Support Jeremy Lin’s Rehab With A Purpose

Good Spirit

In typical Jeremy’s positive and charitable fashion, Jeremy managed to show great spirit in his rehab to inspire “Rehab with A Purpose” campaign to support One Day’s Wage campaign to empower girls globally through education projects. Last year, he and his fans managed to raise $157K together from his one-game wage and fans donation. Fans can continue to support his worthy cause to make an impact globally through this link by making simple gift starting from $7

A Word from Jeremy

Jeremy here from the Brooklyn Nets. I’m excited to share with you my second campaign with One Day’s Wages.

It’s been a challenging year to say the least. Last season I fought an injury that kept me on and off the court, and now I’m once again faced with an injury that has put me back in rehab. Despite these setbacks and obstacles, I’m learning to be grateful for everything, especially my amazing community who supports me every day. I truly believe that every peak and every valley has made me stronger, and shaped who I am today.

I’m taking my rehab one step at a time and working day by day so I can make a full recovery. While I focus on rehab, I’ve decided to also give this time a greater purpose.

Rehab with a Purpose

Last season I started a campaign to raise funds for ODW’s work empowering girls globally through education projects. Millions of girls across the world are unable to pursue their education because of poverty and gender-based barriers. My hope was to shed some light on this issue and do my part to make an impact. As part of my campaign, I donated one game’s wages to the cause and invited my fans to join me by making a donation. Together we were able to give a total of $157,870 to One Day’s Wages!

In his latest Q&A with on March 8 2018, Jeremy Lin also provided more update on his recovery and his thoughts on the young Nets progress. The Nets showcased Lin’s shooting practice with great shooting mechanics and no signs of slowing down from the patellar surgery impact.

His Recovery

Jeremy has been back on the court to practice shooting for some time so it is a good indication that his rehab process has been going well and a lot smoother process than he anticipated. It certainly is a good news considering that he had several setbacks during his hamstring recovery last season. He also stated everything is going to plan so his fans can hope that he would accomplish his goal of transforming and strengthening his body at the Fortius facility before coming back in the 2018-19 season.

How did it feel to get back to shooting on the court?

It felt good, I mean it wasn’t the first time, I’ve been doing it for a bit. It felt good to do it on an NBA floor [though].

How is your recovery going?

I feel really good. Still no setbacks, everything is going to plan – the time we set in the beginning. I really can’t complain, it’s been a lot smoother of a process than I anticipated.


His Support for Teammates from Vancouver

It is great to hear that Jeremy has been able to keep in touch and support his teammates all the way from Vancouver to Brooklyn. His teammates have mentioned it in several interviews so they know he keeps engaged and provided helpful suggestions to his teammates. It shows that the long-distance rehab at Vancouver will not be a huge issue that many teammates feel Jeremy is not part of the team. It can only help him to bond and develop chemistry with his teammates when he comes back next season.

You’ve been mentioned a few times this season by the guys in the locker room, considering how young this roster is, are you giving them advice from afar?

Yeah it’s been hard, I’m not there day-to-day. I don’t get to talk to them as it happens but I definitely have conversations [with them] — whether it’s through text or phone or when I see them in person. I have had a lot of conversations with a lot of people since I’ve been back over the past two days. Just kind of me telling them, this is what I see from a distance and hearing what they had to say. I wish I could be more of a part of it, but I have my own thing that I have to take care of right now.