Jeremy Lin on Hawks Plan To Play Him and Trae Young Together

Thanks to @Arsenium2 for summarizing JLin’s response on playing for Atlanta Hawks and their plan to play him and Trae Young together on the court, ___ Admin

Jeremy talked about the upcoming season and playing with Trae Young during a press conference held in Shenzhen on Aug 3. Here is the text of the translation, from the video below.

“I’m very excited about playing for the Atlanta Hawks. It’s a fresh start for me. The Hawks are a relatively young team, but Trae Young is a very talented player. I think I can help him a lot and share my experience playing in the NBA with him. I know the Hawks plan to put us on the court together.

I played for the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets when they put two PGs on the court at the same time, so I know Trae and I could play very fast. The Hawks’ Head coach, Lloyd Pierce, was one of the coaches for the Warriors when I was there so I have talked to him already. I’m really excited about the upcoming season. It’s going to be fun. I hope to stay healthy and play well.”


  1. ok. it does tell me down below to “be the first to comment” and i mean this has just been sitting here for hours since i first saw it.

    so…even tho its too easy and even tho i dont have anything to say.

    allrite. i will be the first to comment.

    uh you could check my last post on the previous thread about how every philly first round dp in the last 5 years and had major down time to injury.

    also: how i blame myself for lin saying (seemingly) he won’t be available for preseason just after i went on a long bit about how pre-season would be critical to giving an indication of the lin’s regular season would be like.

    uh. beyond there lies nothing. so at least the ball is rolling.

  2. When did Lin say he is unavailable fore preseason? I know it would be a good idea to slowly bring him back tho.

  3. It looks like Jeremy is back in New York. Here he is riding the subway, apparently unrecognized. I think Josh Fan might be shooting the video.

    Thanks for the new thread, Psalm.

  4. JLin is available to play in preseason games as far as I know as I followed him quite closely in his China trip. Preseason games to him means something but not that important. What it really counts is the regular games. He just has no desire to risk himself for more heartache — reinjured/injured for meaningless games. He won’t go all the way out for preseason games but he will for regular games…. That’s my interpretation of what he was saying…..

  5. I’m hoping Lin plays at least a little bit during preseason. There’s a world of difference between practice and game situations. You ca simulate as much contact as you want but nothing matches the real game play.

    In practice, you can simulate the pressures and contact but you can’t simulate your mind’s desires to create a play out of any situation. In tennis, often players will relax and crush a return once it’s called out. Why is this such a common occurrence? It’s because once the point is over, your mind relaxes and the body and it’s built in response naturally take over. It’s when the mind keeps trying to tell the body to do boss the body around that it prevents the flow of signals to the muscles. The saying goes for any athletic pursuit that “you must get out of your own way”. All athletes have to learn to silence their inner voices to just let the body do what it’s practice to do over 10,000 hrs.

    Preseason allows the body to get a sense of how to manage your hours of practice while managing the bossy brain from totally debilitating your movements.

    A very bad example was when I was a young junior learning the game. I was crushing my strokes in practice and I had such high hopes entering a tournament. I lost in the first round badly. The lesson I learned was that I wasn’t playing the game, I was trying to use my new strokes instead. My brain would not get out of my own way to play the shot that’s given me by my opponent. I wasn’t competing to win, instead I was forcing my shots when my opponent forced me to do something else.

    It’s imperitive that Lin relearns how to compete again…slowly. There’s no better place to do it than preseason.

  6. I too feel that Lin should play a bit of the preseason. Even on a limited minutes i think it’s good for him to ease into the game. To jump into the regular season without warm out is tough. The intensity is so much higher and he’d have to exert himself so much more in a hurry.

  7. As long as Hawks start with
    Jeremy Lin
    Kent Bazemore
    DeWayne Dedmond
    The game will still be watchable.
    Maybe put in Vince Carter and Alex Len.
    That will be a very competitive lineup.

  8. Jeremy visiting LaoJie Hotpot, located on 53rd St, in Brooklyn.

  9. Preseason is going to be very interesting.
    Jeremy Lin and Kent Bazemore

  10. I agree with you both. I wonder if Lin is shooting for late October because that was the usual start of the regular season prior to last year. IMO, there were more injuries in the NBA last year due to fewer preseason games and an earlier start to the regular season.

  11. No way Hawks would put Len and Dedmond together in the starting lineup. It would be even surprising that Baze remains in the roster at the beginning of regular season. Remember, Hawks’ top priority is development.

  12. Rondae Hollis Jefferson has been diagnosed with a left adductor strain.

  13. I think NYC people are too used to seeing celebrities on the subway. If Keenu Reeves doesn’t get bothered on the subway I doubt they’d bother Lin.

  14. Jeremy was in Atlanta for 6 hours to find a place to live, then returned to Brooklyn …

  15. 6 hrs isn’t much, his heart probably not in it. Poor guy. Another move.

  16. Jeremy Lin, Jay Chou Play Basketball in Star-Studded Shenzhen Game

    In case you missed it: this past Saturday Atlanta Hawks’ Jeremy Lin, of ‘Linsanity’ fame, went head-to-head against Taiwanese star Jay Chou in a breathtaking showdown of skill and shooting prowess in Shenzhen.

    Earlier this year, for instance, he responded to a basketball-related challenge from Jay Chou with his own video of flawlessly-executed free throws.

    “You scored 11 times from the foul line so I scored 11 times from the three-point line,” the Chinese caption reads in part.

    The rivalry came to a head with a free throw showdown during halftime at last Saturday’s game which Lin, naturally, won.

    But from the bromantic shots dotting his Instagram, showing the two stars in matching or similar outfits, we’re guessing that Chou doesn’t hold a grudge.

    For Lin fans in China who missed his latest appearance, don’t lose hope just yet – the NBAer told Chinese media last Friday that if invited, he’d consider playing for China in the FIBA Basketball World Cup next year.

  17. Here’s the video of how it happened when RHJ tried to go up for a dunk. Glad it was not a contact injury. Adductor strain = groin strain. RHJ was out last year with a groin strain too. Really hope he will rehab okay in time for season start.

  18. You don’t think much of Collins or Prince? It’s just summer league, but I thought Collins looked pretty good, can block, rebound, shoot 3’s, athletic.

    BTW, trivia. I did not know that all 3 were signed by the Warriors, but all let go before GSW started winning. Lin (2010), Bazemore (2012), and Dedmond (2013).

  19. The NBA is such a close circle, 6 degrees of separation.

    As we know, the Nets hired someone from Fortius to be director of rehab. Chelsea Lane left the Warriors to go to Hawks with past Warriors management. And now, her replacement at GSW will be Rick Celebrini, known to us from Fortius. (Probably the Steve Nash connection.) Small world.

  20. Overheard on NBA-TV today, when they were hyping up the Christmas games.

    Casey Stern was the host, a short guy, and was interviewing Charles Barkley. When signing off, Barkley made fun of Casey and said he didn’t look like he grew over the summer. Casey went back at Barkley and said Barkley didn’t look like he shrunk over the summer. Good one! Hahaha.

  21. Basketball players usually stand out and attract attention because of their height. Guess 6’3″ isn’t tall enough.

  22. NBA released opening week, Christmas and MLK day game schedules today. All about money, ratings, hype and PR exposure from nationally televised games. Such a big deal about who gets to play those games.

    And no, the Hawks are not getting those games. (Neither are the Nets or the Hornets.) According to ACJ, the Hawks may play on MLK day, but on NBA-TV.

    And according to ACJ, the Hawks will open the season with games on the road. Chris Vivlamore says the first HOME game for the Hawks will be October 21, to be confirmed.

    The rest of the season’s schedule is due out on Friday.

  23. Here’s an extended video of Jeremy doing shooting drills while in China, including shooting with his left hand. Interesting that there’s a second person (with a ‘professional’-looking camera) also shooting video.

  24. Congrats! 🙂

    During early days here…we used to joke around about the post count and upvotes…I think Brent was leading then….followed by Mel…lol…

  25. Thanks. Hope he’s ok to start the season. I like RHJ, really good guy. I can’t even tell what went wrong from this video.

  26. Often celebrities ride the subway in the city and aren’t recognized. But Lin is recognized in restaurants and other spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

  27. Lin takes a few left-handed short jumpers.

  28. The Kawhi Leonard Effect?:

    (LOL, at least me-Lo isn’t a starter in these projections, either!: )

  29. kwl z big on the undrafted 3 line! i have posted elsewhere here previously the already last season high quality of collins and prince game.

    to repeat: collins was the best player from last years draft who did not get to play starter minutes. (his work comparable to tatum or kuzma but just with less time on the court so not noticed).

    and prince in the overall ratings service i like comes in top 20 at his position.

    they were already both top 100 players in the league last year and will only get better. collins is only 20! and prince tho 24 has only 94 nba games played.

    also note the combined stats of the len/dedmon center position from last year (neither one playing starter minutes the two’s combined minutes acutally under 48!) 18.5/15.5.

    thats better than all but 3 nba centers last year.

    still the standard line for hawks this year is: tank. in fact a recent report suggested they are the only team in the league who absolutely does not want to win games this year.

    we’ll see. (lin and bazemore of course back to the undrafted 3 bit by any statistical standard top 5 in undrafted players currently in league based on what has been achieved to date and where they are at in their careers).

    then there is of course the hawks fan face of the future young who seems more likeable than the other high dp fan face of the future from the previous lin team.

  30. 16 hours flight time and then get in the game right after. It seems to me that’s inadequate warming and a bit carelessness. No big deal.

  31. So glad the ATL jersey number for Melo is not 7. It’s 15.

    Anthony previously said in an interview
    he wanted to get a jersey from the Hawks with his name on the back. Now
    it’s being sent to him in honor of his 11-day run with the Hawks.

    The team has already come through for him, delivering a jersey he can hang
    up along with his All-Star jerseys and jerseys from stints with the
    Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder.

  32. For some reason I didn’t see the video on here and just repeated it above yours. I like that Lin is working on some new things in his game. I think Lin may go left a bit more than right now.

  33. Very interesting. I agree it’s probably Steve Nash connection to help Rick Celebrini be hired by GSW.

    I’m excited to see how Chelsea Lane will help Lin to stay fit in ATL like she did successfully for Steph Curry in GSW.

    Perhaps this is the silver lining of the ATL Hawks trade. Lin can’t stay healthy with the new Nets performance team for 2 years. Perhaps Chelsea Lane’s golden touch will rejuvenate Lin’s body and stats this season.

  34. Thanks very much for doing that. Hopefully, now everyone will be able to see it if they wish.

  35. especially in August with heat wave blanketing the East coast – Atlanta must be worse than NYC!

  36. Too bad for Lin fans – but hey, didn’t NBA modify game schedules (adding nationally televised games) in the past when Hornets played well while Lin was there? It may happen again.

  37. Looks like more NBA teams are going to jump on the Fortius bandwagon now.

  38. And I thought I am a Lin fan. Got nothing on these fans who make such creative and heartfelt gifts for him. Like those Lin dolls from the other day too. And the hair gel. LOL.

  39. Yeah. I wouldn’t put it past Melo to troll Lin by asking for the Hawks jersey. Especially given what happened in Houston.

    KUDOS to the HAWKS for having the decency not to fall for it. By giving Melo the jersey with his old number 15 from Denver instead.

    Some of the comments from the time-line are saying that the Hawks are actually trolling Melo by doing this. If so, LOVE it!

  40. @NBADraftAddict
    Vince Carter and Jeremy Lin will be HUGE for Trae Young (@TheTraeYoung)…They understand how to be great pros, have experienced hype (Linsanity & Vinsanity), experience with other great players, and will be great mentors/veterans for his development. The Hawks GM is a Genius.

  41. Thanks for posting this. Guy is serious stat-geek. But, what does this stat even mean? If the Hawks have such low rating using this guy’s model, maybe the answer is DON”T play this line-up. Maybe another line-up, with Lin in it, would yield a higher number. ..hmmmm.

  42. Good point – IIRC, you are right about the Hornets. Great – something to look forward to for Lin & the Hawks!

  43. Yeah, especially when Lin shows how much he has recovered after rehabbing there.

  44. FOR SURE!!!

  45. Has it been that bad on east coast? Yikes!

    I remember him complaining about the humidity in Charlotte. Guessing Atlanta, further south, must be worse.

  46. Last year, even during the season, with the training staff on hand, RHJ got hurt. So, basically, injuries can happen anywhere anytime. Best thing anyone can do is try to cut down the odds. Like you said, don’t be careless.

  47. Agree, “we’ll see”. All good points about the roster.

    I also agree with KWL that, logically, there isn’t incentive to tank for picks. The sooner the Hawks can win with this roster, the sooner the front office looks good. Especially with the backlash on their picking Young instead of Doncic.

    On the other hand, can never tell what is the agenda with any team. Could be, maybe indirect tanking for player development. Guys like Bazemore, Dedmon, and Lin, could be trade bait too. Can’t trust them. So, who knows.

  48. It’s great that Lin is getting respect!

    Don’t know how much playing time Vince will get. So, I sure hope that Lin will be leading ON the court, and not from the bench or locker-room.

  49. Seems like every time I comment on Lin, I feel I have to add the caveat “WHEN HEALTHY”.

    Getting tired of having to do that. Forget it. Just assume he will be healthy!!!!! Or else, what are any of us doing here? LOL.

  50. Made a couple of posts on the other threads.

  51. I have sadly accepted that few teams will build around Lin. Age and injuries are cruel tormentors. (You guys remember Derrick Rose?)

    Add prejudice to it and it becomes even harder.

    Yet I believe Lin still has the X factor to just win games. Also I have this crazy idea that the tendon snap could have “fixed” his recurring hamstring issues. Lin got a long break from playing and maybe the surgery was really good at clearing out any lingering issues.

    Now it boils down to whether the coach and management allows Lin to play a big role. Lin can thrive next to a high usage player, i.e. Melo, Harden, Kemba etc. Yet Lin was always marginalised due to politics. Will it be different this season? I really hope so.

  52. atl has no high usage player. it is a fantasy of some atl fans (beleived also by many self-proclaimed lin fans) that young wlll be the focus of this team from the get-go.

    there is no current or historic evidence to suggest that to be so.
    (and it would not be good for young either).

    the bigger issue and the more credible one is: do the hawks want to lose games?

    all pundits and most atl fans say yes. (so did most brooklyn fans when lin was there).

    eventually fans get tired of “trusting the process”; when “the process” requires going thru 3 5 7 10 years of losing seasons.

    still the obsession with draft picks goes on. im not concerned about young’s “high usage” taking away from lin opportunities to reestablish himself as a post injury credible nba player.

    im more concerned (as i was in brooklyn) at the conflict between the organizaitonal goals and lins personal goals.

    that being said i had zero confidence that those two would be in synch this year had he stayed in brooklyn.

    i’d say 50/50 in atl. so those are much better odds.

  53. I share your your concern.🤔

  54. What we learned from the Nets experience is that the GM has a lot more power, unlike the cases of Dallas, Charlotte, LA and Knicks. The case of Morey’s Rasputin like control over Les may in fact be why Marks has been able to get his own way. Neither the current 51% Russian owner nor the soon to be Chinese owner seems very hands on so they trust their “expert” to make the “right” decisions for them.

    Atlanta hopefully will have a GM that wants to win with the same culture as GSW, unlike the fake rhetoric from Marks.

    If Baze doesn’t get traded, I’d be more inclined to trust the hawks’ GM. The fact that he was an undrafted GSW development shows how talented Schlenk is in finding hidden gems. This would go a long way to allow me to trust him a bit more that maybe…just maybe, he sees the same “hidden” (in plain view) talent that Lin possesses.

  55. Don’t think that Base’s presence in the roster will make a big difference for Hawks’ standing.If trading him can bring you more assets, I think any GM in the league would pull it, considering their situation. Moreover, I don’t buy that Hawks lack of talents narrative. Development of young players has more to do with the environment and team culture that the coach and GM build. For the upcoming season, the X factor for Hawks is a healthy Lin.

  56. Haze was most likely picked by Schlenk, just as he was instrumental in trading down to get Draymon Green.

  57. The NBA has release the schedule for the upcoming season. Go Hawks!?TeamID=1610612737

  58. Some notes about the Hawks’ schedule:

    – 1st game is Oct 17 in NYC, against the Knicks,
    – 1st game against BKN is Dec 16 at Barclay’s Center
    – there are 12 back-to-back games
    – there are 6 back-to-back games from Feb 1 – Mar 17
    – from Jan 23 – Feb 23 there is a 7-game road trip followed by a 7-game home stand
    – the All Star game break is in mid-February

  59. does anyone now if Lin be ready for the start of the preseason? is there any updates of when he wll be cleared to play?

  60. I’d like to see the NBA stop rewarding losing teams with high picks.

  61. I think Lin is already “cleared to play” since he played in the charity game. The Hawks might have something to say about it if Lin was not medically fit. I think Lin is just cautious about committing to a timeline. His injury with the Knicks was near the end of the season and it is understandable that he wasn’t ready for the playoffs or the new season. Yet Lin made the “85%” remark and got into a lot of trouble. This time, one whole year of recovery should be enough.

  62. marks said lin was cleared for contact weeks ago, before the trade. i think lin is just taking it easy for now. i totally expect lin to play in preseason but only limited minutes of course.

    if he can’t even play preseason, then that’s bad news for the season. he may not start and even when he eventually gets fully healthy they might just keep him benched to “develop” the young guys.

    if he can play preseason, but the hawks elect not to play him “as a precaution” then that is a clear sign the tank is on. lin hasn’t even worked out with his new teammates like he was doing in brooklyn. that means he will only have training camp and preseason to build early chemistry. the hawks not playing him in preseason is a pure tank…

  63. thx

  64. thank you

  65. He may play limited minutes at the beginning of season.

  66. As a courtesy, I would have expected the Nets to mention that the players were there for a charity game organized by Jeremy.

  67. Must be a nyc thing to wipe out all memories of Lin ASAP. Lol.

  68. lol Lin was even stopped by Knicks security because they didn’t think he was a player.

  69. Haha, Brent was accused by many that he had insider info! Lock him up!

  70. Lin:

    “My job is to stand in a corner till the offense stalls out and shot clock is running down, then risk another injury solo slashing to the rim against defense that hasn’t been forced to rotate and is set and waiting to block my heavily contested layup at the rim.”

    “I have tons of game tape of Kobe’s heir apparent [Jordan Clarkson] Trae can review, too!”


  71. Jeremy has invested in this company, too.

  72. espn did a best and worst newcomer (player new to a team this year) poll and melo was runaway choice for “worst newcomer”.

    curiously both lin and trae young received 1 vote for worst.

  73. Lin China Tour VLOG 4 on YouTube

  74. someone posted the article on reddit:

    “It’s all about winning,” Young said Friday at an NBPA camp appearance at Basketball City. “It’s all about getting the culture back to what it was when Al Horford was there, Jeff Teague and they were in the Eastern Conference finals and winning 60 games. That’s my goal. I want to get back to winning, and I know the city of Atlanta wants that, and it’s our job to bring it back.”

    To help Young develop as a leader and hasten his learning curve as a floor general, Schlenk acquired Jeremy Lin in a trade with Brooklyn. Lin was a rookie in Golden State when Schlenk worked in the front office there.

    “From what I’ve heard, he’s going to be a great mentor for me,” Young said of Lin. “We’ve been talking. He’s a good dude. He’s been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. He’s seen it all, so I’m looking forward to picking his brain.”

    Lin, a veteran leader for Brooklyn off the court despite missing 127 games in his two seasons, hosted barbeques and stood up for the team after Jalen Rose’s comments about the Nets on ESPN.

    “I’m very excited about playing for the Atlanta Hawks,” Lin said in Mandarin at his charity game press conference in China earlier this week. “It’s a fresh start for me. The Hawks are a relatively young team, but Trae Young is a talented player. I think I can help him a lot and share my experience playing in the NBA with him. I know the Hawks plan to use us on the court together. I had played for the Rockets, Lakers and Hornets that put two point guards on the court simultaneously, so I know Trae and I could play very fast. Coach Lloyd Pierce, one of the (former) coaches for the Warriors, was also my coach, so I have talked to him already. I’m really excited, about the upcoming season, it’s going to be fun.”

    Said Young: “I think we’ll work really well together. This is a rebuilding team, and we’re going to try some things. Some are going to work, some aren’t, so we’re just going to work together and do whatever we can to turn this franchise around.”

    In Atlanta, Young and Lin are expected to share ball-handling duties, which will allow the rookie to become more of a scorer when needed coming off screens away from the ball.

    Like Lin, Young was doubted at a young age. Lin fought Asian-American stereotypes while Young overcame criticism that he was too small to become a star.

    “I’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point,” Young said. “To be honest with you, I don’t think very many people thought I would be here, thought I should be here. I’m just trying to make my mark everywhere I go and show what I can do at each level I’m at. I’ve done that up to this point, and it’s my job to continue it.”

    Young has drawn comparisons to two-time MVP Stephen Curry, including from Brandon Payne – who has trained with both players. Schlenk hasn’t brought up Curry when speaking to Young.

    “He never brings up Steph to me,” Young said. “He definitely knows my strengths and my ability to score. He thinks my overall best attribute is passing, so he brings that up more to me than anything. Obviously, a lot of people want to talk about the Golden State stuff, but he hasn’t talked to me about anything like that.”

    When asked what he thought of the comparisons to Curry before the draft, Young told The Athletic: “I think everybody is different. Everybody is going to have comparisons, some better than others. I mean, comparisons are what they are, but to be honest, I’m about to be a rookie in the NBA. I’m not a champion or an MVP yet. That’s what I want to be. That’s what I feel like I’m going to be. But, right now, I’m about to be a rookie in the NBA, so I’ve got to focus on being better at myself than trying to compete and be like someone else.”

    Whether or not Schlenk discusses Curry with Young, it’s clear the former Golden State assistant general manager is attempting to build the Hawks similarly to the Warriors.

    The Hawks have added the man who drafted Curry — former Warriors general manager Larry Riley — as a senior advisor. Former Warriors head performance therapist Chelsea Lane joins as an executive director of athletic performance and sports medicine. Michael Irr left the Warriors to become the Hawks’ strength and conditioning coach. Pierce coached Curry and Lin in Golden State, and now he’ll get to work with Young.

    “I think we picked up some great guys (Kevin Huerter and Omari Spellman) in the draft,” Young said when asked if he felt like Schlenk was trying to build another version of the Warriors. “Luckily all of us rookies have known each other since high school, early on in high school. It was great to come in with guys that I’m familiar with, and we’re all close to each other. I think what Travis is doing is building something big for the future, and hiring Coach Pierce is great for me and for everybody on this team. I think Atlanta’s going to like what’s coming.”

    Young gave Hawks fans a taste of what’s to come at NBA Summer League in Las Vegas and most recently in open run scrimmages with fellow NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony, CJ McCollum, Lance Stephenson, Enes Kanter, and more in New York.

    After getting in some scrimmages with those players on Thursday, Young spent about two hours at Basketball City speaking with campers about overcoming obstacles as a smaller player, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

    “I want people to remember me as someone that’s about more than just basketball and someone who likes to shoot threes and pass the ball. (I want to be remembered) As someone who was big on community, big on family, big into Christ and my faith, and just someone who was different. I want to be somebody who you don’t see a lot of and hopefully change the community and make more people like me want to give back and make it about others before themselves. That’s the main thing.”

    Their religious faith will be another bond Young and Lin share as they attempt to help the Hawks soar this season past lottery expectations.

  75. the more i watch trae, the more i love him as a backcourt partner for lin.

    he’s like a combination of kemba and curry. at least offensively, he can be ELITE… we’ll see how he fares against nba players in preseason…

    i also feel myself wanting baze traded. i think he’s a great 3&D player, but this team needs 2 ball handlers in the backcourt. it also cements lin as starter. as long as baze is on the team, there will be one extra impediment to lin starting…

    pg: trae
    sg: lin
    sf: prince
    pf: collins
    c: dedmon

    pg: dorsey, bembry
    sg: huerter, anderson
    sf: carter, hamilton
    pf: spellman, (ryan anderson?)
    c: len, plumlee

    death lineup
    pg: trae
    sg: lin
    sf: prince
    pf: huerter? spellman?
    c: collins

    i think houston is in win now mode. they’re all in after that cp3 contract. they took a long time to re-sign capela but ultimately paid the big bucks. i think they will take a long time, but ultimately relent and trade ryan anderson + 1st rd pick + young player for baze + filler.

    only a few weeks to go….

  76. I am gonna trust 1mtoldman that there are no extreme high usage players on the Hawks, and that Young will be gradually eased in.

    The big issue for a lot of people here is whether the hawks are tanking this season. We can do a short history lesson to make an educated guess.

    Few teams start the season deliberately wanting to lose. They “develop” young players by giving them play time over veterans at the cost of wins. However their goal is to “develop” the young players, not losing in itself. Getting lottery picks is just a welcome side effect. So Lin could cause them to win but as long as Trae is developing, the Hawks will not shut it down (we hope).

    What happened with the Lakers was bizarre. First, Julius Randle was out for the season on opening night. Then the Bryant and Nash combo got injured / failed to deliver. To top it off they had the protected top 3 pick. So they had literally be the worst team in the league to get that pick. Coach Scott DNP-CD Lin and “developed” Clarkson as a ball hogging chucker. He had to shut down the Lin winning.

    Lastly tanking usually starts in the second half of the season, when organisations realise that there is no hope and players get demoralised from all the losing.

    I agree with 1mtoldman that the unknown in the Hawks is better than the known crap at the Nets (traitor lying Marks lusting after picks).

  77. Of course! At least it’s made known that Trae is the one they’re rebuilding around over Marks wishy-washy responses. Not to mention Trae is a legit prospect that mirrors Curry’s game, Russel is a 6th man at best who can’t playmake, rarely drives, with inefficient shot chucking.

    All this talk about mentoring is not very healthy. Lin may have experience but anyone can always learn something new from their young teammates. Trae and Lin can definitely learn from each other.

  78. About the Lakers. Kobe couldn’t share glory with Shaq. He wasn’t about to let Lin outshine him AGAIN. I don’t even think it was about development. Jeez, BS Scott started Ronnie Price instead of Lin! The BS excuse was “defense”. I think it was all about the TANK. SMH.

    As for development. Why do fans accept losing? Isn’t it more fun to watch some talented and experienced veteran players play to win? And let the young guys play off the bench, get the NBA level experience, build their confidence, and then get into the starting rotation? Why do fans accept losing? Why do they WANT to lose? I know, I know, those draft picks! Ridiculous!

    I don’t know when the teams started this BLATANT tanking for lottery picks. (Was it Hinkie and the Process?) The fans are encouraged to buy into it and continually hope their team gets really lucky and gets that one special player. When it’s just as likely that it’s a bust. Especially these days when players are one-and-done and have a whole sample size of ONLY 31 college level games. It’s not called the “lottery” for nothing!

    It’s about time the NBA tries to reduce the incentive.

    The possibility of the Hawks wanting to tank is a concern. At the same time, there is also the possibility that because they traded Doncic for Young, there is more pressure for Schlenk to want to see Young succeed. Either through stat-padding, or through winning games.

    As they say, we’ll see.

  79. I think the Lakers tank really started when it was clear Kobe was going to be embarassed. My point is that they didn’t start the season with a full tank. As to why fans accept tanking, the NBA basically has no incentives for being a mid table team.

  80. WHAAAT? Help the Rockets get better? NO WAY! How about Bazemore to the Bucks instead? Reunite him and Budenholzer.

    I’m not sure Bazemore should be traded. I don’t know enough about Bazemore’s game. Can he handle the ball, create for himself and for teammates? If not, then he shouldn’t be a SG next to Young. Will be too much pressure on the rookie. And shouldn’t a good 3&D guy be able to help Lin with defense, and with spacing the floor? Not sure how that will hinder Lin?

    From what I have seen of Young in summer league. There was some shot-chucking. But he did seem to be an unselfish willing passer, not just looking for his own shot first.

    I agree. I think Lin and Young would be a good tandem. It seems like Young already knows he’s been anointed. The roles seemed to have been defined. So, Young won’t perceive Lin to be a threat (the way Melo and Harden did). But if the Hawks want to take advantage of having 2 ball-handlers, then Young will have to learn to play off the ball too.

  81. Okay – SUBTITLES!

    Great to see Lin’s friends turn out on his behalf, especially raising funds for his basketball schools. While it’s good to see Lin hold no grudges (at least not on the outside), seeing Dinwiddie & RHJ is another Nets reminder. Good guys, will miss them as Lin’s teammates.

    THE BEST PART! At 1:00. LIN MOVING LATERALLY and playing contact defense! (Granted it’s only against Josh, but he’s moving great!)

  82. Nope, money and investments won’t be a problem for a Harvard econ grad. With a smart team around him.

    He just needs to continue to live out his basketball dream!

  83. JLin always trying to make a difference. Look at all those happy faces on the kids. If he can help and inspire even just a few of them, it would be mission accomplished.

  84. Thanking his fans as usual. Just one odd thing. Talked about all the support from US and China. But no mention of fans from Taiwan? And how devoted they are too?

  85. Hate to bring it up again. With all those other interfering owners of teams that Lin helped win. That the one team (if we don’t count Les) with an owner that could make a difference for Lin, that owner chose to be hands-off. The ultimate irony.

    What a tough uphill battle this NBA journey has been for Lin. Yet, he perseveres. It’s time for some good to go back his way.

  86. I used to like how the Nets twitter account was managed. Their interactions with fans were well-done. Their graphics and tweets about the team and the players were really creative.

    Until now. Wow, how totally clueless can they be? And if not stupid and clueless, then what an outright diss of Lin. Guess we won’t be seeing any tribute videos when Lin’s back at Barclay’s? Not that I want to see anything so phony. (Didn’t like when Houston did it.) But Lin deserves the respect!

  87. Haha. I don’t know about the Nets, but too bad for the Knicks. The Knicks fans sure haven’t forgotten!

  88. Thanks for finding and posting!

    Reading between the lines, it’s pretty clear Young knows he has been anointed. Even if he’s not sounding entitled, yet. Anytime a GM gives up something considered valuable (Doncic) for a player, that player is going to get all the support and plenty of opportunities to succeed. (Look at Marks and Russell.)

    Young is saying all the right things. Let’s hope it translates onto the court and how he will play with Lin. Let’s see how far the Hawks will go to develop him.

  89. Thanks for link! (But didn’t want to subscribe.)

  90. Yes, all true.

    Yes, I constantly hear that it’s the worst thing to be a mediocre middle of the road team. But, as I have often harped on. The NBA is very good at selling false hopes and delusions to fans. When every year it’s only two teams that make it to the top, and only one wins. Out of 30.

    Look at Portland last year. All that work for 82 games to get to the third seed. Only to be swept in the first round. Look at the Suns. Hyped up Devin Booker. Paying him max. Getting more lottery picks. How much more will they win next year.

    I would rather watch a team be competitive every game, win or lose. I mean, I watched all 82 Nets games last year. Some losses were awful. Still, overall, they tried hard, and I thought they were a lot of fun to watch, even without Lin. But, I guess I’m in the minority, not a regular NBA fan.

  91. Atlanta is on a crossroad. Do threy want to use this season to build a team that can attract free agents or to they want to tank. My gut feeling is that they want the former – otherwise why bother to have so much cap space ready for next season. Another issue is that it looks like they need to reconnect with their fan base – and then they need the team to play well.

    So if Lin is healthy we might see an interesting Haws’ team this season.

    Finally I like the post here a lot – so thanks all for fun post and interesting discussions.



    I don’t believe tanking can be planed so early. Lin’s health and T.Young performance (i.e. defense) are still unknown. The Hawks don’t even use Lin’s face to sell tickets on their website.

  93. The question should be Lin’s healthy.

    There are many teams significantly improved from 20+W, but no player can recover their performance after patella tendon injury. ZERO.

  94. Even without the injury, Lin also need to accept that fact that he can’t drive to the rim at will as he’s not getting younger. He need to adjust his playing style and he is well capable of doing so, with better game reading and facilitating, and better shooting and all.

  95. Elgin Baylor. Dislocated Patella.

  96. I think we agree. I said “if Lin is healthy we might see an interesting Hawks team”.

    Lin was the only true starter caliber addition to the Hawks roster this season. It remains as well to be seen how the rookies will develop (i.e. Young’s defence). Overall I think we can not compair the Hawks’ team pre 2017/2018 (a team I liked a lot) to the current team. The current team have potential to do well – but if it is going to reach the playoffs then ALL have to play well – especially Jeremy Lin.

    With regards to tanking I think it is to narrow to say it is decided mid season – I think we saw Lin’s Lakers team as an example where the team management decided from day one that since Nash was not going to play that they were going to tank. Another example is Sam Hinkie’s 76ers teams.
    Finally why do they not sell tickets based on Jeremy Lin – I think that will change – but first after he has shown that he is healthy again. You seem to be unsure about that – so it would not surprise me that the Hawks’ managent is a bit worried as well.
    A guy that might have similar problems as Lin is Kawhi Leonard – who also have not played for a long time due to injury- we hope the best for both of them.

  97. Disagree to disagree! 🙂

  98. At least that had apologized…i will leave at that

  99. slip of mind there….i guess

  100. It’s not the same.

  101. Short and mid-range jumpers. That’s what Jordan did at age 30 on and lots of other players. He has to finish at the rim less, but still drive, but not all the way to the rim.

  102. Hawks’ top priority is to win more games which are real. Development comes with winning. What’s the point of development while losing? Don’t give excuses for losing? Learning to win is good. Learning to lose is crazy.

  103. The Hawks will try everything.


    (this is what Lin could help Kawhi bring to the Raptors, even if Lin hopefully plays absolutely no defense and just focuses on padding his individual stats this upcoming season with the Hawks. Hawks players and Raptors players will already know that is not who Lin is at his core, and I doubt they would hold it against him, especially since they ultimately want to tank hard for high lottery pick anyways).

  105. u can c pics of all the dps at #NBARooks on twitter from rookie photo shoot.

    if lin and young do play together they defintely will be the nba “all-hair” backcourt.; and with payton cutting his front flop id have to go with spurs rook walker as the new #1 hair.

  106. Nets owner sides with Jeremy Lin fans over team in odd Twitter beef

  107. Brooklyn Nets @BrooklynNets
    Replying to @linspiredinca and @Brook_Lin_Com

    Apologies for not calling out @JLin7 by handle. As you pointed out, our guys were in China to support Jeremy’s philanthropic efforts there. We’re thankful for him including our players/ownership; it was a great event.

  108. Using the model of GS, I am trying to demonstrate how would Travis Schlenk builds a super team.
    They have the splash brothers and Draymond Green from draft choices. (3 starters)
    Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant as super free agent.
    Then a solid backup Shaun Livingston as role player.

    Now Atlants is having 3 solid playears at their prime with them all going to be free agents: Bazemore, Lin and Dedmond. They won’t be too expensive to sign longer contracts even after the team have a super season with them. John Collins and Taurean Prince are on rookie contracts. Still this team needs one or two good role players like Shaun Livingston. Alex Len may fit into this kind of descriptions. More draft choices and the 3 first rounders really put the Hawks into pretty good shape.

    I would say the Hawks have got what it wants for years to come with their rookies this season and more to come next season. All this team needs is to blend together to play like a team. Players like Bazemore and Lin become extremely useful in this situation. So I think this team has already got it needs to be a contender for years in one or two seasons; players who are versatile, with good skills and good character.

    Travis Schlenk is the master mind behind drawing up the super team in the future. So he is supposed to pool together the cornerstones. With luck, this team has obtained 3 players at their prime that fit the description of skillful players with good character in Bazemore, Lin and Dedmond. This team has good potential to break out in the Eastern conference if players develop team chemistry for them to be very competitive.

    The Hawks will soar in one or two seasons; this is my prediction if the team keeps all of their core players; veterans like Lin, Bazemore and Dedmond.

  109. Too late uncle tsai/traitor joe…

  110. Yeah, still calls Lin an Underdog. The difference for Lin fans, Linsanity never ended. Linsanity wasn’t a small period where an unknown asian player dominated, to Lin fans, Linsanity is still going on!

  111. I really think it will depend on pre season and what happens in the first 20 games. If they look like they can compete, they may roll with it. I truly think if Lakers w/Lin would have won w/Kobe chucking, they would have let it roll and try to make a playoff run. Too much happened to the Lakers with injuries and Kobe chucking at end of games, then they just pushed Lin to the bench and DNC, had to DNC others so it didn’t look biased.

  112. What has happened with that tweet was a total miscalculation of the situation they were in. It’s just like how Morey put that huge ad with a Melo wearing Lin’s number. Both just expected that no one would complain about it. Both misjudged their owners’ reaction to the deliberate slight. Both just took it for granted that the Asians don’t matter so they just did as they pleased.

    This last episode really showed how much Marks did not want Lin on his team and how he was readily and happily wiped him off their record books….like he never existed. This final chapter of how Marks acted showed us how lucky we are that Lin is no longer a Nets. This last chapter displayed for all that the so call Nets culture and character is a big lie. I’m so glad lin is out of Brooklyn.

  113. Trust (and some true self-belief, too?):

    I think those are two potentially un-quantifiable “data points” Lin could help Kawhi bring to the Toronto Raptors: ( / )

  114. Trust (and some true self-belief, too?):

    (I think those are two potentially un-quantifiable “data points” Lin could help Kawhi bring to the Toronto Raptors: / / )

  115. at the beginning of lin with the nets, Many believed Mark coming from the spurs will target high character players as among others just like the spur. BUT seeing FO lettting go of Brookes made me think twice about Marks real intentions about the Nets. and while doubting…. DLO’s coming, seems to ink my notion that Mark has no longer holding the highly character players mind but looking to get anybody who can set the team on high gear. same with the hawk coach, we don’t know yet what will be his real intentions are, but i just hope Jeremy will use this time to make him viable again for future stint in the NBA..He cannot afford to have another injury.

  116. I think every team has the intention to do well and make the playoff in the beginning. Only when that ‘s out of reach the tanking kicks in. At the back of our minds we all know Lin cannot afford another serious injury. However, minor ones are not detrimental to his career in the NBA. Looking at his leaner physique now I feel he’ll be a much different player. Lin has always relied on his quick first step to pass his defender and head straight into the paint. The problem is he would take the hit once he is inside and would land off balance. All that must change. He needs to maneuver into the paint with his ball handling and be more selective on when to go in. Having a shooter outside would help because he doesn’t have to finish. He just needs to draw the defenders and kick out the ball and avoid impact. Lin knows he must play smart and I know he will.

  117. Could we get a group discount if a big group of us bought the Atlanta jersey? I think Atlanta is Jeremy’s new Home. Honestly.

  118. Lin signed with the Nets because of Kenny, and the chance to start. $36M for 3 years with player option and trade kicker seemed like a fantastic and reasonable offer. Probably didn’t care where Marks came from at the time.

    Looking at Marks now, seems to me he’s more like taking a page from Daryl Morey. Treats players like property and assets. Sign them, trade them, waive them, all about the picks. Constant shuffling of the roster. No loyalty. Okay, say that’s the way the NBA works. Say it’s not personal, just business. FINE. But then don’t pretend and talk about “family” and “culture”.

    GO JLIN – he’s overdue for an EPIC comeback!

  119. Caught up on this drama today.

    Well, ever since the trade, I have disliked Tsai. Believe it or not, this episode only added to my dislike. A billionaire 49% owner who can’t stand up and help keep the one-and-only Taiwanese-American NBA player, who is ON HIS TEAM. THAT WAS IMPORTANT.

    No. But he will get involved with chastising the Nets Twitter manager and some Lin-hater on social media. “Wow, I’m so impressed. What a tough guy!” – sarcasm…..

    Granted, that was an incomprehensible omission or diss by the Nets twitter manager. But the Lin supporters were already on the case. Who needs him? Jeez, doesn’t he have better things to do?

    Forget this guy. JLin has to move on. Let’s move on too.

  120. Not sure how that would work. But, LOVE YOUR CONFIDENCE. Wish I could share the same, at least not yet.

  121. Agreed. I think he does know it. He indicated as much in several interviews during his rehab. Question is can he overcome his ingrained playing style when he’s on the court in real time? HOPE HE CAN!

  122. The hair game is real! Let’s see how long before Greg Popovich, ex-military Air Force guy, makes Walker cut it back. HaHa.

  123. Yes, especially JIMMY GRAHAM, as mentioned in your article. HOPE is definitely there.

    Graham reached out to Lin right after the injury too. To offer perspective and encouragement because he was able to recover. He is still playing for the Seahawks.

  124. I think some of us are going to be somewhat paranoid. From now, going forward, it will always be about Lin’s health. I know I will probably be holding my breath every time he runs down court. Sort of like what GSW fans must be doing whenever Curry falls down.

  125. Hey, can’t help it. I pick on the NBA because I don’t really follow any of the other professional team sports.

    Wait. Hold on. Double negative. Does that mean we agree? LOL.

  126. Yes, they did apologize. And that should have ended it. Unfortunately, Joe Tsai decided to get involved. Now it’s blown up and all over the internet. Sigh……

  127. Here are two videos of Hawks new head coach. Lloyd Pierce. Mic’ed up during Summer League practice. Young guy. Seems to connect with the players. Several teaching moments. Using humor to get some points across. Style of play definitely lots of running up and down. And shooting 3’s too. “Pace, pace, pace…”

  128. HVJoy posted this Lin Vlog 4 a couple of days ago. ICYMI. See Lin playing defense, even if it’s just on Josh Fan. Starting at 1:00. He’s playing with contact. Moving laterally. Moving very naturally.

    To me, this is important. Another indicator of progress. Come on you guys – no one is excited about this?

  129. Yeah, he’s usually very considerate. It was just odd. (Not criticizing….)

  130. lol…i thought you would catch it much sooner!….hahaha…ya we agree…man!

  131. ya, I just read your post at the top…ya whatever man….the train had left

  132. Lin is one of the few mentored by Steve Nash. He would be more inclined to play like him; not Trae Young. Lin , however, is a bigger guard and more physical in defense. After his experience with Fortius Sport & Health, Jeremy grows as a player like Nash. I can’t wait to see his evolution as the PG of the future. At present, GS has got Nash & Rick. Jeremy is on his own. Pray Linsanity strikes again.

  133. Come on, don’t be too sore. Just forget and forgive.

  134. Lin is not the same.

  135. Drive to the rim is a skill. I strongly believe that Lin is capable to drive the rim at will now and for years to come. Steve Nash used to do it when he was 30+.

  136. As long as the Hawks is winning, there won’t be any pressure on Travis Schlenk.
    Schlenk can always say that I build a winning team my way if the team is winning. He doesn’t even need to do anything special for Trae Young who is on a rookie contract.

    It is the intention of Schlenk to win as early and as many games possible.

  137. My understanding is as long as the Hawks wins, Travis Schlenk wouldn’t care less with or without Trae Young. Winning will make him look good in rebuilding Atlanta Hawks. He has tried many ways to improve the team. The concept of building around a certain player is silly and stupid. He wants a winning team, period.To accomplish this, Schlenk will acquire as many good players as possible.

  138. When I watched the video of Lin shooting left handed, bells went off in my brain. Shooting left handed is a relatively useless thing to learn for a bball player, its only usefulness comes when attacking the rim. A short midrange jumper would be swatted away regardless of which hand it’s shot from. So why learn it? I’m surmising that it was part of his rehab physiotherapy.

    In my forties, I started to miss my landing on split-steps in tennis. My foot would miss the ground by fractions. Instead of being able to push off the ground, I was pushing against air. I saw a friend in the finals of a club tournament miss that same step and twisted his knee so badly he had to have surgery. He was never the same after with constant re-injury of various parts of his body compensating for the knee. When I saw Lin’s injury, I immediately though of my experiences and how physical rehab alone cannot repair the lost and damaged neuro receptors. Reoccurring injuries happen because we assume our bodies will be able to do the things before the injuries not realizing that the lost receptors control our proprioception skills as well as sequential kinetic movements.

    For a long time, I just assumed that it was inevitable that our bodies break down with age and that it was irreparable. New science has now proven that new neuro-pathway can be built by stimulating our brain activities. Lin shooting left handed is perhaps why his physiotherapists have created this exercise.

    This article talks about the pioneering work in rehab.
    “Jan Scholz and his colleagues at the University of Oxford have discovered that juggling changes white matter. They gave 24 young men and women training packs for juggling and had them practise for half an hour a day for six weeks. Before and after this training period, the researchers scanned the brains of the jugglers along with those of 24 people who didn’t do any juggling, using a technique called diffusion tensor imaging that reveals the structure of white matter.

    They found that there was no change in the brains of the non-jugglers, but the jugglers grew more white matter in a part of the parietal lobe – an area involved in connecting what we see to how we move. ( and or hand eye coordination )

    The same transformation was seen in all the jugglers, regardless of how well they could perform. This suggests that it’s the learning process itself that is important for brain development, not how good you are.

    Learning matters
    Arne May of the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany, who led the previous work on juggling and grey matter, finds this result “fascinating”. “It suggests that learning a skill is more important than exercising what you are good at already – the brain wants to be puzzled and learn something new,” he says.

    Like May, Scholz’s group found increases in grey matter, but differences in the size and timing of the grey- and white-matter changes suggest they are independent. Nevertheless, both are probably necessary to learn how to juggle, argues Scholz.

    “More white matter on its own might mean you can move more quickly, but you’d need the grey matter to make sure your hands were in the right place,” he says.

    Don’t use it, don’t lose it
    The group scanned the jugglers’ brains again after four weeks without juggling. They found that the new white matter had stayed put and the amount of grey matter had even increased. This could be why, when we learn a new skill, we retain some ability, no matter how long ago we last practised.

    “It’s like riding a bike,” Scholz says. “Either you can juggle or you can’t. It takes a lot of training to learn, but once it clicks, you don’t forget it.”

    Scholz also hopes that it might be possible to develop juggling-based training programmes to help people with brain injuries, or that further study of how juggling changes the architecture of the brain may lead to the discovery of drugs that could boost this plasticity. “If we could use training or drugs to help stroke patients regenerate damaged parts of their brains, that would be fantastic,” he says.

    Journal reference: Nature Neuroscience, DOI: 10.1038/nn.2412”

    For Lin to regain his proprioception so that he knows exactly where his extremities are at all times, shooting left handed is creating new brain matter to increase neuro plasticity…..and it also means that aging weekend warriors can have hope to regain some of our lost skills.

  139. So true, completely agree.

    Especially proud of Lin for facing his ex boss with a smile…as if he was totally undaunted and unfazed. What bothers an “ex” more than anything is that they don’t even matter and inconsequential. Way to go Lin.

  140. Clifford’s bball mind is stuck in the rut of stacking size against opponents. He got rid of an undersized first round draft Biyombo because he didn’t like his height. Sat him on the bench and traded him to Raptors where he flourished as a defensive stopper and rebounder…something sorely missed by the tall guys Hornets had.

    Why am I not surprised at how bad he was as a coach! He lack the ability to think outside of the box and was smacked down by the heat for 2 games and one quarter till he threw Lin onto the court in despair. Lin ran and ran the Heat to the ground by not playing a slow pace half court game that played to the aging Dwayne Wade. Lin ran them so hard that they just couldn’t t keep up. Lin made the right coaching call for the Hornets to play a running game instead of a lumbering head on slow one on one match where size does matter. This is why we call him coach Lin.

  141. in the abl & where are they now departments: previous abl’s (my list off the top)
    dangelo russell
    courtney lee
    pj dozier
    jordan clarkson
    ronnie price
    patrick beverley

    not only does lin have a higher career per than all the above. he is making more money this year than all of the above.

    (for the are you new here crowd abl stands for “anybody but lin”.)

    p.s. as i say this was done off the top there may be corrections needed and more likely addtions: for example i could have gone back to the guy i cant remember in g.s. acie earl? (longtime fans confirm or deny, etc).

    feel free to point out errors in all this.

  142. Hi 1mtoldman,
    You might be thinking of someone other than PJ Dozier. He’s only 21, went undrafted, and has played only for OKC.

    According to basketball-reference[dot]com, Jordan Clarkson is making around $13M both this season and next. Courtney Lee is making about $12.5M.

    Ronnie Price never scored more than 6 points a game for a season and yet had a 12-year career. His career earnings were about $16M. I always thought of him when people said Jeremy’s career might be over if things didn’t pan out with one team or another.

  143. pj hairston not pj dozier.
    acie earl was acie law

    lin is making slightly more than courtney lee (close) but thats not counting lins trade kicker;

    sportrac has clarkson at 12.5 same as lee for this year with the thirteen next. that was what i was basing my comments on.; lin at 12516 with the 1251 trade kicker.

    i have lee and clarkson close but no cigar in salary; and as far as per is concerned i beleive no one is close. (that you didn’t question so i assume im rite there; ill actually bring up the exact numbers next post on that)

  144. 🙂 Well…it’s a specialty word…for doctors and athletes and dancers (that’s how I come by it). If ya don’t got proprioception, ya don’t got coordinated movement. Basically a fancy medical/Greek word for “self (proprio)-feeling (-ception)”. Short version: “the relative position of one’s own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.” Dancer friend of mine had degraded sense of proprioception in her feet due to breast cancer chemotherapy (not uncommon with extremities), which affected her balance and precision in turns. So, yes, important word for athletes. Keep that proprioception in tip-top shape!

  145. 😀 Attention spans are instagram-short these days so I’m sure some fans here noticed this was not just one, or geez two, but…dear God…more than even four paragraphs. No way. But I love the science. And the personal explanation of it. Fun. Thanks.

  146. The older I got, the more I’ve come to realize that hand eye coordination, athleticism, fine twitch muscle skills would all be for not if you lack proprioception. Just as your friend the dancer knows now how important it was for all her training to have total body awareness of our extremities at all times. Without it, we’d miss steps because your feet isn’t touching ground at the right time, you turns wouldn’t be exiting at the right moment.

  147. Right on… there is no evidence whatsoever that jlin cant carry a team like he did in new york… he fought to be where he is despite being shackled and marginalized…

  148. Excellent post… couldnt have said it better… culture bs

  149. Agreed… tsai looks weak

  150. Yeah, it’s great to know that there’s something we can do to slow the deterioration of our bodies. You could maybe just try using an opposite leg or arm like Lin is doing. At least it will be closer to your own discipline. I can’t juggle for the life of me so it may be too tough for my ego to not be able to do it, lol.

  151. The Hornets thought they could replace Lin’s production and leadership in winning with guys like Ramon Sessions and Michael Carter Williams. Didn’t work.

    Now, they are trying Tony Parker. Willing to pay him $5M. No doubt Tony Parker is HOF and Champion, quite a resume. But he is also 36, and missed 46 games last two seasons.

    No Lin. No win.

  152. Thanks for good read on the Warriors. And this was before they won their 2nd & 3rd rings.

    If this is what Travis Schlenk is trying to replicate in Hawks, that would be true “team culture”.

    “For any of their visible factors to flourish, the Warriors know they have to trust each other…..Trust is a simple concept, incredibly rare in today’s NBA, and the Warriors have it…..We still want to win…..That desire, that kinship, drives the Warriors. It’s behind the shooting, the passing, the cutting, the screen-setting, the defensive choreography and synergy.”

  153. Forgiveness can come from the heart for those who are generous and charitable and choose to do so. Certainly, I could see that Lin would be so generous and charitable.

    I’m not sure it’s good to forget. It can serve as added motivation. And understand the agendas of others. IMO, It’s important to learn from the past.

  154. “I am the Jason” and Arsenium12 already posted the Hawks’ new season schedule. Here’s another site which has filters and can be sorted.

  155. Here’s the irony after the “fiasco” with the Nets official twitter. Because, meanwhile, the Hawks official twitter has not done anything to promote Lin. The most recent brings back his time with Dallas in summer league. The Hawks twitter actually has more followers than the Nets. Is this good or bad?

  156. Peachtree Hoops so far has been balanced in their views of Lin. But, like all blogs with OPINIONS, not facts, take everything with a grain of salt. A recent roundtable discussed whether Trae Young should be starter. And where Lin would fit in the rotation.

  157. HaHa. Peachtree Hoops also did an analysis of the Hawks schedule. Games where ex-Hawks will be playing were noted. Or the new coach vs 76ers. But they completely missed Lin vs the Nets. Not using Lin as click-bait. Again, good or bad?

  158. I think Tina Cervasio and Brian Geltzeiler (both Linsanity fans) interviewed Trae Young at the NBA Rookies Photoshoot. Will have to look for the podcast to listen.

  159. JLin is still in New York with family. Little Jaden all smiles again.

  160. Looks like Lin has to travel to the NBPA gym to work out. He tagged the Fortius guys in this IG story. Maybe they are still working with Lin in New York?

    Guess because he got traded, he can’t work in HSS any more? 🙁

  161. Lin hasn’t moved to Atlanta yet. But looks like he has something to look forward to. The Hawks are just as into and prioritizing athletes staying healthy too. They have also spent a lot of money into setting up a state of the arts training center.

    Interesting article from December 2017 about the new technology and facilities. And their approach to training the athletes. Could be why Chelsea Lane was persuaded to join the Hawks.

    “It’s all individualized,” said Adam Hewitt, the director of operations at P3. “All bodies are different. You can have two guys the same size and have completely different systems. One might have flexibility in his lower, but the other doesn’t. Our thought is, how do we make the athlete better using this technology?”

    “The P3 in Atlanta will operate same as usual, with no advertising, just word of mouth and a growing number of clients. The lab anticipates helping NBA players improve their ankle and hip mobility and put them in better position to succeed through science.”

  162. What do you expect. Lin got traded there and training camp hasn’t even started. Not to mention it’s Trae Young’s team, don’t count on Lin getting much. So long as he starts I’m happy.

  163. Nope not buying any Hawks gear, Lin might very well be a 1 year rental.

  164. LOL….It depends who you ask…could be good, as well as bad and could turn into ugly!

  165. All except a few sports writers make no sense in their discussions. Comments from Hollywood movies make more sense than those.If this team bench Jeremy Lin this coming season, Lin should leave the Hawks ASAP.

    Lin is a great player; not a mentor. Lin is supposed to play for wins not to play for mentoring. NBA contracts is set up for players not mentors. Lin may spend his spare time to lead those young rookies and demonstrate his strength in the game. The rookies may never learn. Who cares if they do?

  166. As long as Lin outplay Young in practices, everything will work its way out.

  167. Lin toothpicks story in animation on YouTube: 😆
    (wonder who is the creator)

  168. a further thought or two on contracts while my stats are at an all time high and i can afford to burn a post without getting an upvote.

    carmelo anthony, dwight howard, isiaih thomas, and derrick rose are all playing for teams this year who are paying them under contracts a little more than 2 million a year.

    lin is making more alone than all of those four combined (again from the teams they are playing for)..

    i believe (depending on who you count as a point guard and with me taking the liberty of counting lin as a point guard) that lin is about the 12th highest paid point guard in the league currently.

  169. Im sure if you ask Lin, he’d say that it’s a very good thing. At the height Linsanity in nyc, Lin tried his best to stay out of the limelight but everyone wanted a piece of him. I’m sure David Letterman must have asked for an interview, heck, he even had Lin’s number on the back of his suit!

    Lin loves basketball and hates the hype that goes with it. The star making machines are there to use you for their own benefits.

    The only caveat I have with Lin’s unwillingness to be used for advertising is that he could do great things with the money from it. Andre Agassi at end of his career signed with adidas but the deal he made was for matching funds to his charter schools in Vegas. That school has helped so many underprivileged kids to gain higher education that rich kids tried to force them to open up the school to everyone. I believe Lin is afraid of looking like he’s greedy or making his teammates jealous. The way around it is to make his salary in such a way as to put it towards charitable works in the community along with the Club. That way both parties gets great PR as well as great grass root support.

  170. Lin wants to play with Young. What about that possibility? Doesn’t seem it was explored but I guess they were answering a direct question of Lin or Young. But what about Lin and Young? I guess Bazemore is solidly placed at the two so maybe then it isn’t a possibility.

  171. Yes!

  172. The real question is how far Atlanta Hawks is away from Warriors 2 that Travis Schlenk is aspiring to. The front office and infrastructures seem to be ahead of schedule with talent acquisitions so far. As to players, I would find the comparison of GS players with Atlanta players helpful to make predictions about the team building.

    NB.: GS didn’t tank for their championship team. The best draft pick it had was the 7th pick. of the draft, Stephen Curry.

    GS – only prominent players are listed

    Draft choices:
    Stephen Curry (30 years old) was 7the pick. $37,457,154
    Klay Thompson (28 years old) was 11th pick $18,988,725
    Draymond Green (28 years old) was 35th pick $17,469,565

    Free agents:
    Andre Iguodala (34th years old now) – 9th pick $16,000,000
    Kevin Durant (29 years old) – 2nd pick. $30,000,000
    Shaun Livingston (32 years old) – 4th pick $8,307,692
    DrMarcus Cousins (28 years old) – 5th pick $5,337,000

    Let’s compare GS with Atlanta who is trying to migrate to Warriors 2.

    Atlanta – only list prominent players with more than 1 year NBA experience are listed.

    Free agents
    Kent Bazemore (29) – indrafted $18,089,887
    Jeremy Lin (29) – 2010 undrafted $13,766,421
    Dewayne Dedmon (29) undrafted $7,200,000
    Justin Anderson (24) 21st pick $2,516,048
    Alex Len (25) 5th pick $4,350,000

    Draft choices:
    John Collins (20) was 19th pick $2,299,080
    Taurean Prince (24) was 12th pick $2,526,840

    Trae Young 5th pick (19 years old) $5,356,440
    Kevin Huerter (19 years old) $2,250,960
    Omari Spellman (21 years old) $1,620,480
    My prediction is Omari Spellman will probably break out first owing to his maturity.

    its own first round pick
    top 5 protected – Dallas Mavericks pick
    top 10 protected – Cleveland Cavaliers pick

    The building of Atlanta now is at the early stage. But to make this team competitive helps build the team culture. I would think Travis Schlenk would keep his competitive veterans; specially Kent Bazemore, Jeremy Lin, Dewayne Dedmond who could give star performance this coming season and more seasons to come. The rest of the crop need time to prove they are high level players and belong in NBA.

    By doing a comparison of the above, we can tell how far the Hawks is from the Warriors and what should Travis Schlenk do to shorten the gap between them. This is at least a method based on logic and data rather than emotion and fantasy.

  173. Lin outplayed every guard who was on the same team as him since the Knicks and? He still got pushed to the side cause they had to protect their designated star.

  174. True!

  175. Popo listed the source as NBA China. Wonder from what context this was created?

    Oh boy! The “babysitter” hmmmm, a bit lax? Three boys running around loose on their own. Surprised they didn’t get into even more mischief.

    Once a prankster, always a prankster. Did young Lin really do this? And his OLDER brother didn’t stop him? LOL.

  176. Lin has improved so much in his game and his strength that he has surpassed guards like Eric Bedsoe. Lin is versatile enough to fit into the modern NBA style of basketball which has led to downfalls of many super stars playing at or close to veteran minimum.

    Lin has emerged as a very physical player blocking shots, defending big guys, making steals and his skills to get to the rim like Steve Nash really help him in the market. It may take years or forever for a rookie to reach his level. His experience at Forties Sports & Health will be invaluable to him as he grows older.

    GS has just hired Rick Calbini from the Fortius. Lin’s stock is on the rising.

  177. Sheesh! Sure hope Peachtree Hoops doesn’t turn into Netsdaily, which would be really bad and ugly!

  178. Yeah, I’m sorta ambivalent. There is a certain trade-off isn’t there.

    I know Lin has said that he was resentful in the past, of being used as a marketing tool. (Funny enough, when the Warriors, Larry Riley signed him.) But it seems like he has grown to embrace his representation in more recent years. And recognized the opportunity that his platform gives him. Very much in line with what you said about philanthropic efforts. Publicity is always good for raising awareness. And for raising funds.

    I’m against Lin being used as click-bait when blogs and media publish negative stories on him. Especially when fully pursuing pre-conceived false narratives and agendas.

    On the other hand, it would seem like his own team, like the Hawks, would want to hype him up. Especially when he is doing stuff like mentor for Jr NBA. Or the charity game in China. So, the PTSD part of me is a little concerned when it’s kinda quiet.

    Maybe when the season starts…..

  179. Agree and disagree.

    Agree that Lin should not be designated as a “mentor”. Definitely not like the way Randy Foye was used. I don’t understand why “mentoring” is needed. Isn’t it the coaches’ job to help players get better? Why is it another player’s responsibility?

    At the same time, as long as Lin is on the court and playing, I think he can still teach and lead by example. If that’s how they define mentoring, then I don’t have a problem with that. The way that Lin was “coaching” Joe Harris & Sean Kilpatrick.

  180. Mad R&BF had posted this article on the Warriors. Not sure why it’s deleted.

    Re-posting here because I thought it was a good indicator of the kind of culture that Schlenk may be trying to duplicate with the Hawks. Unlike the fake culture that Sean Marks is pushing. More trust and less ego.

    “For any of their visible factors to flourish, the Warriors know they have to trust each other…..Trust is a simple concept, incredibly rare in today’s NBA, and the Warriors have it…..We still want to win…..That desire, that kinship, drives the Warriors. It’s behind the shooting, the passing, the cutting, the screen-setting, the defensive choreography and synergy.”

  181. OT- “New NBA China boss Derek Chang may have inherited a booming business but he remains hell-bent on lifting basketball to even greater heights in the league’s biggest overseas market.
    A cursory glance at the resume of the hoops-mad Chinese American, who was installed as NBA China’s chief executive on June 1, confirms he is a great fit for the job.”

  182. Best of Atlanta Hawks | 2017-2018 NBA Season – this was under Budenholzer coaching. Plenty of pick-and-rolls. John Collins just as high-flying as Ed Davis. Also, both Dedmon and Collins played in same line-up. Miles Plumlee surprising as rim protector.

  183. The coming season is very important for Atlanta because after that the team will have cap space to acquire high quality free agent. For this to happen, Atlanta must show it is a contender in the coming season.

    The team has enough good players to win many more games but the allocation of play time to them would have to mean less time for player development. The team has to play their best players to win. Younger players may even have to go to D-league for play time.

    Development couldn’t be the excuse of losing. Winning is the top priority. Only thru winning can you develop your players properly.

  184. IMO, it’s always best to let Lin’s game do the talking. Hyping an unknown factor like Lin’s injury is probably not such a good thing. We and the Hawks front office are all waiting with baited breaths for Linsanity to happen. If Schlenk is a true GSW thinker, he wouldn’t care who’s leading the team to wins, unlike all of his previous teams. $13.5 million is a lot to pay for a babysitter. All we can do is hope and have faith. FAITH PRECEDES MIRACLES.

  185. I think the mentoring is for Hawks fans to make it easier to swallow. The common consensus of Lin is he’s not worth the money and cap space. Schlenk is just making the medicine go down easier by sugarcoating it.

  186. lol…we were all naughty and nutty at that age

  187. Surprising, but it looks like Jeremy is back in Beijing … . Popo Chung said “He returns to China just for filming ‘Dunk of China’ show. This show has to be pre-filmed 12 episodes for season 1.”

  188. What would be your ideal Atlanta starting fives and your bench units?

    My First team:
    JLin, Bazemore, Prince, Collins, Dedmond.
    My Second team:
    Young, Carter, Anderson/Hamilton, Spellman, Len.

    In fact, the strength of the Hawks ought to be the Centers and the SGs.
    The rest are weaknesses.

  189. Jeremy working out after landing in China.

    He’s also psyching himself up for the season (on twitter) : “The greater the battle, the greater the victory.”

  190. deleted, just saw the reason he went back below.

  191. Click Bait?

    (I thought it was photoshopped, but that’s actually what on the Bleacher Report website right now!)

  192. Sigh…that’s been his life’s story in the NBA.

  193. From Brian Windhorst (on twitter) :

    “After initially denying it, NBA reversed course and will allow players to play in Asian Games. Cavs’ Jordan Clarkson (Philippines), Rockets’ Zhou Qi (China) & Mavs’ Ding Yanyuhang (China) expected to play.”

  194. I’m sorry. Master Lin has been successful while many draft choices in 2010 disappeared in the league. Grasshopper, you are too young to tell the difference. Nobody can predict the result of your evolution. It might stop or go on. You could be a star, a role player or bust. Shut up and get to work.

  195. Just show that Schlenk acquires Lin not to sell tickets for 1 season.

    Jeremy will go to Atlanta as a player being paid $13M+ per season. He’s the second highest paid player on the team. I’ll call him Master Lin rather than Mentor Lin. Travis Schlenk bets on him to make a difference with the Hawks.

  196. Active players left in the 2010 class

    Paul George*, John Wall*, Hassan Whiteside, Gordon Hayward+ , DeMarcus Cousins*,

    Derrick Favors, Evan Turner, Eric Bledsoe, Jeremy Lin

    Role players:
    Ish Smith, Ed Davis, Patrick Patterson, Avery Bradley, Trevor Booker, Nemanja Bjelica , Lance Stephenson, Greg Monroe (just signed a 1year / $2,165,481 contract with the Raptors), Wesley Johnson, Al-Farouq Aminu (last year of his $6,957,105/season contract)

    I would rank Jeremy Lin from 6th – 9th now in the redraft.

  197. NBA-TV has been doing this thing called “Team Day”, showing memorable games from franchise history for a particular team. They did the Nets the other day. Didn’t watch, didn’t care, none from Lin era.

    Today was Hornets. Just turned it on. RIGHT NOW. Showing Game 5 from playoffs vs Miami, 3rd Qtr. Kemba is 2 of 11. JLin running around, defending EVERYBODY.

    Next up, the game vs Utah (1-18-2016) when Kemba scored franchise history high of 52 pts, in double OT. Walker took THIRTY-THREE shots. 16 of 33, 6 of 11 from 3. Meanwhile, JLin played 36 mins, had 9 pts, on 4 of 6. What a difference when a player is given green light.

    Also next, at 3:00 AM EST, the 3-21-16, LIN come from behind win over the Spurs. Wish I could stay up late for that one! Saw the highlights gazillion times. But not a repeat of the full game.

    The point is, “memorable games in franchise history”. AND ALL FROM LIN’S ONE SEASON AT CHARLOTTE.

  198. the ishmeister then the only undrafted other than lin? sure there are no more?

    anyway #s. bop (basic offensive production) total points rebounds assists per game for career
    lin 19.4
    bradley 17
    stephenson 16.1
    monroe 24.6
    bledsoe 22.3
    turner 18.5
    favors 19.9
    cousins 35.7
    hayward 23.2
    whiteside 25.5
    wall 32.5
    george 28

    ordering top to bottom would give us:

    1 cousins
    2 wall
    3 george
    4 whiteside
    5 monroe
    6 hayward
    7 bledsoe
    8. favors
    9. lin
    10. turner
    11. bradley
    12. stephenson

    actual pick position: cousins 5,wall 1, george 10, whiteside 33, monroe 7, hayward 9, bledsoe 18, favors 3, lin ud, turner 2, bradley 19, stephenson 40

    note 1: 5 of the top 12 so sought after “lottery picks” from that year dont make this redrafting stacking (and of course lin the only ud who does).

    note 2: technically booker is not active at least in the nba currently and epke udoh is (not listed above)–yeah how would anyone know but he showed up with the jazz last season after being out of the league for a couple years and is on the roster currently.

  199. Sad to say that unfortunate coincidence. PG, Hayward, Cousins, all suffered horrific season ending injuries.

    Having said that. And I know I’m biased. I wouldn’t even called that first group “stars”, except for the huge contracts that they all have. (Cousins would probably have gotten big money too, except for his injury.)

    Anyway, your point is well made! Lin has just as much talent, if not more, than almost all of these guys.

  200. Yikes! Thought he was back in US for good. So he can get some rest. Get settled in AtLINta. And start working out towards the season. (Not trying to be a tiger fan. LOL.)

  201. I think so. I think winning culture is very important.

    Yeah, I thought that was what the D-League was for, to develop. Isn’t that why Lin kept getting sent there? But, the NBA treats the D-League as a separate league. How many high draft picks get sent there?

    Sure hope you’re right. But never know what’s behind the scenes and the true agenda. And the Hawks have a rookie coach.

  202. Amazing isn’t it? Those so-called scouts…..

  203. Oh, NO DOUBT, I have full faith in Lin and what he can accomplish, once he is on the court.

    GMs? Not so much.

    But I was referring more to the good works that Lin does, off the court. That it would get more recognition and publicity by the teams.

    It’s okay, it is what it is. Always hope for the best.

  204. The AtLINta Hawks are promoting the newly renovated Philips Arena, the new amenities and restaurants. And the 2018-2019 season as the 50th anniversary of the Hawks. With the theme of the “Next Generation”. Kristen Ledlow did the Q&A. John Collins was the only player there. Hawks’ Facebook has the video.

    @ -15:00. Tony Ressler the owner.
    @ -14:28. Travis Schlenk: was given one goal “bring a championship to Atlanta….Build through the draft with young talent….”
    @ -10:50. Schlenk: “young teams…learning curve…individual growth…JOHN (Collins) WITH TRAE TO ESTABLISH CHEMISTRY IN THE PICK-N-ROLL…took Steph Curry 3 years…caution give these guys time…” (Specific example from Schlenk, unlike Marks.)
    @ -9:10. “…Veterans in the locker room…teach these guys the right way to be pros on the court…important to have good role models to help these guys develop…”
    @ -8:00. Ressler: “I’m very involved and informed as to why they make decisions…rarely disagree, but have, and will continue to…”
    @ -6:30. Ressler: “ten years from now, we’re going to be looking back…it’s time that we focus on how to win a championship, as opposed to competing in the NBA…”

  205. Yes, Lin will make a difference.

    But, don’t forget, the $13M is also an expiring contract.

  206. @JLin7 twitter: “The greater the battle, the greater the victory.”

  207. The more I look into the roster, the more confidence I develop watching the depth the team has developed since last season.

    Atlanta Hawks Depth Chart – 2018-19

    PG Jeremy Lin (29), Trae Young (19), Daniel Hamilton (22)
    SG Kent Bazemore (29), Vince Carter (41), Kevin Huerter (19), Tyler Dorsey (22),
    C Dewayne Dedmond (28), Alex Len (25), Miles Plumlee (29).
    SF Taurean Prince (24), Justin Anderson (24), Daniel Hamilton(22), De’Andre Bembry (24)
    PF John Collins (20), Dewayne Dedmond (28), Omari Spellman (21)

    The Hawks absolutely has no problem in its starting lineup now and It is ready to compete.

    The problem emerges are dealt with in the off-season acquisitions of Jeremy Lin, Vince Carter, Alex Len, Justin Anderson, Daniel Hamilton and their draft choices of Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, and Omari Spellman (8 players)

    Even their two way contracts are well thought of.
    Jaylen Adams (PG) 6’2″ 225 lb St. Bonaventure (2014–2018) age (22)
    Alex Poythress (SF) 6’9″ 235 lb Kentucky (2012–2016) age (24)

    This roster is well planned and completed admirably with their off-season acquisitions and draft choices. At the end of last season, it was a mess. Now it is all ready to compete with increased depth and flexibility.

  208. I have the feeling that the team will be ready to compete once the season begins off the gate. Oh, ESPN will be surprised the depth this team has; skillful players with good character.

  209. Lloyd Pierce Defense vs. the Lin Davis pick and roll:

    “We tried to double-team Lin with about seven minutes left, and he still found ways to score,” 76ers coach Brett Brown said. “We tried multiple people on him and tried to get length on him with Jerami Grant. We tried to blitz him and searched to try to find ways to defend him, but we struggled all night.”

  210. The attitude of a champion.

  211. Does Lin have a chance to be the best of the class?
    Yes, if he brings his team a championship. It happened in high school. In his professional career, he improves every season. He has picked up something very important in Fortius Sport and Health. He has learned something from Celebrini that will help him grow in a new direction. He only has one year to prove himself. Steve Nash expanded his game after his experience with Fortius.

  212. Thats our boy. Starter. Not no 6th man.

  213. I don’t like ESPN and I think the site has not been fair to Jeremy Lin but I still can read some useful information. Here is from ESPN Dan Feldman about moves of Atlanta in the off season:

    Alex Len makes sense as another flier. The former No. 5 pick had moments in five
    years with the Suns, and he took major strides forward last season. Perhaps, the 25-year-old is on the verge of emerging as capable of being in a good team’s rotation. I’m surprised the price (guaranteed $8.51 million over two years) was so high, but the Hawks had cap space to burn. Better to get their preferred project center.

    (the message is he thinks Atlanta is overpaying to get its player)

    To that end, Atlanta splurged a lot of its cap room on Jeremy Lin, getting the point guard with just a smattering of second-round considerations going between Atlanta and Brooklyn. Could that cap space have been put to better use, like a salary dump or even just saving ownership money? Did the Hawks acquire Lin as a fan draw? Will Lin generate more revenue than his $13,768,421 salary? He could work well as a veteran mentor, but that’s a lot to pay a veteran mentor.

    (the message is Dan Feldman doesn’t have the faintest idea why Atlanta is giving up $13.7+M of its $20M cap space to acquire Jeremy Lin. The team could get Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur plus a top 12 protected first round draft choice from Denver but the team elects to acquire Jeremy Lin)

    I figure Atlanta actually needs help in PF. At present, the team has John Collins and the rookie, Omari Spellman, hardly enough depth for the coming season. Mind you, the owner of Atlanta says his team is building a championship team. He tore down a 60 wins team for rebuilding towards this goal. I would everything that Atlanta does is to move towards building a championship team.

    Isn’t the move to acquire Jeremy Lin enticing enough?

  214. Look at the body!
    Lin could be at his prime.

  215. at the meantime, JLIN will still not play until late October (as Jlin say so on his recent interviews) so maybe, trae young will start in a few games and lets see what the coaches feels…(mind us, Jlin just comes back with an injury and team knows that he will not be 100% yet)

  216. The more we look at the facts, the more we have to conclude that Schlenk really, really wanted Lin on his team. Unlike so many pundits and bias media and fans, Lin’s value as a quality PG as well as having the same makings of GSW culture, makes him an invaluable asset to the team. When you read an ESPN writer openly question acquiring Lin, it reminds us of the tremendous bias Lin faces at every turn. No one it seems wants to look at anything good Lin does as value indicators. They all choose to always look at the worst aspects of his career. It boggles the mind that he still has to fight for every inch of respect he’s due.

    Schlenk had to jump through hoops to get Lin, paying him above market value to get him. I’m so hopeful we will finally get a GM that’s willing to finally use the GSW playbooks and allow anyone to shine for wins.

  217. here’s the thing. atlanta NEEDS to be good right away in order to prevent the tank.

    trae is their pg of the future. everything depends on him. look at any of his highlights and you see the star that he could be. the curry comparisons are apt. he can be the next curry for sure. he also passes well, and tries to get to the rim. that part of his game is iffy but his shooting will open up the floor for him and others.

    collins can be their big of the future. he has star potential written all over him. he can shoot and play above the rim. slightly undersized, especially cuz he’s so young, but that will change over time. he can be clint capela with a jumpshot.

    and prince, he can be their wing of the future. he started out as a defensive player, then he broke out at the end of last season with two 38 point games. he can handle the ball, shoot, and get to the rim. plus if he has help, he can focus more on defense again. star potential for sure.

    last but not least we have lin. nothing more needs to be said about him. we all know he can take over games by himself BUT that’s not his special ability. i believe his special ability is that he’s the ultimate force multiplier. he makes people around him better. almost uncanny. unexplainable at times. i mean spencer hawes looked good at times playing wth lin so anything is possible when you play with him…

    last starting spot is up for grabs… if we keep baze, do we make him our 3&D and force prince to play as an undersized 4? do we play dedmon and bench baze? i cant fathom not starting trae, but i guess it’s possible. and of course lin off the bench is possible too, who knows what pierce is thinking right now…

    i personally want to see baze traded for ryan anderson. ryan can come off the bench and be lin and trae’s novak. floor spreader, dead eye shooter, no defense, limited minutes used sparingly to close the points gap or widen it…

    in that case we start dedmon for size but mainly play collins at the 5 to close out games with the death lineup. both huerter and spellman can be big contributors but we need to see them play nba games first.

    if things work out, can see a death lineup of 2 guards (lin, trae), 2 wings (prince, huerter), and 1 big (collins)… if you need more size, spellman instead of huerter…

    trade baze! lin and trae to start! 50 win team! surprise them all! except us, we know better, cuz we know what lin can do and what he does for the team…

  218. i truly believe lin needs trae to start next to him. it’s better for both. both draw defenders and doubles. both can shoot, pass and drive. lin obviously takes the better player on defense.

    i like baze, but he’s not going to make the team a winner. that’s the truth. he’s a solid 3&D player but he’s not dynamic. wont draw defenders like a lin or trae. i think huerter can replace him in time. looking at tape, huerter looks like a young parsons. long and lanky wing that can shoot, drive, pass a little, and has underrated athleticism (you know, cuz he white)… did great at the draft combine.

    i hope baze gets traded so there is no other option than to start trae and lin. prince gets his ideal spot at the 3 and collins can play most minutes as the sole big in a fast paced 4 out system. the 4 is up for grabs between huerter playing undersized death lineup, or more conventional sized spellman who was drafted to be that draymond impact big…

    i can see a good team ahead. but it starts like trae and lin, continues with prince, and ends with collins…

  219. even to this day, hornets fans dont outwardly say they miss lin or that he was the reason for that year’s success.. but they secretly feel it in their hearts. why? cuz they dont want to admit we were right. us lin fans knew. we always know…

    that’s why i dont post elsewhere and try to “convince” fans how good lin is. i just hope and pray for opportunity because i KNOW lin will SHOW them. i dont have to say squat. they will see for themselves…

    and next up, watch for the nets fans to realize their gm messed up…

  220. stop training and just rest damit

  221. Bazemore should not be traded. I haven’t seen any undrafted player, other than Lin, reaching his potential. Lin, Bazemore, and Dedmond are versatile, skillful and with good character. They are very unselfish. I guess if they want to padd their stats, they could but they choose to play together. They are still making progress in their games. There is no reason to split them.

    In the coming season, they are going to make one another better; much better than others think. At the first time, you have 3 undrafted players starting for a team. Their toughness will be out of the chart. What a locker room!

    Bazemore is the most productive player in the team while Ryan Anderson can hardly have playtime. I don’t think it’s a fair trade.

    The undrafted trio can all play multiple positions including Dedmond. I love to see them grow and glow. Ryan Anderson is really really expensive to fit in this team. Schlenk wouldn’t want a big that can’t defend. Lin played 1 and 2. Bazemore played 2 and 3. I have no doubt that Dedmond can play 4 and 5. Prince can play 3 and 4. Collins can play 4 and 5 too. This is a starting lineup for GS style basketball.

    Trae should start from the bench until he has developed an NBA body. Don’t want him to get hurt. How many first year PGs has got injured in their first year; much more than the team wants. I wouldn’t think Trae Young is ready to face starting NBA PGs now.

    Again, the starting lineup of Lin, Bazemore, Dedmond, Prince and Collins make the most sense. This lineup blends experience and youth together. This team is physical enough to withstand NBA challenges.
    This is the first projected starting lineup for the Hawks and is the best.

  222. Lin is the undrafted player starting his career in GS and has achieved global recognition. His career is unprecedented. Schlenk should be applauded to acquire Jeremy now despite his history of injuries in the last 2 seasons.

  223. I have doubts whenever someone suggesting to replace a high caliber veteran with a rookie who has never played a single game in NBA level.

  224. Schlenk made an offer that Marks couldn’t refuse. He let Marks have PFs the team sorely needs plus a top 12 protected first round draft choice for an expiring contract of Jeremy Lin. Sean Marks is actually running away from the chance to resign Jeremy; however, nobody can save his job after he signed D’Angelo Russell. He is going to live or get fired with the PG of his choice.

  225. If you told people a year ago that Lin could be offered a cap space more than Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose put together, you would only be greeted by sneers and jeers.

  226. (The Warriors did a very decent job from 2008 – 2013 signing undrafted free agents)
    Anthony Morrow 2008
    Jeremy Lin 2010 $13,768,421
    Kent Bazemore 2012 $18,089,887
    DeWayne Dedmond 2013 $7,200,000

    Is there anymore NBA undrafted free agents signed by the Warriors?

  227. It’s not up to us to decide.
    According to my depth chart, the Hawks has Daniel Hamilton and Trae Young who could also play as PG. Taurean Prince can also handle the ball, so does Bazemore.

  228. “At the first time, you have 3 undrafted players starting for a team.”

    last years dallas mavs probably the all-time undrafted team with 7 of their 15 players avg 15 minutes or more undrafted and thats not even counting seth curry who was out all year with injury. had he been available a majority of team would have been undrafted!

    if you take the 7 players who started the most games: 3 of them were undrafted so pretty sure you did have 3 undrafted players starting for a team there.

    also: 3 of the 5, 4 of the 7 and 5 of the 9 players playing the most minutes all undrafted!

    as to bazemore without digging up the numbers i would put robert covington and mavs wesley matthews above bazemore and at the top with lin in terms of what accomplished as undrafted player still not on the end of their career (another mav barea and jose calderon probably be above bazemore as well if leave off the last qualifier)

    but yer certainly right about anderson; a one dimensional player with a huge contract that the rockets have been unsuccessfully trying to unload for a long time.

    sidenote: prince listed in a recent list of top players under 25. and as i pointed out previously collins was basically at the same level of play as tatum and kuzma last year he just didn’t get the minutes.

    a small ball unit for me would be lin young bazemore collins and prince. in fact most nba teams are going to this to finish games.

    a trad center may start but really finishes.

    last year only 11 centers played 30 minutes and one of those, al horford, couldn’t be considered as a traditional center. so the majority of the league finishes games without a trad center. going small.

  229. Wesley Matthews (undrafted free agent, age 31) was ranked 78th in RPM
    His ORPM was -0.51 DRPM was -2.03 His PER was 11.49 played 33.8 mins/game collected 3.1 rebs 2.7 assists per game

    Kent Bazemore (undrafted free agent, age 29) was ranked 14 in the league in RPM
    His ORPM was 0.22 DRPM 0.96 PER 14.51 played 27.5 mins/game He made 3.5 assists and 3.8 Rebs avg 12.9 pts

    The strength of Bazemore seems to be more in defense than offense and yet his 3P shooting% exceeded Wes Matthews last season.

    How could Wes Matthews be better than Kent Bazemore? not even close!

  230. Please remember that Lin hasn’t played in over a year and his physical ability to withstand hits and recovery time at the NBA level is unknown. He’s coming off one of the most serious knee injuries you can have in sports.

    We’ve only seen Lin going at 1/4 speed during practice. We haven’t seen him cut, take any real contact, fall and get up, drive to the basket hard, etc.

    When Lin adjusted to the new shot he struggled with it for months in Charlotte before it kicked in. Lin is now adjusting his whole body to playing NBA basketball again. I personally expect Lin to struggle, maybe to have some minutes restrictions, and, it’ll take probably months for him to get confidence back in his body. Lin, himself, has to get back to withstanding the game-to-game with travel to different time zones and the colder climates and dealing with Utah and Denver in this coming season. Yes, a Lin prior to the injury could go in and be proven. But that’s not the Lin coming into this season.

  231. The primary thing is Lin staying competitive; Lin has already got used to his new shots. Shooting is in his mind as well as in his body. His recovery is on schedule and no setback. The recovery of this so called injury with the advances in technology is less threatening now than ever. If there is anything less than a complete recovery, Lin as a perfectionist would have canceled the trip to China.

    I don’t expect Lin to struggle and no real Lin fan would want what Jeremy doesn’t want unless, of course, he thinks himself is better than Lin.

  232. I think Lin’s injury last season had something to do with his will to lift the whole team despite poor coaching and surrounding talents.

  233. It’s not what a fan wants or doesn’t want. Of course fans don’t want him to struggle, but the truth is, he probably will. Not now, but later tonight I’m going to post the interview Lin did after the 29 point come-from-behind monster game he had against the Spurs. He talked at length of how he was struggling with his shot in his post-game locker room interview.

    Lin has to play to be competitive. He didn’t play last season. He played 35 games of season 1 with the Nets. He was very competitive when he did, but he can’t be when he doesn’t play. And this injury he’s coming off of is much, much, much more serious than what he came off of in his first season as a Net. He himself said he has to retrain his whole body. That’s going to take time.

  234. The DWade / Luol Deng Cut:

    “Miami knew Charlotte would send a third defender into the paint early to shove Whiteside on the pick-and-roll, and they had the guy that helper was guarding — Dwyane Wade here on a Joe Johnson / Whiteside play– cut across the baseline, and toward the ball:

    That’s a cut big man make now and then to confuse help defense assignments. You don’t see perimeter players make it much, because the whole point of playing four perimeter guys is to station them around the 3-point arc — and out of the damn way.

    But Wade is almost like a big man on offense, and these little cuts flummoxed the Hornets. They triggered
    a kind of second rotation: Marvin Williams, guarding Luol Deng in the right corner, sees how far away Wade gets from Courtney Lee, and makes apanic-slide into the paint to cover for Lee — leaving Deng wide open.

    The irony? The Heat learned this from the Spurs; Danny Green killed them in the 2013 Finals with this same cut, to the point that the Heat, befuddled about a thing they hadn’t seen or expected, nicknamed it “The Danny Green Cut.”

    Behold, the playoffs: Every wrinkle matters.” ( )

  235. This is the article where Lin talks about struggling with his shot for so long. This is after his 29 point game against the Spurs, where he took over the game that looked hopeless for the Hornets.

    This interview is 5 minutes long and he spends a lot of time talking about struggling with the shot.

  236. This type of coaching is why most coaches can’t be anything more that following what’s been taught. It’s typically why Clifford and Dwayne Casey fail as true leaders.

    Typically they think in terms of matching line ups with strength vs strength. Well that’s all fine if you choose to let someone play at their own pace. The fact that Lin is great at transition is why MDA wanted Lin to lead the Knicks. He was the perfect guy for MDA’s fast pace game. It’s hard to play well on offence when your opponent immediately goes down court and you have to chase after them, especially when you are an aging superstar. Eventually you lose your legs and breath so much that you can’t make the those “Danny Greens cuts”. MDA’s defence is his fast pace offence that takes out opponents will and legs to work on offence.

    Clifford and Casey only knows to tell his players to execute and work harder at their game plan instead of giving them alternatives to circumvent opponent’s strengths by attacking their weaknesses.

  237. Recently I saw an article describing the conflicts between Steve Kerr and Draymond Green. Draymond is one of the best defender in the league. He’s sort of unpredictable by nature and that help him circumvent situations. Of course, his fiery temper sometimes caused problems too. But I do appreciate what you said.

  238. Anyone watch crazy rich asians? My grade: B/B-… here’s to the future…

  239. I see your points but I still hope Linsanity 2 arrives sooner.
    I figure Lin is at the turn of his career. Health is the issue at the top of priority list. He’s having the best supporting casts on the court and is given a chance to lead; not like his time in Charlotte. Charlotte has lots more talents than any other teams that he has worked with; even better than the time he was in Houston.

  240. When I look at DeWayne Dedmon, he is a better version of Tyson Chandler. He can shoot 3s. He can rebound and he can block shots. He can run like a deer.

  241. Lin’s talent, leadership, and drive is indisputable. How long it’ll take to get his body retrained to put himself in position to play as many games as possible, we’ll find out. This is a different stage of Lin’s career. I think it can be a new beginning.

  242. Draymond Green has the right ideas about the game. He just has to sometimes exercise better self-control. I think Green is a team player but his antics get him in trouble sometimes.

  243. Lin may be humble, but anyone who follows him knows that he is a competitor. That’s why he never takes plays off, and he will always play to win. Even in video games.

    Rolling Stone interviewed him earlier this year, with vid on Facebook, about why he likes Dota.

    @-4.05: “…in basketball, I love scoring, and getting buckets…”
    @-2:45: talks about how he and Gordon Hayward are the OG in the NBA for PC-gaming. But after Gordon invites him to challenge in League of Legends, Lin “disses” Hayward:
    “…I think deep down inside anyone who plays League knows it’s a simpler version of Dota…” – Ooookay, Jeremy. LOL.

    VGJ teams, another Lin investment which could pay off.

  244. Agree. He’s fiery.

  245. “The Homecourt” APP – uses A.I. to track and chart your shooting during an individual workout. With Lin as part of investor-group. This has already been posted previously by Arsenium12. And I think there is separate thread set up by Psalm. Posting here for now.

    But Sports Illustrated interviewed Lin and Nash. And goes further to say that it is already in use by Lin, by Duke, and by NETS G-LEAGUE. If it takes off, especially in China, could be very profitable. Another smart Lin investment?

    “Lin is already receiving inquiries about HomeCourt, from teams in China to coaches from the Nets’ G-League affiliate. It helps than Lin himself is an avid user, studying videos of his shots to help improve his footwork, posture, positioning and other small details.”

  246. So, as we know, Lin is back in Beijing to film more episodes of Dunk of China. I was hoping he would be in AtLinta sooner rather than later. To ease back into the rhythm of getting ready for the season. Seems like I’m not the only tiger fan. 🙂

    Lin responded to another fan’s same concerns. Wonder why the “secrecy”? Good news is he seems very confident of his progress:

  247. Here we go. Charlotte Hornets’ twitter manager had no trouble hyping Lin (an ex-player from 2 seasons ago). Respect and acknowledgement is always appreciated. Gone but not forgotten…..

  248. This can only help build a Hawks fan-base in China, no?

  249. Decent grade. Was it a rom-com, as advertised? Movies in general, not my thing. But sounds like worth going, just to support?

  250. From what I remember seeing on twitter and Hornets blogs, I thought that quite a few of them sent out appreciative thank you’s to Lin when he left. Certainly many fans at the arena had Lin jerseys and were MSG-like cheering when Lin was leading the wins. So, I think they did value what he contributed. (It could have been because he was on cheap contract. Who knows?)

    UNLIKE the Nets. I don’t follow their twitters. Still couldn’t avoid some of the time-lines. Sadly, too many “good riddances”. UNBELIEVABLE, such strong negativity. Yeah, he was injured. Not his fault. Why such hate? That fanbase is a lost cause. But, who cares? We’re gonna move forward.

    I AGREE. I just “hide out” here on Portal. I applaud those posters who try to defend Lin “out there”. But at the end of the day, it’s wasted energy. Team-fans will see what they want to see.

    All we can do is hope for healthy Lin to get playing time and I think the respect will come back.

  251. I’m sure glad that Lin is keeping himself healthy and competitive for the coming season. Of course we all want him back to Atlanta. This is such an important season for him. It’s now or never. For once in his life time, he is surrounded with very talented players who are determined to prove the others wrong. This is the most underrated team in the league; can’t get any worse than a cellar prediction.

    I know how good Lin is. Bazemore has just had a career season. Dedmond becomes a modern NBA center with his 3 point shootings. He’s so far the best center that Lin has played with. D12 couldn’t shoot FTs and 3s. He’s just a big name player on his way out of the league.John Collins may be the up and rising stars for the team. I’m looking forward to a big season to prove most of the sport writers wrong.

    Of course, this young team doesn’t have the depth because their players on the bench are still very young or role players. Still there is a good chance this team can bring a winning season to Atlanta.

  252. lin’s contract had a lot to do with why he was liked in charlotte. i didnt see any non-lin fans suggest letting batum walk and sign lin in his place. not a single one. but us lin fans said that would be the better move. the conventional wisdom was they HAD to re-sign batum for near max because they gave up so much to get him and couldnt lose him for nothing. they still said this after lin nearly won them a playoff series…

    so yeah, there’s a lot of appreciation from charlotte fans, but try suggesting lin is better than walker and then you’ll see the venom… i find it funny kemba still hasnt beat lebron yet lin did it in his only start as hornets’ pg, go figure….

  253. dedmon may start, but expect to see collins play a lot of 5 in smaller lineups. in fact dedmon is just a minutes filler like len. the real lineup to watch is when they go small and play fast, the death lineup. watch for it this season. im pretty sure this is the plan…

  254. Lin is a facilitator, Kemba is a scorer. Lin makes guys around him better where Kemba scores. I find it interesting that Lin has not returned to Charlotte’s home stadium as an active player yet. Lin might even get a video in Charlotte. I think he deserves one.

  255. i think you overestimate the value of baze. he’s solid, but he wont bring you wins.

    but trae? even though he’s a rookie and no one knows how he will fare against nba players, the skill that he possesses… you can just see the potential… curry potential….

    trae will start. no team tanks to get a high pick, and then doesnt start him. it’s literally unfathomable….

  256. baze is a good player. but trae has the skill to be a GREAT player. it’s the teams job to cultivate that skill by having him start now and learn so that he will be better when it matters, like when they aren’t tanking…

    jimmer was on a bad team with bad culture. and people say he had a bad attitude, too much ego. the skill was there and still is there. his play in china and tbt showcases that. jimmer’s situation is a cautionary tale. one that schlenk surely doesnt want trae to follow. getting lin as his mentor was the first step…

  257. You know, I hate to talk about starting here. But here’s how I see it. Lin and Trae will get minutes, once Lin’s health is established. If Pierce wants a run and gun and pace offense, then you have to have Lin in there Trae may be great for Lin in terms of hitting open 3s. I’m looking at minutes. I don’t know if Lin will start right away due to his coming back from injury more than anything else. But we’ll see. It’s up to Pierce. For me, it isn’t Lin vs. Trae for the starting position. Trae is their project. But they’re teammates and it’s pupil and master. Lin is the master.

    During the course of the game and in the crunch, Trae may have to sit. But he’ll hopefully get more chance to grow as the season progresses. That’s if Lloyd prioritizes winning. He may more emphasize learning from in-game situations. We’ll see.

  258. I don’t know much about Trae. Stef is an exceptional player. Maybe the best shooter ever. He has an exceptionally quick release. I don’t see that lightning quick release with Trae and I don’t even think it’s fair to compare anyone with Stef as is being done with Trae. I’d love to see the kid just play his game and we’ll see what happens.

  259. i think lin playing WITH trae is how he will learn.

    my fear is that baze being on the team is going to force pierce into making it a lin vs trae thing… and in that battle, developing trae will always be the priority… that means lin gets benched on a tanking team. literally basketball hell…

    that’s why i hope schlenk trades baze and we get to see the most dynamic backcourt in the nba, not best (curry and klay) but the most dynamic…

    atl has too many wings as is, and baze is very valuable… schlenk needs to do the right thing and fix this potential problem… just look at the title of this thread. internally schlenk/pierce may have already decided to pair trae and lin. the hard part is getting the most value for baze.

    wait longer and morey gets more desperate to rid himself of ryan anderson AND replace ariza AND luc…. the baze trade makes total sense. schlenk just has to wait for morey to cave in just like he did with capela’s contract….

  260. look at trae highlights, he definitely has a quick release and can pull up/shoot off the dribble from 30. the steph comparisons are obvious and yet correct. he will force you to guard him 30 ft+. and guarding him in the pnr will be a nightmare. go over and he can shoot off the dribble. go under and he can pull up. double and he will pass to a big who can shoot 3’s or roll…

    he’s young and needs time to get stronger and more experience but his skill is off he charts already. i liken him to a mix of curry and kemba.

  261. Count me in. I am a tiger fan too.

  262. The advantage of playing small is the speed but Dedmond is a very athletic 7 footer. He is fast in transistion. He can keep up with smaller players in speed. Plus he has 7’4″ wingspan and great positioning. Boy! Can he run! He is one of the most agile 7 footer that I have ever seen. He can easily run the full court and drive to the rim.

  263. Here is a little clip of Jeremy training in China. There is a guy squatting where the stack of weights normally would be, to provide resistance.

  264. Here is a shot of Jeremy recovering from some training.

    To read more about the “Hyper Ice” equipment, go here :

  265. Yes, rom com… definitely go for support… better than our usual portayal, especially asian men… but still aways to go… opens the door hopefully

  266. In early February, Jeremy spoke to media at Barclays Center about rehabbing from his injury. His long term view seems a mixture of realism and notable optimism. Until he provides another extended update, this is what I keep in mind:

    – He said that his rehab is going smoothly. He predicted he will return a faster, more explosive player as a result of a comprehensive conditioning program at Fortius Sports and Health near Vancouver.

    – He is not focusing a lot on the experience of others in predicting how his rehab will go: “History is not really something that is super-appealing to me right now,” he said. “I don’t want to get caught up in someone else’s journey. I feel like I am ready to take on this thing, and when I get healthy, I will be a new me.”

    – He is focusing on areas other than his injured knee to try to prevent future injuries. His program is designed to address “muscle imbalances, movement deficiencies” and simply the mechanics of how he moves.

    – An overall appraisal : “We’re fixing everything so I can look close to picture-perfect. … Perfection in this situation is kind of a ghost, but it’s as much improvement as you can get. You reduce chances of injury, and I’m also going to be more explosive and faster and more on balance because of it.”

    See :

  267. I like Baze simply because he’s has the mental toughness to survive and make something of himself in a league that told him he wasn’t good enough. Few players have the clutch genes to be great when needed. Ask the Raptors how it went over with DeRozen and Lowrey. Regular season stat padding superstars are a dime a dozen. Give me a player whose had to make good when a small window opens for them just like how Lin has had to do at every turn. Guys like that are heads above guys like Harden and DeRozen; someone that has the inner fire to make a clutch shot when needed in the forth is hard to find.

    What’s wrong with a 3 and D guy? Thompson isn’t such a bad player to have on a team. Again someone willing to defend and pride himself in it may not get the glory but he’ll bring home the bacon when it counts…to make the stops and the 3s.

  268. Definitely a new beginning in the right direction. At least the team wants him.

  269. john collins is younger and better. dedmon may start for size reasons, but he will play less minutes overall than collins.

    collins, trae, and prince are the future of atl. this is a fact. vets like lin, baze, and dedmon are there only for the ride. hopefully schlenk likes what he sees and lin stays while they find success together but as marks showed us, it’s a business and no vet is safe….

  270. look at prince ball vs durant…

    yes this is a pick up game, yes this is a highlight video so all the shots go in, BUT you can see the confidence on offense and the effort on defense…

    trae/lin/prince/collins/dedmon this is the lineup i want to see start…
    trae/lin/prince/justin anderson (defense) or huerter (shooting/offense) or spellman (size)/collins this is the lineup i want to see close out games…

    baze is expendable. prince can do everything baze can do plus he’s younger and bigger. lin is better than baze. trae needs to start. baze is the odd man out here… the baze trade rumors suggest schlenk thinks the same way…

    atl has a lot of wings that are younger and need minutes for schlenk to evaluate. trade baze for ryan anderson + a future 1st rd pick. ryan anderson can be our novak. everyone here remember how valuable novak was during linsanity? ryan is literally just like novak, a no defense stretch 4 that can come off the bench and bomb away.

    i think schlenk and morey are playing chicken. who will fold first?

  271. Agree to disagree.
    Collins and Prince are prospects. Bazemore and Dedmon played much better defense. They have done well at both sides of the court.

  272. ICYMI. Can’t say whether Bazemore should be traded or not. Don’t know enough about the salary matchups and cap hits, etc etc. But, let’s say the Hawks would want to.

    Can we NOT do any trades with Houston? Let’s NOT help the Rockets off the hook from that horrendous Ryan Anderson contract, $21M each year for 2 more years. Let Morey wallow in his misery. Is a future 1st round really worth it to the Hawks to pay this much for a shooter to come off the bench?

    How about with the Bucks instead? Reunite him with Mike Budenholzer. See the speculation here:

  273. The optimism is all good. Certainly, we are all hoping for the very best case.

    Forget if there was video of this. But there has been another update. According to Brian Lewis (who has some credibility), he interviewed Lin during summer league in Vegas, early July, right before the shocking trade.

    “I feel good right now, just still progressing. Everything is really good, smooth. I’ve been playing, working out every day. … Things are going as we planned. I’ll definitely be ready for training camp. There won’t be any issues,” Lin said. “Yeah, that’s been nice. I first started playing 1-on-1 five or six weeks ago. So it’s been a bit.”

    “I haven’t played in a long time, so it’s not like you come back and you’re better than you were before. It’s going to take a lot of time. My body’s not used to moving fast or playing against contact so that takes [time],” Lin said. “Having a year where you’re out, you don’t get that in four weeks. It takes a lot of time, which is why we’re going to keep building up and stay with the plan, try to not get too frustrated if I’m not moving the way I want or I’m not as explosive as I want.”

    The optimism is still there. But also some realistic expectations there.

  274. Always wondered why, with all these new recovery devices, we still see players sitting on the bench, wrapped up with regular old icepacks in plastic bundles.

  275. LOL.

  276. True. LOL. With the Hawks being so bad and “tanking” last year, they can only go UP from there. Can’t get worse.

    Seriously though, I agree that if winning is the goal, it is very possible for the Hawks to win more games. The problem is if there is another agenda by the owner and/or the GM.

  277. Got it. Will try harder to get to it. Thanks.

  278. Hate to be down on Lin’s new teammate. But, uh-oh. As a Lin fan, these are NOT good looks from Trae Young.

    1) There are videos of him working out in NYC with LeVert, Dinwiddie, Kanter, etal. BUT, also with Melo. Ugh.
    2) There were pics of him working out with Harden and Chris Paul, around the time of USA Basketball mini-camp. Ugh.
    3) He’s wearing Hoodie Melo hoodies. Ugh.
    4) He is sitting next to Floyd Mayweather. It could be that Mayweather invited himself. But, ugh.

  279. From Nets official site, by Tom Dowd. Dinwiddie talked about his summer in China with Lin. Also participated in the Dunk of China, along with Yi Jianlian.

    “Dinwiddie’s last stop before returning to Brooklyn was an eight-day trip to China…most of the trip was thanks to Jeremy. I really appreciated the opportunity to be able to go over there. Obviously, he’s not on our team any more, but I consider him a friend. He definitely helped me out a lot…”

  280. There is no reason to tank. Hawks has enough assets to move on; not like Nets. Now the team is building from from draft choices. It shouldn’t have too many of them in a short while. Development of talents takes time.

    For the time being being, it has to win to attract free agents to join them. This team has to show the world it is only a few players away from a championship team.

    Smart drafting and signing of free agents are the only way to championship and the team needs a winning culture to kick start it’s program.

    This season, their players are underrated, improving and determined to prove the world wrong. This must be the end of the beginning with so many players eager to break out this coming season.

    At a glance, Atlanta really doesn’t have selfish player; this team will play GS style basketball well. This will be a cohesive team with chips on their shoulder. This is a very competitive team.

  281. Tony Ressler wants a championship and Travis Schlenk takes the job. The team since then was dropping, falling, and crash landing at the cellar of the league according to sport writer. Of course, I have never taken opinions from sport writers seriously. They are always wrong.

    To Travis Schlenk, he has started rebuilding, cleaning up the roster, getting rid of pieces that he doesn’t wrong at all cost. The question that the owner must ask is, ” Dude, when will you start kicking off your championship team. All that losings make me sick.”

    What will be the perfect time to kick off the championship program? Now, of course. The team is ranked at the cellar of the league. It couldn’t get any worse. Fans begin to loss faith. You don’t want to see your boss losing faith on you. The best way to get out of the dark is to start winning now. Let’s watch the turn around of the Hawks.!

  282. Thanks for headsup… not surprising… hopefully, a bunch of asian players and owners come soon to DOMINATE. then, cant marginalize asian players anymore and f em… no more having to deal with crep…

  283. Not going to happen, look at Joe Tsai. Russian owner also couldn’t do anything about having more Russian players on the team before having them traded.

  284. Why are we worried about things that haven’t happened yet? NBA is small and it isn’t Trae who has a grudge with those people. JLin at most is a 1 year rental. Whether Hawks is a long term deal is yet to be seen.

  285. Just a step in the door, then kick it down!!

  286. Here is an article about 3 point shooting of college players from Nylon Calculus

    Lets compare Trae Young with Aaron Holiday (23rd choice, UCLA)

    Trae Young NBA3s Made=84 NBA3s Attempted=236 (35.59%); Deep3s Made=61,
    Deep3s Attempted=184, (33.15%)
    Aaron Holiday NBA3s Made=67, NBA3s Attempted=124 (43.51%), Deep3s Made=43, Deep3s Attempted=103, (41.75%)

  287. A gym with no plates, lol? Guess nobody ever used it, lol.

  288. They were always appreciative there.

  289. “So, to recap, advanced metrics lead us to believe that the Hawks have already recaptured Schroder’s production from last season with the addition of Lin, who is a comparable player offensively, and whatever Trae Young brings to the table is purely additional production from what we saw last season out of Taylor and Delaney. Regardless, the Hawks have upgraded the point guard position with a starting caliber player in Lin and with a youthful potential star talent in Trae Young.”–peachtree hoops

  290. My man. Thank you.

  291. Apparently, Jeremy sponsored the opening of the film “Crazy Rich Asians” in Atlanta. Here is the crowd saying ‘Thanks.’

  292. I met Constance Wu a couple years ago. I told her I am a Lin fan and she said she met Lin several times and said he is a nice guy. It is not surprising Lin sponsored the opening.
    btw, Constance is also a very very nice person. Extremely patient and nice to her much younger half-brothers.

  293. Thats our boy

  294. Jeremy Lin’s teammate. Kent Bazemore. He was moved around from GS to Lakers to Atlanta before he found his home Atlanta playing behind DeMarre Carroll, Yes the DeMarre playing for Nets. After DeMarre signed wth the Raptors, Bazemore received his $70M contract from Atlanta. He actually didn’t receive many minutes playing behind DeMarre who was having a career year in the 60 wins season (2014-15) of Atlanta. But because of the injuries of Thabo Sefolosha, Kent Bazemore received more playtime and showed his talent in 2015-16.

    During the 2015-2016 season, Kent Bazemore emerged as the darling of the Atlanta Hawks,
    He stepped into a full-time starting role for the first time in his career and the swingman flashed some great potential for the team. The former Old Dominion standout averaged 11.6 points and 5.2 rebounds per game and shot 35.7 percent from three. He showed great energy and developmental potential on both sides of the ball.

    For his efforts in his contract year, the Hawks awarded Bazemore with a 4-year/$70 million deal. He was the small forward of the future for the team and expectations rose for him in that season.

    Then 2016-17 season, he tried too hard to prove himself and had an unglamorous mediocre season.

    2017-2018 season, the last season, he came back with the best season of his career shooting close to 40% at 3s. He still has room for improvement. He has 2 more years left of his completely guaranteed contract. What I don’t understand is people giving up on him so early because he has had one mediocre season in the first season of his $70M contract. They ignore the fact he is coming back with another good season despite tremendous adversity.

    He is the player who can play 1,2,3 and did for the Hawks. He’s a fierce competitor like Jeremy Lin.

  295. baze’s career high is 29. prince’s career high is 38 and he did it TWICE… prince is bigger, younger, and has more potential. we need to be talking about him more and how he will fit with lin.

    baze may or may not be traded this season, BUT suffice it to say he will not be a focal point. who will be? trae, prince, and collins. and who fits in with that young core? lin NOT baze…. baze is the odd man out. the more i think about it, the more it makes sense to trade him while his value us still very high…

  296. rockets are in the west. who cares if they get better, as long as the team gets better. the baze trade would get a stretch 4, a future asset, and it solves the too many wings issue.

    salaries are close and guaranteed years are the same. it works out beautifully. the only question is if morey is willing to give up more assets in a bid to compete for a ring. or if schlenk is willing to settle and just get 1 asset out of morey…

  297. but it doesnt matter. they are not going to be on the team in a few years when guys like trae, prince and collins are no longer prospects and are stars.

    i want lin to be that vet leader running with the young dogs. who cares how good dedmon or baze are. i only care about how good lin will be playing with the young guys who have WAY more potential. and unlike dlo, i think these young guys are compatible with lin’s game.

  298. Bazemore is a complete player at both ends of the court. He keeps the ball moving.
    He has outplayed many players bigger and younger. Potential is tricky term. We have seen players with potential which has never been realized.

    Are you Travis Schlenk? You are so presumptuous. Let’s forget about discussion. Agree to disagree.

    The odd man out is just your imaginations and those of sport writers; most of them changes their opinions year by years.

    Nobody is going to let Prince lead the team now. Every year we have seen players emerging from the college. You are making claims that you are in no position to make. After one single injury, most of them would be out forever.

    Prince has never had experience playing with high caliber players. Enough to say, D’Angleo Russell has much higher career in scoring than Prince. Does it mean anything?

    I don’t want to discuss with people with lack of appreciation and in excess of speculation. Since you claim to be Infinite Wisdom. Find your match. Leave me alone.

  299. i agree to disagree. im not trying to convince you. i’m presenting the other side.

  300. trae can pull up from 30 or step back to create separation.

    lin needs to be playing with cats like that.

    not guys who just get hot from 3

    this team is going to be a lot like lin’s 1st year with the rockets. shoot 3s, get to the rim, transition, play fast. defense is going to be horrid, so the only way to win is to outscore the opponents… pierce has already said that was the plan. the summer league team even practiced with a 16 sec shot clock, getting them used to playing fast before the defense can get set. no wonder schlenk wanted lin, he’s planning on playing dantoni ball…

  301. john collins = clint capela w/ a jump shot

    and he’s only getting better…

    also note trae’s vision… lin’s going to need help in the back court. willing passer with vision and unlimited range drawing defenders? who doesnt want to play with that guy?

    i can already envision lin and trae both attacking on either side. collins manning the middle. threatening with pnr or pick n pop. prince and huerter/spellman hanging out on the wings, both can shoot, pass, or drive…

    win or lose, i think this season will be FUN!

  302. So far, Peachtree Hoops, and its posters, have been much more open-minded and accepting of Lin and his abilities to make a difference for the Hawks.

    Due to my own pre-conceptions. I find it surprising and ironic. That two southern cities like Atlanta and Charlotte, would have fans more supportive of Lin. Or at least those fans that post on blogs.

    Whereas fans from bigger cities like Houston and Brooklyn (NYC), where there are bigger Asian populations with more diversity, were much more hostile towards Lin. (The animosity directed at Lin can’t be only due to his basketball abilities. IMO, so much vitriol can only be explained by deep-seated racism, subconscious or not.)

    Hope the trend in Atlanta continues up.

  303. ?? Uhhh – What “things” that haven’t happened yet ??

    These are my observations of actual recent events. No one is “worried”, no one is losing sleep. No need to worry about something we have no impact on. I also qualified my comment with “AS A LIN FAN”.

    Having said that, as recently as last week, Travis Schlenk has stated that he brought in veterans to be role models for the young guys, both ON and OFF the court, to grow to be good citizens. Maybe BS, maybe not.

    ON the court, Melo and Harden are both ball-hogs. Not players who play for the success of the team. Learn what from these two?

    OFF the court, Harden and Mayweather are far from being good influences. Hope the fact that Young is close to his family, and that he has two younger sisters, will help keep him on the right path.

    How about this for balanced reporting? Young would like to rely on his family and his faith and make a difference in his communities. Now, that’s good to hear!

  304. Throw it Down: Top Dunks From 2017-18 Season

    Who dunked with authority?

  305. I care. Not that it matters what any of us want. Can’t stand the Rockets. Hope they forever lose, or at least until Morey and Harden are brought down.

    As for the Hawks. They have a lot of picks in stock. They have stretch 4’s. They don’t need another one for 2 more years at $20M plus. I don’t see the Rockets as the best offer. Neither does this USA Today writer (see link), who started the rumor.

    The question was also why not the Bucks? Portland and New Orleans also rumored to be interested. They have picks too. Why not these other 28 teams?

  306. Wanna see DeWayne Dedmon against DeMacus Cousins.?

    What separates Lin, Bazemore, Dedmon from others? They know the game and play it the right way.

  307. Ah yes. A much heavier subject. Thanks for reminder.

  308. All good points, from the Hawks’ perspective.

    However, sadly, this sounds all too familiar. Exactly the same circumstances the Nets are in, now that they have re-stocked their picks. And the problem is whether Hawks’ management thinks Lin fits into their time line.

  309. Hope the coaching staff will either improve Young’s shooting accuracy, or improve his decision-making and shot selection.

    Travis Schlenk has been on the record that he’s not as impressed with Young’s shooting. He thinks Young’s strengths are his court vision and passing. And playing the PnR.

  310. That’s great! So much enthusiasm in getting behind something together.

    Hope these guys all turn out to cheer Lin at Hawks’ games!!!

    Here’s another photo from the screening:

  311. VERY COOL, nice meeting.

    Lin was on a couple of FOB episodes. But maybe he didn’t share any screen time with Wu. I remember the cast also went to Lakers games.

    The kids from the show were Lin fans for sure.

  312. Another Lin interview from Beijing, again saying he’s ready for the season.

  313. OT – In case anyone is interested. I find this translate tool from MDBG (no clue what that stands for) much better and more accurate than Google or Bing translates.

    If I get the time, will test try it on this most recent interview.

  314. If so Lin will finally get his PnR game back and have a breakout year! If he does well maybe Hawks will give him a long starter contract. Lin has said countless times he doesn’t mind PG or SG position sharing ball handling duties makes thing easier.

  315. Jeremy having to explain that doing non-basketball-related activities is compatible with doing basketball-related activities during other parts of the day. I mean, there’s only so much training/rehab/basketball you can do in a day, and he probably has to focus on not doing too much.

    As usual, Lin responds with a lot of patience.

  316. Let’s examine the payroll of the Hawks:

    Kent Bazemore $18,089,887
    Jeremy Lin $13,766,421
    Miles Plumlee $12,500,000
    DeWayne Dedmond $7,200,000
    Trae Young $5,356,440
    Alex Len $4,350,000With the exception of Miles Plumlee who was acquired in the trade of Dwight Howard to Hornets, Kent Bazemore, the only player left since the 60 wins season, all of them were brought by Travis Schlenk to the Hawks. They are going to carry the team.

    Bazemore has the comeback year last season and is expecting to make significant contributions to make a turn around season for the Hawks. This is a very talented and balanced Atlanta team.

  317. So cute!


    Kent Bazemore is an elite shooter from the corners. At top of the arc, he shot 40%, In deep, he shot 34.5%. While Bazemore’s bread and butter has been his shooting, he’s no slacker in the paint, as he’s finishing on 57.5% of his shots at the rim. This is about league average, but league average shooting at the rim is artificially high since big men are better at the basket than guards.In reality, Bazemore likely lies in the upper third of guard finishers, largely due to his length (he’s 6‘5”, but has a 6‘11.5” wingspan,
    according to Draft Express). His tentacle-like arms help him jump from far out, evade the reach of defenders, and finish acrobatically around the basket, like in this play: he dunked over despite defense of

    Matthew Dellavedova and Tristan Thompson

  319. i hope so. lin needs to find a home, to build a legacy. what better way than to lead a bunch of young player above expectations? that was the plan in bklyn but injuries derailed that… he has another chance in atl…

  320. that kinda skill doesnt come off the bench. trae and lin need each other. who knows who’s going to start, but when it’s closing time, i expect to see lin and trae together. collins at the 5. prince on the wing.

  321. good interview with schlenk. he mentions how miami tanked for wade and he turned the franchise around in 1 year. duncan is another great example. i think he hopes trae is going to be that guy.

    as i said, they need to start off with a good record to stop the tank. if they look good with trae, prince, and collins playing well, then they dont need to tank any more. if the young guys are playing bad but the vets are playing good and winning, then that’s when the tank will come on.

    we dont need to be rooting for the other vets to play well. we need lin + the young guys to play well….

  322. Mistake for Atlanta Hawks to use a top-5 pick on Trae Young?

  323. Jeremy wishing his mom a happy birthday : “Happy Birthday Mom!!! Thanks for always believing in me not just in basketball…but also in life lol!!”

    Jeremy’s birthday is coming up this week; Aug 23.

  324. this was an open court no defense game..just pick the ball, pass or either pressure and no stakes…we can only see here how they played for fun/ or to sweat but not to determine if they are good or bad players… we saw JLIN shoot the balls out during practice, yet we dare say its not the barometer if he can be as good as the practice where defense plays hard.better gauge is the real NBA games. just hope Trae play that well too during crucial moments in an NBA games..

  325. Not just that but KA and Nets forced players to play boring solo motion offense. So glad Lin is out of there! Lin sacrificed his PnR game and shooting opportunities just to play KA’s everyone is PG game which is dumb.

  326. Atlanta Hawks roundtable: What are your expectations for Omari Spellman and Kevin Huerter?

    I think the best answer comes from Sam Meredith:

    This is tough to answer mostly because as rookies you can never expect too much. For Huerter, I think the expectations are to stay healthy, take good shots and develop that frame into something a little stronger
    in the weight room. For Spellman, I think the goals are similar, but instead of beefing up, Spellman needs to tone up and slim down slightly. Both guys main focus should be on learning their roles for the team moving forward and focusing on becoming solid defensive players since that is your ticket to sticking around in the NBA long-term.

    This writer makes good sense.

  327. kenneth “manimal” faried who i think was part of what the nets got in the dumping of lin deal was picked up for tpossesion of the ganja.

    in other nba news a lot of emphasis on mental health of nba players following addtional public comments by kevin love on his “issues”.

    john lucas and the nba players assoiciation “director of mental health and wellness suggest 40% of nba players suffer from some form of mental illness and that there is “an epidemic in our league”.

  328. I’m not sure he does. In Brklyn, there was no prospect to take his place. In Brooklyn, Lin was the starting PG and quickly became the team’s captain. Unless he’s consider part of a dynamic duo, which can happen, Lin may be considered a rental in Atlanta. And we have to see if he even likes Atlanta. Anything’s possible, though.

  329. Thanks very much for the heads-up.

    For the record, Jackie MacMullan (ESPN) has written a 5-part story on mental health in the NBA. The first part is now available and can be found at the link below. The next part is coming next Tuesday.

    See :

  330. JLin + Draymond Green:

  331. Picks > Culture

  332. It’s a tragedy for Nets

  333. Is Trae Young the best 3 point shooter in college? Nylon calculus says no!

    But while Trae was one of the most prolific deep shooters in the league last year, he certainly wasn’t one of the most efficient. That title (on a reasonably high volume of over 50 attempts) goes to Shep Garner, from Penn State. He hit 52 of his 103 attempts from beyond 25 feet, though was strangely at ‘just’ 42.0 percent overall from NBA 3. The best NBA 3-point shooter in the NCAA last year was Cassius Winston (Michigan State), who canned 52 of his 107 attempts from beyond the pro arc.

    The best and most prolific deep shooter over the last two years combined is probably Andrew Rowsey (Marquette), who hit 144 of his 316 attempts (45.6 percent) from NBA range, and 80 of his 175 attempts (45.7 percent) from 25 feet or more.

  334. Why all the stats to put down Trae? Hawks wants him to be the franchise so be it. No other stats or opinion will change their mind. We’ve seen that countless times. Anyone thinks JLin can somehow become the franchise on the rebuilding Hawks who already said who their franchise will be are kidding themselves. They are so many young players for them to groom with all those upcoming picks. What Lin needs to do is make sure he plays his game and ball out for a big contract.

  335. Betting on one single rookie to revive a team is an insane idea. I’m trying to lower the expectation and make a healthy assessment. Just like Sam Meredith says, as rookies you can never expect too much. I’m not going to put down a player if he turns out to be a bust.

    If lots of people trying to give a hype to a player and putting down other players, I will do my justice.

  336. Jeremy working out today in Vancouver.

    He’s also there to watch his Dota 2 team participate in the world championships.

  337. Hurrah! my man.
    You’re a player, a really good player quoted from Travis Schlenk.

  338. you can’t just look at numbers, otherwise you should be a harden fan and not a lin fan.

    trae wasnt playing for a big name team like duke. he was a one man operation in oklahoma getting double and triple teamed. instead the take away message is look at the volume and look at the respectable % given those circumstances. oh yeah leading the ncaa in scoring and assist too…

    in the nba when you have lin, prince and collins playing with you, trae’s efficiency should go up. schlenk knows this, that’s why he skipped doncic and went for trae (getting a 1st rd pick too!). the skill is undeniable.

  339. totally agree. we need to be concerned with how lin fits with the young guys. the FACT of the matter is that this is a young rebuilding team. guys like baze and dedmon are just minutes fillers. the young guys are the key to the future and will get all the minutes they can handle.

    lin’s job is to play with THEM and teach them how to play the right way, making the right play. schroder for sure would never do this so the trade to get rid of him was obvious. and in hindsight the trade for lin to be a mentor and leader on the court is obvious too…

  340. -dlo’s situation is completely different. he already bust in LA. people said the tank and kobe farewell tour were to blame but he was the same player in bklyn. nothing improved. high volume, high usage, low efficiency. flashy/risky passes but high TO. same guy, different team.

    -the spurs bet their team on tim duncan, never missed the playoffs since then…. whose to say trae isnt that guy?

    -here’s the thing you seem not to understand. THE HAWKS DONT WANT TO BE GOOD BECAUSE OF THE VETS! THEY WANT TO BE GOOD BECAUSE OF THE YOUNG GUYS!!! this is where i give credit to the nets fans. they said all along that they weren’t necessarily tanking cuz they had no picks, but at the same time they werent trying to win. instead they were development tanking. throwing out the young guys and hoping they play well. this is why lin was traded. not because he was a bad player, but because even if he brings wins, they dont necessarily want that! they want to see if dlo can bring wins. rhj, levert, allen. they need to know if THEY are good. we all know lin is good, that was never in question…

    the same thing is happening here in atl. the only difference i hope is that lin is healthy and he can be that x factor/force multiplier that makes everyone better… baze isnt that guy. dedmon isnt that guy. but lin IS. that’s why he’s different. that’s why schlenk didnt take the faried salary dump and instead got lin for 2 measly 2nd rd picks…

  341. it’s about the skill level. you dont think that step back is going to translate into the nba? you dont think that pull up from 30 translates? trae’s only job is to get better at efficiency. take better shots, make better plays. skillwise he’s already there… that lin trade makes so much sense now cuz one thing lin has always done is play the right way…

  342. that’s why this season is big. if lin starts, the team wins, and the players bond… then i think both schlenk and lin would want that to continue. it’ll be like if charlotte chose to re-sign and start lin instead of batum. i think lin loved it there and would have stayed, but the reality was that he saw how low he was on the totem pole and decided to go to a rebuilding team…

  343. Deleted

  344. Jeremy Lin is one of the strongest guards in the league. We have seen him being posted up by players seven inches or more higher than him.
    Here is a clip from Sam Meredith. JLin against Portzingis, a foot taller than Lin.

    Most point guards would get run over not to mention rookie PG; Grasshopper, you may never be remotely like your Master Lin.
    Lin didn’t even pick up a foul and Portzingis missed the shot.

  345. The significance of this workout is he’s putting that weight on his knees after the injury. That’s encouraging. The issue for Lin is not doing it while on the floor, it’s landing after bumping into one of these guys in the air. He has to do that in a different way than he used to.

  346. Seems to be working the abs, thighs in the second video. Definitely need strength in the knee to do this.

  347. much probably i am an aesthetics side of a person, Trae young form as a shooter reminds me of young (4 to 10 years old)basketball players who almost like to throw the ball just to shoot it without even thinking whether it will on the hole or not..his form seems to mind first the notion of just hitting the rim then lets hope it will be on the hole…He has potentials and we can see that, but his test will come shortly after his first game on a real NBA game….that is whether he is Good and can improve to be the best of his skills, or bad that will improve given the nurturing , or Bad that don’t want to accept at that to improve, or worst or a dud..hope he is the first with high character player!

  348. Fortius Sport & Health teaches Lin to use his body in such a way that can carry the impact and protect him from injuries. Steve Nash was the first who achieved great recognition from the change. He suddenly broke out in such a way that even Mark Cuban exclaimed why didn’t he play like that for Dallas. Nash didn’t know until he went to trainings conducted by Rick Celebrini, the recent Director of Sports Medicine and Performance of the Warriors.

    Steve Nash and Rick Celebrini are going to be a huge part of the Warriors dynasty.

    It’s urgent for Atlanta to build a reputation to attract talents to work for the team. Fans and owners don’t necessarily have the patience for the development. As Travis Schlenk said it might take just one to turn around the team and yet the more swings the team get, the more likely that the team will hit on talents to build the championship team that Atlanta wants.

    A team wins with their best talents; certainly not tanking for top draft choices. Golden State the Warriors don’t tank. They build their championship team with draft picks no better than 7th.

    Competition on the court will always bring out the best talent. Using development as a pretext for tanking is absurd. Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves all have had their top draft picks. It doesn’t seem that they are close to build a championship team. Every year, they keep their hopes alive, but their fans are disappointed by their failures on the court.

    Lin, Bazemore and Dedmond are the cornerstones of the Hawks in the coming season with their skills, their tenacity and their fierce competitve nature. They are proven players of good skill and character. That’s what rookies don’t have. I’m sure Lin will excel in the coming season with play time.

    The starting five should be the undrafted trio, Collins and Prince. If the team started Trae Young, who is going to be benched. Anyone of the five would be a blow to the team and the addition of Young could not make up for it. Trae Young is just a prospect, one of those like Kevin Huerter and Omari Spellman.

    As rookies, you can never expect too much. The young players’ main focus should be on learning their roles for the team moving forward
    and focusing on becoming solid defensive players since that is their
    ticket to sticking around in the NBA long-term.

  349. I demand to know the reason why my recent posting is taken away.
    What did I do wrong?

  350. Ever since Linsanity, the story tends to repeat itself. Some teammate of Lin is celebrated as a better player, and Lin is dissed and he would be left out. Then Lin left the team. The players in the list included Raymond Felton, Patrick Beverley, Ronnie Price, and D’Angelo Russell. The fact is those players have never come close to Lin’s level once Lin left the team. What does it tell you? I tend to agree with what ‘linthezone’ suggested, deep-seated racism.

    In the recent case when Lin is traded to Atlanta, a rookie becomes the new celebrated player; not because he’s better but because he’s celebrated for his potential whence according to stats (figures and facts). Lin is a proven player. He is dissed again because of speculations; Lin hasn’t even played a single NBA game for Atlanta; Neither did Trae Young.

    Why should Jeremy be named as Young’s mentor more than the player by Jeremy’s own merit.

    Vince Carter comes to Atlanta and he openly stated it’s because he wanted to play for the team. Immediately he’s crowned as the mentor. Carter is paid only about veteran’s minimum. Lin is paid $$13,766,421 for the coming season. This is the price of a really good player in NBA; much higher than the contract of young Alex Len. $13.7M+ is definitely not the price of mentoring a player.

    My question is if Jeremy Lin’s contract is a salary dump, why should Atlanta pick him up. The Hawks has got nothing significant besides Jeremy Lin in the trade with Nets. Why would Schlenk be so generous to let Nets use its cap space to get PFs and a first round draft choice from Denver, which by the way is a real salary dump!

    I insist that Jeremy is a really good player that can help a team win. Kent Bazemore and DeWayne Dedmond happen to be the same type of players, skilful and having good character, in Atlanta. Their
    resume are proven by their figures and facts.

    The mere suggestion that Atlanta should tank for top picks in 2019 draft choices is disgusting to me. We have seen the process has failed for years. The 76ers haven’t shown any sign that it could win the Eastern Conference despite multiyears of tanking.

    A true Lin fan don’t come here to tell us Trae Young is the future of the team more than Jeremy Lin. This is finite wisdom, wisdom as it is. Steve Nash hasn’t started his MVP career until 30 years old. There is
    no reason to believe that Jeremy Lin’s career is declining. Perhaps it’s time to tell those people that we will see the truth on the court only. Any assumption of this kind wouldn’t come out of a true fan of Jeremy; neither is it a good sport for anybody making this kind of posting here, a Jeremy Lin website.

  351. Ever since Linsanity, the story tends to repeat itself. Some teammate of Lin is celebrated as a better player, and Lin is dissed and he would be left out. Then Lin left the team. The players in the list included Raymond Felton, Patrick Beverley, Ronnie Price, and D’Angelo Russell. The fact is those players have never come close to Lin’s level once Lin left the team. What does it tell you? I tend to agree with what ‘linthezone’ suggested, deep-seated racism.

    In the recent case when Lin is traded to Atlanta, a rookie becomes the new celebrated player; not because he’s better but because he’s celebrated for his potential whence according to stats (figures and facts). Lin is a proven player. He is dissed again because of speculations; Lin hasn’t even played a single
    NBA game for Atlanta; Neither did Trae Young.

    Why should Jeremy be named as Young’s mentor more than the player by Jeremy’s own merit.

    Vince Carter comes to Atlanta and he openly stated it’s because he wanted to play for the team. Immediately he’s crowned as the mentor. Carter is paid only about veteran’s minimum. Lin is paid $$13,766,421 for the coming season. This is the price of a really good player in NBA; much higher than the contract of young Alex Len. $13.7M+ is definitely not the price of mentoring a player.

    My question is if Jeremy Lin’s contract is a salary dump, why should Atlanta pick him up. The Hawks has got nothing significant besides Jeremy Lin in the trade with Nets. Why would Schlenk be so generous to let Nets use its cap space to get PFs and a first round draft choice from Denver, which by the way is a real salary dump!

    I insist that Jeremy is a really good player that can help a team win. Kent Bazemore and DeWayne Dedmond happen to be the same type of players, skilful and having good character, in Atlanta. Their resume are proven by factual figures.

    The mere suggestion that Atlanta should tank for top picks in 2019 draft choices is disgusting to me. We have seen the process has failed for years. The 76ers haven’t shown any sign that it could win the Eastern Conference despite multiyears of tanking, not to mention the championship.

    A true Lin fan don’t come here to tell us Trae Young is the future of the team more than Jeremy Lin. This is finite wisdom, wisdom as it is. Steve Nash hasn’t started his MVP career until 30 years old. There is

    no reason to believe that Jeremy Lin’s career is declining. Perhaps it’s time to tell those people that we will see the truth on the court only. Any assumption of that kind wouldn’t come out of a true fan of Jeremy; neither is it a good sport for anybody making this kind of posting here, a Jeremy Lin website.

  352. Let’s look at the stats of the starting lineup according to ESPN’s depth chart.

    Jeremy Lin (used career average)
    PER 15.5, 12.0 points, 2.9 Rebounds, 4.5 assists, 1.2 steals, 0.4 Blk, 2.4TO
    3P% 35.0%, Avg 25.0 mins for 406 games, 8 years experience in NBA
    RPM 2016-17 25th in the league among PG 0.45, ORPM 0.48, DRPM -0.03

    Kent Bazemore PER 14.51, 12.9 points, 3.8 Rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.5 steals, 0.7 Blk, 2.4 TO
    3P% 39.4% Avg 27.5 mins for 65 games 6 yrs experience in NBA
    RPM 14th in the league among SG 1.18, ORPM 0.22 DRPM 0.96

    DeWayne Dedmond PER15.85, 10.0 points, 7.9 Rebounds, 1.5 assists, 0.6 steals, 0.8 Blk, 1.4 TO
    3P% 35.5% Avg 24.9 mins for 62 games 5 yrs experience in NBA
    RPM 29th in the league among C 0.61, ORPM -1.08 DRPM 1.69

    John Collins PER 18.33 10.5 points, 7.3 Rebounds, 1.3 assists, 0.6 Steals, 1.1 Blks, 1.4 TOs
    3P% 34.0, Avg 24.1 mins for 74 games 1 yr experience in NBA
    RPM 39th of the league among PF -0.49, ORPM -1.54, DRPM 1.05

    Taurean Prince PER 12.9, 14.1 points, 4.7 Rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.0 steals, 0.5 Blk, 2.3 TO
    3P% 38.5 Avg 30.0 mins for 82 games 2 yrs experience in NBA
    RPM 81st in the league among SF -1.76, ORPM 0.04, DRPM -1.76

    It seems that problems lie in two young players more than Lin, Bazemore and Dedmond. Both John Collins and Taurean Prince have negative RPM.

  353. What are the weaknesses of Atlanta players.
    For veterans, they take years to make up for it. For rookies, they will be obvious target to attack should they start the game.

    Let’s look at the weaknesses of Trae Young according to scouts and see how much the player could make up of it in his first season.


    Young does not have ideal size at 6-2 or length with just a 6-2 wingspan for an NBA guard … These physical limitations can become apparent once he gets all the way to the rim … He lacks the length and vertical explosiveness to finish through NBA length and athleticism and does not project as an efficient scorer at the basket in the NBA … He will have to rely much more on craft to be successful inside at the next level … He has been a bit turnover prone at times this season due to his tendency to make some risky passes at times … However, much of that is due to his unusually high usage rate, and he still has an assist to turnover ratio of better than two to one … Young’s shot selection at times leaves a lot to be desired … As good of a shooter as he is, there are times where he will hoist a very long jumper early
    in the shot clock without moving the ball and looking for a better opportunity first … As polished as Young is offensively, he is a near liability on defense … He rarely gets into a stance on this end of the floor and shows poor effort guarding the ball … Opposing guards are easily able to get into the lane against him and he is often caught ball-watching when his man does not have the ball … Due to his lack of ideal size and athleticism, he will be a guy for opposing offenses to attack … He is not explosive enough to stay in front of quick guards, and he is also not big enough to stop anyone else on the court … The effort has to improve first and foremost, but even if it does he may never be a reliable defensive player unless he can create a high number of steals … Will need to add strength to be able to better finish off drives and also defend.

  354. What I really hope to see is the team trying the dual PG system to make it work and get wins. Previously, there was always some agenda to prop up a fake star. So much politics so little winning.

    If Lin shines too much, some fans will grumble that Young is not being developed. If Young plays too much they will lose cause he will have his deficiencies.

    Not enough win-win thinking in the past. Co-existence is the only way this situation will work out in the long term.

  355. In NBA, if you aren’t strong enough to hold your own, you will be bullied night after night. Trae Young in first season would be under attack by NBA PGs and there aren’t much he can do. To protect him, the coach can only limit his play time.

    Just as Scout reports suggested, he is a defense liability. There is no way out for him.

  356. I’d prefer if he does these types of excercises on a stability board so that he’s not only lifting weights, but also working his feet, toes and stabilize using his core and feet as well. I firmly believe that dead weight lifting misleads the athlete from believing strength is what makes them better when in reality those muscles are useless if the surrounding supporting muscles don’t know how to support it.

    In this case his shoulders should be on a ball and his feet should be on a stability board.

  357. totally!

  358. Atlanta Hawks roundtable: Which non-rookie newcomer will bring the most value in 2018-19?

    Seeing how reluctance that these sport writers are to cast their votes on Jeremy Lin gives me great pleasure. Of Course there are always a few nobrainers. Who care?

    Jeremy Lin is the best PG that Atlanta has and he’s the only PG that can bring wins to Atlanta, not Trae the young.

  359. seeing as how there is often reference here to steve nash: i just discovered nash will be inducted into hall of fame on sept 7. presented by former coach don nelson (not to be confused with his son donnie nelson current dallas gm).

    i assumed the senior nelson was dead but apparently just living the “high life” in maui with willie nelson owen wilson and woody harrelson who he apparently has over for celebrity poker games and cigars. life imitating art (sort of art) as on the old charlie sheen tv show where “charlie harper” (charlie sheen) would have over elvis costello, sean penn and the late great harry dean stanton for poker and cigars.

    was at maui with my son a couple years ago. walked past nelsons bar but never saw any celebrities and really prefer either the big island for scenery or ohau for activity.

  360. Disqus automated software does not like the word ‘snake’ so it put in pending. It’s not being used to call name so the post is approved.

  361. why are some people here so defensive about the young players? if you want lin to have a future on this team, it’s going to have to be with the young guys. the chemistry he forms with THEM is the most important thing to watch out for.

    -dedmon opted in to his player option, schlenk didnt re-sign him or exercise a team option. he’s stuck on the team for 1 more year and a major trade deadline candidate.
    -baze’s name is all over the trade rumors…
    -schroder was traded for a salary dump melo
    -plumlee is rotting away on the bench like deng, noah, mozgov, etc.

    contrast that to lin who was traded for JUST two 2nd rd picks. it’s clear as daylight that the plan is to play the young guys and hopefully lin. when you got guys like zion for next years draft, tanking is VERY attractive, even with the draft rule changes. so lets hope lin + the young guys win otherwise the tank is on.

    if anyone actually believes that the team would play all the vets heavy minutes instead of the young guys, try to win instead of development tank, and bench the young guys instead of developing them with nba minutes, then i got a bridge to sell you…

  362. Hard to tell which one he is, but Jeremy is now playing 5-on-5 at Fortius.

  363. I agree with you. Which is why I made my post about co-existence. 2 PGs or 2 playmakers can work. Harden and Lin, Walker and Lin could work and was spectacular at times. It was always politics that shut it down. I am tired of Lin moving around and I hope he finds a long term home.

  364. Except if the team doesn’t treat him right there’s nothing Lin can do but move on.

  365. Lin the one in the pinkish shorts and white sleeveless? Can’t tell either.

  366. not only can it work, it already sounds like pierce and lin have talked about this. it all goes back to charlotte. lin’s time there REALLY saved his career. no doubt schlenk saw how he could play the 2 next to kemba and still THRIVE when it mattered most, in the the playoffs.

  367. it’s win-win in that regard. the hawks arent burdened with a multi year contract, and lin isnt stuck on a team he doesnt want to be on…

    the flipside is that lin is the ultimate x factor and brings out the best in all of the young guys, and they all find success together… think of the sixers. a ton of supremely talented youngsters, but jj reddick was HUGE for them. lin can be that mentor/leader for this team but of course lin is better than jj in that he’s not “just a shooter” but can drive and pass as well… there IS opportunity for him in atl….

  368. I like Lin as off-ball facilitator next to a PG. He can still facilitate, just from a different angle. As long as he’s playing with the other facilitator and they’re a tandem, it could be huge.

  369. Travis Schlenk has planned for every move for this season and filled his roster ahead of any teams. Of course, he wouldn’t tell you but the way that he removed D12 & Schroder tells me how thorough his moves are and how determined he build Warriors 2 his own way.

    He has started recruiting long ago. Dewayne Desmond is his prized catch. He is familiar with him more than anyone else. He snatched him from the Spurs after Desmond enjoyed playing for the Spurs for only one year. Then he made a big offer to Desmond to take him out of San Antonio. He knows him from the time he was an undrafted player from USC signed by GS. Now Desmond has demonstrated he could shoot 78% FTs and 35.5% 3P starting from his second 3 pointer in his career. A player like this can’t escape his notice. He can convince Desmond to do almost anything that he wants. The 3 undrafted players signed by GS gather in Atlanta togeth er not by accident. The coach Lloyd Pierce is an acquaintance of Jeremy Lin. The entire roster comes from him.

    So if you couldn’t figure it out how he takes his team from cellar to be a winning team, he absolutely wouldn’t care. The only important thing to him is winning. He has built a team anchored by 3 undrafted players signed by GS which is a fact. These 3 players have the best efficiency in the team which is the truth. There is no room for argument. Winning is the only thing for this team; nothing is more important.

    This the only logical solution to help the team win. Schlenk has got his players. As to development, why would it be a problem while the team is playing at the best of its potential.

    EsPn has listed these 3 players in the depth chart. Finite wisdom would undertstand but not otherwise. Schlenk is a good sport to deliver a surprise to the league and I appreciate it.
    Case closed.

  370. Do you remember the first few games for Houston Rockets? Lin and James Harden were on fire and tearing it up. Harden had lots of points. Lin was on triple double watch every game. Then McHale started “coaching” and it all ended. Lin and Kemba Walker, in the few games whereby they both started, were spectacular. Then for some reason, Clifford had to pull Lin out when Batum was able to play.

    Yes, Trae Young will be a liability on defence. So was Harden and Walker. Defence can be resolved with good team work anyway.

    I really hope the Hawks give Lin the chance to be a starter and develop Young at the same time. If there is no agenda, then it should happen. It might even take 2 seasons or more but it can be done.

  371. Agree, they all come up with an excuse why Lin shouldn’t be starting.

  372. It’s not a matter if Lin can play or if Lin can play with young guys. It’s NEVER been about that. It’s whether the coaches and NBA will let this Asian player outplay their highly paid stars or rookies, or use him for marketing and “mentorship” to others.

  373. Most sports fans enjoy speculating and making predictions. They have fun being armchair GMs and armchair coaches.

    That’s why the big deal about brackets and March madness. That’s what legalized gambling is targeting. That’s why NBA2K is a money maker. And now there are actual teams competing in NBA2K, as part of esports. The Hawks recently added its own team. (See link.)

    I get where that’s all coming from.

    Personally, I’m not good at guesswork, not when it comes to Lin’s time in the NBA. I have definitely been wrong. So, I generally try to stick to what is known. Learn from what happened in the past. Check out what is happening now.

    Until something comes true and becomes fact, nobody is right, nobody is wrong. It’s all just OPINION, and conjecture.

  374. Sure do remember. Had such high hopes when Lin went to Houston and was hyped all summer as the leader of the new Rockets. And those first two games were so fun!

    But I don’t believe that it ended only because of McHale’s incompetence. Morey was forced to sign Lin by Les Alexander. His entire agenda was to cater to Harden and make him the star.

    Harden and Walker were never held accountable for their defense. If Lloyd Pierce lives up to his reputation, he will teach Young to play defense, and hold him accountable. The only limitation is that Young is smaller at only 6’2″ and 180. Must get stronger.

  375. See comment in time-line. Hmmmm, copyright problems? D’oh.

  376. Lin is still driving to the basket and drawing defenders.

  377. MUST LISTEN. Travis Schlenk, in an interview on 08-16-2018.
    Compared to Sean Marks, Schlenk is more straight up and forthcoming. I prefer his honesty. Even though there’s still some hedging, because no GM can be truly transparent and show his hand. So, draw your own conclusions.

    Starting at 2:30 about Hawks style of play. Starting at 2:48 about Jeremy YOUNG–haha–LIN. Starting at 4:33 about how long before Hawks will start winning.

    “…you have to be able to score and Lloyd knows that…you also need to get stops late in the game….so
    you’re gonna see us get up and down the court, you’re going to see us play fast, you’re gonna see us shoot a lot of three’s, and defensively you’re gonna see us protect the rim…make them take contested two’s.”

    “…when Jeremy became available on the trade when Brooklyn was trying to move him, we approached it like HERE’S A GUY WHO’S AN EXPIRING CONTRACT WHICH HAS VALUE…..but also he’s been through the Linsanity in New York…he’s been through down times in the League…..Trae’s a lightning rod….being able to manage the highs and lows…..we think Jeremy will be able to help Trae with all the off-the-court attention…and also he’s a really good player….so we’re really excited about him.”

    “…so you just gotta get that guy…we had three shots at it this year…hopefully one of those guys turn into an all-star for us. We’re projected to hopefully have three first round picks again next year…the more swings we get, the better chance we have to get that guy…”

    My thoughts about Lin’s trade to the Hawks.
    Schlenk’s words indicate to me that Brooklyn has been trying to move Lin for awhile. It was NOT something that happened quickly, as Marks claimed. Looking back, Marks probably started the ball rolling the minute Lin went down for the season. Or maybe, even if Lin didn’t get hurt.

    At some point, I think JLin knew. Probably why he decided to do his rehab at Fortius, instead of relying on the Nets. Nets helped with paying for his expenses at Fortius and in Vancouver. But, the Nets had vested interest. Probably wanted to make sure Lin can still play, and still have value to trade.

    I think JLin knew he was being shopped. He just didn’t know exactly when, and to which team. His comment the day before the trade was likely misinterpreted by us.


    Yet, at this point in time, fellow Lin fans. We know how the NBA works. We all know the unfairness and mistreatment that Lin had to fight through.

    We should still CONTINUE TO BE HOPEFUL AND OPTIMISTIC. But, maybe we shouldn’t trust Schlenk too much, any more than any other GM we’ve seen. To me, He did NOT sound like he was All-Lin on Lin.

    Yes, there have been highs and lows for Lin. Let’s try to manage our own high and low expectations too.

    My greatest hope for JLin this season, is that he will get lots of playing time. That the Hawks won’t tank after all. That Lin will be “allowed” to play his game. And lead the team and help the Hawks play WINNING basketball.

    Let Lin get the credit for helping the Hawks succeed. Let him get his stats. So he can get another good contract.

  378. Based on Schlenk’s comments:

    My thoughts about Lin’s trade to the Hawks.
    Schlenk’s words indicate to me that Brooklyn has been trying to move Lin for awhile. It was NOT something that happened quickly, as Marks claimed. Looking back, Marks probably started the ball rolling the minute Lin went down for the season. Or maybe, even if Lin didn’t get hurt.

    At some point, I think JLin knew. Probably why he decided to do his rehab at Fortius, instead of relying on the Nets. Nets helped with paying for his expenses at Fortius and in Vancouver. But, the Nets had vested interest. Probably wanted to make sure Lin can still play, and still have value to trade.

    I think JLin knew he was being shopped. He just didn’t know exactly when, and to which team. His comment the day before the trade was likely misinterpreted by us.


    Yet, at this point in time, fellow Lin fans. We know how the NBA works. We all know the unfairness and mistreatment that Lin had to fight through.

    We should still CONTINUE TO BE HOPEFUL AND OPTIMISTIC. But, maybe we shouldn’t trust Schlenk too much, any more than any other GM we’ve seen. To me, he did NOT sound like he was All-Lin on Lin.

    Yes, there have been highs and lows for Lin. Let’s try to manage our own high and low
    expectations too.

    My greatest hope for JLin this season, is that he will get lots of playing time. That the Hawks won’t tank after all. That Lin will be “allowed” to play his game. And lead the team and help the Hawks play WINNING basketball.

    Let Lin get the credit for helping the Hawks succeed. Let him get his stats. So he can get another good contract.

  379. It’s great that you are still so supportive of Lin. BUT

    Listen to this Schlenk interview. Schlenk points to Lin being an expiring contract. He repeats again that Lin is here to help Young. He does add that Lin is a “really good” player. Can it get any clearer?

    At least he’s not being a hypocrite like Sean Marks.

    Not saying Schlenk can’t change the agenda as the season moves along. But, at this moment, that’s how Schlenk sees Lin.

  380. Atlanta pays JLin $13M+ this coming season because he doesn’t have any other choice. He has to. JLin is the best available PG. Without JLin, his team cannot compete. Coach Bud will definitely come back to haunt him.

    Bazemore got his $70M contract because Atlanta had to pay a rising star. The team can’t afford to lose him. Losing a player like that will get a GM fired.

    Even Travis Schlenk needs a security blanket. He can’t let his team get blown out. Without Lin and only Trae Young, the Bucks and the Thunder would blow the team off the court so bad that it’s hard to recover.

    JLin had something going well for him. The impact and reputation of Fortius Sport & Health. Should he come back and be better than before he will be another Steve Nash. No team can afford to lose him. Travis Schlenk has tried his best to acquire the best player available; making as many swings as possible. He can afford to make a mistake to acquire a bust, but he can’t afford to miss a franchise player.

    The GM bets on many players and hope to get his man. Draft choices are easier to keep. Free agents are harder but when the occasion comes, he can’t afford to let go a real star.

  381. James Harden is almost unstoppable one on one. Would Trae Young be able to do that? Unlikely.

  382. Deep-seated racism.

  383. In this league, if you don’t shine, you will be on waiver. Shine as much as you can, Lin. Let others worry about their problems.

  384. 3 point shooters that cannot drive to the basket will get no respect from the opposition. They may not be able to get their shot off.

  385. Good players control their destiny. Lin plays for wins. Same for Lloyd Pierce if he wants to keep his job. Firing a losing coach is much easier than firing a winning coach.

  386. Thanks.

  387. Nets wanted the Fortius connection and hired their employee to head their rehab department! That’s what they really wanted as well as Lin to keep his value.

  388. From video clips it sure looks like Trae can drive to the basket like Curry. With his far beyond the arc 3 point shooting, driving won’t be an issue. He certainly looks better and more legit than Walker and Russell that’s for sure!

  389. Penny says Lin is the one in the white shirt. So, he’s the one in the one shirt, red shorts, drives in and passes the ball to his brother Joe.

  390. What is standing in the way of Atlanta?
    Coach Budenholzer ought to be one of the most dominant figure in Eastern Conference. Coach Bud is having a team of great talents. The team has just waived Brandon Jennings. Well it can afford to do so. This team has just parted with Jabari Parker too.
    This team also has Matthew Dellavedova; if you put him on Trae Young, you can expect tons of problems for the rookie. The team has Ilyasova, arguably the better PF than John Collins according to RPM. The addition of Brook Lopez simply makes the Bucks stronger in offense.
    Giannis Antetokounmpo will always make the opposition feel his presence at both ends of the court.
    Eric Bledsoe is athletic and experienced. He was ranked 12th as the PG playing 31 minutes per game for 74 games last season.
    Khris Middleton is the team’s SF ranked 12 in the league scoring over 20 points per game for 82 games he played last season.
    The team has lots of centers; John Henson, Brook Lopez, Thon Maker, Tyler Zeller, Marshall Plumlee,
    This coming season, the Bucks adds SG Donte DiVincenzo from NCAA champ Villanova as their 17th 2018 draft pick.

    The Hawks will have a hard time matching up with the Bucks. This is also a very experienced team with veterans more than rookies.

  391. We can all make educated guesses for everything and it all doesn’t mean a thing if the front office only cares to promote one player. It doesn’t matter how well Lin plays. It doesn’t matter if Trae stinks. Nothing matters as long as they choose to win with just one anointed star.

    The only hope we have is if Schlenk is a true GSW thinker. He can talk culture, talk development, talk up Lin’s mentoring till he turns blue in the face but if he doesn’t do like GSWs where they don’t care who does the scoring to get the wins, then Lin is doomed again. That is the only thing that matters to Lin’s future as a hawk. We know Lin can go off if given a chance but if Schlenk decides that he only wants Trae to score, Lin’s going to stand in the corner like Houston, LA and Charlotte.

  392. from Travis Schlenk’s interview, he said…
    “… look at some of the teams that have rebuilt in the past Phildadelphia was 5 yrs, OKC was 4 yrs, LA Lakers …was 5 or 6 years”

    Schlenks’ timeframe is for job preservation through encouraging patient rebuilding or striking gold with a draft pick but JLIN needs this year to be another Hornets redemption season so he can again control his own destiny next season

  393. Charlotte wanted to promote Kemba Walker, but JLIN had his opportunities to shine, most notably when “stars” were injured or not playing well… that can happen again.

  394. Only the competition can bring the best out of a player.
    Jeremy Lin as good as he is now can play against anybody if he’s healthy. You need real talent to survive in this league. The question is if the anointed has the talent against the opposition. Jeremy could. Trae Young doesn’t have the athleticism and the explosiveness. He has to depend on his craft of dribbling and passing to survive. All of those are unproven. After the first season, we can tell if he can survive.

    I have confidence that Lin could overcome the odd against him. There is no saying for Trae Young,

  395. To cover Trae Young from the opposition, Lin will have his play time. I’m not worried. Trae Young can’t shine in Summer League. He can’t do much in the regular season. Lin, however, has lots of things working for him this coming season. He has Bazemore and Dedmond playing with him. That makes a whole lot of difference. Dedmond is having his contract year. Bazemore has only 2 years left on the contract. The undrafted trio will play together. It’s up to them, not us, to decide their future.

    After a good season, the undrafted trio can leave Atlanta any time they want. They will have the play time. I’m confident about this because the Hawks can’t find anyone better to take their places.

  396. I hope you’re correct, but Schlenk said they may have up to 3 first round draft picks next season — this indicates that he highly values drafting his way to success so it could be logical that losing games, i.e. tanking will give him a high draft pick.

  397. I think Jeremy is very aware of the passing of time. He calls himself “old” as he heads out for another workout. Being a professional athlete is like having a life within a life. You go from ‘young’ to ‘old’ within 10-15 years.


    Many tweets wishing him Happy Birthday. Quite a few international, Australia, France, Mexico, Here’s one from the AtLINta Hawks. And HarvardMBB. And Palo Alto HS.

  399. Man this Knicks account is a true Lin fan!!! He retweets anniversaries of great Linsanity games. Here he is with TWO tweets wising Lin Happy Birthday. (Either that or he loves the retweets he gets when tweeting about Lin…haha.)

    I think I figured out why the Nets fans on twitter “hate” him….it’s because Linsanity began when he BEAT THE NETS!!!!! They are still salty. 🙂

  400. Well, they only hired her AFTER they saw how well Lin recovered while rehabbing there.

  401. Yup. But he’s not really old.

  402. I agree overall with you but I don’t agree with MJ wanting Kemba to shine. Kemba is the established face of Charlotte and has been with that team through the ups and downs for years. He’s the closest thing they have to a star. He’s been a solid guy in Charlotte. He is a high-character guy.

    I thought Cliff/Cho/MJ wanting Batum to shine that was the problem. Kemba and Lin played great together when Batum was injured. They became a tandem and were a small, but quick and tough backcourt to deal with. Batum and Lin should have had the same status, going in to the season both as new guys on the team. But Cliff put Batum over Lin and then perhaps MJ, Cho and Cliff all agreed that Batum was more valuable than Lin to bring back. That’s a mistake. Or maybe they realized Lin needed his own team and would likely choose a team where he’s starting PG.

    Atlanta is where Lin is now, IMO. It’s a new page. We’ll see, nothing is written in the book yet except an intro. Schlenk is a GM and I expect him to act like one. So, as long as Lin fits in with what he sees for Atlanta, he’s in. If Schlenk chooses other options are best for the team in a trade, then Lin will be traded this season. That’s my view and I’m prepared for that possibility. I want Lin to thrive in Atlanta. But, the primary thing I hope to see is Lin play most games and then he can decide what he wants to do as an FA next season.

  403. HaHa. JLin feeling old. Started following him when 23 and winning Knicks games.

    We’re ALL SEVEN years older! LOL.

    From perspective of our own personal “real” lives, a lot has changed in seven years. But one thing remains constant for so many Lin fans. Unwavering support, 7 years and going strong.

    Let’s go for ANOTHER 7 YEARS, at least!

  404. Lin and Trae are teammates and Lin’s hope is that they play together. If it is master and student against the opposition, together, isn’t that a good scenario?

  405. Schlenk confirms that the Nets wanted to trade Lin.

  406. “No one wants an Asian to lead their team.”

    I thought when Linsanity broke out, with the Knicks fans, and the whole world cheering, that Lin had the chance.

    I thought when Les Alexander signed him, and with the Yao connection, that Lin had a real chance.

    I thought when the Lakers got him, with all the Asian Lakers fans, and a 10% minority Chinese-American owner, that Lin had the chance.

    I thought when Lin was signed by an Asian-American GM with the Hornets, and Lin was winning for them, that he had the chance.

    And, OMG, when Lin returned to NYC, to play for his friend/supporter/coach, and with 49% Chinese owner, that Lin had his BEST chance.

    Having been only a casual fan of NBA. Little did I know about cheap owners, manufactured superstars, GM agendas, tanking for high draft picks, salary dumps, anyone-but-Lin. And sadly, catastrophic injuries.

    How naïve of me. But now I know. LOL.

  407. “It doesn’t matter if Trae stinks. Nothing matters as long as they choose to win with just one anointed star.”

    actually it would be more like “nothing matters as long as (we) choose to lose (thus accumulating more draft picks to add to our future) anointed star”.

    again: imo even should that be the mindset of the front office (it certainly is the mind set of both all pundits and vast majority of hawks fans)–its still a much better situation than lin would have faced in brooklyn where he would have been basically the 4th string point guard.

    somewhere in posts here someone says something about nets wrote off lin when he went down with injury. imo (again) they wrote off lin as soon as they got russell.

  408. Phoenix has had high draft picks for so long. He still couldn’t get to playoff.

  409. Young is a legit talent, no way they will bench him or hand the reigns over to Lin. Starting them together will certainly allow Hawks a chance at playoffs and prove Shlenk is on the right track to Championship. This team has more rising stars than Nets, if they can gel, only Celtics and Raptors are in the way.

  410. There is one way to be NBA champion. You acquire talents and are innovative in using them. Miami did it. The Spurs did it. GS did it. The next champ will not play like GS. It has to be better than the champ. They win in whatever way they can; in and out. Lots of 3s and lots of layups and dunks. Players are versatile and skillful so they can switch faster than any other teams. Of course they must have good character to stick together.

  411. i think you’re only half right. the problem wasnt walker. it was batum. they wanted to give him opportunity to be a “star” instead of the glue guy that we was in portland. it didnt turn out so well as now he’s one of the worst contracts in the nba…

    walker + lin without batum i think was a good duo. i hope to see something similar here in atl…

  412. bingo.

    if schlenk uses lin as only a bench mentor, then the writing is on the wall. no need to get excited this will be like the LA season. just wait it out and see what happens in free agency.

    if schlenk gives lin a fresh start, then he can be like jj reddick. a vet surrounded by talented young players. the sixers got their players and are no longer tanking. with atl, they got trae, collins and prince… was the lin trade akin to the reddick signing? reddick signed a huge 1 year deal. the sixers played great and they re-signed him. how come lin can’t have a similar situation here???

  413. did you seriously just suggest ilyasova is better than collins? this is borderline hate at this point…

  414. you have to give credit to the nets fans. they were saying it all along. i personally thought marks wouldn’t do it cuz he wanted to win. but then the rumor mill started turning and lin’s name kept coming up. then when asked about it during summer league he was VERY non committal. he said something like jeremy is on the team now and that’s what we’ll do going forward. he DIDN’T say anything like lin is an integral part of the team, etc.

    at that point i knew he was in trouble. i then was hoping his injury history would scare other gm’s from trading for him.

    little did i know schlenk wanted lin bad. bad enough to take only two 2nd rd picks and use up a lot of cap space on him… THAT gives me hope. maybe schlenk will give lin a chance… who knows anymore, we can all just hope and pray…

  415. watch some highlights of his step back 3. he can do it from 30 ft out. it’s as unstoppable as it gets.

  416. just look at any highlight and the skill level is off the charts. the hard work will be translating that into the nba, vs nba defenders and increasing efficiency by taking better shots, using up possessions as efficiently as possible…

  417. Not really Bulls and Lakers used the same triangle method and coach, Phil Jackson, with MJ wannabe, Kobe. You can certainly replica the formula of a previous champion.

  418. Lin’s mileage use is well below most 7 year old NBA players. The injuries may have made him feel old but I believe his best is yet to come.

    It’s like an older classic car thats been driven rarely like my 1987 SL380. It still purrs each time I turn it over. But it needs some chassis work just like Lin. With the repairs in place, Lin’s like new again and ready to roar.

  419. Affirmative. The first and only game that Lin replaced Kemba, Lin helped Hornets defeat Cavaliers with Kyrie & Lebron. When Lin replaced Batum, the improvements were notable too.

  420. Black and white stats figure.

  421. LOL stats are not black and white. they need context. no wonder you go on and on about the vets. all you’ve been doing is looking at stats without context…

    you must LOVE harden then… this stats are amazing…. lin? not so much… explain that logic?

  422. Totally

  423. Not in NBA now. That’s history.

  424. Why Teams Should Think Twice Before Tanking

    This is truly an article worth reading. Of course there are still many die hard fans believing in the Process even when the rate of success is so low and the risk is so high. There are people intoxicated themselves with getting high draft picks. The recent example is the dynasty that GS has been building. They don’t have draft picks higher than 7 in their rebuilding. It’s the drafting which is more important than draft picks. After GS hired Steve Kerr, the Warriors is virtually unstoppable except by injuries.

  425. MJ knows the triangle method so well and yet his own team, the Hornets has been horrible. Don’t mention it.

  426. I’ll bet Trae Young is going to the biggest bust in draft history.
    I won’t be alone. Of course many would want you to believe that to sell tickets.

  427. I’m now 39 and balling with a bunch of 20 something kids surely makes me feel old… lol. Hoping I can still move at age 50…

  428. Range is nothing if the shooter doesn’t possess deadeye shooting mentality. I realised this being the designated shooter on my team. Sad to say I need space to make my splash. If I get worried about the defender being too close to me I lose my touch. Shooting requires delicate timing and is easily disrupted unless you are Curry or Thompson caliber player. Trae Young needs to prove that he is on that level otherwise he’s just another undersized rookie who is good at shooting… We shall see very soon.

  429. Did GS tank to get Draymond Green?

  430. According to stats from Nylon Calculus, Trae Young is not the most efficient 3 point shooter from the college. Neither is he the best point guard shooting deep 3s in college.

    The 17th draft choice picked up by the Bucks, to be coached by Mike Budenholzer, Donte DiVincenzo is better than Trae Young in NBA 3s and deep 3s shooting.

    The Bucks will love to make Trae Young’s life on the court miserable and they certainly can with Matthew Dellavedova, and Eric Bledsoe.

    Really looking forward to playing the Bucks this coming season. There is going to be no space for the young PG to hide.

  431. In this video, Jeremy apparently says his weight is down to 190 lbs.

    In the past, his playing weight was around 200 lbs, according to sites like basketball-reference[dot]com.

  432. Phil Jackson was a bust for the New York Knicks with his insistence on the triangle offense.

    A good GM and coach adapts. D’Antoni has adapted his style to 2 facilitators and Pop has changed his style of offense for varying rosters he had. You need flexibility.

  433. Im glad he saw losing some weight. The best asset for a PG is speed and quickness…especially quickness. Carrying extra weight is only good for the bigs that need to push and muscle inside for buckets or rebounds. I never liked it when he tried to become Harden and bounce of defenders to get FTs. The price you pay is injuries, especially when refs turn a blind eye to upper cuts and smacks in the face. Harden gets away with it because he’s protected by refs that blows whistles at any Tickytac “fouls”. Lin needs to be quick off his first step to get separation then stop on a dime to take floaters or eurostep to avoid contact. Carrying extra muscles for contact protection is useless if you’re injured or refs don’t protect you.

  434. I didn’t understand Hornets treating Batum like he was some super star. Weird.

  435. Well, the weight helps defensively and when Lin muscles himself inside and uses a kind of scoop shot. I don’t know how less weight will affect those qualities. I also think Lin can get to the rim though the use of a crossover, because with age, he’ll lose some of that quick first step. I think even with the Nets he relied on the first step less than with the Hornets, and sort of got into the hole by quick changes in direction and controlling his dribble. That’s why I tend not to look at the old NY and Houston footage to currently judge Lin. He’s changed some aspects of his game. I also think he’s going to take more mid-range shots and continue to use the drive to dribble-drive/dish, like he did in the Instagram video when he passed it off to his brother, Joe.

  436. Definite force, IMO.

  437. You’re right about Lin being the ultimate x factor and force multiplier. And I think that’s how the league sees him. But they see him as that in a different way than the majority of this board sees, IMO.

    I’m not into the keeping down the Asian thing so much as I’m into the feeling that Lin has been pigeonholed. I don’t know why, but I feel this in the league. I think if the league had a flashy type of Asian player they’d market him strongly. They marketed Yao, but he was of an unusual height. They marketed him as a superstar to take on Shaq and other dominant centers. I think Yao was talented, didn’t really stay healthy. but Yao and McGrady were Houston’s big 2 for a few years. This said, I think very strongly there is discrimination against Lin and will be for other Asian players. But money is the biggest factor with pro-sports, even before race or ethnicity.

    Your point on 2 facilitators and playing with young players is spot-on, IMO. Atlanta has a huge opportunity providing Lin stays healthy. It’s up to them to take advantage and maybe lure Lin in long-term. We’ll see how it unfolds.

  438. Steve Nash
    Born 7 February 1974 (age 44) Johannesburg, South AfricaNationality
    CanadianListed height
    6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)Listed weight 180 lb (82 kg)

  439. If Atlanta Hawks doesn’t start winning soon, Mike Budenholzer may have his wish and Travis Schlenk would be unemployed.

  440. Last time I checked Hornets are not playing the triangle. You said Champs can’t be replicated and Phil Jackson proved otherwise with another Duo star in Kobe aka MJ 2.0 x Shaq). Now Trae Young might not be Curry 2.0 but if he is, Hawks can certainly replicate another Champ team. Who’s to say JLin won’t be the Klay Thompson for the Hawks? Their mentality and personality sure are similar; only firing it up when the game or season is on the line.

    It’s yet to be seen whether Trae can be as humble and lovable as Curry (unlikely from his interviews calling his teammates “pieces”).

  441. Kwok was arguing how every era needed to be innovative and I said no because Jackson crossed 2 eras with the same method. Which means it’s definitely possible to replicate a Champ formula and actually come on top.

  442. I have no idea why you keep putting down the players on the Hawks. I know lin himself would never undercut his own teammates. Stop trying to destroy any goodwill before the season even begins.

  443. Carrying an extra 10lbs is not going to make that much difference on defence since he’s not stopping people as much as trying to stay in front of perimeter shooters. The point is that he really shouldn’t be driving as much to the rim as much as he should take floaters and pass out the ball to shooters. LIN NEEDS TO PROTECT HIS OWN FUTURE BY AVOIDING UNNECESSARY CONTACT. Quickness is better when he weights less and it’s easier on his knees. Starting and stopping with extra 10 pounds is not that great a return for his career.

  444. I agree sir.

  445. Do you believe Lin needs to have the ball in his hands to be at his best? I do. Because if Lin is playing the shooting guard mostly with Young, how can Lin’s best show itself?

  446. I don’t agree at all sir. Jeremy Lin needs the the ball in his hands to be at his best. In Charlotte, Lin’s best games came when Walker was sidelined or benched. Nic Batum was never in Lin’s way. Walker was in Lin’s way. If Charlotte put Lin and Walker together, it would not have been a very good back-court pairing. That’s why they only played together against a few teams and in a few games. Most of Lin’s better Hornet games came with Lin and Courtney Lee as a shooting guard or with Nic Batum as Lin’s shooting guard.

  447. Hello, new poster here. I have high hopes for Jeremy Lin’s recovery. I don’t expect Lin will be the starting point guard but I think he can help the team off the bench if he is allowed to play the point guard. I hope he can have the same impact as he did in Charlotte. The thing is in Charlotte, the coach would bench Walker or let Lin play point guard a lot when Walker was hurt. That is when Lin would play his best. Lin was not always good as a shooting guard and we saw that in game 6 of the playoffs when Lin played exclusively the shooting guard and did not do the best job for his team.

  448. OK, good points. I’m just going to flat-out say this. If Lin’s momentum is taking him into photographers set beyond the backboard, take care of himself first. Don’t risk injury trying to protect them. I really find it a bad idea to have photographers that close to the court.

  449. Welcome!

  450. Good will only exists when Lin is in need. I share the facts and I don’t think you will appreciate. Agree to disagree.
    I have high hopes for Bazemore and Dedmond. Did I put them down.? The fact is they are skillful players with good character. Some players are given too much hype. I point them out. I am not alone.
    What are you talking about?

  451. i disagree.

    -game 1 and 2 batum played and the hornets got they @ss beat…
    -game 3 and 4 was linsanity.
    -game 5 batum came back, but coach spo changed his defense to stop lin. he didnt score a lot but he moved the ball well and drew in defenders. c lee hit that game winning 3 from a lin assist.
    -game 6 was bad for lin. he had foul trouble and couldnt stay on the floor. purple shirt guy made wade into curry and he hit some 3s at the end of the game to ice it for miami
    -game 7 cliff chose to play batum a lot of minutes off the bench while lin rotted away on the bench. miami routed the hornets and it was this game where lin was seen on the bench, silent and dejected. he couldnt even get minutes for the most important game of the series when he single-handedly lead them to 2 wins… imo it was this indignity which led him to signing with the nets. he knew he was very low on the totem pole in charlotte. kemba and batum were their guys even though they couldnt win squat with them leading….

    so when it was just lin and kemba, no batum, it was quite successful. i can see trae + lin being a good backcourt duo…

  452. dude has gone off the deep end… it’s straight up hate at this point…

  453. yes and no. he needs to be involved, but not always the guy with the ball. he can bring the ball up and initiate the action, but if the ball never comes back to him then there’s a problem. likewise he can play off by by spotting up and by coming off screens on the weak side, etc. this is how curry is so deadly. his off ball game is as deadly as his on ball game.

    this is also where trae needs to develop. and guess who would be perfect for trae to play off ball with? i think schlenk had a plan all along…

  454. walker missed 1 game that season. ONE GAME. walker was NEVER sidelined or benched. at best he was staggered a bit with lin. but nevertheless, they both played many minutes together…

  455. Lin and Walker struggled some playing together early in the season. But they figured it out in the game Batum was injured, Lin started and scored 34, Kemba 27, in an OT win against Toronto. From there, they figured out they could make plays for each other and Lin made sure he involved teammates.

    Lin is effective off-ball. He doesn’t need to have the ball in his hands at all times anymore. It may be more fun for fans to watch him in that role. But he’s deadly both on and off the ball, especially when he’s ultra-aggressive and gets in the zone.

  456. yes. the problem was batum, NOT kemba. once they got C Lee, batum really was expendable and the playoffs showcased this beautifully. batum was HORRID when given a larger role. he’s a natural glue guy that was asked to be a star. nowadays he’s the albatross contract no one wants. yeah you can blame injures, but he has NEVER shown that he can be a primary or secondary ball handler… he was great as a glue guy in portland. they should have moved him to the 3 and let lin do his thing at the 2 once mkg went down. we all knew this, and history has vindicated us.

  457. Do you think Trae Young can play like the MVP, Stephen Curry? Unlikely! Could you find someone who could play like KD? John Collins? Impossible. Anyone who play like Draymond Green? Hardly possible. Prince? Forget it. Anyone who can shoot like Klay Thompson and can defend like him?
    No! If I put down the players in Atlanta like this, indeed I put down all the players in the league. LOL.

    I happen to think Lin, Bazemore, Dedmond will generate enough team chemistry to compete with any team. With my finite wisdom, you don’t have to agree. Don’t put good will in discussion with me. Jeremy hasn’t got so much from all of those teams and yet he compete well with every one.
    I root for my own selections and others root for theirs. I don’t think ‘hate’ is the right word for my postings. Again we can agree to disagree.

  458. When MKG was healthy it was obvious Lin wasn’t even 6th man for the Hornets he was 3rd string bench warmer with 10-13 minutes; awful! Meanwhile they kept putting in placeholders to prevent Lin from starting. FIrst they started a 0 digit, PF in P.J. Hairston then he’s traded and they start PG, Courtney Lee who is again traded after Lin leaves! Guess what PJ is now retired! All these end of bench guys starting over Lin just cause he’s Asian and can’t out shine the “stars”.

    Hornets copied Rocket’s playbook and only wanted Lin to do all the hard work in defense while Walker got the green light to shoot as many as he pleased. Walker knew this and did nothing about Lin being unfairly benched; the third party staying silent is just as guilty. Kemba Walker will get karma for his selfishness. As the so called franchise there’s no way he didn’t have power to designate who started along side him but he’d rather Lin stay benched while taking all the credit for Hornet’s only playoff birth for his later 2 year all star nods without making the playoffs.

  459. Lol, they should put hockey boards around the court instead and put padding on it like baseball outfield walls. Haha

  460. I can’t even remember the name of the starter in LA that BS thought was a much better PG.

  461. Ronnie “Head of the Snake” Price. NEVER FORGET!!!

  462. Kemba and Lin shared the podium after the playoff games. Lin played per Clifford’s view of how he fit on the team. That shouldn’t be put on Kemba.

  463. Yup, that was so absurd.

  464. yes we learn it the hard way!

  465. Jeremy watching the Dota 2 World Championships at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The arena was the home of the NBA Vancouver Grizzlies from 1995 until 2002. The team then relocated to Memphis. Seating capacity for basketball is 19,700.

    Jeremy’s team was eliminated and the Championships wind up today (Saturday).

  466. Mate, no need to repeat the same stuff over and over again. You’re pretty much doing it on daily basis and people are bound to get sick of it. Not saying what you’re preaching aren’t legit opinions but you know who else keep saying the exact same thing over and over again? My 95 year-old grandfather with dementia who keeps cursing the same political party every single day…

    I mean… just give it a rest sometimes. You are working too hard and deserve a day off or two…

  467. I saw he out of the league now, like PJ Hairspin?


    (that being said, I still think Lin shouldn’t play any pre-season games with Hawks, and not even try hard / be too competitive / try and be Hawks closer / play any defense at all until maybe December of regular season, and just stay healthy and round into form going into trade deadline in February. Article below says there is a very slightly increased risk of re-rupture of that patellar tendon if he goes too hard too soon, especially when Hawks ultimately seem like they want to tank anyways. Just brick as many shots as necessary to pad his individual stats since that is all fans will pay attention to anyways):

  469. I notice that. Got his point already the first time, lol


    That being said, I still think Lin shouldn’t play any pre-season games / even try hard / be too competitive / try to be Hawks closer / play any defense at all, at least until December that is, because there is a slight risk of re-rupture if he’s too aggressive too soon. Just brick as many shots as necessary to pad his individual stats since that is all everyone will pay attention to anyways. / /

  471. Ad hominem exists everywhere.

    You don’t like the person’s posting. You attack the person. While others furnish facts and figures telling you that you the player that you praised so much is really not that good. He may even give you figures and facts. You still think he is hateful. You don’t have a good will towards Jeremy Lin’s teammates. Isn’t Kent Bazemore Jeremy Lin’s teammate the coming season? Isn’t Dewayne Dedmond Lin’s teammate? I happen to like some of his teammates better than the other. I keep on telling people that some teammates have a positive RPM and others don’t.

    The one who is actually treated with hateful remarks is Jeremy Lin. People tried so many ways to belittle his achievements and why people want him on the team.

    He’s just come here as a one year rental.
    He’s just come here mentoring somebody.

    This is a form of Ad personal attack. The hate towards Lin is real. Lin is really a very good player. Defense focuses on stopping him. That’s a sort of compliment. Bazemore and Lin have been trying to improve their shots supported by stats. Then somebody would even tell me that Bazemore is only good at shooting jump shots. Yes indeed Bazemore is really good at sinking game-winning jump shots. But his dunk over opposition has been impressive too. His 6’11.5″ wingspan is longer than John Collins. This is a fact.

    My feelings towards rookies and sophomores are these players need to work their game as complete players. They normally need to work on their defenses. They miss their play and move in their wrong direction or even miss screens or some aspects of their game. People just focus on their making of shots which is certainly pleasing but the points they give up also should be put into consideration.

    DeAndre Bembry on the average played 17 minutes per game but his RPM last season was -3.12 ranked 84 out of 88 NBA players..Taurean Prince was ranked 60 with ORPM 0.04 RPM -1.72 but his DRPM was ranked -1.76 ranked 83 out of 89. There is a recent complaint about his NBA 2K19 rating of 79 being too low. Well Jeremy Lin once received a rating of 78. Was it too low? Is he a really a good player? My answer will be he’s still a prospect. I have to see his performance next season to believe that this dude is a complete player as a starter. If this isn’t a good will, so be it.

    Rookies and sophomores are rarely complete players. Taurean Prince and John Collins aren’t there yet. You can attack me saying that I’m hateful or having no good will. Every time you comment on a player, you have to face that kind of accusations and they could apply to anyone.

    It’s my posting and I follow the rules of this website. Agree to disagree. Let’s move on. I don’t post comments on yours when I start feeling that you are unreasonable. It’s none of your business that I post figures and facts to uphold my assertion, good will or not! I am entitled to have my own opinion.

  472. If Trae has ball in hand, he has to at least feed Lin enough that the D notices how deadly Lin is and how he’s hurting them. This will force the D to take focus away from Trae and then it will help free him up to do his thing. They can’t just blist him to force him to take bad shots. That’s part of the learning curve Trae has to learn.

    What’s intangible is Lin’s ability to teach players to cut and find passing lanes for themselves. Trae could learn this aspect from Lin and watch how a goodnight PG can spread the floor and hurt the D without taking bad shots unnecessarily. Watching Lin direct flow by rewarding movements is something that you can’t learn by Xs and Os. Trae can do well to learn the unselfishness of Lin’s play to help his teammates become the best they can be.

  473. “Wondering how Jeremy Lin and Andre Roberson are doing after their rare patellar tendon ruptures?”–from post below

    Andre Roberson: “Sitting out a whole year away from a high level of basketball is going to be tough in terms of coming back. I’m not really putting a particular time on it but I want to come back to myself somewhere in like December. So, it’d be great if it happened before. Christmas, that’d be great. But like I said, not putting a time on it. Just taking it a day at a time.–

    robersons injury occurred the end of jan. so more then three months after lins.

    September 22 — Training Camps open for all teams participating in preseason NBA Global Games
    September 25 — Training Camps open for all other teams
    September 28 — NBA Preseason games begin
    October 12 — NBA Preseason ends
    October 15 — Rosters set for NBA Opening Day (5 p.m. ET)

    October 16 — Start of the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season (NBA Tip-Off 2018)


    (That being said, I still think Lin shouldn’t play any pre-season games, or even try hard / play any defense / become too competitive in Q4 trying to be Hawks closer, at least until December that is, because article above says is a slight risk of re-rupture if he’s too aggressive too soon)

  475. Jeremy is still working out at Fortius (video below). He also received acupuncture treatments (around his knee) today. The Dota tournament ends today so no idea how long he’ll be in Vancouver.

  476. Strength training alone is not going to teach feel. Feel or proprioception is the ability to know exactly where all extremities are at all times, then managing the proper angles to accept the forces from inevitable bumps and pushes of play. How then to manage and increase this feel?

    Doing exercises that challenges the balance centres while working all the muscle groups promotes feel. Balance balls and stability boards works the core, feet, ankles, knees, hips and shoulders to handle the extra stress of lifting weights. This holistic way of training makes the body increase muscle strength that can be actually used in conjunction with other muscle groups as well as increasing feel and proprioception. IMO, this rebuilding of feel is very important for Lin’s longevity. I really hope Fortius is doing this with Lin. Because we haven’t seen any pictures of this type of work, it makes me worry, but at the same time, I have to believe that they are doing this type of trading with Lin. The fact that he’s training to shoot left handed, which is very advance neuro training shows that they are doing cutting edge stuff with Lin. I’m hopeful that he’s doing balance related weight training off camera.

  477. that’s why i say they should play together. no better way to learn than to experience it in real time. not practice, not film session, not during a time out… in game coaching, communication, etc.

    this wont happen if lin starts with baze, or trae starts with baze… it only happens with a trae/lin back court. i HOPE this is the plan, and why schlenk got lin for such a little return…

  478. you keep mentioning rpm.

    harden’s rpm is 6.71
    lin’s rpm was 0.45

    so do you think harden is 15 times better than lin? please explain…

    you use a stat with no context to make judgments, so therefore logically we believe you think harden is 15 times better than lin…

  479. I think Andre Roberson is more “honest” and “realistic” than Lin on this injury.
    Lin has too much pressure (crazy fans, contract year, injury record and age) to say good things about recovery.

    We should be more patient…. and prepare for the worst.

  480. Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard. He won’t have problems conveying the correct message. Pressure! After what he has gone through in Rockets & Lakers, I don’t think there is anything that can pressure him. He is honest and I don’t think he will tell s lie about his health.

  481. wow, really liked this article. thanks! the picture also made clear that Darren Collison DID push him. Wow, I didn’t notice that as many times as I saw the clips.

  482. LOL LOL LOL

  483. Slow motion confirmed the dirty play by Collison! The seemingly little push can do much harm when the other guy in the air.

  484. IMO, Lin is a winner because he doesn’t care who scores as long as the team wins. To do that, he was more than willing to force feed people until they learn to move to their own best spots on the court AT THE RIGHT TIME! That’s a intangible skill born of Lin’s unselfishness. What’s misunderstood is that we see it as too altruistic while not getting his own. This is what Harden and Westwood does to his teammates and when they finally need the teammates in the playoffs, they can’t perform because they haven’t had the touches to be tough under fire. Lin however understands that for the team to perform when it counts, he needs everyone to be their best when it counts. That’s why the GSW are so good. They have talent but they also know that they have a team ready to be their best when counted.

    The real question is why no one notices or chooses not to notice it? This was more than evident when Lin returned from injury the first season and made the Nets a 500 team while under play restrictions. Lin also did it with Kemba off ball while still being effective managing flow and creating special for his teammates. Kemba had his best year because Lin helped create space forces him while taking the defensive focus away from him.

  485. Keep that in mind that Roberson got that almost four months later. So both him and Lin predict almost the same amout of time to get back to the court.

  486. fitting.

    you present stats that mean nothing because you dont give context. and then when you get stats without context that doesnt suit your view, all you can say is LOL…

  487. Roberson also didn’t have Fortius to rebuild him from the ground up and his injury was 4 months after Lin’s. Lin was smart to ask Nash for advice and connection to Fortius for rehab. No way he would look this good right now without their help.

  488. Infinite tunnel vision.

  489. “both him and Lin predict almost the same amount of time to get back to the court.”


    that was the point i was hoping the audience for my post would infer without me having to actually point it out.

  490. This is the point I’ve been hammering. Fatigue and injury makes for disruption to the neuro transmitters that tells the body where each part of the body is and how to quickly reposition itself to mitigate damage. Any shoves and bumps can get the balance centres off line and how to put your feet down to accept the huge amount of force coming down on a single point can and will break body parts.

    In Robinson’s case, we’ve see Lin taking such types of hits in midair. Learning how to fall is a skill Judo practicianers must learn. Knowing this skill has saved me from accidental falls from reaching too high off a stool. I can’t see how he injured his patella but the causes is the same when outside forces puts our bodies offline and we try desperately to change body angles to absorb those forces. It’s at this moment when we finally realize how important our unconscious neuro controls are to every complicated movements we make.

    Modern science must do better to repair not just muscles, tendons and bones, we must repair the neuro pathways that makes them quickly aware of off balance positionings from accidents. Complete recovery doesn’t happen until those nerve endings are rehabbed as well.

  491. I will simply point out that push is so dirty and hateful, probably only street ballers would have the same feel, and that would easily turn into a fight.

  492. You aint fair.
    I have not repeated the same thing. You might get sick of my name but you don’t state the truth. I posted different things each time.
    If I did the thing that you accused me, this website will not allow me to post.
    If I come to this website every day, there is no rule against it. We all go to our favorite site every day. Perhaps, I should remind you that you shouldn’t make your personal biases overcome your senses..

  493. No more dirty than the uppercut from Melo or the smack to his eyes while going to the rim. If ever there was a target painted on a player, Lin was that guy. There’s been so many instances of egregious fouls on Lin that should have been flagrant 1 that only a video that embarrassed the league forced them to finally make some calls for him.

    Lin’s been doing the Jim Brown thing where no matter how much people try to hurt him, he just bounces back up as if to say “is that all you got?”

  494. The uppercut is really evil!! I don’t know how Carmelo boy and NBA cleaned that up. Remember that push from Oladipo (?) but Lin still managed to finish the acrobatic floater? Lin dodged the bullet that time partly because he was moving laterally and not really jumped that high.

  495. This is a well-detailed article. It reaffirms my feeling that Lin’s relearning how to position his body and land will take months and my hope is primarily that he executes this relearning to the best extent possible. What happens with his team is far secondary for me.

  496. Super great detailed run-through of the injury. Short, sharp, clear explanations. Thanks so much for this! Watching vid of Jeremy’s comments about the complete whole-body re-training he’s focused on was really impressive. Very, very few people have access to the kind of micro-analysis he is able to receive. As a dancer early in my career, I almost accidentally had a moment of revelation about some tiny shift in how I was distributing weight that made a sudden big difference in a movement I had been having trouble with. I was so thrilled I showed the change to the choreographer, but just like Lin said, the change was in the deeper layers and she couldn’t see it at all. I could see by her expression that she thought I was imagining something. I knew in that moment that there was a level of expertise I was not going to find readily around me and I would have to attend to knowing and perfecting my own “proprioception” much more deeply than I had ever even imagined was possible before. Not her fault…not trained that way, and these many years later there is so much more fine detail understood…if you’re a big dollar athlete with that kind of expertise available to you. Great for us fans to be given such insight into what’s going on.

  497. Second comment…about Collison. Theinjuryinsight mentions the “slight shove” he gave just as Jeremy was elevating, and this has led to some comments about vicious behavior towards Jeremy. But…if you go to the head of the vid and watch Collison, he’s really trailing Jeremy and is two steps too much behind to give more than that hopefully shot-impairing “slight shove”. Very, very standard bball stuff. Theinjuryinsight goes on to give the real meat of the matter with twisting, angle of knee, force of landing etc. I can’t fault Collison…he’s not remotely in the same category as the truly hateful thugs (Melo, Kobe, LeBron, and more) doing the clotheslining, upper-cutting, eye-smashing and more that are documented in “Too flagrant not to call”.

    The stresses of that patellar injury situation seemed so unexceptional, such ordinary NBA level activity. I’m sure Jeremy and team have analyzed that landing a hundred ways to Sunday and I have no doubt it has given Jeremy very strong motivation to do that whole-body renovation and come out of this a more efficient and more naturally self-preserving athlete. As he said “…completely change pre-existing movement patterns…It won’t look to the eye any different, but it will be very different in terms of how I do it and where I moved from and what muscles I’m using and what tendons and joints I’m not using…make sure you’re sinking into your hips. that you’re using your strongest muscles on your body.” The kind of thing that makes those everyday “slight shoves” have much less consequence. Enhanced career longevity.

  498. Jeremy is back in Palo Alto.

  499. I was surprised at how inefficient the movement of a college student I was coaching. I had to actually teach him how to turn out his toes to ready himself to move the opposite way. His aspirations for a pro career was a pipe dream because the top 4 guys on tour are the best movers. But no one moves quite as efficiently as Roger Federer. As a dancer, you’d appreciate his elegance and efficiency. Once I saw him play on the red clay of the French open against a clay court specialist and while getting hammered by Federer, his socks and calf’s were caked with red clay from scrambling around with bumbling footwork. At the end of the match, Federer’s socks were clean and white! He is like no other, a true Rodolf Nureyev on the tennis courts.

    The subtleties of body movements is less taught than any other aspect of coaching. We tend to accept “athleticism” as an innate skill. I’m sure Federe was never taught how to move like a dancer and yet his “athleticism” made him who he is. I’ve been a student of movements for a long time because I believe that for whatever reason, we all develop our own set of movements, sometimes great and sometimes not.

    Hockey players depend on edge control to create speed. That realization has made Junior development to look to figure skating coaches to help make the kids learn to how to skate.

    Another aspect of athletic difference that’s unrecognized is how the bigs are too often judged on height, length and jumping power. However, some smaller centres happens to be better shot blockers, defenders and rebounders. The subtleties of groundforce use to feel heavy and immovable while positioning their butts to maneuver opponents behind them away for the basket is a real skill that few see. They can easily push over people who are bigger that are just plain tipsy and easily gets pushed around.

  500. The deeper layer of movement is so subtle that few layman will appreciate. After college, I was dating an aspiring marathoner. It was then that I was taught by her movements that the deeper layer of inefficiencies that would impede her speed and development. She was a natural and qualified for the Boston on her first try. But she insisted that she needed to have help to run with a better gait. It was then that I recognized our different movement designes by the objectives of our athletics training. I ran with knees high while she ran with knees low. My back was bent while hers were straightened. My arms swung while hers tucked in folded. I use my hips to turn my core while running to efficiently transition into tennis strokes. She tried to conserve energy by remaining quiet in her upper body. As her training increased, her inefficient movements caught up to her in nagging minor injuries. She had to relearn how to run so that her gait was better aligned to her body type as well as the purpose of her movements.

  501. Manu Ginobili has retired.

    With reference to the tweet below, The other players to win 4 championships and an Olympic gold are: Bill Russell, K.C. Jones, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Shaquille O’Neal.

  502. Great player. One of my favorites.

  503. As long as Lin is healthy, I don’t care if he’s a rental. Let him play 28mpg and show his stuff and then he can join the Spurs, Pels, Celtics or another playoff team that needs a PG or 6th man.

  504. I have no worry about Lin. Atlanta has to use him if it doesn’t want to be blown off the court every night. They can brag as much as they want about their rookies but putting them on the court right away snd playing them heavy minutes is unwise.

  505. lol…Lin is trolling the driver

  506. LOL. He cut it off – where was the rest of it?

  507. Haha. Come on, the guy must be a bandwagon Warriors fan. If not, how could he not know Lin was ex-Warrior?

  508. REMINDER, around the corner!
    Hawks training camp begins Tuesday, September 25.
    First pre-season game starts Monday, October1, vs Pelicans. (5 pre-season games, 4 vs Western Conf.)
    First regular season game is Wednesday, October 17, at Knicks (no more Melo).
    First home opener is Wednesday, October 24, vs Mavericks (ESPN – Young vs Doncic).

  509. Let’s see. JLin still in Bay area. He still has commitments in NYC through mid September. Guess he’ll be getting to training camp just in time.

    Hope we get GOOD NEWS on his availability for training camp.

  510. A few days late posting this. Nonetheless, always good to hear from old friends.

  511. My sentiments exactly. Why not a sequel? Maybe the NBA won’t allow all the behind the scenes “stuff” anymore.

  512. OT – “Crazy Rich Asians” – can comment lots but keeping it short for this forum.

    @kauaiblue: Finally went to see “Crazy Rich Asians”. Agree with your overall grade B, slightly higher with a plus. Caveat, haven’t read the books. Not a big fan of movies in general. As a “representation” movie, give it an A. As a Hollywood rom-com, B. To show support, worth seeing.

    Felt that it was really more about family dynamics, rather than just a love story. IMO, that’s a universal theme, across many cultures and socio-economic classes. Which actually made it more interesting.

    Thought the best scenes were the interactions between Eleanor (mother) and Nick (son), between Kerry (mother) and Rachel (daughter), and of course, between Eleanor and Rachel.

    Casting good-looking men and women for the main characters helps. Definitely represented Asian men as attractive and desirable.

    Did not care for the comedic side as much. Too many characters were caricatures. But comedy probably also helps with drawing audiences.

    My takeaway is that the significance of the film is more about showing that an all-Asian production can achieve box office success. To continue to open doors for future productions. Hearing that a sequel is already in the works.

  513. Little Jaden waddling around. 🙂 🙂

    JLin may have had a tough basketball journey through the NBA. But his personal life is rich and blessed. Lucky to have such a loving and close family around him.

  514. Lin circus shot. Basketball season is almost here!

  515. Nice shot there…but I’m gonna miss that hair!

  516. Belated Birthday wishes…may he stay healthy and have fun with the game

  517. He is a real star player on the court. He made a game winning block on James Harden last season before he retired. A gritty player. If he’s black, he would be given lots more credits in his contributions in professional basketball.

  518. Here is a former #5 draft pick that Atlanta has signed before training camp. Thomas Robinson has been a journey man in NBA. I felt bad for him. He’s been a very hard working player on the court. Perhaps the only thing that you can find flaw with him is that he’s not a scorer. He rebounded well but in NBA he’s not the dominant force. He, perhaps, has failed to upgrade his game as expected from the teams that he has worked for.

    Can he make the team? May be not but again the talent level of the Hawks is not that high. Can he sneak in? I would give him the benefit of a doubt. If the team wanted less SF than PF, Thomas Robinson at the age of 27 might be given a one year contract.

    Anyway, I feel that Jeremy Lin has had a great basketball career so far as an undrafted player. Lin hasn’t been the stereo-typed star player since the days of Linsanity. Jeremy had his weaknesses in his game in his early days just like any rookies would have. He has got more dissing than he deserved because he has been improving year after years.

    At this stage, Lin is a complete player giving great effort in defense and is always a threat in scoring baskets and breaking a game wide open as shown in his games against better teams like the Spurs, the Raptors, the Celtics and the Cavaliers with LeBron James.

    Why hasn’t Lin got more respect in NBA? Players with similar experiences have been better off than him. Yet, my faith in him has never been wavered. He’s a star player and the criticism against him has been at large very unfair.

    People could tell us that Lin is a really good player but others are given more hype than him not because of their record; rookies don’t have any record in NBA. You might tell me it’s marketing stuff that other players are given more hype than Lin. I don’t believe it. Lin has great marketing potential.

    At last, I have to attribute to deep rooted racism as the cause that Lin has been dissed so many times for so long even though he performed so well against so many good teams. Even to nonbelievers, Lin is still a starting caliber point guard.

  519. I have to add that Lin was injured in the first regular season game around October but Roberson was injured in Jan. There are about three to four months time difference. Lin should be naturally ahead of Roberson in his rehab. i at least would give Lin the benefit of doubts rather than accusing him as a liar..

    This is another example that Lin has been facing unfair criticisms in his career.

  520. UPDATES :

    – This is Jeremy’s last day in California (via Popo Chung)
    – His ‘Dunk of China’ show (presumably available online) had 100 MILLION viewers in the first 3 days. (via Penny Lee)

  521. vince carter had his introduction media session today. Jeremy didn’t get that, rite? Just curious. Wonder if he has been interacting with the players or the coaches. He seems really busy doing his own thing.

  522. I’m very high on the talent of this Hawks team. I’m a fan of the GSW parallel thinking to find hidden gems of talent by using the principle of relative talents. There’s casualties to performance beyond numbers. We’ve witnessed this with Lin’s own numbers. I’m excited about the prospect of Lin playing with Lens and Robinson as well as the rest of the Hawks. This group has much more potential than the Nets and Schlenk is the key mastermind to the collection of players.

    Lin is always a glass half full teammate. He’ll never look at his teammates from the conventional methods of determining talent. Maybe that’s why Schlenk wanted Lin so much! Lin has always turned people around him into much better players. Most of the players on the Hawks are better prospects than All of the Nets. I believe with all my hopes that Lin will be healthy enough to take the Hawks to the playoffs.

  523. it’s ok..

  524. Good thing I didn’t write this, lol.


    ok it took me some digging and not sure this will work but possibly the link above will take you to the first episode of “dunk of china” w/ jay chou and (wait for it) jeremy lin.

    head and shoulders seems to be the main sponsor.

    a “lonely god” (aka jimmer freddette) ad at the beginning. enjoy if it works.

  526. Hawks will go far in playoffs if Lin and Young are the key starters. If Young is their Curry then Lin will be their Thompson.

  527. Wow that one handed 3 pointer witth his back turned the other way! Haven’t seen Lin this confident before. This will be Lin’s breakout year if he can do those crazy shots in real games.

  528. From what I read, Atlanta might just use Lin and dump him. There ‘s only plan for Young.

    God has another plan for Jeremy though. We will see what comes out of this in a few months.

  529. The season haven’t started. We haven’t even seen the preseason yet! Already you’re looking into the dumpster for trash to read. SMH.

    Let’s revisit Lin’s situation in December when we can actually access lins usage. Maybe we’ll actually see God’s plan by then.

  530. Jeremy Lin is still Underrated

    There should be an expansion sequel of this article that I might add.

    Lin is recovering from an injury that doesn’t hurt him as much as most would think. The modern advances in treating this kind of injury is still underrated and Lin’s surgery to treat the injury is quick and decisive which will help the recovery.

    First he was hurt on the first game of the season and he has the longest possible time for his rehab longer than Andre Roberson for 3 months.
    Second, Lin has adopted the renounced approach from the well known Fortius Health & Sport to rehab not only his knee but the overall body motion which helped Steve Nash’s career after 30. The Director of the center is now hired by the Warriors this season in recognition of his contribution is his area of study.
    The improvement of Lin in his 3 & D aren’t given enough credit. His style of playing basketball is prefect of GS style of basketball. His 3 point shooting is increasing reliable and the threat of driving to the rim is going to be more deadly with increasing power of motion.
    Third the change of Lin’s game will be completed with Lin given lots of time to figure out about his style of basketball. He will still be good at driving to the rim. He will be able to shoot 3s because of players giving respect to his 3 point shooting. His assist rate should go up with improving 3s and powerful drives to the rim.

    Lin is going to be underrated as usual in the coming season.

  531. Cautiously optimistic about Lin’s recovery. I think his performance on the court will speak out for him at the end of the day. There is no incentives for Hawks to drag Lin back if he is healthy and in good shape.

  532. Here is why Travis Schlenk offered Dewayne Dedmon offered him 14M for 2 years of his service after his first year playing for Gregg Popovich in 2016-17 season.

    Avg 17.5 mins, (last season 24.9 mins per game)
    scored 6 double doubles. at the age of 28 (he started playing basketball at the age of 18)
    DRPM 3.94 (ranked 2nd in the league behind Rudy Gobert)
    RPM 2.31 (ranked 14th)
    Avg 6.5 Rebounds per game, (Last season 7.9 rebounds per game)
    Avg 5.1 points per game (Last season 10.0 per game)
    161/259 62.2% shooting 3P% 0/0 %FT is 65/93 69.9%
    (last season 250/477 52.4% shooting 3P% 35.5 50/141 %FT 67/86 77.9%)
    picked up only 2.4 fouls per game. (Last season he picked up 2.6 fouls playing 24.9 mins per game)

    With Jeremy Lin as the PG, his stats can only go up at both ends of the court. Dedmon can run the full length of the court easily.

  533. With players like Dewayne Dedmon and John Collins in PnR, Kent Bazemore on the backcourt avg 3.5 Assist/game shooting 3P 108/274 39.4%, Jeremy Lin would be much better off than in his time in Brooklyn.

  534. A sequel would only happen at the end of Lin’s career. No point in having another one right now.

  535. Agree. But I am not so high on Dedmon and Baze. Both will ge gone by the deadline if the price is right and young guys develop as expected. Don’t get me wrong. As expected means that the young guys adapted, compete hard and start winning. I think the young hawks only next to Boston, Toronto, and Philly in the east, talent-wise.

  536. Right on bruthuh… agree with your thoughtful assessment…

  537. For a team to compete, it should always keep the better players. I can’t see Lin, Bazemore and Dedmon declining at this stage; specially Dedmon, who has only played 5 NBA seasons. Vince Carter’s presence told us that players could play for a long time if they know how to keep themselves in good shape.

    Trade away better players doesn’t make a team stronger. What happens to older players with no exception can also happen to young players. Injuries take the toll unless players know the right move to prevent injuries. This is where Fortius Health and Sport comes in.

  538. When Lin is in need, nothing is going to happen to him. The team needs to draw the customers to the gate and they would put this into consideration in making roster moves. The values of players are decided on the court and by the coaching staff too. Lloyd Pierce needs to have a good season too.

    One thing for sure is Lin is not in the long term plans ahead of Atlanta.

  539. The original Linsanity movie was filmed BEFORE Linsanity hit. It documented the obstacles and process of his journey, emphasis on being Asian-American. There were a lot of behind-the-scenes footage. According to the director, the fact that Lin broke out was a surprise and icing on the cake for the filmmakers. Perfect timing.

    Yet Lin’s journey is ongoing. It hasn’t ended yet. I think it would be much more interesting to continue to document his career as it moves forward.

    After Lin retires, it would be more like a memoir. Not in real time.

  540. Well, it’s better than anything I can do. LOL.

  541. Seriously? I mean, it was FUN watching that shot go in….but it was probably partly luck…Hmmmm, not sure he should be trying to make those in real game situations…

  542. Great find – link works! Will book-mark it for the next episodes….

    Fast forwarded through most of it. Why can’t they add English subtitles? LOL.

    Based on the one episode, not sure what Lin’s role is. Coach/Mentor? Commentator? Analyst? Cheerleader?

    But, from about 59:00 to 1:05:20, the DUNKS were impressive. IMO, certainly as impressive as anything that the recent All-Star game dunk contests had.

  543. Yeah, I had the same question after the trade was announced. No, Lin hasn’t had a Hawks intro presser yet. You’re right, it could be that he’s been in Asia and hasn’t been available.

    On the one hand, it would be great PR for him to get a welcome to Atlanta media session. It’s only fair, all the newly signed players got one.

    On the other hand, they are such a waste of time. Having to answer lots of the same old questions and having to stay positive for the cameras. I still remember the Rockets, Lakers, and Nets media sessions. They were all big productions with lots of media, especially Chinese media, swarming Lin. (The Hornets intro was more “small market” low key.) And all turned out to be meaningless hype.

  544. Not to dwell on the past. But finally Brian Lewis got some words from Kenny Atkinson about JLin being traded. While KA’s response is noteworthy, and it’s not his fault that Lin got hurt. So, what else could he say?

    Even with coming back from serious injury, it sure didn’t address the fact that Lin wanted to stay with the team, but then traded away unceremoniously. Yeah, yeah, it’s NBA business. But, speaking as a Lin fan, it was still total despicable BS.

    From NY Post – Atkinson spoke about trading away Jeremy Lin, saying the guard wasn’t mad as much as frustrated with his own injuries, which he apologized for. “I have a close relationship with him. We’ve known each other a long time. Anytime you have a colleague you’ve been with, it’s difficult,” Atkinson said.

    “Jeremy said to me, ‘I feel bad I wasn’t healthy for you guys.’ He told Sean the same thing. That’s the kind of guy he was. He wasn’t bitter, he was frustrated we never got to see him over a stretch of time. Above all he was frustrated, as the organization was frustrated we didn’t have him on the court. I believe in the player to the utmost. … It’s frustrating and sad he had bad luck during his time with us.”

  545. As we’ve seen with lots and lots of tweets, we’re not the only ones who remembers the excitement of Lin-led Knicks. Pablo Torre reminisces….(too bad it’s with Bomani Jones there)…

  546. More cuteness from little Jaden. Lil Bro Joe seems to be less thin, put on some muscles. (And he cut his hair too.) If he gets stronger, wonder if he will try to get into the NBA…

  547. Dont think its lucky….he would have been practicing it…similarly to SCurry.

    Many BB players, immaterial pro or not, do practice those globetrotting shots! 😉

  548. Hawks’ newly renovated arena also got new naming rights. From Philips arena to State Farm.

    The announcement ceremony was attended by quite a few Hawks. Bazemore, Collins, Prince, Young, coach Pierce. No Lin. Still not in Atlanta yet?

  549. State Farm going for the humor. Maybe now we can get rid of those annoyingly bad Chris Paul James Harden Clyde Drexler State Farm commercials. UGH. Which, BTW, I NEVER got. Yeah, let’s get Lin and his new teammates some air time instead…HaHa.

  550. Psalm posted Lin trolling Lyft driver a couple of days ago.

    Here’s the Hawks twitter response, always good to remember to laugh…

  551. Nice highlights. Guy’s got hops. Can pass. Got some athletic moves.

    Wonder why the Spurs didn’t try harder to keep him. Instead of signing someone like Rudy Gay.

  552. Bomani Jones is the notorious Lin hater.

  553. I like Rudy Gay who is a heck of a scorer but the anchorage of a big at the center is vitally important. You don’t want a guy like D12 comes in and scored 30 points and collected 30 rebound like what he did to Jarrett Allen.

    Did you see this dude steal the ball from Tyson Chandler, dribble the full length of the court and at the end Europe step and dunk it home? I really haven’t seen many NBA centers, at least not from D12, who can do it with flair and ease.

    Plus he can shot 3s; he made 50 out of 141 tries than Lin’s career average of 35%, of course Lin actually shoot better than this lately. Mind you this was the first time he tried more than once a season shooting long distance. He can still learn new tricks on the court! He has a 7’4″ wing span and can PnR for Lin like Ed Davis. When he defended Rudy Gobert and DeMarcus Cousins, he simply jumped up and snatched the rebound from them; a center with agility like this really can play the whole court. He’s very inexpensive with his talent like this.

  554. The following displays Dewayne Dedmond’s career
    and I think NBA teams have their ways of paying players. Once you’re put under a category, teams would not offer you a better contract no matter how good you have displayed on court. Dewayne Dedmond have to switch to a new team to get paid.

    Jul 11 2017Agreed to a 2 year $14.1 million contract with Atlanta, (ATL)

    Jul 14 2016Signed a 2 year $5.9 million contract with San Antonio (SAS)

    Jul 4 2016, the Magic withdrew $1,215,696 Qualifying Offer of Demon after a season like this (incredible)

    Nov 18 2013Signed a 1 year $432,512 contract with Golden State (GSW)

  555. No one knows anything for sure, especially Lin. Only God knows that. Lol

  556. That last second 3 he had to win the game in Harvard was a circus shot!

  557. The most +ve podcast :
    Locked on Hawks podcast: The newcomers, Kent Bazemore and more with Tyler Jones

    They include the following:

    A quick glance back at lineup data from the 2017-18 season and how might impact the upcoming campaign, especially from the perspective of the team’s over/under win total

    Trae Young’s defense might not be a massive downgrade from what Atlanta had at point guard last season

    Tyler’s thoughts on the newcomers to the roster, ranging from Jeremy Lin to Daniel Hamilton and Alex Poythress

    What can Hawks fans expect from DeAndre’ Bembry next season?

    The latest on Kent Bazemore and just how likely it might be that he is moved before training camp

  558. Jeremy has just moved to Atlanta. Looks like he’s got a panoramic view …

    The name of the moving company is ‘Juggs Gotcha,’ which is a play on the owner’s nickname, Juggernaut.

  559. BUT….though its business yet they(FO, Coaches etc) also incorporates friendship and relationship during acquisitions of players..they tell players things to buy in with the team, they promise the suns the moons and the strars during FA (except of TRADES), injuries is a general phenomena in the NBA and should be less factor if the team BELIEVES on the players..KA believed JLIN but SEan Marks and the rest seems on the contrary principles… (lets us see first attitude)…and the proof is they didn’t gave JLIN that chance because they don’t have Belief and trust! (#mytake)

  560. right now, JLIN is a one year rental for the hawk..BUT i am hoping this time, he found his home to stay and the TEAM that wants him till his last playing days!

  561. “we move UNTIL we stay” hope this is your final movement and will wait for the team to let you stay!

  562. Looks like Lin’s apt very close to the Arena. I saw the pencil-head building out of the window—:)

  563. Hope Lin goes to a team that really wants him with a big salary which reflects how much he is needed there.

  564. May the best team win?

  565. I know Jeremy just arrived in Atlanta, but starting for the Suns next to guys like Ayton, Booker and Anderson sounds pretty good to me. Phoenix also has that famously good training staff.

  566. i dont think he can be traded until mid season, although im not sure.

  567. Th Suns made a bad trade that will haunt it for years Though Anderson lowered the guarantee but it really doesn’t help to make the trade sweeter. Suns still doesn’t have a PG.

  568. A 4 year or max contract is the big salary he needs if Lin breaks out next year!

  569. booker is a grade A chucker… DO NOT WANT!!!

    now we know why schlenk couldnt trade baze for anderson. honestly, morey does it again. i hate him but respect the hell out of him. he managed to get rid of anderson without giving up a pick… what on earth are the suns doing? we should hope lin does NOT get traded to that train wreck…

    i am worried now… if baze is still on this team by training camp, the chances of lin coming off the bench grows more and more likely. trading baze was the only sure fire way that lin starts…

  570. Jeremy relaxing at home. (via Penny Lee)

  571. Totally agree with you on the Suns. They’ve become like the kings.

  572. Pellicans are eager to improve their roster and they have to, at least try their best, otherwise AD will walk away. Baze for Solomon Hill+picks.
    However, I think the closing lineup: Lin+Young+Baze+Prince+Collins/Dedmon would be very interesting and competitive in the east.

  573. No way Baze would be traded. Baze + Lin + Dedmon will keep Hawks in most of the games at both ends of the court.

  574. for sure the atl “death lineup” is very good on paper. but i want lin to start and baze is the de facto 2 guard. i doubt they move baze to the 3 and prince to the 4 to start games… finish them? yes. as starters? no…

    all this means lin will have forever lost his “starter” label… if he cant even start on a rebuilding/tanking team then i dunno where he would ever get the opportunity… maybe that’s just what he has to accept. that injuries killed his prime… stole the only opportunity he had at starting again in the nba…

  575. Even if Lin won’t start with the Hawks for ever reason. He still has one last chance that he would start for a NBA team IF, a big IF, he proves that he is completely healthy – Orlando Magic. A better team than the Hawks and a team playing to win after this season with Lin as the starting pg.

  576. the magic have been terrible since the dwightmare. it’s a terrible franchise for him to be at… like the suns, probably worse, they have no direction. at least with atl, they have schlenk who is trying to rebuild another gsw…

    and if lin doesnt start for the hawks, then he’ll be labelled a bench player for the rest of his career. even after he played well for charlotte, the only reason the nets offered him the starting pg role was the kenny connection… if it was another coach, does anybody here honestly think he would have had a fair shot at starting?

  577. I think Lin with any player other than a center that takes a bunch of shots, like Booker, is a bad idea. Lin with a mobile or PnR center is the best combo (if possible).

  578. Lin could be a “2-guard” but the challenge is Lin’s height. It would be easier for Lin as 2-guard if he were 6’6″. An open GM could use Lin as such, but that’s not the mindset of most. My view is look at the team and what they want and the GM. It’s slim-picking. I’ve come to terms with that years ago. That said, you never know what will open up in the league. Keep the faith.

  579. I think Steve Clifford will give him that chance if Lin is fully healthy. Magic may be a team with not much success in the past but they have young talents. If Lin really wants a starter role, Magic is the only hope especially if Lin can not start in Atlanta, he will be labeled as a bench player like you said.

  580. I think for modern basketball, the most important is pace (outrun your opponent), space (better shooting), and teamwork. Height is not that critical anymore. So on paper, Hawks could be very good.

  581. well, as a business person myself, I have to separate emotions (fan base or not) with logical business decision. I totally understand where sean marks came from with the logic. It’s emotional lin fans who can’t really see it.

    You have to say what you have to say at this time because of what you know…until an offer come a long you can’t refuse.. It’s like you have a house that you like and you know it’s only worth about 500k and that is already the highest price on the block and you say you will never sell it. But what if someone comes in and say I offer you 2 million dollars for it. Or maybe say it’s a life and death situation where you need to tap the equity in the house. Or heck you got offer a job that triples your salary with gaurantee for 10 years. Will you change your mind. You will be illogical if you didn’t unless you really are emotional aattached. and taht is that made you decision.. defy logic.

    So same with lin and nets. Lin got hurt 1st year.. ok, fine, give him a SECOND chance. Then he got hurt again…and not only that.. it’s a patella rupture.. hard and rare case in sports and hard to tell the future how he will perform since if you know anything about it.. you will know it’s not a simple bruise or tear. From my own view, Logically I will say nets are very loyal and a different nba team with different group of personnel IF they let lin continue to stay and start if a nice offer did come along. Hopefullistically, I hope he stayed in NY as I”m from NY. So logic wins out. In fact, the hawks offer is a very good one as SM never probably thought anyone will want lin before the season starts.. so it’s like one of those 3 offer situation I gave you above.. you will take it.. logically.. but emotionally no..and if you say no, it’s emotional.. not logical. How else ppl date one another of differing personality and traits which others don’t see it.. or how else a player knows how to get so many girls .. it’s all emotional.. girls are emotional. This message is to linthezone too.

  582. A good sign?

    Atlanta Hawks: 4 Players Who Could Become Sixth Man in 2018-19

    “In the meantime, Lin will most likely take the reigns of starting point guard, which will benefit Young. Bringing Young off the bench will help Lin gain confidence going down to stretch. Also, the former Brooklyn Net can take Young under his wing and show him how to play through adversity.

    Young had an average summer league and started to settle down in the Las Vegas Summer League. Putting the 19-year-old in the sixth man role will teach him leadership, poise and late-game management.”

  583. how would you know though. you not the GM. it’s nba. it’s business.. business different from emotional fan base decisions. GM , rational or not, makes decision.

  584. Winning is the only thing. This is NBA business. How do you know that the management doesn’t plan to win with their best players available? The Hawks have Invested lots of money to bring in Lin, almost 75% of their cap space available. This team wants to win.

    Bazemore is the best player and the team leader. If the Hawks wants to trade Baz, he would try to trade him early while other teams have more assets to offer. Travis Schlenk is always timely making his trades. His trades show he has planned well for his team.

    GMs at this stage have little choices left to strike a good deal. How do you know that the Hawks doesn’t think Baz is the cornerstone for this team? He is so much more dependable than rookies.

    Baz is a skillful player with excellent character. He fits all the descriptions that Schlenk wants from a player. Why would the GM take unnecessary chance? All acquisitions in the offseason show that Schlenk wants the team to win in order to justify his enormous spendings in the infrastructures of his office.
    He has been in NBA for a long time. He certainly know how not to get fired. He doesn’t have coach Bud now. He is more eager to win than last season.

  585. I think Schlenk would take his time in bringing up Young and he certainly doesn’t want to throw Young in the fire in a hurry. Why would he want Young to take a risk of injuring himself? I would think Young is going to play with minutes restriction as a bench player to begin with.

  586. A GM will do whatever his agenda is. And it can change every 4 months. We should have learned by now not to trust any GM . Fair warning. IMO, it is not a good idea to expect anything from any GM. You’ll just be disappointed.

    Lin will be used as the team sees fit, and the coach will make the decision. And in terms of winning, sometimes winning is not the priority. Sometimes it is development with improvement and not putting the vets in to win all games possible.

  587. The interest of tall player is defensive, not offensive. Analytics likes things like height and long wingspans to help contest shots and get into passing lanes. If the GM doesn’t follow them as much, then a 6″1″ and 6″3″ backcourt is fine. That’s what Lin may have to look for because I think he should look at the starting SG position to expand his possibilities going forward.


    “What Jeremy is doing is incredible because he’s moving everybody to their natural positions,” Tyson Chandler said. “The ball is moving well and the game has a flow.”

  589. Why would Young injure himself because he starts? Many 18 and 19 year old kids come into the NBA every season.

    Your reasoning does not make sense to me personally.

    I think Young is probably starting because he is the future and you want to invest in the future, not hide from it.

  590. Bazemore is not the teams best player. How did you personally conclude this?

  591. If Jeff Hornaceck could play SG at 6’3” then Lin could too, at least on a bad team.

    But Jeff Hornaceck was always subbed out for Byron Russell when crunch time came to guard Jordan.

    That’s why it would not work for Lin either.

  592. LOL

  593. Stats says so. best point shooter, two way player, A complete player.with or without the ball; widely known reputation.

  594. If Bazemore is not ATL’s best player then who is?

  595. Between developing players and trying to win do you have an opinion at this point as to which direction ATL will go?

  596. I do Not think Lin force feeds teammates because he is a step ahead or somehow brilliant or preparing teammates.

    I think Lin passes because he believes that is the right play and also because he is not as talented or as selfish an iso scorer as some of the other nba stars.

    Golden State does a good job moving the ball as a group. But they have iso scorers in Curry and KD when those guys are needed.

  597. Bazemore has not been good since his contract year

  598. Jeremy Lin is Atl’s best player.

  599. Fair point. But stats do not always tell the full story.

    On stats alone, Jeremy Lin appears to be below average for an impact NBA player.

  600. Hmmm, by that reasoning could you say that Jlin has not been “good” since Linsanity? Because playing only 37 games in 2 years ( out of 164 games IN BKLN) is not much proof that Jlin has proven himself in his contract year. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Jlin fan as I assume all are here. But right now Jlin has gotten $24 M over the last two years w/o being near as productive (i.e. playing time) as Bazemore has been. Even Linsanity was only a few weeks. His time in Houston was great in only a number of games because of Harden and the coach. His time in LA was wasted and Jlin was fortunate to get $2M and a spot in Charlotte. His time in Charlotte was highlighted on a few key games, i.e. SAS, Cleveland and a couple of playoff games and from that Jlin got $36 M and the starters job in BKLN. Jlin has had an almost 8 year career in the NBA, earned millions of dollars plus probably millions more in endorsements, mostly based on a few exceptional weeks with the Knicks. I would say he is doing pretty darn good, but Bazemore has provided a lot more work for the $$$ and that is hard to dispute. I have to think that Jlin’s time is coming and it would best be served by playing with Kent Bazemore and winning basketball games. ATL is his chance to prove exactly how good he is, and if he can stay healthy I think he will.

  601. schlenk doesnt want to play trae because he doesnt want him to get injured… but instead will play a 30 yr old vet coming off a torn patellar tendon… riiiiiiight….

    some comments here, just gotta ignore them, if ya know what i mean…

  602. dude needs to go to bazeportal not jlinportal…. he legit just said baze is better than lin? HAHAHAHA….

  603. no to suns and magic. both are bad franchises. worse than atl or brooklyn. they tank every year and draft horribly. stay far, far away….

    i think if he starts with trae, they can make the playoffs. the team is quite competitive on paper. baze needs to come off the bench but we all know this isnt likely.

  604. Well, some times it is a good idea to set your guy up for success. Throwing them in the fire right away without being ready often messes one confidence. That may be too rational, unless the team is tanking right off the bat, or Lin us really not quite ready. Hard to say.

  605. I loved Lin in the playoffs. His window is a few years now that he’s 30, at least to be as dominant as he is now. I like him on competitive teams. If it is as starter, great. If it is as 6th man, he can excel as well, but with variable playing time. If he plays with a developing team, my concern is that the GMS will try to replace him with younger players. At 30, on a competitor and a key member, IMO, he’s most valuable.

  606. When the season starts, the starting lineup will be Lin + Baz + Dedmon. They are the best NBA players Atlanta has. Of course there are many fans here who will eat crows.

    Winning in NBA basketball means running plays and little things that these three excel and the others fail. It won’t be long before the season starts.

    $13M+ shows Schlenk’s confidence in Lin’s health and his contribution on the court. The toughness of these 3, Lin + Baz + Dedmon, is well above others. Again the attributes for this team are skills and good character. The undrafted trio are better than the rest by a great margin. Making the right move on the court is what the others need to learn from these 3 players and that is why they are better, head and shoulder better than the others.

    They are vtersatile​ NBA two way players and they are proven.

  607. it was revealed by JLIN himself that he will play maybe a month after the season starts, so his playing with the starting 5 might come later if Trae or the other guard didn’t take advantage of the gap?

  608. Well I’ll have my fingers crossed.

  609. JLin hasn’t done enough to show he’s the best player on the team but he surely has the potential. Baz has had such a good season last year. It is fair that the honour should go to him.

  610. That’s for sure. Stats can be misleading. Timely and clutch plays are the stats to look at IMO. Not just amount stats.

  611. I can’t determine this, Ace, because the team hasn’t played any games. I have to see if Pierce tries to win most games or if he puts in his young players to let them gain experience when the game is close.

  612. Schlenk has shown that he wouldn’t mind spending big bucks on players that he wants (JLin) and getting rid of players that he doesn’t (D12, Schroder)

  613. The NBA’s style of play is much more physical than college basketball and the young rookie has to learn how to affect the game other than scoring.

    Saying a rookie is the future of a team before he even plays in 1 NBA game is premature

  614. Yes Lin needs a breakout season in his contract year.

  615. so lin not starter. you don’t just demote a starter to a bench unless lin was a starter in the team before. .. it’s making a bad statement to other pgs.

  616. isn’t this old news?

  617. might have to hold up on that “un-drafted three” starting scenario awhile :

    Marc J. Spears: “Hawks say center Dewayne Dedmon sustained a left ankle injury during a workout on Aug. 27. An X-ray and MRI revealed an avulsion fracture and he has been placed in a walking boot. He will be re-evaluated in one week, and his status will be updated as appropriate.”

    initial info i find say 3-12 weeks recovery without surgery for that type of injury.

  618. Terrible news.

  619. Here are some snippets from an interview done with Jeremy on Aug 26. [EPA = East Palo Alto]

    He said it’s been a great off-season: “a lot of rehab, a lot of working out, and my knee is starting to turn a corner and feel really good …”

  620. Apparently, Jeremy has spent some time training with David Nurse this summer. A recent article by Alex Kennedy describes Nurse’s approach in some detail. See :

    Excerpt :

    Jeremy Lin started making healthy lifestyle choices before Nurse started training him, but once he and Nurse started working together, they came up with a plan to continue focusing on those good habits and take them to the next level. Lin is excited about his results and believes his lifestyle changes are having a major impact on his game.

    “It feels like I’ve pushed my ceiling higher in terms of peak energy level, explosiveness and performance,” Lin told HoopsHype. “I feel like I’m consistently performing at a higher level. I feel a lot better after making these changes.”

    Lin turned 30 years old last week and he was just recently traded to the Atlanta Hawks, which will be his seventh team in nine NBA seasons. As an NBA player, you can only focus on the things in your control and that’s exactly what Lin has done.

    “In terms of sleep and nutrition, I feel like I’m pretty on top of those things now,” Lin explained. “I have a sleep doctor and a nutritionist.”

    And while Nurse is proud of the habits he’s helping players create off the court, one of the biggest areas where he’s been able to help Lin is in his film study. As Lin said: “David has been very helpful to me in terms of film. He takes a lot of time to watch games, cut film and help in skill development.”

  621. 4 hours ago, the news arrived.
    He would have to spend his time on the side line with Lin until regulation season.

    The team has greatest depth at 5 though.

  622. So maybe they throw young Trae into the pit by default to start for a month until Jlin comes back. Trae gets to see what the NBA is like and after they beat him up for a while Jlin comes back, young Trae goes to coming off the bench older and wiser for the experience and is allowed to ease into pro basketball. That sounds like a good compromise for those who want Jlin to start and Trae to start.

  623. Does anyone have a link confirming that JLIN or Atlanta stated that he will not play until a month or so after the season begins?

    Who said it? When did they say it? Thank you in advance

  624. Admittedly, I did not watch Trae Young play any Hawks summer league games but his stats in Utah summer:

    23.1 percent FG%
    12.5 percent 3P%
    3.6 TurnOvers
    -56 plus/minus

    In one game even going 4-20 shots, of course playing against inferior summer talent with inferior summer teammates doesn’t always extrapolate to the NBA season . . .

    . . . I don’t want to disparage a brand new rookie’s future NBA legacy, but I feel as if JLIN will likely have another great opportunity to rehab his image and parley it into a nice contract for 2019-2020.

  625. len is a bust and plumlee is a salary dump. stop it. collins will start at the 5…

  626. vince is 41… FORTY ONE!!!! if he gets any minutes at all is the question…

    is this a troll account? seriously now cmon…

  627. with dedmon’s injury we very well may see a trae, lin, baze, prince, collins starting lineup.

    they already said they plan to play fast, so why not play small ball from the start and try to outscore the opponent every night? transition, pick n roll, threes, layups, lobs, etc… it’s dantoni ball. if anything it’ll be very entertaining… we all saw how lin played this style in houston. sure he was younger then, but now he’s a much better player overall. we only need to pray for his health…

  628. he played terrible in utah, but better in vegas. we need to hold off criticism until at least preseason.

    trae has skills that are easily translatable to the nba: passing and shooting. it’s his decision making that needs work. this is where lin will help him out on and off the court.

  629. this is truly insane. lin’s whole career is better than anything baze has done, is doing, and will ever do. why are you even here if you think baze is better than lin? this place is for LIN fans not baze or dedmon fans….

  630. lin tweet a god’s timeline is not same as ours..
    Is something happening ?

  631. Yes it doesn’t sound very positive in regards to his current injury situation but I’ll wait for it to play out itself before coming to a conclusion…

  632. Lin’s cryptic sometimes. I hope he’s ok.

  633. That lineup is entertaining to watch, and could end up surprisingly good, but need a lot of communication to just get by defensively. Don’t know how much Collins improved this summer. He might not be able to hold his own when confronting other big 5 and that would lead to injuries. Young will be struggling defensively, at least at the beginning, as expected.

  634. i read it also but forgot to save the link or the article.

  635. Generally people will hold off all the unrealistic rookie hypes until the rookie shows that he is an NBA player. Of course, it takes finite wisdom and not infinite hallucination.

  636. JLIN might not start or even play a month after the season start because that was his /and maybe his trainer thought to be his playing schedule unless things comes up (for the better or worse) and his coming back whether as a starter or in the bench will simply dictated by the coaching staff decisions and not by players. Trae young might continue to play as a starter even when Jlins come back to play because the coaching staff sees it fit and Trae played better for the team…

    having to come from an injury, its better for Jlin to ease his way towards his playing com[petitive so he doesn’t over extend himself and incur another setback (that maybe the reason why Mark of nets thought he needs to trade Jlin immediately because of his non immediate useability for the nets)..Right now, almost all sees lin is the Hawks starting PG unless Trae or the other pg shows that they can hold their own in the NBA

  637. We’ll watch a bunch of young players, and hopefully there’s enough veteran presence there, with Lin being the main leader, and Vince Carter the “elder” leader, that the team will show some poise in games and be competitive and fun to watch. Young will struggle, it’s part of being a rookie. Lin may too as it is part of him relearning how to use his body. But he’ll also find ways to be effective at the same time, IMO.

  638. well, we know that JLIN right now is itching to show what his minds telling him the whole season of recovering. His patience is now on its peak because he know that he needs to show the team what he can do, BUT, of course, His WANTS maybe is not what Natures offering..his natural healing maybe needs more time and JLIN wishes for that time MAYBE to be short…#mytake

  639. patience maybe is whats making him itchy and lose patience for his healing time..

  640. I was thinking about the optimism and the concerns expressed by the posters here. To me, I think there is a great disconnect between the “normal” expectations (stat based or fact based) and the “anyone but Lin” racist prejudice crap.

    A young player who breaks records and turns around a losing team and leads them into the playoffs would normally get a good contract (the Knicks booted Lin out).
    A player signed as the “face of the franchise” would normally not be benched when he is playing well (the Rockets benched Lin and traded him away).
    [Let’s not even talk about the Lakers]
    A brilliant sixth man who leads the team back into the playoffs would normally get a big contract with lots of minutes or a starting role (the Hornets offered Lin nothing).
    You normally wait to see if your starting player, who had the biggest impact on winning, would recover from injury (the Nets did not even wait to see how Lin would perform after injury).

    So trust me, I get the fears and doom and gloom. There is no other explanation other than racism and prejudice. A part of me still has hope though. Based on “normal” expectations, Lin was traded as a starter from his previous team. The Hawks should see if he can recover from his injury fully. The Hawks should experiment with 2 playmakers if they want to win.

    If the Hawks are a good organisation, then I am ok if Lin stays in the Hawks long term. Compared to the chronic underachievers like the Knicks, Hornets and Nets, the Hawks may surprise all of us. I am also ok if Lin moves on if he gets a better offer after one year. I still have hope.

  641. Throw him into the dan of lions. LOL

  642. Vince Carter is currently ranked higher than Trae Young by some Sport writers.

  643. very clear analysis on why Lins life as a player differs by leap and bounds!!!

  644. God’s justice differs.

  645. Acquire the most skillful and versatile players with good character in whatever possible way to win. Risk management is primarily important. The catch is for the GM to keep his job first.

  646. They aren’t busts. They are better than rookies.
    You aren’t better than them.

  647. Well put. Unfortunately for Lin, he plays a “professional” sport that is less sport than promotional propaganda money machine. The aberrant behaviour of the league since Linsanity has produced tanking as an art, designated stars who gets to chuck all the day long while losing. Winning just isn’t as important as image. And then we have Harden who doesn’t even pretend to care about defence yet is a superstar, lol. That to me is beyond stupidity!

    In baseball, defence is celebrated when a pitcher gets a no hitter. In football, legendary defences gets names like the “Steel Curtain”. “Professional” basketball gets Harden! The league should be embarrassed but it promotes the image of superstar instead….lies instead.

    GSW is a team culture lead organization. It’s winning because of how it treats and manages its players. It’s built and attracts great players who wants a part of that culture. You can’t fake that culture….like Marks has tried to do. Marks talks one way but acts the opposite way.

    Lin on the other hand is built for an organization like the GSW. Let’s hope Schlenk acts as well as he speaks about the kind of team culture he wants to bring to Atlanta. Two things will tell us if he is NOT cut from the same cloth as GSW. One, if he plays Trae as a starter and force develop him with starter minutes. Two, if he puts Lin on the bench to promote his designated stars.

    Lin’s been kind of keeping his distance from his new team and teammates. It’s unusual and atypical for him to act this way. Maybe the last betrayal has finally taught him to be more guarded as we’ve also become. He does seem less invested in the Harwks. We will see if that translates into a new Lin who is less willing to sacrifice his own to the betterment of his teammates. I can’t wait to see Lin healthy and playing again.

  648. that distance from the Hawk seems odd i can say..the previous team he’s been with had shown how he welcome the changes and the eagerness to know his teammates well, but till now, i can only see his enthusiasm on looking and finding house for his shelter (or the news about his team is just a black out right now for unknown reason)

  649. Yep, it’s just not like Lin to be so distant from his team…as if it’s a second thought, like it’s just a job to be done. It’s very odd. The betrayal of silence from Atkinson and Joe Tsai May have taken the shine of the faith he had on human nature. It’s sad to note how life beats us down into submission. Lin is super human compared to us in his faith so this final blow by Tsai May have done his optimism in.

    We can only hope to see Lin play again like a man possessed like he did in that first game against the Nets to start Linsanity. We can only hope to see that single mindedness again to seize his professional life again.

  650. How come Baz has a better contract than Lin? They both are undrafted. They both have done something apparently impossible. Lin is a new comer and Baz has been with the team for a long time. The best player is still Baz until proved otherwise. Lin could be the best player but he has to prove it. I’m a Lin fan, but not a fanatic.

    Wisdom has to make some sense. Well this is beyond yourself Forget it.

  651. Hi @psalm234:disqus, you may want to check out the new disqus feature to include “Reaction Icons”.

    Its on disqus admin setting

  652. Chelsea Lane has had the work cut out for her this time again on ankle injury. Dedmon needs her now.

  653. He just had one bad year; actually not really bad. Nobody played well after the 60 wins season when all stars were leaving. Last season was the second season of his contract and he did well, You omitted important details.

  654. I don’t think it’s fair to call nets treatment of Lin as betrayal. He only played 50 out of 164 games in his two seasons with the Nets. They have many healthy guards who played hard and stated healthy. Those guys deserve a chance too.

    The other net players put in the time where Jeremy wasnt around. It was just time to move on. I have no ill feelings toward the Nets organization.

  655. The only place I’ve ever seen mention that JLIN might not play the first month of the season is on JLINPORTAL so that is why I wanted to see a link.

    I hope and believe this rumor is not true because it opens up many more questions most of which aren’t good for JLIN.

  656. Just to be clear Trae’s main “skill” was to be his Shooting ability, we have not as yet seen any evidence of his shooting ability against professional basketball players … yes the season has not yet begun, but don’t immediately assume that Trae’s shooting doesn’t also “needs work”.

    Incidentally Trae’s 3 point shot mechanic looks high school, he almost brings the ball down to his waist before shooting.

  657. I hope the tweet has nothing to do with his physical health preparation but is more an allusion to what he hopes to achieve in the NBA and the setback the trade to Atlanta has placed on his timetable to achieve those goals… but only JLIN knows what he himself meant.

  658. Not to compare JLIN to established NBA stars but many players have had long periods where they have been injured: Paul George, Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard … too many, but they did not get traded and replaced by a backup.

    There is always someone ready to take your place but many teams make the decision to allow a good player to rehab and see if they can still play as before. Nets made their decision and reasonable people can criticize or support Brooklyn’s decision.

  659. If I remember correctly, Nets never claimed that Lin was their cornerstone guy. It was just a unwise move, IMO.The GM made that Russel deal and it’s imperative for him to make it look good.

  660. Lin’sown spiritual balance seems off IMO. It’s not like him to be so noncommittal about his new team. To me that means he’s still recovering from the trade and or lacks the faith in any management PR to be 100% behind his new organization. I believe Lin himself feels betrayed by Joe Tsai and Atkinson. They had to have known about it while Lin was kept in the dark until the morning of the trade announcement, even his agent didn’t have any prior knowledge.

    It must have been awkward for joe Tsai to be at Lin’s charity event. He probably knew full well before the invite that there was a possibility that Lin wouldn’t be a Net.

    It’s too easy now to just say “it’s just business”. People like Grace Park and Daniel Kim really stuck their necks out to stand for what’s right and paid the price. The producers of the all Asian cast film took a big financial risk by holding out for a real film release instead of taking the money, or “it’s just business” approach to their own future. They did it for people to come. Yeah, Joe Tsai talks all big and altruistic about his hope to raise Asian awareness but when his voice counted….he chose the “its only business” route. So I’m disgusted by that betrayal and anyone’s that don’t see that is an Uncle Tom.

  661. I can see where, having played so few games over 2 seasons that they let Jlin go. However I also think Jlin would have been better for BKLN if he stayed healthy, than Dinwidde, DLo or Shabazz Napier and that is where Marks is making a mistake, or is just using JLin’s injury to invest in his boy Dlo, who is, far as I know the antithesis of the character BKLN is said to value, and also not the kind of PG or leader to play the team ball BKLN espouses. I think it will be hard for KA to reign in Dlo because his buddy Booker got a max contract (a bad move for PHX) and Dlo will look to match.

  662. thanks. I enabled it but for some reason, it’s not available yet.

  663. Mak posted the link to the article last month from the Tencent Sports interview.
    It says he won’t play his 1st game until late October. The first regular season game is Oct 17 so he might miss 5-7 games.
    “During the recovery, I have learned more about my body and enriched my knowledge about basketball. I cannot give up (on basketball),” said Lin.

    The rehab is not over for Lin who said that, though his knee and ligament have recovered well, he will not play his first game until late October when he can be 100 percent healthy.

    When asked about the difference between being 22 years old and being 30, Lin replied “too many differences. I could not even compare the two stages. Now I know exactly what my goal is and I’m satisfied with what I have.”

  664. That Russel boy is a hype. He is the easiest one to defend. He has below average explosiveness and quickness to get pass his man. Can’t just move your shoulder to fool your defender.

  665. Jeremy did an interview for Fox Sports Southeast today. No idea when it will get broadcast …

  666. Jil Gossard-Cook Is the Only Full-Time Female Producer in the NBA. —
    (as of feb 1 2017 according to glamour magazine at least)

  667. thanks Psalm for the lookout….this is the one i am referring to that i read..

  668. he’s also a great passer. he lead the ncaa in both scoring and assists. he was drafted with hype for a reason.

    his fg% isnt great, but how much of that is due to shot selection vs skill? the question is how will he look vs nba players, PLAYING WITH nba players…

  669. is this the interview? can anyone translate, did he actually say that himself? it wasnt a direct quote in that article, so was it the author’s own interpretation or did lin actually say he wont be ready?

  670. we must all temper our expectations for this upcoming season. i personally feel this season will be a mix of lin’s time with the lakers, hornets, and nets all mixed into one. we have the tanking aspect of the lakers, the low expectations but pretty good team on paper from the hornets, and the development tank/team full of young guys from the nets.

    i have said it all along. the hawks need to win and win early to avoid the tank. and trae, prince and collins HAVE to play well too! let’s say the rookies/young guys play bad but the vets like baze, lin, dedmon play well and are a .500 team. what’s the purpose of the season? they are too good to get a good draft pick but are too bad to actually win anything if they make the playoffs… sounds like a treadmill team such as the lin-less hornets… the WORST situation to be in for an nba team… if the young players play bad, do you actually think a rebuilding team will bench them so the vets can try to win more games? why? to what end? it’s the opposite really. they will play the young guys MORE so they get MORE experience! it’s the classic tank/development tank! why did gsw trade away monta ellis? to give curry time to develop! do you think schlenk will bench trae so lin can win games all by himself linsanity style? NO!!!

    however if trae and the young players are ballin and lin is right there with them, then schlenk will be happy. there will be no tank and they can elect to just continue to develop while trying to win. they already have up to three 1st round picks next year, so if trae, prince, and collins turn out to be stars, then no need to continue to tank! i’m not afraid of lin’s role or minutes IF THEY’RE TRYING TO WIN! lin is a natural leader and winner so he will get his as long as they want to win, he will find his way into the spotlight. hornets vs heat 2016 is proof that the cream always rises to the top…

    i am very much afraid of the tank. another wasted year for lin if that happens.

  671. len was drafted 5th overall. he signed for the room mle. that’s not anthony bennett level bust, but a bust nonetheless…

    and plumlee is a salary dump that’s now an unmovable contract on the same level as a deng or noah…

    stop it. your all vets are great, they’ll play all vets, try to win at all cost schtick is getting tiresome… let us know when you come back to reality…

  672. like all lotto picks do? every year? You dont say…

  673. and since when was the nba one on one?

    this is getting ridiculous.

    i was already suspicious of the 2 kwok wai lai accounts. maybe one is a troll account from clutchfans, maybe both, who knows. all i know is that the stuff you post is drivel.

    there is no scenario in this realm of existence where vince carter at 41 (going to be 42 during the season) will start or get more minutes than the 19 year old rookie that they just drafted (at effectively the 3rd overall pick no less)….

    the more you post, the more of a troll you appear to be. go back to clutchfans…

  674. what does contract have anything to do with it? do you think luol deng is better than lin? noah? there are TONS of overpaid albatross contracts in the nba. if you were a real lin fan you’d know why lin is CRIMINALLY underpaid.

    go away troll. this place is for lin fans. clutchfans is that way——>

  675. What is the type of team that Travis Schlenk wants? What is the type of players he keeps? He told everyone that he wants skillful players with good character. He means what he said. He lets go of D12 & Dennis Schroder at a great price.

    What’s left of veterans all fit into his descriptions. I didn’t include rookies because rookies are usually bad. They need to watch the games to learn the differences between NBA ball and college ball. Mostly rookies need to learn to win. This is what you can’t learn from tanking.

    Atlanta Hawks has great depth on their roster because the team has brought in lots of help in the offseason. Critics will never agree with the GM’s choices. Yet the free agents Schlenk brought in has done pretty well by and large.

    This season Schlenk has lots of depth at 5 for his team. He personally is responsible to acquire all of them. I will just take the injury of Dedmon with a grain of salt. It’s all within the margin of errors that this team can take. Schlenk paid a high price to win the wonder woman from GS over to Atlanta and more. They must have started working for him now.

    To minimise risks for a team from injuries, the key players in the team must be versatile to cover more than one position or else Schlenk will need to bring in more players to do the same job. Nothing that happened to the team has been unexpected and the GM has all the risks covered. Good for the Hawks.

    It’s too early to push the panic button. The season hasn’t even started yet.

    With Baz, Lin, Vince Carter, and the acquisitions in the off season, this Atlanta team is going to be very competitive. The trashing of Plumlee is absolutely uncalled for. He is a pro and he has survived NBA competitions for years. I do think that there are more Young players to be waived before the season starts.

    Who would panic first? The ignorant!

  676. 🙂 thanks

  677. The fate of DLo & Sean Marks are tied together. I’m confident that Sean Marks would hang himself in his trades and drafts. After all , he is the one who made the trade with Magic Johnson. Next season he will have a hard time to irrevocably choose his PG.

    The future of Lin also may tie a knot on his future as the GM too.

  678. If DLo’s chosen to be the franchise player, the franchise is going to be doomed.

  679. Hawks are so new to me….cant really say much at this…preseason is only 25days away…..aint that far…..those games should give some glimpse individually how they are, and as a team, I think its only fair to evaluate when the season starts,…10 games or so, we should be able to acknowledge where they are heading towards…lets see…

  680. I’m not convinced DLo is Marks’ “boy.” KA treated him very firmly. He sat him during the 2nd half of a game. He didn’t finish many games that Dinwiddie finished. He’s not treated like an anointed one at all on Brooklyn. He doesn’t get a ton of minutes. Lin was treated more like a leader than DLo was. Yes, DLo was a 2nd pick by Byron Scott and has a lot of hype around him, but he’s treated like an inexperienced player with some potential on the Nets. I think CLV, Allen and Dinwiddie were allowed to play through more mistakes than DLo was.

    Marks did not extend DLo’s contract. If he was so much Marks boy then Marks would have done so. I think it is let’s just see how he develops mode. Yes, he may be the team’s highest profile player. But, I think Marks and KA may be more big on Allen as a player, and to an extent Caris LeVert, because of how well they play together and because they both show maturity as players and people, something DLo doesn’t show. And I think they may trade DLo if they don’t like his progress next season. He’s also not that much embraced by Nets fans, regardless of how much some in the media love him.

    I really like CLV. He’s a lot like Lin in how he plays and in his maturity. No, he doesn’t do everything Lin does, but he does some of what Lin does. He’s also a very religious young man. He’s a good kid and plays hard. I like Allen too. I’ll watch the Nets. I saw the writing on the wall about Marks trading vets and didn’t think that Tsai would matter that much in terms of what Marks does. He’s a minority owner and most owners don’t overrule GMs. I doubt Lin has any hard feelings for Tsai.

  681. When would JLIN play his first game?
    I listened to JLIN’s 10cent Chinese interview, (thanks Psalm & others) and this is my verbatim translation (around the 1:00 mark):
    JLIN>: “Now I’m almost good, now playing 1 on 1, also rehabbing very well, so there’s no urgency, no need to recover very quickly because I know I still have a lot of time. The first game is at end of October, so now there is no urgency.

    Not to nitpick JLIN’s Chinese because my Chinese isn’t perfect either, but when JLIN conducts a Chinese language interview, he tends to be less precise, simply because his vocabulary range is greatly diminished versus conversing in English. In Chinese we often use, 月初 (beginning or early in the month),and 月底 (end of the month or towards the latter part of the month.) Hawks opener is Oct 17th.

    Within the context of the interview combined with JLIN’s Chinese imprecision propensity, I’m of the opinion that when JLIN said 月底 his intention appears to be merely that the first Hawks game was in the later part of the month and it was not to imply that he wouldn’t play and/or be ready to play until the literal end-of-the-month.

    In conclusion, I believe JLIN intends to play in the Hawks opener but let’s see how training camp goes.

  682. We admire Jeremy Lin not just for his basketball skills. He lives a moral code far greater than almost anyone we know. He lives by the famous words of Spider-Man who’s uncle said to him “with great power comes great responsibility”. Lin is our superhero in the flesh. BTW, Voltaire and Churchill has said as much before Spider-Man did.

    We are living in an age where people with power have disposed of their duty to protect others. Instead they live by the code of me first, “it’s only business” and “it’s not personal”. Everywhere you look now, it’s all about me first and screw everyone else and they do it with glee and self righteousness.

    When one of our own steps on one of us because it’s just business, it makes me ill that we have truly lost our spiritual as well as our ancestral past! Are we not better than this? Can we strive to be better than this? How can a Christian not see the true worth of Lin’s voice to make a stand to help lift Lin’s place in NYC so that he could have as great an impact as he can. THE TRUTH REALLY HURTS.

  683. I’m of two feelings. I’m finding Lin played 37 games, not 50, and had a freak injury that put him out for really the 2nd year of his contract. As I watched the Nets the first year, it was clear Lin was the chief difference-maker in terms of the team’s progress. And he was the leader, no doubts. As I watched the second year, with no prospect of Lin playing that year, the team was close and competitive. But ultimately, couldn’t close out games. They needed Lin for that. And I think he could have helped the young team be a better team. That’s the pro-Lin side from a team’s perspective.

    The other side, though, is, there are but so many minutes in a game. Dinwiddie made huge improvements to his game, CLV showed he can play some as a facilitator and made an impact, Allen did at center, RHJ played mostly well, and the whole core of the Nets was quite young. If they had a timetable of players to develop, and wanted to make big leap by having them play more and get the most out of the time, then Lin didn’t work out in that scenario. And, like other vets, he was traded.

    There has to be a look at the team’s perspective in any move. On a Lin forum, it’s easily to perceive something as anti-Lin where really, what they did was pro-their team from their perspective. I disagree with them that Lin wouldn’t have helped for a season. And I think Marks’ weakness is that he doesn’t blend veterans with young talent enough. But, there was no guarantee how Lin would play after the injury or that he wouldn’t be injured again. Is that a gamble you take? It’s a hard question for an organization.

    For me, now it’s Lin gets back on the court and plays at the NBA level and hopefully, no more major injuries where he misses more than say, 20 games in the season. That’s all I hope for. The Nets book is closed. The Lin book is a journey and now he’s in Atlanta.

  684. oh, that may be true. I can try to create a new article based on @donsmacau excellent detective work on when JLin will play

    Welcome back to real “home” wherever it may be lol. Hope things are well with the family.

  685. you’re welcome. donsmacau also has different interpretation from the video so I’ll publish it in a new article. Thanks for the joint-investigative work 🙂

  686. Thank you for your excellent detective and interpretation work! Also @disqus_PhWryGdK7v:disqus for the video. We all appreciate it.
    I published your post as an article so more Lin fans here can be aware of what JLin said when he talked about his first game in 2018-19 season

  687. funny how your wall of text means nothing. the whole point of a rebuilding team is developing the young players and rookies yet you never talk about them as if they dont exist or as if they wont get meaningful minutes.

  688. yes of course. but the starting lineup will tell us A LOT about what they plan to do and what lin’s role is on the team.

    once mkg went down and pj hairston was the starting 3, we ALL knew it was going to be a long season for lin. alas lin persevered, BUT we all know the obstacles he overcame on that team.

    therefore, if they start trae and lin together, then we can be assured that there will be no tank right off the bat. schlenk will want to see what they can do together, a dynamic backcourt. prince is a dynamic wing. collins a dynamic big.

    but if trae starts and lin comes off the bench, then it’s a development tank all over again. another wasted season… he’ll go into free agency as a bench player…

  689. You should go back to school to develop your reading skill.

  690. how ignorant can you be? schlenk is OBVIOUSLY rebuilding through the draft. he has up to three 1st round picks next year, traded for lin and 2 future seconds, traded for melo and a future 1st, etc.

    signing len to the room mle is NOT “rebuilding”. signing a 41 year old carter is NOT “rebuilding”. baze is still here from the old regime. plumlee was a salary dump for picks. dedmon opted in to his player option. everyone else is a young player.

    how can you not see that? are you that ignorant or are you intentionally obtuse? why do you have 2 accounts? are you a clutchfans troll playing the long con on this site? you already said baze was better than lin, so i cant take anything you say seriously. no one should take you seriously after saying that…

    your type of comment is also not welcome

  691. Go back to school to learn your reading comprehension. You have on purpose distorted others ideas for you justification. Either you are low in comprehension or in your character. You are such a copy cat that you can’t upgrade your understanding.

  692. Hope Lin will be inducted in the Hall of Fame too.

  693. Lin would need to get 20+PPG and become an all star first. If not it’s doubtful he’d get a chance.

  694. Both of you should just block one another instead of bickering about what ifs. You guys are like fleas arguing about who owns the dog.

  695. 🙂 Got such a chuckle out of that.
    …and, well, argueifying just seems to be part of basic human DNA. Ungovernable.

  696. LOL

  697. Can’t wait for October 1st, just two more weeks away…finally. Woohoo, hope we get some Lin sightings soon.

  698. The way things have turned out for Lin after his one year stop at Charlotte, although I am hopeful, I don’t expect more than 14 points/5 assists per 25 minutes per game and no playoff. Anything more than this, I will be pleasantly surprised. After the playoff with Hornets, I really wanted to see Lin play more playoff games but . . . just didn’t happen. I just don’t feel regular season games are compelling enough to watch more than highlights; too many games and players and teams don’t play at their max levels.

    OT; The movie “Searching” (an independent movie with almost all Asian-American cast) was good and educational by the way.

  699. No link to the interview?

  700. It wasn’t long until I realized the Nets coach was going to stick to his plan of everyone handling the ball and not allow Lin to run the plays and control the tempo. After that and their getting DLo, I never felt anything more for Nets other than another stop along the way.

  701. I am proud of Grace Park and Daniel Kim for doing what they did. Go see the “Searching” movie, an enjoyable movie — and a better movie than the Crazy Rich Asians movie according to my son made up of an almost all Asian-American cast. I never got the sense that Lin was there to control the tempo and and fight for playoff.

    Tsai certainly never stuck out his neck for Lin on anything. I sold my stock in Tencent after that. lol

  702. he off bench though

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