read Kelly used to play well just like JC… so…

  266. He used to have a good floaters too. But moving him to 3 gave him a hard time to beat his man off the dribble. Most 3s in the league are simply just faster than him.

  267. He seems like a smart player. Hopefully, playing with Jeremy will help him.

  268. That’s a very good idea. If Laker wants to keep Jeremy, they should offer him above NBA average salary of PGs for 2 years with 2nd year as player option.

  269. He should be the guy was pulls away either a 5 or 4 from the defense for Lin.

  270. Yes sir! the maximum entropy!

  271. Kelly is a good 3 point shooter if he just said in the corner. Everywhere else his 3pt% is below League average. In the corner he’s elite. Look at his shot chart:

  272. don’t understand why the chef is still smiling. he prolly doesn’t know that he is gonna to be replaced soon. 🙂

  273. Guys, is this the real MDA? Check out the comments…

  274. He needs to hit the wing 3s too to be an effective stretch 4.

  275. He didn’t say PG.

  276. Carlos Boozer, Ed Davis and Jordon Hill are benched.

  277. I found it very unlikely for these reasons:
    – a former HC who’s looking for a job will not comment exclusively on a player fan forum.
    – the Disqus account was active since 19 days and solely commented on 1 website?
    – the latest comments used phrases almost verbatim ” what he did was done in the context of team basketball” & “I had to ride him like Secretariat” (2012), “had the pleasure to play with and against, and then coach some of the greatest players and athletes of all time” (recent interview)

    It’ll be nice if it’s true but a healthy skepticism is probably good at this point pending more proof
    Just my 2cents

  278. I think he is the real MDA. He has been posting for few weeks at the other site. Khuang has ask him in depth questions about certain players (hardly anyone have heard off) and MDA answered his inquiry in depth with regards to these players or former teammates of MDA.

  279. I doubt it. LoL If true, that would be all over BB news sites.

  280. I could have told you that 3 years ago. LoL.

  281. This is internet…..we will see

  282. So everyone is garbage but Lin? LoL

  283. I don’t think it’s real MDA but it will not hurt w his good comments on Lin….LOL!

  284. I agree. It’s not the coach.

  285. I think so MDA should be worry about his next job first ….

  286. Kelly can’t block shots and he’s limited in defense; not like Tarik Black who is extremely mobile for his size. It is this kind of player who gives big centers like Rudy Gobert problems.

  287. Kelly is a good help defender. He reads correctly. Just not fast enough. So…something has to give between these 2 I think

  288. I suppose Scott is including that qualifying distinction for Jeremy because he believes that most other NBA players don’t have “ups and downs”. I get the impression the Scott feels sometimes feels he needs to say something positive about Jeremy when asked directly — but he really doesn’t want to.

  289. Lakers using lin to help them evaluate who they will keep next season. They are not playing davis because the more he plays and the better he plays his value goes up. I think lin/davis will play a lot together for home games

  290. What takes BS so long to learn that?

  291. A real fan. Go Lin Go!

  292. Jeremy Lin: “I got in the ZONE last night” [mark 1:34]

  293. How do we know you’re real?

  294. Should but he is what he is.

  295. You do not have to know… I am not famous…

  296. Yep, tanking is not a good way to live too. Maybe you tank once in awhile to avoid getting your head cut off or expending too much energy like Sun Tze taught, but in the end, to go through life aiming to lose for the upside is way worse than aiming to win and missing the upside by a bit.

  297. looked it up, good one.

  298. Agree, this one is the one that says it likely is not the real MDA. Refresh to see:

  299. I really liked in the highlights how he released the ball to Lin knowing and trusting in Lin (in coming up the court).

  300. to keep the adjustments active so they cannot concentrate on winning. Great way to get guys in slumps (Kelly) and rooks all messed up.

  301. yes, if I were Lin’s agent, I would throw in a requirement that Kobe/BScott will relocate to Hawaii =)

  302. what about BScott though?

  303. to his credit, Lin said he’s used to play with another “ball-handler”, not “ball-hogger” LOL jk

  304. almost famous
    im nearly famous

    either expressions is correct.

  305. wow hes an nba player. gotta love those backhanded compliments from the aptly named bs.

  306. and what he is as opposed to lin is NOt an nba player.

    he could come with a asterisik i suppose: “use for purposes of tanking or in corner only”

    read comments below and dont agree at all see no evidence of kelly capable of anything second worst player on the team after sacre and even below the admirable practice player ronnie once the head of the snake price

    and since the asg hes been just awful in shooting. had one stretch when he was 0 for 4 strait games.

  307. king of the back-handed compliment.

  308. His two lines on the side of his head are gone.

  309. this is a terrible lineup; i would have much preferred lin remain with the second unit and play with brown and davis.

    actually what this smells like is another attempt to rein in lin while giving the impression that he is being supported. while keeping the tank rolling.

    you separate lin from davis. tho johnson is a largely absent player he is certainly more professional than kelly. and last and certainly worst you keep lin on the court all the time with clarkson as opposed to giving lin time on his own to control the court.

    most importantly perhaps regardless of lin’s interests you further the tank interest but constantly altering the players rotations so that no one can achieve any kind of familiarity that might lead to sucess.

    which probably ultimately is the larger intent.

  310. yep.

  311. did scott say lin was “the point guard?” i didn’t see the annoncment: if he did, eh doesn’t mean anything. if he didn’t then its not good at all because lin as 2 with clarkson on ball just takes the ball entirely out of lin’s hands where previously he had it without the hindrance of clarkson for at least 12-24 minutes a game depending on how scott decided to rotate things on any given night.

  312. but that was for Adidas. maybe waiting for a renewal on his contract.

  313. Guess KB feel bad that LAL is playing better w/o him.

  314. could be mda’s brother – assistant coach. dan

  315. i still love ido but i never liked this guy.

  316. I am glad Jeremy is doing much better but we have to be careful. This is against the 76ers. We should not get out of hand here.

  317. coach D’Antoni posted to me? wow.. I must missed that..

  318. Plays better with a full head of hair, haha!

  319. thank you .. have been saying the same thing despite the fact that his stats and play were impressive esp with back spasm. If this was against gsw or memphis, it will shut everyone up.. including me, the devils advocate. If it was against gsw or memphis, he might have 20 and 4, 4. and lakers might lose.. and no free tacos!!

  320. yea. was strange that he pushed up the timetable 5 games when these are all away games.

    The last 10 are more ideal in that most are home or bad away teams.

    With BS gone for next 2 games, wondering if the game plan will change.

  321. tough as nails, not soft like Charmin!

  322. Man….the taco performance metric.

  323. The only thing I hope to see in OKC game is for Lin to play dirty….lol bully OKC back. It is fine to foul out I guess.

  324. Just hope the lin has another monster night against okc.. That will shut the haters up who say let’s see how he does with wb. Now after the hurdles is gone..they will say let’s see how he does against gsw.. it will never stop ..until lin leads a team to championship, playing like this WITH another coach other than dantoni.

  325. I get it, however, it did not stop after Lin got 29 against OKC in HOU

  326. He had it before Adidas. He said it’s kind of a bonding thing between him and little Lin who had matching stripes. Maybe Little Lin graduated now and back home so doesn’t need the stripes.

  327. right, so lin has to win a championship with aonther coach other than mda..else he will be labeled as mda boy. But at this point..he is in his prime and I don’t care who the coach is if he does believe in lin and let him lead the team to a championship.

  328. I know right?…lol let’s say he won a championship by running his game of PnR. He will still be labeled as a MDA boy. So…my point really is, Lin is beyond that “I have to prove myself” stage already. It will not change much if he did not explode yesterday or he sucks tomorrow in OKC.

  329. Brent, you’re almost famous, this will take you to the top! lol

  330. actually players are the ones who knows his skill level because they played with and against lin first hand.
    So I would assume the players give him more respect than coaches or FO or any neutral guy who is not a lin fan.

  331. LOL why?

  332. unless you’re name is deron williams.

  333. My wedding? which one is getting married?

  334. Well….with Lin’s last name….things just does not come easily…we already know that…:P

  335. Try wedding Anniversary or something Lin might like (Gaming Convention) lol

  336. LMAO…

  337. I think both

  338. I love to see how Lin can bully OKC back by breaking their double team. It is ok that he can not tho. It is the OKC we are talking about anyway.

  339. Ok. 🙂

  340. Jeremy isn’t going to score big every night. What’s important are the reasons. Did the other team shut him down? Did one or more of his own teammates play selfishly? Was Jeremy himself “off” that game?

    Yes, PHI team had offensive problems in the game. But I wouldn’t put down Jeremy’s scoring success in the second half to the other team’s defense. PHI defense wasn’t that bad. Jeremy just had the answers to everything thrown at him.

    If anybody can promote unselfish team ball in the Lakers last fifteen games this season, Jeremy can. Whether it’ll result in enough scoring to outscore the volume shooters of some of the teams they’ll play is questionable.

    But if Jeremy feels his new starting position is for the purpose of bringing along some of the less experienced members of his team, that’s what he will try to do.

  341. Go for it Jeremy, Asian wedding always has good seafood.

  342. I though Mark Madsen was the next in line?

  343. I thought so too. I am wrong

  344. no, dwill gave birth to linsanity.. he doesn’t want to be labeled as that.
    But I don’t see anything embarrassing about if he was a flash in the pan, that’s more embarrassing because an ‘unskill’ or dleague player beat you.. but he is not a flash in the pan and a very solid player at least so it just means that he is nba material and it’s an nba material player that beated you.

  345. D-WIll is not gonna beat Lin now regardless…

  346. right and if someone else like curry or groan had a hard time beating lin, he DEFINITELY should not be embarrasses because those pg can beat dwill also.

  347. Now is like, they will just say they just have a bad night. Nothing related playing against Lin. LOL

  348. Let’s all JLin fans who want to enjoy JLin’s one of the best games if not the best game with Lakers. NO ONE anticipated this outcome. So why you want to THE joy killer??? Enjoy it while you can. Don’t need to be the fun killer. A win is a win!!!! A celebration is a celebration!! Why borrow the worry from yesterday or tomorrow????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL REALISTS OF JLIN FANS!!!!!!!!!

  349. Lin must play for Dallas, Miami if not NY or LA. His endorsement value needs it.

  350. Chef still needs to buy and prep the food. Looks like more for high end home use, too slow for a restaurant kitchen. Wife used to cook professionally, she doesn’t want one, too slow – most or the work is in the prep.

  351. How so?

  352. add Chicago.

  353. So? Michael Jordan and Kobe won all their championship because of Phil Jackson! In fact Kobe would have never won those rings without Phil. Look at where his career went after Phil left Lakers.

  354. LOL…..well…I am not saying that is important.

  355. The Volvo was a failure after he landed in Houston. The high-end watches will suffer the same if he plays in small market.

  356. Anyone watched/listened to this knows the context in KB meant???

  357. So long as the coach treats Lin fairly I could care less what people say about Lin’s success is due to MDA. But the same can be said for other multi championship stars like Duncan. Duncan had the luxury of a great coach in Gregg Popovich who was ex Spurs GM, got to call the shots and knows what he’s doing. For sure Duncan’s career wouldn’t have lasted this long if not for Pop.

  358. I see…good pts

  359. Of course. If I can have a ring, I really do not care what other’s say. I am gonna get it and celebrate

  360. Does not matter….

  361. Yep, high-end watches are like high end fashion, perfume, race/luxury cars etc…they stay in NY, LA, Chicago or acceptable Miami.

  362. how about Orlando Magic?

  363. Too small town as I been there.

  364. ok, I guess the watch is too expensive for DisneyWorld tourists :]

  365. Like he wasn’t an NBA player before? Another backhanded comment from the hater.

  366. LOL

  367. When does BS stop tanking???? Don’t expect anything better from him. He will use every occassion to want JLin to fail. Anticipated he would throw Sacre in the starter lineup and too Tarik out.

  368. Yep. They’re tourists with mostly mom/dad and kids.

    Rich people go to places for fun or dining like high end night club or party, that’s when they wear $10,000 watch.

  369. Maybe a feature of Lin in Disney move can change that? Lol

  370. Mulan’s prince?

  371. very true .. only glitzy people buy glitzy watches

  372. Yes anticipate bad games of starters in the next few games until JLin readjusts again. Let’s see how soon JLin is able to find his grooves again. Take this as a good training ground for future teams. This will tell how soon he will gel with new teammates in future team.

  373. LOL The question is “Do you believe BS’ words?”

  374. Imagine Lin wearing his Tag Heuer on this billboard?

  375. Don’t know. …but I like what he said.

  376. Someone’s eventually going to say, “I’m going to frame this post” LOL

  377. BS after practice interview. Almost at the end of the clip, when Lin was about to talk, noticed the camera men and reporters start to run toward him and abandoning BS to speak to Serena. LOL

  378. BS, you know J LIN is no good, so please don’t bring him back to your tank team…… PLEASE!!!

  379. Well lin was coming off a bad back. We know how Lin does when hurt. I was a little worried he wouldn’t do that great, but I guess the trainers and staff really did work to make him feel better.

  380. Hahaha…

  381. Yes…but… I really would love to see J Lin plays for another team though. Which one? Not sure but definitely not the Lakers and the Rockets.

  382. Yes, I hope LAL bid up his value.

  383. If Clarkson plays the 2 he’s okay. It’s when Clarkson plays the 1 and Lin at the 2 it doesn’t work and kills Lin’s game.

  384. Please don’t join haters to vote NO.

  385. Hmmm … The one thing that Lin fans and non- fans might agree upon — for vastly different reasons!

  386. Wow! I am in Barcelona and I missed this Linsanity game! Barcelona was facing Real Madrid and everyone here was in fever high!!!

  387. I serious doubt it. If it were MDA, he would have chosen an alias. May be it’s Lin’s agent undercover interacting with the public.

  388. Me too. That’s why I vote yes but I really don’t like Lin to stay unless no BS & Kobe will retired soon.

  389. I don’t bother with TWC but I really do not wish to see Jeremy back in a Lakers’ uniform.

  390. In the right context I’d like Lin to stay with the Lakers, If B Scott is fired and Kobe retires.

  391. Me too. LOL! But I think BS gets fired maybe… as for Kobe, I hope he will not play for next season then just like Nash to retired.

  392. this from a satirical but supportive 6ers site championing the 6ers hinkie led tanking success in “not prioritizing winning”. what was interesting to me was this was the only serious moment in the piece, the rest was all jokes about the excitement of the org. being up to the task of insuring the glorious path to tank heaven. (but agreeing with that path).

    even comic tank fans gotta acknowledge the goods when they see them.

    “Speaking of Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis: holy…(note: word cant use here) , Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis! You guys did a great job! They are the kid’s detective duo their parents have to endure and let themselves get caught so they can go to bed. Ed and the Jerm went off tonight. Lin was vintage: throwing no-look bounce passes, pulling up for three, getting to the rim on the pick-and-roll… it was a reminder of why half of two continents fell in love with the guy. 29-5-5, and every bit as Linsane as advertised. Davis, meanwhile, had an 8-minute stretch where he was king of the world. I couldn’t go to the bathroom without asking him first (this, as I understand it, is the first job of kings– telling their subjects when they can and can’t go pishy), and neither could Nerlens Noel. There was one possession when Ed thunderdunked it over Noel, and another where he ate his bagged lunch and shoved him to the ground” –michael levin, libertyballers

  393. Me neither as long as Kobe and/or BS are still there. But still there are a lot of games to play and many things still can change. IMO, I think the Lakers want to keep Lin but in the $5 to $10 mil a year salary.

  394. look at NBA stats for the team’s defense…!/advanced/?sort=DEF_RATING&dir=-1 the 76er’s are ranked 10th BEST defense in the league… so although everyone likes to think of them as the lowly tanking 76’ers their defense is legit and JLin took it apart.

  395. kobe and scott are here as long as kobe can drag himself onto the court for a few games and promise to be back next year. and thats at least one and probably two more years.

    kobe is still king of the lakers. actually king of l.a.

    in fact just a few hours after the big nite for lin the other nite kobe tho he hasn’t done anything but self promotion for months was already back ahead of lin and top 3 or 4 on social media nba pulse.

  396. i think this is only at 2500 dollar watch; but all the same to me. my watch cost 3.99

  397. hey i said almost famous first. (i think); at least before here.

  398. who was that masked man?

  399. I am not sure…I expect more masked man in OKC after tomorrow’s game. LOL JK

  400. 6ers have had the most success lately of the tank teams. 4-6 i think going into that game. …actually 4-5 going into that game 4-6 now; so currently a 500 team (almost). 6ers would be a playoff team in the east instead of a tank team if based on their recent performance period.

  401. preach it sister. amen. can i get an amen.

  402. quick quiz: what point guards performance has been so bad since the asg that he is only shooting 41% and leading the league in turnovers.

    and has to take 6 more fga’s and 6 more fta’s than any other point guard in the league and play more minutes than any other pg in the league to get his points?

  403. Amen!

  404. I found it very interesting that Lin didn’t know what style of coaching Pressley had when he was asked the question. Lin looked “like please, let us not go there”.LOL

  405. You’d think I’d have developed some teflon by now, but this guy can still say stuff that makes me grit my teeth! Grrrrrrrr!

  406. Is this Pressley the white hair guy who used to talk to Lin all the time?

  407. LOL Maybe it’s best when you enjoy yourself! Have fun!!

  408. This makes it even sweeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks wu kong!!!!!!!!!

  409. No. Pressey is Scott’s longtime friend sitting next to him in this picture …

  410. LOL Of course you can:-) Am tired to be treated like a child/delusional fan in JLin fansite:-(

  411. LOL Byron got lonely pretty quickly in the end [2:28]

    “That’s Jeremy! Bye, Byron!”

  412. Oh! Thanks. Don’t know anything about him at all.

  413. So this tells me that none of the coaches have input from Byron.LOL

  414. Agree. As soon as I read that I almost want to push BS even more:-) Try to stay away from emotionals ups and downs this season but still…..

  415. If you ask fans in LA, they will do the lip service but I don’t think they will pay to watch him play anymore.

  416. Don’t believe JLin will choose family/friends over his goals–starter and ring. As JLin gains experience and insights of teams/orgs/coaches/players…. he will choose his next destination based on:
    1. Starter and ring org
    2. Head coach and coaches
    3. Players – team-oriented players (superstars/stars…)

  417. I expect a lot of defensive effort on lin in OKC, hope he will get at least 10-12 points, I see him defending Westbrook during much of the game. I hope lin is ready.

  418. Congratsss !!! XD

  419. I think Lin will be OK w RW but not sure w/o Davis & Boozer who can help Lin w PnR or set the screen to help him out w double teams?

  420. Also Davis helps Lin defend especially against fast PG’s. If the opposing PG starts turning the corner on Lin Davis will usually be there to cut them off. Don’t see that other players are as good as Davis at this.

  421. Cuban and Morey going to be fighting over JLin?

    Jared Thigpen
    Stein said lots of frustration within Mavs, unhappy with Ellis, and isn’t at all sure that either Rondo or Monta return.

  422. can the sixers win the ncaa tourney?

  423. I hope they both will not return to Mav so Lin can have one more team to go…LOL!

  424. anyone posted this (_
    14:34 long

  425. Jeremy you should attend the wedding if you aren’t playing basketball.
    This couple is ultra sweet!
    Love it!

  426. LOL
    Jeremy is both sensitive and sensible.

  427. Who is the guy in the middle?

  428. Let’s keep it real down to earth! Mine cost $8.

  429. They are both free agents next season. They easily make 2 out of your five starters. That’s good news for rebuilding team. You put up a max contract and cut it into two halves. There you go, you get the dynamic duo that attract all your opposition players. The rest of your team could do whatever you want.

  430. Come back for Linsanity Prime.

  431. Another silly poll from TWCsportnet:
    Would you like to see Jeremy Lin return to the Lakers next season?

    Of course, yes for Laker fans but a definitely no for Lin fans unless Laker replaces Byron Scott with MDA.
    Excuse me, I vote yes anyway just for my dear Jeremy’s sake.

  432. I have been to many games this season, and lin always gets the loudest cheer and ovation.Fans who go to the games like lin.

  433. If there is any team who sign Jeremy, Ed Davis, Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, Steve Novak, Carlos Boozer, Landry Fields, Wesley Johnson altogether, they will have Linsanity reunion and that doesn’t cost much at all. Wouldn’t it make you a contender at once. This roster is certainly better than the tanking 76ers with even their lottery picks.

  434. A buddy of mine and her boyfriend went to the game last night, and they have become lin fans. They stated the black people, hispanics and whites were all rooting for lin. My friend stated there was moment in the game when lin was slow getting up and the fans in her section were saying “oh no, we can’t lose Jeremy”, and when he got up that it was the largest cheer that she he had ever seen about a Laker player.

  435. Lucky for The Jeremy Lin Show that BS did not run his usual Pic-N-Roll, i.e.
    Pick-on-Lin, Roll-with-Price (Clarkson). Now I think the latter is the more accurate picture
    of how BS runs the show time.

  436. I expect Lin to read the defense patiently and get the flow of game first before he makes his moves either passing or scoring. Anyway, it should be team ball all the way.

    I expect a good game from the Lakers.

  437. Thanks for the report. Glad to know that. It’s funny to keep on reading many Lakers fans didn’t want/like JLin fans.

  438. Did you vote?

  439. you’re famous!

  440. Those so-called Lakers fans are only self-important keyboard fans who don’t know what a basketball is even if one hit them on the head.

    Real fans who pay real money for tickets and merchandise want to see Ws.

  441. Sorry, I missed your posting.
    I don’t want Lin to go back to Byron next season.
    However for Jeremy’s sake, I vote YES.
    I don’t want Jeremy to be humiliated.

  442. Good point!
    I vote YES for Jeremy’s sake.
    Jeremy still has his choice.

  443. For God’s sake, don’t vote “NO”.

  444. That’s right, my friend. Some of the comments above are pretty scaring.
    I certainly don’t want the poll result being interpreted as “Fans don’t want you here, Jeremy.”

  445. yes, i did

  446. Give this guy a break just for the sake of his old mom!

  447. Also, I forgot, she and her boyfriend went to the game where they handed out Linsanity DVD’s and she said that cried through most of the DVD.She also stated that lin is a real”bro, because he has been thru the struggle”, these are her boyfriends words not mine..LOL

  448. There is a little problem with your priority.
    May I say
    [(2) (3) (1) ] Head coach and coaches come first
    Jeremy can hold his own anywhere with good coaches.

  449. That was a good cry for a guy too, here. But now I’m for McFarland USA. Check i out, you will need to drink water afterwards.

  450. Jeremy can choose but I certainly don’t like the poll results come out and tells me that Laker fans don’t want Jeremy.

  451. OK, I will, thanks

  452. And lots of laughters.
    And lots of beautiful girls.

  453. Why..I thought monte worked out well..

  454. They took OKC and Chicago to overtime and lost.

  455. Sound likes a Lin fan. He knows a lot of things going on with Lin..

  456. I’m right with you, man!

  457. Lakers girls are included, lol. So kind of cheated some minutes..

  458. Hey Brent, catch some CHI Mirotic minutes. He’s playing really well … FTs, dishes, great D, etc.

  459. Lin will make it done either by
    Playing defense
    Giving out Assists.
    depends on what OKC wants to give up.
    It’s going to be a good game.

  460. Kobe is not a factor anymore. Just forget everything about Kobe. His legacy is over. That will make your day.

  461. And Chandler Parsons!

  462. They should also ask:

    Would you like to see BS return to coach the Lakers next season?

  463. They should also ask:

    Would you like to see KB return to the Lakers next season?

  464. Best retort. They will probably get the 99.9999999999999999% no. Since they are BS clone buddies, they don’t dare to make the poll:-)

  465. It will be war between KB and JLin fans:-)

  466. Not if people gave reasons, and most of them did.

  467. I like it. LOL!

  468. Imagine 8 blocks away, the MSG board showcases Linsanity Prime for Championship for Knicks. Well, only in dreams.

    Short-sighted narrow-minded owner. SMH.

  469. i think as has been suggested here previously one needs to distinguish between laker fans “online commenters” and laker fans who actually are paid bodies in the seats.

    those paid bodies in the seats dont attack lin for “risking the draft pick”; they dont want to see years and years of hinkie style “not prioritizing winning”.

    they want a competitive game putting the best product available on the floor now. and they support it when they see it. (plus they want tacos).

  470. yeah i just said basically the same thing above; didn’t read down far enuf!

  471. mirotic has been one of the most improved players in the league post asg over season as a whole. (lin too of course).

  472. a lot of anti monte brewing and justified based on his server slumping lately (see chart here somewhere) which (apparently) has led to a lot of locker room disruption, but just looking at the season as a whole to me mavs started down down down when they got rondo.

  473. wow, great chart. what happened to Monta?

  474. Jeremy in two of the top 5 Lakers’ plays this week. Some nice slow motion sequences …

  475. Actually, I would love to see KB return to the Lakers next season, and extend another 2 year contract. =)

  476. learn the coaches 🙁

  477. yeah ive been pointing out a long time a great package for a team would be davis/lin and hope they could go together somewhere.

  478. I think Rondo’s defender actually gets closer to Monta.

  479. Lin has family in LA? I thought they were in bay area?

    Anyways, I don’t see much point for a pro basketball player to sign with a team to be close to family (except for players with kids and don’t want to move schools for the kids’ sake). During the season, you’re away traveling half the time. You can spend your offseason at your home with family and friends.

  480. I cannot agree. THe Sixers are a listless team and they are no good. At this point, we know Lin can kill 1/2 the NBA teams. If he can show he can kill the top half on the regular, then he will come full circle.

  481. Madsen’s got too little coaching experience. Only 2 years as NBA assistant coach.

    Pressey’s got about 23 years NBA assistant coaching experience.

  482. Bravo!

  483. That’s great once JLin leaves. Lakers can tank for the rest of JLin’s NBA career–maybe another 10 years+ (JLin is only 36 then:-))

  484. Haha, they are still debating if Lin is an NBA level player? LOL. Pathetic.

  485. its broken right now. badly

  486. That’s exactly right. For Lin to be the most effective, he does have to play high risk, high reward. With more experience and consistent playing time, Lin will find the sweet spot to get the most reward with less risk. Of course, he needs a coach that recognizes it and gives him consistent playing time to gain that experience and court chemistry with teammates.

  487. I like how you think. You don’t need “superstars” to be a great team. You just need smart players who play hard and the right way. Boozer and Wes do nothing for me. Isn’t Fields retired or something?

  488. His older bro, Josh, is in LA now. Yes, I don’t see this as the reasons JLin stays in CA. JLin will choose his next team based on what are his goals in mind (starter and ring) with coach who has team ball in mind. Family, money and endorsement aren’t in his main considerations. when he chooses which team he wants to play in.

  489. Just checked out the trailer on YouTube. Cool, I used to work in Kern County and didn’t know McFarland existed. An older movie I like is Finding Forrester, about high school basketball and much more.

  490. Yes, I think so. He had a good early season, but then he cooled off and I think they didn’t use him as well. Today, when AB is in, he’s not as productive. He did much better with K Hinrich.

  491. LOL My take if you want to put this kind of poll in public, you just have the gut to take what I believe as a fan:-)

  492. Thx on FForester. I shall check it out. This McFarland is the real deal. I ran cc in high school, it takes a lot of guts and gives you something to hold onto in life when the chips are down. I’m amazed they took farm workers’ kids and made them national class. They being themselves, too, their parents, the whole community.

  493. Tariq isn’t bad a setting screens but he and Lin don’t have the chemistry that Davis and Lin have. Byron should have moved Davis into the starting lineup too.

  494. Sure, no problem – soundtrack is pretty good too. Not much of a distance runner here, couldn’t take the pain and no endurance. Those kids may have the special Mexican running gene. There is a village in Mexico were running over 100 miles is like me doing one lap.

  495. Bako!

  496. Definitely, when you shell out money to watch your team, you cheer for them to win. The tankers have given up, and won’the buy tickets. FO will hear where the money comes from.

  497. Agree.

  498. Same can be said about lots of Kobe fans. I doubt they would enjoy buying tickets to watch him destroy LAL again next season.

  499. Here are highlights from Christine Cheng (11 mins 49 sec).

  500. looks like mirotic and gasol going to be enuf to hold a bulls win even with kemba walker going off and the kind of not so great lakers curretly available pgs. (and butler still in rehab mode).

  501. Maybe playing with Rondo who can’t score and another ball handler is effecting his game? Either way I hope both Ellis and Rondo leaves Mavs that way, JLin has another team to choose from.

  502. Monta Ellis is another ball hog and top3 in field goal attempts! Even more than Harden! Mavs will be way better off without this ball hog ruining teamball! I seriously hope they get rid of both Monta and Rondo!

  503. Boozer can get double doubles on a daily basis with 20pt games, he’s still a great starter! Not to mention Davis and Boozer work well together as unselfish Center and Point Forward! Wes is tall and with long arms for defense, 3s, alley-oops, and cutting to the basket for dunks, much better than Landry! Wes Johnson at the 4 helps space the floor for Lin!

  504. Will bet Lin fans would pay to see Lin play where he goes.

  505. Byron wants to tank, all that lip service about starting them together is just talk so he won’t sound like a hater after they had a great game.

  506. LOL they know who actually knows about basketball, is truthful, and doesn’t speak nonsense, and of course scored 29 points previous game.

  507. it appears minnesota has only 7 players available 2nite to play 9 out for one reason or another. most if not all appear to be legitimate injury and not just for tanking purposes. (but i could be wrong about the last part).

  508. He was an asst with Scott at Cleveland. His son played on same mizzou team as JC and JB for one year before leaving early but was undrafted. He made the celtics team and is a b/u pg.

  509. Nice.

  510. One word….rondoitis

  511. Jeremy Lin, Ryan Kelly to join Lakers’ starting lineup

    Jeremy Lin and Ryan Kelly will join the Lakers’ (18-50) starting lineup when they start a five-game road trip Tuesday in Oklahoma City against the Thunder (40-30).

    According to Coach Byron Scott, Lin will join rookie Jordan Clarkson in the backcourt with Wayne Ellington moving to the bench.

    “I’m going to change the lineup. As a matter of fact, I’m going to start Jeremy and J.C. together. They don’t even know it yet,” said Scott. “Ryan will be at the four.”

    Lakers beat 76ers as fans pine for lottery Kelly, who has played most of the season out of position at small forward, will displace Jordan Hill, starting alongside Tarik Black and Wesley Johnson

    Lin is coming off his best game of the season, a 29-point performance in Sunday’s win over the Philadelphia 76ers (17-53).

    “That was something I had planned on doing,” said Scott, who had long hinted that Lin would eventually get back into the starting group. “It had nothing to do with last night, but last night made it a little bit easier to throw him in there, because he played so well.”

    Scott said he’ll stagger his rotation so that at least Lin or Clarkson is on the floor for the entire game.

    “I think we’ll be able to help each other,” Lin said of Clarkson. “I don’t necessarily always see it as you’re the point guard, I’m the shooting guard. … It’s a tandem.”

    Scott will miss the next two games after the death of his mother. Assistant Paul Pressey will run the team in the interim.

  512. SO….JL need to go with another learning curve here with RK at 4 and JC at backcourt….lets see.

    PS: I will be away for the next 2 weeks….gonna miss the games….@psalm234

  513. It just happened after Rondo joined Dallas.
    Players are sensitive.
    He probably sensed that Cuban would not give him a new and better contract.
    He wasn’t happy since then.
    Dallas started falling apart then.
    Mark Cuban had really messed up his team by getting Rondo in the middle of a season.

  514. Lin said being with the Rockets felt like the D-league. I would say the Lakers are more D-league then the Rockets. Everyone still fighting for a contract, but no real system, and no consistent line up.

  515. I hope reporters would ask…why RKelly, instead of ED?

  516. Thanks….good video

  517. Jeremy Lin Full Highlights 2015 03 22 76ers @ Lakers 林書豪狂砍29分
    – by liao anton 14:34min

  518. I had said that I hoped Lin would be 90% for the 76ers. He showed us 110%.

  519. Mark Cuban paid Howard Eisley 41 million dollars on a 7 year contract in 2001 while Nash was having his breakout years with the Mavs. Cuban sells his greatness as a owner who has built a great franchise. His PR team works hard to sell his rep but Cuban isn’t that smar. He’s smarter than Dolan but his record of blunders are there in print.

    Cuban insulted Nash after Nash turned the Mavs franchise around. His first 2 seasons in Dallas, the fans booed Nash badly when he was learning a new system and maturing as a player. Nash was only putting up less than 10 ppg. But then 2001 and 2002, Nash put up 15.6 ppg, 7.3 apg and 17.7 ppg, 7.3 asp. Cuban decided that Nash was on the decline already and paid big bucks for Eisley who he beleive to be a better prospect. Guess what, Eisley was traded a couple of years later and turned out to be nothing more than a backup, while Nash became a MVP for the Suns. Cuban never even offered Nash a contract and basically pushed Nash to sign a big contract with the Suns.

    Cuban also let Tyson Chandler walk after he was a key part of the title run. The situation with Monta Ellis is similar to the Nash’s situation when Cuban got Rondo when the team was doing quite well. Ellis is not happy becasue he felt betrayed and not trusted. The chemistry and Ellis’s slump is caused by Cuban’s meddling.

    I don’t trust Cuban and don’t want Lin to be part of a team that depend on the whims of a fickle owner.

  520. Tanking. I believe every reporter knew…

  521. This video was made soon after Lakers signed Jeremy:

    “Jeremy talks about perseverance”

    [Full Ver.] CCTV Storytelling – Jeremy Lin 央視-開講啦 林書豪特輯 14.Mar,2015

    05:10 English Narration of Jeremy Lin about perseverance
    18:15-20:10 Jeremy’s conclusion about perseverance;
    23:25-24:30 Knicks vs Lakers ;
    28:15 about skipping class partially in Chinese;
    29:15 about his Chinese;
    23:05 about dating (he said he has a girlfriend)
    41:13 Jeremy said, “people’s opinion waver and is not worth playing for.”

  522. I don’t think Cuban is even trust Lin otherwise why he never offered Lin contract after Linsanity?!

  523. Jeremy’s stats will suffer with Ryan Kelly as PF.

  524. ah, too bad Mak .. but no worries, the 5 road games probably are “must-tank” games.
    Can you still check highlight videos at least? Travel safe!

  525. I see no flip-flops

  526. Wherever he goes; whatever he does, we support Jeremy.

  527. The battle has already begun. We’re winning (I hope).

  528. Hope to hear Linsanity games!!! Hope BScott gives better minutes rotation

  529. 🙂

  530. lol…didnt realize this was feature at the top! smh

  531. I’m not going to ask what did you vote because I know you’d protect Jeremy as much as you could.

  532. Monte Ellis has played consistently well throughout his career until lately.
    I’ll root for him to make a comeback.

  533. You express better than I do. Exactly what I mean to say. Thank you so much.

  534. He is too expensive for my kind of basketball team.

  535. It adds fuel to fire. Byron will be so jealous!

  536. Monta Ellis is finally getting the Lin treatment and his confidence has been shaken. People don’t realize how hard it is to perform well when FO and coaches don’t believ in you or when you feel like you have to constantly look over your shoulders for your next job. The fact tha Rondo was brought in really undermined the confidence of Ellis and his performance has reflected that lost of confidence.

    The fact that Lin has done so well while having to fight almost all the teams he’s ever played on for support tells you how special Lin truly is. I can only imagine how well he can perform if a team actually fully supports him like they do to all their chosen ones.

  537. I bet Jeremy must like the watch and the car himself.

  538. nonono that was just 10 % LOL

  539. 76ers took OKC to overtime lately.
    If Lakers does that, I think they do a good job.

  540. LOL I didn’t even notice that:-)

  541. Lol, I would’ve left earlier but having lin there is gravy.

  542. We can comment on this one though.
    It’s hilarious to see Lin make a drive to the basket and 4 players from the other team chased him from behind. It looks so funny.(@2:10)

  543. LOL I’ve found we have a number repeated items:-) That’s ok!

  544. LOL…yeah that was one of the best….They were really trying to stop Lin as the coach instructed!

  545. when i went to a game this year, all the fans around me (white, hispanic, asians, etc) were very different from how the online lakers fans perceive lin. he had a bad game, but everyone was genuinely hoping he would do better, saying “cmon lin, you got this.” it was very encouraging to see those types of fans vs. the extreme haters that vicariously live their lives through trolling on the internet.

  546. The new starting lineup makes no sense. Ryan Kelly is in a shooting slump the last 10-15 games. What happened to Lin & Davis? Didn’t BS say he was thinking about starting Lin with Davis???

  547. Anyone who has idea who was the person JLin talked to @14:09???

  548. BS has to start Lin bc FO said so… but at the same time he also wants to tank… that’s why this new starting lineup for tomorrow.

  549. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  550. our best scenario is to have 25+Linsanity games, Win or Lose is secondary :]

  551. That was a great game.

  552. Jeremy’s in business mood now! :>

  553. wow, human potential … not ceilings made by random ‘coaches’ he he.

  554. Jeremy Lin’s game isn’t that flashy or insane. Nothing he does looks special, except for his ALL NBA speed and quickness. But Lin is one of the most deadly guards in the NBA. His efficiency is off the charts when he is allowed to play his game and be trusted.

    I promise you Ish Smith and Canaan will face no tougher matchup all year other than Westbrook, arguably.

    Lin is an efficient assassin especially when his jumper is on. When Lin can hit the jumper, he is almost unarguable. There is a reason every team puts their most athletic 6 foot 6 to 6 foot 8 wing defender on Lin. And given enough screens, Lin will torch them all. He puts immense pressure on the defense. He is one of the best in the NBA at exploiting basic openings and weaknesses without fancy ball tricks. He is unusual that way. And that is why he is so deadly.

  555. Dont worry that lineup is ok. Lin will do his thing. Yes Ed instead of Tarik would be better, but Wes at the 3 and Kelly at the 4 will allow Lin to do his thing. The floor will be massively spaced. I expect good things from Lin.

    The only fear is will Lin have a roll man and can Tarik catch Lin’s passes being shorter and not as long?

  556. Watched the highlights, I know I sound like a broken record, but I love that he’s picking up all his fouls on the floor. He’s playing smarter every year.

    It is also good to see him get better to beat the double team. That laser to Ed Davis was a thing of beauty. In the past, other teams could neutralize Lin by trapping him and forcing him to give up the ball. But if he can consistently either find a cutter to the basket or pick up a foul when trapped, then he will be unstoppable.

    Did you see Lin’s reaction when Davis went all the way and dunked? He was roaring like a lion, having so much fun.

    I hope that Lin can finish the season strong! (as long as coaches stop interfering and just let the players play their strengths).

  557. Must be an assistant coach of 76ers. I will try to match him on the net,.

  558. of course Scott’s lineup makes no sense. None of his lineups made sense.

  559. I hope Lin does not sucker himself into staying in LA. I hate that the NBA wasted 3 years of Lin’s career while in his prime. I hope this time in Free agency they let him do his thing finally.

  560. I would only approve of Lin staying with Lakers if: 1) no KB 2) no BS 3) Lakers move to Eastern Conf! LOL

  561. Not dissing Byron here, just a light-hearted comment of the situation.
    But I agree we should take it easy on Byron considering the grieving period

  562. For me it would be, BScott, no way he is coaching…as Kobe, he is tamable, with the right coach 🙂

  563. and he’s lost his teeth really.

  564. don’t forget rehiring MDA LOL

  565. good post – I hope he does well, very well.

  566. 4) Lakers add Steve Novak

  567. Sorry, disagree. No coach can control Kobe. Kobe thinks he is above any coach, well maybe he thinks Phil Jackson is his equal.

  568. the way I see it is .. Lin/Davis combo has 90% chance to destroy the tank, but separating Davis from Lin it gives Byron the flexibility to pair him with Davis if he wants to but not at the cost of blowing the tank goal.

    So I expect Lin/Davis to close games in home games to excite crowd but not on the road to guarantee losing ways

  569. Pops would do…or Joey Crawford should he decide to change career path. LOL

    Joey would bench Kobe for Death-Staring the wrong way. Haha!

  570. The joy of playing basketball and watching it play far exceeds a championship.
    I value the process more than the product.
    At the end, we all die. What so good about the finishing? But the experience is unforgettable and cherishing.

  571. If Kelly can get his act together and hit some 3 pointers, the starters will look pretty good. But Kelly has looked terrible lately, like D league or China League bad. His shot looks broken.

    Wes does good as an off ball type guy and 3 and D type with Lin. Young Clarkson is ok with Lin.

    I really like the Laker roster aside from Kobe. Damn shame Busses will still cater to Kobe no matter what.

    Lin can repeat the Phildelphia performance 15 times in a row till summer and nothing will change for Lin with the Lakers.

  572. It happened to the Lakers last season with MDA as coach, am I right?

  573. – retaining Davis
    – get Nash as assistant coach to mentor Lin
    – and perhaps getting the Suns medical staff to help career longevity ala Nash
    hm, one can dream, right?

  574. I think Lin is just starting the final 15 games to keep the Lakers relevant in the NBA till the season ends. Also more Asians will buy tickets to home games to watch the guy. If I know Lin will get 30 minutes and a spread floor, I might even give in and watch a game before he hopefully leaves the Lakers this summer.

    I do not think the Lakers have any intention of keeping Lin other than through a low ball offer, probably in a backup role. Even if Lin does Linsanity the next 15 games in a row.

  575. favorite comment by someone at

    “Can someone explain why Kelly is still on the team, much less starting? Does he hold some secret transgression by Kupchak in his safe?”

  576. I went to a Clipper Laker game this year where the Clippers were up by 40. I bashed Kobe HARD all game and all the Laker fans who could hear me got really mad at me. Some woman really got pissed at me and gave me a look. She then told someone in my group while looking at me that it was a damn shame Kobe had such pathetic talent around him that it was like 1 on 5 and that she wished Nash was healthy. Basically I had been saying Lin was shackled all game so he couldn’t do his thing while bashing Kobe.

    I hope the tide has turned. Somehow I just still doubt it. If I go to another game this season, I suspect I still see #24 everywhere inside.

  577. He was good at shoopting last season, terrible this season. Hill looked so wonderful last season, now totally bad.

    MDA effect. Yeah I know HIll hated playing for MDA>

  578. Me too!

  579. You could take a break watching.

  580. Man, China & Taiwan need to make peace so Lin can play for them in the Olympics. Dang if Lin had a few good Asian stiffs to play with, I mean it would be insane to watch him take on team USA.

  581. you can’t go to a lakers game and bash kobe. u know better than that. that’s just asking for it!

  582. It will take Lin a few games to get used to it.

  583. It’s funny. NO lin fans anywhere are that excited Lin is starting. We’re all way past it. Which is good. Lin fans have become seasoned vets.

  584. He pulled both of his hamstrings in Byron Scott’s practice; first one and then the other. Without his feet 100%, the shots won’t be there.
    After an off season, he may get back in shape.

  585. I will settle with the first two.

  586. 5) Lakers add Amare and Tyson Chandler.

  587. LD combination is just awesome.
    It’s a shame that Byron Scott has never played this team at the fullest potential.

  588. Byron is keeping the players from generating real team chemistry to win.

  589. Kelly is at least 10 times smarter than Hill is. That is why he can shine in MDA systems and Hill were benched repeatedly. I see Kelly a good piece to help players like Lin, it is just too bad that he was buried under BS.

  590. LOL

  591. It’s like the human brain, right? Untapped potential.

  592. Lin alone is not even going to crack the final 12 teams …. Needs a LOT of help…either he plays for China or Taiwan.

  593. He looks slow on D and his O is terrible right now. He needs to play off the bench until get gets back into form.

  594. Older brother and sister-in-law in LA now.

  595. We would be more excited if Davis was starting too. As fans, we r very aware. Coach is BS.

  596. This is true. He will continue to suffer playing 3

  597. unrelated, he’s a fan of JLin

    I am black belt in Karate, working on #XMA and #stunts! Here's my sword routine @HiromiActs @Tastazou @FreshOffABC— Forrest Wheeler (@wheeler_forrest) March 24, 2015

  598. Lin and Davis lineup got vetoed by KB. No good for the tank.

  599. playing out of position all season long

  600. Ish Smith and Canaan didn’t do so badly against Westbrook. They took Thunders to OT. 76ers won 4 of 7 game before this one.

  601. starting for the lakers means absolutely nothing. it’s more about who gets to finish. also, everyone ends up getting similar minutes, so it really doesn’t matter.

  602. great analysis!
    He definitely can read the defense quickly and find the smallest openings. It’s this innate court vision that Bob Cousy recognized during Linsanity and it’s something that he shares with Nash.
    Bill and Stu had to exclaim, “He quickly read the defense!” as he drove for a quick layup before PHI big men can jump early enough to challenge him.

    The PHI game showed how he can now be so dominating even when double-teamed. It was tremendous to see and it left people hungry for more!

  603. The concept of team defense. Instead of blaming your PG getting beaten, you provide the rim protector like Davis. In NBA, any PG can beat your PG with a quick first step or powerful picks.

  604. I don’t think we’ve ever seen more chemistry than Lin/Davis for Lin’s PnR.
    They just get each other and read each other mind so well even without much minutes together.

    I’d suspect that they had to talk about sticking together in the FA to find a good team/coach with reliable PnR system. At least that’s my hope

  605. You see there is no point of tanking for a draft choice.
    Nerlens Noel is in fact a lottery pick. Wouldn’t it be a better choice to sign Ed Davis instead of tanking for Nerlens Noel for the 76ers.

  606. Perhaps Lin can persuade Davis to have triple China/Taiwan/US citizenship LOL
    Now a lot of people would pay to see that!

  607. Word! That’s why we love team basketball because the process of working together selflessly to achieve something greater is just beautiful to watch

  608. impressive kid! Thanks, I’m going to show it to my boys

  609. So BTW I’m just curious, how easy it is for a player, let’s say his name is Ed Davis, to apply for dual Taiwan/China-US citizenship to play with Lin in the Olympics/World Basketball?

    I don’t think Lin will entertain the thoughts to play for Taiwan/China to avoid controversy but inquiring minds want to know =)

  610. Not so fond of the torment that has come with it, but watching Lin rise above every challenge with so much force of will and creativity has been a tremendous ride-along. He has done nothing but get better and better. It’s really an exceptional story. Thrilling, even.

  611. It seems the tiger fans have pretty much given up on the old criticism that he’s too soft in his own defense. He says it straight out in this talk: “Never complain and never blame anybody.” Just power through and get better…which is the more satisfying revenge anyway, says I 🙂

  612. I bet a lot of people would like to tap that….brain.

  613. Cause we know it’s not a legit chance, Lin’s still not playing with Davis as starter and not as PG but as SG with Clarkson handling the ball who doesn’t know how to pass to teammates for open shots!

  614. Phil Jackson had 8 rings to show for it including 2 from his time as Knicks NBA player, other coaches don’t!

  615. There is no way for Lin to play for China, both Lin’s parents are from Taiwan, they have nothing to do with China, and China don’t accept dual citizenship anyway.

    Papa Lin said Lin would play for Taiwan, but only if they make the biggest stages like World cup or Olympics, which is a long shot for Taiwanese National team.

  616. Yes I think BS has been playing him out of position at the 3 and can’t keep up with opponent teams speedy 3’s. His natural position is a 4 so will see if he plays better at the 4. Also from his shot chart he’s better from 3 in the corners and not from the wings so perhaps playing the 4 will put him there more.

  617. The complaints by Laker “fans” about Jeremy breaking the tank are unfair. Sure, the front office can choose to “rebuild through the draft” or “not prioritize winning”. But players should be professional and compete whenever they are out there on the court.

    Also if the Lakers had given Jeremy a fair opportunity, they would not be in this tanking situation in the first place. They could have done better and still have flexibility and cap space for the future.

    I am happy to see Jeremy end off the season in style. Every game should be savoured.

  618. And they don’t want him to win.

  619. tru dat. 🙂

  620. good post. but proably got too much sense in it to be understood by the average laker fan. re

  621. her names yoshimi, shes a black belt in karate.

  622. Well said, real-dsb!

  623. Not even bothered of these keyboard warriors!….Real fan at the SC had fun…experiencing Linsanity!

  624. The only think I dont like of Kelly is, he do take some forced shots…would like to see play 50-50 at rim and at 3pts

  625. He is not a real catch&shoot player…he needs his spacing to get his shots. As long as he has his space, he can hit those

  626. Good for him…he is a vet now…and should start to look into Biz

  627. he needs to be out of the nba. he’s a terrible player, the only player worse on the lakers is sacre and sacre has established himself as something of a cheerleader role which makes him sort of a legendary joke character in certain sectors.

    im smarter than kelly but that doesn’t make me a basketball player. show me any significant data of any kind (not just oh he can shoot from the corner)–that shows that kellly isn’t arguably one of the worst players in the league allowed to start.

    kelly gets time to tank thats all. hes a terrible player to be put in with lin and is put in there again while out prevoiusly for tanking purposes only.

    put on a tag on him: “for standing in the corner and or tanking purposes only”; its amazing to me that people who otherwise seem reasonable will presist in some kind of delusionary narrative about an athete once it becomes repeated enuf. smh.

    i would reversere your comments and say he is terrible on defense (doesn’t matter where you put him) and slow on offense, and add: can’t shoot for diddley.

    out of 35 games this year he has performed below his projected “fantasy value” in 30 of the 35 games.

    last year under mda was not the mean but the exception and even then he still couldn’t hit 43% of his shots. i had some hopes for kelly this year too but clearly he is having a terrible year and it can’t be blamed on scott (lots of things can but not that).

    kelly is shooting less than 30%. does anyone actually think putting him in a different position will change that l significantly for the better?

  628. Now we know who is who. Thanks Librafree.

  629. agree. striking a balance between tanking and providing the illusion of not tanking; which is why i dont see why you guys think bs is just a bad coach and not a tanking genius.

    no taking team is doing less with more than lakers and that has to be all attributed to scotts ability to skilfully mismanage players to maximum effect but without the hinkie admission of guilt by choice. as strategy.

  630. thats what hes there to do: not play this team to its fullest potential.

  631. i been saying it for a long time yes if there is some way for them to stick together in fa; people last year were always talking about a package deal with asik; i never liked that idea. i still think asik is just someone with bad hands whose only virtue is taking up space on the court and freeing up more skilled hands but absolutely davis and lin is a fabulous combo; surely some enterprising gm should see that.

  632. exactly. and he keeps mixing and matching them so that its impossible to establish any continuity that would lead to sucessess.

  633. yes. and it is my contention that this is not a matter of bad coaching but a matter of intent to the desired tank philosophy.

  634. in a few games the season will be over! (and of course thats the point isnt it?)

  635. NBA seems to be paying attention now:

  636. aaaaahhh. Who can have any doubts? Unleash Lin and he shall perform like the extraordinary fellow that he is. This is simply his nature nowadays. I can not watch a single boring game whence he’s not playing. Poor Lakers……… give them rondo :] Rondo and Kobe. hehe!

    I guess the rockettes won’t be winning any championships this year either.

  637. further re ryan kelly: here’s a stat that people often like to use: p.e.r. (player efficiency rating). of 481 players tracked by espn ryan kelly comes in at 438.

  638. it all depends on whether harden gets foul calls or not. when harden gets his 20-25 fouls shots per game; when he gets more foul shots than the entire rest of his team, more foul shots than the entire other team (as he has done in 2 of the last 3 games) he will score his 40-50 points and the rockets will (probably) win.

    when he gets only 5 fouls shots (as he did in the other of the last 3 games). he will only score 10-20 points and the rockets will (probably) lose.

    historically in playoffs refs have not been as generous in rewarding the bearded one for his adventures in flaying into the lane and then falling down.

    (some people refer to this as flopping; but flopping is illegal so of course the beard doesn’t do taht).

  639. yeah…. How refreshing can the truth be every now and then 🙂

  640. the masked man has acheived his legendary string of triple doubles by and while:

    a. leading the league in turnovers (since asg)
    b. taking 6 more fga’s per game than any other pg in the league (since asg)
    c. taking 6 more fta’s per game than any other pg in the league (since asg)
    d. playing more minutes per game than any other pg in the league (since asg)

    still an accomplishment but with asterisks above usually ignored. (harden still get more fta’s per game tho).

  641. Lin’s famous quotation: communication, trust, and effort.
    Lin always talks to ED. They really communicate.

  642. Now you see Byron has planned to tank once Kobe couldn’t play anymore.

  643. He said this before he played for Lakers but I think he had no idea that he needs so much perseverance here in his home state.

  644. Who cares about those “Laker fans” think?
    when Lin has a bad night, they would say “lol Lin sucks”,
    when Lin has a good game, then would blame Lin for not tanking along.
    Lin will never do anything right in their eye.

  645. so, our boy is starting for the next game. but why in the world is his “partner in crime” – Ed Davis not?

  646. To keep the tank alive…LOL

  647. Philly has a solid #11 rated defense. And they put their best wing defender on Lin in the 3rd with Jerami Grant.

  648. I suspect OKC will have Dion Waiter guard lin tonight.

  649. So Westbrook can save energy?

  650. Just watch Jlin raises Kelly’s efficiency rating

  651. Right on.

  652. Lol

    It’s a shame. Aside from Lin’s exploits , it’s the only thing i’m looking forward to in a Lakers game… that Lin- Davis connection.

  653. Oops. Bad Timing, Kobe, Now that Russell Westbrook is grabbing headlines for his on-court performances, it’s disappointing (but not surprising) that Kobe Bryant set about grabbing an opportunity to tell reporter Mark Medina [link] that Westbrook reminds him of … who? Why, himself, of course.

    But KB went beyond trying to grab some of Westbrook’s current spotlight to shine on himself. He apparently wants to take some of the credit for the development of Westbrook (and his running mate Durant). As Medina reports, Bryant … “hardly sees any coincidence why Durant and Westbrook show some of his [KB’s] mannerisms. ‘They watched me growing up and saw how I dealt with criticism’, said Bryant.”

    The irony is that Westbrook had just given the press a quote when asked if he’d watched another older player while growing up. Westbrook’s response: “Nah, I didn’t watch much basketball growing up.” [link] So contrary to KB’s attempt at grabbing some credit, it appears Westbook just might have developed his on-court persona without reference to Kobe Bryant. Who would have thunk it?

  654. That is funny. The more Kobe talks, the more he puts his foot in his mouth.

  655. Yeah, that too,

  656. It is funny that the man-child NY had to restrain Clarkson
    when Davis jams.

  657. 14 minutes is long so we need halftime break too hehe.

  658. That’s the Lakers way! Ed Davis works well with Jeremy? OK, take them apart, throw Ryan in. If Ryan works well with Lin, they will replace with a new guy… on and on!

  659. Nice guys off the court. Fierce competitors on the count. Great guys!

  660. Lin will make Kelly shine in a couple of games when he gets some chemistry with him. Coach Lin will direct him to places that will give open looks and stop Kelly from thinking too much about what he needs to do.

    Good coaches always gets the best out of players by infusing confidence with sets that brings out their natural abilities. Bad coaches like BS will put players in uncomfortable sets and unknown situations that forces them to do things that they need to think about and learn.

  661. Wow, Kobe must be so desperate to try to give himself some credit to be an idol for younger players.
    I don’t remember MJ had to resort to this act of desperation to give himself credit much even when he was about to retire.

    It’s about to get worse for Kobe as he doesn’t know how to deal with not being in the spotlight.

  662. A Korean skater won a medal for Russia during the last winter Olympics. He was considered too old by the powerhouse speed skating Korean team and wasn’t going to make the team so he became a Russian skater in order to go to the big show. Happens ALL THE TIME. many Canadian hockey players goes home to Italy, France, Germany and other countries in order to play for their Olympic teams.

    Chinese table tennis players do the same after they get too old.

  663. thanks for the info.

    so there’s little possibility for China and also a long shot for Taiwanese National team although supported by Papa Lin

  664. If they did they would watch the original MJordan not copy cat Kobe

  665. yes, I read about those Olympic stories too. Very interesting.

    Lin might be a special case due to his global popularity and IMO he probably believes in himself that he can compete for the US National Team if he becomes an All-Star. But it’s interesting to ponder if he one day considers joining the Taiwan National team. A lot of things have to gone right for sure. For now, finding an ideal team and an All-Star aspiration would have to be the focus

  666. good point, PHI is definitely no slouch on defense despite their record.

  667. yes, even LakerNation acknowledged that NBA GMs will like Lin/Davis combo, the chemistry is too obvious to ignore. This is great for both of their FA values if they join forces 😀

    The best is yet to come!

  668. Might be too late in the season, but if Kelly didn’t get injured early and had more time w/ Lin’s penetration and pass out to him for the open shot, he probably be looking at a salary bump like Novak did.

  669. Looks like kobe has contracted the foot-in- mouth disease.

  670. so Westbrook might be a more talented Monta Ellis then?
    I haven’t looked at his efficiency but it sounds like he took more FGAs in Durant’s absence but is efficient enough to get Triple Doubles and more wins than losses

  671. D’Antoni’s discussing coaching future & PG explosion

  672. About selling his house due to his dad and the next move

    Q: Well in honor of the way he did it, I don’t want to look backward too much. Looking forward, how’s life right now? I hear you’re crazy enough to give up that Manhattan Beach view.

    A: “No, it’s great, first of all. I love coaching, and I miss that right now and I want to get back into it, without a doubt. I am giving up the view, but I’m going to spend – I have a house back in West Virginia … and I’m going to be able to spend time with 101-year-old dad. I’m going to go back there and do that. That’s the reason for the move, and trying to set up for the next phase of what’s going to come down the pike and be ready for it. It’s a little bittersweet, but I think right now is an exciting time for basketball. I think the NBA is exploding, and new ideas are coming out. I think it’s pretty exciting right now.”

  673. I feel that LAL or BS is trying to sabotage Lin by starting him with this 5 game road trip. Lin’s performance this year on the road has been less stellar compared to the home games. I think part of it is because BS not allowing Lin more minutes in the 4th qtr to adjust to the game.

    With BS gone for 2 games, there might be more uncertainties from the interim coach. Hopefully Lin will be able to take over more on the offense.

    I think they will regret the decision if they give Lin enough minutes and the team perform better. Especially if they get some wins and lose the bottom 5 positions for the next year’s draft.

  674. TNT just dropped the Lakers and OKC game fot Mavs-Spurs

  675. Mike D’Antoni quote from interview with Sam Amick [link]:
    “You know what’s fun about basketball? It keeps evolving, and it keeps changing a little bit. And the older guys want to try to hold it back to how they grew up, and it’s not the same. You’ve got to change with the times, and some of the guys you’ve got to drag across the finish line.” [emphasis added]

  676. wonder if LAL lose money for not been shown.

  677. I don’t know

  678. LOL nice dig on Kobe

  679. Tonight?

  680. Yep

  681. I think so & sure means your team sucks.

  682. They know that the Lakers are tanking. I think it was Barkley who said Silver should fine the Lakers for obviously ttanking. LOL

  683. too bad .. I kinda wish JLin will explode on Westbrook and go back-and-forth to see what Barkley/Kenny will say

  684. LOL this is why the tanking is so bad.

    It’s not fun to watch TNT and for announcers to do analysis when one team wants to win and the other is ready to concede

  685. Cov really took it to JLin on D.

  686. Not me, because I think it’s an obvious set up by Scott to make lin look bad.

  687. Ahem, JLin Portal. Nice juxtaposition of ad image and forum vision statement.

  688. Wow! I really hope Buss family will fired BS…Look what he’s done for Lakers… smh!

  689. Really? I think so it’s so unfair to fans who bought the tickets to see the game but the team played bad on purpose.

  690. I think it’s OK too bc Lakers sure will loss this game. smh!

  691. I think it’s an obvious statement that BS has no clue about team chemistry.

  692. The Refs were unusually generous with Lin in the game. He’s getting calls that he normally don’t get. This factor definitely contributed to the Linsane game. Just something to keep in mind.

  693. What’s yours say? I block advs. Also it’d be interesting to see what is on for different ppl as I think they tune it to demographics and I would bet by now individually, though they claim it’s anonymized. Electronic Freedom Foundation said they can tell from your browser bookmarks it’s the same indiv coming back – check it out. They call it browser fingerprints. Those tw, FB, yt, etc icons all call those servers with your IP address so that’s a network that tracks all your site visits given it’s pretty widespread. I laugh/am saddened when bankers, accountants, service providers etc. use those icons on their professional email signatures because they are just volunteering as a professional to help this sites track people. Delete cookies when you can.

    That’s why I need JLin – a little bit of genuine goodness in the world.

  694. I would love to see a chinese/taiwan combined team for the world tournaments. Lets bury the issues and start building bridges. What good is all this fighting for.

  695. Actually, he’s pretty good at mixing team chemistry up all season under the guise of finding the right formula. I wonder if they’ve done the math to see how free Lin can be and still make the pick. I believe Lin will not do as well with this starting lineup as with ED because they were so potent together. It’s going to take lin a little time to get this unit going, maybe at lease a half to a game.

    When I think of it, it was ED’s great D and roll threat that gave J the room to shoot, though he himself had a good step back or whatever it’s technically called to also generate the room for ED to roll. That’s going to hard to come by with Hill, etc. Hill is just going to look for his pop, and JLin is all alone on double, triple team in the paint so he’ll be forced to feed the pop. That only goes so far, unless JLin initiates body contact and gets the calls.

  696. They were 16th last year.My my how the mighty has fallen.

  697. Proof is in the pudding. ..

  698. Dallas is imploding…

  699. I don’t get the senior part. How old is senior nowadays? These women don’t look old to me, but i’m older too. LOL.

  700. According to the article, ESPN will release its evaluations of the coaches on Friday …

    We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to rate every team’s owner, basketball decision-maker(s) and coach from 0 to 10, and we then asked the panel to tell us how important each role is. … We’ll break out the three categories — owners, team presidents/general managers and coaches — from Wednesday to Friday.

  701. the players put on the court never want to concede. the onus falls on management and coaches for who they choose to keep, combine, and put on the court.

    (an exception would appear to be denver where it seems the players fed up with another laker guard old school coach , as shaw lamented at the time, seemed to be tanking without him, to get him fired so they could play in unrestricted ways; and that was actually the reverse of tanking, tanking to end the tank!)

  702. kobe’s desperate for publicity. since no one paid any attention to his documentary; thats why he came back to sit on the sidelines so someone would notice him.

  703. probably got it from bs

  704. Have faith. I do.

  705. I think BS being the replacement of Mike D’Antoni played a huge role for the downfall

  706. sorry no. kelly can’t shoot. can’t defend. his marginally acceptable play last year was entirely on just no one else available and a system fit for him. and still not very good and still an anomaly. kelly will be out of the league and on to europe or actually probably china or israel or turkey or russia soon. his horrible play this year is who he is.

  707. count how many different lineups the lakers have used this year; not because of injury but because bs just throws out something if its working and replaces it with something that wont. tank commander extraordinare.

  708. I think it is part of website setup that owner of the forum has no control of what contents of the “surrounding” components will contain. Most likely ads that might get your attention based on the pattern of webs you (or the other person that uses the same PC/Mac the browsers run on) visited.

  709. A Series of Unfortunate Lakers Events – Part 8 The Gate (First Half)

    Lightheaded, BS rambled in a dark space with emptiness – no air, no smell, no light, nothing. The last memory BS had was, well, he couldn’t remember. The only clue was he was addressing the media why he would start the PG but not with the center all together, so call LED connection.

    He just couldn’t remember and couldn’t comprehend why he was in this space. A scared thought came to his mind as the place resembled a pretext that leads to the inevitable.

    Inconveniently, a dime light came through the deep end. BS had no choice but drifted toward it. Then a gate came upon his view. Passed the gate, five long shadows gradually appeared. BS saw figures standing and waiting, all wearing long coat. 2 in black, 1 in white, 1 in yellow and … strangely he couldn’t tell the last one. It is somewhat white, gold, yellowish, but not exact. And queerly enough, each coat has two letters engraved on. He could read KB, MJ on the black coats, AS on the white, and JL on the yellow, but no mark on the last one. As BS pondering, the one with the white coat spoke: “Don’t worry. It is not what you think.”

    BS: No? This is not the judgment gate?

    AS: It is. But it is not what you pictured. Of course, there will be mutually exclusive paths of your final destination. But we don’t categorize as Heaven and Hell.

    BS: Then what they are?

    AS: As you can see, there is a black door, and there is a white door. Just think of it as different environment that you will live forever there.

    BS: What differs?

    AS: Well, let’s say human emotions will be elevated there, ones being positive, you know, love, happiness, joy, etc. The other being negative, all the bad you can think of.

    BS: I wanted to be happy, felt loved and being rich!

    AS: Ahem, you don’t get it. Money doesn’t play here. Only your deeds.

    BS: Oh, OK, fine. How would I prove my deeds? I believe I am, um, was a distinguished NBA coach.

    AS: You are right on the point. Here we judge on your contribution with your specialty to human kind. You are lucky to be assigned to basketball panel here.

    BS: So you are saying politicians and scientists will face different panels?

    AS: Yes, with members of panels specialized in that area. So you would imagine Gandi on the politics panel and Einstein will be on the science.

    One of the figures in black chipped in: “So you would imagine Gandi would be quite bored in the panel and Einstein would be quite onerous.”

    BS: Why is that?

    AS explained: “You know, for the majority of people facing the politics panel, be a politician or a lawyer, would go to the black door without much deliberation. Science is a very different story.”

    BS: Deliberation? So how does this work?

    AS: Each member of the panel will ask you what you had accomplished or why you did a specific conduct in your life and you will defend. Then the panel will vote to decide where you belong to and decide your role there.

    BS with his arms crossed, his heart racing, wait, why he felt heart beating? He did not have a heart. BS puzzled, with a slight discomfort as to what would be asked and ultimately what would be revealed.

    AS then continued, “Are you ready?”

    Yes”, BS replied redundantly.

    AS: OK, gentleman. Let’s begin.

    Then a shoddy voice came alive from the figure with KB marked on the black coat. BS experienced an oddly familiar stare from the figure. Yet, somehow BS felt relieved, not afraid.


    (Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or the dominions, is purely coincidental.)

  710. a hill doesn’t move; thus his last name.
    and when he does drive in, seems like his feet has sticky pad on it too.

  711. TNT would probably lose money for showing it. Not Lin’s fault of course.

  712. Yesterday on nba schedule, already showed tonight’s game will be on LP.

  713. Everything dallas needed was wrapped up in LIn. Ironically Dallas was the first team to give Lin a chance in Summer League. They should have traded for Lin instead of Rondo.

  714. Easy there, lol. Don’t get our female posters too excited.

  715. You know what I found odd was there were no pictures of lin/parson wwhen mwvs was in town. I think they were here a day before they played. I think Parsons might have been told to recruit lin,but not be seen together because Rocket’s were fined when Parson did that with Howard.

  716. I think one of the reasons for lin in the lineup with the rookies, so that lin can teach them.

  717. Lin probaly will play more defense tonigt against OKC.

  718. reports are dwight howard may return to play as early as tomorrow.

    the rockets have exactly the same winning percentage this year with or without howard.

  719. LOL sorry but websites don’t have control over what Google Ads choose to display.
    As @disqus_T3EnYYJXnU:disqus said, it’s based on patterns of Google web searches. So if you’re on shared computers, expect some wacky ads to show up :]

    That’s definitely not our vision to positively bringing together JLin fans through this Russian Senior dating ads :]

  720. Yeah, no expert, I think barefoot running is still good. One of my boys was into running, now mountain climbing, He got one of those but an earlier vision:

  721. on the other hand the primary factor in rockets sucess is the beards ability to get fouls called or not; the rockets on the season are basically a .500 winning percentage team when harden fails to shoot 10 free throws.

    more significantly 18 of the rockets 23 losses have come when harden is given single digit fta’s.

    symbolic in the extreme the rockets last 3 games where in 2 of the 3 harden received more free throws than either the entire opposing team (this was commented on by the opposing coach in the last game) or all the rest of his teammates combined. harden scores 40 plus in each game and rockets win.

    in the intermim game harden given only single digit fta’s; scores only 16 and rockets lose.

  722. I guess Byron can at least take consolation that LAL players don’t decide to have mutiny to get him fired. That plus he has FO & Kobe blessing.

    Oh well, the NBA politics are definitely not fun

  723. that’s a noble idea indeed. Maybe if Lin becomes an All-Star, they might consider having a unified team to get Lin on-board. That would be quite an accomplishment by JLin if something like that ever happens

    But one-step at a time for now =) Let’s get a good team/coach first!

  724. And as we see over and over again, Lin continues to surprise Byron by outperforming his marginalized role no matter which lineup is given to him =) Byron’s tank is getting pulverized by AntiTank Lin and I believe deep down Byron is truly impressed

  725. true, Lin probably will take on the challenge to stop Westbrook individually and as a team.
    I have confidence that he can frustrate Westbrook based on previous games

  726. Honestly I do not think Byron is impressed by anything Lin does. And never will be. Many in the NBA are like this with Lin.

  727. now yer the one giving bs too much credit. i can give him credit for genius in tanking as opposed to mere incompotence but i certainly can’t give him any credit in terms of sincere human emotions.

  728. Hill is not starting.

  729. some have wondered why they havent; concluded lakers recruit players not inclined to revolt. (a necessity i supposed when playing with kobe but even the peaceable nash/howard/pau couldn’t stand it there. and found their own ways out.)

  730. I think so too. I also think scott/kobe is responsibile for the dialogue of lin not staying with the lakers. I love the fact that every challenge they have thrown at lin he has overcome.I love the fact that whenever scott says something iin the press, lin challenges him and scott has no comeback answer only vindictivenes

  731. Now Clarkson can’t get go into his iso mode.

  732. if we believe Byron, he said he wants Lin to slow down Clarkson (possibly including his ISO mode)

  733. I certainly didn’t mean to imply any offense. I just found it amusing to see pictures the five young women displayed immediately above the site’s line about bringing together JLin fans.

  734. I heard a say that DH12 doesn’t matter during the regular season for the Rox, and Haren doesn’t matter in the playoff.

  735. didn’t know that JLin fans dig Russian girls

  736. That is if cheating refs don’t rig the game! We all know home refs like calling phantom fouls. It’d actually be better for Lin offensively if he doesn’t have to guard opposing PG! But we’ll see. If Lin’s playing SG than he probably won’t be guarding Westbrook.

  737. Really? Rockets actually got fined for Parsons recruiting? I thought players could recruit on their own just FO couldn’t?

  738. I think Morey did something public on a tweet and that is how he got busted.

  739. So true, guys like D Rose, Westbrook, etc grew up watching Michael Jordan and try to imitate him not Kobe Bryant the copycat!

  740. historically at least refs in playoffs have not given the beard the frequency of foul calls he has enjoyed regular season.

  741. Kelly is too injured this season to really be effective, it’s really too bad cause with his physique he could be a poor man’s Dirk.

  742. I noticed at the post game discussion at TCW, OC Green was gushing about lin. He really likes lin. He called lin his man. He also said that he has spoken with lin privately. OC Grren is a devout Christian. He was one of the fewer players in the league that remained a virgin until he got married.

  743. First round exit for Rockets again! lol

  744. OKC Game Thread is open

    Lin will start again in the last 14 games of the season but how many times will Byron allow him to finish?

    Will Byron only allow Lin/Davis to thrive at home games to generate home crowd excitement while ensure enough losses to tank?

    As Byron undoubtedly feels the pressure to tank more after the potentially costly Win vs the 76ers in the “Must-Tank” game, there will be more expectations to lose the majority of 5 road games.

    Starting Kelly with Lin instead of Ed Davis would explain the desire to tank because Lin/Davis combo easily threatens to blow up the tank.

    Go Jeremy!

  745. yes, I love his story. And he intentionally said he sought out to talk to Lin privately and confirmed Lin wanted to give his best in the final 15 games of the season.
    And I like how LA Media respected Lin’s courage & strong performance despite not being 100% with the back spasm.
    Let’s continue hope and pray that Lin finish strong and healthy =)

  746. LOL .. yes, that’s funny and ironic indeed
    Not exactly JLin’s values either to bring together JLin fans with 5 young women =)

  747. I noted an elevated level of respect in Byron’s speech when Lin played with back spasm. I think he now knows JLin is tough as nails and even a Lin-unbeliever like him had to respect that.

    Whether Byron wanted or not, he can’t help respecting Lin’s toughness

  748. as I mentioned to 1mtoldman, I sensed Byron can’t help respecting Lin when he played with back spasm. Now he knew Lin’s tough as nails!

  749. LOL

  750. I prefer the match up of uprising Jeremy against the explosive WB than the lowly Rondo-Ellis meeting his fate against the elite Spurs. Anyway, we have OKC-Lakes on cable TV here in Hong Kong.

  751. Lin has to school those rookies one after the other.
    A word for Byron: you reap what you sow.

  752. You don’t expect Ryan Kelly, Tarik Black, Wesley Johnson, Robert Sacre, Jordon Clarkson, Ronnie Price, & Wayne Ellington go on mutiny.

  753. … possible that Morey with all his number crunching made a big error in his “statistical blueprint” that a
    Harden-led team, or player whose style is similar to Harden, can make it deep in the playoffs?

  754. good point lol

  755. Scott: I will keep changing the lineups until you guys start developing some consistency!

  756. Tyson yes. Amare no. =)

  757. that high?

  758. what, Russian women can’t be Lin fans? lol

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