Jeremy Lin on Hawks Plan To Play Him and Trae Young Together

Thanks to @Arsenium2 for summarizing JLin’s response on playing for Atlanta Hawks and their plan to play him and Trae Young together on the court, ___ Admin

Jeremy talked about the upcoming season and playing with Trae Young during a press conference held in Shenzhen on Aug 3. Here is the text of the translation, from the video below.

“I’m very excited about playing for the Atlanta Hawks. It’s a fresh start for me. The Hawks are a relatively young team, but Trae Young is a very talented player. I think I can help him a lot and share my experience playing in the NBA with him. I know the Hawks plan to put us on the court together.

I played for the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets when they put two PGs on the court at the same time, so I know Trae and I could play very fast. The Hawks’ Head coach, Lloyd Pierce, was one of the coaches for the Warriors when I was there so I have talked to him already. I’m really excited about the upcoming season. It’s going to be fun. I hope to stay healthy and play well.”