Lakers Training Camp Day 3

This is the 3rd day of the practice. Coach Scott put more and more offensive drills while the camp progress. It is clear that Lin is not the media’s focus for this LAL team. Therefore, we really do not get to see a lot of him in action. As we conclude this post, I want to point out that,

  1. Lin is a known factor to the coaching staff, and he is performing like what coaches thinks he could in my opinion,
  2. the video I included below seems like a lowlight of Lin. However, those videos are edited and we really do not know what was the objective of the drill and how did Lin performed overall. It simply can not conclude Lin’s game by any means. I think he will show his game more in the real NBA games.

Note that might release the whole video for today’s scrimmage.  We might get the chance to see more Lin in that video. –  Brent

7:35 PM

Below is a scrimmage for today (Provided by Lakers Nation), basically a lowlight for Lin. Well, I still include it because at least we gett to see Lin in action.- Brent

6:02 PM
2nd Practice should be started about now. Hopefully there will be some media coverage. –Brent

4:09 PM

Two articles pop out, and both are positive about Lin. Good to know that more and more people covering NBA recognize Lin’s game.


Jeremy Lin leading the second unit at point guard – Eric Pincus (LA Times)
3:34 PM

3:25 PM

2:37 PM

Again,  many running after the scrimmage. Lin and Co. are going to be well conditioned. Scott really set the tone perfectly it seems. But still it was mostly about discipline and conditioning. We will know more about how Lin will be used in the 1st preseason games vs DEN. –Brent

2:31 PM

2:25 PM 

2:19 PM

Starters up 6-4 at this point per Eric Pincus- Brent

2:17  PM

2:14 PM

2:10 PM

1:56 PM

1:49 PM

12:39 PM

Practices today will be taken later than yesterday;s schedule – Brent


The live-blogging of day 3  of TC will be continued here. From Day 2’s scrimmage lineups…Lin is so far penciled as a backup for Nash.

Also Ryan Kelly will be out due to the injury he got on day 2.

Lastly, Coach Byron Scott said in the interview that he is pleased on what he saw from Lin.