Lakers vs Warriors Preseason Game 2 Thread (plus Chat+Scoreboard)

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  1. LOL Wonder when u r going to get this up!

  2. Have a very clear streaming here if anyone is interested, Click Watch NBA TV.

  3. Been up for over an hour, I think πŸ˜€
    Sorry, I got swamped at work

  4. @SerenaWinters: Starting line-up for tonight: Kobe, Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer, Jordan Hill Wes Johnson

  5. Oh…just excited to see what JL brings tonite! Go Lakers!

  6. Starting or not…I would be happy if Lin bring in his A game and let this bug infect the rest of Lakers to bring their A game to beat GSW

  7. If Nash is resting….I’m kinda interested, if BScott would try out couple of lineup while Lin remains in and get Price/Clarkson to lead the second unit

    Lin -> Boozer
    Lin-> Davis
    LIn ->Sacre

    all above with starting lineups

  8. I’m not seeing a “triangle in the top right window” to pop out the game chat. Can anyone post a screen shot?

  9. Forget the popup-chat…its all wacky now

  10. Oh, it was because I wasn’t logged in to the blog/wordpress site. After logging in, now I see the triangle. (It gets confusing because I thought I was logged in but it was only to Disqus).

  11. It’s working just super slow:o((

  12. Most people (50%) voted for 15pts/6asts in Game 2.
    With JLin starting it’s entirely possible

    Preseason 2 Warriors
    What will JLin’s stats be for Preseason Game 2 vs. Warriors?
    15pts/6asts – 50% ( 27 votes )
    10pts/6asts – 22% ( 12 votes )
    Other – 17% ( 9 votes )
    5pts/8asts – 7% ( 4 votes )
    1pt/10asts – 2% ( 1 vote )
    18pts/4asts – 2% ( 1 vote )

  13. James Worthy saying Jeremy will be the key player tonight.

  14. I’m getting more excited now :]
    JLin’s 1st home start ever in #PurpleAndGold!

    Will it be memorable? I have a gut feeling it will…. Yeah πŸ˜€

  15. hah. Curry 0-1 against Lin =p

  16. Lin 1-1. Curry 0-1. =)

  17. Defense defense defense

  18. Lin and Kobe trap Curry in the corner for a turnover!

  19. yeah that was good D…but not enough

    Way too many PF (fouls) as well

  20. i would like to see Lin / Kobe / Wes / Randle/ Davis

  21. After 1 quarter, Lin 2-2 with 7 pts, only 1 TO. Curry 0-1 with 2pts, 3 TOs.

  22. Lin is perfect 2-2 FGM/FGA w/ 7pts/1ast/1reb/1TO/2PF in the 1st quarter (9 min)

  23. that Curry jumper in Q2 wasn’t on Lin (not back in yet)

  24. Q1 Chat Log

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Wow Jeremy looks good in his Lakers warm up gear

    October 9 7:34 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen ***mer! can not watch the game on TV

    October 9 7:36 pm

    psalm234psalm234 ‘m getting more excited now :]

    JLin’s 1st home start ever in #PurpleAndGold!

    Will it be memorable? I have a gut feeling it will…. Yeah πŸ˜€

    October 9 7:41 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane I already love this J-Kobe back court!

    October 9 7:42 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane I’m biased?hell no! hahahha

    October 9 7:42 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Here we go!!

    October 9 7:42 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Do you know this a donut chain J-Co? I think I’ll call this back court J-Ko

    October 9 7:43 pm

    k.smithk.smith waddup

    October 9 7:43 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia LOL…all of us are biased! πŸ™‚

    October 9 7:44 pm

    realdsbrealdsb kobe doing his best Harden ball hog impressions

    October 9 7:46 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Who’s manning Thompson????

    October 9 7:46 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Kobe?

    October 9 7:46 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Haha not a good start at all

    October 9 7:47 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia they need to settle down quick or come strong on defense

    October 9 7:47 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen That was 2 moving screen

    October 9 7:48 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia SKeer knowing him…he is gonna emphasis on 3s

    October 9 7:48 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia so lakers need to understand those perimeter shots

    October 9 7:48 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Lin for 3!

    October 9 7:48 pm

    BluBellBluBell 3!!!

    October 9 7:48 pm

    psalm234psalm234 YEAHHHHHH 3!!!

    October 9 7:48 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane J-3!!!!!

    October 9 7:48 pm

    psalm234psalm234 He tripled the output from Game 1 already!

    October 9 7:49 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia on HD here

    October 9 7:49 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Offense is so dead

    October 9 7:50 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Warriors making it hard for Lakers to rebound

    October 9 7:50 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane and Scott Byron emphasized rebounding

    October 9 7:50 pm

    psalm234psalm234 ok, Lin’s bread-and-***er 2 FTs!

    October 9 7:51 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen But GSW is hot now tho

    October 9 7:51 pm

    psalm234psalm234 but-ter!

    October 9 7:51 pm

    BluBellBluBell haha

    October 9 7:52 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia everyone needs to bring their scoring game

    October 9 7:52 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen haha

    October 9 7:52 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia else its gonna be a run-away for GSW

    October 9 7:52 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia and defense

    October 9 7:52 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen no…they need to remember what did they did in that shell drill

    October 9 7:52 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen and rotate correctly

    October 9 7:52 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen some shots were just a better offese

    October 9 7:53 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen I think that was OK

    October 9 7:53 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Warriors got to the lane at will. Hill and Boozer need to do better jobs

    October 9 7:56 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Time to bring Ed Davis in, get some blocks

    October 9 7:56 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia agree

    October 9 7:56 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane psalm, would be nice if we have a chat app. hehehe.I’m not demanding.

    October 9 7:56 pm

    BluBellBluBell good defense

    October 9 7:57 pm

    BluBellBluBell assist!

    October 9 7:57 pm

    psalm234psalm234 whaat?.. πŸ™‚ on the phone? that’s in 3 years, IJ πŸ˜€

    October 9 7:57 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Lin is Boozing!

    October 9 7:58 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane I’m kidding psalm. just messing with yah

    October 9 7:58 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen LOL

    October 9 7:58 pm

    BluBellBluBell Ed Davis in

    October 9 7:58 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Ha! I read Byron’s mind. Ed “Blocker” Davis!

    October 9 7:58 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen haha Lin 2 F..

    October 9 7:59 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Don’t foul a jump-shooter, Booz!

    October 9 7:59 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Was it Lin?

    October 9 7:59 pm

    BluBellBluBell darn

    October 9 7:59 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Boozer should just body it up in there, not foul Curry

    October 9 7:59 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen It was Lin right?

    October 9 8:00 pm

    psalm234psalm234 yeah, ESPN said it was Lin’s foul

    October 9 8:00 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia lin need to be carefull not to pickup fouls so early in the game

    October 9 8:01 pm

    psalm234psalm234 hahaha…. Lin’s lefty layup!!!

    October 9 8:01 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane oh yeah it was Lin’s… sorry I’m mul***asking haha

    October 9 8:01 pm

    BluBellBluBell great fastbreak

    October 9 8:01 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen It was obvious

    October 9 8:01 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane yeah.. J on fast break!

    October 9 8:01 pm

    BluBellBluBell Jeremy already with 7 points

    October 9 8:01 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia still….alot of catchup to do…

    October 9 8:02 pm

    psalm234psalm234 2 great defensive possesion leading to easy points!

    October 9 8:02 pm

    MelodyMelody Wow

    October 9 8:02 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia looks like JL could hit 20+ today

    October 9 8:02 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane and I’m censored for saying multi t a s k i n g

    October 9 8:02 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia but he needs to keep his foul in check

    October 9 8:02 pm

    MelodyMelody wonderful to see in the past couple possessions

    October 9 8:02 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Hello Melody!

    October 9 8:02 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen He will not…I think

    October 9 8:02 pm

    MelodyMelody good 2 steals from Kobe

    October 9 8:02 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Kobe & Lin led with 8pts and 7pts

    October 9 8:02 pm

    BluBellBluBell high scoring backcourt duo

    October 9 8:03 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia not enough…others needs to steup and stepin as well

    October 9 8:03 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Boozer is a liability so far

    October 9 8:03 pm

    BluBellBluBell rebounding is a problem

    October 9 8:04 pm

    psalm234psalm234 I think Lin might hit 15/7 by Q3.. πŸ˜€

    October 9 8:04 pm

    BluBellBluBell Lin out… Price in

    October 9 8:04 pm

    psalm234psalm234 2 min left in Q1.. that’s good rest

    October 9 8:05 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane So with younger back courts, J’s gonna start.Nash and Price as backups

    October 9 8:06 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Lin is perfect 2-2 FGM/FGA w/ 7pts/1ast/1reb/1TO/2PF in the 1st quarter (9 min)

    October 9 8:06 pm

    psalm234psalm234 test ..mul***asking..

    October 9 8:07 pm

    BluBellBluBell stop swearing Psalm!

    October 9 8:07 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane you’re still censored psalm.

    October 9 8:07 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia 2 FGA is still low

    October 9 8:07 pm

    MaknusiaMaknusia πŸ™‚

    October 9 8:07 pm

    psalm234psalm234 I’m trying to disable the word blocker πŸ˜€

    October 9 8:08 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen but 7pts is much better LOL

    October 9 8:08 pm

    BluBellBluBell 7 points on 2 fg is good πŸ˜‰

    October 9 8:08 pm

  25. Lin starting Q3. with a quick assist to Hill, sweet jumper

  26. Q3 9min Lin got back very quick on defense after a Kobe turnover. Stopped Curry.

  27. Q3 9m Lin another great defense on Barnes, got rebound and transition for assist to Boozer

  28. feedback: I don’t find the Live Scoreboard useful. It takes up too much vertical space. If you’re watching the game, the score’s on the TV.

    I’d rather just have Chat and then Disqus right below. Then I can follow both Chat and Disqus since new chats are at the bottom of Chat, and new Disqus are at top of Disqus.

  29. Bogut was not set on that pick. Good call by refs

  30. Lin running circles around Steph for the layup!

  31. after being double-teamed by Curry and Lee!

  32. Curry with two quick 3s over Lin. One of them was a lucky rebound.

  33. Lakers announcers talking about Lin’s versatility, can also play the 3.

  34. Q3 1m Lin patented coast to coast

  35. End of Q3 14pts/4asts/4rebs/1TO .. but be careful with 5 fouls, Jeremy!

  36. Lin is done

  37. I have this image of sonic in my head…

  38. I predicted his box score will be13 pts| 6 ast| 27 mins playing I got pretty close..

  39. Q3: 2-2 fg, 3-4 ft, 7 pts, 3 ast, 3 reb, 0 to, 3 PF
    Q2: bench
    Q1: 2-2 fg, 2-2 ft, 7pts, 1ast, 1reb, 1 to, 2 PF

  40. so in ~40 minutes so far, 15 pts, 14 ast, 2 to, 7 reb. nice!

  41. Lakers announcer said Lin had a solid game, one of the lone bright spots for the Lakers

  42. nice! He actually did a lot better considering he only had 4 Field Goals, understandably giving more shots to Kobe.

    I want to see Coach Dave Miller change his mind on Lin averaging 8pts/5asts w/ 2nd team.

  43. My prediction of 4/6 fg, 1/2 3fg and 4/5 ft is pretty close πŸ˜‰

  44. HALF-TIME Chat Log

    psalm234psalm234 HALF-TIME

    October 9 8:41 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen They did some and missed some

    October 9 8:41 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen But I think it is ok because 2nd Q is basically starters vs 3rd team

    October 9 8:42 pm

    realdsbrealdsb @realdsb can I message myself?

    October 9 8:43 pm

    realdsbrealdsb @nobodyhome test

    October 9 8:43 pm

    psalm234psalm234 err.. @realdsb , you mean massage yourself?

    October 9 8:44 pm

    BluBellBluBell chat getting weird today… lol

    October 9 8:45 pm

    realdsbrealdsb I solved the mystery of why my chat was sounding even though I turned sound off. It was because I turned chat off in the popup window, but the original chat was still open in the original window unmuted.

    October 9 8:45 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen LOL @realdsb just went rouge…

    October 9 8:45 pm

    psalm234psalm234 why would you message yourself? πŸ™‚ like in Private M*ssage

    October 9 8:45 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane I want to see what defensive adjustments Scott will do

    October 9 8:46 pm

    realdsbrealdsb hey, you guys said Chat was for nonsense, so I brought the nonsense

    October 9 8:46 pm

    psalm234psalm234 ok, note to self .. don’t have 6-hr meeting day..

    October 9 8:46 pm

    realdsbrealdsb does using someone’s @handle do anything? like give a special ring? private message? or nothing?

    October 9 8:47 pm

    psalm234psalm234 I copied Chat Log for Q1 to 1 Disqus comment

    October 9 8:47 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Blame brent.he said chat is for nonsense

    October 9 8:48 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Nothing I assume

    October 9 8:48 pm

    psalm234psalm234 @realdsb, not in Chat.. it’s not connected to BuddyPress (WordPress Social Media)

    October 9 8:48 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen @psalm234:disqus Need to highlight @realdsb‘s….nonsense….lol

    October 9 8:48 pm

    realdsbrealdsb @psalm234:disqus after you said you weren’t logging it… i’ll never trust you again

    October 9 8:49 pm

    psalm234psalm234 so it’s just used to quickly call on someone here (by clicking on the Username)

    October 9 8:49 pm

    psalm234psalm234 hey.. I said I ‘manually’ logging it πŸ˜€

    October 9 8:49 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen πŸ˜†

    October 9 8:50 pm

    psalm234psalm234 including some bad words in Chinese with the help of Google Translate

    October 9 8:50 pm

    realdsbrealdsb the downside to posting the chat log on Disqus is that it takes up pages to scroll down

    October 9 8:50 pm

    psalm234psalm234 note to self: brush up on Chinese bad words 2 be a better mod πŸ˜€

    October 9 8:50 pm

    MelodyMelody mean @Brent Yen as usual

    October 9 8:51 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen who did that!!! so rude

    October 9 8:51 pm

    psalm234psalm234 hm, let me see why it didn’t collapse it

    October 9 8:51 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen It did on mine

    October 9 8:52 pm

    MelodyMelody disqus doesn’t read Chinese?

    October 9 8:52 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen sometimes, you need reload

    October 9 8:52 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen It does

    October 9 8:52 pm

    MelodyMelody I mean it does read but just doesn’t do the censor as in English???

    October 9 8:53 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Ok so to keep up with the nonsense I’d be horrified if J grows a facial hair like Klay

    October 9 8:54 pm

    psalm234psalm234 is the jlinportal site responding slow?

    October 9 8:54 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen No….which is great!

    October 9 8:55 pm

    psalm234psalm234 ok, I need to reboot

    October 9 8:55 pm

    wukongwukong yes psalm it loading slowly… hit refresh LOOONG time white blank page then loaded.

    October 9 8:56 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Ha

    October 9 8:56 pm

    realdsbrealdsb very slow for me. 10 seconds of blank page before loading

    October 9 8:57 pm

    BluBellBluBell yup. slow

    October 9 8:57 pm

  45. Q3 CHAT Log


    Brent YenBrent Yen Lin on Klay….intersting

    October 9 8:57 pm

    k.smithk.smith who just scored?

    October 9 8:58 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Curry

    October 9 8:59 pm

    k.smithk.smith who’s on curry?

    October 9 8:59 pm

    realdsbrealdsb missed it, did Lin get screened?

    October 9 8:59 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Lin

    October 9 8:59 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen It was a miscomm

    October 9 9:00 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen I think Lin thought they will switch

    October 9 9:00 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Some Hill/Davis front court won’t be bad

    October 9 9:01 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen But for some reason Hill was at corner?

    October 9 9:02 pm

    psalm234psalm234 ok 67-55 only 12 pts behind

    October 9 9:03 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane I have no idea why was he at the corner either

    October 9 9:03 pm

    cali7cali7 that assist to boozer could have gone awry if boozer wasnt paying attention or assume lin would shoot

    October 9 9:03 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Lin’s one-on-one D on Curry is solid

    October 9 9:04 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Boozer is a good vet so he’s ready for the pass @cali7

    October 9 9:05 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Hill does not get the game

    October 9 9:06 pm

    cali7cali7 good thing

    October 9 9:07 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Hill needs to be replaced by Davis

    October 9 9:07 pm

    psalm234psalm234 No interior presence

    October 9 9:07 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Hill is a vet too….

    October 9 9:08 pm

    cali7cali7 i want to see davis

    October 9 9:08 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Davis got “Stu’s Highlight”

    October 9 9:10 pm

    k.smithk.smith how’s Lin looking? Won’t get to watch 2nd half until I get home.

    October 9 9:11 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen So am I…

    October 9 9:11 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen GSW seems like a much better def team than Den is

    October 9 9:11 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Davis is getting a lot of bang bang (damn you Jessie J!). Needs to see some J/Davis pnr

    October 9 9:11 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen so far so good for me

    October 9 9:11 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Lin got a great rebound and nice pass to Wes for a *bricked* FT! 😯

    October 9 9:11 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen HIL was blocking Lin

    October 9 9:12 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Did Lin just steam-roll Bogut?

    October 9 9:12 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen WTH

    October 9 9:12 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen hard show compltely failed

    October 9 9:12 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Nice kungfu move by Lin

    October 9 9:12 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane circus J!

    October 9 9:13 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen in Lin’s face!

    October 9 9:13 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen trolling

    October 9 9:13 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Nice run-around layup by Lin!! Hahaha.. Nash-like!

    October 9 9:13 pm

    BluBellBluBell and in control

    October 9 9:13 pm

    realdsbrealdsb who was guarding Curry on his 3?

    October 9 9:14 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Curry and David Lee double-teamed Lin but Lin still got around them πŸ˜€

    October 9 9:14 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane For the love of you-know-what somebody has to stop Klay

    October 9 9:15 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Lin did not get that reb….too bad

    October 9 9:15 pm

    realdsbrealdsb Lin didn’t want to hurt Curry

    October 9 9:15 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane J-Ko having a discussion on that break

    October 9 9:15 pm

    psalm234psalm234 yeah.. just out of his reach

    October 9 9:15 pm

    psalm234psalm234 like he did Bogut!

    October 9 9:16 pm

    k.smithk.smith WTH, I go away from my screen and they’re up big.

    October 9 9:16 pm

    realdsbrealdsb exactly

    October 9 9:16 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen @k.smith so it was your fault!

    October 9 9:16 pm

    cali7cali7 lakers have made one 3 and that was by Lin

    October 9 9:17 pm

    psalm234psalm234 don’t leave.. let’s see if they’re catching up again @k.smith

    October 9 9:17 pm

    psalm234psalm234 no bathroom break

    October 9 9:17 pm

    k.smithk.smith ha ha. they’re done 18 man.

    October 9 9:18 pm

    cali7cali7 10/14 threes for GSW

    October 9 9:18 pm

    psalm234psalm234 that missed FT is Lin’s only miss tonight

    October 9 9:18 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Don Jinx it!!!

    October 9 9:19 pm

    realdsbrealdsb who are the announcers?

    October 9 9:19 pm

    BluBellBluBell I did predict a one miss ft…

    October 9 9:19 pm

    BluBellBluBell sorry

    October 9 9:19 pm

    k.smithk.smith effing 20pt game.

    October 9 9:20 pm

    realdsbrealdsb that was ridiculous by Curry

    October 9 9:20 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Lin F’ed Lin again…

    October 9 9:20 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Leading scorer at Q3 2:28 Kobe 15, Lin/Boozer 12 each

    October 9 9:20 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Curry

    October 9 9:20 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Boozer need to work on his scoring..

    October 9 9:21 pm

    k.smithk.smith did curry just make Lin look like a fool?

    October 9 9:21 pm

    cali7cali7 Clarkson has a left calf strain

    October 9 9:21 pm

    BluBellBluBell when is Davis coming back?

    October 9 9:22 pm

    k.smithk.smith Curry can eat sh*t.

    October 9 9:22 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen When Lin leave the floor

    October 9 9:22 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Lin 12pts/4asts/3rebs/1TO but 5 PFs!

    October 9 9:23 pm

    realdsbrealdsb i think Lin made Curry look like a fool, so Curry decided to score 12 pts in about 3 mins on Lin

    October 9 9:23 pm

    psalm234psalm234 Kobe should have passed to an open Lin than forced an off-balance jumper

    October 9 9:24 pm

    k.smithk.smith I can’t stand gsw. I hope Kerr and the those fake jesus loving choir boys fail like hou.

    October 9 9:24 pm

    psalm234psalm234 What a drive by Lin!! Rebound and layup!!!

    October 9 9:24 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Well those points Curry had… it’s either he was out of reach from Jeremy or Jeremy got screened

    October 9 9:24 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Hill is gassed

    October 9 9:25 pm

    BluBellBluBell Well he did play the whole quarter.

    October 9 9:25 pm

    psalm234psalm234 14pts/4asts/4rebs/1TO .. but be careful with 5 fouls, Jeremy!

    October 9 9:25 pm

    cali7cali7 GSW third string?

    October 9 9:25 pm

    realdsbrealdsb i assume the starters will sit the rest of the game?

    October 9 9:26 pm

    BluBellBluBell I think the starters are done

    October 9 9:26 pm

    IsabeliJaneIsabeliJane Still, Warriors are living on the 3… the problem, can they sustain it in the regular season

    October 9 9:27 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Unless Scott wants to see Lin/EdD

    October 9 9:27 pm

    psalm234psalm234 I think Lin might still play 5 more min

    October 9 9:27 pm

    psalm234psalm234 with Ed Davis

    October 9 9:28 pm

    BluBellBluBell i hope so

    October 9 9:28 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Also…Scott will want to see Lin w/o Kobe

    October 9 9:28 pm

    k.smithk.smith those soft choir boys will sustain living from the 3.

    October 9 9:28 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen But this is just one game, he might choose to do that in next game

    October 9 9:28 pm

    Brent YenBrent Yen Lin is done

    October 9 9:29 pm

    psalm234psalm234 ya know, I’m impressed with Lin. He set out to focus on his scoring after going 0-6, and he’s a perfect 4-4 tonight with 14/4/4 stat line

    October 9 9:31 pm

    BluBellBluBell Randle doesn’t like to pass

  46. Lin hit the only 3pt for the Lakers tonight.

  47. wow, didn’t realize that. You don’t have to be a “live and die by the 3” team, but you need to be able to hit 3s to win in today’s game.

  48. 14 pts, 4/4 fg, 4R, 4 asts… lots of 4s. lol

  49. 4 defensive rebounds LOL

  50. I stopped reading at Clutchfans… Sorry, why would I do voluntarily go there?

  51. 1 for 11 for team. 9% and no that is nota typo.

  52. Not really enough for todays game anyway…..unless you can outshoot Curry and Klay

  53. Anyone who is ripping Jeremy’s defense on Curry seriously needs to see the game.AGAIN.

  54. Highlights!

  55. TWCSN is doing that

  56. oops, that was ambiguous, I didn’t mean today’s game against the Warriors. I meant in the style of play in the NBA nowadays.

  57. Curry scored majority of his points on Clarkson and Price. Unless they’re blind, they might want to see who was guarding Klay.

  58. I guess we’ll be getting two videos from PFV for this game. Woohoo πŸ™‚

  59. Kobe thinks Lin can be a great defensive player and he will keep pushing Lin.

  60. well, Lin shut down Curry in the 1st qtr. But after Lin made Curry look silly with his “whirlpool” drive layup, Curry went unconscious and scored a quick 12 pts on Lin. Nobody can stop Curry when he’s hot.

  61. But one thing is, Curry never get a catch and Shoot when Lin is guarding him. Good thing…just better offense

  62. I think he’s completely wrong. Especially because he thinks Lin’s “inconsistency” is because of anything internal.

    Lin’s “inconsistency” is because he plays inconsistent minutes and is subbed out and in at inconsistent times.

    Lin’s handles are decent, not great yet, but definitely not bad. If anything, his biggest weakness is that he over helps on defense. That’s the main thing that infuriates me sometimes.

  63. I dont really care if we loose, obviously win is always sweet πŸ™‚

    BScott needs time to figure out the lineups and matchups. He dont have great shooters for now. NYoung would come in handy in that department. But someone else need to start shooting well as well.

    Will let BScott run his preseason tryouts.

    Main thing that was lacking was D, and some missed open shots.

  64. At least Kobe acknowledges Jeremy’s defense

  65. Nice to hear! They seem to be communication a lot on and off the court so I’m sure they will figure out how to play off of each other better. It is only the second game of the preseason. Lot more games left to figure it all out.

  66. pics and highlights posted… headed to bed.. enjoy.

  67. 2013-14 3pt% for current Lakers:

    42% Ellington
    39% Young
    37% Johnson
    36% Lin
    35% Henry
    34% Kelly
    33% Nash
    21% Price
    19% Bryant

  68. You know I went to get groceries before the game and ‘1’ bag of items that cost ‘444’, Coincidence?

  69. Yeah kinda hard to win, when your best scoring option only takes 4 shots XD.

  70. Thanks…but…now…go to bed! nite nite πŸ™‚

  71. wait, is Howard still covering Rockets?

  72. No, he did not last yr either, he covers football and baseball now I think.

  73. Sounds like you just woke up.
    You didn’t actually got to the groceries… you were dreaming.

  74. Here’s some fan stats: In the incomplete chat logs that Psalm posted, I estimated about 250 comments (Psalm may have the full logs and more accurate total). The Disqus game thread currently has 75 comments. So adding some for the missing Chat logs, that’s about 400 comments in today’s game thread on JL Portal. has about 1100 comments so far in today’s game thread (1st and 2nd half). Very impressive activity for JL Portal.

  75. non sense rocks!!!!

  76. LoL…we are running stats on site now?! πŸ™‚

  77. Actually, I’m going to call it “Analytics” and start charging thousands of dollars for it.

  78. Morey?

  79. Nowadays, it been renamed as “Business Intelligence”

  80. NOOOO!… dont wanna hear that name again. I stopped eating M&M

  81. I prefer skittles.

  82. Came back from Staples Center. Lin played pretty solid, nothing special; but he might have been their best player, which is really bad for Lakers. I know it’s pre-season, but let me just say I don’t see Lakers making play-off, let alone win more than 40 games. GSW had very easy time scoring against Lakers. Under this system, I don’t see Lin do better than 14/5 season average. I didn’t think Lin was faster than Curry in getting to the basket; in fact, Curry looked faster than Lin to me in moving around the court. IMO, Klay is a better player than Curry, and I thought Curry out-played Lin slightly. Lin looked a little lost at the beginning of the game but he played pretty decently. Most fans just root for Kobe and are not that excited about anyone else. Some were more excited at GSW’s plays. Lakers is a boring team pretty much. Hopefully, Nick and Kelly will help Lakers because they sorely need some help. Clarkson played more in control but he’s not a good shooter; Randall not ready for NBA. Kobe started well but faded.

  83. If he looked at other players with the same skeptical glasses as he does Lin, he would be surprised to see that a guy who averages 20pts per game, would fluctuate just as much as Lin does. To come to the conclusion that Lins inconsistency is due to his ‘Handles’ is quite amusing.

  84. yep 1 in morning… night night. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  85. Serena Winters @SerenaWintersFollow
    Jeremy Lin says Kobe’s taken on a “mentorship” role: “That’s something I don’t think I’ve had in my past 4 years in the league.”
    12:39 AM – 10 Oct 2014

  86. My only thought….Brent, you talk to much.

  87. you are gonna get killed posting this at JLnet

  88. Take that Rox and Carmelo!

  89. He should change his username to real-dm ( Darell Morey )

  90. Trolls gotta troll.

  91. its kinda confirmed now the bromance between B&M

  92. Thanks again.

  93. ah yes, then I can charge tens of thousands!

  94. what about here? lol

  95. definitely Morey. lol

  96. I will definitely enjoy. night!

  97. hahaha…as long as its a fair POV….it should be fine…not trying to impose once thought as ultimatum against another poster. Everyone is entitle to post their thoughts, maturely.

  98. No chance in h*ell are they making the playoffs. At the end of the 1st qtr, I thought the lead got out of hand when Lakers sat their starters and GSW starters went up against our bench. Maybe game could have been closer? I doubt it.

    Lin said that he was a little lost at the beginning of the game but got more comfortable in the 3rd qtr. So you’re observation’s right.

    My hatred for Kerr and Curry is strong. Thompson is going to explode this year. Dude is playing with a massive chip on his shoulder after all the KLove trade rumors.

  99. What is this mature word you are talking about?

  100. No chance they make the playoffs. At the end of the 1st qtr, I thought the lead got out of hand when Lakers sat their starters and GSW starters went up against our bench. Maybe game could have been closer? I doubt it.

    Lin said that he was a little lost at the beginning of the game but got more comfortable in the 3rd qtr. So you’re observation’s right.

    My hatred for Kerr and Curry is strong. Thompson is going to explode this year. Dude is playing with a massive chip on his shoulder after all the KLove trade rumors.

  101. No chance in h*e*ll are they making the playoffs. At the end of the 1st qtr, I thought the lead got out of hand when Lakers sat their starters and GSW starters went up against our bench. Maybe game could have been closer? I doubt it.

    Lin said that he was a little lost at the beginning of the game but got more comfortable in the 3rd qtr. So you’re observation’s right.

    My hat*red for Kerr and Curry is strong. Thompson is going to explode this year. Dude is playing with a massive chip on his shoulder after all the KLove trade rumors.

  102. Don’t ask Brent. He won’t know either.

  103. Thanks for the observations!

  104. Bieber and McHale

  105. Are you Bieber or McHale?

  106. Speed – agreed, Curry seems to be faster. But Jeremy looks way better in terms of speed compared to first game. And he is running with new team mates….its gonna take time for any player to get used to new teammates

    game wins – Lakers still lacks some skillsets and depth so getting into playoffs is really difficult but not impossible if the team truly buys into total defense that BScott been preaching

    As for the Lin’s number, JL has the freedom to rack which ever way he wants, either on defense, offense or playmaking. Without good teammates he cant shine in all the departments. Something gotta give.

    Just my POV

  107. Ask Michael!

  108. no!… Khuang and etane

  109. haha, still too much sugar for me. I prefer dark chocolate

  110. Chat vs Disqus for in-game threads:

    – linear (non-threaded)
    – don’t have to click anything to see latest
    – a little laggy
    – can be logged, but will slow down performance even more


    – can be threaded. Better for discussions, not good for fast chats
    – need to click to see new comments
    – not really faster than Chat? It may seem faster because it shows up on your screen right away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it shows up on others’ screens.
    – easy to archive

  111. True. I do love dark chocolate but no more than 75% and preferably with hazelnut or almond.

  112. I eat smarties, to feel smart.

  113. Good observations and I just have to say I’m jealous of you.

    No offense though on the “I don’t see Lakers making play-off, let alone win more than 40 games” part, unless you did a “Back to the Future” kind of thing haha

  114. I eat tootsie roll so I can dance.

  115. I used to dislike chocolate, because my mom would only buy this weird stuff that was very pure in cocoa and barely any sugar, and I thought all chocolate was bitter. Then I went trick-or-treating…and my world changed.

  116. Pure cocoa is better for you. Go thank your mother.

  117. LOL…i picked up craving for dark chocolate from trick-or-treat as well! Prior to that it was way too bitter for me. Now i’m hooked

  118. To me, the biggest factor is that in Chat, you don’t have to click anything to see new comments. In Disqus, you have to click every time. To me, that’s a deal breaker.

    I’m not sure that Disqus is faster than Chat. It just seems faster because your comment shows up on your computer immediately. But it’s probably not showing up on others that fast. The Chat plugin should really display the user’s comment immediately on their own computer. That would give the perception of no lag.

    Are there other Chat plugins to test out? Have you tried

    What about IRC channel? Although that would probably not have integrated login, which is kind of a nice feature.

  119. Yeah, I also think that with the Lakers injuries that they won’t make the playoffs. Oh well, at least Lin will make it entertaining to watch.

    I know I’ll enjoy much more watching Lin help a low talent team overachieve than watching Lin being vastly underutilized and having a high talent team underachieve and choke out in the first round.

  120. epic!

  121. Sounds great!

  122. I agree with what he saw and says. It corresponds with what I saw. Lakers don’t have what it takes to make the playoff this season; I saw it with my own eyes. And I tend to look at things pretty objectively.

  123. When Lakers get down by 15, they cannot catch up because they cannot score 10 fast points in a row.

  124. Exactly. As long as the posts are made respectfully, the poster should not be attacked personally just because they pointed out Lin’s mistakes or think Lin’s should to be an all-star.

  125. It is what I saw; I tend to view things pretty objectively. Like I said, I even though Lin was their best player tonight, and if that is the case, Lakers is in big trouble, because GSW had at least two players who played better BB tonight. Maybe even 3.

  126. Factually yes, but that was mostly the result of cohesiveness….

  127. Really, Klay is their best player; he’s taller and takes good shots. Also, Curry looked taller than Lin to me. Is that true?

  128. Nope…

  129. I think they’re about the same.

  130. All I know is if anyone wants to bet that Lakers will make playoff this season, you can kiss your money good-bye.

  131. I think they will, but not going to bet money. πŸ˜›

  132. Could not have described it better.

  133. The author’s not wrong. Getting tired of hearing about Lin needing to be more aggressive or play his game. Maybe that’s not his game…he’s not an alpha, doesn’t take over games.

  134. They are both 191 cm. Curry must have gotten taller; he looked slightly taller to me.

  135. Curry eats at Subway, that’s about all I know about him.

  136. It’s called confidence.

  137. Curry definitely plays with more confidence — that much is true.

  138. LOL swaggy

  139. Could it be because Lin is bending his knees more on defense, while Curry is standing straight up?

  140. Well if you ask me, Klay is indeed better than Curry, shooting-wise. Klay can shoot even without a screen. Curry,questionable. See last FIBA games when Curry was questionable at shooting 3s.

  141. It might be because Lin bends slightly even when he stands up.

  142. Curry is also a streaky shooter, that’s for sure.

  143. Klay seems to take only decent to good shots.

  144. Let me relook at the game later. if I remember correctly prior to the game start, Lin/Curry was having a chat, and they was standing facing each other

  145. They were chatting in games too, like it was only 4 on 4….:P

  146. At least his shot selections are better than Curry, imo.

  147. To prove I was at the Lakers game. one photo attached. The first attachment.

  148. It’s just my take on things. What are you jealous about? πŸ™‚ I get free tickets time to time to Lakers, but this is the first time I decided to go and see for myself because of Lin.

  149. I personally think this year will be a learning year, but Lakers will be in a rebuild mode for one or two more years.

  150. The free tickets and you living in LA, obviously! LOL

  151. Yes, he actually takes 2 point shots, whereas Curry only takes 3 point shots.

  152. You should just hand over those tickets to me if you’re not gonna attend πŸ˜‰

  153. Maybe Lin will eat In&Out tomorrow?

  154. I haven’t evaluated this one. I see it requires PHP filesystem access so I’ll look into it. Thanks, it looks quite good.

    Another part that I observed about Disqus is about the votes to mark good comments. I notice it gave people more excitement to ‘spur’ one another. That’s the best part about Disqus. The commenters got instant feedback and in turn get more excited to respond to other comments. Not sure if you observe the same dynamics.

    We can definitely try to evaluate it in the next 2 preseason games.

  155. Biayan’s Highlights

  156. Coach Psalm experimenting during the preseason πŸ˜‰

  157. I already posted below along with PFV’s short video πŸ™‚

  158. one photo doesnt cut it! πŸ˜‰

  159. How dare u!

  160. Kobe Bryant’s Challenge to Jeremy Lin

  161. Possible…i’m holding on team performance till the season starts with atleast 15-20 games played

  162. You are too greedy. Now how about some video webattorney…

  163. and closeups

  164. Nice reply from Jeremy

  165. Not to mention the fact that with Disqus I can go to bed, wake-up and troll…Brent for example. Call it delayed trolling.

  166. I dared…

  167. of webattorney? no thank you ;P

  168. admit!…you lost!

  169. I see you have high trolling IQ

  170. dont mind that either…he is cool

  171. preseason is running out soon…better come up with the lineup fast

  172. My late moms cocoa at work ^^

  173. I’ll take close-up of Jeremy.

  174. I dunno about that. He has been ignoring me a lot lately…

  175. WOW This is really a good one. Glad that Kobe is teaching and JLin is a very good and fast learner. JLin will improve even much quicker now than before.

  176. I think Kobe is also enjoying mentoring someone who actually understands what he is saying.

  177. It is probably you ignoring him…

  178. Also they both love a challenge.

  179. Byron Scott post-game interview: Kobe and Jeremy

  180. blubell had the scoop

  181. while I am not a fan of Kobe, I know that he does not have the patience to mentor someone that he doesn’t think highly of, and the fact that Kobe wants to mentor and challenge Lin means a lot.

  182. oh wow .. I guess I’m so tired I didn’t realize it :]
    this is beginning to seem familiar LOL

  183. I begin to like him a lot after seeing how he handles camps, talks, interviews…. since Media Day. Had my reserved when JLin first traded to Lakers because of what I heard about him. Glad that he is taking the mentor role on JLin and challenge him to get better. I can see how much improvement JLin will be in the days to come.

    For this, I believe JLin is “home” now.

  184. Haha. No post-game thread?

  185. 15 PER is not bad for 21 minutes… just need to cut down on those pfs.

  186. It’s too early still to make a judgment call but I can see how badly the rest of the roster are.

    What I saw happened was Lin was doing 50-50 with playmaking & off-the-ball (when Kobe does his thing)
    But the biggest problem is indeed the defensive rotation and no interior presence. All night long, GSW just walked in the lane.

    I believe Ed Davis can be a starter better than Hill who looked lost on defense. If Lin holds the ball 75% and Ed Davis replaces Hill, they have a pretty good starting team. Add Nick Young as SG in the 2nd team, they’ll have good spacing and good defense to start fastbreak & outscore people.

    Randle can be really good but still a rookie.It would take a lot of things going right to get 8th seed indeed.

  187. I’ll do one tomorrow if I can get a breather :]

  188. everyone (with contributor role) can actually do it. Do you want to give it a try tomorrow? :]

  189. Don’t overwork yourself though. If you try doing too much you may break your Achilles.

  190. Slacker… Lol. Go to bed!
    I am sleepy. Night!

  191. Interesting. I thought Davis had more rebounds.

  192. Just a reminder, if anyone with Contributor Role wants to create Post-Game thread, they can also do that.
    You can share your observations and simply add Youtube links to show video on post :]

    Note: For Featured Image, you can choose GSW icon. Or I can add it tomorrow.


  193. Oh, I wouldn’t dare. I’m not as knowledgeable in bb as many of the posters here to do an analysis. Besides I won’t have time to do it at work. I’ll leave it to the professionals πŸ™‚

  194. LG post-game summary on Lin

    Lin (1 smiley)
    β€œHe’s definitely taking on a mentorship role for me on the court,” Lin said of Kobe. β€œThat’s something that I don’t think I’ve had in my previous four years in the league. And it’s just nice to have someone who’s pushing me and helping me and teaching me the tricks. It’s also nice that he’s one of the best ever to do it even on the defensive end.” With Scott opting to rest Nash, Lin got the start. He said this was the first time he has done anything with the starters, including practice. He and Kobe played fine together in the two guard front. Lin could throttle it up a little more with both Nash and Swaggy out. We need another high powered scorer, so he should have that green light. He deferred to Kobe early on, but got more aggressive. Had he regular starters minutes, this was a 20+ game most likely for him and for Kobe. β€œI thought Jeremy picked up in the second half,” Scott said, mentioning that the team needed to have a little more initiative from the start to set the tempo. Very efficient offensive game from Lin, scoring the 14 on 4-4 shooting. It will be interesting to also see the influence Nash may have on Lin throughout the season. One of Jeremy’s scores where he kept his dribble alive and circled back through the lane for the scoop was very Nash-like in execution. The more time in these sets, the more comfortable and confident he will get and hopefully, Nash is there pointing out the nuances of the offensive game and Kobe helping on the defensive end. Kobe thought the chemistry was fine offensively between the two and focused on the D afterward. β€œJeremy’s biggest challenge, which he loves, is that I’m really going to challenge him to be a great defensive player because he can,” Kobe said. β€œHe has the speed, he has the length, he has the size. He’s never had to take on that challenge, but I think he can be a great defensive player.” Lin worked on it all offseason and Kobe and Scott will likely be focusing on it all regular season to see him take it up a level. Lin on the beating their D took: β€œIt’s good if we learn from it,” Lin said. β€œIf we don’t learn from it then it’s the worse thing ever and you’ll watch it happen over and over again.” See last season.

    The Stats:

    He scored 14 points on 4-4 shooting (1-1 from three, 5-6 from the line) to go with 4 boards, 4 assists, 1 turnover and 5 fouls in 21 minutes. He was a -12.

    The Action: He picked up a dribble and tried to force a pass into Boozer who was coming out to set a screen, turnover on the miscommunication. He drained a wing three on a kickout from Boozer. He probed, saw a seam and attacked it from the wing to draw FTs, he made both. He hit Boozer off the dribble for the elbow jumper. He saw the Lakers scoop up a turnover, quickly busted down court ahead of the pack and took the outlet from Kobe for the layup. He had 7 points on 2-2 shooting in the first quarter before sitting.

    Second Half: He probed baseline and drew an illegal D call. He pushed out the break, gave it up, got it back, gave it up again to Boozer for the score. He worked behind a Hill screen and was fouled on a jumper as a defender stepped under him, he made both FTs. He took down Bogut getting around a screen on D, foul Bogut. He probed baseline, kept his dribble alive, circled back around the lane and scored the layup (Nash like on that one). He came off a down screen, attacked the lane and drew FTs, he made one. He fouled Curry on the three line for an And-1. He scooped up a loose ball, pushed it up floor, put on a burst of speed and scored the layup.

  195. I want to know how Jeremy can get the rating of smiley with sunglasses (Kobe) or that banana waving a ribbon (Byron). These LakersGround posters surely knows how to write an in-game report.

  196. 10.09.14 (LONG VIDEO) Jeremy Lin & LA Lakers CRUSHED By Golden State Warriors 120-105 – Analysis

  197. Again, I got one prediction right. This time I got the score right.

  198. I am concerned for the Lakers lack of front line athleticism. Can any one of the starting big men finish above the rim?

    Jeremy showed good effort chasing Curry over screens. The Warriors do well in setting picks for the PG. The Lakers bigs e.g. Boozer seemed slow in getting back after hedging. The defensive problems may continue this year for the Lakers unless some of the more athletic bigs develope quickly this year e.g. Randell, Davis.

  199. No one can do anything about Curry darting and weaving through screens set for him. Curry is super quick in getting open. Hard to fault Lin for this, especially when Curry needs only 1 sec or less to launch decent 3s.

  200. Too busy drinking beer; that and observing fans’ reactions were almost more enjoyable than the game itself. One kid next to me got mad at me when I involuntarily clapped GSW’s good plays.

  201. You can see his close-up on the huge TV screen. He always looks tired, even though he’s not. Also, too many foul calls to interrupt the game flow. You can bank on Lakers not making the playoff. Kobe hanging around for another year with Lakers is going to kill Lin’s development as a team. Unless they bring in better players, the players Lakers have right now are not good enough to make it to playoff even if they gel. No offensive power and no threat of 3 point takers to open up the driving lane. My friend was telling me that many season ticket holders are stuck watching lousy Lakers just so they keep their season tickets.

  202. all right, good to know. I was waiting for you or Brent to create one, but maybe I’ll start it off

  203. post-away!

  204. So if I type @brentyen:disqus will you receive some sort of notification or something?

  205. Not sure…..haha

  206. Yes…but I’m not sure where the notification is.
    I think its part of the profile notification, where it says, your name had been mentioned…

    @psalm234:disqus should know.

    PS ; Psalm, I’m not able to use the featured image on the thread I posted. It says, no permission

  207. Mods, where are the game analysis? You guys spoil us on the first game, now you can’t just walk away freely without feeding us.

  208. Thanks much! I appreciate it. I had a long day yesterday :]

  209. I really like LG poster (DancingBarry) who’s done such detailed report on each player. What a dedication!

    If Lin gets 35 min and 20+pts, he’ll get ‘Dancing Banana’ haha

  210. Good seeing you. All the big men suck.

  211. oh shlt.

  212. Wish you would have made him cry.

  213. Check carefully….LOL

  214. Ok J, time to get that Dancing Banana!

  215. Thank you!

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