7 Years After Linsanity Game-Winner in Toronto, Jeremy Lin Finally Joins Toronto Raptors

7 years after the infamous Linsanity game-winner on Valentine Day in 2012 (Feb 14), Jeremy Lin will finally join Toronto Raptors. Jeremy Lin is finalizing a buyout with Atlanta, clearing the way for him to sign with Toronto, agents Jim Tanner and Roger Montgomery tell ESPN.

It is not surprising that Jeremy Lin will join the Toronto Raptors because historically, he has performed his best against the Raptors averaging 16.9 points per game compared to any other team.

Buyout Schedule and Toronto Signing

Jeremy Lin’s agents expected the buyout with the Hawks to be finalized as soon as Monday so Jeremy Lin could sign with the Raptors as soon as midweek.

Lin’s Role and Playing Time to Fill Toronto’s Need Due to Injuries and Trade

Lin will play minutes in a formidable role behind Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet. He might use up the minutes from guards Delon Wright (18.4mpg) and CJ Miles (14.2mpg) that were traded to Memphis Grizzlies in a trade that brought Marc Gasol to Toronto.

With VanVleet’s injury requiring him to be out for at least 3 weeks, the Raptors will need to rely on Jeremy’s playmaking in order to secure the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference standing

Agents Jim Tanner and Roger Montgomery were expected to complete the buyout with the Hawks as soon as Monday, they said, and Lin could sign with the Raptors as soon as midweek.

Lin’s salary — $13.8 million for the 2018-19 season — makes it impossible for a team to claim him off waivers.

Lin, 30, has averaged 10.7 points, 3.5 assists and 2.3 rebounds for the Hawks this season. He has had stops with the WarriorsKnicksRocketsLakersHornets and Nets in his eight-plus seasons in the league.

Lin is expected to play a significant role for the Raptors as they replenish their bench after a blockbuster deal with the Grizzlies for Marc Gasol. Lin will play minutes in a formidable role behind Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet.

Jeremy Lin’s Thankful Response and Well-Wishes to Atlanta Hawks

In an Instagram post, Jeremy Lin expressed gratitude to @ATLHawks as a class-act org that does things the right way, treat people the right way! 🙌🏀👍


THANK YOU to the Hawks so much for this opportunity. Coming off of 2 years of being injured, you helped me become myself again on the basketball court and allowed me to experience the joy of hoops again!

Thank you to the Ressler family, to Travis, to Coach Pierce, to my teammates. An organization that does things the right way, treats people the right way! What an honor it’s been to get to play with Vince the 🐐 and to watch these young guys develop. The future is bright for Atlanta!!! I truly mean that!

Everyone who knows me knows how big my dreams are and that I have so much left to give to the game. Hyped to join the Raptors!! Galatians 6:9 #WeTheNorth#NeverDone

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Well Wishes from Atlanta Hawks teammates

Kent Bazemore, Trae Young sent congratulations and well wishes to JLin



  1. 1st

  2. We the north…..

  3. Breaking out in a complete sweat! No more tanking! Playing now for a World Championship! Go Jlin, this is your stage. Thank you ATL, but you are now in the rear view mirror

  4. 3rd cog in the point guard wheel??

  5. They’ll figure it out because they have championship aspirations

  6. Nah, Toronto will be missing delon wright AND cj mile’s minutes… 18.4+14.2 minutes…should be plenty.

  7. Nick nurse is an offensive stud of a coach. I really think he’ll maximize JLin’s strength. I can see pick and roll all day in the 2nd unit….. lots of high motor bigs on the raps for him to lob to…

  8. That’s 32 minutes in 48 minute game, Lowry’ll get 25-30+, VanVleet another 15-20, its’ back to Atlanta Hawks’ herky jerky 15-20 minutes a game, yes?

    I am literally jumping for JOY for our boy JLIN!

    Go JLIN — We are going to have a FANTASTIC Playoff run up in Toronto

  10. I think Nick Nurse will do what he can and use Jeremy to his strength (esp. on offence). Nurse is not afraid to use unconventional line ups. This year, he had Ibaka and Valenciunas taking turns starting at C, depending on the match up. It basically resurrected Ibaka’s offensive game.

  11. Don’t really care how many minutes JLIN gets – this is all about All-hands-on-deck during a Playoff Run and JLIN will once again be the difference maker when he is called upon to perform.

    The second most important aspect is to get the attention JLIN needs for his next contract

  12. @JLin7 expressed gratitude to @ATLHawks as a class-act org that does things the right way, treat people the right way! 🙌🏀👍 #ATLbrightfuture

  13. Now the big question is “how will coach Nurse use Jlin”? I wonder if TOR factored in Jlin’s defense? Wonder if League Pass will see a big bump in subscribers signing on for what we hope will be a championship run

  14. Not playoff run, Championship Run

  15. Reposting @PreExisting’s good reminder in the previous thread

    Pre-Existing Now Gone for ALL! • an hour ago
    Raptors were going to make a deep playoff run with or without JLin, so main goal right now is to get his rhythm back on Raptors second unit, and not get injured.

    Think April, May, and June, not February and March.

    Haters, skeptics, and critics are going to hate no matter what, so hopefully Lin fans don’t create unrealistic immediate expectations where Lin goes all out right from moment he steps on court with a Raptors uniform and ends up with another serious injury.

  16. I was so disappointed when Lin was still with the Hawks after the trade deadline. That was the only news I was looking for on 2/7. Thank God for buyouts. Now Lin will be in Toronto and on top of that Lebron is out West so he can’t terrorize them in the playoffs 🙂

  17. Many of us get tears of joy for Jeremy. Wishing him the very best with good health in Toronto.

  18. raptors have a game today. should change the game countdown

  19. With BKLN no less

  20. Will @JLin7 once again wear #17, his #Linsanity jersey number, in Toronto since Kyle Lowry currently wears #7?

  21. Raptors’ VanVleet out for several weeks with injury. More from Woj :

    “VanVleet will wear a splint for three weeks and be re-evaluated, team says. He suffered a partial ligament injury to his left thumb. Raptors impending signing of Jeremy Lin takes on greater importance now.”

  22. yeah, it’s creating more work for me 🙂 but I DON”T MIND at all! lol

  23. wooooooooootttt. Lin to get major minutes

  24. Oh boy, no wonder Raptors is in a hurry to sign JLin!

  25. Can’t help but thinking “Isn’t this the way JLin #17 first got a chance to create Linsanity in NY due to injured players like Baron Davis?”

  26. yup

  27. The arms race in the East is real. Milwaukee, Philly, and Toronto looking for deep playoff runs. Glad Lin will be apart of it.

  28. i was thinking lin may not play Wednesday but now he certainly will

  29. Would be shocking for Lowry to give up the number.

    Good Karma under the #17

  30. he might need to clear obligatory physical test and contract signing but maybe TOR will try to expedite it

  31. This was even better because TOR was able to trade for Gasol. I don’t they could have traded for Jlin so buyout was the best and only way

  32. yesss, we definitely need to keep praying and hoping for good health throughout the regular season + playoff + possible NBA Finals 🙂

  33. marc gosal played not alot but still played the 9th. trade deadline the 7th

  34. When Schlenk spoke to media about not contemplating buyouts of the veterans after the trade deadline expired, I was NOT worried…

    … because I knew if a mutually valuable deal was offered to Schlenk then he would take it — so Grateful JLIN is going to Toronto

  35. ATL was perfect for getting back into playing shape. I hope he is strong enough to play major minutes now that Vanvleet is out for a while. TOR may actually be short handed for a little bit but better now than later.

  36. good point

  37. So anyway i can change my one team league pass from hawks to raptors?

  38. In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.”

  39. OMFG….LOL

  40. Seems silly to say. But, aside from happiness for my own family and friends….This is the happiest I’ve been for Lin since Charlotte playoffs…


  41. Hello !!! Lin to Toronto and time to win the championship now


  43. What a joy to learn that JLin will be off Hawks soon! It’s still unreal in a sense!:-)

  44. Definitely working out for the best now!

  45. Linsanity 2.0!coming up


    HaHa. To a lesser degree, but yeah, I have to update all my bookmarks and favorites and calendar etc. LOL. ALL WORTH IT!

  47. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read the news. It seems like a repeat of Linsanity! What an opportunity! Remember he talked about this to players on “Dunk in China” and asked players to train hard and be ready when opportunity arose! He is practicing of what he believes!

  48. How ironic! I will try to watch game. But I don’t think they can get the deal done in time for tonight.

    Just as well, don’t want too much pressure put on him right off the bat….

  49. Here is a review of Linsanity by Seth Rosenthal, who ran the SB Nation Knicks web site around that time. I guess they’re (re)tweeting it since he’s going to the Raptors …

  50. And up-and-coming Siakam. And fellow D-League teammate 3point shooter Danny Green!

    Trying to temper expectations. But SO HYPED!!!!!

  51. If lin fans could choose any team lin could be traded for what would they choose? Im pretty sure Raptors was the number one choice!

  52. Trying to do the same thing.

    Customer support will open soon


  53. Sorry for VanVleet but YES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I was able to contact someone via chat but it was international so they told me to contact the US support team.

  55. Don’t think Lin will make it this game.

  56. I am happy for Lin and other fans here, and this gives a reason to keep watching.

  57. Good. Best of health JLin7. Still, for me, it’s priority 1. Get through the season, and playoffs, with no major injuries.

    Hope now fans are happy and hope Lin gets a fair shot in Toronto.

  58. “Alllowed me to experience the joy of hoops again!….An organization that does things the right way, treats people the right way!”

    AMEN to that!

    I hope all Lin fans will take the cue from JLin, and not try to bash the Hawks.

    I personally have nothing but respect for Travis Schlenk and the Hawks. They took care of him. They didn’t trade him for some meaningless picks. Lin may have given up some money. But the buyout gave him the chance to CHOOSE which team to go to.

    IMO, given the situation that Lin was in. Out of ALL of LIN’S TEAMS. THE HAWKS HAVE TREATED HIM THE BEST. From the Sportscasters, to the fans at the arena, to the many Hawks bloggers. And Chelsea Lane. 🙂 (Didn’t want to overstate this before, knowing not everyone agreed with me.)


  59. Oh My JLIN in an unbelievably serendipitous situation.This is incredible news for JLIN.
    Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet will miss at least three weeks with a left thumb injury, the team says. VanVleet has a partial ligament injury and will wear a splint for approximately three weeks before it is reevaluated.

    He suffered the injury in the second quarter of Saturday’s win in New York.

    VanVleet is averaging 10.5 points, 4.6 assists and 2.7 rebounds. He averages 26.8 minutes off the bench.

    This is expected to make the addition of Jeremy Lin more impactful for Toronto, as he’ll immediately step into a key role.



  60. re van vleet injury: obviously from the stand point of lin fans means more minutes for lin from the start.

    but also from the standpoint of raptors fans they dont really see it as a negative for several reasons. (tho of course they feel bad for van vleet and dont want to see anyone injured)

    1. will give lin a chance to integrate quickly
    2. van vleet has had back issues all season; will give him a chance to rest those and the injury is not to his shooting hand.
    3. with the timetable for his return and with the all star game coming up it is projected he will only miss 7 games.
    4. a lot of raptors fans see him as more a 2 than a 1 and want to see what lin can do as a 1 with when van vleet returns then the obvious thing to do make van vleet the backup 2; and as i have pointed out in fact that was basically what was happening with wright actually the back up point (in much the way napier was actually the backup point in brooklyn) with van vleet getting starter minutes between back up point and back up two (as dinwiddie in brooklyn).
    5. another reason fans want to see a lot from lin early is because they project lowrey being “load managed” down the stretch to keep him fresh for the playoffs.

    i mean i dont know or if it will come out but you gotta kinda think raps knew fvv was going down when they committed to lin.

  61. HELLO UNCLE NICK! – says JLin good friend David…..

    Can’t wait! Looking forward to your reports here!


  62. HaHaHa!

  63. um..he was 17 also when he was with the lakers..his first dnp man..

  64. Tanks ATL for rehabbing our guy. We’ll take over from here. Tell TY he better work on his defense for sure now! Maybe this will allow a breakout for Jaylen Brown

  65. I’m so happy for Jeremy! This is such a wonderful opportunity. Even if he doesn’t get a ton of minutes when Van Vleet gets back, he’ll still get 15-20mpg in the PLAYOFFS. From tanker to title contender!

    I just know Jeremy will have some EPIC games for the Raps. Linsanity Lives…

  66. Yeah, those two weeks (or more) with Van Vleet out will could easily give Jeremy 25mpg. This is a HUGE opportunity for Jeremy. I think he’s ready to shine.

    And if he gets to play with Marc Gasol? That could be an incredible duo. Lin will destroy opposing teams playing with a center like Gasol.

  67. @pandaboy99:disqus wasn’t able to change through customer support because I subscribed through Apple iTunes. I was able to change the team selection in my iTunes subscriptions. They refunded the money back from subscribing to Atlanta for the month.

  68. #17 was lucky last time!

  69. “Bobby Marks

    Verified account

    8m8 minutes ago
    Atlanta makes it official on the Jeremy Lin waiver. Lin was owed $3.96M at the time he will clear waivers on Wednesday. Keep in mind that Lin earned a $1.25M trade bonus in off-season allowing his representatives to take an aggressive approach when it came to buyout talks.”

    “Bobby Marks

    Verified account

    1m1 minute ago
    From the perspective of TOR re: Jeremy Lin. The PG will clear waivers at 5PM on Wednesday just in time for their game @ WAS. TOR can hold off until after the break (save $170K towards the tax) or use him on Wed. Would think Lin on the court has more value than $170K in savings.”

  70. They’re a legit title contender now, adding Marc Gasol and now Lin.

  71. Except Jlin is not an unknown now. TOR got him for a reason, so now certain expectations are in play. This will be a different go-around, different mindset. I would say the benefit at this point in time is that Jlin was able to go to ATL for 50 games of real time rehab. I tanked ATL for the rehab process and meant it. It was important to continue his career. And to be able to go to not only a contender for the division but for all the marbles and to play with such a load of talent. He has never played with this much talent who are at or close to their primes including Jlin. It will be very interesting to see how he interacts with people who are very high level BB players. My question at this point is the coach and how he will utilize Jlin. If he allows Jlin the freedom to be PG as Lowery is then it will be good. If he plays him as a combo guard it will be good too but not the highest use of Jlin’s talent, IMO

  72. I’m guessing Toronto called right after they found out about Van Vleet. It says “at least” 3 weeks. Could be even more. If they were interested at all, their interest went way up after that.

  73. That was what I picked

  74. Can you imagine Marc Gasol and Lin…coming off the bench?!?! That’s a nightmare for an opposing team. A starting quality lineup as the Raps’ 2nd unit.

  75. Won’t be Linsanity. Won’t be able to sneak up on the league. They know who he is and how to play him. The big difference this time is he has a whole boatload of talent to play with. This is what is new this go around, how well he adapts to this wealth of talent and how they can take pressure off of Jlin. On weak teams the other team could focus on Jlin. Not now In a way this is unfamiliar territory for out guy. In a way there is more pressure on him not to let his talented teammates down. It is a new deal and a new day for Jlin but I am confident he can figure it out.

  76. you just have to hope he is healthy..else forget it.

  77. A review of what Jeremy brings to the Raptors (from the NBA Canada web site):

    – Lin will take over Delon Wright’s role as a combo guard off the bench.
    – Coach Nick Nurse will have the option of playing Lin alongside Kyle Lowry at the end of games.
    – Pairing Serge Ibaka or Marc Gasol with Lin will give the bench a go-to option that’s been sorely missing.
    – Lin will be able to run the same pick-and-pops with Ibaka that Lowry has. And Gasol, too.
    – Lin is a solid passer and a smart defender. A good enough one to be on the floor in crunch time.

    See : https://ca.nba.com/news/jeremy-lin-stats-toronto-raptors-fit-atlanta-hawks-buyout-kyle-lowry-fred-vanvleet/14rvaih4fxw6i1d4yu9ojpbwhy

  78. No negatives here. He is healthy now, leaving a tanking team and going to a talented team with a chance for championship. Whatever happens now, happens. But this is what we looked and hoped for and we (the fans as well as Jlin) have received it and I am grateful.


  80. I’m excited. Lin, please protect yourself, play smart and keep away from potential injuries as all your fans will be holding their breath this time around. Good luck!

  81. Yes. I have already given up to watch any NBA games for over 2 years…. Now I’m about to pick up watching games again when JLin plays:-)

  82. Good well-wishes from Kent Bazemore, Trae Young to JLin.
    His ATL teammates will miss him a lot. He’s such a good teammate


  83. I know many JLin fans have asked the same question. If anyone finds out, please share! NO ONE wants to watch tanking Hawks!

  84. Jeremy will clear waivers on Wed. at 5 pm so (formally) can play for the Raptors that night …

  85. Should he play vs Washington? Only one game. Or wait until after ASB?
    My vote is low minutes in the one game, to get acclimated. Then move. Then rest up. And then make the run to playoffs.

  86. There cannot possibly be a better teammate than Jeremy Lin.
    Always wondered why he never got picked for the “best teammate” award. (Not that it matters all that much.)

  87. AGREE WITH THIS!!!!!

  88. THE TRUTH!!!!!

  89. Hope JLin will:-) At least low minutes to get acclimated with new teammates:-)

  90. YES, sounds great!
    I’ve been grinning from ear-to-ear all day!

  91. Thanks for the info. i was thinking i would be forced to upgrade to full league pass, so we shall see. I will pay whatever it takes to watch lin for the win lol

  92. @JLin7 fans mood today 🕺🐉 😎#Raptors

  93. So much outpouring of support and excitement and upvotes from all over the Internet. And the Raptors media, blogs, fans.


  95. That’s what we want to see more of! A happy, smiling JLIN! Healthy and productive on the BBall court!

  96. It’s a lot of money for Lin to give up. But TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  97. My kid loves this dance.. I can’t do it for the life of me LOL

  98. LOL.

  99. Here’s a video about Alex McKechnie, a Raptors assistant coach and Director of Sports Science. He’s also a co-founder of Fortius.

  100. Those kids! It’s a generational/cultural thing. They all have rhythm now!

  101. I’m so happy. Basically from a pit when learning JLin wasn’t being traded to the top when learning the news since I woke up this morning:-)

  102. OMG! Can the stars be any more aligned? (Will watch video later…..)

    OMG – trying soooooo hard not to get overly excited and carried away. Over a basketball player?

    Must calm down. HaHa.

  103. oh man

  104. You mean that in a good way, right? GOOD NEWS, right?

  105. I never agreed with the knocking of anyone in Atlanta. They are a class organization and that includes the players, coach, GM, and announcers and media (at least in their treatment to Lin). I think they treated Lin better than did the media and GM/organization of Charlotte, LA, New York City, and especially Houston.

    Thank you Dominique Wilkins for saying such nice things about Jeremy and for Rathbun also for his support of Lin.

    They are developing good-looking players in Collins and Huerter and Trae really plays well considering he’s undersized along with his really short experience in the league. I wish them luck. Vince Carter is pure class and seems Bazemore and Dedmon and good guys as well.

    Thank you Atlanta for helping Lin heal, get back into basketball, and honoring his request with class for his departure to a more competitive team.

  106. Earlier, there were a few more teams that I thought could use Lin’s talent. Didn’t know which ones were realistic.
    But, since the trade deadline, yeah, the Raptors were number one.

  107. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. After all the recent reminders of Linsanity……

  108. I just realized the countdown on top of the page changed to Raptor’s. Great job, psalm234.

  109. i was a toronto fan this season for kahwi and their winning

  110. THUMBS UP!!!!

  111. past tense?

  112. https://twitter.com/JLin7/status/1068316338664497158
    here was an old tweet from Nov 29 2018


  114. Is it too early to purchase nba league pass?

  115. I had NBA League Pass for the past 3 years, holding on by faith. Finally something worth watching!

  116. Good to get a Raptors fan perspective to get us started!

  117. Saw some highlights of Philly game, after Tobias Harris trade. Man, they were clicking, so soon already. Looked very scary.

    Milwaukee less scary. Everything is Giannis. When he’s out, looks beatable.

    Now that Lin is with a contender, will have to pay more attention to the other contending teams.

  118. Same here. Now I have to make more of an effort to try to catch games live.

  119. you’re welcome 🙂 I only added 2 Raptors games so far but I’ll add more later

  120. Haha. Too early? Or too late? They usually run one more FREE promo before end of regular season.
    You may not need league pass for playoffs. Aren’t they usually on ESPN, or NBATV, or TNT?

  121. Jeremy got on well with Bob Rathbun …

  122. Wow, I remember this. Was that a hint? JK. Probably not, that was much too early in the season…..

  123. wow, the Fortius connection is everywhere. Plus Coach Nick Nurse is David Nurse (JLin’s friend and shooting coach)’s uncle. Plus Steve Nash is Canadian lol

  124. Fred VanVleet will miss at least the next three weeks with a left thumb injury. It means Lin will play backup PG for 5-6 games only(until Mar 4). The Raptor may rest some starters for the Playoffs in April.

    Lin need to find a role in TOR, or he will be kept as 3rd string PG sitting in the Playoffs.

  125. Yes, one of the regrets about Atlanta. Rathbun probably got to know Lin more from hosting two of Atlanta’s meet-and-greet for Lin. A good guy, and a REAL fan. Also, quite a funny commentator. Will miss him.

    “Our household” – no doubt his adopted daughter is disappointed.

    Now that Lin is with Toronto. Wonder what Dominique Wilkins will say about him now? LOL. STAY COOL NIQUE!

  126. Absolutely the best day for us JLin’s fans for a while. The best part is Fred VanVleet went down and Raptors is already in the playoff. Soooo happy!


  128. I am gonna watch the Raptors beat the Nets tonight. Hehehe

  129. Jeremy’s thank you to the Hawks, retweeted by ESPN. He’s getting a lot of coverage …

  130. 3weeks only.

  131. Yup, I’m gonna try.
    But, with LeVert back, and Harris back, and no VanVleet. And No Lin Yet. HOPE RAPTORS WILL WIN!!!!!

  132. Is there any way for those who have the time, and are on twitter, to send Bob a nice “Thank You” too? It would be a GOOD thing to do.
    Note: sorry I’m not on Twitter.

  133. same here

  134. High praise from Doug Smith, who covers the Raptors for 20 years for Toronto The Star newspaper

    This would be an excellent add. Creative, great in pick and roll, veteran who can make a shot.

    The downside, since it’s all about us, is an increased media frenzy every night

  135. It is okay as this way Lin can immediately play more minute with the 1st and 2nd unit so that Lin can get use to the system. 🙂

  136. That is great! Must be that Canadian humor coming through. Another good sign for media.

    Also Josh Lewenberg recalls the media frenzy too…

    “After games, visiting players talk to the media in or outside the locker room. In my 8 years covering the Raps, the team has only set up a podium 3 times (in reg season).
    1: Heat’s Big 3 in 2010.
    2: Kobe’s last game.
    3: Jeremy Lin with the Knicks.”


  137. The Raptors added Lin for insurance, not an upgrade or replacement.

    He is going to get DNP for some games.

    But, if Lin stays in ATL, his minutes will still be reduced as they want more time for young players.

  138. I doubt it.

  139. I thought he was treated best by Atlanta of all the teams he’s played on.

    Not played the most minutes due to the development of their young core. But, treated with respect and decency. That didn’t happen with all the other teams IMO.

  140. Thanks! Just wondering if uts a done deal yet so i can watch linsanity part 2!!!!

  141. Thank you! I relayed the message that many of Lin fans really appreciate him and Nique.


  142. Going to watch the Raptors now 🙂

    get familiar with their players

  143. Lin is totally an upgrade.

  144. Done. I responded as did a number of JLin fans I recognize from twitter.

  145. I created a separate game thread although Lin’s not there yet 🙂

    Hope your household is excited about the prospect of going to the game more frequently! Congrats on your wish coming true. I wonder who else here lives in Toronto other than you and @disqus_ZeKxDH7hxi:disqus

  146. In life what you need is an opportunity. Lin is in a better place where no tanking no developing young players. Toronto is all about winning and championship, It’s a dream for Lin and he’l be playing for his next contract.

  147. Good ex-teammate DeMarre only has good things to say about Lin to the Raptors 🙂

  148. I don’t live at Toronto

    I live close to one of the cities Lin may this week

  149. KA praises JLin for being an elite competitor, possessing excellent defense, and a great pickup for the Raptors

  150. oh ok 🙂

  151. Russell is sooooo overrated.

  152. Very veru nice of KA.

  153. chat bros on poverty streams already posting: where’s lin, get lin out there, sub in lin, linsanity, etc.

    if dorothy and other want to learn about the raps you need to know the sikh; the toronto superfan who always sits to the right of the raps basket in the front row wearing a turban.

    hes quite a celebrity himself and my son (who i guess i have mentioned previously saw lins last game in atl and has a close up pic of him on the exercise bike as well as high fiving him) is a big fan of the sikh.

    btw when lin was in toronto earlier this year it was asian heritage nite and there’s a nice pic on line somewhere of lin with the sikh.

  154. Most of Lin’s ex-teammates love Lin. Look at how he hugged the Hornets players after the last game and what the Hawks’ players are saying about him now.

  155. Wow Joe Harris’ defend is not as bad as I thought. Haven’t watch Nets play for a long time.

  156. harris game has expanded considerably. he’s also either first or second in 3 pt % in the league among players with some kind of minimum pts or attempts or something.

  157. Agreed. I like Harris and a few other Nets such as Jarrett Allen, LeVert, and Spencer Dinwiddie

  158. Oh man. Finally. JLin has a great chance at finally seeing the 2nd round of the playoffs. More importantly, he has a legit chance at a ring. Oh, wouldn’t that be something.

  159. Thanks Arsemium12!

  160. Thanks Psalm!

  161. Lol nice!

  162. In that case, better wait until you see him in a Raptors uniform. Just to be safe! Never too late. LOL.

  163. ROTFL! pounded my desk laughing…..

  164. All I can say, as D’Antoni once said about the booing of Jeffries: you need to get a life. This is an exciting hopeful moment for all of here and you have nothing but negatives. Move on.

  165. Watched the Nets last year. Thinking Lin would be back with them.
    Harris is a good team player. Unselfish. Plays hard on defense. Can put the ball on the floor and get to rim. Would have been a good complement to an unselfish PG like Lin.
    Oh well. Onward and Upwards!!!!

  166. And will be in the 3 Point shooting contest in the All-Star game. Not that I will watch.

  167. I really think LeVert is way better than DLO, perfect back court mate for JLin. Sigh…

  168. that’s so mean.. stop it.

  169. melo didn’t do much to lin anyways..
    if it’s morey, then it is some other story.

  170. in a way, I’m afraid that it might be an insurance instead.
    But we’ll see

  171. Ok!

  172. BTW, with all the excitement about the move.

    THANKS for the reports from you and your son. So glad he got the chance to go to a Lin game there. Even if it was the last in Atlanta.

    When it quiets down a bit, like during the ASB, would still like to see your posts about that game!

  173. increase media freny only if lin is doing well.

  174. 🙁 What could have been.
    Still cursing Marks and Tsai under my breath.

  175. Haha. You can almost hear the SWOOOSH of fans getting off Atlanta social media and onto Toronto. No passport required. LOL.

  176. @Hudson777:disqus also does. Tweeted in previous thread when news first broke.

  177. Where are you getting this from?

    According to Raptors beat reporter:
    “He’s also a great fit. While VanVleet is out, Lin is capable of running the offence with the second unit. He can also share the backcourt with Kyle Lowry, or with VanVleet once he returns, as Wright used to. He’s very good in the pick and roll, which should help him develop quick chemistry with Gasol and Serge Ibaka. He’s also a 35 per cent career three-point shooter.”


  178. I hope to see, maybe for the first time, that Jlin will not be as abused as he has been by the refs and other players. There have been numerous complaints by Jlin fans as to how Jlin is unfavorably treated by refs (I agree) and physically abused by other players (I agree to a point). But now that he is on a team with world class players I am interested to see if his teammates will now protect him. The team does not need a designated “goon” to protect him but these players stature should be enough to stop excessive abuse (I say excessive because all players are subject to a certain amount of abuse AKA as intimidation). Players like Kawhi, Lowery, Ibaka, Green and Gasol by their very reputations should not allow their meal ticket to be abused. This will be an interesting thing to watch for because opposing teams are going to have to defend against Jlin getting into the key.

  179. Here’s Delon Wright’s game log minutes. Inconsistent yes. But could be partly due to ability.

    Not much difference from Lin’s minutes with Hawks. But as many have posted, at least it will be with a Win-now team. Have to think that this would be the MINIMUM that Lin will be playing.


  180. THIS IS FANTASTIC! I need this!
    Started looking and found a few…Thanks!

  181. Steve Holman is a long-time Hawks broadcaster …

  182. I can’t believe it finally happened. Hopefully Lin gets more playtime in Toronto and a bigger role than he did in Atlanta. If he can stay healthy and perform in the playoffs, he will earn a nice contract next year.

  183. Will VanVleet out for 3 weeks. I am hoping Lin can get at least 18 to 20 minutes. fingers crossed.

  184. So good to see! Another confirmation of how Atlanta has been appreciative of JLin.

    If they are decent human beings to start with. How can anyone say anything otherwise about Jeremy?

    (The ones who put Lin down, and they know who they are, are truly despicable haters.)

  185. He may get less, or more. VanVleet is injured so Lin may get a good amount.

    I’m frankly worried about Lin going so deep into the playoffs. So, I just hope for Lin’s health. He’s on a fine team now.

  186. Fantastic response, psalm. I agree with you.

  187. Come on everyone knows Trae is done once they draft Zion or whoever as their 1st round draft pick.

  188. So late to the party. Finally Lin to a playoff team. I hope this means Leonard the “franchise” wanted him there to help. No use in Lin joining if the franchise doesn’t like him.

  189. The Raptors backup backcourt, VanVleet and Powell, are playing well offensively.
    After VanVleet comes back and if they rest Kawhi Leonard, Lin still remain the backup PG role. But his role in Playoffs is doubtful.

  190. YES! i doubted he would ask for a buyout… but things lined up and he’s going to my preferred choice. been saying lin to toronto was a match made in heaven ever since the trade. i have no doubt he will play himself into more minutes. this is a team with championship aspirations. they won’t hesitate to sit lowry or vanvleet if it means wining playoff games.

    add in the gasol trade, and lin has REAL players to play with now whether that is with the starters or leading the bench…

    i’m back and invigorated. been waiting for this since the season started and lost all hope when he wasn’t traded. this news just made the misery of watching the hawks worth it…

  191. they played 2 pg backcourt when wright was still on the team. no matter. whatever minutes lin gets, he will make the most of them because they mean something now. every minute in a hawks uniform was tanking misery…

  192. Kawhi, Gasol, Lowry, and Lin that’s essentially 4 stars though Lin doesn’t have the star badge but we all know he is. GSW should be very worried. 🙂 Lin can finally face GSW and Curry in Finals haha! Can’t wait!

  193. Lin needs to ball out but also stay healthy, more 3s and mid range, less reckless drives.

  194. Hawks were truthful about what Lin would get from the beginning and were professional. Nets’ Marks was a snake just like Morey.

  195. siakam is no joke. green the eminent role player. ibaka is still very good. and vanvleet is very solid. i love this move. the gasol trade really cleared the way…

  196. Still in wait-and-see attitude about the deal.
    The Raptors is a good team, but this can be the turning point for Lin to play 3rd string PG and DNP occasionally.

    The Hawks is not that bad. Lin is responible for his “not so well” performance in last 2 months since back injury. But this type of teams usually gets worse and tanks harder after All-Star break.

  197. lol

  198. Getting Gasol showed how serious they were about winning. They needed someone to feed Gasol and Lin was their best guy!

  199. Since Lowry is #7, I’m guessing Lin will go back to #17 for the Raptors.

    Jersey sales are going to be nuts. Lots of Asians and Lin fans in Toronto.

  200. That was what I was going to ask? Do you think Lin will go with #17 or a new number???

  201. Most likely 17. It doesn’t make sense to wear a different number. Raptors also don’t have anyone wearing 17.

  202. dnp in favor of who exactly? even my ptsd isn’t that bad. this is a great opportunity. raptors bench depth was always iffy and they traded wright and miles away. lin and gasol off the bench is beyond an upgrade for them…

  203. I would rather Lin take A.River role in Houston.

  204. How about #19, new year, new team, new start???

  205. Yes 🙋🏻‍♂️ born in Taipei but raised in Toronto. Everyone here is excited- My texts and social media are blowing up with the news. We have a large Asian population.. Many who are Christian as well. I think jlin will enjoy his time here. Plus, outside of Asia and maybe Vancouver, we have the best Asian food in the world, no lie! 😊

  206. NYC Chinatown got y’all beat. I have been to Toronto twice and they have good food, but nothing compared to NYC or even Boston.

  207. that bridge was burnt long ago. morey, harden, the racist fans, etc… absolutely NO reason to even consider…

  208. Seriously, this is the best opportunity Lin has had in a long time.

  209. Their relationship don’t worse than MDA and Melo.

  210. Howard Megdal is following Jeremy’s buyout. He reviews how Jeremy can help the Raptors …

  211. Wow…This is huge…comin in late to the party!!! 🙂

    Thanks to Agents Jim Tanner and Roger Montgomery to keep on working on it!

  212. hmmm most likely

  213. Been to NYC 5 times.. Boston, 3. Expecting good Asian food, but was disappointed.. Maybe I ate in the wrong places? But then my Asian friends from NYC say so themsleves–that Toronto is next level . The best Asian food in Toronto are in the burbs, not downtown.. Next time you visit, give me a shout 🤙🏻

  214. i think for lin it was. do you think lin and his “team” didn’t visit clutchfans? he NEVER got support from that city… lin always got love in toronto… it was natural for him to go there. im glad he made his way there NOW and not waiting until free agency. i HOPE he stays and finds his “home”… in the city where linsanity was made into a legend…

  215. FVV was getting in average around 27mins (20-33min in range)

  216. They sure did their homework to secure the best spot to showcase Lin, possibly in the NBA Finals 🙂

  217. let’s not forget that the FAN support and the ORGANIZATION’s support will help immensely. lin truly is jekyll and hyde. when he doesn’t have support/confidence. he really is mediocre. but when he has support/confidence? he truly is unstoppable. i hope this situation finally gives him the support and confidence where he can truly shine.

    he DOESN’T have to start. but play him significant minutes and he will help you win. he affects the game in so many ways. people say us lin fans are crazy because we see it and they don’t. give him the right situation and i truly believe he will make believers of them all. it took a batum injury last time to put him in that situation. can this situation be even better? we all can only hope…

  218. ATL will keep TY. They have way too much invested in him. They just tanked a whole season just so he could get playing time over someone (Jlin) who would arguably (by others not by me) be better for ATL- IF they weren’t tanking. No, TY will stay until he proves he is not cut out for the NBA. He has skills no doubt but he needs a lot of experience, to bulk up and learn to play defense. He also needs to figure out what his game will be.

  219. that’s so mean…keep it up!

  220. Lin played very well as SG with Hornets cause Cliff knew how to write triple threat plays for him. If Nurse is a smart coach Lin will be able to focus more on shooting when playing SG for them (not just stand in the corner).

  221. Jlin is where he, and we, wanted him to be: contending for a championship. There is no other goal. Only he knows his health and if he is happy to be going to TOR then we should too. He needs to go all out in this position. With ATL he could lay back. But being where you want to be, playing with the best, you go all out. If you go down, at least you go down as a warrior.

  222. Sure but the green light will be gone. Zion or whoever will get the most green light next year. And if the actual franchise is a main ball handler, they will have to choose between Trae and Huerter.

  223. KA is jealous. He wants to be where Jlin is, with a serious chance to win it all. LOL

  224. 3.96M is really nothing. His contract with Nets was 30+Mil.

  225. You forgot his gf is also Canadian who’s living in Vancouver 🙂 Stars aligning indeed.

  226. It showed Lin liked Kawhi and Raptors as a team. 🙂 Who doesn’t like a humble and two way franchise like Kawhi?

  227. Other than the Bucks (who don’t need Lin’s services), the Raptors was the best possible destination for Lin. Many of us here have wanted him to be on a playoffs team like the Raptors from the beginning of the season, but most of us did not think Lin would ask for and get a buyout this season. Lin will have 3 weeks to prove himself valuable on a team that could be contending for a championship this year. He will finally have amazing players surrounding him. I think Lin will rise to the challenge and show fans all over the world what he can do. I just hope he doesn’t get too crazy and get injured before / during the playoffs.

    I’m actually surprised he got his agent to work something out with the Hawks. They are a classy organization with a great broadcasting team who were very supportive and complimentary of Lin this year. It also seemed like Lin was very well-liked and bonded with his teammates in Atlanta, the few months he was there. Schlenk most likely allowed Lin to leave without getting any picks in return because he did what he was brought in to do: mentor Trae and show the Hawks how to play and behave with class and integrity. Lin was rewarded for his patience and leadership on the team. I don’t think any vet would have handle his situation with as well as Lin did.

  228. Are minutes and support/confidence correlated? Perhaps there is a good deal of correlation but JLIN has always been a rhythm player, you build rhythm but playing MINUTES …

    … just give him REGULAR allotment of minutes and these difficult to identify/define terms “support” “confidence” are inconsequential because once JLIN gets minutes and familiarizes himself with his teammates needs, he’ll be unstoppable

  229. Melo was the reason Lin and MDA were both kicked out of Knicks! Never forget that!

  230. Atlanta was useful for JLIN’s needs, ease into playing and opportunity to PROVE he was still an NBA caliber player …

    … apart from those needs, ATL neither added nor detracted from JLIN’s destiny; could they have treated JLIN better — absolutely they could have, but now that is water under the bridge…

    … at least JLIN earned respect from his teammates and learned how to prolong his career hopefully by picking Vince Carter’s brain

  231. MDA isn’t enough, Morey, Harden, Chris Paul, and racist fans are enough to never go there again. Morey also sabotaged his career by making up poor defense articles as the reason for benching him. They were the reason Lin’s career got killed in the first place. Karma will return for the Rockets just wait.

  232. team is stacked.. it’s almost like him going to gsw with curry, thomson, kd livingston, etc.

  233. I hope JLIN plays every minute that Nurse wants to offer him and JLIN earns glory by delivering for the Raptors as much accolades and critical performances as far as this playoff season can takes us

  234. so the staying and playing game with nurse brother(?) really might paved the way for him to go to toronto as seen sometime ago?

  235. When you see Lin-Gasol Pick-and-roll connection, let’s popularize #GasoLin hashtag 🔥🏀

  236. That is a good one #GasoLin

    GasoLin-E, the E for effort

  237. too early.. calm down. the more hype, the more disappointment.
    Let lin himself surrpise how good he is.

  238. uhh … we have been deprived of excitement for TWO and a HALF + years, let the people rejoice

  239. Psalm always coming up with these great Lin slogans and phrases. I still remember the BrookLin ordeal. 🙂

  240. “opponents just sparked the gasolin-e which then went on fire”

  241. but gaso himself can just create his own shot. no?

  242. the way all players of the hawk team comes to the rescue whenever he’s down on the court had shown how they cared for him because of his injury. Maybe Hawk doesn’t really want Lin to over extend himself because of this or they really use the adage that we all knew as a way to temper Lin in ” that the spirit is willing but the body MIGHT not be at the moment”. so playing him less was somewhat disturbing, but PROTECTING him more seems acceptable now.

  243. I’m with you. Stay sober. Let’s see a few games and see what Toronto has in mind for Lin’s usage and role on the team. It is a very stacked team. Anything’s possible including Lin getting DNP CD’s. Moderate expectations are always best.

  244. I’ve been hoping for this move forever. The doubters will point to the many hurdles in Lin’s way. For me, I trust in Lin’s game to earn his way to be a dominant force for the Raptors. The fact that the Masai Ujiri had to win now makes Lin invaluable. For once, since MDA, Lin’s game can speak for itself. Winning is now the only thing that matters to the Raptors. If Lin can make it happen, he’ll get playtime. Lin is clutch and he will prove that Kawhi and Lin will be unstoppable in crunch time. This team wants to win and they don’t care who does it for them.

  245. yep… Gasol dribbles the ball down the floor, passes the ball to himself in the low-post or out on the arc and shoots

  246. Still needs players to feed him open 3s and PnR. Gasol really lacked touches and plays this season with the Grizzlies, writing was on the wall. I saw Gasol run up and down the court mostly getting rebounds without a chance to shoot being the center. That’s where players like Lin is needed.

  247. lol .. GasoLin is better now 🙂

  248. Perhaps if ATL wanted to extend JLIN a bit more — then JLIN would not have bought-out his contract and staying in Atlanta

  249. it’s theory though…

  250. it’s good to point out Lin’s strength on how he can help the Raptors with his PnR strength and ability to draw fouls that are crucial in the playoff

    I cringed when I started seeing some Lin fans tweet he should be a starter, how Lowry disappeared in playoff, etc. At this point, it should be how Lin can help the Raptors, not take someone’s position or how he’s better than some starters.

  251. I think lowry misses derozan.
    if that’s the case.. lin can come in as the new partner.

  252. but he, lin, has to prove to the raptors first what he’s capable of.

  253. DeRozen and JLIN don’t have the same skillset, personally would rather see JLIN handle the 2nd Team PG role solely – that is where he adds most value at a good 25 min per game

  254. Atlanta Hawks is a class-act organization as JLin said.
    They tweeted “Thank you, JEREMY”. They could choose not to buyout Lin but they did him a solid as a thank you for mentoring Trae Young and other young players.

    Lin’s words to emphasize ATL as an organization that does things the right way, treats people the right way really speaks volume to contrast with his sudden departure from the Nets.
    “Thank you to the Ressler family, to Travis, to Coach Pierce, to my teammates. An organization that does things the right way, treats people the right way! ”


  255. Of course the Choice that Atlanta made will save them $3 million dollars.

    This is what I alluded to on the trade deadline expiration — Schlenk will take a deal if it makes him money, because it became obvious a 2nd round pick was not what he wanted

  256. Classiest of all the teams Lin played for. I hate to say this as a NYer, but both NYC teams, the Knicks and the Nets, treated Lin poorly. Charlotte was OK but that contract pay was way below Lin’s value. Houston was absolutely horrible and LA not much better.

    I’m not talking about Lin’s playing time but more about Schlenk, who didn’t unload Lin for poor value and how the crew appreciated him. Rathbun and Nique were fantastic. I think LP had to prioritize his young core but LP never did not play Lin a game even when he struggled in October.

    I truly appreciate what they did and totally agree with Lin’s words.

    Thank you, Atlanta Hawks organization.

  257. yep, this is what I felt too, anyway, Lin is gone, so page turned

  258. no, more like 7 years

  259. “Classiest” is all relative isn’t it?

    Out of a list of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, Qaddafi — who is the classiest?

  260. Don’t agree with your comment at all. Not one bit.

  261. And I do NOT agree with yours, so there

  262. I agree with Jeremy Lin. He said it well. I guess you disagree with Jeremy. This is my last response to you.

  263. wonder did houston say some sht like this..
    I think hornets did.

    the stupd knicks sorta

  264. The nets too I think

  265. Pol Pot

  266. Well it always seems to get to this point, doesnt it?:

    SWS94: “but JLIN said so”
    DON: “have you learned nothing about how politically correct and gracious JLIN is contemporaneous to events, only years later does the truth come out”

    plenty of examples

  267. You have an excellent point that Atlanta and LP still played him even when he really struggled in preseason and the first few weeks.

    Yes, ATL only have a limited role for Lin with a ceiling of 20+ min but it gave Lin time to recover and showcase his game. But most importantly, JLin himself emphasized how ATL is a classy organization that does things the right way, treats people the right way

    Lin has repeated these lines a few times and I believe he was truly hurt with how the Nets traded him unceremoniously without good communication. JLin is implicitly saying Atlanta treated him much better than Brooklyn did.

  268. Raptors is so lucky to have this very short window (1/2 of a season) of opportunity to collect every piece of a puzzle to contend. Hope they know who they have now.

  269. I probably follow less than 5 people, just add him and Raptors to show power of Lin fan 🙂

  270. When we heard comments from Joseph Lin about wanting ATL to play his brother more after JLIN had proven his health and capability — this was quite revealing and I presume a few years from now we will all learn a bit more about JLIN’s true feelings of his time in ATL.

  271. Maybe a little dig at BKLN

  272. Brooklyn has a good team and a lot of good guys on it. Before Lin arrived, they were a basket case. Lin changed the culture there. I like what Atkinson said about Lin. And Carroll.

    Brooklyn dropped the ball with Lin. Maybe making the trade made sense from a basketball point of view. But being dishonest with Lin was classless.

  273. true, I believe Team JLin was probably not happy with low minutes but at the same time they appreciated the chance to recover and Schlenk following up on his words to grant buyout to the vets who requested it. It’s probably a mixed experience in Atlanta.

    I think JLin was excited that ATL approved the buyout unlike the time Sean Marks said he’d keep JLin and agent in communication in case of a possible trade as he told reporters but proceeded to trade him without informing him first 2 days later. Knowing how JLin valued loyalty, he probably felt betrayed and got so upset like how the Stanford coach told him no scholarship but proceeded to give Landry Fields the scholarship

  274. not enough yet that everytime they meet, Lin almost killed them game in and game out that he still needs to prove what he’s capable of???i think the better phrase is, let them see how JLIN will “FIT IN” with the current group..

    i also don’t get it that when Gasol or some players entered into toronto(or some other teams), no one dared asked him to PROVE himself first, but with JLIN, again , he NEEDS to do it?

    please expound on your point so i can see it clearly what you meant.

  275. Not so subtle dig at BKLYN 🙂 He said these lines before

  276. Hey, is this like ledumb’s people saying to get rid of Walton and ledumb claiming he had nothing to do with that? I think if and when JLin reveals his true feelings about ?ATL he will say it’s hard to play for a tanking team

  277. they jump ship on Jeremy the soonest doubt came in and i don’t like that kind of attitude for a team, especially for the nets whom Jeremy gave discounts and favors by signing with the team before

  278. After literally a couple months of rumors that JLIN would be traded before deadline, it seems probable that JLIN thought he would be moving to a contender and naturally would have been disappointed as the deadline expired without a trade…

    … I am glad that JLIN did what we all wanted him to do at that POINT, which was to take control, decide where he wanted to LEAVE to and put a deal in front of Schlenk that Schlenk could not refuse. $3 million is still a lot of cash, pure value added cash

  279. Basically you are saying Lin isn’t as good as any of VanVleet or Powell. Are you really a lin fan? When VanVleet lead the Raptors while Lowrey was injured, he did nothing for the team. These two guys are good bench players but are not difference makers. I’ve watch VanVleet play quite a bit and he just can’t create for his teammates and can’t make the necessary separation to force defences to switch off. Basically, Raptors don’t have another PG except for Lowrey and Lin that can make teammates better.

  280. Hey I’m trying to be classy here

  281. Has the detail of the buyout been revealed to be $3M?
    I agree that JLin and agents did what he needed to do to play for a contender for his next contract. He could’ve taken Dedmon’s route of staying. Props to Lin and his agents to be decisive.

  282. I’m not certain yet the actual amount that JLIN is foregoing but it appears to be around $3M

  283. 🙂 .. yes, we need to be classy like JLin
    trying to read between the lines is never easy for sure

  284. What am I missing here with all the euphoria? Isn’t Lin the third string point guard?
    When Van Fleet comes back, isn’t Lin going to be sitting 100% on the bench during playoffs?
    I’ve seen the fan careen from euphoria to despair so many times in Jeremy’s career that I have a lot of doubt.

  285. that what i saw on his last game about Jeremy’s LACK of DESIRE to win that game unlike the previous games , where we saw his true self fighting all odds even at the point of a losing games. Last game was a NO HEART played by him.

  286. Donald Trump.

  287. Dedmons role with the Hawk is solid and dedmon shouldn’t be wary about it for his time is given generously, unlike JLIN.

  288. The key move was Toronto trading Delon and CJ Miles in Gasol trade so there are gaping holes of their minutes. TOR is very thin in their guard roation. Even without VanFleet being out for at least 3 weeks, JLin is very much needed to replace these minutes.

    “He might use up the minutes from guards Delon Wright (18.4mpg) and CJ Miles (14.2mpg) that were traded to Memphis Grizzlies in a trade that brought Marc Gasol to Toronto.”

  289. because he chinese.

  290. I know . That’s what I’m saying.. we don’t know how he will be use.
    Like tonights game.. he will be sitting..not playing/finishing.

  291. JLIN was the starting point guard for Brooklyn, and injuries happen – luck or lack there of was pure chance.

    Just sit back and watch how TOR uses JLIN, additionally I believe there is a fair chance that JLIN will take Van Vleets minutes even when VV returns.

  292. true, JLin’s trend of reduced minutes to 10-12 minutes about 4 games before Feb 7 was really alarming.

  293. That’s what being a fan is, you support your guy, you live and die with his success and failure. Jlin did not take Vanvleet’s place. He took Delon Wright’s place and CJ Miles who have more than 30 minutes between them. The rest of the euphoria is about JLin playing on a team going for the championship instead of a team that is tanking- though classy lol

  294. You are correct in that there are NO Guarantees in the NBA.

    But being a Lin fan has ALWAYS BEEN Euphoria and Despair. The highest of highs from Linsanity. And the lowest of lows with potential career ending injury.

    It doesn’t matter. IT’S PART OF THE LIN JOURNEY. THE HIGHS SHOULD BE ENJOYED. Let’s not worry about the lows before they happen.


  295. Donald Duck.

  296. LOL, but isn’t it Toronto has a lot of them in their state? chinese will not like that (joke)

  297. WELL PUT ACE!!!!!

  298. That’s what I mean. The proof is in the pudding(or something like that). Until we see his real minutes , the exuberance is preparing the fans for another letdown and then the raging at the coach, team mates, all the negative emotions will start. Rinse and repeat like some one here said before.

  299. I think TOR wanted JLin all along because he is a better fit than Conley could have been. When TOR didn’t try to get Conley that was my first serious clue that TOR was in play

  300. If that’s too much pressure for a Lin fan. If you want safe and sure superstardom, Lin is not the guy to follow.

  301. no.. nba is racist.. toronto..ok. canada..maybe not as much.. BUT the gm and coach and players all are americans..but hopefully they not racist.

    America has this racist culture built into them. And many doesn’t like no chinese guy to lead. Ok to be bench player.. not ok to be lebron-like.

  302. At least TOR know how to play their guards properly, unlike Nets.

  303. ok, i got your point now..thanks for the clarification on the factor/s why Lin needs to prove himself all the time.

  304. I’m glad you said that. And I think a lot of it has to do with expectations. I think Lin’s journey is a lesson in tempering expectations.

    One bright note I can think of is Toronto likes to play 2 and 3 guard lineups. So that may give Lin a chance for decent minutes. And Lin’s play with Gasol should be interesting.

    But I expect nothing but Lin playing on a quality team and hope for Lin’s health through the last playoff game and beyond.

  305. AGREE! Good to focus on the positives first!

  306. This would be a concern if politics is a driving force for this team. What you miss is that Masai Ujiri needs to win now or he could lose his job at the end of the season. The only hope he has is Raptors go deep with Kawhi and just maybe he’ll resign with them. If they get bounced early like last year and Masai traded DeRozen and the farm for nothing, he will lose his job.

    Just like Linsanity when the Knicks were desperate for wins, the Raptors needs to win now. It doesn’t matter who leads them as long as they win.

    If you can’t see that Lin is a country mile better than VanVleet, then you have way too much ptsd to see how this could be the forever home for Lin…especially if Kawhi leaves for LA after this season.

  307. Nice try! Haha.

  308. No pressure, I’m pretty much resigned from the way he is treated in the NBA, he is going to be a journeyman for the rest of his career. But I still follow his career, just tempered expectations. Certainly I hope I’m wrong.

  309. they are winning now.

  310. they got the 2nd best record in conference and 3rd best record in nba

  311. true, TOR trading Delon and CJ Miles but was not in a hurry to fill the required roster spots was a sign they haven’t finished their moves yet.

    Conley is older than Lowry and so expensive so it doesn’t make sense to bring him to TOR. Having JLin from the buyout market is huge as an insurance if Lowry’s back acts up again in the playoff or if his performance trends down in the playoff again (being classy here lol).

  312. When Nets’ newly hired volume shooter started the show, I knew the sport was over and it turned into a circus for circus fans.

  313. You’re not wrong. Not one bit. He’s going from one NBA team to another. Let’s hope for the best but not expect it.

  314. but they need to continue doing it and do what is necessary in the process..VanVleet got an injury and GM need to do something not to rock the boat at the moment or sort of (if its JLIN’s acquisition, so be it). This doesn’t mean of Jeremy’s usage will be upped, but at least for now, he’s on for a possible playoff (whether playing or not)

  315. Believe me, I know how you feel. But, Lin hasn’t given up yet.
    So, don’t give up yet either. HANG IN THERE!

  316. I no doubt expect things to be better because he is not trying to play in the environment of a tanking team. Tanking over rides EVERYTHING (sorry to yell) and taints all that goes on in sports.

  317. nets almost beat them.. if it wasn’t gasol off the bench.
    I’m afraid of the nets. maybe because of bitterness too.

  318. it’s all

  319. That TOR-BKN is not even close if JLIN was playing

  320. well, last time he was 4/18 shots/fga playing against them so… can’t gaurantees

  321. But it was Gasol off the bench and soon it will be JLin off the bench. In a playoff series where TOR is focused, TOR sweeps. BKLN ain’t that good yet

  322. the are winning, but there are possible losing too if the team doesn’t continue to be solid (like GSW)..acquaring talents is a must for a contending teams..and i like what i saw when they got JLIN on the market (not a hard fact that they really like JLIN now, but they know what he can bring on the table for them im sure)

  323. Masai Ujiri has a reputation as being smart and savvy. Don’t know if true. Don’t know if he can be trusted. But, so far, at least he has stepped up for Lin.

    I always try to give people benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong. I’m hoping whatever assurances he gave Lin and his team were honest and fair.

  324. at some point.. our honeymoon is over and we will be back to normal criticizing others except for lin.

  325. hawk team with nothing to lose but losing and coach who doesn’t mind or CARE about it!

  326. Except no more tank talk

  327. i didn’t like it either, but what was lost from me is the assurance of a team being build up via CHARACTER that time

  328. So what. They had 59 wins last year, first in EC.
    They couldn’t beat weak LeBron Cleveland in the playoffs.

  329. It’s good to be cautiously optimistic.

    There are unknown factors with how TOR will use JLin for sure. But we can take comfort that JLin and his agents sign off on the deal. Usually agent and teams talk about role before agreeing so we can trust for now that Lin likes what TOR said.

    As for actions, the traded 2 guards and injured VanVleet definitely mean 1 or 2 guards need to step up. Lin fans might start getting concerned that TOR gave Lin too heavy minutes because it might injure him 🙂

  330. Well…maybe the correct mindset should be cautious optimism.

  331. More good points Acbc!

  332. Without Delon Wright and CJ miles there are minutes there for him w/o costing Vanvleet. TOR could do some interesting combos with those 3. Plus reports I have read say Vanvleet prefers playing off the ball which fits with Jlin’s preference to be on the ball. Vanvleet is short for a SG but if that’s what he wants… Too bad Kemba wasn’t like that

  333. AT LEAST ENJOY THE HONEYMOON! Sheeeesh, you must be a lot of fun at parties….

  334. I think the key word is “play”. If he is DNP during the playoffs, I can imagine the fans rage here even if the team is not tanking. Oh well, finger’s crossed.

  335. Yes, okay, that I can AGREE with! 🙂

  336. Ha, you just said what I typed a minute ago. Cheers.

  337. Sorry but I fully expect JLin to have very meaningful minutes and a very meaningful role. I hope he can rise to the occasion like he has done before. One big difference from other teams he has played on is the level and amount of talent on TOR. After 7 years this is a big difference

  338. I also read about Masai being smart and savvy. But also how DeRozan was not happy being traded but not sure about the detail. I think TOR gave Lowry/DeRozan enough time but they always failed in the playoff so they reached their ceiling and the GM needed to reshuffle.

    Let’s see how they plan to use Lin. My guess is to solidify the 2nd unit with Gasol and as an insurance for Lowry in the playoff if he “disappears” again as TOR fans like to call it

  339. Yup, such blatant hypocrisy from Sean Marks. Pretend that it’s “family and culture”, and then turn around and say it’s “business”. Yeah, as in the Godfather. Nothing personal. Bleh!

  340. It’s a legit point. Reality bites.

  341. True. We have seen there is no loyalty in the NBA.
    But, that’s the world of the Lin fandom. So, until we know otherwise, can only go with what we see. Could be as soon as Wednesday.

  342. The only way TOR dnp’s JLin is if he is hurt or he suddenly gets bad. There were other players out there they could have had but they wanted Jlin. He will play and with f he plays well he will play more I think than Vanvleet, but that is neither here nor there at this time. My concern is that he has to play heavy minutes while still in a minor rehab stage. 25 minutes is good midrange time on the floor

  343. Hmmm, you know I don’t know if you can tank and be classy too. How does that work.

  344. I also chose to look at the fact that Schlenk didn’t trade Lin to some team for a half-hearted 2 round pick that the Hawks don’t really need. From some team who might not use Lin correctly.

    At least this way, LIN HAD THE FREEDOM to choose the next team. After his agents got a chance to figure out which team will use Lin in the best way.

    So, even if Schlenk had another motive, it works out for Lin too. THAT’S A GOOD THING FOR LIN.

  345. “at some point.. our honeymoon is over and we will be back to ..” is probably never a good line to say to a newlywed during honeymoon 🙂

    Let’s focus on the positives … Yes, there are unknowns with Lin as a Raptor but it beats the low expectation of staying in ATL playing 10-12 minutes/game and get low-ball offers in the offseason like the post-Lakers season has taught them.

    We got to acknowledge the positives and praise Lin and his agents for being proactive and liking what TOR offers for Lin’s role. Otherwise, our minds are so filled with worries and concern that we are paralyzed by fear.

    If they fail, they fail but they can feel good knowing they gave their best effort. If they succeed, Lin gets lucrative offers in the offseason after possibly playing in the NBA Finals. JLin has only had 3 playoff out of 9 seasons in his career so it will be an upgrade already 🙂

  346. From BobbyMarks:
    “Atlanta makes it official on the Jeremy Lin waiver. Lin was owed $3.96M at the time he will clear waivers on Wednesday. Keep in mind that Lin earned a $1.25M trade bonus in off-season allowing his representatives to take an aggressive approach when it came to buyout talks.”

  347. “Lin is gone” is what you say if your head is in ATL. I say JLin has arrived to play championship ball in TOR

  348. EXACTLY – WELL SAID!!!!

  349. I’m in, or would be if I twittered

  350. Well said!!!

  351. Don’t be afraid to be happy now. Plenty of time for disappointments down the road

  352. IMO, Lin may be physically spent by the time the playoffs come. Watching him on the Hawks, he seems to have about 65 percent of the energy he had before his injury. And that’s to be expected.

    Lin in the Charlotte series had extremely high levels of athleticism, energy and stamina and needed it to take on Miami’s defense. Now Lin uses more crafty moves. But if Lin’s sort of dragging due to fatigue after playing a full season after surgery for an extremely serious injury, it makes sense not to play him. As a fan that has watched basketball for decades, I realize that possibility. And maybe possibilities to DNP CD games or give him rest games as the season closes. This is a team where games are going to be played at a higher intensity level and in the playoffs, notches higher with each round.

    We have to be sensible and practical about it. But we’ll also have to see what he looks like later in the season.

  353. Here come the LIN PUNS again – good one! You need to copyright that one – haha.

  354. LOL.

  355. Yes – we agree!!!!!!

  356. Agree. If Lowery or Vanvleet have an off night or poor matchup insert JLin. On this team, for this year he does not have to start. He does not even need big minutes. He needs MEANINGFUL minutes, not random tanking minute to give a rookie not close e to his ability a breather.

  357. Do you think he misses him more than Kawhi? Because that was the swap. I think TOR made the right move because Kawhi is more valuable to the team

  358. Unfortunately, some fans get greedy, and don’t know when to quit. They don’t realize they are hurting, not helping. Unless they are just trolls. That’s one of the negatives of the Internet.

    Always grateful that you provide this forum for us.

  359. James, you make too much sense. LOL.

  360. I read a recent report that said that when Vanvleet subs Lowery at PG the team lose transition efficiency. Jlin is very good at transition if they would just let him have the damn ball. The report also said Vanvleet prefers playing off the ball, so no threat to him if Jlin is PG. Perfect

  361. It’s easy … ATL lets JLin to get out of their tank!
    That’s a classy move to not tank together LOL

  362. Sounds like JLin has to prove himself to you. Raptors already decided when they sign him. Only way it doesn’t work is if it is a bad fit but I can’t see that because JLin is a team player

  363. I’d rather think our tanking nightmares are over. There will be no more suffering from watching games “scheduled for loss”.

  364. or maybe he’s taking it easy on a team not really trying to win?

  365. Ujeri, about the trades made. Talks of Gasol and talks of the buyout market some.


  366. I don’t think that was it. But, Lin may get stronger after the all-star break.

    Lin doesn’t tend to take it easy. He competes no matter what.

  367. No way DNP unless he is injured or he suddenly forgets how to shoot that rookie from Philly. TOR did not give up two players to get a guy that might not be able to play. This is not my judgement but the judgement of people who are better than we are in evaluations talent, especially veteran talent

  368. Great post!

  369. CD is coach’s decision. We don’t know this coach.

    i’m not saying he will be nor do I want to see that. But, we don’t know at this point.

  370. you mean defrozen? everyone and their mom can tell you he wasn’t going to take you to the promised land… but kawhi? you take that chance 100 times out of 100…

    and still masai aint no ainge. now that’s a REAL “brutus”…

  371. Smack my head! I get it now. You just had to spell it out for me:)

  372. Fact-check. The GM is NOT American. Not all Toronto players are American. Siakam is from Cameroon.

    As long as Lin is in the NBA, there will never be a perfect situation. So, unless you think Lin should retire, it is what it is.

  373. Well said!

  374. Still disagree

  375. Good analysis of Lin’s acquisition at RaptorsRepublic.
    Note: All Lin fans, please don’t call for JLin to start over Lowry! Just tell your kids about it, delete your tweets and posts on TOR forums 🙂

    COLUMNS Nine quick thoughts on the Raptors landing Jeremy Lin (updated)

    A quick breakdown of the Jeremy Lin acquisition before I have to hop on a flight (updated with additional points.)

    One – This was necessary: This move fills the shortage of play making that has plagued the Raptors all season. Kyle Lowry was the only player capable of creating efficient offense for both himself and his teammates, as Kawhi Leonard, Fred VanVleet, and Delon Wright all struggled in one facet or another. Lin is no savior, but he’s definitely serviceable, especially now that VanVleet will miss three weeks with a hand injury. Lin is a dependable veteran who knows how to create off the bench, which is what the Raptors have lacked all season.

    Two – What he has left: Lin isn’t elite at any facet of the game, but he is well-rounded. He gets to the rim and draws fouls at an above-average rate thanks to his quick first step, he has a decent short game as he’s capable of hitting floaters and awkward learning jumpers, and he’s a reliable jump shooter both off the dribble and in catch-and-shoot scenarios. He averaged 19.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 6.5 assists with a true-shooting percentage of 59.6 per-36 minutes playing with a bunch of rookies on the Hawks.

    Three – A better fit: Wright was great in flashes, but his inconsistency drove Nick Nurse to cut his minutes and even bench Wright for a game. Wright was too shy – he was entirely comfortable in allowing VanVleet to dribble the air out of the ball, he could only score at the rim, he didn’t have a pull-up jumper, and he would pass up wide-open looks from deep. Wright is a better defender, and he’s capable of changing the game on both ends off the floor (mostly, when he plays against Kelly Oubre), but Lin’s floor is significantly higher and that’s what you want from a bench player, and he’s a better fit with the personnel.

    Four – Settling into roles: Lin can play both the one and the two, which should free up VanVleet to play off the ball where he is most effective when he returns to the lineup. Lin’s ability to drive-and-kick should also create more catch-and-shoot chances for Norman Powell and OG Anunoby. Lin can also partner with both centers – Lin would run the pick-and-pop with Serge Ibaka, and function as a cutter with Marc Gasol. The second unit can finally function as its own entity with Lin running the offense, although I still believe the Raptors should stagger their lineups more often.

    Five – Depth matters: … Not in the playoffs, but it definitely matters in the regular season while the Raptors remain in hot pursuit of the Bucks for the No. 1 seed. Lowry has battled a bad back all season, and his understudy in VanVleet experienced sympathy pains. Both players could use some rest ahead of the playoffs, which is yet another area in which Lin can help the Raptors. Granted, the team has one of the easiest remaining schedules in terms of both quality and frequency of play, but there will still be instances where Lowry and VanVleet can use a breather. Lin is a damn good insurance policy.

    Six – This is clout: Lin approached the Hawks for a buyout – much like how Gasol waived his $1.3-million trade kicker – with the specific intention of joining the Raptors. Lin is as good as it gets in terms of buyout candidates – he’s willing to come off the bench, he’s a team player, he’s still in his prime, and he’s still productive – and he could have walked into a rotation spot on most teams in the league. Lin chose the Raptors because he saw this as his best chance to compete for the Finals, which is incredibly flattering. For a fan base that has long sought validation, this is hard proof that the perception of the Raptors is changing.

    Seven – Culture matters: I’m certain that Toronto’s expansive Chinese communities played a part in Lin’s decision to join the team. Toronto has always sold itself as an international city, but few free agents saw the value in that aside from Hedo Turkoglu’s wife (Remember when he was the future at small forward? Now we have Kawhi). By acquiring Lin, the Raptors now reflect the city itself: They have fielded a player with a direct background from every continent over the last calendar year (Pascal Siakam and Serge Ibaka from Africa, Marc Gasol from Europe, Lin is first-generation Asian-American, Deng Adel is Australian, Bruno Caboclo and Bebe Nogueira from Brazil, Chris Boucher was born in St. Lucia before he immigrated to Montreal, and half the roster is North American).

    Eight – Prepare for stans: Linsanity was seven years ago for the rest of the world, but Lin is still regarded as an icon for most Asians. If I may speak generally about my people, we are not particularly visible (seriously, try naming 10 famous Asians off the top of your head), which only makes the spotlight on Lin that much brighter. This means the Raptors gained a massive fan base, and all the consequences that come with it. You thought JV Hive was bad? China and the Chinese diaspora is 400 times the size of Lithuania. Remember when Markham fans went nuts after Lin hit that game-winner in Toronto on Valentine’s Day during the height of Linsanity? (Side note: Why the hell did Dwane Casey have Jose Calderon guarding Lin???) You’re going to see that same division within the fan base with some being Raptors fans and some strictly wanting Lin to succeed above all else. It won’t be long before fans start calling for Lin to start ahead of Kyle Lowry, and I’m sorry in advance.

    Nine – More to come: …


  376. i dont think what we saw these past few weeks was “competing”… he expected a trade. and when he didnt get one he asked for a buy out. good for him. there are signs all over that he wasn’t exactly going all out for this team. let’s see how he plays for a ring chasing team. if november lin “suddenly” comes back, then i guess your assertion is wrong…

  377. Quite good and fair analysis of Lin’s acquisition at RaptorsRepublic.
    Note: All Lin fans, please don’t call for JLin to start over Lowry! Just tell your kids/friends about it, delete your tweets and posts on TOR forums 🙂

    Nine quick thoughts on the Raptors landing Jeremy Lin (updated)

    A quick breakdown of the Jeremy Lin acquisition before I have to hop on a flight (updated with additional points.)

    One – This was necessary: This move fills the shortage of play making that has plagued the Raptors all season. Kyle Lowry was the only player capable of creating efficient offense for both himself and his teammates, as Kawhi Leonard, Fred VanVleet, and Delon Wright all struggled in one facet or another. Lin is no savior, but he’s definitely serviceable, especially now that VanVleet will miss three weeks with a hand injury. Lin is a dependable veteran who knows how to create off the bench, which is what the Raptors have lacked all season.

    Two – What he has left: Lin isn’t elite at any facet of the game, but he is well-rounded. He gets to the rim and draws fouls at an above-average rate thanks to his quick first step, he has a decent short game as he’s capable of hitting floaters and awkward learning jumpers, and he’s a reliable jump shooter both off the dribble and in catch-and-shoot scenarios. He averaged 19.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 6.5 assists with a true-shooting percentage of 59.6 per-36 minutes playing with a bunch of rookies on the Hawks.

    Three – A better fit: Wright was great in flashes, but his inconsistency drove Nick Nurse to cut his minutes and even bench Wright for a game. Wright was too shy – he was entirely comfortable in allowing VanVleet to dribble the air out of the ball, he could only score at the rim, he didn’t have a pull-up jumper, and he would pass up wide-open looks from deep. Wright is a better defender, and he’s capable of changing the game on both ends off the floor (mostly, when he plays against Kelly Oubre), but Lin’s floor is significantly higher and that’s what you want from a bench player, and he’s a better fit with the personnel.

    Four – Settling into roles: Lin can play both the one and the two, which should free up VanVleet to play off the ball where he is most effective when he returns to the lineup. Lin’s ability to drive-and-kick should also create more catch-and-shoot chances for Norman Powell and OG Anunoby. Lin can also partner with both centers – Lin would run the pick-and-pop with Serge Ibaka, and function as a cutter with Marc Gasol. The second unit can finally function as its own entity with Lin running the offense, although I still believe the Raptors should stagger their lineups more often.

    Five – Depth matters: … Not in the playoffs, but it definitely matters in the regular season while the Raptors remain in hot pursuit of the Bucks for the No. 1 seed. Lowry has battled a bad back all season, and his understudy in VanVleet experienced sympathy pains. Both players could use some rest ahead of the playoffs, which is yet another area in which Lin can help the Raptors. Granted, the team has one of the easiest remaining schedules in terms of both quality and frequency of play, but there will still be instances where Lowry and VanVleet can use a breather. Lin is a damn good insurance policy.

    Six – This is clout: Lin approached the Hawks for a buyout – much like how Gasol waived his $1.3-million trade kicker – with the specific intention of joining the Raptors. Lin is as good as it gets in terms of buyout candidates – he’s willing to come off the bench, he’s a team player, he’s still in his prime, and he’s still productive – and he could have walked into a rotation spot on most teams in the league. Lin chose the Raptors because he saw this as his best chance to compete for the Finals, which is incredibly flattering. For a fan base that has long sought validation, this is hard proof that the perception of the Raptors is changing.

    Seven – Culture matters: I’m certain that Toronto’s expansive Chinese communities played a part in Lin’s decision to join the team. Toronto has always sold itself as an international city, but few free agents saw the value in that aside from Hedo Turkoglu’s wife (Remember when he was the future at small forward? Now we have Kawhi). By acquiring Lin, the Raptors now reflect the city itself: They have fielded a player with a direct background from every continent over the last calendar year (Pascal Siakam and Serge Ibaka from Africa, Marc Gasol from Europe, Lin is first-generation Asian-American, Deng Adel is Australian, Bruno Caboclo and Bebe Nogueira from Brazil, Chris Boucher was born in St. Lucia before he immigrated to Montreal, and half the roster is North American).

    Eight – Prepare for stans: Linsanity was seven years ago for the rest of the world, but Lin is still regarded as an icon for most Asians. If I may speak generally about my people, we are not particularly visible (seriously, try naming 10 famous Asians off the top of your head), which only makes the spotlight on Lin that much brighter. This means the Raptors gained a massive fan base, and all the consequences that come with it. You thought JV Hive was bad? China and the Chinese diaspora is 400 times the size of Lithuania. Remember when Markham fans went nuts after Lin hit that game-winner in Toronto on Valentine’s Day during the height of Linsanity? (Side note: Why the hell did Dwane Casey have Jose Calderon guarding Lin???) You’re going to see that same division within the fan base with some being Raptors fans and some strictly wanting Lin to succeed above all else. It won’t be long before fans start calling for Lin to start ahead of Kyle Lowry, and I’m sorry in advance.

    Nine – More to come: …


  378. I’m happy he’s off a tanking team. Can’t think of much worse position to be in while playing for your future. The ball, as they say, is now totally in Jlin’s hands and he has as much control to veer his future as is possible. The biggest unknown is the coach

  379. but do we need to emphasize it at the moment of celebration? why do we be a party pooper when we can enjoy first the party and not to worry during the party the mess it will creates..both bites but the first one will make our life in joy while the last one in misery (depend on what one ‘s choice for him.her to follow on their life)

  380. Let us enjoy our moment of JLin is out of tanking Hawks. I don’t like JLin to do babysitting. I have given up watching BB live since JLin hurt soon after I watched him played the opening game in Brooklyn. I did watch a little bit last season and soon JLin went down. I didn’t even bother to watch any games after that but was still keen on following JLin news. This season forgot it. I didn’t even bother to watch any games but highlights occasionally. Lately I stopped even watching that. Now he is in a contender team, I will probably watch games again if JLin plays.

    The fact that JLin is out of doing the babysitting job is enough for me to celebrate. Anything is better than that…. If JLin doesn’t grasp his opportunity of playing for Raptors, then it’s entirely a different story. But knowing JLin, he will flourish in this kind of situation. I have no reserved of him not doing well as a general statement. He is more than 100% better than LInsanity days. So, why keep on staying on dooms and looms and wanting others to stay in the pits as you are. I just don’t understand your mindset!

  381. others worry toooooooo much…LOL

  382. If it’s tonight Raptors game, I don’t mind him to sit but I do mind a lot for him to sit in any Hawks games.

  383. “looking for a playmaker”..High IQBB…lol too much clues. “some in a buyout and some in a waiver”

  384. Gasol felt butterfiles like a rookie in his stomach due to standing ovation.
    I wonder how JLin would be greeted at his first Raptors home game?

  385. So happy for Lin that he will be playing for a team with winning as its top priority.

  386. Yes yes yes, especially #6. I would say JLin exerted some power here and got into the exact best position he could have. Do not mistake our guy as being a shrinking violet. In essence, it was he that chose TOR as much as the other way around. Good job

  387. Trae Young’s dad truly appreciates Lin’s mentorship to Trae and how Trae respects Jeremy even more after Jeremy told him stories at Harvard and early years with Steph at GSW.

    We might have mixed feelings but Lin’s time in ATL but I don’t doubt he has special relationship with his great teammates. Lin and Trae shares the same faith and from his prayer request, it’s clear that Lin takes it seriously the time God has allotted for him to mentor the young players, especially in the spiritual matter.

    I hope Lin fans won’t lash out at Trae and his family members. It will only reflect badly on JLin.

  388. Yes. Debbie downer, party pooper, etc. Yes. In a few days. I agree to that!

  389. I know we are looking forward, not backwards.
    But, the past is still part of who we are.

    Trae Young was on NBA TV tonight. Obviously after Lin’s buyout. WITHOUT prompting, he thanked JLin and gave JLin a lot of credit for teaching him how to be a leader. Kudos to TY for the acknowledgement. I don’t begrudge TY. It is just very sad that JLin never got the opportunity and the support that TY is getting.

    Here’s the ironic six degrees of separation. The analyst interviewing TY was DEREK FISHER! He of the Lin spin-cycle! LOL.

  390. I hope there’s a video somewhere. And that’s nice to hear TY did that.

  391. LOL .. That’s ironic indeed on DFisher’s part.
    Kudos to Trae.

  392. More props from Trae’s dad.
    He sounds like a JLin’s fan now 🙂

  393. Agree 100%

    Six – This is clout: Lin approached the Hawks for a buyout – much like how Gasol waived his $1.3-million trade kicker – with the specific intention of joining the Raptors. Lin is as good as it gets in terms of buyout candidates – he’s willing to come off the bench, he’s a team player, he’s still in his prime, and he’s still productive – and he could have walked into a rotation spot on most teams in the league. Lin chose the Raptors because he saw this as his best chance to compete for the Finals, which is incredibly flattering. For a fan base that has long sought validation, this is hard proof that the perception of the Raptors is changing.

  394. November’s Lin shot the ball extremely well. I’m expecting Lin to shoot the ball well again. He’s due.

    What I noticed is Lin couldn’t get around the Toronto defense the last time he played them. He just didn’t have the juice or the explosive first step. It may just have been an off-night but that kind of juice is what he showed in the last playoffs against Miami, and he twisted and twirled in the air, and he beat multiple guys off the dribble. Lin’s going to have to do things differently now, use more craft. Use the kind of hesitation moves he made in November.

    Lin went up against a premier shot-blocker and tough defense schemer in the Miami series and displayed a lot of athleticism. He hasn’t shown that he has that level of athleticism anymore. However, I do believe Lin’s craftiness and the athleticism he has now will make for a more dynamic Lin. When? I don’t know. But being this is the season Lin is coming back from major surgery, he may wear down to the point of he needs rest to recharge. He may not get that energy this season’s playoffs. Or he may have something in the tank and play like November’s Lin. And that’s a very effective Lin.

  395. Here’s Trae Young with Derek Fisher; the part about Jeremy starts at 1:25 or so, I think.

  396. So wonderful that Trae’s dad is sharing this.

  397. Josh Lewenberg, the TOR NBA Beat Reporter, is a funny guy 🙂 Give him a follow in twitter
    ‏@JLew1050: I’ve gotten like 400 new followers in the last 3 hours. From this point forward I’ll only be tweeting about Jeremy Lin.

    @JLew1050: Some over-passing and a ton of miscommunication on D. You’d expect that from lineups with Gasol, but doesn’t explain why we’ve seen so much of it from lineups without him. Yet, it’s tied up after 3Q. Weird game. Also, Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin.

    @JLew1050: Raptors win. Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin.

  398. LOL. 😂

  399. Lol, like Billy Joel’s “we didn’t start the fire”…we just put some GasoLin on it!

  400. JLin appreciates Trae’s well-wishes

    @JLin7: Thanks young fella!! Will be rooting for you. As you always say, create your own path. Cant wait to see what you do! #yessirrrr

  401. All I have to say is, if Gasol is coming off the bench on this playoff, there’s nothing to feel bad about. Sure it’d be nice to start but it beats rotting on Hawks bench. If Lin plays well let hope the coach will respect him enough to start him.

  402. What @Raptors fans can be excited about @JLin7🔥🏀

    According to #BBallIndex sortable player grades, Lin grades
    ➡️ A in the #perimeterdefense & #playmaking categories – the only player on the Atlanta Hawks to receive such high scores in both areas
    ➡️ A- in post play
    ➡️ B+ in finishing
    ➡️ B in one-on-one offense

  403. The history of the Raptors has been one of futility and plain old fashion choke, gagged like dogs and bad coaching. Dwayne Casey was a terrible coach and I hated his star system that produced regular season allstars that put so much emphasis on the 2 guards. The pressure proved to be too much for them to handle at playoff time. THATS WHY MASIA GAMBLED ON Kawhi who has the clutch genes that none before him had as a Raptor.

    With Lin, now they have 2 clutch players to close games out.

  404. 0% chance of starting over lowry… but closing? if lin is in linsanity mode, you’d be a fool to not play him…

  405. you can’t blame trae for being young and the focus of a rebuilding organization. blame marks for losing faith and trading him to a tank team. i hope he maxes dlo this summer and they get stuck in cap hell forever….

  406. I like that take! Agree! One step at a time, one game at a time!

  407. Jeremy Lin. The GOAT. Even if not as a basketball player, definitely as a role model.

  408. Love that We-the-North humor.

    He should be a fun guy to follow!

  409. Many thanks for posting Arsenium!!!!! Can always count on your help!

  410. he gets 20 mins a game. he rests plenty. and if 20 mins is too much for him then it’s time to retire. i think you exaggerate WAY too much on how slow or weak he seems. let’s wait and see how he plays on the raps when his minutes finally mean something…

    i expect him and gasol to abuse 2nd units. it wont even be fair….

  411. Good points there pretty much covered many angle.

    One point that they might missed is….JLIN brings playoff experience and he is Mr 4th Quarter!

  412. Interesting, thank you. First time I have listened to Ujiri. Sounds
    Iike he knows exactly what he wants to do as well as what he can and/or cannot do. Got a lot on the line with winning his way.

  413. We are all human beings. Without good productive relationships, where would we all be? Lin’s influence far and wide. But also close to home.

    Happy that TY’s father is speaking abput this publicly. As a Lin fan, I appreciate it.

    Like I said, how can anyone NOT be a Lin fan? Love this tweet from K.P.Chan too. Sums it up pretty good.


  414. Jlin is capturing a whole city. He does not need to start because has proven he can impact a game if used properly in order to win

  415. LOL

  416. Love it. Good to see that TY also has a supportive father who watches out for his son. That’s ALWAYS a good thing. No doubt that will help TY succeed.

  417. Masai Ujiri took a huge gamble to get Kawhi to finally find someone who can handle the pressure of playoff runs. Trading a fan favourite like DeRozen was a tough pill to swallow for many fans but choking every year was getting tiresome. The only way this can work for Masai is if the team at least gets to the finals and take the GSWs to 7. That’s the only way masia will keep his job! They know full well that Kawhi wants to be somewhere else. He may at least reconsider and stay if they come very close or maybe even win it.

    So now Masai is all in on this year. Getting Gasol adds much needed depth and defence. Adding Lin with either Gasol or Ibaka on the second unit will mean basically two starting line ups of unbeatable depth. In a long playoff series, the Raptors will simply wear out every team they face. No starters will get any rest and will have to play max minutes every game to compete. Lin will also add the clutch play they need to close games as well.

    All of a sudden, the Raptors is no longer a team of chokers. They will be a team of two starting line ups that no one can match.

  418. Won’t have long to wait! If the paperwork and physicals etc get done in time.

  419. Win or lose it will be nice to get some respect after playing and losing on tanking teams (2 out of last 3 years). Jlin has already won so much just to get to the point of playing on a contender after the last injury. Much to be happy about, looking forward to active discussion on TOR games coming up on the board but instead of griping about tanking (who does that?j we can dissect games and playing hopefully into June

  420. Who knew Vince Carter posted on Weibo? Anyway, he wishes Jeremy well …

  421. Haven’t been to the site yet.

    Oh no, don’t tell me they’ve started with that already! Why can’t people chill? Tiger fans to the extreme….Ugh!

  422. If kawhi leaves, he leaves. If TOR plays well enough maybe they can get another star player

  423. Wow, just wow. What a nice welcome!

  424. Work on your defense young TY. The rest will take care of itself

  425. Agree. None of us have a crystal ball. We don’t always know what the future will bring. JLin can testify to that.

    That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. We should still have aspirations. No risk, no reward. JLin can testify to that too. So, Lin is going for it for now with Toronto. Toronto is going for it for now with Lin.

    So, FOR NOW, we can look forward to a healthy Lin on a Win-now team. This summer? Free agency? Who knows? Cross that bridge when we get there.

  426. I didn’t say he was slow or weak.

    I’m saying it takes time to recover from the very serious injury he had. His knee is strong. But any player getting back to playing at the NBA level who has had that injury and surgery takes longer than a season to get back to whatever their top post-season form will be.

    I gave my observations of how Lin looked under tough defenses in a game against Toronto. I also wrote this may all change. Right now, Lin doesn’t look like he can make that much noise in the playoffs physically, and changing teams won’t magically transform him. But time from now till April may.

  427. I just don’t find it healthy to think in absolutes. One can be cautiously optimistic. And part of that is saying we just don’t know. Lin may be used right. But his history in the NBA shows otherwise. Maybe the coach will love him. But I put it past no coach in the NBA to sit any good player because they just feel like using other players. I’ve seen it happen too much and to Lin before.

  428. Thanks. Almost missed it. Must bookmark this also.

  429. We’re on the same page!!!!!

  430. Same HOPE here!

  431. Uh oh – FOOD WAR! LOL.

  432. They’ll find out soon. Isn’t this super exciting? A chance for JLin’s team to go deep in playoff and we know how clutch Lin can be in crunch time 🤗

  433. Congrats on landing the big fish! Well, I guess maybe after Kawhi and Gasol…. 🙂

  434. Do like the Fung Bros reviews?

  435. Interview with Joe Lin about JLin’s to Raptors. According to Joe, the family knew about this buyout and has discussed this. So, Joe wasn’t shock about the news. Today only confirmed the deal!

  436. Who knows?!!!! Maybe Lin was reading our site here…since many here called for a Buyout!!!

  437. You know, especially psalm, that I’m a realistic lin fan and if you are experience enough in life and business and also being with the lin’s journey since linsanity days, you will know why I’m NOT as europhic as you guys or hold the europhism until he wins the championship with him making a big impact.

    Why? Just think.. last time everyone was so gunho about lin being on the hawks and LOOK WHAT HAPPENS. Guys start complaining this and that about hawks management and want him to be traded.

    If you knew ahead of time that he will not be a starter and playing only max 15-20 minutes on the hawks, will you still want him to be on the hawks? Maybe when he was first time coming back rehabbing..but now you want more..but ppl here shouldn’t criticize the management and coach. Remember he was signed up for a specific purpose. (I didn’t criticize the coach or management that much and see I was right that they are classy, even though I think lin can be better used elsewhere and if he gets used big in the raptors that’s even better)

    But if ppl here criticize the management once they found out only 15 minutes are used at the hawks, then be prepare for a possible massive disappointment if he gets only 10 minutes or maybe dnp once because maybe he is consider 3rd string or maybe insurance if all guards are back healthy. Nick Nurse never used him before no? so it’s like an audition too for him. (again being realistic here..some have excitement cloud over your logic)

    Because some again will be the same …. gunho about this trade and then if he plays only 10 minutes, then comes the whine and complain about the coach and stuff like that.. we all see it right.

    The only way I’m NOT worry about lin’s minutes and usage is if he is playing lights out and healthy and..UNLESS another guard say green or lowry besides van fleet goes down due to injury which I don’t wish for especially if they can coexist with lin to be a even scarier team.

    But I REALLY hope I’m wrong about his potential low usage and minutes and contribution. Some of you here knows that I always worry about lin going to a VERY TOP contender like GSW because he is just like all other good players on the team… But I also had been wrong about him going to a low rank team because I was hoping the coach and management will believe in him like how the nets did to bring them out of the hole and into the playoffs (which is what the nets are doing right now.. without lin and pretty much is dlo, levert, diwin and harris as the core..and thus I’m a bit bitter still)

    But go ahead and block me if you don’t like to hear what I say when I’m being a realistic lin fan (some delusional fans over in the other site did because they are not see the potential pitfalls through the fogs right now even though it’s the correct direction). If you done business deals, you know nothing is 100% and things can turn quickly.. same here. You will be excited..but then slow down to just watch and monitor how things are afterwards and its progression. No different with Lin especially if you been on his journey. Some call it jinx. some call it superstitious. I am superstitious and I was giving up on watching lin because I was thinking he might just stay where he is and stop watching games and hope that will change better for him with a buyout.. But boy, did it came out a pleasant surprise. So maybe I should stop watching him play and good things will happen? maybe I will just watch highlights.

  438. Lin is better than van vleet. If Lin plays to his strenghts Lin will play atleast 20 min a game.

  439. Please watch what Joe said about JLin’s decision and what he has said in the past few days. That’s why I’m not going to worry about his play time and this move. JLin and his team are good in making their decision. They chose this!

  440. hahaha Doubt that was case. JLin and his team know what he wants and needs. According to the other news, apparently they have talked about this for days. They must have few versions on what they will do with Plan A, B, C….. So this must be the Plan B…… They made their decision based on several conditions and then finally made the move….. It wasn’t a surprised to his family……

  441. NO ONE was gung-ho about his going to the Hawks. We all HATED it. Not sure what you’re talking about. Brooklyn was a bust because of his major injuries.

    I don’t care if he gets limited minutes on the Raps. Playing for a title contender during his injury recovery year is an absolute thrill.

  442. I see your points where you are coming from and appreciate your warning,

    But, Are you saying if one is constantly being abused, he should just accept it and think himself deserves it?

    This is what I hate about how Asians being treated in the US. Non-Asians think we are the silent minorities and should whatever the shxt they dump on us. No, we are as equal as whites, blacks and browns. We should not have the attitude any less equal treatment is OK.

  443. I agree.. that will hurt chemistry big time.
    lowry been there and defacto pg for a long time they have been to the playoffs.

  444. you do indeed have a long list of bookmarks there!!!! lol 🙂

  445. Wow Joe has learned to speak Chinese, with nary a heavy American accent:

    “Of course we’re happy. ”
    “Right, we discussed [the buyout].”
    “I hope he can play late [into the season], I don’t want him to come watch me play, I want to go watch him play. Playoffs are exciting.”
    “Thank God, because God gave him the opportunity, gave the family the opportunity. Just love [God?]”

  446. My final thoughts wrt Trae Young.

    1. JLIN says volumes with his quote: “As you (Trae) always say, ‘create your own path”. What this could imply is that Trae, didn’t necessarily embrace advice/mentorship, that Trae wanted to do things his own way, “as you always say”.

    2. JLIN musters this as a compliment, “Cant wait to see what you do!”. Sort of non-committal that the franchise player may or may not be what ATL wants him to be.

    3. Trae is what so many young offensive players are, who believe offense (outscoring you) is the key to the kingdom. They soon understand NBA you’ll never win if you give up more defensive points than you produce. A little guy needs extraordinary effort on defense, not under-ordinary effort as we see most games.

  447. What Jeremy Lin brings to the Raptors

    Lin will take over Delon Wright’s role as a combo guard off the bench and make up for the loss of Fred VanVleet, who is expected to miss at least three weeks with a left thumb injury sustained over the weekend. While Lin is more of a one than a two, he’s perfectly capable of playing both guard positions, as he showed in his one season with the Charlotte Hornets when he was primarily a shooting guard next to Kemba Walker.

    That’ll give Nick Nurse the option of playing Lin alongside Kyle Lowry at the end of games if he wants another playmaker on the court.

    Regardless of how end-of-game situations shake out based on matchups, Lin will at the very least provide instant offence off the bench. He averaged 10.7 points and 3.5 assists in only 19.7 minutes per game with the Hawks this season. That works out to be 19.6 points and 6.5 assists per 36 minutes, numbers more in line with what he’s averaged in his NBA career.

    Lin has always done the bulk of his scoring in pick-and-rolls, where he’s a threat to pull-up from midrange and finish around the basket with floaters and crafty layups. It remains to be seen which of Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol is going to start at centre for the Raptors moving forward, but pairing either one of them with Lin will give the bench a go-to option they’ve been sorely missing this season.

    MORE: Breaking down Marc Gasol’s debut

    Lin will be able to run the same pick-and-pops with Ibaka that Lowry has and Gasol is a similar threat in those situations, albeit one whose range stretches out to the 3-point line.

    Lin should benefit from playing with them, too. Ibaka and Gasol are both far superior shooters than what the Hawks currently have at centre, so he should have more room to work with when operating in pick-and-rolls.

  448. sure…even from the Feb 7th interview with Ujeri, we could get a hint JL Team was already int he talks, since he mentioned, looking for someone with playmaking, quick fill int he roll, and playoff experience.

    but who knows, we had been shouting way before Feb 7th…hahaha

    Anyways, really happy to seem him in a playoff team especially on his contract year…Bring It On! GasoLin

  449. it would have been nice if there were english subs 🙂

  450. When everything is done in moderation, pretty much happiness is maintained. 🙂

    Expectation kills!

  451. All I know is this team is looking to win and Lin will be in the playoffs with more minutes. Wait to watch before going all negative. At least they won’t put losing and young players over him.

  452. So many possibilities for starters to overlap with Lin to give teams a headache. This will be fun, playing with legit defensive minded stars except Lowry. Lin will be fine with 25mins not 15-18mins

  453. I think Team JLin knew that if he didn’t get traded, they had to be ready with the list of teams to sign after buyout.

    TOR is #1 in his list for sure based on the TOR article that he chose them

  454. I’m sure team JLin saw some twitter posts including ours+ polls encouraging buyout 🙂

    But deep down they knew they can’t let the Lakers tanking season happened again that there were so many low-ball offers and he had to settle with backup PG with the Hornets

  455. “Fortune favours the bold”, “Fortune favours the brave” and “Fortune favours the strong” IMO, Lin is willing to risk it all to be part of something great. Why do some Lin

  456. I doubt lin will play at end of game next to lowry espeically in the beginning.

  457. I understand where you are coming from, being a Lin fan since his Harvard days, I’ve watched him through the highs and lows. And yes, there have been many lows. But as a raptors fan, I think he’ll have meaningful playing time. We (raps) just traded a couple of our guards away for Gasol, so the bench is thin. The bench this year had been struggling to produce offensively. Both Lowry and FVV are playing more than they should, and neither have been 100% physically. If you check the raptors blogs comment section, you will also see the hard-core fans salivating at the thought of jlin running the 2nd unit with FVV playing off ball. Now, I can’t claim to know the future….but all this leads me to have hope and optimism.

  458. UNlike all the other teams before and since MDA, Lin will now be unleashed. Lin will be asked to score, to assist, to help teammates, to defend and most of all, they expect to win!

    EVERY OTHER TEAM SINCE KNICKS HAVE ASKED LIN TO NOT SCORE! Come on people, we should so happy that finally Lin has a team that wants him to do well.

  459. Bwc, it’s okay to have different approach to be cautiously optimistic or cautiously pessimistic. Different people have different responses and it’s good for us to have different perspectives 🙂

    IMO with the Hawks, Lin had no choice. He didn’t have any say; SM unloaded him the second he saw ATL needed mentor for Trae.

    Some fans also expected the Hawks was expected to tank for Zion so it was unrealistic to expect Lin to have long-term future in the Hawks.

    With the Raptors, things are looking up a bit since they are in a mission to go to NBA Finals after disappointing seasons of dominating regular seasons with DeRozan/Lowry but they consistently disappointed in 2nd round or eastern finals.

    That’s why GM Masai had to trade for Kahwi, Gasol, and build strong bench necessary for deep playoff runs.

    Realistically, Lin is only expected to spell Lowry as the de facto PG and strengthen 2nd unit with VanVleet. Also cover Vanfleet when he’s out for at least 3 weeks.

    Also, consider the well-written TOR articles. They knew well Lin’s strength, and his reputation as Raptors killer. Nabbing Lin also prevents 76ers from signing Lin and making their playoff run more difficult.

    So who knows how things work out? Lin could help bring TOR to NBA Finals which is the highest realistic ceiling now since GSW is still the favorite to win it all with KD and Steph. Or Lin can only get 10-15 min with 1-2 great games in playoff.

    But it’s still a better alternative than staying put in ATL for 10-15 sporadic minutes behind rookies. We also need to call consider Team JLin had planned and thought this through and TOR is the 1st choice by Lin as TOR article suggested.

    We can be encouraged there is a better option but understand there might be high/low results in TOR. The future is not guaranteed but JLin knows he has to fight for it anyway. There is more HOPE for better future in TOR than in ATL for sure.

  460. Nice tweet from Leo Rautins who’s an analyst on NBA broadcasts in Canada …

  461. Btw, don’t have too high expectations of Lin winning championship with big impact because anything short of it, you’ll be disappointed 🙂

    For now, it should be Lin anchoring TOR 2nd unit and developing chemistry with new teammates. And learning new system ( which is more PG centric putting the ball in Lowry’s hands to create so Nurse’s system wil fit Jlin better than motion offense in BKN and ATL). It will take some time. Then perhaps Jlin can close out games because his knack of drawing fouls and getting FTs will be much needed.

    So one step at a time 😌 but once again, there is more hope of promotion in TOR than in ATL 👍

  462. mite me good to clarify who is actually still on the raptors.

    dont ask me cause their recent roster moves have been very confusing. at one point they only had 10 guys under qualifying (for 14 required) contracts.

    i think the ben mclemore thing fell thru actually due to some technicality and they still have a spot left.

    and i think a couple of guys on that list are still on two way tho they may have converted some.

    once lin is confirmed actually there ill try to come up with a definite list of whose there and under what kind of contract.

    but im pretty sure they actually still have one regular roster spot available (but not required). and evidently they are looking at (if lebron doesn’t take him) the other morris brother who was waived and has had some injury issues.

  463. Here’s a photo from the Toronto Star website. It’s a ‘snow day’ in Toronto. All schools are closed.

    If Jeremy’s living downtown he can take advantage of the underground shopping concourses and walkways when bad weather hits. See : http://torontopath.com/path-map/

  464. Lin fans are then “we the East”

  465. @1mtoldman, it’s 13 players on TOR roster for now per Keith Smith

  466. Great to see the city of Toronto has such a buzz with Linsanity signing

  467. You’re quite welcome. Happy to help where / when I can!

  468. Here’s a brief excerpt from an article by Greg Logan, a Nets beat writer, talking to Kenny Atkinson about Jeremy’s buyout, before the Nets – Raptors game :

    “Good for him,” Atkinson said. “Obviously, it’s not great for the Nets, but it’s good for Jeremy and good for the NBA, good for Toronto. I’ll never forget that Knicks game when he hit that buzzer-beater. Rarely do you see an NBA arena go crazy like that. It was amazing. He has some history here, and I think the fans will enjoy watching him play.’’ 

    See : https://www.newsday.com/sports/basketball/nets/jeremy-lin-raptors-nets-1.27201952

  469. Finally a city that WILL appreciate Lin, no matter his role is and how he performs. #WeTheNorth tells, a different culture that will embrace Lin, not to mention the Asian population of the city.

    Can’t hold the excitement. But one step a time, one game a time. Lin still needs to “earn” the minutes on the court and the “respect” on/off the court from teammates and from coaches. At least, Lin got a even field opportunity to prove his worth. Extremely happy for him.

  470. Guys, 2 questions:
    1) Are play-off tickets for sale now?
    2) When will Lin’s TOR merchandises for sale?

  471. rumors say they are going for Markieff Morris. they need an enforcer for sure, haha.

  472. They are going Linsane. I think casual Raptors fans and Toronto in general, are more excited about Lin going there than they were when Kawhi got traded to Toronto.

  473. Ive been following the Raptors since Carter and I’m sure hardcore fans know now that they are filled with winners and clutch players. There’s finally no more dread going to the playoffs as has been for so long with Dwayne Casey, DeRozen and Lowrey. Now it’s just chopping at the bits to get to the finale. We just can’t wait instead of dreading the choke.

  474. A new TheAthletic article about Gasol debut also touched upon JLin, and the need for Coach Nurse to incorporate Gasol, Lin, and engage Kahwi more.
    It also talks about even without injury insurance or Powell/Anunoby potential struggle in playoff, JLin should play 15 minutes/game

    With Marc Gasol Here and Jeremy Lin Coming, Pressure Shifts to Raptors Coach Nick Nurse

    ..Gasol’s debut in Toronto was not the only news, or maybe even the biggest Raptors news of the day. In the afternoon, Jeremy Lin announced that he will be joining the Raptors after he clears waivers on Wednesday. Lin was the ideal buyout candidate for the Raptors, and that was even before the club announced Fred VanVleet would be in a splint for three weeks because of an injury to a ligament in his left thumb.

    At 34.8 percent for his career and 33 percent from deep, Lin does not give the Raptors quite the shooting that a pair of other reasonable buyout targets, Wesley Matthews and Wayne Ellington, would have brought, but he is a far more versatile piece. He gives the Raptors far more creativity with the ball and far more shot-creation skill. He is insurance for a point guard injury, but also if Powell or maybe even OG Anunoby struggles in the playoffs.

    Even without that, he should play 15 minutes per night.

    “What I always said about Jeremy: He’s a heck of a competitor. Much better defender than people think. He fits the style of play I think Nick wants to play,” said Atkinson, who coached Lin in his current position as well as in New York during Linsanity. “He’s an elite competitor. Everyone competes in this league. But I think there is a pocket of guys that go above and beyond that. You know he’s going to be prepared. He’s meticulous in his preparation. Very smart. And versatile. He can play one, two. You saw him guard Dwyane Wade in the playoffs. He can help defensively. Excellent pickup.”

    The Raptors have one more roster spot to fill — they could use another big man, preferably with some ability to shoot — but you can see the nine-man rotation taking shape now. It is experienced and versatile, even if it still is a little short on shooting.

    With that, the pressure shifts to Nurse. There are 24 games left, and even at the best of times the Raptors have looked short on cohesion. You have to hope Gasol helps with that, but these things do not happen magically.

    It was an interesting day for Nurse, who suggested that Kawhi Leonard was maybe not totally engaged lately. (For the record, Leonard said he was fine with the criticism.) He then had to negotiate a lineup without a second true point guard, and he got 13 assists out of Leonard, Siakam and Patrick McCaw. Still, there were more problems with late-game execution and the game wound up being closer than you’d like.

    “Well, we’ve got to certainly get Gasol acclimated to a lot of things, and we’ve got to see what other avenues open up,” Nurse said on Monday morning about his added responsibilities after the roster shakeup. “I think there (are) maybe some different things that we can do offensively that would maybe work, thinking along those lines as you try to use your players’ skillsets and develop your offence around them. And now (Gasol) has given us maybe another avenue.”


  475. Markieff is good, physical and makes 3s
    He’s not the one with neck injury concern, right?

  476. if Lin uses this site to decide what he should do with his NBA career, I would think he was cheating to get his economic degree with Harvard.

    J/K haha.

  477. Anyone know Lin still play today for Hawks or Raptors for tomorrow?

  478. lol….that really made me to LOL

  479. I have lived in Toronto
    Large Chinese population
    Happy to see Jlin as a Raptor
    Would have love to see him join 7 years earlier but it’s better late than never
    Let’s get ready to win a NBA championship !

  480. he basically said the family has discussed the buy out for a few days before making the decision and now they are very happy that they can sign with the Raptors.

    He also said he doesn’t want Lin to visit him in Taiwan to see him play (in the playoff), instead, he wants to come to see him play (meaning the Raptors are going deep in the playoffs).

    I may miss some others since I am not really good in Mandarin. Hope some others can transfat better.

  481. I totally understand you. Folks don’t like me here because I’m sober about everything. I believe in Lin, but I don’t believe in the NBA and after mistreatment after mistreatment with Lin the old adage applies: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    This is an unknown. I don’t get euphoric or down over unknowns. There are possibilities for things negative or positive. We”ll see how Lin is incorporated and how he looks in Toronto in the coming weeks.

    I personally think Lin is going to be more dynamic and stronger as a player next season. That maybe this is too much too soon for Lin this season. But I would love to be very wrong about that. And this is simply a matter of how much time it takes a human being to readjust his or her body after major surgery, to play in a highly competitive professional sport. And observations I’ve had of Lin on the court this season as it progressed and where I think he may be when he’s stronger and further away from the surgery.

  482. no Hawks since he was officially waived.
    may be Raptors tomorrow but its not cleared yet.

  483. Looks like I have now a good excuse to visit Toronto as our family next holiday destination 😎

    Too bad the school holiday will not be till early Jun ..

  484. I guess from what I read they remember many Lin’s game winner and barrage of points throughout the years 🙂
    They’re glad he’ll play for them, not against them

    I guess Kahwi is a bit disengaged. Jeremy can definitely give him more touches

  485. I remember about 500,000 Chinese in Toronto and 300,000 in Vancouver.

  486. Thanks PPP

  487. so u mean you will see all asian faces in the stands.?

  488. I KNEW IT! And we knew it! Jeremy’s journey is above and beyond more exciting than we could have scripted.

    I joined Twitter for the first time just to keep up with his news now. I am following JLinPortal and the Raptors reporter who joked that he’ll include “Jeremy Lin” in all his tweets going forward.

    The only drawback is that I joined LeaguePass to watch all the Hawks games and now with all the nationally televised Raptors games (which get blocked out by LeaguePass) I won’t be able to watch all of Jeremy’s games.

  489. If you have cable TV like premium or some kind of package, you can watch the blocked games there.

  490. No cable TV. Paid for the full package LeaguePass. But I am thrilled for JLin to play with the Raptors in any event.

  491. email nba they might let you switch. worth a try bc your fav player was waived to another team, maybe they have a 1 time switch? maybe not lol

  492. I am not worrying about the minutes that Lin is going to have in Toronto. The Raptors can’t afford not yo use him in the back court. Both Lowry and Fred V are injury proned and the team needs more and not less help in the back court.

    Lin is the ideal fit for the Raptors just like the time Lin was in the Hornets as a combo guard.

  493. too much stuff to try to catch up and post can’t do it so ill go back and drag up an old never posted yet post that was written up before all the stuff started happening (my son hanging right next to lin at lins last atl game while lin was on the exercise bike, marking lin accidentally with sharpie when high fiving him, etc, and of course then lin being waived and–soon to be– on his way to toronto and the deluge that spawned.)

    btw: weather in atl, 60f and rain; weather in toronto winter storm warning, snow, 30mph wind 28f and projected for the next week temps below freezing all week!

    (talk about a change in the weather)

    also one note in reference to questions about demographics in toronto: most multicultural city in north america which is deeply reflected in the crowd at games.

    non-europeans (ie non “white folks”) account for a majority of the population with chinese at 11% as of 2016 census (south asians the largest asian group).

    anyway on to the old news….

    todays stats:

    point guards with starter minutes with lower PER than lin:

    emmanuel mudiay, jamal murray, d.j. augustin, jeff teague, derrick white, trae young, reggie jackson, dennis schroeder, fred van vleet, ricky rubio, marcus smart, rajon rondo, elfrid payton, shai gilgeous alexander, dennis smith jr., lonzo ball, patrick beverley, austin rivers

    point guards with back up minutes with higher PER than lin:

    j.j. barea (who is out for season with injury).

    adj fg% one of various measures of “true shooting” %: dead last among 119 “qualified players” the triple double machine russell westbrook (he’s usually found somewhere near the bottom in any effective shooting stat)

    other bottom enders in this stat include such famous names as lou williams, trae young, demar derozan, donovan mitchell, dwayne wade, harrison barnes and john wall.

    despite overall declining effectiveness and minutes relative to earlier in the season i was actually somewhat surprised to see that lin remains in top five on the season, 5th among all backcourt players playing any significant number of games and minutes in points per shot. (just behind dinwiddie and just ahead of ben simmons). harden is number one and curry number two.

    interesting that at this moment lin’s per 36 ppg on the season is exactly the same as was with knicks 19.6. (course then lin did it over only 35 games; this year he has done it over 50 games).

    btw coming of a season of not playing do to injury lin’s 50 games played in is matched by only 30 other pgs out of a total of 82 who have played in the nba this season.

    or put another way lin is one of only 31 of 82 point guards to play at least 50 games this season. considering he only played in 1 game last year and only 36 games the season before quite an accomplishment in itself.

  494. What a wonderful scenario it would be, for JLIN to play a critical role in knocking the Nets out of the Playoffs while helping take the Raptors to a Finals appearance.

    The JLIN trade would be considered one of Sean Mark’s biggest blunders if that happened.

  495. South Asians? are mostly Pakis/Indians/Bangladeshis are that many in Toronto? That’s surprising, I thought ethnic Chinese far outnumbered South Asians in Toronto

  496. One thing about JLIN, if you are his teammate and you play the right way – team player, extra effort, hard on defense 100%, fight for position against the guy guarding you — then JLIN will make sure you repeatedly get the ball.

  497. News Flash for the nervous Nellie’s — JLIN was INJURED FOR 2 YRs in Brooklyn otherwise the ups would have subsumed any downs in Brooklyn. You were NOT FOOLED, it was freak injury. Marks/BKN didn’t want to take a chance, it is their loss. TOR making a run with JLIN, no foolin’.

    JLIN is 1000% healthy and hopefully he will take TOR as far as they can go in July.

  498. Trae Young: “I’m sad to see him (JLIN) go, but happy to see he is still going to be in the league and playing …”

    Guess perhaps Dorothy wasn’t the only one thinking JLIN might just retire, lol

  499. Trae and Dorothy had totally different reasons thinking Lin might just retire.

    Dorothy: Lin is too good for the corrupted NBA.

    Trae: Lin is no good and no team wanted Lin.

  500. Haha you are right

  501. Currently Las Vegas the Odds for Toronto (unfortunately I did not see if it changed pre/post acquisition of either JLIN or Gasol):

    Win the NBA Championship
    1. GSW 20/57
    2. TOR 10/1
    3. BUCKS 12/1

    Win the Eastern Conference
    1. TOR 9/4
    2. BUCKS 12/5

    The odds between the Rapts and Bucks are very tight currently – once JLIN starts playing hopefully Vegas will have more clarity and the money will flow TOR as they’ve clearly strengthened their team.

  502. Actually, you were freaking out at the trade deadline and going apesh*t that no team wanted Lin and that he should retire.

    Me and some other were a lot more level-headed, telling you to stop freaking out but you wouldn’t listen.

  503. Here’s a table I constructed yesterday from data at fivethirtyeight.com, Nate Silver’s stat site:

  504. I don’t get this turning Trae’s positive comments into a negative. All Trae is saying that Lin had a tough injury but he’s back in the league doing his thing and he’s grateful that Lin mentored him. All positive stuff.

    Teams have a lot to consider in terms of trade. Look at the big picture. Did Dedmon or Baze get traded? No. Aren’t they veterans too that were on the trading block, sort of? Yes. So why think just Lin wasn’t wanted in a trade? Of course he was wanted, just not at the conditions Schlenk requested ( I think his move to trade Lin, Dedmon, Baze was half-hearted anyway).

    Schlenk admitted he wanted to keep team-chemistry. Well, he lost Lin. But he honored Lin’s request and I think the whole Atlanta organization was Class A dealing with Lin.

    Thanks for your posts and contributions, Click.

  505. Thanks, that just about completely mirrors the Vegas betting odds currently — actual real money taken in bets by the bookmakers, so that is good corroboration at this point

  506. You got me wrong. I still feel all teams undervalue Lin which was the reason I felt Lin should just leave this league.

    TOR would only pick up Lin in the buyout market so they would not lose anything for Lin.

    The difference now is Lin has a chance to hopefully get back his reputation. I am not sure, but will see.

  507. Glad I did not buy tomorrow’s tickets. Turns out it is @Toronto LOL

  508. Oh JLIN was wanted in trade, two straight months of bona fide rumors by credible sources attested to that fact.

    The most likely scenario was thta Schlenks asking price for trade was too high (first round pick) because they certainly could have done an expiring set for JLIN’s expiring contract.

  509. People are still salty and jealous that Lin had to play behind a rookie and mentor him. They don’t look at the positives of the Hawks experience, which was a bad situation for Lin, but Lin made the best of it. Lin was able to rehab and prove that he was still able to play in the NBA, develop a good relationship with his teammates, have fun playing bball again, and get himself onto a championship-caliber team that actually wants him.

    Yet people are still angry at Trae, Pierce, and the Hawks wanting to criticize them. It’s sad that this forum has become what it is. It’s why I haven’t posted here the past few weeks. All negativity and pessimism.

  510. Me too. Too negative and bitter.

    The positive experience in Atlanta led to Toronto picking Lin up. It’s all good.

    There are positives in the NBA regarding Lin even though there are also big negatives. See both sides.

  511. For every positive that can be raised about JLIN playing in ATL, I could have and have in the past raised a negative obstacle to JLIN’s climb back into NBA basketball…

    … but I’m not going to rehash water-under-the-bridge, because as we sit here NOW, JLIN got precisely what JLIN wanted, there was nothing further that ATL would/could do other than be neutral to pure obstacles.

    JLIN took control of his own fate and that is the end of the story of ATL

  512. Click: You surprised me. Are you telling us that we should just put up with the crxp teams and FO put on the Asian guy and always be grateful that he could still be in NBA?

    It is people like YOU that Asians are still being treated like doormat in the US.

  513. You’re wrong though. Raptors didn’t have any contracts they could send back to the Hawks that could match Lin’s high $14M contract. Lin’s contract was hard to trade. No team wanted to give the Hawks a 1st round pick for Lin, even if some Lin fans thought Lin is worth that. Just because you think Lin worth a 1st and Schlenk thinks Lin is worth a 1st, doesn’t mean other GMs did. Teams that wanted to give up a 1st for Lin, wanted to give the Hawks a bad contract in return, which Schlenk was unwilling to accept.

    I’ve said all along, many months ago, that it doesn’t matter what we think Lin is worth and where we think Lin should go, it only matters what NBA GMs think.

  514. If you don’t want to put up with it, then stop watching the NBA. Otherwise, you’re just whining to the choir and make 0 difference in what the NBA and their GMs think about Lin. All you’re doing is torturing yourself, and causing yourself grief everyday.

  515. exactly, NO ONE in NBA gives Lin a fair shake and always undervalue him because of his race. This is the EXACT reason I am against NBA.

  516. Very true and that was the reason I did not watch the game on the day of trade deadline. I was soooooo disappointed at NBA and did not want to have anything to do with it even while Lin was still playing.

    I thought for a long time and decided the Lin and MaMa Lin I knew are adventurers, at that moment I knew Lin would do a buyout leaving the money on the table for risk for a better chance.

    That was why I came back and watched the game next day when few were watching.

    Sure enough, Lin did not disappoint us.

    But still, Lin is at TOR is by his own merit, still does not give NBA teams the reasons to discriminated against him.

    I am a mom with two colleges aged kids. I will fight with my life for the equality of my kids in this country.

  517. You’re a great role model for your kids, they are lucky to have you and I wish we had more Chinese-American Tiger moms like you.

    Keep your chin up; we are going to have a wonderful and exciting playoffs

  518. I don’t get this. Why shouldn’t we demand the equal treatment as other races?

    Think about this, if any other races being discriminated against in any field, would anyone from their own race or other races dare to come out and tell them be content with what they got?

    Why is it ok to tell Asians to shut up and be happy and be thankful to Hawks?

    Which NBA player has been formally asked to sacrifice his PT and status to “mentor” young players? Why is it OK the treat the Asian guy and demand him to be grateful?

    What is wrong with our society?

  519. Oh, and when we are not pleased, we are being ungrateful and being negative.

    When other races do it, it is they are fighting for their rights. Give me a break, people.

  520. One of the problems is NBA comprises Blacks 85%, Whites 14.99%, Asian-American 0.001% or thereabouts. Blacks also comprise large share of the head coaches and majority of junior staff members.

    Blacks are historically a discriminated race in American, so nobody would DARE criticize the NBA as an discriminatory institution — even though undoubtedly JLIN has been and still is victim of prejudice.

    I’m not excusing what happens, just laying out the facts and the reality

  521. If no playoff team wanted him it might’ve happened. Because it would mean getting vet min and even less mins.

  522. True, but that is still WRONG.

    If they want a cut to get into Harvard, Princeton, Yale…elite colleges with less qualifications, why shouldn’t Asian be treated equally in the NBA? notice, I am not asking Asians given a better treatment like they do to college admission to other races. I am just asking for not being mistreated by NBA.

    But I am being called out for being negative, not grateful by my own race and the “privileged” race in NBA?????

  523. Can confirm. Both are highly represented in the city and in their respective suburbs. South asians folks do outnumber east Asians but it’s hard to tell since in the city it is so diverse. But when you go to certain suburbs, you’ll find mostly one group or another.

  524. I absolutely agree with you, that it is wrong, unfair and unjust — JLIN also knows this, he has lived through and continues to live through the unfairness.

    But the Black power within the NBA is only going to increase and again, nobody will dare call the Black dominated NBA racist – thta is reality.

    Don’t listen to the folks calling you out for your feelings about how JLIN is treated in the NBA, you stand on the side of JUSTICE

  525. Thanks, that’s interesting to me though I suppose that makes sense, because I know that many rich commonwealth citizens from HK, IN, PK loved to migrate to Canada back in the day

  526. Masai Ujiri is black and is from Nigeria. He is president of the Toronto Raptors. Does he not want Lin on the Raptors?

    What part of management and ownership is black in the NBA?

  527. That absolutely true. Case in point: I teach in a public school, and our demographic here is 49% south Asian and 49%east Asian and 2%other. No white Anglo-Saxon kids. But another school I used to teach at was 70%middle eastern/southasian, 20%black, 10%other. These 2 schools are a 7 minute drive apart. We’re a city of ethnic enclaves.

  528. I didn’t say a majority of ownership is black, you have MJ and I think some black ownership groups. But they did get the Clippers white owner ousted, that signifies real power. Much more mgt are black than owners but still not a majority yet. Assistant Coaches are dominated by blacks.

    I will say, and people can take it for what it’s worth, JLIN has been given more minutes on balance under white coaches than black coaches — making no other notations apart from minutes, this is fact. BScott, Pierce, Woodson.

    … so on that basis, Nurse hopefully follows suit

  529. I don’t know what kind of injury he’s gotten but bottom line, he’s cleared to play,

  530. @[email protected]:disqus

    Not sure why my post needs your approval, please do?

  531. Who put Lin on the map in college? A black coach. Tommy Amaker. Yes Lin earned it by being an outstanding player but Tommy sang his praises and promoted Lin.

    I deal in personalities and some folks want to look at color. McHale mistreated Lin. Wasn’t black. Byron Scott did. Was black. So what? It’s not about color. So I don’t buy into you and Dorothy’s black coach against Lin what I regard as crap.

    Business people are looking to find marquis names and that association is with black players. But there are a few white players and Europeans that will get that position too. And the NBA brought in Yao, a very tall Asian man, as a star player but he had injury issues. GMs that didn’t believe in Lin are Dolan and Marks and also, sadly, Rich Cho.

    Blacks had a hard time in baseball, but Jackie Robinson was a pioneer and there was struggle and fight that got us into that sport. Asians are in baseball and struggled and fought, but there are more Asians in that sport now. Stand out great Asian baseball players.

    Lin is a pioneer getting Asians into the NBA. He’s more and more being embraced by most players in the game. That’s what I mean by seeing some positives. The management needs to get it together and find the great Asian players in the sport as well as players everywhere on the globe. And treat everyone the same and give them all the same opportunities. That’s the fight. The players will embrace all good players in time and we should all advocate for that. The player level is not where the fight is. And some ex-players will become coaches in due time.

  532. cooool

  533. Oftentimes it’s a word you wrote that has been flagged dual meanings.

  534. McHale wasn’t great for JLIN but at the end of the day, McHale still gave JLIN regular PT, recall I mentioned ONLY minutes.

    Whatever, I’m just reporting JLIN’s history, he was trusted by MDA, KA and Cliff (for the most part). Fool JLIN once shame on you, fool JLIN 4 times shame on him is probably the way he is playing it safe.

  535. I was reminded that JLIN wore 17 with LAL too, but I don’t care – to me 17 is still the lucky jersey number

  536. Fight a mentality. Yes, there are blacks that share into the anti-Asian mentality as well as whites and Latinos and whatever. But don’t make this a fight against blacks. You won’t create any alliances that way. The fight is against the mentality regardless of the color of the person that has it. Because there are those that have the fight against that racist mentality that can be any ethnicity or race too.

  537. Dumb post. McHale was trying to win so he played Lin more minutes. BS was trying to lose so he cut Lin’s minutes. Cliff was trying to win so he gave Lin minutes. Atkinson wanted to win so he gave Lin minutes. Don’t ever forget who backstabbed Lin and twisted the knife. Owner and fellow Taiwanese Joe Tsai. LP wanted to develop so he played TY minutes. Hopefully you can spot the pattern

  538. I’ll tell you something, unless JLIN really helps TOR in the playoffs — there is ZERO chance of ever winning this NBA fight as you call lit.

    JLIN has been in the NBA longer by far than the average NBA player yet he has very little respect within the establishment and unless he starts contributing to success, the fight on JLIN’s shoulders is Less-than-futile, will make no difference whatsoever.

  539. What a sight for sore eyes, where you been hiding, Sir Charles?

  540. Been a long time don

  541. YOu’re absolutely right, I’ve ranted plenty about Tsai, he is the main backstabber.

    Tsai should have stood up and declared, no deal if you don’t at least give JLIN a chance post rehab, he could have done this.

  542. That’s why race doesn’t mean jack when your own kind will kick you when you’re down. LP treated Lin much better

  543. I’m reading Lin will play tomorrow night for Toronto.

  544. Tsai will say he was just a minority stakeholder at the time, I think that is just an excuse – he should have said, deal is off — take me to court and run up millions in legal fees or just give JLIN a three month trial

  545. Please post link, great news

  546. That’s right. It’s an ugly human characteristic. Happens in all races. Good people that want justice need to unite. That’s why I came on strong to Don. Infighting against people discriminated against hurts the cause for justice. It happens in schools where people rail against Asians and that’s wrongheaded. Don’t get upset because a group excels, or even seems chosen. You excel also and fight any roadblocks to get you in. And if you can get some of the “chosen” to help you, that helps your fight.

  547. Yep. All those blacks killing each other in Chicago, they must be racist against each other right? The only thing you can trust nowadays is friends and family. If you let race factor into it, you will get stabbed in the back like Lin did.

  548. Certainly a game not to be missed, may set some records for viewership in the Toronto Asian community

  549. He’s a scumbag or spineless. Neither of which are good. But I can thank him today since Lin is on the raptors like I wanted all along. Thank you Joe Tsai.

  550. The Toronto Star also posted that picture …

  551. He’s in the NBA. There are talented players that aren’t even in the NBA now so they didn’t have Lin’s perseverance. Lin does need to perform because he’s a basketball player. When players don’t perform they are moved or released.

    Lin is going in as a depth player. But it is an in.

  552. Watch the ratings spikes. Should be interesting.

  553. Life is short, enjoy it while you can, esp. Lin is a Raptor now and have a chance to win a championship, or at least the Eastern Conference. haha.

    For the sake of people’s health, learn from Lin how to forgive and forget and you will live better.

    Happy New Year!!!

  554. I want to live a healthy and happy life and wish discrimination issue could be solved by forget and forgive.

    If so, African Americans would not need to fight as hard as they have been.

    Asians have half the rights African Americans have because we are too quiet.

  555. Jeremy will play for Toronto tomorrow night??

  556. I perceive the rest of season just as a trial out for JLin. JLin should be offered more than veterans minimum playing for Toronto.

  557. I won’t be calling for him to be a starter, but it’s not enough to just be on a championship contender team without being a part of the run with playing time and correct use of Lin, only because he can bring it and is a starter caliber player. GO Raptors, GO Lin. Excited for the 2nd half of the season for Lin, but more importantly he’s on a playoff contention team! I’ve said he would great on a team with someone like Kawhi. With a teammate like Lowry and now Gasol as a center…all I can say is WOW!

  558. He is expected to.

  559. I am now more interested in the Eastern Conference teams. I usually wouldn’t watch a Celtics v 76ers game. But I will today.

  560. It will never end….

  561. Agreed, but does not mean we should not keep fighting for the injustice

  562. Wonder if there is boost in sales of League Pass?

  563. clear waivers

  564. and plays only 5 minutes.

  565. Agreed. And this was the reason I joined this forum to support JLin because JLin has been through what most of the Asian American have been through.

  566. Gasol will have a break out 2nd half after All-stars with Lin’s pin point passes in the deep post for easy and 1’s!

  567. I cannot believe that the one-two punch of Gasol/Jlin will be extremely powerful. Both excellent, unselfish passers. Both capable of lighting up the scoreboard on any given night. Both will now have an extremely talented supporting cast, something Jlin has NEVER had and Gasol the talent was limited. In a way I kind of worry about this for Jlin, the playing with many talented people simply because he has not had the chance before in 8 years! Maybe he can only play with castoffs and misfits and that is how he makes them better. But I am sure I am wrong and the quality of BB we should see from now will be something different and exciting. Can’t wait. No more tanking and no more tank talk from me. We should all look at the potential buyouts and now speculate on who TOR might pick up for the final roster spot. I will be reporting back, but off the top of my head, since they need outside shooting: SWAGGY P Nick Young

  568. Well said.

  569. What??????????

  570. lol, you are probably right, this is how pity it is

    Lin fans are so eager to see Lin plays for meaningful minutes

  571. WOw Lin saved loads! Thanks Hawks GM!

  572. i don’t understand? pardon my ignorance on the statement and anyone can explain this to me..LOL

  573. same here..
    so is he giving up 3 million? what?

  574. or he just giving up 700k? and kept 3 million himself?

  575. does this means.. lin kept 3 millino something and gave up only 700k?

  576. I don’t think so, i think you are wrong

  577. i think he gave up 700000only

  578. I believe this means TOR are only paying Lin 700K

  579. so jeremy asked hawk for a buyout then signed with toronto only for a salary of 700K or less on the last stage of this season? Lin waived the 3Mil for a 700K pay just to get out from hawk?

  580. That is my understanding.

  581. Mchale gave him play time because rox pay him a lot and if you don’t play him, he will be question by GM or more like the owner of the rox. It’s politics.

    If there is no owner backing.. and forget gm..he didn’t care for lin anyways, lin will be dnp because mchale’s game plan is always go to the center , not pg unless you james harden.. because when he was playing back in the days.. he takes the ball from the pg and then go into the basketball for a shot.. that’s his style and that’s why he was call blackhole.. once he gets the ball, he never passes back out.

    Even couple days ago when he was an nba ‘analyst’ on a shwo with IT and others.. when IT (who is a pg inthe pass) explain that the team (I forgot which) needs the correct point guard to distribute and play to win.. I can see mchale deep inside was disagreeing with him, but he didn’t say sht. He always talks about centers and forwards because he is bias in that position.

  582. but seriously most asians are not 6’3 , let alone 5’10’.. which some are consider tall at 5’11. so there goes the nba dream

    zhou zi is looks so chinese and is like a huge chopstick..but didn’t last in the nba right.
    so only the ones with physical advantage will get to play..unless you that good

  583. As an Asian born in Canada, you’d think it was better there. It was not. People would stick banana’s in my dads tailpipe, or sick their dogs on him, one time his brakes were severed and he was a professor teaching at the local college. My favorite was in the winter when some kids would wrap rocks in snowballs and throw them at me on my way to school, and the endless chinx related jokes. But you are right Dorothy, we just took it cause we were trying really hard to fit in. After 30 years I don’t think it has gotten any better.

  584. I believe that ATL bought out the remainder of what they owed Jlin, around just under $4M for the vet’s minimum in this case apparently $700K. So that means he gave up around $3M. Now what TOR will pay him I don’t know but usually it is part of or a whole midlevel exemption. So if they can and want to they may be able to make up the large missing part of Jlin’s money that he gave up to ATL. He got most of his contract money from ATL and if he gave up in total around $3M it is worth it to play for a championship at this stage. If he shows well then his next contract should be for far larger than what he could have got playing for a tanking team. He might even have jeopardized staying in the NBA. To me, and I am not playing, it is a no-brainer to do what he did. He had to do it, IMO. I hope somebody can explain this better than I just did but he is not playing for TOR for no $700K, but he did give ATL the best deal possible at his expense. Now let’s focus on winning some games and having some fun!

  585. p.s. If I am TOR I pay Jlin all that he lost if they have it available. With reasonable success Jlin will recoup that for TOR easily by filling the arena, increasing demand for tickets thus keeping prices up and all the publicity TOR the team and city will gain from overseas Money is a far second place here. He had to get out of ATL and as a bonus he gets to play with some top talent for a change. We should enjoy the ride

  586. There is no coincidence in God.

  587. This was the amount that I anticipated in my discussion with Psalm this morning – Schlenk and the Hawks “allowed” JLIN to buyout his remaining contract IF JLIN agreed to forego $3 million of the $3.8mill that was owed by ATL to JLIN.

    I will reiterate that Atlanta got PAID good money to “let” JLIN do a buyout, it was NOT purely out of the goodness of ATL’s compassion for JLIN because the buyout cost JLIN $3m — it was the right decision on JLIN’s part, he had to get out of ATL for the sake of his career, well worth every penny spent by JLIN.

  588. JLIN will get his money in his next contract – hopefully it is with TOR but if he gets a starting offer with a different team after a great playoff run, then so be it.

  589. Is she the lady who brought flowers to Lin at LAX when Lin flew back from China for Lakers physical?

  590. It is most likely that JLIN is playing in TOR for remainder of season for the pro-rata veteran’s minimum.

    I agree with you, JLIN needed to make this move and he will have plenty of opportunity to make back the $3 million in the future if he so chooses.

  591. Nice thing to say by DMC, Carroll and JLIN played exactly ONE game together.

  592. hard to say this but in the end, at least to this point, things have worked out better for Jlin. If still in BKLN he would have had to fight for time behind the anointed one, Dlo, and newly contracted Spencer Din, while trying to rehab from serious injury. I don’t believe he would have leap frogged over both so better to leave and not endure the frustration. Landing in ATL, a tanking team, he could real-game rehab w/o much physical pressure, just as he did. Going to TOR is the cherry on top. I don’t think it could have worked out better for our guy. It would be nice touch if TOR were to meet BKLN in the playoffs

  593. Early on, any time DLO didn’t play well and that was quite often, KA would actually bench him; if JLIN had been on the roster those mins would have gone to a highly trusted JLIN, so it’s arguable that DLO would have gotten as many minutes had an easy savior in JLIN been available to KA.

    But we’ll never know, I believe JLIN would have regained his position as starter.

  594. Guys, don’t be so naive.

    I think it is Hawks only pays Lin for the veteran minimum of $700K, that is it.

    Hawks are CHEAP….

    Can not believe some of you think Hawks were so generous to Lin, they are NOT.

    I never felt Hawks were friendly to Lin.

    Their media said good things of Lin because they wanted to sell tickets, they want people to watch their games.


  595. OK, maybe so, won’t argue. I would think though that Din would have been first in line. But I am very happy he will go to war with TOR rather than BKLN though Jlin would probably prefer otherwise.

  596. Anytime someone says that JLIN so so so loved his experience with ATL — please tell them that JLIN loved it so much that he was willing to pay $3 million to leave ATL 3/5 of the way through the season.

    ATL served it’s purpose, it is on to the next chapter

  597. Also, JLIN so loved his coach and had a buyout without telling him ahead of time.

    And people said we should be grateful to Hawks FO, GM and HC?

  598. BKN with KA, DLO, Caris, Dinw could be the first team that JLIN and TOR kick out of the playoffs — would be wonderful to see

  599. Lin gave up $700,000. Look at the thread. He’s not paid $700K, he paid Atlanta $700K.

    Read the response.


  600. My sentiments about ATL are summed up in my long running comments about their tanking. Jlin did the rest on his own. On to TOR. ATL in the rear view mirror.

  601. JLIN was owed approximately $3.8 million by ATL, this post doesn’t make clear one way or another what the resolution is.

    My read is that JLIN was allowed to earn the VET minimum which means he gave up to ATL roughly $3m and kept $700k

  602. 🙂

  603. Why is that your read? Seems pretty clear to me that all Lin gave up was $700K.

    Dem: So Chris $700k is what he gave up right ?

    Kirshner: yes

  604. It’s the same as Melo’s treatment. He gave up what he was going to earn from ROX.

  605. Hawks did Lin a favor since they’ll be paying Lin’s entire salary except the 700K which Lin will get from the Raptors. No cut in pay at all for Lin. This was Hawks way to thanking Jeremy for mentoring Trae so well this season.

  606. exactly. Lin did NOT take a pay cut on this buyout. Kudos to Hawks org…

  607. THX. Really really good deal for TOR

  608. Exactly. Atlanta handled Lin with class, as Lin stated.

  609. Buyout means that the Player requests a buyout of his contract, his contract states $3.8 million remaining.

    Again it isn’t clear but, the way it works is the player gives up a percentage of what is owed ot him and sometimes it’s 100% and if then he gets paid by his new team. If what you’re saying is correct, then JLIN could potentally be making MORE than his $3.8 million if he earns the vet min from TOR for his remaining time – makes no sense.

  610. And don’t forget Lin had a trade kicker on his contract with the Nets. It was for 10% and the Nets paid it.

  611. Vet minimum is in this case $700k, that is what is owed to the player if he was just scrapping by as end of bencher 3rd string.

    That is what ATL will be paying JLIN, not his contractual $3.7 million

    That $700k is a DIFFERENT amt and specific to EACH and every player based upon their tenure in the NBA,

  612. “Sometimes, a player has to give everything up to leave. Other times, it’s just a portion of his salary. It’s a case-by-case basis.”

    Eventually we’ll know the truth, some think that JLIN was made whole by ATL — i.e. ATL pays JLIN $3m of his remaining $3.8 mill while TOR pays JLIN the vet min of $700-800k, which TOR must pay.

    Wishful thinking, ATL isn’t that nice, they already got NOTHING for JLIN in trade and now to only save $700k to add embarrassment while making JLIN whole again – that didn’t happen

    We shall see

  613. Nop. Different lady!

  614. Personally, it is no big deal if Lin gave up all $3.8 mil to be released and play for the Raptors. I am just super happy he is out of Tank-City ATL and on a legit contender. Of course, I am happy because it isn’t my money.

  615. Well if you had earned $50 million? already in your career (plus endorsements) with the potential for earning even more in your future, then the $3.8 isn’t such a critical concern — JLIN sees that money as an Investment in his future

  616. lin only gave up 700k. he will make that up by signing with the raptors for the vet min. he loses nothing in this buyout. schlenk and the hawks organization paid lin back for his “sacrifice” this season. these are the kind of moves that players and agents remember when it comes time for free agency, etc.

  617. Lol… he didnt tell the coach…

  618. if this is true and Hawk contract remain at 3.8Mil, Hawk paid 3.1Mil for his waiver and asked Toronto just to pay him 700K for the remainder of the season…at least Jeremy is bein paid in accordance with his contract and leave with grace and welcoming his new team playoff bound and the chance for a championship…this great!

  619. nice nego by JLIN team and good graces by the Hawk FO.

  620. look at his stats on that tank LA team though. not bad. 17 is linsanity number. i love it.

  621. This has been posted, so let me make this clear – I don’t believe this reporter has his facts or understanding straight.

  622. if this is true, Lin will make more than stayed at Hawks, because of play-off bonus. Although it looks like he only gave up $700K per the tweet, but I am suspicious. Hope different reporter will report it soon. My instinct tells me that was not the case.

    Will see if more news comes out later.

  623. Ha, exactly how I felt.

  624. https://twitter.com/DavidGutt1/status/1095466523072827392
    yea i agree with you in that there is confusion in the tweet and clarification was needed but this is the info and context we have. if this is true great job to roger montgomery jim tanner and team Lin . also Hawks are honorable gentlemen , and classy southern organization

  625. Let’s put it this way, how STUPID is Dedmon (or any other Vet or future vet forever) to be NOT demanding a BUYOUT if he can make every penny of his contract and get to a new team that will value him even more in the future?

    Believe what you will but a Schlenk that is already under tremendous criticism cuts deals like this and every vet should expect deals like this (as you all are understanding the deal) then he really is at the end of his rope.

  626. Let’s put it this way, how dumb is Dedmon (or any other Vet or future vet forever) to be NOT demanding a BUYOUT if he can make every penny of his contract and get to a new team that will value him even more in the future?

    Believe what you will but a Schlenk that is already under tremendous criticism cuts deals like this and every vet should expect deals like this (as you all are understanding the deal) then he really is at the end of his rope.

    Agents demand what other agents got for their players unless your client is a superstar

  627. Very true. At the rate things are going on the Hawks, Lin could be so de-valued that he might be out of the league next year. But now he gets a chance to show his stuff on the big playoff stage for a new contract next season.

  628. The way I interpret Bobby Marks is that JLIN has earned a lot from ATL in this final contract yr plus trade kicker and the words “AGGRESSIVE APPROACH” means that JLIN’s Agent’s can offer ATL MUCH MUCH to get what the Agents want– which is out of the contract (buyout of the contract)

  629. it’s true this is not fair to Bazemore and Dedmon and we look for fairness towards Lin. This guy works for the Athletic Atlanta maybe he had inside info from Hawks organization . i am from the same experience as you all just sharing some things I been searching while we wait for tomorrow 5pm ET / 4pm Central

  630. read somewhere (who knows if true) that dedmon has performance bonuses in his contract. he chose to stay to make more money from those bonuses i presume. lin didn’t.

  631. I agree with you. Jlin needed to get out of ATL and into a position where he can play for his next and maybe last contract. That he is with TOR is even sweeter because of the city, international community and now Gasol along with Kawhi. I can’t think of a better position or place for him to be in. He has got to be ecstatic, going from the walking dead to a charged up TOR. If he does well in TOR and maybe even stays his business future will be tremendous.

  632. i hope kawhi stays, lin stays, and they trade lowry. sorry not sorry.

  633. One thing at a time. First, Raptors needs to go deep, very deep into playoff and Lin has to be a BIG part of it. Then we will see.

  634. Ladykiller!

  635. i have faith. faith in kawhi. faith in lin.

  636. Hear, hear.

  637. LOL!

  638. still vague…i can’t decipher still which is which with these statement…aggressive approach as to what while stating how much hawk owes jeremy….remember that agents earn their wages on how much their players get?

  639. Nope. That was me, LAJane. We were wild with joy that he was out of Houston so wanted to welcome him to LA. How many inbound flights were there from China…wasn’t too hard to figure out where he was likely to come in. He was surprised, for sure. But who knew what a nightmare the Lakers would turn out to be, so funnily enough I have sometimes felt a little shade at handing him those purple and gold flowers. Well there was a lot of love in them from the hardy group of fans who have followed him from that barebones website, through it’s upgrade into jeremylin.net and then over here to our civilized band of devotees at the Portal. Well to heck with the Lakers…I’m choosing to think of those flowers as a foretelling of Jeremy’s highest and best future. Purple is the color of nobility and spiritual enlightenment, and gold is the color of wealth and triumph but also the color of wisdom and higher ideals. All qualities that Jeremy possesses in spades. Linfinite progress 🙂

  640. Good to see you again. I was so touched seeing the picture of the flowers you brought to Lin. I remember you were the only fan there to receive him. We were all so excited Lin was traded to Lakers, only if we could have known better. Anyway, glad to see your post and let’s hope our Lin takes off at TOR.

  641. Hi, hi, hi!! These years have been quite a journey, haven’t they. And for you personally also, I know. I don’t post often, but always happy to see long-time Lin companions. Hope you are well in this new year. Also hope Toronto turns out to be a great destination. But am a bit jinx leery, so will hold off on any more flowers for a bit longer 🙂

  642. either way, giving up 4M is nothing. he would have been a vet min player in free agency had he stayed on the hawks, playing behind a rookie.

    now he gets to showcase his worth on the BIGGEST of stages…

  643. 18 wins – 38 losses = 56 games 12.5 million (before 1.25 million trade kicker paid by Brooklyn)
    12.5 million/82 regular season games = $152.4 k per game
    56 x $152.4k = $8.53 Million 12.5-8.53 = $3.97 million is same as $3.96 million for 26 games remaining

    Buyout for vet min $700K
    $3.96 million for 26 games remaining
    $3.96 million – 700k (lin will get from raptors tomorrow after clearing waivers) = $3.26 million to Lin from Hawks buying out Lin’s remaining contract

  644. Indeed it was. I just couldn’t stand to witness what JLin has gone thru over the years until this buyout. Despite all these, I still trust JLin and his team’s decision.

    Having said this, learned from Joe (his younger bro) that the family has discussed for days before the announcement of buyout gave me even more confidence on this move. They must have weighed on all aspects before making this decision. Hence, I’m getting even more excited. Can’t wait to see JLin play as a Raptor. Hopefully we will see him play vs Wizzards game. Believe this will settle the nerve of everyone somewhat!

  645. Absolutely worth every penny to move out of the tank, and the bogus “mentoring”. Jeremy knows what you get paid has an effect on the public’s view of an athlete’s talent, so he’s smart about the public relations of money, and with his economics schooling he is business savvy, so he does not make silly decisions. He already has enough money to be set for life, and money has never been his focus anyway. That frees him to choose what will give him the best pure basketball option available to him. Great choice.

  646. Thx for clarifying

  647. I don’t think Lin even blinked at the money he’s owed. What is evident is that love of the game is far more important than money. That’s our Lin to a tee. During the exam of Linsanity, Lin never used his celebrity to sell goods on the side. Lin could’ve commanded a kings ransom for his face in New York. He values his own integrity far more than money. Why split hairs over a gift horse? A chance to play deep into the playoffs and maybe even a title with significant minutes…there’s no price tag for that chance.

  648. perfect. He is chinese. Well calculated. Not giving up anything lol….and mama lin won’t be upset

  649. Small fact for the day: the Raptors’ Danny Green played on the same D-League team as Jeremy; the Reno Bighorns …

  650. There was an article that said this decision by Lin was smart. Think about it this way. If Lin plays well for the raptors in the reg season and playoffs. Let’s say he goes all the way to finals or even wins 🙂 .Then in the off-season, Lin’s contract opportunities will jump BIG time. He will be in a position to get a FAT pay cheque. If he stayed on the hawks, we all know that Lin’s chances of getting a good contract would have been diminished. At least now, Lin gets to prove himself and he gets to chance a ring.

  651. If this is the case, Lin with TOR play-off bonus, will make more than if he stayed at Hawks.

    If this is true, this really makes Hawks GM look dumb..
    What does Hawks get out of this? Knowing if they did not trade Lin and get some assets back, (anything is better than nothing), Lin would request a buyout, why did they not trade Lin?

    This just does not make sense.

  652. Yep. Lin was made whole pretty much by the Atlanta Hawks if this is true. Great organization and I think this is a good way to attract vets in the future.

  653. Tanking makes the ATL FO look dumb. The rest is minor

  654. ‘Basketball Insiders’ just updated their Atlanta Hawks’ salary web page to reflect the fact Jeremy had been waived, as part of the buyout process.

    Before, Jeremy’s salary was $13.768M (contract salary plus trade kicker). Now, it’s listed as $13.071M. The difference is $700K. So that’s what Jeremy ‘gave back’ as part of the buyout process.

    The Nets paid the ‘tradekicker’ portion of the salary (10% of the remaining part of Jeremy’s contract when he was traded).

    See: http://www.basketballinsiders.com/atlanta-hawks-team-salary/

  655. yep that’s right. Excite for tomorrow.

  656. If Gasol and JLin click then TOR would have like too really good starting lineups. Just watched clips of Gasol against BKLN and he looked very smooth and powerful. You never know how players will interact, even very good ones. There has to be the right chemistry still and we have yet to see that. Maybe the upcoming WAS game will tell or at least give be a hint about Gasolin.

  657. Gasolin I like that = ) I think they will click right away

  658. really…its better that they trade Lin at a lower cost at least they got something out of him. BUT now, they will pay him though less (peanut money) yet didn’t get anything except the CAP SPACE later

  659. clean book to go after big name FAs in off season or saving cap space for future stars.

  660. Know who might work in TOR as a shooter? Carmelo Anthony! Why not? That’s what he doess, a shooter and scorer. With JLin and Gasol on the 2nd unit, two very unselfish players it might be a dynamite combo of 3 high caliber players. How ironic i f Jlin and Melo ended up the same team going for a title. Sweet irony! The speculation continues only with some significant adjustments. So I have put up two names now, Nick Young and Melo. BB is fun again.

  661. Bazemore’s contract is 17Mil for next year. No matter what he does a buy right now is not the best idea, mid season next year is another story. Dedmon is just a bench player, not going to get much even if he got a buyout. Lin is just underrated by Hawks and they just thought of him as a mentor. Schlenk didn’t want anything back to free up cap space that’s also why they traded for Lin. Maybe Schlenk will be going after big FAs who knows.

  662. Nick Young and JLin reunion would be so Lite against GSW. I highly doubt Raptors or anything team would be dumb enough to sign Melo, dream on. Not even his buddy Chris Paul could save him.

  663. Melo May have had skills but he was a cancer in the locker room. There’s no room on any team for a selfish egomaniac as Melo. He deserves to be in the trash bin of nba history.

  664. Tomorrow’s game will be very interesting. I’m sure there will be loads of TOs due to lack of chemistry. Won’t be expecting much we’ll see.

  665. Not a catch-and-shooter… He’ll nullify any potential assists and just go iso…

  666. TLDR Remember Omer Asik tall Turkish white Rockets player with Curly Hair Lin’s teammate with the same identical contract Lin was paid by Morey . 3 years 25 million . In 2nd year Dwight Howard joined and took Asik’s job away. asik was mad, he told the rockets to trade him, and he or his agent told the rockets if they dont trade him he will be fake injured and sick every gameday . Morey said no and coach McHale kept trying to have 2 tall guys in the game play together as twin towers . Finally They traded Asik and Asik got a big contract with another team. Asik knew he had a good future in the NBA to make money and Morey recruited superstar Dwight Howard to share Asiks main job for the team. Asik and Morey had their interest and goals conflicting. Morey wants to get 3 superstars and play NBA Finals . Asik was young tall turkish guy who wanted to be NBA rich and play great basketball in the NBA in his life accomplishments.
    Morey had no choice and do what Asik wants in the end bc players (and agents) are essential more than General managers .

    Sean Marls may have told Schlenk Jeremy is very good for young team. he will teach and play hard and pass to everyone and get out the game early . and consistently work hard for the team. but Schlenk also has to do what Lin asked for which is let Lin go to the Raptors and pay 3.3 million for Jeremy Lin’s remaining contract because the Raptors can only pay $700k because their salary cap budget is all gone to many other Toronto Raptor players.

    Since Lin was very good to the Hawks team, and Trae Young (their future superstar like Steph Curry) Schlenk has to respect and pay the contract .

    Don’t underestimate that Chelsea Lane the great Doctor from Golden State has been helping Lin , and she is known to treat players mental wellness and emotional morale in correlation to their physiological healing and strength training. Schlenk has communication with all aspects of the team and has to be a respctable leader of an organization. not a hated untrustable unreliable money greedy boss

  667. yes in LA with Lebron I think they may try

  668. Psalm came up with gasolin.

  669. Since the start of the 2012-13 season, no player has worn No. 17 for the Toronto Raptors except Jonas Valanciunas.

    Even though his trade from Toronto is less than a week old, Valanciunas has already given a new Raptor his blessing to don his old jersey number. Jeremy Lin, who plans to officially sign north of the border once he clears waivers Wednesday, texted Valanciunas to ask permission to wear No. 17 and got the green light.


  670. I dont think JL need to ask for permission but as always…his class act!

  671. BTW…its still not confirmed that he will play wed nite…but most likely.

    If everything goes on well and he clears his waiver in the morning, then most likely he will don no 17 and would have his first shot on raptors



  672. Thank you! I will include your explanation in the next article for future reference

  673. new thread to commemorate Linsanity Raptors debut!

    Game 59 Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors:
    ➡️The Much Anticipated #Linsanity Raptors Debut 🐉🔥🏀🙏#WeTheNorth
    ➡️Hawks generous Lin’s buyout appreciating @JLin7 mentorship to Trae🙌

  674. Hey, everything must be available at the click of a mouse! No time to search for things. It is about to be crazy with LIN CONTENT! 🙂

  675. Yup. Personally, I have no problems with the Hawks.

    Marks, and Tsai, on the other hand. Can both take flying leaps off the nearest cliff.

    And Morey, maxing out injury-prone OLD Chris Paul. Talk about cap hell. HAHAHAHA.

  676. we know this during linsanity. danny green in 2012 was already saying that he knows that lin can really play..people just did not realize it yet for whatever reason

  677. Is there a photo of the flowers on the internet?

  678. Amen.

  679. I uploaded them to the old website, plus a Chinese photographer was there and took pics that showed up on other sites (he was pretty surprised to see me too). Folks speculated at first they were from Jeannie Buss. Hah..as if she’d show up at the airport! Of course I had them on my computer for years, but I finally got so depressed due to the hideousness of the Lakers and the continuing saga of unfulfilled promises of crappy GM’s and shackled coaches that I couldn’t look at those so-hopeful images any more, and I deleted ’em. I let go of the bygones in order to stick with Lin’s continually fresh approach to the roller coaster 🙂

  680. Pity, that is a moment I would like to see.

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