Lakers Training Camp Day 4

The biggest news today is the injury of Nick Young. It was actually happened in day 3 of the TC 

This basically rendered all game planing coaches had for the past few week useless. I envision Young to be a large helper to Lin’s time in LAL. This good thing is this type of injury usually ONLY takes about 8 weeks to heal. Therefore, that is about a month of regular season games.


Now back to Lin, all the unnecessary  imaginary negativities yesterday about Lin was just disappeared today like that. Lin looked so happy and relaxed in the interview (provided below). With a healthy environment like LAL, I think Lin will do great. He has nothing to prove, just need to play his game. Today’s practice is lighter. Seems like just some basic conditioning and some scrimmages where coach Scott was experimenting different lineups. Like I said earlier, once Scott instilled more complex sets, Lin’s value will be even higher for this team.

BONUS for today. TWCSN’s Video on Lin for today’s TC



4:40 PM

4:07 PM

3:44 PM

3:29 PM

3:11 PM

2:34 PM

2:32 PM

2:23 PM

2:20 PM

2:18 PM 

2:08 PM

2:04 PM 

1:59 PM

1:44 PM


Feature photo credit: (J Alexander Diaz/

Only one morning session for today. I would assume it is still about conditioning as this Hell Week style camp can really help players to play real NBA games with ease conditioning-wise. One main focus today will be rebounding (per Byron Scott).  It is hard to teach discipline and habit. Coach Scott pointed out after day 3 that he thinks players should find a body to block out instead of ball watching when rebounding a shot. Lin is always a good rebounding guard. He always get to the right position and will block out his opponent. Let us kick start today with this awesome photo below! They are going to make some noises in the NBA.

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)


  1. First… I guess..Being first on Brent’s thread isn’t so satisfying 🙁

  2. I see sweet revenge is properly dished :]

  3. LOL Didn’t even think about this until now and I was at least 4 hrs late:o)) Go blubell!!!

  4. Oh my, I LOVE those black Adidas he’s wearing! I.WANT.A.PAIR!

  5. Another photo.

  6. Internet Trolls & the FUD Factor

    The video from day three of Lakers team practice suddenly seemed to portend certain doom for Jeremy Lin, at least on certain Lin-centered internet sites. The FUD Factor (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) was in full display.

    Where did it come from? Some of it might be from genuine, but unrealistic expectations — that 100% of Jeremy’s scoring and/or defensive efforts must be successful. Another source just might be from remaining PTSD from Houston’s attempts to minimize Jeremy’s contributions and successes. Those posters mean well, but are genuinely worried (or at least conditioned to being hyper-watchful for ulterior motives).

    On the other hand, there seems to be consistent and daily negativity and/or thread disruption by a handful of the same posters, day in and day out. You rarely see any positive contribution from them about Jeremy. Instead, their sole purpose seems only to spread FUD among other posters. Better known as internet trolls, they exist only for their own gratification — and because posters still feed their needs by responding.

    The magazine Psychology Today recently had an article on Internet trolls [link]. But better understanding their personalities still does not help you wade through their self-gratification efforts. They’ll go away only when nobody responds to their provocations.

    What can a genuine Jeremy Lin fan do? Two things, IMO:
    (1) Find an internet site that is highly moderated, and let the moderators take care of the trolls; or,
    (2) On less moderated sites, never ever respond to trolls — even their “come out and play” silliness which hooks you to stay and listen to their later negativity.

  7. LOL love this

  8. thank you for being a site that’s purely positive although I don’t know if it’s just a matter of volume versus one of moderation… in any case: I APPRECIATE WHAT YOU’RE DOING! keep it up!

  9. LOL….

  10. Thanks, @emz!
    As Jeremy and Jubilee Project said, “Doing Good is Contagious!” 🙂

  11. Is this a photo shopped pix?

  12. This is really good stuff. ☺☺ ☺

  13. I am not sure, but I would assume this was taken in media day?

  14. OK ☺☺ ☺

  15. I’m not sure why Nash wasn’t there? Maybe not intentional?

  16. Or indeed it was PSed? anyway, it looks good. 😛

  17. yeah, I hope Jordan Hill can contest bigs such as DHoward, Ibaka, etc.

  18. Probably not…..but he can have good contributions here and there I think.

  19. Understandable, for awhile when none can challenge you at first place its get bored.

  20. Only positive people know positive people to follow hehe

    People here are positive but not over hype. When something gone wrong stay positive and not going crazy.

  21. Jordan Hill’s definitely a better finisher on offense but Ed Davis might be more defensive presence.

  22. Gasp! They’re gonna trade Nash LOL #OverreactionOfTheDay

  23. [posted this elsewhere, but might as well post it here too]

    – Byron Scott, throughout his career, has been known as a tough, gritty, guard.
    – He prides himself on this label and on his own defense, and prizes that tendency in others.
    – He has said that he wants his team to be gritty.
    – He has said that if (AND ONLY IF) a player defends, then he will get playing time.
    – He has said that Lin has always seemed like a gritty player.
    – He has said that Lin has met his expectations
    – furthermore, Lin is one of the only people he has praised regarding defense.

    I detest speculation, especially on other people’s thoughts and motivations. Therefore, I’m posting quotes to prove my point.

    On Byron Scott’s views of Jeremy, even before he met him:
    Trudell: To run the team, you have Jeremy Lin, and a question mark health wise in Steve Nash.
    Scott: With Nash, it’s going to be interesting. Steve hasn’t played a lot in the last year, and the clock is ticking.[…] Jeremy is a guy who I like. I coached against him, and I love that he’s not afraid of the moment. He doesn’t mind taking big shots, and he’s very gritty, tough and intelligent. Those are all things I think will fit well with things we’re trying to do.

    On Offense V Defense:
    MT: It depends how we define the term, but are you a player’s coach?
    Scott: I think I am a player’s coach. I like to give my players a lot of freedom, especially offensively. Defensively, I’m pretty demanding because I want it done a certain way and I want guys to compete every night and get after people. If we defend and rebound the floor, we get to run up the floor, and that’s the fun part. I want guys to have that freedom for the fun part … within the system, of course. But I do think I’m a player’s coach because I’ve been there myself playing at a high level. I understand that your body gets tired and you need to be away from the gym. I try to take it all into consideration, remembering how hard it is from my playing days.

    On Playing Time:
    “If you look at stats,” coach Byron Scott said (about Lin), “he’s one of the top point guards in this league as far as getting to the basket, so he’s not afraid of contact. On the defensive end, he’s very gritty and he takes a challenge. That’s going to sit real well with me as far as his playing time.”

    On Meeting Expectations:
    “I like him a lot. I really do,” Scott said on Wednesday (after training camp). “On defense he really knows where to be. He’s gritty, just like I knew he would be.”

    On Defense and Winning:
    “The first thing Magic taught me when I got in this league is that we win championships by defending every single night,” said Scott, who was drafted No. 4 overall in 1983 by the Clippers but traded to the Lakers for Norm Nixon. “That’s the one thing we can control.”

    On defense and PLAYING TIME:
    “If you’re not out there and you’re not playing defense the way I think you’re capable of playing, or the way we should play defense,” Scott said, “then I’m going to have to find other guys that will.”

    On Byron Scott’s own ‘underdog’ and being known as gritty:
    “I’ve always been an underdog,” Scott said. “Me making it from high school to college and college to the pros, playing with the great players I did and winning championships, I kind of relish this role.

    Byron Scott calls HIMSELF gritty, and was known as a gritty player. Just saying that he might be seeing alot of himself in Lin.
    Los Angeles Lakers ✔ @LakersFollow
    Byron: “Always as a coach you want the team to take on your personality. As a player mine was gritty.”

    Who is one of the ONLY people that Scott has praised, defensively?

    Serena Winters @SerenaWinters · 3h3 hours ago
    Byron on Jeremy Lin: “Jeremy’s looking great. He’s just pure hustle. He just plays so hard, and he’s so smart. He has a nose for the ball.”

    “I like him a lot. I really do,” Scott said on Wednesday ( ). “On defense he really knows where to be. He’s gritty, just like I knew he would be.”

    Conclusion: Lin has been doing well in Training Camp in Scott’s eyes and will have as much playing time as his body can handle.

  24. That means all Lin fans should be on this site. I trolled at the other site, so more people can join this site. 🙂 I am all good here though, as Psalm can testify.

  25. This is a free country I guess. Not all Lin fans should agree with him. 😛

  26. yeah, but Mods here can ban people, so I dare not troll here. I only post positive posts here, even when I don’t feel positive on some issues.

  27. The question that this post raises for me is “Are there things we could be doing now to prepare for the coming season, which will likely bring rising site traffic and new commenters, including trolls?”

  28. “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” – George Bernard Shaw

  29. depends on if this site allows moderators. If not, there might be an informal moderation with a stickied note to not respond to known trolls and someone with a moderator-name replying to known trolls with something like “Flagged Troll”

  30. For me, it’s not about everyone having to agree. Nobody is asking all Lin fans to check their analytical skills at the door. My original post was about over-reactions in situations where information was lacking — and more to the point, about posters who deliberately try to spread FUD.

    Yesterday, what I saw was a group of Lin fans flipping out over some video that showed a couple of Lin’s efforts not succeeding. What does everyone think happens in practice scrimmages? We don’t know what Jeremy wanted to do … or even perhaps what the coach wanted him to do.

    For example, it made perfect sense to me that the coach subbed Price in on the starters’ team. It wasn’t a insult to Jeremy. I’m sure the coach wanted to see how Price held up guarding someone like Jeremy. Also, the coach could have asked Jeremy to go at particular shot-blockers to see who the team can count on to guard the rim.

    For his part, I’m sure Jeremy wants to test various team mates to see who he can count on when he’s running the team on the floor. Jeremy may want to try other things he’s thought about over the summer to see how it feels in a game situation.

    This is the time when teams and individual team members try various things, even if they think they have a low chance of succeeding. It’s not really a game-time simulation.

  31. and just to be clear, it’s by design that we want 75%-25% ratio of positive vs concern.
    The reason is when people lose the ability to see the positives, they lose hope. And without hope, people die. Websites die too 😀

    Keep in mind we don’t want ‘false optimism’ (i.e. Lin will beat LBJ 1-on-1) but well-framed concern is welcome (i.e. Lin not playing with starters yet, I want to see Byron plays Lin with starters in TC & preseason games)

    We welcome differing opinions when presented well and respectfully here. And I think you did a good job in doing so :] The only thing that is a no-no on this site is getting into personal attacks & disrespecting other posters. It simply distracts from having a good discussion about basketball.

    So there is 0% tolerance policy for trolls here :]

  32. If you ask me, it’s not. This may just be one of those pics where probably Nash is being interviewed somewhere or one of the few lineup photo combinations without Nash. No biggie.

  33. I am actually too open-minded in that I don’t mind many differing opinions; but what I don’t tolerate is when posters start getting personal and attacking the person rather than attacking the arguments.

  34. Agree….But one side note. I like micro (over)-analysis. But it is purely just for fun…as a fan. My personal gauge on Lin’s ability will not change just by one video online.

  35. well said. Any “argument” is acceptable to me. But not personal attacks.

  36. wow, this is a very good summary of Byron Scott’s view of JLin!
    I think it deserves its own post/thread.

    Would you register as a member so I can grant you Contributor role to create posts/threads?
    I can help create the 1st post and assign the Author to you properly.

    People need to know that Scott has been very complimentary of JLin on being triple-threat and gritty defender.

    Thank you for putting them together!

  37. I hope next free agency Mitch considers getting a big. The West has a lot of teams stacked up with good forwards.

  38. Yes, I think people over-react to the reactions themselves.

  39. very true.

  40. 100% agree. We should always debate issues, not attack the posters.

  41. This FUD thing, the image that came into my mind is Looney Tunes’ Elmer Fudd, complete with his “bunny season vs duck season” hunting gear.

    Kidding aside, as a Jeremy fan being fearful and doubtful about his future will just add to the fire of doom and gloom that can somehow influence the outcome of things in real life, in this case Jeremy’s career. I’d rather be happy for him and with him. He looks happy being in LA. He doesn’t look like he was you-know-what when Hill blocked his shot.

  42. “Even when you come out on top in a rat race, you still come out as a rat.” — Great Rat

    Why does the pig get stepped on so much; they are very noble animals actually.

  43. I rarely agree with Brent but when I do we are Disqus-ting.

  44. You must be a nuclear physicist.

  45. Thank you! but how do I register as a member? I’ve only signed up to disq yesterday

  46. I thought you said Disgusting for a moment 😛

  47. I appreciate the sentiments in this post. The lack of positivity and reasoned discussion was one of the reasons why I stopped participating in certain houston sites which shall remain nameless.

  48. Yep…good source of protein.

  49. I guess all in all…..the point is, no matter good or bad a game/practice/etc goes. We keep hope because as a Lin fan, we saw greatness in him. To me, I understand that ppl can fail no matter how good he is. Lin might not have a single good games next yr, but I have no doubt that he can be a great player. But that just me…so….

  50. The pig likes the mud because that is its sunscreen, not because it just likes getting dirty.

  51. Why?

  52. Because you just had a chain reaction in your comment.

  53. Good one.

  54. Yes. And I really appreciate that we’re able to follow along on his journey to greatness, through all the bumps and bruises. It’s a great source of inspiration to me personally when my sensei’s are kicking my ass.

  55. As much as you think you “get it,” you, as seems to be the case with most commenters for that Lakers Nation video, don’t. Per that ~5 minute (if I recall correctly) video, a simpleton would be led to think that all Lin did was to turn the ball over and flub his dribbles, and that all that Kobe (and Price) did was to knock down all his shots. Never mind the probably at least 90 other percent of the scrimmage where, god forbid, Kobe may have missed a shot or two (while probably chucking up 37). Where Lin may have made a good play or two.

    They simply accept only what’s in front of them, blindly, and their thoughts go nowhere else.

    Do they not get that the “story” was dictated at the sole discretion of the editor(s)/producer(s) of the video? What would these idiot commenters have been led to think had the video been edited to show Kobe or Price only turning the ball over? Lin driving to the hoop repeatedly for successful layups (instead of the one drive where he gets swatted by Hill)? Would they then anoint him as the second coming? Would they lambaste Kobe as a has-been?

  56. Better one.

  57. @Arsenium12 . and @emz

    We are ready to handle trolls with 8 mods and growing now. Please see the Site Guideline to see how trolls will be handled.
    The simplest answer is first users can ‘self-moderate’ because troll comments will disappear after 5 flags (increased if we have more users). But, there are words filters in place and mods intervention to give warning before Disqus user/IP ban.

    3. Site Guideline

    Many moderators are needed in this site to realize the vision of “Positively Bringing JLin Fans together”. A Site Guideline Page would need to be created to clarify guideline.

    The #1 priority is to have respectful discussion (no personal attacks, no putting down others based on race/gender/background) so even children can read and learn how to have a healthy discussion.

    1. Disqus filter is already in place to put comments with offensive words in moderation awaiting approval.

    2. When violations occur, moderators can give a warning to posters of the violation. If posters do not comply, their Disqus username or IP address can be blocked by mods from Disqus Admin site (

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    Please give your feedback on what else would need to be included in the Site Guideline or important Functionality (i.e. live scoreboard, counter, reliable chat, etc.) as the new NBA season will start soon

    Thank you very much for those who agree to be moderators 🙂

    @Brent Yen
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    Together we can bring Positive JLin Fans vision and best JLin Fans site experience to realization ! 😛

    – See more at:

  58. Com’on let’s not call others ‘idiot’ or something like that….I think it is ok to say negative things if their presentation was well-structured. However I dislike ppl who just trying to stir something up…Again, no name callings…….Make sense or not, respect is very important.

  59. Arsenium12 .
    As I answered @emz below, we are prepared to handle trolls as described in the Site Guideline

  60. excellent! I’m still new to disqus so even the navigation’s still new to me. Thank you for showing me this.

  61. In summary, Disqus is a 3rd party commenting system. This site is basically a Fan blog where each blog post comes with a commenting section using Disqus. On top of that, we have forum for archiving and a chat room of instant chatting too. But both will require you to actually register on this site 1st.

  62. by this site do you mean disqus or is there another site that disqus is attached to?

  63. It’s not a chicken LOL It’s Om-Nom, a popular game character wearing a chicken hat :]
    You can change it by changing your Disqus profile picture. Just click on your username and find the menu to change it.

  64. Disqus account allows you to make comments in many different websites.

    As for this site, we don’t require membership unless people want to join to create posts/threads, use chats, get User Rank & points from posting, send Private Message, etc.

  65. Nabobs of Negativity: Darius Soriano posted an article on “Forum Blue & Gold” about encouraging moments in the Lakers scrimmage [link]. Reading the comments on FB&G so far, it appears that Lin fans aren’t alone in extreme reactions to minor events.

    To be fair, right now many Laker fans seem to be living or dying on whether Kobe makes a play or misses a shot — just like JLin fans are wont to do with Jeremy. Soriano’s piece doesn’t focus on Lin at all. But a couple of the responses caught my eye as applicable to both fan bases …

    bryan S., October 3, 2014 at 11:54 am“Between the predictions of the irrationally exuberant and the nabobs of negativity, the Laker season will play itself out. For the discerning, the joy will be in the journey;:the individual and collective growth of the players, a return to defensive principals that win or lose, means playing the right way, seeing the great Kobe Bryant, again gracing the court. Can’t wait, man.”

    mud, October 3, 2014 at 12:02 pm“i’m laughing at all those who are determined to have a bad season. you may get your wish, it’s certainly more than possible, but wait until the patient is fully dead to shovel on the dirt.”

  66. You can click the ‘Sign Up’ button on Top-Right side of homepage.
    It will bring you to this page

  67. okay, well, registered for both now…

  68. I know .. they need someone to match up well vs LMA, Duncan, Howard, etc. at least defensively.

  69. So normal ppls shouldn’t take the thoughts of simpleton seriously.

  70. thanks!

  71. Yeah, when you two do it, do it in a disgusting way I mean Disqus-ting =)

  72. I’m puzzled though. Why are you raising this issue here? This site was developed as a clear alternative to jeremylin[dot]net. So far, we seem to have avoided the kind of excesses you’re talking about. I hope that will continue to be the case.

  73. For posters here or future to be posters here? to let them know what is this site about :P…anyway…it is good that we can have better discussion here.

  74. Hi Psalm,
    Thanks for the update re site guidelines. What’s a private message? Thanks.

  75. okay I registered, let me know if you need me to do anything else, or…idk, point me towards where you want me to post this. I’ll expand on it and add additional thoughts so it’s not just the same post.

  76. Sure, once you registered, you can send add friends, private message to other members, publish status plus other features (join groups, etc. not currently enabled). See the pic below

    Just click on your username on Homepage (Top Right Side-bar) to show the latest messages, notifications, Friends posts, etc.

    I know I need to create a “How-To” page for members to learn all the nice features of the site. I’ll bump it into priority in the next few days 😀

  77. ok thanks, let me grant you a Contributor role and create the post so you can follow the format easily & expand on it

  78. Wow, the boss man’s profile!!!

  79. Lin seems to be in great shape. From today’s practice:

  80. lol nicely decorated by 2nd Boss Man’s posts!

  81. WOO-HOO!! Most of everybody but Lin looks tired.

    Led by Jeremy Lin, the bench group is outplaying the starters in the final run here. Most everybody but Lin looks tired.

  82. LOL

  83. Lindurance!

  84. Does anyone think Serena Winters is cute? She’s strangely nerdy and cute.

  85. She is!

  86. This is the one minute video that got her a job. More you look at her, more she becomes cuter. I think Lin should marry her. Ha, ha. Psalm, please upload her to the list of women whom Lin should marry list. Both Lin and Serena are dorky and cute.

  87. You’re right. Lin can bring Summers to @SerenaWinters :]
    It looks like it’s time for “Linteresting Women 2 Marry” Poll soon .. haha
    I’ll keep her in mind

  88. >>>Jeremy Lin on Nick Young: “He’s super cool, but I find it ridiculous everyone comes in and calls him Swaggy. He has to earn it!”<<<

    Looking around the web, it seems, as usual, people are misinterpreting what Lin meant, saying that Lin meant that Young has to earn the right to be called Swaggy. What Lin meant, it seems rather obvious, is that someone else ("everyone") has to earn the right to call Young Swaggy.

  89. REQUEST.. please retweet and comment Mark Medina version of the Lin swaggy P new and not Eric Pincus. Eric’s version comes across as vicious… Mark makes a point to ensure readers know it is a joke. Also Mark’s has an added tidbit of silliness….


    Mark’s :
    Jeremy Lin jokingly dismisses Nick Young’s ‘Swaggy P’ nickname
    Posted on October 3, 2014 by Mark Medina
    More at Link

    …Young reported that he has ordered rookies Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson to address him by his nickname. He said his mother occasionally calls him that, too. On the Lakers’ whiteboard, someone wrote the word “Swaggy” and indicated Young took 1,000 shots.

    “For all we know, he probably wrote that up himself,” Lin said. “He did not shoot 1,000 shots. There’s a security camera so if it shows he did that, then I believe him.”…

  90. if you just read the quotes without any context that he was joking around it sounds vicious. look at the difference in the two articles I posted above Eric’s seems vicious mark’s does not. so it depends on who is reading what… also the video clip should get more tweets… to show he is joking around. provide context

  91. Nice site! ☺ probably coming here more often for lnfo & updates

  92. Got it, let me change it

  93. Thanks, please come!

  94. yeah, I know. Eric Pincus should’ve known that the article can be better than than.
    I don’t like the insinuation that Lin fired shots at Nick Young

  95. My bad I didn’t check the article 1st. I was doing it behind my boss. 😛

  96. I think Paul is onto something with this explanation (Part 1 of 3):

  97. The differences are so huge.

  98. I think Paul is onto something with this explanation (Part 2 of 3):

  99. I think Paul is onto something with this explanation (Part 3 of 3):

  100. WHat do you think?

  101. largely depends on the question posted by the reporter. anyone here knows What was the question ? remember someone ever asked J lin what was his thoughts after Jason Collins of the NETS admitted he is gay. not suggesting that it was a trick question but may put the one responding in a fix .

  102. ok, sorry it took some time to format but I created the post under your name so you should be able to see it by clicking on ‘Create Post/Thread’ green button on Homepage to edit it.

    I’m trying to find a good featured image with both BScott and Lin.
    Let me know if you want me to put it on draft version if it’s not ready yet

  103. Thanks

  104. I never saw Lin smiling so broadly when he was in Houston. During the interview with the reporters, talking about Swaggy P, he was so high spirited. It looks like he feels a part of the team and that he’s not worried about meshing with Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and the others.

  105. maybe jLin is less afraid whatever he said will be taken out of context as Compared to when he was in Houston . A bit more like when he was with the Knicks

  106. Nice recap, Brent!
    I like Mike Trudell’s tweet about Lin leading 2nd team outperforming the starters and Lin didn’t look tired in the final run.
    I can imagine Lin distributing ball, dishing, driving and making his team scoring in consecutive possessions like we know he could as a playmaker.

    Led by Jeremy Lin, the bench group is outplaying the starters in the final run here. Most everybody but Lin looks tired.

  107. I wonder about coach’s plan if Nick Young is out for 1 month due to thumb injury.
    Will he play as PG with Clarkson playing as SG?
    Or will they expect him to carry the scoring load as SG off the bench with Ronnie Price, the veteran, in the backcourt?

  108. I am not really familiar with LAL’s player and their games. The only line up I can think of will be shifting Kobe to 3. But I don’t think Scott will opt with this one. I think He will make sure that Lin, Kobe, and Nash are NOT on the court at the same time DURING the game. However, they can close the game together if necessary. So…If what I say is true, then Lin will stay at only 1 or 2. SO is Nash….but more of just being a 1. Kobe will be 2 or 3. Kelly can not play 3 because he is too slow. Clarkson can play 3 too but I would assume Scott will use one of 3 play makers he got and put a guy who is better in defense.

  109. How is Boozer doing? Any mention of him? Outside of this site and, I haven’t been keeping up with the team.

  110. He is one of the “older” guys….I assume Scott has complete trust in him and did not let him to run as much as younger guys.

  111. Make sense, you lost the slashing ability from Nick Young, but at least you still have a SF that can space the offense for you. Lin, Nash and Kobe can create shots for him anyway.

  112. Thanks, Brent. In an accompanying tweet Trudell also says:

  113. I agree…I LOVE how everything is posted on top. Thanks Brent, Psalm, Melody…again.

  114. Scrimmage – might want to use this instead of the link, Brent

  115. Nice find! thanks.

  116. Ronnie Price
    Seems like a nice guys with hard work ethic. Unlike Beverly, he actually plays proper defense… no hype.

  117. A chain of reactions.( I utterly failed in an attempt to be witty 😛 )

  118. Love it. Ronnie Price on secret to stay 9 years in the NBA, “Work, work, work! .. and faith”
    He’ll get along well with Lin. Strikes me as a humble vet and willing to work hard.

  119. Great to see Lin got around Kobe’s strong D to make strong drives to the basket at will.
    Looks like Lin chose to try to find the bigs to establish connection rather than finishing with his floaters or layup as he could easily try. Good for him

    Ed Davis can be a great partner in crime with Lin on PnR with his ability to crash the board and finish. Boozer looks a bit shaky in finishing but only 1 play.

  120. Overall, I get the sense of strong plays by Lin today in distributing the ball after 4 days leading the 2nd team.
    I think he got to know them well, run PnR plays with Ed Davis, giving orders on defense and resulted in outplaying starters in the final plays. Plus, he was not tired at all when others did.

    Lin is so easy to read from his facial expressions 😀 He’s all smiles when he performed well and his team won :]

    Thanks, @brentyen:disqus for once again compiling good tweets and even better analysis!
    You Da’ Man, Bro!

  121. @lleepar:disqus, you perfectly described a good read of the Training Camp situation. Coaches want to try different lineup with Steve and Jeremy being the true playmakers in both teams. Plug in new players in different roles to see which ones to keep in cutting down roster from 19 to 15 players.

    It’s a very flux situation for many players to find the plus and minus of backup players to fill certain role (i.e. Ronnie the vet PG and defensive hound, Ellington 3pt specialist, Clarkson a backup SG, Lin a possible SF in a small lineup, Ed Davis as a perfect PnR big man in 2nd team, etc.)

    It’s very important to understand coaches’ goal in TC to establish team identify and finalize players/lineup so we don’t see scenarios through the lenses of “does Lin get to start/score with starters/backup the most to recreate Linsanity”. I understand all Lin fans want Lin to be the Man but there are many nuances happening during TC that coaches have to address.

    We just have to be patient and see how coaches plan to use Lin during preseason games.

  122. Ed Davis seems like a poor mans Ibaka. Not sure, need to watch more

  123. NP, I agree. Seems like the familiarity has increased among players for both unit. With the Princeton offense, they really need players like Lin who can make the read.

  124. At least on offense Ed Davis was explosive in crashing the board so he can be a mini-Ibaka. He was a bit slow in shuffling the feet on defense so the lateral speed might not be at the level of Ibaka yet. But good to see he and Lin executed PnR well at least in 2 plays in the video!

    That’s my initial guess that he can be almost as good as Tyson Chandler in finishing the PnR with Lin. Let’s hope we see more in preaseason games. Can’t wait!

  125. yeah, Kobe/Nash/Lin are simply irreplaceable playmakers with high BB IQ in this team.

  126. The problem is their total minutes per game is very limited….very hard to work around this without having to at least abuse one of them. Therefore, some efficient x and os are a must.

  127. it is quite scary for coaches knowing Kobe/Nash will be out on few games.

    That’s why they really like Ronnie Price to spell Lin since he’s a 9-year veteran PG. I haven’t seen if he’s a good playmaker but he’s been around and played with Nash in 11-12 so he can be counted.

    That really leaves only Lin and Price to play lots of minutes at PGs. Could be bad or really good for Lin. I hope Lin learn tricks to be more efficient in footwork/subtle-off-hand from Nash as he shared during post-game interview.

  128. By watching that twcsn footage again. Lin really is agile..not just straight line speed, but also directional changes. Kobe schooled him tho….haha basketball 101, inbounder is usually the most dangerous one to take care of. Lin mentioned in his interview too, that Kobe knows all the tricks. But the good about Lin is, once he saw a trick once, he usually will not be tricked again. Lin is already showing the reason why it is good to be with winners like Kobe and Nash.

  129. Efficiencies are definitely one thing Lin need to be better. I am not talking about scoring or per. Simply just about footworks, angles,etc. anything that saves your body and energy.

  130. yeah, Lin protested the PG was still out-of-bound so that must’ve worked on his favor that time :]
    You’re right, Lin also said in post-practice interview that he knew what to expect from Kobe after learning the bag of tricks the 1st time. Good to see the confidence.

    I also like a lot hesitation move as @chapterhss:disqus pointed out and how he got around Kobe’s defense when 1st try didn’t work.
    This way he didn’t go full-speed all the time. Not sure if Lin used a lot of hesitation moves last year in Houston. Probably didn’t get enough minutes as PG to do so. Boy, I’m glad he’s in LA!!

  131. Well, haha, you need tha ball in your hand to do those moves for

  132. Gtg..haha so sleepy now. Lol

  133. For sure he did a lot of hesitation move in NY 🙂

  134. Agreed. After watching this interview earlier, I really like him as well as what I’ve seen thus far. No hyped up anyone unnecessarily nor throw anyone under the bus from FO to coachestand players. Very classy organization and player. So impressed that I begin to root for this org. So different from R.

    I always root for it since my first year in US because I studied in Houston. I was glad to see JLin to H. The longer JLin in H, the more dislike/despise/disgust I was with everyone there. It isn’t my nature to judge one person for the whole group but…

    Anyway so so glad that JLin is in Lakers now. After few days in the training camp, still see the huge smile in his face is so beautiful to witness. Different world and day & night!!!

  135. In Houston, Lin didn’t have the ball in his hands long enough to “hesitate”; he was busy passing to Harden.

  136. Yeah, nice, humble and hard-working dude. Hustles on every play.

  137. true, McHale didn’t want him to hesitate in passing to Harden :] So glad he’s not there to handcuff Lin anymore.

  138. Yes, as JKidd said about Lin needing to learn in 3-4 gears, not just top gear 2 yrs ago, Lin will learn so much from Nash.

    Yesterday he said there’s a reason a 40-yr old can drive inside the paint. I think he’s referring to the angle and misdirection. Can’t wait to see Lin add Nash’s efficient move to his repertoire!

  139. I just found some time to sit at the computer, still figuring out how to edit the post with additional formatting/notes. Thank you for going ahead and posting it though!

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