Kobe Bryant Tears Rotator Cuff, Could He Be Out For Lakers Season?

If Kobe is out for the season with a torn rotator cuff, what will happen to Jeremy?

Members may vote on 3 possible scenarios:

1. Nothing

Keep Tanking Nothing happens, Lin plays 15-20 min off bench since Byron doesn’t like Lin and prefers Price despite

2. Showcase+Trade

Start Lin 30-35min, then trade Lin before Feb Trade deadline

3. Showcase+Resign in 2015

Start Lin 30-35min, then offer new contract (if Kobe retires)


If Kobe shuts down for the season, what will happen to Jeremy Lin?

Game 44 LAL vs SAS POLL

Guess JLin's stats


  1. I think Kobe is not willing to stop. After basketball is a large void of darkness for him. That means Kobe tries to come back next year and that means Scott stays for next year. Lin and Scott do not get along. Scott is stubborn and there is no changing that. The FO must know they did not handle Lin’s time here well and he and Boozer will leave. They are proud veterans that feel they should not be benched. The FO could not let LIn play more minutes and ruin the tanking and they likely won’t be able to keep LIn with Scott/Kobe still here. Best option is to trade LIn and hopefully get something. He is already marketed as a good teammate and solid back up pg. Contending teams with pgs a little banged up like the grizzlies and the spurs may take Lin as insurance.

  2. It is a very reasonable outcome.

  3. tried to vote but was unsucessfull due i presume to “popup blocked”. however i would vote for 1.

    the other scenarios i would would see as absolutely not happening.

    even should price be reinjured the developing scenario among lakers writers is: a. price really doesn’t deserve to be a starting point guard agreed but b. lin has shown in his opporunties to prove he deserves back starter minutes that he does not (this theme has been repeated mulitple times) and then c. there are also multiple calls to “develop” ie. give minutes to clarkson.

    so no price would just mean minutes for clarkson while a. tanking and b. waiting for rondo/dragic/whoever.

  4. Translation please…

    "The essence of gospel-humility is not thinking more of myself or thinking less of myself, it is thinking of myself less" -Tim Keller— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) January 23, 2015

  5. Don’t be selfish. Less of mememe

  6. Scott knew and played him major minutes anyway? Really should be fired.


  7. Been saying the contending team trade angle for weeks

  8. Did u sign in (look at the top right)? Only can vote if u sign in @jlinportal.com

  9. Lin should get on the phone with Dantoni and strategize how they can get on the same team next season. If Dantoni really believes in Lin, he knows he can win with Lin. All he needs is a team to pick him up and sign Lin.

  10. Playing boozer lin and Swaggy together for big minutes means mediocrity which means too many wins for a tanking team…hope for a trade to a contender or a free agency that points to a back up on a contending team (maybe clippers???)

  11. Dantoni might not have that many offers but it’s a good thought why not

  12. Interesting, if its tear, then it might take about 3-4 weeks for him to get back to game time

  13. If you think more of yourself then you are proud and pride is not love. If you think less of yourself then you dismiss the blessings God has given you and feel incomplete to give love. If you focus on God and know you are loved then you LOVE EASILY. For it is better to give then receive.

    If you think about yourself in bad or good terms then you are busy thinking about yourself and don’t have enough time to think of others.

  14. NY should trade Carmelo for Lin and hire Dantoni back. Problem solved for everyone!

  15. How about rockets? (;-)

  16. that fast?

  17. Kevin Ding’s new article on Kobe Bryant:

    ” … the Lakers need to stress that everything is now first about the next generation, second about Bryant. It has to be part of the
    free-agent sales pitch, and perhaps those listening will actually believe it now that Bryant looks more broken-down than unconquerable. This is an opportunity for the Lakers to gain immediate clarity.”

    See : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2339471-kobes-latest-setback-offer-lakers-chance-to-finally-move-out-of-bryants-shadow

  18. if he needs surgery its done this year

  19. bring back chandler, fields, novak, shumpert. Deep playoff runs for sure.

  20. lin’s unselfish enough, hope he’s talking about other people or people in general.

  21. It depends on the extend of the injury, if its just a minor (partial), most likely one only goes for rehab. On the other hand, if its surgery, then it would take 3-6 months

  22. An excuse of shooting awful this season…..But yes, BS should be fired long long time ago

  23. It was to break MJ’s record, solely for that goal.

  24. Any thought on why he sent this out at this moment?

  25. well, there actually were a couple minor differences between most recent all star returns (Jan 8) vs final:

    Curry overtook Lebron as the overall vote getter. Huge congratulations to Curry, he definitely deserved it.

    Marc Gasol also overtook Blake Griffin for the second WC frontcourt spot.

    Lin stayed at #9, which I think is a good place. Not too high where people get annoyed at him displacing others, but still made final cut so that he still gets some recognition.

  26. With or Without Kobe…The numbers…FO might not be worried too much, since its positive, without him. On the other hand, not sure about BScott?

  27. they will tank regardless lin won’t play a lot i honestly see zero changes

  28. I only can guess n my best guess would be to the coach and his teammates that think for the team first.

  29. I read all the comments on what people think lin should do and what is going to happen to lin in FA. Please understand that lin’s thinking is so way above his immediate situation. Lin is always a bright light unto dark places which exposes man’s evil hearts. This is exactly what his light has done to kobe/scott. That is why they are acting and making all of these irrational statements about lin. I am sure that lin understands this all too well. So lin understands this journey that he is on, is not for the faint of heart. People need to realize what is for lin. God will remove every obstacle in his way to ensure that he has it. I said all of that to say this, I will wait and see what happens in FA and see where lin ends up. I am keeping all options open for him, because God is a Master of great outcomes. God can turn things around in a minute.The translation of his bible scripture: this calling on my life is not about me, but it is for God’s purpose, and i will not dwell on my immediate circumstances. My bible lesson for today. You can use it, loose store it or throw it away…just some thoughts

  30. I also notice, no Derrick Rose…hmm.

  31. I don’t know. Somehow I read it as “Kobe, please retire, for the sake of the team”

  32. who know, your dream might come true as well…lets see

  33. It depends on how much pressure their cable company puts on them. They are not happy paying 200 million a year and getting historically low TV ratings for two consecutive seasons.

  34. I can almost overhear that WB executives are yelling at them over the phone.

  35. Booze doing that correct political thing>LOL

  36. WOW…time to see how good Lillard really is

  37. Yep

  38. That sucks. LA seems like a good guy.

  39. It’s going to be very interesting time for Lakers. Next few days will give us a even better idea of what FO really wants and JLin’s tendership in Lakers.

  40. You have expressed my not so secret wish that is always present in my mind, that Lin takes over New York again !

  41. yup. He fouled JLin hard and didn’t get call for it..

  42. You have a little issue by the name of James Dolan.

  43. So crazy. Does Lin career ever get boring.

  44. No, not with coach McClueless again.

  45. Hm, it really is a reminder to stay humble by not over/under-estimating ourselves but not being selfish to think ourselves too much, thus focusing to think and do things for the well-being of others

    Perhaps it’s a general reminder. Or even if it’s related to Kobe’s news, it’s to not worry about how it may impact Jeremy but focusing to do good things for Kobe and the team.

  46. wow, thx for the info I cannot upvote that one.

  47. OK, off topic: I love Asian dramas. I am watching “loving, never forgetting” with Jerry Tan…yummy…LOL

  48. Amen sister.

  49. The first thing came to mind was that lin ran into bad situation again, he needs all force from God to deal with it. Hope NOT.

  50. “The essence of gospel-humility is not thinking more of myself or thinking less of myself, it is thinking of myself less” -Tim Keller— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7)

    I was pondering why Lin tweeted a good quote by Tim Keller, a well-known pastor in NY.
    It really is a good reminder to stay humble by not over/under-estimating ourselves but not being selfish to think ourselves too much, thus focusing to think and do things for the well-being of others. Which is the essence of gospel (Jesus sacrificed himself for other sins because he loves/cares for others more than himself)

    In short, it says “Don’t be selfish. Let’s think and care more about others as the gospel teaches”

    Perhaps it’s a general reminder. Or maybe if it’s related to Kobe’s news, it’s to not worry about how it may impact Jeremy himself but focusing to do good things for Kobe when he’s hurt and the team.

  51. Thats name calling, mate. Could you please rephrase

  52. lol, it takes an fine LA Lady to put God’s word and ‘use it or lose it’ in one good meaningful post. I wanna see you with Lin as much as HyC or Rose. Lin fandom can have it’s characters come alive!

  53. LOL You are much more Asian than me:-) Haven’t watched any drama since I left home @18. More than 32 yrs ago:-)

  54. I think there would be minor changes but nothing to shout about

  55. Thank you for the thought… I guess that’s what Lin tried to say…

  56. If LAL dare to release Linsanity, I am sure Kobe will return and play with his good left hand.

  57. Nop. It’s always full of dramas because of the environment/circumstances that he is in. It isn’t his creation but others:-)

  58. Ok now you are too far. You need to visit ancestry.Com to see you might be 5 10 % asian. Lol

  59. I love twists on words that mean a lot … hmmm … cogitating …

  60. You know, you might be right.LOL

  61. LOL That will be true. That’s why he had to play in the last game. We saw plenty of time. Can’t wait to see what other dramas that KB and BS are going to bring us:-)

  62. You don’t know what you are missing. I really don’t watch American TV anymore.LOL

  63. Tan-sanity? LOL

  64. really! wow…to me its all cartoons and action drama like NCIS/Supernatural, etc

  65. LOL I don’t watch TVs except news periodically for years now.

  66. They will work kobe in for 4 more minutes so he gets the next record, wouldn’t they?

  67. ah, I also love NCIS and funny TV Shows like Jimmy Fallon parody songs

  68. This one is in Mandarin. Roku streaming connected to the internet has lots of free Asian dramas. My old lady loves the Korean ones.

  69. Well, KB would like to according to his wife. He will be back to set the record:-)

  70. I’m curious. Who showed you Asian dramas first?
    You’re full of surprises =D

  71. Good grief, let’s get it over with next game. Just have him go in and pass the ball around a bit and then sit. Might as well, he’s on that trip anyway. Playing him 4 extra minutes from that what a coach.

  72. Jk. A rocket fan called nba radio today after the warrior debacle and said he loved Beverley but they needed a pg who was more of a scoring threat and could play at least decent team defense. (Face Palm) I was like duh…That was Lin. LOL

  73. Not me, they are all so repetitive.American TV sometimes take it little too far. I remember when they had CSI, then it turned into CSI NY,CSI Miami, CSI Los Angeles.It got out of control. I like romantic comedies, historical piece dramas, which a lot of the Asian dramas do very well. I like that you don’t have a lot of debauchery, and sex scenes. They stick with the story telling.

  74. I’m concerned about his wife wanting him to get back to the deathly mouse trap in that Instagram pic :]

  75. perhaps in 6 weeks if Linsanity is in danger of spreading?

  76. who who who…lol

  77. I don’t follow new Asian dramas. I used to watch them when I was little.
    Don’t they still end up with tragic ending?

    I love nigahiga’s rant of Asian dramas LOL

  78. Yep saw it and wondered what was going on:-) Waking up for this drama unfolded and then had to leave for medical appt. Returned and read more drama unfolded:-) Being JLin fan means it takes lot of energy and stamina to keep up:-)

  79. I think BS will have no choice but to showcase Jeremy if Kobe shuts it down. However, and unfortunately, I don’t think the Lakers can find a taker to trade. 10-3-3 for 8 mil isn’t gonna cut it for the small market teams unless it’s for salary dump this summer, but that’s the same plan for the Lakers as well. Unless the Lakers want to take Deron Williams, very unlikely. The only teams that could use Jeremy’s help would be those that are within shouting distance to a championship team with a weak backup PG. Looking across all the teams in the playoff hunt, only the Spurs are somewhat weaker in this regard (Corey Joseph to backup Parker), but they don’t have anyone to give the Lakers in return.

    So I think our best hope is for Jeremy to maximize his narrow window of opportunity, this may be another way for him to strengthen his weaknesses once more. Remember how McHale didn’t want Jeremy to orchestrate the offense, so he HAD to improve his 3pt shooting and other aspects of the game (which has made him a more complete player)? Well I think this year we have witnessed how Jeremy has matured mentally. He isn’t so easily shaken by bad games or bad critics (remember there were times he couldn’t eat/sleep before the game?) anymore, and to everyone’s surprise rebuttal BS’s words? Mental is just as important as the physical part of the game, and God is working in miraculous ways to elevate Jeremy’s game. Nash shared min with ROBERT PACK and averaged 8.6 pt 4.9 asst in his 4th year in the NBA, before breaking out the following year for 15.6 & 7.3. Being the first influential Canadian basketball player at the time before making the all-star and the mvps, I see God’s fingerprint and Jeremy’s footstep well-set and layout for him. God Bless.

  80. yeah, what a risk to the tank agenda. I still cannot believe that, as it isn’t worth ruining a ratings run that would assure a high valuation.

  81. Nobody really. i think Asian men are very attractive. When I was in the military, I was at the top of my “food chain”, so I interacted who was there with me. There seem to be a lot of Asian/Hispanic men, so that is who I dated.

  82. According to the news, KB returns to LA to be assessed by team docs. More news unfolds tomorrow!

  83. oh well, we’re in for another week of what ifs.

  84. Ok, how about not with that clueless coach again?

  85. Thats the norm is any Sports Team

  86. Yeah, they are really good. I loved “Secret Garden” and “My Lover from Another Planet”. Those two are my favorites. Do you guys live in the US?

  87. Good post. Thanks for the great reminder!!

  88. No, the only ones with tragic ending these days are the Japanese dramas, which I don’t watch.LOL

  89. ahh.. so from deep inside the heart =)
    Good for you!

  90. For You 🙂

  91. Agreed. Compared to the top 5 pick, I guess LAL is under more pressure from their cable company WB to improve the TV ratings. After all, having two consecutive seasons (could be 3 seasons or more!) of historically low ratings is hard for them.

  92. Yep.My mom use to tell me all the time that I had a destiny for the world. So when I brought Asian guys home to meet her, she was not shocked and my brothers and sisters were not shocked.LOL

  93. Try verycd.com

    You will be surprised.

  94. good to hear that :] It used to drive me crazy with all the tragic ending

  95. What record ? You don’t mean the longest minutes played by a one-handed NBA player, do you?

  96. Thanks:)

  97. LOL…

  98. LOL you brought the 1/3-of-the-world home!

  99. Maybe. Hopefully we will learn whether it’s full or partial tear and then the plan for this season. Apparently KB had this issue since preseason. He played thru and got really bad after the dunk. My suspicious is full tear by the sound of it. Otherwise they would have disclosed the info now. The decision is then whether KB should retire or just out for this season. More dramas are coming.

  100. Yep. You know what is funny, they never felt uncomfortable around my family. One gut told me that Back families and asian families had a lot of similarities when it came to our families. My mom was the matriarch and will all lived in one house hold with kids, and my mom had her elderly parents living there also.

  101. My issue is I don’t want to get hooked for watching. Bad enough that I spend many hours on JLin. If I hook into dramas, I won’t get things accomplished. I will keep on watching until the end:-)

  102. I think it is a full tear. I think Kobe in his mind thinks that he will be able to come back from this, but his body and aging will deem otherwise. With all of these injuries and surgeries that he has had will have a major effect on down the line for him. Whenever there is an injury and surgery involved and aging, arthritis will always set in.

  103. This is what I never understood about tanking. To tank is to get a good player but only 50% of the time that works out. To not tank you find out you have good players. Then why not just not tank and keep the good players you already know you have for sure with 100% certainty

  104. Bay Area. My kids went to school in San Diego, Riverside and San Francisco. You may like the Korean Drama Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace), wife has the box set. It was free on Roku perhaps on YouTube too. I really don’t watch movies including Asians. Shawshank Redemption was my favorite

  105. Agree it’s a full tear. Otherwise we will learn differently by now. Guess KB isn’t ready to accept the news. So, this season is out but whether he decides to retire or not is another story.

  106. i dont think the organization thinks lin has that ability to win games them, unlike us.

  107. You guys should try Hulu on the internet. It is free and they have a lot of Korean dramas on there. I watch them all the time. Also the ones that I mentioned are really good. They had off the chart ratings in Korea when they were being shown.

  108. Anyone got access to Byron Scott postgame @Pelican 01/21/15? havn’t spotted it at either of youtube, tweeter or lakers site. Just curious whether the following comments are valid:

    copied from LG:

    “Kobe playing with one arm
    Kobe told BScott he was ok, BScott pulled him when he saw he
    was doing everything with his left hand

    RKelly, It was a bad mismatch playing against David

    JLin & Price
    Even though JLin got 4 steals, he was not making an pact. Price was playing more
    because he works well with Kobe”

  109. Those are both great dramas. Another really memorable one that also mixes modern times with a supernatural twist is “Queen In-hyun’s Man”. And since you mentioned historical dramas, “Arang and the Magistrate” is a historical supernatural mystery/romance starring Lee Jung-gi who is a 3rd degree Taekwondo black belt. His fight scenes in this drama were pretty fabulous.

  110. I watched those..good stuff

  111. Also gooddrama.com and viki stream for free…though the price of freedom is a fair number of commercials 🙂

  112. Yeah, true. I got rid of my cable and got Hulu Plus which is about $7.00 a month and I get all of the shows a day after they have aired.

  113. Looks like we share a passion besides Jeremy :). Be happy to have have you recommend your faves.

  114. True dat!

  115. I just flew back from Korea this morning. So many drama stars’ faces and cutouts all over the stores there. Paradise for you guys.

  116. Well besides the tow I mentioned in earlier post, “A Gentlemen’s Agreement”, “Easy Fortune, Happy Life, “Fated to Love You”, “Princess Hours”, Birth of a Beauty”, and “Protect the Boss, just to name a few.

  117. that is fine..lol

  118. Have seen and enjoyed #3,4, and 6. Will check out the others…thanks 🙂

  119. Genesis 50:20 … What’s intended for evil, to harm me, God intends for good …….. Lin is trusting and believing and is a true witness.

  120. Welcome home…back to warmer weather! 🙂 Was there last April. Loved it.

  121. Yes, he is . Jesus came not to bring peace to the wordly, but to expose hearts

  122. Believe I saw BS’ interview on the game thread (very beginning). I didn’t listen to it. Not sure what was said. Had no desire listened to him since startergate.

  123. I cut the cord (DirecTV) 2 years ago and have gone with Roku/Apple TV w/Netflix. Saved $70/month. Only watch what I want to watch. Very happy with my decision.

  124. Me too.

  125. FO told him Lakers will shop him around and Lin is not the future of Lakers?

  126. Oh good lord Asian dramas… I cringe at the thoughts of watching them. There were some really classic ones back in the 80s/90s and early 2000s. But hardly any after that. Animes, on the other hand, is a totally different matter. Lol

  127. Can’t believe this… BS is really BS. smh!


  128. I think that was a reasonable way for small market team, as rookie was paid less, and they are not competitive in the free agent market to attract established stars, thus they like to work it out from draft.

    Big market team usually don’t care but just try to graph established super star by paying more money. But now, with this new CBA, they could not do that as easily as before.

  129. I hope Lin see the Joseph parallel

  130. He is running out of excuses.

  131. very true .. Both culture are very family-centric!

  132. Sands of Time with CHOI, Min Soo is really good. I remember my wife cried watching it. Older ones made in 1980s and 1990s are better IMO.

  133. Yeah, when everything is said and done, Asian women have the power in families. Well, in most Asian families anyway.

  134. If I do say so myself, Korean dramas are the best. Some Korean movies are also pretty good. I haven’t watched any American TV in 20 years, so I have no idea which shows are popular. I only watch Netflix and PBS on my Roku.

  135. Yup, he used his left arm only and shot an air ball and turned it over with a bad pass….

  136. BS: “Kobe will be back right after the surgery and shoot with his feet.”

    Refs: “That’d be considered kicking, what a bunch of BS…you BS!”

  137. I dropped by CF to see how Bev is doing, and there is a 12 page thread devoted to trashing him, called “Is Bev a Championship level point guard”?
    As predicted by many, Bev fell out of favor once he lost the status of anyone-else-but-Jeremy. (There’s always someone to fill those shoes on whatever team Lin is on apparently.)

  138. Clippers are manhandling the Nets: 70-37 at the half. With this W Clippers become 5th and Rox sink to 6th and exposed.

  139. Music to my ears…

  140. He’s the best looking of the F4, but his career never really take off in a big way. Maybe something to do with his shy, introverted personality.

  141. I enjoy a good J or K once in a while, but the ones from Taiwan are unbearable.

  142. Announcers were saying that GSW defense would just concentrate on Harden then offense ran through Klay Thompson to make Harden defend. We were saying that was the way to best the Rockets all along. League finally catching on. Also leaning not to let Harden bait them for fouls.

  143. Never really got into Secret Garden, but did enjoy Lover from Another Planet/Star. The soundtrack was awesome.

    You’re the first non-Asian that I know of who enjoyed that show. 🙂

  144. especially funny is the criticism of his defense.
    shooting can be an inconsistent ability, but players do not suddenly lose their rebounding or defensive skills unless they are injured or old. bev is the same quality of defender he was last season.
    yet, according to houston fans, bev is not actually a good defender this season. he is getting burned a lot.

    hilarious. what a bunch of clowns.

  145. Ya, Rox has a bunch of clowns.

  146. I love it. I loved he and Vic Chou out of the F4. Vaness Wu was a homeboy from Orange County. I loved Vic Chou in Mars.

  147. The presence of Lin has created unbelievable career opportunities for the like of Acie Law, Pat Beverley, and Ronnie Price. The above three players “looked” a lot better to their coaches (all three) and fans (Bev only) when being compared to Lin.

    However, once Lin is removed from the equation and people are forced to look at these players for who they really are (without comparing to Lin), all of a sudden they don’t look as good as they used to be. I guess we can say that those “fans” are more like anti-Lin fans rather than fans of Beverley which certainly looked like the case for “fans” in CF.

  148. Exactly

  149. Yep, he has truly fallen out of favor with the the fans..LOL

  150. Who are their PGs besides Bev? Canaan? Harden is the only creator since Lin & Parsons are gone. Morey probably wished that he never traded Lin. They can certainly use Lin now.

  151. canaan and that johnson guy.
    i stopped following the rockets, so im not familiar with their lineups/rotations.

    ive watched less NBA games this season in general. watching the lakers is already draining as it is, and the continued ref bias against lin makes me less interested in the league.

  152. They are in big trouble now…bc Harden is more & more like Kobe but the different it’s he can’t win the ring for them…LOL!

  153. Hey Joyce! Couldn’t resist replying to this post! (Btw I really look forward to and enjoy reading your opinions about everything going on with the Lakers and Jeremy – I’m an LA gal like you!) I luv, luv, luv Kdramas! Have you seen Its okay, that’s love? So good! Also if you want to try something different, a couple reality shows: 1. The Return of Superman (follows celebrity dads trying to take care of their kids for 48hrs w/o mom around – real cute) and 2. Roomate (follows Korean entertainers – actors,Kpop idols, comedians,etc. sharing a house together). Enjoy!

  154. Welcome! just post more 😛

  155. I think He is less and less like Kobe…just TBH. I only watched like 5 games of ROX this yr. But you are right….no ring for them…

  156. It takes hall of fame big men in Shaq and Gasol as well the best coach of all time in Phil Jackson for the Lakers to win despite of Kobe.

    Howard is really not that good because of poor fundamental and McHale is better described as an ego massager than a coach LOL. So no, the Rockets are not winning any time soon.

  157. I somehow got the feeling that Rox seemed to not high on D12 now… bc DM played well… I believe D12 will leave Rox in 2016.

    Agree. D12 is not as good as he did in Magic.

  158. player skills and tendencies aside, i think the biggest difference is they are players of different eras.

    it is impossible to be a star or excellent guard today without being at least above average at the three ball.
    kobe has never been especially good at the 3 ball and it’s never been an emphasis in his game.

  159. And not surprisingly, it has happened since Lin’s childhood days.

    it reminds me that Mama Lin said at every level there’s always been someone supposedly better than Lin from his YMCA/high school/varsity day.

    It’s almost like people still can’t believe Lin can be as good or better than others since he doesn’t fit the look of an NBA baller. This is similar to what Joe Alexander said about having to get tattoo, long-hair to fit in the look of typical NBA Ballers.

  160. Kobe can not beat his man any more is a bigger problem I think…3 matters too…I agree

  161. Lin sings, not really

  162. LMAO

  163. What is this and what did he say at the end?

  164. when was this..

  165. He said everyone please join me to listen to Wong Li Hong’s new song.

  166. Promoting a new album for his singer friend

  167. Ya! Today..? looks in good mood.

  168. lol. no kobe..

  169. yes, Bev is the same player as last year but I guess some just see his limitations even in defense.
    I guess the hatred towards Lin or Lin fans just blinded some to not see it.
    Now the same people missed Lin’s playmaking but if Lin is back, he’ll be the favorite scapegoat again!

    It makes me want to see MDA and Lin reunion somewhere else next year.

  170. Lakers’ Wayne Ellington will have bigger role with Kobe Bryant out http://t.co/BCiNQqjIUb— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 23, 2015

  171. How about Lin? oh….nonono he is soft….he can not defend…he can not go left….blablabla

  172. not so bad Lip-syncing LOL
    good to see he’s in good spirit

  173. I guess his tweet about thinking less of himself today means he’s thinking more of his friend, Wong Li Hong LOL

  174. Haha! Well, I hope so… LOL! Just don’t over pass tomorrow well do.

  175. it makes no sense whatsoever.

    If Kobe’s been thriving as the PG/facilitator, then Lin the PG should be next in line as the Assist leader in LA (Lin 193 after Kobe 197).
    This LA tank is messed up indeed

  176. I saw the interview. I might be wrong but I don’t believe I hear anything about the last paragraph in your posting! (FYI, I don’t like BS, he is a big lier)

  177. Just check his weibo, he posted this video today. Sure happy no Kobe…LOL!

  178. Throw back Thursday. Against Toronto, Lin came off the bench, played 46 mins, scored 31 pts.

  179. More BEATINGS of the weak 1st unit then.

    Like I said earlier this season, all the bad players except for Davis are bunched up in the 1st unit now.

  180. Thank you, Brent – you’re another one of my favorites on this site! You all are doing a great job here!

  181. Probably because he didn’t tweet anything regarding Kobe’s injury like he did for his other teammates in the past.

  182. Dwight Howard doesn’t have the talent or coaching he had with the Magic that he has with the Rockets.

    Also, Dwight Howard was feasting on the weak Leastern Conference when he was with Orlando. But now that Howard is playing in the Best Western conference, he’s getting his brains beat out regularly.

  183. It isn’t just the 3 pointer Kobe lacks.

    Kobe lacks the court reading skills, fundamental techniques, and team mentality needed to win in today’s NBA which relies on a team and not individuals to get wins.

  184. Without his max contract big men siphoning defenses away, Bryant could not get by people even in his prime.

  185. Where is the love? She probably just thinking about the more money he can make, the happier she is and the shorter life for her husband, LOL!

  186. Such garbage.

    Lin took a team with a deficit and pushed them to a 9 point lead and that’s called “no impact”?


  187. I guess he can’t say anything before Lakers formally announce what’s the plan for Kobe….?

  188. Just another bashing of his friend Kyle Lowry.

    Lin’s too tough an athletic matchup for Lowry, as Lin’s faster and bigger and stronger and more technically sound than Lowry.

  189. Lin’s TOO ASIAN to Byron Scott.

  190. I left that for you

  191. there have been many games in which kobe was out, and scott still played lin only 20 minutes.

    so, there is no indication that kobe being out for the season changes anything. unless the FO has its own priorities and made that known to scott, such as trying out the young players. i’ll believe it when i see it tho.

  192. Let’s say LAL stick with a 18 minites Lin…..Then Ellington will have to play about 30 and Kelly 26 I think…

  193. that’s amazing because ellington has been benched for entire games recently (kelly too) and now suddenly might be getting huge minutes. lol, it’s so arbitrary on this team.

  194. Now they are crying for Cancan to start over Pav because Cancan has offensive skills to share Haren’s burden.lol

  195. LOL

  196. LOL……

  197. Sad to say, it’s become a stigma for Jeremy.

  198. C’mon Brent, FIRE AWAY on your own forum!

    Besides, I’d rather just openly state the harsh truth than PROTECT SCOTT by hemming and hawing as I make lame excuses to avoid the social backlash that comes from trolls that hate it when Asians mention racism.

  199. There is no easy way to fill the void of the big hole left by Kobe “Tank General” Bryant. I mean, you need to replace like 35 minutes of no defense, high turnover, ball-hogging, low-efficiency basketball. It’s really not that easy to achieve that with just one player.

    I think BS will go with the suck-by-committee approach that he will spread the minutes around but he will make sure either to freeze you out (Ellington) or play you too much (Kelly off injury) to make sure you are playing sub-optimal basketball. As for Lin? Forget about it because Lin would will the Lakers to the win which is against the TANK.

  200. Ramona Shelburne probably afraid of losing her strong connections in LAL. As someone said here before, her connections seems to be from Kobe’s side.

  201. I just added Game 44 Lin Stats POLL.
    Let’s use this as a pregame thread.

    I voted for LINSANITY Unleashed! after watching that Lin Lip-Syncing recording session!

  202. I am 100% backing the idea that Lin’s bad treatment are because he is an Asian….No doubt about it..

  203. lol .. it was a little odd display of affection for sure!

  204. My love from another Planet is one of my favourites as well.

  205. Hahaha

  206. I watch anime online with Crunchie roll. The classics like Naruto and Bleach are my favorites, but I also have been following Sword On Line.

  207. It’s like a never ending soap opera.

  208. I would say it has been very boring for awhile….I want see more actions…not drama…

  209. Byron thinks Smart as Soft.

  210. Kobe’s injury chronological order is from his foot up to his shoulder, and we all know that to some extent his head is kinda “damaged”–getting too big and might have already burst into piece of the size of confetti.
    So what next? Is Kobe not worried? Who knows the next time he jumps for a rebound, the same cycle might happes from toe to head again…I am worried for him though.

    2013: Achilles
    2014: Knee
    2015: Shoulder

  211. Wong has big following in SEA. He’s dashing, not to mention he has a very intelligent wife. ^.^

  212. boy, this is the vid that made me log in and say I love you, Jeremy!

  213. 2016 brain
    2017 heart

  214. Wow! Italian Seppi just knocks KFed out of the Aus Open.

  215. 2018 kidneys
    2019 lungs

  216. at age 40?

  217. exactly…i hate soap opera

  218. i think this is a little too much, for an asking ;0)

  219. so you are saying Lin need to bench for extended (DNP) as well so he could get more minutes when he is back?..kiddin kiddin

  220. you can count on it. Kobe will try for 95… in a wheelchair

  221. hmmm, getting politically correct?!!

  222. Let he game begin

  223. Thats an extended wish to have MDA-Lin reunion…long stretch

  224. Should be Wang Lee Hom’s 你的愛

  225. Hope he retires for his own HOF reputation.

  226. No, I heard 4th most minutes played.

  227. nice idea! His haircut will be bad last 🙂

  228. I resisted adding the most important human element, because the soul has always the ability to find salvation.

  229. What is team play? We all look at Spurs and admire their team play like its some sort of magic elixir that fixes all ills.

    One of the problems of assessing Lin’s play is that statistically he doesn’t measure easily to the common metrics of super stars. Even in the last 3 years of marginalized play, Lin continues to show the intangible skill to make his teammates better. Fans keep wanting him to shoot and get his own stats like that’s how he’ll get the recognition he deserves. What we’ve seen is that no matter how much he scores, the coach will make sure to punish him the next game to make it appear to be yet another fluke of inconsistent play from Lin. Lin has a no win clause that’s been put in since Linsanity that he can NEVER exceed the stars on his team. He has come to terms with this reality and declared the way he’ll play and keep trying to help his team perform the best he can.

    The way Mchale and Scott has manipulated LIN’S PT has manufactured a stat line that shows him as a very good back up PG. This metric is based upon the fake manufactured star system used by 90% of the league. Lin’s numbers don’t show why he is so valuable to his teammates. Lin’s ability to find ways to help his teammates play their best while hiding their weaknesses is exactly why Linsanity happened. He made second stringers and rookies play like stars by putting them into their optimal spots to show their best stuff. Great players have this ability to raise the level of people around them. How can you evaluate something so intangible?

    We often laugh about how “coach Lin” can do a better job than MCHALE or Scott. Lin’s ability to make his teammates better is much more akin to what great coaches do. They make adjustments to create winning situations for their roster of players. They put them in winnable situations. They hide their weaknesses. They foster positive attitudes by positive reneforcement. They accept responsibly whenever the team loses to save the players fragile confidence. What is team play? It’s the ability for the team to work together to bring out each other’s strengths while helping each other to cover their individual weaknesses. Lin has the incredible ability to do this in real time.

    If you agree that a great coach can lead a team to victory, then Lin’s value to any team is off the chart in his ability to help the coaching staff to bring out the best of their roster.

  230. SAS will be on the second game of a B2B after getting beat by Chicago. Maybe JLin can lead them to victory again. Hopefully another Kobe-less win against a playoff team.

  231. Potential candidate for next RoboCop…just kidding…

  232. yup … that’s the Field of Dreams wish.

  233. ha ha, just whisper into ____enter name here ___’s ear that he’s the man now, and there should be enough freelancing to kill the team. Not naming LAL names, includes players on other teams (like barbosa last night messing with a decent game thus far, and then I didn’t get to see Holiday and McAdoo because the starts had to come back in cold.)

  234. you KH you … no-DNP.

  235. welcome back … you missed all the weeks of fun o_maybenot.

  236. I give it 20% sweet young Christian. There are wily old ones lol, I don’t mean the television evangelist kind who take money from senior citizens. I mean the ones who have their faith and still know how to manage a game of liar’s dice.

  237. ironic my eye test noticed him bricking 2s and hitting 3s lately.

  238. Ronnie Price future is clear. Unfortunately, I like his interview that I saw … nice guy just doing a job.

  239. TTNN at CF did stats to show that Parsons did not create, it was only Harden and Lin.

  240. i agree.

  241. Very interesting to hear more excuses for KB.


  242. Lakers Rumors: Byron Scott Puts Jeremy Lin Back in His Doghouse

    After logging at least 30 minutes in back-to-back games, Jeremy Lin was back in Bryon Scott’s doghouse in Wednesday’s 96-80 blowout loss to the New Orleans Pelicans at Smoothie King Center.

    The Lakers fielded their original starting lineup as Kobe Bryant (rest) and Ronnie Price (elbow) returned from two-game absences. Lin, who played more than 30 minutes in two consecutive games for the first time since losing his starting job in November, also returned to his role off the bench.

    Coming off a 10-point, 10-dime performance in a loss to the Phoenix Suns on Monday, the 26-year old Lin started off on a strong note as he recorded seven points, two assists and three steals in the first half.

    The former Harvard standout played a key role in putting the Lakers ahead by one, 44-43 at halftime, despite another cold-shooting opening salvo from Bryant.

    Unfortunately, Lin never got the chance to sustain the momentum he built in the first half as Scott decided to stick with his starting backcourt of Price and Bryant for most of the second half.

    The result wasn’t pretty at all as Tyreke Evans, who assumed most of the playmaking duties as replacement for injured point guard Jrue Holiday, torched the Lakers with 19 points while backcourt tandem Eric Gordon recorded 17 points and 10 assists.

    Price, who is slotted by Scott into the starting lineup to give them a better defensive unit, had another anemic showing on the offensive end of the floor as he finished with two points on 0-for-2 shooting from the field in 27 minutes.

    Scott Locked Up Lin in His Doghouse:

    After trumpeting Lin’s strengths in the offseason, Scott is clearly not amused of the point guard’s up-and-down play. The Lakers head coach has been very vocal in scrutinizing Lin’s skills-set and mettle, as he repeatedly called out the Asian-American star for playing soft.

    While there’s no doubt Lin hasn’t lived up to lofty expectations when he first arrived in Los Angeles via trade with the Houston Rockets, his struggle shouldn’t be blamed alone on his lack of swagger or absence of a pit-bull mentality. Instead, Scott should also take the blame for putting Lin in such an uncomfortable situation (such as placing a hard cap on his playing time) and relying too much on Price at the point even though he’s very much a slacker offensively.

  243. The trend shows that the injurys are going up though Kobes body parts. Not down. If it’s his brain that’s going next season, then that’s appropriate since it’s supposed to be his last. If Kobe does play next season, expect some bone headed plays..

  244. This was posted by A Mad Chinaman on LG, and was not a quote from BS.

  245. Not sure if anyone posted about this, but listened to Fred Roggin yesterday on the Beast 980 am in LA. He said Kobe’s topnotch orthopedic surgeon in Orange County was away at some conference but would be looking at the mri tomorrow and would examine Kobe upon his return from the conference. I’m also dealing with a rotator cuff tear (full thickness, but small). Physical therapists have told me it’s 6-8 months of rehab. But then again, I’m not a world class athlete. Being old doesn’t help either! lol

  246. Only this official word from Lakers F/O.

  247. What men intended for harm and oppression, God re-purposed and used for good to bless and honor his child.

  248. Ive had a torn labrum… shoulder injuries r the worst… i could barely lift my arm… play bball? Forget it!

  249. If Kobe Bryant Knew Then What He Knows Now…
    “It’s long been an open secret Kobe Bryant basically runs the Lakers. Unofficial head coach. De facto General Manager. His power is just a shade below Dr. Buss’ children’s, and periodically appears to eclipse theirs. …”

  250. With Kobe out, the chances of winning against the Spurs is still as slim as it is if Kobe is playing.

    With Kobe out,the chances of winning against the Spurs is really GREAT if Jeremy will lead this team.

  251. Didn’t Nash hurt himself carrying his gym bags?

  252. Jeremy Lin is the SPURS KILLER.

    Ever since that 38 point game against them, Lin has been on an offensive and defensive tear against the Spurs. It doesn’t even matter who Lin is playing for.

    The Spurs don’t have an athlete to physically counter Lin with. The only Spur who can stop Lin is Kawhi Leonard, but Lin would figure out a way to siphon Leonard away from the other Lakers and get the Lakers going with passing.

    Of course, the biggest question is whether or not Byron Scott will get mad at Lin for outplaying African American Spurs players. If Lin plays too well, Scott will cut Lin’s minutes.

  253. Such a nice guy. Lol

  254. As always…LOL

  255. Can Lin be the spurs killer with this Laker’s team?

  256. They killed SPurs once already..lol

  257. Did Jeremy played against the Spurs as a Knick?

  258. Yes…and Lost I thinlk

  259. He did, but he didn’t do well because the team was in the throes of the Carmelo Anthony toxic situation.

  260. It’s the big white elephant in the room that no one dares to talk about. The comment from Chris Rock about how if Lin was Black…certainly makes us all say “DAMN RIGHT, WE’VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOREVER”.

    Lin doesn’t look tough because he doesn’t present himself as a tattooed gangster with a long rap sheet of street creds.

    ( just like the sellective attention videos on utube….dare I say, the invisible gorilla in the room! )

  261. What makes this PR attempt to save face is that so bad is that had he known his shoulder was already hurting, why was still jacking up 30+ contested shots?

    KOBE just didn’t care about his team or teammates!

  262. His minutes will get cut whether he plays too well or not. The only way he can play more is when coach has no choice due to injuries or foul trouble.

  263. I do not believe it at all. Does not make any sense….whats so ever

  264. In case anyone forgot, Jeremy performed well (14pts/8asts) in an OT win against the Spurs on 12/22.
    Hope he is Linspired to perform another best in Kobe’s absence tonight no matter how many min Byron will give him!
    I think a potential storm can be brewing after watching his confidence sky-high in his lipsync performance LOL

    Here is the Post-Game synopsis plus the highlights:

    Jeremy Lin finished with 14pts/8asts/2rebs/1blk in 30 min.

    After he was benched in the 4th quarter with 2:46 left, Lakers and Kobe made multiple costly turnovers allowing Spurs to tied the game. In OT, Byron finally inserted him back with 1:04. He made two crucial plays to help the Lakers win:

    With Lakers trailing 109-110, he positioned himself correctly to anticipate where the rebound would come so he drew a foul when Duncan barreled onto him. Lakers ball.

    With clocks winding down, Kobe passed to Lin who tried to drive to the rim but was well covered so he made the right decision to pass to Nick Young who made the clutch 3pt. 112-110

    Jeremy showed great anticipation on defense and made the correct read to not force the drive inside and passed to Nick Young who made the great shot. Great defense and great facilitation as Byron as he requested Jeremy to do.

    That’s what great Point Guard will do. Make the correct decision and not turn the ball over. Perhaps this is the game to earn Byron’s and Kobe’s trust that Jeremy can be the PG that they need.

  265. Highlights

  266. BScott certainly wants to limit Lin’s min if he’s too hot because it reflect badly on Kobe if Lin blows up.
    But yes, Lin always play so well against the Spurs

  267. Either way, he is not getting away with anything by pretending to be injured.

  268. I hope Lin can be politically savvy during pre-game to say, “Let’s get one for Kobe!” so Byron allows him to play 30+min

  269. Good idea.

  270. …and Byron Scott is the LAKERS KILLER.

  271. It is ironic that in Scott’s desperation to appease Kobe and make him look good, Scott will forever be remembered as the coach who killed Kobe Bryant’s career.

  272. Unfortunately I don’t think Lakers will allow JLin to break out. Playing Price allows them to keep their top 5 draft pick by losing. JLin will cause wins losing their draft pick. To justify playing Lin limited minutes they will have to sabotage him an keep up the Lin bashing to justify not playing him more. I wish it wasn’t this way but handwriting seems to be on the wall.

  273. Tanking definitely is the #1 priority to keep Top 5 Pick from being given to the Suns.

    I’m only counting that Mitch Kupchak might want to showcase Lin before Feb trade deadline so Lakers get something back in a trade. He probably knows Lin will look for starter job in the FA and will decline a backup PG to Kobe as reported by 2 out of 3 ESPN LA reporters.

  274. On the other hand, look at some of outstanding athletes, Aaron Rogers, Farve, etc. They were 2nd bananas and were patient and persevered. We don’t really know God’s plan for each of us, but, we WAIT on the Lord and ..”all these things will be given to you….” Believe, anxious and complaining are our worst enemies.

  275. True, I’m not worried about Lin’s future at all. Knowing how miraculous Linsanity happened at all, Lin’s journey will be in good hands.

    Even during the repressed period or staying in the background in HOU/LA, Lin continues to develop in his 3s, defense, mental strength, etc. Those are great characters developed under pressure that makes him a great role model for his fans and others. It’s not so much about winning/losing but perseverance, working hard, helping others and molding great characters in ups and downs of life that really matter.

    And in things that matter, Lin’s passing with flying color! A+ as a student of life!

    We’re just musing to have intelligent guesstimate of Lin’s current situation but yeah, it’s always good to remind ourselves with the big picture that Lin is succeeding in what matters the most 😀

  276. With Kobe out, who else will attract fans to watch? Lol

  277. Promoting bench? And Young is their current longest contract player anyways.

    But you’re right. Nobody else on LAL is worth promoting.

  278. So now what? Next season he is going all the way ISO King again?

  279. yes, that’s curious why they don’t promote Nick Young as a long-term contract player.
    Showcasing? If yes, maybe it will translate to 25-30 min soon

    Let’s see how many min Lin gets tonight if anything changes

  280. w/o Kobe, I hope Lakers can win today…

  281. Correction: when he shoots too much. Such an injury is from raising arms above head. Mychal Thompson said usually pitchers get that injury. SMH


  282. I don’t think BS is that sentimental.

  283. Hate to say it, but I would be surprised if Kobe doesn’t need surgery. With all those years of overhead shooting movements one of the rotator cuff tendons must have been torn through. Especially felt that when seeing his arm just hanging there during the game – you just can’t lift your arm without a lot of pain – there’s also a nerve affected that adds to the pain and affects the whole arm.

  284. Half of $15 mil is a lot for non-big media teams to cough up. Also Lakers would want him for his expiring contract to clear cap space. Lakers don’t want to bring on any good players or might mess up their top 5 pick. All they would want is picks & teams aren’t going to give away picks as well as having to swallow a big contract. I don’t see JLin going anywhere.

  285. Here is the photograph at the start of Bill Simmons’ Grantland article on 2015 NBA Trade Value. Not flattering for Ronnie Price.

    By the way Jeremy Lin gets listed (8) in the “Top 10 guys on unhappy-to-hopeless teams that I’d be trying to steal in trades if I were a GM right now” : (1) Kenneth Faried, (2) Ben McLemore, (3) Moe Harkless, (4) Jose Calderon, (5) Nikola Pekovic, (6) Jason Thompson, (7) Channing Frye, (8) Jeremy Lin, (9) Wilson Chandler, (10) Nik Stauskas.

    See : http://grantland.com/features/2015-nba-trade-value-part-1/

  286. With all these injuries Body Armor should rethink having Kobe as a representative. “Drink this and get multiple injuries”

  287. Wasn’t Bill Simmons predicting Linsanity at the beginning of the season. Nice to see he still believes in JLin.

  288. that’s a bit surprising. I thought he wasn’t a big believer during Linsanity.
    But as a Celtics fan, he hates Lakers so he might want to suggest Celtics to pick up Lin :]

  289. Don’t remember if it was him or Jalen Rose who predicted it.

  290. Question is will he be allowed to win tonight? Lakers won’t make playoffs, may be tanking for top 5 pick. As far as ticket sales and TV ratings aren’t most of the tickets season tickets so already sold. Does TV ratings effect the Lakers bottom line? It may effect TWC bottom line regarding advertising revenue but I’m not sure if it effect the Lakers because they may get paid a fixed contract price regardless of how they do or ratings.

  291. Nathan brought up a good point that Lin will probable get a lot of backup PG offers.

    Lin’s agent can actually spin it as a smart PR to sell Lin’s strength in playing backup to Harden & Kobe who can perform well in their absence:

    During Free Agency, Lin’s agent should be smart to promote him as great backup 2 Harden/Kobe #TheTruth
    1. Spurs 38pts gm, 76ers 34pts gm without Harden.
    2. +13 NetRating swing w/o Kobe
    3. #1 LA bench in NBA

    Let’s see if Lin’s agents are smart enough to pitch this to many NBA teams


  292. LAL can sue BS now for damaging their prized player.

  293. A show with scripts written long time ago.

  294. Well duh!! Maybe he should resign.

  295. Always a half truth in jokes. Looks like Kobe really dislikes team ball and passing.

  296. Notice that kobe didn’t respond back with “it wasn’t your fault ‘.LOL

  297. It seems that KB situation is need to know, and BS is not part of that group that needs to know. FO probably knows already and not telling BS.


  298. sounds to me Byron’s biggest fear is that Kobe blame him on playing him too much……

  299. Apparently kobe replied, don’t worry about it.

  300. More shooting too much

  301. I understand what BS is saying, yeah, he’s worried, worry for his job that is…

    Byron on Kobe: "Yeah, I'm worried. The whole organization is worried."— Baxter Holmes (@BaxterHolmes) January 23, 2015

  302. So after a little research it looks like the Lakers deal with TWC does depend on ratings. So they will have to decide whether a top 5 pick or TV ratings are more important to them:

    Lakers’ Annual Income From Local TV Deal Hinges On Ratings

  303. It is ironic how those TWC announcers kept bashing Lin. How would that help the rating?

  304. It’s because the RACIST AMERICAN MEDIA thinks that bashing the Asian guy will help ratings, not hurt them.

    This is why I absolutely despise the racist American media that always tries to criticize Asians.

  305. Yeah, pump that 9th man hype…

  306. Lakers Nation
    BREAKING: Kobe Bryant to miss rest of the season with torn rotator cuff.

  307. The way the NBA draft lottery has turned out as a surefire way to draft a BUST, I’d say that the Lakers would be better off sending this year’s pick AND the 1st rounder from the Lin trade over to Phoenix to kill their team!!!

  308. As much as I dislike and bash Kobe Bryant’s basketball play, I still wish him the best and hope that he regains full health.

  309. I’m actually a bit surprised that Bryant went down with a shoulder injury as opposed to a leg injury.

    I wrote before the season that Bryant should have retired last season after that broken leg. I figured that leg issues would fell him.

    A rotator cuff injury can happy to anyone at any stage in their career.

  310. No surprises. Even before the injury, they were talking about shutting him down, now it’s just icing on the cake.

  311. Injury status:

    Is RONNIE PRICE next?

    He’s like Frankenstein’s monster out there, hobbling around with all those injuries.

  312. Meaning I will remember this.

  313. Agree…I thought it would be ankles, or knees. I guess time to stop trying to shoulder all the responsibility 🙂

  314. A message to BS, if Kobe is done for the season, the one guy can save your job now is Lin (just ask D’Antoni). Now the real question is will you unleash him?

  315. It’s not a crippling injury, or a serious illness. So yeah, the only thing to be so worried about is job, job, job.

  316. We can’t argue against the facts.

  317. I’m waiting for Byron’s next apology to Price for playing him too many minutes that he has shut down

  318. lakers will tank hard now. lins role won’t change

  319. He doesn’t want to go out at all, under any circumstances…there no “this way” option, so injury was going to be the inevitable trigger anyway.

  320. nathan doesnt mean ‘backup’ in the sense of backup PG but in the sense of plan B starter in case their top choice doesnt come. JLin Portal, it seems to me, misunderstands it

  321. Byron controlled nothing. It was all Kobe’s choice and decision, but it’s so amazing to watch narcissism at work…ready to let even so-called trusted allies take the fall so you can look like the wounded warrior who “gave it all for the team.”

  322. yes, very expensive rental even for a contender

    The next major hope is Kupchak pressing Byron to play Lin a lot of min to sell tickets and know what’s the max value. The concern is Kobe controls Byron too. The LAL politics is so crazy like a rudderless ship!

  323. He needs to apologize to everyone.

  324. it’s mostly political to show for 1-2 games Byron can rally the team to get wins for the fallen comrade-kind-of-thing, then back to tanking

  325. I hope so, because I’d sure be sorry if his agents EVER promoted Jeremy as journeyman backup PG!!!

  326. Out of respect I would have liked to see Kobe play one last all star game. He earned it with his career.

  327. yes, even to himself for being reduced to a Yes man

  328. Yes, I would have liked to see him make it to the All Star Game to make sure Harden doesn’t start.

  329. you just don’t want Harden to start that much, right? jk =)

    yeah, it might be a token appearance for 2-3 min and he can shoot left-handed

  330. Then TWC is dumb. Walt talked up Lin and msg stock soar. Clyde talked down Lin and now rockets Comcast went bankrupt.

  331. haha.. I just expressed my suspicion :]

  332. I wish him health, full recovery and most of all the wisdom to know it’s time to retire.
    It’ll be hard for him to live away from the spotlight and crowd adoration.

    At least harder than MJ did.

  333. Adrian WojnarowskiVerified account
    Kobe Bryant and Lakers will likely wait until Monday to make a decision on treatment for his torn rotator cuff, league sources tell Yahoo.

  334. Kevin Ding is the only brave soul in LA to speak the truth

  335. If what is mentioned above in a Byron tweet is accurate that Kobe mentioned a sore arm months ago but downplayed it, then the torn rotator cuff is the price he was willing to pay to gun for that 3rd all-time scoring record. He will heal…he has access to the best treatment in the world. At the end of the day, he got what he valued and wanted the most, so the most sympathy I can manage is to wish him well in paying the bill for his accomplishments, as we all must.

  336. Busses income via Lakers. No other business. I hope Jeannie wants no drop in her income, blames Scott for breaking Bryant, fire Scott, hire mda, allow linsanity 2.0, take in the ratings and the money.

  337. Yep

  338. Just stock up pain killer pills at the moment.

  339. Anyone but Harden. LoL.

  340. He’s pissed by his ASG votes, lol

  341. Adrian WojnarowskiVerified account
    There’s still significant belief within Lakers that Bryant will need season-ending surgery, but final decision could sit through weekend.

  342. LOL…your acid humor spices my morning cup of tea 🙂

  343. Are you kidding me!! He’s thanking fans for support AND doing product placement at the same time? Urk.

  344. Not Kobe but his career in on life support. Decision awaiting.

  345. LOL!

  346. no, actually he did mean it as a backup PG for a contender ala Manu.
    I’d rather see Lin as a starter in a bad team but it can be a stepping stone like Harden’s path in OKC



  347. ppl don’t get ratings = adv rev = team value. The recent valuation marks LAL at number 1, but I would guess it would go up if TV ratings are up. The market has a way to track value fast, and even if Jeannie is not selling, business is much better with higher market value, like loans, recruiting, deal-making, partnering, etc etc.

  348. surgery after 4 more minutes to get the record. Win win. All kobe has to do is play D and pass the ball. That actually is a net positive 4 mins compared to this season’s play.

  349. heh, heh, with Lin around, you NEED 2nd stringers who are battle-broken to take over his spot so as not to EMBARRASS the status quo. Oh, Lin is on board? Cue the script rewrite and casting lady …

  350. I’d rather see a one handed Kobe in the All Star Game than Harden.

  351. So BS is probably thinking about playing Kobe tonight and Sunday.

  352. Kobe at 42 breaking Kareem’s record … oh yeah …

  353. this fake boys club love is pathetic. These guys are so tough in bball talk and tough talk in general, and then there’s these fake touchy-feely things that you know they don’t get. It’s not genuine. If Pop or MDA say these things, you can feel it. Right now I feel manipulated …

  354. Did you try swatting at mosquitoes, really hurts = =.

  355. Probably deciding if this is retirement. Not sure if he really wants to go thru that rehab with this year’s result when he thought it will be great.

    He can just do his farewell tour with the LAL to all the different cities.

  356. yes Sir! (lol)

  357. The best thing for Kobe to do is to rehab rest of this season, then come back to do as you suggest – a tour for all the hometown fans around the country, 10 mins each game when it doesn’t matter. Say 5 mins as starter, and then sometime in 4th quarter. Jack up his efficiency stats, then retire before end of season to olive branches and roses. Just my agent take.

  358. why bother doing that? Just stay on then and play a few minutes w/ his left hand. People would still love that.

  359. “Poll: Should Kobe Bryant retire?”

    Everyone, please vote “YES.” Perhaps the overwhelming will of the people can convince Kobe to listen to reason rather than his greedy wife.


  360. 林力宏…

  361. They like to talk about him becoming a facilitator and making a difference.

    They were still losing. Even if that works, he probably doesn’t like that his teammates aren’t finishing the shots and costing him his assists stats. Or that they are hockey puck assists which means nothing.

  362. Of course they were still losing. Kobe commits tons of turnovers, he insists on Price being his backcourt partner, and BS is still the coach. Not to mention that Hill and Wes are still the starters over say Black and Kelly.

  363. Yea. But they are making it out like that’s some great thing he’s a facilitator now. People still care about the final Win and Loss

  364. Ramona ShelburneVerified account
    Kobe has a “significant” tear in his rotator cuff. Surgery recommended but he wants to research & think this weekend before final decision.

  365. But, he will play tonight, running around for 4 minutes to break the Most Minutes Played record, then, shutdown.

  366. Kobe’s future: Managing the Message. I found it interesting that @ramonashelburne was first out there with the news that there was “fear” within the organization that Kobe would need surgery. I lean towards agreeing with the persistent whispers that Shelburne is the conduit for Kobe getting his messages to the masses published.

    I also thought it was very cute that Shelburne retweeted a tweet pertaining to an article [link] which leads off saying it’s an open secret that Kobe runs the Lakers and is the unofficial head coach and de facto general manager.

    But the most significant KB message via Shelburne for me was the tweet last night where she said that: “No fear w/in Lakers at this time that Kobe retires. If anything, the opposite is true. He’s more likely to come back next year bc of this”.

    So if there is any plan for the rest of this season, and if Kobe really is calling all the shots for the Lakers, then his instructions to the coach is to make sure the team flounders without him, and his instructions to the general manager is to start looking at potential free agents for next year who will play at his speed.

    Ramona Shelburne’s Twitter stream:

  367. oh yea. forgot about that stat. would be crazy if they let him do that to get that record. Whose is it? Malone? That guy won’t be happy to lose it like that.

  368. Kobe just afraid to go home. Apparently there’s a big mouse trap at home ready to snap his head off.

  369. And, Byron would get the honor of the one coach who shut down the stallion. Byron, the honor is all yours, sir.

  370. Maybe he will do a Nash, go through preseason then call it quits, collect $25 mill.

  371. Byron is worried that his name is associated with the systematically break-down of a Stallion – “The Coach that destroyed Kobe.”

  372. Byron is the prototypical kind of those guys who leads from behind.
    Knowing you are working with a damaged horse, and yet overload him just so he could break MJ’s record. That spells low IQ, and low intelligent, and no leadership. A coach is supposed to observe his players and provide proper leadership in meshing them into your team. A coach is not supposed to cater to one player and publically humiliate others. Only low IQ, low intelligent person without wisdom would do that. And that is the honor bestowed to Byron Scott.

  373. I don’t think so, Jeannie doesn’t like MDA. She and her brother fought over between MDA and Phil. There’s no way MDA will come back. Only possibility for Lin to reunite with MDA is on another team, like Sacramento or somewhere else.

  374. Very astute observation that Shelbourne could be the chosen reporter of Kobe’s thoughts.
    Several tweets commented that she’s a good reporter but doesn’t know much about BBall so she might have found a niche to be Kobe’s confidant.

    It’ll be interesting to see her twitter feed to see what Kobe’s thoughts could be. She mentioned Lin can’t play with Kobe and will probably seek starter job somewhere else.

  375. Before this latest shoulder injury, there were two possible scenarios: 1) Kobe would continue to play (or at least try to) for the rest of the season. When he realized he couldn’t, he would retire. 2) Kobe would “shut it down” for the rest of the season, and then make a “fresh start” next season. In agreement with @psalm234:disqus, I believe owners wanted the first scenario whereas Kobe/BS want the second one. Unfortunately, this rotator cuff injury gives Kobe a pretext to force the second scenario which is bad for Lin. So now Lin’s situation depends totally on the owners’s ability to make a bold decision. They can continue to let Kobe “run” the Lakers as before, or they can realize that it’s time to move on. They can continue to let BS embarrass the team and let Kobe scare away any potential free agents. Or they can let Kobe know that his tyrannical rule over the Lakers is over. Kobe will be allowed to start next season and play until he drops (about 5-15 games) but starting now, Kobe will no longer make the decisions. BS will be replaced, Lin will be allowed to shine, and FAs can join the team knowing that Kobe will no longer be a factor.

  376. Which one is you in the group pic? The guy doing the selfie? Or the guy who score the best expression?

  377. dr.b predicted that Nash was done as soon as he heard about Nash’s sciatica and he’s predicting Kobe is done too.

  378. There’s no reason to be hurried into making a decision when they know the obvious.

    Here's the official press release on Kobe Bryant from the Lakers in full. Mention of surgery hard to miss. pic.twitter.com/H3TFa4tSyg— Shahan Ahmed (@shahanLA) January 23, 2015

  379. I certainly hope the FO would offer a graceful exit for Kobe to retire.

    But knowing Kobe, he’d want one Last Swan Song to do a similar Derek Jeter Farewell song where he’s adored everywhere he goes. Plus $25M check, plus more record-breaking feats as @paulvillarreal:disqus stated

    And knowing the fractured ownership of Jeanie/Jim Buss, they probably will agree Kobe playing 1 more year will be profitable for the Lakers. National TV, etc.

    So Lin is better off somewhere else if he continues to just play 15-20min/game and be Byron/Kobe’s scapegoat.
    Play 2-yr contract with a contender as backup or starter in bad team, but for a coach who believes in him.


  380. Hmm. I’ve been out of the loop since that amazing trip to Phoenix. Where did psalm post a group pic?

  381. LOL, punny girl

  382. It’s somewhere on twitter. But for some reason, I couldn’t see you.
    Perhaps hidden behind some people. Maybe next Q&A :]

  383. If that’s true, she seems like the perfect tool for Kobe to use to beat of the rest of the Lakers organization with framing the news. That way he gets to shape how the first message is going to be presented, and often, how the following conversation in the media will unfold.

  384. Yeah Kobe wants to rest the remainder of this season and start again next year. And this shoulder injury forces the owners to agree. However, the owners could let Kobe do his Swan song next season on condition that he is stripped of his absolute decision making power. That way Lin could re-sign with the Lakers. Otherwise, I agree, Lin needs to go to another team.

  385. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.
    Kobe is very aware of his image so he’d want to control the information through a trusted media

  386. Did you attend the game?

  387. And what a game it was. No Kobe, no Price. Lin started and had a DD. I hope to post some observations this weekend. (I’ve been busy trying to catch up with work :))

  388. http://www.nba.com/tntovertime/

    TNT overtime, vote for Jeremy! ^_^

  389. Well I like to keep a low profile. But without the glasses, bow-tie and mustache, I look just like my long lost twin bro 🙂

  390. nick young 53% Jlin 23%….WTH ..we are slipping guys!!

  391. just voted, Young is 52% when I voted.

  392. I hope the owners can exert some pressure for Kobe by replacing Byron.
    If they can convince Kobe that he needs a coach that can say no to him and manage his minutes well to finish the whole season, then Lin might have to decide if he can trusts the new coach.

    If it’s Byron again, I hope Lin won’t resign again. It will be a career suicide to get DNP

  393. 42%-40% for Lin-Young now =)
    Good job!

  394. I just noticed this is for Jan 29?

  395. Replacement of BS with a new coach would be a very clear sign that the owners finally see the light 🙂

  396. Ronnie price 0%… lol

  397. I wouldn’t be surprised if TNT drops the game. Chuck was complaining about “why do we keep covering Lakers games?:

  398. Anybody think F/O will try to force Kobe to retire.?

  399. I think so…..I do not know Jim Buss much….but I like Jeanie a lot more. I hope someone just end this drama for good….

  400. no

  401. Barkley calling out LAL/BS stupidity.

    Serena Winters ‏@SerenaWinters 6m6 minutes ago

    Charles Barkley talking Kobe on @TheBeast980 (1/3): “I thought the Lakers have handled this thing badly from the beginning.”
    (2/3): “He (Kobe) should have played 25 minutes a night like a farewell tour the next couple of years…”
    (3/3): “To put [Kobe] out there early in the season where he’s playing all these minutes, I thought that was just stupid.”

  402. That is from KOBE’s pov. She was asking if FO will do it or not

  403. Can not let that Asian kid outshines Kobe!!!

  404. they won’t be great next year simply because of the free agents out there also there is no lebrons in the draft. selling tickets is the main reasons

  405. I agree…how are you gonna do it with Kobe sitting on the bench?

  406. idk they’ll try 25 mpg see if it works

  407. M……that means a new coach

  408. hope so but that unlikely at this point

  409. Then I don see how 25 mpg is even possible…

  410. I think that they might just buy out his contract. The Lakers know that the can’t wait another year for FA because nobody is going to sign while kobe is still on the team.

  411. Notice how serena winters jumped on it to tweet it. LOL

  412. Kobe might not agree tho, if FO is determined, then it will get ugly..

  413. Serena is not a Koolaid drinker reporter to begin with I think…

  414. I think they will let him retire but maybe will do it like Nash.. play a little bit in preseason then …Kobe will get his money like Nash but will be end of his career next season.

  415. If Kobe is coming back next year, that means BS will stay as the HC for another year, %$#@

  416. BS will stay bc Lakers needs to pay him 17M… Like MM said they will not fire him just like that.

  417. Once someone with credibility (Barkeley) sticks their neck out and points out the obvious BS, it becomes easier for others like Serena to jump on the train.

  418. Mike…Brown…

  419. then Lin HAS TO escape

  420. I am sure that there is a clause in Scott contract about what would get him fired.

  421. Totally agree

  422. That is insulting to other NBA players – saying a one armed Kobe is better than a healthy NBA player.

  423. Yep they fired Mike Brown 5 games into the season. This is going to get interesting. Kobe using shellbourne yo te
    l his story, but nothing from the F/O ringing endorsement of him coming back nect year

  424. Harden is featured on Forbes magazine January edition.

  425. For what?

  426. why care

  427. it depends it they make much money of Kobe’s Farewell show next year.
    I think they’ll give him 1 more year.
    He’s got too much power.

    So far, I don’t see ownerships say no at all to Kobe

  428. “With Ronnie Price missing games due to injury, Lin was thrust into the starting role again. In the two games Lin started without Bryant in the lineup due to rest, Lin averaged 8.0 points on 36.8 percent shooting, 6.5 assists, and 2.5 steals. These are numbers where Lin did not have Bryant to prevent him from being aggressive and yet he still could not find a way to score at an efficient rate.

    If Lin wants to prove that he can be a focal point of an NBA team or even a contributing member of a starting lineup, he will need to improve upon those numbers on a Laker team that is starving for playmaking. Aside from Nick Young, who has fallen into a slump of epic proportions, Lin is the only playmaker on the Lakers that has shown that he can create his own shot. And with the season virtually lost, it is Lin’s time to show what he can do. No more excuses.”

    –daniel tran, lake show life

  429. Just think, the Lakers are going to end up wasting $70M on Kobe & Nash. Who cares about lost gate/ticket revenue if Kobe doesn’t play….

  430. I’d prefer the Harlem Globe Trotters-type retirement tour. It would be a circus, and then LAL can get down to business. If Lin is not there, I would not watch one-non-Lin game by LAL.

  431. These people always contradict themselves. Saying Lin couldn’t find a way to score. Then saying team needs a playmaker. So is he saying 6.5 assists is too low as a playmaker then? If you are trying to get everybody to play together, sometimes your scoring will suffer.

    Whenever Lin’s in, the games are competitive. What else do you want?

  432. oh, ok, Daniel Tran you know best. Hold Lin accountable, talk tough. Me, I’m going Charmin, what does it matter?

  433. she looks unique and smart, so she’s got job mobility even in the league.

  434. a) 2 games is a tiny sample size. b) BS is still the coach forcing Lin to run his inept plays c) Wes and Hill are starters.

  435. LAL have no problems selling out. Tix prices only move so much for the Busses, as most of the arbitrage is in aftermarket. So, key is adv revs. Somebody talk about how ratings relate to that short and long term and you have the board discussion right here then.

  436. Yes, she does not always support Lin..but at least she reasons sometimes…

  437. I don’t know. Mitch/jim buss has 3 years to be a contending team because they are looking at their own jobs.keeping kobe for another year is not going to bring any good FA to LA.while Kobe is on the team. So the rebuilding has to start nect year. The might end up firing Scott and bring in a coach that will let the players play to their strengths. As i have stated many timed, what God has for lin, God will move every obstacle in his way to make sure he gets what God has for him. Just sayin

  438. and her intelligent quirky look makes it safe to listen to her as possibly not a mouthpiece. Her track record seems trustworthy so far.

  439. My opinion:

    – Kobe is done for season. He will be back next year

    – no chance Scott will be fired. He’s got a 3 years contract if my memory don’t fail

    – with Jeremy you never know what’s gonna happen. My wish is they will pump up his numbers to trade him before deadline to get assetts or picks in return.
    My wish is Lin for Smart and Jeremy back in Boston. But really, anywhere he can play his basketball is good to me. We will see

  440. Stop citing those haters’ writings…It is simply a joke

  441. Well…there were some doubtful tweets….but at least she is one of the very few that I am still following…

  442. We all know there’s a lot of garbage like this out there, no need to bring them in here.

  443. Still saying it’s going to be very interesting/frustrating to see what Lakers (F/O) will respond on this will tell us more how much KB has held the prison of Lakers. No one will flourish under KB’s imprisonment.

  444. BS may not get fired, but it won’t be because of contractual issue. Mike Brown had a contract too but was fired just the same. The FO will do what coincides with their plan, contract or not.

  445. Mike Brown had a 3 year contract and he was fired after 5 games into the season. Kobe ‘s camp will start spinning that he played to many minutes. The camp won’t point the fingers at scott, but it will be a lot of insinuating

  446. Thrust is the key word here. When the season started Jeremy Lin was thrust to the first team which he has not practiced with and he did have problem jell with them. Here he was thrust to the same situation except in worse condition as the first team was conditioned to play with Kobe who operated as both PG and SG. With everyone standing around and no movement and help, slow reaction to his passes, Jeremy does not operate like Kobe and tried to dominate the game by himself. Now Kobe is out for the season. If Lakers wanted to win they have to proactively use Lin and start him rather than play him for 20 minutes as a backup.

  447. I don’t care whether or not kobe will return next season as long as he’s done for this one. All matter to me is where will lin be.

  448. Exactly.

  449. Exactly and that was what Scott did to players other than the 1st unit on this LAL team.

  450. Yes I do remember some links that I though were questionable (tweets here). But she makes up for his by feeding Lin the alley oop questions.

  451. regardless lin role is the same

  452. I guess Leonard is going to guard Lin again…

  453. or young either one who ever is hot

  454. Swaggy jinxed himself ever since that IDM comment.

  455. lol ha lin gets him going so..

  456. Oh yeah…haha

  457. Swaggy kind of dragged Lin down with him by ruining his assists.

  458. at time if he dribbles a lot

  459. Not 17M, fourth year team option. And we don’t know if contract has back door. Believe it or not 12M or so is not a huge deal to the Buss.

  460. If Spurs can lock in JLin when he is, guarantee a win for Spurs.

  461. Or just misses, either way he’s in deep slump.

  462. It happened during old Buss, right?? Young Busses don’t have the gut.

  463. well..hopefully without kobe the offense is faster which will help both lin and young

  464. and kills Boozer…LOL

  465. Ya! That’s what I thought… Lakers FO is cheap now… smh! Don’t believe they will fire him soon.

  466. That they could chose 4 players at the draft. Wow

  467. SAS Game Thread is now open!

    How many minutes will Byron give Jeremy in Kobe’s absence?
    Will it be 15, 20, 25 min? Noone knows so we’ll have to watch and see.
    Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

    Go JLin!

  468. Yes Swaggy dribbles and side step almost every time Lin passes to him so even if he makes the shots, Lin doesn’t get much assists.

  469. Amen. Whether Lin’s path is to stay in LA or not, we’ll trust it will be a good plan.

  470. I have no doubt that it’s level of myth that Kobe wants to create.
    It’s all about image for him as Kevin Ding said in his article

  471. Tanking to protect their own 1st round pick from the Suns (has to be top 5), team in rebuild mode. Clippers pick a long shot.

  472. Ok thanks. Back on this website now waiting for tipoff.


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