Less Thought Is the Secret of Recent Linsanity Success

After having a horrible shooting slump  (32.5% FG% and 25% 3FG) after the All-Star Break which coincided with reduced playing time due to the arrival of Courtney Lee, Jeremy Lin had posted an impressive shooting numbers in the past 3 game  with  63% FG (25-40) with an unbelievable 87.5% 3FG (7-8)

In the 3/22 post-game interview after JLin scored 21pts following his 29pts/7rebs Linsanity performance to beat the Spurs, Jeremy was asked what his train of thought on the recent 3 game success. He pondered about it for a second and answered, “Less Thought”. He explained that 3 things:

  1. instinctual play,
  2. letting go of trying to think too much to force the shooting mechanics and
  3. trusting God

have helped him to play better.

A Spike in the Shooting % Trend

If we looked at his shooting % trend in this 2015-16 season, this spike of 62.5% FG and 87.5% 3FGM in the limited sample size of 3 games have been the best period, which might signify the beginning of a breakthrough following the worst period after the All-Star Break after his playing time was reduced with the arrival of Courtney Lee. It remains to be seen if he can carry through the high performance for the last 11 regular season games and the playoff.


Of course, a more reasonable shooting % would be above 45-50% FG and 35% 3FG with 12+PPG especially when JLin works hard to establish on-court chemistry with Kemba Walker so both can perform well on-court.

Will Jeremy Lin be able to continue his high-level performance even when Kemba plays better? We can only hope and pray that it would be the case as he would like the Hornets to create something special in the playoff.

A deep playoff performance with Linsanity performance will be a win-win scenario for the Hornets and JLin’s offseason Free Agency. More NBA teams (including the Hornets) will offer bigger role and higher salary which works to show NBA Team’s investment in a player and how he will be used.


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