July 24 Jeremy Lin LA Lakers Press Conference

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11:09am: Mitch Kupchak said “Three times is a charm!” when Jeremy visited his office last week in reference to the Lakers attempt to acquire him since he was an NBA rookie.

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11:17 Jersey #7 is special in NY. Xavier Henry wears #7 so that’s the reason

11:18 (about Houston jersey issue?) wasn’t a big deal to me. I addressed in tweet.

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11:20 The week before the trade, everyone wore Houston Red in Asia but the week after the trade, everyone wears Lakers purple and gold jersey. Amazing how quicky everyone changed. They have it ready and I have to scramble to find a Lakers hat.

11:25 Regarding Harden’s cornerstone comment with Howard and others are role players), I don’t think he meant it to be derogatory way. Everyone knows they are the cornerstone.

11:32 Steve Nash’s footwork is amazing. I don’t think you can appreciate it until you have to guard him

11:31 I will try to emulate Nash more than Kobe,  the way he ran pick-and-roll, off-foot layup, etc. I don’t think I ever made a fadeaway jumper from the mid-post like Kobe.

11:35 I learned to love the game from my dad and he loves Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s skyhook so obviously he’s familiar with the organization

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11:36 End of conference.

Videos will be made available at Lakers.com later.

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