LeBron Signs with the Lakers; Jeremy Lin Reunited with Ed Davis

Laker legends welcome LeBron to the franchise (courtesy of Bleacher Report)

A day after the good news that Brooklyn Nets managed to sign Ed Davis ($4.4M, 1 year) in the NBA Free Agency, LeBron James made the biggest news to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers with $154M deal for 4 years. It is reported that Kahwi Leonard’s focus is unchanged to become a Laker, possibly joining LeBron James to create another super-team in the West conference.

Jeremy Lin tweeted his surprise that LeBron is gone from the Cleveland Cavaliers and joked that he moved away from the Eastern Conference. This definitely will make the Brooklyn Nets and other Eastern Conference breathe easier in their attempt to reach the playoffs.

LeBron’s move certainly will bring many excitement for the Los Angeles Lakers in their attempt to become contenders. The reigning champion Golden State Warriors and other Western Conference contenders will no doubt watch the development for more Free Agent players expected to join LeBron as their path to the NBA Finals will become more difficult with LeBron’s arrival

Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis Pick-and-Roll Connection

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas, middle, drives between Los Angeles Lakers guard Jeremy Lin, right, and forward Ed Davis during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Long-time Jeremy Lin fans will remember the special Pick-and-Roll connection that Jeremy and Ed Davis flashed during his 1 year with the Lakers despite Byron Scott’s attempt to minimize them to support Lakers’ tanking effort. Lin/Davis PnR has become so dangerous in helping the Lakers win some games that they had no business on winning.

This video of Lin/Davis showcased the brilliance of their Pick-and-Roll partnership as if they can read each other’s mind.

Lin on Ed Davis when they’re both Lakers: “He rolls hard, finds the open spot and goes to where he needs to be,” ; “He’s unselfish and gets the guard open. He’s really smart, moves well off the ball and moves to the right place at the right time.”

This signing of Ed Davis by GM Sean Marks most likely would have a lot of input from Jeremy Lin and indicated the Nets’ commitment to help Jeremy Lin and the Nets succeed in his 3rd and final year of his contract. A great year would help to have another long-term contract for the rising Nets team with Joseph Tsai as one of the owners whose favorite player is Jeremy Lin.


  1. Lol Now Lin and Nets won’t have anyone in there way except Celtics and possibly 76ers to NBA finals! Celtics and Nets must be so happy since the NBA won’t rig their chances to the finals for Lebron. This is Great news!

  2. 2nd

  3. Magic Johnson spoke with Lebron on Saturday night to help close the deal …

    In other Laker news, Chris Haynes (ESPN) is reporting that free agent guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Javale McGee have agreed to deals. Both are for 1 year. Caldwell-Pope gets $12M and McGee gets $2.4M.

  4. Wait what? Lakers got JaVale McGee?! Can’t believe he’d leave GSW! Losing McGee would be a huge loss, who would fill the center position?

  5. Feel the same way. McGee did play well in playoff for GSW.

  6. Can’t express how happy I’m for the reconnection between JLin and ED. Can’t wait for the season to begin….

  7. We’re not the only ones. Just like all of us here. Lin’s friends and fans all remember LED. Some twitter comments from all over. And all are happy.:-)





  8. For anyone who is on Twitter (I’m not). If you’re not already following Greg Logan, PLEASE FOLLOW HIM, and give his articles some clicks. Greg is still out there defending Lin’s abilities.



  9. Another reason to follow Greg. He has the same take as me. On Morey’s “fantastic” contract to Chris Paul. Which is, BTW, $6M more than LeBron. LOL.


  10. To be fair, Rockets wouldn’t have made it to Conference finals last season nor have a real leader to lead the team if not for Chris Paul. Also it’s not like any other star is dumb enough to go play alongside Harden anyway.

  11. FINALLY! A four year contract for LeBron. Now we don’t have to keep hearing about LeBron’s “DECISION” endlessly. Tired of the same drama from him every summer, hogging up the media coverage. (I know I know. The media loves it.)

  12. Agree with who else would be desperate enough to play next to Harden. Chris Paul was pretty desperate.

    Disagree about how much credit CP should get. If he was that good of a leader, he would have led the Clippers to the finals. 6 seasons, couldn’t do it.

  13. As JLin said in his sharing in May, Lakers was a joke when he was in it and I still felt the same even now. I thought Rox was the worst JLin experienced but Lakers was 10 times worse than Rox. I continue to dislike the teams from the order: 1. Lakers 2. Rox 3. Knicks 4. Hornets. If JLin doesn’t play, I have no desire to watch NBA at all. Now that JLin is getting much healthier than before his season ending injury, I can’t wait for his return. Less than 3 months to go now. With ED is added into the team, I’m getting even more excited. Pray that JLin will stay healthy for the rest of his career. I pray and hope I can see him play until the day he retires.

    As for LBJ + others joining Lakers, I care less about them. Let the West fight for their playoffs spots….I know it’s mean for me to say this: I want to see the “failure” of this “superstar” Lakers.

  14. Ed Davis trivia.

    Ed was from the same draft class as JLin. 2010. But Ed was picked at 13.

    Ed was on the bench for the Toronto Raptors, when Lin hit the game winner on Valentine’s Day. Ed already knew about JLin.

    Ed’s jersey number was #32 in college at UNC. Also #32 with Toronto and Memphis.
    Then changed to #21 with the Lakers (Magic Johnson #32 retired, JLin using #17)
    Then changed to #17 with the Blazers ( Bill Walton #32 retired. Noah Vonleh already using #21).
    Anyone know why he chose #17? Hmmmm.

    Okay, being a bit silly now. Will stop.

  15. Ding Yanyuhang at Nets’ locker-room. “Let’s go Nets”.


  16. I know LB would move, but Lakers was a surprise…all the best to him…

  17. guess…our wish came thru…many here was crying to see the connection again, the trade would make sense as well. JL would had a say on it as well, I presume.

  18. hmmm, didnt know that…thanks..

    BTW looks like some review on Ed, these writers dont know much about Ed’s offensive potential when pair with the right person, especially with Lin


  19. Lin and Davis have exactly 1 year to prove themselves. They are roughly at the same age. Pray Atkinson will use them properly.

  20. And Kevin Durant is obviously signing with the Nets in 2019, too!:

    “Right now Jay Z Roc Nation’s two biggest names are Kevin Durant / Jlin.”



  21. Thanks for sharing. just followed him which I don’t usually do lol

  22. Rodions Kurucs seems to be wearing 17 now.
    I hope Nets will give 17 to big ED and let the rookie get another number.

  23. Between D12 and big ED, my vote goes to Big Ed.
    The most underpaid center in NBA: big ED.

  24. I don’t believe in any leaks regarding Nets front office decisions. Of course, this could be other teams’ sources and leaks, but it’s not leaking out of the Nets.

    If true, this destroys the anti-Lin NetsDaily and Bobby Marks rumors of Lin being shopped and Sean Marks wanting to trade Lin.

    Never made sense anyway, given that Lin is coming off of 2 years of injuries and an expiring contract. No team would want to give up anything substantial for Lin right now. Even Lin haters know this.

  25. Let’s see the players in regular rotation (15 players) arranged with respect to their ages

    DeMarre Carroll 31
    Dante Cunningham 31
    Jeremy Lin 29
    Big ED 29
    Quincy Acy 27
    Allen Crabbe 26
    Joe Harris 26
    Spencer Dinwiddie 25
    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 23
    Caris LeVert 23
    Isaiah Whitehead 23
    D’Angelo Russell 22
    Jarrett Allen 20
    Rodions Kurucs 20
    Dzanan Musa 19

    What would be the starting lineup?
    JLin, DLo, Allen Crabbe, RHJ/DeMarre, Big Ed
    I prefer
    JLin, Allen Crabbe, DeMarre, RHJ, Big ED
    but it’s unlikely for Atkinson to bench DLo.

  26. Lin Haters want to bury Lin before a breakout season.

  27. They want this every season, on every team he’s been on. Their hatred and racism against Lin knows no bounds.

  28. It’s hard to peg which leak can be true (i.e. false rumor of Rubio as PG, etc.) but we can monitor if there are actions to support it.

    The recent move to sign Ed Davis also shows Sean Marks is committed to help Lin to succeed in his 3rd and last year. Lin/Davis combo proved to be dangerous PnR partners during the 2014-15 season.

    I suspect Marks know he needs to help Lin to succeed in his 3rd year so he can either inflate the trade value by Feb 2019 trade deadline or sign him for a long-term extension to teach the Nets young team how to win.

    So Lin might still be traded but at least for the 1st half-season, Sean Marks wants Lin to post All-Star numbers 🙂

  29. Howard gone?

  30. Maybe, maybe not. There’s another source saying Lin is being actively shopped. But that source is biased against Lin. From watching the NBA for a long time, you never know. I sure hope it is true as I want to see Lin get his chance to play for the Nets as lead guard and captain. And be healthy. I hope it all comes together for him. It’s been a tough two years with Lin as a Brooklyn Net.

  31. He won’t be on the roster after July 6. D12 wants a buy out.

  32. Sean Marks has stated that he would never bet against Jeremy.

  33. I see. I missed that. I guess that’s why ED is signed. ED>D12, in my opinion.

  34. LED were the missing pieces for Nets to win in close games.

  35. Yep. Those so called pundit will project Nets win < 20 next season. LOL

  36. I thought Philly or Houston would be bigger possibility.

    But I don’t think Lebron simply wants to win another ring; otherwise Houston is the most logical sense to team up with proven players like Harden and CP3.

    He wants to create a legacy by turning around a bad team like Lakers; recruit good players; then set up a great business future after he retires. In that sense, LA is the perfect place.

  37. But he double speaks. He’s said good things about other vets and dealt them. He’s a GM, that’s how I view him. If all goes well, Lin plays, stays healthy, and we enjoy him for at least next year. We’ll hear about trade rumors. One will either happen or not. It’s all up in the air, IMO.

  38. It really doesn’t make sense to shop Lin around when his trade value is so low due to past injuries; so it’s hard to trust it. Also Ed Davis signing; I suspect Marks got a lot of input from Lin.

    Maybe later when JLin posts All-Star numbers by Feb 2019, he can be shopped around but not during the offseason.

    NBA is all about business after all.

    For us, Lin’s All-Star numbers would be sweet to our ears no matter where he ends up 🙂

  39. LOL, not even CBS would dare to make this kind of prediction now. Nets’ front court is going to be its strength with Big Ed and Jarrett Allen.
    I think Sean Marks will continue to shop for another big to strengthen the roster. Poor Isaiah Whitehead may be put on waiver.

  40. Absolutely, and that’s why I lean against what, I’ll say who it is, Net Income, has been saying. Lin has to show he can still play, so it makes sense for him to stay put. But I think we both know, sometimes things that don’t make sense happen. I’m hoping for things that make sense to prevail.

  41. I would just tune out the noise and just stay positive.
    Sometimes media just likes to speculate to create conversation and traffic.

    With Lin being Joe Tsai’s favorite player, Lin’s unique position to help the Nets succeed financially in Asia, plus this Ed Davis signing, we should be comforted that both Lin and the Nets want a long-term partnership.

    But Lin has to prove that he can be healthy to lead the young Nets; so that’s why the Nets look for ways for him to succeed. Throwing lobs to Ed Davis would reduce the chance Lin needs to keep driving to the rim and risking injury.

    IMHO, this is where the Nets are.
    1 [70% chance] They want to sign Lin long term by helping him to post All-Star numbers and lead a young team
    2 [30% chance] but still maintain flexibility to trade Lin with some asset back if they can’t see Lin be an effective leader in the next 3-4 years. (Or if Lin indicates he wants to sign with a contender next season)

    I’d say it’s quite fair for both sides

  42. Yes, I agree. Stay positive, tune out the noise. I love that Ed is back with Lin, but also excited to see how Lin plays with Allen who is also a solid PnR big man. My main hope is for Lin’s health for the full season.

  43. Rajon Rondo signs with the Lakers (via Shams Charania, Yahoo).

    Julius Randle has just agreed to a two-year, $18M deal with New Orleans (via Adrian Wojnarowski). The second year is a player option.The Lakers had renounced Randle, making him an unrestricted free agent.

    Ramona Shelburne (ESPN) reports that Lebron James has been consulted on all the team’s recent moves.

    In other NBA news, the Indiana Pacers have released center Al Jefferson and Omri Casspi has agreed to a one-year deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.

  44. What happen to “I want to be a Warrior for life” -McGee?

  45. watch Kobe’s coming out of retirement for the $5.6 million

  46. LOL

  47. Not even worth watching NBA anymore. You know who’s going to win the championship every year. As if the super team wasn’t super enough…



  48. One Trail Blazer fan is “seriously bummed out” for Ed Davis’ departure. 🙂

    He said Ed is “one of the best hustle players in the entire NBA, one of the top 3 big men on the bench” and “underrated”.

  49. Don’t forget bad apple in a basket of good apples. It is not necessary a good thing for Warriors.

  50. signing ed just goes to show how smart marks really is. i have loved almost all of his moves since the beginning. every move can be explained. they all make sense. it all follows a vision.

    having said that what we all see, but what all the nets homers dont want to talk about, is the elephant in the room of how bad dlo is. from his sky high usage, to his horrific inefficiency, to his boneheaded turn overs… he is an analytics NIGHTMARE…. if WE see it, then marks DEFINITELY sees it…

    yet all we hear about is how lin is going to get traded and how much the front office loves dlo… NO WAY! i dont buy it for a second. if anything, dlo is on thin ice. if he doesnt improve dramatically, then he’s a prime candidate to trade before his contract is up. marks wont pay him when he’s proven to be all hype…

    can lin be traded? of course! business is business. where there’s smoke there’s fire. i think lin’s name HAS come up for trades, but i dont think marks will pull the trigger unless it’s something really good like a lotto pick, which let’s face it no one would give up for lin. there was chatter about dinwiddie and carroll being traded at the deadline last season. but did marks do it? NO! i think lin will get the same benefit of the doubt.

    i think marks will let him play healthy and see his impact. if he’s no longer the same player, then he’s a prime candidate to trade as an expiring. if he plays well but nothing special, then he’s a prime candidate to trade to a team looking for a playoff push. if he plays up to his potential? then marks will for sure give him another contract.

    the big question is who is worth using cap space for… the current dlo? with his 20 mil cap hold? hell no! a healthy lin? hell yeah!

    say it with me guys: if WE see it, then marks DEFINITELY sees it… i have faith that marks and kenny will do what’s right and not become clouded by the hype… on to summer league!

  51. You seem to leave out the fact that Joe Tsai will be majority owner in 4 years. He’s on a mission to give more chances to Asian players who wants enter the league and change the might mindset of people in China regarding education and sports.

  52. Welcome to the All-Star team where everyone who wants a ring is hoping on the bandwagon! Dwight must be kicking himself right now.

  53. It’s a horrible idea! Cousins can reck the locker room and team chemistry entirely. As if Draymond wasn’t getting enough technicals.

  54. Lol Lin is retiring as a Nets with Joe Tsai being majority owner in 4 years. If Marks shops Lin, then he’s fired when Joe takes over.

    Joe and Nets didn’t give summer league roster to 2 Asian players just to be without their main center piece!

  55. it’s not known how involved tsai is in all of this. for lin’s sake i hope tsai is NOT involved. otherwise we’ll have a doc rivers-austin rivers situation. everybody will just say he’s only on the team cuz of tsai. the best case scenario of course is that lin plays well and nobody will have to question why he’s on the team…

  56. this kind of “affirmative action” would make asian players even more hated… it’s bad enough that “dingsanity” was half mockery, half ridicule… now we have nepotism?

  57. LOL!

  58. Only team will take a chance to trade for lin would be the Orlando Magic but not for a 1st round pick. Rumor now is they may sign Isaiah bring the Brink Truck Thomas. Good luck coach Clifford. lol.

  59. Disagree, NBA is a politics game. The moment you’re not favored by the owner, GM, and /or coach you’re gone. We see so many fake stars with green light to play their game while not defending. Where would GSW be they didn’t have a smart owner?

    Lin “needed” this change of ownership with Joe to gurantee his franchise position and his fair shake at leading a team, allstar, and Championship. NBA isn’t just about your abilities but whether those in charge even believe in you.

    It was obvious Nets and Marks were trying to replace Lin with Russell before Joe decided to buy 49% of the team. It’s just leveling the unfair racism Asian players have to face in the league.

    You honestly think the Russian owner would specifically sign 2 Asian player to their summer league if it weren’t for Joe Tsai? Russian owner never had any Asian players from China and Japan to play for their summer league until Joe bought half the team.

    Everything has changed including Marks’ move of signing Ed David and listening to Lin’s opinion more. Lin wanted JJ Reddick last off season but instead Nets got Russell a potential replacement for himself.

    You can bet Lin would hvrnbeen traded mid season next year if it didn’t mean Marks losing his job.

  60. Dwight news, mayve LAL.

  61. Jeremy posted a note on Instagram about being given a “sneak preview” of a New York condominium tower. Maybe the owners are looking for high profile tenants. Anyway, a nice workout space.

    For more info, see : https://130william.com/


  62. Does the name Aaron Mintz sound familiar to you?
    He is the agent of Allen Crabbe, DLo and Ed Davis.

  63. We all know that Sean Marks has made a bad trade for DLo and Mozgov. The owner knows it too. There can be no disguise because DLo can’t change his style and he’s not athletic enough to break down defense and his true shooting % is the worst in the team despite he had the highest usage last season.

    I don’t think Sean Marks is going to make another bad trade at the risk of his job. Next season, Sean Marks has only two seasons left on his contract. He has to enable the team to win more games preferably going to the playoff. It couldn’t be done without Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis.

  64. We all have to wait until July 6 because Nets is now all out of cap space to sign any free agent unless at veteran minimum. It’s just a shame that Dwight Howard is holding a key to the success of Nets next season. Just wish Wizards do have cap space enough for D12 since Washington has just traded away their center.

  65. Good post. I agree with most of what you wrote. It’s not a coincidence that Ding got signed to the Nets’ summer league, Ed got signed, and Lin’s rehab team from Vancouver got hired.

    Lin haters and Nets fans won’t admit that Lin has been catered to, given the unfortunate circumstances the past 2 years. No other team would bend over backwards for Lin like the Nets have.

    Only thing I don’t really agree with your post is that DLo was supposed to replace Lin. DLo was supposed to compliment Lin last year and be the Nets’ future. Lin needs good shooters around him to truly shine. DLo and Crabbe were supposed to be the missing pieces Lin needed to take the Nets into the playoffs. Marks’ and Kenny’s plans went straight out the window when Lin went down after the first game.

    In hindsight, the Brook/DLo trade was terrible. I had mix feelings about the trade last year when it happened, both happy that Lin will finally get a good shooter and passer to play off of, and sad that Brook won’t be a Net anymore. However, looking back, DLo didn’t turn out the way I or most fans thought he would, Mozgov was much worse (and useless) than expected, and the 27th pick Marks gave up turned into a future star in Kyle Kuzma. I’ve been in favor of most of Marks’ moves thus far, but this blockbuster trade turned out to be a huge dud.

  66. thought about the same thing

  67. can’t wait for the season to start

  68. Look at the summer league roster of Nets:
    55 Trevor Thompson C 7-0 250 Ohio State/USA
    31 Jarrett Allen C 6-11 234 Texas/USA
    34 Tyler Davis C 6-10 266 Texas A&M/USA
    30 Dzanan Musa G/F 6-9 195 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    17 Rodions Kurucs F 6-9 220 Latvia
    21 Kamari Murphy F 6-9 218 Miami/USA
    42 Yuta Watanabe F 6-9 205 George Washington/Japan
    0 James Webb III F 6-9 202 Boise State/USA
    22 Caris LeVert G/F 6-7 203 Michigan/USA
    28 Ding Yanyuhang F 6-7 200 China
    20 Juan Pablo Vaulet F 6-6 200 Argentina
    18 Shawn Dawson G/F 6-6 205 Israel
    4 Theo Pinson G/F 6-6 210 North Carolina/USA
    14 Bryant Crawford G 6-3 200 Wake Forest/USA
    6 Semaj Christon G 6-3 190 Xavier/USA
    10 Jordan McLaughlin G 6-1 185 Southern California/USA

    There are 8 players above 6-9; this team is looking for bigs!!!!
    There are 6 players between 6-6 and 6-7; big guards!!!!

    Only 3 players are between 6-3 and 6-1

  69. The GSW owners fired Mark Jackson and replaced him with Steve Kerr. Apparently it’s a good move. The team simply takes off to another level. Of course, anytime you fired a black coach, Steven A Smith won’t have any nice thing to say about it.

  70. The only team which may be interested in D12 is the Wizards.

  71. Multiple sources?

  72. Multiple bad sources, lol. Someone on another board said nobody has sources. Woj does when it comes to trades. But seems like the rest of them just think aloud.

  73. More like multiple sauces, LOL

  74. Joe Tsai definitely has had a lot of influence as the new owner of the Nets 🙂 He paid a lot of money and I hope he’s rewarded with Lin’s All-Star numbers next season!

  75. Multiple league sources = agents. Could probably also be Bobby Marks and NetIncome, both Lin haters who want to see Lin gone from the Nets.

    Also, GNYR guy is a Lin hater. He bashes Lin every chance he gets on NetsDaily.

    It’s funny how Lin is all of the sudden being involved in trade rumors, when it’s the worst time and situation for him to be traded. Who would you rather believe? Lin haters or another “source” that’s not related to Lin or the Nets?


  76. I don’t think you understand what nepotism means. Lin is not a relative or friend of Joe Tsai’s, nor did he get hired / signed to the Nets because of Joe Tsai. Lin happens to be Tsai’s favorite player and ethnicity. That’s it.

    Plus, Lin is already hated by a lot of people in the NBA, as well as fans, none of which has anything to do with Joe Tsai or “affirmative action.” In fact, Lin’s career has been severely hurt by the opposite of “affirmative action” in the NBA.

  77. EXACTLY.

  78. There is absolutely no advantages for the Nets to trade Jeremy away now. It only destroys the team credibility as a player oriented team.
    The value of Lin depends on his present worth rather than the sunk cost in the past 2 seasons. The recovery of Lin has clearly demonstrated a new lease of life for Lin. The knowledge that Lin brought back from Fortius Heath is invaluable to the team’s training and development program. At present Jeremy is an asset rather than a liability.
    There is no reason for Nets to trade Jeremy before seeing the results of rehab. All data point to the fact that Lin will become a better player than before.
    Plus, Magic and Nets are in the same conference. The trade of Lin would affect Nets’ chance to playoff. What’s the hurry to trade Lin to the conference rival, Magic?
    The rumour seems very illogical.
    By trading Lin away, Sean Marks and Atkinson must admit they have made a mistake of signing up Lin. I don’t think this is good news for their job security. In fact all data point to the fact that the trade for DLo and Mozgov was a big mistake. DLo has had a horrible season too. What is left for Sean Marks and Atkinson to show their worth to the organization?
    The only hope for them to keep their job is to help both Lin. DLo and Allen Crabbe succeed which will justify their multi-million dollars decisions. The buyout of D12 seems to go smoothly. It is likely that Nets will have the cap space for another FA to help the team’s to the playoff. All significant changes point to next season, the last contract year for both Sean Marks and Atkinson. Before than, they wouldn’t take a chance on losing their best players to a team that may beat Nets to the playoff.

  79. Marks didn’t give up a 30pt star in Lopez and 1st round and 2nd round draft pick for a ball hogging SG to “help” Lin. Even Nets had article hailing Russell as the “franchise/ star of the team”. If not for the looming change of owner Marks would’ve definitely pulled the rug under him.

    Don’t forget Yuta Watanabe, it shows Joe is giving chances to all Asian players not just those from China.

  80. I agree with you. I don’t think this rumor is true. 2 years ago, Lewis said Nets wanted Rondo… smh!

  81. I don’t believe in any rumor or speculation from any Nets media. Greg Logan is the only person with any credibility.

    These people are pretty good at reporting what has already transpired, but they’re usually way off whenever they write pieces on trades and potential player acquisitions. That’s because they have no legitimate sources inside the Nets front office, thanks to Marks running a super tight ship.

  82. I heard the Magic want to sign I .Thomas.
    Thomas is UFA. They don’t need to give up anything.

  83. Garbage click bate

  84. net inCRAP is a glorified fan. he has NO contacts with the sean marks front office. having said that, i think he does have sources possibly within the marketing team, agents, etc.

    we all just have to remember. both dinwiddie and carroll were “supposed” to be traded long ago, yet they’re BOTH still here. i expect the same of lin. marks knows their value. he wont trade them for peanuts.

    homer fans point to booker being traded as evidence that marks gets rid of vets but WE ALL know how putrid of a player he was. all heart and hustle but those one man fast breaks leading to a blown layup??? one fan can only watch that so many times. now imagine ow marks felt. booker getting traded was an OBVIOUS move cuz he’s not that great of a player. but lin, din, and carroll? these guys are good players that contribute to wins…

    they all are going to stay unless a great offer comes along…

  85. there have been no reports that tsai is “meddling” with front office decisions like you imply… do i think him being an owner and lin on the team is drawing asian talent like ding and yuta and guo? you bet. but there is NOTHING to suggest that tsai is “forcing” marks to keep lin on the team… like i said it would be a disaster if that were true. it would taint whatever accomplishments lin achieves JUST like austin rivers…

  86. the trade HAD to be done. brook was a loser on the court. they werent going to re-sign him so they had to get something for him. too bad dlo didnt improve and stayed the inefficient chucker he was in la…

  87. Nobody has ever been successful predicting trades of Nets before the agreements were announced in Sean Marks era.

  88. league sources, team sources, EC sources, WC sources, pundit sources, …

    Every year at this time, sports writers cite various NBA “sources” to bolster their predictions of trades/signings. How reliable are these “sources”? Are these “sources” real or fictional? Who knows!

  89. If Lin were traded to Orlando and Lin helped Magic to beat Nets to the playoff next season, Sean Marks and Atkinson would be in serious trouble and most likely would cause them to lose their jobs.
    Why would Sean Marks do that?

  90. 1 hour ago

    via Twitter AlexKennedyNBA

    Alex Kennedy: Isaiah Thomas and the Orlando Magic are negotiating a possible deal, according to league sources. Nothing has been agreed to yet, but it seems both sides want to get this done.

    Stop wasting your time.

  91. For the same $, surprised that GSW signed rehabbing Cousins instead of Dwight. But I think Dwight is a better fit with the Wizards than with GSW. Or with the Nets.

    Glad the Nets dodged that one. ED DAVIS tons better signing.

  92. I think all of this speculation is nonsense, *including* the ones that say Lin is not going to be dealt. It makes no sense for Lin to be dealt because he’s not played since the injury and I think teams interested would want to look at him first. If Lin provides leadership on the Nets, gets guys like Dinwiddie and LeVert and other young players like Allen playing better, and the team wins the close games they lost last year, which I think, if Lin is close to back to himself, and that’s the biggest if because nobody knows, and hopefully doesn’t get injured seriously again, then most of the trade talk from the fickle fans would be gone. I personally think that it is more that than Tsai or anything else. It’ll come down to how Lin plays and impacts the team.

    But for now, it’s limbo to me. I’m not up on positive Lin will stay news, I’m not taking this seriously either. The thing about “multiple sources” was discussion worthy to me. And I think we’ve established that this writer just seems to be on a mission to want Lin gone.

  93. OK.

  94. I don’t read this guy. This is good info. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Like a lot of other reporters and writers.

  95. I liked Booker because of his grit and offensive rebounding. But Ed Davis will do those things and I like him way, way better. Especially with Lin.

  96. Also, that wasn’t a good trade. Okafor and Staukus didn’t work out.

  97. Any rational person would agree with you and see the logic of all your points. It’s something we have continually discussed.

    But as we’ve seen time and time again, there are simply a contingent out there who will never accept Lin as an NBA player. “Anybody But Lin”. Whether it’s caused by jealousy, bias and prejudice, or even racism. The rest of us here on JLinPortal know what’s up.

    It’s not worth the time and energy. I have learned to just laugh at the those ABLs.

  98. Remember when Net Income claimed that the Nets front office just loooooved Milos Teodosic and will be signing him to replace Lin? That, and a few more other slams on Lin showed that NI was just trolling and using Lin as click bait.

    No inside knowledge. No integrity. No shame. After that, I was outta there.

  99. NOT noteworthy. Who cares?

    If I want to read all the negativity about Lin, I know where to go. I joined JLinportal so that I can avoid this garbage as much as possible. No thanks.

  100. Been there. Done that. Now IGNORE.


  102. Interesting stats. Height and length. Per Kenny, position-less basketball. Ability to remain effective even when switching on defense. Guessing that’s the focus.

  103. Sounds like the market’s not there. Dwight accepted MLE to play for Wizards. Hope the Nets were able to get an advantageous amount out of Dwight for the buyout agreement.


  104. Looks like JLin will need a new contract, paying him lots more. Sky high NYC real estate prices. (No pun intended.)

  105. The Nets are heavy into analytics. Kenny cites this often. It was reported that the Nets’ exit interviews included guys from analytics with sheets of data.

    Infor is a big vendor, and a big sponsor.

    So, yeah, there is NO DOUBT that the Nets are fully aware of Russell’s shortcomings. (For that matter, of all the Nets and where they need improvement.) Let’s see how this plays out.

    Yup, summer league – Watanabe and Ding! It’s only 3 games though, unless they make it to playoff rounds. Hope we get to see these guys get some meaningful minutes.

  106. That would be nice. You’re right, usually it’s the rookie who will give it up out of respect for the vet.

  107. Thanks for link. Have not been on that site recently.

    The writer could have at least included a note that Ed and Lin played the PnR together so effectively when they were Lakers teammates. I mean, it is very relevant.

  108. yep. marks did scout him. he may even have offered a contract and teodosic just chose the clips BUT the one constant is that US lin fans as a whole are NEVER wrong. WE knew he was a fringe nba player that’s on the wrong side of 30 yet net inCRAP kept hyping him as if he was some allstar that was in his words “better than lin”…. yeah ok ABJ’s…..

  109. Uh oh. Sorry, I should have given fair warning.

    Greg was posting a lot about American politics, although it seems like he has cut back on that recently. And he covers other sports like golf, boxing, ice hockey. So, his tweets are not always about the Nets.

    Hope you won’t regret it. 🙂

  110. marks took a flyer on them. they’re off the books now. no effect on the cap.

  111. To me, it was a surprise that he would go to the Western Conference.

    But at the same time, it was not a surprise that it’s the Lakers. The sports “media” have been talking about LeBron going to LA, since the day after the finals ended. Endlessly. LOL.

  112. exactly. nets homers act as if dlo will miraculously get more efficient when he’s been this chucker his entire nba career. they have mountains of excuses but they cant, they wont accept the cold hard truth. it’s hilarious actually. they keep saying how young he is, and how much potential, etc. yet guys like tatum are absolute STUDS… whose to say dlo will definitely get better? just cuz he young? LOL!!!!

    dlo’s 21 mil cap hold is going to be the elephant in the room this season. if he cant improve, marks will have to do the only logical thing and trade him before we pay him or lose him for nothing….

    i boldly predict that dlo is off the team before lin. i think he has a few months before the deadline to make a HUGE leap, or else he gets shipped for peanuts… lin? he’s a solid vet that doesnt play for the love of money, yet draws millions of viewers. how can you get rid of someone like that? i think lin re-signs…

  113. Yeah, but see, that’s just the irony.

    Cousin’s a big guy, coming off serious achilles tear. Is he really going to add that much or make much difference this season for the GSW? It’s only a one-year deal. Everybody acting like he will come back right away and play like he did before he got hurt. And that the rest of the league should just give up.

    Meanwhile, Lin has been rehabbing and making excellent progress that we can see. Yet, so much doubt and speculation about how Lin won’t be able to return to form, that he should come off the bench, that he is now dispensable.

    Not that there shouldn’t be some reservations about Lin’s return. It’s just the usual double-standard hyprocrisy that ticks me off.

  114. Unfortunately, I agree that Marks traded Brook because of his contract. But I don’t think it’s because Brook was a “loser”. The opportunity to get a “number two pick” was probably too tough to resist. He probably thought that it was a worthwhile risk, given Kenny’s developmental skills.

    Let’s see how long Marks’ patience will last.

  115. That’s Lin and the Nets in a nutshell.

    It’s the first front office and coach that have been sincerely supportive of LIn. No wonder Lin felt he let them down when he got hurt again. (Not that it was his fault.)

    Let’s hope for full redemption in 2018-2019.

  116. Agreed with many of your other posts. But have to disagree here.

    In an ideal world, it would be all about merit and nothing else. In which case, Lin would have been a superstar max contract guy by now. But politics is always involved.

    Business is all about relationships. It always helps to know the right people with the right connections. Who you know. Which agent you have. Lin signed with the Nets because of Kenny.

    All things being somewhat equal, a Harvard grad will hire another Harvard grad. Duke players will try to recruit fellow Duke players. If ethnicity happens to be the commonality, nothing wrong with building on that. Especially when so rare in the NBA world.

    And at the end of the day. No matter what Lin’s accomplishments are, for those who don’t like him, he will always be questioned and criticized.

    As long as Lin helps the Nets win, there is no reason for him to be apologetic about getting support from the team’s owner.

  117. well said. i wonder why only on Lin are so many people so critical while on others, they let it pass..well i know the obvious reason as we all have seen first hand JLin’s saga as a basketball player!!

  118. Agree with the first two paragraphs.

    Not sure about the rest of the post. Haven’t seen any “evidence” or corroboration of what’s going on behind the scenes, of how much direct influence Joe Tsai and Lin really have.

  119. Ha ha ha! Endless sources…..

  120. And got a second round pick too.

  121. And no one talks about how Teodosic and Beverley have played only 45 and 11 games each in 2017-2018. Injury-prone anyone?

  122. Not sure what prompted this. But Lin and Yormark giving props to Darren Rovell, ESPN sports business reporter.


  123. OT – Allen Crabbe donating funds to keep his alma mater and his family legacy. Always good to hear athletes doing good.


  124. Greg Logan finally outright admitting he’s a fan of Lin.


  125. Skip it then if you’re so sensitive. It’s speculation. Someone posted a source saying Lin and others won’t be dealt. This one says the opposite. What’s it all mean? I think, that people just like speculating and pretending to know things they don’t.

  126. Thanks for posting this. Wonder how many will make it to the roster if not….

  127. This story reminded me of Jeremy renting a place in 2012. New York media carried stories of him getting a reduction on the rent. In return, he was mentioned in press releases, etc.:

    “We’re thrilled to welcome Jeremy to The Residences at W New York – Downtown,” said Matthew Moinian, from the Moinian Group, the developer behind the project.

    “I love the W Hotel in Taipei, so I liked the idea of living in the only W Residence in New York,” said Lin, adding that the apartments “have great hotel-style amenities and it’s a nice place to come home to with amazing views.”

    See: https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-management-news/2012/3/46396/jeremy-lin-moves-into-luxury-ny-pad-2

  128. yup thats tartar sause for sure

  129. maybe dlo can be really good playing next to jlin as more of a SG and spot up shooter

  130. haha only 5.3Mil, even less than Lin and only slightly more than Ed Davis. But I’d take Ed Davis over Dwight any day!

  131. Anyone who can afford living in that tower must be making loads of money.

  132. Cousins is more versatile and serious as star, Dwight is 1-dimensional and overrated.

    Lets see if GSW can change his bad temper and technical fouls.

  133. Mr 4th Quarter

  134. I’m finally feeling Atkinson understands he needs Lin. The 1st year was Atkinson learning on how to be a coach and adjusting strategies in-game. Even Lin’s stats support his level of skill and what he brings to the team. With the move of Ed Davis, a great PnR center.
    He even said, he and Lin are PnR players. DLo is a PnR player too, so it goes well with their personnel. Lin’s body should be ready at the beginning of the season and may be in the best shape of his life. He’s been working on his shot and other skills. It would be great if Atkinson went all Lin this year.

  135. Atkinson is gradually building a team of good characters running his style of basketball. Dwight Howard is shipped out immediately because his character doesn’t fit in the Nets’ culture.
    Just hope Nets can keep their culture alive and develop their own talents like Joe Harris and keep them in their team, which gives a reason for players to work hard and develop themselves from within the organization.

  136. If Sean Marks has his way in Nets, this team is going to be an international team.which embraces star players from Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, and local players.

  137. Ed is special because he is such a team player snubbed by Memphis. He had his first big contract, $20M for 3 years from Portland right after his season with LA (the Lakers). Players like him could afford to play for wins and fun.
    I hope Nets will bring back Lopez too. The rotation of Lopez, Davis and Allen at 4 and 5 would be perfect. Fancy to see Nets hitting opposition from everywhere, in and out.

  138. “Clifford points out Charlotte dropped from fourth in 2015-16 to 27th this season in “clutch defense,” a statistic used by the NBA to measure a team’s productivity in the final five minutes of regulation and overtime in games decided by five points or less.

    Charlotte’s 1-on-1 defense was a huge problem, Clifford said.

    Teams routinely got past Hornets defenders at the point of attack and found easy kick-outs to the wing for open 3-pointers.

    “I felt like that when the game mattered last year we might not be scoring, but the other team didn’t score either,” veteran forward Marvin Williams said.”






    (and even though Lin didn’t start for the Hornets, he would often close with Kemba, Nic Batum, Marvin Williams, and Cody Zeller, at least before the Courtney Lee trade place took place in mid-February and Lin relegated to true backup role rest of season: https://www.atthehive.com/2016/2/5/10919372/how-jeremy-lins-playmaking-broke-down-the-cleveland-cavaliers / https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/hornets-get-better-by-landing-courtney-lee-in-three-team-trade/ / https://stats.nba.com/team/1610612766/onoffcourt-summary/?Season=2015-16&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&Period=4&sort=OFF_NET_RATING&dir=-1 )

  139. Umm, let’s not talk about injury prone.

  140. Net Income pushing for Lin to be traded… again. Not going to link the article here, but it’s on NetsDaily.

    Funny how they never mention the elephant in the room and ignore it at all costs: DLo and how terrible the Brook/DLo trade ended up becoming. Dinwiddie and Lin are always the ones being brought up in trade rumors on that site, but DLo is immune from it, even though he has proven to be the worst player out of the 3 guards.

  141. He’s a kind of mini-Clutch. Probably best for Lin fans to stay away from reading his drivel. I don’t think DLo can be evaluated for awhile due to his age. He’s not my type of player. He’s a scoring type that wants to be the man. But he has offensive talent. He’s a developing player and KA treats him as such. And he’s not a bust.

  142. You’re always on NetsDaily…

    DLo definitely can be evaluated and it’s not due to his age. He’s already played 3 seasons in the NBA. He hasn’t lived up to the hype and he has not been showing big leaps of improvement that people have expected him to make. DLo has been given all the opportunity to prove himself, unlike Lin early in his career.

    I gave DLo the benefit of the doubt when he was traded to the Nets, but after seeing him play last year, I’m not sure he can improve to become the player his fans want him to be. Oh, and I never said he was a bust. He’s a good player when he’s “on,” and focused, but when he’s not, dude sucks big time and can single-handedly lose games by himself.

  143. if lin does get traded… i hope it is to Orlando, where he can play under clifford again.

  144. This has been the age-old problem that goes down fundamentally to the very nature of basketball. Real 2-way team player vs stat padding chucker. No matter how obvious it may be, some owners / general managers / coaches / fans will always favour the latter.

    Melo, Harden, Kobe, Kemba, all had the benefit of doubt. Society just glorifies the wrong type of people so often.

  145. I’m not on NetsDaily. I’ve never commented on there. I don’t go to that site often.

  146. Horrible D

  147. You are kidding, right?

  148. I’d be happy with a draft pick…even a second round pick is ok.

  149. HE gets another short, no defence score. More like isiah “the brick truck” Thomas.

  150. You’re the only other person that sees Lopez the way I saw him. He was a good guy, a decent scorer but he didn’t have ice in his veins when it counted. For a vet to not have learn to close a game, that’s a huge liability.

  151. Compare DLo’s 3 NBA seasons, you will see no improvement. The last season with Nets was the worst.

  152. What a talent! Highest usage, lowest true shooting %, lowest RPM. Play no defense. Take the most shots.

  153. There is no defense against LEd PnR and 3 perimeter sharp shooters; Allen Crabbe, Joe Harris, and DeMarre. Take your poison!
    Any attempt to break up L Ed will fail.

  154. Where D’Angelo Russell is really hurting the Nets
    by Brian Lewis
    The fact is Brooklyn’s offense has looked better with Russell off the ball, and their defense has looked better with him off the floor.

  155. Trading Lin away, Nets will never see how well Lin and Ed Davis play together. This is how Lin haters hit Lin — below the belt. Is Nets run by Sean Marks or Bobby Marks? Is Atkinson the coach or Nets Income?

  156. I won’t want JLin to be anywhere near Clifford. I don’t believe JLin will be traded….My hope is for JLin to retire as Nets…

  157. They want to be relevant. Too bad, it is not in their hands. They are outsiders. Only the thoughts of Joe Tsai matter. And that means the trend of the NBA market in Asia.

  158. This is a post Jeremy made on Instagram about a week ago.

    It seems he hears the background noise but he’s not paying attention. He’s “sidesteppin my way by the haters!!”

  159. I agree. Clifford never believed Lin to be a starter.

  160. This comment to his tweet is hilarious:

    zephyros15豪哥 库里都有三个孩子了 你什么时候娶我😜😜

    (Curry has three kids already. When are you going to marry me?)

  161. Every year it’s the same trash. It’s as always, anyone else but Lin, even though all the stats show otherwise. Just as Lin said “sidestepping the haters”.

    When we start looking into the shadows, all you’ll ever see is darkness. Hate comes from the darkest recesses of our soul…why go there? I’ve had students that continues to find ways to lose and no matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t help them out of that barrier. I came to believe that certain athletes are afraid of success. Somewhere deep inside their psyche, there’s a fear that embraces them and it’s this fear that triggers their choke response. No matter how good they are playing, they will find a way to lose.

    Great athletes always have short memories. They don’t dwell on doubts and past mistakes, instead they are always positive. A sports psychologist asked a college basketball player how he made a clutch shot to win a game when he had shot really poorly all game; the player said that he’s a 50% shooter so all the bad shots means he’s due! This is the kind of mental trickery great athletes play in their own minds to stay positive. Those that seek out the darkness of fear and doubt will find it.

    Self belief is the one thing all great athletes must have. Any doubts and fear must be buried and eliminated. Lin’s mental toughness comes from that faith and self belief. He doesn’t dwell the hate to distract him from the things he can control. Neither should we! We can’t control what the haters say, but we can control what we hear and shut them out. Lin relies on his faith and self belief to guide him. We also must be the same. We’ve come a long way to a point where everything is aligned for Lin. A friendly owner, a positive GM and a great believer coach! Let’s be like Lin and be positive as well.

  162. Lin & ex-teammate Ed Davis; D’Angelo Russell & ex-teammate Randle.
    Who did Nets sign next season? Ed Davis!

    To build a winning culture, GM and head coach needs to make decision on long term basis. Trading Lin will write off all the attempts to build the team culture that Nets aspires to build. $12.5M is not a big deal in NBA. It is only a big deal to Bobby Marks and Nets Income.

    General Manager in general avoids trades that would get himself fired. Trading Lin is a nobrainer. Plus there is no setback in Lin’s rehab and Jeremy is on his way to a Nash like outburst after taking treatments from Fortius Sports & Health. Sean Marks even hires an expert from the organization to manage rehab for the team. Sean Marks would only trade Lin when his rehab fails. I don’t think this is the case now.

    All of a sudden, we hear news that Nets has changed their mind about Jeremy. That’s incredible. Why the GM has so little patience to see the final results of their star player’s rehab? All sources pointed to ESPN’s Bobby Marks and Zach Lowe. Why would Sean Marks listen to Bobby Marks, the ex-Nets employee?

    Plus, DLo missed 34 games in the last season; not exactly a healthy season for him. There is no evidence to show that he’s a reliable substitution of Jeremy Lin at 1. Rumours tell us DLo is the future of the organization but evidence tells us he isn’t; not even when his usage is the highest in the team.

    Year Gp Gs Min Assist TO Assist/TO SHEFF SCEFF FG% 3P%
    2015 80 48 28.2 3.3 2.5 1.36 0.478 1.103 0.410 0.351
    2016 63 60 28.7 4.8 2.8 1.72 0.483 1.135 0.405 0.352
    2017 48 35 25.7 5.2 3.1 1.69 0.481 1.106 0.414 0.324

    The only healthy PG that Nets had last season was Spencer Dinwiddie. This is exactly why Nets refused to trade him for draft choices. Why would Nets trade away Lin when the team needs more depth in the PG position for a winning season?

    I tend to believe that Sean Marks and Atkinson would want to win more games next season. Giving up the Lin-Davis combination certainly doesn’t help the cause next season. The priority should be in winning rather than development because Sean Marks only has 2 more years on his contract. He must want to show improvement on the team in the win-loss column. DLo is just a project which at this moment is not reliable enough for Sean Marks to bet his career on.

    If you were Sean Marks, would you bet your career as the GM on D’Angelo Russell alone? Sean Marks seems more intelligent than this. D’Angelo Russell is not LeBron James and most likely he will never be playing at that level. Logic tells us that the GM should place investment to avoid the risk of injury. He should keep all his alternatives open. $12.5M is not a big deal in NBA. Sean Marks paid Mozgov, Allen Crabbe, and DeMarre much more than that. It’s only the owner’s money anyway. Why should he care?

  163. Just tell me which part of my posting below is offensive.

  164. I just checked. Disqus doesn’t like Assist abbreviation as ‘As s’; perhaps ‘Ast’ or ‘Asst’ is better 🙂
    I approved it

  165. No need to get worked up over false stuff on fan sites. We know what the Nets are reporting and they are in on Lin!

  166. Ding Yanyuhang talking about his interaction with @JLin7 in Brooklyn.

    How good is Ding Yanyuhang as the 2-time MVP in China?
    Reports said it’s unlikely he will make the Nets even if he’s healthy enough to play in the NBA Summer League

  167. Oh, I understand. The information is from ESPN. Thank you.

  168. Isaiah Thomas is reportedly close to a possible deal with Orlando Magic.
    If he signs, the Lin-to-Magic trade rumor might die down.

    The funny thing is Magic would have 5’10” Isaiah Thomas and 6’0″ DJ Augustin as the PGs in the roster. Steve Clifford had 6’1″ Kemba Walker as his PG in the Hornets. Magic will be very undersized in the PG roster.


  169. we both know it’s not gonna change

  170. Clifford is Clifford. He will never change and is as stubborn as treating JLin is a forever bench player…. That’s why I dislike him so much. He has no gut….

  171. Hopefully Ding is able to play a little in today’s game. I would like to see how he is doing and be signed as one of the team’s rosters if not Nets.

  172. http://www.nba.com/summerleague/2018/schedule

    Summer league schedule. Nets play 4 games total (not including playoffs), starting tomorrow.

  173. you mean the trade rumor? Oh yeah, it will simply change to a different team like the Suns, Denver, etc. 🙂 Jeremy Lin’s name is huge to get clicks

    Never mind that the Nets signed Lin’s Fortius trainer to the performance team, signed Ed Davis to help Lin’s PnR, Lin’s trade value is low due to injuries so the Nets won’t be able to get a lot of assets now in the offseason.

    It just doesn’t make sense to try to trade Lin now. The true test will come in Feb 2019 after a healthy Lin plays very well. Will the Nets sell high on Lin then?

  174. The Magic have also signed Isaiah Briscoe (NOT Thomas), a young point guard …

  175. Clifford is a company man. His hands were tied in the Hornets so I don’t blame him as much. At least, Lin got the Nets starter job due to 1 year Hornets’ stint.

  176. i read warriors , portland and OKC all wanted Ed Davis as well.
    This shows some Nets mindset that the youth only rebuilding dont see

  177. I don’t agree about Clifford. After, Atkinson and D’Antoni, Clifford was one of the better coaches Lin had. I appreciate what he did with LIn. 1. He stopped this complete nonsense perception that Lin is a poor defensive player. He talked up Lin’s defense in interviews and put him on tough players around Lin’s height or shorter. 2. He played Lin down the stretch in most games and had him finish many games. I put more stock on the finishing than the starting. Always have, always will. When Batum was out, Lin mostly started anyway.

    And, when Clifford was asked about Lin after Lin came to Brooklyn, Clifford gave a long, 5 minutes, on an ex-player, saying that Lin belonged as a starter and having an expanded role and that he was going to excel in the role as starter on the Nets. Just because Lin didn’t start on the Hornets doesn’t mean Clifford didn’t think he was starter worthy.

  178. Clifford thinks Lin is a starter caliber player, that’s true. The problem was that Clifford thinks Lin is only good as a starter on someone else’s team…just not his.

  179. Looking forward to, or at least try to, watching the games.

    But, I think there are only 3 preliminary games, before playoffs.


  180. Uh oh. Not sure if he will be playing at all. Couldn’t find official Nets update. But, per Tencent Sports, from Popo Chung, Ding may have soreness in his knee. Hope he will be okay by tomorrow.


  181. Wonder if that Brink’s truck got lost, somewhere between Boston and Orlando. OK, that was mean. But the guy didn’t know where to draw the line between overconfidence and humility. Or just not smart.

    Charlotte/Clifford did have Michael Carter Williams and his length. Apparently, did not work out.

    BTW, MCW will be signing with Rockets. LOL. These teams keep trying to replace Lin, and his winning impact. Keep trying….

    Looks like, as Arsenium12 posted, the new Isaiah B guard is 6’3″. Yeah, otherwise, small backcourt for Orlando.

  182. Makes total sense. And February is still 7 months away.

    Regardless if Lin fan or not, Nets fan or not, how can anyone not see the logic of this? Unless, they are truly “haters”? Oh well, nothing new for Lin.

  183. I do appreciate what Cliff has done for Lin to talk up his defense; capability as a starter. He did emphasize Lin’s role as the 6th Man in the Hornets so there was no confusion that Kemba was always the starter.

    But at the same time, I felt Cliff should’ve played Lin more in Game 6 in the playoff series vs the Heat in order to have a chance to win. Lin and Kemba were the keys in that series. But I think there was Front Office’s direction to play Kaminsky and the big men. That’s why I said his hand was tied.

    I would rank Cliff as the 3rd best coach for Lin in the NBA after Mike D’Antoni and Kenny.

  184. Doesn’t sound like Lin and Ding were friends before Ding’s invite to Summer League?

    I know that learning a foreign language is much easier when starting at a young age. Still, it’s NOT impossible. I hope that overseas players like Ding will try to add some English skills too.

    Not unsympathetic towards him. But more because it will help with adjusting to the NBA. And with communicating with coaches and teammates.

    IIRC, Lin did not speak much Mandarin growing up. I think he said it was a regret. But, he made the effort to learn, even as an adult. Quite an accomplishment.

  185. I think analysts/writers are aware of it but just didn’t talk about it to trigger debate and create excitement in the offseason.

    The fact that writers didn’t even talk about it tells me it’s likely to be intentional.

  186. Makes sense to me!

  187. BRAVO!!!!! 👏👏👏 Thank you.

  188. Thanks Arsenium! PERFECT TIMING!

  189. Hey, that’s right, Steph and his wife just had their first son!

    Haha, that’s great! She’s not shy, is she?

  190. Of all people not to listen to – Bobby Marks, who failed in the GM business, offering advice to the Nets. LOL – good one!

  191. Yes, same here. Hope JLin will be successful and happy and have a long healthy career, and retire as a Net!

  192. Ugh. Sigh. Why let stats and the facts get in the way? Always a double standard applied to Lin, the worst.

    Nothing new. othing Lin hasn’t seen. Unfortunately, we have to deal with it and try to ignore.

  193. The problem is, as a Lin fan, I feel I’m stuck between a rock and a hard-place.

    Bball is a team sport. We know Lin can lead. But, still, he can’t do it all by himself. And if Russell is still on the team, and the Nets insist on playing him next to Lin, then I have to hope that Russell improves his defense, and buys in, and learns to play unselfish team ball. Otherwise, it’s not going to be a fun season.

  194. Yup.

    The problem is, as a Lin fan, I feel I’m stuck between a rock and a hard-place. So, I’m still trying to reserve judgement.

    Bball is a team sport. We all know Lin can lead, and is a winner.

    But, still, he can’t do it all by himself. And if Russell is still on the team, and the Nets insist on playing him next to Lin, then I have to hope that Russell improves his defense, and buys in, and learns to play unselfish team ball. Otherwise, it’s not going to be a fun season.

  195. A winning formula. Apply the same principles to JAllen, LeVert, Dinwiddie. Work on improving defense. And then the Nets will be set to get more wins!

  196. Yes, agree. Cousins is more versatile. And I think a better fit for GSW.

    It’s just that he’s trying to come back from serious major injury. So, it is riskier.

  197. Are you kidding? Look around you. Being a Lin fan/Lin supporter is ALL about being sensitive.

    Sensitive to the double standards used against Lin. Sensitive to the unfairness that he has faced. Sensitive to the biases and NBA politics that he deals with. Why do you think we spend time and energy to defend and support Lin, even if it’s just on this forum?

    Actually, maybe you can try being MORE sensitive, and post more positive articles on Lin.

  198. Oh, absolutely not. Would NEVER wish injury to ANY player, no matter how much I dislike them.

    But injuries can happen to any athlete at any time. Such as Teodosic and Beverley. Didn’t hear much about them. But Lin? Easy target.

    Lin was healthy for 4 seasons, before the Nets. It’s unfortunate what happened these past 2 seasons.

  199. Thanks for link. I didn’t know about this.

    I guess a good review from a well-known celebrity will always help to generate positive publicity. Many wealthy Chinese have been buying and investing in real estate in the US. I wonder if Lin being Chinese also helps.

  200. BRICK truck……Looks like none of us are IT fans either. HaHa.

  201. And the journey continues! Hope for many more seasons!

  202. Wow. See that? It’s not just because Lin and Ed worked so well that we like Ed so much. Nice to see “unbiased” confirmation.

  203. Hoping to see Yuta Watanabe in action. Anyone know if he’s starting for the Nets Summer League?

  204. No Cliff had the choice just like KA but he chose politics like majority of coaches over winning! Cliff’s objective was to prop up Walker as a fake star and yet Hornets got rid of all 3: coach, Rich Cho GM, and fake franchise star Walker after 2 seasons of missing the playoffs! All these people deserved what they got. Mark my words Walker will fall into oblivion without being allowed to chuck as many shots as he pleases. Meanwhile Lin will bring the Nets far into playoffs this year.

  205. Yeah, only Greg Logan spoke up. (But just on twitter.)

  206. Lin grew up knowing the language even though he wasn’t that good at it. It’s his mother tongue after all so he can pick up easily even at adult age. If Ding can’t speak English, his performance and defense will effect the entire team.

    Honestly it’s exactly why I’m not too fond of foreign players who can’t speak English fluently. How do you expect to play well when you can even communicate with your teammates?!

    I’m more interested in Yuta Watanabe getting signed by Nets. He’s well built, went to college in US, and speaks English fluently even though he has slight accent.

  207. What a rare family gathering! JLin is very lucky to have such a strong family foundation to lean on. Love this.

    @JLin7 IG: Family!! 4 generations! (I love my family.)


  208. Nets Summer League is loaded with international players from all over the world. Didn’t know Yuta Watanabe had other offers but chose Nets. I hope it works out and he gets signed. Can’t believe a top 10 defensive player couldn’t even get drafted. I betting right now; if Yuta gets signed he will player like he should’ve been a 1st round draft pick just like how everyone missed out on Lin due to racism and bias!


  209. Yep that’s so true! Clifford said what he said but didn’t do what he said. He has no gut to do what he believes if he truly believes JLin is a starter caliber player. He is the one who really “assisted” me for losing an interest to watch NBA. Rox was bad but I was still very much interested in watching. Despite of how bad BS and KB were, I still watched NBA. Then when I saw what happened to JLin in Charlotte, I just lost my interest for I had no desire to keep on watching how JLin continued to be treated as a bench player no matter how well he played. Having said all these, I had no sympathy to anyone in Charlotte as well. They deserved what they have done.

    I’m so pleased to see JLin in Nets. I even went to watch games for the first time in my life. Too bad that JLin had injury after I watched the first game.

    If Nets goes to playoffs this coming season with a healthy JLin, I might try to make another trip to watch him to play again with the permission of my health.

  210. Oh no. That means we won’t see him play in summer league.

  211. lol… I thought you were referring to the badminton player in JP, didnt realize there is a BB player with the same name.

    Thanks for sharing

  212. Anyone here living in NY area went to that restaurant before? Referral only. It is getting me curious.

  213. The strength of Ed Davis for Nets is recognized even by a sports writer that I seldom agree with:
    Ed Davis was used both at 4 and 5 in Portland. He could start for Brooklyn.
    I personally think Ed Davis could be the Clint Capela for Nets.


  214. MJ made the decision carried out by Cho. Clifford really couldn’t do much but he did put in Lin when necessary. Lin has played his best games under him.

  215. Lin played as starters for Hornets in 13 games: 8wins and 5 losses
    When he replaced Nick Batum, his record was 6 wins vs 5 losses.
    Replaced Batum 6 wins vs 5 losses, Replaced Walker 1 win, Replace Zeller 1 win.

    Among 5 losses, 4 road games vs 1 home game.
    Among 8 wins, 3 road games and 5 home games.
    There were 3 games won in OT and Hornets won them all with Lin’s brilliant performance;

    Hornets beat Sacramento, Toronto and Orlando in overtime.

  216. Haha yes a search on google will show the badminton player if you don’t type nba.

  217. Really too bad. I was looking forward to seeing him in action with the Nets. Really wanted him to succeed and play with Lin.

  218. Lakers, do you work. More “super” stars, more better. Haha.

  219. How about this one? Isaiah was salty about the 2016 all star voting; in part because Jeremy beat him.

  220. Has Lin twetted welcome of ED? I read some where that if Lin has not, that may hint LED will not play together after all (implying Lin may be traded)?

  221. Lin may be working along to bring Ed Davis to Nets and there is no need for him to say anything publicly. Anthony Davis recruit Julius Randle to Pelicans and I don’t think he needs to say anymore.

  222. Jacque Vaughn hasn’t allowed Allen or LeVert play a minute in summer league so far. Ding hasn’t played either. Watanabe played a bit but didn’t do anything, nor did he shoot the ball. Lots of silly Nets turnovers.

    This guy Shawn Dawson is looking really good this game. Guy can score.

  223. The Brinks truck turned into a brick truck, lol

  224. Something happens in Spurs???!!! Never thought Parker will leave Spurs.

  225. You haven’t heard? Lots of drama with their franchise player Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi wants out of San Antonio and has been causing drama the past half year, including making up beef with Parker.

  226. “A significant role behind Kemba Walker” …

  227. Dwight Howard has officially gone to the Wizards. If he’s getting about 5.5$M per year, I wonder how much the Nets are having to pay him?

  228. Great news. First announcement I’ve seen about this.

  229. So, I bet Sean Marks asked Jeremy about Ed Davis, too.

  230. I know about Kawhi but not Parker as I didn’t pay much attention about NBA after JLin’s season-ending. When I had to deal with my health issues, I was basically out of loop of everything for a long time. Only felt better in the last month or so that I returned to pay a little bit more attention to JLin’s whereabout….

  231. So weird to see TP to play for another team…. Spur changes now… they don’t like vet anymore…???

  232. Ya! I think maybe bc Leonard doesn’t like what TP said about his injury…. He’s the star now….

  233. Yeah I haven’t paid much attention to the NBA either. I only caught up the past week.

    Kawhi and his uncle have been causing the Spurs major headaches. They leaked rumors that Kawhi had issues with Parker because of something Parker said. But when you listen to what Parker said and don’t take it out of context, he didn’t say anything wrong.



    Meanwhile, there’s even more drama surrounding Kawhi and his camp:




  234. One thing that we learned from Isaiah Thomas and Boston Celtics is that Danny Ainge is a genius. He and Brad Stevens managed to cover IT’s defensive woes and showcased him beautifully on the offensive end but Ainge knew it’s not going to last. IT got hurt and Ainge sold high when the moment is right to get Kyrie Irving.

    IT’s market value is also low due to injuries similar to Lin. But the difference is Lin makes his teammates better and have intangibles to be a true leader so I think he will get another chance to prove himself with the Nets.

    How quickly IT has fallen from being an All-Star in Boston then clashed with LeBron in Cleveland. Got shipped to LA; then LeBron came and he got kicked out again. Man, poor dude 🙂

  235. Finally! It is a statement from a real “insider source” to quash the rumors of Lin trade.
    Music to my fan ears. 🙂

  236. Oh look, Lin haters Bobby Marks, Net Income, Brian Lewis, and most of NetsDaily fans are wrong again. Only posting this because Net Income must’ve felt like such a failed lowlife having to write it.


  237. Any logical and knowledgeable fan knew Lin wasn’t going to be traded. Just more fake news and fear mongering from the same Lin haters looking to drive him out of Brooklyn. Haters better hope Lin plays well so there’s even a slight chance he gets traded by February.

  238. Yes, exactly. Really happy about this!!!

  239. Now that the rumors evaporated, the roster is pretty much fixed, let’s see how the media and pundits predict Nets’ wins this season. Maybe we should pre-predict how many wins those so called experts will give. CBS Sport 20? (21.5 last year)

  240. Finally, they have hired some Lin’s helping hands for win rather than try to build around a naive “system”.

  241. Lin-David alone mean a lot to the team. It fixes the main hole of defense and add strength to the offense. You know last year the team has been competitive in most games but they simply can’t close it with DLo chucking up low % shots in the 4th quarter. With Ed Davis-Lin, Nets’ strength in the paint will enable the 3 point snipers getting easier shots. I would say this team will be conservatively 40% better than that of last season. Hope that this team will reach the 50% mark. i.e. to say > 40 wins.

    Those so called experts would only give 35 to Nets.

  242. May Bobby Marks rests his soul. He won’t have a chance to run an NBA team like Sean Marks in his life. Bobby Marks’ first priority is not to get himself fired by ESPN.

  243. It’s instructive that there could be such a difference in point-of-view between some commentators and Sean Marks. They saw a point guard “glut” and he didn’t even see a problem.

  244. It’s because they are Lin haters. They are scared that Lin will take minutes away from their favorite or preferred players. They dismiss Lin as being a capable starting PG, even though they saw with their own eyes what Lin could do when he’s healthy. Bias, hatred, and racism blinds them, leading to their ridiculous speculations, opinions, and push to get rid of Lin… all of which got shutdown and proven wrong by Sean Marks yesterday.

    DLo fanboys are still hoping he’d become a great starting PG, when all evidence and stats show he’s not even a mediocre starting PG. DLo’s natural position is SG. Yes, he is a good passer, but being a good passer does not mean you should be controlling the ball so much and directing the flow of the offense. Lakers and Nets, as well as pundits and fans, tried to force him into a role he’s not comfortable with and has never wanted to play as. They still don’t understand that DLo would SHINE if he played alongside a good/great PG like Lin.

    Instead of rooting for Lin to do well and be healthy to help the Nets win games, they want to discard him, get rid of his $12.5M cap, and make room for DLo & Dinwiddie, neither of whom are as good as Lin in the PG position, nor are they natural born leaders like Lin. They can’t defend like Lin. They also can’t close games out like Lin can, which was a major issue for the Nets last year.

  245. 35? LOL Nets will be lucky if pundits predict 27 wins for them this year.

    Me personally, I think Nets can win 40-45 games IF they stay healthy and Marks doesn’t trade away key pieces at the deadline in February. That’s a big IF because Lin hasn’t be able to stay healthy the past 2 years and a lot of other Nets players have also gotten injured the past 2 years.

  246. They aren’t all Lin haters. Like it or not, fans are trade happy people that a lot of the time go for the young players. Lin is going to be 30 playing next season, and the promising players on the Nets are 22-24, so the idea that the younger players are the future makes sense. Personally, I think it is absurd to suggest Lin is old at 30. A better argument is he had a major injury and he may lose some of his athleticism after the injury. That’s possible.

    There is no doubt that some are anyone but Jeremy types and Lin doubters and haters. But some are just the usual we love to trade players type, move the older players out for the younger ones. And some just want to see how some of the younger players grow so the older player needs to be “moved.” I sense both of these things at play.

  247. Did I ever say they are ALL Lin haters? No, so please stop putting words in my mouth and trying to correct me. Obviously not everyone who wants Lin gone is a Lin hater, but a good amount of them are. Especially the ones I’ve named in a post below:

    Lin haters Bobby Marks, Net Income, Brian Lewis, and most of NetsDaily fans are wrong again.

  248. Just goes to show they guess as poorly as anyone else.

  249. Arsenium mentioned some commenters. That’s who I’m talking about. I didn’t say you called everyone Lin haters.

    In general, a good amount of commenters don’t care that much about particular players. They love to trade and follow a uniform. There are a lot of calls to trade other players as well.

  250. You specifically responded to my post. No need to backpeddle and lie.

    In general? No, it’s the same pundits and Nets/sports “journalists” who claim they have sources who say Lin is going to be traded. Every year, the same Lin haters purposely do this to rile up fans and piss off Lin fans.

    They never apologize for being wrong and constantly making up crap. They never admit they’re Lin haters. Net Income in particular, still claims he loves Lin because he has a jersey signed by Lin. Most Nets fans and even some Lin fans actually believe that lying sack of crap.

    Yes, of course there are calls to trade other players, but none of those calls are so focused, consistent, and loud. People have been calling to trade Lin after the first season with the Nets.

  251. I think it’s torture to pay attention to Nets Daily and places like that. From what I’ve seen in a few Nets fan sites, there are a few Lin doubters and haters, there are some Lin supporters, then there are general fans. Nets Daily has a mini-Clutch, so it’s a place that’s best for Lin fans to stay away from.

  252. Like it or not, NetsDaily is where a lot of Nets fans congregate and form their opinions about the team and players. You know why Houston fans were so hostile to Lin? Because of Clutch and that sewage of a forum he runs. Same thing with Net Income and his sewage NetsDaily.

    I personally haven’t bothered going there for the past year, and recently went back (and back to NBA reddit) to read some of their BS the past week to get caught up.

  253. I fight this one person on RealGM’s Net forum. Lin has some support there, thankfully. At least the mods don’t negatively comment on Lin there. The Reddit site has one guy who hates Lin, and thankfully, he’s voted down.

    I hear your point on Net Income and NetsDaily. Toxic place.

  254. Fortius Sport & Health’s knowledge may help Lin to avoid injuries. I think Lin will share this with his teammates.

  255. Looking forward to seeing games against the Wizards next season.,

  256. So excited for Watanabe, he’s already making an impression with his scoring and shot blocking. That 6’9” advantage sure helps. Hope he eventually starts for the summer league roster and the Nets. Honestly think he has star potential more than Ding, Levert, and Russell.


  257. ESPN offseason salary cap estimation Bobby Marks http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23979291/every-deal-all-30-nba-teams-make-2018-free-agency
    Summer transactions: Dwight Howard (trade and waiver), Dzanan Musa (draft), Rodions Kurucs (draft), Joe Harris (two years, $16 million) and Ed Davis (one year, $4.4 million)

    Cap-space breakdown

    The Dwight Howard buyout will leave the Nets with roughly $10.5 million in room after second-round pick Rodions Kurucs is signed (if Isaiah Whitehead is waived before his July 31 guaranteed date).

    Despite agreeing to terms with Joe Harris and Ed Davis, Brooklyn can use the available cap space first and circle back to sign both players. Harris has a $1.5 million cap but early Bird rights allows Brooklyn to exceed the cap to sign him. Davis will be signed with the $4.4 million room midlevel exception.

    Exceptions: None

    Current free agents: Jahlil Okafor (fourth-year restriction), Quincy Acy (early Bird) and Dante Cunningham (non-Bird)

    Players under contract: 12

    Depth Chart
    D. Russell A. Crabbe D. Carroll RH-Jefferson J. Allen
    S. Dinwiddie C. LeVert J. Harris E. Davis
    J. Lin D. Musa
    I. Whitehead (NG)
    NG = Non-guaranteed contract

  258. You hit the nail on the head there. Bloggers try be GM to inject the notion of ‘PG glut’ when the real GM doesn’t see it that way.

    For those supporting the ‘PG-glut’ issue, they really have to work hard to ignore the 3 main issues that Sean Marks tried to anticipate:

    1 Multiple PG injuries in 2 years
    Brooklyn Nets have been beset by multiple PG injuries in the past 2 years such as Lin (71 games in 2017-18), DLo (34 games), Greiviz Vasquez (2016-17). Perhaps the new Nets performance team still has issues to sort out and the Fortius staff can help but until then, it is a luxury to have many PGs.

    2 Only two ‘pure’ PGs as true playmakers
    Those watching the Nets games will realize only Lin and Dinwiddie are the ‘pure’ PGs to prioritize creating plays for teammates first and score second. DLo posted better number as SG in LA and has expressed his desire to be SG. He still struggled to be a traditional PG first so he will benefit to learn from Lin and Dinwiddie. Whitehead plays like an SG most time; I don’t remember him setting plays a lot for teammates.

    3. Young Nets blew leads repeatedly in the 4th quarters
    The Nets need to learn to win by not blowing leads in the 4th quarter. This is the most important issue to tackle because it has been consistently happening in 2 years. In Lin’s absence, the Nets just lost so many games by blowing leads in the 4th quarters. Even Brook Lopez was a non-factor in this area 2 years ago; for a while Dinwiddie was the closest to Lin’s ability to create team plays to keep the game close but he lacked Lin’s ability to draw FTs to apply pressure to the opposing team. Dinw slowed down in the 2nd half but his PG play, defense, and length is great for the Nets to have.

    4. Young players need to learn to win and absorb great characters from veterans
    Lin has the numbers to show he can lead the Nets to wins. DeMarre Carrol is a great veteran who understands Kenny Atkinson’s system. Both are veterans to show the young team that they should play hard on offense and defense to help team wins; even on nights they can’t score. This is very important to build team culture. Sean Marks realized this and the many years of 76ers losing with young players until they brought veterans like Elton Brand proved it. I was surprised that Booker was traded because he was also a key veteran. Perhaps Sean Marks just sold high on him.

    In the end, what’s the good of development without learning to win? The Nets need good veterans to teach the young talented players to win. Lin, DeMarre, and now Ed Davis are important for the Nets. The Nets can’t afford to not have them. Where are the articles from Nets bloggers about this issue? I think they should explore what Sean Marks try to do, rather than only covering the blogger’s opinions.

  259. Great post. Nets fans want to get rid of DeMarre and Lin, but they fail to realize Sean Marks’ vision for the Nets is to build it into a winning organization / franchise, by having high quality leaders and vets to teach the young core how to play the right way and make winning a habit.

    They’ve already forgotten Marks’ constant reminder the first season about building the CULTURE in Brooklyn. You don’t build a winning culture by trading away all of your veterans for picks. Perhaps Marks’ failed trade with Lakers, getting rid of Brook, and acquiring DLo is part of the reason why most Nets fans forgot about and abandoned that philosophy so quickly…

    Your example of Sixers last season was a good one. They paid JJ Redick a boatload of money for that veteran leadership and it paid off. They even brought in other aging vets like Amir Johnson, Ersan Ilyasova, and Booker to help Redick teach their young core how to win. It’s not a coincidence that since this change in their “process,” Sixers went from a 28-win team the year prior (same as Nets last year) to making the playoffs with 52-wins. A 24-game improvement is unheard of. Yes, a healthy Ben Simmons was a huge part of that formula, but so was their vets.

    Too bad Net Income or his crew at NetsDaily are too blinded by their hate and their own ego to write about this. No other Nets media and writers are either.

  260. Of course Bobby Marks would place Lin behind DLo and Dinwiddie in his PG depth chart. What a goober that guy is…


    The real depth chart is this:

    PG = Lin / Dinwiddie
    SG = DLo / LeVert
    SF = Crabbe / Harris / Musa
    PF = Davis / RHJ
    C = Allen

    Kenny mixes and matches these positions all the time, depending on who is healthy, who is playing well at the time, what the game situation is, and what teams they are matching up against. But this is real depth chart, not the crap Bobby Marks made up.

    I think the possibility for Marks to sign another center / big man is there. I don’t think it will happen, but I still hold out hope for Brook to return to the Nets. It’s weird how he still hasn’t signed with any team yet.

  261. I liked what I saw of Yuta Watanabe. He wasn’t scoring much but he played solid defence against Jonathan Isaac. From what I saw, he locked Isaac down most of the time and was scoring mostly on other players. He was active and switched well. He chased down anyone that got past him and forced a lot of tough shots.

    Mostly he was a willing help on offence even when others ignored him. What I liked was that he filled spaces nicely to provide passing lanes for his ballhandlers.

    There was simply too much iso and simple attacking the middle with PnR. What I find sad is that these players play as if that’s what will get them noticed. Yuta on the other hand took his shots within the system. Even though he wasn’t that efficient, he was not squandering possessions trying to score.

    I’m hoping he will stick and develop into a great lock down defender that the Nets need on the perimeter. Lin and Yuta can be a great pairing to shut down the perimeter opponents during crunch time. If he improves his spot up 3s, he’ll be a great player for the Nets.

  262. Great support by Lin, DLo, and the vets for the Summer League Nets players

  263. Geez, Nets summer league is a complete letdown. People were excited to watch their original roster play, but not this trash lineup that is actually playing. That Shawn Dawson guy who played well yesterday completely disappeared today. Watanabe is pretty good, but misses too many shots and he gets pushed around / falls down all the time. Everyone else sucks. Just a bunch of chucking, no defense, no gameplan, no plays, and silly turnovers. Ugly, ugly basketball.

    The times they showed LeVert and Allen, they looked mad and wanted to be out there playing. Wonder why they’re not allowed to play. What’s the point of having them on the SL roster if they aren’t allowed to play at all? Really weird decision by the Nets this summer. Sean Marks said some stupid stuff during his interview today when the broadcasters asked him why the draft picks, LeVert, and Allen aren’t playing. He also said it’s good to have extra PGs due to injuries.

    This Nets SL team could’ve been so lit. LeVert, Allen, Ding, Watanabe, and the 2 draft picks would’ve destroyed most SL teams…

  264. What kind of strange trade is this?


  265. Wow glad to see Lin supporting the summer league.

  266. I had a bad feeling when It was announced that KA wasn’t the coach for the summer league. Why have Levert, Allen, and Crabbe there if they aren’t playing?

    Ding is injured so I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t play.

    If Summer league reflects the Nets next season my expectation just went down.

  267. Summer League is like the D League. Lin had to score and ball out against John Wall to try to get noticed. Unfortunately scoring and blocks are the only way to make an impression, those teammates are all temporary and not real.

    Watanabe plays mature and within the system. I hope he gets the start if Nets sign him.

  268. Maybe Brook is asking for too much. Honestly if Lopez returns he should be the default starting PF with Ed Davis as Center.

  269. Another Lin with Russell. Then Lin with fan. Also Crabbe was there today.



  270. “Biyombo to Charlotte.” Funny ironic. Charlotte drafted him and he played 4 seasons there, but then they let him go. Yeah, strange trade.

  271. Lin spoke at the summer league game today:

    “I feel good right now,” he said. “Just still progressing. Yeah, everything is really good, smooth. I’ve been playing, working out every day. I’ll definitely be ready for training camp, all that. There won’t be any issues.”

    Lin said he was cleared for contact about six weeks ago and has been playing one-on-one but has yet to take part in any five-on-five contact as a precaution. During the year off, he re-worked his mechanics and still is “not as explosive as I want to be,” which is the reason for a deliberate approach.


  272. It’s summer league. Guys playing for a chance are mostly going to play selfish. Don’t think the Nets care, except as an evaluation tool. Never heard of half the guys.

    Unfortunately, most disappointing was that Ding had soreness in his knee. And needed to get healthy for Chinese national team play in August. Had to leave Nets. Probably some politics involved.

    According to Marks, I think sounds legit:

    Musa buyout not complete. Contractually not allowed to play yet.And he should be resting coming off 70 something games in Europe.
    Kurucs buyout also not complete.
    LeVert & Allen not playing YET. But have been in practices and locker-room as leaders. And still can learn sitting next to coaches. (Okay by me if these two don’t play. Nets know what they’ve got. No need to risk injury.)

  273. Come on, the Big League vs summer league, NO comparison. Won’t even be the same players!

    According to reports, not only is Ding hurt. He’s already left to go home to China. 🙁

    And I’m actually glad LeVert & JAllen not playing. Stay off injuries. (BTW, Crabbe is not on roster. He’s a vet. He’s just there to support.)

  274. Lin always show up to support! (And get in a visit to Ryan Higa in Vegas. Maybe a You-Tube video later?)

    Dinwiddie & Whitehead too, at Game 1.


  275. Agree about YW! Watanabe had an even better game 2. 4 Blocks. Active defense, didn’t take any plays off, hustled. Can see why he was A-10 defensive player of the year. Also got most minutes on the team. Good sign that the Nets wanted to see more.

    Nets better offer him something, anything, before another team picks him up.

  276. Hope Nets sign YW to something too. You think he’s SF? I’m thinking more like stretch 4. As good as he looks now, doubtful that he would be starting, certainly not right away.

    But if he shows he can play in the Big League, anything is possible!

  277. I thought Big Al was talented. Great footwork, very crafty, can’t miss from mid-range. Sees the court well, willing passer back out to perimeter. Not a ball hog. Maybe not lock-down defense. But, I thought he and Lin played well off each other. Seemed like a good sport in the locker-room.

    It’s sad that the NBA no longer values “big” men as an alternative to mix things up. IMO, too much chucking 3’s by everybody.

  278. Jeremy Lin on Comeback trail but somethings still missing


    LAS VEGAS — Nets guard Jeremy Lin, who essentially missed all of last season with a knee injury, insists he’ll be healthy for the start of training camp. But getting back all of his old explosiveness and timing
    may take longer.

    After rupturing his patellar tendon on opening night, Lin says he’s been going one-on-one with contact for over a month. But he admits he isn’t going five-on-five yet, and that retraining his body to move has been tough.

    “I feel good right now, just still progressing. Everything is really good, smooth. I’ve been playing, working out every day. … Things are going as we planned. I’ll definitely be ready for training camp. There won’t be any issues,” Lin said. “Yeah, that’s been nice. I first started playing 1-on-1 five or six weeks ago. So it’s been a bit.”

    But it hasn’t been long enough. Yet.

    While Lin is lighter and his knee is healthy, his lengthy rehab at Vancouver’s Fortius Sport & Health included extensive kinesiology work, remaking the way he moves. That’s an ongoing process.

    “I haven’t played in a long time, so it’s not like you come back and you’re better than you were before. It’s going to take a lot of time. My body’s not used to moving fast or playing against contact so that takes
    [time],” Lin said. “Having a year where you’re out, you don’t get that in four weeks. It takes a lot of time, which is why we’re going to keep building up and stay with the plan, try to not get too frustrated if I’m not moving the way I want or I’m not as explosive as I want.

    “It’s definitely hard. Every time you push the dynamicness of your movements, you almost have to relearn it to some degree. You learn it, but you learn it at 25 percent or stationary, and then you start moving and realize, ‘Wow, it’s not the same.’ Every time you progress to the next stage, you have to relearn a bit more and strip it back, let it go a bit and strip it back. So it’s definitely an up-and-down process.”

    Lin has missed 127 of a possible 164 games as a Net. After tinkering with his shot last season, he now has had to relearn how to move while going back and rebooting his jumper all over again.

    He acknowledged the amount of mental work was “a daunting task.” But he’s excited about finally getting to play alongside D’Angelo Russell.

    “Definitely. It’s very similar to multiple teams I’ve been on, having two playmakers,” Lin said. “It’s not a big deal for me to slide over or for us to play off each other. I think it makes us more powerful. It’s hard to stop when you have two dynamic playmakers coming downhill on you constantly.”

    Brooklyn has a batch of playmakers in Lin, D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert. They have until July 31 to pick up Isaiah Whitehead’s $1.54 million guarantee, and last year’s two-way player Milton Doyle is at summer league.

    Though general manager Sean Marks said he isn’t set on culling the point guard glut — or dealing Lin — other NBA execs and even some Nets players aren’t so sure.

    “Yeah, at some point it will. It’ll work itself out,” one Net told The Post when asked if he presumed the logjam would be lessened.

    For his part, Lin said he isn’t worried because if talks were real instead of rumors, Marks or coach Kenny Atkinson would let him know.

    “If something’s real, they’ll come and tell me. Rumors are rumors. At the end of the day, if something is real they’ll come and tell me,” Lin said. “We have great communication. I’m texting with Kenny and talking to him all the time.”

  279. Good info on JLin’s sort of “own” words on his rehab and the point guard glut….

  280. “goober”. Haha.

    Marks is part of ESPN. ESPN has always downplayed Lin.

    On draft night, had similar graphic showing Lin as a “reserve”. Never talks about Lin when he has great game or his charitable works. But will be the first to talk about him and make fun of his hair, or if he had an airball. ESPN part of the problem.

  281. People say athletes can’t come back 100% after a patella injury, but most people aren’t as patient and works as hard as Lin. Do I think Lin will be able to blow past entire NBA teams with ease anymore? Probably not. But he will still be able to contribute a lot and help win games.

  282. Egg on Brian Lewis’ face. Sean Marks and Lin basically destroyed Lewis, Bobby Marks, Zach Lowe, and Net Income’s credibility and “sources” claiming Lin is on the trading block.

  283. Totally agree with your point about the 76er’s model. Blow it up and rebuild by playing draft picks. How can they ever build a winning culture that way? This is another reason why I hate the NBA.

    The better way is to START experienced winning veterans. Let the younger players come off the bench and build their confidence and experience from there. Then gradually phase in the younger players. Some sort of continuity and cycles so that a team can be continually competitive.

    And IMO, the Nets bloggers are only interested in purposely generating controversy and click-bait. Some have more integrity than others. Some have none at all.

    Still can’t understand why Kenny thinks Russell could be a floor general. It doesn’t seem to be his strength. He’s a scorer for himself first. Why force it?

  284. Agree with all your points.

    But I do think the Nets’ beat writers are a couple of steps better. Greg Logan tries. Brian Lewis, GENERALLY is okay. Steve Lichtenstein (WFAN) is not too bad either.

    Forget Net Income and Nets Daily. They used to get me worked up too. But now it’s just funny/sad. Stay away. Only click-bait opinions on a blog. Anyone who agrees are probably already part of the “dark side”. LOL. No fair-minded person would take them seriously.

    Just be glad the Nets don’t have the Knicks’ beat-writers. Bondy is a total clown.

  285. You have the best takes on Bobby Marks! Very funny. LOL!

  286. You would think that if they want to get rid of Lin, the best way is for Lin to play well. Goes to show how it has nothing to do with logic.

  287. YUP! Nets made offer so soon, and Ed signed so quickly, and for really a cheap deal. Has to be some recruiting by Lin, and maybe even Crabbe.


  289. Good write-up by Greg.

    “Health-wise, I’m cleared for everything, but again, we’re just going to build up slowly,” Lin said. “Even though I can right now and there’s no issues with it, we have a plan and we want to continue to build slowly.”

    Asked on Friday if he expects to start the season with Lin, Marks said, “If you look at the team now, that’s what we’ve got and that’s what we’re planning on. Anything can happen. All I know is Jeremy’s rehab is progressing really well and our expectations are that he will be good to go.”

    GREAT news that JLin has even progressed this far! This is far better than expected. But, tempered with the fact that it was still a serious injury, still long rehab. Better to be patient and take it slow, and do it right.

  290. What’s that old saying? It will be what it will be.

    One step at a time, one day at a time. Better to under-promise, and over-deliver?

  291. JLin on being undrafted and the opportunity that comes with summer league.


  292. Heard that this is a better article of JLin. I can’t open the site. If anyone can, could you please post the content here. Thanks!


  293. Summer League game replays are on ESPN App. Still haven’t gotten chance to watch the full games. But watched Watanabe minutes. Here are his plays from game 1, not just highlights.

  294. More plays from Watanabe game 2. (Rick Kamla was annoying as heck. Kept wrecking pronunciation of “Watanabe”. It’s not a tough one. Even the PA announcer got it right but he couldn’t?)

    Some observations based on these 2 videos. Agree with fellow posters that YW looks pretty good. IMO, more NBA ready than the other guys. GREAT DEFENSE, especially 1v1. Can see why he was A-10 Defensive Player of the Year. 3 of 7 FGs, 6 of 6 FTs, 5 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 steals. The ONLY ONE on team with a PLUS of +8. Just need to get 3 % better. Good sign was the bench was cheering for him.

    What impressed me most is that, for Summer League, he played very unselfishly, and “has the feel and the IQ and basketball instincts and how they adapt to our system” (quoting Sean Marks that that’s what he looks for in these games) It’s very encouraging and hopeful for YW.

    The other guys? Not so much. Kept chucking bad shot 3’s, bad passing turnovers. Inconsistent play between the two games.

    Pinson bad game 1, better game 2.
    Tyler Davis had decent game 1, but seemed a little slow and lumbering.
    Milton Doyle, horrible 2 games, wasn’t that good even in garbage time last season. Not seeing what Marks and Kenny see in him.
    Dawson had high scoring game 1 but was a total ball hog. Took 18 shots in 18 mins, 1 of 5 from 3, 4 turnovers. Not impressed. And then only 2 FGAs in game 2. Maybe someone told him to stop ball-hogging.

  295. So, fellow Lin supporters. Action speaks louder than words. GM’s all speak carefully and rarely frankly. Let’s not over-react to anything Marks says, whether good or bad. Let’s all just hope for JLin’s return to full health. When that happens, I will agree with Marks, “it will work itself out”.

    To me, the BEST FACT, is that JLIn is progressing with rehab, and has already started contact drills.

    Here’s Sean Marks interview on NBA-TV during the game tonight. Spoke about he’s not looking at skills during these Summer League games, but at IQ and basketball instincts. At the very end, Kamla asked him about “resolving” Lin and Russell and Dinwiddie, Marks said “having depth in that position…it will sort itself out…those guys compete on a nightly basis and we’ll see where it goes from there”. Very non-committal, isn’t it?

    Can also see JLin on lower left, in front row, in white, with his braids.


  296. (I think Click Click posted below.) But here’s link again. Hope you can access.


  297. I agree that Sean Marks used safe GM-speak which is non-committal (“not necessarily”, “not rush into deals”, etc.). It is understandable because as a GM, his job is to explore all kinds of deals. If Spurs offers Kahwi to the Nets, he had to listen to all kinds of deals, right? 🙂 Not saying ithere’s any truth to it at all.

    I am also happy Lin is cleared for 1-on-1 contact and will be on 5-on-5 soon. I’d rather him taking it slowly just to be on the safe side. If anything, I want him to take it slowly in the first 30 games to let his body acclimate. His #1 priority is to be leader for his team for the whole season so hopefully he’ll find a good way to balance risk/reward. His next FA contract also heavily depends on it.

  298. It’s amazing that he was given away to Toronto for nothing because Clifford sat him on the bench. Clifford was so stuck on length that he never gave Byombo a chance to develop. That’s on Clifford.

  299. He’s still not NBA ready IMO. But his fundamentals are solid. YW right now is a slight net positive, and that’s just not good enough. He doesn’t hurt the team when he’s on the floor, like a certain someone we harp about. He needs to shoot 3s to be at least a threat on Atkinson’s offence.

    I remember Khuang used to say that LBJ never had the bball IQ to be a great player. A lot young guys that jump into the NBA from high school or after one year in college miss out on the fundamentals of team play. They may have the skills to play offence, but don’t know a lick about how to play team defence to stop opponents from scoring. Defence wins championships. There’s a reason why the GSW lost to Cavs that one year when the league suspended Green.

  300. Jeremy talking at the Summer League vs OKC.

    You can support Greg Logan (Newsday) by following this link : https://www.newsday.com/sports/basketball/nets/sean-marks-any-nets-deal-for-point-can-t-have-long-term-effect-1.19690536

    “I feel good right now,” he said. “Just still progressing. Yeah, everything is really good, smooth. I’ve been playing, working out every day. I’ll definitely be ready for training camp, all that. There won’t be any issues.”

    Lin said he was cleared for contact about six weeks ago and has been playing one-on-one but has yet to take part in any five-on-five contact as a precaution. During the year off, he re-worked his mechanics and still is “not as explosive as I want to be,” which is the reason for a deliberate approach.

    “Health-wise, I’m cleared for everything, but again, we’re just going to build up slowly,” Lin said. “Even though I can right now and there’s no issues with it, we have a plan and we want to continue to build slowly.”

    The ruptured patella tendon Lin suffered in the opener last season deprived him of the chance to play with Russell, but they have been working out and doing drills together and he’s looking forward to picking up where they left off.

    “Definitely,” Lin said. “It’s very similar to multiple teams I’ve been on, having two play-makers. It’s like
    me and Kemba [Walker] playing together, or in L.A., I played with someone like Ronnie Price or Patrick Beverly in Houston. And I played two in college, so it’s not a big deal for me to slide over or for us to
    play off each other.

    “I actually think it makes us more powerful. It’s hard to stop when you have two dynamic playmakers coming downhill on you constantly.”

    Asked on Friday if he expects to start the season with Lin, Marks said, “If you look at the team now, that’s
    what we’ve got and that’s what we’re planning on. Anything can happen. All I know is Jeremy’s rehab is progressing really well and our expectations are that he will be good to go.”

    Lin smiled when asked if he worries about trade rumors or feels the need to ask Marks or coach Kenny Atkinson about his status.

    “I know rumors are rumors,” he said.

    “At the end of the day, if something is real, they’ll come and tell me. We have great communication. I’m texting with Kenny and talking to him all the time.”

  301. Thus, Hornets finally got rid of Clifford and immediately traded for Biyombo back.

    I’m sure Orlando didn’t want to make it awkward either, by having a new coach that Biyombo most likely has a grudge against.

  302. Summer league broadcasters are always bad. Same thing the previous 2 summers. Couldn’t stand listening to Lin hater Derek Fisher blab endlessly yesterday about himself and other silly topics. Yeah, Kamla’s consistently incorrect pronunciation of Watanabe’s name was really annoying too, but Fisher was much more annoying.

    Watanabe looked good, but like I said below, he gets pushed around too easily and kept falling down. I watched the entire game, not just his highlights. He also missed many shots, including a major airball. He has the most potential out of anyone on the Nets SL roster (who actually plays), but he’s still too skinny and weak for the NBA. If SL players are able to push him around like a ragdoll, beefy NBA players would eat him alive. He also needs work on his shot.

    Watanabe needs to be signed by the Nets so he could be developed and not be swooped by up other teams. He can eventually be a very good “3 and D” guy if developed correctly.

  303. Here is an excerpt from a long Q&A Amare Stoudemire just did with SB Nation. He’s talking about Jeremy. You can sense Amare’s genuine enthusiasm in his words.

    Ques. : You were hurt for a lot of 2012 with Linsanity going on. What was that even like watching on the bench?

    Answer : It was unbelievable, man. I had never seen anything like that before in my life. Linsanity hit and it was like .. wait, what? Weren’t you just sleeping on Landry Fields’ couch just two weeks ago? It was incredible. The fans were ecstatic. It was like the Beatles, man. Rock star status. The taxies would stop and honk the horn. Anywhere you go people stop and the attention would shift because of Jeremy.

    I was like “the guy,” so I would take him to the nice restaurants and the bars and the cool places, so whenever we go and hang out. It’s like, everything was free. It was incredible, man. Even when [we] traveled on the road and played against teams, Jeremy Lin fans were so excited about what he was doing. It was a beautiful moment.


    Ques. : Did you see that in practice from him? Or was it when he got in the game and stoplight was on, he started performing at this incredibly high level?

    Answer : I’m a guy who looks at point guards and finds ways to try to get help them get better. I’m able to help them in the pick-and-roll, that point of view. I saw Jeremy Lin, had practiced with Jeremy, and knew he was a good player.

    But I didn’t know he had that much clutch in his game. He was able to not only put up 30 points, but when the clock is ticking down, he’s hitting game-winners. He’s scoring the last four baskets to win the game. I’m like wait, this is a special moment happening here.

    You got to ride the wave. When you feel that special moment and it just overtakes you like that, you’ve got to ride the wave. He did a remarkable job during that stretch.

    See : https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2018/7/5/17514076/amare-stoudemire-interview-big-3-high-school-lebron-james

  304. Well at least he more built than Russell and Dinwiddie. Most important is that he can scor and defend; get his within the system.

  305. His profile listed him as SF. I know what you mean, he looks more like a PF. But his ball handling skills and drives to the basket shows otherwise. At SF he’d have a great advantage with his height and size. Not mention he can guard PGs quite well.

  306. I think Yuta Watanabe will need time to develop as a bench player unless he impresses KA so much during training camp. But as we’ve seen KA doesn’t give starts to any newly signed players right away unless they are vets like Lin and Carroll.

  307. Jeremy talking at the Summer League vs OKC, from Brian Lewis (NY Post).

    Perhaps predictably, the tone is more guarded than that of the article by Greg Logan, mentioned a couple of posts down in this thread.

    “I feel good right now, just still progressing. Everything is really good, smooth. I’ve been playing, working out every day. … Things are going as we planned. I’ll definitely be ready for training camp. There won’t be
    any issues,” Lin said. “Yeah, that’s been nice. I first started playing 1-on-1 five or six weeks ago. So it’s been a bit.”

    But it hasn’t been long enough. Yet.

    While Lin is lighter and his knee is healthy, his lengthy rehab at Vancouver’s Fortius Sport & Health included extensive kinesiology work, remaking the way he moves. That’s an ongoing process.

    “I haven’t played in a long time, so it’s not like you come back and you’re better than you were before. It’s going to take a lot of time. My body’s not used to moving fast or playing against contact so that takes
    [time],” Lin said. “Having a year where you’re out, you don’t get that in four weeks. It takes a lot of time, which is why we’re going to keep building up and stay with the plan, try to not get too frustrated if I’m not moving the way I want or I’m not as explosive as I want.

    “It’s definitely hard. Every time you push the dynamics of your movements, you almost have to relearn it to some degree. You learn it, but you learn it at 25 percent or stationary, and then you start moving and
    realize, ‘Wow, it’s not the same.’ Every time you progress to the next stage, you have to relearn a bit more and strip it back, let it go a bit and strip it back. So it’s definitely an up-and-down process.”

    See : https://nypost.com/2018/07/08/jeremy-lin-on-comeback-trail-but-somethings-still-missing

  308. Great non-committal GM talk lol. It is what it is. Seems like Atkinson is not with the summer league team so there is no interview of him? Wonder what he will say about Lin’s starting/trading rumors.

    I sense that if it is not because of Tsai being a co-owner, Lin is very well being traded already if a team, say Orlando, is really interested in Lin because of Steve Clifford.

    Both Augustine and Grant are not starting caliber pg. If Lin is really healthy, Clifford definitely will be pushing for the trade. He is not a coach that plays all the young players (see Monk in Charlotte). He wants to win to solidify his reputation so he will rely on Lin solely to run the team. Clifford also wants his pg to play defense so I. Thomas is not the pg that he wants. Everyone knows his defense sucks and is a defensive liability for the team.

    I will not be disappointed if this happen like some of you here. I want to see him play on the court in the majority of the time an in the playoffs. Talent wise, Magic is better than the Nets. With Lin, at least they will fight for a playoff berth.

    I probably the only Lin fan wants the trade to Orlando happen, haha.

    p.s. there could be a trade talk being discussed. Otherwise, they should have already signed Ed Davis to the contract. they need the trade occurs first so that they can sign Ed using the Room/MLE exception and sign Harris with Birds right.

  309. sorry do not mean to reply to you.

  310. thanks for the info.

  311. Why would you want Lin traded? Is it for yourself or for Lin’s career? What you talk about is playing Lin heavy minutes because Clifford wants to win. That’s a recipe for disaster for a career ending injury, especially after 1.5 years of missed play.

    While I believe that Lin has not only recovered from his most recent injury, he’s also had the luxury to fix his previous nagging injuries that may have contributed to the patella tear. That luxury comes from the front offence team who gave him the time he needs to be make himself like new again. What most people don’t realize is that practice conditioning is nowhere near game conditioning. Until Lin gets used to the severity of opposing forces by himself and opponents, Lin will be susceptible to reinjuring.

    What I hope for is Lin to slowly play back into game condition with severe restrictions of his playtime until December. Increase it till February, then see if he’s healthy enough to make a push for a playoff seed.

    Lin has a fantastic situation with an owner that wants him to play a long time. A GM that wants to use Lin to build a new culture. A coach that believes in him. Why would you want to throw that away for a coach that doesn’t believe in him?

    The Nets are a perfect team for Lin. We have no idea what the owner, GM and coach on any other team thinks of Lin.

  312. He’s afraid of contact.

  313. Not half as bad as he talked about D’Angelo Russell

    Where D’Angelo Russell is really hurting the Nets

    The fact is Brooklyn’s offense has looked better with Russell off the ball, and their defense has looked better with him off the floor…

    And in the season’s early stages, it’s pretty obvious that as long as he has a hard time guarding his opponent the Nets will have a hard time winning…

    The young guard’s Defensive Rating of 117.2 was not only by far the worst on the team, it was 378th of 417 players on the NBA website. He was 10th-worst among all players who had logged at least 15 minutes. …

    Russell’s 113.4 defensive rating last season with the Lakers was 210th out of 224 guards, and second-worst among those who logged at least half of their team’s games.

  314. I’ve always like stoutemire. He was a great teammate for Lin. Had he not jump out to protect Nash in the NBA western finals against the Spurs, he and Nash would have gone on to win a ring together. It’s why I’ve alwys disliked the Spurs.

    It would be something for us to finally remake history again…to put to rest all the fluke hater talk about Linsanity. If Lin gets healthy, I believe he can bring back that excitement again to New York.

  315. Clifford woundn’t even praise JLin and called him a bench player! You really thinm he’d want him as a starter with IT on the court? Get real! He’s another hater who only used Lin for the heavy lifting while then chosen star like Walker can chuck as many shots as possible he wants with no defense.

  316. No player in NBA coming back from such a bad injury has ever received such attention before hitting the court in a real game. Now is July; at least two or three months away from the training camp. Reporters is telling us Lin is not game ready. Who is at this time of year? That’s not news.

    When somebody telling us that Lin is getting used to his new way of playing, firing up different parts of muscle, I would think Lin is going to change his movements quite a bit too. That’s exactly what Steve Nash did a few years ago leaving Dallas and playing for Phoenix. You learned to fire up different parts of your body to move around and in consequence Lin will change his game too.

    Lin at this stage of career has learned to use his skill more than mere athleticism. I’m not saying that Lin has lost his athleticism. He just has to learn new ways to get the job done. It will take months; not weeks. But we have learned that Lin can move freely with his body.. That’s good news. It will take experience to fire up his body in a game. Lin still has enough time to get used to it. Well reporters like

    Brian Lewis is telling us that Lin is not like before. Darn right he isn’t but physically he’s just as good as before but he needs to learn to use his body in new ways. That’s not even news.

    That’s what Fortius Sport & Health is good at. That is what Steve Nash has experienced before he took off in his MVP career. Lin comes back from an injury not like Steve Nash did before going to Fortius Sport & Health. Lin has more work to get himself into game shape. That’s not news.

    Lin is not the same as before at this time, We could have guessed. It just take some games to get himself in shape. The timing is off and new skills has to be developed. So be it. No big deal!

  317. Brook Lopez is going to the Bucks. It’s a one-year deal. He’ll receive the bi-annual exception, which should be around $3.5M.

    For info on the exception, see : https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2018/06/values-of-201819-mid-level-bi-annual-exceptions.html

  318. My dream is dead. 🙁

    Marks could’ve and should’ve signed Brook back for that paltry sum of money.

  319. There is always next season. Sean Marks wouldn’t be the first to cut his salary from $20M+ to 3M+ though. After that, it would be much easier to deal with.

  320. Read wiki, looks like Watanabe has a strong family history in basketball. His parents and sister all played(s) pro basketball in Japan. No wonder he looks so mature and composed out there. Nets would be dumb not to sign someone like that.

  321. True, quite difficult to change the price tag when he’s been the franchise for so long. There’s always next season.

  322. I was never high on Ding, glad he won’t be joining the Nets to be honest. Becoming a fan of Watanabe fast, hope someone makes a fan site for him once he gets signed.

  323. Lin missed 40+games in his first season with Nets.
    DLo missed 34 games in his first season in a less aggressive style
    I guessed many other players with high usage would have missed lots of games with Nets too.
    The reason may not be on the players. Perhaps it is due to Atkinson’s offense, the trainer etc
    Of course, when the injury is on Lin, sports writers would point fingers at Jeremy instead of looking for other causes.

  324. brook doesnt fit. the fact that his contract is so low tells you all you need to know about what everyone else thinks as well…

  325. You kidding? Brook played the best year of his entire career in his last year with the (new) Nets. He looked amazing with Lin when Lin came back from his first injury. Brook even developed a good 3-point shot.

    Sure, he’s not a good PnR defender, can’t rebound as well as other top tier centers, and can’t run as fast as some younger, more “modern” centers can, but he’s still a scoring machine in the right system with the right coach and with the right teammates around him. Nets fans and players still love him. For a measly $3.5M, he’s an absolute steal.

    Watch, he’s going to have a monster year in Milwaukee next year. Brook is actually going to be surrounded with good players and a legit superstar big in Giannis. That duo is going to be deadly. Bucks are going to be a very good team next year.

  326. nope. brook if he starts will do what he always does. clog the paint trying to post up/face up from the elbow. no rebounds, no defense on the perimeter, black hole on offense…

    giannis isnt a great shooter. he needs his space to attack the rim. i suspect playing with brook will give him fits. that, or brook can chuck from 3 like he did at times with us. but his poor 3p% wont scare anybody and takes the ball out of middleton and giannis’ hands. good luck bucks!

    the nba has changed. brook is a vet min kinda guy now. ed davis is better than him in today’s game.

  327. LOL your analysis is so off and incorrect. You also obviously completely forgot and/or ignored what Brook was able to do for the Nets…


    FYI Ed Davis has always been a backup. He normally doesn’t play against starters of opposing teams. Brook has always started against other teams’ centers. Big Ed is not even a real center. He’s more of a PF who can play small ball C if needed. I’m not crapping on Ed Davis and I think he’ll be good with the Nets, but to say he’s better than Brook at the center position is just silly.

  328. The thought crossed my mind that the Nets would welcome Brook back but it appears Sean Marks does not want to take away the development time from Jarrett Allen with the presence of Dwight Howard or Brook Lopez.

    Ed Davis might be able to fill up that role as a veteran who might take much as much time as Dwight or Brook.

  329. Yup, Lin haters Brian Lewis and Net Income are salty that they were dead wrong (again) and that their “sources” are complete crap / made up. The used negative headlines in their articles, saying Lin lost his explosiveness. Sure, Lin did say that he’s not as explosive as he wants to be, but Lin was just being honest. Lin also said other more positive things about his rehab and readiness, but Lin haters focus only on the bad when it comes to Lin.

  330. Although Yuta Watanabe is listed as SF, it looks like the Nets wants him as a stretch 4 due to his size, wingspan, and defense. Although he has accent at least he’s able to speak English fluently. Those years in Washington college definitely helps to learn the language and basketball fundamentals. When’s the earliest Nets can sign him? This wait is making me nervous.

    Ok this news says Watanabe is a favorite for the 2-way deal? Does that mean he won’t be playing for the Nets right away? If so that’s a bummer :/ I’d rather they offered him a legit rookie contract.


  331. Versatility of playing multiple positions is key. It’s what Marks and Kenny are always looking for in their players. Watanabe can play the 4, but like I have said several times already, he isn’t strong/bulky enough to play at PF yet. Dude was getting pushed around and falling down almost every possession and that was against SL players. He’d be murdered in the NBA.

    Again, Nets need to sign him before another team does. With some bulking up and development, I can see him as a good “3 and D” wing. These types of players (if good) are highly sought after and very expensive in the NBA. Watanabe needs to be a two-way player for the Nets.

  332. Yea but that means we won’t get to see Watanabe playing next season right? Unless the Nets are allowed to use their Two-Way contract players right away? Got to go research about this contract.

  333. Two-way players can be called up from the G-League and play with the NBA roster for 45 days.

  334. if i’m right, marks will sign him to a two way deal. he’s literally the only nba worthy player on our summer league team. as is, he’s an end of the bench kinda guy. add on some muscle and he’s a spotty minutes/rotation kinda guy. get that 3P% up? he’s a legit rotation/bench player.

    his defense is legit, nba ready. you can tell he tries really hard on defense. that’s the skill that will get him into the nba.

  335. I understand, but Ed Davis is playing the Booker role. He’s not really a center. Davis is literally a bigger and better version of Booker. He’s basically going to be the high-energy, high-octane “glue guy” that comes off the bench at the 4 or 5, depending on what Kenny wants against particular lineups.

    What I’m saying is, Nets still don’t have a legit center to backup Allen. Ed can fill in for that position on occasion, but I don’t see him playing against opposing teams’ centers on a nightly basis.

  336. Yes his 3Point% needs to go up and he needs to add a mid range jumper to fully take advantage of his size at the 3 and 4. His shot blocking and defense is solid though and that’s what the Nets need.

  337. soooooo incorrect. that’s not even an opinion. davis is a 5 in the nba. his job is to grab rebounds, play defense, and on offense set screens and catch lobs. the PROTOTYPICAL modern 5. think deandre jordan, clint capela, gobert, tyson chandler, whiteside, etc…..

    there’s a reason brook was TRADED and dwight BOUGHT OUT…. they both dont fit. both are back to the basket black holes.

  338. LMAO @ you trying to compare Ed Davis to DeAndre Jordan, Clint Capela, Rudy Gobert, and Hassan Whiteside. Those guys are much better than Big Ed. Tyson Chandler is not even a “modern center.”

  339. agree to disagree on brook. and fyi sean marks is on my side of the argument so… yeah… and that small contract brook signed with the bucks? yeah my side as well…. but go on and keep thinking how you think. i respect your support for brook…

    ed davis IS a bench 5. no one said otherwise. davis had multiple offers but signed with us on the first day of free agency. suffice it to say, for ACTUAL GM’s handing out contracts, davis > brook…

  340. nobody is comparing their talent, but their style and role.

    tyson chandler is not a modern center? you mean former DPOY tyson chandler? you mean NBA CHAMP tyson chandler? ok there bud… keep thinking what you think…

  341. You want to talk about modern, yet you bring up Tyson Chandler’s accolades from 7 years ago. Hilarious.

    Oh, and yes we are talking about talent. You may not want to talk about it, but it’s extremely relevant when people talk about who is better and who should be playing what role and position over another player.

    You want to ignore the fact that Ed Davis has always been a bench player and not faced starting caliber centers in the league, but will somehow be better than Brook, who has always played against starting centers in his 10-year career. You enjoy comparing apples to oranges, while ignoring talent, experience, and facts.

  342. no to midrange jumpers, yes to catch and shoot 3’s. he’s kinda too slow from what i saw so far to play the 3. his role is a 3&D stretch 4. and surprise, surprise that’s what he’s doing in summer league. his versatility and athleticism will be needed on switches while his size is needed contesting shots at the rim.

    i feel real good about his chances.

  343. tyson chandler is old of course his accolades were in the past….

  344. If you want to talk about past accolades and use it to compare players, then we can talk about how Brook was an all-star. Something Ed Davis has never accomplished nor would ever dream of accomplishing.

    Or how about the fact that Brook averages much better offensive numbers across the board in his career than Ed can ever dream of averaging… against starting centers.

    Again, I’m not tearing down Ed Davis, but your silly comparison and portrayal of Brook and Ed are absolutely delusional. Just because Brook was misused by Luke Walton and the Lakers last year, and not offered a better contract this year than Ed, does not mean he’s somehow a much worse player than Ed.

  345. i dont even know what you’re talking about anymore. do you not understand that brook’s game, his STYLE is outdated? NOBODY wants these kind of players anymore. why do you think okafor is headed to china? why is dwight a cancer such that atl cheered when he was traded? do you not understand these things?

    do you also understand that the things davis does (rebound, defense, screens, lobs) is THE hallmark of a modern nba center? and that’s why multiple teams wanted him?

    and in THAT way davis is for SURE more valuable to a team than brook.

  346. 1. Okafor sucks

    2. Dwight is a cancer in the LOCKER ROOM. His “style” is still wanted, but his attitude, demeanor, and clown act is not.

    3. Brook’s “style” is desired. You think just because he wasn’t offered a contract by more than 1 team this year, that his “style” is outdated, when it’s not. Teams didn’t offer him a contract because he was misused and benched by Luke Walton. If Brook’s “style” was so outdated, how did he average 20 points in the 2 seasons prior to being traded to the Lakers?

    If you said something like “Nets / Marks needs a defensive stopper who can rebound and provide better screens for pick and rolls,” when comparing Ed and Brook, then I’d agree with you. But nope, you didn’t mention that stuff until now. You were trying to say that Brook is garbage and Ed is a better player than him. Again, your comparison and portrayal of Brook and Ed was silly, ridiculous, and false.

    Just a reminder, this is what you said about Brook:

    brook if he starts will do what he always does. clog the paint trying to post up/face up from the elbow. no rebounds, no defense on the perimeter, black hole on offense…

    brook is a vet min kinda guy now. ed davis is better than him in today’s game.

  347. Joe Tsai’s wife and two sons sat next to JLin during Summer League games?
    I wonder if they’re also huge basketball and JLin fans.


  348. If they’re not fans, then why would sit next to Lin at a Summer League game? :p

    The perks of having an absurdly rich dad that just bought your favorite basketball player’s team. LOL

  349. 1.) okafor was elite in college as a back to basket/post player….he was 3rd pick based on that skillset. funny how “he sucks” in the nba…

    2.) dwight is a cancer because he wont run the play and demanded to post up instead. this is among MANY different teams.

    common theme in 1 and 2? post up players are not wanted… brook operates in the post = not wanted. logic 101…

    3.) his style is NOT desired. if it were, he’d have been pursued. how is it that you cannot see this? brook averaged 20 points by being the high usage player on a bad team. you want to tell me how many games they won that season? yeah didnt think so…

    4.) i said brook didnt fit. the “Nets / Marks needs a defensive stopper who can rebound and provide better screens for pick and rolls” part is assumed as that’s what ALL teams need in the MODERN nba. and in that way ed IS better than brook. 30 out of 30 teams can use ed davis. multiple teams DID want him. 1 out of 30 took a chance and signed brook to near vet min. that’s ALL you need to know about how “good” brook is in the modern nba. what teams need and what brook is good at are 2 totally different things. that’s the cold hard truth of the matter.

  350. This will be my last reply to you on this topic. Your Brook-bashing and Ed-fanboying is out of control.

    1. Okafor sucks because he was never developed properly by the Sixers. Doesn’t matter what his college accolades and performance was like, if the NBA team that drafted him sat him and didn’t allow him to play and be developed.

    2. No, Dwight is a cancer because he’d tell his teammates to try hard and go all out, but he wouldn’t do the same when it came time for him to step up. His teammates got tired of his act and primadonna attitude. Teams obviously wanted him for his “style.” That’s why both the Hawks and Hornets took on his huge contract and were initially excited to have him be their starting center… until they saw first-hand Dwight’s antics and bad attitude in the locker room.

    3. Brook’s “style” is destroying teams offensively. You saying he’s a black hole on offense is laughable. When Brook is “on,” no defense in the NBA can stop him. He proved that multiple times when he was still a Net. He could kill teams in the post, with midrange shots, and at the 3-point line. There is no area Brook was terrible at offensively. He’s not some 1-dimensional scrub post-up player like you keep trying to make him out to be.

    4. Brook does fit. He may not fit Sean Marks’ vision for the Nets, but he fits Kenny’s system just fine, as we’ve seen in 2016-17. Oh, and you’re being a hypocrite because Lin didn’t “fit” many other teams either. It only takes 1 team to appreciate and utilize high quality players like Brook and Lin correctly, to bring out the best in them. You only look at offer sheets and how much money players are making this year to determine who “fits” and who the better player is. I look at the actual players’ abilities and what they’ve actually done and are capable of.

    Ed is only better than Brook on the defensive end and rebounding, and that’s playing against bench players most of the time. Brook’s not even a terrible defender either. Anyway, no point in arguing with you anymore. Keep thinking Brook is garbage and Ed is some sort of amazing center, when most logical, reasonable, and knowledgeable basketball fans know how insane those views are.

  351. They looked so happy being there to watch summer games next to JLin 🙂

    They will be super-excited when regular season games start at the Barclay Center

  352. you guys are giving me a headache. Can we talk about Lin and Ding

  353. The only justice exists when they play against one another. Ed Davis is the best center in the team right now. D12 couldn’t score 30 points and snatch 30 rebounds from him. He certainly can hold his own against anyone.

  354. What’s wrong again? My posting below has nothing offensive!

  355. You can only tell if they play against one another. Ed Davis is very mobile and can assert himself at both ends of the court. He’s a team player and plays good defense; a Capela type.

  356. Salary goes from double digits to single is real hard to bear.

  357. Lin is humble but he will stand up for himself at the end. He is a skillful PG. Skill in the game will help him through the transition.

  358. Disqus is acting up again. For some reason, it doesn’t like the word ‘snatch’.
    Not sure why so I approved them

  359. should be fine from now onwards

  360. Hey, thanks for looking that up! Did not know that….very interesting!

    Agree. Growing up around basketball, four years of college here in the US, plays hard, seems to have good BBall IQ, international fan base. Seems like a good fit in the Nets’ system. I think the Nets will at least invite him to training camp. And hopefully go further after that.

  361. SSSSSHHHHH! (there’s less competition at the 4, too crowded at the 3…)

    Seriously though, Greg Logan interviewed him. Seems like he can be versatile enough to be a 3 or 4. “Asked if he can play the four at the NBA level, Watanabe expressed confidence. “Versatility is one of my strengths,” he said. “If they want me to play four, I’m fine with that. If I can hit shots, I’m 6-9, long, athletic. I have no problem playing the four.”

  362. “Old man Fisher!” Yeah, also annoying, not a fan.

    You’re not wrong about Watanabe needing to get more strength. But which young rookie doesn’t? Look at Musa, Kurucs, LeVert, JAllen, even Russell, etal…..BTW, this video isn’t just “high”lights. It included most of his plays, including that air ball, right in front of the Nets bench. Not a big deal. In fact, I thought it was funny because the whole bench jumped up like it was going to go in…

    Sean Marks talked about that, for the Nets, Summer League is more about seeing if a guy has the bball IQ and feel for the game, not so much about skills. I think Watanabe has these qualities. Just needs the opportunity to develop his potential.

    So, looks like we all agree. Marks, sign the kid!

  363. Disagree, ability to make midrange jumpers adds more to his versatility because from the highlights I only saw drives and some inefficient 3 point shooting. Assuming his role will be stretch 4 and sometimes 3, mid range shots will definitely be needed.

  364. Sorry Acbc. I’m a little confused. Where does YW fit in this description? who are we trying to compare him to?

    If I interpret your points correctly, I THINK I agree. LOL.

    Sport and I were just discussing how YW seems more poised than the other guys we saw on this Summer League team. IMO, relatively speaking, he is much more NBA ready. His four years of college has probably helped his development of BBIQ and defensive abilities. All good qualities, right?

    Sure, he’s not a finished product. Yes, to be a stretch 4, he needs to better that 3 %. Get stronger. Just need the opportunity!

  365. I love all these guys on the Nets, and hated all the moves and trades and losing players. Yeah, I know, it’s business.

    But forgetting all the salary cap and assets machinations, Kawhi would actually be a good fit with the Nets! And he does know Sean Marks, and his uncle is supposedly from NJ. Not so far-fetched. Of course Marks has to do “due diligence”. 2019-2020! After JLin gets an extension! LOL.

    Lin doing contact drills has been the best news yet! Incredible progress. But you’re right. Better to make steady incremental gains (although he said it has been up-and-down) to get to the finish line. No sprinting and no short cuts.

  366. Aside from his injury (not wishing that on anybody), very hard to drum up any sympathy for IT. May have scoring skills but not much else. Lin always outplayed him. He runs with the Mayweather crowd. No surprise that he dissed JLin when JLin got more votes than he did for the All-Stars. Talk about Karma.

  367. HAHAHA! Good one!

  368. Talk about having friends in high places….

  369. Good work by Greg Logan. Nice interview. I liked what Jacques Vaughn said. Basically what all of us have been saying…..

    “We played him at both three and four, and he was able to chase some guys around screens but also play the four,” coach Jacque Vaughn said. “Overall, another good day for him. “You see weak-side blocks and the ability to block out also, those little things. You see instinctively he knows where to be. He has a toughness to him . . . If he can shoot the basketball with his size, that’s a good combination.”

    I hope he can develop into that stretch 4 with the 3 pt ability. It fills a bigger hole at the 4. A little bit too crowded at the 3.

  370. Yes, agree!

    Disagree with just one point. If YW builds up strength, improves his 3P%, and plays even better team defense, why should he be a bench player? I think the Nets could eventually start him, in this system. I love RHJ, but unless he’s shooting better 3%, he can’t add spacing like YW can.

  371. Kinda agree with Sport on this. IMO, I’m not a 100% fan of Kenny encouraging everybody to shoot so many 3’s. Have to add PnR, some post-ups, and some mid-ranges. Have to mix things up and keep the defense guessing!

  372. Great picture of Adam Harrington and JLin. What great smiles from both. Seems like genuine camaraderie….


  373. The best buds are hanging out in Vegas! Maybe Lin will pick up a couple of tricks and make Jay Chou jealous.


  374. Im hoping for a player like Draymon Green. A tough defender that takes the Nets defence to the next level.

    Scoring is not the problem for the Nets….ITS DEFENCE! They can’t hold teams to under 100pts a game. Lol

  375. Yes I’m talking about Yuta. And I really like his potential. What’s telling is that they played him against the opposing high draft first rounders and did well.

    I’m looking for defence for the Nets. Very much hope to find a Draymon Green type guy. Yuta has got the smarts has passing skills but what separates him from others is his pride in defence. You can’t teach that to kids who think scoring is all there is. Draymon is the glue guy that drives the team. Without him, the warriors lose and lost to Cavs. Nets can score enough but they can’t defend. If they score 110-120pts, they were losing by 115-130pts! Last season they may have held opposing teams to under 100 less than a handful of times. They keep hoping RHJ can develop into that super defensive player but he lack skill the bball IQ to do it. He’s athletic but lacks the defensive instincts to be a lock down defender, otherwise the Nets would have won more games.

  376. Any time when someone gets such attention from Lillard and McCollum, the starting star PG and SG, he won’t be just a bench center. He must be good enough to command such attention on the floor.

  377. There is some argument about how good Ed Davis is. Ed Davis is listed as a power forward by ESPN. His DRPM is the sixth in the league with a 2.42 rating despite he is only given on the average 18.9 minutes per game. He has played in 78 games. He has earned a PER of 15.55. His USG% is only 12.3, Zach Collins 15.8, Jusuf Nurkic 26.2. Ed Davis is underused in Portland. But again Portland has centers in Meyers Leonard $10.6M/season, Jusuf Nurkic $11.1M, Zach Collins 3.6M and Davis becomes the odd man out. Ed Davis is far from being the worst among centers in Portland.

    Ed Davis is great on defense and PnR in offense. What more do you need from a center of $4.4M a season? I hope Lin-Davis will blossom again and they are signed for long term.

  378. Thank you, all.

  379. Hmm… Jabari Parker might be a good signing for the Nets if they can get him cheap. He has a bad left knee and had surgery on it twice, but if healthy, he can help shore up the PF position.


  380. What I like about Sean Marks is he is moving slowly and surely in this off season. He signs up Ed Davis and gives Joe Harris his first paydays for only two years. They mean a lot to the team now but do not affect the team in long terms. He has the patience to see how things roll out and not to make hasty decisions.

    Lin is on his way back. Sean Marks will give time for Lin to play out his game. No decisions need to be made before the truth unveils.

    The GM is maintaining flexibility in all cases but address to the immediate needs promptly. Ed Davis is such a bargain! Signing back Joe Harris enables all players like Joe to wait for their paydays peacefully. They will sigh with relief that the team is going to take care of them instead of trading them away.

    Buying out Dwight is a great move and now Mozgov’s big contract won’t affect Nets more than this season. Nets may rebuild sooner than people think. The deal just comes naturally from Kupchak. Sean Marks does not rush into any actions before they are due. That is a good sign for the GM. He has learned quickly.

    Last season, the deal of DeMarre is a success. Allen Crabbe may just be the right guy for the team. If D’Angelo could turn out as what Sean Marks hope for, that is life, You win some and lose some. Sean Marks is not betting on some super expensive free agents. The team will grow in time.

    God only knows how long Lin is going to need in his full rehab but Sean Marks is going to wait. This is already the third year of the contract. There is no reason to rush into decision now. Only the Glue Guys, Net Income, Bobby Marks etc are in panic and continue to make wild guesses. Their first priority seems to predict something more that will never happen. I wouldn’t mind them sitting in hot seats wondering.

    We all know for sure that Nets is going to have a better season. The development and progress is from within. Players definitely will get better after playing together for a long time.

    Players like Ed Davis who is looking forward to change path in their career are coming to this team at a good price. If Davis can make this team better, Sean Marks will have the cap space to sign him up for long term. The GM doesn’t need to guess. He will let the truth roll out before making decisions.

    Patience is the sign of a good GM.

    No, Sean Marks is not going to take a risk signing up Jabari Parker. Why should he take the risk and put the future of the team on one single player? There must be safer ways to rebuild. No need to rush.There are more players like ED Davis coming as long as the team has the cap to sign them.

    We must admit that Ed Davis is far better than Quincy Acy at 5. Quincy can go back to his natural position now.

    I just wonder why didn’t Sean sign Omari Spellman or Mitchell Robinson or Jarred Vanderbilt. Those European picks don’t make the GM job easy. He must have seen something that we don’t

  381. I think he is a candidate for the two way contract.

  382. When Lin and big Ed play, they will beat lots of teams.

  383. May the souls of the Glue Guys and Net Income rest in peace.

  384. Seeing both Lin and Russell at the summer league was a good sign. Maybe there is hope for Russell to change his ball hog and shot chucking ways.

  385. Ditto! Not only can Yuta be a starting PF but I honestly think he has star potential. You don’t come from an entire family of basketball players without having solid skills.

  386. Popo provided video

    “Joe Tsai- officially became 49% owner of #Nets this April, his family sitting next to @JLin7 seriously watch #Nets 2nd game.

    BTW, Mandopop star Jay Chou said before that he wanna sit in front-row of #Nets home court in the new season too.”

  387. I wish lin had a jj reddick to spot up for him just like steve novak did so many years ago.

  388. Nets will only play 4 preseason games this year …

    Oct 3 — Knicks — home
    Oct 8 — Pistons — at Detroit
    Oct 10 — Raptors — at Montreal
    Oct 12 — Knicks — at MSG

  389. Looks like Rockets know all about Melo’s unwillingness to change his attitude and insistence on being a starter and ISO ballhog. D’Antoni knows too well what kind of person Melo really is: a stubborn, selfish, childish, jealous, “my way or the highway” primadonna.

    NBA fans finally realize this as well. They admit this dude is all about himself and doesn’t care about his team winning or losing, as long as he gets his shots, points, and money. Something us Lin fans found out 6 years ago…


  390. Phil Jackson couldnt get Melo to focus on his strengths over his weaknesses . They went back and forth through Melodrama leading to both being ousted from the Knicks

  391. He does. Crabbe and Harris are the Nets’ sharpshooters. They can do more than only spot up shoot 3s. They’re both good at cutting to the rim too, especially Harris.

    Crabbe was pretty bad at the start of the season last year, but he settled in the second half of the season and we saw the player he should and could be for the Nets. With a healthy Lin running the offense and driving, Crabbe and Harris will get more open shots and easy layup feeds.

  392. Same problem as last year. That’s too few games for the players to be physically ready. If I’m the coaches, I give players preseason minutes.

  393. Sean Marks’ insistence of building a team of good character is admirable to say the least. D12 and Melo will never play for Nets; not when Sean Marks is the GM.

  394. Brian Lewis told us everything about Russell who has been hurting the team like it is. He also talked about Lin too. But at least he’s fair in giving evaluations of strength and weaknesses.
    Recently there are lots of rumors from Nets Daily about the trade of Jeremy Lin. I find that offensive. Perhaps I should stay away from the source for my sanity. From all sources I find The Glue Guys, Net Income and Bobby Marks have not been fair. Brian Lewis at least is fair in giving his evaluations. NY Post perhaps is the source I would still look into but not Nets Daily. Nothing but Nets drives me crazy with their sill sport writers.
    That Russell needs to change but not all sources give us a fair picture of this. Brian Lewis told us that long ago. The others just blindly praises his talent and sometimes make me sick to see the one-sided report.

  395. Lin has played defense with lots of effort and got hurt in his two seasons with Nets.
    DLo also got hurt in his first season but he played little defense and his opposition thrived with him guarding.

    Lin helps his team win but in consequence is more severely hurt. DLo spent most of his time padding his stats and he has been the main cause of Nets losing so many games.

    I say it’s not fair. If there is anyone who needs to be traded; it should be DLo rather than Lin. i’m looking forward to see Lin and Ed Davis playing for Nets next season and people like Bobby Marks are insane Lin haters. They want Lin to be traded before seeing the result of the rehab. The message is sickening.

    I’m so glad Sean Marks clarifying to them this is the team that he wants and as planned.

  396. Melo is toxic to all coaches; especially great coaches.

  397. I trust they all are players of good character.

  398. How many of you find the articles in Nets Daily unacceptable? Frankly speaking it’s as bad as those of CBS and ESPN.

  399. I only got a chance to watch Yuta Watanabe’s highlights in 2 summer league games against the Magic and OKC. I agree with @InfiniteWisdom:disqus and some posters that his defense clearly stood out. He appears to have more lateral speed than Justin Hamilton and has the same body type.

    Youtube comments showed people are also impressed with his defense. Asian Kevin Durant according to one comment 😀

    Some observation:
    – Great lateral speed to recover on defense. Even greater effort to defend.
    – Along with his ability to shoot 3s, he will most likely get a chance to prove himself in the G-League or even better with a 2-way contract.
    – He just need to bulk up to compete against NBA big men.
    Here’s hoping he can join Lin’s team!

    This is a great sequence showing his ability to be a 2-way player. A block on one end is followed by a fastbreak and a great looking 3:


  400. Hopefully Yuta is able to make into Nets roster….

  401. Yao Ming just graduated with a degree in economics. Another story in perseverance …

    “[Yao] Ming, 37, took the podium in front of his graduating peers at their ceremony and thanked his parents, discussed his math class struggles, and offered words of wisdom – he added that he almost dropped out on a number of occasions.”

    See : https://sports.yahoo.com/yao-ming-earns-college-degree-china-7-years-enrolling-223704157.html


  402. what i can see on Yuta’s play is the raw player in the likes of chandler parson (former co player of Jlin with Houston) who has the ability to glide for the basket without the ball and a fastbreak soon player to be (hopefully without the egg/air on the head like parson
    ?) to add, can defend too.

  403. his Free time now was converted into a profitable one by studying and finishing with a degree..cheers!!!

  404. Yuta’s 3rd game started off really bad. 0-4 shooting. However, he lit on fire in the 2nd quarter, hitting 3 straight open 3s. Ended the night with 14 points, 4 for 6 3-pointers, 4 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Another good game from Wantanbe. I think everyone is taking notice of him now. I’d be shocked if Marks doesn’t sign him to a two-way deal.

    Jarrett Allen finally played. For some reason, he wasn’t being fed the ball, but still ended up with 8 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 blocks. -18 Net Rating though.

    Shawn Dawson came back and had another good game. Like in game 1, I said this guy can score. He ended the night tying Wantanbe with most points on the Nets: 14 points. Dawson was more efficient than Watanabe though, with 62.5% FG compared to Watanabe’s 45.5%. Problem I see with Dawson is that he seems like a ballhog and has his blinders on when he gets the ball. He’s only thinking 1 thing: score. Again, dude can score and looks like the most natural scorer on the Nets summer league roster (excluding LeVert and Allen).

    Nets end their summer league with a 0-3 record. If they had their original roster and played LeVert with Allen, they would’ve won at least 1 or 2 games. Oh well…

  405. Thanks for the report. It’s good to know that Yuta can recover from poor start to finish with hot shooting. He should get a 2-day contract; otherwise other teams will certainly be interested.

    Here is the highlights

  406. That’s an interesting comparison with pre-injury Chander Parsons. Parsons might’ve been more explosive to attack the rim and more polished offensively, but Yuta has better potential defensively.

  407. Yup, a good player always makes adjustments throughout the game and isn’t afraid to keep shooting if they start the game off badly. We’ve seen many games from many players, particularly Lin, where they start off slow and light on fire later in the game. The mentally weak players shrink and play worse or is afraid to keep shooting if they start out poorly.

    The thing with Yuta is, similar to Lin, even if they’re not scoring or shooting well, they can still contribute with their defense and hustle all over the court. Watanabe has that “thing” I see in good players. I saw it from the very first SL game and he’s been consistently good in all 3 games.

    Like I keep saying the past 4 days, he just needs development time and to bulk up. This guy can be a very valuable pickup for any team if developed correctly.

  408. Good article on Ed Davis and he will certainly brings toughness and rebounding that the Nets sorely lacked last season. The Blazers loss is the Nets gain. Can’t wait to see the Nets fans see the beautiful Lin-Davis PnR connection that we witnessed a few years ago.

    Byron Scott tried to bury it under his tank but perhaps the spotlight will be on him again once Coach Atkinson fully utilized Lin/Davis dynamic duo.


    LAS VEGAS — To a man, the Nets are nice guys — sometimes too nice on the court.

    They got bullied inside all too often last season and were in desperate need of an enforcer in the paint and strength on the glass. In desperate need of somebody like Ed Davis.

    Davis brought those traits to the Trail Blazers, and the Nets are counting on him to bring them to Brooklyn after filling a need with one of the NBA’s better backup centers for a bargain one-year, $4.4 million deal.

    “We’ve been big fans of Ed Davis for quite some time,” general manager Sean Marks said. “What Ed brings to Brooklyn and Ed brings to the Nets is certainly a culture fit, the way he works. Some of the intangibles he brings off the court that people don’t necessarily see or aren’t spoken about — what he does in the locker room — when you’re trying to create a culture, that’s really important.

    “When you’re trying to create a toughness, a grit, Ed brings all that. And of course on top of all that is his play. We need an enforcer type, we need toughness and Ed brings a lot of that to our group. He’s been around winning organizations, so for him to come in and bring some of that expertise and experience will be great for our group of young guys.”

    With spindly teen rookie Jarrett Allen and undersized 6-foot-7, 214-pound Rondae Hollis-Jefferson starting at center and power forward, respectively, the Nets surrendered the fourth-most points in the paint, and were sixth-worst in both Defensive Rating and rebound percentage.
    Davis — the only free-agent signing by the Nets so far — may help that.

    “I like Ed Davis a lot,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “That’s my guy off the court, so I’m glad we added him to the puzzle, the equation. Just having him, adding his athletic ability, his strength, his rebounding, just that whole approach, his mentality to the game to be aggressive, to get up and down. That’s how we want to play. So just having him there, being able to do that is a big help to us.”

    “We loved Ed,” Portland’s president of basketball operations Neil Olshey told the media. “I was on the phone with Ed and his agent the minute the bell went off, talking to him when he was offered by Brooklyn to see if that was going to be the best deal for him and his family this offseason, knowing where the big-man market was going.

    “I counseled him to take that job. And I think if you asked Ed today, the counsel was pretty good. So, I get people missing Ed. No one will miss him more than [coach] Terry [Stotts] and I and the guys around here.”

    Davis’ 103.9 Defensive Rating would’ve led the Nets.

    His 27.4 rebound percentage topped all players in the postseason and his 21.4 was seventh-best in the regular season.

    It’s no wonder Trail Blazers stars C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard expressed displeasure. Lillard tweeted a broken-heart emoji.

    “I loved Ed,” Lillard told media at summer league. “One of my best friends in the league [and] favorite teammates I’ve played with. To lose him, that’s a loss for our team.”

    And a gain for the Nets.

  409. some example, pls?

  410. I don’t need to hear any of it. Hate is everywhere If you look for it. You can’t change their minds because they aren’t there to find truth, they are there to stir the pot and advance their own agenda…why bother?

    It’s all click bait and that’s what keeps them alive. If everyone ignores it, they’ll die out.

    Don’t pollute us with verbal diarrhea.

  411. Education is not just a means to profit. Enlightenment has its own rewards….something that’s lost to too many people. The mind is a muscle that needs to be challenged and exercised. An active mind keeps brain degeneration at bay.

  412. I’ll bet Yuta was told to shoot 3s this game by head office. This makes him to likely get a contact IMO. Yuta responded well and didn’t disappoint.

    The next test may be to ask him to not slide around picks and see how he can fight through them. AT the NBA level, he can’t give even a half second to shooters or they’ll get burnt. If that happens next game, we’ll know for sure that’s they are serious about him.

    People used call out Lin for helping too much but I never accepted that as a bad thing. What’s bad is when you help and no one else is either. That’s on the system and no the player. Offence always has the advantage. You need numbers to stop opponents from target your weaknesses. It takes awareness of what veryine else is doing so you can fill the space as needed. It takes spacial awareness and it’s a special skill that comes from desire to zone out opponents. RHJ has the speed and athleticism but lack this mental skill, which is why he isn’t that good on defence. The Wolverine looks like a great defender, but he’s actually quite poor at team defence. IMO, RHJ is a bit like that.

  413. Other teams are probably kicking themselves now thinking Yuta should’ve been first round draft pick. Marks and Nets better hurry up with that contract offer.

  414. Actually Lin has that weak mentally as well, he used to shy away and goes into passing mode when shots aren’t falling.

  415. Trying to determine how good YW is w/o looking at his ethnicity. I like long, smooth fast players like this with good height. As far as bulk, Kevin Durant is not bulky though he is muscular strong with long muscles. With offensive work YW could be KD. Looking at film clips though w/o regard to ethnicity I think he is pretty good. Though I would like to see Asians in NBA it doesn’t really do any good if the player is not good too. JLin, no matter ethnicity is a great team player, leader and winner but many cannot look past his ethnicity. At age 30, with body repair, the best model would be Steve Nash when he went to Phoenix. Maybe they will trade him to Phoenix? They have some interesting pieces though not ready to be contender.

  416. According to the FATS Calculator (i. e. Dean Oliver’s Four Factors), Nets project out to 27 wins when Russell played / 38 wins when he didn’t:

    Russell On Court (entire regular season): https://public.tableau.com/profile/nba.math#!/vizhome/shared/HHB5TY3SC
    Russell Off Court (entire regular season): https://public.tableau.com/profile/nba.math#!/vizhome/shared/6QXRPRSG5

    Russell On Court (post All Star Break only): https://public.tableau.com/profile/nba.math#!/vizhome/shared/MTNT9B8C7
    Russell Off Court (post All Star Break only): https://public.tableau.com/profile/nba.math#!/vizhome/shared/35DJTYT8P

    (IIRC, same model also had Nets projected out to ~ 38 wins when Dinwiddie played / 27 wins when he didn’t. Forgot what his post-ASB only projections were, but IIRC they were still better than Russell’s post-ASB projected win totals, and very similar to what Brook-Lin Nets might have done if Lin had stayed healthy entire season with a much less talented squad. Also don’t forget that at beginning and end of that season, some pundits actually thought Nets looked like a fringe playoff team in East before Lin initially strained his hamstring. Nets players also seemed to expect making the playoffs this year, when they were playing so well in pre-season with Lin functioning as Nets true starting point guard, and Russell backup point guard who started game alongside Lin, but who was sub’d out early in Q1, then ran second unit for most of game, and sometimes wasn’t even on court at end of game, either!)

    https://nbamath.com/watch-out-boston-celtics-that-brooklyn-nets-pick-might-not-be-as-valuable-as-you-think/ / https://www.sportingcharts.com/articles/nba/ultimate-guide-to-the-four-factors-in-the-nba.aspx / https://www.hudl.com/blog/how-the-four-factors-go-deeper-than-traditional-counting-stats

    calculator: https://nbamath.com/fats-calculator/

    raw data: http://stats.nba.com/team/1610612751/onoffcourt-four-factors/?Season=2017-18&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&sort=GP&dir=1


  417. Ed Davis’s DRPM (2.42) is the sixth best in the league among PFs considering he played only 18.9 minutes per game. The offense of Portland didn’t use him much in offense. His RPM is only 19th (). The closest one in Nets last season was Trevor Booker with RPM -1.42 53rd in the league, DRPM -0.27 59th in the league.

    As to SF, DeMarre Carroll was listed as 10th in the league with RPM 1.65, DRPM 13th in the league, Joe Harris’s ORPM is 13th in the league. DeMarre’s ORPM is 16th in the league.
    Joe Harris’s RPM is 34th in the league, RHJ’s RPM is 37th in the league.

    As to centers, Mozgov 59th in RPM (-1.17), Zeller 61st (-1.22), Jarrett Allen 65th (-1.59)
    Mozgov 23rd in DRPM (1.86), Jarrett Allen 49th (0.87), Zeller 58th (0.59).

    As to PGs, Dinwiddie 13th in RPM (2.40), D’Angelo Russell 77th (-2.42)
    As to DRPM Dinwiddie 40th (-0.21), D’Angelo Russell 94th out of 99 PGs (-2.65)
    As to ORPM Dinwiddie 11th (2.61), D’Angelo Russell 25th (0.23).

    With Jeremy as PG, Ed Davis’s offensive rating is going to improve. LED will be a very effective dual at both ends of the court.

    Dwight Howard RPM 27th in the league (0.64), DRPM 26th in the league (1.75), ORPM 30th in the league (-1.11)
    Ed Davis RPM 19th in the league as PF (1.03), DRPM 6th (2.42), ORPM 53th (-1.39)
    Sean MARKS didn’t want Dwight Howard for a reason.

    I’d love to see Nets play against Wizards, with Ed Davis against Dwight Howard. D12 can bully against Jarrett Allen with 30 points and 30 rebounds but he won’t be able to do that to Big Ed.

    I will be very disappointed if Nets starts Jarrett Allen instead of big Ed. Ed Davis is the best center in the team right now. Lin is surrounded by better players. Ed Davis should shine and close games for Nets together with Jeremy Lin.

  418. Every year except the solo year in Charlotte while Lin started from the bench, Lin haters would first say the team needs a star PG. Then they tried to bench Jeremy. Then traded Lin. From Houston to Los Angeles they followed Jeremy Lin everywhere.

    What were the coaches that Lin had? Kevin McHale! Karma! He got kicked out by his star PG, James Harden. Byron Scott, the tank master, who was fired and unlikely has another shot as an NBA coach. With MDA, Lin broke out to Linsanity. With Steve Clifford, Lin had the solo good year leading the team beating teams like Celtics, Spurs, Cavaliers and Raptors. He got the rare occasions to start in some games where he absolutely dominated.

    Now Lin is almost in the perfect team for him. The coach Kenny is his buddy. He loves him. The General Manager seems reasonable and players believes in him.

    Lin haters was cheering when D’Angelo Russell comes to Brooklyn. Then Lin was trashed and was said to be expendable. When Lin was injured, rumor started that he should be traded. When D’Angelo was injured and missed 34 games in the season. It was OK.

    Lin was playing well and led the team to hard fought wins at both ends of the court. Lin was the guard who led the team in defense. D’Angelo was listed as 77th out of 99 PGs listed in the league. His DRPM was 94 out of 99 PGs listed.

    Net Income, The Glue Guys, Bobby Marks etc told us there was a logjam in guards and Lin should be traded. D’Angelo has lots of potential and should be kept. Lin was expensive at $12.5M per year. Zach LeVine got 4 years for $80M+. It seems to be OK. Was he injured? D’Angelo was going to get $7M next season coming off the worst season in his career. Nobody like Net Income, the Glue Guys, Bobby Marks care to talk about it. If Nets wanted to keep D’Angelo next season, the qualifying offer is $9M. What did he do for the team? Essentially nothing but padding his stats and Nets lost game after games with him starting as PG.

    Sean Marks publicly announced that this is the team as it is for the next season and he wants to have all the guards back in the team next season.

    Before long, Nets daily and Net Income suggested Nets should be interested in Marcus Smart. Who is he? A PG!!!! If there is a logjam in the guard position as they suggested, why should Nets add another PG to the team?

    Yes I’m not comfortable with the double standards, the rumors and the hate towards Jeremy. I don’t want him to be traded. I want to see Lin-Davis combination blossoms in Brooklyn next season.

    Before Lin has a decent chance to succeed with better teammates, Lin haters come back and stir up the pot with double talking.

    This is the place that Lin fans like me come to vent out the frustration in years with NBA; starting from Houston, to Los Angels, now in Brooklyn, the double standard and the Lin hating.

  419. No they won’t. Just Lin who wasn’t drafted. It is OK with all those teams. There is the double standard waiting to be broken by players like Lin and more to come.

  420. There is a strange delusion, encouraged by a media system keen to promote “stars”. So when you have an inefficient chucker with nice stats but always losing, they will just say “he needs better team mates”. Like D’Angelo, they never blame the losing on his chucking. Linsanity was a rare phenomenon when the chucker (Melo) was out of the system and everyone saw how good it was. But people forget fast. I get your frustration, I really do.

  421. Last season was dedicated entirely to development. That is why the better players weren’t played.

  422. I think for Lin to regain / rehab you must play the sports of your boyhood
    Edit: I’m no performance medical advisor

  423. Yuta reminds me of Aminu. always loved that guy. if yuta can develop into someone like that, he’d be very valuable player for years to come. 3 & D stretch 4 that can defend the perimeter. that’s no joke in the modern nba.

    i want to see this lineup starting the summer league playoffs: pinson/caris/dawson/yuta/allen…

  424. That’s more on the tough situation he was in than anything else. When you are put between a rock and a hard place like Lin was, you can’t give amo to haters…especially when he’s a coach and GM that has it out for you.

    Do you remember the famous Lin hater Mchale who did a radio interview after they just beat OKC? “Jeremy, we’re trying to win here” accusing Lin of hogging the ball, taking too many shots and making 10 turnovers.

    Lin had to tread such a fine line between efficiency and feeding teammates that he was given very little room to maneuver. It’s so amazing how Lin survived Houston with the triple threat of hater media, coach and GM.



    Good times. This was the game, win over the defending champs, that convinced me Lin was NOT a fluke.
    That Mavs team would be considered OLD by today’s standards. Marion, Nowitzki, Vince Carter, Kidd, Jason Terry.

    Peter Diepenbrock, looking much younger, was interviewed before the half. Don’t recall that at all.

    Also interviewed Lin at half. Already very smart BBIQ. JR Smith’s first game back from China. LOL.

    Hubie Brown on transition dunk by Tyson, “when you have an unselfish point guard, it’s contagious….”

    Have not ever seen a replay of the full game. Just highlights. The third quarter was pretty horrendous, turnovers and bad shots galore. LOL. Yup, Lin took a few bad shots too.

    But his court vision and court awareness was there from the start. That was a great team win. Literally everybody contributed. Amare, Tyson, Landry, Shump, JR, especially Novak with the 3’s and Jared Jeffries with the defense and the rebounds.

  426. Phoenix is a mess. Wouldn’t want anyone to go there. EVen Khuang knows that.

  427. Pinson, Dawson, YW, sounds good.

    Personally, I don’t think Caris & JAllen should play. Don’t want to risk injury. And I think they would be playing down to the other guys’ levels. Waste of time?

    How about Tyler Davis and Kamari Murphy instead?

  428. I missed Jared Jeffries most. The closest resemblance in Nets is RHJ. Just hope Nets can find someone like him. He is a major ingredient of Linearity. Lin praised him a lot.

  429. The dark side of James Harden is heard from McHale now.

  430. Neil Olshey, Blazers GM, was interviewed about why they let Ed go. According to Olshey, in the playoffs, the Blazers ran into floor spacing problems due to a well-prepared New Orleans defense. Olshey thinks that Davis contributed to that problem as his offensive game is fairly limited.

    So, the question would be, GIVEN KENNY’s SYSTEM, wouldn’t the Nets face the same problem?

    My answer would be. Based on Lin & Ed’s PnR play in LA, Ed’s game is not the kind that clogs up the lane, no post up back-to-the-basket ala Dwight Howard, or even Brook Lopez. He sets great screens, and by rolling hard, forces the defense to make a decision. IMO, that will actually open up the driving lane.

    I don’t think I believe Olshey. He just couldn’t pay Ed, something to do with how the Blazers cap and luxury tax was set up.

    And don’t get me started on Lillard and his heart-break. Okay, it’s nice that he gave props to Ed. But it’s guys like Lillard and Melo and Harden and CPaul, who demand the max contracts, that causes teams to mess up their caps, and can’t afford to pay for better and talented teammates to help them win. And then whine that they don’t have help. Give me a break.



  431. After 3 games. YW lots of positives, especially on defense. Offensively, he’s having trouble finishing at the rim. Maybe gaining strength will help. But those 3 pointers looked good, if stay consistent.

    I have a similar take as well. Yeah, too bad about the roster changes. Poor JAllen, after having started in the Big League, he looked out of place having to play down to his teammates. Instead of being challenged to play “up” to better competition.

    The funny thing is, I’m taking back what I said about Dawson as a ball hog. Well, at least on a couple of plays. One, where he was open, but passed to YW, who was WIDE open at the corner. Splash. And then, another time, in transition, 2 v 1, he passed ahead to YW, instead of taking it himself. Two very nice plays. So, there is hope that Dawson can get better as a “team” player.

  432. I think so too. The whole team was probably told “if you’re open, shoot it”. YW took open shots. Good to see him making them last night. Problem was the guards and wings also took contested bad shots. Oh well.

    Yeah, noticed that YW has been going under screens too. He’s long and quick to recover even when going under screens. You’re right. With the really good shooters, it won’t be enough. But, it’s also up to the coaches to talk about match-ups and when to go over or under.

    Your last paragraph – “People used call out Lin for helping too much but I never accepted that as a bad thing. What’s bad is when you help and no one else is either. That’s on the system and no the player. Offence always has the advantage. You need numbers to stop opponents from target your weaknesses. It takes awareness of what veryine else is doing so you can fill the space as needed. It takes spacial awareness and it’s a special skill that comes from desire to zone out opponents…..” TOTALLY AGREE. It’s all about TEAM defense. Switching or rotating over, but must be “on a string”, must communicate and help.

  433. HaHa. One of the twitter comments was “don’t give him credit, give him a contract”. Good one.


  434. Yeah, that was actually pretty funny. The two of them calling each other out and throwing each other under the bus. But as usual, the lame media didn’t really make too much out of that story.

  435. STOP! Stop with the “mentally weak”. Surprised you would say this.

    He’s not a pure shooter. Some nights, he doesn’t have it. Instead, he has many other ways to contribute and try to win. Such as setting up teammates instead. He’s not a ball hog. That’s a good thing.

    But if his scoring is needed, he will turn it on. Attacking the basket, drawing fouls. Mr. 4th quarter, remember?

    Lin’s not perfect. But “mentally weak” HE’S NOT!!!

  436. McFail. Can I say that now that the guy’s out of coaching?

    All good points!!!

  437. If have time, will try to look for a video of his speech.

    Having survived the transition to playing in the NBA, and getting recognition for how good he was, but ultimately unable to get a championship. It was still quite an accomplishment.

    I wonder which achievement he’s more proud of? Getting his degree? Or getting into Basketball Hall of Fame? Or both, just different.

  438. Wikipedia:
    “in Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive……..messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses…..whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.”

    That’s what Nets Income is. A troll. Why go to Nets Daily? Why give him the satisfaction of more clicks?

    I know you have been a fervent defender of Lin for a long time. Your efforts should be commended. But at some point, just gotta let some of it go. It’s sports and entertainment. NOT WORTH your time and aggrevation.

  439. LOL He will have a contract soon.

  440. Okay, got it. Thanks.

    Agree. Defense isn’t “glamourous”. It takes hard work and effort. YW having that mindset, and having been recognized for it, is a good sign that he will continue with that effort.

    I wouldn’t want any Net to play dirty, like Draymond does sometimes. But I think I know what you mean. Nets definitely could use a tough “enforcer”. Acy had a little bit of that. Ed Davis has some of that. Maybe YW can add that too.

    I don’t have the stats at the moment, but I seem to recall when RHJ (and LeVert) was out last season, that the Nets had a tougher time defending and rebounding? Can he do better? For sure.

    Per Brian Lewis on 3-10-2018, quoting Kenny ” Huge. They were both outstanding on both sides of the ball….They were both really good, you could argue the difference-makers,” Atkinson said. “……And Rondae just helps our defense so much. We’re so much better with him on the floor. Big, big contribution from those two guys.”

    So, Kenny seems good with RHJ’s defense. But, RHJ, at only 6’7″, is being asked to play the 4 and guard guys bigger than him. I don’t know why Kenny insists on playing him at the 4. IMO, being undersized is not being fair to RHJ. YW is 6’9″, maybe will be a better candidate?

  441. that was cool!…thanks for sharing

  442. Heads up. Summer League Playoffs start. The next game for the Nets will be tomorrow July 11th, at 6 PM ET, on ESPN2.

    Playing the Rockets. Ugh. (But will get a look at Zhou Qi.)


  443. haha .. credit before a contract lol

  444. That the GM Olshey talked Ed Davis into accepting Nets offer is incredible. It’s a gift from heaven for Nets. That he saw Ed Davis’s limitation on offense does not include his PnR play. Lin can surely use Big Ed’s PnR to penetrate defense of opposition. Big Ed does not shoot from downtown. He doesn’t have to in Brooklyn. Last year his FT% hits almost all time high 67%. He can shoot 3 if he’s left alone and the coach wants him to.

    Kenny will be the type of coach that lifts up Big Ed to a new dimension. Give him the freedom to expand his game.

    It’s not a steal from Portland; it’s a gift. Ed Davis is from North Carolina in college. He’s very solid in his fundamentals. He has to play for Lakers at veteran’s minimum. Just what I think! NBA is at fault. The star making process is sick and talents often was trashed.

    Nets is the team for you, Big Ed. Hope that both Lin and Big Ed will be given a long contract after this season. Those superstars really hurt the building of team culture. Lin and Ed will be solid pieces in building a dynasty of an international team. Cross your fingers and receive God’s blessing from heaven.

  445. It takes one to know the other. They are all alike.

  446. Amen, brother.

    Nets fans are about to witness a special Lin delivery to Davis like Lin fans know it well.
    “Jeremy Lin dishes to Ed Davis for the finish”

  447. Three dimensional offense. How many players that Lin and Davis have drawn? If you put 3 point snipers like Harris, DeMarre, and Allen Crabbe around the perimeter, the result must be very interesting.

    I figure Lin has had his 3 year $36M and ED Davis has his 3 year $20M contracts. They probably have had their pay days for their satisfaction. They are now looking for something special in their career beyond money; something to remember with and playing the game the right way. They are those you should build the team with.

    So know Nets is a team of solid pieces with the exception of D’Angelo Russell who, up to now, is just a chucker padding his stats more than leading to wins for the team; fancy but failed at big time, the 4th quarter. How many good 4th quarters that he has had; not many.

    Lin thrives in pressure, and has had played specially well in 4th Q.

  448. Parsons only looked good because of Lin who siphoned defenders away from him while accentuating his slashing skills.

    He also benefited from the “anyone but Lin” agenda with M&M.

  449. Top thread on NBA Reddit right now:


    Lots of fans remember fondly of Linsanity and support for Lin in the comments.

    Honestly LINsanity was probably the best thing that happened during his tenure. The most fun I had watching the knicks. Too bad it was short lived because someone got a little jealous but you know, STAY ME7O.

    Watching Lin put up ~40 points against the Kobe Pau Bynum Lakers was pure magic. I will never forget the atmosphere in the Garden that day – makes me so excited for what the Knicks can be again soon.

    Linsanity overall was one of the purest sports moments I’ve ever witnessed. The underdog story was just cool as hell and it was so much fun to see him continue to succeed. I’ll never forget my buddy coming home after class one night and wildly exclaiming, “HE DID IT AGAIN!” and us just being able to share this pure joy and amazement in watching this dude ball out.

    Same here, not a Knicks fan at all but I was rooting for them hard in that month! That come from behind game vs the Raptors in Toronto where he hit the game winning three and the entire arena erupted was straight out of a movie. Still gives me chills!

  450. Sure, Net Income, you just happen to “forgot” Lin and Ed played together when multiple Lin fans have commented on NetsDaily and on Twitter about their connection multiple times. You didn’t forget, you ignored.


  451. You can tell why Nets players, especially Lin, likes Joey Buckets so much. He’s intelligent, humble, and hungry to keep improving. Glad Marks rewarded his hard work. Nets gave this dude a 2nd chance in the NBA when no other team would and Harris has succeeded beyond expectations.


  452. It’s true that Parsons thrived with his slashing as a secondary option similar to Batum did in Portland. They needed a playmaker so their skills can be used to the fullest.

    And he did play a lot of politics.

  453. Net Income wrote another puff piece for DLo, trying to make excuses for him as always, and trying to compare DLo to Devin Booker (and Booker’s ridiculous $158M contract extension). I’m guessing one of Net Income’s “sources” is DLo’s agent. In return for (bad) information, he has to constantly push DLo onto the Nets fanbase and defend him at all costs.

    Funny how one of their oldest users who actually got the name BrooklynNets (he’s been posting on SBNation/NetsDaily since 2010) is having none of NI’s BS…


  454. No one can erase the magic and thrill of Linsanity…not Dolan, not Morey, not the league. The records still stands to the testimont of time. All the anti Lin propaganda can not ever erase that real life script that could never be just written because. no one could believe it.

    When Kobe said that somebody screwed up to not see this talent is exactly the reason his story means so much to all Asians….no, to all underdogs that’s never been given a chance. We’ve all been there because we toil In silence while everyone else passes us by. Linsanity is about one shining moment when we all shouted out, see “I coulda been a contender too”! It’s a universal story that touches everyone.

  455. Another long-time NetsDaily user (account also created back in 2010) by the name of A.S. also sees through DLo’d garbage stats.


  456. All true. I like that you point out beyond what he is for Asians, he’s that for underdogs of any type.

    Also, it was one of the most magical runs in MSG history.

  457. QFoS:

    “The biggest element Lin has brought is his ability to elevate his game in clutch moments, in the fourth quarter, while simultaneously “assisting” those around him.”







    LOL, at least we know he was actually watching the Nets games that season, because, honestly, that encapsulates what Lin has always been able to contribute to a team. Very well said, indeed!!!

    (And IIRC, machine learning / big [bad?] data / modern probability based basketball be d*amned, Sixers were going to get swept by Celtics until Brett Brown went old school and inserted T. J. McConnell into starting lineup in Game 4 along with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid)

  458. LMAO not sure where this guy got his info from:


    Oklahoma City looking to get something for Carmelo Anthony and talking to Brooklyn about a deal, with Jeremy Lin potentially going to OKC, per sources. Nets looking to get pick(s). Want to move Lin and would buy out Melo.

  459. wonder what kind of software you use to create this gif? Can you do it from Youtube vids?


  460. I don’t mind this trade if, a big if, he will start at pg and move Russ to sg. At least will advance to 2nd round and a 4th seed. Russ should know enough for what Lin can do, haha.

  461. Melo’s agent? lol

  462. In this case, I found the GIF on google but had to resize it < 5MB so Disqus can show it.

    But there's a lot of Youtube2GIF software available. If you google it, you can find it easily.

  463. Most likely. There’s no way this goes down. The money doesn’t work out or make sense, and Marks’ FO never leaks.

    Melo’s contract is $28M, Lin’s is $12.5M. Nets do not even have $15.5M to buy out Melo’s contract. OKC doesn’t have any assets they can give to Nets for Lin and to take Melo’s ridiculous contract off their hands.

    Definitely sounds like something Melo’s agent or crew would make up and leak it to some no name SiriusXM radio guy.

  464. I agree Marks will not leak any news to reporters. Most likely from agent or team try hard to sell Melo….

  465. This guy isn’t even a reporter or sports “journalist.” He’s a radio guy. Fake news.

  466. There’s a drum beat of Nets looking to move Lin coming from NY journalists (I don’t find them particularly Lin-friendly). I hope it isn’t true. Seems Marks isn’t suggesting that and Lin doesn’t seem to think that’s in the cards either. But you never know.

  467. I hope there is nothing to it. Lin having to be on Westbrook’s team would be hard to stomach. I don’t care for Westbrook.

  468. Im not sure if they (OKC) are hard capped and if so, what does that affect the trade. Nets have 10M cap space so I think, could be wrong, that Lin + Whitehead (non-guaranteed) + 10M cap space may be able to do it.

    But still, it will be very odd esp. they signed Ed Davis who I believe was strongly recommended by Lin and Ed prolly looks forward to playing with Lin. Will Ed signs that room exception contract if he knows Lin is going to be traded. I doubt it.

  469. isn’t that you mention you would like Lin to ease into the Nets line up? and that he could sign for a contending team after the season? Then, it may be better for him to ease into OKC line up who will be def a playoff team and showcase his impact to help them to advance to the WC final?

    That’s how other contending team will want you just like when he helped the Hornets to win 3 playoff games in a row. He has no future with the Nets imo.

  470. Zhou Qi vs. Wantanbe going on right now. ESPN2

  471. If Lin gets to play at least 20 MPG, I would love this move.

  472. @NYPost_Lewis
    A Carmelo Anthony-Jeremy Lin swap is being talked about. But @jlin7 doesn’t think it’s likely. #Nets https://nyp.st/2uebC8o

    LAS VEGAS — After The Post reported last month the Nets had quietly fielded calls about trading Jeremy Lin this offseason, now comes a report linking him with a deal for Carmelo Anthony and draft picks.

    Lin — who hasn’t played since rupturing his patellar tendon on opening night last season — has since been linked to Orlando and Phoenix; now add Oklahoma City to an ever-growing list of potential landing spots.

    Lin and Anthony were Knicks teammates during the days of Linsanity. Now, according to SiriusXMNBA Radio host Mitch Lawrence, the Nets are talking to the Thunder about trading Lin for much-needed draft picks and the aging Anthony, whom they would then buy out.

    Neither the Nets nor Anthony’s agent returned phone calls or texts.

    It should be noted: 1) the Nets would have to do some other fiscal gymnastics to even make the deal work; 2) the Thunder are said to be looking to move Anthony and take back the least salary possible; and 3) the Nets can’t get a Thunder pick before 2021.

    Both Nets general manager Sean Marks and Thunder boss Sam Presti are Spurs disciples, thus highly detail-oriented. That means plenty of calls before any moves are made; this could just be one of many.

    For his part, Lin didn’t feel any deal was imminent. He had said this week that if any trade talks were real and substantive, Marks or coach Kenny Atkinson would let him know. And as of Wednesday, Lin said he hadn’t heard from either. As a matter of fact, the only call he had received was from his agent, Jim Tanner, saying nothing was brewing.

    “I didn’t [get a call]. My agent called me just to clarify,” Lin said. “But no, I don’t think there’s any. I don’t think that has any truth to it.”

    Lin opted into the final $12.5 million season on his three-year deal, and has a 10 percent trade kicker, while Anthony is making $27.9 million on his expiring deal. With the Nets just about $10.5 million under the cap, the trade wouldn’t work unless Brooklyn sent back other pieces the Thunder might be loath to take.

    Another issue is that the Thunder traded away their 2019 first-round pick, and therefore can’t give Brooklyn their 2020 selection either.

  473. I would never, ever want Lin on the same team as Westbrook. I don’t like his character on or off the court. And I wouldn’t want to see Lin subjected to yet another ball-hogging, guard “superstar.” OKC is one of the last teams I’d want to see Lin on. And RWB switching his position and Lin starting as PG is not in the realm of possibilities.

  474. Why would Nets want Melo, a selfish team culture killer? As if DLo chukker is not enough.

    This doesn’t make sense unless Nets wants a total different culture than they have been building for 2+ years.

    No, no. This is another CAA sauces.

  475. Is it a coincidence that roughly 6 hours after that top-voted thread about D’Antoni calling out Melo and comments section supporting Lin and fondly remembering Linsanity, blaming Melo for ruining that great Knicks team, that the Lin trade rumor came out to a NY-based radio host most people have never heard about before?

    FYI NBA players, agents, and media actually reads that subreddit on a regular basis.

    Like psalm guessed, this was most likely Melo’s camp and/or CAA (Melo’s agent) hitting back against Lin and the support of basketball fans for Lin. The deal never made any sense, except to those Lin haters who are desperate for Lin to leave Brooklyn. There are even people who are prepared to sacrifice DLo, if it means there’s a small chance Nets can acquire both Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving next year… or 2 other superstars.

  476. Why wouldn’t anyone think Melo is tradable? He was a flop last season and was sent packing from the Knicks. No GM would take on that bloated contract for a bench player…which is what Houston offered him.

    Lin was just seen with the future owners famil courtside. No GM would dare to trade Lin away now. Lin is pretty much untouchable at this point because he’s got the owner and coach on his side. if Marks cares about his job security, he’d better think twice about moving Lin.

    Melo was untouchable when Dolan had his back. It’s high time an Asian gets that type of treatment as well. Lin deserves it.

    The only remote reason Marks May move Lin is eventually, Lin could be his boss when he retires. Lin’s smart, got great bball IQ, has a Harvard degree and understands the game inside out.

  477. That Net Income DLo fluff piece flopped real hard. This Lin fan completely demolished Net Income & DLo fanboys with facts and stats:


    One of their most vocal Lin haters is worried about the turn against DLo from long-time Nets fans:


  478. However, this may be Lebron and Melo’s way of delivering a message to Tsai: “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.”

  479. Jeremy watching Summer League basketball with Roger Tsu, coach of the Fubon Braves (Joe Lin’s team).

  480. it’s because the nets have 50-70 mil in cap space next year. only dlo stans still perpetuate the hype. real fans look past him and dream of kawhi, klay, kyrie, etc…

  481. Marcus Smart has met with the Nets. Isn’t he a 2-guard?

  482. Lin is going back to Asia…


    The trips to California and Las Vegas are just part of Lin’s summer itinerary. After this week he’s headed back to California on the way to another trip to Asia. He’s previously made that a single, lengthy summer excursion, but this year he’s split things into separate legs, and he’s already taken the first.

    “The first trip I went to Taiwan, I went to China, I stopped into Taipei and Beijing and Shanghai and Hong Kong,” said Lin. “I spent the most time in Taiwan, doing a lot of stuff. So this next trip is mostly China.”

    Lin is looking forward to welcoming a new teammate who he believes fits right into to the tight culture the Nets have developed. Most Nets know Ed Davis by reputation only. But Lin was teammates with the center in Los Angeles in 2014-15 with the Lakers. He’s a huge fan of the move by GM Sean Marks to acquire Davis after three seasons in Portland.

    “I’m biased. I played with him and have always said that he’s one of my favorite pick-and-roll players to play with that I’ve ever had,” said Lin. “I was talking to Kenny about Ed right when I signed. I was like, ‘Hey, we should go get this guy.’ I’m very happy to have him on board. I think he does a great job of doing his job. He’s a great teammate. He’s a really smart player. He knows where to be and he’s there at the right time. Appreciated that. I can’t wait to play with him.”

    There it is. Lin said he spoke to Kenny about getting Ed Davis on the team.

  483. He didn’t meet with Nets. It was a picture that didn’t look like Smart, speaking with Sean Marks. Plus, Boston has made it clear their biggest goal is to get Smart back.

    Yes, Smart is a SG who can’t shoot. Doesn’t even fit on the Nets. They’ve already got a crappier and much, much cheaper version of Smart in Whitehead and he might not come back.

  484. smart is a RFA and we only have 10mil in cap space. the chance of him being on the nets is 0.0000%

    the chance of ABJ’s looking for any angle to get rid of lin is 1×10^(infinity)%…

  485. I got the info from RealGM wire:

    The Boston Celtics have received interest on sign-and-trade scenarios for Marcus Smart from the Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets.

    Smart has already met with the Nets.

    The Celtics have had zero communication with Smart. A source close to Smart says he’s been “unresponsive” because he is “insulted by what he feels is a lack of respect by front office.”

    Smart has a limited restricted free agent market with teams lacking cap space and the Celtics widely expected to match any reasonable offer.


  486. Do you believe RealGM/Yahoo Sports or do you believe Danny Ainge, Boston’s GM?


  487. AND from Nets Official Website. Real confirmation. SWEET!!!

    Especially since Greg Logan was the only reporter that even mentioned Lin & Davis were teammates with the Lakers.

  488. No worries. If the Nets didn’t want Dwight Howard, they’re not going to want Melo. At worst, maybe a buyout and eject of Melo.

  489. Slow news day, so let’s create some drama. LOL.

  490. Poor Lin. Having to deal with this nonsense.

  491. I couldn’t believe he just took off like that. What a dunk!!!

    There were a few bad lob attempts this game. Need to learn from Lin. 🙂

  492. LOVE HARRIS. Perfect fit for the Nets and Kenny’s system.

    I originally thought too bad for Harris that it was only for 2 years. But, in hindsight, considering the lack of money for free agents this summer, this was a good deal for him.

    Really glad Sean Marks got this done.

  493. Nets lost again tonight. 0 for 4 in SL.

    Good sign that the Nets like him. They started Watanabe tonight. And again, played a lot of minutes. But only got 5 FGA today. Was 0 for 2 from 3 but made a nice mid-range jumper. Couple of great passes, showing court awareness, but teammates couldn’t convert. Also, 7 rebounds and only 1 turnover. The Nets had TWENTY-SIX as a team. Yikes!

    Very active on defense, always makes effort to run back, contesting every shot. Stuff that doesn’t show up on stat sheet.

    JAllen had good game. Had a double-double and a tremendous dunk. But I fail to see how playing these games do anything for his development.

    They’re not getting into the playoffs. But will be one more game vs Wizards on Friday night, at 6 PM, ET.

    Watanabe plays (not just highlights) from tonight.

  494. More pics of Lin and teammates at Summer League from tonight. Lin, the fashion icon with tank top and slide sandals. LOL. (But notice he is still wearing sleeve on his right knee/leg.)




  495. Devin Booker just signed a 5 year max extension for $158 million, to start with the 2019 season. He will be 22 years old. Scores lots of points, but haven’t helped the Suns to anything, no winning seasons. (Have to admit I don’t know if the Suns were tanking or not.) But that’s the NBA. A few players get all the big bucks and blow up the teams’ caps, leaving all the other so-called “role players” getting the scraps.

    Booker and DRussell are supposed to be very close friends. This has to affect DR in some way.

    DR is also eligible for an extension next year. I wonder which DR will show up to play. Will it be to buy in and pass the ball and help the team win, to make Kenny & Sean Marks happy? Or will it be to stuff the stats and “get his”, if not from the Nets, then from another team?

  496. Ainge.

  497. Before he takes off for China, looks like JLin will be back in Palo Alto for his International Basketball Camp.

    And Dinwiddie will be joining Lin in Guangzhou this year.


  498. FYI, Lin donating signed shoes to help Fortius Foundation raise funds. 4 more days to go to make bids.


  499. If JLin lobbied Coach Kenny back in 2016, and finally GM Sean Marks helped to acquire Ed Davis, I guess his voice is quite influential to shape the roster 🙂


  500. Thanks for highlighting this article. A Nets staff writer wouldn’t be getting the green light to write something like this if Jeremy were on his way out the door; quite apart from the fact that he’s still so involved in his rehab (e.g. “We don’t try to put dates on it because there’s no rush back. … “).

  501. The Suns are a mess. They will be the next Sixers with perennial tanking for 5 years. When owners allow themselves to let “so call experts” call the shots, all you’ll get is the prescribe 3 star system.

    The Warriors got to the winning formula by building culture. They did it slowly by getting rid of high usage chuckers to develop Curry and Klay. They then got a key player in the draft with Draymon Green. They won with that culture and it’s because they took it slow and careful that others took notice. Durant chose GSW to win a ring, so will others. They didn’t take shortcuts.

    Too often people look at the effect but not the cause. They see 3 stars in GSW and try to just buy their way into it. What will happen is they’ll get selfish chuckers who aren’t there to win, just like OKC.

  502. FGA
    14.0 11.0 10.8 10.6 10.5 10.4 9.8 8.0 6.3 5.5 5.2
    DLo, Crabbe, DeMarre, RHJ, Dinwiddie, LeVert, Nik, Harris, Cunningham, Jarrett Allen, Acy
    DLo is the highest.

    9.2 13.6 15.3 16.0 16.2 18.0 18.7 21.3 21.5 22.6 30.6
    Cunningham, Acy, Allen, Harris, Nik, Crabbe, DeMarre, RHJ, Dinwiddie, LeVert, DLo
    DLo is the highest in USG% lowest in TS% True Shooting %

    63.6 63.4 55.8 55.5 54.8 54.3 53.9 52.7 52.5 52.5 50.9
    Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris, Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, RHJ, Nik, Cunningham, Spencer Dinwiddie, Quincy Acy, Caris LeVert, D’Angelo Russell
    DLo has the lowest TS%

    2.41 1.71 -0.45 -0.54 -0.96 -1.79 -1.82 -1.82 -2.07 -2.49 -2.96
    Dinwiddie, DeMarre, Crabbe. Harris, RHJ, Cunningham, Acy, Jarrett Allen, LeVert, DLo, Nik
    DLo is the next to lowest in RPM

    8.2 12.3 13.4 13.8 14.3 15.3 15.9 16.9 17.6
    Acy, Crabbe, Joe Harris, Cunningham, LeVert, DLo, Dinwiddie, RHJ, Jarrett Allen.

  503. #Nets’ writer TOM DOWD: The Nets have been notable for their offseason camaraderie.
    Check out squad @JLin7 @DeMarreCarroll1 @SDinwiddie_25 @isaiahwhitehead Joe Harris, @allencrabbe @CarisLeVert @Dloading gathering to supporting #NetsSummerLeague young guys. 🎥Carroll’s Weibo

  504. it would be worse than lin and harden

  505. I like to see Lin to play with Din. on the court.

  506. This is a great sign that they want to win now more than prove a point about the system, a sign of maturing.

  507. It’s a bad move for the Suns.

    They should not rush to re-sign Booker.

    Kristaps Porzingis played better than Booker and helped the team with more WINS, but the Knicks can wait until next summer.

  508. Dzanan Musa has signed a 4-year deal with the Nets.

    “Based on the rookie scale, which has a degree of flexibility, Musa’s four-year deal likely starts at $1.63 million and totals $9.15 million, but only the first two years are guaranteed.”

  509. Harris has yet to earn his all star badge. Even though his stats and playing supports it, it’s wise to wait until he gains more recognition for a bigger payout.

  510. Lin hater Isaiah Thomas finally signed with Denver Nuggets for vet’s minimum…


    This is what injuries can do to someone’s career. Lin is blessed he got that 3-year, player option contract because he’d most likely be out of the league this year or getting the same bottom of the barrel deal that IT just got. Teams don’t want to pay for players with an injury history, especially at an older age, even if they’ve proven they can be really valuable and productive when healthy.

  511. I guess Sean Marks isn’t about culture or respect for players afterall…


  512. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Very very very very very very very Sad? Disappointed? No words.

    I’m not taking any comfort from this. But I knew no front office can be trusted. To not get too excited until actions speak louder than words.

    OMG, to separate JLin from Kenny, Ed Davis, and from Joe Tsai.

    What was so promising…..if not for the injuries….


    My fear is that the Hawks will release him and he won’t have a home.

    I can imagine all the haters on the blogs cheering for getting rid of Lin and the Lin fans.


  513. Pretty cold for Marks to dump Lin like this, without notifying Lin or his agent the day prior.

    Oh, Whitehead also got dumped…


  514. I have the same fear that he may be waived by Atlanta too.

    I am heart-broken. I was planning to see his games in Brooklyn in October. 🙁

  515. Simply awful. UGH UGH UGH!

    The Hawks? Dennis Schroder? Bazemore? A new coach?

    Will they even keep Lin?

  516. This is what happens when an aging player gets injured multiple times. Isaiah Thomas gets a veteran’s minimum 1-year deal. Lin gets traded without getting notified, when Sean Marks promised he’d tell Lin or his agent if he was being moved. NBA is cutthroat and ruthless.

    No loyalty, no respect. You get used and dumped if you’re at all a question mark in the health department. NBA GMs are cold and heartless. “It’s a business” is just an excuse they use for being ruthless.

  517. I am in shock. Beyond words.

    Lin was denying the trade rumor just yesterday!

  518. Sean Marks is cold. All his talk about building culture, respecting players, was all BS. I knew he was ruthless when he traded Brook Lopez last year, but now, I see he’s also a liar.


  519. Hope this is true – then Lin would replace Dennis Schroder in the lineup.

    I am still in shock. Unbelievable!

  520. wow

  521. Yes, heart-broken. That’s the word I was looking for.

    And fearful. Fearful that this will be the end of his NBA journey. HOPE HOPE HOPE NOT.

  522. Like you said – no respect, no loyalty. It is a cold, cutthroat, ruthless business.

  523. I was hoping he would play in NY until he hangs up his basketball shoes! 🙁

  524. man i hope he gets playing time and sticks it to the nets..ugh!!

  525. who is the new coach?

  526. Hopefully Jeremy and his agent petition to get bought out of ATL.

    If the Hawks’ plan is for him to be the backup PG to Trae Young and Lin only gets 20-25 MPG, he’ll be on the bench for the rest of his career. It’ll basically be another Lakers season, but this time, Jeremy doesn’t have the luxury of punting this year to take another “Charlotte-esque rebuilding reputation campaign” next season. He’s too old, and needs to go to a team where he can show his worth.

    I’d like to see him get bought out and land on the Pelicans, who both have a need for playmaker now that they lost Rondo, and who also courted him a few seasons ago during his Free Agency.

    Have a sinking feeling he’s just going to stay in ATL for the entire year though… He should really fight to get bought out though. Pelicans and Magic would be options for him if he does. Even 6th man for OKC wouldn’t be that bad. All of these are much better options than a potential backup PG on a tanking team. Please lobby for that buyout man. Otherwise, this upcoming season might be really depressing as a fan…

  527. I know. That’s why I hate the NBA. Only watch because of Lin.

  528. Problem is, Atlanta might not agree to the buyout. I agree that getting bought out and playing for a contender on a vet’s minimum is Lin’s best move.

    This is all happening when Lin is preparing to go to China again. He really needs to cancel his trip and get this handled. I know he has contractual and business obligations in China, but this is too important to leave unresolved.

  529. I’m sick to my stomach. I hope Marks gets fired the same way Lin was fired. I’m taking a long hiatus from the NBA. It’s just sickening how much garbage gets passed as winning.

    Honestly, is the league worth saving? Is Lin’s trials and tribulations worth wasting a life’s precious youth for? Is it worth my own time?

  530. assume he gets many millions from Adidas for these trips though.
    plus he does sharing and helps children of poverty

  531. YUP. Always hated how the NBA works. Players are not treated as people. They are treated as property.

    I wonder if even Kenny Atkinson knew. Lin said he was texting with Kenny.

  532. I am in shock still that Lin is let go like this! No advance warning to him at all from the management.

  533. I guess that’s somewhat of a relief.

    But again, I wouldn’t trust anything. JLin is still coming back from injury. The Hawks can’t possibly know if he will be able to play. They were one of the few teams with cap space to take on salary. I don’t know if he will be considered a “salary dump”.

    Sorry to be so negative. But this is the BIGGEST bummer without equal since I started following Lin.

  534. Can’t agree more.. I’m still disbelief! Didn’t see this coming. JLin talked about this and his teammates yesterday and now this. If not for JLin, I wouldn’t even care much about NBA!

  535. I hope this one time, I won’t be banned. But, really, **** Sean Marks.

    I wonder if Joe Tsai even knew.

  536. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  537. arggg! really wanted to see ed davis and lin alleyhoop!

  538. #quitthenba

  539. Well, at least the racists and haters in Brooklyn / NYC can finally be rid of Lin and Lin fans. They get their wish. First Brook, now Lin. I don’t think I have much reason to watch or root for Nets anymore. I barely watched NBA last year and might not watch this year, because I live in NY and can only get Knicks and Nets on my TV. What a disaster.

  540. same thing will happen in atl..its even more ghetto i believe lol

  541. Lloyd Pierce. Never head coach before. Used to be assistant on 76ers.

    Hawks are probably tanking.

  542. sigh…

  543. he’d probably get less…10-15 if any..

  544. Injuries killed Jeremy’s career in Brooklyn. Just hope he comes back strong and ready to ball.

    Hawks are looking to trade Schroder, and Trae Young may struggle mightily (at least his first season), so the opportunity is there. And at least he won’t have to watch D-Lo hog the ball and jack up bad jumpers.

    Nets are really flailing. No star prospects, no positive culture, and 2019 is already seen as an all-time weak draft class. No free agents will even consider such a cellar-dweller. Brooklyn fans better prepare for a 3 or 4 year tank job…that’s the best case scenario.

  545. Any shoe deals are going to be disappearing if he can’t get on an NBA court again. Health or politics.

    And his platform and resources to help will be severely impacted.

    Like Lin said in his testimony, can’t believe that God gave him Linsanity, but now what? Hope his faith will carry him through.

  546. don’t despair. New chapter for Jeremy. going to check out Atlanta’s team now. Move on to the next team.

  547. Guess Nets really believe DLo can carry them. We shall see. Good luck Marks, KA and Tsai.

  548. not really. they are not extending his contract

  549. very true

  550. I hope the atlanta hawks makes the playoff.

  551. The Hawks are tanking. Even Lin plays well, they will hold him back or trade him.

  552. Lin being traded is not a surprise as I have mentioned I will not be disappointed if he is traded to OKC but to the Hawks? Can’t understand why Hawks wanted him even if they plan to trade Schroder. Most likely they are going to tank. Sean Marks is really cold blooded.

    And don’t forget guys, a Lin hater in Atlanta, the great Dominic Wilkins.

    Yeah, I really hope Lin can force a buy-out to join the Pelican or Orlando Magic. Or fake the physical, SMFH.

  553. Thanks for the positivity!

    I need it. 🙁

  554. that is true about Dominic. forgot about he mistreated jeremy before. We shall see. To be honest i kinda wanted him to be traded. this motion offense is boring as hell.

  555. The Donminic human highlight film Wilkin is still there i believe.

  556. only player i know is good is kent bazemore

  557. Yeah, was just reading the article when the Lin trade hit. Couldn’t care less now.


  558. Is Hawk in tanking mode?

  559. me 2, I have never liked the Nets after the first few games in the first season with them.

  560. maybe. Jeremy might just go crazy and lead the team to playoff

  561. Rebuilding / tanking. Yes. One of the worst franchise in the NBA.

  562. like what sean said don’t bet against jeremy

  563. I know it’s sarcasm, but still, not for Marks. Another team to cheer AGAINST. Sigh.

    Feel bad for Kenny and Joe. Pretty sure they had no say in this. Could be they were just as shocked.

  564. just like the nets

  565. I hope orlando will take him

  566. look at Hawk’s roster, they are worst than the Nets. Bottom 2 if not 1. Awful.

  567. bottom 2 or 1 doesn’t really matter they are both bad hehe

  568. I was rooting for the Nets last year, just as a filler to keep up with what’s happening with Lin’s team.

    Watched all 82 games (not live, mostly on League Pass). Wasted my time.

  569. If I were Joe, I fire Sean Marks right now. Don’t care what people say.

  570. Can’t ****ing believe this.

    Wonder if they lied to Ed Davis too, to get him to sign.


  571. schroder why is he getting traded?

  572. They are not extending now, but maybe later. All the talk about character.

  573. he wanted to leave.

  574. SIGH…..Thought Lin finally found a home…..And that we finally found a home as Lin only Fans.

    Trying to stay positive. Not working. Cursing Marks…..

  575. someone was saying that he’s going to jail

  576. There is no way that could happen if the FO wants to tank. Remember Lakers?

  577. it seems Hawks really wanted Lin and prepare to trade Schroder. Otherwise, they have no incentive to trade for Lin esp. if they intend to tank.

  578. i hope so. looks like a back up role

  579. No, if they are in the rebuilding mode, they could be careless whom they got.

  580. As long as he gets a chance, go ahead. They may start Lin in order to tank while selling tickets (they have a well-known attendance problem). GOOD. Let them play Lin to “tank.”

  581. the point is they have no incentive, no additional picks, no nothing.

  582. just business nothing personal

  583. there’s no such thing as culture, loyalty, friendship

  584. unless they are playing well.

  585. Disagreed. Marks must have told Tsai and KA about this. There is no way he did not consult Tsai if he wants to have another contract from Nets after this one.

  586. He’s not quite good enough to build around and he has attitude issues on and off court. I think they want to trade him for a lottery pick and rebuild. Trae Young is their future PG and Lin is their veteran insurance if Young struggles his first year, which he may.

  587. it’s his life. it’s not meant to be. We shall see. Chinese player just unlucky, look at ding didn’t even get to play in summer league

  588. don’t forget Tsai is a business man

  589. Melo in NY and freak Injuries in BKN. Terrible luck for Lin. Hopefully, he comes back healthy and shows out for Atlanta.

    Jeremy has already inspired the next generation of Asian-American basketball players — he showed they could do it.

  590. Am I shocked? A little bit, but I never bought into the whole ” culture’ thing. NBA is a business, they are ruthless. I’m just more worried if Lin actually believed it so an to have him hit with another gut-wrenching surprise makes me sad for lin. At this point, honestly, I just hope Lin is healthy and recovers to contribute enough to forge a longer nba career. No matter what, Lin has already done everything he can in my eyes. My favorite player of all time. Through the highs an lows, I have always rooted for Lin and will continue to do so wherever he is at. I don’t really care for anything else.

  591. we still have zhou qi

  592. yeah rockets and lakers too

  593. I’m surprised because Lin’s injuries mean he has little to no value right now. And he only has 1 year on his contract, so why not play him and deal him at the deadline? Or keep him for cheap as a 6th man?

    Marks is trying to copy the Sixers’ slash-and-burn rebuild, but he doesn’t have the picks! Sixers had all those Top 5 picks to justify their losing ways.

  594. yep. can’t believe i’ve been following his career for 8 years now.

  595. It was Melo mostly. Lin, MDA and that Knicks team could have kept going as Nash 2.0, putting up big stats and winning 50+ games. But Melo got jealous and pushed Lin out the door, McHale and Morey were always going to be loyal to Harden.

  596. i feel bad for Ed. he took a paycut to be in brooklyn thinking he could play with lin like before.

  597. They just drafted PG in first round #5. I think they just want Lin to help & train their players….Like what he did for Nets. smh!

  598. Not only that, there will be no Lin to make his stats better and he will not get a better contract next season.

  599. Ya! They sure are… smh!

  600. not shocked at all… was hoping it wouldnt happen, but there was too much smoke…

    atlanta is tanking so i hope lin asks for a buyout. i dont want to watch that. lin dealt with that in LA too so he cant want that either…

    plz gsw sign him for vet min. let him go home and get a ring. even though he wont get too many minutes, he’d still be a big part of the bench.

  601. They want to trade him too…

  602. Can not agree more. They don’t want to win now. They just want Lin to act as a good mentor for Young.

  603. Lin always writes this Bible verse whenever he’s sad, disappointed, and/or devastated.


  604. business my friend

  605. It’s not business, it’s bullsh*t.

  606. its true, but I saw him played a couple of summer league games. He’s not really a pg to me. just my 2c.

  607. What happened to Tsai guy being a minority owner means Lin will remain on Nets? Who said that?

  608. he’s not worried. When is the hawks playing brooklynettes.

  609. Tsai did not know he just made himself the enemy of all Taiwanese and tons of Chinese.

  610. they went hiding under their bed hehe

  611. i kinda like his uniform

  612. FWIW, Hawks new coach was an assistant with the Warriors during Lin’s rookie year. According to the new coach, defense is what he wants from the Hawks.

  613. he’s minority owner. he had no say.

  614. he need 2 % more

  615. guys, we cant blame sean marks. he did what he had to do. if anything it’s just bad luck. 2 years of devastating injuries in lin’s prime. it is what it is…

    i just hope lin asks for a buyout. atl is such a bad place to be for him. unless he wants to take it easy this season and try again next year as a free agent?

  616. I think Lin will stay bc he already post ATL jersey in his IG. I agree ATL is not good choice for him bc they are tanking…

  617. I didn’t believe that respect and culture thing when Nets brought in DLo. ATL the worst place for Lin but Nets is not that good place for Lin either.

  618. Theresa became mother Theresa when she was in the 50’s.
    I know there is possibly something much bigger waiting for Jeremy Lin. Have a faith in life everyone. Don’t ever ever give up. That’s what all the wise and holy people said in the past.

  619. We can blame Sean Marks. He lied to Jeremy and to Nets fans. Didn’t even notify Lin of being traded and made the comments he made a week ago. BS’ing everyone on culture and treating players with respect and like they’re family. All garbage.

    I’m not blaming Marks on making the deal. It was probably the best deal the Nets can make if they wanted Lin gone. So he had to take it. I’m just disgusted by Marks’ lies and fakeness.

  620. another reason to play for gsw: even if he gets 15-20 minutes a night, he’d be on national television leading the bench. those 15 minutes gets more eyes than the whole nets season…

    plz ask for a buyout lin, dont be meek in this regard. dont tank, NEVER AGAIN!!! LOOK AT MY AVATAR, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

  621. marks was very slick in his answers about lin. i knew he was in trouble when marks basically said “he’s on the team now…”

    lin was the naive one expecting sean to let him know he was going to backstab him…

  622. Of course Marks is the one to blame. If he really believed in Lin but injury was the concern, he could keep Lin until February then decide. Also, he would find a contender for him by then. No, Marks has no morales. What he said was all fake. I am now waiting for him and KA to be fired.

  623. I know Lin said he doesn’t want to go to Warriors and win a title the easy way, but this is probably the best move for both him and Warriors. They actually do have a spot for Lin and a leader for their 2nd unit. Even their fans are saying it:


  624. i think 2nd year he can opt out

  625. which is the real tragedy in all of this. i fear he is too humble/meek to make a fuss and force his way off the team.

    have you seen the roster? literally the worst roster in the nba. lin got royally screwed this time. WAY worse than stealth tanking in LA…

  626. here we go again jeremy lin to back up trae young and help this 19 year old boy succeed cuz jeremy is a good guy.

  627. I need something new from Lin this year and just be bad for once

  628. Marks never said “he’s on the team now…”

    Did you even read what Marks said last week? I even linked it a few comments down. He lied, pure and simple. Yes, I agree Lin is naive in trusting Marks, who ended up backstabbing him. But hey, “it’s just business.” BS

  629. he obviously didnt believe…. he bet against him and i just know it’ll bite him in the you know what later on…

  630. Yes, that is one aspect I did not like about Lin. He always accepts what is handed to him. Although he is a fighter, but he usually takes what happened to him believes it is God’s will hence less proactive.

  631. he said that before his career changing injury. i pray and hope that he can make his way there. if not this season then as a free agent next season. livingston isnt getting any younger either and if lin can still ball, gsw is the BEST place for him.

  632. Yeah, right? He’s got billions. The Nets were lousy the last few years. And the valuation of the team still went up. What does he have to lose by firing Marks?

  633. it’s time to get rid of that stupid hairdo.

  634. They are in rebuild mood like Nets… smh! I really hate to hear this… Why Lin’s NBA road is always so hard ….

  635. yes, force his way off that tanking team. NEVER AGAIN! we as fans wasted 2 years with his injuries. not another year with tanking. i cant. i will no longer be his fan if he doesnt FINALLY STICK UP FOR HIMSELF!!! FOR ONCE!!!

  636. Well, then all hope is lost. Because if even Kenny and Tsai don’t have Lin’s back, then who will? This is so pathetic.

  637. I felt the the relationship between Lin and Atkinson was real. However, apparently there’s a limit to how far that will go. GM gets to do what he/she thinks is right. On a positive note, we don’t have to worry about Lin competing for minutes/shots with DLo, and if Dennis gets trade or goes to jail, then maybe Lin will start/get to play the way he wants more so than in Brooklyn. This is pure speculation but, the ATL head coach is young and inexperienced, so perhaps he will be more opened minded about Lin’s input regarding his role. Anyway, I transferred from a NY law school to a school in Atlanta, so maybe I’ll catch a few games this year.

  638. Lin will always be taken advantage of in the NBA. It’s not a place where good guys like Lin can thrive. Sure, some survive and end up having good careers, but the most successful players are usually the most cocky, selfish, and cunning.

    At least Lin was blessed enough to get the 3 year, $36M contract, his Rockets contract, and various deals with adidas and other companies. He was blessed in the money department, but not his achievements/dreams department.

  639. Yeap. Hawks got a no complaining guy who will dutifully help a young punk get better before being dumped. But good thing is Lin has a lot of money and connections. I feel sorry for Lin fans.

  640. fire him and then sell the Nets and buy Hawks, much cheaper too, lol

  641. no, he previously said whoever is on the team now is who we will start the season with… but after the dwight buyout we may have some moves left…

    after he said that, i knew the smoke was real. he NEVER flat out said lin was part of the future vision. he was very non committal with his answers…

  642. wasted 2 years of NBA league pass lol or more

  643. Lin needs an Afro hair do for ATL.

  644. Not even going to argue with you. I’ve already provided what Marks said last week. If you want to ignore it and make up crap like usual, that’s your prerogative.

  645. yeah to fit in hehe

  646. Who knows? Their fans might not care about any player. But Dominique going to love his new fodder to unleash his frustration on.

  647. wow, I’m shocked that the trade happened now and not closer to the Feb 2019 trade deadline.

    I guess it didn’t work out in Brooklyn due to unfortunate injuries. JLin has to prove himself all over again but I have no doubt he is going to overcome this setback. Whether it is Atlanta or somewhere else, he will reinvent himself once again.

    It’s time to get to work and show people you still got it, Jeremy!

    I love his attitude through the verse that he shared. He is saying he is committed to work hard for the Lord no matter where plays and God will take care of the rest. I’m sure he is disappointed but he will march forward.


  648. Sean Marks: Don’t ever bet against Jeremy Lin.
    Sean Marks =< Donald Trump

  649. Not again

  650. yep again and again and again

  651. but he’s still standing.

  652. Marks is such a liar.

  653. “You look at the team now, that’s what we’ve got and that’s what we’re planning on. We’re planning on going into the season with that team.”

    that’s what he said when asked about lin. smoke, meet fire…

  654. What else can Lin do? As a Christian, he got no choice. Besides, Lin has no money worries. Nets wasn’t a good place for him either. Just hope he gets 15 MPG.

    SWS poster right on point.

  655. Sean was smart didn’t want to send lin to a good team.

  656. I was very shock & sad too bc I never thought he would get traded …. Now I look back… I think they probably told Lin they will try to trade him on exit interview… bc after that Lin removed all Nets logo from his twitter background picture…. I guess Marks didn’t trust Lin’s body after 2 years injury…. smh!

  657. this buyout thing i think you have to take a paycut and hopefully another team will pick you up and give you another contract right?

  658. marks never lied. he just slithered around questions about lin like a snake… that’s how you knew he was in trouble…

  659. It appears that Ed Davis is still not yet signed with the Nets. If lin is the one recommended him and he really wants to play with Lin. Can he back out the verbal commitment just do a DeAndra Jordan. haha.

    Atlanta has all kind of cap space to sign Davis.

  660. would you?

  661. Really? If he can find another team maybe he will not sign with Nets after Lin’s gone….

  662. you’ll never know

  663. you’re right. There’s nothing Lin can do but to be ready to seize the chance just like he did in 2012. It will be interesting to see if Lin’s agent would try to negotiate a buyout assuming there are better options out there.

  664. Nets can’t sign Davis until the Denver’s deal is complete.

  665. I wish Ed would come out and say that he’s going to hawks cuz of lin

  666. I think Lin will stay….

  667. yes. normally they give up 30-40% but if lin really wants out he can give up even more. lin doesnt care about money. he cares about playing. in atl he’ll be tanking. his agent has GOT to be telling him let’s do a buy out. this is career suicide.

  668. yes, but for a vet min., there will be tons of teams are interested. Steve Clifford?

  669. Injured for 2 yrs and request a buyout. I think that is dumb.

  670. Didn’t say much before. But, knowing how ruthless the NBA is, I was cynical enough to have never bought into Joe Tsai being owner. Kenny is only a coach, they never have any real power (unless you’re Popovich or now Kerr). Or the Fortius trainer hire. Never bought into anything Sean Marks said. Even the injury-bringing-low -value didn’t convince me that Lin couldn’t be traded as a salary dump. Or next year, as an expiring.

    Still, when they signed Ed Davis, and Lin was part of the recruiting, reported just YESTERDAY, I finally gave in and thought, that was the best sign that Lin will be staying. They got me. I got sucker-punched. The shock is that it happened now.

  671. Oh well, I will check back here when NBA starts. All I know is Lin will do greater things after his NBA career. Being a Christian is not easy.

  672. I hope his agent will do something about other than collecting his paycheck

  673. Is that true? I didn’t realize Lin removed the Nets logo after the exit interview. Perhaps Marks did give a heads-up message that Lin might get traded if there is an offer.

    I’m also surprised by the destination to Atlanta Hawks and the timing. I guess Marks didn’t trust what Fortius did will help or not. Lin would need to prove people wrong that he can be healthy and productive next season.

  674. I was already very skeptical about Marks when he traded a class player like Brook Lopez for the chucker Russell who is obviously Jeremy’s replacement (either in the short or long term). I was just beginning to warm up to Marks but I should have stuck to my gut feel.

    Shame on you Marks. Jeremy turned down other teams when Brooklyn was the worst destination in the NBA. Marks, you have no evaluation skills, no class and perhaps no job if this carries on.

  675. I did check as soon as I learned the trade. Hawks was on the bottom in last season. I didn’t check the roster. From what I heard thus far, that was pretty bad!

  676. Sixth team now and counting

  677. Has America lost it? Everything is about money… SAD

  678. Lin said before season end he will not go to Asia this year & will stay in NY whole summer for training but he changed & back to Asia again….

    Well, I think Marks just go along his rebuild with young players…. Lin is not in his future plan after 2 years injury…. smh! What a bad luck with Lin in his NBA career….

  679. And fire Sean Mark right away!

  680. he needs to go home. left new york like last time. with a knife stuck in his back…

  681. Well you find “B” & “S” in business too!

  682. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8c8IUDOhow times like this we need a song to cheer us up.

  683. Warriors? that would be a nice comeback

  684. Good night. Let’s go Hawks!!!

  685. Forgetting how shocked and upset we all are right now.

    What JLin must be feeling. No matter how heartless you know the NBA to be. And certainly Lin knows first hand how ruthless this NBA “business” is. Still, there must a level of betrayal that he must feel.

    Just remember nothing is his fault. If we can, let’s just continue to support him, as best as we can. (Even if it’s just from a keyboard on this forum.) Hard to speculate what happens next. After all, it’s Lin’s life, and Lin’s career.

    I, for one, will continue to follow and cheer for him. And see where this leads.

    Take comfort from your fans and your faith JLin!!!!!!

    From jlin7 Instagram, in a Hawks uniform: Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established -Proverbs 16:3 #ATL #faithfirst


  686. he knows his jersey no. already? why 17?

  687. Looking at Hawks roster, I know no one there……

  688. Lin will most likely just accept this trade and not try to negotiate / force a buyout. He’s too passive and unselfish. Lin already posted 2 images of himself in Hawks uniforms. He probably thinks he can prove himself again this year…

    I think it’s a mistake for him to go to another tanking, rebuilding team. This will be Lin’s 3rd tanking/rebuilding team he’s played for: Lakers, Nets, Hawks. Lakers and Nets did not work out at all. I don’t think Hawks will either.

    Oh well, it is what it is. It’s his career and his decision on whether or not to save his own career instead of letting others decide for him. I probably won’t bother watching him too often if he does end up staying with the Hawks. Even if he plays well, who cares? He’ll be putting up decent / good numbers on a terrible team nobody will watch or care about.

  689. another hope is this: atl uses lin to facilitate the carmelo trade and buyout. brooklyn couldnt do that because they didnt have the cap space but atlanta…

    lin in okc i can live with…

  690. Well, well, well. There is at least some good news about Atlanta Hawks coach, Lloyd Pierce.

    I didn’t know who he was but a quick google search showed he and Silas (GSW assistant coach) actually worked closely Jeremy Lin as a rookie in Golden State. So at least, he was familiar with Jeremy Lin.

    Since GSW, he has become assistant coach with Cleveland and 76ers before he became the Atlanta Hawks coach in May 2018

    Still, Lin kept arriving early, leaving late, devouring film and working studiously with Silas and later Lloyd Pierce. But what Lin really needed was game repetition. The Warriors sent him to Reno, their D-League affiliate, on three occasions. That is where the lessons started to take hold.
    Atlanta reached an agreement Lloyd Pierce to become the franchise’s new head coach, the team announced on Friday. Pierce arrives fresh off a second-round run with Philadelphia as an assistant coach. His five-year run with the 76ers came after assistant coaching stints with Memphis, Golden State and Cleveland.

  691. Wow, that was fast. Gary’s artwork is always so commendable.

    Thanks for posting this.

  692. nets werent really tanking though. lakers were and the hawks definitely are in the process…

    lin needs a buy out asap. atl got their assets now PLEASE let lin get his career back!

  693. Maybe this is the ONLY reason why JLin is traded to Hawks!

  694. Definitely the NBA is.

    Well, for sure, the NBA sells fake dreams to fans. The fans buy into all this. They really think all these machinations will get them a championship. One.Day. Sometime in the future. Yeah, right.

  695. The Nets only won more 4 games than the Nets last season. The team FG%, 3pts, and Assists were the same. The Nets had 3 more rpgs than the ATL.

  696. yeah, at disappointing moment like this, he just needs to keep focusing on the positives. It will take some time but if there is anything we learned about JLin, he is a SURVIVOR. I have no doubt he’ll bounce back again like he did so many times.

    We know NBA is ruthless but it’s still catching us by surprise. Oh well, gotta keep fighting and marching forward for better opportunities.

  697. This reminded me Silas was the one hooked Lin to Hornets….

  698. Yeah, same here. I only gave in just yesterday when Lin said he was part of the recruiting for Ed Davis.

    But there is no shame. Marks probably patting himself on the back right now on how he has rescued the Nets from oblivion. Without Lin? Fat chance now. No Lin, No Win.

  699. Perhaps Lloyd Pierce will assign a definite role to JLin and give him a chance as a starter and mentor the young rookie.

    It’ll be interesting to learn how JLin got to know about the trade. And who in ATL Hawks made it happen.

  700. My comments got deleted for saying: “Injured for 2 yrs and request a buyout. I think that is dumb.” Come on. Really?

  701. I wouldn’t expect that Ed should do that. He can’t give up his own dream and career. No matter how much he may have wanted to play with Lin.

  702. HaHa. Yeah, the same way Morey sent Lin to the obviously tanking Lakers.

  703. Nice to hear. With Schroder probably being traded, Lin should at least get to be 6th man. Maybe even play next to Trae Young with Bazemore at SF (which he often does).

  704. Tsai, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  705. Can you believe this knowing Lin would be traded soon but still had his kids and family sitting right next to Lin watching SL? This guy is sickening.

  706. Be a good 6th man for a tanking Hawks team and then join a title contender like Boston in 2019. Brad Stevens is the only coach I trust to maximize Lin’s ability.

  707. Nets are definitely tanking this year. They finally have a 1st round pick and only have trash on the roster.

  708. Another hill to climb. Another hurdle to overcome.

    Amazing that Lin will continue to battle on and forge ahead.

    Will continue to support and cheer for him and see where this leads him next.

  709. SIGH…..

  710. If so, Lin will not be allowed to win games. Lakers all over again.

  711. Yes, let’s give SWS lots of kudos.

  712. Betrayed by everyone he thought he could trust. Even a billionaire “fan” of his who had his family sit next to Lin days prior.

    Marks got Tsai’s blessing to ship Lin off. Wow, unbelievable.

  713. New meaning to “Mark my words”

  714. If he plays well, he can be traded to a contender. Expiring contract will help him there.

  715. Another shrewd biz man. Just cold.

  716. again. he had no say. no veto. he’s just a 49% investor.

  717. I don’t think that’s his real account.

  718. Lou Williams had a career year at 31, averaging 23/5 for the Clips. Jeremy just needs to stay healthy and beast with whatever role he has.

  719. Yeah, you are so right. Unfortunately, that’s his dream and the career he has chosen.

    And, unfortunately, as his fans, we have to follow along in that world.

  720. I guess Asian Americans just do not get respect and probably discriminated in USA..Jeremy Lin is a victim of this though he went to Harvard https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/04/us/harvard-asian-admission.html

  721. Love how you keep the positivity going~

  722. time is running out though…. he’ll be 30 going on 31 next off season. unless he can prove himself, it’s vet min bench role from here on out….

    THIS season is his last season to REWRITE the narrative…

    i pray for a buy out or trade. NOTHING is worse than tanking. we all know lin is a WINNER…

  723. Though it’s a slap in the face that even Joe Tsai hasn’t got Jeremy’s back. I must admit I’m shocked.

  724. Gotta stay positive! Lou tore his ACL to boot. So he had to come back from major injury as well.

  725. Are you sure you’re on the right forum? Got lost, maybe?

  726. He said more about JLin in his Twitter account and I refused to post it here anymore. He is nobody just like Nets now.

  727. LOL.

  728. i like this and i said it before. if it happens, lin doesn’t need to be good early in the season. just ease himself until playoff to help okc to beat houston 4-0. lol

  729. That Taiwanese connection was way over done. He was just 49% minority owner. 51% owner can do whatever he wants.

  730. For some reason, disqus automatically flagged it as spam. Not quite sure why
    I released it.

  731. Agree, agree, agree, 100%.

  732. he must be getting swarmed to do this tweet. SMFH

  733. That being said, there’s a good chance Tsai may buy off the remaining 51% next year, when Marks is due for an extension. Would Marks really take that chance is Tsai is strongly opposed to the trade?

    Food for thought.

  734. I need to learn more about the Hawks. I hope they are not tanking; otherwise it’s better to go to the buyout route.

    Even the 6th Man role in a playoff contender is better than a body in a tanking team

  735. So, what’s the addy 4 hawks forum? J/k

  736. Agree, didn’t make sense at first. Not too surprised by the idea of the trade. But the timing of it is a shock.

    Selling fake dreams to Nets fans. It makes Marks look like a genius that he’s doing something.

  737. I just left my first Twitter message to him.

  738. Thanks Psalm234

  739. Unfortunately, it is. Even though it’s not verified.

    His previous tweets were about Yale winning lacrosse, and links to various speeches he made, and some Alibaba stuff.

  740. That’s what led many here to believe that if Prokhorov really wants to sell the 51%, he still would want to keep Tsai happy and get his input.

  741. Psalm, once again, thank you for keeping this forum going, in spite of the ups and downs of Lin’s career.

    And props for always trying to look at the bright side, and staying positive.

    Gotta say, though. It’s tough. Seems like we’ve seen this playbook before, too many times. SIGH.

  742. Tsai is really a hypocrite. He sent a second Twitter complimenting how good Lin is and he will follow his progress no matter where Lin goes. But according to someone’s comment , Tsai unfollowed Lin.
    I am really ashamed he was from Taiwan.

  743. Yeah, I remember that. And Stephen Silas is also gone from the Hornets. He’s now an assistant with Dallas.

  744. If It wasn’t sad enough before. This clinches it.

  745. Yup. Must be MAJOR blow back for him to tweet this. Probably on the Taiwanese end.

    Spare me his so-called support. Disgusting.

  746. you’re welcome 🙂 yeah, it can be discouraging if it let it be.

    But that’s life, isn’t it? We gotta keep fighting. Knocked down 7 times, get back up 8 times.
    Lin’s journey has taught me that we just need to be ready to seize the chance whenever opportunities present themselves.

    Even if Lin retires someday, I’m sure he’ll keep doing his best on and off the court. That’s the best that he can demand himself. He’s already done amazing things on basketball court for minorities, underdogs, etc.

  747. Let’s hope so. Lin just needs to be healthy and seize the chance. I just hope they won’t tank. Otherwise, buyout is better.

  748. OMG, according to twitter comments, Tsai also “unfollowed” Lin. Really? Maybe it’s not his real account after all. Wow.

  749. If Hawks is tanking, Lin should try to buy out, although if he gets to start as a place-holder for their young PG, my guess is he’ll stay.

    If a better team is offering a starting spot, he should try to buy out…Hawksis not trying to win now.

  750. Lin just needs to keep himself healthy and continue to play hard and efficient, By the trading deadline, there may be contending team that needs pg help to trade for Lin. God has a plan.

    Let’s go.

  751. they are 10000% tanking. lin is being used to get asian viewers while they tank JUST like in LA.

    if nothing happens, i will stop being a fan. no need to get emotionally invested in losing.

  752. there is 0% chance lin plays in front of trae. ZERO. lin as SG? maybe.

    either way they are tanking. besides bazemore, dedmon, and plumlee, everyone else is super young or sucks. this is a team BUILT to get lotto picks… aka my avatar should be coaching…

  753. Don’t want to bring any hateful gloating junk here. But wanted to share what good guy Greg Logan posted. Speaking up, taking a chance as a journalist.



  754. guys i dont know , the NBA man. it is what it is

  755. the only way atl doesnt tank is if trae young really is the next steph curry… the roster right now is straight trash. even if lin never got hurt, he can’t win with a purposefully bad team…

    buy out or bust…

  756. The thing I don’t understand is. What does Tsai have to lose by sticking up for Lin? At least for one more season, see if he’s healthy?

    I mean, if Lin can’t come back, if he can’t play. Then yeah, all bets are off. But, for ONE MORE SEASON, even half a season?

    It’s not like they got a win-now superstar for him. SMH.

  757. Tsai was born in Taiwan, but he was raised in Canada and educated in the U.S.

    I don’t blame this on Tsai, but he is not coming off looking like the “fan” and Lin supporter he claims he is.

  758. nets are in a win-win situation. if they are good, then dlo is anointed the savior. if they are bad then they stealth tanked. the only one who lost out was lin. he was robbed of opportunity yet again. the story of his life i guess….

  759. I’m still trying to get through the various stages of anger and denial.

    Sigh is right. It doesn’t look right on him. Egads.

  760. Tsai follows only 15 guys and not sure whether he follows Lin before but definitely Lin is not 1 of the 15.

  761. In case you really want to know. On SB Nation, it’s peachtreehoops, already with an article up.


  762. wow…its crazy…whats going on…a day earlier we heard JL saying no…and now this?!!!

    I guess, end of the day, its still business! 🙁

  763. Now that JLin is trading to Hawks, I’m not sure I will watch much of NBA as before. I will still rooting for JLin but not NBA. It’s too disheartening to watch JLin is treated……

    Before trading, I was thinking seriously would go to watch more NBA games if Nets was going playoffs in coming season. But now…. forget it….. Unless somehow miraculously JLin is in playoffs games again….

  764. Took a quick look at SBNation Hawks Blog. Peachtreehoops. So far, no overly negative comments about trade for Lin. Even a few positive ones. Not going to get ahead of ourselves and invest too much emotionally in this next move. But here’s an interesting informative comment:

    “BTW, Jeremy Lin’s rookie year was with the Warriors in 2010-11. Schlenk was in their organization then and was promoted to assistant GM the next year
    I don’t know how much of a part he played in finding Lin off the undrafted free agent scrap heap, but I figure he must have been a part of that.
    Posted by NajehDavenpoop on Jul 13, 2018 | 2:13 AM ”


  765. Seem like JLin is like us fans, not being able to sleep after hearing the news….


  766. Not that I bought into that whole Joe Tsai thing long-term. But I did hope that, as a potential owner, that Tsai would have given Lin his support at least until we see how much Lin has recovered for one more, or half, a season.

    To proclaim he was consulted and a great friend, how much difference would it really have made if he didn’t trade Lin? That the Nets would have lost the greatest opportunity of all time for the franchise for a mere $12M? That I don’t buy.

  767. For him to make those tweets has to be either from pressure, or from guilt.

    I don’t know, never having been a billionaire. Maybe he really doesn’t care enough about the “little guys”. It’s just “business”. No heart needed.

  768. Haha. Why not?

  769. Maybe it’s better off Lin got traded. All starting pgs for the Nets gets injured big time.
    Also they do have a pg glut. dinwid is decent

  770. ya man…I was hoping for that as well…sigh!

  771. tsai not real owner yet.. he minority.

  772. man.. joe is getting butcher by linfans on his twitter account.

  773. ya man…I know nothing about hawks, at least the current team….need to relearn everything

  774. hahaha…good to see…moving forward

  775. So who made the decision? Sean only? Kenny?
    If lin did help them get into playoffs instead of being injured, will he still be traded?

  776. that would be sweet!

  777. Good! Wonderful to see that:-) I know it’s mean but I’m so upset that I didn’t care. I did as well…

  778. Honestly I’m not sure I want to learn anymore. Rather disheartening the more I thought how this went down….

  779. looks like we need to redo our web banner as well

  780. he wanted draft picks so they can rebuild.. but face it draft picks to me is like lottery .. you don’t know what the fk you will get and it depends on your development staff.. look at that lakers izum or something like that which SM gave up and he been doing fine in lakers.

  781. well if it’s business. yeah can’t really blame sm.

  782. then why hiring one of those trainers to the nets training staff

  783. trae young coachable?? and mentorable or is he a rebel.

  784. Dennis S from the look of his face already tells me he is a rebel.. and I was right.
    Certain ppl have facial features which you can instinctively feel if they are good or bad.

  785. Trae Young doesn’t look like he is mentorable by some chinese guy.

  786. Hahaha psalm234: You will need to spend time to redo almost everything here. Honestly I can’t wait to hear from JLin about this trade….

  787. I am angry that I can’t see the Lin-Davis combination again. Now Lin has to start over. I figure Sean after all is selecting a quick path to success. I don’t want to watch Nets again. I am sure DLo will take the team to disasters.

  788. What the f?! Lin got traded again? Not even Joe can save him?! Was this Joe or the Russian owner’s decision? Now the Nets will continue their tanking streak.

  789. Reddit still remembers Linsanity fondly…


    Lots of fans support Lin. Many want to see him get bought out and play for their team. Too bad it looks like Lin has already accepted his fate.

  790. Except he’s not the main owner right now, the Russian owner is.

  791. Except they will bench him just to tank like Lakers this reall is horrible!

  792. He can’t the contract specifically said 4 years before he can buy the entire team.

  793. sigh #$%@!&**(^%&*(???

  794. All of Marks’ talk about continuity, culture, family, blah blah blah… all BS. This guy would deal away anyone if it got him picks. He got rid of Brook when Brook played a great season and was loved by teammates and fans.

    No wonder Brook didn’t even bother to say goodbye to a city and organization he played 9 years for. Marks most likely broke promises he made with Brook too. Ended up trading Brook to a rebuilding team with rookie head coach that misused Brook and benched him during his contract year, resulting in Brook’s value plummeting this year. Now Marks did the same thing to Lin, except he dumped him to an even worse team after a major injury.

  795. just heard the news and can’t swallow the fact that JLIN will now go again to another team…

  796. thats what i can’t understand, if mark or Kenny alone love Jeremy, will they trade him to a worse team (even we don’t know if they will be worse or not this season) if they knew JLIN will not leave Nets comes contract time?

  797. Treated like property unless you’re a franchise player.

  798. On a tanking team? Not a chance.

  799. Why should Lin even mentor anyone to begin with?! Just so he can be replaced or dumped?

  800. Of course it’s the Russian owner, Sean Marks, and Joe Tsai together! The coach never gets a say unless you’re Pop!

  801. KA doesn’t have say it’s always up to the owner and GM. I wish Lin would ask for a buyout. Playing for a tanking team is suicide.

  802. So lets see through Lin, Nets got the Fortius employee to head their rehab and fix up their training staff. Tricked both Ed Davis and Yuta Watanabe to play for their team and summer league! I hope Yuta refuses to sign with the Nets after knowing about this trade! I bet Yuta already regret choosing the Nets after hearing about how Lin was traded. So much for dreaming about a Lin and Yuta duo or Lin and Ed Davis reunion. I hope Ed Davis backs out of the deal since it’s not signed yet! He only agreed to sign to play with Lin!

    Now Russell and Dinwiddie gets to pad their stats with Ed Davis PnR!

  803. Nets have been stealth tanking every season with KA forcing that motion offense BS. In the end it was all for draft picks. So they would refuse draft picks for Dinwiddie but not for Lin?! Despicable!

  804. gotta find the reset button first….Jeez….can he get decent one season under a proper coach and management

  805. Technically he did for 2 seasons, but he got injured. Nets were rebuilding and I guess that rebuild is over.

  806. I know at the end is all business, but traded Lin was very bad move. I don’t know what they saw in Dlo? For me, he is only younger, but is still a bet. Lin in this Net team was the balance to connect new generation. If Dlo is so promising why Lakers traded him? I was also excited with Lin+Ed!!. I am really sad Lin has to start over again. But its business. See Isaiah Thomas when he was prime in Boston and other All Stars.

  807. They are betting on signing a big FA next season. That’s why Russell didn’t get an extension

  808. Lin probably felt betrayed once again. I really feel sorry for him. I told my kid last night that if Lin were my son, I would rather him not playing one minute in the NBA. What is the point to make tons of money but unhappy most the time in your career?

  809. Lin bent over backwards everytime to accommodate the coach’s “offense”. He sacrificed his PnR game and stats just to play the motion offense that led to his injuries! Should’ve refused and just play PnR. I hope Lin just f it and plays his game of basketball. This might be his last season in the NBA. 🙁

  810. No you wouldn’t and shouldn’t because it’s his dream and you should never discourage kids from their dream! Road to success of tough and it might even end up as a fail but at least you won’t have regrets thinking “what if”.

    It could be far worst, there are many chasing their music and acting dreams being dirt poor.

  811. Look at the bright side, Lin will not get hurt again since now he is away from Brooklin. There is a sorta evil spell on its starting PG for the past years. Lin will be healthy all season and the years to come.

  812. That spell was over the moment Lin gave them the road made to Fortius by hiring the Fortius employee to head their rehab department!

  813. Think most important question now is whether Lin will even be starting with min 30 minutes?! As bad as this trade is, Nets never benched Lin when healthy!

  814. Who is the most evil Morey, Cho or Marks?

  815. Morey, but Marks won out the wolf in sheeps clothing contest. Lin was a mirage for their stealth tanking…

  816. Sean Marks is planning on signing Kyrie Erving and Jimmy Butler.

  817. I believe all GMs are evils. The most evil is definitely Morey but like Sport said: Marks won out the wolf in sheeps clothing contest. It was so ironic for a few days ago he said all the things he wanted to say. I literally wonder when did JLin learn about the news. Maybe he was only be informed when it was a done deal?

  818. What people don’t know is Lin has started changing his game from sheer athleticism to skills. His 3 point shots. cross overs and fakes to make himself open. Lin is a big guard and he can post up on many guards in NBA. He is not tall but he can muscle his way in.

    One thing for sure is this; Lin is changing his game. He is pushed against the wall now. He has to change. Before that he is a very skillful basketball player. His skill will stay with him while his athleticism doesn’t.

  819. When Lin tweeted about Lebron and other NBA news it sounded like he was hinting towards a trade. Maybe he knew long time ago but didn’t know which team.

    That’s why his agent clarified the OKC rumors with him.

  820. Lin needs to focusing on get those 3 pointers that’s where the NBA is at right now.

  821. Don’t forget Klay Thompson will also be available. GSW is getting crowded.

  822. Probably? All minorities gets discriminated it’s the melting pot USA! It’s just too bad Lin got a team sport. Unlike tennis players who can control their own destiny and results, basketball players need teammates to succeed, coach, gm, and owner support to succeed.

    We’ve seen Lin being iced out so many times by teammates who think they are better. Same will happen with Hawks.

  823. I agree with you on Lin knew long time ago but didn’t know which team. Bc some fans were talking about why he removed all Nets logo from his twitter background picture after exit interview…???

  824. Even if Trae is the next Steph Curry, Hawks will be another 1 season team before Lin leaves for another to start over again!

    And here we though he could retire as a Nets player.

  825. He said he was “updated” by Marks about team’s moves, which means that Tsai has no say on that part yet. I believe it would be a different path if were Tsai’s decision.

  826. Lin isn’t waived like Whitehead.
    Timofey Mozgov hasn’t played much and was traded from team to team.
    That’s really terrible.

  827. From the day Marks traded Russell to Nets that’s his plan for the future…. all the players are out of Nets besides Joe bc he’s young. ( Marks got from 2 years ago along w Lin….) These were short team players for Marks not the future…

  828. +1.

  829. Haha! That’s what we were talking about it…. Lin finally out of Nets sorta evil spell…. He will be healthy to play now…. haha!

  830. That I have to disagree. We watch Lin for his basketball game. So Atlantic is a bad team, now we watch Atlantic Hawks instead of Nets. It would gratifying to me if Lin leads Atlantic to playoff and beat Nets and Knicks.

  831. Got his family to meet Lin before the trade…despicable.

  832. Gotta get ready for work, just when work wasn’t stressful and gloomy enough. There’s so much unknown with this trade, not even sure if Lin will start. So long as he gets the start I could care less about the PG vs SG role.

  833. I think as a Lin fan we should just wish the best for Lin whether he plays for Nets or Hawks. If it’s in the cards for playoff or not, so be it. I just hope Lin will be healthy and play great whichever team he plays. At present Warrior will be the champion as we all can see. So enjoy the coming season and watch Lin excels in and off court.

  834. OKC with Westbrook the ball hog?! No thanks!

  835. Well …no more injury curse atleast. future is uncerain. he may get a buyout but ultimately it may be a lakers situation again.

  836. And throw away all that money?! Lin will only get Vet min after two season ending injuries. Since Hawks will keep him he will stay.

  837. This is the second worse treatment lin has gotten. Nets trading him during injury is pretty cold.It maybe the worst treatment.

  838. Lets be blunt hawks only got lin because of expiring contract. Who know how they will treat him. they have trey young and dennis schrodor. i dont know if he start. they’ll likly tank.

  839. also i think the hawks commentator has always been the worst to lin

  840. Did Nets or KA said anything about the trade?

  841. Ya! Hope not like Rox that 3 commentators…. smh!

  842. which do you guys prefer? return from injury and stay on the hawks.Hope to start but probably not. stay healty and put up decent stats then hit free agancy. the other choice is buyout while returning from injury. sign vet min on chip chasing team. Work way into lineup. Have a big game or two in playoff.

  843. they will trade him when his healthy.. so since hawks want him even after he was injury for 2 seasons of course common sense will prevail and say ok. SM probably thinks no one will want him yet since he was injuyr for 2 season.. so he has to play well..and now someone say I’ll take lin.. of course he say yes.

  844. The ATL Hawks HC and GM are all from GSW. Wondering if there was a history between them and Lin? It’s not necessarily a bad thing going to ATL and as a backup PG. Lin can take time to recover and hit the market next year. Lin still can be very impactful player in any team.

  845. remember.. he is chinese

  846. I think all the connection means nothing… business is business. If you want to success in the team you have to be the guy GM wants & likes…. Look at Melo, he used to be big star & boss favor… but PJ hates him so…. look at him now…

  847. business is business. just stay healthy and play well

  848. They are kinda high on Lin though, considering the injuries and all. I think that’s a positive sign.

  849. I think you just hit the nail on the head.
    It is so unfair that Asians are so hard to succeed in the US no matter which fields.
    This is also the reason I am soooooo disappointed at Tsai that he did not have the bone to stick up for Lin. Tsai is just another white washed Asian but loves making money from China. How ironic???

  850. Ya! At least they want to keep him not waive him like Nuggets did for Whitehead.

    I think if any playoff team wants him they would try to get him but I doubt it now bc 2 years injury…. Need to prove he can play before they will really consider him again.

  851. https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2018/07/nets-to-trade-jeremy-lin-to-hawks.html

    As ESPN’s Bobby Marks notes (via Twitter), Lin also had a 10% trade kicker, so if he doesn’t waive it as part of the deal, the Nets would pay that $1.25MM bonus and the 29-year-old’s cap hit would increase to $13.75MM.

    — Hopefully Lin will take that 10% trade kicker and not waive it.

  852. I don’t think Tsai has full power yet… read his tweets… they gave him update the process not discuss or consult with him… I think Marks doesn’t trust Lin’s body anymore… the boss buy the trade idea so…. smh!

  853. Disagreed, Chinese saying “打狗看主人” (When you are trying to beat up a dog, you check who his owner is first.) If Marks wants his next contract, he definitely had consulted and got Tsai’s blessing first.

  854. But Mikhail Prokhorov is the real big boss not Tsai.

  855. Understood.

    But unless Prokhorov told Marks he wanted Lin gone, there is no point for Marks to risk his career future and trade Lin NOW for a 2nd round pick.

    If I were Marks, without Tsai’s blessings to trade Lin, I would keep Lin and observe Lin for a couple months just to please Tsai if Lin was truly Tsai’s favorite player as he claimed. I would not take this risky move to offend my future boss.

    That is how people act in work places. Therefore, even though we might want to find excuses for Tsai being minority owner, it just does not add up.

  856. Why would JLin waive the kicker? If he wanted to go to ATL he would but I doubt he wanted to go there. I looked at ATL roster and it looks pretty bare. Not a good place to go to. Hard to see Linsanity flaring up again with that roster. The name of “note” looks to be Kent Bazemore. Don’t see good PNR partner like JLin would have had with Ed Davis. Really sorry not to be able to see that reunion. The only positive I can see in this for JLin is if ATL trades Schroder then JLin will probably start, if healthy. If he plays well then maybe a trade to a contender. This will be a trying time for JLin as he is older now that when he signed with BKN so any rebuilding ATL has in mind by the time they acquire talent he will be 2-3 years older. Forget China, marketing, etc. Just play good ball. Focus on BB. That is the only good I can see from this trade. Unfortunately this team will likely put a lot of pressue on JLin because of the lack of talent which will in turn put more pressure on his return from injury. But on the bright side, JLin has proven he can play in the NBA. He has made millions so he is financially set for life. It is just hard to see the sunlight in ATL. Never had a good feeling about ATL. Maybe JLin can change it.

  857. GM always has big influence on boss… look at Harden, he’s Morey’s favor so Lin, D12 and another PG were all out of Rox no matter how much their boss likes them in the beginning…..smh!

    They got 1st round Pick & 2nd round pick.

  858. If Tsai who himself was once an athlete could be so easily be fooled by Marks, then Nets staying as a bottom team in NBA just serves him right.

  859. Next year Lin decides where he wants to go. Not surprised Nets traded Lin. This is the NBA as I know it. A cold business. Not happy, can’t take that I’ll have to listen to Dominique Wilkins, but it is what it is.

    Best of health to JLin.

  860. So, the journey continues (it’s team number 7) but Jeremy’s remaining positive …


  861. Ya! This is not what he thought when he joined the Nets…. be positive it’s right & maybe God really has his plan for him.

  862. Marks trades veterans. It’s all on Marks. He traded Thad Jones, Brook Lopez, Booker, and now Lin. The Nets have a youth movement going. This is the NBA. Tsai doesn’t matter. The NBA is the NBA regardless, and the other sports are that way as well. Players are chess pieces.

  863. I was very surprised to hear the news…. all the connection means nothing…. smh! Anyway, just move on ….

    Did you hear any news from KA ? Where is he?

  864. Get healthy. Find a playoff team and be a 6th man that is an essential piece of taking the team to the 3rd round in the playoffs. That’s my hope for Lin.

  865. Dominique is painful. I really liked the nets crew. They were exceptional.

  866. Watching the highlights, Lin definitely shot more jump shots as a Net and drove hard and fast to the rim less. His Hornets vs. Nets highlights show a big difference in his game.

  867. I think so too. The players signed the same time w Lin were all gone only Joe stays bc he’s young.

  868. I was prepared for this. I don’t think Marks is evil. I think he’s a typical GM that sees players as chess pieces. Honestly, I was expecting a trade. I just felt there was something to the rumors.

  869. me too

  870. no more nets injury curse

  871. Are you surprised by this? I thought this was possible. Since I prepared for this, I’m not devastated. I’m disappointed only in that he’s not going to be playing regularly at Barclay’s and I did like some of his teammates. I don’t like Atlanta, but maybe it isn’t his final destination for the season.

  872. GM, possibly with the input of Prokorov (my guess).

  873. Thanks. Nice to see some fans welcoming him.

  874. It’s disappointing. The NBA loves to make deals. My focus is on Lin’s health. When he gets it back, my hope then is that he goes to a contender and plays a major role in their playoff wins.

  875. The owner wants to kick the dog too hehe

  876. Nets are kind of a bad team too, but seemed to have promising talent. Lin needs to get healthy before we can consider him leading any team to the playoff. There is a chance Atlanta could trade him during the season.

  877. Business always rules out. I think it’s the sad reality of much of how the world works.

  878. I didn’t think he would retire as a Net. I thought even if he played as a Net this season, he probably would have chose another team next year. The Nets have a youth movement going and Lin didn’t fit the timeline.

  879. I agree. I had that feeling too, checking for trade news since the OKC rumor

  880. I agree that Nets under the current manager/HC are not going to lift above average in the league. When they hired Lin I thought they had the vision, but their coaching was below average and didn’t empower Lin enough to make a change; their new hiring was not good either, getting a Melo wannabe…

  881. Agree, never bought into Tsai being any deciding factor in Lin staying with Nets or being traded. It’s all about Marks and I thought Marks would trade Lin. I also think he’ll trade Carroll too. Marks trades veteran players.

  882. Sigh. NBA culture is “What Culture”.

    Lin invested so much in Nets’ team bounding and got dumped like that.

    But still, move forward. You never know what is ahead.

  883. Yes!

  884. Wow, my new favorite team, the Atlanta Hawks. Really happy about the trade actually, it means I get to do some more analysis. (I hope I don’t jinx it like the dwight trade). Let’s talk the hawks for those who don’t really know them (I didn’t until now).

    The good news is that they have some interesting defensive players. The bad the news is that their offensive players spout some of the worst %’s I’ve seen in the league. I thought dinwiddie had a bad efficiency, geez schroder…

    Ideal Lineup:
    Lin / Young (Schroder / Delaney / Taylor)
    Blazemore / Belinelli (/ Dorsey)
    Prince / Bembry
    Collins/ Ilyosa
    Dedmond / Muscala

    Anyways, let’s talk about the potential stars:

    John Collins (PF) – wow this kid is quite good. Has a clean stroke for 3, great efficiency for his TS, very athletic, high PER. Impact player on the team for sure.

    Trey Young (draft at #5) – supposedly a good pg. Not sure strengths yet, it’s a bit too early to tell. Lin may be brought in to mentor him actually.

    Prince – this guy makes no sense to me. 38% 3pt with 40% of his shots as a 3pt. But his offensive rating is really bad and his defense is just okay. His PER is 12 which is at the same level of Joe and Allen Crabbe, but his usage is much much higher, second option. I have no idea what to think of him… I think he could be good?

    Dwayne Dedmond – 7ft center with a 35% 3pt? I’ll take it… not exactly sure what else to say about him. Has positive offensive and defensive win shares, which is a good sign.

    Kent Bazemore – 6’5 sg with great defensive win shares and a 40% 3? okay… I’ll take it. (15$ player though… Lin can make him worth his salary haha)

    That’s about it for the potential players. It seems like there are a lot of very meh players on the team…

    Muscala, Bembrey, Belinelli, Dorsey, Ilyosa… really have no idea about these players if they are nba caliber…

    And then there’s the atrocious stats player:

    Schroder – 30% USG, 29% 3pt at high volume wow. I have nothing to say, just that is really bad. He probably needs to step down from primary pg, maybe there’s a spot on him for 6th man if they need a dynamic scorer but man… that is bad.

    All in all, this team is actually in the same position as the Nets in many ways. I don’t know who are potential breakout players, but I can definitely see similarities in Allen / Collins, Prince / Crabbe. Young / DLo in terms of hope for the team’s future? Blazemore seems like a solid pass out option. I feel like this team relies on pnr, post ups and 3s but I need to take a closer look at the advanced stats.

    I am pretty interested in this team now, I think it has potential. I want Lin Young to turn out to be a really potent combo and Schroder to become a bench player with his efficiency returning to normal player levels.

    Disclaimer, I have not watched anything about the Hawks, I just looked at their advanced stats.

  885. Since I no longer care about Nets, I can finally say this, KA was very nice and helpful for Lin as an assistant coach, but he doesn’t know how to use Lin correctly as a HC, neither is his coaching competitive in the league. Even Cliff knew better in using Lin when he wanted a win desperately and could afford a blame from above.

  886. Doesn’t matter. They are in the “re-building/tanking” mode. They will try to lose and players not allowed to win games hence their stats will not be good.
    Thanks to Marks and Tsai AND KA.

  887. That is why I say Tsai is inexcusable.

  888. The only way this news makes any sense is if JLin is not expected to ever fully recover his explosive first step following the catastrophic knee injury. Linsanity has truly come to an end.