Lakers Training Camp Day 5

To conclude Day 5. I will just give some observations.
  1. Lin is really in shape, no doubt about it at all. He does not cheat the drills too. Always gives his best! The hard work will show in the real games.
  2. Lin is by nature a leader, he was very vocal during the drills. He clearly gets it, knows what Scott wants. Very good sign, because by staying ahead of the learning curve, you earn the trust from your coaches quicker/deeper. Scott seems really satisfied on what he saw from Lin.
  3. I can see his handling is better now, especially his left hand. Hesitation moves look more decisive now (sounds contradicting, I know :P). There are still room to improve in this regard for sure, and I am certain he will pick up something from Kobe and Nash over this season.
  4. I have not seen him using his floaters yet, I think it is mainly because he is still “connecting with his team mates now”. I think he will use it in games as the season goes on.
  5. His shots looks really good. Although it was not game situation, I think, if without injuries, he will shoot great this season.
  6. I feel Lin is even quicker now, maybe because it was not real game. We will see.
Side notes
  • Ed Davis blown the lay ups more times than I would think. Let’s hope he can help Lin to get more assists in the season.
  • Almost all the LAL’s PF has mid range games, this is a big plus for LAL and Lin. It is almost impossible to ICE a team with good shooting bigs. That means a 3rd help defender will be always scrambled to stop penetration. Good for perimeter players from LAL.
  • Clarkson and Randle both got smooth shooting forms. But their reaction is still slow to NBA standard. I think they will need more times to adjust.
  • I hate when we get to see Lin, the camera crew will just turn away and film others, or went for commercial break. Scott yelled loudly form counting made basket during that LA fire drill. That was how I get the idea if Lin made his shots or not.

I will not be available for Day 6, but Psalm234 will doing a good job covering the last day of TC for us, Lin fans, all!!


1:57:16 PM

NBA TV just wrapped up their coverage of the morning practice session of the TC on day 5. Just as we think, Lin looks good if you get to see the whole session. He was vocal, fit, and smart. I would guess there will be very limited coverage for the next session in this evening. – Brent

1:45:29 PM

Once again, NBA TV video director goes for a commercial break when Lin is mic’ed. – Brent

1:29:18 PM

1:25:51 PM

1:22:15 PM

1:10:05 PM 

1:02:50 PM 

Lin has made almost all the 15 footers. His shots looking great!- Brent

12:59:50 PM

LA fire drill now! Lin still makes mid Js when tired. – Brent

12:47:44 PM 

Lin and Co. look completely gassed already. – Brent

12:35:08 PM

Lin is obviously a vet out there. Directing things..always in the right spots. Good conditioning too. They are having a little scrimmage right now among 3 teams. Loser runs.. And Lin just broke defense again and kicked out for a hockey assist.

12:28:31 PM

Lin made a deflection in a 5 0n 5 shell drill- Scott said good job. – Brent

12:26:16 PM

12:22:20 PM


12:18:42 PM

Lin is mic’ed up. Vocally directing the defense.

Site went offline to me for a while

Lin made a 3 pts in 4 on 4 drills, a good contest to 3pt shooter (Scott was pleased). – Brent

11:46:17 AM

Lin is doing the half court defense drill now – Brent

11:29:55 AM 

Mitch still don’t say who will start. He said he hopes Lin finds his home here [LA] – Brent

11:27:57 AM

I will only update things Lin related from now on. – Brent

1 1:25:57 AM

Mitch is doing the interview with NBA TV crew now. – Brent

Nash is lapping the bigs…. – Brent

11:18:33 AM

Players doing warming up joggins with hands up. Probably will need to log 2 miles b4 they stop.- Brent

11:10:54 AM

Players are stretching right now… – Brent

11:04:58 AM’s feed is live now. So far the focus are all about Kobe. – Brent



The 5th day of TC will be covered here. Due to Nick Young’s injury. I expect more line up experiments tomorrow. Let’s hope NBA TV can cover more deeper than those LAL writers on twitter. Stay tune!

Without the surprise, Lakers officially announced their starters for preseason games.

Lin will have a heavier role for the 2nd unit. However, in preseason, most important players will not play major minutes. Therefore, we still need to wait until the 1st regular season game to see what exactly Scott will do. Not just about who starts, also about who plays how many minutes in how many stints.


  1. You’re the man, Brent!

  2. I am a man I am sure. 😛

  3. Well then…

  4. WOW! So quick to set this thread up, Brent! Too quick for me:o))

  5. I can’t believe it is already day five! Time sure flies when you’re having fun 🙂

  6. NBA TV will have coverage on 5th day? Do you know the time?

  7. I read somewhere it will be @1 for 2 hours.

  8. Let me check I believe it is 4 ET….so…1 pm PT…..the program is called “Real training camp”. Given the time is 1pm PT..I am not sure if it is live or not….a weird time slot. Length is 2h30m

  9. lol…I guess yesterday was long for some. 😛

  10. Hm, I wonder how we can get access to watch NBA TV.
    Perhaps someone would be kind enough to make it available in Youtube.

  11. Man of the House 4 shure :]

  12. I hope someone uploads a video of this. I don’t mind watching a rerun.

  13. I will record it, but I doubt it can be put on YouTube.

  14. I hope the preseason game starts sooner before the Lakers are killing each other in their scrimmage. Kobe is going to find somebody to pick on. At the end we will have more players on the injury list.

    Hope Ryan Kelly will get well soon. We need him up front to spread the court and set picks. The Swaggy is off for 8 weeks. Who is going to step up for him. Gosh. Well the Lakers should put him on the injury list and sign up more players for the season. Lakers have so much money. They should hire more players to stand by. Last season was plagued by injuries and sure hope that Byron Scott started preparing for the worst.

    Xavier, Kelly, and Young are down. The Lakers definitely needs more healthy players.

  15. The X factor for the Lakers is the development of players like Ed Davis, Nick Young, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Ryan Kelly etc. It’s a long season. Now Jeremy is the one who is having the unenviable task of bringing these young players to game time situations and giving them all the chances they need to step up their games to the next level.

    The first unit will take care themselves in the training camp.

  16. There is so much hope in these threads. So I want to ask (with hope) if anyone knows when Lin’s Laker 17 Swingman jersey is coming out!???

  17. Eric Pincus (@EricPincus)“Nick Young sprains right thumb, MRI pending – injured on Thursday scrimmaging vs. Kobe Bryant …” [link]

    Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter)“Led by Jeremy Lin, the bench group is outplaying the starters in the final run here. Most everybody but Lin looks tired.” [link]

    If Nick Young was injured on Thursday, who was playing Friday in this “bench group” that was outplaying the starters?

  18. U will find the answer in Day 4 first vid.

    BONUS for today. TWCSN’s Video on Lin for today’s TC – See more at:

  19. I guess u just need to wait (with hope)……lol jk..idk

  20. I hope Ryan Kelly returns quickly because I am keen to see how he fits in with Lin.

  21. At least he will be back earlier than Young does.

  22. Howdy folks….I’m back!!!! 🙂

    Was on a short vacation

  23. How was it?! glad you are back

  24. Hope he will be back soon…my guess is around 6th week

  25. Its kinda odd, wondering which is my home now?!!! LOL
    I came back home, visiting friends and relatives…now back to my second home

    Still recovering from long flight and kinda missing kins back home

  26. welcome back to your 2nd home :]
    I’m guessing the food is better where you are now, right?

  27. Return of the Mak(nusia)..

  28. If you set to private, I think it can be done 🙂 worth trying for us, haha..

  29. haha.. nice product placement for Kobe Inc with Body Armor drink!
    Man, he really is transitioning to the businessman mode.
    This is good to see since he’ll aspire to leave a good legacy as a leader in his last 2 years in the NBA to launch himself into the business world

  30. It may be longer?!! 😉

    Hey @psalm234:disqus how ya been

  31. Hopefully you’ll know soon.

  32. no complains… but still kinda miss food back home, home 🙂

  33. Right in time for preseason!

    thanks…thats sweet

  34. hi everyone i am posting from kingston jamaica. pslam234 wanna try first row sports, lotta pop advts though try it you may be in for a pleasant surprise . i watch the whole 2013-2014 nba season on the said site

  35. Then I need to figure one how to make a TIVO recording to a YT video…LOL

  36. Seems like if go to, we get to see today’s program 2 hrs earlier than its time on NBA TV

  37. It is on right now

  38. Sounds like Rick Fox?

  39. It was Reggie Miller. But I guess they switched…because of the family emergency.

  40. I actually heard both Rick Fox and Reggie Miller.

  41. I see…..Reggie is back

  42. Both Reggie and Ricky is counting out HOU making playoff. LOL

  43. So at this point commentators have both Rockets and Lakers not making playoffs.

  44. ok, don’t overwork yourself :] perhaps people will post it on youtube later

  45. ok, thanks @Willie Ching. Let me try it :]

  46. Thanks to Willie Ching, first row sports stream is working quite well for NBA TV

  47. They’re doing defensive drill where everyone guards 1 person to half-court consecutively up to 5-6 different people in a row

    It started with Kobe and JLin.

  48. Thanks for the live reporting, Brent! Good to know Lin making his shots, drawing fouls and directing his teammates.

  49. Reggie and Fox had both Lakers and Rockets out of playoffs.

  50. Why is my post keeps on disappearing? Testing.

  51. How many did you post? I do see this one and the one below

  52. It disappeared again.

  53. test

  54. Since it is covered online. I think someone will put it up

  55. Jeremy just made a nice 3 in a 5-on-5 drill. Lookin’ nice and smooth.
    Reggie Miller & another announcer praised Lin’s better conditioning.
    Also talked about a good chance to show what he can do in Nick’s absence.

    LOL, they mic’ed up Lin’s heavy breathing to show how others must have felt when even Jeremy was laboring hard :]
    Good they recognized Lin as one of the best in conditioning.

  56. Since it is a TV coverage. Hard to be real time, might missed a lot of little things. I like what I see tho. Lin is doing great.

  57. Spotlight is on Jeremy’s mic.
    Reggie wants to hear if he’s vocal in directing his teammates on defense.
    Nice to hear “Nail! Nail! … I see! Short.. Got it!”

  58. Lol that was great to see.

  59. Hey, my post disappears after I refresh.

  60. I don’t see anything is pending approval?

  61. I posted 4 times, but it posts, but when I hit the refresh, the post disappears. Weird. I will try to refresh again.

  62. Heck, it disappeared again. Psalm, can you refresh and see if my previous post is still there?

  63. he was directing Clarkson and others so it’s good that he’s being a leader out there 🙂

  64. All my posts keep disappearing after it’s been posted WHEN I refresh. Are others experiencing the same problem? Post it and then refresh. If I don’t refresh, the post stays.

  65. Oh, sorry, I found out what happened. Instead of viewing in “Newest” order, I was viewing in “Best” mode. Dumb me.

  66. Feel free to delete all my test posts. Sorry.

  67. I saw Lin miss two practice jumpers.

  68. LOL Honest mistake:o))

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  70. I don’t have this problem. Usually after I change it to ‘Best’ or ‘Newest’ in a post, it stays that way until I change it again. I don’t see any other setting. Anyone else has a different experience?

  71. >>>@MarkG_Medina

    Told Nick Young about Jeremy Lin saying
    he doesn’t deserve Swaggy nickname. Young laughed and said those two are
    filming Rush Hour sequel<<<

    Knew this would happen… That some idiot would misinterpret what Lin had said and relay it incorrectly to Young. Young's good nature hopefully will keep him from thinking Lin slighted him.

    What Lin meant, of course, is that the average person (read: someone like Medina) has not earned the right to call Young "Swaggy," NOT that Young hasn't himself earned the right to be called Swaggy.

  72. Thanks. It’s not really a big problem. I can live with it. The setting I want is just a click away if the posts don’t display in the order I want.

  73. Used to be like that but now it happened quite often. Got used to it after a while. Just checked the comments section when it showed the same/posts went missing…. Guess it’s the disqus issue.

  74. That’s great! only 2…lol I saw him miss a FT too. 😛

  75. It’s a good thing that Swaggy took it in stride in today’s interview and joking that he and Jeremy will make a Rush Hour sequel soon 🙂

    See mark 3:35 at

  76. First time visiting this site. Thanks Brent. Any link to the video of today’s scrimmage?

  77. Not any I am aware of… streamed it. I don know if they will put it up later or not. It was broadcasted on NBA TV too. So….I would assume that local stations can not give too much (video wise) for today’s practice.

  78. I have to say this is the second time I am impressed by your work Brent. I can’t remember the first time…

  79. LOL…….I am impressed that you are impressed 😛 Let’s hope you remember this time lol

  80. What? Where am i?

  81. You are at your bank and you are going to transfer your money to my account

  82. Since there are no videos yet, let me post more screenshots:

    “JLin making 1 midrange shot in 60-shot drill”

  83. There are a lot of videos at Just click on the link for the story “Working their way into form”. There are about 6 videos. The interviews with Kupchak and Nash were quite interesting. Nash is quite articulate. Kupchak had some nice things to say about Lin.

  84. I know, I mean the whole 2hr video. Thanks!

  85. Since there is no video yet, let add some screenshots that I took earlier while watching

    “JLin Snatching Rebound”

  86. “JLin Made Midrange Shot in 60-shot Catch&Shoot Drill”

  87. “JLin Taking a Breather & Gave Defensive Instruction to Teammates”

  88. One picture is worth a thousand words! @JLin7 and coach Scott.

  89. Saw many short clips here earlier Psalm. Feel that you might want to add it on the top.

  90. Best of Phantom: Los Angeles Lakers Practice

  91. Ha! I always knew you couldn’t be trusted 😛

  92. Great coverage, Brent.
    I’m glad you mentioned how Jeremy does not cheat on the drills and always gives his best. This is something Coach Scott has recognized too when he said Jeremy plays the right way, a testament to his character. Also, during the LA fire drill, Jeremy grasped the concept right away even though they had to start over many times as a team. Again, coach acknowledged Jeremy’s intelligence. Great to have a coach who understands his players.

  93. Jeremy centric video of day 5

  94. thanks, great find. Added to Video Gallery :]

  95. Another great find! Added to Video Gallery too 🙂

  96. great reporting and I love the compilation! I had a prior commitment all of yesterday so this is the first time I’m seeing this. Thanks!

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