Lakers Training Camp Day 6


Summary: It’s another two-a-day practice again like yesterday but I suspect Coach Byron Scott will do lighter conditioning not to tire the players before the 1st preseason game vs Denver tomorrow. I will frequently provide the latest update below to get a sense of how the training goes.

Nash is back in practice after sprainking the ankle yesterday but I would think they still want to be very careful and evaluate if he should play tomorrow.


1:31pm Byron Scott refused to share how many minutes he’ll play Kobe/Nash tomorrow. Most likely it will be minimum due to Nash’s ankle injury so they don’t want to aggravate or cause other injury in his fragile body (as Gary Vitti shared).

1:11pm 50 FTs to close afternoon practice

1:11pm It’s very curious that Byron Scott decided to rest Kobe and Lin after 1st practice so they didn’t participate in scrimmage. I think Byron knows what Kobe and Lin brought already so he decided not to overwork them before the 1st preseason game tomorrow.

1:11pm Coach Byron Scott once again emphasized the importance of workind hard in the Training Camp. He will probably not overwork the guys to prepare for the 1st preseason game vs. Denver

12:59pm It’s the final day of TC so Mitch Kupchak (GM) and Jim Buss (part-owner/Executive VP of BB Operations) want to see how ready the players are.

 (Feature photo Credit: J Alexander Diaz/

The last day of the practices before Lakers facing Nuggets on Monday at 7pm. So far Lakers have 4 players in the injury lists. Nash is expected to attend the practices on day 6. The coverage will be continued here.