Support Jeremy Lin’s Rehab With A Purpose

Good Spirit

In typical Jeremy’s positive and charitable fashion, Jeremy managed to show great spirit in his rehab to inspire “Rehab with A Purpose” campaign to support One Day’s Wage campaign to empower girls globally through education projects. Last year, he and his fans managed to raise $157K together from his one-game wage and fans donation. Fans can continue to support his worthy cause to make an impact globally through this link by making simple gift starting from $7

A Word from Jeremy

Jeremy here from the Brooklyn Nets. I’m excited to share with you my second campaign with One Day’s Wages.

It’s been a challenging year to say the least. Last season I fought an injury that kept me on and off the court, and now I’m once again faced with an injury that has put me back in rehab. Despite these setbacks and obstacles, I’m learning to be grateful for everything, especially my amazing community who supports me every day. I truly believe that every peak and every valley has made me stronger, and shaped who I am today.

I’m taking my rehab one step at a time and working day by day so I can make a full recovery. While I focus on rehab, I’ve decided to also give this time a greater purpose.

Rehab with a Purpose

Last season I started a campaign to raise funds for ODW’s work empowering girls globally through education projects. Millions of girls across the world are unable to pursue their education because of poverty and gender-based barriers. My hope was to shed some light on this issue and do my part to make an impact. As part of my campaign, I donated one game’s wages to the cause and invited my fans to join me by making a donation. Together we were able to give a total of $157,870 to One Day’s Wages!

In his latest Q&A with on March 8 2018, Jeremy Lin also provided more update on his recovery and his thoughts on the young Nets progress. The Nets showcased Lin’s shooting practice with great shooting mechanics and no signs of slowing down from the patellar surgery impact.

His Recovery

Jeremy has been back on the court to practice shooting for some time so it is a good indication that his rehab process has been going well and a lot smoother process than he anticipated. It certainly is a good news considering that he had several setbacks during his hamstring recovery last season. He also stated everything is going to plan so his fans can hope that he would accomplish his goal of transforming and strengthening his body at the Fortius facility before coming back in the 2018-19 season.

How did it feel to get back to shooting on the court?

It felt good, I mean it wasn’t the first time, I’ve been doing it for a bit. It felt good to do it on an NBA floor [though].

How is your recovery going?

I feel really good. Still no setbacks, everything is going to plan – the time we set in the beginning. I really can’t complain, it’s been a lot smoother of a process than I anticipated.


His Support for Teammates from Vancouver

It is great to hear that Jeremy has been able to keep in touch and support his teammates all the way from Vancouver to Brooklyn. His teammates have mentioned it in several interviews so they know he keeps engaged and provided helpful suggestions to his teammates. It shows that the long-distance rehab at Vancouver will not be a huge issue that many teammates feel Jeremy is not part of the team. It can only help him to bond and develop chemistry with his teammates when he comes back next season.

You’ve been mentioned a few times this season by the guys in the locker room, considering how young this roster is, are you giving them advice from afar?

Yeah it’s been hard, I’m not there day-to-day. I don’t get to talk to them as it happens but I definitely have conversations [with them] — whether it’s through text or phone or when I see them in person. I have had a lot of conversations with a lot of people since I’ve been back over the past two days. Just kind of me telling them, this is what I see from a distance and hearing what they had to say. I wish I could be more of a part of it, but I have my own thing that I have to take care of right now.




  1. First

  2. Nets lose again. No real closer or leader on the team now. Team needs LIn. Again, another win with Lin on the floor tonight.

    Cunningham was hurt, Embiid fouled hard a lot of Nets players tonight. CLV held his knee late game and I hope he’s OK. RHJ had a really good game.

  3. Too bad they couldn’t finish with a win. They had a slim lead with minutes left. Russell was worst +- as starter, 3 for 14, yikes.

  4. Caught the 76ers-Nets game

    DAR’s big weakness: Mentally cannot run a team, uncertain he has the discipline or patience to ever run a team. Forcing passes where there is NO play available, boneheaded novice mistakes, Basically DAR needs to give the ball up to a real point guard and go find his spot and wait for a pass.

    The rest of the team played like a team, there is potential when JLIN comes back and takes command.

  5. I agree. Din also has issues where he plays hero ball and tries to force the issue. Then he expects fouls and that probably annoys refs. I thought Okafor played well tonight.

    No doubt. Lin plays tonight it’s a win and maybe the game is won by 6 or more points.

  6. I might add that Russell’s defense was atrocious. He doesn’t close quickly enough on his man, he misses assignments all just smacks of lackadaisical play perhaps because he’s fallen into the notion that he’s gotta save energy for his own offense… not a good recipe if you seek to be the franchise star player.

  7. Honestly, he’s just another player IMO. I like CLV as the future leader of the team or RHJ as possible captain going forward. And I love what I saw from RHJ tonight and that some of CLVs jumpers were falling. Russell will sometimes be your scorer, he seems streaky, he makes some slick passes but his mental game isn’t strong. You have to have a strong mental game to be a winner.

  8. I’m still not convinced by RHJ, he brings energy consistently but it’s still an uncontrolled energy that is hit or miss – hasn’t done enough to raise the skill level of his game nor his mental preparedness.

    CLV is the real deal – I would love a starting JLIN/CLV backcourt but likely it’ll be JLIN/DAR but DIN/CLV make a good solid bench backcourt, that’ll be a nice squad

  9. Hope KA and Marks have seen enough and trades Russel this off season. There’s not enough room for Dinwiddie, Harris, Levert, and Russell. With the former 3 all better and deserves his minutes! Unless he can settle for a 6th man role he needs to go.

  10. Let’s hope they put together a well cherry-picked trade tape for Russell because any other team who does their homework should know that they would be silly to give too much for him, perhaps 2 second round draft picks at best.

    Reality is they won’t trade him next season so soon, they’ve invested big it cost us Bropez and next year DARs pay is still cheap.

  11. Yes, RHJ needs to calm down some at times. But he has this great knack of cutting and positioning himself in favorable positions to score. And he hustles on defense and has some intangibles. I think playing with Lin, RHJ wouldn’t try to do too much as much as he does now, and would be more under control.

    CLV and Lin may repeat each other. But Lin’s game will change some and CLV will be more like the way used to play. CLV isn’t quite as good at finishing as Lin. He’ll make some spectacular finishes but overall doesn’t quite have the control yet. But Lin and CLV can play like slash brothers as well.

    I think Lin will be paired with DLo and we’lll get frustrated some nights. But when it comes down to it and the game is close, Lin will assert himself. But there will be times Lin plays will all of them, Dinwiddie, DLo and CLV.

  12. Don’t think they’re trading him for a number of reasons. He has quite a fanbase and there are business decisions to keep him. However, if he proves to be bad in the locker room, that may be a reason to trade him.

  13. It’s the rare player that doesn’t play well when JLIN is on the floor, RHJ’s play last season turned around “coincidentally” when JLIN returned. That’s what JLIN does to his teammates.

  14. Yup.

  15. Caris LeVert on his knee “injury” : “We’ll have it reevaluated tomorrow [added : Saturday] morning. Hopefully it doesn’t swell up too much. But I’m walking so it’s not too serious.”

  16. Spencer Dinwiddie talks about what Atkinson said to him about not starting.

  17. The metric you use for keeping Russell for business reasons is totally contrary to all the talk about new Nets culture. I seriously doubt Marks is that two face about the direction he had put the franchise on for a gamble that failed to workout. What’s a bigger mistake is to sell the owners on an idea and then let a bad hasty decision be twisted by money. If Russell is that important as a money maker, then none of what Marks has done before means anything….which makes him just like the rest of the GMs who took short cuts to make it appear successful.

    Let’s not forget that Marks has Joe Tsai looking at him from a distance as new owner as well. Team culture is very important to the soon to be owner.


    “When the game mattered last year we might not be scoring, but the other team didn’t score either,” veteran forward Marvin Williams said.” ( & )

  19. What fan base?

  20. He plays no defense and with a lackadaisical carelessness toward winnimg…

  21. He is not the one who should be benched…


    “The Celtics took the lead for good on a slam by Jayson Tatum with 1:16 left. Tatum’s corner three-pointer made it 87-83 with 45.7 seconds left after Kyrie Irving missed a shot and then tore the ball out of the hands of Nets forward DeMarre Carroll, a play that clearly upset the Nets when no whistle blew. But after a putback by Joe Harris, the Nets stopped another drive by Irving and then had four attempts at the tying basket in the final seconds that all failed.”!/vizhome/shared/5HSPWR3K8 vs.!/vizhome/shared/Z66QFYY9T

    (Nets still project to a 33+ win team when poor defender Russell hasn’t been on the court this season, though they’ve also dropped from projected 29 wins to 24 wins when he is on court, despite his individual offensive explosion against Raptors and team’s close loss yesterday)

  23. Getting Russell was contrary to the talk of Nets culture. The NBA is what it is, IMO. And I’m jaded, if you will. It’s a star league, maybe even more so than other major sports. Russell is the closest thing that the team has to a star to the vast majority of NBA watchers. He’s a former number 2 pick, right after Towns. He’s used to promote the team.

    As for fan base, he has one. There are plenty people that come to see the Nets that are mostly interested in D’Angelo. You can also find that on forums and former Laker fans watching the Nets just to watch D’Angelo and couldn’t care less how the rest of the team does or basketball in Brooklyn.

    As I said before, he doesn’t interest me that much nor am I a fan of his. But he has his followers and he fits the NBA’s version of someone desirable to have on an NBA team. Marks shipped him in and Lopez and Booker out. So, we’ll see. As for Tsai, I have no idea what his influence on personnel will be. It’s TBD (to be determined).

  24. lin played 36 games with the nets last year. on the verge of russell’s 36th game with the nets this year i offer the following comparisons:

    comparisons lin v russell (with nets)
    lin 36 games last year
    russell 35 games this year

    (pts rebounds assists)
    russell 16/5/4
    lin 14.5/5/4

    shooting % overall, 3pt and ft
    russell 42/33/76
    lin 44/37/82

    minutes played
    russell 26
    lin 25

    shooting effective field goal %
    russell 48%
    lin 51%

    useage rate
    russell 30%
    lin 27%

    fga’s per game
    russell 14
    lin 11

    conclusion: lin leads in all categories except points minutes useage and fga’s, the last three of course all favoring russell would suggest the possibility of leading to a wider divergence in russells favor in other categories yet in all they are
    somewhat similar or lin leading except points scored

    where is there more significant divergence?

    per (hollinger espn rating)
    russell 15
    lin 19

    ewa (estimated wins added)
    russel 1.9
    lin 3.7


    nets record in 36 games lin played last year for nets: 13-23 or roughly 35% wins
    nets record in 35 games russell played this year for nets: 9-26 or roughly 25% wins

    conclusion: there is nothing in neutral statistical data to suggest based on performance with the team to date that russell is the “franchise future” and lin a “failure”; yet this is pretty much the standard false narrative outside this site.

    (of course russell has one game tonite to tilt comparisons in his favor more)

  25. He is not the one who kept on shooting and missing in the 4th quarter.

  26. In short,
    Russell leads in fgas per game (+3), points per game (+1.5 points per game) usage rate (30% to 27%), minutes played per game (26 vs 25).
    Lin leads in shooting percentage, 3P shooting %, free throw shooting %, effective field goal %, PER (Hollinger espn rating, EWA (estimated wins added). Lin had led the team at a better winning % with players less matured and capable.
    There are EXPN sports writers like Bobby Marks who suggests Nets to trade Lin even before Lin recovers. This is the worst moment to trade Lin though and Nets might have no chance to see Lin’s new form in Nets. I am about to say EXPN should trade Bobby but unfortunately he is healthy but no taker.

  27. Currently D’Angelo Russell is ranked 83th out of 101 point guards in NBA. Ball don’t lie; sport commentators are different.

  28. -18 the worst in the team.

  29. Nets win. Much better game. Balanced scoring. RHJ led with 23 and he’s become a consistent scorer.

    CLV is my favorite on the team after Lin. He really plays in the style of Lin. Doesn’t have the football passes, lobs or jump shot, or the blocked shots on defense, but he’s strong on defense, very strong, great off the drive, great in the PnR and especially with Allen, and he’s fun to watch.

    DMC was big, Harris steady, Dinwiddie played mostly well, good win. They needed a win.

  30. Din started at the bench but he was given lots of minutes; even more than DLo. DLo took 10 more shots but scored only 10 more points than Din.
    Dallas is a very weak team and is supposed to be tanking.
    Nets win with their effort

  31. Who is without a job in NBA now?

  32. Russell needs to go…

  33. “Lee’s career numbers are 9.5 ppg 2.8 rpg 1.3 apg 1 stpg .3 blpg .44 fg%
    .536 TS% 12.1 PER @ 26 minutes per game and for the current season has
    6.9 eff rating.

    Mayo’s career numbers are 16.7 ppg 3.5 rpg 2.8 apg 1.1 stpg .2 blpg .44
    fg% .537 TS% 14 PER @ 35 minutes per game and for the current season has
    a 9.2 eff rating.

    A few things that you note from the numbers.

    They fill different roles.

    When asked to be a starter, Lee got 12 ppg shooting 43% in 34 minutes. In starter minutes Mayo got a solid 17.5 ppg shooting 46% in 38 minutes.

    Off the bench Lee gets a very efficient 7.4 ppg shooting 44% in 18
    minutes. Mayo gets a very inefficient 12 ppg shooting 41% in 28 minutes.

    One is well suited for the bench and one is well suited for starting.”

    (source: Vivid over at C F; search for “Courtney Lee wingspan” if you want original link)

  34. If they were going to start him they wouldn’t have benched him for so long. Obviously they just want to see what he can do before making a decision and as showcase for trade. They already know what Din can do. The way I see it Din and Harris are starting while Russell is traded. Even if Russell stays we saw how Lin was PG majority of the time when Russell was on the floor.

  35. Exactly, Russell is the one who should be benched. But if they want to trade Russell he will need to be showcased.

  36. DMC is the leader now on the team. You can tell by his post-game interview that he was leading. RHJ is the secondary leader and had the best game last night.

  37. AWWWWWW! Definitely swaggy! Soooo cuuuuute.

  38. Observations about the 76ers loss:

    Dinwiddie was aggressive. One particular running dunk, through defenders. It was A FUN DUNK.

    Embiid was like a bull in a china shop. Out of control, throwing his size around, knocking people over and out. In Monday’s game, he caused mouth injury to Okafor, needed stitches. This game a flagrant-1 tackle on Dinwiddie. Then put Cunningham in concussion protocol. Ugh – dangerous.

    Covington hard-screened LeVert by kneeing him. Good thing was a minor temporary injury. Seems like there have been several other “hits” on LeVert after the Nene incident.

    Poor Stauskas – not getting any playing time but, still cheering his teammates. He and Acy were doing the “3-pointer dance” together.

    Okafor, in limited and inconsistent minutes, I thought he did okay. Good offensive skills, able to pass out when doubled. Defended Embiid well. 10 pts, 3 rebs, 2 BLOCKS, in 14 mins. I don’t agree with Kenny that small-ball is always effective. IMO, depending on match-ups, should mix it up, and have other options.

    Not news to you guys, but Russell again had a terrible team-worst +/- of Minus 18. Only 3 turnovers but 2 consecutive bad passes when Nets were within 2, with 4 mins left to game. Bad timing.

    Many reasons the Nets lost, but two crucial plays in last minute really cost them the game. Nets up 115-113, Jarrett Allen missed a point-blank layup that would have given them cushion. And in the ensuing fast break, Dinwiddie missed the defensive rotation on Covington, who then hit a dagger-three. JAllen really must get stronger and more aggressive, for both offense and defense under the rim, for powering up, and boxing out.

  39. Observations about the Win over the Mavericks:

    Players make mistakes, some at least will try to make up for it by hustling back on defense. (Example, recall Lin’s chase-down block on Draymond Green after Lin lost the ball.) Russell again only had 3 turnovers this game. Which is good. But when he does lose the ball, he just gives up on the play and won’t run back. The same with defense. When opposing player blows by him, or he gets screened off, he also just gives up on the play, and doesn’t try to recover. A “hustle” mentality doesn’t seem to be all there.

    The Nets only won by 8. You could say they needed Acy’s 9 points from 3 three’s. To me, that’s not a long-term recipe for winning.

    The Mavs were on the road, on the second night of back-to-back, after overtime the previous night. The Nets were playing against Dirk Nowitzki, a great player no-doubt, but 39 years-old. Because of injuries, the Mavs’ starting guards were two rookies. And, in the last 4 minutes of a close game, the Mavs had 3 guys that I never heard of, out on the court. The only reason I even know about Yogi was because he’s an ex-Net. LOL. The Mavs were so obviously tanking.

    Yet, the game was still iffy, 6 point game with 2 mins left. Too close for comfort.

  40. More Observations about the Win over the Mavericks:
    Don’t recall if in the 76ers game. But in 4Q vs Mavs, there was always one of Dinwiddie, or Russell, or LeVert on the court.

    Good TEAM win! Everybody contributed! All shared in scoring, rebounding, assists. Several pretty plays with better passing, to find open teammates.

    There was one BEAUTIFUL unselfish ball-movement play in the 4Q, when Harris faked a pass, drew in the defense, then passed to Open Acy, who passed to WIDE-OPEN Dinwiddie, who made the corner three.

    Another nice possession, Russell waited at corner, Dinwiddie drove into paint, then dished out to Russell, who made the three. IMO, Russell can learn to play off the ball more.

    Russell’s 3P % has improved to 42% since he was back in the starting line-up. Still, for the season, it’s a very low 33%. He should continue to take threes in the flow of the game, and not take away better shots from teammates.

    Throughout this season, DeMarre Carroll, even in Nets losses, has helped keep the Nets close and in-the-game quite a few times. By making a timely-three, or recovering a rebound, or making a steal. The same way he did this game. Very productive in this system, and he’s 31.

    RHJ played hard. Always hustles with tons of energy. Great efficient stats this game, 23/5/4. (despite one stretch in the 2Q when he missed like 4 or 5 baskets in a row).

    Harris, LeVert, and Dinwiddie all made timely baskets too. To allow Nets to stay in-the-game.

    LeVert also defended Dirk well. On one possession, forced Dirk into turnover.

    Acy made a tremendous block on Kleber. JAllen added 4 more blocks, 2 on the same play. Hardworking grit.

    The fact that the Nets were making their three’s today, including Acy, forced the Mavs to defend out on the perimeter. That gave the lane and space for Dinwiddie to throw down another running DUNK! It was funny because the Mavs all reacted with the same helpless gestures, because of the no-resistance defense from them.

    But, WINNING is good for morale, so a win is a win! But, improvement and consistency is still needed. SIGH.

  41. Nice to see Nets get some recs!

    After Friday’s loss to 76ers, the NBA top 10 plays of the night featured:

    # 5 – LeVert cross-over on Embiid
    # 3 – Dinwiddie slice through 76ers defense for DUNK
    # 2 – EX-NET Brook Lopez, running dunk from top of the key

    After Saturday’s win, NBA top 10 plays of the night featured # 10, DINWIDDIE again, for his looooong 3, haha:

  42. Arsenium12 . – Still haven’t seen JLin’s response to Novak yet. Found the song on You-Tube, that JLin is supposed to be singing. Hope he will make good on the bet, and not be a sore loser! 🙂

  43. Who do people on this board have as the Champ now?
    Not a great weekend for Nets alumni in the NCAA (or the NIT). Several already lost bragging rights.

    Really feel bad for Joe Harris (Virginia), Lin (Harvard), RHJ (Arizona), JAllen (Texas), Isaiah Whitehead (Seton Hall), DRussell (Ohio State).

    But LeVert & Stausaks hanging in (Michigan), Okafor (Duke), Cunningham (Villanova), Milton Doyle (Loyola-Chicago), Acy (NIT-Baylor).

    Also, Eric Musselman, ex-coach of, and still in touch with, when JLin played for the D-league Reno Bighorns. Now head coach of Nevada.

  44. OT – Wow. JLin’s shooting coach, Doc Scheppler and his girls basketball team, won big in triple-overtime in the Northern California Open Division final! Good for them!

  45. As of 03-18-2018. Updated through Win vs Mavericks. Nets are 22 Wins, 48 Losses 🙁

    The Nets have 12 more games, vs only Eastern Conference teams

    6 games left vs playoff teams. (Record vs these teams are, 4 and 13 so far.)
    1 each vs Toronto, Cleveland, Miami, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Boston.
    (Toronto may be resting players. Boston has injuries, but still may rest players. The others are still fighting for seeding.)

    The other 6 are all losing teams, including tankers. (Record vs those teams so far are 8 and 4.)
    1 more vs Charlotte (1 & 1)
    2 more vs Chicago (1w)
    1 more vs Detroit – B2B (1 & 2)
    1 more vs Orlando (2 & 1)
    1 more vs Memphis (1w)

    IF THE NETS PLAY TEAMBALL, like they did against the Mavs, even with Crabbe and Cunningham out, they SHOULD be able to win at least 4 more games.

  46. To add to Psalm’s new thread post, also re-posting about JLin and Eugene Cho’s Facebook chat about this year’s One Day’s Wages campaign, from March 7, 2018.

    Can’t seem to embed this Facebook video. But go to JLin’s Facebook page and it will be there.

  47. JLin still kidding around with teammates, this time it’s DeMarre Carroll making fun of him. Personal agenda from me. I’m always glad to see Lin continuing to interact with teammates.

  48. Thanks for the recap

  49. Let’s see who will come back next season.

  50. Thanks for all these posts. A helpful and generous gesture.

  51. All of us?! 🙂

  52. didn’t someone say the same thing last year. yes it was going to surprise a lot of people.. lin got injured. So next year.. it’s not what you hope for. so don’t jinx it.

  53. It has been the craziest March Madness tournament with the most upsets of high seeds. For the 1st time in 34 years, the 1st seed (Virginia) was upset by the 16th seed (UMBC).

    It was good to see Eric Musselman, JLin’s D-League Reno Bighorns coach who helped to develop him and spoke so highly of JLin, succeeded to pull the upset vs #2 Cincinnati to advance to Sweet Sixteen. Coming back from 22-point down with 11 min left was astounding!

    I’m not sure who is the favorite to win. Perhaps Duke or Villanova? Duke got upset last year so they might be extra-prepared this year.

    I have no more brackets that is worth looking again lol

  54. gotta be careful whatcha say. anyways where he now?

  55. well, they tried russell on the bench and they didn’t win with dwid starting and they tried with both starting so they trying to see if anything changes if dwid on bench and russell starting. But they didn’t try having russel and dwid both on the bench. hahahaha. maybe that’s next if nothing improves.

  56. No one is following…

  57. JLin felt like dunking for #MondayMotivation

  58. JLin needs to dunk more he hasn’t dunked in years. It gets the crowd going and makes a statement.

  59. ya man! kinda longing to see his dunk again!

  60. Pre-Game Research:

    (Despite how badly Lin was mis-deployed early and late in this playoff series, Hornets probably would have still advanced if Spencer Hawes knee had just held up for one more game):

  61. Also pretty sad that Hornets would rather lose by continuing to play a hobbled Kemba (torn meniscus), rather than start Lin alongside Batum and risk Linsanity erupting once again in Charlotte:

    Cavs: &

    Heat: &

    (as a side note, Lin’s “season average” shooting stats ALWAYS underestimate what he is capable of as a shooter because of all the new roles he is continually asked to accept (comfortable being uncomfortable), rather than being given the freedom to play to his natural strengths (e. g. deliberately conceded or unexpected pull up midrange jumper, vs. being told he has to always challenge defense knowingly waiting for him at the rim, or when his drive gets stopped, chuck up a wild shot to beat shot clock with defender right in front of him; he’s always been capable of shooting much better than his season average stats might otherwise indicate)

  62. Jeremy reluctantly pays off his debt to Steve Novak …

    “I just really, really, really hate to lose,” Lin said before adding another “really.” (Jeremy, in a newspaper article from 2006. See : )

  63. Good video of Jeremy working out in Vancouver.

    If you’d like to read about the services Fortius offers, go here :

  64. Lin’s physique, muscles, and movements definitely looked more refined and better than ever with the special rehab he’s doing. Never seen anything like this!

  65. ultra instinct in the making! 🙂


  67. indeed LOLZ

  68. looks can be deceiving.
    It must be real thing.
    Let’s see how long he last next season. sigh.

  69. Nets looked like they were going to blow out Charlotte and end up losing the game. This is a bad loss tonight.

  70. I don’t think the loss is as bad as it may seem because Nets opened up that 20 point lead in second quarter against Hornets second unit with lots of rookies Charlotte needs to evaluate on it.

    In third quarter, I think Clifford may have extended minutes of starters so he didn’t have to deploy that same second unit, and in fourth quarter, rookies may have been deployed separately with lots of veterans around them.

    When Popcorn Machine Game Flow is released tomorrow, it will probably be easier to see visually.

    (and if Atkinson wanted to win this game above all else, he could have put Mozgov on Dwight since Dwight doesn’t have extended range vs. some of centers he faced early in season: vs. )

  71. He’s working on foot work and dribbling. That will improve his game soooo much. Can’t just rely on the first step anymore. Needs to lull the defender to sleep with dribble moves so he can use his first step to blow past them. His quick first step is usually from a stationary position and the defender just has to play a little off him. He’s been too predictable in ISO.

  72. I hope they have a decent center when Lin comes back.

  73. Only two words can describe it: horrible coaching.

  74. The only basketball player that has received this kind of treatment is Steve Nash at about the same age of Jeremy Lin now.

  75. LMAO haha that was priceless. Well he was the one who thought of the punishment.

  76. Jarette Allen will kill himself in the training room this summer.

  77. I also kind of think Nets could be having the same type of late season surge / good vibes going into off season as Lakers right now if they had just held on to Tyler Zeller, even knowing full well that they were going to let him walk for nothing at end of season (Russell and Allen’s minutes off the bench could be extended when they were playing well, but Atkinson could also fall back on that rock solid starting unit defense of Dinwiddie, Crabbe, Carroll, RHJ, and Zeller when need be, too):

    “The Nets ranked 23rd in defensive rating after that Dec. 31 loss to the Celtics, or eighth-worst. But in the games since they’ve been fourth, and the Nets are confident that’s an upward trend that can continue.

    “You’re finding your identity,” Atkinson said. “Players are finding their roles at the end of games. It’s big growth. It really helps us with our confidence. Again, I liked our defense [lately]. That’s an identity we have to have is getting stops because I don’t think the offense was great. It was average to below average, so to keep getting stops [is important].

    That recent span includes grind-it-out victories over playoff contenders Minnesota and Miami, both of which the Nets had to pull out on the defensive end, because their offense was scattershot at best.” ( )




  78. “Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Orange County will be honoring @JLin7 with the Public Image Award at their Inaugural Gala for Justice April 27.”

  79. @spnjrt
    My girlfriend made me a brilliant @JLin7 hand-painted tote bag for my birthday. Won’t use it, looks far too cool lol. #jlinforthreeeeee #Nets #WeGoHard

  80. Wonderful to hear he is happy with the rehab. Please just take what he learns in Vancouver and stay away from the Nets performance team whose practice sounds like it is not the standard practice in the NBA. Just seems their methods have not helped Jeremy.

  81. Performance team didn’t help anybody as far as injuries were concerned.

  82. Nets has been playing a very good first half when DLo is taking less shots. Oh before you know it, he begins again. Taklng 9 shots, Atkinson takes out.

  83. A contrast in the style of Dinwiddie and DLo
    DLo took 9 shots 8 assists 4 rebounds 2 TOs 10 points +/- -1.
    Dinwiddie took only 1 shot 3 assists 2 TOs 1 point +/- +11

    Jarret Allen took 4 shots 4 rebounds 1 block shot 7 points +/- -3 the worst in the team

    Both Joe Harris and Caris LeVert +/- -1
    Joe Harris took 4 shots hit 2
    LeVert took 6 shots hit 3

    Anyway, DLo always has great statistics except the +/-. His RPM is consistently bad comparing to teammates.

    In the first half, the shots are falling for Nets, 47.4% in 3 pointers, 56.8% overall.
    DLo shot 4 out of 9, only better than Dinwiddie. Every other player shot better than him.
    I have consistently suggested him to take less shots; not without a reason. He has taken 9 shots in first half. When his shots does not fall, Nets is going to lose the game.
    Dinwiddie shot 0 out of 1. Even when he is not scoring, the team has had the best moments.

    The key is when will DLo give up his shots to teammates.

  84. Everyone on the court is now shooting better than DLo now.
    Allen Crabbe is hot shooting 5 out of 6. You would want him to shoot more
    DLo is shooting 5 out of 10 (the worst % among starters); 10 assists. His teammates make him look good.

    2nd half, Raptors is sending in their 2nd team (their strength) to save the game.
    This game depends on DLo. If his shots are not falling, Nets will be in big trouble. I predict Fred VanVleet will give him a hard time.
    RHJ has just made a 4 point play.,

    DLo starts missing shot, and Fred VanVleet starts taking his toll and scoring. Atkinson calls timeout. DLo is taken out at the right moment. That saves the team and DLo.

    DLo made 1 out of 4 shots so far in 2nd half. The team is doing well building a double digit margin for him.
    Now is a defense battle.

    At the end of third quarter, Nets is looking good. Even when Dinwiddie is having an off night missing FTs, Nets has been winning all 3 quarters. Now is the time for the crucial 4th quarter.

  85. Cheer for Din to make first shot at the right moment.

  86. DLo is missing FTS and shots now.
    Raptors is roaring back.and has cut the deficit to 1.
    This is the time you will think of Jeremy,

  87. Will DLo pass the BALL?
    DLo will lose the game with his hero ball

  88. No!

  89. When he passes, Nets can score not while he is taking the shots himself.

  90. Trade his but

  91. Russell for blopez… waste

  92. DLo should have passed more?

  93. He needs to sit

  94. Nba has to change its rules… 15 sec takes 20 minutes

  95. On April 1, Jeremy will be speaking at an event organized by Athletes in Action, a not-for-profit Christian sports ministry. Because of ticket demand, the event has been moved to the War Memorial Gym on the campus of the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver. The venue can seat up to 2,850 people.

    For ticket info, see : (via Popo Chung)

  96. In almost all games if DLo toke over 20 shots, Nets lost the game.
    In fact, as a team, Nets played really well.
    Allen Crabbe is the most promising part of the team, he is playing defense and he’s hot but he could only take 10 shots of the game hitting 6 out of 10, 5 out of 8 from downtown. Why wouldn’t Nets to set him out for more shots.
    DLo hit 8 out of 21, 0 in 4 tries for long bombs. Yes he made 13 assists because his teammates were shooting the ball really well except himself. Raptors showed that they stopped DLo and won the game.

    Let’s compare DLo with Kyle Lowry
    Lowry 37 minutes 7/11 5/6 in 3P range, 6/6 FTS, 10 rebounds 12 assists 1 TO for 25 points.
    DLo 31 mins 8/21 0/4 in 3P, 2/5 FTs 11 rebounds, 13 assists, 2TOs for 18 points.

    Yes DLo is a combo guard not a typical PG. He shot the ball more often than running plays.
    All starters shooting better than DLo but he’s the one who got to shoot the most. That’s why the game is lost..Perhaps LeVert’s shooting 4/12 1/3 in 3P too. He and DLo lost the ball game.

    DeMarre shot 4/7 2/4 in 3Ps +6
    RHJ shot 8/11 +0
    Jarrett Allen 3/7 -4
    Allen Crabbe 6/10, 5/8 in 3Ps +5
    DLo 8/21, 0/4 in 3Ps -1

  97. but the only narrative for this game was: russell with first triple double in years for nets.

  98. Until he’s traded and they will toll some other player as the “future”.

  99. Lin achieved the near triple double helping the team win. Russell’s triple double was at the cost of a loss. In fact, Kyle Lowry was having a great game against D’Angelo Russell.
    Lowry 7/11 5/6 in 3P range, 6/6 FTS, 10 rebounds 12 assists 1 TO for 25 points.
    DLo 8/21 0/4 in 3P, 2/5 FTs 11 rebounds, 13 assists, 2TOs for 18 points.

    A true leader of the team wouldn’t let his opposition play so well against him.
    Any team playing against Nets would not mind DLo having triple double against them at all.

    It’s a real shame to have a triple double under this kind of situation with teammates playing so well.and lost the game.

  100. But b ball fans don’t care they only look at how many points were scored.

  101. The loss wasn’t all on Russell. 13 assists is good, 2 TOs are low and that’s good, and every player has their bad shooting nights. Did D’Angelo take too many shots, yes, does Lowry shoot that efficiently every night, no.

    The Nets loss because a lot of them did not shoot well at the FT line and yes, Russell didn’t close the game well, but neither did CLV or Dinwiddie. In fact, CLV made some huge errors at the end of the game, including a 5 second inbound violation.

    Even Lin has played well and had great stats in losing efforts. Somebody else has to step up as well as one guy. I thought overall, Russell did a decent job at a balance of assists and taking care of the ball. The Nets aren’t usually beating Toronto without Lin in the lineup, Russell or no Russell.

  102. It must be fun for them; their mind are not built for anything more meaningful.

  103. Winning is hard, stat padding is easy. This is why a lot of NBA teams like to promote personal stats (instead of winning) heavily in order to make money from clueless fans despite poor winning records.

  104. Guys like Dlo, DeRozen, Lowery, Wall and even Brooks can score…..but they all need to learn how to win under pressure. From my perspective, it’s a lot like the tweet Lin sent out on the sidebar. Look to yourself to improve and don’t look at people around you when you lose for excuses.

    This is why I say Dlo fits with a 3 star system, especially in Detroit with two powerful scoring bigs. But his lack of clutch is too long a project. DeRozen is getting better at clutch time but it’s taken him a very long time to fail and fail again. The pressure for the Raptors this year to get late into playoffs will be so great that we’ll see again if he’s finally arrived or not.

    The biggest knock I have with Dlo is that he seems to love the star status too much. It’s this attitude that will be his undoing in clutch time. The bigger the moment, the more he will equate fame and status with winning. Fear sets in when the moment becomes more than the present task at hand.

    Lin as a polar opposite has always been clutch and played with more focus and rises to the challenges, sometimes above and beyond his own expectations. I attribute that to his willingness to share in the glory as well as the pain of loss. He’s willingness to be selfless and detached from the fame or glory is why he’s more able to handle the stress of clutch play. Dlo not so much.

  105. I agree with all that. I think the same of DLo. However, when looking at the last game and trying to be objective, with D’Angelo having those qualities we agree on, he’s making an effort to try to be more of a team player and had some positives as well as some negatives in the game. And it’s not all on D’Angelo to win or lose, there are other leading guys on the team as well.

  106. OT: Curry MDL injury. Out 3 weeks. This has been a nightmare season for the NBA in terms of serious injuries to players

  107. Joe Harris is having a great game and has 20 points at the half. Crabbe is playing solid defense. Nets are ahead by 2 points at half time. I doubt the Nets win but they did have a good half. I like Harris, very good player.

  108. RHJ is becoming a very good offensive player, especially down low and the short mid-range jumper.

  109. As I thought, Nets hang with the Cavs until the closing minutes of the games and the Cavs start to pull away. Nets didn’t lose yet, but it looks like their headed for an L.

  110. Congrats Joe Harris on 30 point game (so far).

  111. L.

    Great game from Harris, solid from RHJ and Crabbe. Bad game from LeVert and not great one for Russell.

    If the Nets have a finisher, Lin, this might have turned out differently. But Hill, LeBron had big games. So, I don’t know.

  112. Really hope Nets give Harris a permanent starting job. He’s a much better player than Levert, Russell and Dinwiddie. If they want a 3 guard lineup it should be Lin, Harris and Dinwiddie.

  113. Dlo has already shown his true colours since he became the starter. He may try to pass more and play in the system but inevitably he’s love for the limelight clouds his head. So often he can’t seem to find the hot hand and instead takes too many shots.
    Lin on the other hand will always find the hot hand because he wants to win instead of fame.
    Will Dlo learn to think that way? This going forwards is what’s really important. IMO, Dlo sees himself as the star and entitled to embellish his own status…the same way most superstars justify their pay and status. They will always say “fans come to see ME play, not the support players”.

  114. dream on.

    Friday’s silver lining was the rapid development of young point guard D’Angelo Russell, coming off his first triple-double with 18 points and career-highs of 13 assists and 11 rebounds. It was the Nets’ first since Terrence Williams on April 9, 2010, and their first in regulation since the halcyon Jason Kidd era. “I thought he was good all around,”coach Kenny Atkinson said. “He was good on the defensive end.” – via New York Post

  115. Joe Harris is the player that helps the team more. D’Angelo Russell could not make his teammates better because he is so happily triggered and he’s so deplorably inefficient to pull the legs of the whole team.

    This game

    Harris 27 mins 11-14 6-7 3P 2-2 FT 7 rebounds 2 assists 1 steal 1 TO 1 PF +/- +8 30 points
    Russell 26 mins 4-11 4-7 3P 0-0 FT 0 rebound 1 assist 0 steal 1 Blk 3 TOs +/- -18 12 points

    Last game

    Harris 19 min 3-5 1-2 3P 3 2-5 FTs Rebounds 0 assist 3 TO 2 PF +/- -9 7 points
    Russell 31 min 8-21 0-4 3P 0-0 FT 11 Rebounds 13 assists 1 steal 2 TOs 1 PF+/- -1 18 points

    For the season:
    2017-18 Regular Season

    Harris 25.2 mins 3.8-7.9 0.482 FG% 1.9-4.6 0.412 3P% 1.0-1.3 0.824 FT% 3.4 Rebds 1.5 Assists 0.2 Blks 0.5 steals 2 .0 PF 1.2 TOs 10.5 points PER 12.85 RPM -2.91 86th among PGs
    $1,524,305 this season
    Russ 26.0 mins 6.0-14.4 0.414 FG% 1.8-5.5 0.326 3P% 2.3-3.1 0.74 FT% 4.0 Rebds 5.0 Assists 0.4 Blks 0.7 steals 2.1 PF 3.0 TOs 16.1 points PER 15.35 RPM -1.11 39th among SFs
    $5,562,360 this season

  116. Shooting % for Nets
    DeMarre Carroll 41.7% FG% 37.2 3P%
    Allen Crabbe 39.8% FG% 36.7% 3P%
    Joe Harris 48.2% FG% 41.2% 3P%
    RHJ 47.8% FG% 24.5% 3P%
    LeVert 43.6% FG% 35.5% 3P%
    DLo 41.4% FG% 32.6% 3P%
    Dinwiddie 38.8% FG% 32.5% 3P%
    Cunningham 45.1% FG% 35.8% 3P%
    Jarrett Allen 58.2% FG% 25% 3P%
    Quincy Acy 34.1% FG% 33.5% 3P%

    Crabbe > DeMarre > DLo > Cunningham > Jarrett Allen > Acy > LeVert > Joe Harris = Dinwiddie > RHJ
    We really don’t have anything good to say about Sean Marks’ expensive investments as far as scoring is concerned.

    As far as 3P% is concerned,
    Joe Harris > DeMarre > Crabbe > Cunningham = LeVert > Acy > DeLo = Dinwiddie > RHJ > Jarrett Allen
    As far as FG% is concerned
    Jarrett Allen > Joe Harris > RHJ > Cunningham > LeVert > DeMarre = DLo > Crabbe > Dinwiddie

    Adjusted FG%
    Joe Harris 60% > Jarrett Allen 59% > Cunningham 58% > DeMarre = Crabbe 51% > LeVert = RHJ 49% > DLo 48% > Dinwiddie = Acy 47%

    Shots taken per game
    DLo 14.4 > RHJ 11 > Crabbe 10.9 > DeMarre 10.8 > Dinwiddie 10.7 > LeVert 10.3 > Joe Harris 7.9 > Cunningham 6.1 > Jarrett Allen 5.4 > Acy 5.1

    What is interesting for the Nets is the players with lower Adjusted FG% in general take more shots. than players with higher Adjusted FG%.
    No wonder Nets has lost so many games!

    The cure for Nets is to run plays for Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen and Cunningham to take more shots because their shooting% >> the rest.

    Let’s see the shots taken in the 4th quarters of the last game against Cavaliers.
    Dinwiddie 4 DLo 4 LeVert 3 RHJ 3 Harris 3 Cunningham 2 DeMarre 2 Crabbe 1

    Dinwiddie and DLo took most shots (they are the ones with the worst adjusted FG%)
    Harris and Cunningham only took 5/19 shots (they are the ones with the best adjusted FG%)
    The rest of the pack took 14/19 shots.
    Cavs were really successful tor force the least accurate shooters of Nets to take more shots.
    The best shooters of Nets only got to take 26% of the shots.

  117. The best shooter of the team.

  118. I don’t think he will. If he tries to feed the hot hand, it’s with really forced passes, so he can get the big assists, which again feeds the D’Angelo Russell as star image he wants. And I’ve seen these 4Q passes get picked off in a lot of games recently. I also see him taking forced, contested shots that aren’t falling. And not get to the foul line.

    I guess I’m looking at the whole team and he’s just one guy, so I don’t put the energy into him that other posters do. I look at CLV and some mistakes he makes, but he has potential and I like his demeanor. I look at RHJ. Harris. I look for DMC to lead. That’s what I mean by it’s not all on Russell. If I were Atkinson, I’d have the ball go through Dinwiddie late if he’s on the court, or CLV.

    I think the DLo as star narrative is played out more in the media and with fans than what I see KA doing on the court. To me KA is treating him like another young key player on the team. Like he does CLV. If KA was favoring him, then I’d be alarmed.

  119. Steve Lichtenstein (WFAN Sports/CBS NY) wrote a critical article of DLo to make the case as the Nets PG. At the end, he brought up the possibility of JLin’s attractive trade value after 2-injury riddled season and to give another year to evaluate DLo/Spencer Dinwiddie.

    IMO The Nets might give the DLo Makeover project 1 more year before he hits the Restricted Free Agency in summer of 2019. Worse case, they will fall back on Dinwiddie. On JLin, the Nets will want to see if he can come back strong before making any decision for the future (by Feb 2019 trade deadline)

    “D’Angelo Russell hasn’t proven the point during an injury-plagued season”.

    When I brainstorm topics for these posts on late-March Nets basketball, I, like many of you, wonder, “What’s the point?”

    Well, though another dreadful season is a few weeks away from its welcomed conclusion, the Nets do have some issues to iron out before another expectedly eventful summer.

    One of those matters is “who’s the point?”

    I have been having some serious doubts about whether it can be D’Angelo Russell, even though the Nets invested heavily in the 22-year-old last offseason. General manager Sean Marks obtained the former Laker in a trade that cost his club its most marketable player (center Brook Lopez), a late first-round pick (used by Los Angeles to select forward Kyle Kuzma) and $48 million in wasted salary-cap space over three seasons to harbor center Timofey Mozgov on the Nets’ roster.

    Marks was gambling that the Nets’ culture would develop Russell into the star the franchise could not acquire by other means. Lottery picks? They’re not coming back until 2019, thanks to the disastrous Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce trade by the prior regime in 2013. Free agents? The losing environment cast such a stink that the desired players refused to consider Brooklyn as a plausible destination. Marks attempted to coax restricted free agents with vastly overgenerous offers, but even those who signed were matched by the incumbent clubs.

    The Nets will have one more season to get it going in the right direction before Russell hits restricted free agency in the summer of 2019. Another campaign like this one and maybe Marks shouldn’t throw good money after bad.

    While it’s easy to blame a left knee injury that cost Russell 34 games for a lack of progress this season, there’s enough of a sample size on the court to question whether he could actually become the future building block he was hyped to be since being selected second overall in the 2015 draft.

    Again, the basic stats have shown improvement this season, as Russell is scoring at a career-high clip (16.1 ppg) with more rebounds (4.1) and assists (5.1) per game in less court time (26.0 mpg) than he saw in L.A. His 41.4 percent field goal percentage is up slightly over his first two seasons, though his 3-point rate decline (32.6 percent from 35 percent) is worrisome.

    The bigger problem, however, is that Russell hasn’t come close to grasping the concept of winning plays. To the contrary, many of his decisions — awful shot selection, high-risk ballhandling/passing — directly contribute to losing games. Not only do they deprive Brooklyn of scoring opportunities, these plays usually feed the opponents’ transition games.

    As for defense, the Nets have often tried, to little avail, to hide Russell, assigning the task of guarding the opponent’s top threats to others, most recently Allen Crabbe. (Side note: In a curious case of eye test versus analytics, Russell is the league’s second-best pick-and-roll defender with at least 130 such opportunities this season, with opposing ballhandlers scoring just 0.64 points per possession while shooting an effective field goal percentage of 35.9 percent, the NBA’s fourth-lowest. As someone who has seen Russell die 100 deaths this season on ball screens, I don’t know how this is possible.)

    I’m not saying Russell has no talent or feel for the game. As evidenced by his 24-point first quarter in a March 13 home loss to Toronto, Russell is quite capable of scoring in bunches. His court vision is superb — many of his assists have been spectacular. And he’s still young enough for the light bulb to be switched on.

    However, I’m concerned that too much of his offensive prowess is accomplished through guile. What does it say that Russell couldn’t blow past a weak perimeter defender such as Jose Calderon, who I assume was in Cleveland’s starting lineup Sunday only so LeBron James can continue to prove he can win with just about anyone? In crunch time of the 121-114 Nets loss at the Barclays Center, Russell was stifled by the more capable George Hill.

    I found it troubling when Atkinson provided Russell with an excuse for Sunday’s subpar outing.

    “I think teams know that (Russell) is good with the ball in his hands,” Atkinson said. “Hill was blanketing him. That’s what teams are doing. We saw it with (Toronto guard Fred) Van Vleet the other night. What we do to combat that is we have another ballhandler in the game. But tonight we felt like we needed (Joe Harris’) shooting out there, so we kept Joe in the last five minutes or so. Maybe a little regret there on my part — should we have had another ballhandler to help DR out because they were pressuring the heck out of him and he needs help?”

    As I understand it, at this level, the lead guards are supposed to exploit pressure, not succumb to it. Good luck getting into Kyrie Irving’s or Russell Westbrook’s grill.

    Besides, the Nets have been terrible since the All-Star break when Russell has shared the court with either Caris LeVert (minus-24.8 points per 100 possessions) or Spencer Dinwiddie (minus 13.2). The net rating in the 12 minutes (small-sample-size disclaimer) when all three have played together is a grotesque minus-90.4.

    If you can remember way back in October, Brooklyn started veteran point guard Jeremy Lin in tandem with Russell on opening night in Indiana. The plan was to ease Russell into the lead role.

    Of course, Lin was lost for the season before the final buzzer with a right patella tendon injury.

    All four players — Russell, Dinwiddie, LeVert and Lin — are under contract for next season. Russell and LeVert aren’t going anywhere and Lin, after two injury-plagued seasons, would only be desired by a team looking for an expiring salary filler. Dinwiddie has trade value, but he’s so darn inexpensive that Marks might just keep him.

    In football, they say if you have two quarterbacks, you have none

  120. I don’t like the dismissive tone on Lin. “Expiring salary filler” Not someone who can get a contender over the edge? No. Who is this guy? I listen to the FAN sometimes, I don’t remember him. We know about Russell’ shortcomings that he may never get beyond but until I hear from Marks what the plan is regarding him, I’m not taking a media member’s word for it.

  121. Russell’s Core Disconnect?:

    At least to this uneducated eye, I think the potentially unfixable core issue with Russell is that he doesn’t have God given natural / instinctive passing abilities to match the truly elite court vision everyone says he has.

    i. e. his passing skills are learned through alot of hard work and study, but crumble when defensive pressure gets ramped up, or things get really chaotic on the court, just like what happens to Nic Batum’s court vision in similar situations (e. g. Batum will start throwing the most head scratching passes directly to a defender standing in his obvious field of view, perhaps because he no longer has enough time to consciously process what’s going on on the court?)

    And even Russell’s successful passes typically seem ever so slightly off target, at least compared to what a naturally gifted passer like Lin or Milos Teodosic would do in same situation (precisely to the right spot, and also precisely at the right time, so his receiver can catch the ball in full rhythm and continue to attack without the slightest hesitation or adjustment whatsoever); Russell often seems to throw the ball ever so slightly behind where it seems it should be ideally placed ideally.

    Clifford says everything makes sense when Batum is running the offense, but when things get too frantic or chaotic for him to deliberately and consciously process, I think we get the same thing that’s been happening to Russell this entire season with the Nets.

    (and I actually liked the Nic Batum / Lin backcourt pairing on the Hornets alot, but so easy to see the difference between God given talent, and what is learned through alot of deliberate study and practice)

  122. Sean Kilpatrick has been signed to a three-year, $6.2 million deal by the Chicago Bulls, league sources told Yahoo Sports. He’ll receive a guaranteed $2.1 million for the remainder of this season and the next two years will be team options. So, even if he’s only around for this year, it’s a nice payday. [Note : It also helps the Bulls reach the salary floor.]

  123. It does show that he can play but Sean Marks gives up on him only because he’s a little older.

  124. He was actually quite high on Lin when Lin came back from hamstring injuries to make Nets competitive to close the season.

    But he obviously thinks the Nets won’t keep Lin as the future PG due to his injuries (or age). No mention of the Tsai factor as the new owner.

    If JLin comes back healthy and strong to lead the Nets to many wins next season, I expect he and many writers will change their tunes.

  125. you could be right that both DLo and Batum are not natural playmakers. They are both natural SG and SF with some court vision.

    But NBAs want to follow the trend on converting gifted scorers like James Harden and RWestbrook to PGs. DLo and Batum would fall short of that expectation.

    It’ll be interesting if JLin will adapt by scoring more to fit as the new breed of scoring PG in the NBA. It’s not in his personality but if his teammates struggle to score, perhaps only then that he will.

  126. If Portland Trailblazers hadn’t matched the free agent offer Nets gave Allen Crabbe last season, would be fascinating to compare how well Lin loaded such an elite catch and shoot three point shooter compared to what Russell is doing for him this season:

    “Crabbe struggles when forced to dribble.

    When Crabbe does not dribble he shoots at a superb 62% eFG.

    His eFG% drops off past that point, and it falls off a cliff when he takes 3+ dribbles, averaging a 32% eFG.”




    Game Flow:

    (Lin and Steve Novak had immediate synergy when they stepped on floor together for Reno Big Horns, and IIRC Novak said Lin hit him right between the numbers, and that other Knicks tried to copy Lin’s non-chalant tosses to Novak, but couldn’t recreate the same type of magic. Lin’s aggressive to drives into paint probably would have also created alot more truly wide open and uncontested looks for Crabbe, too)

  127. With DLo arrival, 6’4″ SKil lost a lot of PT because the 6th Man scorer role was given to 6’7″ LeVert. Good to see he found a place with the Bulls.

    SKil is 27 and JLin is 29 but JLin can do a lot more to teach young guys how to win. Had Tsai not become the owner, I would expect 90% probability that Sean Marks will shop him around by Feb 2019 deadline. Marks might still do that but I lower the probability to 20%.

    What do you think? What’s the chance that Sean Marks will try to shop a healthy JLin by Feb 2019 trade deadline?

  128. Thanks for that info!

  129. KA said Lin is thrilled with where he is (in recovery).
    And he’s very involved with game feedback through texting
    “He’s always hitting me with stuff after the game; ‘you could’ve done this, you could’ve done that’,

    Asked about Lin’s progress at Monday’s practice, Atkinson deferred questions about Lin’s recovery to the team’s medical staff but noted said the 29-year-old is doing “great.”

    “You’d have to talk to our medical group about where he is,” Atkinson said. “I know it’s going great; he’s thrilled with where he is.

    The videos are good news for the Nets and Lin since reports after his injury suggested he might not be running or jumping until April. So it appears Lin is ahead of schedule. (He’s also said that the surgery to repair his patella tendon also cleaned out some “loose bodies” that were unrelated to his recent injury but had been giving him pain.)

    “I know Jeremy, he’ll tell everyone he’s ready to play tomorrow so don’t take his word for it. I would not ask him,” Atkinson added with a smile.

    Lin —and his fans—have been posting short YouTube videos of his workouts at Fortius Sport & Health in Burnaby, British Columbia.

    “He said hang in there,” Atkinson recalled, followed by a slight smirk. “He knows the right time to send that text. He’s my counselor, you know, he gets it. And I’ll send him a text a week later, ‘hang in there.’ He’s going through … this path and this road to improvement, we’ve all been there, the journey, it can be a struggle at times. We are pounding that ceiling trying to break through, I can guarantee you that. I think we’re looking at every advantage.”

    Atkinson has in the past talked about Lin’s involvement with the team, despite being 3,000 miles away in B.C. Last month, he coach talked about the extent of his texts.

    “He’s so involved. He’s not just sitting there doing his own thing,” Atkinson said of Lin back in February. “He’s always hitting me with stuff after the game; ‘you could’ve done this, you could’ve done that’, it’s great. And I know our medical team is all over him. He’s in a really good place, he’s happy with how he’s progressing.”

  130. Winning instinct is hard to learn.

  131. As always I point to the dramatic difference between a team leader QB like Lin who has the vision and innate grasp of flow nuances. I’ve always said that Lin’s mind is miles above all others in the league. His internal processor is light speeds ahead of other PG/QBs. Some of the things he does can only be achieved if you have the QB brain that finds tiny seams, like the pass he threw to Zeller for a dunk against the Cavs in Charlotte. Dlo tries to do it but lack the spacial intelligence to know precisely whose where. His eyes can only handle one or two moving pieces, Lin can know where everyone is in real time.

    This is why I say Dlo unfortunately has to compete against Lin as QB…that’s never a fair fight. Dlo’s shortcomings needs to be hidden by others and help by other powerful pieces that offloads pressure for him to create for others as well as himself.

  132. I may be wrong…but personally I dont think SM would have traded JL without checking out how JL fairing after the rehab. Since the FO had come together to hold, culture, trust, process…..They FO buy-in JL to lead the team, hence they would not have just thrown away the idea prior to evaluating JL’s capability.

  133. thats kinda expected thoughts when a player who is out for 2 season…

  134. Steve Nash hadn’t shown his MVP power until he reached 30. I believe Lin will be much improved after his rehab like Nash. There is no reason to give up on Lin this early. D’Angelo Russell doesn’t come in cheap for Nets. Next season, he would get paid $7M. while Jeremy got $12.5M. At this stage, Lin is a much better player than DLo and the salary difference is reasonable.
    I still believe Nets will sign big Jah and Nik back next season with a reasonable contract. Joe Harris would see his pay day coming too.

  135. is it me or does he look a lot skinnier than during his charlotte days?

  136. I’m thinking along the same line that even without the X-factor of Joe Tsai coming in as the new owner, Sean Marks could see the value of keeping JLin to mentor the young players.

    He has seen a short period where JLin can lead and teach the Nets to win games down the stretch last season with 11 wins-12 losses. None of the other Nets have shown that much impact so far including DMC, Dinwiddie, or DLo.

    SM might offer lower salary in a new contract because of the 2-injury riddled seasons but it all depends whether JLin can stay healthy and lead the Nets to win games again.

    This is the dilemma that Lin fans have to deal with. Will Lin stay with the Nets who are not playoff contenders but he plays with the coach who he likes and a great team culture? Or will he take the chance to sign with a contender even as a backup with a chance to win championships?

    With Tsai’s arrival, I tend to lean toward the first option because NBA is about survival. Lin will still need to prove he can be healthy and lead team as a starting PG in a supporting environment. Then he can decide if he wants to stay or sign with a contender. Everything will take care of itself with winning 🙂

  137. A player’s new contract in NBA is normally assessed by his present and his future more than the past injuries specially after a successful rehab.

  138. From all the information that we have received about the rehab of Jeremy, it’s not simply healing but also rebuilding his body and his game. The Nets management will try their best to justify their signing of Lin in the past with support for his rehab now.
    Lin’s future is in his own hands and definitely not in the hands of sports writers who are mostly unprofessional in their analysis in my experience. If they have their ways, Joe Harris and Spencer Dinwiddie would have been traded before the deadline. The development of both have surprised lots of people including Sean Marks and I believe they would continue to be the cornerstones of the team.
    Atkinson and his development team have produced lots of players so far and that include DeMarre Carroll and Jeremy.

  139. This guy really likes basketball 🙂 10pm and still going strong

    Jeremy (ig story):”10:02 PM loll he caught me.. too funny had to post #rehabneverstops”

  140. I like the way he smiles just before he closes the door. He really seems happy with the way things have gone this year.

  141. Surgery also took out the stuff inside that was giving him pain related to the injury. It’s a blessing in disguise. Gets paid to rebuild himself (long overdue) and focus on training. 🙂 look forward to his comeback don’t even care if he stays as a Nets as long as he plays well for the entire season with heavy minutes.

  142. In that case JLin needs to improve his one on one skills. Lets face it most teammates won’t pass to his favorite shooting spots or pass to him at all. So it’s up to Lin to improve on his weakness.

  143. The game Lin played against the Cavs in Charlotte reveals why Lin has a knack of winning by making his teammates play above themselves. We saw it last season when Lin came back late in the season. The subtle nuances of his playmaking can be overlooked. We see the results but don’t know how Lin times the passes exactly when the window opens a sliver.
    Watch the replay of Lin’s pass to Cody Zeller in transition and note how he waits and waits to make the pass when the defence finally relaxes just a tad. Lin misdirect the defence by looking away to the corner while coasting down court. Had he passed it earlier, Zeller would have had too much room to the basket allowing defence to chase him down and contest it.

    What this play illustrates is the difference between Lin and almost every other PG in the league. Lin is the consummate quarterback who stands in the pocket and knows the exact millisecond that a window will open up on the defence, exposing a weakness in between the seams. Great QBs have a knack of fitting passes into a moment in time. Not so great QBs forces passes into coverage because they lack the peripheral vision as well as understanding of the flow of movements around the intend target zone.

    This then is the difference between Dlo and Lin. Lin uses his lightning fast processor to read defence and how the flow creates a moment in time to make a precise pass, Dlo can only see his target and the man convering him.

    The reason why Lin leads people to wins is because he has the knack of creating opportunities that puts his teammates into comfortable spots and patterns. A guy like Allen Crabbe will be like Steve Novak. Lin will find him his spots and he’ll just be shooting lights out.

  144. Lin’s vision might’ve come from his experience at playing recreational football. The quarterback reference is spot on.

  145. IMO, Lin is in love with bball. The passion to be playing is why he’s where he is. Just as we were when we fell in love, we couldn’t stop thinking of that person, being with that person, wanting to be with that person.

  146. Jeremy is ranked #75 in ESPN’s list of 100 most influential NBA players ever. “[He] has done more than any player other than Yao Ming to force NBA observers to reconsider the talents of players of Asian heritage.”

    Others noticed : Carmelo (#93), D’Antoni (#46), Yao Ming (#29), Steve Nash (#23)

    Was Linsanity the start of something, or a phenomenon that will never be duplicated?

    Both, probably. When Lin came off the bench and took over the NBA for a few weeks in 2012, leading the woeful Knicks to a seven-game winning streak, there was no precedent for an Asian-American player playing such a dominant, spectacular role for an NBA team. What’s more, he did it in the world’s media capital, and his exploits resonated instantly in New York, from coast to coast and across the globe.

    Though his career has taken several twists, Lin remains a popular and productive player when healthy, and he has done more than any player other than Yao Ming to force NBA observers to reconsider the talents of players of Asian heritage. — Royce Webb

    See :

  147. of the 15 players to play for the nets any time this year (including lin) who are still with the team; russell comes in 14th out of 15 in my favorite stat of points per shot. (only quincy acy is worse).

  148. Next season’s training camp is going to be very interesting.

  149. As usual DLo took only 9 shots made 5, and 2 out of 5 in 3P range, 4 out of 4 from FT line, made 12 assists, the team won this game easily. It does seem that he is running the offense rather than padding stats in 30 minutes

    LeVert is having a minor problem, he took 14 shots made 6 in 25 mins, also made 6 assists.

    RHJ took 15 shots made only 4, 6 out 7 from FT line, collected 9 rebounds, made 4 assists, 2 TOs, 2 steals.
    He frequently got his own rebounds and tipped in his own shots.

    Joe HARRIS played a perfect game, took only 4 shots, made all of them and 4 out of 4 from free throw line, 2 out in 3s, made 3 assists, no TO, collected 3 Rebounds, 1 Blk scored 14 points. Why wouldn’t he take more shots? It does seem that Nets couldn’t get him the ball.
    Allen Crabbe 5 out of 14, 3 out of 8 in 3P range scored only 13 points.
    You would wonder how many points Harris could have scored if Lin were the PG. Why would Nets pay so much to get Crabbe?

    Of course, Dinwiddie got 19 minutes made 1 out of 4 shots and no assist! Not what I call progress.
    From stats alone, you would think LeVert, RHJ, Dinwiddie are still projects but DLo finally came into his sense as a PG.

    Jarette Allen played a good first half but was silenced in 2nd half.

  150. Good win for Nets. DLo played finally like they hope he could be. 7 guys over 10pts is a very good team effort. Watching the highlights got me excited and hopeful that Dlo and Lin could become the most dangerous duo in the nba. Dlo’s value jumped greatly after tonight.

  151. How much Nets will offer Jahil Okafor (21) and Nik Stauskas (24) in the off season?Iwould think Nets will offer them something like rookie contracts. If they have faith in the team’s player development team, they probably would sign. The success of Joe Harris has given them confidence to stay with Nets.

    As to big Jah (21), he may sign 3 years about $10m. Nik (24) may probably sign 3 years about $6M to $8M. They are still better than many rookies on the draft next season.

    If they do sign with the Nets, I would agree with Atkinson not playing them more now.

  152. I still don’t think DLo is the game changer that Lin is.
    Next season, Nets has to pay $7M for his service and $9M as qualifying offer in the season after that. Would he be the player that Nets want?
    Dinwiddie, LeVert, and DLo are contending to be the future of Nets. Once their contract expire, Nets will have a very difficult decision to make.

  153. Lin completely outplay Mo Williams and he also outplayed Kyrie Erving at times.

  154. not a good year for injuries:

    significant players (generous in defining significant) in nba this year who most likely will miss significant enough time thru injury to fail to be a qualified player for statistical purposes:

    a list: (probably incomplete)

    d cousins
    s curry
    c paul
    j butler
    r gobert
    b griffin
    h whiteside
    n vucevic
    k love
    k porzingis
    d booker
    j wall
    t evans
    a gordon
    k leonard
    m turner
    l ball
    p milsap
    n mirotic
    b ingram
    n batum
    d dedmon
    d gallinari
    j green
    t hardaway
    t chandler
    d russell
    g monroe
    m brogdon
    m conley
    m morris
    z lavine
    r jackson
    t burke
    p beverley
    j lin
    r gay
    j parker
    i thomas
    c zeller
    m teodosic
    d waiters
    a roberson
    t ross
    r holmes
    t parker
    c parsons
    m harkless
    g hayward

  155. The injury list is so alarmingly long. Successful teams need to have great depth in positions. Toronto Raptors is the team with great depth this season.

  156. JLin is a PG. PGs usually could play a few more years than players of other position. Golden State’s Shaun Livingston, steve Nash, Chris Paul are good examples.

  157. Dlo played a Lin like efficient game last night scoring 16pt on 9 shorts. He passed well to post 12ast making a double double. What’s significant is that 7 Nets scored over 10pts. Overall the nets had 28 assists.

    We must acknowledge good play when we see it and Dlo played a great team game. We saw the kind of maturity that few, myself included, could believe was possible. Hopefully Atkinson keeps him inline moving forwards.

    What turned my head was the nice bounce pass he made to Allen in the paint. Off a pnr, Dlo took the ball into the big defender and head faked him as he was going to shoot. The shot blocker jumped freeing the basket for Allen. Dlo then made a hard bounce pass to Allen that kept him on an upward momentum to the hoop. It was well worth a second look. Later, Dlo also made a nice smart delay feed to RHJ. He later ran a nice baseline route off of a system play with a great delivery from Levert from the top. That tells me that he’s finally realizing that he can trust teammates to reward him for running patterns and that he doesn’t have to have the ball in hand.

    So yes it’s just one game but it also means there’s hope for Dlo yet. There’s no doubt he has the “it factor” to score. It appears that Atkinson may still rein in his wild ways to play a team game.

  158. Thanks for the recap…I missed the game….also good to know, teamball was in play and Dlo did what we wanted him to do all season long…these are young guys…there are definitely room to learn and improve and setting aside their their ego…again, glad to hear it was a great game…

  159. But of all these players, there is only one who is frail and injury prone: JLin.

  160. sarcasm font not needed.

  161. Lin is excited to be #75 in #NBARank GameChangers. To realize, there were only 16 present players in Top 100 is very impressive!

    @JLin7 Love me or hate me, but you can’t ever say I didn’t forever change the game!! To even be on this list is craaaazy! Love my fans who stuck by my side. There’s more to be done, more to come. Believe that!! #75

  162. Steve Nash Tribute:

    “Let’s look at the teams Kidd and the Nets beat to make The Finals:

    2002 – Beat the 42 win Pacers 3-2, beat the 44 win Hornets 4-1, beat the 49 win celtics 4-2. Got swept by the 58 win Lakers.

    2003 – Best the 42 wins Bucks 4-2, beat the 44 win Celtics 4-0, and swept the 50 win Pistons. Lost in 6 to the 60 win Spurs.

    Of those, the only truly impressive victory was sweeping the 50 win Pistons. That Pistons team did win the championship the next year, but they had yet to acquire Rasheed Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince was a rookie who played just 42 games and averaged 10 minutes. So it wasn’t the same team at all. Nevertheless, sweeping a 50 win team is always impressive.

    So in those 2 years they beat 6 teams with an average of 45 wins between them, and lost to 2 teams with an average of 59 wins.

    Now let’s look at Nash in those same 2 years, and figure out why he never got to meet up with Kidd in the finals.

    2002 – Beat the 50 win Timberwolves 3-0, lost to 61 win Kings 4-1.

    2003 – Beat the 50 win Blazers 4-3, beat the 59 win Kings 4-3, lost to the 60 win Spurs 4-2.

    So the Mavs beat 3 teams who won an average of 53 games between them, and lost to 2 who won an average of 60.5 games between them.”

  163. Apparently, Isaiah Thomas just had surgery on his right hip, the one he injured last year. The surgery was done at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Rehabilitation will take 4 months.

    According to Adrian Wojnarowski, if the Lakers miss out on landing free agents like LeBron James and Paul George, Thomas might be more likely to return to the Lakers; perhaps on a one-year deal so the Lakers can preserve cap space.

    See :

  164. Glad to heard that hopefully Russell cam get rid his wannabe Kobe ball hog and shot chucking habits.

  165. The season of void will be soon over!

  166. With so many uncalled flagrant fouls, JLin is definitely tough to withstand so much discrimination on and off the court. Frail; let’s watch the video below. Fact speaks louder than words.
    You ought to be ashamed of yourself; but shameless as many are, you don’t feel a thing until you might get hit by any of those fouls. I assure you would be flying to the moon like a crying baby.

    The worst one is from Melo. He didn’t even make an attempt to go for the ball. He simply swung an upper cut to the chin of Lin. Again, the referee seemed blindfolded. It certainly would go down to the history of basketball. People would remember this forever. We would show this to our children to affirm the double standards of NBA.

  167. I wouldn’t think Dirk, Vince, Manu, Dwade should be included in the list because aging really takes the toll, Lin should be ranked 8th in the list of game changers in NBA now.

  168. Zach Lowe is impressed with Joe Harris and thinks he’ll sign a “fat contract”. He writes:

    [Joe] Harris might be the league’s happiest player development success story. …

    Last season, [the Nets] gave Harris the Kyle Korver playbook and a green light. He proved he could knock down catch-and-shoot 3s, and defend with a ruggedness that surprised opponents who assumed he was a pushover.

    Defenses blitz Harris now, and he has leveraged that into a dangerous driving game. … Harris drives about 8.5 times per 100 possessions, up from about six last season, and he finishes inside with the right measures of aggression and patience. If help swarms, he knows where the next pass should go. The Nets have scored almost 1.25 points per possession after a Harris drive, one of the three-dozen best marks among 300-plus high-volume drivers, per Second Spectrum.

    Harris’ pick-and-roll numbers are even better. Brooklyn averages 1.14 points per possession when Harris shoots out of a pick-and-roll, or passes to a teammate who lets fly right away. That ranks first among all ball-handlers — FIRST! — who have used at least 75 screens, per Second Spectrum. He has doubled the number of his pull-up 3s from last season. …

    Harris is a worker, and the Nets are turning themselves into one of the league’s best player
    development labs. Harris is about to sign a fat contract.

    See :

  169. So happy Harris is getting the recognition he deserves! Been saying he’s my favorite after Lin since day 1 yet he rarely got the start at SG with him! I believe Lin and Harris would work so much better as a duo than Lin and Russell! Harris creates much better ball movement and is a far better scorer! Seriously hope Nets pays him a fat contract so he solidifies his starting role! Don’t see Russel nor Lavert as starters and Dinwiddie will most likely be the backup PG.

    Look at these 30pt highlights against the Cavs!

    Harris got his within the system without chucking shot or over dribbling. He made it look easy! When he puts it down he’s going to the rim, takes what the defender gives him. He’s very much like Lin except slightly taller and doesn’t get enough ball handling duties as SG which he should!

    Joe Harris really should be the no.2 option!

    Next season would be exciting of if Harris starts at SG with Lin while Russell is turned into a 6th man or benched.

    Easy to say development but Harris had these skills since day one he just needed the green light and minutes to show what he could do!

  170. Last game against Magic, Joe HARRIS took 4 shots, made all of them and 4 out of 4 from free throw line, 2 out of 2 in 3s, made 3 assists, no TO, collected 3 Rebounds, 1 Blk scored 14 points in 27 minutes.
    I say he played a perfect game. It is player like this that can help his teammate play better.
    To get 14 points to 16 points, DeMarre took 10 shots, RHJ 15, LeVert 14, Crabbe 14, Allen and DLo took 9, Harris took only 4 shots with 4 FTs. This is efficiency!

  171. And look at Harris’ PPG and stats, very Lin-like this is the player Net should make as the so called future not Russell, Levert, or Dinwiddie!

  172. I’m watching the game against the Heat. The Nets started off slow. Russell wasn’t put back in the 2nd half and didn’t start the 3rd half. The Nets have taken the lead so far in the 3rd quarter.

  173. Yes, looks like DLo is benched for some reason. Nets are playing well and up in the 4th.

  174. Overtime in Miami.

  175. Wade makes two big plays in the clutch in OT. Heat ahead by 1 with 41.1 left.

  176. CLV drives to the bucket, scores on the drive. Wade missed two shots on the other side. Heat will have last possession to make the bucket or lose the game.

  177. Net’s win! Wade misses point blank at the rim.

  178. Atkinson finally letting his best players play longer minutes. Good win for Atkinson and Nets. Would have liked to see Allen more at end. Heats crushed the paint. Needed a tall center.

  179. Interesting fact about tonight’s game…

  180. Here’s the box score for the game. Almost 8 guys in double figures …

  181. This pretty much confirms what we “crazy” Lin fans suspected all along: D-Lo was purely a Marks acquisition. Kenny wants Lin as his starting PG, but Marks only considered him a stop-gap.

    Now Marks has egg on his face with D-Lo being exposed and the pick he gave the Lakers turning into Kyle Kuzma, who’s already 10X better than Russell will ever be.

  182. It also means Kenny has authority to bench Russell unlike Rockets and Harden! Obviously if Kenny can bench Lopez a proven star there’s no reason why he can’t bench Russell who’s a nobody! I’m sure Marks agrees in regards making Russell earn his place and improve his flaws. Cuddling Russell won’t make him a better player he’d only become a fake star with padded stats if allowed to do whatever he wanted!

    Teammates like Dinwiddie won’t renew if Russell gets entitled treatment without earning it especially being a better PG with lots of offers! Why should Dinwiddie stay with the Nets when he can make a bigger name for himself and chase a ring with Lebron and the Cavs?

    Russell and Levert have much to develop before even getting starting spot! If any guard deserves to start it’s Harris and Dinwiddie before those two!

  183. Jeremy helped out at an Easter dinner in Vancouver. Here is a brief summary of an article on a Vancouver TV news site. Note that he says “I’m leaving next week.” Maybe he’s returning to Brooklyn.

    In Vancouver, Jeremy visited the Union Gospel Mission’s annual Easter dinner on Saturday where he served hot meals to Vancouver’s less fortunate. The Brooklyn Nets forward helped serve ham, scalloped potatoes, pie and ice cream to more than 3,000 people.

    “It’s been a lot of fun,” he said. “I’m leaving next week but I wanted to find opportunities to serve the community. I feel like they’ve done a lot.”

    See :

  184. When Lin returns all those 48 games will be wins and they’d be a force to be reckoned with!

  185. Absolutely…when mister forth quarter returns, they win easily many of those games.

  186. 25 wins and counting.

  187. Really nice interview with Jarrett Allen. He seems smart, humble, and dedicated …

  188. In this game against Miami Heat, the whole team played much better without DLo. DLo can score but he shot at a mediocre shooting %. He didn’t get fouled much. In tough situation, he disappeared and missed lots of shots.
    The Nets is a much tougher team without DLo. I have attributed the long losing streak of Nets to DLo not without a reason. Without DLo, this team is much tougher to beat. This team would be a much better defensive team and the balanced attack and the pace of the game were closer to what Atkinson always wants when DLo sat on the bench

  189. The +/- rating of DLo and RHJ are normally the worst of the team.

  190. Specially when this team have been in many and many close games. All Nets needs is a closer who can help the team to close games.

  191. What will happen if a team develops a player but it doesn’t want to keep it? It will create mistrust and damages to the team culture. Nets should try its best to keep Harris and Dinwiddie.

  192. I’m pretty sure DeMarre Carroll is the player that Atkinson wants. DeMarre becomes the best acquisition for the Nets. I can’t say this for DLo and Crabbe.

  193. Haven’t you guys looked at the age distribution of Nets.

    Jarrett Allen 19
    D’Angelo Russell 22
    Jahil Okafor 22
    Caris LeVert 23
    RHJ 23
    Isaiah Whitehead 23

    Nik Stauskas 24
    Spencer Dinwiddie 24
    Allen Crabbe 25
    Joe Harris 26
    Quincy Acy 27

    Lin 29
    Cunningham 30
    DeMarre 31
    Mozgov 31

    Ideal for team rebuilding.

  194. Which is the worst team in NBA as far as cap space is concerned?
    It must be the Miami Heat.

    This season their team payroll is $132,217,62, the 4th highest in the league.
    Next season, they are going to hit $144,206,671 with the paydays of Tyler Johnson (Thanks to Sean Marks) and Josh Richardson coming.Currently the highest team payroll of NBA belongs to the Golden State $137,593,052. In fact, the team payroll will be even worse if they sign Dwyane Wade with more than the veteran’s minimum. With the players on the payroll, the Heat is not going anywhere higher than the first round in the playoff.

  195. notes on posts below: (+)

    breaking news brent yen returns to proclaim “season of void” nearly over.

    re suggestion that russell and rhj usually have worst +/-; half correct. for russell yes, rhj not so much. various ways of looking at but averaging yes russell no rhj. russell yes the worst of the 9 players who have played significant minutes.

    (the best of all tho only in 18 games the no mas and much maligned t. booker).

    to me it was a huge shock and something entirely out of the norm not only for kenny to sit dlo. and beyond that when the dinwiide team was failing to score late. he pulled him for levert.

    it looked like he was actually coaching to win a game and not just do the rote minutes substitutions. which imo was way out of character. what it means or bodes for the future i dont know.

    btw there’s a whole bunch of cutesy lil short lin vids mostly based around the feeding the “less fortunate” incident which can be found on infinity88 tweets links in the right hand column here. someone with more tech savvy should bring them directly here.

    The Nets have 6 games left: Detroit, Philly, Milwaukee, Chicago (2), and Boston. so sayeth the lin-cyclopedia. how many of those will be nets wins? and will nets beat the pre season over under?

    last and not from notes below updated complete nets (currently with nets all players all game however few) points per shot

    top to bottom/ best to worst

    jeremy lin
    jarret allen
    joe harris
    t mozgov
    d carroll
    j okafor
    spencer dinwiddie
    sauce castillo
    caris levert
    i whitehead
    d cunningham
    allen crabbe
    d russell
    quincy acy

  196. C’mon, you don’t chastise a player that leads the team in scoring and 14 rebounds for a double double with 50% efficiency shooting as well as 3s.

  197. Yep. DeMarre is a Kenny fave as well. I think Marks may trade him though. At least with Lin’s injuries, Marks has to give him a chance next season, if only to raise his trade value.

  198. I think Harris stays but Dinwiddie goes if they can get a pick in the 28-35 range. Maybe if D-Lo or his agent asks for a trade, then Spencer stays to backup Jeremy. But right now, I think Marks will give Russell one more season to find his game next to Lin.

  199. I know it sounds crazy, but I would love to take Hassan Whiteside off their hands, attitude and all. He and Lin are both former D-Leaguers with something to prove and it would be LOB CITY every night with those two running the pick and roll. Jarrett Allen could be his understudy for a while.

    Whiteside’s value has plummeted due to his recent comments, which means he’s very gettable. And the fact remains that he’s an outstanding finisher, rebounder, and shot blocker. Also, Lin the Leader would be really good for his weak PnR defense and underused post-game.

  200. Lin with Allen is going to be fun to watch next season!

  201. Allen? I can’t wait to see Lin and Harris starting together! Harris is just as efficient as Lin and they’d be a great backcourt together!

  202. Was at the game. Russell is really the weak link. The lineup of dinwiddie, levert, harris, rhj, and crabbe is effective.

  203. Harris is good.

  204. Some Jarrett Allen highlights from today’s game …

  205. The second episode in the Sports Illustrated series on Jeremy has been released.

    As far as I can tell, it is not on YouTube. You can watch it on Sports Illustrated TV on Amazon, if you get a 7-day trial. See :

    In the second episonde: “Jeremy is rehabbing in preparation for a 2018-19 return, but he’s also staying busy with different ventures off the court. In Episode 2, Jeremy takes us behind the scenes of his other passions. Run time: 8 minutes. Release date: March 28, 2018”

  206. one of the best JLin’s cartoon I’ve seen 👍

  207. Today, Jeremy spoke on the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC). The event was sponsored by Athletes in Action, a non-profit Christian sports ministry.

    The tweet shown below is from Santa Ono, President and Vice Chancellor of UBC. FYI, the University’s sports teams are called the Thunderbirds (T-Birds).

  208. Not happening, the way Russell is benched and the fact they gave up a 1st round pick from the Cavs to keep Dinwiddie; he’s staying for the long run. Nets lose if they let a potential starting PG walk for free! With all those injuries they need Dinwiddie to make it to the playoffs.

    Nets will develop Russell from the bench and give Harris the start at SG with a fat contract! Russell can be their 6th man next season while developing the right habits. If he pouts they can just trade him or let him go.

  209. Whiteside would be an amazing defensive help though he can’t shoot 3s. I’d rather have Lopez back.

  210. I think Marks will trade any of the veterans, including Lin. But, if Lin really makes a difference next season, maybe he’ll be a Net the whole season. Marks’s track record so far is to trade vets for young names although he did bring in DMC and Cunningham.

  211. The game against Miami
    D’Angelo Russell 7 min 0-5 0-3 0-0 FTs 2 assists 2 TOs 0 points
    Spencer Dinwiddie 35 mins 4-12 3-7 1-2 FTs 12 assists 3 Steals 3 TOs 12 points

    The game against Detroit
    D’Angelo Russell 28 mins 5/15 3/11 0-0 FT 7 assists 2 steals 2 TOs 13 points
    Spencer Dinwiddie 12 mins 1/2 0/1 0-0 FT 1 assist 2 points

  212. JLin will try to get him the ball more often.

  213. Jeremy doing another drill, a few days ago …

  214. Jeremy doing a shooting drill, a few days ago …

  215. @JLin7 Monday Motivation
    IG: #NeverDon “You’re either IN or IN THE WAY! When it’s time to work, lock in 🔒
    Focus doesn’t mean anything if it fizzles or is inconsistent.
    Consistent focus brings daily progress.
    Sustained daily progress brings breakthrough!” #eyeofthetiger #getoutmyway #mondaymotivation

  216. Seems that JLin is the only PG in Nets that played defense.

  217. Next season
    Lin 30
    Spencer 25
    DLo 23
    I think DLo might be too expensive to keep and he is still a long project. Dinwiddie has already shown that he’s a real PG with little turnovers and size and power to defend opposition PGs. Din still needs a few seasons to reach the peak of his career.
    This summer is going to be crucial for both. Nets wants to keep Dinwiddie but is unwilling to give up on DLo so early.
    After another season, Nets will have make a choice between these two PGs when Din becomes an unrestricted free agent. Din will probably worth about $10M by then with his progress. Either one will be traded because it really doesn’t make sense to have two backup PGs at around $20M.
    Of course, I believe Lin will be a star like Nash with his rejuvenated body. Lin hasn’t been overused like PGs of his age. Linsanity will explode all out then.

  218. RHJ played big minutes with good stats. What’s wrong with +/-?
    If he can increase on his range in shots, he will almost be perfect and he played good defense and he’s versatile to play from 3 to 5.
    DLo however needs to improve on his shooting percentage and consistency in ball sharing to bring out the best of his teammates. His play style is in conflict with Atkinson’s offense and he’s expensive to keep.

  219. Russell is still a long project.
    Dinwiddie is on his way to be a starting PG. He just needs a few more seasons to work on his defense and his 3 point shooting. He could be a much better 3 point shooter.
    LeVert is somewhere in between and he should have reached his prime after his rookie contracts.

  220. Was in Vancouver for that event and uplifted by Jeremy’s speech
    For a guy who said his favourite hobbies are food, video games and hoops he can certainly touch everyone’s soul with his words
    How appropriate that it was Easter Sunday for that event

  221. Thanks very much for your comment, Dave. I’m glad Jeremy’s talk was inspiring.

  222. Hmm, any indication that it will eventually get on Youtube?

  223. Wonderful that you got the chance to attend the event!
    I guess it is a rare opportunity to see him in person, so far away from any NBA-team cities…..

  224. Thanks for the info and the update!

    So many fan videos and pics out on social media, it’s great to see that he still continues to inspire old and young alike!

    Here’s a you-tube vid of his testimonial, from Win Smile. (The sound is not the best, but his words are clear.)

  225. What a great find! Yes, one of the BEST! Quite a powerful message, with so few words.

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! #neverdone

  226. The first one was on You-tube, so I’m hoping this second one will be too.

    But, maybe not, if SI is trying to monetize it by partnering with Amazon. I refuse to add any more devices or apps.

  227. When JAllen gets up in the air to dunk, he’s really something else! That vertical and wingspan, wow!

    He has good instincts for blocking, and a soft touch with a hook shot that he should have the confidence to use more often.

    He just needs to work on adding strength without losing agility, learn to box-out better, and add a decent jumpshot. I agree he has a lot of potential.

  228. I bet you can’t wait until Lin is back next year, to see his games!

    Yup, I seriously enjoy watching all of these guys play! And with Lin back, it will be even more fun to watch them WIN! (Assuming Sean Marks keeps the team intact.)

    I’m still trying hard to give Russell every benefit of the doubt. He has offensive talent. But I just don’t see him playing with the same hustle, fire, intensity, or grit, as the rest of the team. Again, it could just be his “style” that I can’t appreciate. He just seems too nonchalant, too “cool”…

  229. The last two minutes report for the Miami-Nets game is out

    There are 3 INC (Incorrect No calls) disadvantaged against Nets.

    35.4 secs left shooting foul : RHH shows that Wade (MIA) grabs and pulls LeVert’s (BKN) jersey during his driving shot attempt (My remark: Wade has done this kind of things many times)
    24.5 secs left Personal Foul: RHH shows that Winslow (MIA) initiates contact with LeVert (BKN) and affects his SQB
    6.8 secs left Loose ball foul: RATR shows that Winslow (MIA) makes contact to Hollis-Jefferson’s (BKN) head during the rebound

    There is one IC (Incorrect call) disadvantaged against Heat.

    26.4 secs left: SLA show that Winslow (MIA) cleanly blocks Harris’ (BKN) driving shot attempt.

    The last second shot of Wade against DeMarre Carroll is a CNC (Correct No call)

    Comment: Carroll (BKN) maintains legal guarding position and makes incidental contact with Wade (MIA) that does not affect his drive to the basket or ability to follow through naturally during his shot attempt

  230. He is a Harvard graduate.

  231. Allen had made 109-139 FTs (78.4%) for the season so far!
    He is going to be a very good 3 point shooter if you let him do it more often.
    He is going to be a great modern NBA center。

  232. Joe Harris is playing lights out!

    Anyone else, the narrative would be that he had a breakout year, and the sky’s the limit. He has proven that he can play, regardless of opponent. (There is always room to improve, such as try not to foul as much.)

    His 30 point game was phenomenal, yet all the media talks about is how Lebron dunked on him in that game. RIDICULOUS!

    Meanwhile, Russell, who hasn’t improved by much, continues to get the hype, and the “face of the franchise” non-sense. Just because he was drafted number 2, and he is young? This is why I generally hate the NBA.

    Okay, rant over……

  233. “sauce Castillo” – Haha!

    I think definitely should get ONE more win (over Chicago). Maybe squeak out another over Chicago. Maybe another over Philly (because no Embiid)? Maybe another over Boston (because resting players)?

    I like that PPS stat too. Hoops Hype (from 2012) agrees with you!

  234. Sounds like he’s returning to NYC for good? Funny how it will coincide with the season ending?

    “Don’t ever judge anybody, because you could easily be in their shoes,” he said. “If I didn’t grow up with my parents … or I had a different set of circumstances, who’s to say anything would look any differently than anybody else’s story.”

    JLin is soooo right. He always stays so solid and grounded, maintaining the proper perspective.

  235. “The Nets is a much tougher team without DLo.” – Agreed.

    To me, Russell’s only real strength is that he is pretty good with passing ahead in transition. The rest of the scoring, I think the other guys on the team can score.

    Russell just doesn’t ever seem like he plays hard. Or with toughness. Definitely doesn’t defend like it. And other teams know it. Their guards always attack him, especially in pick-and-roll.

  236. Some current rookie stats, gathered by Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report, that feature Jarrett Allen …
    (via @AndrewDBailey on twitter)

  237. Could be because RHJ is on the court, a lot at the same time with Russell?

  238. Thanks for sharing…the sound was okay on my PC

  239. His agility looks good!…very promising indeed

  240. LOVED IT! Harris was so locked in and “LINTHEZONE” . 🙂

    Only thing is I still like LeVert. He makes some “dumb” mistakes, but I think he’s still learning and growing. He’s only in his first-one-and-a-half year.

  241. Normally I ignore these rankings that the sports “media” put out. Especially from ESPN, usually biased and “bandwagon”.

    Having said that. JLin DESERVES this recognition! He will always be a “game-changer”! My sincere hope is that he will get into the Hall of Fame, so that his contributions will be recorded, and not forgotten.

  242. Well said!!! “setting aside their ego”. That’s so key to playing team-ball. Accepting that Team Glory will lead to individual glory.

    I don’t know. I mean, at more mature ages, Melo and Harden couldn’t do it.

    For Lin’s sake, I’m hopeful that Russell can get there. But these “anointed” guys, glorified since so young, I’m doubtful. Especially Russell, he probably thinks he needs to make his own mark and build his “brand” first.

  243. Sarcasm and irony? Or being a troll? Can’t tell…….

  244. TOTALLY AGREE! Without deeper benches, all hope lies with the “superstars”. IMO, not a good recipe.

    Unfortunately, the NBA is all about the stars. All the hype, all the salaries and money go to the few, and not shared more with the rest of the team. They don’t really see it as a “team” sport.

    I hope very much for this to happen. But doubtful that JLin will get the opportunity to pad his stats enough to get in. But maybe by leading his team to multiple playoffs!!

  246. Haha. Cho has been fired. But I still blame Jordan, more than Cho.

  247. Thanks for posting. I have to say, it was so frenetic at the end there that I’m not surprised calls were missed.

    Still. L2M is just PR. It’s all such a stupid exercise in uselessness. L2M doesn’t change the outcome of the game. And it sure hasn’t helped the refs do a better job over-all.

  248. So, got to catch up on all the games.

    Also, Lin’s rehab progress is such FANTASTIC NEWS! Hope the summer goes by fast.

    And all his community activities. JLin sure has a lot of fans in Vancouver!

    Finally, caught up on all the GREAT posts by everybody here! Read them all! LOL.


  249. Oh that’s right! Thanks for the reminder about his free-throws. And even at the end of close games, he’s very calm and cool about making them!
    And yes, he made a great 3-pointer at the end of that Detroit game! Good looking shot!

  250. Whatever, once Nets seals the big contract with Harris and gives him the starting SG sport the talk about Russell will die done. Nets would be dumb to try to go cheap or keep Harris as a bench player because loads of team would want him as a starter and pay big bucks!

  251. Not sure but I want to see Harris handle the ball more often as well. The ball moves so swiftly like the Spurs when Harris initiate the plays! Harris setting up Lin and vice versa would be 100% deadly because their games are identical and just as efficient! Both can shoot 3s, get to the rim, and shoot off the ball without ball hogging or waste time dribbling like Russell and Dinwiddie!

    KA needs to spend time to teach Harris how to make plays and set up teammates. Then Lin would be free to play some SG minutes and look to shoot more! It’s not just about Lin setting teammates up but they need to do the same for him.

    I truly hope KA doesn’t waste the efficiency and abilities of Lin and Harris together as starters!

  252. Dinwiddie is more efficient and team oriented. One more season won’t change a player like Russell who is all out for his own glory at such a young age! He wants to be an all star, championship is not in his sights. Not to mention his defense and game isn’t anything to rave about. Guys like Harris are miles better than him as SG. Dinwiddie is a traditional PG that’s hard to come by nowadays! Russell can be easily replaced not to mention they still have Levert who is taller and still developing.

  253. Jeremy doing some shooting …

  254. woo that confidence. His shot looks great.

  255. This is from several days ago. It looks like Jeremy is working out with 180 lbs plus the bar.

    To me this looks like a strenuous exercise. I’d think his knee must be in pretty good shape.

  256. he wasn’t why they made him look likacrybaby

  257. I think it referred to the time immediately after JLin went down with the torn patellar tendon and screaming “I’m done” (for the game) in pain several times. But as always, he bounced back stronger than before.

    So it wasn’t bad. It just shows JLin’s strength to overcome adversity once again. The guy is certainly inspiring in how to never give up.

  258. Very inspiring indeed for us to continue to persevere like JLin!

  259. I just finished watching both SI TV episodes on “The Life of Lin” and am excited to hear how Lin sets his goal to be like Steve Nash when he returns in Oct 2018 🏀🙏

    “With Nash, he won both his MVPs after he turned 30
    Like when he was at the age of 35-36, he was really, really good.
    And that’s kind of the goal for me.”

  260. I would prefer Lin to stay in Vancouver to have the full advantage of rehab. He’s making good progress there and he should stay there as long as possible. That’s how Nash rehab and that is what Lin should do. Stay where you’re making good progress until the training camp rather than taking a risk with Nets’ development team and health performance team. Recently we are told Nets has just released their famous trainer for the team. Before the team acquires another trainer, Lin should take no risk at this stage of his career.

  261. Small news item that may have bigger meaning: the Nets’ trainer “left the team” after 2 years. No mention of anything personal going on.

    I think this may have something to do with Lin and the abundance of Nets injuries in general. Jeremy apparently had disagreements with the front office on how to handle his rehab — he ended up doing his own thing in Vancouver instead of going with the Nets staff.

    Now, with Lin looking stronger than ever, the Nets may have realized their mistake. Jeremy has the cash and connections to hire his own dream team of experts. That’s who he should trust going forward.

  262. In addition to Nash, lots of guys are hitting their prime in their 30s.

    Lou Williams is having by far his best year at age 31. Dragic made his first All-Star team at age 31 (going on 32). Kyle Lowry’s prime started at age 29.

    Got no doubt that Lin has the skill & smarts to do the same. Only question is whether his body will hold up. He looks stronger than ever, but I don’t want to jinx him.

  263. Jeremy just posted this photo of himself after a “7 hour rehab day” in Vancouver. Working with the Fortius staff seems to agree with him.

  264. Here is a photo of Jeremy speaking at the War Memorial Gym, University of British Columbia. He’s in white, near center court (look for the arrow). Reports put the crowd at somewhere around 2,500.

  265. Only 1 trainer fired? What about the newly hired head of the training staff? So glad Lin took it upon himself to use Nash’s connection to get help from Fortius. His knees, and shooting looks better than ever! He should stick with them for rest of his career that I agree with!

  266. Fortius helped rebuild Nash before his MVPs. They will do the same for Lin. After that most players will be running to Fortius for help!

  267. That’s exactly who left — the head trainer Lloyd Beckett.

    “Beckett was elevated to the top job by Sean Marks two years ago…”

  268. The head trainer Lloyd Beckett must be responsible for the horrible rate of injury for Nets players. Sean Marks hired him and promoted him to head the trainers. The injuries have hurt Nets more than many teams since this man was promoted. Lin has never had a history of hamstring injury before he came to Nets. At last, Sean Marks makes a right decision to correct the wrongs.

  269. Tim Walsh was the head trainer for Nets before Lloyd Beckett. He has a better record of successes better than his successor.

  270. Lin can do it!

  271. Like his shots…looks great!

  272. Don they set up daily routines and indexes for Lin to follow up after Lin goes back to NY? I think they do….

  273. A New Hope (cue Star Wars theme…)

  274. Sounds like a good news to me….regardless of how good he really is, the Nets need more luck and a new face of that department

  275. Personal training beats impersonal daily routines. If special equipment is needed, Nets may not have it.

  276. It does help refs to give a better effort in the last minutes.

  277. Not mean to hurt you, JayChou! Seems Lin could have sunk 22 easily.

  278. Seems that Nets would be more likely to land a PF in the upcoming NBA draft this year.

  279. You’re right. Many players can hit their prime after 30s.

    I think this Fortius program to rebuild his body holds a lot of promise because of how well it worked for Nash that he can play until 39. But then again Lin’s attacking style is more physical than Nash’s.

    For now, he’s ahead of the rehab schedule and looks very confident. Can’t wait to see the results in Oct 2018!

    Only 6 more months 🙂

  280. Kyrie Irving undergoes knee surgery. Recovery will take 4 – 6 months …

  281. Can you believe it?
    Only 6 more months to go before the 7eturn!

    I want to see the Harvard-Lin version dunking 🙂

  282. I thought JLin could have been “in his prime” his second season at Houston. He was “in his prime” at LA where he was terribly mistreated by the Lakers and I, for that reason will not watch the Lakers anymore (I am in SoCal). For sure he was “in his prime” at Charlotte where again he was mistreated (at Charlotte’s expense) for whatever reason but during his few moments to shine, did so and brightly. Now the injuries, another hurdle to overcome, but maybe, assuming his physical problems are not chronic, the biggest problem will be his having missed so many games “in his prime”. I would not be surprised to find that it takes fully 1/2 of next season to get back into playing shape mentally. But once that happens, if there is at least some decent talent on the Nets, then I think JLin will be the JLin of old and lead the team into unpredicted success.

  283. Yeah, sometimes you just have to trust age and experience instead of the hip, new, trendy guy. At least Lin is taking matters into his own hands now.

  284. The Nets won tonight!……Nets ( 119 ) vs Bucks (111)..

  285. Good win for Atkinson.

  286. Mike D’ Antoni’s interview after Linsanity vs Lakers. Reminder of how a great coach can appreciate his skills. He’s a better player today than he was back then even though he hasn’t really had the chance to shine yet, but there has been enough glimpses with Lin healthy and he’s looking even more agile. What I’m noticing is his footwork and body alignment while training and moving. His shot is looking the best that I’ve ever seen. Nash’s crew is doing an amazing job rehabilitating him, not just his body but his basketball skills too.

  287. There goes the Celtics vs Cavs hype. Such a bad season for the league. Another GSW vs Cavs finals again except Cavs are worst than last year.

  288. Well good thing Fortius is both hip and experienced. They are definitely better than any training staff in the league! Rebuilding all of Lin’s muscles and correcting his bad habits and movements.
    There’s no reason why Lin should ever use anyone else but Fortius ever again!

    Just look at Lin’s 3 point shooting and consistency, never seen him this confident with his 3s before!

  289. I also had my doubts about the special forces type team of “experts”. Even when they were hired, I had my doubts of how inexperienced they’d be to deal with repetitive injuries that stress the body. Just as there is different training for power vs endurance. A NBA body is built to be resilient first with longer reps of lighter weights to slowly build up strength while maintaining long muscles. Golfers and tennis players have very different types of endurance and strength training methods than a nose guard in football. The reverse must be true for rehab.

  290. Here is a nice article on Mike and Laurel D’Antoni by Chris Baldwin, a longtime supporter of Jeremy.

  291. As of yesterday, Jeremy was still in Vancouver working hard.

    One thing that strikes me about his time in Vancouver is that he’s got his confidence and swagger back.

  292. DLo almost blew it this game.
    DLo could make some incredible shots one on one but that stopped the ball movement. He is having this bad habit. This team has the best 3 point shooters in Allen Crabbe and Joe Harris. DLo ‘s 3 point shooting % is not even close. He tends to do it too often. Man, the thing about this DLo is his shots are inconsistent. He should pass his shots for better shots; once in a while he did pass up his shots in this game. That’s how Crabbe got his goings in this game. That is how this game was won.
    Again, DLo is the reason for lots of bad things because he was trying to dominate the game too much; not a PG should do.

  293. That is how Lin gets back in shape so fast. The is no setback! Lin has to stay away from Brooklyn to get his rehab done perfectly..This trainer sucks.

  294. As I am also “rehabbing” from 1.5 long No-Lin NBA season, I will get into mid season form with Lin next season! 6 mo is nothing! LOL

  295. and now for something completely different:

    my 10 favorite players:

    1. the joker
    2. curry
    3. lin
    4. durant
    5. a.d.
    6. boban
    7. toronto turban guy (not actually a player)
    8.sarah kustok (not actually a player
    9. lauri markkanen
    10.neil funk (not actually a player)

    who are yours?

  296. Lin
    Joe Harris
    Allen Crabbe
    Jarrett Allen
    Fred VanVleet
    Manu Ginobili
    L Nance Jr.
    Kemba Walker

  297. I didn’t see the game. D’Angelo took 16 shots total? How many minutes did he play? Because 16 shots is about ideal. But it all depends on when he took the shots and if he didn’t balance it out by involving other players.

  298. The knee surgery and rehab definitely rejuvenated his body. Those trainers know what needs to be done for Lin to have better shooting for sure!

    Also it looks like he’s loss a lot of body mass and muscles.

  299. He looks lean and the right muscle mass for his size to maximize his athleticism. Come on Lin, you need to start putting down some dunks again next year.

  300. DLO played 29 minutes 0-1 FT 9-16 FG 4-10 3P 1 Reb 5 Assists 22 points
    HIS game is not what I call team basketball. He seldom gets fouled. Look at his teammates:
    RHJ 37 mins 8-8 FTs 3-6 FG 0-1 3P 11 Reb 5 assists 14 points.
    Joe Harris 29 mins 2-2 FTs 6-8 FG 3-5 3P 4 Rebs 6 Assists 17 points.
    Allen Crabbe 30 mins 4-5 FTs 8-14 FG 5-10 3P 7 Reb 1 Assist 25 points.

  301. I still like Batman better…lol

  302. He’s definable trying to do better but still gets tunnel vision when pressures on. Atkinson has him on a good process and has flipped a switch in his head.
    Will Lin put in the finishing touches? I hope so. Lin also needs a strong partner to draw attention away from him as well. 2 years into the rebuild, the Nets have great assets that is attractive to acquire better pieces. I’m really impressed with how Atkinson has made such an impact on the all the guys. Dinwiddie and Harris are one step away from being a starter on another team. IMO, Nets need them both as a tandem shift of two powerful lines. Break away from the 3 star system and have a 6 star system instead and they can go really far.

  303. It’s interesting to see Melo playing with Westbrook now. Melo has kicked out MDA. He also got rid of Phil Jackson from the Knicks. What’s left for Melo’s team didn’t worth anything except what’s left of Phil’s draft choice, the 4th pick, Porzingis.
    Now in this new team, Melo could be wide open but he will have to watch Westbrook taking the contested 3s at the end of the game and missing. Melo has been so devastating to Knicks as Westbrook also hurting the Thunder’s chance to be an elite team. There are some players that I really don’t like and Melo should be on the top of my list.

  304. I agree with you about 2 lines. I always wanted to think of basketball as 2 units, not starters and “backups” or “reserves.” Guys that play every game significant minutes are rotational players. I hope the NBA one day redefines itself to more stars and talk of the contributions all make more than the focus on 1 or 2 main stars or possible 3 stars and then the backups or 6th man stuff.

    I definitely get that D’Angelo develops tunnel vision and if he does it late in the game, he’s bound to force shots and then make costly turnovers. And not trusting teammates, sometimes to handle the ball as well as take shots, doesn’t develop a full-team confidence. Will he learn that? KA can only give him the chances a young player deserves and take the temperature of his progress along the way. I think KA is doing that just fine.

  305. RHJ works inside a lot and he’s very good at getting to the FT line and knocking down the FTs. He’s a crucial part of the Nets offense. His rebounding is also impressive. Solid player

    Harris is also solid, his stats are always good.

    Crabbe seems to have a clutch gene. He’s improving defensively and he can save a game hitting late 3s. He should be a go-to guy for shots late in games, especially if he establishes a rhythm.

    D’Angelo doesn’t play “downhill” much. He uses craftiness to get to the rim. KA will try to get the best game out of him and get his basketball IQ up. He has to play through mistakes and they’ll keep evaluating him.

  306. Houston is ideal for DLo. Brooklyn’s moving offense isn’t and vice versa.

  307. Russell is neither the PG nor SG the Nets need. If Harris does get a fat contract which he should, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be the starting SG alongside Lin! Even Dinwiddie deserves the start more than Russell.

  308. Hes the worst…

  309. Another huge win for the Nets (124) vs Bulls (96). Sean Kilpatrick was the highest scorer for the Bulls..(20 points)! Many compliments for the Nets by the Bull’s announcers.

    2 more games left….4/9 (vs Chicago at 7:30) and 4/11 at Boston: 8pm

  310. The thing I fear is that Dlo gets empowered to develop into a Walker type “star”.

    What I’ve seen though is Atkinson being firm with him and making him pay for getting out of line…so that means he’s on a leash. It may not be short enough for us fans but it has been effective RECENTLY to get him to play more as a team player.

    Having worked with kids, I never just look at what they are doing but how much they are trying to do what you’ve tried to get them to do. When they fail, I don’t just look at the failure alone and also praise for the effort to change. This is why Atkinson is heads above other coaches. He recognizes the process and accepts the pitfalls along the way as a necessary part of the process. Bad coaches will jump on kids for it and take away the incentives to stick to the process. Good coaches reenforces the positives and enables the good vibes to be positive even though they’ve stumbled.

    Dlo is far from even close to a team player but at the same time negative reenforcement will take away from any further incentive for Dlo to change. Atkinson doesn’t seem to dwell so much on the failures and praise for the small steps Dlo is making to become a good teammate. It is for this reason that I am still holding out hope for Dlo to be a valuable part of the Nets.

  311. That’s why they deserve each other! Both Westbrook and Melo are selfish players who will never win a ring and be forgotten by the end of their careers.

  312. Omri Casspi waived by Golden State.

  313. Was very happy for Casspi when he signed with GSW. He was contributing well for them, especially earlier in the season when Durant was hurt. Now, because he’s “only a role player”, and himself injured. And GSW needs healthy roster for the playoffs.

    Sad for Casspi. A reminder that the NBA is brutal “what have you done for me lately” business.

    Hope he will recover and find another team. If GSW wins the championship, maybe they will give him a ring anyway?

  314. GREAT TEAM WIN! I love these games where the Nets play as a team. The unselfish sharing of the ball, balanced with feeding the hot hands. Lots of ball movement and player movement. So much more fun to watch!

    Yes, nice to see a couple of old friends! Omer Asik is back with Chicago too. Played more minutes than Mozgov did! LOL.

    Glad that Kilpatrick got a contract with Chicago. Hope he gets to stick there. (Felt bad when the Nets traded him. He can definitely score, but can see where his ability to pass, and defense, still needs work. Sounds like another player we know…..)

    I think one of the comments by Stacey King was “they look like a team that should be in the playoffs…you see the way this team is playing, the way they move the basketball…they’re playing for pride”. I totally agree! (Even though King was NOT a fan of Lin.)

    2 more games to get 2 more wins! Go Nets!

  315. I have to confess that there are MANY players that I really don’t like. Especially a lot of the so-called stars. Melo and Westbrook are certainly on the top of my list too.

    Just don’t like their selfish styles-of-play, and the entitled attitudes.

    That’s the big reason why I’m watching the NBA only because of Lin. LOL.

  316. Agree they deserve each other, and probably will never win a ring, unless towards end of their careers.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think they will be forgotten. There is narrative out there already, that Melo may even get into the Hall of Fame. Ugh….

  317. ONE of the worst…I have a few more names to add….but I will try to be “nice” for now…..

  318. WHAAAAAT???? Lin is NOT number one? What the???? Time to be banned?!

    JUST KIDDING! Just surprised that’s all…..

  319. Hahaha. Brent is definitely back!

  320. Agree with this! “Lin also needs a strong partner to draw attention away from him as well.” If Crabbe, Harris, and LeVert get even better, I believe they can do it. And even Dinwiddie too.

    Also agree with this! “Break away from the 3 star system and have a 6 star system instead”. TEAM efforts should be recognized and applauded. Last time I looked, it’s supposed to be a team sport.

    While it’s true that there are differences in talent, why should only 2 or 3 “stars” get all the glory, and all the power, and all the money?

    MJ would not have won without John Paxson and Steve Kerr. Lebron would not have won without Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving. Kobe would not have won without Robert Horry. I could go on and on…….

  321. Seeing Lin rehabbing so well, and progressing so far, is “music” to my eyes!
    Looking forward so much to seeing Lin back on the court!
    (But trying to temper expectations too….)

  322. A FANTASTIC BOUNCE BACK GAME! And on the road, against a playoff team! ANOTHER GREAT TEAM WIN! I didn’t think they could do it after that horrible loss vs 76ers.

    Some efficient and outstanding stat lines! Jarrett Allen with FIVE blocks! Joe Harris 17/6/4, with a +24 (haha) in 29 mins! Allen Crabbe, 25 pts/7 rebs, great shooting night with 5 of 10 three-pointers.

    Really enjoyed watching this game! Wish the Nets could play like this more consistently. Hope it carries over into next season when Lin is back!

  323. Still haven’t seen Episode 2 yet. Don’t want to sign up with SI TV or with Amazon. From what I can tell, it’s only about 8 minutes long. Why not just put it out on You-tube? Boooo to Sports Illustrated.

    Hope it will show up somewhere else later…..! 🙂

  324. He does look very strong to handle this……but, I have to admit I was nervous watching him work out like this……

  325. Vey smooth shot-release! He made it look easy!

  326. It’s nice of you to give them the benefit of this better effort. Sorry, but I can’t. Not that it’s necessarily easy to make calls in a fast moving game. Still, I don’t see them doing such a great job.

  327. Wow! 36 assists is almost GSW like, lol. What I’ve seen from highlights from past few games is how good their motion offence is now. When guys move and picks are set, it’s easy to rain 3s.

  328. It was so much fun to view Nets’ games recently….Today’s Washington Post has the Nets’ power ranking as 24. I am looking forward to the next season with Jeremy Lin!

  329. Jeremy leaving Vancouver ….

  330. Is he coming back to Brooklyn for a few days? Best of the wishes to him…

  331. do you think him being smaller will make his faster like he was during his knick days?

  332. similar to the spurs situation with kawhi leonard

  333. nadal is also an example.. he used to be a lot bigger, but also slimmed down because it was too much on his knees

  334. Yes, he’s returning to New York. Don’t know for how long.

  335. Jeremy’s workout videos for Mar 31 – Apr 5 (from Popo Chung)

  336. ..

  337. Jeremy inducted into Peninsula Hall of Fame. Peter Diepenbrock and Jeremy’s father accept the aware. Right near the end of the video Diepenbrock talks about Jeremy’s ability “to rise to whatever situation he’s in” (i.e. to be a clutch player).


  338. what is this peninsula hall of fame????

  339. The Peninsula Hall of Fame, has been around for about 30 years, and is located at the San Mateo County History Museum in Redwood City, close to San Francisco. Recently, the Hall of Fame banquet has been presented by the San Mateo County / Silicon Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau. See : .

    From Wikipedia : The San Francisco Peninsula is a peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area that separates San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. On its northern tip is the City and County of San Francisco. Its southern base is in northern Santa Clara County, including the cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View and Los Altos. Most of the Peninsula is occupied by San Mateo County. … . In local jargon, “The Peninsula” does not include the city of San Francisco.

  340. Not the same as being part of the finals and playoffs. :/ Nets should sign Casspi if he’s healthy after surgery this off season.

  341. Still doesn’t mean anything without the rings. People will only remember the championship winners.

  342. I always wonder what is the reason that Nets has had so many the back court. Foye also had hamstring problem 2016-17 season. Finally Lin goes to Vancouver for rehab and it dawns on me that Lin knows something that we don’t. For his 2 seasons with the Nets, he has had too many injuries and resting certainly didn’t help him rehab. Lin seems to be doing pretty well in Canada in his rehab now than ever.

    Not until Nets athletic trainer left the team, I began to understand Lin’s move to Canada for rehab. He has to do it for his best interest. Jeremy has never had so many injures in NBA before coming to Brooklyn. Let’s hope the team will be more healthy next season than in the past.

  343. Nets has an entire training staff of newbies after firing the old team. It’s unlikely they will improve unless they hire someone directly from Fortius to be the head and retrain everyone!

  344. Sean Marks has the off season to figure this one out. It’s all his to rebuild. The lessons to him may not be enough if he couldn’t right his wrong. The team may go downhill with his investments falling like dominoes.

  345. Diepenbrock officially steps down as Paly boys hoops coach
    He will remain as the physical education at Palo Alto though.

  346. Jeremy talks about his time in Vancouver (posted 2 hr ago on Instagram) …

    “I just experienced the biggest setback of my life and knew I needed to isolate myself away from everything that made me comfortable to focus on a full body rebuild. @physio.ryan @dankenzie and I spent all those long, rainy days for the last 6 months tucked away in a Vancouver suburb obsessing over the finest details chasing the ghost of perfection. @fortiuscentre collaborating with the @brooklynnets to build an innovative program that would push my limits as my body would allow. And now I’m moving back to Brooklyn to finish what I started. Next season couldn’t come sooner!!”

  347. The Bulls didn’t play Markkanen and Robin Lopez.

  348. what’s wrong with those nets athletic trainer

  349. Sean Marks made a change 2 years ago to appoint his own athletic trainer but now he’s gone. It’s for him to know and not for us to guess. One thing I’m sure is Lin will have learned enough when the season begins and he won’t be affected much again.

  350. ah hah.. see, it’s the person who does the work (nba players) who knows what is good.. not the upper businessman or consultants who just graduated from college. (anderson consultants is what they called in the past). The same goes for all corps.. upper management thinks they know it all..but it’s the workers who really knows…even though I’m sorta in between in terms of title.

  351. Sean Marks brought in 3 players in the off season; DeMarre, DLo and Crabbe.

    The major investment is DLo. However Dinwiddie emerges as a very good PG prospect; in fact, a very good alternative to DLo, so good that Nets refused to trade him for a first round draft choice. Next season is going to be his last years of his contract. A decision has to make whether he will be someone bigger for the team.

    Crabbe costs $19M/season; one of the highest paid on the team. Then Joe Harris emerges as someone that can take a bigger role, a winger that most teams has sought after. All eyes are on him in the off season. In fact he is given longer minutes than Crabbe if not the bigger role.

    It is a blessing that the team has come up with equals for Sean’s expensive additions. Now it’s the GM’s decision if he will keep them all on the team. Harris and Din aren’t going to be cheap players anymore.
    They are going to be at the age of 26 when their contracts expire.

    Harris has shown that he can play with anyone. Dinwiddie and DLo don’t seem to mix well when they were on the court at the same time. Next season is going to be a real test for Sean Marks culture building. Anyway it’s still a pleasant surprise for the team because it has the luxury to choose players. In the past, the team didn’t even have these kind of choices.

    Next season Nets has JLin (age 30), Din (age 26), DLo (age 22) and LeVert (age 23) on the back court. Will Atkinson still use his moving offense? The catch is JLin, Din and LeVert won’t have a problem with the fast pace of his game but how is he going to deal with DLo when he is dribbling for his shots more than passing and sharing.

  352. Lin knows not to count on the upper businessman. It’s his career and his body and he seems to make a good choice, apparently better than the team has for him.

  353. Hey Y’All! For those are are on Twitter. (I’m not….)

    PLEASE RETWEET, and show fan SUPPORT for JLIN!!! And win his signed jersey as a bonus!

  354. I agree that Russell hasn’t shown enough that he fits in this system. But he’s finally, in the last few games at least, showing more effort. I have been trying to give him benefit of doubt, but I’m not sold yet. Recently, I’ve been thinking that Marks may not be as committed to Russell as I thought earlier in the season. Just my take.

    I disagree about Crabbe. He should not be replaced by Harris.
    I’m a Harris fan. But Crabbe has also improved in finding his spot to shoot. When his shot isn’t falling, he still plays aggressive defense. He rebounds, blocks shots. Unselfish, willing to pass.

    I think BOTH Crabbe and Harris are great contributors to this team, and are needed. They are BOTH excellent perimeter shooters, and can drive and cut. IMO, neither are easily replaceable. JLin will play great with both of them.

    I hope Sean Marks will find a way to pay Harris. He will definitely have tough decisions to make this year, and next. Hopefully, Joe Tsai will be able to add input!

  355. JLIN is looking amazing! Can’t believe that he is moving sooooo smoothly with the ball. And so soon!

    Seriously, can’t ever count him out. But, don’t want to jinx any of it. So, going to hold my breath until next season. Maybe for the entire season. 🙂


  356. The Nets are 6 and 5 in their last 11 games.

    You are right that 4 of those wins were against “tanking” teams. But at least it’s better than losing to them. LOL.

    The loss to the Pistons were on second night of back to back, after OT on the road against Miami. So, not an unexpected loss. The only truly ugly game was that loss at home vs 76ers, without Embiid or Saric.

    But, I think the Nets should get credit for two great wins against Miami and Milwaukee, both in the playoffs.

    Looking at the BRIGHT SIDE, even though it’s against weaker opponents. For these recent wins, the NETS played as hard as ever. They were playing as a TEAM. Sharing the ball, finding open teammates for better shots. Which helped with better shooting. They have been playing better defense, which allowed them to get easier baskets in transition.

    I hope they will do the same for these last 2 games. Let’s enjoy and look forward to these improvements carrying over into next season!

    And good to see the Nets getting some respect.

  358. SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH NOW, with passing the ball, cutting to the rim, playing defense, sharing as a team!

    And Atkinson agrees with you. When media asked him about the 24 three’s, he said he’d rather look at the 36 assists!

    (The win was more important. But I have to say, I was slightly disappointed they didn’t end up overtaking the Cavs in the 3’s. Oh well.)

  359. Lin becomes leaner and smoother in his motion. I say he will be more agile and explosive when the training camp begins with all those trainings behind him. He is so much at ease now. Taking his game to the next level will be what I expect.

  360. Thanks for the video!

    It’s always good for JLin to get recognition for his accomplishments.

    But this was disappointing. Good thing JLin couldn’t attend in person. Waste of time? It seems to be a purely self-serving “award”, in order to promote commerce, and maybe tourism for the region. The woman spoke longer than the recipients were “allowed” to.

    There were no videos of the recipients’ accomplishments. Just some half-baked stories from the sports guy. And they got Linsanity starting in 2012 with the Warriors. Seriously? Meh…..

    Good to see Papa Lin and Peter D though!

  361. Thanks for link.

    It’s a shame that PD’s teams have gotten close, but were not able to replicate the success with JLin’s team. In his appearance at the ceremony, he admits as much, that no other player had the impact that JLin had.

    Good for PD though. Focus on his young son instead. Sometimes, it’s just time to move on.

  362. I like Crabbe a lot now. He’s just overpaid. But, I agree with your observations about him.

  363. wooohooo!

  364. JLIN AT THE GAME! Wearing his black-and-white Nets “uniform”.
    Really good to see him with this teammates.

  365. League Pass just showed a Nets fan who nominated his mother to win a car, and she won! And they gave her a Lin jersey to wear. NIIIIICE on all counts!

  366. Good! LOL.

    I generally don’t watch the $ and/or cap much. As long as the player is producing and helping the team win.

    Crabbe is having quite a birthday party tonight! When he gets going, he can’t miss!

  367. Don’t like what I’m seeing from Russell. Back to showboating. Crabbe is red hot yet Russell keeps chucking it. Just trying to score, assists mainly through pick and roll only. Not trying to set up teammates at all. RHJ & Allen only had 4 shot attempts each.

    Dinwiddie is not doing much better, at least when next to Russell. I’m disappointed.

    Without Harris and LeVert, the bench looks pretty weak. Acy and Cunningham not getting touches at all on offensive end.

    Milton Doyle doesn’t look too good.

    Defense looks terrible!

    Come on, let’s not waste Crabbe’s points!

  368. Dinwiddie much improved these last few possessions. Driving the ball, finding teammates.
    More hustle on defense, especially Acy. Much better ball movement!

  369. Lol

  370. That was cool.

  371. Allen Crabbe, on his birthday, 41 POINTS! Efficient as heck! 12 of 15, 9 FTs. (Only he and Dinwiddie got to the foul line.) 5 rebounds, 4 assists. Great Game from him!

    I was worried, with all the turnovers, and Russell hogging the ball. 21 points on 21 shots, ugh! 11 assists is good. 5 turnovers is not. But I guess I’ll give him a pass tonight, since they needed scoring without Harris & LeVert.

    Glad the Nets got away with the win! Final game at home this season, glad for the fans who showed up.

  372. JLin was part of autograph session with the team at the end! (I still remember last season’s last game at home, also with a win over the Bulls. Seems like just yesterday.)

  373. These progress reports are great! Keeping the fans updated.

  374. OT – the Hornets just hired Mitch Kupchak as GM AND AS PRESIDENT. Really, MJ couldn’t find ANYONE else? LOL.

    The NBA is such a small world. Dwight Howard meets his old nemesis again. His contract with Hornets is up next year. Oh the irony!

  375. Is it next season yet? doh. This team is going to be good next year with Lin leading the Nets!

  376. Lin’s looking better and better. Hallelujah!

  377. JLin has added another Lin fan to his charitable causes. (Also from March 2018).

    “626fabianToday I got to tag along with the @onedayswages team. We met @jlin7 whose kindness and humility are impressive and humbling. What a person of character and faith! Do our world a favor and check out @onedayswages to get involved in fighting global poverty today!”

  378. Anyone want to tell me the NBA isn’t rigged?

    OKC played terrible all year. But in last three games of season, beat Houston and Miami, to squeak into the playoffs.

    And what are the odds that the two teams (Nuggets & Timberwolves) fighting for the last playoff spot, end up playing each other in the last game? Hmmmmm……

  379. Don’t think this has been posted yet. Always heartwarming to see little kids inspired to do good!

  380. Okay, follow @infinity88 twitter time-line to check out all the pics of friends and fans. JLIN finally home to Brooklyn. Wow, what an event!

  381. SHEESH! A young Dinwiddie fan asking JLin a touchy, not-so-nice, question about JLin being 6th man next year. I know he’s young, but, still kinda rude, no?

    But GREAT ANSWER from JLin: “As a main, main guy….that’s what I came here to do, that’s what they want me to do….as long as my body holds up and I’m healthy….we’ll make up for lost time….”

    GO JLIN!

  382. From JLin’s instagram:

    jlin7 “Back home!!! Awesome night watching @allencrabbe drop 41 and the squaddd getting 3 straight dubs!! #werepBKN #dragonvibes #fanappreciationnight”

  383. Some Nets highlights from the game tonight. Jeremy is sitting at the left end of the bench.

  384. Everytime Russell is PG it seems like the only player sets up is Crabbe who used to be on the samecollege team as him. Russell should not be PG at all because it just turns the team into a teo man game of Russell and Crabbe. No coincidence that Crabbe got so many points. He had the hot hand yes but Russell only feeds him the ball.

  385. A little kid already acting like a hater great. So disrespectful. :/

  386. Crabbe is only a spot up shooter while Harris is an all around player just like Lin! He can shoot 3s, get to the rim, defend, and playmake! When Crabbe’s shots doesn’t fall he just disappears!

    Harris should be the one to start at SG.

  387. Thanks! Fun and enjoyable highlights! It was at least an entertaining game. A win is a win!

    There were still some good unselfish passes! And good ball movement in some stretches.

    But defense and turnovers still need improvement. Even with Crabbe’s scoring, the Nets were pretty much just trading baskets with the Bulls. The Bulls shot 48% vs Nets 50%. (The 3 Pt % was exactly the same for both teams, at 43%.) Until about two mins left. when JAllen got dunk off Russell. Then finally managed to put the win away.

  388. Not sure what you mean about the same college team? For the record, Russell was a one-and-done from Ohio State. And Crabbe played 3 years at Cal (UC-Berkeley.

    I don’t have a problem with Crabbe getting shots. They were good open shots, off screens set for him, and off bad defense by the Bulls. He had the hot hand and SHOULD get fed. If anything, I think he could have gotten more attemtpts. During a time-out, YES network even showed Atkinson telling Crabbe to shoot more.

    I don’t disagree about Russell. But, it is what it is. Right now, Atkinson is running the offense through Russell. His usage tonight was at 33%! The nearest next player was Crabbe at 27%.

    So, unfortunately, Russell is controlling the plays. And still chucking some bad shots. He had 21 FGAs compared to 15 for Crabbe. As usual, he’s scoring a lot of points, but gives up a lot too. Against better defense, they might not have won tonight.

  389. Well, I don’t want to pick on him too much since he is a kid. But Lin was definitely taken by surprise. So, yeah, seems disrespectful to me too. Not too cool. Hopefully, he didn’t mean it that way.

    Anyway, I posted this because of Lin’s reply. Brian Lewis (NY Post) also reported what Lin said, based on this video. (The media was not invited to this Q&A.)

    I too hope that the FO is supporting Lin fully.

  390. I agree about Harris. After Lin, he’s our guy!

    But I have to disagree about Crabbe. When his outside shots don’t fall, he can also get to the rim by driving. Maybe not as frequently as Harris, but he still has the ability. He also makes cuts and curls to the basket. I don’t think he disappears. He’s good at running back on transition defense. Definitely contributes on the defensive end too, with rebounds blocks.

    But I can see where Crabbe could be SF, and do the same thing.

  391. This is a telling game. Crabbe and DLo are the acquisitions for this season. They look good now when Nets plays against a team which isn’t keen on winning. Yes DLo takes almost one out of every 4 shots that the team does.

    While the team is shooting 50% (FG%) and 42.9% (3P%), DLo is shooting 42.9% (FG%) and 25% (3P%). DLo doesn’t have any free throw for this game. Heck, let him shoot.

    RHJ took 5 shots. Jarrett Allen took 5 shots. Allen played 28 minutes. RHJ played 32 minutes. Crabbe got 34 minutes while DLo played 36 minutes. I’m not buying this game. This game has no bearing with the team’s effectiveness.

    I’m sure DLo enjoyed this game that he could take 21 shots and scored 21 points.

  392. Those fans are so ignorant. DIn has never played in the same level that Lin has played; not even close. Din is a prospect but Lin is real and has played at a level that changed games. Din has size but he’s not an explosive player. Have I even seen him drawn double-teamed? In close games. both Din and DLo have better teammates but they don’t win more games.

  393. Assists by passing to a wide open teammate for 3s doesn’t seem to be much a challenge to me. Din’s assists seem to be more challenging.

  394. Rigged! A phony league of basketball. Give the game ball to the refs.

  395. The level of competition isn’t much to watch.

  396. Lin has to play so much better to get the credit.

  397. Which player can perform well at high level of competition?

  398. Neither DLo and Dinwiddie has played in high level of competition? Lin on the contrary has taken significant roles in playoff games. Lin of course should be the main guy for the team if Sean Marks and Atkinson do not plan to tank the next season from the beginning.

  399. I don’t think Lin should be solely responsible for his injuries here. He hasn’t had hamstring problems before. The problem of his knees happened without a sign. How about the athletic trainer? Why did Nets release him?

  400. If I remember correctly announcer said Russell and Crabbe used to be on the same team.

  401. Brooklyn Nets pick watch:
    Allen Crabbe’s career-high 41 sink Cavs’ lottery odd

  402. why you mentioning this.. where does it say that lin is not da main guy.

  403. why posted it.. you know it might go viral and then ppl will label him as 6moy.. or haters will say kid knows. blah.

    don’t feed it.

  404. Haters. They won’t quit.

  405. man you guys seem to keep hating on dlo. like linhaters hating on linna.

  406. I think linthezone has been fair to D’Angelo.

  407. I like how they paced and spread the floor!….hope they carry it over and improve on next season

  408. pretty much all the sport in the world are rigged…basketball is no different

  409. looks like his body fat really low now….6 months to go…i know he can be ready….but being game ready might need some run-ins hopefully 10games down the road he could be near to where he wants to be

  410. Thanks for sharing…solid credit from the Coach!!!

  411. Lin was so animated! Each time his teammates scored, he celebrated in lively fashion. 🙂

  412. Bulls was in the game until the last minutes. This is not a winning effort from them with players like that on the court.

  413. If you look for hate, you’ll find it. Lin seems very happy and confident IMO. He calls his own shots and gets what he wants. He’s got Atkinson’s ear and he has the soon to be owner’s faith as well. There’s no need to dig in the shadows for monsters just because you can.

  414. Howard has to take a significant pay cut because he is no longer dominant in the paint and his 3 points.

  415. You just can’t have Moving Offense and DLo together.
    Yes DLo can fill up the stats with points and assists because he’s holding on the ball without getting fouled. How could he do that? The eighth wonder of the world!
    Any player with that kind of turnover rate and shooting % on your opposition team, you would want hm to hold on the ball forever.

  416. Either Kenny’s Moving Offense or DLo has to go away.

  417. You have just witnessed what good athletic training can do to a player.

  418. I can’t help to worry when I saw him bending his knees with so much on his shoulder. Well all’s well ends well. Nets should recruit training staff from this center to Brooklyn ASAP

  419. I blame his injury on the athletic training of Nets.

  420. $22M per season! No thanks.

  421. The offense has improved quite a bit in recent games.

    Lots of ball movement, moving and cutting, better shot selection, unselfish passing to open teammates, sharing the ball. Easier baskets. It’s been fun to watch!

    If they can keep that mindset for next season, the offense will be hard to stop!

  422. Yeah, but, like I said, it’s better than losing! LOL.
    Have to give them some credit for the good wins over Miami and Milwaukee, who were both trying to win!

  423. Oh OK. Then I don’t think I know what the old connection was.

  424. As far as the Stats are concerned, you are totally correct about this game. Crabbe was incredibly efficient, while Russell wasn’t. Defense was not up to par. But they were also missing Harris, LeVert, and Carroll.

    It’s the 81st game of the season. And a meaningless one for both teams. Meanwhile, they had good wins recently vs Miami and Milwaukee.

    As a team, the Nets have played with a lot of heart and grit this season! It’s good for morale for them to win! And end the season on an upbeat note. At this point, I think it’s okay to just relax and look forward to JLin’s return.

  425. Dinwiddie is a good story too. Not as good as Lin’s, of course! We know that for sure! 🙂

    So, I think Dinwiddie’s entitled to his fans too.

    My only complaint was that I just wished a Dinwiddie fan didn’t go to a JLin fan Q&A and put Lin on the spot like that.

  426. Just so you know, the tweet was already retweeted and put out on a lot of time-lines. As I mentioned, Brian Lewis has already reported on it in the NY Post.

    LOL. I’m not worried too much about the “haters”. And I’m not worried that MY post HERE will go viral.

    I only cared because, from the video, Lin seemed to have been caught off-guard and put into an awkward position.

    But kudos to JLin. He didn’t avoid the question.

    I think it’s important to hear from JLIn directly. Like always, he answered it from his heart, but stated in a professional manner. Especially about “making up for lost time”!

  427. Okay, if you say so!

    Seriously though.Yeah, I hear that a lot, especially about soccer and boxing.
    And if we include using PEDs as a form of “rigged”, then forget about it.

    Probably why I don’t watch much. And watch the NBA only because of Lin. LOL.

  428. I think so! Haha.

  429. As a side-story, it will be very interesting what the Hornets end up doing under Kupchak. Whether he will have any real power to make decisions.

  430. NO, not the same at all. There’s a difference between critique and “hate”.

    The discussions have been using STATS too. Not just the eye-test.

    But if you have been watching the games, and have a different take or perspective, please make a post and we can discuss more.

  431. Thanks. I try. Even though I don’t always succeed. It’s tough when being a Lin-only-fan. 🙂

  432. That’s an interesting observation. We have always been unsure if Russell fits in this system.

    Lots of room for improvement, bad habits still get through. Good news is, he’s been doing better, cut down on the ISOs, starting plays earlier in the shot-clock.

    If Russell is still on the team next year, we HAVE to hope that he will get better!

  433. Article was funny. Implying that the Cavs should have tanked to help the Knicks finish better than the Nets. Well, the Cavs have another chance to lose to the Knicks tomorrow night. Haha.

  434. Maybe! Could be possible to at least transfer some knowledge and experience!

  435. @JLin7: Aww thanks coach lol #NeverDone

    @JLin7 was at @BrooklynNets shootaround. Not allowed to have contact but doing all basketball drills. Kenny Atkinson worked him out yesterday, said he was “blown away” by Lin’s conditioning.

  436. Best Wins of the Season?:

    – Cavs (10/25/2017):

    – Thunder (12/7/2017):

    – Wolves (1/3/2018):

    – Heat (3/31/2018):

    (And don’t forget the referee-assisted near misses against Celtics 1/6/2018 ( ), Raptors 1/8/2018 ( ), and Thunder 1/23/2018 ( ), either!)

  437. lets goooO!!!!!

  438. Its really nice to have such a supporting Coach…he had always pointed out the positivity in LIN.

    GO JLIN!!!!

  439. Quality of training has shown. Brooklyn needs athletic training like this. Lloyd Beckette, the ex-athletic trainer for Brooklyn must have known this.

  440. JLIN – WOW, JUST WOW!!!

    So super-hyped now!

    Trying to get back to cautious optimism! To be like Kenny said, “cautious, super-cautious”. But can’t help grinning ear-to-ear!

  441. JLin and Kenny do have such a special bond and relationship!

    Sooo rare between NBA coach and player. (I don’t even think Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers are that close. LOL.)

  442. STELLAR!!!!
    Thanks for even more news! Love it!

  443. Both positive and negatives Kenny will point them out, no favoritism.

  444. Some more detail on Kenny Atkinson’s comments to the media, from Greg Logan’s article in Wednesday’s Newsday :

    [Jeremy] Lin recently posted comments on Instagram saying he expects to return next season as a starter in a “main role.” Atkinson laughed when those sentiments were relayed to him and said, “Of course.” But Lin’s return also will give the Nets a glut of point guards, including D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert, all of whom had demonstrable success this season.

    “That’s how we started the season, and we figured it out with D’Angelo and Jeremy starting because they both played both [guard] positions,” Atkinson said. “Now you’re talking a lot of versatile guys. We don’t have one point guard out at the top, a traditional point guard like a lot of teams do. Our wings and our points
    are pretty much interchangeable. That was the blueprint of what we do.”

    Atkinson said he basically has gone with the hot hand at point guard at the end of games, and that might not change. “We haven’t found that one guy,” Atkinson said. “I’m fine with that. I’m fine with sharing and figuring it out. At the end, it all plays out. That glut? It’ll play out. It’ll reveal itself.”

    From :

  445. The team has lots of useful pieces but there is no general to take the team to the next level except Jeremy . Lin is much much better than the rest. Just watch Lin play against the Celtics. Boston can beat Nets w/o much effort but not when Lin was the PG.
    The depth of PG group in Nets is exaggerated because only Lin has played in high level of competition. None of the PG group has played in playoff games except Jeremy.
    Dinwiddie, DLo, LeVert have not won a single game in the playoff. Now you are telling me it’s a deep group. Are you kidding me? They’re just a deep bench. DLo among them is the worst of all.

  446. Just look at Lin’s body, It is in the best ever condition.

  447. Much favoritism towards DLo just to save face for the GM.

  448. With Lin’s supreme conditioning, he could help contenders for a championship. Just imagine if Lin were playing for San Antonio. How many teams can afford Lin?

    If LeBron leaves Cleveland next season, this team will need Lin more than George Hill. Tony Parker of San Antonio is going to have a hard time to compete in NBA at his age.

    Jeff Teague is worth $19M/season and George Hill $20M. How much Lin is worth?

    San Antonio, Charlotte, New York, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, Orlando could all use Lin’s service; specially the Spurs and Hornets. Mitch Kupchak may have to recruit Lin the 4th time.

  449. With the old athletic trainer gone, Lin is going to be a different player.

  450. I have made lots of comments about DLo because I really think he has got much more than he deserves from the team. I of course don’t agree that Din has to be benched to make him a starter. What upsets me most is he’s been the losing cause of Nets. He takes exceptions to Kenny’s moving offense because he tends to slow down the game a lot, chucking up too many shots and not to mention his defense.

    Here are comments from others:

    Russell’s lack of improvement might be a red flag. He is the same offensive roller-coaster he was with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he has the defensive attention span of a hungry toddler wandering around a
    Disney World confectionary. He ranks 508th out of 514 players in’s defensive real plus-minus.

    Limited reps in his new digs hasn’t helped anything. His left knee injury at the beginning of the year set the tone for a wonky campaign. And even if he registers as a flat-out disappointment,

  451. Why didn’t Kenny play Big Jah?
    I figure that Nets really wants to sign him but I also believe that big Jah will get competitive offers from other teams. Nets has seen enough to be interested but playing him more will only make signing big Jah more difficult. Yes, basketball is still a business. Not playing big Jah will help the team because winning more games this season is not high on Net’s priority list.

    Kenny played Nik Stauskas 35 minutes!!!
    Nik is a player that may not be heavily sought after in the off-season. Nets may have confidence signing him for something like a rookie contract next season even exposing him.

    Nik is 24 and big Jah is only 22. It’s too early to give up on them unless you have players like 76ers do.
    In fact, I don’t suppose Nets may draft rookies better than these two next season. Of course, that will help the team if better players are available.

    Somehow, I have the feeling that there might be big changes in the roster next season. All for the good though. I hope big Jah and Nik will stay because they aren’t given enough opportunities to show their potential.

  452. I’m sorry, but that’s the wrong answer.*

    Nets core issue all season is that they can’t string together extended defensive stops ( ) particularly in the fourth quarter, and to close out games.

    Scoring is not the problem (e. g. Nets are 13 – 1, this season, when they hold opponent under 100 points, 1 – 15 when they allow 120+ points; Atkinson has also lamented many times that Nets just couldn’t stop other team after innumerous close losses to high quality competition this season, too).

    That’s what should determine roles, playing time, and which guards are on the floor to close out games next season, and Atkinson needs to make that very, very clear to the team, even right now:

    “In the clutch, which is defined by NBA dot com as a five point game under five minutes, the Hornets had the league’s second worst defensive rating of 124.5, only beating out the lowly Los Angeles Lakers.”!?LineupIDs=1626178&VsLineupIDs=202391&TeamID=1610612751&VsTeamID=1610612751&sort=NET_RATING&dir=1&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&Season=2016-17&Period=4 &

    * (exclamatory posting made for dramatic purposes!)


  453. Great story, Andre Ingram getting called up at the age of 32! Never give up on your dreams!

  454. Except it doesn’t look like Nets will just give up on him after 1 season. KA has shown he can bench Russell if he’s not playing well. Either way I can’t see Russell working well with Lin. Still think Harris and Dinwiddie deserves the start more than him.

  455. Not really they’ve pointed out flaws as well. Such as KA saying Russell needs to work for his role/minutes and the benching.

  456. Joe Harris would like to be back in Brooklyn. Brian Fonseca reported Harris saying : “I don’t really envision myself being anywhere else.” BTW the Nets have exit interviews today …

  457. Jeremy at exit interviews. Note: He’ll take time off for his annual trip to Asia.

    Anthony Puccio also reports that Jeremy said “he had to change his mechanics a bit, including his shot.” I guess we’ll have to wait for details.

  458. More comments from exit interviews. In the last tweet, L2M is the “last two minutes” report on NBA officiating.

  459. Jeremy addressing the media today, at exit interviews …

  460. According to Mark Stein, the Nets were ready to pay Omri Casspi close to $5 million this season but he opted to sign with Golden State; in part to get a chance to play in the playoffs.

  461. good for him…never quit! *clap clap*

  462. The best Lego movie trailer I’ve ever seen! 🙌🏀#Raptor3PTBuzzerBeater
    We need the full #LinsanityLego movie now 😁#takemymoneynow

  463. From what I read in several articles, Jahlil might be a bad fit for the Nets system due to lack of 3pt and defensive instinct. But I agree he should get more regular minutes to show if he can improve.

    Stauskas can definitely shoot so I’m not sure why he didn’t get many minutes

  464. Joe Tsai completes purchase of 49% of Nets …

    Joe Tsai in a statement: “As a lifelong sports fan, I am very proud to join the Nets ownership and the NBA family. I lived in New York in the early days of my career and the City holds a special place in my heart.”

  465. It sounds like Jeremy really did try to rebuild his body this past season.

    Someone responded to the tweet below by asking “Muscle memory for what exactly, cutting?”, and Brian Lewis said: “Muscle memory for damn near everything. Running, jumping, landing, almost any (explosive) movement. Think back to when the Mets changed Jose Reyes’ stride, but more all-encompassing.”

  466. Haha. Love it! 🙂

  467. Jeremy Lin plans to reassert himself as Nets’ leader:
    🏀Captain of Defense
    🏀help Nets learn what it takes to close out games at crunch time #Last2Min
    🏀improve the bottom line ▶️more WINS by @GregLogan1

    …Lin expressed his appreciation for how much all those players grew with the ample opportunity his absence afforded them, but he added, “Defensively, we have to get nastier. We have to want it more.”

    Subscribe to Sports Now newsletter

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    That’s an area where Lin envisions himself making a major impact. “We need players on the court who will be leaders, who will drive the defense forward,” Lin said. “We need to have a voice on defense. When I come back, one of the things I’m expecting of myself is to really be the captain of the defense.”

    The Nets finished 28-54, and 25 of those losses were by eight points or fewer plus one other by 10 in double-overtime. Lin noted evidence in the Last Two Minute reports that a few of the Nets’ losses resulted from blown officiating calls. At the same time, Lin believes he can help the Nets learn what it takes to close out games at crunch time.

    “The last thing is just recognizing what it takes,” Lin said. “In the fourth quarter, stuff will dry up. You really have to work for your buckets, and you really have to work for your stops. So, us being able to go from gear five to gear six, that’s a gear we need to find.”

    Lin wasn’t trying to set himself up as the Nets’ savior, but he’s utterly confident in his ability to improve the bottom line, which is exactly how he expects to be judged.

    “We just need to win more games, and we need to, hopefully, win a lot,” Lin said. “When it comes down to a ballclub looking at how you did and where you were in the standings, it’s how many wins have you got? That’s the end-all, be-all.”

  468. Here are some interesting quotes about Jeremy’s work with Fortius. He’ll continue to work with them both in Brooklyn and Vancouver. The quotes are taken from an article by Tom Dowd of :

    In looking for answers after the injury, Lin turned to Fortius. … To get where he wanted to go, Lin essentially had to break away from 29 years of muscle memory and start from scratch.


    “There’s principles that make a lot of sense intuitively,” said Lin. “You want to move from your core. You want to reach. You want to push. You want to make sure that you’re sinking into your hips. You’re using your strongest muscles on your body. You’re using your quads and your glutes, not your knees basically, and things like that. There’s a lot of movement philosophy behind what I’ve been learning.”


    “I’m looking at whether I have done enough to completely change pre-existing movement patterns,” said Lin. “Everything down to my shot, the way I run, the way I defend, the way I move. Cut, accelerate, decelerate, everything. It won’t look to the eye or on TV any different, but it will be very different in terms of how I do it and where I moved from and what muscles I’m using and what tendons and joints I’m not using.


    Now he’s back and planning on making Brooklyn his home base for the summer. He’ll continue to collaborate with Fortius both here and with some visits to Vancouver. And he’ll have several trips to Asia, rather than the single longer trip he’s traditionally taken.

    See :

  469. parker is god awful now.

  470. At least he found out what a Championship team is really like! Too bad, if he played in the playoffs he would he able to get a fat contract with his scoring.

  471. Thrilled to hear he’s taking his fitness into his own hands — the top players all seem to be doing that. I can already tell his jumper looks different…he’s not jumping as high. Simply minimizing knee stress on every shot will be big.

    Tim Duncan would run back on defense with a weird “pigeon-toed” gait because that was better for his body. Looked weird but saved him a lot of wear-and-tear over the years.

  472. clifford sacked at charlotte (cho of course previously). scott and kupchak at la (ironically kupchak now at charlotte); mchale at houston, and look at knicks rotating stable of coaches and gms and worst losing record historically over recent years:

    bottom line, all those who diss lin (and make no mistake charlotte’s actual facts in charlotte were actually worst, following a consistent narrative of the more favorably lin is seeming to be received the worse things actually are)–do not fare well.

    i do not share the enthusiasm for alleged lin’s “favorable” environment in brooklyn of most lin fans here (and in fact see that continual dynamic bracketed above extending here). but we will see what next season brings.

    lin has a capacity to overcome a lot.

  473. DLo is a worse fit but he still gets minutes.

  474. Cavs did lose the game to Knicks.

  475. Fortius wishes Jeremy well …

  476. Haha my prediction came true! Too bad Morey never got fired as well. :/

  477. Another fallen victim of MJ’s long list failures. The next coach and GM will be nothing but his new puppets.

  478. When JLin recovers fully and stays healthy and “beasts” (as he said) next season, athletes will all want to make that Fortius connection too. Will be quite the testimonial for them. And deservedly so!

  479. Agree with this: ” but we will see what next season brings…”

    “lin has a capacity to overcome a lot.” – yes, he has the most heart and determination, fights against all odds. The perfect hashtag: #neverdone

  480. Yeah, I don’t know why Les Alexander gave Morey that contract extension before he sold the team. It’s been five years since Harden was acquired. Maybe the new owner won’t be so patient.
    Let’s see what happens this year’s playoffs.

  481. Thanks for another update Arsenium!

    This additional background about Fortius, and the context, is enlightening. Coming from Nets official website gives it even more credibility. Glad to see continued support from the organization for Lin.

    I know JLin has to go to Asia. Both for promotional marketing, and for his philanthropic endeavors. But, this is an unusual year. I really hope he doesn’t over-do it this summer. All that traveling back and forth, different cities, different workout facilities. Will be a challenge to maintain his regimen.


  482. SET THEM STRAIGHT! GO JLIN! Talk about leading a Winning Culture!

  483. LIN-KENSTEIN! This new nickname comes from Bob, one of JLin’s many devoted fans. Very funny!

  484. Great News! Finally – took them long enough. Wonder what the negotiating points were? “Lin can’t be traded – must stay a Net?” 🙂

    Here’s the official press release statement, from Nets official site:

  485. Psalm, you find the best stuff! (Like that “not done” cartoon.)

    This is PRICELESS! Wonder how long it took Jared to do this? Definitely another labor of love. Hope JLin sees this! (Even better than the fruit-rollup jersey! LOL.)

    “We need the full #LinsanityLego movie now 😁#takemymoneynow”
    – I’m with you! Jared needs to look into “Kickstarter” funding!

  486. Check out those shoes! Wasn’t DeMarre Carroll also wearing yellow?

  487. Injuries – the worst! 🙁

  488. Very quietly – Joe Harris is also a great leader. Many times throughout the season, he has been there for his teammates. I remember him giving LeVert support after Kenny yelled at LeVert for losing his man on defense. (More examples that I can’t recall off the top of my head.)

    Hope hope hope the Nets can pay Harris enough to stay! Make it happen Sean Marks!

  489. JLin agrees with you!
    He hasn’t forgotten…..”Anyone whose chased their hoop dreams can appreciate this…too good”

  490. We aren’t the only ones who see this.

    Russell’s defense in that last game against the Celtics was just AWFUL. Unfortunately, that set the whole tone for that entire game. He just can’t seem to stay focused, or give any extra effort. Probably was looking ahead to time off……:-(

  491. Yes, a lot in numbers. But not in ability. Maybe in the future (LeVert), but not yet.
    If the Nets want to win, they need Lin.

    But then, we here at JLinPortal already know this!

  492. Well, the Spurs rather go with Murray, who still needs time. And Patty Mills, who is not a great playmaker/distributor. No way they can replace Parker to help the Spurs “win-now”.

    Do you have a guess as to why the Spurs never tried to sign Lin? Has their fan-base ever discussed the possibility?

  493. For those who could see the difference in Lin’s shooting form, here’s a note with good news from Doc Scheppler, via Nathan Gottlieb:

  494. Did you all see this yet from Bleacher Report’s Game of ZONES segment just on the Nets?

    Very mean in calling some of the guys “busts”….but HILARIOUS though!

  495. JLin looking relaxed and happy. Nice pic of NYC. From his Instagram today:

    jlin7: Turning the corner!! #NYspring #allsmiles

  496. BTW, thanks @arsenium12:disqus for all the posts on the exit interview and updates to JLin’s return to Brooklyn!
    So much upbeat news on JLin recovery!

  497. Hahha!. Yup, they did. The Cavs absolutely tanked it! Too bad the Nets also helped by losing to Boston. Oh well……

  498. Glad you enjoyed reading the “exit interview” posts, Linthezone. And thanks for your comments.

    The best advertisement for a company or organization is a satisfied client. So, Jeremy can do Fortius a lot of good this season.

    Lots of photos from fans posing with Jeremy, in the last couple of days. Here are several …

  499. NBA China asked Jeremy to talk his NBA playoff experiences. According to the caption for the tweet, Jeremy’s favorite playoff game was Game 5 against the Heat, in Charlotte, when he made an important 3-pointer. [Actually, I think that was Game 4.]

    Note: If the tweet doesn’t show up below, go to Popo Chung’s twitter feed. The tweet was posted at 7:10 AM (Eastern time) on April 14.

  500. if clifford and jordan had stuck with lin and kemba maybe they wd still be there and now all the staff has been removed.

  501. will nik and jalil stay on though?

  502. Yes! MANY THANKS to @@arsenium12:disqus

  503. Didn’t even know Les Alexander sold the team! Well Morey does have eye for talents. If he had to choose between Harden and his job he’d throw Harden under the bus. Not to mention he got CP3 to sign and the team is no.1 seed now. If CP3 wants Harden gone it’d be two against 1, CP3xMDA over Harden.

    Rockets are fairing much better than OKC and Spurs so Morey’s job is safe unless the new owner is that desperate for a Championship.

  504. Blessing in disguise for Lin to work get a surgery to clean out and rid the chronic pain he was having and work with Fortius rid all his bad habits for a deadlier 3 point shooting.

    I hope to see Lin shooting as many 3s as he can next season and trust it more than his rim game! His 3s need to be like Nash, Curry, and Klay to reach the next level!

  505. Authority and say of who is traded and signed on the team of course! There’s a reason why the owner only sold 49% and need him to wait 4 years to buy the rest! Owner wants control for the remainder of his ownership!

  506. The Marks experiment with non pro sports physiotherapists was always questionable in my mind. When I was younger, I had a 5 year relationship with a girl that was a marathon runner and that experience had taught me how important biomechanics was to an athlete. Running long distance magnifies inefficiencies of bad gate and form. It costs energy and grinds body parts like wind brings down mountains. This is why knowing the grind of day to day NBA requires that type of experience specific to the correction of root cause of what causes the wear and tear.

    In tennis physical conditioning coaches have been a must for all that aspire to be greats of tennis. Efficiency of movement is a must for endurance and durability. I’ve noted this in the past with how most people, including elite athletes, don’t ever look at their own footwork. They believe that it’s just part of ones own athleticism that is body specific to who they are. More and more people now realize that this is myth and not science. Sometimes just knowing how to land on a plant step can make a huge difference over a long season of grind. Someone mentioned how Tim Duncan ran pigeon toed recently and this was probably a over correction to retrain a movement. This article makes mentioned of this foot contact (below).

    “How to run
    To go through the entire running cycle, we’ll start with when foot contact is made and go through the full stride. Foot contact should occur on the outside edge of the foot and depending on speed either at the mid-foot or forefoot. The initial contact on the outside of the foot is generally not felt and instead for practical reasons should be thought of as a simple mid/whole foot landing. Contrary to what most people believe, initial foot contact should not occur on the heel even when running slow. As discussed in the Science section of this book, heel strike results in a higher braking force, reduced elastic energy storage, and a prolonged ground contact. By hitting forefoot or mid-foot the braking action is minimized and the initial impact peak is reduced. Additionally, the landing should occur in a neutral position at the ankle, as that sets up the calf and Achilles for optimal use of elastic energy. Once landing has occurred, it is important to allow the foot to load up. Often, the mistake is made in trying to get the foot off the ground as quickly as possible, but remember that it is when the foot is on the ground when force is transferred into the ground. While having a short ground contact time is beneficial it should be a result of transferring force faster and not getting quick with the foot. Loading up the foot means allowing it to move through the cycle of initial contact to fully supporting the body. Since initial contact is on the outside of the foot, the support will move inwardly. With forefoot strikers, the heel has to settle back and touch the ground to allow for proper loading. Holding the heel off the ground and staying on the forefoot will not allow for the stretch-reflex on the Achilles-calf complex to occur.”

  507. Lin looks like he’s in the best Basketball shape since he’s been in the NBA. I think he put too much emphasis on getting stronger, which put too much bulk on for his type of game play. Strength is needed, but a good balance of strength and agility. From the workout videos recently, his agility looks like it has improved and he looks lean. I think that is what has helped Lebron James play to his best ability because his muscle mass is proportionate to his size to maximize strength and agility the most efficiently for his body.
    As Lin has been working on changing and improving his shot the last couple of years, I think many Lin fans had noticed his footwork was the missing piece and from Fortius’s training, it looks like he has, to some extent, completed his shot transformation. Excited to see some more training clips to see his progression. Lin is going to kill next season.

  508. 100% agreed at the first injury and in their handling of recovery. Did more harm than good. They needed Basketball minded, athletic trainers to work on conditioning the body in strength, agility, alignment, and flexibility. Martial artists all know the importance of maximizing your flexibility to prevent serious injuries but also building practical strength for movement vs straight out lifting weights.

  509. I still remember how Bruce Lee would say that knowing your body allows you to maximize your own potential. Bruce had a student who moaned about his physical weaknesses. Bruce Lee told him that he had one leg shorter than another. Instead of moaning about it, Bruce turned that extra length into a positive by using that extra reach in his kicks.

  510. You’re quite welcome. I’m happy to contribute to the site.

  511. Of course Lin can build more muscle which he’s loss over the injury and rehab but what he needed more was footwork and to forgot all the bad muscle memory due to weak joints.

  512. Jordan chose cuddling and making his pick Walker a fake star over actual winning! Cho and Jordan copied Morey and Rockets’ acquisitions and playbook making the same mistakes as them! They wanted Lin to do all the heavy lifting while Walker was allowed to shoot as many as he wanted with 40+ mins almost every game! Walker was the only one allowed to lead the bench to prop up his stats!

    Cho and Cliff thought they could save their jobs by doing whatever the boss wanted, wrong. All Cliff make Lin the starting SG and 2nd ball handler. Instead he chose his bias and believed Batum was the better guy to prioritize.

    If Lin had that and a big contract offer there was no he would leave. Unfortunately Jordan is cheap, and plays favoritism. Hornets will never be able to build a Championship team. Jordan is not a good owner, too bad the NBA won’t kick him out like they did with 76ers.


    2015 NBA Draft: (Donovan Mitchell #13 in 2017 draft, too!!!)

  514. Next season, Lin is going to hit his prime with a rejuvenated body and a fresh mind to apply his basketball intelligence to the next level. That is gracious from above.

  515. That the GM got fired is well justified. It should have been sooner right after this trade.

  516. BROOKLYN (June 9, 2016) – The Brooklyn Nets named
    Zach Weatherford as director of player performance,
    Dan Meehan as head strength and conditioning coach,
    Aisling Toolan as director of physical therapy and
    Lloyd Beckett as head athletic trainer/physical therapist.
    Sean MARKS dumped Tim Walsh for Lloyd Beckett in the process.

  517. Brooklyn Nets team performance by position comparing to opponent’s production:
    —– PER
    PG -3.7
    SG -0.5
    SF +2.9
    PF -2.8
    C -6.6
    The strength was at SF. The weakness was at C, PG and PF.
    In order to develop Jarrett Allen, Mozgov and Jahil Okafor did not play much in the past season. As Nets could afford to trade away Tyler Zeller, the strength at Center position should be better than the record showed.

  518. Give DLo all the play time you want. Next season will show that a bad trade is a bad trade at the beginning. There is nothing you can salvage from that unless, of course, Nets wants to tank the coming season.
    Anyway, Nets has to play DLo $7M at the end of his rookie contract, i.e. next season..
    In fact, Mozgov and DLo will become the second and fifth highest paid player on the team roster.
    Then Nets has to pay $9M as qualifying offer to keep DLo. Is it going to happen? Highly unlikely!

    I thought Brooklyn is done making stupid [email protected] sec.
    The impact of this horrible trade could last for two more seasons. .Then new players from the draft will come and Nets could only keep the best players on the roster; I believe DLo is not one of them.

  519. Lin will definitely shoot more 3s because his drive to the basket is going to be so deadly that the opposition would rather let him shoot 3s.

  520. Sean Marks needs time to confirm that he made a bad trade.

  521. Well…maybe Lin will kick someones a$$ nest season….:P

  522. Rich Cho was no different from the other GMs who played politics and mistreated Lin to please the owner’s chosen “star”. It was obvious Lin’s signing was to promote the Hornets and push Walker for All Star. Now both Cho and Cliff are gone. Cliff was never willing to praise Lin when he was on the team just like Mchale.

  523. Clifford is much better than McHale.

  524. Not by much though if you look at how Lin was benched and wouldn’t even be 6th man when everyone healthy. Lin also got less minutes at Hornets than at Rockets. He only had 10min-13min as bench player when MKG was back! The only thing Cliff was better at was allowing Lin to close and start sometimes when Batum went down.

  525. Clifford praised Lin a lot for his defense. In fact, Clifford worked a great bit at changing the perception of Lin as a defensive player. He was nothing like McHale. McHale would say Lin is a nice kid, but didn’t like his game and always singled Lin out to criticize.

  526. i wish jeremy would just retire and play basketball somewhere else.

  527. Jeremy warming up in Boston before the Apr 11 game. He’s moving well.

  528. Summary of other tweets from Bryan Fonseca on Sean Marks :

    On keeping Joe Harris : “I thought Joe made it pretty clear … he’d love to be back here. Definitely he’s a guy we see in a Nets uniform.”

    On draft workouts : Draft workouts in Brooklyn have not begun.

    On looking to upgrade in the interior : Jarrett Allen will mature physically. Also says that Nets aren’t looking for one specific piece, indicating their focus won’t lie with improving one area.

    On restricted free agency : “I never going to say we’re not going to (pursuit it).” He notes it isn’t a primary focus, but an option.

    On adding active bigs — says that Nets are looking ‘across the board, one through five.’ Focus not in one area.

    On the value of continuity : He sees value in carrying over 8 or 9 guys from 1 season to the next to build.

    On an updated sales pitch : He notes that players who have left Brooklyn after playing for Kenny speak of team culture in a positive light.

    On ownership’s commitment : “We’ve got ownership that’s prepared to fork out the big money when the time is right.” He’s spoken to Joe Tsai since the deal. He notes that Nets ownership, Joe Tsai included, are
    very committed.

    On Jahlil Okafor : He said they’ll be monitoring him and others as off-season progresses.


    Tweets from Bryan Fonseca on Kenny Atkinson :

    On development process : “We already have a good grip on where we have to get better.” Notes that Nets were 30th (last) in NBA in forcing turnovers. Also says Nets fouled too many times.

    On self-growth : “I’ve definitely improved but I also know I have a long way to go. That’s from the heart. I feel like it’s trending positively. Everyday I walk in here I learn a ton.”

    On the team and getting through certain events, like Jeremy’s injury : “We found out a lot about our roster, a lot about our team, and you find out a lot about yourself as a coach.”

  529. Jeremy after a tough workout. He has said that he’s “really on a mission” these days …

  530. No, we are waiting for almost whole year to see him play again. We miss him a lot on court.


    “Remembering that he plays on the worst defensive team in the league (30th in points allowed and defensive rating), we have to understand that Lin’s numbers aren’t going to be as good as a player on a solid defensive squad.” & (Lin Asik #10) (~ Lin / Cody Zeller)

    (issue is that Lin still gets hung up on picks momentarily on screens, unless a mobile big like Omer Asik, RHJ, Jarrett Allen, or even Mozgov, can hard show and recover so he has that extra split second to reaccelerate back into the play)

  532. Clifford is suffering his own self made errors. He chose losing instead of playing Lin in the playoffs. I’m still angry at the total disrespect Clifford had for Lin for those last two games against the Heat. He deserves what he got.

    Clifford’s treatment of Lin is all about self convenience. He needed Lin to be a stopper and defensive stopper because it served his purpose. It allowed for Walker to be the hero while Lin carried the team. When it became clear that Lin could be perceived as the hero of the series, he torpedoed the team by benching Lin. I maintain that Clifford also got scared when he look over the abyss of winning the first playoff series and choked knowing that expectations would be insurmountable when Lin leaves the team.

    Clifford’s treatment of Lin is very much like a backhanded compliment….”Lin is great, but….he’s not Walker!” 2 years later, they know now that Lin not be like Walker is why they won so many games.

  533. He has to try again in the NBA because it is against the best competition. He’s doing his best to have his body in the best shape possible. The rest is out of his control.

  534. Marks says Lin’s proven people wrong. Also, they won’t rush him back. That may mean minutes restrictions for Lin at first, maybe even not starting the season. Though, I think he’ll probably start games this season. I think they may rest him some back to backs and limit his minutes.


    What game is this? Anyone knows?

  536. Pro-Active Jabs, too?:

    “According to Curry, keeping a guy to one side of the floor is what Adams emphasizes most of all. A man must be contained to be pressured. (It’s why Lyndon B. Johnson cornered politicians before leaning into them and extracting concessions.) “Once they commit to one side, it’s easier to guard half the floor than it is to guard the whole court,” Curry said.” *

    * (Patrick Beverley is very good at being the actor, jabbing at player defender he is defending by sticking his chin way out, and so many players let him do that without testing whether he actually has a glass jaw or not. During Linsanity, I remember someone asking him about protecting himself better while attacking the rim. Lin said he knew he had to learn to protect himself better then, but wryly also said he was still coming down the lane. So many players let Beverley be the actor, not the reactor, without testing how tough he truly is. e. g. “There are plenty of point guards in the NBA who won’t or can’t attack the rim with the attack mentality that Lin shows here.” (Lakers assistant coach Mark Madsen during Linsanity)

  537. Hes starting.

  538. I hope he doesnt overdo it… btw, want those shoes!

  539. Clifford never gave jeremy his deserved praise. He used and abused jlin, just like mchale and almist every other coach hes played for.

  540. Bruce is one cool cat

  541. Lin was lifting tons of weight for his knee workouts at a Fortius. Doubt he’d overdo it now that they’ve rebuilt him from the ground up! His legs, movement, and shooting form look like they’re at the best level we’ve ever seen!

  542. He has something new on his knees must have taken up through Fortius rehab and training!

  543. They knew just didn’t want to step on the Boss’ chosen one for fear of getting fired. History shows once again, you can follow the boss all you want but if you don’t deliver you’re gone!

  544. Absolutely he best ever.
    He however seems to forget to give the glory to God. I don’t like the idolatry of dragon.

  545. He’s an American.
    Perhaps you may want people to tell you to live somewhere else.
    Morey once told us that he is the most explosive player that they had by measurement. Jeremy is at his top condition as a player now. Why should he retire? Lin is on his way to break NBA records this season.

  546. That depends on how Lin works out in the training camp

  547. Does anyone remember how many Nets wins Vegas predicted?

  548. Vegas Prediction: (28.5 wins) 30/8/2017

  549. “I want to be that guy that makes the big pass or hits the big shot that helps us win those games.” – D’Angelo Russell

    This has been Nets’ problem. DLo is not the best passer. On the record, Dinwiddie is better than him. DLo is not the best shooter in the team. Joe Harris and Allen Crabbe are better than him. Din has not earned the right to make the pass and the shot and he frequently blew it when he tried. What I hate about DLo is he put up too many shots and shot at poor % with shooters like Joe Harris and Allen Crabbe. He didn’t do his job to make his teammates play well. Joe Harris and Crabbe from time to time shot better than him and got less shots. That doesn’t make DLo a smart PG.

    Look at the past record of DLo, he earns nothing like that and he has been the cause of the losses for his team rather than the wins. He has padded his stats in many losses of his teams. His team has played much better without him.

  550. Yeah baby yeah!

  551. Nets already have that guy… his name is jeremy lin

  552. I disagree. He gave Lin plenty of praise in a 5 minute interview as the Hornets coach and Lin was a Net at the time. I don’t get the hostility toward Clifford. Sure, he wasn’t perfect but he treated Lin a million times better than McHale or Byron Scott did. It’s not close.

  553. Thank you!

  554. Brian Lewis of NY Post chose to report only the GM won’t bet against Jermey Lin.
    “He’s proven people wrong his entire career, so that’s something when we first brought Jeremy on board intrigued us about him,”
    Marks said. “There’s no market too big for him, there’s no moment. I’d say I wouldn’t bet against Jeremy. The way he’s attacked his rehab over the last six to eight months is really impressive. He’s come back with a new lease on life, which is great. We’re intrigued.”

  555. General Manager Sean Marks seems to be ready to pay more attention to wins next season. Last season without Lin, the team placed development well above wins. This was obvious when they started DLo and benched Dinwiddie who has done exceptional well before being benched.

    Nets leave door open for shift to win-now approach
    Nets GM Sean Marks preaches ‘level of impatience’

    Sean Marks:
    We already know we have an ownership group that’s ready to fork out the big money for when that timing is right. But we don’t want to skip any steps along this rebuild. If we skip steps and think we can do it right now or we could’ve done it a year ago, that’s when franchises end up digging themselves into a hole.”

    The catch is Nets had already dug itself into a big hole with the big trade with Lakers to acquire D’Angelo Russell. Mozgov’s contract will only expire after 2019-20; two more seasons to go. D’Angelo’s rookie contract expire after 2018-19; one more season. So DLo will only have 1 more season to prove himself. In fact, I think he would be traded if he doesn’t work out well in the first half of the next season, the team will have to trade him before making him the qualifying offer of $9M the season after. So next season DLo has to make a dramatic turnaround in his career; he needs to improve on his defense and he needs to be a more efficient player; better shooting percentage and blending into the team offense. Next season is also the last season of Dinwiddie under contract. He will become an unrestricted free agent. The team needs to choose between them after the first half of the season because Din’s next contract won’t be cheap.

    Allen Crabbe’s contract lasts as long as Mozgov’s contract. He will have 2 more seasons to prove himself. The top two players in salary are Mozgov and Crabbe for two more seasons. Deron Williams’ effect on the cap lasts as long as their contracts too. By then, Sean Marks will have to shift to win-now approach after that or should I say that Marks had planned to do so.

    Lin’s crucial in the decision making because we all know he’s a competitor. He will try to win as many games as he can by pushing his team to the limit. As a matter of fact, Nets had been at their best with Lin leading the team. With Joe Harris/Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll to stretch the floor and an improved Jarrett Allen with admirable length anchoring the center position, Nets should be ready to make the jump to a win-now season; not to mention RHJ as unknown factors in taking their games further to fill the needs in PF. A stretched 4 is sorely needed. Next season, Nets will have to seek a back-up center again. Tyler Zeller could have been ideal but he’s gone. Mozgov is doubtful to compete for play time. Big Jah may have gone by then if he doesn’t buy in Nets approach with him.

    This coming off season will be exciting because all decisions will have to make before the season even begins. For once, the team is not without talents. This team will have depth and draft choices in the coming season.

  556. Vegas Predictions have turned out to be pretty close in the last two seasons for some reasons. That the injury bugs bit on Jeremy was the main factor. The head trainer failed to keep Jeremy on the court for 2 straight seasons. I put the head trainer responsible because of his unorthodox approach in athletic training. So far, Lloyd Beckett has had nothing to show on his 2 years record as head trainer of Nets. I’m glad that he left the team.

  557. McHale is really lacking in coaching. Once MDA takes over the coaching, Rockets becomes immediately a different team. It has something to say about McHale. D12 went to Rockets because of him. McHale really has nothing to show on his record. On losing to a really good team in Portland Trailblazers (currently 4 players in or close to max contracts now), McHale used Lin as a scrapgoat. He’s unprofessional and has low basketball IQ; a really incompetent coach.

  558. problem is that it needs dlo to be humbled or missed big critical shots before he would want to pass the ball to lin to make the big shot.

    If he does make one or two bigs shots early you, I bet you 1 milliion dollars that he will continue to do that even if he start missing the next 5… but if he missed those 2 in the beginning, then he will start humbling himself. That’s what bog did. he missed the big shot. because during that time, even though lin was the said main guy, it was still up in the air for everyone and everyone think they can and want to proof to be the main guy since as always many including his own veteran players underestimate lin.

  559. Jeremy has just been interviewed by David Meltzer. The full interview is available at : and on Youtube at :

  560. Very good interview! Here’s the outline of main questions and time-marker
    @JLin7 Jeremy Lin – From Harvard to the Hardwood,Perspective,Loyalty
    1:25🏀 Faith not to quit
    3:36🏀 God’s favor in life’s up & down
    6:00🏀 AA platform
    10:30🏀 Small NBA window creates gratitude
    12:00🏀 Trusted advisors
    15:25🏀 Underdog hero
    16:30🏀 Legacy

  561. The guy was also a big Lin fan and was willing to help with a full movie 🙂
    Not sure if LinsanityMovie wants to take on that project.

    Perhaps later after JLin wins a ring!

  562. Gotta love how much Sean Marks believes in JLin!

    Highlights from Sean Marks & Kenny Atkinson’s end of season press conference »

    “I think a guy like @JLin7, he’s proven people wrong his entire career. I’d say I wouldn’t bet against Jeremy.” -Sean Marks

  563. Wow, I did not know about any of that!

    A LEGO Linsanity movie, after Lin wins a ring, would be totally Linsane! 😃

    It would be awesome even now!

  564. Yup! They sure did! Totally TANKED!

    Unfortunately the Nets also helped them out by losing too….Oh well…..

  565. Nope, NEVER count JLin out! His drive and determination and never give up attitude is simply incomparable and inspiring.

    We Lin fans have always known that! Still, it’s good to hear the Front Office acknowledge it and be so supportive! I hope that translates into even more support on the court!


  566. Thanks for the markers.

    Yes, good interview. Meltzer asked good, and different from the usual, questions.

    Interesting answers. Such as, JLin knows that he’s on limited basketball time.

    And that he values loyalty in knowing who to trust. I don’t think it’s coincidence that his team is made up of family and his closest friends from before he became famous.

    (I have wondered how his trainer Josh Fan and his cousin Allen Lu prepare for their own futures, when they spend so much time with, and for, Lin.)

  567. It will be a tough job for Sean Marks for sure. But he knew that when he signed on to be GM.

    Trying to find that balance between “upgrading” the roster (I wonder who he thinks needs to be “upgraded”?) and maintaining some continuity. It was good to hear him give credit to Kenny and the coaching staff for dealing with the changing rosters.

    I have to wonder how much Lin’s injuries these past two seasons derailed whatever original plans the Nets had.

  568. No, unfortunately Russell have not sounded like a humble guy.

    I just caught the end of the Pelicans/Blazers game and it struck me that Damian Lillard is a similar type of player. Loves the limelight, always wanting accolades. Always wants to take the last shot and be the hero. But when the going gets REALLY tough, there’s no hustle, no trying on defense, and doesn’t trust or bring out the best in their teammates.

    Like I have said many times, if Russell is still on the team, I really hope that he GETS IT, what it means to truly be a good teammate. FOR LIN’s SAKE.

  569. This is where we hope that Kenny will hold Russell accountable, and that Marks will support Kenny.

  570. This was weird wasn’t it? Cuz if Lin never got hurt, Vegas would have been waaay under…

  571. I think this was the first game between Celtics and the Bucks, when it went to Overtime, with the Celtics winning.

    Can’t find the link now, but I think Lin is doing commentary on the playoffs for NBA China.

  572. Hey that Sean Marks is a smart man! It’s the first time that I think a team’s Front Office has been so publicly positive and complimentary about Lin.

  573. At this point, from at least a health standpoint, IMO the Nets have nothing to lose. I think Lin will start and close, even if on limited minutes at first.

  574. I sincerely appreciate your hard work in posting all these links and stats and support for Lin! But you do know that you don’t have to convince us here, right? 🙂


  575. Yeah, hope his training regimen will continue to be on target.

    Not crazy about Adidas in general. But the shoe DESIGNS for Lin have been pretty unique and good for collecting! I agree these are lit.

  576. THANKS for all!

    I don’t know why the Nets didn’t live stream any of it. Or put out the entire presser. Just selected parts on their official site.

    When Lin was there, I remember the Lakers had all the exit interviews of the players out on You-Tube.

  577. Like Kenny, I am truly amazed by what we are seeing!

    I have to admit I was NOT expecting this much progress this soon. And how much it looks like he has fully recovered from the injury itself. How glad I am that I was wrong!

  578. Those are resistance band, it helps to strengthen leg muscles

  579. Yes, from people’s responses to the tweet I think he was talking about the Celtics playing the Bucks.

    NBA China has invited Jeremy to talk about the NBA playoffs in 10 weekly broadcasts. Here is a link to the first. Replace the ‘[dot]’ with a ‘.’ :


  580. The injury of Lin of course affects the win-loss column because he’s a game changer and he will always try to find a way to win. He’s add lots of energy to the team. When he’s gone and took up one spot of the roster, the team hurt dearly.

  581. Vegas would have lost lots of money. I hate gambling on sports because one party would try their best to change the odds by whatever means possible. I have lots of questions about Lin’s training in the last 2 years under Lloyd Beckett.

  582. yeah, that was very interesting question about loyalty. And the way Lin answered it was even more interesting.

    He basically said he wants undivided loyalty but in turn he’ll be the one worrying to set up their future. I think I can see him trying to get Josh and Allen exposure to different businesses (vJjay esports) and connections (Fortius) so they will have options after JLin finishes playing in the NBA. That’s very smart and good of Lin. The guy has a Harvard degree after all 🙂

    And the new connection with Joe Tsai will open up even more opportunities (i.e. Alibaba/Alisports, etc.)

  583. every org has their own way and procedures.. just like microsoft does things differently compare to google which does thinks differently compare to amazon which does things differently than netflix which does things differently than sosokan which does things differently than facebook.. get it.

  584. Yes, he wants to be a star. The man on the team that in big spots makes the big plays.

    That’s what I didn’t like hearing from him before he joined the Nets and he’s still saying the same thing.

  585. I actually agree with your comparison to mchale and scott… dont forget woodson… clifford was horrible to jlin, which says something about ur comaprison…

  586. Thats right psalm!

  587. U got that right bruthuh!

  588. This is a very interesting article about the Nets and Knicks. Guess who is going to have a better season.
    Lin is expected to be at full strength for the start of the year, giving the Nets a fairly impressive, if crowded, backcourt.

  589. What Lin has done for Nets is he personally is responsible in changes of the team’s athletic training. The head of Athletic Training, Lloyd Beckett resigned. A new wave of athletic training is going to fire up with Lin’s new lease on life, quoted from Sean Marks. Lin is coming back stronger, better and more healthy than in the past. What more proof do you need in implementing a new athletic training program?

    This is going to be the biggest contribution to a basketball team who has been plagued by injuries in the PGs and backups starting from the day that Lin was signed. The success of a team depends on its ability to put its best players on court. Fortius Sport & Health is the answer to the need of Nets in athletic training. Lin is the one with first-handed knowledge about this.

    Last but not least, Nets athletic training and its performance team really sucks in the last two seasons. The team needs to break out of it.

  590. 👊 (Fist-bump)

  591. The local NY sports media that cover the Nets seem to be generally fair about the team, and Lin.

    I disagree with her about the “fun” part. Even though there were definitely frustratingly bad losses, I thought the team as a whole, played very hard and with a lot of heart. I thought it was fun to watch.

    And with Lin back next season, it will be a WHOLE LOT MORE fun!

  592. GOOD POINTS about VGJ and Joe Tsai connections. There could be exciting opportunities in esports for all of them, whether individually or with partnerships. And Lin already has a head start!

  593. To honest, I find nothing wrong with Dlo wanting to be the guy to make the big pass or hit the big shot as he says. I took notice that he mentioned he says making the big pass first so that is an improvement.

    Dlo is moving in the right direction and with a firm coach, he may yet develop into a true team player. If Lin said the same thing, we’d understand exactly what he meant and we’d be all for it. It’s because he’s earned our respect in being the guy that CAN MAKE THE BIG PASS AND TAKE THE BIG SHOT! Even MJ made the big pass to Kerr for the big payoff. Guys like Dlo have been groomed to be the guy. They are expected to be the guy, so they use the same language to live up to that image of their expectations.

    As a coach, I’ve seen too many gifted players who can’t handle the big moments and fear their own success. A lot of rank and file guys don’t want to be the guy…because they don’t believe themselves to be that guy.

    Lin needs a teammate to step up with him so that he doesn’t always need to be the guy! Someone that can help spread the floor so there aren’t 3 guys all over him. He needs Dlo, Joe Harris and everyone else to want to be that guy….and aren’t afraid to reach for greatness. If Lin is to win a ring, he needs guys around him who wants to step up and be the guy…just like Steve Kerr.

  594. trusting coaches like Kevin McHale, Byron Scott are suicidal. They are coaches that build their coaching career in fawning superstars.

  595. I think Russell is mistaking taking the big shot as being a leader. He’s trying to say all the right things but I’m still hearing a lot of “I”. I’m still hearing entitlement. And IMO, this is after he still haven’t quite earned or proved it yet. On the other hand, I don’t know what Marks and Atkinson are telling him, so, who knows.

    In any case, what counts is how he handles it on the court. I see him trying harder in some games more than others. But I do question why it isn’t more natural and more consistent.

  596. ?????

    Hope you get a chance to listen to the whole interview. Was mostly NOT about basketball, or coaches.

  597. Lin’s injury in fact could be a blessing in disguise. He didn’t waste the last 2 years playing for a much inferior team. Now he is all healthy again and the team seems to be well developed.

    Two years ago, Lin could still contribute but he had to give a lot of effort and it would inflict more injuries to his body. Now Jeremy seems to be on his way to embark on a Nash-like career with much better support.

  598. I don’t know Acbc. Surprised you are giving Russell so much leeway, after seeing how he played this past season, with an exception or two.

    Russell is trying to say the right things (see my post above). I haven’t yet seen where it translates to what he does on the court. Has he shown he has enough trust or respect for his teammates so far? At the end of games? To me, it’s a fine line between willing to step up and make the right plays, and take the right shots. Or playing hero ball.

    I have already posted many times that I’m willing to give Russell benefit of the doubt. And for Lin’s sake, I hope Russell can take the next step and improve. But his exit interview wasn’t too encouraging to me. So, I’m hoping for the best, but, to me, the jury’s still out.

    I know where you are coming from, especially from Lin’s perspective. And I agree that for the Nets, and for Lin, to succeed and win, they must play as a team. And playing the right way and making the right plays to help each other. Which is what Lin excels at!

    Assuming the roster stays relatively the same, I’m not too worried about the other guys. Harris, Crabbe, Carroll, LeVert, Dinwiddie, have all demonstrated that they can take AND make clutch shots too!

  599. Good take! Positive spin!

    I agree that the PLAYERS have definitely developed and improved. Now they just need to play better, and more consistently, as a TEAM.

    Hope to see Lin help lead them to a winning season!

  600. Anyway, D’Angelo is on a collision course with Dinwiddie. D’Angelo is on a more expensive contract and he has only one more season to prove himself. Sean Marks and Atkinson have to decide on keeping only one of them with a longer contract then.

    Nets has a very crowded back court. Lin, Din, DLo, Whitehead, LeVert with LeVert being flexible enough to play at 3 or 2. Whitehead is still a prospect on a rookie contract; relatively inexpensive to keep.

    Lin will be a free agent after next season. He may choose to stay or play for another team. I think Marks and Atkinson would need to make a decision to keep either Din and DLo next season with or without Lin.

  601. There is one thing that DLo and Lin have in common, they both have one season to prove themselves.

  602. IMO, he’s had at least one game that showed he’s capable of team leadership. I agree the jury is still out on him. That’s not lost on Atkinson either. He’s been benched after that eye raising game when Dlo made me think that he could yet prove us wrong. The key is Atkinson and Lin, two guys that are great at teaching Dlo and the rest of the Nets how to play a different team game.

    In terms of pure talent, Dlo is a higher pedigree. He’s the guy that will force defences to focus on him as well. As much as I hated Harden, there was no doubt that they were the best tandem guards in the league…right up there with the splash brothers. I’m still holding out hope for someone who can help Lin win a championship.

  603. LIlliard has been enabled to become the fake star in Portland. He’s the new Harden light. Playoffs are won on defence. Harden is incapable of defence. That’s why I doubt these guys will ever become champions.

  604. I would rather rest my hope on Joe Harris than DLo in helping Lin to win a game, not to mention championship.

  605. that’s good..and bad

  606. that guy resign..not because of lin.. i dont think….

  607. JLin and little Jaden, an olive or a grape? Hahaha!

  608. Thanks for finding the link again!

    I’m hoping Popo will be able to put those together in you-tube, (with subtitles! LOL).

    As a current player, it would be interesting to see how “political” or “critical” Lin can be.

  609. Yeah, I don’t gamble on sports either. Too many variables and “fixes”. I can think of better ways to throw money away. LOL.

  610. It’ coincidence that Lin recovering well in Vancouver away from the team trainers. Fortius Sport & Health deals with rehab quite differently from Lloyd Beckett.

    Lin took his recovery seriously and has learned a lot about his own body. You know injuries that Lin suffered in a two years span are not very common specially when he’s the star player of the team. His injury in fact got worse and worse until the eruption at his knee. The trainer needs to be responsible. At least, he should run tests to examine Lin’s knees before it happened.

    The guy resigned after just two years of being appointed the head from being an assistant. I have many questions about this which would never be answered.

  611. Harden has a history of being incapable to lead his team in playoffs. Fortunately his team has Chris Paul who can take over whenever it is needed.

  612. I am just surprised that it doesn’t happen sooner.

  613. Kupchak has a history of working well with his boss.

  614. Dinwiddie also has one more season on his contract. Who are they going to keep after this season? Who care! Just win as many games as you can, JLin. After this season, they may choose to play together forever.

  615. Once Nets starts winning, all problems will be solved, I think.

  616. The problem with Dlo is that he needs to improve his efficiency, but he wants the spotlight.

    The nets backcourt is still weak IMO. Definitely in the bottom half of the league. This is shocking, but I would say (ironically) that they have a better front court with RHJ and J Allen than the backcourt. Allen and RHJ both post the higher PER on the team, and they are + defenders, and PER doesn’t factor in defense well. Their impact on the team is very high this season.

    Dinwiddie takes 50% of his shots from 3 and makes them at a 33% rate. Dlo has a low true shooting % and Levert’s efficiency is no better either. As of now, they are all dragging down the team’s wins, not raising them. In order to help the team win, they really need to work on their efficiency and not have it below league average.

    What we hope is that they improve. But let’s not kid ourselves that they’re any good right now.

  617. Jeremy with a fan at Newark Liberty International Airport (near downtown NYC) today. He looks very rested.

    Could that be his passport on the table?

  618. Good eyes! Yeah, looks like passport…..

    Back to Fortius? To Taiwan to watch lil bro Joe in playoffs? Family vacation coming up?

  619. I do get what you are saying. Agree that Russell has his strengths and weaknesses. And that he did play much better in a few games.

    I’m repeating myself but…Briefly: On the skills talent side, he can definitely score in bunches. Passes well in transition. Pretty good in P&R. Weaknesses though in playmaking for teammates in the half-court. Doesn’t finish strong at the rim if challenged. Hogging the ball leading to taking bad shots, or too many midrange jumpers. As result, inefficient. And the defense! Yikes!

    We know the team has concerns too. DeMarre Carroll is reported to have reached out to Russell to take him under his wing this summer, to push him to work on his game.

    To me, the more worrisome is attitude. Focus and effort. Willing to play hard and hustle. Willing to be unselfish and share the ball. I think you are right in that Kenny has been trying tough love. And JLin will teach him by example. Hope Russell can continue to be coachable.

    As for Harden, and the Rockets stint. SIGH….Don’t get me started. Those first two games with Harden and Lin were big time “what could have been”. So here’s hoping that Russell will turn out to be “good Harden”, not “bad Harden”.

  620. Yup. Good defense by Pelicans. Blazers, not so much. Now down three games. Offense coming from just Lillard and McCollum, too predictable and easy to defend. And when Lillard ‘s shots aren’t falling, he can’t seem to help his team in other ways. The way that Lin can.

    Wonder how much the Blazers are missing Allen Crabbe now….

  621. We’ll see how much CP can really contribute. He doesn’t have a great playoff record either.

    LOL. Rooting against the Rockets. IMO, they don’t derserve it. Morey definitely does NOT.

  622. About Russell, and Dinwiddie after going back to second unit, agree shooting efficiency needs more improvement. I give LeVert more of a pass, since he’s basically a rookie.

    And if we see it, gotta figure the Nets, with all their analytics and advanced stats philosophy, must also know this.

    Supposedly, the analytics team met with the players too, as part of the exit interviews. So, the players also know what needs improvement.

    Don’t have the stats ATM to back me up. But, the good news is, I think the Nets have pretty good wings. Good two-way players! Guys like Harris, SUPER efficient. Crabbe was coming on strong in latter part of season. Carroll has experience and skills.

  623. This was interesting comment from an Asian-American actor, about his reasons for following Lin and what Lin has accomplished.

  624. For those who didn’t have time to watch the long you-tube vid of Lin’s testimonial at UBC on Easter. Here’s summary by Athletes in Action, who co-sponsored event.

  625. Love Harris, Crabbe from a stats point of view. I’m a bit of a stats junkie.

    I really think Crabbe will break out next year. A 41 point game is no joke, he has had several games like that in the later half of the season. He went from a 10 PER to a 12 PER based on a dozen games, meaning he really jumped up in value the latter half. If he continues his play, he will really be an all star next year.

    Allen, RHJ, Crabbe, Levert, all have potential for the leap into high quality starter/all star. DLo has shown the least improvement and progress in his game.

  626. Harris is a wonderful player but DLo will, more often than not, have more minutes and playing time with Lin. DLo is also a ball-handler and has more usage. What I find missing from DLo is the sense of just being integral to sets. Get the hockey assist. Don’t worry about being “the man” so much. I think that’s part of his nature, this need to be “the man,” and that worries me.


    Jerry Rice: & (30th pick –> 16th pick)

    Joe Montana: (third round; 82nd overall pick)

    (will be interesting to speculate how different Donovan Mitchell’s career arc could have been if Hornets had drafted him instead of taking Malik Monk with that 11th pick in last year’s NBA Draft. Mitchell ran 3.01 seconds in NBA 3/4 Court Sprint (Lin 3.07 seconds: & ), so also wonder how Sports Vue sensors above NBA court compare Lin’s “functional speed” (first two or three steps from a standstill?) with those of Mitchell)

  628. Sad situation for the Portland fans with fake stars and bad culture. The Nets aren’t winning yet but they don’t ever give up…unlike the pathetic effort by the the Blazers. They lack heart and chemistry. When you have empowered hierarchical leadership, the rank and file are just not willing to step up. They’re bball skills have long been atrophied by ball hogs and bad coaching that they’ve gotten used to just standing around and watching.

  629. One vacation he went fishing with Jared Jeffries in Florida. So, you never know …

  630. Pre-Game Humor: GOAT Herder, too?

    “Manning drove the Giants 83 yards for the winning touchdown in XLVI, 80 yards for the winning touchdown this year in the regular season, and 88 yards Sunday for the winning touchdown. In three straight games against the best coach of this era and against an all-time quarterback, Manning has taken the ball with less than four minutes to play, trailing every time. And won every time.”

    * (LOL, tabloid journalism at it’s utter and absolute best! And even if Ray Allen or Kyrie Irving hit the shot that gave Lebron two more championships, history will only remember how many championships a true foundational cornerstone like Lebron or Paul George has; all the other details will quickly fade from memory)

  631. Jimmy Butler(30),
    Allen Crabbe (31),
    Draymond Green (35)
    Will Barton (40)
    Goran Dragic (45)
    Paul Millsap(47),
    Isaiah Thomas(60)
    Jeremy Lin undrafted

    Don’t you wish to have them under rookie contracts.

  632. NBA is a league crazy about measurements like wingspan etc. It’s almost a miracle that Nets can draft Jarrett Allen with their 22nd choice. Will this kind of good luck happen again with their 29th choice.
    Will Nets strike good with their 3 low draft choices; 29, 40 and 45? I just wish that they won’t draft another PG or SF, the strength of the team. Why not just draft some PF and C with normal measurements and good character? Decent players about 6’8-6’10” with size and good shooting touch may turn out to be sleeper in the late draft choices.

    Also given enough time and development to Jahil Okafor, he may turn out to be just what the team needs at 4 and 5. Anyway big Jah won’t get a big offer from the league. That is for sure. Nets will at least have a chance to keep him with a bargain price. I suspect that Nets actually is low-balling big Jah last season just to sign him with what they can afford to. Big Jah was given no opportunity to shine at all last season.

  633. Jeremy is back in Taiwan with his parents and elder brother to watch Joe Lin play in the Taiwan SBL finals in Kaohsiung (via Popo Chung on twitter).

  634. Does anyone have the video link which Lin said he hopes Rockets would win western conference because 1) Zhou Qi is in Rockets and 2) coach Dantoni is his good friend?

  635. This might be it. According to Popo Chung (on twitter), Jeremy talks about the Rockets’ playoff potential and his playoff experience with the Rockets. Any more details of what he says would be appreciated.

  636. Hey, we were spot on, guessing where he would be! Family vacation AND watching Joe in playoffs in Taiwan! 🙂

  637. I agree. Over-reliance on the two guards. When they’re off, forget it. Not like they play defense to make up for it.

    If they really want to win, the Blazers need to turn it around and sacrifice personal stats, the way Toronto has with Lowry and DeRozan. Since Lin and the Rockets played against them, Lillard has not progressed any further despite gaudy stats.

    They could have used Crabbe’s talents. (Not that Lillard and McCollum would have let him touch the ball all that much.)

  638. Just let Lin lead, and the Nets will start winning!

  639. AGREED!

  640. The high usage worries me too. To me, that means he takes too long to get into sets, if play breaks down, no time to recover, shot-clock violations. And slows down pace (as Kwok has said). The ball isn’t moving.

  641. Thanks for finding, and thanks to Popo for posting.

    Sorry JLin. Will always support you on and off the basketball court!

    But hope you are wrong about Cleveland and Houston! HaHa!

    Is it just me, or did he sound breathless during the entire vid?

  642. So, watching some of these playoffs….advance scouting for Lin for next year’s playoffs! 😂

    The NBA is becoming less and less about playing basketball, and more about just entertainment. All the traveling and fouls that are not called. Unbelievable.

    Actually, no. Was watching WWE, and the NBA playoffs broke out. So much hacking and pushing and pulling and tripping and FIGHTING! Sheeeesh!

  643. I am not as generous and forgive-and-forget as Lin. Call me petty, I don’t care….I didn’t know I could have a good time rooting AGAINST teams. LOL!

    I know the series aren’t over yet (except for the Pelicans). But it was fun watching the Cavs, the Heat, Rockets, OKC, Blazers ALL LOSE!

    And confirmation bias. Miami, almost every player, plays really dirty. And Wade is a big-time flopper. I just don’t get why guys like LeBron and Wade, with all their talents and winning history, are sooo insecure to have to resort to whining about calls and flopping and the playing dirty to get an edge. I just can’t respect that.

    Unlike guys like Curry and Klay Thompson and Durant. Who just go out to play ball. (Granted they let Draymond and Pachulia do the dirty work.)

  644. A couple more observations about the playoffs.

    All these winning teams all have up and coming young talent, but they wouldn’t be winning without at least one or two experienced veterans contributing big. Look at the Celtics and the 76ers, the Jazz and the Pelicans.

    Having said that, the composure, fearlessness, and maturity of some of these young guys are impressive. In the playoffs, no less. Tatum, Brown, Mitchell, Embiid, Simmons. Yes, they turn the ball over a lot. But then they make up for it by playing defense. Blocking shots, making steals, making opponents also turn the ball over. Also, they all seem to be willing to pass and share the ball. Hope none of them end up like the so-called stars of the recent past.

  645. “Lin, and Jay Chou and Stephon Marbury to join a Youku new variety show “Dunk Boys”. They invite everyone who loves basketball to join them. “

    Sounds interesting. With Marbury?

    Hope Lin gets to do more promotions here in the States too. Maybe when he’s back on the court next season.

  646. Chris Paul is the worst

  647. My aim is to show Atkinson’s development team capable to turn lower draft choices into better players. (specially the 2nd year players with Atkinson) First I try to classify the players according to the years of draft. Then I will list them in the order of years with Atkinson’s development team.

    2014 Draft: 33rd Joe Harris 38th Dinwiddie 8th Nik Stauskas
    Joe Harris was drafted 33rd, Dinwiddie 38th, Nik Stauskas 8th. Clearly Joe Harris and Dinwiddie enjoys better success with the team than Nik Stauskas. Both Harris and Dinwiddie have been with Atkinson for 2 years.

    2015 23rd Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 2nd D’Angelo Russell 3rd Jahlil Okafor
    Again Rondae Hollis-Jefferson enjoys better success with his 2 years with Atkinson.

    Player to watch: Isaiah Whitehead
    He is so unfortunate to be in the team of Jeremy Lin, Dinwiddie, DLo and Caris LeVert. All of the above is ahead of him in taking play time as PG. But he’s going to be a much better PG next season anyway. Nets spent $3M and a 55th draft choice to get him.

  648. Blazers have wasted talent for sure. Poor Ed Davis is stuck in a system that basically stunts his growth as a teammate. Allen Crabbe was sure glad to be traded away from there so that he could finally be given a chance. I really hope we could pick up Davis somehow. He is an athletic big that can run.

    The biggest change with Raptors may have to do with the GM. Valantunas was always bad mouthed by his coach for being weak on defence. He kept being taken off during the last quarter and never was given any confidence to become the kind of player he could be. This is the first year that I’ve seen him being a focal point of the team. End of last season the GM basically said that the team needed to change its ways. Maybe they finally have learned to embrace the team concept more.

  649. Yep,this is it. Thanks.
    Jeremy’s Chinese is getting better and better. He said he wanted Rockets to win because of Zho Qi and D’antoni but never mentioned Harden. Lol

  650. Absolutely true. Dlo just not that guy. He is more likely suit the role of Kerr, or pippen, if he try/train hard, and let go his ego. He is not the GOAT, someone else is, I won’t mention the name errrrmmmm.

  651. I have to agree with all the Teams except Rockets. I want Rockets to win. This one is for MDA!

  652. Indiana Pacers traded Paul George to the Thunder for Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo. I believe Paul George will only stay in OKC for 1 year. No super star can stand Westbrook. You don’t need proof. It’s just a one year deal. Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo are going to stay in Indiana for years.

    One thing you need to hand it to OKC is their excellence in scouting young players. Losing a half-hearted player in Paul George, Indiana got two good prospects for years from OKC. It really turns out to be a trade that favors Indiana more than the Thunder. The big 3 in OKC doesn’t seem to work out but Victor Oladipo and Sabonis have found their new home in Indiana. For years to come, Indiana has much to thank for in rebuilding. Indiana is a good team now and better for years to come

    The game of Indiana against Cleveland is exciting to watch. Korver and LeBron saved the game for Cleveland. At the end of 4 quarter after a timeout with about 4 minutes to go, they made a 10-2 run that’s unbelievable with Krover scored two 3s and LeBron scored 4 points, Cleveland turned back Indiana’s comeback two points deficit and dominated the game.

    9 secs to go. Cleveland is still holding a 3 points lead. Korver has scored 8 points in the final 4 minutes. The game is sealed by Jeff Green’s FT. The series is tied 2-2 coming back to Cleveland. Give the game ball to Kyle Korver who made the difference. LeBron missed all his 3 point shots 0-5 while Korver shot 4-9.

    LeBron of course deserves the credit. However Korver provides the help the King needs to win this game in the 4th quarter. The disastrous 3rd quarter almost doomed the Cavaliers again.

  653. Nets is a team of players with high character. Those who aren’t couldn’t survive. Those who are thrives. It’s only those players of high character that the development team could help. RHJ, Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie are some of the successful young players who have overcome their weaknesses and on their way to a successful career.

    As to Caris LeVert and Jarette Allen, I’m confident that they are in the right direction.
    As to Allen Crabbe, he may and Sean Marks has bet on that.

    There are ones who are doubtful.
    Starting with D’Angelo Russel, I have doubts about him. He hasn’t start playing at the next level yet. Will he ever be what coaches wish him to be? We should find it out next season.

    We also have Isaiah Whitehead, Nik Stauskas, Jahil Okafor to join this list of being doubtful.
    Nik and Jahil however have not been developed with a whole off-season and they both need works on to improve their game. Perhaps it is this reason that they haven’t got much play-time.

  654. Among players on the Nets roster, JLin is the one without draft scouting video; perhaps, it’s because he’s not even rated nor drafted. Jeremy doesn’t have much measurements to show. He’s only 6’3″; not much to brag about. His wing span is below average. He doesn’t jump too high.

    His explosive first step was not noticed until Linsanity.But what makes him so different is his quickness and toughness which were beyond measurements. His skill in basketball is for real. How does Lin get to play 7 or more years in NBA? It is almost a miracle. Lin’s 3 point shooting wasn’t spectacular in college. His ball handling wasn’t good. He does have strong arms and his long passes are above standard. I think he could be a good quarterback. It’s a miracle that Lin survives in NBA to be this good now.

    Lin’s recovery from his recent injury is very special. When he was injured in this season, there were articles telling us that he could never play again in NBA because it is a very serious injury and we were told that not many players have been fully recovered from it. NY papers have virtually written Lin off.

    To our relief, Lin has come back; apparently better from before. It’s not only impressive; it’s like our wish come true. Even Lin thought he was done playing basketball then. After a few months, I’m so rejoiced to see Jeremy back on the court moving better and shooting better. The only thing that I still have doubt is about his speed on the court. Could he still drive to the basket with the same efficiency? Pray that he could. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next season when the whole team has improved and Jarrett Allen has emerged to be the center whom we having been looking forward to. The center who will enable Lin’s PnR to work at perfection. Nets has finally found its Tyson Chandler in Linsanity for Lin. Jarrett Allen could even be better than Tyson because he is an all around offensive and defensive player.

    Thank God.

    But I’m getting really impatient waiting for the next season to come.

  655. I feel the same about the so-called stars who are padding their stats rather than trying to win a ball game.
    Miami is a team of no character; pushing, grasping, fouling and flopping.

  656. Is anyone can turn Dlo from the “dark side”, it’s Atkinson and Lin. Harden had that laziness on D to begin with but was made worst by being empowered by M&M.

  657. None of them are capable of creating for themselves. Dlo can only do it when he uses PnR. Lin used to be the only one that could create space without help. Linsanity was no fluke but he had good support with key guys like Chandler to shut down opponents. We forget that Lin was only able to make the last 6 points of the famous “Lin for the win” 3 against the raptors because Shump made the steal after they tied the game. Lin’s explosiveness and finish at the rim made for great stats…for him and his teammates.

    This was also evident when he returned at the end of the previous injury season. The Nets were close to a 500 club when Lin was on the floor. His athleticism and skills took all the attention away from the rest of the guys. This is the not so subtle effect Lin has in making guys play above themselves. It’s why LeBron can make such an impact on his teammates as well. When Lin’s on the floor, teammates can easily find their spots and make open shots. When he’s not, they must use the motion system to run through picks to get a fraction of second of time and open space.

    Dinwiddle, Dlo and the rest of the guards must operate within a system because they can’t shake opponents without help. This is why they are less efficient. They can only create split second time to shoot. It’s also why Lin is less efficient when opponents double and triple team him. If Lin brings his 3pt percentages up to 40%, he’d be unstoppable. That one stats will open up his court so much because he’ll make defences come out to him making his rim attack so much easier.

  658. Here’s a larger group picture. (L-R) Cheng Ho, Chris Chen, and Taiwan celebrity friends Wang Leehom & his wife, Blackie Chen & his wife, and Jason Tang. Cheng Ho attended Harvard. (via Infinity88)

  659. It’s a small world. The 2016 photo, below, shows investors in the Taiwanese company Choxue. They are (L-R) : Richard Chang, Joe Tsai, Cheng Ho, Blackie Chen and Jimmy Chang. Jeremy had dinner with Cheng Ho and Blackie Chen recently in Taipei.

    See :

  660. Dam right martin!

  661. The legacy of Westbrook is in serious danger; Utah ahead of Okc 58:52 LoL

  662. The Melo legacy is in even more danger. He’s 5 of 16. Jazz up 17. 87 to 70.

    Let’s go Jazz!

  663. 90:73 Jazz is ahead at the end of 3rd Q. LoL

  664. FIGHT FIGHT! Salty Westbrook starting trouble. Melo and Crowder and Adams getting into it. Really good sportsmanship. NOT.

    What the? Crowder gets ejected? Should have been Westbrook….

  665. Here’s a nostalgic look back at young Lin. A great behind-the-scenes look, from Jan 2012, after Knicks picked him up, but before Linsanity.

    Blackie Chen (ex bballer) and his wife Fan-fan are old old friends. Supported him from the beginning. And still do. ( “Carmelo, big star….” LOL.)

  666. Donovan Mitchell just destroyed OKC! Good job, especially as a rookie. But the Jazz played well, as a TEAM. Entertaining win for the Jazz!

  667. Just a four or five days before Linsanity began. It’s funny, because he seems so happy about having a few points and a few assists… little did he know that in a few days, he would have 25 points and 7 assists… and in a few more days, 38 points against the Lakers. So crazy.

  668. Win some, lose some……Let’s see who didn’t draft Mitchell….Knicks? Lakers? Hornets? Hmmmm….haha.

  669. It was truly an unbelievable time, a Lincredible feat!

    With such joy and fun to remember for the fans. Yet can’t help also remind us, with deep regret, of what the possibilities could have been for him. (And for us.)

    But, it’s not over. The best could still to come! #neverdone!

  670. The bias all Asians seem to have against sports is so out of date that no amount of logic can overcome that bias. Hopefully Lin and the group of successful Asian leaders can have some sway to change that attitude.

    Title 9 is the best example of how sports helped to transform young women to become successful professionals and corporate leaders. Sports teaches so many values that books can’t ever teach. Competitive fire in sports makes for great business leaders. Teamwork, leadership, people skills and many self driven aptitudes are best taught by sports. It has also been my life’s goal to spread this value to our Asian communities. The effects of title 9 shows how in a relative short time, women forced their way into leadership roles because they learned to win and fight against any roadblocks in their way. Jeremy Lin is a perfect example of how sports makes him so mentally tough…to never give up. It’s his fierce competitive drive that makes him circumvent all road blocks and doubters. Only sports helps our youth to gain this type of self confidence and competitiveness.

  671. Good find! Great article! Such a tight circle, despite Joe Tsai’s immense wealth.

    Here’s also You-tube vid describing Choxue and Cheng Ho. JLin’s part is in English.

    And also video of Cheng Ho and brother Josh cheering for JLin when Linsanity broke out.

  672. It always amazes me how JLin has managed to maintain his many friendships. From high school friends and teammates, through college roommates and teammates, and even NBA ex-teammates.

    With following his faith, staying close with family, training, playing games, on the road, marketing promotions, entrepreneurial endeavors, philanthropic works. And engaging with fans. He has a team around him to help. But still, how does he do it? I’m exhausted just writing this, LOL.

    Anyway, it’s admirable. It shows how he understands what the priorities are.

  673. Well, in that case, you must be glad they won again tonight. Now up 3/1 on the Wolves. And JLin agrees with you!

    Me? Not so much. 🙂

    Rooting for Rockets equals rooting for Daryl Morey. No way.
    Rooting for Rockets equals rooting for Harden. Uh no.
    Rooting for the Rockets equals rooting for Chris Paul. Uh uh.
    Rooting for MDA? OK, maybe. But that’s 3 vs 1. Oh well.

  674. He’s definitely on the list…..

  675. All these teams that lost yesterday, Raptors, Celtics, Pacers, and even GSW, ended up playing one-on-one hero ball. Instead of sticking with the plan and moving the ball, what got them there. The stars thinking they should do it all.

    DeRozan, Rozier, Oladipo, Durant. All took bad shots down the stretch. I know a coach like Brad Stevens would not want the Celtics to play like that. And the Pacers probably let their whole season go down the drain because of a couple of bad plays. They were so close. I hope they can still bounce back.

  676. Cheng Ho and CHOXUE agrees with you. (See Arsenium’s posts below.)

    And Joe Tsai and Alibaba agrees with you! They would be appreciative of your efforts.

    Remember this? You are so on-point!

  677. I miss watching Ed Davis and JLin lobs and dunks. Davis was also a great screen-setter and roller.. Did not clog the lanes, actually created space and driving lanes for Lin.

    Such chemistry!

    Well, Ed is free agent this summer. He was getting about $6M. Don’t think the Nets want to afford him.

    (I was hoping the Hornets – North Carolina connection – could have signed Davis that same summer as Lin. But then they drafted Kaminsky. Too bad.)

  678. The Thunder is silenced. LoL LoL
    OKC is doomed.

  679. How about a 15 yard dribbling dash? My bet won’t be on Bolt.

  680. Anthony Puccio
    This is something else… Joe Harris finished 2nd in True Shooting % amongst small forwards, trailing only Kevin Durant.
    Why doesn’t he get more shots?

    By the way, DeMarre is 32nd, RHJ 34th, Cunningham 43rd. But we all know that none of these guys really played small forward all time. They played power forwards at times.

  681. You do well with your maths.

  682. This time around, big Ed could be signed with only half of what he is making. Thanks to Portland.

  683. Honestly I think it’s cause of discrimination. Harris doesn’t “look” like he can be a star and was a 2nd round draft. Not to mention he isn’t really tall only few inches more than Lin. For whatever reason KA and Marks seems to be fixated on height advantage.

    In term of starting I have no doubt he’d be the Robin to Lin’s Batman! Russell is not the answer but Nets still have 1 season to waste on him. Still he should not start just because they made a bad trade for him!

  684. Good! Heroball is loser ball!

  685. Thanks very much for these videos. I never would have identified the fan in the black T-shirt as Cheng Ho.

    Jeremy moves in interesting circles; not only in Taiwan but in California. Some years ago I saw a tweet from a fellow who was pleased that Jeremy had autographed a basketball for his kids [Jeremy had met with him for some reason]. It turned out that the guy had been the Chief Financial Officer of California and was then a venture capitalist focusing on clean technology.

  686. Yes, he’s got a lot on the go, but he’s passionate about his activities and friends, and they help to sustain him. He knows the importance of a balanced, healthy life.

  687. “Basketball Prospectus ranks all NBA players for athleticism on a a scale of negative 5 to plus 5.

    Lin’s score was plus 5, highest that they give out.

    He can’t finish like Rose and Irving since he doesn’t have Rose’s hops or Irving’s coordination.

    But man I thought it was ridiculous to watch him blow by the first defender repeatedly and have the announcers say that it was deceptive speed.

    There is nothing deceptive after you’ve beaten your man for three quarters.

    It is just speed.” [world class acceleration from a standstill, that is!!!]


    (and before some Lin fans still may want to pull the race card, please remember that D’Antoni didn’t believe in Lin initially ( ), just like the Patriots didn’t initially believe in Tom Brady ( ), and no Division I school was willing to give Jerry Rice an athletic scholarship, either!: )

  688. Pablo Prigioni coming to the Nets as an assistant coach … . I wonder what particular skills he brings …

  689. just a note on “the process”: philly winning with often an “all foreigner” team on the court: bellinilli italy, illyasova turkey, saric croatia, simmons austrailia, embid cameroon.

  690. Hassan Whiteside wants out of Miami, who just got crushed by the Sixers. I think the Nets should go after him. They desperately need a shot blocker, rebounder and PnR finisher when Lin comes back.

    Jarrett Allen will be good, but he’s still very young. Whiteside turns 29 this year and can beast right now. He has his flaws, but he’s super-athletic and a former D-Leaguer like Lin. He’s paid his dues and will have something to prove next season.

  691. He’s smart and unselfish and thrived in a Euroleague system. He can teach guys to play more Spurs-esque. They also hired Tiago Splitter — a former Spur and Euroleague star.

  692. wow, nets into foreign players in a way… if you notice.

  693. thats 2012.. this is 2018. it’s irrelevant now..esp with lins new rebuilt body. not sure why you guys keep bringing those up. It’s like someone bring up plasma tv to compare with current tvs. smh

  694. Lin haters have come all out and suggested Lin to be traded even before Lin plays his first game.
    They just can’t stand seeing Jeremy running and gunning.on the court again.

  695. Who are “you guys”! Lol. If you mean that Lin’s past was insignificantly demeaned by haters who conveniently ignored those tests to call him a fluke…then I’m one of those guys too. If you are a fan of Lin, you should still be bothered at least a little by the media bias against him in the past.

  696. He is very expensive.

  697. The head trainer, Lloyd Beckett, of Nets resigned and the implications

    This is a big thing to the team because he has been responsible to the health of the players. Normally a good trainer would keep players healthy enough to play on court and help his rehabilitation in case of
    injury. In Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russel’s case, I haven’t seen any improvement during their span of time in Nets; specially in Lin’s case. His hamstring injury is a new injury after Lin played for Nets. Lin has
    never had such kind of injury before coming to Brooklyn. We all have seen how good and significant Lin’s impact on the games that he had played for the team though a small portion of the seasons.

    Now Sean Marks has stated that Lin has brought himself a new lease of life. This is a breakthrough not only for Lin but for all other players. The knowledge of rehabilitation will make significant contribution to other players too. Looking at the videos of Lin’s rehabilitation and his practices recently from youtube, there is nothing short of awesome improvement to Lin’s body. Lin’s game is founded on his athleticism which is his strength. From what we have seen he has been rehabilitating under the same one, Rick Celebrini, who has helped Steve Nash, . Nash after his work with him made a break through in his
    games after signing with the Suns and leaving the Mavericks.

    In Jeremy Lin, NY Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni found a point guard who can run his offense
    Toney Douglas, Mike Bibby and rookie Iman Shumpert haven’t grasped what D’Antoni wants from his point guard. Jeremy Lin did. This is the same MDA who is running the Houston franchise with tremendous success.

    These years, Lin has picked up skills to shoot, to play defense and to finish. In fact his drive to basket has become one of the best in the league, next to LeBron James on the record.

    For people who haven’t studied enough about Lin, I have nothing to say.

    Steve Nash became a much better player after 30 and he has had close to ten more seasons, mostly good seasons after his workout with Fortius Sport & Health. Much of that work is being done at Fortius
    Sport & Health in Burnaby, British Columbia, near Vancouver. Lin is working with personal trainer and Fortius Institute co-founder Rick Celebrini, who came to prominence for his work with now-retired NBA star Steve Nash.

    Lin’s retraining his body to be better at absorbing the pounding that comes with consistent attacking of the basket. Lin said:
    “I’m not going to change the bread and butter of who I am which is downhill, attacking, dynamic playmaking. I’ll always be that player,”

    While Nets general manager Sean Marks — who also knows Celebrini — has said the team is in lockstep with the decision for Lin to work at Fortius, it raises a question: Why rehab 3,000 miles away? It also
    raises a question why the head trainer, Lloyd Beckett leaving the team, heading back to Maine at the end of this past season.


    (I don’t remember the Nets have as much trouble with switching defenses when Lin was able to play year 1 with Nets. Switching defenses seemed to be a real issue for both Russell and Dinwiddie, though I kind of wonder whether, if need be, a Lin Dinwiddie backcourt ( ) is a potential solution next season that wasn’t possible this season because, at least at the NBA level, Russell is such a poor athlete compared to his peers)

    And is this, perhaps, part of the reason, why the Ricky Rubio / Donovan Mitchell backcourt is creating such problems for the Thunder? / /

  699. Many folks are just racist bigots…that’s how Trump got elected.

  700. Waive and stretch Mozgov if you can’t dump him. Nets aren’t getting a star anytime soon, so they have room for Whiteside regardless.

  701. Yeah, I’d rather see Lin and LeVert start together instead of Lin and Russell. LeVert has big, smooth strides that make him a surprisingly good (straight-line) driver.

  702. This is a funny picture of JLin & his parents 🙂
    @JLin7 (IG)
    養兒防老哈哈!Repaying a lifetime of debts…story of my life lolll #papalin #teamshirshir #workworkwork #太好的兒子 #爸爸偷笑

  703. Prominent Asian Americans, or Canadians :-). Probably do cross paths often. Probably all fans of each other and respect each other in their respective fields. Arts, entertainment, sports, politics, all with six degrees of separation. JLin definitely have fans and friends in different worlds. It’s pretty cool!

    Like you said, it is a small world. The event I remember was a meet and greet when JLin was with Lakers, at an Adidas store . State treasurer John Chiang was there. Same guy? John Chiang is running for Governor of California.

  704. Well said! Very true!

  705. Yeah, Portland has some tough decisions to make too. I think they are over the cap.

    So, maybe there’s a chance for Ed to sign with the Nets. But probably won’t be starting though. Assuming Brook Lopez wouldn’t mind pay cut or coming off bench. Who would be better fit for Lin and the Nets’ system?

  706. Tough decisions for Kenny to make. Finding that winning lineup that will work with Lin. Especially on the defensive end.

    I really like LeVert. (Dinwiddie too, when he isn’t just pounding the ball.) But we’ll have to see what are Marks’ plans with Russell.

    The Nets, and Kenny, are into analytics. They most certainly know how inefficient Russell is, or how he plays matador defense. If Russell doesn’t improve, how much patience will be left, if they want to start winning. And if no other politics involved.

  707. Easier said than done. I get ticked off all the time.

    But since they are “haters“, nothing will convince them otherwise. So, much easier to just avoid certain boards and forums. It’s not worth it, letting the “haters” get under our skin.

  708. I don’t know about culture fit. Seems like he has attitude problems?

    I think I’d rather get Ed Davis.

  709. Didn’t catch the games tonight. Saw recaps and box scores.

    Rockets won. Same old, same old. Timberwolves have so much talent on paper. But coaching matters. Thibodeau couldn’t win in Chicago. Not doing better now.

    It’s not that the Cavs won, more like Pacers lost. It’s too bad. They blew game 4 at home. After that, I knew they would lose tonight. I won’t be surprised if they don’t come back.

    Only the Jazz still have a chance. But, wow, what a bummer. Blowing a 25 point lead? Probably fixed by the refs, getting Gobert in foul trouble, haha. Come on Jazz, go get it at home!

  710. And with a balanced team of experienced vets and talented rookies. I must say, after the Nets and the Warriors, I find them fun to watch in these playoffs.

  711. We love Harris, for good reasons!

  712. LOL. Good one. Unfortunately, not tonight. 🙁

  713. I think so, can add 2+2. Haha!

  714. JLin’s antics again, dissing Papa Lin. FAMILY VACATION!

  715. Timberwolves are really need help at 1.

  716. True shooting % and USG for every active players on Nets roster.

    Rank Player — TS% – USG
    17 Jarrett Allen 63.6 15.3
    18 Joe Harris 63.4 16.0
    156 Allen Crabbe 55.8 18.0
    180 DeMarre Carroll 55.5 18.7
    187 RHJ 54.8 21.3
    204 Nik Stauskas 54.3 16.2
    218 Cunningham 53.9 9.2
    253 Spencer Dinwiddie 52.7 21.5
    258 Quincy Acy 52.5 13.6
    258 Caris LeVert 52.5 22.6
    291 D’Angelo Russell 50.9 30.6

    These are the USG for Nets players:
    9.2 13.6 15.3 16.0 16.2 18.0 18.7 21.3 21.5 22.6 30.6

    DLo is the highest in USG, Lowest in True Shooting %
    Both LeVert and DLo need to work on their shots.
    Jarrett Allen has a USG of 15.3; low usage player but his impact on the game is high.
    Joe Harris has a USG of 16.0; low usage player but his impact on the game is high.
    Next season, both Jarrett Allen and Joe Harris should be used more.

    Team of highest TS% players
    Jarrett Allen, RHJ, DeMarre Carroll, Allen Crabbe, Joe Harris. (no PG)

    Team of highest USG:
    D’Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, DeMarre Carroll, RHJ (no Centre)
    Team of lowest USG
    Dante Cunningham, Quincy Acy, Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris, Nik Stauskas (no PG)

    If you let the team of lowest USG play against the team of highest USG, which team is going to win?

    My best team next season: Jeremy Lin, Joe Harris, Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, Jarrett Allen.

  717. Next season is the last season on the contracts of Sean Marks and Atkinson. They’d better have something to show to their boss.

  718. Both LeVert and DLo have the lowest True Shooting % and the highest Usage Rate on the team.
    They’d better make progress like RHJ next season.

  719. Post-Season Humor: Nets sales pitch to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George this summer?

    Lin has already learned how to play next to a true foundational cornerstone player like Harden or Kobe, and even if he were to hit the shot that actually gave a championship to George or Leonard (think Dellavedova Mozgov pick and roll next to Lebron when Kyrie fractured his kneecap and Curry was playing on that injured knee, or Ray Allen’s corner three, or Irving’s three pointer last Cavs championship), history will only remember how many championships those true foundational cornerstone players have; all the other details will quickly fade from memory:

    The Harden Effect: &

    Lack of Kobe Effect: vs.

  720. Jeremy visiting with JJ Lin, head of JFJ Productions, in Taipei. JJ Lin is a singer/songwriter and producer. (via Penny Lee)

  721. Jeremy shown with Ric Chiang, Brand Director for PhantaCi. (via Infinity88)

    PhantaCi is the streetwear fashion label of Jay Chou, a friend of Jeremy’s. Jay Chou is a Taiwanese singer/ songwriter and producer.

  722. Levert also have low efficiency shooting not impressed at all. I’d rather see Lin x Harris starting together! Harris is 2nd in true shooting % behind Kevin Durant! Harris can be a star if Nets give him the permant start and green light at SG! He’s also unselfish, efficient, and plays like Lin! Harris can take less than 10 shots and still get his in less than 30mins! They would be a very dangerous duo both can make defenders pay by getting to the rim and shooting 3s!

    I’d be very mad if Lin and Harris doesn’t start together as guards!

    Crabbe’s spot up shooting and cuts are perfect for the SF spot but definitely not as SG.

  723. This proves that
    Jarrett Allen (C)
    Joe Harris (SG)
    Allen Crabbe (SF)
    RHJ or Carroll(PF)

    Should be the starters of the team alongside Lin unless they get better players this offseason!

  724. applause!!!!
    Exactly. Jeremy Lin, Joe Harris, Allen Crabbe, Jarrett Allen and RHJ/DeMarre
    should be the starters. RHJ is defensively stronger but DeMarre is better in shooting 3s to stretch the court..

    RHJ 6.8 Reb 2.5 Assists 24.1% shooting 3s, 1.0 Steal/Game.
    DeMarre 6.6 Reb 2.0 Assists 37.1% shooting 3s, 0.8 Steal/Game

  725. Here is what is sensible about basketball?

    Colin reacts to LeBron’s Game 5 buzzer-beater against Pacers, Westbrook’s 45-point Game 5

  726. ok its become not worth the trouble to get into this site anymore just for me? or are other people having the same problem?

    first google doesn’t bring up a direct link to this site. i have to click on a link to an old twitter accnt which from there i back door into a link to this site and then on to the home page for this site.

    then most recently i have to go thru a impossible “i am not a bot” approval to get in.


    again: do other people have this same issue.

    i dont post here that often but you know during the season i do. occasionally.


    i suspect it mite have something to do with me once or twice making a comment thru disqus on a politcal site that is part of the clampdown these days by the masters of discourse.

    i mean it was like 2 posts of the thousands of disqus posts ive made all here so like 2 of 8000 maybe? i dont know. anyway.

    any suggestions would be appreciated before i drop trying here in the future; which i guess would be kind of sad because according to the lin-cyclopedia aka a12 i was the first non mod to post here in the beginning.

    since ive wasted my all time best upvotes to posts stats in trying to find out about this i may as well go on and make a basketball related comment. or two.

    notice that in the roaring collapse of the jazz what was lost about the thunder “comeback”.

    1. melo was effectively kept off the court
    2. g westbrook (one of the least efficient chuckers in the history of the game) had to take 39 shots (not counting free throws) to get his 45 points and only was successfull on 17 of those 39 shots. 17 of 39!

    that’s why westbrook (brick) comes in 120th out of 129 players in the league in adj. fg %.

    but really all the narrative cares about is: points. how many points did you score?
    they dont care how efficently you scored them.

    thats why there is almost a direct corelation between fga’s and points scored ie. whoever takes the most shots (who ever has the freedom to be allowed to take the most shots) scores the most points.

    nuff said.

    the other side of that which is occasionally referenced but usually overlooked or poorly assesed as there really isn’t imo a standard objective criteria there overall, still–it was remarked upon that the run of the thunder came only with gobert out of the lineup with foul trouble.

    as the season for the jazz only becoming sucessfull with the return of goberts clogging defense.

    but back to the previous point: regardless of all the talk about team ball even the warriors for example when it comes down to it; when they dont have steph basically throw out their offense at the end of the game lately and just go down to durant iso.

    (you can find somewhere the uptick in durant useage in playoffs v.reg season).

    none of this has anything directly to do with lin but…. some things to think about.

    btw curry is the most efficient scorer in the league. coming in 7th in scoring while 15th in useage. for comparison; drussell comes in 12th in useage! and about 60th in scoring. (higher useage than durant, curry, davis, derozan for example).

    curry is also #1 for non centers in both points per shot and adj fg% (in adj fg% for non centers #2 is: (wait for it: joe harris!)

    (that’s enuf now).

  727. People quote points scored and do not mention shots taken and free throws awarded. The true shooting % is obscured by reporting of this sort. DLO TYPICALLY drew no fouls. Lin however has been often fouled. I wouldn’t call DLo a PG at all.

  728. I occasionally use my mobile phone to address this website and I also have problems.

  729. Thanks for reporting the issue. I’m not sure if Google doesn’t put the website link on the first page due to lack of traffic this season or there could be leftover issues from spammers a while ago.

    I’m curious if others experience the same issue on “i am not a bot” approval. I wonder if Disqus enforces this question because their algorithm gives a false flag.

  730. your observation on OKC vs Jazz series is spot on. RB and Melo are such inefficient volume shooter that Paul George most likely won’t ever come back next season. I even read 1 article recently about Steven Adams who didn’t care about rebounds so he “helped” RB to achieve triple-double season average last season. He blocked out people so RB can get the rebounds.

    It’s sad to see how scorers and stat-padding can destroy teams. It’s not surprising that teams with highest Assists/Gm do well in the playoff (GSW, 76ers, Wizards, Raptors). Even the Nets is ranked at #9 but then again #29 in Opponents/gm helps to explain why they’re not in the playoff 🙁

    OKC and Portland ranked in the Bottom Two (#29 and #30) in Asts/Gm. The weird thing was Houston was at #27. I’m not sure why. I thought it would be higher

  731. lol .. “This is LeBron and 9 valets. And these are bad valets who lost your car keys or bring you wrong Mazdas. JR went 0-8, KLove went 2-8. You know he’s leaving!”

  732. Shooting and game wise I choose Demarre but it boils down to who can mesh with Lin. Experience and game wise I trust Demarre more.

  733. He has to. He has no time to babysit the entire team.

  734. But Atkinson has to start Dlo. That is a net minus for the team.

  735. OKC just lost first round. Westbrook took 43 shots to get 46 points, almost 50% of the entire team’s FGAs. With 5 assists. Guess he wasn’t trying to get a triple double this game. LOL.

    And postgame podium, ever gracious and good sportsmanship. NOT. What a sore loser.

    Melo totals for this series, 71 points on 72 FGA. He has player option next year for $28M. Another LOL from me!

    Why do they still think that selfish inefficient chucking will make them winners? The only answer I can think of is that guys like Westbrook and Melo don’t really care about the team, or their teammates, or about winning. It’s only about the money and the personal glory. If that’s how they are, whatever. But who are they kidding?

    The Jazz guys shared the podium. And all, especially Mitchell, showed such maturity. (Granted, it helps to win.) What a contrast.

    I’m definitely rooting for the Jazz vs the Rockets. But, it will be tough. I don’t know if Jazz have enough 3 point shooters. And Rubio may have an injury (hamstring?)

  736. I always have trouble to address this website when I use my phone but using iPad is ok.

  737. Haha. I just repeated what you posted, but relative to tonight and the fact that OKC is now out.

    So, yeah, totally agree! Players who only care about scoring in order to stat-pad are not winners. But, that’s how the NBA is. And lots of fans (not all) are enablers because they glorify those types of players.

  738. With all the advanced stats readily available, the media should really stop reporting “per game” stats. Utterly meaningless.

    As for Lin. If all the fouls, especially the hard whacks, were called properly, he should be at the line even more.

  739. Thanks for posting this funny vid. Cowherd is a riot! He is known to be LeBron fan and Westbrook hater. Not that he’s wrong. Haha.

  740. Great line…. hilarious!

  741. I had trouble a while ago getting access (I forget exactly when), with something like JLinportal firewall has “blacklisted” my account. But then problem went away, so I didn’t report it.

    “I’m not a bot” is new. It wasn’t there when I last logged in a couple of days ago. Got it just now. A bit of a pain. One question, had to really enlarge screen and look hard to see the car in the picture.

  742. About access to site, please see my reply to Psalm below.

    About the Thunder. Seriously, how many players would truly want to play with a guy like Westbrook? To me, he just sucks all the air and the fun away from his teammates and the game.

  743. The Wizards are also out after first round. So, John Wall, #1 pick from same year that Lin is undrafted. After seven years of being made the centerpiece and given the keys, has he really accomplished much? Has he really met expectations? 2 playoffs out after first round, 2 playoffs out after second round. Getting Max money.

    Yes, he’s had some injuries as explanation. But I wonder if Wizard fans are saying he’s injury prone, and should not get paid so much, or should go to bench as 6th man. Well, he scores a lot too, so maybe not. More LOL.

  744. Here are all the Lin connections again! Musicians like Jay Chou and JJ Lin are also old friends. And Lin manages to make time to see old friends and stay in touch.

  745. Thanks for the stats. I don’t disagree with the fact that Russell had the highest usage by quite a bit, which is not a good thing in the motion offense.

    At the same time, point guards, or ball handlers, or offense initiators, will generally have higher usage. Shooters, and big guys, will generally have lower usage. (Catch and shoot, or pick and roll to rim to catch and score, or pick and pop.). So, not sure if I could agree with conclusion of lineups based on usage alone.

    Effective FG % is also informative stat in the modern NBA. Decent 3 point shooting seems to be requirement these days for guards and wings.

  746. Hey, I truly like what Harris and Crabbe both bring!

    But, I do agree with Acbc with the fact that Lin needs another scoring threat that can help prevent teams from double-teaming him. And I have accepted what Kenny said about there should be another ballhandler and playmaker out on the court, to keep the defense guessing.

    Whether Russell should be that person is debatable. Although I’m leaning towards no, I don’t know what the Nets have in mind.

    Harris and Crabbe are scoring threats for sure. If defenses leave them open, they will make them pay. But are they ballhandlers and playmakers yet? I’m not sure if they are ready, maybe with the chance to improve, they will be?

  747. THIS I agree with!!!

  748. They, at least Thibodeau, thinks Jeff Teague and Derrick Rose are the answers. Shrug.🤔

  749. Linsanity the Movie, whose twitter and Facebook accounts are still active, just posted some “never before seen” behind the scenes pics of Lin from the filming. Wonder why now? Makes me think if maybe something is in the works that we haven’t heard about.

  750. Jazz’s win is nonsustainable without Rubio, their PG. Westbrook is insane with his hero ball. Paul George is going to leave. Melo will stay. The Thunder has no future.

  751. Westbrook took 43 shots hit 18 , 7-19 3Ps, 3-6 FTs
    Shooting % is 41.9%, 36.8% 3P%
    Team 39.8%, 29.4% 3P%
    Donovan Mitchell took 26 shots hit 14, 5-8 3Ps, 5-5 FTs

    Shooting % is 53.8%, 62.5% 3P

    Team 45.7%, 38.5% 3P%

    Both players played above team average. Clearly Donovan Mitchell is above Westbrook in efficiency. Also Mitchell has better support from his teammates than Westbrook.

    The Thunder is just a one man team. Utah can beat OKC without Rubio. No doubt that Rubio makes the team better but without Rubio Utah can still beat OKC with only 16 assists comparing to OKC’s 20. Utah Jazz really beats the Thunder in its own game. OKC is out of the playoff now in six games. Rubio took the home court advantage from the Thunder. Jazz is going to get better next season while the Thunder is going to get worse.

  752. What puzzles me is how we all know from experience that playing rec bball is just no fun if you have a showboat ball hog on your team. It shouldn’t take a genius to see that when you are playing with a ball hog, you just don’t care about winning either. You tend to just never give up the ball and play hero ball yourself as well.

    Winning and losing becomes meaningless when you play on a team like that. It’s no fun so you get what you can when you get a chance. The league is culpable in creating this way of playing. They try to make fake stars to generate interest but what they’ve done is changed it into reality TV and entertainment. It’s a bastardized form of sports…like pro wrestling.

    The true value of sports is in trying to win because that teaches us valuable skills in work ethics, determination, competitive fire, will to win, and most importantly, people skills to work as a team towards a common goal. The NBA has become like wrestling. It’s pure fluff with no value to society.

  753. Some dates have been announced for Jeremy’s “Never Done” Asia tour this summer. He will be speaking in Taiwan and Hong Kong (at least) … (via Infinity88 on twitter)

    1. June 2 (Sat) at 7 PM at Hualien County Stadium.
    Live stream will be available on the Good TV website, app and Facebook page.

    Hong Kong.
    1. June 7 (4:30 PM – 6:00 PM) at Lingnan University Chan Tak Tai Auditorium
    2. June 8 (4:30 PM – 6:00 PM) at Wanchai Southern Stadium

  754. Jeremy received the 2018 Public Image Award from the “Asian Americans Advancing Justice,” Orange County chapter. Jeremy couldn’t attend the “Gala For Justice” event on April 27, in Costa Mesa, California. The video below is his acceptance speech.

  755. @JLin7 (Weibo): He made some wrong predictions for #NBAplayoffs. Surprised Blazers got swept. Pelicans play very well. He asked his family for predictions.
    Josh: Celtics will win in G7 vs. Bucks
    Papa Lin: Warriors will win vs. Pelicans in R2 with Curry
    Joe: Warriors will win 🏆

  756. Nets has a back court teem with promising PGs and the team needs to make a decision to whom the team should be built around. Jeremy Lin has proved his value of existence by leading the weaker and less matured team with a better record. Now he is coming back with a new lease of life, so to speak. None of the other has surpassed his value.

    The other candidates such as Dinwiddie, DLo and LeVert have shown glimpses of success but none of them are consistent enough to be the leading PG. However next to Lin, Dinwiddie should be the best of the rest. He has shown talents on this record on playing without D’Angelo Russell. It’s really impressive. Once he mixed with DLo, his statistics on the court plunged with DLo taking most of the shots and drawing no free throws.

    The usage of DLo was head and shoulder above the others and yet he had the worst true shooting percentage. Building a team around him is a joke because you should only build your team around an authentic star player; DLo by far has proved nothing in this direction. DLo did not make teammates around him better. He did ballhogging to improve his stats but advance stats has shown that he’s not the star player that Nets couldn’t overlook.

    May the best player in the back court show himself next season! I don’t think it’s DLo. If there is a player who must improve, it’s DLo. I have high hope of Spencer Dinwiddie being a better player than DLo defensively and offensively.

  757. Yes but there can only be 1 starting PG and SG and Lin x Harris are the most likely candidates. Dinwiddie at most can only be the backup PG and 6th man if Russell is gone.

  758. yeah, unfortunately NBA loves to create offensive stars even if they’re detrimental to the team.

    Man, can’t wait to see JLin come back so NBA is exciting to watch again 🙂

  759. JLin is great at basketball, and at inspiring people!

    But I’m glad he’s not so good at predictions. ‘Cause he predicted Houston vs Cleveland in finals. Sorry JLin but hope you will be wrong again! And that Joe will be right! 🙂

  760. In the current social environment, this is a most worthwhile award. Always glad to see JLin get these recognitions for his contributions!

  761. Return to Taiwan again!

    I forget who. Might have been Brian Lewis or Greg Logan. Someone reported that Lin will make separate trips to Asia this summer. Instead of one long trip as in past summers. Looks like it.

  762. Sounds like a rant that I would make. LOL.


  763. DITTO!

  764. Too bad the Pacers are out. All their losses were close games, but their wins were blowouts of the Cavs. It’s unfortunate that after stealing the first game, they let game 4 get away because of a couple of bad shots taken late in that game. And gave home court back to Cavs. After that, I kinda knew the Pacers were going to lose. They had the window, and blew it

    Let’s go Raptors! You have home court, don’t repeat Pacers mistakes, no hero ball please!

    When the Warriors are on, they are really something else. They just bulldozed over the Pelicans. The game was tied at 39 with about 10 mins left in 2Q. With 50 secs left, the lead had jumped to 28. Unbelievable! I saw the replay of game. Besides any Lin games, if I watch the NBA at all, I do enjoy watching the Warriors. Their chemistry and unselfishness (mostly unselfish), and the way they keep the ball moving and hopping is a lot of fun. (The Spurs used to play that way, but not as much with Aldridge and Kawhi.)

    Really miss seeing Lin in the playoffs!

  765. JLin and his cool friends. From JLin Instagram. And from James Mao (maomao31) instagram.

  766. Family support is everything! Wonderful to see JLin and his family having good time.

  767. From infinity88. Looks like family vacation over for now. Guessing JLin will be back to Brooklyn to continue rehab?

  768. JLin highlights by christinecheng60. Playoffs Game 3 win over Miami.

    For these highlights, let’s just enjoy the fun. (And not revisit what could have been.)

  769. Playoffs Game 4 win over Miami. Lin highlights by christinecheng60.

    Jordan shrug?

  770. Good memories. Game 5 win over Miami, JLin making the right play to take the lead.

  771. Both Melo and Westbrook are exposed this season.
    Melo couldn’t hit on his ISO and Westbrook showed his lack of movement without the ball.

  772. Lin just tore the Heat into pieces defensively and offensively. He also has the unique ability to draw fouls against Dragic and Wade. This has caused lots of troubles for the opposition.

  773. After the good season, Marvin Williams and Nick Batum were rewarded with a big contract but Lin was let go. Lin was just considered a cheap throw in for the team for one exciting season. MJ hasn’t been able to find another player as exciting as Lin on the court. Lin was phenomenal particularly when Batum or Walker was out because of injury.

  774. Lost Arts: Post Entry Pass / Midrange Jumper

    (Lin has already learned the lost art of feeding big men in the post (Dwight under Kevin McHale’s tutelage with Rockets, then Al Jefferson under Patrick Ewing’s tutelage with Hornets, so he should be able to feed George or Leonard in their preferred sweet spots (entry pass at right time and right angle) so they can attack before defense can totally lock in):

    Full Articles: / / /

    Allen Crabbe: / /

    “Eli” Lin: / / /

  775. There is no buildaround..
    It’s a team sports like spurs.
    They don’t ‘buildaround’ tim duncan or tony parky.
    they buildaround the team’s core philosophy and system.

  776. Pat Riley wants to see an improvement in Hassan Whiteside’s play next year. Riley spoke bluntly about his performance in the playoffs. For more background and context, see the article by Ira Winderman, of the Miami Sun Sentinel. A video of Riley’s remarks accompanies the article.

    See :

  777. Nice observations… except jlin learned nothing from mchale…lol

  778. They will never win playing like that

  779. Exactly if anything Lin learned from training with hakeem olajuwon and dwight during off season.

  780. Disagree, look at what happened to the Spurs after Duncan retired! Every team needs to build around 1 star player who can lead the team and make his teammates better. For GSW they chose Steph Curry for Spurs it was Tim Duncan!

    Building around Duncan allowed the Spurs to play as a team. Allowing Kawahi and Aldridge to go iso and break the flow of the offense is not the Spurs way. Kawahi is not a PG and they need to draft or sign one who can lead the team.

  781. How much Goran Dragic got paid? $17M
    How much lIn got paid then? $2.5M
    How much Lin got paid now? $12Mhe
    I really don’t see the difference when they played against each other?
    Lin seems to have an edge over Dragic despite Dragic has better teammates.

  782. Blaming on your player for the losses. Even Nets can beat Miami. It couldn’t be Whiteside’s problem alone.

  783. And if Spurs ultimately don’t want to offer Leonard the super-max and feel they have to trade him, are they still in Win Now Mode with LaMarcus Aldridge?

    If so, then perhaps filling out the roster to compete with Lebron’s Lakers might be more important than accumulating the most unproven young talent and draft picks.

    e. g. DeMarre Carroll seemed to defend Lebron surprisingly well just completed just season with the Nets, shot really well from three ( ), and would fit in nicely as an elite 3+D wing who doesn’t demand the ball much if Aldridge is the new focal point of Spurs offense.

    (obviously Nets would have to give up more than just DeMarre Carroll, but it is an interesting new angle to think about)

  784. How can Nets acquire a good player with its 29th draft choice?
    Players with good external measurements like wingspan and leaping ability with college successes will have been picked before Nets. but players with skill, high character, intelligence, and explosive first step could be missed by lots of teams.
    Just look at players below and try to find out what do they have in common:
    Jimmy Butler(30),
    Allen Crabbe (31),
    Draymond Green (35)
    Will Barton (40)
    Goran Dragic (45)
    Paul Millsap(47),
    Isaiah Thomas(60)
    Jeremy Lin undrafted.

    What do these players have to make them successful in the league?

  785. Mchale mistreated Lin deliberately. What happened to Lin is somewhat like how bonsai plants are subjected to relentless abuse and root cutting. Mchale pretty much tried to destroy Lin to turn him into a stunted miniature version of himself. He couldn’t kill off Lin and instead Lin turned himself into a beautiful and powerful version of what he was allowed to be. That continued in LA. Charlotte gave Lin a bigger pot of soil to spread his strength and he thrived.

    Linsanity was a full strength Lin that was deliberately stunted by self serving coaches. I believe Lin is about to break out again once he is given the love and care that a good coach like Atkinson will provide. Maybe Lin’s injuries could well be like how a plant that is overwatered could actually suffer and suffere weakened roots. Just like a transplanted plant that’s had its roots bundled, it takes a while to take to the new freedom. I’ve long suspected that Lin just tried too hard to lead the hapless Nets instead of slowly adapting to the infertile plot he was planted in.

  786. Exactly, the Heat lack talent simple as that. Also Whiteside is a PF the things he can do are limited when he can’t handle the ball as much. Even Spurs are suffering for their lack of star power and a court general to lead the offense. Kawhi Leonard is a SG not a PG who can control the offense and Parker is too old. Aldridge can only go for his own shots which doesn’t help.

  787. Pat Riley signed Chris Bosh for a max contract. This is the reason that the Heat was having problem in the cap and subsequently affected their potential to acquire quality players. Now Chris Bosh’s salary is removed from the cap but next season
    Tyler Johnson’s poisonous contract of $19.2M finally arrives. Richardson’s new contract also ballooned to 9.3M also going to be in effect. The Heat will be over the league salary cap and may only sign outside players using any available exceptions or at league minimum salaries.
    The only way that the team can add new talent is thru the draft but the team’s draft choices are also traded so that in the coming season the team doesn’t have any picks at all. Next season for the Heat is going to be worse than this season!

    Anyway, Whiteside is just a scrapegoat for Pat Riley.

  788. If Spurs lose their franchise player in Kawhi Leonard they might as well go into rebuild mode. LaMarcus has never fit into the Spurs way and was a bad signing. They aren’t winning Championships anytime soon. Not with GSW’s super team.

  789. without aldridge the spurs don’t make the playoffs this year and don’t win a franchise 67 wins in 2016

  790. god u guys really hate lebron

  791. Jeremy Lin is back. He’s tough. DLo runs the offense. The opposition spreads and waits for him to shoot. DLo draws no fouls, almost! When Lin runs the offense, the opposition converges on him. That’s the difference. They fouled JLin hard. Now tell me who is the true PG. The guard with a point ! Or the guard with no point.

  792. It’s interesting.

    D’Angelo Russell is supposed to have this individual superstar potential, but I don’t recall reading about how the Lakers, even for just a game or two, looked like a title contender year 2 with the Lakers (Kobe had retired, Byron Scott had been fired, and veteran starting lineup had been built around him: Russell, Nick Young, Julius Randle, Luol Deng, and Timofey Mozgov)

    Chatter about the Lin Harden starting backcourt making Rockets TEAM like legitimate title contenders has surfaced numerous times:

    – December of year 1 in Houston, when Lin’s knee had finally fully recovered from off season meniscal tear surgery and his jump shot stabilized ( )

    – pre-season year 2 with Rockets (e. g. Taiwan game against Paul George and the Indiana Pacers) when lots of people were saying the undefeated up to that point Rockets looked like title contenders

    – late December / January year 2 with Rockets after Patrick Beverley fractured his hand and McHale was forced to start Lin alongside Harden ( )

    (Just imagine what Lin could potentially become paired with Paul George or Kawhi Leonard on a defense first team that gets out in transition and can blow open a close game into a blowout in a blink of the eye because of their devastating transition attack!!!: )

  793. what is exciting about lin is basically his drive and weave to the basket. Without that, it’s nothing special.
    It’s like what make stephen curry exciting is his 3 point swich from downtown off of movements and no movements.
    It’s like what makes westbrook exciting is his movement and aggressiveness drives to the basket.
    which reminds me that nothing is really exciting about melo who is really just a jump shooter.

  794. You’re assuming that guys like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard would allow Lin to be the main ball handler and lead the team. Not happening, that’s why Lin has to build his own team.

  795. OKC also made the playoffs and? Spurs are about building a Championship and Aldridge can’t make his teammates better. He’s a no.2 option at best. What they need is to draft or sign a star PG so Kawhi can play SG.

  796. Lin is not just about drives but his versatility to get shots. He can hit 3s and mid jumpers. What he lacked in his game was a automatic 3 and release like Curry and Tompson. That’s why he didn’t trust his 3s and relied too much on his drives. Lin knows this very well which is why we see such a great improvement in his shot during his rehab with Fortius. The footwork and muscle memory they fixed was what he needed for better consistency.

  797. I don’t find any individual scoring, or style, as particularly exciting, no matter who the player is.

    To me, “team-play” style is more exciting, vs “iso-play” style, which I find boring. The ball moving around, finding the open man. Players moving and making cuts. Players finding shots in the flow of the game. Vs lots of fancy dribbling by one player, freezing teammates out.

    I think those who say that his only skill is his speed and just driving to the basket, are very much UNDER-RATING him.

    I find that Lin in transition, taking open shots before the defense sets. Or in the open court, making full court passes and finding open teammates (if they run with him). Or throwing lobs in the pick-and-roll. Or no-look passes faking out the defense. I could go on and on.

    This is all fun and exciting! I think that’s plenty special!

  798. Jeeeez. I don’t even think we have to go that far in the Rockets tenure. I personally don’t think that Lin’s knee recovery has anything to do with it.

    Just look at the first TWO games of year 1 in Houston. right after they signed Harden. The two of them played great off each other. I recall pundits saying that Lin and Harden would be dynamic backcourt duo.

    I will always believe that it was Morey’s politics and McHale’s incompetence that took Lin down.
    (I don’t even think Harden’s ego had kicked in yet. It wasn’t until he was enabled and propped up by management that he developed it.)

    “Granted, two games is not exactly a representative sample size. But in their first 96 minutes together, Harden and Lin have exceeded every expectation, forming a no-look, pick-and-rolling machine that’s accounting for the overwhelming majority of Houston’s points. They’ve got youth and an array of skills…”–nba.html

  799. You are a true master of analogies. Seriously – kudos!

  800. Yup. I remember after that summer in Colorado, Hakeem was saying that Lin had a nice post-up game. And that Lin & Howard can be deadly duo. Too bad Howard didn’t feel like playing that game.

    “Not only does Olajuwon believe Lin can take smaller guards in the post, but after witnessing him shoot in Aspen, he believes Lin’s struggles with his shooting accuracy are hooey and were unfairly trumped up because of the hype surrounding his 2012 season in New York.”

    “Just the little offense I saw, that combination is very deadly,” Olajuwon told Fox 26. “You can see that both of them are very excited, seeing that, ‘Wow, we bring the right ingredients together.”

  801. Agree! I mean, come on, I don’t really see the difference between most of the “point-guards” and Lin, anytime that Lin is allowed to play his game.

    On match-ups? How many times have we seen Lin take it to these guys? Irving, Lowry, Dragic, tiny Thomas, Wall, Teague, Conley, Hill, Schroder, Kemba, Chris Paul, Lillard, DRose, Tony Parker… (Exceptions might be guys like Curry or Westbrook.)

  802. AND draw fouls against Hassan Whiteside. Gets that guy in foul trouble!

  803. LOL. Sounds like you don’t?

    Yes, I’m rooting for the Raptors. But, my post doesn’t say anything about Lebron. So, not sure where this is from?

    And by “u guys”. I can’t speak for the other posters. But, since you brought it up.

    I readily acknowledge that I DON’T LIKE LeBron the basketball player. Talent or not, I just don’t enjoy watching him play. Bad sportsmanship. Too full of himself. Gets away with murder on the court, traveling, palming the ball, gets touch fouls called for him. Yet still WHINES. Resorts to dirty tricks to try to get an edge, blames teammates when they lose. (I don’t buy any of those passive-aggressive comments he makes in postgame interviews.) Some people may admire that. I don’t. To each their own.

  804. Oh, BTW, I asked you in an earlier post, but maybe you missed it?

    I think you are a Spurs fan? The Spurs are supposedly very secretive. So, I had wanted to know if there was ever any talk by the media or the fan-base there in San Antonio, about signing Lin?

  805. Wow, all these years visiting Taiwan were just for promotional reasons? Good for JLin that he finally gets to see his brother play, and connect again with old friends!

    “@JLin7 THANK YOU Taiwan!!Best vacation I’ve ever had!7 years ago my life changed overnight and since then I never just vacationed and walked the streets of Taiwan til now.Until next time”

  806. More Lin pics with his family and friends, via Blackie Chen Instagram (@blackielovelife) thanking Lin for support of Fubon Braves (Chen is vice-team-manager of the Braves).

  807. Aaaaand Lin in back in Brooklyn. His nephew Jaden is endlessly cute! When Lin asked him to say “please”. he thumped his chest, the way that players do….way to make us smile!

  808. It’s curious why QBs in football gets so much love but QBs in basketball gets none! It’s totally bizarre.

    What amazes me is Lin’s ability to make the right pass, shoot, drive or any combo of all to get his team points. It’s also mind boggling to see him read opponent’s plays on defence to make crucial stops and interceptions to win.

    Finally, Lin amazes me with his inner strength and faith to uphold the highest moral convictions while facing the most egregious personal attacks. What we lack today in our society is ethical and moral conviction. We’ve replaced it with selfserving greed and gluttony. What Lin does beyond basketball is to elevate his sport to a higher purpose. On the grand scale of things, winning with team culture is what’s lacking right now in all of society. The team isn’t just the Nets…it’s the country, the United Nations and the planet itself.

  809. As to Melo, the worst part comes when his jump shot couldn’t hit it home.

  810. Nets actually needs help in the front court. Brook Lopez’s match with Nets is almost seamless. Now after this season, Nets could make an offer and sign him back. As far as his stock is concerned, Lopez could play the power forward and backup center, Jarrett Allen can still be the center back up by Mozgov. With DeMarre Carroll/RHJ/Joe Harris playing at the 3. Allen Crabbe/DLo/Caris LeVert at 2 and Lin/Dinwiddie at 1. This could make up a pretty good team roster. With such depth, Nets can play the high pace game and wears out most of the teams in regular season.

  811. Still think that Crabbe should be SF while Harris should be the one at 2 guard over Levert, DLo, and Crabbe. Crabbe looks more like a Chandler Parsons type of player who would be best as SF with off ball scoring and cuts! Harris is the best to play the 2guard alongside Lin and Dinwiddie. I hope Nets offer Harris a big contract for the SG position!

    No way should DLo, Levert, or Crabbe handle the ball more when Harris is the better player!

  812. Well maybe because the name and expectations are different. In basketball you can’t just be a great dribbler and passer like Rondo. If you can’t score you’re a liability on the court.

  813. Dwight wanted to be a post player when he was too slow for it. Even Dmo was better at the post than him! Dwight and Lin can be a deadly PnR duo but Dwight refuses to play that style.

    Honestly Dwight is over hyped. His offense is limited and can’t shoot long ranges. I’d take the all around player in Lopez any day! Lopez is the most versatile big man and star I’ve ever seen Lin play with!

  814. 1. i keep failing the i am not a robot test on my tiny screen with my bad internet. there was a funny quote on some poverty stream: no subscription, no donation, neighbors signal, salavaged computer from the dump.

    2. i forgot 2

    3. main reason for fighting the wave of challenges necessary to get in here is…oh
    that reminds me of 2

    2. i have to click on “” or something like that to get in here directly now.

    back to 3…nice quote i saw this morning from some sports writer: “The @celtics and the @utahjazz play like and seem to have more of a college culture than an @NBA style and culture”.

    4. ill try an post a season wrap up (regular season wrap up) of notes from my reorganization of “nba player cards” at least once before i go on vacation from the challenges of getting in here anymore until a new season beyond this what was b.y. man of few words called it: “the season of the void”, something like that.

  815. “No way should DLo, Levert, or Crabbe handle the ball more when Harris is the better player!”

    and yet dlo was one of the highest useage players in the nba this past season. rite up there with actually ahead of durant curry davis and just behind booker irving the greek. 12th actually among all players playing any serious amount of time and certainly thus “handle”-ing the ball more than these stars who actually put up star power numbers and certainly more than harris.

  816. This was Lebron James after the playoff game in Toronto last night. It sounded very much like Jeremy …

    “The ball was popping, guys were feeling involved, everybody felt their comfort [zone]. No matter at home or on the road, you want to try to play that type of basketball.”

    See :

  817. I guess what I’m going to say is sober. I like a player to be where he’s wanted. I can’t take the pulse of the Nets fans completely by the internet forums, but what I’m reading isn’t all that encouraging. Most fans go on about how Lin isn’t even in the starting lineup and how he’s not the core of the team because he’s too “old.” I think Lin is still in his prime. But, being realistic, we don’t know how he’ll look in real games later this year. I expect him to be rusty. I expect him to have bad games in the fall because he’s not played in a year. His timing is going to be off. It takes real-game experience to get that back.

    I’m hoping that there are no more injuries. But we can’t know. I was surprised by the severity of Lin’s injury last season. I never thought he’d miss a whole season. But he did. So, his health can’t be taken for granted.

    I’ve seen Marks trade away really good vets. I don’t know what is in Marks’ mind. On general Nets forums there is talk of buying Lin out or trading him either in the off-season or during the season and going younger. On this forum there is trading everyone else and Lin is a centerpiece. It could go either way.

    I guess, all in all, I’m not wedded to the Nets. I’m not thinking of scenarios of Lin and the Nets. He’s a Net now and maybe he’ll lead the team to the playoffs next year. I believe he can. I hope that is the scenario that plays out. But how he is used and what he’ll look like and how healthy he’ll be are unknowns. I’m very guarded because I just can’t get overly enthusiastic and then crushed if things don’t pan out.

    Let’s all pray for Lin’s health and hope our prayers are answered. I’ve gotten to the point of I just want him on the court. Regardless of team or position, if he can stay healthy and get good minutes, he’ll be a major, perhaps determining, factor in a team’s success. Be well, J. Lin.

  818. Dallas did not match the offer and Nash went to the Phoenix and became the MVP for two consecutive years and took the team to playoffs ever since. Don’t worry about those Lin haters because they are crooks and racists under the disguise of basketball fans.
    Lin is only paid about the same salary as Dion Waiters. Why didn’t Waiters get such kind of treatment? There are lots of players with injuries this past season and only Lin gets such treatment. Have you heard Boston fans complain against Gordon Heyward? No!
    Lin is the one who is coming back remarkably well. The best comeback in the league, I dare say. Before Lin even pay his first game back, Lin haters can’t wait to abuse him because they fear Lin is going to have a breakout season. If Lin does, they will shut up. Lin haters are really afraid that Lin may just blow their mind away with a spectacular season. They are making a final desperate effort to stop Lin to no avail.

  819. The highest usage and the worst effective shooting percentage of DLo chucking up the highest number of shots which is the reason that Nets lost so many close games.

  820. Four morons upvoted this garbage?

  821. I think some fans are just fans of the uniform. Not really any players. Some want picks, some want some superstar from another team. Some want to play GM and just trade players away to build some mythical dream team. So, I think that is what’s going on with many of them. There are Lin haters on some sites but they’re so ridiculous that they they’re not worth anyone’s attention.

  822. Nets are experimenting with lineups and in development mode. Fact that Booker got high usage but was traded away says it all.

    All I know is Russell was not allowed to do whatever he wanted and was benched for many minutes and during closing.

    Nets already know what Harris can do. Showing him off more would only make them pay more or risk losing him.

  823. What I hold on to is that they’ve got Joe Tsai in their rear view mirror. The fact remains that Marks set about this rebuild based upon his set goal to be a team built on culture. Marks has already set his sights a certain way so why would he change it just because the casual fans wants fake stars?

    Joe Tsai wants the Nets because of Lin. He needs Lin to be his Asian connection to change a Chinese culture to recognize the importance of physical fitness as well as the many positive values that comes with sports. Lin is his guy, that’s why he bought the Nets. Joe Tsai is a big fan of Lin!

    The Nets also have a great coach that actually believes in Lin. Atkinson will not be a puppet to the no brain fans that wants to see the Nets cater to Dlo. Dlo will get benched if he’s thinks he can become a ball-hog.

    I don’t see Lin going anywhere and he will be the centre piece of the Nets going forwards. All he has to do is stay healthy.

  824. Yeah, all these guys like Dwight and Melo, iso players, who didn’t adapt, but expected their teams to cater to them because they were highly paid “superstars”. Talk about delusional. Both of them missed their chances to let Lin help them further their games and their “legacies”. It would have been mutually beneficial. Oh well, it all seems like ancient history now.

    Brook was a great guy and great teammate. He adapted his game. He was definitely a really good offensive player. But it did seem like Brook was a little slow on defense, didn’t rebound enough for such a big guy. But I thought JLin and he played well off each other. Then again, JLin plays well with all the bigs on his teams.

    Unfortunately, Brook and JLin didn’t get the chance to play together

  825. I’m with you. The “I’m not a bot” thing is a pain in the neck. It took me 3 tries to sign in today. Annoying.

    But I guess if it helps with keeping spam a