JLinPortal Site Guideline & Feedback

Let’s use this post to discuss ideas/suggestions to improve the website.

The following is a summary of Vision, Main Functionalities and Site Guideline

1. JLinPortal Vision

“Positively bringing together JLin fans”
Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans.

2. Main Functionalities

  1. Provide general discussion in the “Disqus Hangout” room for recent JLin news
  2. Allow members (with Contributors role) to create Blog Posts so we have focused discussion on separate topics
  3. Allow members/guests to quickly browse Latest Posts/Comments so they immediately know latest topics and choose which one to participate
  4. Provide “Chat” functionality for more interactive experience
  5. Provide interactiveΒ Game Thread experience (Chat+Post with Disqus, future live scoreboard)
  6. Provide more Social Networking features (Private Message, Private Group Discussion) and User Rank by assigning points to establish user credibility and ensure quality postings
  7. Next Project:Β a STATS ANALYSIS REPORT page.
    The 1st one would be an interactive “Game Stats Analysis” which serves to provide statistical average (pts/asts/stls per game) based on multiple input filters such as player (i.e.JLin without Harden/Bev) or time (>15 min/game).
    That way we can actually track the stats next season how Lin performs with/without Kobe/Nash/other players in games.

Note: We will use Blog Posts with Disqus Comments to simulate a Forum experience. We are moving away from bbPress Forum due to its lack of features (search Best/New, voting, centralized notification, limited membership vs Disqus accounts, etc.)

3. Site Guideline

Many moderators are needed in this site to realize the vision of “Positively Bringing JLin Fans together”. A Site Guideline Page would need to be created to clarify guideline.

The #1 priority is to have respectful discussion (no personal attacks, no putting down others based on race/gender/background) so even children can read and learn how to have a healthy discussion.

  1. Disqus filter is already in place to put comments with offensive words in moderation awaiting approval.
  2. When violations occur, moderators can give a warning to posters of the violation. If posters do not comply, their Disqus username or IP address can be blocked by mods from Disqus Admin site (https://jlinportal.disqus.com/admin)
  3. Disqus setting also allows individual comment to “disappear” when flagged up to X times (i.e. currently at 5 but can be increased as users grow)

Please give your feedback on what else would need to be included in the Site Guideline or important Functionality (i.e. live scoreboard, counter, reliable chat, etc.) as the new NBA season will start soon

Thank you very much for those who agree to be moderatorsΒ πŸ™‚

@Brent Yen
@joyce warde
@psalm234 (me)
Together we can bring Positive JLin Fans vision and best JLin Fans site experience to realization !Β  πŸ˜›Β  😎

ARCHIVE FORUM:Β http://www.jlinportal.com/forums/topic/jlinportal-site-guideline-feedback/


  1. Yes…..one big Lin fan family!!

  2. I really like the idea of having a well moderated place to hang out… and I am SOOOO glad you are all trying to create that.

    However one of my personal goals is to create, and store data in a way that it can be readily found and used… I just had a chance to help Paul Villarreal in a discussion he was having with an SBN author on twitter. I was able to quickly point them to the data I have on JLin’s production with and without harden and melo. Will there be a place here for storing that kind of data?

    Another goal of mine was to capture and save some of the best comments from theJL.net site. There are so many great discussions that occur over at the JL.net site that get burried in the discus scroll or just lost in the general chattter of 10,000 posts long threads. A discus thread will have multiple discussions going on for a bit but they get lost as the page scrolls off and they become harder and harder to find again scrolling down multiple pages. That is something a tradition forum layout helps to eliminate by parsing out discussions into different threads so they can continue and allowing people to easily find and return to that discussion later.

    Do you have any plan in place to capture great discussions that get buried? will someone pull that discussion out and create a different blog post to allow that discussion to continue??

  3. Also I think you have to formulate posting guidelines, acceptable behavior guidelines and make it clear what you can ban someone for.

    I cobbled together some stuff for my forum here:http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/2451/thread

    feel free to start with that and change as you see fit.

  4. YES!! I saw the request and it’s great that you have the data handy. Thank you for helping PFV so quickly.

    I actually really want to create a STATS REPORT page.
    The 1st one would be an interactive “Game Stats Analysis” which serves to provide statistical average (pts/asts/stls per game) based on multiple input filters such as player (i.e.JLin without Harden/Bev) or time (15 min/game).
    That way we can actually track the stats next season how Lin performs with/without Kobe/Nash in games.

    It might have to be limited to select users due to increased DB workload.
    This will be useful for JLin writers covering JLin so they are informed when writing their articles.
    This would take some of my time to design the database/reports and optimize the DB queries.

    As far as creating different threads, that’s what we will attempt to do by creating multiple blog posts and using “Hot Topics/Recent Comments” to simulate a Forum layout. So we’re trying to combine the ease-of-use of Disqus commenting and the members (approved Contributor) ability to create multiple threads/topics to have great discussion.

    Great questions!

  5. Thank you, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus!
    It’s an excellent one. I barely modified it for now. I created it under ‘Rules’ in the Website Menu.

  6. i like the change to the website homepage laying out all the recent blog posts.

    one downside of the disqus format is that to my knowledge it isn’t searchable. to make them searchable, good discussions may need to be archived to the forums.

  7. Thanks, wilsc. Melody also said it helps to find latest posts.

    Disqus used to have search function but they removed it. Perhaps they might bring it back in the future.
    Our current Search function can find text in the post title and content so it’s pretty good for that purpose (i.e. “Byron Scott” article, “Lin Girlfriend”, etc.)

    We’ll have to weigh in the pro and cons of archiving posts to forums. I wonder how many users would be interested to use the archived forums. The cons are the cost of space and some site performance of maintaining the Forum plugin.

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas.

  8. I believe the searching by post content and title should be enough to locate good discussion. Thanks for all the hard work~

  9. Really appreciate all your hard work on this site, Psalm. I will try to give a lot of constructive feedback.

    “positively bringing together Lin fans” – Definitely agree this is the #1 purpose, to have a positive discussion among Lin fans. We don’t have to agree on everything topic, but discussions and debates should always be respectful.

    I definitely like having the latest forums posts on the home page so users can immediately see the latest conversations.

    The biggest feedback I’d give is that this site needs to be cleaner. Currently, it feels too “noisy/cluttery”. I helped Wu Kong do some revamping at her site. You can look at it as a reference.

    I suggest not to have the right sidebar on every page. Things like the Lakers schedule, button to Forum, Leaderboard, Community Stats, are not needed to be seen on every page load. This will help make the site look cleaner and less confusing.

    Lakers schedule – should be its own page
    button to forum – Not needed. Already in top menu
    leaderboard, community stats, login info – can be on one single page
    chat – should be its own page, not on every page. I suggest to put link to the Chat page in the top menu.

    Disqus – I like Disqus, but it does not replace a traditional forum. In general, disqus does not get indexed by search engines, and users can’t create their own topics.

    Logo – it takes up too much vertical space. Currently adds 20% to my screen’s vertical real estate. I don’t know why WordPress likes to have a gigantic banner, but it’s not good. The logo should be simplistic, small, and ideally not take up any additional space.

  10. To save space in the banner and top menu:

    shorten Homepage to Home
    shorten “Disqus Hangout” to “Disqus”
    instead of all caps, change to regular caps, e.g. Blog instead of BLOG

    Currently, logo is adding 108 pixels of additional height and width. I think it would be better off just being a flatter horizontal logo (e.g. 300 width x 30 height). Modern logos are very simplistic, just 1 to 3 solid colors.

  11. Thanks for the great feedback, real-dsb!

    Let me address 2 feedback first:
    1. “Disqus – I like Disqus, but it does not replace a traditional forum. In general, disqus does not get indexed by search engines, and users can’t create their own topics.”

    Currently, users with Contributors role are allowed to create new Posts. We can approve trustworthy users immediately and automate users who achieve Junior level (100pts) to get this Contributor privilege to create new post. So that way, we can filter out bad/new trolls from ruining the content.

    Regarding the search function, we can search the Post title and content as I explained to @wilsc below but perhaps not Disqus contents. Perhaps this is still the value of traditional Forum to archive posts w/ Disqus contents? I have reservations with pro and cons as I shared with @wilsc below. I’m still open to keeping it if there are benefits.

    2. Logo size
    I agree, I reduced the size so it looks smaller (6%-7% of the vertical real-estate. I’d have to experiment with the banner later within this size if it looks good.

  12. ok, good suggestions. I changed them.

    Also, I replaced the logo with a 3 color format (which might need a darker purple) to replace the bright-yellow that hurt my eyes for a while πŸ™‚

  13. How do people like the new logo that replaced the old bright neon color?
    The old one hurt my eyes for a while πŸ™‚

    The gold is Laker’s gold (thanks, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus ) but the purple can go darker.

  14. How do people like the new logo that replaced the old bright neon color?
    The old one has been hurting my eyes for a while πŸ™‚

    The gold is Laker’s gold (thanks, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus ) but the purple can go darker.

  15. Good going there…agree with your points.

    I too like forum more than disqus. But the predicament here is that, many posters seem to assimilate to disqus chat, compared to forum posting. As you could observe most of the forum threads are still.

    My only problem with Disqus is its readability and archiving important discussion and facts. That said, Disqus is a superb forum to have for a game thread, since most of the posting would be emotional based πŸ™‚

  16. 9/12 Site Update
    – I created a ‘STICKY POST’ on Homepage so it’s clear what people should check out most of the time
    – I moved the Chat from Homepage to a “CHAT ROOM” to speed up site performance. It seems to be faster for both Homepage & Chat.

    Please let me know what if this works better for everyone.

  17. “Resistance is futile” – Borg Queen……LOL

  18. My vote is for standard forum. This Disqus/ forum hybrid is intriguing, but ultimately, the traditional forum is best equipped for heavy traffic/posting. Right now, it’s OK because the amount of posters and posts is low but if Linsanity 2.0 happens, there will be a lot more fans and traffic.

    There’s so many useful tools in a forum that will make the user experience better. For example quoting other posters, articles, etc. You don’t need to know how to use HTML or anything, it’s all built into the UI. I think most people are used to forums, and while there may be a learning curve for those not accustomed, it will be easy to get the hang of it. Maybe a how-to guide can be made or a Help sub-forum, where people confused can ask other posters for assistance.

    Regarding the search, it’s so much easier with a forum. Many times in Disqus, I know myself and many others are looking for a very specific post or link or keyword and wished we could search for it but can’t. This searching by title is a good step in the right direction, but still not detailed enough. For example, say I want to search for something specific someone said within a discussion about something PFV said. Right now if I do a search on this site, for “PFV” or “Villarreal” I get no results. It only works if PFV is in the title of something. The forum search is invaluable for finding nuggets of lost info. Or maybe I want to see all instances of PFV from last Thursday to today. A forum search with advanced options can help me pinpoint results with more accuracy.

    Forums can be very user customizable. With Disqus, it’s just way too limited IMHO. Once things get rolling, it’s just going to be very hard to keep up with everything. Yes, you can find the latest posts with the option “Newest” but it won’t show the latest replies to those posts though. Everything is dependent on leaving your browser window open so that the blue dots indicating new posts stay there. Once you navigate away from the window or your browser closes/crashes or you shut off your computer, all those indicators are lost. So once you come back, and want to find the new replies you have to scroll up and down to find them. With a forum, since all new replies are in chronological order, you just have to skip to the last page(s) to see them.

    Disqus is great for small amount of comments on an article or maybe the game thread, but for everything else i vote for forum. Heck, even the game thread I want in a forum. You just never know when somebody says something good or interesting that you want to find again. For example a missing assist that was credited to another player but don’t remember which game, which half, etc.

    OK, sorry for the long post! Had to get it off my chest!

    BTW, how much does it cost for storing these archived forums? And how’d you decide on the name JLin Portal? Is that permanent?

  19. I think that was a good idea to move the chat to it’s own page (even though I never use it) and agree it should increase site performance. For brevity, just “Chat” would suffice. Likewise with “Contact”. Just piggybacking on real-dsb’s comments below.

  20. Much better than before! Yes, a darker purple would be great. Right now, the logo is too small, IMHO. It’s great for a thumbnail or avatar but given all the other things on this site, you can barely feel its presence on the page. You have some real estate to play with on the right side, so I suggest putting “JLIN PORTAL” horizontally to the right of the silhouette. That way you can make the words bigger and more legible. I also suggest a different typeface.

    If you want, I can come up with a few mockups.

  21. BTW, in terms of a forum format, do you have examples that you think is a good one? I actually went back to check how CF and Red94 did it in terms of the design and structure. Given a hot topic, both places failed to have good flow of conversation…..What I meant is, when you have more than a 1000 posts like CF’s thread does, it is really hard to know who is answering to whom and who is deviating from the topic, etc…….

    IMO, Reddit is the best format for a forum that it is easying to follow a conversation a sub topic being said in a thread among a few users. Using quote to answer, to me, is just not easy to track and as I have seen too many times that a conversation went bad simply just because some of the posters lost tracked on what was been said by whom.

  22. I appreciate the input about the search benefit that Forum offers over Disqus that you and @real_dsb:disqus raised. At the same time, Disqus also offers the ease-of-use of commenting, voting, Sort feature (Newest/Best). So it would require some time to plan and achieve the benefit from both options.

    So far, archiving to Forum seems to offer the best solution.
    For example, I just archived this post into a Forum topic using a plugin semi-automatically:

    Let’s see if we can get the best of both worlds this way. The only caveat is the automatic archive only goes 1 way from Disqus comments to Forum replies.

  23. Oh interesting. So how often does it archive and how does it handle new replies? Because searching will still be difficult and dependent on how often the archiving is in searching newly posted content.

    This hybrid is definitely worth trying out and hope it works out. I’m just partial to forums. πŸ™‚

  24. @real-dsb and @311, one important benefit of using Disqus as main discussion is to help site performance especially with images.
    Disqus automatically uses CDN which means global caching around the world so it doesn’t store images on the server.

    I think we can still get the best benefit of Archive Forum to be searchable while still prioritizing ease-of-use and participation by users in Blog posts with Disqus commenting system. I’m still open to hear the pros and cons. I would try to list the Disqus vs Forum features in an FAQ page and how we try to achieve the best of both worlds.

    Note: I created the Archived Forum topic for this post to show how it looks like
    ARCHIVE FORUM: http://www.jlinportal.com/forums/topic/jlinportal-site-guideline-feedback/

  25. Ah, seeing that the archived posts don’t show who you’re replying to though. πŸ™

  26. good point. Its system has pro and cons.

    Some people like the Disqus threaded reply (up to 2 levels) since it’s more intuitive than using ‘Quote’ but some Forum users know how to use Quote well.

    Let me create an FAQ page later to highlight the Pros and Cons of Blog Posts w/ Disqus commenting and Forum in a table. My #1 priority has always been following the Apple principle to prioritize ease-of-use for users.

  27. Just curious, since Disqus is following a “tree-like” discussion flow. Can it be easily transform into a forum thread that using quotes?

    Seems like forum is basically just sort the posts by time where its tree-like structure is broken. Instead, it lines the posts and if there is any dependencies, it uses quote.

    So…I would assume it can be transformed. So from Disqus to a forum, basically just have every posts by the time of posting…and add quotes to each post if necessary. The blog postiitself, is just the op post in a forum….

  28. I think CF is fine for the most part. I don’t really like their formatting and graphics but other than that I think it’s good. I remember seeing Maknusia posting a good example of a forum but can’t find his link. That one you’re able to view as a standard forum, or with nested replies like Reddit. It’s nice that it had multiple options.

    Good point about following the replies. In a long thread it’s kind of hard to follow a certain conversation, unless you work backwards and click on the quoted replies. Disqus can get a little crazy, too though once people start replying a lot. In either system though people go off track and talk about other stuff or they reply to wrong people or start a new post in a reply to a subpost. That said, I still would say in the long run, the standard forum will be easier to use.

    I have to say that JLinNation’s site is pretty nice. Have you guys seen it recently? He somehow is able to incorporate Facebook and Disqus logins so you can post in his site. I haven’t tried doing it yet though. Plus he has a rating system in place for each reply. But currently there’s not many replies there so it’s harder to gauge how easy it is to follow convos there. Also haven’t tried his search system yet either.

    Oh yeah, what happened to the Reddit forum? I went back there recently and saw it was closed to non-members. I didn’t have a Reddit account so couldn’t access. But I agree with you, Reddit is a good compromise between the two kinds of systems. Still, something about it prevents me from signing up to use. Don’t know what it is.

  29. There are trolls downvoting everyone, so Vincent close it to the public. He said it will be open after the season start…

  30. Ah, stupid trolls ruining everything again. smh.

  31. bbPress Forum has the option for threaded reply but the bad thing is it will remove pagination so 1 topic could display 1K+posts. Maybe I can experiment with that later

    yeah, no option to automatically add Quote

  32. In that reddit’s case, I think it was following vincent from /r/NBA or other boards….He probably had some “exchange” with others there…

  33. Lol, I see. So stalkers more than trolls then.

  34. Could be, haha we are not sure

  35. as I said to @311, there is a bbPress option to create a threaded reply to it looks like Disqus but the bad thing is it will load all replies in a topic (i.e. 1K replies would be horrible performance)

    we can experiment with this but I doubt it’s a viable option. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t offer automatic ‘Quote’ option as far as I know in the conversion process. Technically, it’s more difficult to convert the dependency into a Quote. I’ll keep an eye for this feature.

  36. I think in Disqus, your post is only relevant to the post you are directly replying to…so…I think for each post, it only needs one quote at most. IF the transformation can be done, I think it really does not matter which format this site uses, because they are logically equivalent. However, I guess there are other concerns, like plugin performances…etc…

    I guess what I am trying to say it if this transformation can be done in real time…some users can opt for Disqus while others can use forum…..ideally

  37. Ah, I see. Yeah, I don’t know how the back end works but that makes sense what you said. I forget that you actually have to pay for this stuff. πŸ˜›

    That changes a lot of things then. By the way, don’t think I ever stopped to thank you for taking on this endeavor. Glad that you and wu kong are collaborating!

  38. also give many credit to @brentyen:disqus, @blubell, wukong, IJ who spent some sleeping hours to come up with ideas to make things better. We’re getting there πŸ™‚

    I’m currently looking at some Video Gallery plugin so we can have a nice Youtube game gallery for our enjoyment. Some search feature would be nice.

  39. ok, done. I leave CHAT as all caps to distinguish it from other menu items

  40. Thanks Brent, blubell, wukong, IJ! Yes, we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

    Won’t the video plugin slow your site down? I think it’s just better to have a gallery but direct link to Youtube and let their servers handle everything.

    Oh, and I have a few more suggestions I’m adding below in the next hour or so. Please bear with me and hope I’m not over-stepping. 😐

  41. Any organizations knows user feedback is the most important asset to have…..just fire at will…I mean suggestions…:P

  42. The biggest feedback I’d give is that this site needs to be cleaner. Currently, it feels too “noisy/cluttery”. I helped Wu Kong do some revamping at her site.

    I agree 100%. Too much going on and needs to be streamlined. Luckily these are easy fixes by standardizing formats, increasing/decreasing size of certain things, adding space/reducing space in areas, removing lots of extras. I will try to specify below.

    JLin Nation’s site for example is simple, clean, neat, easy to find everything. There’s some things I would do differently (his social media icons are a bit too big IMO and slightly too much bold-ing of stuff) but his main site for the most part is pretty good. His forum on the other hand, still needs lots of cleaning up. Too much button action there and color scheme all over the place. But feature-wise, I really like what he has going there.


    BTW, real-dsb, great work on wukong’s site. It’s much easier to navigate now and looks great!

    I suggest not to have the right sidebar on every page. Things like the Lakers schedule, button to Forum, Leaderboard, Community Stats, are not needed to be seen on every page load. This will help make the site look cleaner and less confusing.

    Lakers schedule – should be its own page
    leaderboard, community stats, login info – can be on one single page

    Yes, all that can go on a separate page (except for Laker schedule, I think that’s nice for quick reference). Or maybe the whole right side can be collapsible and you can open and close it with a click in case you need to quickly access. Do people care about the leaderboards or community stats? If they must be there, I suggest shrinking the size of them. A better use for that space I think is stuff like Recent Articles or Most Popular Comments or Latest Activity and stuff like that.

    psalm, I know this is a work in progress and you’re busy, so thanks for taking the time to read all these comments. These are just friendly constructive criticism and I genuinely want to help, so please don’t hate me! Any questions or need me to clarify anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Here’s a list of some quick tips:

    1) Establish hierarchy

    Things that are more important should be bigger or bolder (but use bold only when necessary). For example: logo, titles, headers in sections should be bigger. And should follow a standard (specific size/color/format that’s repeated across everything similar). So all headers are the exact same size, weight, color, etc.

    As an example, your headers on the right side alternate between ALL CAPS and Capitalized Words. Pick one or the other. They’re the same size or even smaller than the content below it so you can’t differentiate the two if it weren’t for the purple lines. In fact, just increasing the size of the headers, you won’t need those purple lines anymore. If you still want them there, just make them the standard non-color.

    Less important things should be shrunk or not bold or in muted colors that blend into the background. In fact use bold sparingly. When bold is used everywhere, nothing stands out anymore. When many things are emphasized, then the whole reason for emphasizing gets lost. Instead, create contrast by increasing font size of certain things, decreasing font size of others. Having things bold AND capitalized AND different color is overkill unless you have a very specific reason for doing it.

    An example of this is the Homepage. In the Latest Posts & Threads section, the User/Date/Comments is the same or maybe slightly larger size than the titles of the articles. They’re both competing for attention. I would make those smaller, non-bold, maybe even change color to gray (neutral color, shouldn’t affect color scheme).

    2) Aligning things

    Things floating in space look lost, have no place. Aligning similar things (or things in a group) to an invisible line or to one side establishes order. Example, just simply lining up the logo, the links and the Login and Sign Up button on the top banner makes a big difference. Imagine taking the bottom edge of the logo and drawing an imaginary straight line across to the righthand side. Now line up the bottom edge of the links and buttons to that line. Everything will look more grounded.

    BTW, the Home, Blog, Forum, etc. links in the banner can be pushed a little closer together.

    3) Pick a color scheme and be consistent with it

    There’s a lot of color going on here and that’s not necessarily a bad thing when it’s organized and used purposefully. Currently though, the different color all over the place and scatters attention, thus adding to the cluttered-ness. So I suggest, that at least for now, just picking a few colors and re-using it throughout the site. Using shades/tints of your colors is fine too.

    Let’s say you choose purple, gold, black and white. Use these colors for all your buttons, text, blocks, banners, etc. Don’t use the greens, blues, etc.

    The Laker Schedule you can use alternating tints/shades of light purple instead of the blue that it is now. I would remove the dark purple outlines and instead use invisible or white outlines. The colors within the chart are doing all the heavy lifting already.

    4) Too many big buttons all over the place

    There’s 2 Login buttons, just need one. So either keep the Login and Sign Up button in the banner and lose the login/password fields on the right, or keep those fields and delete the Login button from banner and move the Sign Up button next to the Login button underneath the login/password fields.

    The Community Stats buttons are way too big and red and command too much attention.

    Too much button action in the Members section, too. There just is no need for all of them and the info can be condensed. Plus everything is blue and green.

    I would lose the August Archive button and if possible put in a drop-down menu like the Archive on the lefthand side at Raining3s.com. If not, just have it as a text link or smaller button and change color.


    5) Space is good

    Don’t be afraid to add more space between elements and sections to give breathing room and separation. Having bigger margins doesn’t hurt either.

    6) Misc. stuff

    The JLin Latest Articles section, you have all this space on the right, but the titles wrap into the second line where the Date is, which looks messy. If you can, stretch out the title a little more (just a bit) so it doesn’t wrap. This is a rare instance where there’s too much space not being used. Also, having bullet points (small!) in front of each article would make it read easier.

    The login, password and search fields, the box isn’t visible to me until I click on it. I’m not sure if it’s a browser thing (I’m using FF) but they just blend into the background. You don’t have to make them very dark, just darker than white or invisible the way it is now. A shade of gray should work just fine. The size of those boxes can come down a bit, too.

    Right now you only have one social media icon, Twitter. When small things like that are by themselves, they are in no man’s land and are easily lost and floating in space. Until there’s more icons, try grouping it on the same line as the author/date/comments. Shrink it down, too, it’s a bit big.

    OK, that’s it for now. Sorry for the long-winded post but I was trying to explain rationale and philosophy behind my comments. If you want, I can just make a quick list next time. Hopefully they can be of help and please remember this is just one person’s viewpoint. These might seem like really small things, but when you add them all together, it makes a huge difference! Plus they’re easy fixes and free. πŸ™‚

  43. Lol, you may regret saying that haha. Anyway, added super long post below just now.

  44. Thank you for taking your time to write such detailed feedback, @disqus_rxPxLxqBMt:disqus πŸ™‚

    I probably should ask you or @real_dsb:disqus to take a look at the CSS since I’m not an expert on them.
    But let me try to implement some of what you and real-dsb suggested.

    I agree it feels cluttered and not providing a “cohesive” feel.

    Here’s the work in progress:
    1. Establish hierarchy
    Sidebar – I use ALL CAPS for the header. The purple lines I need to find in CSS to remove. The same with meta info (date/author) in “Latest Posts”, need to find the CSS for the right code to modify
    Logo & Menu – working to make it bigger

    (to be continued)

  45. 9/16 Update

    1. Homepage/Sidebar Layout
    I modified the homepage layout/color scheme and sidebar based on @311 and @real-dsb’s recommendations
    2. Jetpack Global Caching to speed up site
    Also, I enabled Jetpack CDN global caching which should speed up website performance from around the world

    @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus, please let me know if things seem a bit faster.

  46. OK, I still don’t understand the whole portal thing but I came up with some quick mockups incorporating what you have with an idea in my head. I used a typeface similar to yours and a different one with some slight variations on each one. When the pics get shrunk down to 80 x 500 px though, the silhouette becomes somewhat indistinguishable but I should note that I did a really quick trace job on your original silhouette and it lost a lot of detail since I just wanted to come up with a mockup to demonstrate what I was saying before about the horizontal logo.

    Looking at these now though and reading real-dsb’s comment, I think that he may be right. A quick look around the web and the general trend is simple, flat logos. Anyway, maybe this will give you some more ideas. The purple I used is 550772 in case you wanted to see how it looks blended into the main header.

    Crap, something weird happened and a bunch of duplicates uploaded and I can’t seem to delete. Well, there’s supposed to be 3 variations of each typeface. Damn you Disqus!!

  47. Thanks for all hard work! They look really good in a sense of having a more defined presence of ‘JLin Portal; πŸ™‚
    I can try to use it as a logo to see what it looks like.

    BTW, I chose JLin Portal name with the idea of having a 1-stop place to:
    1. get/post the latest news/stats/vids/pics,
    2. feature JLin fans’ original blog posts
    3. also link together good content from other JLin fan sites (PFV, jl.net, jp’s site, etc.)

  48. Hi psalm, glad you made it through my wall of text, lol! It’s a lot to digest but I thought the general philosophy might help you with doing the rest of the site. Again, it’s just my viewpoint and I’m far from an expert. I bet real-dsb will be able to help you a lot more and be less long-winded about it, too. πŸ™‚

    I assumed you had an editor or the software that came with your forum software had ways to adjust things easily via a graphical interface. Hand doing this customizing seems tedious. I can tell you right now that I don’t know CSS from my A.S.S! I just use Inspect Element to look at stuff. You might be able to download a different BuddyPress theme that’s closer to your liking. I think that’s what jp2123 did (but for phpBB) for his forum. There’s some really nice themes out there. It might save a lot of work possibly.

    So for the purple lines, I think it’s border-bottom-color in class “wigettitle”, the very first one in that CSS. Currently the color is set to what I believe was your previous shade or purple, #8224E3. Oh, just noticed border-top-color in class “author-info” has it, too. I would set it to a neutral gray color, like #CCC.

    Generally, most people use this line to separate the header from the content below but I think it’s best used in between sections to separate the sections instead. No biggie though, just personal pref of mine.

    The Laker’s schedule, it’s the border-bottom-color, border-left-color, border-right-color, and border-top-color for every in the table. I’d change that to either “none” or white color (the same white used in the sidebar). While you’re there I would un-bold all the content and then bump up the font size for the titles only and dates. Is it a plugin that takes the data from your calendar page and format it into a condensed calendar for the sidebar — automated like the Twitter and other feeds?

    For the menu, I actually thought the previous size was fine. I just suggest un-bolding everything there and if possible pushing the links/buttons a tiny bit closer together.

    HOT TOPICS/RECENT COMMENTS looks much better now. It was a giant block of pink on my end and thought it grabbed too much attention. You don’t want it to stand out that much.

    I’m still seeing the Login button on all the pages. The username and password section is gone from the sidebar on the Homepage though. The Login button at jp2123’s site is pretty nice. It’s a split button with all the Login fields and buttons in a dropdown menu that you can click to toggle. Looks really nice and saves a lot of space, cuts down on clutter. Maybe you can ask him how to do it for this site?

    Twitter feed looks nice. Will it affect site performance? I think it should be reduced to 3 tweets because it does add more visual stimuli and might be too busy with 5 tweets and makes side bar really long. I have no idea how to do icon placement, sorry.

    LATEST POSTS & THREADS, STICKY POSTS, HOT TOPICS/RECENT COMMENTS, and JLIN LATEST ARTICLES headers are still mismatched. Let’s try 22px to match the headers you have in the Blog.

    What do you think about putting STICKY POSTS section on the top and LATEST POSTS & THREADS section afterwards? To me sticky means they are really important or used frequently so maybe that should be the first thing people see.

    LATEST POSTS & THREADS, what do you think about having only 3 articles at a time? Right now, everything looks too cramp and I think putting 3 articles and increasing the size of the pics would give the text a lot more breathing room and also this will help create a natural separation between it and the STICKY POSTS as it they both look very similar. Also, try un-bolding the headers underneath each thumbnail and bumping the font size to say 18?

    Since you already have CHAT in the top navigation, it’s redundant to have it in the sidebar and it takes up space so I suggest removing it.

    MEMBERS section sidebar, I say push it to the very bottom of the sidebar right before sponsored ads. Or remove it altogether and put on either another page or bottom of the homepage, grouped with Latest Activity. It doesn’t seem to be something that needs to be on each page.

    I think the JLIN LATEST ARTICLES should be renamed to JLIN WEB ARTICLES or something to that effect to distinguish that those aren’t articles from this site. Otherwise it’s kind of confusing as it seems all these sections are too similar. For example, “recent” similar to “latest” and “most popular” is similar to “hot”. Are these redundant?

  49. ok, I tried use the white version just to see how it feels like.

    For the yellow, it’s clashing with the Lakers gold color theme that @wukong provided so I use the white for now.

    HEX codes listed as
    LA Lakers
    #4A2583 purple
    #F5AF1B gold
    #FFFFFF white

    So you’re thinking we might even need a simpler, flat logo like what @real_dsb:disqus suggested?
    That might be true to look like simple Facebook, twitter logo.

  50. Yeah, I tried to look up the values online but got conflicting info so just chose one. If you want, I can redo those later following those colors you provided. Nobody says we have to follow the colors exactly. Call it artistic license. Or me being lazy. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, the logo is just a possible placeholder to test things out and maybe give you more ideas about what to do with it. Since it’s your site, it’s your call how you want the logo to look. real-dsb sounds like he knows what he’s doing, definitely more than I do, lol. But I will try to help where I can. Like real-dsb says, a lot of places seem to have the simple flat logo now. Though just because everyone else is doing it you don’t have to do it either.

    At the current size, you can barely see Lin’s silhouette. Is that something you want no matter what? If so, you can try increasing the height of the header and pic. Anything you particularly like or not like? Do you like the direction it’s heading or this is completely not what you envisioned? Any preference on the typefaces used?

    I guess before we go any further, take some time to think about what you want out of this site. What do you want it to say? Is there a particular style you’re going for, a certain theme? Do you want it to look modern, traditional, classic? Professional, laid back? Sleek and luxurious, or warm and comforting? Is there similar sites you’re trying to emulate or do you want to stand apart? Once you decide some of these things, then we’ll know how to proceed. πŸ™‚

  51. I was just thinking we should have taken a screenshot of when we first started to compare how it looks now and if things have improved or not. Ah well.

  52. Please give a warm welcome @real_dsb:disqus as a new Disqus/Forum moderator πŸ™‚

    You are now welcomed to ban any trolls and troublemakers (no banning other mods like Brent LOL. This is also for you, @blubell πŸ™‚

  53. Great job! This site look really good.

  54. Hehe.

  55. 9/18 Update
    – Added Team Logo to the “Game Schedule”
    – Added Countdown Clock (unfortunately it’s not live clock yet)
    – Added Link to Full Game Schedule (which is still missing some preseason games)

    Note: Each game will have score & media links (game thread, Youtube highlights, etc.)

  56. One thing that I don’t care for on jeremylin.net is the name-calling; mcfail, mcstupid, kkkclutchfans, etc. To me it’s the equivalent of trolling in diminishing the quality and appeal of a site. I hope the mods will address this issue in crafting the guidelines for this site. Thanks very much.

  57. Weird, didn’t see this message before. No problem, glad to be of help!

    Ah, thanks for the explanation. Sounds like everything and anything JLin then.

    Oh, here’s the temp favicon. Hopefully it shows up, let me know if it doesn’t. Copy and paste the following code to the section of your webpages:

    Argh, looks like Disqus renamed it. OK, try right-click save but before clicking Save button, rename to favicon.ico and make sure the file format is to All Files. Then upload to your root directory on jlinportal.

  58. Argh, looks like Disqus renamed it. OK, try right-click save but before clicking Save button, rename to favicon.ico and make sure the file format is to All Files. Then upload to your root directory on jlinportal.

  59. I do agree wholeheartedly. Very well said.

    We should be able to still be respectful when disagreeing without calling names (i.e. McFail, McStupid, KKK, LOF/LOH etc.) I understand the frustration but I find the name-calling to be a major distraction of any healthy discussion of basketball talk. We should be able to conclude someone is inept in their job without cursing them.

    This is the biggest danger. The insulting name-calling simply prevents others to see our good points and the infighting eventually dominates and destroys the site quality. We’ve seen how many posters eventually left jlindotnet. We miss users such as @via wong and @lydia lien.

    I would implore the mods and even users to give gentle reminder that name-calling are discouraged on this site. Otherwise, mods have to enforce the rules. I like how LakersGround mods handled the issues in their site.

    Our goal is to aspire to be positive and respectful JLin fans so let’s implore others to make it happen :]

  60. sorry, what would this favicon.ico do? to be a logo to replace existing one?

  61. Favicon is short for Favorites Icon. It’s the tiny icon you see in your bookmarks (or Favorites menu in Internet Explorer) and also your browser tabs. For example Google, you’ll see a blue square with a white “g”. On Twitter you’ll see the blue bird icon, a white “Y” for Yahoo and etc.

    Right now JLinPortal’s favicon is a square with 9 small dark squares in it, which I believe to be a generic icon when no favicon is assigned. I didn’t realized what it was called until real-dsb mentioned it earlier and I looked it up. So I made a simple one with JP over a purple background. All you have to do is right-click to save to your computer. But before you click Save, rename it to favicon.iso and make sure the file format is set to All Files. Once you’ve downloaded it, just upload and put into the root directory of this website. and add the code below into the section of all JLinPortal’s pages.

  62. ahh.. that’s what it is πŸ™‚
    I’ve been wondering about that. Let me try to do it.
    Mucho Gracias!

  63. De nada mi amigo. πŸ˜‰

  64. man, I got to be careful in doing this properly later in this theme.
    I updated it incorrectly a few times and messed up the whole site layout.

  65. 9/18 Update #2
    – Many thanks to @disqus_rxPxLxqBMt:disqus, I added ‘FavIcon.ico’ favorite icon that give a nice look on browser tab πŸ™‚
    It’s looking great as a brand!

  66. Oh crap. Yes, definitely keep copies of previous versions just in case something gets messed up. Have to be organized otherwise it gets confusing. Just curious, what are you using to edit everything? Because you should be able to test off-site first and once you know it works, then upload and test again to see if everything works properly online. Either way, always, always keep copies.

  67. Thanks, Psalm. I like the way the site is developing.

  68. Lol, you are filling that sidebar up again. Don’t go too crazy! Here’s something that may help get you a bit more room. I looked into finding some code for that drop-down login menu I mentioned to your before. There must be some plugin for BuddyPress, but in case you cant find it, I found a tutorial with code that you can copy/paste. Of course a bit tweaking will be needed to customize for this site but it looks pretty nice.

    I would test it out on a page that doesn’t get too much traffic, like the bottom of the Rules or Contact page. Once you’ve gotten to work, you can then replace those two buttons on the header to just one, and remove the entire Login section from the sidebar, woot!


  69. I was thinking about these colors again and then had an idea to look at the Lakers Twitter page to see what color their logo is there and grabbed the color values with the Eyedropper Tool in my image editing software. I then went to the Laker’s NBA.com homepage to see if they matched up to the colors used there. I’ve included a pic in this post comparing all 4 sets and as you’ll see all the color’s we’ve used are different, including two official Laker’s sources!

    All the gold is pretty close, except for mine, which is way off. But the purples are all different. So as far as getting down the “official” Lakers colors they don’t even have it consistent themselves, so I think any combination of purple and gold should be fine to use. Let me know if you want me to redo those mockups and if so which purple/gold values you want to use. Doesn’t have to be those 4, can be any.

  70. nice! I’ll give it a try later πŸ™‚

    I know, too many good things I want to try to add to SideBar but yeah, I can hide/show them on some pages

  71. thanks for doing thorough checking!

    Only if you have some extra time, try to get 1 with purple and gold πŸ™‚ Then I can match the menu item color with the same gold. But for now even the white color gives a nice distinct-but-not-distracting feel

  72. Haha, I know. Trust me, I would have the same problem. There’s a lot of nice toys to play with and it’s fun to experiment. I’m just afraid you will add all this stuff and end up keeping everything. πŸ˜‰

    BTW, I like that slider schedule (just need to shrink everything on that whole chart and un-bold!). I think that can also be applied to the LATEST POSTS & THREADS section on the homepage for easy scrolling. Currently when you click on the page numbers, it changes the page for the entire main page, instead of just that section.

    Oh, and you probably know about this but just in case, everything you need to know about adding Twitter stuff to your page. Might want to update the Twitter icon and replace with new button and counter.


  73. OK, will try to get to you later this weekend. I’m going to use the Laker’s NBA.com purple since it’s nice and dark and will use your current gold color. Yes, the white isn’t too bad, eh? Any requests of adjustments or whatever for the logo?

  74. thanks again for the feedback.

    I need to find some time to create a To-Do-List not to miss these things πŸ™‚ I’ll check out the twitter icon and stuff. Too many plugins to consider so this will be helpful

  75. Hope it helps. Sorry for dumping all this info on you and hope I’m not overwhelming you. I’ve been feeling productive this week (not normal, ha) and don’t know how long it will last so I’m trying to get it all out there while I can!

    I’m in no means trying to push you to doing these things or doing them right away. Just seeing where I can help but if I’m crossing any lines please definitely tell me. I sometimes get carried away with things.

  76. so an observation…. when I come back to this site it is difficult to determine where to go. Where the newest posts are. I can see that an article has new posts but when you open it you have to scroll through and search for new posts that may be down the page. For now this is not so terrible but if there are more than a few dozen posts it will be.

    Am I missing some great feature that discus has that would help me quickly find new posts?

  77. As far as I know, there isn’t. The best you can do is in the HOT TOPICS & RECENT COMMENTS section on the homepage you can select Recent and it will show you the last 10 comments of all topics and it tells you the topic it was said in and by who and using the time elapsed (e.g. 11 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, etc.) you should be able to track those down. If there’s more than 10 comments since you last visited then you will have to scour up and down the topics to find them. The standalone comments are easy to find if you Sort by Newest. It’s the replies to those comments and the replies to those and etc. that’s hard to findt since Disqus isn’t linear per se.

  78. I love that too!………thanks @311

  79. No problem fellas, glad you like it. Just placeholders for now.

  80. @311 is correct. The HOT TOPICS & RECENT COMMENTS section is the best way to find which post/comment you’d like to read then click on the link to bring you to the comment. Then scroll up/down to see the context.

    Once inside a post, you can use Disqus notifications for direct reply to you or see your voted comments.

    I would need to create “How-To-Use-This-Site’ section since this might not be obvious to everyone or new visitors. Thanks πŸ™‚

  81. yeah I was specifically talking about “…replies to those comments and the replies to those and etc.” that are conversations maybe I was enjoying following but had not commented on… oh well just hoping there was some neat function I did not know about to find those.

    If I leave the page open then I get the new comments hover box to direct me up and down to new comments but that does not work once you leave the page and come back. πŸ™

    I know there is great stuff happening all over this site but I also know I am missing things and it makes me sad πŸ™

  82. yes every time someone asks a question you should file away your answer to it somewhere b/c someone else will ask eventually πŸ™‚

  83. OK, redid whole set with a new purple and gold. I ran into problems using the above colors, but was able to find some equivalents. The gold I used is very close to the one your using, hopefully it won’t clash too much. Here are the hex numbers just in case:

    Purple: 33046D
    Gold: E0AD37

  84. The colors I found: http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/2862/thread I don’t think it really matters what you use just be consistent.

  85. great job on presenting the colors btw. πŸ™‚

  86. A good example, JLnation calls some fans crazy. Although I am sure he is a lin fan not a troll…but even if some fans are over the top, it is really unnecessary to do so….let’s just tone down and enjoy Lin’s season together…

  87. THis is where a traditional forum comes in handy….because it is easier to find new post….that way.

  88. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by this site… so much going on… hard to follow a conversation and return to it later. πŸ™

  89. I feel you…..I get the same feeling

  90. its going to be chaos once the season starts… maybe even once training camp starts. i love the discus stuff for immediate conversations and I know it is convenient to have the one sign on available for everyone but I am afraid the site is going to be really a crazy unreadable mess as it grows. and that makes me sad b/c i love the people here and the conversations…

  91. I think like what @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus has said. Even with the recent comments, Disqus is harder for tracking new comments. Actually, it will be much easier if we can sort comments simply by time regardless if it is an starting comments or replies. I know Disqus does not have this feature, but I think this is the feature that pro-forum users want.

    Also, although RECENT COMMENTS severs the purpose of finding new comments, it is kind of messy in terms of the format. The way we structured this site, with many blog posts at the same time (opposed to JL.net where only one post is active at a time), it is just an added dimension for users to serach IMO and it means it will be messier than JL.net once the number of comments increase.

  92. Exactly…..but this is the limit of DIsqus I think…..I don’t know if a balance can be reached or not….I posted a comment above, and let’s disqus with Psalm and others…

  93. I just don’t know all the ins and out of what disqus can do so I have a hard time suggesting what to try to make it all more user friendly.

  94. I just don’t know all the ins and out of what disqus can do so I have a hard time suggesting what to try to make it all more user friendly. even with the separate blog posts to try to separate out topics once you are in that topic if you leave and come back finding a conversation somewhere in there is difficult.

    I just stumbled upon a conversation about the colors being used on the site.. had no idea that conversation was even going on… it down below here ( I think) and I was just randomly scrolling down to see if I had missed anything… but that will become nearly impossible to do when the post count gets higher as the members grow.

  95. I really think the only feature it is missing is the sorting function as I said in another comment. If you can sort within a blog post, then we can get rid of “Recent comments”, instead, just sort different blog posts by activities. In this way, it will be completely forum like in terms of the structure IMO.

  96. Yep….you are right….not trying to discredit what @psalm234:disqus has done. It is better to point it out now then change things in the middle of the season, if we have options for the change at all.

  97. I love this site and I love the people that have migrated here I am just seeing issues for later… and I do not know what to suggest to make it better πŸ™ So that makes me feel like a complainer. I hate pointing out something I see as a potential problem and not knowing what to suggest to make it better.

  98. I tried to point out the differences above, I hope there are some solutions. I just checked Disqus’ website. Not too many info there. I think what I am suggesting can not be done. May need to find another way. As @psalm234:disqus has pointed out earlier, there are also many pros using Disqus, speed, interface, etc.

  99. Brent,
    How about just have two threads/ day…
    No need to write an essay type/ thread.
    Then, divide forums.by geographical posting…what I mean is posters from asia will not be able to follow up here in u.s.. unless waking up early or staying up late is their choice.
    Then PICK out SOMEof the BEST comments from a certain posters and ride with it.
    Almost like …using that comment to create more topic/ discussion layers to it.
    In some ways, u.s posters can post whatever times, east/west/mountain / central time Zone doesn’t matter. But the discussions wont be shut out or get bury way down…vice versa with asia as well.
    So, posters can decide to post either overseas or in u.s. …perhaps do BOTH.
    But, the good comments and posters.won’t get bury as.much.

  100. I see what you are saying, but I am not sure what Disqus’ plugin can actually do…..need to check with Psalm. Not sure about the geographical dividing is necessary or not tho…..Once the season starts, I think most like the posts will be game related, (pre game, post-game, some in season rumors, interviews and news etc.)

  101. I think the Forum section should be divided into “J Lin’s Numbers” section and put all stats related stuff there for references or link Wu Kong’s site.

  102. I like the recent comments that is how I find what I want to go to… could that be a tab all its own with a dedicated page so more showed?? can that be further sorted?? by topic by time?

  103. We can certainly do a full page of 50-100 “Recent Comments” so that would be the easiest way to find comments/threads to participate. I installed a new plugin that currently shows 20 recent comments on the sidebar.

    Let me give it a try.

  104. yes, we can do so with Disqus plugin I believe this is the best way to see which comments to participate.

    I’m testing it on this page http://www.jlinportal.com/recent-comments/ that shows only 25 recent comments. I’ll investigate how to show 100-150 comments.

  105. THe one on the sidebar….seems messy…..

  106. Seems a good idea…..

  107. sorry, I think the site was down for 15min while I was testing Disqus Recent Comments plugin.
    I disabled caching then poof.. it overloaded the site πŸ™
    I really need to test development somewhere else so it won’t cause problems here.

  108. I think it is ok….season is not started yet…and we don have a lot of users. So….offline for few hrs is fine…to me at least

  109. yeah, I just have to be careful.
    Also, I changed “Recent Comments” to be the default on Homepage (not Recent Posts) and shows up to 20 recent comments. Let’s see if people like it more

  110. yes, we would need somewhere to put the STATS summary.
    I plan to work on it after testing a live scoreboard plugin.

  111. 9/22 Update
    – I’m testing caching feature that provides as backup on 23 servers around the world so the website would be available if the server is down for maintenance. Hopefully this will provide faster website response time without adverse effects.

  112. Yeah, it’s disappointing since Disqus is being used by more and more sites it seems and so makes it convenient to jump back and forth the comment on articles and this site and JL.net.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve seen any improvements in the system since we started using it on JL.net last year. Shame, it has the potential to be pretty good.

  113. Yes, sorting by time would be much better but still convoluted I think. This is just one of the points I was trying to make last week in a post buried down below. Disqus is just too limited for the volume of users and comments to come. With a forum, there’s a ton of tools at your disposal and one of them being that it remembers and can take you to the newest posts you haven’t read yet. Now this doesn’t really work if you jump around the thread a lot (like once you skip to the end of the thread, it assumes you’ve read everything up to that point) but at least you know when you shut down your computer and come back you, whatever comments you haven’t read since then will be easier to find. The thread search tool is very useful and even things we take for granted like preview post is nice to have. I’m really surprised that Disqus doesn’t have this basic feature as even Blogger had that. Formatting posts where it’s easy to bold, underline, italicize, quote, create charts for data without knowing html will definitely help. Deleting posts is still a problem, too. When I was uploading the updated logos yesterday, I ran into the problem of it posting too many copies of my files. I wanted to delete the whole post and start over but it wouldn’t let me. So now it’s posted by Guest and I can no longer access it to edit. Oh and copy/pasting things always ends up formatting weird once you post in Disqus and then you have to go back and edit it. All these small little problems add up and makes Disqus kind of annoying sometimes.

    I feel the same as you. Psalm and others have put so much time and effort into this that I don’t want to abandon. Like you said, we still have some time before preseason starts so we can keep testing and maybe find solutions. But I feel that eventually the standard forum is the best way to go. I was really hoping that psalm, wu kong and jp2123 would collaborate on one website, with each of them getting their own section to run however they please. So wu kong can do the stats center and psalm would do feature articles. It seems that jp2123 is good at the techincal side of maintaining the site so you guys wouldn’t have to worry about that and just focus on your sections.

    Having all these sites is wonderful but it kind of splits up the fanbase. Currently, I kind of feel like I’m going back and forth between 4 sites and basically reading the same stuff over again. It’s one thing to visit say JLin.net and Lakersground because it’s two different groups of people. The conversations and perspectives would be different and so that makes sense. But right now, all 4 Lin sites are populated by all the same people so it doesn’t make sense other than different formats and better moderation.

  114. This will help a lot, but even at 100-150 posts it will be pretty crazy once the season starts. Definitely worth exploring though. Let’s see how it goes!

  115. Agreed, seems that everyone uses whatever variations of purple and gold they like. In my latest update I didn’t even use any of the colors in that chart, lol. I ran into problems and had to find the closest equivalents I could. Hopefully they’re close enough.

    Nice research, wish I would’ve seen that post earlier!

  116. I am still hopeful that a collaboration will happen. everyone is trying stuff out maybe we will all settle in one spot. I am like you jumping between 4 sites and it is exhausting and confusing. But I will keep working with all and sharing with all and hopefully eventually all will settle on one ( or 2) sites that serve the jl fan needs.

    I started my site b/c there were posters wanting the traditional forum but basically I have been the only one posting over there. People did not want to leave and post elsewhere. Not sure if it is b/c familiarity with disqus, need for new log in or just habit to go back to jl.net for all its problems ( disqus formating, trolls, lack of moderation) it was the best community for discusion and info.

    The recent comment change is helpful but I am still concerned about heavy traffic. It may be difficult to find/return to conversations as well as moderate.

    This site has had the most people “jump ship”. I plan to hang on to all the sites and see where we end up… so far the ride is a bit bumpy but worth it πŸ™‚

  117. Brent,
    I got a few stalkers, stalking my.comments consistently…..lol….:-)
    Didn’t realized talking trash about the ROCKETTES bring me 14+1 minutes of fame….smh…:-)

  118. Yes, I think it’s great that everyone is trying different avenues and I totally get that each person has their own vision that doesn’t want to be compromised. I support you guys all the way!

    I agree, I will settle on 2 sites when the season starts. It’s hard for me to leave JL.net, I’ve been going there for so long now (I think right before the end of Harvard’s season his senior year). So I feel a certain loyalty to that site and feel familiar with many posters even though I myself don’t post there much. That place also drives me crazy a lot of times but I still go there because as you said it’s still the best and probably largest community of Lin fans. Funny thing, I was actually quite happy when they switched from Blogger to Disqus and that made me post more. That and the civil war that wrecked that site seemed to have ended and it seemed less hostile, lol. Even when you created your site and the Reddit site was created, I found it hard to leave and didn’t. Also I hate creating new accounts. I can’t explain why, but when you guys said you were starting your own forums it piqued my interest and was a bit excited.

    BTW, I want to thank you again for all your hard work. I remember you taking the charge immediately when people were talking about being able to store Lin info somewhere. I really regret not helping out more but I always plugged your site when I could when people were looking for stats and articles. I think the reason why not more people didn’t use your forum for discussions is because I think everyone felt it was more for storing info given the name of the site. Maybe it seemed more like a library than a lounge. Also, at the time it was a bit hard to navigate. There were many, many subforums but now it’s a lot easier.

    This is the perfect time for testing all these different sites so yeah, I hope more people find their way to them and try them out. It’s the only way we can test when at capacity and troubleshoot problems and experiment. Don’t want to deal with that when season is in full swing.

  119. OK so I have added some things to my site to test them out. I am NOT trying to be ‘the site’ that wins in the end but I do think I need to keep my site updated in case this or others fail… so… please give me some feed back… I am not a web designer. I wish I had jp’s skill set . I tried to emulate some of what he has done on his site as well as include the discus discussion stuff that seems to be what people here prefer. For now the discus stuff would only be for in game discussion or specific ‘live’ events where people might want to experience it ‘together’ as a community.

    … anyway.. this is what I am thinking of using for my home page… http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/page/Test_Homepage

    And this would be the ingame discussion page:

    obviously I need to learn more HTML but it is a start.

    I too would like to give the people what they want… so I will continue to post here and mod here as well as jp’s site and JL.net but I will also continue to upgrade my site as I learn more.

    my site is still free. I am not paying anything for it. I can upgrade to a paid service if it ever grew to need that. Ads on the forum are not placed by me nor do I receive anything from them… that is how Proboards keeps the free service going. So if you are dropping a load of cash on this site you might want to consider using the free service until the community grows. Standing offer for any collaboration/suggestion/help.


  120. Great job incorporating Disqus comments with ProBoard πŸ™‚

    I think Disqus will be great for Game Threads. I do agree with Laetitia that the sidebar would be too distracting if it has too many pics or text. Some links should be okay. That’s what I try to do on JLinPortal based on 311’s recommendation (minimize what we put on sidebar)

    Overall, it’s getting better to have some kind of dashboard to see all the latest update (pics/posts/articles). The hard part for us is to allow users to use it without overwhelming them..

    It’s good for us to collaborate to improve all the time πŸ™‚ That way users get the best experience.

  121. 9/23 Update
    – Added ‘RECENT COMMENTS’ button next to ‘CREATE POST’ button on homepage to bring us to ‘RECENT COMMENTS’ page so users can easily see the last 25-33 comments. This is the best way for users to see which recent comments to participate. Please vote which table you like best to display recent comments. Thank you πŸ™‚

  122. 10/2 Update
    1. Added a better Video Gallery to show latest videos on Homepage (between ‘Sticky Post’ and ‘Recent Comments’)

  123. 10/14/14 Update: The server has been down for 1.5 hour before it finally came back up. I spoke to Web Host support and they explained the server has had problems recently. I will request a new server while researching options for new web host provider. Anyone has a good idea which web host provider is reliable (other than BlueHost)?

  124. I noticed on several of the pages that the banner ad obscured the first few lines of text on the page. An example is the recent post by Spot ( http://www.jlinportal.com/two-weeks/ ). Perhaps this is a well-known problem. Can anything be done about it? Thanks.

  125. Thanks for the note, Arsenium12. I fixed it.
    I changed the setting for the featured image so post content wrap around it. But it was the wrong change to not crop the featured image. I rolled it back and now all featured image looks whole (not cropped) :]

  126. 10/15/14 Update: I just created a How-To guide to use this site to help new visitors and members to use this site effectively. Just let me know if you have questions by commenting in this link:http://www.jlinportal.com/guide-use-site/

    This is still in progress since I need to add more details on how to use Private Messaging, add friends, etc.

  127. Thanks very much, Psalm.

    By the way, sometimes when I reply to a comment and then log-in my comment disappears and I have to start over. Now, I copy my response before I log-in, just-in-case. Should I always log-in first?

  128. hm, I’m always logged in so I’m not sure if I ever experienced the same behavior. To be safe, you can login first.

    If I write a long post, I usually do Ctrl-C to copy it in Clipboard or even write the draft on OneNote or a separate editor with Auto-Save

  129. 10/22/14 Update: After much consideration, I decided to purchase a new Searchable/Shareable Video Gallery plugin and installed it on the homepage. This will primarily contain Game Highlights, Post-Game Interviews, TWCSN Analysis. There will be a separate Video Gallery Page for Fun video categories, Mixed Music Video, Best Highlights, Fan Video, etc.

    I might install a Paypal Donation plugin soon so others are welcomed to help with the cost of plugins and running operation of the website πŸ™‚ I’m also investigating moving to a better web hosting provider.

    Please give us some feedback if it works well in all platforms (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android). Hope everyone likes it πŸ˜€

  130. Hi Psalm,

    On the homepage, with the new “frame” could the depth of the frame be adjusted a bit so there isn’t a need for a vertical slider bar? Then we’d only have to move the horizontal slider to see more content. Thanks very much. I would encourage you to ask for donations to help support the site. It’s developing well and it’s profile is growing.

  131. Thanks, Arsenium. I resized the frame height so it should not show vertical bar. It might take 10-15 min for the cache to be refreshed to show on user ends.

    I’m glad the site is developing well as we envisioned it to be to positively bring together JLin Fans. I will evaluate some donation plugin when I find some time soon :>

  132. situation that could use some Jlin fan activity:
    It was brought to my attention the league pass did not have Jeremy Lin listed as an option for fan preferences
    I think we need to be vocal and get this fixed. essentially it is not an oversight it is purposeful

    more here:


  133. Hi Psalm,

    Just a note. In the Portland game thread I posted a video that I later found had been already posted. I went back, deleted the content of my message, including the video’s URL, and replaced it with “Deleted”. However, the video still shows up for me, at least. Will the video disappear at some point? Thanks.

  134. I helped by deleting the comment. I notice Disqus had that problem that once you attach image/video, you can’t delete them. Only text deletion is allowed.

    If you’d like to be a mod to delete/organize comments, just let me know :] Thank you for contributing so many great articles and links!

  135. @psalm234, this is the home page on my iPad air…….seems wrong….

  136. yeah, I see the same thing on my iPad. Thanks, I will look into it.

  137. ok, I fixed the video layout on iPad and iPhone.
    I had to change the layout. Thanks! I think it looks a bit better

  138. I don’t see any “Sticky Posts” on the home page. The Feedback post was on page 13 of 18. Could the “Sticky Post” feature be implemented once again? If not, you might as well remove the “Sticky Posts” title / heading. Thanks.

  139. OK. They just reappeared. Thanks to whoever did that.

  140. The site seems to be getting more popular by the day. It’s nice that the mods are encouraging new arrivals to be polite / respectful, etc. I hope we can minimize discussion of the problems overtaking JLin[dot]net. They’re well known to us all. Thanks very much.

  141. When I go to JLinportal.com these days it’s not unusual for me to have my computer “hang up” and receive this error message (see below). I select “Stop Script” to deal with the problem. Thanks.

  142. 11/1/14 Update: Server hosted Chat is affecting site performance preventing users to access the Game Thread so we need a remotely-hosted that has WordPress account integration.

    I reinstalled this remotely hosted BoWob Chat that appear on the bottom of browser for testing its use in Game Thread.

    Brent and I previously tested it on Aug 2014 with some Pro and Cons. If we find a better remote Chat with WP account integration, we will replace it

    BoWoB Chat

    This Facebook-like free CHAT version is found on the bottom right-corner:

    It can handle 100 simultaneous users
    Hosted on a remote server so it would be best not to impact this website performance
    It might be the best GAME CHAT option, other than Disqus or Forum thread (slow)
    Good blinking notification on the browser tab if you’re browsing something else.

    Brent tested it not working on IPAD Safari browser
    No avatar/status in free version
    Paid version starts at $10/month for 25 simultaneous users
    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/chat-roomold/#sthash.LUhKSC62.dpuf

  143. ok, thanks for letting me know, Arsenium12.
    Perhaps there is a problem with the rating plugin. I will look into it. Anyone else with the same problem?

  144. Thanks, Psalm.

  145. It might be an idea to offer a bit of guidance to commenters wishing to use tweets in their posts. I’m not sure what some are doing but they end up with the text of the tweet, then the tweet in a “textbox”, and then a line of text; see below

    Simply including in the post the URL for the web page for the individual tweet works much better.

  146. I’m disappointed that we still have people going to JLin[dot]net and then coming back here to report on the troll situation, with little expression of disapproval from the moderators. I would hope the moderators would simply say to those people: “Look, we know about the trolls, you’re not telling us anything new. Furthermore, we’re here because we want to be part of something better than that site, more positive. Just let it go, please.”

    Update : Kudos to real-dsb for doing something on this matter. Hope to see more of it.

  147. You are correct, Arsenium. We should be more vigilant about the bad-mouthing.
    At times, it can be a thin line to decide between venting and what may be perceived as bad-mouthing.

    Would you like to help by being a moderator? I think you have a good judgment to be part of the mod group.

    I’m getting busier with doing administration and site support (backup site, poll, features) so I won’t be able to monitor all comments. Your help will be greatly appreciated :]

  148. 11/4 Update
    1. Notification Pop-Up
    I added a new feature for Members to see Notification on the Right SideBar if someone sends a Private Message or Mods/Blog Writers receive messages

    This is a screenshot of what it looks like if you receive it:

  149. 11/4 Update
    2. I also added Members Menu so members can easily find all Members and ‘Add Friend’ so you can send Private Message (PM) to them. This is a similar feature with Facebook.
    Note: In the future, you can join a group if necessary

    Here is what the screenshot should look like:

  150. 11/5 Update for Mods ONLY
    I added Email Subscription to the Mods Group so we will get notifications of new posting by other mods. Previously, we’re not aware of the group existence so mods can’t respond promptly

    If you’re on the Invite List, simply accept the Invite to join the group

  151. some of it is just ‘whew, I’m glad I’m back.’ This site is starting to firm up with traffic, so the values it upholds is sticking with genuine posters.

  152. Hi Psalm. It seems to me that there’s a range of commenters on this site now. The ones who arrived early from JLin[dot]net seem different from those who arrived recently. At least, to me, the site feels different from the way it did some months ago.

    If you’re looking for additional moderators to lessen your workload, which I quite understand, I’d suggest drawing in one or two of the recent arrivals so that the moderators better reflect the outlook of all commenters on the site. If that doesn’t work out please contact me again in early December. I’m sorry to put you off but I have a lot on the go right now.

  153. True, that’s a good observation. I’d have to wait for some time and post consistency before offering mods role since it involves some privileged access.

    It’s okay. I understand if you are occupied at the moment :] Just know that the invitation is open. And it doesn’t require you to be here most of time. That’s why we have a lot of mods.

  154. Thanks, Psalm.

  155. May I respectfully say something that has been bugging me for a while. It’s my pet peeve so please feel free to ignore me, but you see that game Countdown on the right hand side? Since it’s basketball we’re talking about, shouldn’t it be “Time to Tip-off” rather than “Time to Kickoff”, which is more of a football/soccer term? Sorry, just a small thing that I don’t know why irks me a bit.

  156. Sure, I can make the change :]
    I didn’t know it can become a pet-peeve. haha..
    Your wish is granted!

  157. 11/10 Update
    @JoeTeam has requested to step down from the Mod group because he prefers not to have the added responsibility to ban people. But he is still committed as a long-time poster to bring positive atmosphere by preventing negativity that trolls might bring. Thank you for your contribution and staying vigilant, JoeTeam :]

  158. haha, thanks! Grumpy old man πŸ™‚

  159. 11/12 Site Maintenance Update
    It turned out the 25 min downtime last night was part of a rescheduled maintenance by the web host provider
    This maintenance adds extra security to the server and resolves issues relating to server performance.

    This is quite a relief. That means there is no urgency yet to do painful migration due to unexpected crash.
    I’ll provide future warning if such scheduled maintenance happens again. The email was sent to another email account so I was late to check it.

    I think several users reported good results of site performance after this maintenance.

  160. Google search rankings update for jlinportal.com:

    Nov 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #6 overall
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 4, #36 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 4, #33 overall
    “jeremy lin portal”: page 1, #1 overall (LOL)
    “jeremy lin”: no hits (23 pages)

    Oct 30, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #13 overall

    Oct 23, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 20 pages/200 results).
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #18 overall

    Oct 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 12 pages/120 results). jl.net is #3
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 3. #27 overall.

    Note that you have to do this test from a browser private session. Otherwise, google uses your existing history and cookies to personalize the results.

  161. Doh, I never saw any of these discussions until now. Been missing out.

    Is there a way to get notifications for a specific Disqus thread? I don’t want emails for every Disqus thread.

    Ideally, posts would get bumped up automatically on the home page whenever there’s a new comment. But I don’t think that’s possible since the Disqus comments are separate system from the WordPress. WP is probably sorting by article date only.

  162. Brent and I are testing the sortable blog threads table so it would look like regular forum interface.
    Not quite ready yet but I’ll send you the link in PM

  163. Oops haven’t come to this thread until now. Bad me:-) Yes I do have this problem all the times with both my laptop and mobile.

  164. Yes I’ve found this prob lately. Very annoying!

  165. Various women are involved in this site as moderators, commenters, or readers. I might be wrong but I’d be surprised if the practice of identifying a Jeremy Lin “hottie girl” makes them feel more at-home. In any case, my preference would be to quietly dispense with it. Thanks.

  166. Google search rankings update for jlinportal.com:

    Dec 28, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #4 overall
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 1, #5 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 17, #168 overall (big drop)
    “jeremy lin portal”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jeremy lin”: no hits (21 pages)

    Nov 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #6 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #7 overall
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 4, #36 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 4, #33 overall
    “jeremy lin portal”: page 1, #1 overall (LOL)
    “jeremy lin”: no hits (23 pages)

    Oct 30, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #13 overall

    Oct 23, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 20 pages/200 results).
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #18 overall

    Oct 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 12 pages/120 results). jl.net is #3
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 3. #27 overall.

    Note that you have to do this test from a browser private session. Otherwise, google uses your existing history and cookies to personalize the results.

  167. We all do it at one time or another, but linspiredinla seems to make a practice of uploading tweets without checking first to make sure they haven’t already been uploaded to the site. He/she has already done it twice today. I wouldn’t be surprised if there have been 10 other occasions during the last month. Please give them a reminder to check. Thanks very much.

  168. Google search rankings update for jlinportal.com:

    Mar 21, 2015

    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #2 overall (above the official jlin7.com!)
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 1, #3 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 3, #24 overall (back to normal)
    “jeremy lin”: page 4, #37 overall (previously did not show up at all)

    Dec 28, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #4 overall
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 1, #5 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 17, #168 overall (big drop)
    “jeremy lin portal”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jeremy lin”: no hits (21 pages)

  169. Full history of Google search rankings update for jlinportal.com:

    Mar 21, 2015

    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #2 overall (above the official jlin7.com!)
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 1, #3 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 3, #24 overall (back to normal)
    “jeremy lin”: page 4, #37 overall (previously did not show up at all)

    Dec 28, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #4 overall
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 1, #5 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 17, #168 overall (big drop)
    “jeremy lin portal”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jeremy lin”: no hits (21 pages)

    Nov 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #6 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #7 overall
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 4, #36 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 4, #33 overall
    “jeremy lin portal”: page 1, #1 overall (LOL)
    “jeremy lin”: no hits (23 pages)

    Oct 30, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #13 overall

    Oct 23, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 20 pages/200 results).
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #18 overall

    Oct 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 12 pages/120 results). jl.net is #3
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 3. #27 overall.

    These results were obtained a browser private session so that google results don’t use your history and cookies to personalize the results. They can also be found using tools such as http://www.seocentro.com/tools/search-engines/keyword-position.html

  170. April 7, 2015
    Added 2 Off-Topic Sticky Posts on homepage

    Due to some requests, I created 2 Off-Topic Sticky Posts (Recent News & FUN things) on homepage.

    This will allow us to:
    1. focus on Lin-related news in Latest Thread and
    2, provide longer discussion in the Off-Topic threads

    So hopefully it will provide the best of both worlds.

  171. Hey psalm, been wanting to update the logo for the site ever since Jeremy became a Hornet but my program’s been giving me problems and been busy with other things. I did manage to squeeze out a version but it’s still messed up. At the very least it should match your site’s colors and has his “new” number. I figure though it could do for the time being until I figure out how to fix the problem. I haven’t had much time to visit either JLin site but hope all is well. I’ll fix the logo and the favicon sometime before the season starts, when I get the time. Sorry for lagging.

  172. Ugghh, somehow this uploaded as a jpg?? Let me try this again.

  173. OK, don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It’s supposed to be a png file. Oh well, back to the drawing board…

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  175. The home page tells me that this site is about β€œpositively bringing together JLin fans” and building “a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans.”

    I don’t see GoodDayLA as a strong contributor to either of those goals. [See his/her post of Nov. 4 concerning Lin and Steph Curry.] I hope the moderators will consider taking appropriate action. We should be trying to make the site as attractive as possible to intelligent, positive, insightful posters. Thanks very much.

  176. So I’m becoming concerned at whats allowed. The culture of this board is getting toxic. I even deleted my account and came back because I’ve been here so long. I originally came here from the other jeremy Lin site. We have more posters but the quality of discussion has dropped. Other opinions are not accepted instead it in itself is treated as an insult. If i can say someone logic is bad i will let it go. If i can say educate yourself i will let it go. If not we have some cleaning up to do to make this site better. The site has dropped in my opinion. Stating an opinion is like an act of war to others. I hope you can help the situation

    I just want to know if i can say someone has poor logic and Educate yourself to someone. Just want to know. If i can use it as well since it wasn’t deleted

    zxcvb alain gervais β€’ 23 minutes ago

    Your logic is horribly poor.

    zxcvb β€’ 11 minutes ago

    Educate yourself

  177. Disrespectful and rude comments are not allowed (Rule 1).

    Calling out other posters publicly for violations is also not allowed (Rule 6).

    It is pretty tedious to go through, evaluate, and delete every violation. So sometimes we just have to say, “End the personal arguments and move on,” and delete any future posts after that.

    Copying and pasting other posters comments is basically a passive aggressive way of antagonizing them and in violation of Rule 6. It only makes the situation worse. Just flag their comments and move on. Don’t extend the personal argument.

  178. what??????????are you serious. I tell you the culture is bad and People are being allowed to say antagonizing thing they are not suppose to be saying and you tell me not to post what the mods are allowing people to get away with. How is the democratic or fair???? If the mods are not doing their jobs then what am i to do. This responds is beyond disappointing. I will have to wait for psalm because thing is unacceptable.

  179. You seem more focusedd on me reporting people breaking the rules then you do the actually people breaking the rules???

  180. Psalm if you see this. Your mods are not doing their jobs. There are cliches and clearly some are low dot do more then others. Me trying to make the site better was futile the response below was disappointing to say the least. It would be like the cops saying the will arrest you for capturing a fugitive the couldn’t. It doesn’t sound good.

  181. I replied to the other poster’s comment with, “this side argument ends here.” And they did not continue to extend the argument. If they did, I would have deleted any further comments.

    By continuing the argument, you are fanning the flames of the antagonizing environment.

  182. My responds was to you. The argument ended a while ago.

  183. The way I see it there are some recent posters here (not Alain or zcvbx) who disrupt the positivity of this site – and hence the toxicity – perhaps this is their aim. The mods should consider this. It’s hard to have positive discussions when these recent posters continually put forth opinions that are not even in line with what Jeremy has said are his goals. Even when pointed out, they continue to post the same negative things over and over again. And these folks seem to be on this site nonstop, taking over all discussions. Please be wary of what they are doing to the site.

  184. My feedback is to look for instigators and those that often make personal remarks about comments they disagree with or posters they personally don’t approve of. If a poster is made to feel defensive or put something out for the record, is it because someone insists on some position they have or was based on their comment in that post? Is it that they don’t take a popular, vs. positive, position? Instigators I think should be reacted to differently than posters just defending themselves. I feel in alain’s case, particularly, it was him defending himself against someone who got personal rather than debated points his making. The tone became confrontational. That’s my interpretation of that exchange. I say this with absolute respect for all moderators. Thanks.

  185. Sorry, I just had time to check this thread. The single-thread format made it hard to follow up on recently commented thread.
    Hopefully the new Forum format with multiple threads will help us.

    On enforcing the Forum Rules
    Thank you for the feedback. Despite the limitations of time availability from the mods who have full-time jobs and family responsibiilties, I appreciate their hard work trying to maintain the balance and order in trying to create positive environment for all Lin fans.

    However, we need help and cooperation from long-time users in order to have respectful discussion.
    I notice a few comments disrespecting one’s opinions and name-calling (i.e. trolls, delusional, any swear words, etc.) is enough to create fights within 1-2 hours while mods might not be present. Mods will continue to delete posts, give warning, and enforce short-term bans when necessary but we also appreciate help from other users to give friendly reminder (‘let’s avoid personal attacks’, ‘we can agree to disagree’).

    We certainly have users with strong opinions but as responsible adults, I trust that we all can agree to disagree respectfully on the opinions. Never attack the person, simply focus on the issues.

    Things are not perfect but I believe we continue to improve as a positive forum together.
    On behalf of the mods, I want to thank all the good users who go out of their ways to post fun things, be encouraging of others’ opinions in supporting Jeremy Lin’s career.

  186. July 7, 2016 Forum-like Format update

    After 1+ year of researching table-like format to display the threads with the most recent comments/posts, I managed to modify and tweak an old solution manually. It will be a work-in-progress so please be patient and report issues/wish-list in this thread

    It will take some-time to get used to the multiple forum format like Reddit, team basketball forums but I believe the benefit will outweigh the cost:
    1. Multiple threads allow focused discussion on separate topics (i.e. Fundraising Effort, JLin’s Stats, Brooklyn Nets Free Agency, etc.)
    2. Allow Sticky Post to appear on the top (i.e. Brooklyn Nets discounted group rates, Welcome thread, etc.)
    3. Allow people to quickly search most recent topics of discussion (i.e. a new article, JLin’s Stats, Flagrant Foul video, etc.)
    4. More professional Forum like format compared to personal blog format to other NBA fans who visit this JLin forum
    5. Quicker for mods to the most recent Feedback on this thread

    Who can create Threads?
    If you are a long-term poster, you can sign up for a WordPress account and be granted ‘Author’ priivilege to create New Post.
    This will be useful to prevent trolls to create unnecessary and hateful threads.

    Reported Issues:
    1. 7/6/16 Mobile Navigation is difficult because there is no quick way to click ‘Home’ to go back to the Homepage
    There is supposed to be ‘Up’ button as we scroll down on iPad or phones so we can click Home quickly but there is a bug because it disappears. I will investigate
    Shortcut is to simply go to ‘jlinportal.com’ to bring you back to homepage and choose threads to read or go to ‘Recent Comments’ button to see the most recent comments from all threads.

  187. I don’t know if anyone has commented on this, but this new format doesn’t work. It takes way too long for the ads to load whenever you switch forums. It was time-consuming enough before opening just one page.

  188. Thanks for the feedback, Jason. I will investigate and might run a poll to see if others experience similar issues.

    In the mean time, a good short-term fix would be to open the 2-3 threads in different tabs so that way you don’t need to reload the page by going back and forth. It should minimize the loading time.

  189. FYI
    I found that for some reason the response time from NY/East Coast area can be slowed than other parts (even Australia)
    I will need to investigate further.

  190. Thanks for the response. I should’ve clarified that this is a mobile issue. I rarely get to check out this site when in front of my home computer.

  191. The Last Post data on the thread list is way off. It is 7/15 today. But the latest post on any thread earlier than on 7/8 – after i refreshed the browser, it is the same.

  192. Are the MODS here REALLY about Jeremy Lin?
    Or using Jeremy Lin name’s for $$$ cash cow?
    Sad, so many of you posters here are FOLLOWING the WRONG lead by EXAMPLE.
    GLAD.. I am not a part of this FACADE.
    Peace out!
    Chakalala Boom!

  193. loc vu!

  194. Clarification on “Brook-Lin” trademark:
    Ownership is being transferred to @JLin7 to avoid legal issues/impropriety

    As it is important to provide transparency, I will provide update on the progress.
    The ultimate goal is always to support Jeremy Lin, his foundation and the Brooklyn Nets

    I’d like to clarify this “Brook-Lin” trademark issue:
    The thought behind it was to do fun T-Shirts for JLinFoundation fundraising. I actually asked JLin’s agent via email to transfer the trademark to avoid any legal issues in the future or avoid impropriety.

    I’d rather not to break JLin’s trust especially after we help JLin Foundation with fundraising for the past 2 years

    Note: ‘BrookLin’ was not chosen although it is a more common variation because I considered the Brooklyn Nets would want to trademark it for their marketing purpose. So far the Brooklyn Nets has not done so.

    07/15/16 I am in communication with JLin’s lawyer to wait for the status of holder transfer.
    If Jeremy would like to avoid the complexity due to possible relationship to Brook Lopez or the Brooklyn Nets, we would certainly honor it and follow the advice from the lawyer if it is suggested to transfer to the Brooklyn Nets.
    The worst case is we won’t do anything with the trademark if it will prevent any 3rd party to profit from it.
    It is possible that the Brooklyn Nets would plan to have marketing plan using ‘BrookLin’, ‘Brook-Lin’, or other variations so we will definitely support JLin and the Nets.

    The ultimate goal is always to support Jeremy Lin, his foundation and the Brooklyn Nets.

  195. Be at peace, I understand you have Lin’s best interest at heart, Psalm! Thank you!

  196. Thank you, @disqus_XDhtc6HOJp:disqus Your wishes and prayers truly mean a lot. I really appreciate it

  197. I think you made a wise decision. Didnt realize there was so much drama with the name.


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