Lakers vs Nuggets Preseason 1 Game Thread (plus Chat+Scoreboard)

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  1. 1st!

  2. Congrats! U r really fast:o))

  3. haha…..beat me by 5 hrs.

  4. Lol. What took you so long?

  5. Its gonna be interesting to see what the team bring to the floor

  6. for some reason my post on “Game Chat” is not appearing?!

  7. I got the same issue sometimes. I have to refresh then it works

  8. so any guess work prior to game?

  9. game chat not appearing for me too. I’ve refreshed multiple times…

  10. are you on phone or tablets? There’s a fixed size so it might be a problem. I’ll adjust the setting soon

  11. laptop

  12. The game is on 7pm Pacific time zone?

  13. yes.

  14. A mop for sure.

  15. Linning :]
    Hard to guess the final score for a preseason game due to so many lineup change.

    But I predict Lin will play true PG to give assists to Clarkson, Ed Davis and Randle.
    Individually some drives leading to layups/FTs, 1-2 threes, 1 steal, plus 1 floater maybe in 20-25min work.

  16. Thanks, I guess 9pm for me then.

  17. 17pts, 7asst, 27minutes. Hehe

  18. Clean up?

  19. Why not 17 minutes to show his efficiency? lol

  20. That would be too efficiency.

  21. Linsanity 2.0 πŸ˜‰

  22. Hello Jeremy Lin fans!

  23. Hi

  24. Are all new members on this site or Disqus that have the chicken head?

  25. yes,… it’s the default πŸ™‚
    Om-Nom is my son’s favorite character. It encourages people to embrace it or change it immediately haha..

  26. Welcome!

  27. HI

  28. Going to sleep, see you all in 6 hours or so O.O

  29. that definitely would make a statement. LOL
    Then people would say, “That’s only preseason!” haha..
    we know the regular song-and-dance ..

  30. Now that’s self-discipline and dedication!
    JLin would give you a back-pat :]

  31. You are supposed to be awake until the game starts tho….:P

  32. the blood?

  33. and sweat?

  34. We now remember that song and dance by heart.

  35. and some teeth…

  36. are we still talking about basketball?

  37. Not sure Lin was playing bball when he got that bloody dragon anyway.

  38. Some call it by another name .. Trauma :]
    But we learn to brush it off and move on .. to bigger & better things

  39. Hola! Welcome!

  40. do you still have the same problem? I tried in Chrome/Safari and can see it

  41. Honestly I only expect maybe 10 pt, 4 ast, 2~3 rebounds, and a steal or two. Basically just enough for Scott to see that Lin’s got it and implementing defensive sets and then rotating him out to test Price/Clarkson/roster fringes. Same with Nash, play him just enough to see how Nash does with preseason game speed then rotate him out to prevent freak injuries.

  42. Today’s focuses are paint defense and defensive rebounding.

  43. It was working yesterday but don’t see it today.

  44. I just purged the cache. Try to purge your browser cache to see if it works

  45. exactly

  46. I wasn’t logged in so I’m not sure game chat is a good idea since only members can view/use the chat.

  47. Bet your big bucks tonight on Lin at casino vs. Nuggets.

  48. Psyched for the game? You can listen to LA Mix Tape :]

  49. So how many times do I have to watch this til game starts? lol

  50. For those of you looking for basketball streaming links over the next few months, I found the following post full of links over at the LakersBall site:

    (If you want to share this with anyone else, please direct them to LakersBall site using the above link rather then posting LakersBall’s content elsewhere.)

  51. Haha pre game anxiety. Excellent way to pump up…i’ll be it watching again…

  52. Is that legal?

  53. Added the streaming info to the post: (requires donation)
    NBATV & TWC SportsNet (cable subscription)

  54. infinite loop πŸ™‚

  55. You need an invite for ballstreams. I don’t exactly know how it works but if anyone needs an invite/referral. Let me know.

  56. oh, they changed that then.
    Interesting, thanks!

  57. nice, let me add the LakersBall complete links to the post

  58. I think you have to subscribe and wait for them to send you an invite which can be instant or you might have to wait days/weeks. Or ask a member for an invite/referral. It took me couple of days for them to send me an invite email.

  59. Very interesting. Looks like 1st team and 2team will get lots of min tonight.

    Mike Trudell @LakersReporter 54 seconds ago
    Byron Scott wants to get his first and second units plenty of playing time tonight, so the end-of-roster guys won’t likely play.

    Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 57 seconds ago
    Byron Scott said Kobe and Nash will play limited minutes. Would divulge what they were, but he said he won’t go past that number

  60. LOL it’s done by JLin fan from certain site.

  61. Lin working his off the dribble game— Silver Screen & Roll (@LakersBlog_SSR) October 7, 2014

  62. NICE!!!

    Lin's Adidas for the day— Silver Screen & Roll (@LakersBlog_SSR) October 7, 2014

  63. huhhhh

  64. Correct…and this is what I expected to see from JL and the seniors

  65. Ok, another confirmation that Kobe/Nash won’t play “tons of minutes”.
    I’d say 15-20 min each. 25 would be the max.

  66. @JackJack just posted acrobatic layup by Lin during warm-up.
    Jeremy must be feelin’ it tonight :}

  67. Good start…overall

  68. Q1 5:13 Lin hasn’t entered the game yet but one announcer singing praise on him.
    “Very versatile .. can play 1-2-3!”

  69. Q1 3:19 Jordan Clarkson checked in at 3min mark but no Lin yet. Byron might want Nash to finish 1st quarter while his body is warm.

  70. Q 1:21 Lin finally checked in!

  71. wow.

  72. keeping nash warm. I bet we won’t see him until the beginning of the second half

  73. pretty bounce pass!

  74. and got the rebound on the other end

  75. the group still needs to work on rotations ><;;

  76. ooooo pretty threading the needle

  77. love the passes!

  78. Omg! Clarkson really have to shoot everytime he touch the ball?

  79. HAHA decided to take over, did he

  80. they got him partially for that I think. also, rookie getting his reps.

  81. He is trying too hard. He should just let Lin run the show and he will get easier shots.

  82. LOL the announcers in the stream says “who did you want to talk about? x, y, or clarkson who shot A MILLION TIMES”

  83. he’s a baby bb player, I can’t get mad at him. I’d be yelling at baby Lin to get his shots too.

  84. Not mad at all but he just need to have a better shots selection.

  85. that’s why they call them rookies

  86. Q2 5:06 James Worthy: “Jeremy Lin.. getting into the lane and dishes well”
    Lakers 41-38

    This is after Lin’s pretty pass to Clarkson’s effortless 3.

  87. good hustle from lin and davis

  88. lmao, now they’re double teaming Lin and it doesn’t work, he found the free person and threaded the needle. this lin/davis pnr is moneyyy

  89. nice. thanks for the updates.

  90. took a charge, or tried to? might be defensive foul, not sure he got there in time

  91. didn’t get there in time, den is shooting ft

  92. announcers are mentioning how easily lin got davis buckets and how he’s one of three people who did so well driving to the rim

  93. hmm, nearly full court pressing, scott’s gotta love that

  94. great hustle from the entire team, you can tell they’re fighting for each other

  95. ugh, celebrating too hard from the rookierookie pnr, team’s getting back on defense got messed up

  96. and then Lin airballs. TAKE YOUR TIME

  97. oh, he was going for the 2 for 1, that’s why he was rushing

  98. Yes

  99. and yeah, Lin played all the way to the half, wow, that conditioning is going to come in handy if this is how scott’s gonna work the rotations

  100. Since Lakers’ teammates are not letting Lin control the rhythm (either because they don’t respect him enough or because Lin is not demanding it), if Scott sees Lin should be the one initiating the plays, he has to tell other players to let Lin initiate the plays. Otherwise, this is going to be the same thing as in Houston. I think Lin will average around 13/7

  101. yeah, Lin with 5asts/3rebs/1stl but 0 pts at the half. Not too bad at all in 13 min.

    Let’s hope he gets more aggressive in the 2nd half. Clarkson needs to handle the ball less

  102. And Lin needs to tell them to give the EFFING ball to him.

  103. That’s what I mean. Either he does it, or Scott or Kobe has to do it for the good of the team. It’s clear to me that when Lin initiates the plays, Lakers are much better. Lin can be the key, but no one is giving him the control. Hopefully, Scott forces it.

  104. Doesn’t work so well if it’s orders from on-high. Sorta like how grassroots efforts are longer lasting because the people want change for themselves. I figure give them at least a dozen games or so to try to figure it out for themselves and then step in.

  105. Agreed. Scott needs to instruct the team to let Lin handle the ball a little more until the young guys stop being black holes and Lin needs to demand the ball.

  106. The problem is Lakers cannot afford to let 10 games go by like this. But I hear you.

  107. have you looked at the early schedule? It’s gonna be rough either way, and some of those brutal b2b might as well be give aways.

    People learn more from failure than from success, let them fail a little. And finish strong.

    Or basically, gameplan like Pop, not like Mchale.

  108. its too early…he probably wants to play it out with the rookies first to understand their style…and then the coaching will come

  109. I am impressed with Lin’s creating easy shots for his teammates, but I am not impressed with his decisions once he gets to the basket. Lakers has absolutely no one who can create plays for others, except Kobe and Lin.

  110. nash?

  111. Well, I am all for them learning, but I am 95% sure that Lakers are not going to make it to playoff.

  112. same problem as previous years.

  113. Nash too slow to put pressure on defenders. But he can shoot. I think Lin and Nash playing together might be effective. Nash’s plays don’t really create open shots for his teammates because defenders know he is not going to break down D by going into the paint. But the guy can shoot.

  114. 2nd half just started with all starters back in

  115. nash’s timing on the oop was off

  116. Know what you mean.

  117. thing to watch: if they rotate Lin in once Nash’s defensive hands start dropping or if it’s tied more to 3~4min left in the Q

  118. Why some chat down here and some chat on the chat box?

  119. eh, you don’t go into something like that with that mentality. Play the long game.

  120. keeping both active! πŸ™‚

  121. I don’t like the box

  122. nice fullcourt pass from nash

  123. ooo pretty pass from kobe but nash couldn’t finish

  124. Yes, that was.

  125. ugh nash is markedly slow chasing down lawson, and they didn’t rotate in time

  126. Off topic: Ryu pitched well for 6 innings and gave up only one run, but a reliever came in and gave up a 2 run home run. He did his job.

  127. dang, kobe, glad he’s on the team and not an opponent

  128. Nash just didn’t look very sharp out there.
    He missed half-a-step here and there.

  129. we’re doing experiments πŸ™‚

    I try to scream/yell at the box and make observations here

  130. can LA import phoenix’s medical staff??


  131. No Doc can fix aging.

  132. tell dirk and kobe that

  133. Nash is 40.

  134. silly details =P

  135. 36 and 40 are a big different

  136. miscommunication between kobe and a big causing a TO

  137. boozer’s passing seems better than his finishing? am liking hill’s hustle and bounce

  138. or no, like, boozer’s jumpshot is better than his dunks? how does that work…

  139. nash making pretty layups

  140. You all alone down here and talking to yourself

  141. Jion us up in the chat box

  142. Q3 2:53 Looks like Byron Scott will let the starters finish Q3. They’re on pretty good roll here.
    Let’s hope Lin is ready for Q4.

  143. I’m commenting not chatting? Mostly making notes to refer to in the future.

  144. Q3 2:11 Lin checked in for Nash..before Clarkson. with the starters!!!!
    Followed by Randle for Boozer

  145. Hmmm, yeah they’re going with the Nash for the 1st and 3rd quarter and using Lin for the backends. This will probably work out the best for the both of them because Lin loves the 4th quarter but seems to need a bit of time to warm up (or get over his thing with letting the rest of the team play as he watches for a bit).

  146. Lin keeping up with Lawson decently

  147. being sarcastic

  148. oyyy, teammates not keeping up with Lin’s speed and then there’s hot potato in the backcourt (by the bigs?). combination of defensive and offensive breakdown

  149. lin directing traffic

  150. lin talking to randle before the half working out =)

  151. (note to self: find that serena winters’s? post)

  152. They’re using bringing the ball up the court as reward for rebounds.

    Also, spacing when Lin is with the starters is off, they’re timing it for Nash’s drives and Lin’s speed seems to be catching them all a step slow.

  153. that was a good play to draw defenders left so Randle can have open lane in the middle.
    But Randle not giving the ball to Lin and decided to be PG to bring up the ball was not πŸ™‚ Rookie!

  154. lin to sacre – bet the bigs love him for getting them open jumpers, no sacrificing their bodies

  155. lin guarded 4 people on that play, props to whomever that was that got that steal because the defensive rotation was fubar by that point

  156. nice jumper by ellington!

  157. Q4 11:23 Lin made his 7th assist to Sacre making wide-open midrange J

  158. Lin, y u missing ur long 2’s, step your foot on the 3pt line, lol

  159. Lin needed a better backup plan for that drive, there were 4 defenders there x.x


  161. has he scored at all?

  162. ugh, someone should’ve cut there, lin got trapped

  163. he’s cosplaying kendal marshall. shhh don’t tell

  164. Lin’s defensive posture is much improved compared to last year


  166. lmaooo, missed a FT, stop pretending to be kendal

  167. davis with the illegal screens, smh

  168. Kendal sucks. Don’t imitate him, Lin.

  169. uhoh johnson tweaked his knee? please don’t be a bad injury…

  170. I think it’s a strain. Not too serious.

  171. niiiice Lin to Davis oop

  172. 10th assist, only 1 pt

  173. Q4 2:27 Lin made this 10th assist with a beautiful alley-oop to Ed Davis! Great chemistry to develop

  174. nice rejection by davis!

  175. second team is starting to pass to lin

  176. Ellington knows better. Not sure about the rookies. But good to see that

  177. yay team hustle! (lin slipped on a wet spot)



  180. Where are the highlight gods.

  181. so much lag in chat =(

  182. yup

  183. Last 3/4th court shot? Lucky shot but Lakers got the win πŸ˜€

    98-95. W, baby!

  184. Lin/Davis PnR – Byron Scott saying that Lin and Davis played well. Lin didnt shoot particularly well but orchestrated the offense well

  185. Randle – need to learn to play harder and longer Scott says

  186. reminded me of Lin/Tyson

  187. Clarkson not bad; took some ill advised shots; decent on defensive end – Scott says

  188. He also said, “Not bad. There were a few quick shots that we can fix”

    Yes, rookies will settle down and learn as they get the jitters out.

  189. LG highlights thread, no lin highlights yet tho

  190. Lin is no longer in Hicktown. That is all.

  191. Thanks for sharing….he said it bold….cant disagree there….but being a preseason game and the fist game as a team….he did well for a new formation with Kobe/Nash re-entry

  192. Highlight from Blaiyan

  193. Wow that’s quick! Noice!

  194. nice, I added it as the latest video on Homepage above ‘Latest Posts’.
    I’ll add Full Video Gallery link soon

  195. It was amazing how recovered it after the slip!
    Good thing he was okay.

  196. Like Announcers said, he is A POINT guard…

  197. If there is one lesson Brian Shaw might have learned about this game is: Do not load up your bigs to defend Jeremy Lin.Else, leave one of the Lakers bigs open (especially one big like Davis) and Jeremy will easily find them for an easy basket.

  198. PFV vid.

  199. Jeremy post game interview

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