Jeremy Lin collaborated with Wong Fu to release the latest funny video “LINDORSEMENT”Β  πŸ˜†
Jeremy’s acting is getting better and better!Β  😎




  1. Thanks Psalm for creating this one. Is this the finished product or another one is coming. I’m a little bit confused with the info as I couldn’t follow the news from the beginning. It was my snooze time here in Brisbane:o))

  2. It is the only one I think…

  3. Brent is right. This is the only one with Nash and puppies, etc.

  4. But I think he also filmed another sport science with ESPN

  5. Thanks! Yes, this is the completed one. Saw this vid first before and then read in Twitter about a new one was coming. hehehehe That’s the problem for being out of commission for few hours:o))

  6. Thanks for putting all 3 vids together. Never believe this is what it’s. Keep me guessing on what it is all about:o)) Mystery solves. Very well-done piece and in such a short time. Thought it would take slightly longer time to put things together.

  7. That’s very true. From this vid, then we will see another one done in SF Chinatown. Keep us guessing what is coming:o))

  8. “My JLin Portal name is IsabeliJane, and I love Jeremy Lin with puppies”. LOL this is a good jab at the NBA players endorsements.

  9. Over 65,000 views so far on Lindorsements video and 38,000 views on WFW 108 “behind the scenes”!!

  10. We might see the effect of WSN too…..let’s hope it gets more hits. “You’ve changed bro” got so many hits because it was promoted by many national medias

  11. I think it’s great that there’re so many already. It was only released a few hrs ago.

  12. what about “how to get into Harvard” with over 5 million hits? promoted also? I think parts of Asia are just waking up. I’m sure it will grow exponentially.

  13. Grandpa Nash making a cameo in Jeremy’s video once again. Nice!

  14. It looks like he had a blast… adorable smile overload!!! πŸ™‚

  15. I like Nash cameo again. His acting was very solid πŸ™‚
    Plus @KingBach the Vine guy is funny and sounds like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.
    “Asian Products .. Fried Rice?” LOL

  16. It’s great that we can expect Lin’s Youtube videos to be bigger and better with the Whistle Network.
    And Lin will have part ownership of that Whistle Network! That’s what I call Harvard brilliance πŸ˜€

  17. great .. we’ll get another awesome video soon!

  18. No…that was because of the Linsanity…..

  19. Lakers have the most ‘Linteresting Man in the World’

  20. “Lin is the new Swaggy! Lakers Social Media MVP” Good words from TWC Sportsnet :}

  21. LOL Heard it several time and still thought I misheard it:o))

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