Lakers Training Camp Day 5

To conclude Day 5. I will just give some observations.
  1. Lin is really in shape, no doubt about it at all. He does not cheat the drills too. Always gives his best! The hard work will show in the real games.
  2. Lin is by nature a leader, he was very vocal during the drills. He clearly gets it, knows what Scott wants. Very good sign, because by staying ahead of the learning curve, you earn the trust from your coaches quicker/deeper. Scott seems really satisfied on what he saw from Lin.
  3. I can see his handling is better now, especially his left hand. Hesitation moves look more decisive now (sounds contradicting, I know :P). There are still room to improve in this regard for sure, and I am certain he will pick up something from Kobe and Nash over this season.
  4. I have not seen him using his floaters yet, I think it is mainly because he is still “connecting with his team mates now”. I think he will use it in games as the season goes on.
  5. His shots looks really good. Although it was not game situation, I think, if without injuries, he will shoot great this season.
  6. I feel Lin is even quicker now, maybe because it was not real game. We will see.
Side notes
  • Ed Davis blown the lay ups more times than I would think. Let’s hope he can help Lin to get more assists in the season.
  • Almost all the LAL’s PF has mid range games, this is a big plus for LAL and Lin. It is almost impossible to ICE a team with good shooting bigs. That means a 3rd help defender will be always scrambled to stop penetration. Good for perimeter players from LAL.
  • Clarkson and Randle both got smooth shooting forms. But their reaction is still slow to NBA standard. I think they will need more times to adjust.
  • I hate when we get to see Lin, the camera crew will just turn away and film others, or went for commercial break. Scott yelled loudly form counting made basket during that LA fire drill. That was how I get the idea if Lin made his shots or not.

I will not be available for Day 6, but Psalm234 will doing a good job covering the last day of TC for us, Lin fans, all!!


1:57:16 PM

NBA TV just wrapped up their coverage of the morning practice session of the TC on day 5. Just as we think, Lin looks good if you get to see the whole session. He was vocal, fit, and smart. I would guess there will be very limited coverage for the next session in this evening. – Brent

1:45:29 PM

Once again, NBA TV video director goes for a commercial break when Lin is mic’ed. – Brent

1:29:18 PM

1:25:51 PM

1:22:15 PM

1:10:05 PM 

1:02:50 PM 

Lin has made almost all the 15 footers. His shots looking great!- Brent

12:59:50 PM

LA fire drill now! Lin still makes mid Js when tired. – Brent

12:47:44 PM 

Lin and Co. look completely gassed already. – Brent

12:35:08 PM

Lin is obviously a vet out there. Directing things..always in the right spots. Good conditioning too. They are having a little scrimmage right now among 3 teams. Loser runs.. And Lin just broke defense again and kicked out for a hockey assist.

12:28:31 PM

Lin made a deflection in a 5 0n 5 shell drill- Scott said good job. – Brent

12:26:16 PM

12:22:20 PM


12:18:42 PM

Lin is mic’ed up. Vocally directing the defense.

Site went offline to me for a while

Lin made a 3 pts in 4 on 4 drills, a good contest to 3pt shooter (Scott was pleased). – Brent

11:46:17 AM

Lin is doing the half court defense drill now – Brent

11:29:55 AM 

Mitch still don’t say who will start. He said he hopes Lin finds his home here [LA] – Brent

11:27:57 AM

I will only update things Lin related from now on. – Brent

1 1:25:57 AM

Mitch is doing the interview with NBA TV crew now. – Brent

Nash is lapping the bigs…. – Brent

11:18:33 AM

Players doing warming up joggins with hands up. Probably will need to log 2 miles b4 they stop.- Brent

11:10:54 AM

Players are stretching right now… – Brent

11:04:58 AM’s feed is live now. So far the focus are all about Kobe. – Brent



The 5th day of TC will be covered here. Due to Nick Young’s injury. I expect more line up experiments tomorrow. Let’s hope NBA TV can cover more deeper than those LAL writers on twitter. Stay tune!

Without the surprise, Lakers officially announced their starters for preseason games.

Lin will have a heavier role for the 2nd unit. However, in preseason, most important players will not play major minutes. Therefore, we still need to wait until the 1st regular season game to see what exactly Scott will do. Not just about who starts, also about who plays how many minutes in how many stints.