Lakers Training Camp Day 4

The biggest news today is the injury of Nick Young. It was actually happened in day 3 of the TC 

This basically rendered all game planing coaches had for the past few week useless. I envision Young to be a large helper to Lin’s time in LAL. This good thing is this type of injury usually ONLY takes about 8 weeks to heal. Therefore, that is about a month of regular season games.


Now back to Lin, all the unnecessary  imaginary negativities yesterday about Lin was just disappeared today like that. Lin looked so happy and relaxed in the interview (provided below). With a healthy environment like LAL, I think Lin will do great. He has nothing to prove, just need to play his game. Today’s practice is lighter. Seems like just some basic conditioning and some scrimmages where coach Scott was experimenting different lineups. Like I said earlier, once Scott instilled more complex sets, Lin’s value will be even higher for this team.

BONUS for today. TWCSN’s Video on Lin for today’s TC



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Only one morning session for today. I would assume it is still about conditioning as this Hell Week style camp can really help players to play real NBA games with ease conditioning-wise. One main focus today will be rebounding (per Byron Scott).  It is hard to teach discipline and habit. Coach Scott pointed out after day 3 that he thinks players should find a body to block out instead of ball watching when rebounding a shot. Lin is always a good rebounding guard. He always get to the right position and will block out his opponent. Let us kick start today with this awesome photo below! They are going to make some noises in the NBA.

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)