With Lin Sidelined, the Brooklyn Nets Almost Pulled a Win against the Hornets (95-99)


Without Jeremy Lin leading the charge, the Brooklyn Nets came out inspired and led 50-43 after half-time. But another 3rd quarter letdown when the Nets was outscored 20-30 made the Nets fight an uphill battle in the 4th quarter that they couldn’t overcome and lost 95-99.

  • Isaiah Whitehead started his first NBA game as a rookie and performed better as he finished with only 3 TOs (5TOs each in his last 2 games) and showed his aggressiveness on offense with 8pts/3asts/2rebs. But he can’t be blamed for his inexperienced as Kemba finished with 30pts
  • Rondae-Hollis Jefferson finally had a breakthrough to finish with 11pts/8rebs/4asts/3stls (4-5 shooting, a perfect 2-2 from 3s)
  • Trevor Booker had another great performance with 12pts/13rebs; Kilpatrick contributed a lot with 19rebs/4rebs/4asts but Bog had an off-night shooting (4-17) to finish with 14pts

The Nets could have won this game had they not loose the lead in the 3rd quarter again which has become a pattern. Coach Atkinson would need to figure out how to keep the focus in the 3rd quarter by handling the other team’s half-time adjustment sooner than later.

But overall, this is a great performance by the Nets team without Jeremy Lin against a well-coached team like Charlotte Hornets with 3-1 record prior to this game. No doubt, the Nets would have won this game with Jeremy Lin playing.


  1. FIRST!
    That’s 3 games so far where the Nets barely lost. Can’t wait til the roster is full and healthy. They will do some damage.

  2. 2nd for the win!

  3. I missed this game, but it sounds like they almost had it. So great effort! When I learned that Lin would be out for two weeks, I wanted Skilpatrick to start instead of the inexperienced Whitehead. Can anyone who who watched the game say that it would have made a difference had Skilpatrick started? So far, Booker and Skilpatrick are two of my favorite players on the Nets after Jeremy Lin.

  4. These two players are my favor from the team too. I think KA still not quite into win now mind set yet… developing young players is always in his mind…I don’t like the idea to start rookie vs Hornets or any team.

  5. I think I’m really starting to like and see the value of Atkinson’s very unorthodox coaching decisions. He gave opportunities to Hamilton, Lopez, Booker, and Bogs to shoot very important clutch shots in the past games. They normally don’t have a high chance of making it, so what on earth is he thinking? Well, I don’t think he’s simply letting anyone take the shot just because they’re open. I think he’s actually trying to reinforce the concept of a team. With opportunities presented to players like Hamilton and Booker to try to hit a game tying 3, he’s throwing these players into the fire and showing them they have parts of their game they can still improve. Surely, anyone who shoots an important game tying shot like that wouldn’t want to miss by any means and embarrass themselves in front of fans and also let down their team. This motivates that player to practice hard so that next time they can become more and more reliable. Slowly but surely. This is what I think what Marks meant by “holding each other accountable.”

    I also think the motion offense is already providing benefits. Because the team practiced motion O, they are less reliant on Jeremy Lin running all the plays, hence why you see him playing more off the ball. The motion offense still needs some tweaking, but you can already see that the ball movement is becoming quite good (just needs to be more consistent) and also Lopez being out at the 3 point line is going to pay huge dividends in the long run as it draws out the other opponent’s big from the rim. Just my two cents on everything that’s going on so far.

  6. Atleast we are 13th! YES!!!

  7. Wow. Spurs…

    Lakers doing so well too.

  8. Not last or 2nd last afterall. Btw we easily could have been 4-2 instead of 2-4.

  9. In the post-game press, coach was not keen on answering the impact JLin’s absence had . After the same question had been raised repeatedly by different people, he was finally reluctant to say: “It’s obvious we missed Jeremy, but this could happen with Jeremy in there. ” He was pretty much attributing the loss to Hornets’ solid defense. He praised the improvement Whitehead had and the good games from Skilpatrick and RHJ. Coach said that they’re sharing the responsibility a little more, and praised RHJ for distributing the ball well–RHJ had 6 AST vs Skilpatrick’s 4 AST. So, obviously at least coach KA wouldn’t think it would have made a difference if Skilpatrick had started. RHJ was hot tonight: 11PTS 2-2 3PTS 8REB 6AST 6PF & 4ST +/- +6 (his first positive this season). In comparison the two shooters BB and JH were both off tonight–they have a combined 4-21 3PM-A, and JH is 0-4. This was a winnable game if both of them had made just one more 3PT shot.

  10. 4-2 would have made us a top 4.

  11. Really good point there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. i was just looking at the stats – it seems that it is always the 3rd quarter where we lose the game. though the nets came very close – bogs was just cold. is there any chance that the nets will try and get a backup pg at all? is there a trade deadline

  13. Holy crap. I just played against Lin in NBA 2K17. Despite his low overall rating @ 76, he’s one tough guy to defend. So active and always seem to slip into the paint at ease. When I double team him on his drive, he’ll just find an open shooter waiting at the 3pt line and BUCKET! Best still, his mowhawk is alive and well in the game, looks so real too. Anyway, he schooled me hard but I was happy to be spanked…?

    Kudos to 2K for giving Lin a kickass A.I.

  14. Mavs and Pelicans…….Nice Lin did not end up with them I guess…

  15. see KA knows and experiences first hand how linsanity help and hurt other players. He wants to avoid that..so that is why even though he knows lin is important he will not say it out loud to make sure that his players know it’s a team thing.. not a lin or brookie thing. And I agree that this could happen with lin in there because look at the bucks game.. 4/16. if he made 1 shot in .. bam it’s a win. (although he did have 10 assists). Bog had 4/17 in this game.. not sure about other stuff other than scoring.

    So KA is avoding that ‘linsanity effect’ trap against other players. it’s a team… not kobe only or harden only.
    I agree with him on this.

  16. Hornets so far seems to be doing well without Lin. Surprised. I guess Kemba deserves to start. I always thought Kemba was a top half of starting PGs.

  17. Without Lin, sure….LOL

  18. So far. But they aren’t anywhere near as good without Lin. And what happens to them when Batum gets injured? Sessions isn’t going to do the things that Lin did. They also miss Al’s inside game. They’re still a probably 40 plus win team however.

  19. They do have one more year for familiarity….that helps..That is also what Lin did not have for his entire NBA career.

  20. Yes. They lack the depth they had last season. And I know we’re biased, but losing Lin is losing a very talented player.

  21. I think they will make the playoffs. Their final record may not be as good as with Lin though.

  22. Yes I agree that KA was trying to make it a team thing, but I doubt he’s telling what he honestly believed. True it could happen with JLin there. However, it was just last season Lin played with his former Hornets mates every game and practiced everyday. As smart as Lin is, he would be able to handle the offense pace and Hornets defense much better than his novice teammates. Look at the way Durant beat Thunder yesterday and Rose defeated Bulls at Bulls home court. Besides, had JLin been on court together with Lopez, Hornets would definitely have no luxuray to double/tripple-teaming Lopez in the 4th quarter. Nets’ offense is not any worse than Hornets’, and I believe with JLin being the floor general in last night’s game and if the priority was to win the game, the result would very much be different.

  23. What? Mav is 14??? Cube will be so mad now…lol

  24. With RHJ getting BADLY LIT UP AGAIN (this time by Kemba Walker), it may not have mattered if Lin played or not.

  25. The Charlotte Bench Force 1/2 that is missing Lin and Jefferson, they have improved from last season.

    Frank Kaminsky, Spencer Hawes, and Jeremy Lamb have saved the Hornets multiple times.

    We cannot read too much into the Hornets beating a hobbled Nets team that is missing their best player in Jeremy Lin.

  26. The rest of the entire NBA got weaker this season too, so it’s possible.

  27. Their 4 wins, only the bucks have winning record at 3-2. Easy schedule.

  28. I agree w you. If Lin & Lopez both were on the court last night they would win the game vs Hornets bc Hornets D had to not only focus on Lopez but Lin as well.

  29. It’s similar to how whenever I play with or against Magic Johnson in a video game, Magic STINKS no matter how high his rating is!

    The only thing Magic was ever good for me for was repeatedly defeating computer Michael Jordan in 1 on 1 matches datingn back to NBA Live 2000!

  30. Hornets maybe not as good as when Lin was there but they still run the system from last year. That’s why they can be in top 3 team now. Wish Lin comes back soon. Nets will be good too.

  31. Got this from the other side….


    “….Just his confidence, it’s like having your starting quarterback that you’ve been playing with, there’s a certain confidence to Jeremy, a certain leadership ability. … It helps the group in tough times,’’ said Nets coach Kenny Atkinson, adding “obviously we want Jeremy back as soon as possible.”

    Clifford talked about Lin play for Nets:

    “It means a lot to anybody like him, because the reason why he’s good is he puts pride in how he plays,’’ Clifford said. “You want everybody to want to be like that. That’s one of his real strengths, is he’s motivated. Look, obviously coaching him we’ve had many conversations. But he has a strong belief in himself, and he wants to prove to people that he can be an upper echelon player.

    “That’s how you should think. And the thing I appreciated was that as much as he wanted to start last year, he knew coming in what the situation was, what the role was. Not once [did he gripe].”If you go back and look, you could argue that our [three] best regular-season wins, he was our best player. … He’s a proven player. But you want guys who want [to start]. If you say I’m happy being the eighth guy, you’d better be 34, at the end. He’s not there.”

  32. I’m VERY UNHAPPY with the Archie Goodwin impending signing.

    I watched that guy stink it up for the Suns as an entitled poorly conditioned brick shooting no defense spoiled wannabe star with a bad attitude from John Calipari’s Kentucky program of wildly overrated selfish busts.

    Unlike any of the Nets players, Goodwin doesn’t have a good work ethic or true team spirit. He’s also nowhere near as athletic as he’s touted to be.

    The Suns spent 3 years trying very hard to get production out of this guy. They FAILED. Now he gets to stink it up for the Nets.

  33. Losing Lin means losing the playoff games.

  34. Atkinson goes into development for the whole team; not only for the young players. The obvious example is Brook Lopez. He is developing big Brook to be the type of center that he wants. Brook indeed responses well with the limited number of games. You could see the effort and the potential of Brook being the player that can post and shoot 3s. Of course, it takes time to improve a player, just like kicking away bad habits and be reborn again.

  35. umm…..you realize there are only 15 teams in the east right?

  36. with lin on pelicans their record would have been better. Probably 2-3 right now, but 3-2 could have been possible as well.

  37. you loved being spanked? you not masocist are you?

  38. After seeing Brook Lopez do to Andre Drummond, I am confident that Brook will stay in Brooklyn for a long long time. Good center doesn’t come by easily in every season. It takes time to develop a player like Brook who has been posting well against many NBA centers in his career. Anybody will take time to play the basketball game in a new way. The point is Brook has the type of character that the team wants and he’s a very talented player. Giving up on him is absolutely crazy. He is a sure thing on the court; not like draft choices who could be a big bust.

  39. Where did you get the news of Nets signing Archie…You’d think that with some of the stuff out there on him that the Nets would not have any interest since they want to prioritize guys with high character.

  40. This is from fatlever, a mod on the Hornets RealGm board. He’s always been pro-Lin.

    “How sweet was that midcourt hugfest with Lin after the game? Those dudes really like each other. Just makes me sad that it wasn’t in the cards for Lin to stick around. Nobody could ever blame Lin for wanting another chance to start and lead a team, especially in NY, but I just can’t help but think that if both sides could have agreed to stay together we’d be talking about a legit 50-55 win team.

    Sessions is just so far removed from Lin and its not even close.”

  41. Just google it. Got this…


    Archie Goodwin to the Brooklyn Nets?
    One of the intriguing NBA rumors has the Nets looking into to signing Archie Goodwin, less than two weeks into the NBA season. Goodwin, an athletic shooting guard, would fill a couple of voids the Nets have on their roster if a signing does take place.
    The Phoenix Suns, according to ArizonaSports.com, decided to waive Archie Goodwin on the Monday prior to the start of the season. Goodwin getting cut by the Suns was a huge surprise.
    Archie Goodwin had a strong third season. He averaged a career-high 8.9 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in a reserve role. After the season was over, it was believed that Goodwin would take the next step forward with the Suns. And once NBA teams got together for their training camps, it was clear that Goodwin would make the Suns’ roster. Seeing Goodwin get cut by the Suns was a head-scratcher.

    Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/3677788/nba-rumors-brooklyn-nets-to-sign-archie-goodwin/#8wIpe25BepeuqV5b.99

  42. come on man, we all know these sites are trash and make up fake trade stories for traffics…I thought it was from reputable media source like ESPN and others..

    I doubt Nets signs Archie because from my understanding, he’s simply too unpredictable, just like guys like Stephenson and Waiters.

  43. Same can be said with this Nets team…but with Nets, Lin is the man….

  44. It’s tough to play behind Brandon Knight, Eric Bledsoe and not to mention Devin Booker. Goodwin will not have minutes on the court. The guard who will be waived to get Goodwin will likely be Harris though.

  45. I am honestly happy for them and hope they do well.

  46. Too early to say this. Last week, Chicago Bulls were one of the hotest teams, now they are 3-2.

  47. their team has GREAT chemistry. The building blocks were set from last season. KW is also a strong leader….the hornets will be a perennial play off team imo.

  48. KW is a good person, but I still don’t think he should start over Lin.

  49. Probably from his agent tried to push Nets to sign him…lol!

  50. I know Cliff protected Walker from Lin but I still get the feeling he is a good guy. Seems he could speak more freely about Lin now.

  51. it was a big hit for them. Lin kept the team afloat against strong competitors and helped them win games that they had no business winning.

  52. to be fair to walker, there are not many PG’s who are better than lin. Obviously step curry, probably CP3….but thats about it.

  53. We kept talking about regular season games, but actually Lin has his value maximized for a playoff team in playoff games. In fact the 5 great playoff game showings gave Lin an ok contract and a great chance to start again.

  54. Look down below–those are absolutely idiotic comments!
    I’m gonna write a hundred times:
    “I should’ve known better not wasting time to click on those trash click-bait sites!”
    “The website ChattSportsNet.com is reporting that the Brooklyn Nets are looking at Archie Goodwin as a possible injury replacement for Jeremy Lin.”

    …”Those injuries, especially the left hamstring injury to Jeremy Lin, could conceivably open the door for the Nets to sign Archie Goodwin.”

  55. It’s not from his agent at all..If his agent wanted to do that, he’d go to more respectable website for this…These sites you are mentioning are known bad-source for trade rumors….They just make stuff up for every players or they just copy their stuff from other respectable source.

  56. What type of PG are you talking about? As playmaking PG, there are guys like Rondo and CP3 who are best. As scoring PGs, Curry, but there’s also Kyrie Irving, Lillard. A guy like Conway is a very good PG, a two-way player who can distribute, defend, and score. And what about Westbrook and Wall. The PG position has a lot of strong players who are around the 24-30 age range.

  57. I see what you are saying and it has been interesting to watch because KA has stuck to his guns. However JLin is a “team” force unto himself and when he runs the team they are much better. He is not a “star” like Michael Jordan who was an individual force, or Kemba Walker whom Charlotte wants to be like Mike but is not. But JLin directing the team makes the team run better. Too bad JLin could not have played for a KA run team earlier in his career because then he would have had the proper exposure. It is ironic to see that now that he is the acknowledged leader he has to share time with a bunch of clankers (except for Brook). I think diluting Jin’s touches do not help the team though it may help more players confidence in the long run, if they can survive into the playoffs more teammate might be better but if they want to win, give it to JLin.

  58. I do not like to rank players, because it is a team sport. What we are actually comparing is how good they fit in for their respective team. There are many types of PG…and Curry and CP3 definately fit in very well since the whole team was built to cater their strengths…

  59. yep…well lin got them BIG time wins in reg season also. Spurs, cavs, celtics. The team ALMOST secured home court advantage before the playoffs….they just needed ONE more win.

    Lin did great in playoffs, game 6 was where he fell apart because he started to think too much about things and messed up his rhythm. He should have went in with a killer instinct, but he is human like anyone else. The nets are a great opportunity for him to work on his weaknesses.

  60. Game 6 was good to me…actually probably only game 2 was bad…..Lin wise…Cliffy does not adjust unlike Heats….that’s all.

  61. Wow, since when a 3 liners? 😉 Great post.

  62. Lin is not the best scorer, he doesnt always take the shot and his shooting % isn’t as good. On the other hand, he always tries to make the RIGHT play and that is what sets him apart from the rest. I place Lin right up there with conley and CP3. Lillard and Kyrie are more shooting guards. Steph Curry is in another dimension altogether, but he is also a SG mentality.

  63. LOL….who typed those…..I was possessed…jk

  64. Not exposed? When you come to NY?

  65. I hope b4 Lin retires…LOL

  66. Maybe the EC title game or NBA championship game with Lin leading the team?

  67. If Lin is in it? sure….I would try…..and seems like the game tickets will be more expensive than the plane ticket….if it happens…LOL

  68. ESPN has been spreading rumors that Nets GM is open to trade offers on Lopez though:

  69. It would be a once in a life time experience. Let’s see how it unfolds.

  70. Agree. May have been a good team building thing but with JLin he could have guarded KW and maybe held him to 25 instead of 30 pts. Instead of 8 its at the PG by Whitehead JLin puts up 15. Instead of 4-15 by Bog maybe he reigns Bog in to 4-10 and someone else (like JLin?) takes the other 5 shots and makes 2. That right there is 16 pts. Then in the second half they can’t focus on Lopez and say that is worth only 4 pts more and you have the makings of a runaway. This is the price KA and BKN is going to pay for “training” during the regular season when it counts. Hopefully it will pay off and they get it back in the 2nd half of the season.

  71. very true, it is a team sport. On the other hand, you take Lin and place him in CP3 shoes….then Clippers would at the minimum, not change much in terms of wins/losses while the best case scenario being that the clippers win a title with Lin.

  72. Maybe Marks figures that on a team with character guys they will “train” Goodwin, especially now that he knows he can be cut.

  73. You guys are serious on this?…can’t believe it! The gist from the source of this rumor is nothing but trash talk:

    “The website ChattSportsNet.com is reporting that the Brooklyn Nets are looking at Archie Goodwin as a possible injury replacement for Jeremy Lin.”

    …”Those injuries, especially the left hamstring injury to Jeremy Lin, could conceivably open the door for the Nets to sign Archie Goodwin.”

  74. I firmly believe that the consideration of signing him has nothing to do with Lin’s injury. They are not even close in the level of play.

    Archie Goodwin is a third string SG behind Devin Booker and Barbosa. However the ways that the Suns are using guards are intriguing. They even used Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe on the court and they gave up on Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas.

    However, I don’t think he deserves twice as much as Joe Harris. His 3 point shooting percentage is about 22%; much worse than any of the SGs in the Nets. There may be an outside chance of picking him up should he clear the waiver though.

  75. ESPN is well-respected sports outfit with journalists that have deep relationship with team GM and personnel..

    The websites that you keep postings on here, do not have legitimate sources like that and many of them are from China or other countries…These websites are only created for clicks and to drive traffics to their site.

    Please, do not bring any news or rumors you’ve heard or read from any of these website because everyone on here knows how they work.

    Unless you’ve read it from other mainstream source, please, don’t mention it or post it here.

  76. It’s pure trash and nonsense–I found it the hard way only after clicking on the link of the rumor source. After briefly scanning through the page, I wouldn’t waste time even thinking about the possibility.

  77. dont think thats true
    uncredible sources
    Lin is only out for 2 weeks they will survive

  78. Thank God it’s trash then.

    I have seen nothing on Netsdaily.

  79. If you’ve read my post carefully, you should know that I did not bring them up. Instead, I was alarming those who brought this issue up that those sites are click-baits –just like what you did but to a greater extent!

  80. Exactly when playing with the right offense not that motion offense bs, Brook Lopez gives 20-25pts every game! Not to mention every star has an ego in this league and Brook Lopez’s humbleness and willing to sacrifice for the team and allow Lin to lead is rare to come by! How many times have we seen stars including Dwight not treat Lin as the leader of the team and rather do his own thing? Brook is franchise like Tim Duncan you want to keep until he retires to build around! When Brook is out there, Lin has so much more space to hit his shots without being double or triple teamed. With out Lin, I bet Brook was double/triple teamed in 3rd and that’s why Nets lost. There’s only so much 1 star can do when other teammates can’t step up enough.

  81. I hope so!

    Yogi deserves a chance before Archi Goodwin does!

  82. I can’t help being freaked out – anything to do with ex Suns draft pick busts from Kentucky freaks me out!!!

  83. I like brook… seems like a cool guy… hope he stays

  84. Cliffords words dont seem to inspiring… never liked him…

  85. definately
    i believe Sean Marks isnt that stupid
    Goodwin was a typical stat padding guy on a bad team who did nothing good
    like ish smith he does not make any team better
    people know this

  86. Agreed bulldog… the only time the overrated walker and fubar underrated jlin should be in the same sentence is the following: “walker is no jlin.”

  87. that site is not credible at all

  88. you say Kyrie is a shooting guard but in today’s NBA, point guards are scorers. He can be defined as a point guard due to his ball handling skills that set up others as opposed to his pure playmaking. The definition of point guard has changed

  89. That bad….huh? LOL

  90. LOL!

  91. Me too. I got nothing but good feelings for Hornets.

  92. Didn’t see the last game without Lin, but were Nets behind again after 3rd quarter? If so, that makes 6 straight games they were behind after 3rd quarter.

  93. If Hornets win and make past 1st round of playoff (better than last year with Lin), they must be doing something right.

  94. Ya! KA really needs to do something … that’s the problem since preseason games… smh!

  95. At least we aren’t 15th lol

  96. I don’t know and I was at the game. I think they had the game within 5 points and were down more in the 3Q, so they kept things under control. They went into the half leading the game.

  97. 73-70 end of 3Q (if I did my math right)


  98. Still too early. Maybe they will see Nets

  99. They have a long way to go before that. It’s been a soft schedule so them so far. If you watch the games, and I’ve seen a few of them, they aren’t as strong as last season. Their record doesn’t really indicate how they’ve played, IMO.

  100. In 3rd quarter, Nets vs Hornets at one point was 6-23: they let go 17 points to Hornets in 3rd quarter at some point. Funny thing Nets have a shut-down in 3rd problem, while coach Clifford said that Hornets need to resolve slow warm-up problem in 1st half.

  101. I cheered for every one of those guys in the starting lineup. The Hornets brought joy back to Lin’s game and I truly believe their team chemistry, as people and teammates, was special.

  102. You have to look at the teams they faced. They played opponents who are expected to be in the bottom half of the rankings, hence the easy Ws and the good record. Also, they seem to have shaky first halves.

  103. Yup, they had shaky first halves.

  104. Takes time my friend

  105. The Nets lost the lead half-way through the 3rd quarter and never got it back. See : http://popcornmachine.net/gf?date=20161104&game=CHABKN

  106. About the crowd, Roy, a Lin fan that posts on RealGM said the crowd was tepid. I agree with that. I wonder how much more enthusiastic and strong they are when Lin is in the game and makes his drives to the basket or throws a great pass. Or just his presence in general, how much that affects the crowd’s reaction.

  107. I thnk he knows that and is working hard at trying to prevent it. I think he’s a hard working, serious coach who doesn’t look like he gets much sleep.

  108. Not sure but I think part of the reason also is that we just aren’t a very good team yet. I’m a bit disappointed in the fans at Barclays though.. Last time they cheered for DWade.

  109. The games are close. As long as they are close games, the crowd should be cheering on the home team.

  110. I agree with you but I’m just really not too sure why the crowd isn’t as hyped. I know I would be if I were at the game.

  111. I’ve been to every home game so far including the preseason ones. There were only 2 games when the fans were disappointing: 1) the preseason game against the Knicks had more Knicks fans in Barclays than Nets fans. 2) the blowout game by the Bulls had the fans cheering for DWade for lack of anything better to cheer for.

    But during this last game against the Hornets, the fans were surprisingly good. They were cheering and chanting and getting loud for the Nets pretty enthusiastically. Considering Lin was on the bench I thought the crowd was great. As far as Nets like Lopez fading in the second half and the poor shooting by Bogie, Skil, Hamilton, Harris throughout, that’s another story. It was a very winnable game at home because the Hornets can’t scare anyone.

  112. Nets have lost 4 games and are 13th in seeding hardly anything good to cheer for right now.

  113. but the team was playing so trash
    they kind of deserved it

  114. Batum needs to get his shooting back
    He needs to score for them now that Lin is gone

  115. We’re the only team in the EC that played 6 games already, that’s a tough schedule. We’ve lost our starting, bench, and 3rd string PG’s due to injury and coach doesn’t really play to win. It’s amazing we have any wins.

  116. the definition of point guard remains the same but the role has changed. Even on the warriors, the one who handles and distributes the ball the most is not curry but Draymond Green. Simply stated, Draymond is a better facilitator than Steph so he plays the PG role while Steph plays the role of SG.

    On Cavs, the real PG on that team is Lebron…they have a similar setup as the warriors. Even when Lebron was not on the team, Kyrie was never a good distributor..he always looked to get his shot off first.

    The playing style most similar to Lin is probably Lebron and Mike Conley. All of these guys are 2 way players, they don’t always take the shot and try to get the ball to the open man instead. They all play a brand of basketball that is similar to an NFL QB.

  117. Sorry if this was posted already. Appreciate perspective on injury:

  118. its crazy…after bogut was traded, curry and klay 3pt % dropped like crazy. Its no coincidence to be honest. The illegal screens, and body checks from bogut were giving warriors massive amounts of space to shoot.

  119. we saw him with his own clipboard 🙂 and always talking to Isiah whitehead n kilpatrick…

  120. Winning is not their first priority or else they could have won against the Bucks with Lopez. They are trying to develop their players, veterans and rookies alike. Then they try to keep them healthy for the season. This is a new team. The players needs to establish the chemistry for them to play team basketball. It will take months rather than weeks to play well in a new offense and defense. As long as they are making progress before Christmas, they are fine. After a few months, they will be a different team.

  121. KHuang was right about Bogut’s critical role (unappreciated) to Warriors.

  122. Indiana Pacers is kicking the Bull’s rear end now; (104:84).
    Detroit Pistons is doing more or less the same thing on the Nuggets. (96:71)
    There are lots of ups and downs for any NBA teams; not only the Nets.

  123. dying here waiting for lin to come back such pain

  124. man the spurs would be phenomenal if they had lin

  125. http://www.espn.com/blog/marc-stein/post/_/id/4633/will-boogie-be-traded-this-year-is-harden-going-to-make-history
    6. Portland is the surest team to make a trade this season.The Blazers have more wings (Allen Crabbe, Evan Turner, Moe Harkless) and bigs (Mason Plumlee, Meyers Leonard and Festus Ezeli, than they need.

    Alas Ed Davis too – only 15 mins per game this season)

  126. If you’re interested in some highlights from the Lakers’ big victory over the Warriors, CaChookamanTV has some nice uploads on YouTube. Here are some 4th-quarter Laker highlights. At least offensively, they look like an enjoyable team to watch.

  127. Would love for a Lin x Ed Davis reunion!

  128. Wow! Coach Clifford talked about JLin for full 5+ minutes in pre-game interview. It’s very very rare for a head coach to spend that kind of time to talk about his former player on the game day at the player’s current team’s home court, and coach had nothing else to say but praises after praises.

  129. Pray it’s not too late to make the playoffs by then.

  130. Thank you Clifford. .. Except for game 7 of the playoffs. Otherwise thank you and best of luck to the Hornets this season.

  131. Man, hearing this made me realize it’s nothing but love for Lin. Just sad that it wasn’t really the right situation for Lin to start. I still think the Nets are a much, much better fit for Lin and a great organization, but props to these guys for treating Lin well on a down year coming off the Lakers.

  132. Jeremy at Ample Hills Creamery …

  133. Yup, me too. It feels empty without him!

  134. Nice photo! Glad he’s enjoying himself.

  135. Clifford confirms Lin wanted to start last year. thanks for the good words for Lin now but you really should have started Lin, Clifford. would have beaten the Heats in 4 games. i stand by what i’ve said all last season that Clifford is a very good basketball coach

  136. nah. give me highlights of the Sixers over the Lakers anytime

  137. Yes, that’s why I NEVER had a grudge against CCliff that “lasted long”…. JLin was a $2M man and accepted his role on the team as 6th man. BIG part was when CCliff put JL7 ahead of JLamb (a much larger contract). Even in the playoffs, JLamb never played meaningful minutes like JL7. He’s one of the good coaches.

  138. Yeah, but dont know if it’s totally up to him to start JL7 in “every” games… I’m sure there’s more to it. Anyway, its bygone.

  139. They need to beat the wolves and the suns during this. Get at least a couple wins. Otherwise 2-9 is a hard task to climb out

  140. Nets-Poet • 7 hours ago
    I was really sad – that Lin couldn’t play
    I was so disappointed – that I started to pray
    That he would get better – faster than planned
    Maybe his trainers- could give him a hand

    But when he talked about – Ava and the shoes
    I had a change of heart- no more feeling the blues
    I then realized – that Lin was much more
    Than a jock with a ball- on the hardwood floor

    He’s an inspiration- a leader through and through
    He always keeps it real- always tells the truth
    To play a few games- is never his goal
    He has a clear perspective- on life as a whole

    So when we see Lin – with a clipboard in his hand
    We real Linfans – truly understand
    That through his great presence – lies the true meaning
    For his fans and his teammates – become better human beings

    11 • Reply•Share ›

  141. Will be interesting to see how they game plan against Towns+Wiggins+LaVine.

  142. Perhaps it will be Whitehead against Dunn, ha.

    “In their final head-to-head contest, back on February 25, Whitehead played one of his best games at Seton Hall. Against Dunn, Whitehead poured in a game-best 25 points, dished out nine assists, grabbed six rebounds, and blocked four shots in a 70-52 victory.
    Dunn? Eight points on 4-of-12 shooting, with zero assists and three turnovers in 29 minutes.”

    Dunn has started three games out of five, and Whitehead has only one. From the numbers of the latest games they started, Whitehead doesn’t look too bad vs Dunn:

  143. Agree! Clifford treated Lin great. Both knew the expectations. Only gripe, was game 7 as well and using him more as a shooting guard. He didn’t use Lin when he needed him. I think because Lin wasn’t as effective in game 6 (1-8, 3to, & -17 +/- in 24min), so maybe they thought he went into a mini slump, so didn’t want to risk playing Lin in game 7, even though he had (4-8, 0to, & 2stls in 19min).

  144. Perhaps the best (quickest) way to improve the bench is to let them start.

  145. I am hoping Jlin will exercise his player options after 2 yrs and join the Spurs.

  146. This was posted on the other site by Winner. I thought the article was very well written and emailed the author to let him know.

    Howard Megdal
    Howard Megdal – ‏@howardmegdal

    ICYMI: Linsanity returns, for the other team http://politi.co/2f1Gmmu

  147. were you the one shown on the screen boards aka jumbotron seating near court side….

  148. As it been reported what grade of ham string did Lin suffer?…The fact that they will only re-evaluate him after 2 weeks seems to suggest it’s a more serious type since I’ve heard that some ham-string can keep out for about a week,

  149. Lin himself said they did not give a grade there.

  150. Clifford RELIEVED that Lin is gone.

  151. Lin is just as impactful on defense as offense.

    He gets into his teammates, demands that they make hustle plays that they are not aware they are capable of making.

  152. maybe a little less stressed on his dealing with KW. team can’t have a spoiler for kemba as the team franchise player that’s why even it was evident that Lin is better than him, Cliff and company did not try to have jeremy lin on their team.

  153. Did he take any MRI or similar diagnostic? If so, that could implies what you suspect. If not, it could be minor. The way Lin walked off the game down the exit channel, it seems that it is minor.

    Hope it is really nothing and just needs time for rehab.

  154. they did MRI, Lin said he saw the image, but don’t know what itmeans

  155. LOL so basically he did not see it..

  156. nice!

  157. Been said all those years…. Finally ppl start to realize it

  158. well, he saw it, he said he saw just black and white, LOL.

    It is in NY, and Lin should still remember his 80%, so he will be smart enough not say anything about timeline this time.

  159. Yeah…..well….I hope we will know more soon

  160. I think they did tell him what grade it is but he is just not telling the public. It’s not serious enough to require surgery but I think it will take more than 2 weeks. I say he will be back after 3-4 weeks.

  161. You are right. Put the bench into the fire and see who will come out a better player. The other option is to sign The head of the snake. Just kidding

  162. That’s all I hear. I hear none of the stuff about Cliff not wanting Lin now. I think, without a doubt, he’d love to have Lin but realizes, Lin needs a bigger role. Cliff statements were classy, I don’t have problems with Cliff.

  163. Disagree totally with that. Cliff knows Lin could do more, but that doesn’t mean he’s glad he’s gone.

  164. I don’t find Lin better than Kemba. They have different strengths, they are both very solid players in what they do. I loved games when both Kemba and Lin played well, like the Toronto game. But there were so many games when the Hornets needed Kemba’s scoring to win as well.

  165. They saw through his disguise heh

  166. Wow, I read the transcript before but it’s good to hear the actual interview. Good to see he finally admitted that Lin was most important player in hornets biggest wins of last season. He couldn’t admit it last season and always got upset at being put on the spot by the media. Looks like he’s more comfortable talking about it now lol. It was always politics with the man and hell i don’t blame him for it. A $3 M contract is on the line for him. Either way, it doesn’t change that he is a great coach. That’s one thing that Lin is good at. He can find teams with great coaches on his own.

  167. Past few Sundays my pastor has been discussing the story of Joseph. I feel like there are parallels to that story and Lin’s story.

    Joseph was the younger brother but favored by their father and given a coat of many colors. His brothers were jealous of him and sold him to slavery. Although Joseph was not in a good position he stayed faithful to God and did his best. His reward from his Master was to be sent out to prison.

    In prison Joseph stayed true, trying his best and often relied upon by the guards even though he was a prisoner.

    After years as a slave and a prisoner he was place under the pharaoh in command of Egypt, second only to the pharaoh.

    At the end of the story, those brothers who were jealous of him were bowing down to him. Joseph in return was not angry but forgiving with love. Knowing it was all in God’s plan.

    Lin too was a victim of jealousy. His coat of colors (linsanity) striped away. Sent out from New York and finding himself in positions he did not want. But he stayed faithful to his Lord and always did his best and did a good job. His reward was further demotion. Now finally an old friend remembered what he did and helped him to become a starting pg once again.

    Will Lin’s story end as Joseph, with him on top and his ex jealous teammates giving him props. The end will be in God’s hands but I’m sure Lin like Joseph will have a heart of forgiveness.

  168. In Hebrew Joseph means may God increase. Jeremy means may God exalt.

  169. with Lin being out for awhile, the only other good undrafted pg to watch is Delly. Bucks playing some good ball this season and may win 50 games with Delly running the show. Delly is 50% from the field and 41% from 3pt territory and has a 2.5 to 1 assist to TO ratio. big loss for Cleveland not resigning him and then giving JR that ridiculous contract.

  170. I think in two weeks he gets another MRI but I’m just guessing. he may get an MRI this week

  171. Any medical expert from this site on this?

  172. Knicks lost to the Jazz to drop to 2-4 record
    George Hill (23p/9a/2r/0tos) won the matchup against DRose (18p/8a//4r/4tos) but they both seemed to play well.

    @MikeSGallagher George Hill just toying with Rose.

  173. He was voted as one of the dirtiest players in the league, just saying.

  174. He plays hard but since he’s white people just think he’s a dirty player when Patrick Beverley is 10 times worse because he has no skills

  175. so they are just keeping Lin out for no reason?

  176. theyre both dirty players. Its not because he’s white, its just that he is dirty…nobody else dives towards players knees, ankles, falls back on other peoples legs, etc. The funny thing is his excuse is always ready made…”uuh, we just happened to tangle up and I fell over backwards into his legs, I didn’t do it intentionally”. Yeah (*rolls eyes*) he didnt “intentionally” take out kyle korver from playoffs, or dive at horfords legs, and then taj gibsons. This is one of the main reasons I didn’t want Lin to play heavy minutes in that bucks game, because delly is dirty and you never know what kind of stunt he will pull. The funny thing is, near the end of that game, delly still shoved lin in the back for no reason.

    It was always funny watching the clowns draymond green and delly play each other. Both are dirty as hell, and their on court flopping/diving/kicking is always entertaining.

  177. Man I always liked George Hill. Solid pickup by the Jazz. I think the Pacers got scammed to be honest.

  178. Jazz is doing something right. They beat the Spurs or they split W/L with Spurs. Jazz has a good bench too.

  179. More important, Joseph forgives. Will Jlin fans also forgive? I know it is tough for me to.

  180. Looks like Goodwin is going to the Pelicans …


  181. Who’s team is the Jazz, George Hill’s or Hayward’s or both? I always felt George Hill was underutilized with the Pacers glad he’s doing well. The Jazz are definitely catching everyone by surprise they will go far this year.

  182. -.- entertaining? more like ugly basketball. I cringe when ever those two purposely go at other players. I’d like GSW more if they didn’t have a dirty player like Draymond Green. Seems like every Championship have at least 1 dirty player, Heat had Chris Anderson, Cavs had Delly.

  183. LOL Lin is better than Kemba on both offense and defense! Kemba was always blown by and frequently blocked at the rim. The only thing he was good at was being allowed to chuck as many shots as he liked. Lin never had some privilege only during the short stint with Knicks and now with the Nets where he can take 16 shots or more without the coach screaming or pulling him out.

  184. I’d like to see Kilpatrick start with or without Lin. He’s been playing amazing every game over both RHJ and Whitehead. I know KA was already giving Kilpatrick more minutes with starters and 2nd unit during the Pistons game before Lin got injured. Just hope when Lin comes back he can try a new starting lineup.

  185. Its entertaining because they do their best to make their dirty plays look like an accident. It was hilarious seeing the refs finally suspend Draymond for the nut kicks/slaps in game 5. Warriors also got rid of bogut, now their 3pt shooting has gone down :D. I mentioned this earlier, but the body checking and illegal hard screens by bogut was giving klay and steph wide open 3 pt shots. GSW gave up a basketball TREASURE in bogut, when they went all in for durant.

    Now they have to train some other FAT lumbering 7 footer to do what Bogut did on the down low every single game. Unfortunately, its not easy to find someone that slick. Well, at least they still have Shreks partner Draymond still in action.

  186. Jeremy doing more community outreach …

  187. having withdrawal symptoms of having no jlin action on the court………save me… 2 weeks? prob 3 to be honest…. o hell

  188. Same.. might end up in a lot of losses too.

  189. I really hope Jeremy Lin stays with the Nets until he retires.. even if that means him moving him to backup PG when he’s older. I’m willing to be a Nets fan for life until Jeremy Lin retires or the GM/coach is gone. Never seen such an organization who’s so detailed, cultured, and has such outside the box thinking.

  190. to admin: pls delete if already posted.TY

  191. The key is that the Nets are NOT AMERICAN OWNED.

    No American owned team will ever have Lin on its roster for long, there’s too much anti Asian hatred in this country.

  192. They should seriously add these stats to basketball reference and etc

  193. I don’t like George Hill.

    He has no foot speed, he gets murdered by good opponents.

    The problem with the Pacers is exactly what I wrote on this forum this summer: retread coach Nate McMillan is an old school 80s coach who is not up to the task of coaching in the modern day NBA.

    It’s a bit frustrating for me because Pacers President Larry Bird will make great moves like mercifully trading Hill for the vastly superior Teague but then make totally fatal flaws like dumping Tyler Hansbrough and Frank Vogel. The negative moves Bird makes (including bypassing Jeremy Lin) always hurt the Pacers more than the good moves help.

  194. Go follow Jimmer Fredette like I’m doing!

    He is playing amazingly well in China, just as good as he did in the NBA whenever given a tiny chance.

    Jimmer is banned from the NBA because he’s a small white guard with a dominating NBA game, but he’s the best scorer in all of basketball. He is the modern day Nick Galis!

  195. That’s NOT dirty play by Delly.

  196. Forgiving only happens when the offending party ADMITS GUILT and CHANGES THEIR WAYS.

    We see none of that in the racist NBA, so NO FORGIVENESS.

    I don’t intend to forgive anyone for being racist.

  197. Instead of either of those two players who are essentially older and no more skilled versions of Isiah Whitehead, the Nets should consider bringing up the inexplicably underrated Jordan Crawford who is a dynamic 6’5″ high flying athlete who has a long history of NBA success but is inexplicably not regarded as NBA material.

  198. delly is a creep and yikes

  199. I don’t know if it’s hatred; it’s more like total ignoring (not lack of knowledge but just ignoring) or off radar. Maybe I don’t follow campaign news, but I haven’t seen one instance where either candidate addressed Asian-Americans during the campaign. Lol One sincere question: I understand why in some sense there is sort of affirmative action in college admission for African-Americans or Native Americans because they have been severely discriminated in the American society etc., but why is it that Hispanics have such an easier time getting into good colleges than Asian-Americans? I am not asking this question as a complaint; I am trying to see if I am missing another perspective because are they saying Hispanics have been discriminated more than Asians as a group?

  200. I do agree that Jimmer has not been given a real chance in NBA; I really think Nets should get him if he becomes available.

  201. Delly is a good player.

  202. Lance Stephenson seems like he gets kicked off every team. Lol

  203. Jeremy is 5 bodies away from a love connection.

  204. Luke is good coach. Lakers is going to get 4th win vs Sun…. Happy to see Nick Young plays well.

  205. That’s a funny move by Rose… jumping so early.

  206. of course they have different strength and weaknesses but it was obvious the Jeremy is better on defense and an efficient performer than kemba..scoring much is not a big factor of his efficiency but the true test should be if your shot and your points makes the win and better your teammates as well…pure technical aspect even suggest JLIN is better in handling a team!

    a player needs to be better on offense and defense before you can say he is better than other players…he can bea good shooter but not a better players than the other or a better defender on that matter.

    If cliff found Jeremy as that good, i must say he tried his best to sign him…but even before the season ends, they already letting jeremy go by their actions on court. the problen was not the money but politics of the team!

    anyway, to each his own as they say !

  207. grudge is a very harsh word.. Cliff is not a good coach because he follows politics rather than his principle.

  208. I really feel sorry for lance….Looks like the injury was the bigger reason he got cut..they can not afford any player to get injured since they’re 0-6 and Gentry has to be under pressure as the coach now..He’s probably favored to be the first coach to be fired.

    As for Stephenson, before he got hurt, he had a few nice games…

  209. no worries…if there was one…it would have been buried way deep

  210. thanks!

  211. Hustle stats are already on NBA official NBA stats:

  212. He should have stayed in Indiana but he got big-headed and no other team gave him the chance to dominate the game.

  213. But I heard some Spurs fans say his attitude wasn’t good so that they gave him up in the camp. I don’t think Nets want players with attitude problems.

  214. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  215. Welcome to join Michael…lol

  216. Every time Lin joins a new team there is always some new obscure stat I never heard of that Lin is top 5 in. I’d rather see him in top 5 of points/assists

  217. 2nd that.

  218. [Tim] MacMahon’s role at ESPN changed this year, transitioning from a full-time Mavericks beat writer to a more general NBA position that included other teams, something [Mav’s owner Mark] Cuban was unhappy with. After ESPN failed to return MacMahon to a full-time beat position, Cuban followed through on an initial warning and revoked his and [Marc] Stein’s credentials.

    See : http://www.mavsmoneyball.com/2016/11/6/13547492/mavericks-revoke-espn-season-credentials-tim-macmahon-marc-stein


  219. I used his formula for Hustle Index and Hustle stats data from nba.com to create the following table to see how the Nets backcourt fares, and apparently the young guys RHJ and Whitehead etc. are not bad in their defense efforts. (The “No. ranking” is from 178 guards who have played at least one game this season.)


    The Hustle stats are supplement numbers to box scores and more biased on defense, according to NBA’s definition:

    “What are Hustle Stats?
    Hustle stats evaluate player performances that affect outcomes but cannot be found in traditional box scores. Hustle and activity stats take offensive and defensive analysis to the next level. In addition to standard blocks and steals, players are credited for their defense with contested shots, charges drawn, deflections and loose balls recovered (on offense or defense). On offense, each screen is tracked to examine which players assist in creating scoring opportunities for their teammates.”

  220. Well, ESPN deserves much credit and blames. So I don’t think this is unfair.

  221. i vote for myself as I am not putting my life in the hands of either…so I’m doing things my way. case close.

  222. Interesting. There might be a potential beef between Cuban and Tim McMahon due to ‘unfriendly/sensationalist’ reporting based on a readers’ comment

    Q: Is this part of some wider beef Cubes has with ESPN?

    Posted by Adithya
    A:▼This is what I’m thinking.
    They were kinda painted as almost being in the wrong during the whole DeAndre Jordan debacle (and I realize the irony of me replying about this to a Clips writer), can tend to make stories that upset locker room harmony, and Tim has been a bit on the sensationalist side.

    My guess is that they’ll have everything back again in about a week unless this is more personal between Cuban and one of the writers. More than likely it’s an attempt to send a message to ESPN.

    Posted by goldeneye101

  223. Lin fans hibernating when Lin is recuperating is never fun 🙂

  224. Jeremy’s absence may be a blessing in disguise for the team. It provides opportunity for other players to step up and gain confidence to assert themselves. When Lin comes back, the Nets could be a much better team with an improved version of Kilpatrick, Whitehead, and RHJ as we all have witnessed in the last game.

  225. Hope he will come back one day to NBA.

  226. I also wondered if MacMahon’s reassignment was part of a larger move by ESPN to cut back on its NBA coverage, including letting go Mike Mazzeo, in Brooklyn.

  227. I think he could definitely use some time there along with Whitehead and maybe Bennett. Hope to see huge improvement from them both afterwards.

  228. Marc Stein’s Power Rankings. Nets lose 3 places …

    28. Brooklyn Nets
    2016-17 record: 2-4
    Previous ranking: 25

    Losing Jeremy Lin is a gut punch for a young team that felt the need to hold Brook Lopez out of the season’s second game because the Nets don’t want to subject Lopez to back-to-backs after all his foot woes. Brooklyn actually hung in there gamely Friday night in a narrow loss to Charlotte in its first game without Lin, but a five-game road trip — with four of the stops out West after Wednesday’s MSG duel with the Knicks and another back-to-back mixed in — is going to be a serious test for Kenny Atkinson’s youthful crew.

    See : http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/17991584/nba-power-rankings-marc-stein-week-3-rankings

  229. Webattorney, it’s actually GENERATIONAL HATRED.

    After the Korean and Vietnam Wars with “Red China” being taught as “the enemy” and Japan traditionally pummeling the US in car sales, there is a lot more anti Asian hatred in the older American generation than I had ever truly realized – and I was the brunt of that hatred for the first part of my life. Most of those older generation aren’t even consciously aware of this and say they “aren’t racist”, but it comes out in their ACTIONS and we see that all the time in the way Lin is consistently treated.

    Today as a professional musician, I feel the shifting of attitudes acutely. The clients that hire me are almost exclusively younger generation (younger than Gen X by about 10 years), and that holds true for agents hiring me too.

    I run into a ton of people from all walks of life, not just in music. Americans are VERY AWARE in general of Asians and even the problems we face, particularly younger generation people who aren’t indoctrinated to anti Asian propaganda in American schools and media.

  230. Are we 7 days yet since Lin injury?…One more week before we can get an update on his injury.

  231. So is Foye starting ahead of Whitehead??..I would of thought they would continue to start Whitehead until Lin comes back for his development.

  232. I think it’s more than the Nets prefer Kilpatrick to light up opposing benches and facilitate the other players.

    It is similar to the role Lin had in Charlotte, only Kilpatrick actually has a quality starters in Lin and Bogdanovic ahead of him while Lin had bad players in Hairston and Lee that the Hornets felt were “better starters” than Lin.

  233. No. He was injured Wednesday, Nov. 2, playing the Pistons.

  234. I’ll bet Lin is fully recovered already.

  235. @BrooklynNets
    The Brooklyn Nets have assigned Chris McCullough to their NBA D-League affiliate, the Long Island Nets.

  236. why do you say that?..Some believe that even when Lin is fully healthy, the Nets will force him to sit for an additional week.

  237. You could also slide Bogdanovic to the small forward position and start Kilpatrick at SG..and than move RHJ to the bench….I’m sure that will not happen.

  238. Jeremy Lin’s latest 7 prayer requests today:

    Prayer Warriors!!

    Here’s an update and some more prayer requests:

    1. Praise God that we’ve been growing as a team in chemistry and understanding of each other. It won’t always mean wins right away and it isn’t always as obvious, but being with the team everyday I can tell we are growing in the right direction!
    2. Praise God that He has blessed me with the resources and platform to be able to launch a campaign with One Day’s Wages for girls’ empowerment. This is a very under-the-radar but crucial issue for the world.
    3. Praise God that Ava’s scans came back clean. Please pray for her as she heads towards transplant to continue fighting leukemia.
    4. Please pray that our team would continue growing as a team in terms of learning to play with each other and in Coach Kenny’s system, as well as for our team to further depend on God for peace during times of uncertainty, security during times of trial, strength during times of weakness and joy in every circumstance. Players are interested in Christ, so please pray that Jesus would take over the locker room!!
    5. Please pray for the U.S. election that amongst all the negativity and accusations both between presidential candidates and amongst friends, God would bring our nation together under humble leaders in this upcoming election at all levels of government.
    6. Please pray for my hamstring to heal quickly and for me to pour my energy into loving and serving my teammates while I’m hurt!
    7. Also please pray that I learn, during my time being injured, how to truly rest in God’s presence and further surrender this season to Him. It’s hard when I can’t be out there!!

    Thanks everybody!

  239. Jlin looks wonderful in black and white jersey. I wish he will play his 2-3 yrs with Nets, get good STATS and leave Nets by 2019 latest. Nets will have their own picks and they will most probably tank. I don’t want Jlin to be in a tanking team. I want him to join the Spurs and wear their black and white jersey and stay with them for RINGSS, and eventually retire as a Spur.

  240. Good news. Master Luo is on his way from Taiwan to help JLin’s recovery

    @realistat8 This massage master is on his way from Taiwan to Brooklyn for helping on Jeremy’s legs…


  241. Who is master Luo? Why is he so special?

  242. whew! thanks for posting. was wondering about that.

  243. He is a massage master/acupuncturist who has helped JLin to recover from injuries or maintain health a lot in the past. I believe he flew a few times from Taiwan when JLin needed his help

  244. I think Lin’s injury is worse than you think. If you see the video yesterday, the way he move, not free at all. Also if you watch how he sit down, that’s not a minor injury.

  245. Awesome. Lin has someone who takes time out of his week just to fly over and help Jeremy Lin heal.

  246. zamm is he that good!.. how much he paying him i’m wondering..
    flight and all.

  247. and is he that good to help a speedy recovery.
    if that is the case, many athetles will want him to help him.. if they believe it.

  248. @APOOCH
    Injuries for tomorrow’s game include LeVert, Lin & Vasquez. Whitehead looks to keep running the point & Foye will make his debut @ backup.

  249. Its hatred… come on… youve been living here a long time…

  250. Massage and acupuncture should be especially good for a hamstring strain.

    Nets need Lin back ASAP! They can actually sneak into the 8th seed if he stays healthy.

  251. He is not a good player on/off the court…so…:P

  252. Tomorrow will be Whitehead against his NCAA rival Kris Dunn.

  253. The celtics and raptors are not really killing it so far. Sucks that injury has to derail the nets.

  254. the pics of bruises for pulled hamstring are pretty nasty.


  255. massage is good, so that you dont get internal scar…it need to be done at the right time, not too early and not too late

  256. says who?

  257. Grade 1

  258. I am sure he gets adequate compensation

  259. True

  260. he better be that good to get paid that good.

  261. Guess it’s very painful too. Lin needs God’s super grace for 100% recovery.

  262. I’m recuperating all right.

  263. Thanks for sharing! Can’t imagine how frustrated Lin is. But I’m not worried, the trial will only make him stronger.

  264. These bruises are only for grade 2 or 3, which I assume Lin does not have.

  265. fair enough

  266. good to know.. you know this from personal experience or professional expertise? 🙂

  267. I hv a Dip in Sports Science…I thought I had mentioned it previously 🙂

  268. which part do you not agree? The 8th seed or the massage?

  269. was it reported it was grade 1? I doubt…from the 2 weeks report

  270. you gotta new partner!!! @disqus_rtG7AgJyXL:disqus

  271. the massage.. I don’t see or know what 8th seed you are talking about..

  272. ok, I see..says you… in reference to the massage.
    thought zxcvb is just saying because he thinks so but no scientific evidence or ppl with experience to back it up.

  273. zxcvb mentioned 2 points in his post that you replied to. One was the massage and the other sneaking into 8th seed.

    Anyways, which part of the massage, you disagree?

    Massage is part of sports rehab, both physiotherapist and chiro do practice them as well

  274. Did he edit his post, because there is no 8th seed there…just about massage.

    Yes he did.. because I just did a refresh firs time since 8 pm.

  275. hamstring injury is nothing more than a muscle torn, similar to when you get a cut at yoru skin level, when it heals there will be a scar.

    Similarly, deep muscle tear do produce scar and this in return causes a weak point on the muscle anatomy (structure). Hence massaging at the right time, helps reduce the scar.

    As for recuperation, its only icing, rest and after a week, hot and cold compression is applied to speed up the recovery. Each individual has their own recovery timing coupled together the location of the hamstring injury.

  276. i see…

  277. I just want Lin to stay healthy and the Nets to make the playoffs. If they can get higher seeding great.

  278. I start wondering maybe Luke Walton is a better coach than Steve Kerr.

  279. http://www.basketballinsiders.com/kemba-walkers-roller-coaster-ride-in-charlotte/

    Despite losing starting-caliber players such as Jeremy Lin to the Brooklyn Nets and Courtney to the New York Knicks in free agency, Walker believes Charlotte has enough to make it to the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time in his tenure.

    “We have guys who are capable of helping this team and I’m happy with the guys we have,” Walker said. “Of course, I’m happy for Jeremy and Courtney, who really deserve the contracts they have and deserve to be on the team that they’re on. Jeremy, he deserves to be a starter in our league – he’s a starting point guard and he’s a great player. He showed everyone last year and he’s showing everyone now, he’s playing really well. Courtney, he’s in a great situation in New York – great group of guys around him, great teammates and he fits in perfectly with them. I’m really happy for those guys.”

  280. Do you guys think Jlin will be ready to play by nov 15?

  281. No one knows, he’ll need to be re-evaluated 2 weeks after the injury occurred.

  282. I remember .. I’m just not sure if you’ve been hamstrung before :]

  283. Forget Master Luo. Lin needs to fly you in to learn how to recuperate the right way ?

  284. yup…infact I had multiple…sadly…sigh…darn painful

  285. Then we have SleepLin

  286. Power ranking pundits don’t know what to make of the Nets. They’re not the worst team the NBA. NO one thinks that. But they wonder if the Nets early successes are short-lived, particularly with Jeremy LIn out (at least) two weeks and Brook Lopez on a rest schedule.


  287. Even w Lin out, Lopez will not play B2B?

  288. Didn’t change the fact of how lin was used as “PJ’s” backup and zero effort to keep him.

  289. The Hornets reminded me of how well the Knicks and the Rockets played right after Lin left.

  290. Haha! Feel the same way….lol!

  291. Curry makes new nba record 13 3 points.

  292. It’s impressive Curry broke NBA record 1 game after going 0-10 from 3s

    “Three-pointer No. 13 for Wardell Stephen Curry II ???
    A new NBA record.”

  293. I feel like Jeremy Lin loses hairs when he braids them so tightly… His head has some red spots if you examine closely.

  294. 4 more than jeremy……JL is gonna break that!

  295. when the season is formed, CHA had a plan and when they brought JL in, they stuck to its plan, by Lin leading the bench and occasionally playing him with the starters and finishing games.

    There was no long term plans for Lin

  296. he did say it hurt when he got braided..

    let’s hope he doesn’t need to endorse “No pain, no Ro-gaine” anytime soon =)

  297. @22NN4
    @JLin7 ranked Top in P&R ball handler, Lopez ranked top 5 in P&R as roll man. Hope to see Brook-Lin P&R soon. #getwellLin

  298. Kemba says great things about Lin. That’s a positive. Now we have to hope Lin heals as completely as possible, and hopefully quickly as possible, and this is it for him missing any playing time for the rest of the season.

  299. Yea I actually hope he stops braiding his hair just for health purposes. Wouldn’t want Lin going bald.

  300. Me too!
    This will definitely hurt your scalp. Plus, it’s difficult to sleep well with such braids. I’d rather he just use hair gel.

  301. I wonder what it costs Lin to have him fly over and provide massages

  302. Curry will go down in history as one of the greatest shooters of all time.

  303. Does the “freq” stats mean the % of PnR Lin has played based on all possession?….If so, it sure doesn’t feel like Lin has been running it at such an high rate.

    One thing about Lin is he does pick his spot within the Motion offense to get some screen and do PnR that way…Maybe that is counted too instead of the high PnR isolation 2-men game.

  304. I was wondering the same thing….Also the 2 week time frame is only for Lin to get re-evaluated and this could suggest that Lin may be out for probably a whole month.

    Once they re-evaluate Lin, my guess is even if he’s fully healed, they will still hold him back for probably an additional 2 week.

  305. beware of people saying
    “go hop on the curry bandwagon!”.

  306. Kemba is a great guy, something I always said.

  307. Sent to D-league and then recalled back in less than 24 hours…what a heck!

  308. that’s on da coach and the owner

  309. see.. the thing is.. anyone who plays with him or against him KNOW how good lin is and what he is capable of. It’s only da gm and coahes who don’t walk the walk knows.

    It’s like a stoopid manager who doesn’t know technical details but didn’t realizes games ahve change

  310. I wrote this summer that if Brook Lopez could not play, the Nets would do just fine without him because Justin Hamilton would easily step in as the starting center and the Nets would keep rolling.

  311. Great guy as long as Lin is not repeatedly kicking his butt in practices and outplaying him in games.

  312. Could be.

    The key difference is that the Lakers have an actual inside game while the Warriors do not.

  313. OK!

  314. Is Foye going to play?

  315. Ya! He will.

  316. Happily for McCullough, there wasn’t much disruption. At the moment, the Nets and the Long Island Nets both practice at HSS Training Center and play at Barclays Center.

    See : http://www.netsdaily.com/2016/11/7/13553992/nets-assign-then-recall-chris-mccullough-to-long-island-nets

  317. Now’s your chance to get the super overpriced Lin t-shirts for cheap (2 for $30):


  318. how long is vasquez going to be out? and why isnt bennett playing at all?

  319. Well for rockets the season after Lin left, the western conference was weeeeeeak. All the big west teams were injured. Spurs the whole team was injured. Okc Kevin Durante was injured while season. Portland sucked because Batum was sucking bad that year. That year even the pelicans made it to playoff because of how weak the west was.

  320. Great. Is it just the items in the pictures or any t-shirt?

  321. Interesting article on Jeremy’s contribution to the Nets. See : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2674640-how-screwed-are-the-brooklyn-nets-without-jeremy-lin

    No one on the team has a higher assist percentage (36), and Lin’s turnover rate (15.1) is right in line with last season’s career-best mark (14.9). Routine double-teams haven’t phased his decision-making, which has been particularly vital when he’s attacking the basket.

    Among every player in the league averaging at least five drives per game, no one is matching Lin’s field-goal percentage (58.8) and assist rate (17.6). Only four players, in addition to Lin, are clearing 50 percent shooting and an assist rate of 15 in those situations: Goran Dragic, James Harden, George Hill and John Wall.

    The Nets have pumped in 106.6 points per 100 possessions during the 134 minutes Lin has spent on the floor, compared to 95.1 in the 154 minutes without him. At this writing, that 11.5-point plunge is the difference between placing seventh and 28th in offensive efficiency.

  322. The absence of Jeremy Lin enables Atkinson to try out more combination without Lin. Some players will get used to vary their roles within a game in the future. As long as Jeremy recovers 100% to distribute the ball, the Nets will have more movements and varieties to play the game. The Nets will be harder to defend in the future. Brook Lopez of course needs to shoot more 3s to go well with the motion defense. RHJ would fly new life in his game. This is an opportunity for the team to improve in the future. Right now is time for growing pain which didn’t seem too bad in the last game. Still optimistic about the team development.

  323. Any 2 items that the link in the tweet brings you to, not just what’s pictured.

    There are lots of Lin t-shirts in white, black, and grey.

  324. Mohawk time!

  325. thanks. ordered bunch.

  326. I know how people are very upset about this injury for Lin, but I think that Lin is not someone to sit idle. He will be watching, observing every player on the team, their tendencies, habits, strengths, weaknesses. It will be a valuable learning experience for him to watch the team play without him and he can use that knowledge when he comes back. Lets face it, this team is brand new, and its a fact that Lin doesn’t know his team mates that well YET. This injury might just “speed” things up for lin in the long term.

    Another thing I want to say is that IF the nets have a losing record by Dec.15th and look like they have no hopes at all of a good season, then we can say good bye to brook lopez. Its unfortunate that Lins injury might decide the ultimate fate of bropez

  327. With Lin absence, I have been more productive. Anyone else here thinking they may spend too much time following Lin. ?

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