Lakers Training Camp Day 6


Summary: It’s another two-a-day practice again like yesterday but I suspect Coach Byron Scott will do lighter conditioning not to tire the players before the 1st preseason game vs Denver tomorrow. I will frequently provide the latest update below to get a sense of how the training goes.

Nash is back in practice after sprainking the ankle yesterday but I would think they still want to be very careful and evaluate if he should play tomorrow.


1:31pm Byron Scott refused to share how many minutes he’ll play Kobe/Nash tomorrow. Most likely it will be minimum due to Nash’s ankle injury so they don’t want to aggravate or cause other injury in his fragile body (as Gary Vitti shared).

1:11pm 50 FTs to close afternoon practice

1:11pm It’s very curious that Byron Scott decided to rest Kobe and Lin after 1st practice so they didn’t participate in scrimmage. I think Byron knows what Kobe and Lin brought already so he decided not to overwork them before the 1st preseason game tomorrow.

1:11pm Coach Byron Scott once again emphasized the importance of workind hard in the Training Camp. He will probably not overwork the guys to prepare for the 1st preseason game vs. Denver

12:59pm It’s the final day of TC so Mitch Kupchak (GM) and Jim Buss (part-owner/Executive VP of BB Operations) want to see how ready the players are.

 (Feature photo Credit: J Alexander Diaz/

The last day of the practices before Lakers facing Nuggets on Monday at 7pm. So far Lakers have 4 players in the injury lists. Nash is expected to attend the practices on day 6. The coverage will be continued here.


  1. LOL First for the first time here:o)) Thanks Brent!

  2. Feels good! right? LOL

  3. also waiting for an update here!!!thanks guys!

  4. Just curious…are you using the same avatar as webattorney? Looks alike

  5. You did it Melody! Good job 🙂

    Mike TrudellVerified account
    Kobe and Lin did the first part of practice but sat out of the scrimmages (rest). Nash practiced + played in first part of the scrimmage.

    LOL I guess Lin’s impressed Scott so much that he let’s him have a break with Kobe…

  7. Lakers Counts On Jeremy Lin To Step Up After Injury to Nick Young

    “At training camp, Lin is so far leading the second unit pretty well against projected starting unit of Nash, Bryant, Wesley Johnson, Carlos Boozer and Jordan Hill. He’s also making an impression on Scott and Nash, who highly lauded the guard’s ability to slash through lanes and create problems on the paint.”

  8. LOL Not sure about feeling good but felt funny that blubell didn’t get it before I did. Guess my frustration with network and then it finally worked again that allowed me to see the new thread first:o))

  9. Seem like we are not going to get much news on JLin in today’s practice. Can’t wait to watch the first preseason game. Just want to see how the good work translates into semi-game time. Very interesting/excited to find out.

  10. I’m also looking forward to see how well the Lakers play together, especially what Byron expects from Lin :]
    So far we know he’s asked to anchor the 2nd “fast” team, bring along Clarkson and Randle.

    We might see what Byron expects in min/role in 1st half for the “slow/old” team and “fast/young” team before he might experiment with different lineup in the 2nd half. Hope to see a variation of Kobe/Nash/Lin/Boozer/Hill or Ed Davis to close game

  11. That’s my guess. But Scott also said he looked mainly at defense and rebound at tomorrow game and adjust it from there. Am very very grateful to hear a coach who does make game/practice adjustments. Very very refreshing to hear this from the past couple years:o))

  12. yeah, Byron said it because he is actually capable of making “adjustments”. Some coaches just like to plug-and-play to see what happens next 😀

  13. WOW, @psalm234:disqus did a much better job! Tweets with observations!!! thanks! Seems like there were not many Lin actions.

  14. LOL we all suffer from just watching this for 2 years. Thank God. No more from now on:o))

  15. now, now, now .. can’t get out of your next turn so easily, haha :]
    Yeah, not many Lin news.

    IMO The fact that Byron rested Kobe and Lin showed how much he wants them to have fresh legs for tomorrow! At least, that’s how I think about it.

  16. yeah, we’re permanently scarred but the good thing is anything else is quite an upgrade :}

  17. Agreed! That’s absolutely correct!

  18. Is Brent hiding in the corners like Randle? LOL.
    I agree that coach is resting the two leaders for tomorrow’s game.
    So excited!!

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