Lakers Training Camp Day 3

This is the 3rd day of the practice. Coach Scott put more and more offensive drills while the camp progress. It is clear that Lin is not the media’s focus for this LAL team. Therefore, we really do not get to see a lot of him in action. As we conclude this post, I want to point out that,

  1. Lin is a known factor to the coaching staff, and he is performing like what coaches thinks he could in my opinion,
  2. the video I included below seems like a lowlight of Lin. However, those videos are edited and we really do not know what was the objective of the drill and how did Lin performed overall. It simply can not conclude Lin’s game by any means. I think he will show his game more in the real NBA games.

Note that might release the whole video for today’s scrimmage.  We might get the chance to see more Lin in that video. –  Brent

7:35 PM

Below is a scrimmage for today (Provided by Lakers Nation), basically a lowlight for Lin. Well, I still include it because at least we gett to see Lin in action.- Brent

6:02 PM
2nd Practice should be started about now. Hopefully there will be some media coverage. –Brent

4:09 PM

Two articles pop out, and both are positive about Lin. Good to know that more and more people covering NBA recognize Lin’s game.


Jeremy Lin leading the second unit at point guard – Eric Pincus (LA Times)
3:34 PM

3:25 PM

2:37 PM

Again,  many running after the scrimmage. Lin and Co. are going to be well conditioned. Scott really set the tone perfectly it seems. But still it was mostly about discipline and conditioning. We will know more about how Lin will be used in the 1st preseason games vs DEN. –Brent

2:31 PM

2:25 PM 

2:19 PM

Starters up 6-4 at this point per Eric Pincus- Brent

2:17  PM

2:14 PM

2:10 PM

1:56 PM

1:49 PM

12:39 PM

Practices today will be taken later than yesterday;s schedule – Brent


The live-blogging of day 3  of TC will be continued here. From Day 2’s scrimmage lineups…Lin is so far penciled as a backup for Nash.

Also Ryan Kelly will be out due to the injury he got on day 2.

Lastly, Coach Byron Scott said in the interview that he is pleased on what he saw from Lin.





  1. First 🙂
    Keep up the great work, Brent!

  2. LOL @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus , you found your niche!

  3. Thanks for the coverage!

  4. no problem!! thanks!

  5. Well done Brent! Thanks! Guess I will see tons of update again when I wake up in the morning:o)) Too much for trying to keep up of all the news!!!

  6. Abused of power =)

  7. You guys doing a good job here so better prepare for heavy traffic when more ppls find out about it.

  8. Thanks for the updates.

  9. LOL, you’re not supposed to say it out loud.
    You’re only supposed to say “It’s only math so … pls wear your Chinese jerseys to bring Lin-like money in”

  10. Check this out on what Byron will be looking in his PG to be a top-ranked defensive team:

    Scott’s intensity that he modeled after Pat Riley during the Lakers’ “Showtime Era” did not translate in his three seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2010-2013). They fared 26th or worse in total defense through three seasons.

    We didn’t have the great defender in that point guard position and we didn’t have the guys behind him who were great communicators,” Scott said of coaching the Cavaliers. “Those guys worked hard. They were just young and going through a learning process.”

    Byron attributed the failure of Cavs in defense to Kyrie who’s not known for his defense but he was successful with CP3 (Hornets) and JKidd (Nets). He clearly will be looking for a great defender PG who understands defensive scheme and can be the floor general to bark orders to his teammates. Lin is the most qualified PG above Nash (not known as a defender) and Clarkson (rookie).

    It’s another good sign for Lin!

  11. From “Coach” Dave Miller at Time Warner SportsNet :

  12. Garfield getting old and lost the stealthiness.

  13. More from “Coach” Dave Miller at Time Warner SportsNet :

  14. Someone wanted me to attend Oct 9th pre-season game against GS Warriors for free, so I said “yes”. Therefore, I will be able to jot down my observations after the game, if I am not too drunk from beer.

  15. Please cut down the alcohol and have a notepad ready!!!!

  16. That is one ugly footprint.

  17. I never take any notes on anything, so I will have to write from recollection. I am too lazy to take any photos, but maybe I will take one photo just as a proof that I really went there. I may not write anything if I don’t feel I noticed anything interesting or different from what I notice from TV.

  18. 3000 words report pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL

  19. Or BFL (ban for life).

  20. 2:08pm Looks like Kobe is on court again to join Lin & teammates to prepare for scrimmage

  21. I know it’s not easy to watch games & make observation simultaneously. So many distraction & noise during games.

    One good way is to take frequent video clips to aim at court or bench because you can see later what actually happened during games (i.e. Lin talking a lot to Kobe/Byron, you spilled beer to your neighbor’s pants 🙂

  22. Good! Lin and 2nd-team won the 1st scrimmage 🙂
    Kobe wants a go again at 2nd scrimmage although unplanned

  23. 2:19pm Lin finds a path to basket forcing a foul at basket – FT coming

  24. Seems like I am somehow correct. Lin did not impress anyone. Very good sign.

  25. Byron on Jeremy Lin: “Jeremy’s looking great. He’s just pure hustle. He just plays so hard, and he’s so smart. He has a nose for the ball.” @SerenaWinters

  26. lots of praise for Ronnie Price… so just who is this guy?

    Mike Bresnahan ‏@mike_Bresnahan 1m1 minute ago
    The surprise of training camp so far? Veteran guard Ronnie Price, who Scott called a “bulldog” on defense. He’s not on a guaranteed contract

  27. A guy who can make to a team for 9 yrs…

  28. Did you mean he didn’t surprise anyone? I think Byron was quite impressed. Plus Kevin Ding and a few tweets.
    I’m curious to see how Ronnie Price is surprising anyone

  29. Steve Nash on Jeremy Lin’s strengths: “He get’s to the basket. He can really get in there at the rim cause problems, create fouls.” @SerenaWinters

  30. Thanks already included.

  31. I mean Coaches had higher expectation on Lin coming into the camp. A good thing. You don get impressed when you know a guy can already do something. You just know. LIk eI don get impressed when I see Wall doing coast to coast in 3.5 seconds.

  32. Thanks, I guess you can delete redundant comments so it will look cleaner.

  33. oh, got it. So everything is matching up with the scouting report.
    It’s still good to see Byron praised Lin for playing so hard & so smart. These words never came out from McHale. It’s good when your boss recognizes our strength because it will get utilized :]

  34. He must be shooting lights out and driving to the basket in TC to get noticed. But it’s weird that he never exceeded 15 min/gm in his 9-yr career.

    Here is the highlights.

  35. This looks to have been filmed media day but was just posted… don’t know where you want it or if you have already. whoops you have it already

  36. haha thanks!

  37. Da Fuq? Price played with the starting unit, in place of Nash?

  38. Don worry too much……

  39. Price playing with the starting unit makes sense?

  40. Lin on Day 3:

  41. More Lin on Day 3:

  42. Byron Scott talking about practice on Day 3:

  43. from the scrimmage video, lin looks quick as usual getting into the lane. two difficult cross body cross court passes, resulting in one assist and one to. as they familiarise with each other, better passing lanes should open up.

  44. Yep….pretty much so….He did not have his usual lift tho…

  45. maybe not enough lift on the lefty layup, because he go blocked haha.

    im not too concerned about lift because lin is about exploding towards the rim rather than necessarily lots of lift. but of course that helps.

    I am curious about his floater. For that lefty that got blocked, he had a wide open lane to the basket so i understand why he would attempt it. But i wonder if he can do a floater from that driving angle, to mix it up

  46. He usually would do a warp around pass because he got 2 players committed on him. I don’t think he was really focused on the play.

  47. maybe there was an open man for the wrap around and he didnt notice. ill give him benefit of the doubt. its a combo of lack of awareness, too excited about an open lane to the basket and not a perfect passing lane.

  48. I am not doubting him…simply saying those vids means very little except letting us see Lin in action.

  49. Mehehe, a lot of people are crying out about Jeremy getting blocked and Ronnie Price starting in place of Nash.

    From the video it’s quite obvious the scrimmage is about familiarizing each other with each other’s style of play, not a how-to video of Jordan Hill to block Jeremy.

  50. sorry for the poor use of that expression. of course i don’t think you are doubting.

    i mean to me, i would see there may be various reasons for not dishing off. if i were to doubt him/a doubter, i would say it is solely because of a lack of awareness. if i were to give him the benefit of the doubt, i would say it is a combination of various factors. because i’m a lin believer, i would say it is predominantly because of the unfamiliarity between the teammates.

    i’m confident they will look a lot more in sync after the TC.

  51. I guess people are so visually taken by 1 video w/o considering other good praises from Nash and Eric Pincus.

    Lin seems to be deliberate to do his job as PG to find open shooters (Swaggy & Clarkson) to establish connection and rhythm with them. It’s important for him to practice this but people don’t understand and simply want to see shoot 3s. Even Nash is shown to be doing his job to find open shooters as the PG.

    Oh well, I guess people want to see what they want to see.

  52. This pic is actually interesting. How Come there are 4 defenders and only 2 offensive players? The spacing is really off.

  53. non will make sense in Day3. Those are just drills…even for scrimmages.

  54. Well. can not blame them. THis summer is too long 😛

  55. No worries. I get your points.

  56. Thanks Brent, Great job!

  57. Kobe praised Nash and Jeremy as well as true playmakers so he doesn’t have to initiate plays for others as much

  58. yes, thanks @brentyen:disqus for organizing tweets & providing expert basketball analysis :]
    Just holler if you need some help. If not, we’ll add some comments that you can add to posts

  59. Oh my Lin was blocked!!!! In practice!!! What shall I do?…zzzzz

  60. Haven’t check other sites but oh my I can see a lot ppls crying already. Still can’t understand why ppls think that a 5 minutes video can show everything.

  61. Accept his fate, curl up into a fetal position, and cry your eyes out.

  62. Can’t help people who just wants to focus on the bad, looking for any flimsy single event and say it’s the sign of the apocalypse.

  63. It’s practice not for real. As a coach, it’s imperative to teach the students that practice is about self improvements and not about winning against opponents. In practice you must win against the toughest opponent and that is yourself. To defeat ones own game each time out is near impossible to sustain.

    The easiest is when playing against someone else. You could win by being useless if your opponent is crap. You could play your best and yet lose if your opponent is far superior. Either way, you have an excuse for mediocre play.

    To become better, you must practice your weaknesses in scrimmages to force out the mistakes so as to know what to work on without putting the team at risk.

  64. posted something this morning about all the angst after the video after a convo with Paul V. feel free to use it here… or if you want I can repost here as a guest blog post…

  65. word

  66. Very-well said, @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus.

    Lin could’ve chosen to be selfish to showcase his 3pt shooting & speed in Training Camp to wow his teammates and media. But it will only be good for a short-term glory with him and Lakers losing in the long-term. He wouldn’t get to work on timing, passes, learning to play and building trust as a team with his teammates.

    Nick Young, Clarkson, Ed Davis and others need to know that Lin find them first if they’re open. And Lin needs to learn to deliver the pass timely to each shooter’s liking (i.e. like he did with Steve Novak in NY who liked to receive it around right elbow).

    As a result, Kobe complimented Steve Nash and Jeremy as well as “true playmakers” playing next to him so he can focus on what he does best as SG, which is to shoot. Lin’s hard work as true PG is already paying off since Kobe recognized that immediately!

    It’s funny that we clamor for Lin to be “true PG” in Houston to showcase his strength but when he does in LA, people want him to be an SG to shoot and score. People can have a short-term memory indeed :]

  67. It would be great if Disqus can do sticky within a thread/blog post.

  68. Yes, I agree that he is trying to find some chemistry. Every payer has moves and tendencies that you learn by exposure. Are they ball watchers or are they space makers? The dangerous ones are the space makers who flow with the movements and finds the seams for passes. It may seem like an obvious skill but even at the pros there are many that can’t do it naturally.

    Good team defence starts with that understanding. Who can hurt you with shooting and who can hurt you with movements and spacing. When you can add that with tendencies you can formulate a plan to make your opponents attack with sets that aren’t comfortable.

    This where experience is such a weapon. So many players play instinctively that they never recognize when an opponents is playing you and not you attacking them. Often, by the time they figure it out, it’s already too late. When you have the kind of heady experience like Nash to tell you who is doing what to whom early in a game, your ability to make adjustments makes you that much more effective.

    Lin is reading each of his teammates like a book to see how he can work with their tendencies and their favorite spots. How manage 4 other players in real time is a real head turner. I’m sure that he’s waking up at night thinking about all the permutations.

  69. Looks like you found it with ‘Featured Comment”? Great job 🙂

  70. thanks, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus. Great idea!
    We’re thinking of something even better to give a dedicated “PFV Corner” page/post so fans can watch his last Twitter comments and video gallery. I’m going to play around with some ideas for the layout.

  71. oh yeah, we’d also need a dedicated page for “JLArticlesFacts” :]
    It should feature the summary of latest tweetable comments from your site that people should know. For details, they can go directly to your site. What do you think? Will that work well?
    That’s one of the goals for this anyway, to help feature the greatest and best from other Lin sites.

  72. sure. I’ll try whatever. we can discuss offline.

  73. Time for my beasty sleep. Going to curl into a fetal position, drool all over the pillow, and snore like a troll.

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