Kobe ‘The Mentor’ Challenges Jeremy

Kobe Bryant who had been honored 9 times as NBA All-Defensive Team – 1st Team and 2nd Team thrice had challenge Jeremy Lin to become from Good to Great Defensive Player!


“I’m really going to challenge him to be a great defensive player because he can,” Bryant said. “He has the speed, he has the length, he has the size, but he’s never had to take on that challenge, but I think he can be a great defensive player.” – Kobe

Not one, but two. Nash had also mentioned similar to Kobe is helping Lin.


“I’m here to help him out however I can,” Nash said. “If I can help give him advice or help with his game, then it will be a pleasure for me. I think he’s got a lot of potential, and he’s already kind of cemented himself in the league, so whatever he needs from me I’d love to help and I’d love to see him really succeed.”- Nash


The Challenge and the Reply


Jeremy speaks in detail as part of the Post Game interview how he had no mentor similar to Kobe in his 4 year NBA career. He says, its a blessing to have Kobe in the same lockerroom!


Post Game interview and taking on the Challenge