Lakers Training Camp Day 2

Oct 1 (Day 2)

Day 2 of the TC was still defense focused. Coach Scott was not really impressed by Lin, but he did not disappoint him either. It does not mean that Lin did badly. On the contrary, I believe coaches have higher expectations on him. They know what he can do and he is doing it. However, I think the 1st 2 days did not show how good Lin really is, because mostly it was about conditioning drills. Once more set systems for both offense and defense are installed, Lin’s ability of running the team will be shown more. In fact, Scott already thinks he ran the team well. Personally I think Lin did very well for the 1st 2 days….let’s hope he can do even better! –Brent

 9:22 PM

7:10 PM From the video below (Lakers Nation), Lin got one missed fade away, one TOV, one Ast and one layup!.

4:32 pm Eric Pincus (LA Times writer) verified Lin was flat out solid today.

4:29 pm Serena Winters reported Lin’s comment on Byron Scott’s Training Camp to be the hardest.

4:05 pm Coach Byron Scott gave a glowing praise for JLin for being a gritty defender, runs the team, gets the basket and pushes the ball in transition

Reporter: “Coach, two practices in. What is your thoughts on Jeremy Lin both offensively and defensively?

“I like him a lot. I really do. On defense he really knows where to be and he’s gritty just like I knew he would be. He’s gonna guard you to the best of his ability and he never gives up on a play offensively. He runs the team, gets to the basket I love the way he pushes the ball into the open floor. So he hasn’t disappointed me at all.”

3:00 PM

2:27 PM

Below is the 2 minutes lay up drill in time-lapse mode.

1:58 PM

Seems like the morning session is a warp. Come back for more updates later! I included some tweets that were no Lin related to show how intense the practice was. – Brent



1:43 PM

(Lin was not guarding Nash-Brent)


1:33 PM

1:25 PM

1:21 PM


1:10 PM

12:06 PM

12:26 PM

According to multiple report yesterday,  Kobe and Nash will only attend the morning sessions for today. Seems like we won’t get to see both of them playing 5 on 5 because medias might only allowed for watching afternoon sessions partially – Brent.

12:21 PM

07:07 am According to the Access SportsNet on TWCSN, todays practice will have 5 on 5 scrimmages and medias are allowed to watch. However, like yesterday, Media members were stopped until the conditioning drill. We will see soon as the morning practice session should begin in the next 2-3 hrs or so. – Brent

05:21 am JLin is leading the pack once again during Team Sprints. His conditioning is in a great shape after a hard 3-hr workout yesterday. We can see how other players are laboring and their body is leaning forward while Lin was running in more upright fashion. If Lin can keep up this throughout the Training Camp, it would certainly impress the coaching staff and his teammates – psalm234 

Note: It’s not clear if this was the end of 9/30 workout or this morning’s workout. It’s more likely to be yesterday since it was too early for 10/1