Jeremy Lin BobbleHead and the Taiwanese Culture Night


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It is unfortunate that Jeremy Lin has to sit out the Houston Rockets game due to his hamstring injury because the Taiwanese Culture Night will honor him with Jeremy Lin bobblehead nights for the first 10000 fans sponsored by Kenda Tires.

The planning for the Jan 15 Taiwanese Culture Night not only involves JLin bobblehead giveaway for the first 10K fans, but also Santaizi dancersand Taiwanese rapper Dwagie at half-time show.

But none of that has dampened the enthusiasm Borcheng Hsu has for the 28-year-old Taiwanese-American NBA star, who first exhilarated basketball fans in 2012 during his time with the New York Knicks.

Taiwanese Culture Night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which Hsu helped organize, is still on for Sunday — even as Nets officials told NBC News that Lin’s return to the court that night to face his other former team, the Houston Rockets, is still unclear.

“Of course, we’d like to see him play,” Hsu, vice president of the Taiwanese American Council of Greater New York, the event’s non-profit sponsor, told NBC News. “If there are some health reasons why he cannot play, we totally understand that.”

He added, “We still are here and we want to support him.”

Hsu hopes the event, the first for the Brooklyn team, introduces Nets fans to his native Taiwan, the Democratically self-ruled island off the coast of China. More than 1,000 Taiwanese Americans are expected to show up for Sunday night’s game, he said.

Half-time will feature Santaizi dancers — performers dressed in colorful head-to-toe costumes of various gods and deities — and Taiwanese rapper Dwagie, who has collaborated with both Nas and the Dalai Lama.

The first 10,000 fans will receive Jeremy Lin bobbleheads, sponsored by Kenda, a Taiwanese tire manufacturer.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. First!

  2. Im at game and got my bobblehead! Sorry, joy, people got gere like 1 1/2 hours early i guess to get a bobblehead… anyway great vibe!

  3. From Ohm Youngmisuk (ESPN) today …

    Mike D’Antoni on whether he looks back on his time with Jeremy Lin and thinks it was kind of fun: “It wasn’t kind of fun. It was really fun. As a coach, it was fun doing it. Was really proud of him and what he has done and it couldn’t happen to a better person. It goes deep. That is why you coach for a guy, moments like that and people like him.”

  4. More from Mike D’Antoni (via ESPN) …

    When asked what he thinks now that he sees much of the NBA playing the way he’s known for, Mike D’Antoni interrupted and said with a chuckle, “(The way) that got me fired? I thought that Is what you were going to say (smiling). It is always nice to know that you are not completely crazy when you are doing things. But a lot of people have been doing it before me and a lot of people will do it after and do it better. That is just the way I thought we should play, the way the game should look and you do have to have the players, talent and management and everybody has to go on that, the star players, the management, coaches, owner. Everybody wants to play a certain way because it is different and it was weird and now it is catching on a little bit.”

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  6. No Lopez tonight?

  7. No Lopez tonight.

  8. Probably won’t change the eventual 20 point loss anyway.

  9. I haven’t checked it but let me review the pending posts

  10. Congratulations! You did get the Lin bobblehead figurine. 🙂

    Wish you a great time at the Barclays center!

  11. Please check and please check his comments too.

  12. You threw all the attacks and calling people names then have a nerve to report?

  13. Why did you flag your own post? Trying to cover up you started the whole hate, anger to others?

  14. Harden holds his hand up not getting fouls called and doesn’t run down on defense. That’s a selfish player regardless of how many great offensive numbers he could put up.

  15. If mods really want this forum to be clean and professional with agree to disagree, the first person you need to get rid of is KHuang.

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  16. Solid cut by Harris and good look by Dinwiddie. The offense looks very effective tonight. They are a faster team without Brook.

  17. But you can’t give up over 70 points in a half. Defense needs work.

  18. @Pistolpete , Dinwiddie looks good in this game. He’s making your case for you well. Whitehead hasn’t been bad, but Dinwiddie looks good.

  19. Ya! Their D are always bad….. Harden seemed to be nice…. he didn’t put up big number to embarrass Nets too much.

  20. He’s learning the offense. Hasn’t scored but has 5 assists. Jury is still out on him and IW though.

  21. Is anyone seeing KA making in-game adjustment? I do not.

  22. That’s what I like. The assists. The ship feels like it has a rudder.

  23. This team can only play 30 min every game.

  24. If CMC is going to play, give him touches. Let’s see what he has.

  25. CMC, smooth 2. mid-range jumper.

  26. Does anyone think Lin can help this team?

  27. yes no doubt

  28. At least Lin is making 10mil doing nothing!

  29. Thanks! I got it… it was fun… nice to see dantoni… i met a lot of jlin fans!

  30. 12m lol

  31. Fun game today… people looked excited about getting the bobblehead… it was sold out… the team is just not very good although i liked quicy acy… i couldnt see jlin very well bc my angle but i had good seats… i saw him coaching from the sidelines… they hang around but then fall apart… anway, it was fun… i met several jlin fans asian and non asian alikw who seemed to really like him being on the team… wish i saw more jin7 jerseys though…

  32. Absolutely… they looked very disjointed out there on offense and atrocious defense… jlin fills that gap…

  33. 8-31 people with lin they would be like 11-28

  34. You mean only 3 more wins.

  35. why sold out?

  36. From day one at the post game interview after the 1st preseason win against the Pistons, JL stated that, when he was substituted after only playing for about 20mins, his only worry was his team getting stops in order to get a win. This comment was the preview of how bad the Nets defence is throughout the season without JL on the floor to direct the defence.
    Also, at the onset of the 1st year of JL tenure with the Rockets, at the joint interview with Harden by the Rocket media in getting to know your teammates, JL joked and counting the shotclock down when Harden was dribbling the rock, subtly gave fans the notion that Harden was a ball hog n that was basically the beef of Harden in not wanting JL taking his spotlight away.
    Based on these observations JL is a good reader of the team game of 5on5 basketball and can be a fantastic coach in the NBA. Haha cheers

  37. He is making $12 mil leading the Nets team on or off the court.

  38. Coach D’Antoni, the Head Coach of Linsanity, never hesitates to praise Lin.

    No wonder Lin fans love him!

  39. Ya! Love him why he’s not HC for Nets??? smh!

  40. Love of Lin bobblehead figurine. Love of BB game. Love of Nets. Love of Rockets…

    Which one would you pick? 🙂

  41. SMH here too! Sigh.

  42. Great observations!

    Now I begin to worry that Lin would over-exert himself when he returns to the game. Lol.

  43. Glad that you had a good time.

    Did you see any interaction between Lin and coach D’Antoni?
    Was there more james harden jerseys?

  44. Nice analysis! You soundlike coach 🙂

  45. No! I didnt stay til the end bc wanted to beat the rush to go to shake shack!

  46. 🙂

  47. The NBA King of Flops — Harden or Lebrone?

  48. in a way , the good side of it, the nets org can look at these positives they got from JLIN presence on the team..otherwise, Nets org will melt down and will be seen pointing fingers at each other!

  49. Both r insufferable… i long for the days of magic and bird and dr. J… ultimate cool…

  50. 11483254

  51. i was surprised to discover that kenny and the nets are not the only team in the nba having no one playing 30 minutes a game. the lakers also have no one playing 30 minutes a game. the 6ers have only 1. every other team has at least two.

  52. OTd
    NYK is a mess. They should tank and rebuild aroun Porzingis

  53. OF COURSE Lin helps –

    with him, they have no problems beating mid range playoff teams like the Hornets and Pistons and Pacers.

  54. WRONG.

    If you want the forum to be clean and professional, ACT LIKE IT instead of FIRING STUPID INSULTS.


  55. Heh heh, nobody is GOOD ENOUGH to deserve 30 mpg!

    actually Lopez is – but center play between him and Hamilton are absolutely not the reason the Nets are losing games.

  56. the difference between Nets and NYK dilemma flows this way….Nets slow development were because of injuries and being young, but the trying and the grit is there,but unfortunately they can’t get a decent win so far, while NYK , they have TOXIC environment because of jealousy and DIVA attitude of some players, Misunderstanding and lots of bickering among themselves!.

  57. IMO, the problem in NYK was not just eco n diva attitudes of so-called star players alone. It’s basically tche wrong way of playing basketball as a team be it among the players or the culture of management team. The maturity of the players and culture of the team also play a role in the failure or success of the team. Owners manipulations and appropriate involvement are also important for a well managed team. Haha cheers

  58. disjointed is the perfect word to sum up this team. They look lost right now, they need someone who can give them a lift and I believe Lin is that guy.

  59. I say first and last reason.

  60. Any

  61. Happy MLK day!
    It’s the last day to vote for all-star, keep voting for JLin to keep him in top 10. Thanks.

  62. Photos from Rockets game: Nets Taiwanese Culture Night…

  63. Lin holding the ball at the bench?

  64. Just voted.

    Happy MLK day!

  65. Before you vote for Lin for 2017 NBA All-Star game…
    See Jeremy Lin “highlights” at Rockets game

  66. lol??? highlights??

  67. “Jeremy Lin #NBAVote
    We’re proud of our continuously voting for Lin.?
    0⃣days left
    ??️ …”

  68. Voted again today.

  69. since christmas day the two new york nba teams have now collectively lost 21 out of 24 games they have played.

    outscored by their opponents in that time by a total of 214 points.

  70. feel like lin making the all star game would be very beneficial for lin

  71. Yes. NBA LEAGUE PASS will offer a limited number of Free Trials periods during the 2016-2017 NBA season. Visit the NBA LEAGUE PASS site to sign up:

    Half Season Free Preview: Monday, January 16, 2017 – Sunday, January 22, 2017

  72. Super team lost again, now at 18-24.

  73. Wonder if Melo will have a tirade melt down at locker room again.

  74. And the Knicks plot thickens

    “Courtney Lee posted 2 photos from “Dumb & Dumber” on IG after he was benched for rookie Ron Baker and the #Knicks lost to Atlanta,108-107.”

  75. wow, if Lin comes back to help Nets tie or beat the Knicks record, that will be a tremendous success!

  76. lol Imploding so soon? Couldn’t even last an entire season?

  77. Trade Melo, problem solved lol. Bet D Rose wished he was still with Bulls.

  78. Lebron doesn’t even get called traveling let along flops. But at least Lebron is a real star, Harden is just a flopper with fake stats through Rocket’s refs and unlimited shots.

  79. Nets didn’t offer MDA an interview but Rockets did.

  80. He should’ve learned his lesson to take it easy this time. He was too aggressive last time.

  81. lol Love how Lin and Curry was the center of that commercial. Curry slim built and physique goes against the notion that NBA needs to be buff while being one best players in the NBA. It’s exactly why he’s a favorite for Asians. NBA definitely knows their market.

  82. Bet the bulls wish they still have Rose. They are wasting 14 mil on a benched Rondo.

  83. I think it is doable as long as KA is willing to win.

  84. no..buyout dolan. problem solve

  85. and those netta fannas wanted rondola? stoopid.

  86. fans are just as stoopid as the gm.

  87. Lee deleted the photos after they were widely reported and posted this on IG:

    “I posted a pic of dumb n dumber cuz that was my mood, no jab at no1. It’s dumb that we have a talented team and we’re in position to win games n keep losing by 1 possession. We’ll figure it out collectively as a team but that was my mood after the game. Has nothing to with any change, rotation, system, players, coaches, so let that be clear. In other news Happy MLK day.”

  88. miss_ch1020(IG)
    I tried hard to look calm on the outside but I was screaming in the inside!..Glad to meet such an inspiring role model

  89. @_bk_chino: I just wanna know if Lin is practicing today. That’s it. Thanks
    ‏@GregLogan1: No practice today following the wild pace against the Rockets.
    @_bk_chino: that just means he’s definitely out tomorrow smh
    @GregLogan1: Absolutely. Won’t return until he practices a couple of days. Practice is key.

  90. It was the woman on the right who was trying hard to look calm. Here she is at the Lincoln Memorial …

  91. Good NYT article on the current Lin and Nets situation.
    Good to see the Nets would like Lin’s return to be soon based on Sean Marks’ comment.

    Desired as Cornerstone,an Injured @JLin7 Is Watching the Nets Crumble
    MDA: When he’s not out there,it makes it tough

    Lin has not been made available for interviews during his latest rehabilitation. But last Thursday, in an interview with the Chinese television station CCTV-5, Lin said he felt healthy enough to play. Atkinson later responded by saying he loved Lin’s competitiveness and desire to help the team but did not say Lin was ready to return.

    When exactly Lin will make it back remains uncertain. But the Nets would like it to be soon.
    “He’s certainly going to make the whole team in general perform better,” Marks said. “He’ll certainly give us a little bit of stability out there.”

    The best the Nets could do on Sunday in regard to Lin was hand out 10,000 bobbleheads of him wearing a Nets uniform. The real Lin sat on the bench in a white sports jacket with black trim, watching as the Nets gave up more than 130 points in defeat for the second straight game.

    Lin’s absence has also kept the Nets from judging what kind of tandem he might make with center Brook Lopez. With the trade deadline approaching next month, Lopez would be an enticing piece to include in a deal — but what if he and Lin could make for an enticing combination?

    It is one more vexing question for the Nets in a season that will not even end with a top first-round draft pick, no matter the team’s record. The Boston Celtics have the right to claim the Nets’ slot.

    “It’s trying for all of us,” Marks said. “It’s trying for the 15 guys out on the court; it’s trying for everybody who’s involved in it. But, look, we all signed up for this. You’ve got to be positive. You’ve got to have a great attitude through all of this. It’s the big picture.”

    Others around the league believe that the Nets can be a different team, when healthy. Rockets Coach Mike D’Antoni, who headed the Knicks during Lin’s quick ascent to N.B.A. sensation in 2012, fondly recalled Lin’s impact on that team during the whimsical run that became known as Linsanity.

    “That’s your brains, and he’s the one that’s going to be your motor,” D’Antoni said of Lin’s importance to the Nets. “When he’s not out there, it makes it tough. The league is a lot about injuries. If you can stay injury-free and be a good team, you have a chance. Only a chance.

    “But if you’re injured and you don’t have a very good team, you have no chance.”

  92. now I know why Maxxis Tires didn’t sponsor Lin’s team this year. They had competition from another Taiwanese Tire company.

  93. So he meant dumb and dumber collectively as a team? LOL

  94. when will jeremy lin return

    a. before jan 28 when nba starts marketing games to china
    b. after the all star game feb 19
    c. sometime between jan 28 and feb 19
    d. not until next season

    when lin returns will his minutes be
    a. 20-25
    b. more than 25, less than 30
    c. 30 or more
    note: lin’s average this year is 25 and no net is averaging 30 minutes per game

    how many games will lin play this year? (there are 42 games left and
    lin has thus far played in 12 )

    a. less than 30
    b. 30-40
    c. more than 40

    40 games in some #s.

    in the 12 games lin has played nets lost by 15 or more points 25% of the time (3 of 12)
    in the 28 games lin has not played nets lost by 15 or more points 54% of the time (15 of 28!!!!!!!) wow.

    so no lin the majority of the time nets get blown out. with lin 75% of the time they are at least competitive.

    my question would be; after losing to the davis-less pels and the 76ers: will the nets ever win another game this season without lin? (last time they won w/o lin was the lakers over a month ago)

  95. With luck at home and the visiting team playing bad, it is possible to get a win. Just watch the coming game vs Heat.

  96. why

  97. he’ll be back after lunar new year

  98. One of many rumors we’ll hear.

  99. Seems that way. Hope not much more.

  100. Did Marks tell him not bother to come in or Lin showed some kind of frustration by no show?

  101. Excellent comments by MDA. One of the greatest coaches of all time.

  102. The question is whethe he could even play if he was voted in

  103. Yesterday Charles Barkley predicted he’ll be coach of the year.

  104. b.

  105. She is a lady. 🙂

  106. At 28, it is about time that Lin find his lady. 🙂

  107. I dream melo and d rose for lin and lopez.

  108. 1. C
    2. B
    3. B

  109. Haha! I want Lin back to NYK.

  110. smh the nets are horrible

  111. Could just be working out in private (like when he stayed home on a road trip during the first injury). Shootaround doesn’t do anything for recovery.

  112. Nets would be smart to resign Quincy Acy since he’s been the only bright light recently

    Atkinson on Acy, playing the last game of a 10-day deal: “Loved his energy, loved his pop, his aggressiveness, how competitive he is’’ #Nets

  113. Nets would be smart to resign Quincy Acy since he and Levert have been the only bright lights recently

    Atkinson on Acy, playing the last game of a 10-day deal: “Loved his energy, loved his pop, his aggressiveness, how competitive he is’’ #Nets

  114. wow CP3 out 6-8 weeks.
    Not hamstring but thumb injury. Health is definitely a premium in the NBA

  115. JLin latest IG post:

    Sovereign Over Us – Michael W. Smith
    There is strength within the sorrow
    There is beauty in our tears
    And You meet us in our mourning
    With a love that casts out fear
    You are working in our waiting
    You’re sanctifying us
    When beyond our understanding
    You’re teaching us to trust

  116. clipped and reposted from below with an added note courtesy yes network.

    40 games in some #s.

    in the 12 games lin has played nets lost by 15 or more points 25% of the time (3 of 12)
    in the 28 games lin has not played nets lost by 15 or more points 54% of the time (15 of 28!!!!!!!) wow.

    so no lin the majority of the time nets get blown out. with lin 75% of the time they are at least competitive.

    in last 3 games nets a minus 16.7 point differential in the second half. (from memory i think thats rite this note only).

  117. Also, in 3 of Lin’s games, he played only 20m — and all 3 games were close losses. If he had played 30m, Nets would have won at least 2 of those games.

    With Lin totally healthy, they would be a few games below .500. But also developing chemistry for a late season run at the final playoff spot.

  118. I remember he posted something like that last time…only to come back soon after. So I don’t think he’s had a setback or anything. Just sounds like he’s depressed to see the season officially “down the drain.”

    Probably wants to come back now, but the performance team says no due to risk of re-injury — which happened last time. I agree with the cautious approach; I just don’t trust the Nets new training staff to rehab him properly.

  119. Why Nets would want the cancers?

  120. Good point. No doubt the Nets performance team would want to be extra careful because if Lin’s hamstring get reinjured again, their reputation will be shot. Hope they know what they’re doing.

    We might see JLin getting 3-4 team practice before getting cleared to play in games

  121. This DWade ShaqTin Fool moment can be as entertaining as the ongoing Nets vs Raptors game (surprisingly Nets leading 29-26 in Q1)

    “The older you get, the harder it is to flop. Happy birthday, @dwyanewade”

  122. FYI The official update of “No Update” today

    Greg Logan ‏@GregLogan1 1h1 hour ago
    The update on when [email protected] might start practicing is “No update,” #Nets coach Kenny Atkinson says. OUT tonight vs. #Raptors, though.

  123. That’s hilarious.

  124. And the plot thickens…
    Would imagine there to be a good number of Ivy leaguers who are single and interested.
    Not sure Lin is though

  125. lol that’s funny.

  126. Deservingly so!

  127. Good point. I think it was a mistake to fire everyone from the old staff. Experience counts!

    Last time, I think Lin only had 1 full-contact practice before coming back. Maybe this time it’ll be 2-3.

  128. super slow-mo flop 🙂

  129. No update??? Why they didn’t want to say anything? smh!

  130. the nets lack of a point guard is obvious as corey joseph hardly a world beater already has his season high in 18 minutes replacing lowrey add in his back up fred van vleet who was also getting pretty much anything he wanted in his time in against nets and contrast to the 4 headed pg combo of kilpatrick, whitehead, foye, dinwiddie total points: 8 to raps 21.

    and yet the nets are still in this…ahh if they only had a point guard….oh wait….

  131. Wow I’m watching the game for the 1st time in a while and I’m surprised by the improvement! It’s the first time I’ve seen a lop to Lopez for the dunk and it was from RHJ! They are also featuring Lopez more with better passes that’s good! I’m guessing Lavert’s been starting but he’s in foul trouble so Dinwiddie is back in.

  132. This team is playing so well tonight. In fact, it’s a fun game to watch.

  133. Agree! I gave up watching games for a while but got bored today so decided to watch the game. The team has improved so much. So glad they are featuring Lopez as he should be with better passes! More lobs and dunks please! They are leading against Raptors in 2nd quarter without Lin! Truly think this team will be great next season after all the development and lineups are worked out!

  134. Stay the course, even though the growing pains are ugly. And next year, your player, McCullough joins the team.

  135. Still don’t get why Nets wouldn’t allow such an athletic and possible borderline star to join the the team for faster development. It’s a loss season so might as well develop McCullough now than in d league. I hope we will see him in the second half of the season. With McCullough I would no doubt cut Booker and some of the PFs so they have room for SF and SG spots.

  136. I’m hearing the D-league team is doing well and that he gets lots of minutes down there, and would get more spotty minutes on the NBA team. He’s refining some of his defensive play, but I think we’ll see him in March.

  137. it always starts off fun, but quickly and quietly turns into a disaster

  138. Agree about the new “cutting edge” training staff…. that guy sitting next to Lin, the ex-navy seal, looks like a deer in the headlights every single time he’s on camera. He would seem more comfortable as a Seal 6 character in the next war pic.

  139. it’s insidious

  140. I’m not liking what I’m seeing. They are forcing things and DeRozen is heating up.

  141. Brook starts forcing things in the 3Q. He needs to find the open man and get back into ball movement and getting the ball in a good position.

  142. No more self isos but I don’t like how they just let Lopez power through against 4 guys for a post up all by himself! Need to pass it back out.

  143. Good to know but I still think he’d improve faster and better playing against the real deal and would help them. When defenders go 3-4 against Lopez, McCullough would be a perfect fit to help out.

  144. Fantastic move, LeVert.

  145. Pretty move by Lavert to get pass the defender, smart bb player can’t teach that!

  146. Same here! Loved it! So glad KA finally took Booker out for RHJ! Lavert would’ve played more if not for his foul trouble. Seriously I think Booker does more harm then good when he’s on the court, clogs the lane for Lopez, can’t rebound, can’t make passes for Lopez.

  147. And DeRozen gets the star calls. That’s why LeVert has the fouls. But, LeVert is really good.

  148. Levert has the skills to get the rim and make an easy shot, Booker, and may others just forces things and charges at the rim for an ugly miss.

  149. Lavert with the 3!

  150. OMG Lavert with the back to back 3 off the dribble with shot clock running down!! His release is very quick, faster than Lin’s! I want to see Lavert start with Lin they will wreck havoc with their repertoire of shooting skills, 3s and getting to the rim! Totally understand why Nets drafted Lavert and signed Lin both similar skill sets!

  151. I really don’t like how RHJ plays offensively. His style is not within the MO flow.

  152. Same here he can make some passes and can cut the rim that’s it. Won’t miss him if he’s gone next season, Nets can do so much better at the SG position for starter and bench.

  153. Nets picking up the slack now and playing more aggressive on defense and offense after cutting the lead to 7 at one point. I credit KA for finally knowing who is ineffective and needs to be subbed out.

  154. I like the lovely No 7 ref.

  155. Oh Lin is at the game! I thought he stayed home! Saw Lin talking to Lopez during timeout in this bluish suit with his ponytail and glasses!

  156. Shxt, Lopez got injured and grabbed his foot! Come on! He’s trying to run it off and continues to play.

  157. Lopez is a blocking machine! Hope he’s ok 🙁

  158. Attack the rim, not let those guys bricking 3s.

  159. Derozan is killing them, Nets need to contain him.

  160. Well you know the Nets’ record is bad when you’ve been streaming the game all night for free with no lag what so ever :/ Doubt anyone’s interested in watching them besides some die hard and Lin fans.

  161. LOL

  162. Lopez just throws shot up and makes it with and 1! Gosh that was amazing and magical!

  163. Well, look at the bright side, The meltdown count down is deeper and deeper into the 4Q game by game.

  164. If they can fix the defense woe, they can really compete. No game adjustment during game and let the hot hands keep scoring.

  165. Bad defense, Brook keep getting switched to the perimeter guys with no help.

  166. Exactly no adjustment to stop Derozan or Joseph.

  167. That’s true. But, they really run out of steam at some point in the 2nd half, and become disjointed.

  168. Joseph is scoring at will.

  169. His floater works tonight. 3 or 4 then Nets should try run under screen to stop him.

  170. Not liking what I’m seeing from Dinwiddie, you know he’s bad when rookie Lavert is making steals, going coast to coast for a shot, and is playing like a starter/star compared to him! Dinwiddie can be gone after this season, why did Nets sign him? They must’ve been desperate but still can choose a better backup PG!

  171. Only Brook plays over 30 minutes, I think it is the mental and experience thing.

  172. Start Acy!

  173. Finally know why Nets were loosing so bad, Quincy Acy didn’t play at all this game! He comes in and is making all his shots! Probably was his last day of the 10 day contract so KA wanted to make sure he doesn’t get injured.

  174. I guess we should see a stable rotation after All-Star. The core group will be what Nets will build around next season.

    Lin, LeVert, Brook (if he is not traded), booker, and a missing 4.

    Bench with Skill/Hamilton/A missing backup center/Harris/and another good 3pt shooter.

    Well, I am too far ahead. Maybe Lin will lead this team to miracle this season.

  175. 120 seems to be the benchmark for Nets offering. At least the TOs is down to 13 this game.

  176. Nope Booker will not be starting, It will be Lin, LeVert, Lopez, Quincy and Harris/Skil.
    Quiny Acy is a strong offensive threat and great player!

  177. The Nets need Lin badly. Dinwiddie and IW and Foye aren’t getting it done. Skil just isn’t playing well anymore. Bright spot by far is LeVert. RHJ has looked better. Brook played well, but needs to force shots less in the 2nd half.

  178. Not seeing him play much. Maybe you are right.

  179. You can see when Booker is playing along side Lopez, all 4 defenders ignore him and focus on Lopez. Booker just stands there and doesn’t help at all because he isn’t a scoring threat. On defensive end he’s not impacting the game at all. Need there to put his hand up against a scoring player or block shots. He caught a lot just ball watching.

  180. He should at least screens for Lopez. Booker is a solid rebounder and can get tip-ins and such, but he should be coming off the bench. I think Acy probably is better off the bench but he’s more versatile offensively than Booer.

  181. They will but he didn’t play since it was the last day of his contract, wouldn’t want him injured before signing a new one.

  182. Lin knows his body better than they do. If he thinks he needs 2-4hrs of warm up before games, so be it. Another wasted year for Lin; Nets & Atkinson and their treatment of Lin is sad and his injuries could have been prevented. Lin knows his body better than they do. If he wants to take 4hrs of warm up before games so he doesn’t pull a muscle, so be it. Atkinson should have let him play a lot more especially in the beginning of the year so his body could be conditioned properly for intense games instead of sitting him in presumed blow outs starting in the 3rd quarters. Until you Lin fans stop buying NBA gear, tickets, & bobbleheads, Lin is going to be a journey man for the remainder of his career.

  183. No way Acy is a starter and his offense is off the charts good! Booker has always been a bench player just KA was dumb enough to start him. Sorry at this rate if McCullough does get called from D League, Booker will be DNP or be 3rd liner. Acy and McCullough will be getting most of his minutes. Bog can at least shoot 3s but I wouldn’t keep him after this season either not impressed.

  184. But they wont let Lin play

  185. Where did Acy start? I don’t remember him starting but making good contributions off the bench on teams.

  186. This stinks of why Rockets & Lakers drafted Lin. For money and Business! Hornets (and GSW owner) were the only ones who took Lin for his basketball acumen and all-star talent. Just because he is a starter…if this is how he’s treated unlike “ALL & I mean ALL”other starting point guards, then he is still being abused by the NBA, even if it’s coming from Atkinson. If Atkinson was even halfway good, he would have won more games than he has regardless if Lin was injured. No draft picks for 3 years….hmmm Let’s get Lin to fill the seats and sell tickets and gear. What a crying shame, and now Lin seems to be going with it versus his defiant attitude to prove everyone right. We need that Lin that will stand up for his NBA career.
    I’m not going to give him any credit for “helping” the team off court. Look how the team has played. He belongs on the court, not on the side line cheerleading and milking injuries due to NETS front office agendas.

  187. Excellent

  188. Spin all you want but KA is not nba coach. He sucks.

  189. See what Marks said, psalm provided quotes.

  190. What, he said something? Did he say when? Did he say why only lin has to go through all these in the entire league?

  191. I agree about the new training staff doing a poor job — their inexperience shows.

    But the only thing holding Lin back is injuries. He comes back and plays at his 20 PER level for the final 30 games, and everything will be fine in Brook-Lin. Lin was major injury-free for 4 straight years…luck caught up. CP3 just hurt his thumb and will miss 6-8 weeks, ruining their chances for a top seed and a WCF bid (again!).

    I’m amazed, thankful and baffled that Marks/Kenny respect Lin so much that they won’t even trade for a good backup PG. Frankly, I think it’s time to get one because the team is so ugly to watch. But they refuse to even risk any PG controversy.

  192. This is the quote from an article:

    When exactly Lin will make it back remains uncertain. But the Nets would like it to be soon.
    “He’s certainly going to make the whole team in general perform better,” Marks said. “He’ll certainly give us a little bit of stability out there.”

  193. the training staffs are innocent. They only do what they are told. It’s the puppet master SM.

  194. Soon after too late means nothing.

  195. They fired the old experienced staff and brought in a team of young guys, including that Navy Seal trainer who has no NBA experience whatsoever.

  196. You are a troll, fact that you think Nets got Lin just for business when they made him their star player and legit PG!

    You’re crazy, it’s not Nets fault that Lin got injured. Many other PGs are also injured is that the FO’s fault too? lol Hornets took Lin for his all-star talent? So why did they refuse to start him along side Kemba and Batum and insisted on Lin only being a bench player? If anything Hornets’ and Cliff’s lack of care for Lin’s healthy allowing him to play with bad ankel and back created the wear and tear for this hamstring injury! Nets are taking care of Lin and making sure he’s healthy before coming back. Last time I checked this is the only team with a coach willing to call Lin their cornerstone, leader, and starting PG without avoiding it!

  197. No but comparing Acy to the other PF on Nets he’s a starter no doubt and miles better than Booker and Hamilton.

  198. There are some folks that continue to believe Lin is fine to play and the Nets are deliberately holding him back. I don’t believe that. I believe they believe it isn’t wise to play Lin until his test results match numbers they are looking for. And that’s the only reason why he isn’t playing.

  199. He may not be playing due to not knowing the offense yet. We’ll see. Give him a try when he is. Why not?

  200. Keep drinking the Nets Kool-aid. I’m not comparing Lin to any other player except for his previous history with injuries but more importantly how he is treated as a player (rotations, game plan, etc..) that can affect not only his psyche as a Starting PG but his physical body. To think that the lack of care from Hornet’s or Cliff to play on a bad ankle and sore back! (this isn’t powder league) There are lots of starters or NBA players playing through injuries and Lin excelled playing through his injuries. Not like the NETS taking advantage of them (injuries) with their poor so called development rhetoric. If you’ve ever played a physical sport like football or soccer or basketball where you are constantly running, people play through lots of injuries.

  201. You don’t play through all injuries. Is Chris Paul playing through his ligament damage injury to his thumb? No. He’s out 6 to 8 weeks. What independent medical authority can you or anyone who claims a Nets “agenda” show to PROVE your notion that Lin is ready to play before the Nets clear him to play? No one is drinking any kool aid unless you can prove your assertion and nobody claiming this assertion has provided anything close to proof. And I don’t buy your “he knows his body” reason at all. He’s a competitive athlete that wants to play, it doesn’t mean it’s medically wise for him to play on an NBA level yet.

  202. First, I didn’t say he was ready to play, but their metric of what dictates when the player is ready is questionable. Second, I didn’t say they play through All injuries. YES, I do believe Lin knows his body better than the NEW team that has just met LIn. Believe me when I say that he will start having more input in his training and possibly rehab in the future. Just because he wants to play has no impact on the decisions of the NETS not wanting him to play until THEY think he is ready.

  203. You can question that metric all you want but do we even know what it is to compare with any other? Is Lin trained in the medical field or is he a trained athlete? Knows his body better makes no sense. Can he read an MRI and tell the degree of his strain, where he is, the muscle groups involved, etc. I don’t think so. He can’t diagnose his own treatment program, he needs people trained at rehabbing to give him a program to follow.

  204. Generally professional players are way too eager to be back in the field. Thats norm 🙂

    Medical team are trained to evaluate and plan the recovery program

  205. It’s No-Nets kool-aid I’m drinking. All I Need to know is: JL7 is the most important player on this team and nothing has disproved that yet. I don’t care about this season, about how many games JL7 should be playing when he’s healthy to do so. This is Year One – inexperienced and young team that just need a lot more time to gel and work through problems. The team can or cannot achieve something good with Lin playing. But it’s not going to be something great. They are still short of talented players surrounding Lin to make “his” team formidable. I don’t want Lin’s team to simply make the playoffs – but made it there and stayed there for 3rd round. It’s not rush. To build a great team takes time and patience. Lins skills will only improve.

  206. I can’t have a conversation with someone who can’t get their head out of the ground. Now the Troll card comes out. Nobody can have an objective argument on this sight. You have not supported anything except the fact that it’s not LIn’s fault he got injured. Quit bashing others opinions when you have none of your own except worthless comparisons. I think Lin can make the team great and playoffs would have been a huge accomplishment if he was allowed to play and play his style early.

  207. That’s what I meant, Marks wanted new guys to be his guys, not about knowing what to do but knowing what to follow his agendas.

  208. Excellent point. Some lin fans will never get it as long as they still believe lin is till injured because the performance team says so.

    This team does not even allow lin to practice with the team because they know lin would prove them wrong that he has been ready to play long ago.

  209. a nice string of comments on netsdaily as regular nets fans starting to notice the big difference with and without the lin.

    evident in this last game where, no lowery no problem!! corey joseph (and even fred van vleet) lite up the 4 or 5 headed nets points guard attempted rotation while that same nets pgs put up almost nothing.

    oh here’s the comments.

    “It’s apparent how much a competent PG really matters
    Saw it all of last year and now we’re seeing it again. There’s so many silly mistakes that can be avoided – bad entry passes into the post, dribbling straight into a defender’s arms and all sorts of weird turnovers. Not to mention it’s difficult to even run the coach’s offense..
    I know Lin coming back probably won’t change our fortunes as a bottom 3 team, but at least it won’t look like we’re playing high school level ball.

    ▼Yeah, Lin probably changes our fortunes as a bottom 3 team
    Kenny Atkinson’s last two previous bosses (Budenholzer and D’Antoni) basically called the Nets garbage without Lin – but what do they know.
    You can call D’Antoni biased but he’s seen this team both with Lin and without Lin on the floor and he’s made his conclusion.

    ▼without Lin this team just looks like
    A squad of chucking 3’s… we got spot up shooters that aren’t getting the Roc at their spot. Witch explains our poor 3 point percentage.

    ▼Big reason teammates like being in Lin’s lineup, he knows where you like the ball and sets you up at your spot.
    And his passes don’t make you leap for them or come in at your feet, but right in your hands where you’re comfortable – he memorizes all of that for each individual shooter.

    the key thing is there still seems to be some debate even among lin fans as to whether lin can really make a difference with this team (ie the team is so bad nothing can help); i previously posted the fact that its not just the wins and losses its the total absence of competitiveness; without lin nets lose a majority; a majority of their games by 15 points or more; with lin 75% of the time they are competitive.

    these comments above from nets fan site and the ease with which relatively bottom of the league point guards dominate the nets no lin attempted point guards should confirm once and for all the dramatic difference a lin makes.

    but the open question is: when (if) lin returns this season. more and more people (nets and lin fans from whatever perspective) seem to be conceeding that lins time on court this season is already pretty much approaching negligible.

    with the season half over and “no timetable” for return; and only 12 games played to date (and the prospect of even more than the usual “equalitarian” net limited minutes restrictions upon any return) there seems little room for hope of any significant amount of lin on court this season and we are reduced to rating his clothing choices on the bench.

    an unfortuante circumstance.

  210. Well, Lin’s body and condition is not ours to judge. Only he knows. Only the insiders know what is going on. We peeking from outside can only speculate at best.

    Even if Nets is holding Lin back, I think it is for good reasons. This season with a non-performing roster really doesn’t mean much now that half games are played. I believe Nets FO/KA has a long term plan surrounding Lin. Just look at the sold-out Lin Bobblehead night. Lin, even not playing, attracted a full house. Anyone with reasonable business sense would build a team around Lin. So I believe Lin is in good hands.

    I might often critique the coaching strategy. but as outsiders, we really don’t know what is going on. Maybe there is a plan that they are following through that development in half season and building team chemistry in the last half, to be ready for next season.

    It is what it is. Just wait and see what unfolds. And see if Nets can be a playoff spoiler.

  211. o where art thou jeremy?! lol ive been waiting patiently….God plz fix Jeremy up haha i miss watching him play so much

  212. As fans judging is what we do and it’s what you’re doing.

  213. Yes, we are judging as fans and you are entitled to your own opinions. But to me, I won’t put too much weight on Lin’s injury and recovery and Nets’ plan for that because I am not a medical expert and I am not an insider.

  214. You may or may not be correct in your opinion on Lin’s conditioning. Your “journeyman” statement, however, is a baseless and outrageous assertion.

    How dare you imply that Lin has no basketball merit but business value to NBA! Before you troll further, be remind this is a Lin appreciation fan site.

  215. Thank you. I just thought you said it is not for us to judge.


  217. The problem is that there are members of this forum using Lin as an EXCUSE to TROLL OTHER LIN FANS.

  218. Those people on this forum are merely KNOWN TROLLS who are using Lin as an excuse to flame other members here, just like they did with the insane political flaming over the presidential election that they polluted this forum with.

  219. Agree, but we can make our MEANINGLESS opinions anyway.

    Personally, I believe that Lin might have to make some adjustments to not only his style of play but practice habits.

    Lin has gone all out every practice, every game. For the last few years with hater coaches trying to eject him out of the NBA, he had to do that just to survive.

    But now that Lin is a solid starter, he cannot practice all out like he used to. NO VETERAN CAN.

    In the NBA, veteran players who play big minutes are usually prevented by coaches from overpracticing. It’s how banged up veterans like Conley manage to stay in games.

    Similarly, Lin needs to realize that he’s a veteran and not a bench player scrapping for minutes. He needs to save his energy and health for games, not blow it out in practices.

    My suspicion is that for Lin to get healthy and stay healthy, he needs to do LESS and not more. That would make no different from the rest of the NBA’s veteran players of his age and experience.


    GTFO with the “Lin is a journeyman” TROLLING.

    This is just another pathetic excuse for you LIN BASHERS to FLAME LIN FANS.

    Administration, this troll has been flaming people repeatedly on this forum. You gotta get tougher with EJECTING these hate trolls.

  221. FLAGGED.

    You of course support the hateful flaming that troll does of “Lin is a journeyman”.

  222. Is this the calm before the storm of Linsanity2 hits the world again? Will the length of Lin’s absence equal the longevity of Linsanity2? Thinking long term rather than short term is so difficult. No wonder little kids would rather just take the candy and eat them right there and then, rather than wait to get more candies later on. Last year this time, I was having a lot of fun watching Lin play with the Hornets and reading all the positive comments by their fans – – – never take health for granted again.

  223. No, it’s just KNOWN HATE TROLLS gleefully firing flames at Lin fans by using Lin as an excuse.

    Those same exact trolls were using the presidential election as an excuse to flame Lin fans.

    Administration just has to get TOUGHER with these trolls, ban the repeat offenders MERCILESSLY.

    This is the NBA, injuries happen.

    For all we know, Lin’s injury is a freak thing that happened despite everybody doing everything right. That’s what all pro athletes dread.

    Contrary to what the trolls here who openly
    claim they are smarter than the Nets insist, the Nets aren’t trying to hurt Lin and are not clueless. They’re trying desperately to get him back on the court.

    Lin himself is working hard to get back on the court. If anything, there’s a real danger that Lin is working TOO hard.

  224. You TROLLS all think you’re smarter than the Nets.

    I don’t see you earning a NBA paycheck as a health professional.

    You wanna flame Lin fans here for “drinking Kool Aid”? You’re the real dummy here, LYING that you know better than the paid professionals of the Nets.

    I’m tired of your endless flaming. YOU SHOULD BE BANNED.

  225. NO, you trolls don’t understand that you are NOT SMARTER than the medical professionals surrounding Lin.

  226. He did.

    READ HARDER if you cannot understand what is being written.

    This forum is not Hooked On Phonics for you.

  227. The old experienced training staff was unable to prevent the endless injuries that wrecked the Nets the last few years.

    That said. the Nets under Billy King were known for picking up aged broken down veterans that no trainer could have repaired.

  228. where is Lin?

    probably locked away in some conditioning gym, OVERWORKING himself to return!

  229. We can question if the Nets performance team does its job well in rehabbing Lin from a tricky hamstring injury which can hamper NBA players throughout the season (i.e. CP3, Andrew Bogut, etc.). It’s a hard injury to treat due its chronic nature.

    But we can’t question Lin being a “journeyman” at the Nets. It doesn’t quite make sense.
    The Nets basically prepared Lin to star in this Nets team as the face of the franchise. GM and Coach lauded his importance as a leader and QB of the system. His face has been all over the billboard as the face of the franchise.
    Which NBA journeyman gets to have his face on the Nets billboard and gets the bobblehead game night?

    If anything, Lin’s popularity helps to strengthen Nets commitment to build the team around Lin and Lopez.
    It’s the opposite, the more we buy Nets Lin merchandise, the longer the Nets will be patient to build around JLin due his rare combination of basketball and marketing power..

    Even Lopez was surprisingly not featured as much as Lin as the face of the Nets because they’re somewhat open to listen to trade offers.

    Nets gave a chance for Lin to star in this team. Injuries happen to all NBA players and it’s certainly a bad break but the season is not over yet. Lin and the Nets medical team need to make sure that he can return for the rest of the season healthy because their reputation are at stake here. If it takes 2-3 more weeks to give more chance at that, I am okay to wait longer this time.

  230. Great post.

  231. Kilpatrick is injured, his production is temporarily down but will return once he gets healthy again.

  232. As usual, you cry about bad coaching but are not capable of offering up a solution.

  233. NOT TRUE.

    That’s WRONG INFORMATION you’re spewing.

  234. As Lin fans, we just need to be more patient this season with the chronic nature of the hamstring injury and the long recovery time (up to 3 weeks for a grade 1, 2-8 weeks for a grade 2 hamstring strain). We know CP3 and other NBA players have a chronic hamstring injury due its nature so it is harder to treat. Andrew Bogut is out indefinitely this season on Jan 8 due to hamstring strain. So we know it’s not just Lin who needs time to recover from hamstring injury.

    We can’t let frustration take over and lash out at the Nets. If anything, the Nets can force Lin to come back early in order to sell more tickets even if it jeopardizes Lin’s health. It’s a business after all. But thankfully they haven’t done so.

    We just need to try to understand the current situation.
    – Lin suffered Grade 2 hamstring strain on 11/2 Pistons game and was out for 40 days (~6 weeks) until he came back on 12/12 HOU game. Lin said he told GM Sean Marks he wanted to come back early to prove people wrong but SM said to take his time to get healthy.
    – He immediately sat out the next 12/14 Lakers game due to back strain that was related to hamstring, possibly due to multiple hard hits and taking a hard charge in the HOU game
    – Lin played 7 games before he injured a different part of hamstring on 12/26 Hornets game
    He and the team said the injury was less severe than the 1st one but no timetable yet for the return.
    – It has been 23 days since the 2nd injury and Lin said he hasn’t passed the strength test during the rehab so he’s not allowed to join team practice yet
    – Both Lin and the Nets probably want to ensure the 2nd return will be good so it minimizes the chance for the 3rd injury.

    IMO, there is no guarantee but Lin’s style of playing so hard on offense with those scintillating drives/cuts/turns and defense to challenge every shots, drawing charges, etc. are so hard for the bodies. That’s the reason Kobe said he didn’t draw charges; possibly the same reason Harden didn’t bother play defense to save their bodies for the offense.

    I wouldn’t wish Lin stop playing defense or driving hard to the rim when he comes back but I hope there will be some adjustment to his game so there will be more floaters, midrange Js and he didn’t sacrifice his body in those hard charges, at least while his hamstring is still recovering.

  235. No one wanted lin to come back and play injury, no one. The question is who should we believe, Lin or the performance team? I believe lin and trust his judgment.

  236. We all learned Lin wanted to come back so bad after the 1st injury to “prove people wrong”.

    After the 2nd injury happened, I think Lin was more frustrated but he knew he needed to take more time to be 100% ready when he comes back again since hamstring injury is likely to reoccur. He knew if he got injured again, people will label him ‘injury-prone’ so he can’t afford that.

    I see the competitive fire in Lin to come back but I think he knows his body is not ready yet.

    It’s hard for us as Lin fans because we saw Lin coming back and playing hurt with ankle and back injuries in past seasons but I learned that hamstring injury is a different animal indeed.

  237. Yes health is the most important but according to lin, he’s been 100% healthy, that’s why he said he would be playing if it’s his decision.

  238. A player needs to be medically cleared to play, not play when he/she feels they are ready.

  239. What’s wrong with him?

  240. Every injury is different with another so we can’t say which is worse to justify the endless and needless to sit out when the man says he’s fine to play.

    Lin was frustrated after the second hamstring knowing he’s forced to go through the same process before they let him play again, something never happened before to any other minor hamstring injured player in this league.

  241. Read his reply to mine.

  242. when I watched Lin’s CCTV interview when he said he hasn’t passed the test yet using scientific procedure to measure muscle strength but if it were up to his feelings, he jokingly said he’ll play [2:44]

    My assessment is Lin knows his hamstring is not strong enough yet so he’ll keep working hard in his rehab

  243. I’m amazed how are you still posting in this forum with all the personal attacks? Are the rules enforced here or just depending on whom?

  244. Wow cursing, personal attacks without a single productive comment.


  245. ?Brooklyn Nets 2017-18 season membership com’l. Go, @JLin7! Go #Nets!! #BrooklynGrit

  246. Feb 3 Chinese Heritage Night
    Hope Lin will be back by then

  247. “Jeremy Lin did not practice today. Still not further update on his status. #Nets”

  248. We gonna have to disagree there. I believe using some humor was just lin himself but he knows for fact that all these tests are designed specifically for him to pass just to keep him out indefinitely.

  249. Just want to let you know, KHUANG used foul language cursing at another poster below.

  250. if you see posts breaking the forum rules, please help to flag them so it helps the mods to look at them quickly. thank you

  251. I got banned a month for breaking the rule here.

  252. Thanks. I was hoping he’d play in Charlotte and the fans there would give him a big ovation. But that game is Saturday and it doesn’t look likely. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. Hoping he’s injury free for the rest of the season when he’s back next time.

  253. I tend to listen and read Lin’s body language to see what message he wants to send out.

    IMO he’s more resigned to the fact (compared to the 1st injury) that his hamstring is not very strong yet but if it were up to his competitive fire, he won’t care too much and just play.

    Let’s just trust Lin’s words. Also, I don’t see any motives why Nets would want to keep Lin out. If anything, they want Lin to play asap to sell tickets and generate excitement to sign more business deals for this season and next season.

  254. I believe it’s for not complying with mods warning.
    Mods do our best to enforce the forum rules without resorting to bans too quickly. I believe they give more leeway for long-time posters like you and KHuang than new ones.

  255. 🙁

    “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference.”

  256. If they enforced their own rules, you should be banned for life.

  257. Whatever, you’re the one calling people “insane” here.

    You think it’s FUN to break rules. You think you can strut onto this forum and insult anyone you want because Adminstration bans flaming. It won’t stop you from being repeatedly and painfully retaliated against by the people you attack.

    Try following the rules here. TRY YOUR HARDEST.

  258. Well psalm234, I don’t need that leeway.

    I do appreciate your kindness and respect, but I’m no better or worse than anyone here. So if I’m out of sorts, BAN ME MERCILESSLY.

    I refuse to engage known hate trolls like takeme2cruz anymore when he comes after me with dirty insults, but I will FLAG. And when you continue to let them flame, I’ll complain out loud to you directly.

    I’m SICK AND TIRED of the ENDLESS HATE FLAMING on this forum. But I stick with this place because you Adminstrators do an excellent job.

    You do need to get MUCH TOUGHER THOUGH – no more “special treatment” for me or anyone else!!!

  259. You need to get MUCH TOUGHER.

    The known trolls are deliberately taking advantage of your kindness.

    CRACK THE WHIP, eject the known trolls that are incorrigible and are here specifically to flame Lin and Lin fans.

    My experience here is that flagging does NOTHING. The known trolls have not changed their behavior one bot and have intention of doing so.

    Administration, SHOW US that you mean business when flags are set. BAN THE TROLLS MERCILESSLY!!!

  260. I made the MISTAKE of asking you not to be banned for longer.

    I won’t make that mistake again.

  261. Totally UNTRUE.

    Please don’t PRETEND that Lin is healthy.

  262. Just keep flaming away.

    That’s what you’re here for.

    The thing is that we’re smirking at each other because I’m the one guy here that knows your full game and is aware of the flame game you are playing. Nobody here understands you better than I do, though I’m only here to discuss basketball unlike you.

  263. Listen psalm234.

    The flaming over Lin by known hate trolls was happening long before Lin was injured.

    Troll flaming on this forum is not timed with Lin’s injury. Troll flaming happens year round, no matter how things are going.

    You just gotta CRACK DOWN on the flaming. When we members flag trolls, don’t just let the flags go. EJECT the trolls, then the flaming will go down magically.

  264. Great Nets is still holding Lin back and provides no update
    This is no way to treat a franchise player

  265. NO

    You have ZERO proof of that.

    Don’t INVENT HATE out of thin air.

    What is this, Creative Writing 101?

  266. Then where is the update?
    He’s been out for weeks and there hasnt been any update on his injury status

  267. Why?

  268. What did he say

  269. The “update” is that Lin is still not ready to return.

    And that’s all the update you or anybody should need.

    THE END.

  270. NO, that’s not true at all!!!


  271. no updates doesn’t equate to Lin Nets holding Lin back. they didn’t hold him back from the first injury and they certainly aren’t holding him back now. be patient. we don’t need Lin re-re-injure himself. haven’t you guys learned from the first time?

  272. Terrific post.

    I wish this could be reposted every time somebody concocts a made up story of “The Nets hate Lin” and “The Nets refuse to let a healthy Lin play” and “Lin never got injured”.

  273. I’m actually afraid that Lin’s in some fancy Nets workout dungeon OVERTRAINING and thus aggravating his injury instead of healing properly!

  274. I guess “progressing really well” is better than “no update”

    Kenny Atkinson acknowledged that it was ‘vague’ but offered no timetable for Jeremy Lin, adds ‘he’s progressing really well.’ #Nets”

  275. “Will the Nets retain Quincy Acy?”
    6.3pts/2rebs in 7.3 min with 57% FG and 75% 3FG should scream yes

  276. maybe for another 10 days. he’s just like Psycho T but with a jumper

  277. The update is that he’s progressing. Then the press will tell us when that he’s practicing. We just have to accept that the Nets don’t give out a lot of info on injured players. They didn’t on LeVert, that don’t on Lin, they don’t on their players. It’s just how they are. We have to wait, be patient, and hope that when he’s back, he’s back for good.

  278. that’s a concern if there is such a setback but hopefully not if they do daily measurement to assess the strength

  279. “Progressing really well” means for next season.

  280. U argue to argue. The term Journey man is taken out of context to create “troll flaming” without merit. Following LIN throughout his career, that statment has been used because hes been on 6 teams already. If u read the statements its regarding the questionable use of Lin as a starter that can affect his mind and body. After the comment from Atkinson wanting Lin to be more of a point guard vs a star, Lin started to hesitate and pass more. Weve seen it throughout his career when he is questioned on how he is playing, even if he is leading the team to victories. So take your TROLL baiting statments and u know what to do with them.

  281. Which NBA journeyman gets to have his face on the Nets billboard and gets the bobblehead game night? The asian kind with millions of fans and Connection to millions of chinese fans. He wasnt a starter on other teams on LIN bobblehead night and commercials for China. Where are his american commercial endorsements. I believe Lin is an allstar calibur player so keep all of hour Troll hunting for someone else.

  282. I like Quincy’s impact especially on energy and defense that Nets are sorely lacking.
    Perhaps 2nd 10-day contract and then hopefully the rest of the season if the Nets don’t trade for new players.

  283. Definitely should retain…
    Would be nice to bring in Psycho-T out of retirement too

  284. Here is the main issue of the troll definition, I think ..

    I think we ought to listen better to one another before we label posters that don’t agree with our opinions as trolls or other insults.
    trolls = One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument

    For real trolls who want to provoke, mods have done a great job with quick permanent bans.
    For long-time posters/Lin fans who have slightly different opinions, we should refrain with name calling or personal insults because it takes away from the real issue

    We need to focus on the issue, not the person, to have high-quality discussion.

  285. Well, Acy can’t create his own shot like Psycho T can.

    But Acy outjumps Hansbrough (especially in shotblocking) and shoots standstill perimeter shots much better.

  286. My uninformed suspicion is that Lin hasn’t fully healed properly because the performance team with their military background might be pushing him too hard.

    I remember when Blake Griffin was a rookie. He had some highfalutin’ ex military trainer who said he was gonna work Griffin hard like nobody has ever been worked.

    Then Griffin missed his entire rookie season due to injuries caused by the military style overtraining!

  287. Over the years, we Lin fans have watched Lin overcome every kind of adversity.

    When he made the NBA, everybody thought he was “unathletic” despite dominating athletic testing NBA combine results and tons of athletic highlights at the pro level. Now nobody in the media dares call Lin “unathletic”.

    Then Lin arrived in the NBA with a questionable shooting form, and that underwent several rounds of metamorphosis. But now Lin has the shooting touch that allows him to hit jump shots accurately, especially in the clutch. Doesn’t matter who’s defending him either.

    People used to say “Lin is turnover prone, he can’t go left, he’s soft, he plays no defense, he can’t compete against NBA players, yadda yadda yadda”. All of that was DEBUNKED, statistically and in video.

    Now Lin is facing a new situation for him: injury as a first time cornerstone starting PG for his team (Houston doesn’t count, as Lin was a low usage off guard who touched the ball less than any starting guard and less than quite a few bench guards).

    Like everything else, Lin’s having to adjust his game by making changes in his habits and even game. But if there’s one thing we Lin fans know better than anyone, it’s that Lin will eventually figure it all out and play at a higher level than we’ve ever seen him do!

  288. Not only should they retain him, they should consider starting him.

    He’d absolutely be an athletic upgrade over Booker, especially defensively where opponents attack the slow moving Booker in switches.

  289. Acy is the kind of limited specialist player that would excel with Lin.

    Acy knows his limits and sticks to what he does well. That makes it easy for Lin to get the most production out of him.

  290. i dont know the more i learn of the situation i think its the nets point guard curse. look it up: its been since 2006 (jason kidd) that the nets had a starting point guard who didn’t come down with serious injury during his tenure with nets; in fact i beleive (have to recheck) that only 1 season has the assumed starting point guard since then played 70 games. (that was d. williams and that was only one of his four seasons the other three he was out significant time).

    the sad thing is this seasons seems pretty much washed out by now. there just isnt enuf time left to salvage much, especially knowing if and when lin comes back this season (some think he wont or even shouldn’t until next year) there will be minutes restrictions beyond the general nets equalitarian minutes restrictions.

    but as has been suggested below lin has always faced obstacles and come back. a real fan will hope for that as i think lin is indicating in his “religious” posts having faith will conquer obstacles and come back again to move forward in a positive way in dealing with this latest challenge.

  291. All athletes believe that they are bulletproof and will always come back way too early. That’s their will to win and need to compete. It’s in their makeup to falsely believe that can overcome any pain or suffering. It’s up to coaches and doctors to make them sit and convince them that it’s what’s best for the team.

  292. Anyone that wants to believe that the Nets are deliberately keeping Lin from playing is either deluded by negativity or just paranoid. Why would the Nets deliberately keep Lin out when it’s so obvious that they want Lin to be the leader of this team. Lin’s presence on the court can only help the young team to learn the new system faster. How could Atkinson be so 2 face with his friend, someone that’s been a Lin believer since Knicks. The Nets can’t tank, they don’t have draft picks. Their only hope is to rebuild the team from within. Are we so blinded by paranoia that we want to believe inuendos and fears instead of looking at the facts?

  293. Military-style training is surely inappropriate for basketball-style performance.
    Not sure how anyone can see that as a good thing.

  294. Lin has repeatedly proven naysayers wrong, including naysayers here and the other forum.
    Lin will continue to figure it out and make improvements in the process

  295. I don’t think he needs any “practice.” He got re-injured last time because his muscles weren’t built up properly after missing 6 weeks of action. They atrophied and weren’t strong enough.

    That’s why we saw Lin doing leg workouts a couple days ago before the game. I think he just needs to hit the weight room and workout his legs/back/core. Practice will be just a formality.

  296. Jan. 9th JLIN said he was ready to play — Valid argument can be made that Nets are being overcautious.

    Performance team has made stumbles and are under scrutiny: Greivis’ boot failure, Hamilton’s vision; and JLIN’s 40d rehab followed by reinjury. Rehab a hamstring – the entire hamstring should be rehabbed, whether the new injury is 4cm or 0.1mm from the old, shouldn’t be material.

    Point is if Performance team allows JLIN back and there’s 3rd hamstring: finger-pointing, negligence accusations & reputations will suffer.

    Paranoid thinking? Perhaps, but it’s logical for HSSTC/Performance do everything – including setting the physiological metrics of JLIN’s bio-monitoring to err on the ultra conservative side for maximum insurance to prevent a 3rd recurrence.

  297. i remembered a saying that goes like this…”The SPIRIT is WILLING , but the Flesh is NOT” . we always felt that in every aspect of our life that we think we are badly needed, we focused on our ability and say that we can do it, but sometimes we need to listen to other saying we need to calm down because at the moment, we can’t.

  298. you can’t let a medical student performed an operation immediately simply because he graduated with honors and know he can do it, he needs to pass a series of evaluation still to determine his capability so as to limit accidents and wrong practice as a doctor. same goes with a player or just like normal people, person whom given freedom most of the time almost always stumbles and fall and when that happen, they are the worst among the worst. just saying (my own opinion only)

  299. You have consistently shown you are the own the needs to GTFO. One day you’ll agree, then another day you won’t. You were so anti NBA establishment on how they treated Lin in the past, maybe you don’t feel that way with the NETS, but you have NO BUSINESS calling out other people and flaming them as a TROLL. “Bro, you’ve changed”.

  300. Jeremy Lin thinks He is READY – to be a Starter, to be the Cornerstone of the team, To be the franchise player of the team (He is Maybe?). BUT, he got things happening to him differently from what he WANT to be his.

    And what does it teaches Jeremy? Reassuringly, Jlin knew this even for a long time now,

    That It is the WILL of HIM that Created Jeremy and all of us that WILL happen simply BECAUSE it is the BEST WAY for him to be better on HIS eyes.

  301. Seems like they’re holding him back because of re-injury risk. Last time they held him out 6 weeks, but they didn’t rebuild his muscles properly so he strained a different part of his hammy.

    Based on leg workouts he was doing recently, it looks like they’re rebuilding his muscles properly this time. Not just waiting for the soreness to go away.

  302. Lol, some say it’s a Nets pointguard curse thingy, others say it’s leave it to God will thingy(40day rehab/ rest!). I reckon fans should just let the Nets org and the ‘performance team’ do their job professionally. Haha cheers

  303. Deluding is one who still believes Lin is the leader, the future and the franchise player of this team. How can it be paranoid when it’s been happening in front of our eyes for weeks, months? The announcement of motion offense and players system before the season even started by Marks and Atkinson was to scratch off the Lin and Brook as the cornerstones of this team (wake up people). Anyone who follow and understand Nets offense was all about everyone is a point guard, finisher or shooter. Even Lin had objection to it but later said in the end he has to do what Kenny wants.

    Lin was happy even during his first injury. He was joyful to help the coach and his teammates. Now is totally different (where are Lin’s notes, Kenny?). Lin is now nowhere near with the team during shoot around or practice, no news, no update, no media access zero nada. This is not how a team leader should be treated if the Nets had nothing to hide, maybe Lin is not the leader or the future who everyone thought he would be.

  304. The minor hamstring was not his roadblock of this season, the phony testing by the Nets performance team and its GM is.


  305. Psycho T is overrated. He’s out of the league for the reason.

  306. There may not be a PG curse. But there could be something about playing on that floor at Barclays that isn’t good for PGs. I think they should look into that.

  307. You keep saying minor hamstring.We got no info of the grade of the hamstring. So there’s no basis to refer to Lin’s injury as a “minor hamstring” strain. It may have been a pretty serious one and this latest less severe one may be a pretty significant one. I don’t see how you can constantly talk of an injury without being a medical professional. And even if you were one, the Nets did not give any info on the severity of the strain, only the vague term “strain” which varies in severity.

  308. So Kenny Atkinson offers no time table for Lin to come back but saying ‘he’s progressing really well.’

    Sound like Lin was on the wheelchair and now he can stand and walk.

  309. Lin’s words not mine. Please don’t try so hard to make it seem like something “could” be major.

  310. You might be right for some parts. But the truth is we don’t know what is really going on behind the scene.

    Lin only played 12 games with 2 games half (when he was injured) and some from bench, We really don’t know how KA’s MO fits with Lin and how KA will use Lin long term. And we don’t know why Lin stop taking notes. Maybe he saw enough, maybe he used another approach.

    No news, no updates not necessarily mean negative towards Lin. If, just if, Nets wants to tank (got the first round pick before trade deadline), then Nets has more the reason to rest Lin.

    All I am saying is, anything is possible. But we don’t know. As Lin’s fans, we should support him no matter what. If it comes, it will come. But it could be the other way around.

  311. This is a thing of beauty: Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin doing a synchronized double flop on Omer Asik (2013).

  312. The Nets don’t want to tank, they were just so wrong about the direction they are going and it’s too late to reverse or even to stop it. They didn’t expect it would be this bad without Lin.

  313. It will only make him stronger and figure out how to play without relying so much on his inside game and rely more on other shooting skills. His inside game won’t be as effective once he gets older. Better to learn to play without it now than later especially with his hamstring injury.

  314. He’s a starter no doubt about it, at least on this team his offensive is sky high compared to the rest! A good coach would start his best players and that’s that.

  315. Geez you’re getting us worried, I truly hope not.

  316. How about stopping the guest posting option all together. So many trolls coming in as guests it’s annoying. Any legit fan will use their accounts to post comments.

  317. lol It was epic and funny. I remember that scene very well.

  318. well said! the idea that Nets are keeping Lin from playing is quite bizarre. even worst, it had already blew up in their faces the first time and they’re still at it

  319. as they say, to each his own..cheers too!!!LOL!

  320. I agree.
    I have a concern. For all the previous “short-coming” we have video, number, data to monitor/de-prove it. But this time round we don’t. He can only base on trial and error. One iteration of trial and error will take a few months. We can’t afford that.

  321. To YOU Lin is not the future or leader.

    Your hater view of Lin is not shared by anyone on this forum.

  322. You’re STILL selling your PHONY line that “Lin never got injured?”

    There’s no discussing this with you, you’re not capable of engaging in this discussion.

  323. To @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus and @takeme2cruz:disqus

    Again this is the last warning, if you guys dont agree to each other just move on, there is no necessity to insult one another .

    No more warnings will be given, we will just action as follows:- delete/ban/temp ban, etc

  324. Like I keep saying, it’s TROLLS that come here specifically to flame Lin fans using Lin as an excuse who spew endless negativity about the Nets having some cockamanie “conspiracy” to somehow eject their big free agent signing off the court for some imaginary made up reason.

  325. takeme2cruz is not right for ANY parts in his anti Lin post.

    EVERYTHING he wrote in that hateful post is TOTALLY DEBUNKABLE.

  326. Add my “Lin is probably being overtrained”.

    But you’re absolutely right, we fans should just let Lin and the paid professionals DO THEIR JOB.


  327. Lin’s NOT PLAYING.

    Please try to get that through your hard head.

  328. By that definition, you better ban people like takeme2cruz who just called this entire forum “delusional”!

    You’re PERMITTING the trolling to continue.

  329. Rudy Gay tore his left Achilles tendon in a loss vs Pacers.
    Another reminder that health is such a premium in the NBA 🙁

    @WojVerticalNBA: “Rudy Gay’s torn Achilles will seriously change trade deadline and free agency. He planned to opt-out of $14.2M for 17-18. Complex choice now”

  330. PSALM234!!!

    The troll flaming against Lin fans is CONTINUING UNABATED!

    I warned you this would happen. I flagged, you’ve done NOTHING. The trolls are defying you exactly as I told you they would. This is what you get for not mercilessly banning the trolls for repeatedly breaking your rules.

    I’m LOSING PATIENCE with the endless trolling here – and with this forum.


  331. Hmm, my suspicion is that Jeremy Lin needs to learn that he’s not a fresh legged no minutes rookie who has to scrape and claw every second just to stay in the league.

    Lin is a TRUSTED VETERAN now, he’s got a fair contract and a starting position.

    It’s my uninformed opinion that he’s gotta learn to shirk practices and save his energy for games just like all other veteran starters his age do. That’s because there is a real human limit to how much abuse a NBA player can take. It’s either practice or the games – and so far Lin’s likely been OVERPRACTICING.

    In a weird way, Allen Iverson and his “We talkin’ about PRACTICE” rant would actually be GOOD FOR LIN!

  332. I second this warning. Thank you.
    If it is not heeded, the ban will be extended

  333. Thank you both, Administration.

    If either of us break your rules, BAN US MERCILESSLY and DON’T LET US RETURN.

    I’m not here to stir up trouble, but I also am TOTALLY TIRED OF THE ENDLESS TROLLING. I’m really looking forward to your draconian anti trolling measures!!!

    I am here because you guys DO do a great job. I consider it a great privilege to be on this forum, I’m not here to try to push the limits of your rules.

  334. For all the Lin fans here who legitimately moan about Lin’s seemingly endless injury, be happy that you are not Phoenix Suns fans.

    We Suns “fans” have had to endure tons of Eric Bledsoe injuries that were much worse than Lin’s.

    What’s worse, the Suns are no better with a healthy Bledsoe than they were without him. So be thankful that Lin is nowhere near as fragile as the overhyped max contract “superstar” Bledsoe who cannot stay healthy and is the prime cause of the awful isoball that the Suns play!

  335. I’ve got one number for you to consider:


    That’s the price of a MCDONALD’S BIG BREAKFAST that Charles Barkley at Lin’s age would consume every practice as he rode a stationary bike and yelled trash at the rookies and role players who were practicing while he was held out of practices!

    When asked about that, Barkley not only said the story was true but that veterans Julius Erving and Maurice Cheeks did the same exact thing in Sixers practices!

    The point of the story is this: NBA veterans at Lin’s age LOAF through practices in order to SURVIVE GAMES. There’s no way that any NBA veteran can truly train like a scared rookie the way Lin does and expect to remain injury free. I’ve followed the NBA a very long time and I’ve never heard of any veterans NOT loafing through practices in order to preserve their health for actual games!

  336. I have long thought about the Nets point guard injury thing.

    My personal take on it is that ex GM Billy King was acquiring too many damaged guys with fancy reputations but broken down bodies.

    How does that affect the Nets today? Well, Sean Marks and the Nets are dealing with the fallout of King’s shortsighted personnel moves and seeking to overturn the injury ravaged history by bringing in new employees on and off the court. But my suspicion is that the Nets might have overshot their boundaries a bit by overtraining their players, Lin especially.

  337. ????????????????

  338. Lol. Based on my observation on the games flow, the substitutions patterns and the average minutes n number of active Nets players on any given night, I reckon the Nets have a long term plan and is cognizance about the health and effectiveness of each of their players based of the ‘performance team’ assessment or analytics thingy. Be patience and give them at least 2 full season to realise their goals whatever those may be. Best of luck to Nets and fans. Haha cheers.

  339. Please please please enforce your rules to all posters here equally and fair.

  340. Dear Mods, please post the rules here once more time for everyone including myself to see it.

  341. Still keep mods busy even Lin doesn’t play.?

  342. hahaha…

  343. I just found out that the Deputy Commisioner of the NBA and the COO is an Asian American, Mark Tatum.

  344. Terrible. I feel for any and all athletes getting injured and losing their ability to play. It impacts the fans and the teams. Ever since Lin’s injuries, I’ve become very sympathetic towards these situations.

  345. As a Brooklyn Nets fan, it is disastrous but as a Jeremy Lin fan, I have no complaint. Now Jeremy is put in the best ever situation possible when he returns from his injury. Every bit of details has shown us that Lin is the only bona fide star that the Nets have. He will have no pressure in playing for the Nets again. Now he becomes the only hope for the Nets but not the excuse for losing.
    I’m looking forward for the better days ahead of the Nets amidst of a disastrous season. Am I crazy? No!
    This is the best position that you can put Jeremy in for the team. Go Jeremy!

  346. i would have the opposite take; its not disastrous for nets because this is what was expected as part of a long time “rebuild process” where winning was “not prioritized”.

    on the other hand: this was lin’s first chance since the knicks to lead and start. now there is too little season left regardless of when he comes back or what he does when he comes back (in for sure very limited minutes) to make this for him anything more than a wasted season.

    and he (basically) will have to start all over again next year.

    im not going to be like some of the lin “dark side” fan site posters/trolls affirming it will be too late and lin’s career is over. but it is a wasted year in a prime opportunity and that (to me) is if not disastrous at least certainly disappointing.

    also it should be noted the majority of nets fans tho certainly more favorable to lin than any other team since knicks probably dont really see lin now with the injuries he’s suffered as necessarily relevant to that long term process.

  347. probably another performance team conspiracy responsible somehow. there actually are a long list of nba players now injured with little info as to a timetable for return.

    someone should look into this.

  348. You’ve just asked us to support a writer calling lin another nets point guard injury prone since Jason Kidd.

    Lin is in the best situation? Wow.

  349. Sound like it happens a lot but for the percentage of active nba players, the number is very small. Just like any other pro sports, injury can happen to anyone any time and sometime even death. But this is the profession they choose and fearing of getting injured is your worst enemy when you’re in a competition.

  350. You are right. We will have to wait I guess

  351. True.
    Still relatively a newbie, I will need to be more patient I guess

  352. Sounds good.

  353. Jeremy Lin’s Basketball Life
    Nets Magazine looks at the journey Jeremy Lin has been on throughout his entire basketball career.

    Fun Fact: Lin said growing up he didn’t have TV in the house due to financial situation but would order TV for 2-3 months stretch of NBA playoff

  354. Oh, what’s better for Lin then?

    1) New Orleans that was offering him less money and another role on the bench?

    2) any other team that didn’t even show up to court him with an actual NBA contract to sign?

    What other real world option is better for Lin than right now? And don’t fire imaginary made up scenarios at this intelligent forum.

  355. Injury stricken years are never “wasted”.

    Even Michael Jordan has missed more games in a single season than Lin has.

  356. That’s not statistically true.

    85% of NBA players have offseason surgery, that’s a known hard fact.

  357. It feels so extremely dishonest and disgusting that the Nets are using Lin to promote 2017-2018 season ticket packages when they can’t even respect fans and give open updates on Lin’s injury status. We’re in the middle of this season, Lin has barely played, and the Nets staff has been so disrespectful to fans that come to games. There has never been a more shut-in, tight-lipped staff in the NBA. As soon as players get injured, like Chris Paul, they give a good estimate and updates on when that player will be back. With the Nets? Got absolutely no clue if the injury is serious, requires surgery, if he’s even playing again this season, nothing.

    People pay money for tickets. To see good games. The Nets don’t give any updates whatsoever, and it’s a slap in the face to people like me who spend good chunks of money on games.

    Sean Marks says that the injury isn’t as serious as last time. Really? It’s been 3 weeks, and Lin hasn’t even been seen shooting around yet.

    It feels like they’re only after the money, and that’s it. Using him as a marketing gimmick, and then laughing behind closed doors.

  358. This bad Nets season is not just about Lin’s injury.

    The Nets also lost their reserve veteran PG Greivis Vasquez. NOBODY talks about that.

    No team in the NBA can survive without its 1st and 2nd string point guards being simultaneously lost to injury. Doesn’t matter if they’re contenders, as the Cavs found out a few seasons ago when they were easily beating Golden State with just Matthew Dellavedova and no Kyrie Irving but quickly lost the series once Delly went down physically.

    The only real mistake Sean Marks made was signing Greivis Vasquez who then pouted his way off the team and was mercifully cut. Unfortunately, that really took the Nets down and Nets are still paying for it.

  359. C’MON, this is the NBA that promotes its players whether they are injured or not.

    Teams do this with players other than Lin.

  360. What makes you think they are laughing behind closed doors?

  361. And even if they’re laughing, what’s wrong with that?

    The NBA is ENTERTAINMENT, not a pity party!

  362. [6:28] “You know, I just turned 28 and this is my 7th season but my 6th team so finally to have some stability is what I wanted from this year’s Free Agency. I actually cared about my home now because I know I’m going to be longer than 7 months.

    I am doing research on this community, Brooklyn, and what they are going through as a community. There is gentrification issue and I want to make this my home, I want to invest in them. I want to invest in this team, this city and just be a big part of it. Because that’s something that I haven’t had and I really missed”

    I can appreciate JLin’s desire to find home and stability and even invest in the team, the city, and the community. Often times, we forget about the person in JLin and just focus on the basketball career but he’s like many people who wants to find home, steady job and establish roots in the community.

    Despite some initial setbacks, I hope JLin can make Brooklyn home in the next 2-3 years.

  363. Not if but WHEN Lin turns this around, nobody can say the credit was due to “anybody but Lin”.

    Already this season, the race based bashing of Lin has gone WAAAAY DOWN because of how impactful he has been in every game.

  364. translation:

    lin intends to “invest” in the superb NYC Chinatown restaurants by munching on their food!

    hee hee

  365. Wow finally a Lin first fan speaks out from the heart and truthful.

  366. Anywhere is better than Brooklyn.

  367. No, I never said to take him off advertising. All I’m saying is that if they’re doing that, they should at least give due respect for those very same people who buy those tickets. It’s no secret that the presence of Lin raises tickets sales.

    The problem is that they have no respect for people who pay for tickets, else they would do what every other NBA franchise does when players get injured: provide updates.

    Lin has played for five teams (not counting the Warriors), and for the previous four teams, there were no vague timelines or zero communication for weeks. When he was injured, you knew how long it would take, and if it took extra time, the team and staff were up front about it.

    You’re not getting my point.

  368. How so?

    I’m not trolling you, so feel free to explain.

    For example, Charlotte only offered $5 million and a bench role to Lin. And that’s with Clifford and Kemba and Batum trying to kick Lin off the Hornets. Explain how a $5 million bench role for a coach that hates Lin is better than $12 million and a starting role and a coach that plays Lin 30+ mpg until Lin gets injured.

  369. I had mixed feelings seeing Lin as the main face in the 2017-2018 season ticket packages.

    On one hand, it tells me that the Nets marketing dept is committed to make JLin the face of the franchise at least until 2017-18 season. On the other hand, the Nets basketball decision also chooses to not give the return timetable or progress about players injury to media, which some other NBA franchises also do.
    The marketing and BB department don’t necessarily talk to each other.

    I wouldn’t say that the Nets are only “using” JLin to sell tickets because they will sell more expensive tickets if they force JLin to play now because they think they paid $36M not to sit on the bench. I think we need to give them the benefit of the doubt because they don’t force JLin to play before he’s ready.

    But I understand the absence of information makes fans unnerved and can start to speculate.
    The Nets need to learn to handle injury information better. If they simply provide short update that JLin is still going through strength test like JLin himself said, that should be good for fans.

  370. NO.

    I’m getting your point, actually better than you do.

    The NBA is ENTERTAINMENT, the goal is to MAKE MONEY. The NBA is not a moral place like church, although church seeks to make money too.

    Nobody is forcing anybody to buy those Nets tickets. If people buy the tickets and are unhappy Lin is being advertised as part of the team, that’s on them and not the Nets.

    Besides, Lin’s injury doesn’t have a set timetable. Even Lin himself doesn’t know when he is gonna feel good enough to return. The Nets are not obligated to give you any info on that, not that they could even if they wanted to.

  371. It still gives me chills watching segments of 1st Linsanity game vs. Nets, though it has been nearly 5 years.

  372. Things are much more than just money and role now. As long as you continue to defend the undefendable acts by the Nets and believing in their own words rather than lin himself, it’s useless for me to explain.

  373. First off, typing in caps doesn’t make your point stronger.

    Second, please don’t ever go into business if that’s your stance on things. You’re talking to me like I don’t understand what the NBA is here for, and that’s both tangential and extremely rude. Yes, the goal is to make money, but success is built on strong consumer relations. That’s business 101 for you.

    Third, both me and a number of people buy tickets in advance. Where are you getting this “If people buy the tickets and are unhappy Lin is being advertised as part of the team, that’s on them and not the Nets” from? How is this even relevant to my comment?

    Try actually presenting an argument without acting like a smartass.

  374. Oh, so you’re just gonna act as if Lin earning starter money in a starting role are “undefendable?”


    I fully understand your dislike of Lin starting.

    All along, I have repeatedly told you that nobody understands your TRUE view of Lin as a low paid bench player better than I do. I happen to violently disagree with your insistence that Lin come off the bench for other teams for less money, but that’s because I know where you are coming from even if I feel the opposite from you. No wonder we will never get along.

  375. FLAGGED

    I was having a REASONABLE discussion with you, and you turned it into a FLAME WAR.

    This discussion ends NOW, I don’t participate in TROLLING.

    Admistration will clean you up.

  376. The Asian-American pro-basketball pioneer started his legend in New York,
    he will create the next chapters and continue the wonderful story in the same city.

    I am happy to bear witness to Lin’s inspiring journey. I may laugh or cry along the process, and will always cheer for him.

  377. I dislike lin of starting? Where is that even coming from?

    On paper lin is the nets starter but not for long by the SM is running this team, lin can’t even be seen with the ball. Forget starting

  378. He’s definitely a pro.

  379. hahaha.

    Lin does love to eat, and Chinese/Taiwanese fans lovingly dub him “吃貨“. 🙂

  380. Yes, because you saying


    I’m getting your point, actually better than you do.”

    And then going on a tirade about how I don’t understand that the NBA is a business is having a reasonable discussion.

    Look in the mirror.

  381. I agree with everything you’re saying.

    The main issue is really just about being up front. Why is it that every update we get on Lin is done through his own social media? All Atkinson says is “he’s progressing well,” so consumers have absolutely no clue if that means he’ll be out another week or a month. That’s important for people who have lives outside of following the NBA.

  382. I understand your frustration and I have the same to some degree.

    But I would give Nets more space to operate as business. If Nets put someone else as the face for the 2017-2018 season ticket packages promotion, what would be the reactions of Lin fans? I don’t know. But from a business point of view, I would do the same as I don’t know who else to promote. Besides the sponsorship behind Lin is quite strong for business potential and I, as Nets executive, won’t miss it. (Some background on Nets revenue, they are struggling for the past 5 to 6 years).

    As for Lin’s injury update, I think that’s the way Nets operate in terms of player injury update for everyone. There are many reasons for that. Take one basketball reason, you don’t want to give a heads-up to opponent teams to scout on Lin weeks before if Lin is scheduled to return. Medical reason, maybe they want to be careful and evaluate day to day, hence can’t give a time table. Another far-reach reason, if (a conditional big IF), they somehow get a first round pick from trade before Feb, then why not keep developing the younglings and keep the top pick. In this case, resting Lin would make sense.

    Again, just my thoughts. But I would just be patient and wait until after all-star (or maybe lunar new year) and look forward the last 30 games of the season.

  383. My problem is this: It’s basically like if Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch using Mario and Zelda in the advertisements, but not giving a release date for the two games.

    That’s why I have an issue. I understand the risks in buying tickets early, and I understand players get injured. But it’s irresponsible to consumers to not provide any updates whatsoever when injuries do happen because it’s basically saying “well I already got your money, I don’t care about your continuing support.”

    I do get your points and I’m glad we share the same thoughts, but I just have yet to see an organization be this secretive about injuries. To this day, I still have no idea if Lin’s first hamstring injury was severe or if the Nets were just being cautious, or where the injury even was.

  384. Bobby is a cool guy but to many other, you can’t even question the Nets motives or be skeptical with them.

  385. It is a good analogy. Unfortunately we are talking about human body, not hardware/software defects.

    NBA teams operate differently team by team. Maybe we are seeing a new way of FO. Remember, Spurs came from nowhere with only on true star, Duncan. Maybe we are experiencing a short pain for the sake of long term.


    I made no personal attacks against you, but you are FLIPPING OUT LIKE A LITTLE TODDLER.

  387. You said you didn’t like Lin’s role on the Nets – and that is a STARTING role.

    Now coming off the bench, I HOPE Lin comes off the bench until he gets his health back!

  388. The blame you cast is misplaced. The money aspect is less to do with GM or coach than with PR promotions and maybe even owner.

    The role of the GM is to acquire the best team for the best price with eye on the luxury tax implications. The business end of the Nets such as tickets and promotion is another department that looks at the marketing and revenue stream. If they are indeed deliberately silent to trick people into buying tickets, it’s a business decision made by this department to ensure that the Nets are making money.

    Look, I went to a game that I had bought tickets for a long time ago. I made special arrangements to be there to see Lin play as well, though not nearly as much as some unfortunate Lin fans who took holidays and traveled halfway around the world. It’s frustrating for Lin fans for sure but you have to look at their side of it as well. They’ve paid over 12 million for Lin to play and what return have they Got out of him. If the PR and marketing department is not that forth coming to get people to buy tickets, they may feel it’s a reasonable exchange of service from Lin.

    The people that wants to boycott the Nets don’t want to see that if they can’t make ends meet, they won’t be able to spend money for free agents to make the team better. That’s the way I looked at it when I attended the game with Lin on the bench. For us to deliberately sabotage the health of the franchise just because they aren’t telling us when Lin is back is way too short sighted. If you want Lin’s team to succeed, you must be patient and supportive of the whole organization.

  389. Sean Marks is not a head of one department, he’s the man in charge of all departments.

  390. having no experience directly with the history of the organization; when i pose the question before here there was one answer saying that the nets are the same with all injuries, ie. its not as some suggest a specific to lin thing rather a organizational approach across the board regardless of who the injured player.

    have you found that to be true also? (it seems that could possibly be inferred from you posts but dont want to put words in your mouth)

    just curious if your assessment would support the response i received previously from someone i think not as directly affected by and therefore perhaps not as credible a source for knowledge of this issue.

  391. It’s fault. The Nets do not do the same to all their injured players.

  392. Lol.

    RW: (gesturing) Play #1… (traveling…)

  393. The blame you cast is misplaced. The money aspect is less to do with GM or coach than with PR promotions and maybe even owner.

    The role of the GM is to acquire the best team for the best price with eye on the luxury tax implications. The business end of the Nets such as tickets and promotion is another department that looks at the marketing and revenue stream. If they are indeed deliberately silent to trick people into buying tickets, it’s a business decision made by this department to ensure that the Nets are making money.

    Look, I went to a game that I had bought tickets for a long time ago. I made special arrangements to be there to see Lin play as well, though not nearly as much as some unfortunate Lin fans who took holidays and traveled halfway around the world. It’s frustrating for Lin fans for suere but you have to look at their side of it as well. They’ve paid over 12 million for Lin to play and what return have they Got out of him. If the PR and marketing department is not that forth coming to get people to buy tickets, they may feel it’s a reasonable exchange of service from Lin.

    The people that wants to boycott the Nets don’t want to see that if they can’t make ends meet, they won’t be able to spend money for free agents to make the team better. That’s the way I looked at it when I attended the game with Lin on the bench. For us to deliberately sabotage the health of the franchise just because they aren’t telling us when Lin is back is way too short sighted. If you want Lin’s team to succeed, you must be patient and supportive of the whole organization.


    There is NO TIRADE here other than the one you are generating.

  395. I honesty just think the nets should be more open about lins injury. Its no secret hes injured just ive us an update. Ive never seen such secrecythe other 29 teams in this league would never do this

  396. What you are complaining about is a LEGITIMATE LEAGUEWIDE PROBLEM that the NBA has not addressed.

    It’s not just the Nets that do this, it is the entire league.

    The NBA’s attitude is to not provide any financial compensation when star players miss games. It’s why I am not a NBA season ticket holder, as I don’t want to go to the games if certain players aren’t playing due to injury. But I kinda understand that, and so i don’t invest my money in the first place.

  397. I suspect that the Nets are PUZZLED as to why Lin is not getting better despite their Herculean efforts to rehab him.

    Like I’ve been writing all along, my suspicion is that Lin needs LESS intense training, not more.


    Stop criticizing other members on this forum.

    Even after you’ve been warned, YOU STILL PERSIST IN FLAMING PEOPLE.

  399. Actually, such a bait and switch tactic would more like if Lin were traded but the Nets continued to advertise Lin as “their” player.

  400. Because if they showed lin out there on the court practicing and running, the entire league, media and fans will question why he’s not playing? Where’s the injury?

  401. You need to sign up for anger management classes.

  402. I absolutely agree about your short term pain thing.

    The Nets are inexperienced as an organization, and Lin is inexperienced in terms of playing basketball in a sustainable way as a fully integrated starter.

    Right now, there is a learning process centered around Lin that the Nets are going through. He’s their first incoming star veteran, and the Nets are perplexed at how to manage the hard working Lin’s health.

    Now if Lin joined a veteran team, likely they’d take it far easier on him and literally force him to stop practicing so hard. The Nets have not figured that out yet.


    Administration warned us to stop flaming people, but you persist.

  404. Sorry Khuang but I started to feel sorry for you. I think you have some mentally issue. You think you can bully others posters with you flags, hates, racist, trolls….? I feel bad for you. Maybe even your family.


    You just cannot stop flaming.

    I told Adminstration this would happen.

    Now you’re not MY problem. You’re THEIR problem.

  406. Another 1 month for me and 2 days for you?

  407. I feel as if the Nets indeed have been providing updates.

    “Lin is progressing nicely but still cannot play”. Isn’t that an update?

  408. I won’t stop FLAGGING any trollish behavior, though.

  409. “Progressing well” IS an update.

  410. i doubt that. just caution and test to pass, also nets suck so theres no rush

  411. You’re probably right.

    I just had a nagging suspicion, just like I did when Justin Hamilton’s level of play inexplicably dropped in December and I called it “likely a nagging injury. It turned out to be bad contact lens!

  412. Here’s how I see the Nets so far:

    SF: solid play from Bogdanovic and Hollis Jefferson. They do get overwhelmed by All Stars, but typically they hold their own. Grade: barely acceptable

    PF: Booker has been putting up
    good offensive and rebounding numbers despite not being a great offensive player or rebounder. Acy looks like a keeper. There are moments when Booker gets killed by bigger better players, but on the whole he’s doing just fine. Grade: acceptable

    Center: Lopez and Hamilton have been doing well all season. Defensively they aren’t great, but a lot of that is due to Lin not being around. I like these two guys. Grade: excellent.

    Shooting guard: Kilpatrick and Harris are incredible values at low contracts, but they struggle against good opponents. I’m not taking Kilpatrick’s recent struggles into account because he’s battling an injury. Grade: barely acceptable.

    Point guard: atrocious on both ends of the floor without Lin. Opponents are having career games against the Nets every game and Whitehead and Dinwiddie have not played well. I miss Yogi, but he likely would not have made a difference. Grade: FAIL.

    Coaching: I don’t see what more Atkinson can do to improve the Nets. Grade: acceptable.

    GM: Sean Marks did a good job of cleaning up the roster and getting new faces in. His biggest miss was Greivis Vasquez, and that has been THE most damaging fail this season even more than Lin’s health. But this is the man that brought Lin in to start at a very fair contract. Grade: solidly acceptable.

    Overall: The Nets are getting murdered every game at point guard. That’s their main weakness with Lin and Vasquez off the court. It’s a shame because the Nets with a real PG like Lin are actually a pretty good but not great team – the Nets need an actual backup PG behind Lin to help Lin REALLY win. Grade: F but also LINCOMPLETE!

  413. lol That is too funny, I think he would’ve gotten away if the Warriors (Curry & Durant) didn’t say something. Lebron gets away with it on a daily basis cause of the star treatment.

  414. There is a step limit in NBA. Super star, 5 steps. Star 4 steps, starter 3 steps. WB is only a star and he took 5 steps hence over the limit.


  415. Lin is not the only hamstring injury player out there. Kris Middleton with Bucks out before season began.

    “The Milwaukee Bucks are increasingly hopeful injured swingman Khris Middleton could return to the floor in early- to mid-February, according to league sources.

    Sources told the Bucks think Middleton, who suffered a hamstring tear just days before the season began, “has a chance” to return to the lineup during a three-game homestand next month before the All-Star ‎break.”

    “The Bucks projected Khris Middleton to miss about 70 games when he tore his hamstring before the season. That extended absence often leads players just to shut down for the year, but Middleton vowed to return in time for the playoffs.

    He might get back far sooner than that.”

  416. Final voting tally for Eastern conference guards … (via ESPN)

  417. Lin ranked #8 by fan votes on Jan. 12, now he is not among the top 10 in the East conference guards.

    I wonder what is his final rank with fan+player+media votes. It is interesting that NBA added player and media votes to the all star votes this year. Fan votes counted only for 50%.

  418. Let’s say he was doing well with the popular votes, but lost the electoral college.

  419. Good comment. Lol.

  420. Lol, that’s how the NBA manupulated the fans just like the politicians have been manupulating the massess. Haha cheers

  421. Lol, YMCA players 2steps!! Haha cheers

  422. Wade is probably going in based on career achievements. While he’s still great, he’s not playing like the superstar he once was.


    Zero days for me.

    You think it’s some sort of game here, you’re trying to see how many people you can flame and get away with it.

    I’m not here to play your stupid game. I’m here to be with fellow Lin fans, not to be wrapped up in your little mean spirite fake stunts.

  424. Administration, takeme2cruz is firing flames at me and this board YET AGAIN.

    I steered clear of firing retaliatory flames this time. I WAS GOOD. Go check me out, I have not antagonized anyone even when they came after me.

    I have flagged him four times for firing insults like “you must have a mental issue” among many other new insults and for insulting this forum. So far, you’ve DONE NOTHING.

    Right now I’ve lost patience with your well intentioned leniency. You told me to not flame – I’ve strictly adhered to that. takeme2cruz openly defied your edict and is taunting your rules. So why is he permitted to continue to troll – and not just against me alone?

    You have allowed me to be flamed off this forum due to the lack of troll banning. I’ll take a break from the trolls here until you CLEAN UP YOUR MESS.

  425. I wonder why they changed the all star voting this year when Lin gets his own team. Was it because he was getting way too many votes. Or am I just being negative again?

  426. Jlin’s comment of all-star result:

  427. Wow he tweeted that to support Westbrook even though Curry is his friend wow. Goes to show stats are not everything, you have to be a fan and media favorite to get in.

  428. Lol

  429. Nice analysis… keep em coming…

  430. Too bad… one thing i like about westbrook is how hard he plays on both ends… and he looks obsessed with bball… like that fire…

  431. Well, its good in the nets have no choice but to keep investing in him…

  432. You are in a very serious mental problem. Your hate and anger will never end and they will eat you from the inside. You need to get off your computer and go outside and hug your family, yes all of them and tell them how grateful you are to be with them. I personally don’t know you but you really need help.

    Now if you still don’t feel better and want to debate me intelligently, I can deal with people like you if you dare to meet me in the other forum. Stop hiding under the mods’ skirts over here.

  433. Don’t think they did it for Lin….. In fact, Lin didn’t really get lots of votes.

  434. For Kemba??

  435. Fellow Lin fans here have different opinions with mine but they are sane unlike you.

  436. So…..a Monday return for Lin? That would make it 4 weeks.

  437. westbrook

  438. Here are the voting results for the eastern conference guards, from the PLAYERS (324 voted).

    Click to expand the graphic. Jeremy got two votes …


    Thanks for proving how right I was about you.

    Keep flaming. This time when you get banned, it will be PERMANENT.

    I want you to keep calling this board “delusional” and saying that “Lin fans here cannot be reasoned with” and “Lin is better off being a low paid bench player fpr any other NBA team than as a high paid starter for the Nets” and “The mods here wear skirts”.

    I’m not flaming you here, I’m just repeating what you wrote here back at you.


  440. I can’t – I’ve been FLAMED OFF THIS BOARD by takeme2cruz and other hate trolls.

  441. what grade do you give Lopez’s rebounding?


    STOP LYING, you called Lin fans here”DELUSIONAL” and got your post deleted for it!!!

  443. Agree, he meant RWB.

  444. I feel Lin’s tweet is an implicit criticism of Harden, as Curry ranks #1 both in fan votes and fan+media+player votes.

    Westbrook ranks #3, behind Harden who ranks #2 among guards in the West conference. Only guards rank #1 and #2 are All Star starters.

  445. It is not about Jlin all the time.

  446. Westbrook is a mean dude nobody needs to speak for him
    Maybe if he was a more likeable guy, more people would’ve voted for him
    besides saying that is indirectly throw shade at Curry

  447. More so Zaza…

  448. Lin only played so many game…

  449. I think more like comment on how competitive PG position….

  450. I feel you are correct — Lin is not criticizing or supporting anyone.

  451. Or more like it wasn’t even close.

  452. To be honest, think Lin would be a bit embarrassed if he made All Star being as humble as he is.

  453. Lin’s numbers AND his lack of playing time due to injury should preclude him automatically.

    Hopefully, he’ll stay healthy next season, score more, get into the ASG and lead the Nets to the playoffs.

  454. Ignore them.

  455. It would be nice if he stopped getting embarrassed and shy and just say screw it, yeah im an all star… with all those shackles youve put on me over the years and i still played at this level -much like the isaac asimov story in which society wanted everyone to be equal so they put weights and shackles on the more physically gifted and had brain waves on the more astute ones to lower their iq… screw u… i like the masarati, hair, clothes, and attitude… yeah jlin… go out there and shake people around…

  456. My take on JLIN using hashtag : #PGpositionsnojoke.

    Ostensibly refers to RWB All-Star snub but reveals JLIN emphasizing what everyone in Brooklyn and Oklahoma City know:

    1) RWB has single handedly with his Point Guard play this season, prevented OKC from crashing and burning.

    2) JLIN acknowledging without himself at the PG position has perpetuated the crash & burn of Brooklyn

  457. Knicks lost again at home, 110-113 to Wizards. Melo got his, 34 pts with 27FGA. That’s almost 1/3 of team FGA (90).

    Why I am not sad at all as New Yorker? My personal wish this season is, Nets somehow has a better record than Knicks. haha.

  458. zamm straight.
    that’s what I said
    that’s why I didn’t vote for him as he didn’t deserve it this year like kenny smith said too.
    But nope.. some ppl here still disagree.
    They dont’ under stand the psychological aspect of it and then say lin does play and doesn’t play as well due to his confidences.. or don’t even play at all if he gets in, you will have the same ppl here complaining about why he not playing; they allstar coach is not a coach, why lin so shy and not aggressive,; why ppl don’t passs to him.. etc. When they MISS THE BIG IDEA. the whole Idea.

  459. apparently many spoke for him.. haven’t you see da news lately!???

  460. lee should’ve shot da 3.. but he chicked out..and passed to jennings who got blocka…game over.

    or is it because they all think it should go to melola and therefore scare to shoot it to get the spotight away from melola.

  461. No it will be on Wednesday: 30 days and 30 nights.

  462. They blamed a Washington assistant coach, sixth man on the court. LOL

  463. There’s been a lot of talk about how bad the 2 New York teams are. When you look at the Knicks in comparison to the Nets, you can see how different each of their futures will be. It’s comparable to kids who don’t know how to swim but only know how to tread water to stay afloat. The Knicks are so afraid to put their face below water that they can never learn how to swim properly . It’s scary at first but once you get a hang of it, you actually make strokes that get you somewhere. With the Knicks, no matter how many games they win for the rest of the season, you just know the Knicks will never be any good for years to come. They keep treading the same waters year after year. The Nets meanwhile keeps improving by taking the hard lessons to swim with the sharks.

    When a team plays the wrong way like the way the Knicks and Rockets do, you just know that they’ll never win the ring. With Melo and Harden forcing or keeping the ball in their hands, the team is just too predictable to win crucial playoff games. Even Jordan was smart enough to use himself as the decoy to win the ring. Guys like Melo, Harden, Kobe and even Kemba…they are just are too selfish. They’d rather lose than let someone else shine on their team.

    Atkinson is trying to change this culture by moving his team away from this mindset. The Nets want the ball to move around until it finds the correct and natural results of that play. It means they can try to take advantage of what the defence gives them and to find the player with the weakest link defending him. Even better is when the system becomes seamless, they can rotate players in patterns that can match our best against their weakest. When opponents play them now, they know that there’s only Lopez and Lin that can really hurt them, so who are they going to cover? During this period of transitional process, opponents are going to force the play into everyone else hands.

    Lin’s love of Naruto makes a lot of sense. His hero was always a loser that everyone in his village hated. Somehow Naruto found the resolve to never give up and take his beatings from rivals and ultimately triumph over them. Naruto failed and failed multiple times yet eventually triumph over rivals by never giving up. In real life, you learn by losing to your own coaches, teachers and masters. The better they are, the better the beatings and thus the better the lessons will be. If you are a rookie, you take you’re beatings from the captains and learn how to adjust to upper level play. You learn by losing, that’s how you grow to be the best.

    The best example of this mindset is Pete Sampras. His coach made him lose on purpose while playing in the juniors. Sampras was always playing against older kids to learn from his beatings. The United States Tennis Association brass were very critical of Sampras’s coach. They claimed that losing breeds losing and that Sampras was being groomed to be a loser. The USTA publicly denounced Sampras’s coach for not teaching him how to win. They even went as far as telling would be sponsors to not waste money signing Sampras, that he would amount to nothing. Interestingly, this sounds a lot like a lot of angry Lin posters here.

    Sampras won his first US Open at 19 almost the same year after he turned pro. He silenced all his armchair critics wrong by becoming the greatest American tennis champion of the modern era. The USTA meanwhile continues today to churn out kids unwilling to take chances to push themselves beyond their own game. These kids learned to play safe hoping for mistakes by weaker juniors. American kids have a winning mentality but unfortunately it’s against other kids and not top pros.

    The USTA continues to financially support “winners” in the junior ranks instead of kids with Sampras’s mindset of “losing” to build games to beat the pros. If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best by challenging and playing always as if you are playing against the best. You have to have the mental toughness to pay the price of always playing above your own limitations in order to beat someone far greater than the real opponent in front of you. When you play above yourself, you’ll make mistakes for sure but betting on the future is why you need mental toughness to see it though. You need inexhaustible faith and self belief to force the future you hope for to become true.

    The Nets are doing exactly that. They are building their future by aiming to beat the best and not just the lottery teams they should beat. They make mistakes, TOs, miss easy 3s, choke under pressure, all the dumb rookie moves that continue to lead to losses. They keep playing hard and getting closer and closer to being a very good team. Sampras shocked the experts to win a major so young and almost from out of no where. I expect Lin and the Nets to do the same next season. They will make the playoffs next year, the eastern conference finals the following year, just as Steve Nash and the Mavs did.

  464. Very true.
    Lin wouldn’t want to make it to All-Star by solely fans support since he only played 12 games sidelined by injuries.

    But I’m glad he finished 8th among Eastern Conference guards because it shows he still has strong fan support.
    NBA can see he’s one of most popular NBA players so hopefully it impacts ref calls (no-flagrant, etc), future marketing opportunities so Lin and his team will be seen as an important asset.

  465. zamm that’s a long essay..can you like summarized it because it’s TL;DR.
    I don’t get the point from scan a bit of it.

  466. Atkinson is still digging deep to find water in the middle of the desert.

  467. Here are Jeremy’s “fans vote” totals through the years. His base level seems to be around 200,000.

  468. It is rigged anyway.

  469. he’ll end up finding gold instead…so its time to decide.. u want water when you’re thirsty as hell or you want gold.

  470. that will be great

  471. What good can gold do in the desert?

  472. The Saudis has liquid gold, can buy all the water they want.

  473. It’s fair, but fans can still show their support. Allstars is about performance stats, sportsmanship, and likability. I voted for him, but don’t expect him to win.


    Kind of agree to all of them. Very insightful.

    One note about 76ers, they are reaping the fruits now.

  475. Don’t think it is necessary to preclude him. The other criteria balances out the vote anyways. Fans can still show their approval and support.

  476. I say it makes sense, his stats was downhill since being benched by Rockets and going to teams that marginalized him. Being starter again with Brooklyn certainly brings his support back up too bad for the hamstring injury. For if Lin has a good year we don’t have to worry about him get fan votes but his stats has to show it.

  477. You forgot Lebron, people always complain how the best player shouldn’t pass so much but he insist on playing the right way. I don’t like him but compared to ball hogs like Kobe, Lebron is more of a team player.

  478. It’s crazy with all those “stars” Knicks right now as the same record as Nets! lol laughable curse of Dolan and Melo what else? If Dolan was even a bit smart he’d build around D Rose and trade Melo away.

  479. Oh right, Harden is a starter but Westbrook isn’t? That’s an insult! I don’t like RWB cause he’s mean but he’s miles better than Harden!

  480. Wow, why didnt I think of that? You’re a genius.

  481. Would love to have JL7 in All-stars game … but as a legit 18+ pt & 8ast player. Not fair to participate if he’s not all that… I’m sure he felt the same way. It’s nice to have the votes, tho but I would decline graciously if I got the position.
    I don’t even understand the fans – Lin’s not healthy enough to even play regular games let alone “exhibition” game that don’t mean much unless you’re leading the team to high seed.

  482. It’s just fans’ way of showing their support for Lin even though he won’t get in. It’s a nice gesture. If Lin had 20+ PPG, lead his team to playoffs, with top3 seed then yes he should get into to allstar for eastern conference but no. Bottom line to be an allstar you have to have both stats and the fan base. But if you ask me I’d rather Lin have a chance at Championship/ finals appearance with this Nets team but with both GSW and Cavs’ super team it’s tough.

  483. re: westbrook not making all star starter

    point guards field goal % 2016-2017 season
    (minimum 25 minutes per game played)
    1. george hill
    2. kyle lowry
    3. tony parker
    4. chris paul
    6. darren collison
    7. dennis schroeder
    8. seth curry
    9. john wall
    10. goran dragic
    11. kyrie irving
    12. kemba walker
    13. isiah thomas
    14. elfrid payton
    15. derrick rose
    16. jeff teague
    17. damian lillard
    18. eric bledsoe
    19. james harden
    20. patrick beverly
    21. mike conley
    22. reggie jackson
    23. tim frazier
    24. deron williams
    25. ty lawson
    27. jrue holiday
    28. d’angelo russell
    29. sergio rodriguez
    30. emmanuel mudiay
    31. matthew dellavedova
    32. ricky rubio
    33. rajon rondo

  484. Since he became bench in LA… his fans seems to drop a lot…. Too bad, if not for his hamstring injury this year should be his year to come back…. smh!

  485. glad to see kemba actually make the list this time

  486. did westbrook not get voted in top 3? Anyone have a pic of the western guard all stars?

  487. wow…can’t believe RWB is so unpopular that he gets fewer votes than ty lawson. Wait a minute..this list has to be fake. Why isn’t steph curry up there, but seth is?

  488. i did not vote for lin at all this season. Frankly, he did not deserve it.

  489. How many times we have to repeat this. It is a popularity contest. Kobe was voted in when he hardly played… Why Lin is always held at higher standards even by Lin fans?

  490. I don’t like Kobe much but he is a legend, so much that people vote for him automatically based on reputation alone. If Lin becomes a champion, gets even one ring, then I don’t mind if Lin gets a million votes at 40 years old.

    Maybe you think that some players on that list don’t have rings but they got a million votes, so what is the problem with Lin getting votes also? Well again, lin hasn’t proven that he should be considered a top tier starting PG yet. The nets are a disaster, bottom of the rankings, worst team in the league. That isn’t Lins fault, but even the most dedicated Lin fans can admit that this situation stings.

    I made sure to vote for Lin last season on the hornets, I did it daily but this season I couldn’t bring up the heart to do it.

  491. your not reading the post. it has nothing to do with all star votes it has as clearly stated listed the point guards by field goal %.

    however thank you for correcting my misspelling to steph curry.

  492. Westbrook is not known for great shooting. He is great at drawing fouls. Even announcers point that out. Even if you jump straight up, he finds you in his downward motion. It the fake that gets you up in the air.

  493. Many players tweeted they think RWB deserves to start. I think Jlin’s tweet is just about RWB deserves to start. I have a different opinion, I don’t think JLin is stretching this to himself and the Nets.

  494. Legend? Lin is a legend. Remember Linsanity, the legend born in NYC? 🙂

    Lin is a star, so bright that people vote for him automatically simply based on the glow alone. If Lin brings his team to championship, then he would surely get over a million votes even at 40.

  495. Hornets did very well so far this season. Wish Lin can play tomorrow. But better no hope so much since everything goes opposite for Lin.

  496. Lol. Got it, JL is a legend in his own right playing 5on5 team basketball the right way and electrifying the Garden. He is definitely a star player not the manufactured so called superstar. Haha cheers.

  497. Lin didn’t travel with team.?

  498. Levert is amazing. Acy getting a 3. RHJ, the same. 2nd unit cut 8 pts deficit to 1.

  499. Good, he needs to rest up.

  500. Bog is defense is ….. SMH

  501. You got it. The votes should be by fans alone taking in consideration the nature of how the all stars games are played. Coaches and the media are biased as they are not ‘qualified’ to be fans as such games being purely for entertainment reasons. Haha cheers

  502. Ball movement is good so far from the start to 2Q 7:07. Nets has 11 pts lead.

    No Booker nor Ski.

  503. Was it this one?

    @JLin7 Fans don't want All-Star starters who are 105/115 (qualified players) in FG%.Not everyone appreciates chucking. #novotesforchuckers— Jean-Paul Valley (@JeanPaulValley8) January 20, 2017

  504. From that data, there was a huge dropoff after Houston.

    I don’t think Lin would do well in the All-Star game anyways, his style of play is too unselfish versus the ASG stat stuffers.

  505. I blame the Russian hackers.

  506. Half time. Nets 66 NOP 54

    Levert 11 minutes 10 pts 4/4, 1 steal 2 rb 2 asst 3to

  507. 12 points lead! Very encouraging! Thank you for sharing.

    Hope the lead survives 3Q and 4Q so Nets could stop the losing streak.

  508. Just started watching. Anthony Davis is playing. Did the Nets stumble upon a good lineup at last?

  509. I see JLin keeps tweeting so it must be a good game for the Nets 🙂
    88-71 with 5:16 left in Q3

    Joey BUCKETS ??????#BrooklynGrit
    Lets gooooo!!J
    Ok @IsaiahW_15 see you with the pass!! #BrooklynGrit

  510. Looks Good!

  511. Wow, Levert, what a move, what a dunk.

  512. I like what I’m seeing..

    Up 15+pts, the Nets still keep attacking the rim.
    Good transition offense.

    24pts lead!

  513. that’s one impressive drive with two-handed dunk to finish it!

  514. The offense is very smooth. Levert handling the ball, control the tempo.

  515. LeVert is a seriously good player.

  516. What a rare sight for the Nets!
    100-76 with 2 min left in Q3

    Usually it’s the other way around :]

  517. Acy 3 ….

  518. Quincy Acy really powered the bench in both Defense and Offense.

    2-4 3s , blocks, drawing fouls

  519. he can make that smooth wide-open 3s

  520. 43 pts 3Q.

  521. This bench line up is a good one


  522. Levert is impressive

  523. 2 great quarters so far!

    Q2 37-22
    Q3 43-30

  524. Levert is the reason.

  525. yes, Nets drafted very well.
    Should be 1st round pick if healthy

  526. Acy played C in this small lineup.

    Doing well drawing charge, good D causing TOs

  527. didn’t know the Spurs stood in for the Nets

  528. Hot hand is contagious. Now everyone is hitting.

  529. 118-87, 4Q 7:56

  530. Won’t be watching the game til I finish work today but sounds like the Nets are doing superbly with everything finally clicking into places. Can’t wait til Lin comes back and lead his army to multiple victories…. Getting excited!!

  531. Scola in. Lopez rest.

  532. Wow what is going on??

  533. Who jumps in to watch? Now my stream is lagging.

  534. obviously a portal has opened to an alternate universe.

  535. I know why the #Nets do well with Pelicans
    They got them like …? ?

  536. JLin with the early congratulatory tweet ?
    131-100 with still 2:51 left

    Congrats to the boysss on the win!!! Were not where we wanna be but these dudes play hard every night! #BrooklynGrit

  537. Wow! This would be the first Nets WIN of 2017!

  538. 6 Nets bench players with double figures ? ?
    When’s the last time this happened?


  539. Snapped 11 loss-streak 🙂

  540. They play within flow and unselfish. LeVert controlled the tempo.

  541. yes, the emergence of LeVert is very key.
    Lin and Levert can be a great combo.

    Whitehead court-vision is too limited

  542. ? ?

  543. The offense needed an anchor to make it flow, and time. LeVert and Lin are the anchors, Lin is the QB when he gets back. Now it’s coming together some. I think it’s a very good offensive system.

  544. And getting Acy to help Booker bolster the defense will be huge 🙂

  545. Today’s key was…hitting 3pters, rebound and ast. The Bench was the game changer

  546. 12 more victories to go for….. $$$$$$$..hehe

  547. The system is getting more seamless. They are getting more comfortable with sets. They aren’t surprised anymore when they get the open shot. They don’t panic as much and just flow with the “pop and shoot”. They shot great when I saw them in Toronto nearly 50% from the well. It’s their plan IMO that they shoot 3s much more than they used to.

  548. Onto streak of 2 games? Is that impossible to ask?

  549. Hehe, the portal!

  550. Heard that Nets’ 143PTs win is the highest NBA score without OT since 1982.

  551. MY personal belief that Lin getting injured was a + for Atkinson because he could evaluate players . I think Lin’s injury was not as bad as the NETs made out to be. Listen Lin’s agent signed on with Jay Z management agency and that made me very suspicious. I think Lin would have been back if it was under another coach and team that was trying to be a contender. I think Atkinson was hired to evaluate the team this season and not win games. I think next season they will go full force and build the team around Lin to go for a championship run. I think they have Lin collecting stats and looking at the game. There is something going on behind the scenes that Lin has signed off on and he is not worried about his position on the team. I will still support lin no matter what

  552. If that is so, it is extremely dishonest to the fanbase. Some would have skipped buying Leaguepass if that was the case. I hope not.

  553. No doubt a good win….next back to back with Hornets…hope they could the momentum going

  554. Not dishonest, but his agent signing with Jay Z is a bad deal and he his agent seems desperate. Lin needs to cut this agent ASAP, because signing with Jay Z is not good for Lin. Lin is smart and he will figure it out that Roger Montgomery is a sellout and not good for his brand.

  555. I believe Lin is not playing because the Nets think he’s not ready physically to play. They want him to play and I don’t see anything beyond taht. I will say this, LeVert is an excellent player and he may become more the star on the team than Lin. And his game may mature quickly, even now, he plays in a mature manner. He has really good ball handling, instincts, and is still working on his scoring. I hope when Lin comes back he just makes sure he’s the one in control. Lin has the talent to do this, but LeVert can easily become the talk of the town.

  556. Only possible provided the Nets defence doesn’t slack off with Skil and Booker back to the lineup and the offence us not rushed or revert to isoball. Haha cheers

  557. I don’t get why his agent has anything to do with his injury, and why signing with Jay Z is a bad deal?

  558. Your prediction is everything I’ve concerned for lin’s future with the nets when he was purposely held out by SM since the first injury. The problem was it’s just one good game by the rookie and you had no hesitation to throw lin under bus. But don’t worry, I’m a delusional, paranoia and the most hated lin first fans here, not you.

  559. Levert and Jlin will have different function in the team, I don’t care who is the talk of the town. LeVert can play multiple positions, but he can only play one position at a time. Yes, he can be developed into SF/SG and if need be he can do the point in every position. LBJ is doing that and Kyrie Irving is still the PG. Nets gave up Thad Young for Levert, he should perform. I agree with your interpretation of why Jlin is not playing. Basically, I don’t have imagination to cook up conspiracy theories

  560. No one is throwing Jlin under the bus. Nets gave up a lot to get LeVert, LeVert should perform. He is not the most talented rookie of the 2017 NBA season. Other teams have more talented rookies. It is the NBA, vets and rookies have to exist together for the greater good of the team. We just witnessed Teague and Schroder played together 15-16 season @ Hawks, JT knew well that at the end of the season he will be traded for Schroeder to be PG of Hawks. JT was traded, and it is not the end of the world for him. I am sure Jlin will play great with LeVert.

  561. Not you but sw already said he’s the talk of the town, better ball handler the star of the team after just 1 game. Those were throw lin under the bus comment.

  562. Read SW carefully, she said Levert has good ballhandling not better. And Who cares about who is star of the team. Everyone knows Dragmond is the true POINT of GSW, and GSW can win w/o Curry, but will not win without Dragmond. But Curry is the star.

  563. SW also never said that LaVert IS the star of the team but that “he may become more the star of the team.”

  564. I’m glad to see a promising player on the team, Lin needs all the talent he can get around him.

  565. LeVert is the best young player in this team that’s for sure…. or should we say he’s the one they will want to keep & train for their future. But as the talk of the town… I don’t think so….Teams have not really set up anything to against him yet…. Anyway, I am glad finally good young player in the Nets.

  566. BTW, IMO anyone who wants to be the star or talk of the town in NY… He’s to be as a NYK player. Hate to say this but Dolan really has his media power in NY. Nets still has long way to go in NY.

  567. 3 years from now, assuming LeVert playing to highest potential, maybe. But look at Clarkson, Russel, and other bright young players when they first surfaced, and where they are now.

    Lin has established in NBA as a solid player and he is in the stage of proving he is a starter material (to doubters). Nets provides that platform and I will see at least for the coming future, Nets will still need more than LeVert and Lin to compete.

    Warriors has 3 stars in Curry, Thompson and KD. Lin along is not enough. Nets desperately needs another 2 stars. I think LeVert could be one of them. I don’t see Brook fits in the future plan. Just looked at the game last night, the come back and the momentum all comes from fast pace lead by LeVert without Brook on the court. Nets needs a young, quick and defensive mind center. Brook as I watched for the past 42 games, is a bit slow, not a rebound machine and a so so defense center. To build a serious team, I don’t see any players in current roster can fit the 3rd star spot.

    Nets still has a long way to go. The talk of the town now is Melo, if he will be traded.

  568. Haha! I totally agree w this….The talk of the town now is Melo, if he will be traded.

    Ya! Brook is not in their future plan. I think LeVert sure part of their future… but who knows what really will happen this summer? Maybe they just tried to showcase him for trade….

  569. Skils and Bog should be showcased for trades. Skill diminishes and Bog just being Bog.

  570. It’s getting there, all it needs is just a few more games like that.

  571. Please don’t add the “not better” in her comment. Read again didn’t see it.

    Who cares? I do, most of us do.

  572. That’s cool but no need to set to dethrone lin.

  573. Lol, someone who no one wish to name is speculating on another JL fan site that JL will be traded etc… should Levert have a few more good games, effectively throwing JL under the Bus. It’s sad that JL has such so-called ‘Lin 1st fan’. Haha cheers

  574. Lakers will trade Clarkson if they get a high draft pick. Russell is still LA starting PG, his leach is shorter than Ingrams for sure.

  575. Since AB is waived, CMC is at D league, what do you think about Edy

  576. I don’t see LeVert as a competition but as 1 more help for Lin to be an All-Star that we all desire.
    We’ve been clamoring for good players for the Nets. So if defense has to worry about Brook/LeVert/Lin, they can’t triple-team Lin to stop his drive. It will only help Lin and the Nets for sure.

    In the mold of building championship level teams like GSW/Cavs, we want multiple playmakers like SCurry/Draymond Green/KDurant/Klay/Iggy or LBJ/Kyrie/KLove.

    This is a really good development for Lin. Teams have been instructed to stop Lin since he’s the only playmaker/guard to feed Brook. It hasn’t been easy for Lin due to the lack of talent around him.

    LeVert still has ways to go as a rookie due to his inexperience but he can already help Lin and Brook.
    When teams game-plan to stop LeVert, it will be more difficult for him. The Pelicans game was nice but the Pelicans played such poor defense last night giving up 143 pts to the Nets. It’s more the anomaly.
    There will be ups and downs in this rookie year as he still adjusts.

    JLin can use more talent around him for sure 🙂

  577. For some reason, Edy Tavares gives a vibe as a poor-man Hassan Whiteside?
    Not as athletic or nimble but he has size and good hands around the rim.
    Also not as explosive in jumps, footwork also needs to improve.

  578. The fear that Lin would be left behind is meaningless in the Nets plans. They are trying to change the culture from star based type of hierarchy to team oriented play. Lin tried desperately to keep his own stardom under wraps when he was with the Knicks always giving credit to his teammates. The better his teammates are, the better the team will be. I hope they become great players.

  579. Don’t you think it’s hypocrite to laugh cheers right after saying it’s sad?

    It’s getting there, just be patience. If you’re man enough, why don’t you drop a reply to me over there instead of hiding over here hiding under someone else comment?

  580. Lin, Levert, Lopez, and Acy could be the potential pillar starters of the team.

  581. Their game are mirror images of each other, you can tell they are the type of PGs Nets want who can shoot 3s and get to the rim. Now that LeVert is finally unleashed and they finally have a decent F in Acy lets see what they can do when Lin’s back and healthy. Won’t be surprised if Nets have a better record than Knicks in the 2nd half of the season.

  582. Didn’t know Nets finally got a win, definitely going to re-watch the game now to see how well the team played and improved.

  583. Great post!

    “The better his teammates are, the better the team will be.” – as Acbc said below.

  584. “Nets will still need more than LeVert and Lin to compete.” So true!

  585. Ok for all those who were raving about LaVert, I’d recommend fans rewatching the game against the Pelicans. Harris was the one who made so many great passes for guys to cut to the rim and score while also starting and scoring from cutting passes himself! Rewatching the 1st quarter, Nets have the best and fastest passing when it’s going through Harris!

    With Lin or not, Harris deserves to play the main or 2nd main SG/PG ball handler as well. He more of a playmaker than Dinwiddie, LaVert, and Whitehead who also can’t create for the team! LaVert is great at scoring though.

    I’ll continue to stick with my previous opinion starting lineup should be
    Lin, Lavert, Lopez, Harris, and Acy

  586. Rewatching game against Pelicans:

    No clue why Bog even started, I’d start both Harris and Lavert before I even start Bog he continues to make bad decision and shots, totally lost out there. Went for isos at the rim and missed and TOs. He the reason why Nets couldn’t play at their best in 1st quarter and clogs up the passing and plays. Just like Booker he needs to be benched and traded.

  587. I agree. And I don’t see LeVert as competition. I see it more as he will be heavily promoted along with Lin, and even more due to his skills for his position/size and youth. I like Lin having a player of LeVert’s skill level with him, that’s great for him and his team.

  588. They have to do a 76ers before I think they’ve turned the tide, but I sure hope so.

  589. Bog and Lopez will likely be on trade block.

  590. Lol.

  591. Any news on our boy?

  592. Nets v. Hornets game just started in Charlotte. I do not see Lin on the bench.

    Edit: just remembered that he did not travel with the team. 🙂 Go Nets!

  593. Lol, congrats for indirectly calling your kindself out, (hypocrisy at the extreme). Wouldnt think of posting there with all the hypocrisy shown by poster of you kind there. I will consider not posting here too should the worsening situation here continue with negativity and the mods allowing it to worsen by not banning ‘paid troll’. Haha cheers

  594. I don’t think he’s there. If he was, I think Charlotte would have done a tribute to him.

  595. You are right. Lin did not travel with the team.

  596. Is Kilpatrick injured? He doesn’t look like the same player he was earlier in the season.

  597. Hopefully not.
    His shooting is off so far, 1-5.

  598. But that’s what I mean. His shooting and overall play has been poor in most games. He’s not shooting or playing as well. It’s as if he was injured.

  599. Road game, 2nd of back-to-back,.. Nets seem out of gas.

  600. no doubt

  601. 46-60 at the half. Nets are behind.

  602. I reckon Nets is still figuring out the defensive sets of players to be on the floor and in the process of determining who should be benched/traded. Nets will not win games while not getting ‘stops’ as stated by JL after the very 1st preseason game. Haha cheers

  603. Though I know Nets’ focus is not on winning games at present,
    I am hoping for a a 2-game “winning streak”, after last night’s surprise victory over the Big Birds. 🙂

  604. Ha! Nets just cut the Hornets’ lead down to 3!

  605. KA is improving in terms of making adjustments. Don’t know how this game will turn out, but I see improvements in substitutions.

  606. Just start to watch the game for few min… Nets bench play well… I like Acy.

  607. Tie game. Good job by the Nets.

  608. 81-81, end of 3Q. Ha!

  609. This is first time in a long time watching Nets coming back from a big negative especially in 3RD QUARTER!!!

  610. Ya! Our bench really played well….

  611. Acy is an impactful player. Great at both ends of the court!

  612. Brooklyn grits at work!

    No 4Q collapse, please! (Finger crossed.)

  613. Ya! Also saw LeVert plays like Lin… haha! So Lin is the one who behind all the game plan….LOL!

  614. I think Nets 3P finally made that’s why they could come back.

  615. Acy is good & hope Nets can keep him.

  616. Better defense with the bench players, LeVert makes good decisions and helps get players open, and Nets are getting to the line with addition to the Nets making 3s.

  617. I thought his 10-day contract was expired last game.

  618. They extend….

  619. They would be nuts not to.

  620. for how long?

  621. Finally signed someone good….

  622. they can do 2 10 day contracts; they did the second. then they have to decide either keep him and pay him a real contract for the rest of the season or let him go. (if this is incorrect someone correct me )

  623. This team is competitive

  624. For another 10 days, I believe.

  625. So weird. Why no Kemba?

  626. After lose 11 games, KA finally play more Lin’s style game… lol! We can win this one if we continue to play like this….

  627. Keep on fighting, never give up — just like the team captain Lin.

  628. because Lin is no longer a Hornets, they do nto need to worry Lin overshines Kemba any more

  629. But Hornets sure wants to win this one…. Why Kemba is still on the bench?

  630. Right on

  631. I like the athletic young guard play and acy and better disciplined booker…

  632. I like Acy more than Booker now…. haha!

  633. He’s not as durable this season after the knee surgery and they played last night. But he’s back, probably will finish the game.

  634. I was actually the same thing. Did you also notice that Batum is not playing PG like he did when Lin was with them?

  635. walker on pace to play 33 minutes this game; normal i would think and sessions has been scoring in his stead attacking the basket with 8 ft’s.

  636. stopped watching after 1st half, but now nets is leading by 1. WTF HAPPENED?

  637. Booker doing the same thing, gave Hornets the momentum again.

  638. IW is done. Given so much opportunity but performed consistently poor. Should be traded or given very limited minutes. A shooting guard that can’t shoot and a point guard that don’t get assists. Worst is getting outplayed by Randy Foye.

  639. Stupid play

  640. Why IW is in now? Need more Vet…..

  641. nvm, we are back to sucking…

  642. Batum usually doesn’t make clutch shots, but he made one there. The other 3 was lucky.

  643. put acy back in plz lol

  644. Acy should be in not Booker.

  645. Don’t loss this one please….

  646. both teams are tired playing b to b game

  647. terrible offensive decision making at key clutch time multiple times down the floor by various individuals; shows lack of lin in that situation.

  648. close game – the team with better clutch player/shoot will win.

  649. gg…. as much as i like sean…. hes been pretty bad to the team. he needs to pass

  650. Great effort by the team.
    We miss the 4Q clutch player, the closer – Lin.

  651. Spurs vs Cavaliers game is on ABC

  652. I cant take this anymore! why is booker still playing so much? last game showed just how good we CAN be but because of booker we lost again. and kilpatrick? dude is legit a chucker….

    starters: LIN-LeVERT-RHJ-ACY-BROOK
    3rd string: SPENCER-FOYE-SCOLA-CMC

    trade bogie for rudy gay + WCS please!!!!!

  653. Acy can do EVERYTHING booker can + shoot the 3 + play within himself and not think he’s a pg + younger + cheaper…. i dont care if book signed here. bench or trade!!!!

    Skil gets worse and worse. he’s just not very good. can get hot and score some but his d is bad, shot isnt consistent, tries to draw fouls and not finish, cant dribble, cant pass…. sure he’s aggressive and by all accounts is a good guy, but he’s a 6th man microwave guy that is good only in small doses. too much and it just kills the ball movement

    RHJ finally playing within himself. play all out on D and play within himself on offense… this is why he looked so good these past few games…

    LeVERT = LEGIT!!!!! cant wait for him to start with lin. that would be a DYNAMIC backcourt. add RHJ for D and hustle. add Acy for hustle and 3. add brook and that is a LEGIT team. play the starters 30+ minutes and they can make a run to NOT be worst team in nba….

  654. Didn’t watch the game. But based on the comment here and listened from radio, playing LeVert with Skil is a waste usage of talent of LeVert.

    Booker and Skil quite often dribbled too much and hurt the MO flow. (radio commenters comments). The difference of rotation between tonight and last night is these players taking a day off last night. MO moved the ball much better without them.

    Hope KA knows this by now. Start Lin/LeVert/Acy/Brook/Harris or play this lineup in 4Q, this team can win games.

    Good fight from Nets. They are gradually getting it. They played hard every game and it will pay off.

  655. Your observation is right on the dot. Acy is the difference maker on this team on both end of the floor just like JL. If Levert can be the standin play maker in JL absence Nets will win more games. The late games collapse will stop once KA stops experimenting with their defensive lineup. Haha cheers

  656. CMC may be a player as well, maybe on the second team.

  657. Knicsk lost again, to Suns, 105-107

    The only bright NBA Basketball moment for the past 6 years in new york city is Linsanity and the stupid owner pushed it away.

  658. Hope Lin comes back next week, cant wait to see have some excitement.

    @psalm234:disqus I will be away for a week or so…do excuse my moderation duties

  659. I agree when Booker & Skil came in they started to loss…. Don’t know what’s wrong w Skil? He used to be good…???

  660. Seems so long ago, don’t care about the Knicks it’s just a power game for the owner. They will never win a Championship with Dolan as owner. If NBA can push him out then Knicks will have a chance to rebuild the right culture.

  661. LeVert’s FG% is 50% down from yesterday’s 100%. B2B he needs some break, but Acy is an animal–he has no less energy than booker and perhaps more. However, Kenny could not play Acy more ‘cuz after this 10-day short contract, Nets need to sign him a long-term deal (2+1 or something) CHEAP!! Acy played 17min in this game and already with 14PTS+4REB+1AST+2STL+1BLK+71%FG+75%3P%. Allowing him to explode in every game will hurt contract negotiation. haha

  662. I sure hope he knows what his starting lineup is by now. There’s no doubt Harris can make plays and great assists as a 2nd playmaker along side Lin. LeVert can’t make plays but he will be a great scoring threat to help take defenders away from Lin and vice-versa. Brook Lopez can also make fast cuts and moves at the rim for easy baskets. This team looks so much more promising now with all these great players. LaVert is inexperienced but he can totally be the Thompson for Lin. Booker and Bog needs to go. I bet that Starbucks tweet was legit, team tried trading Sean Kilpatrick and Bog but no takers!

  663. Maybe he saw the Starbucks tweet and feels he’s not in the teams future plans just as “other assets”. Not to mention with LaVert finally unleashed and taking his rightful starter SG/PG spot Skil is no longer the 2nd ball handler after Lin.

  664. I think Nets want to trade and get rid of Booker but there are no takers same with Bog and Skil. Nets played so well when Booker and Skil were out last game.

    Come on no team is dumb enough to take Bog he’s average at best.

    Chris McCullough is also a potential starter PF. Will be interesting because McCullough have yet to get his rightful minutes and games just like LaVert. To not start or give your talented and athletic, 1st round draft pick a start or heavy minutes is ridiculous.

  665. No worries, Mak. Thanks for letting me know.
    Hope Lin will be back next week 🙂

  666. Are you serious? Harris can make plays and LeVert can’t? Did you mixed up those two?

    I think Harris can not make plays but LeVert can, LeVert is the second best PG on this team, behind Lin. You want ball in LeVert’s hand more…

  667. From what I’ve seen LaVert mostly got shots for himself not really make assists for the team. if you watched the 1st quarter vs Pelicans, the ball was flowing the most when it went through Harris where he made many assists while also getting to the rim for scoring.

  668. skil has always be able to score, but he score out of the system, when he score, he basically freeze out his teammates, so he does not win you games. Its only getting more and more obvious…..

    I think his teammates starts to call him out in that player only meeting…..

    does not help also he don’t play defense….

  669. In last game Harris had 3 assists and LeVert had 6.

    I’m surprised you had the impression that LeVert not making assists, his passing is really good, and also have way better vision of the court on this team, way better than IW and Dinwiddie

  670. Let the numbers speak for themselves: Harris played 12min w/ 3AST, while LeVert played 24min w/ 6AST vs Pelicans. It didn’t matter even if LeVert had 0 AST in yesterday’s game, ‘cuz his FG% was 100% w/ 100% 3P%. Got it?

  671. It does matter cause the argument was whether LeVert was a playmaker. It’s not fair since Harris doesn’t get as many minutes. But from the Pelicans game you could tell Harris created fast ball movement and assist while he was on court with starters. LeVert on the other hand only made 1 pass assists. Even when LeVert was on the 2nd unit he wasn’t the main PG, Whitehead and Foye initiated the offense.

  672. If that’s the case then KA should really make LeVert the main PG instead he’s been having other guys as PG. Allow LeVert to start as main PG along side Lopez and Harris to see what he can do. Bog shouldn’t even be starting he’s been playing bad every game.

  673. It doesn’t matter–his shot was 100% in yesterday’s game. He made very good judgment in whether to pass or simply shoot by himself. He doesn’t need to pass for the sake of pass.

  674. True which is why I said he’s more a scorer than a playmaker compared to Harris who actually creates ball movement where everyone touches the ball before getting an open guy.

  675. Not true. LeVert has very good court visiosn. It’s just that his shot is also very good, and perhaps that made you think he’s just a good shooter. There was a report after yesterday’s game that in the last 10 games or so (or perhaps more) with LeVert played, Nets has a wide plus margin when LeVert was on court vs he’s off court.

  676. Holy smokes I just realized that Nets’ bench is the 2nd in the NBA for scoring behind the Lakers! They are better than what they records show! Once Lin’s back and the newer starters like Acy and LaVert can gel together this team will be very good.

  677. I think that’s because Lin’s injury has allowed KA to make a lot of different lineup combinations, and pretty much all Nets bench players also had played starting positions in one or many of those lineups. Through that the Nets bench has gained a lot of experiences palying against other teams’ starting lineups, so when they’re playing against other teams’ bench players, they’d be a lot more confident and stable. Both yesterday’s game and today’s game prove that. Like in today’s game, Nets starting team dug a big hole in 1Q, and the bench quickly filled up the hole.

  678. Well I’m just basing this on the win against Pelicans, guys like Harris and Whitehead actually made great assists to Lopez and RHJ with great ball movement that energized the team. LeVert on the other hand made mostly just 1 pass assist when he doesn’t take a shot. I see teamwork and ball movement from Harris and Whitehead who can also get theirs at the rim that makes the team flow. Of course LeVert helps Nets too but more because he’s a great shooter. It’s just me, until I see a game where LeVert is the main ball-handler while making the team’s passing flow well I’m not convinced.

  679. Yup, right now NONE of the Nets players started the entire season not even Lin but we know that was due to injury but still. Lopez was benched/coming off the bench during preseason if I remember correctly but started all regular season games.

  680. In the past 2 games, Nets bench did play well. I like Acy & LeVert. RHJ were also good. Booker & Skil both played so so in the starting lineup.

  681. I agree with you. Harris knows how to penetrate and cut when he doesn’t have open shots and he’s very decisive in doing so. This makes him a good scorer providing that a good distributor is on the court with him. LeVert exhibit great court vision and can really thread the needles. I would put the ball in LeVert’s hand more than Harris.

  682. Again, couldn’t agree more. I think SKil needs to be reigned in like Booker. Both were trying to too much…

  683. Acy hit season high pts in the past 2 games. Plus 8-12 (75%) from 3s ?

    Kudos to Sean Marks for finding him. Keep surrounding Lin with some real talent!

  684. Nets need to seal Acy with a good contract.

  685. Yes I like how RHJ doesn’t just charge aimlessly at the rim anymore but rather stops after a fast break, pulls back and passes it off to another teammate. He’s playing smarter now and not forcing things.

  686. Nah I’d rather start Harris over RHJ but since Harris twisted his ankle I’d go with RHJ for defense and height advantage.

  687. two reasons, 1) Nets not necessarily starting their best players, 2) Nets are not playing their starters starter minutes, thus bench had similar minutes as starters thus better productions.

  688. that is correct. if you notice the other team lakers is also the only other team along with nets who have no one playing 30 minutes. so its no surprise their “benches” have more scoring since they are playing more minutes.

  689. As I had said earlier, given this team’s offensive philosophy, and Acy’s talents, he should (ideally) replace Booker in the starting line up. Would be a much better match when Lin returns, given he keeps up a good defensive presence on the team.

    Also as most on this site have seen / said, levert is the 2 guard for this team… no longer any doubt in my mind.

  690. Any word lately on Lin?

  691. What they don’t want us to know, we will not know. No word whatsoever on lin lately.

  692. There is no better playmaker on this team than LeVert beyond Lin. He’s way, way behind Lin as such but LeVert is a superb playmaker for his position and experience.

  693. I don’t like that idea. He needs to facilitate in his position. You don’t need to be a PG to facilitate and play make. Plus he’s better guarding guys his height on the defensive side.

  694. Any one here optimistic about Nets winning one over SAS? TP is injured (foot/ ankle), Pau Gasol (fx hand), Ginoboli left Cleveland game with stiff back or whatever. Quite sure the above 3 will not play. Kawhi looked extremely tired, possible Pop will rest him. That leave only Green and LA – 2 starters. LA didn’t play well in the past few games. SAS may be emotionally let down after an exhausted OT win over Cleveland. They may not be paying attention to the Nets b/c they are too focused on Raptors.

  695. Lol sas are the second best team in the league and they proved t last night beating the cavs with an under manned roster. Kawhi leonard is playing out of his mind and they have a very deep roster with some really good role players. Only way they could beat the spurs is if lin was playing and he and lopez dropped 25 a piece.

  696. wow. the lakers are trailing the mavericks (who on the season have fewer wins than they do) by 50, 50 points. in the 4th. i had to recount the numbers again to make sure didn’t think it could be right.

    what’s with all the super-blowout games lately in the nba.

    maybe sir charles is right.

  697. even if they werent out with injuires pop would probably rest the 3 old guys anyway.

    i was going to give more stats on s.a. depth but too many suffice to say this is the team nets would like to be but dont have personnell to be.

    spurs could put out their bottom 5 guys and win most of their games. everyone has an effective fg % of 48% or more everyone has per 36 of 12 pts or more.

    just take one out and plug another one in. rookie murray getting time lately has been impressive. (36 points in 56 minutes on 14 of 21).

  698. loose lips sink ships.

  699. mums the word.

  700. his injury was much less severe I thought
    still missed 14 games and counting
    Nets might need to fire some of their medical staff
    they are just way too incompetent

  701. no, lin is ready when he is ready. He’s not as of now.

  702. Are there a lot of nets injured? No. Caris is playing, Foye hasn’t been reinjured, Booker has gotten through a minor injury, Whitehead has, RHJ hasn’t been injured. I know it is very disappointing that Lin is injured but we just have to deal with it. There’s nothing to support that the medical staff isn’t competent.

  703. Yeah murray will be the true successor to tony parker. His progress has been quicker than anyone could have projected.

  704. he seems to be decent at rebounding. Nets are desperate for such a player.

  705. As I said, TP, and Pau will not play. Ginoboli will 99% not play, Kawhi will 90% not play b/c he is dead tired. Remember lowly Phoenix sun beat them, now that was in Mexico city. I think or hope there is a chance to steal this one from SAS.

  706. much better than last time
    missing almost the same number of games
    perhaps u forgot about Vazquez also

  707. your statement has nothing to do with what i said

  708. They’re do what they’re told, do not pass Lin until we say so.

  709. I reckon the players need to be in tiptop physical condition in order to compete. Speed matters if you are a point guard and relying on a quick first step to get by your opponents. So JL needs more time to heal completely and regain his speed. Haha cheers.

  710. Jeremy Lin will miss his 32nd game tomorrow after missing only 23 over his 7-year career. #Nets–Anthony Puccio
    Reporter, Brooklyn Nets for @SBNation at @NetsDaily •

  711. “There has been frustration with the performance team. There’s frustration about the nagging Lin injuries. In his interview with CCTV5, China’s version of ESPN, Lin let it be known that he thinks he’s ready but data from the monitoring equipment he wears says he isn’t. And why was Vasquez signed to a fairly big deal and important role despite lingering health issues, easily the biggest personnel mistake.”–“net income” @ netsdaily

  712. disagree, the spurs still have green, aldridge, lee, dedmond, bertans, simmons, anderson, murray, simmons and mills, no way in heck the nets beat them. They still have a far superior roster regardless of losing kawhi, ginobili, parker and gasol.. the only major loss to their lineup is kawhi. parker is a big hit also, but murray is giving us much of what parker gives us when he plays.

  713. Whenever Lin comes back, it better be for good. No more reinjury. As long as they’re building up his muscles properly during this rest period, then that’s fine. We can wait an extra week if it means he plays the final 35+ games healthy.

    If he plays at his 20 PER level for 30+mpg for the rest of the season, he’ll have established himself going into next season. Season is over in terms of W-L, but Lin still has a lot to play for personally.

  714. hope so…i really hate hamstring injury…its nasty….you never really know its recovery time frame….at times it heals faster than expected…at times it aint pleasant

  715. lol….comeon…players getting injured, has very little bearing on medical staff…especially hamstring….professional sport players…immaterial, badminton or soccer big names…had gone thru similar injuries as well…sometimes it just happens

  716. I’m still sneaking in now and then…when ever possible…cant really stay away…lol

  717. so no linnapinnawinna updates, huh.
    on the bright side you want see my post often..
    so take yo pick..

    lin comes back and I will post a lot even can come in with different name. or lin still out and I disappear.
    which one you want…only those two options can’t say lin comes back and I disappear.. because if I disappear when lin comes back, then you know I”m linna himselfa.

  718. bad news….. Season over for Lin…. smh!

  719. when I say update, that’s not da update I wanted!!!

    he must be overtraining it no?

    fk no.. don’t tell me it’s career ending too.. it iwll have an affect on his game when he comes back.

  720. Nets is really a bad luck place for PGs…. their PGs always turned out to be like this…. smh! I think why not Nets just say Lin is out for this season??? That will be easy for everyone. smh!

  721. I think it’s the feng shui reason.. and their new colors.. it’s black and white.. the only 2 colors that is present at either american weddings…or funeras… take your pick.. doesn’t look like western wedding now.

  722. I also think Nets should do something about their feng shui too…. it’s been bad luck for years. Ya! Black & White are not really good luck colors…….

  723. Today, the NBA and GE Healthcare announced the new research projects on bone stress injuries (e.g hamstring injuries) that they will fund …

    University of Newcastle, Australia (Dr. Suzi Edwards) The HAMI Study: Investigating Hamstring and Adductor Myotendinous Injury Risk Factors in Basketball.

    Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (Dr. Johannes Tol) Game changing innovative sports research: The Basketball and Muscle Injury (BAMI) study.

    University of Wisconsin-Madison (Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit) Clinical, Biomechanical, and Novel Imaging Biomarkers of Hamstring Strain Injury Potential in Elite Athletes.

    The Mayo Clinic (Dr. Timothy Hewett) Comparative Effectiveness of Hamstring Muscle Strain Injury Prevention Programs.

    See :

  724. This setback is such bad news for @JLin7 this season ? ?
    Out 3-5 more weeks mean his return is delayed to at least Feb 13-27

  725. At this point they should just rest him for the whole season with maybe some games at the end

  726. well this just ruined my day lol. hes done for the season pretty much… what a shame 🙁 he didnt even get to show off his improved jumper

  727. Feel the same way… I think he probably will not play again this season.

  728. Oh, No! What happened? Did Jeremy overtrain even while injured?

    So Lin will miss most of the season. Sigh. Life doe not always turn out the way we wish.

    Patience… Please, Jeremy, do not over-exert yourself this time. As much as this fan yearn to see you back in court, please take as much time as necessary to recover fully.

  729. NO…?

  730. devastatingly bad news ??

  731. man.. why did I feel that worst fear for linna came trua..

    everytime good things happen bads things have to happen and da moment when he got the starting gig and stuff..I had mentioned sht..don’t let him be injured because he has the chance of da life time. ..because all good things seems to occurred which then I’m thinking..hmm… I felt that it’s not going to go as smooth.

    Now look what happen.

    They say it’s 4 weeks.. I say double that time and then he will come back when nets are like 15 and 50..and then he will play like 10 minutes and slowly up to 20 minutes just to help develope the young guys.. oh well.

    you can all kiss the dream of even playoffs or 30 games wins goodbye. sayonara!

    At least now I don’t have to worry about wht game he is playing because I have more freetime!!! hahaahahahah

  732. “Jeremy Lin’s Latest Injury Should Trigger A Major Nets Deal” – Mitch Lawrence

    “The Lin signing has been a bust. They didn’t sign him to hold a clipboard and chart various stats during games, but that has evolved into his primary duties. Due to various injuries, he has started at point guard for only 12 games. With Lin, the Nets were only 3-9, but hasn’t played more than six consecutive games in another injury-plagued season.”×0.jpg?fit=scale

  733. Really tough news. Let’s all stay strong and continue to support Lin in our own ways. He’ll get through this.

  734. so…be careful what you wish for… we wished for lin to be starter..we got that.. we want lin to have his team.. his very own where he is like james to make the calls… we got that.. , we wish that lin to play more than 25 minutes.. we got that.. we wish lin to do well, we sorta got that… but we did not say the whole thing.. whcih is lin to be healthy and play all 82 games in high usuage!!!!

    why never say “getting so excited for da season to start’.. you know
    better than that. it’s a jinxiedingxies. That’s why I never say
    that..and I always say considering “that he is healthy.”

    bam boom pow. So next time if you make a wish, make sure you speak it completely. God works people in interesting ways.

  735. Upon this do u think nets will trade him ?

  736. they can’t
    who would want him
    be a bench playa again for 13 million ?

  737. No. Plus it’s hard to trade an injured player.

  738. Mitch Lawrence is a long standing Lin hater, accused Lin of lying while he’s with the Knicks. Please don’t give him clicks.

  739. From Lin’s FB–

    By now the news has been released that I’ve retweaked my hamstring a third time. Although this is the least severe of the three, this third injury has been a hard one to deal with mentally. There’s something so draining about the yo-yo effect of going from injured to healthy to injured to healthy that in some ways it would have been easier to have an injury where I knew from the beginning I would be out for a long, set amount of time.
    There are few things more humbling for an athlete than an injury. They are a reminder that as much as we would like to be, we are not in control of our lives and careers. Cheering from the sidelines and being limited to only using my speech, instead of my body, has shown me how I’ve taken my health for granted.
    People may ask if I rushed back. I can confidently say I didn’t. I checked every single check box that needed to be checked before returning and progressed carefully through my rehabs. The reality is that even when we plan for things to go a certain way, sometimes God has other plans.
    Of course I have all the natural emotions that comes with an injury. Some moments I feel super motivated. Some moments I feel defeated. Some moments I want to yell at God in frustration. Why now? Why not when I was a backup point guard the last 4 years? All the hard work I put into training, developing a new shot, regaining my confidence, having my desired role, the right coach and the right system. A year of my prime down the drain. These are the natural thoughts that float into my mind, get kicked out, and float back in.
    But I’ve been here before. I’ve faced lows and seen how God has led me out of them. I’m quicker to gain perspective and remember His sovereignty and ability to turn my setbacks into life lessons and opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, injuries still suck. There’s nothing more I want than to be on the court, fighting with my team. Losing is hard. Wearing blazers every night gets old.
    I’ve been thinking a lot recently of Ava Bright Lee, a little girl I had the privilege of getting to know who went to be with God this year after a long battle with cancer. My situation is NOTHING like hers, yet she lived with supernatural joy through adversity. Her mom, Esther, writes beautifully and honestly about their journey. Of Ava’s life she wrote this:
    “She had scar upon scar, procedure upon procedure, pain upon pain, and she faced it all…with a smile. Since the day she was born she began teaching me truths about living and loving and hoping. It’s not because she was perfect. No, there were hard times of learning for her as she stretched the boundaries and tested the waters like any other kid. But there is no doubt that she was a precious gift given to us from the most loving Being of all.
    So if our little girl could rise up out of her circumstances to still praise God, then why not us too?”
    In only 8 short years, Ava understood what’s taken me so many more years to stubbornly begin to learn. We don’t get to control what happens to us and we won’t always like our circumstances. But we can choose to lie down and give up or we can pick ourselves up and try to joyfully make the most of what we’ve been given. Whatever setbacks you are facing right now, I hope we can all be like Ava and choose the latter.
    Proverbs 16:3 — Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans

  740. Thank you. I was wondering about his tone regarding Lin.

    I just removed the link to the Forbes article.

  741. Worst season ever

  742. Literally the worst season for Lin
    Now Lin will be seen as an injury prone player
    Lin also chose the worst team to advance his career further because they will rest Lin as much as possible to develop their young talent. This is a nightmare
    Nothing positive about this

  743. Like everyone, was really hoping for his return this week.

    Nevertheless, he speaks the truth: “In only 8 short years, Ava understood what’s taken me so many more years to stubbornly begin to learn. We don’t get to control what happens to us and we won’t always like our circumstances. But we can choose to lie down and give up or we can pick ourselves up and try to joyfully make the most of what we’ve been given. Whatever setbacks you are facing right now, I hope we can all be like Ava and choose the latter.
    Proverbs 16:3 — Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans”

  744. It is awful for an athlete to sit out the games due to injury, but I am not sure it is the “worst season” for Lin as you said.

    If this nagging hamstring injuries had happened last season at Charlotte, Lin would not have signed the 3 yr-36 mil contract as a starter with the Nets. He could have been out of the NBA as a result.

    It could have been worse for Lin, much worse.

    As Lin wisely said, “but we can choose to lie down and give up or we can pick ourselves up and try to joyfully make the most of what we’ve been given.” Let us stay positive and await Lin’s recovery and return to the game so loved by him.

  745. Mods, let’s make this a Featured comment. Thanks so much.

  746. I can find a positive. Things could always be worse as he said himself. It’s a tough, tough hit, like the air has been taken out of tires just after the flats were fixed.

  747. so over the top and disrespectful. Stupid article.

  748. I agree this bad injuries happens in this year not in Hornets otherwise Lin would not be able to get any good contract.

    Well, since Nets is going no where so maybe it’s good timing for Lin to take a good rest. Of course I prefer to watch his game instead….

  749. Be a visionary like Elon Musk, the real Elon Musk! How many of his rockets have crashed? Does he give up on his amazing rocket?

    The people that gives up on the Nets and Lin aren’t visionary. They don’t know how to believe in a future, a really hard and difficult future. I know nothing of Elon Musk. He could be an evil genius for all I know but what is known is what he’s done. He dreamed a Dream of a future of ecology, of space exploration and advancement of human endeavours and perhaps even our salvation from this dying world we seem intent on trashing. He invented a way to make enough money through PayPal to finance his dreams. He didn’t just dream, he made it happen.

    Lin has also dreamt a dream of starting on his own team. He has done everything possible to make it happen. Why do we keep second guessing Lin’s team and Lin’s dream. Sure it’s crashed twice this season but I don’t see him giving up.

  750. The writer is a known Lin hater. Don’t give him more clicks.

    See below — posted 3 hours earlier .

  751. Really? I will del it.

  752. I always read though I don’t comment but this time I need to.

    Because of a fall, I’m having problems on my right leg and right knee. I thank God cause I thought could be a serious injury but, after the 1st treatment, I feel much better. So, even this time, I feel like Jeremy again.

    Jeremy had Ava. I’m watching on TV people buried by the snow these days, a kid lost his parents too. Then I look at myself thinking how silly I am in complaining about a minor setback when other people lost their life for an avalanche and/or an earthquake.

    Regarding Jeremy, we really never know. It’s always been like that. So, even this time, we can only hope for the best of him and keep cheering the Nets.

    When Jeremy had his team in high school, he fractured his ankle before the semifinal. He became more humble, trusted God more and went to win the Championship the year after.

    Who knows? Maybe it could happen again! =)

    Better days will come. Have faith.

  753. ✌?

  754. Hear hear. The best is yet to come.

  755. you’re welcome.

  756. Healthy or not Nets will trade Jlin if the price or draft pick is right, NBA is a business.

  757. Wait did Lin Pull his hamstring AGAIN?
    he said 3rd time


  759. When I initially heard the news, similar to most of Lin fans, I felt frustrated, disappointed and confused. It looked that it could not be worsen for Jeremy this season.

    Then it was lunch time and I took a regular walk at an irregular warm winter noon. Suddenly I was stricken by the consciousness that it could be worsen. As Jeremy and some posters sharing, that while we complained our small sufferings lots of others were struggling with life threatening illness, and some player were having career stopping injuries.

    This is the beauty of Christian that we would sing praises and thanks from our heart even when we were suffering. Because we know that everything happening is with God’s purpose in it and “in all things God works for the good of those who love him” (Romans 8:28). That is exactly what Jeremy and other christian feel at this hard time and I am very happy we understand and resonate with each other.

    I do not worry about the future of Jeremy, if God allows, he can create more miracles like Linsanity, I would repeat it again that Jeremy’s journey were full of miracle, but if you choose to ignore them, it is your own suffering by losing peace and joy. The true Lin fan are always enjoy walking with Lin whatever the situations are, because we have hope, faith and Love.

    So please keep praying for Jeremy to come back much stronger and much better, while enjoying the net young players ever improving performance.

  760. We are talking basketball dude we want to see him play basketball everybody knows there are worse things than a hamstring injury in this world but thats not what people are talking about how many people do you think watch sports and think about the horrible things around the world? not many people watch sports to forget about it for an hour or two. When Lin finishes up with his bball career and decides to help people more power to him. But people want to see him play there are no positives here at least not sports related for him. It’s another year wasted showing people he can start.

  761. Basketball wise this is Lins worst season but yeah its good he is seeing this in a positive light but they might even rest him the rest of the season aswell 3-5 more weeks is a killer. Screw the nets the team is trash except Levert and brook to some extent RHJ ther rest are borderline D-league players kudos to all who are watching that mess of a team. At least Rose is healthy so i got something to hold on to.

  762. Get well soon, JLin ?

    “We’re taking a conservative, long-term approach. There’s no need to rush him back. We’re all on board with this.” Sean Marks on Lin | #Nets

  763. count it all as joy bretheren, would be the old time religion phrase that comes to mind for me.

  764. so much for the Marks performance team. the nets are not less injured than other teams despite the investment in these performance and health specialists.

  765. See you after the All-Star Break, I guess…

    Injury is the only thing that can stop Lin now…and it did this season. It stinks, but it’s something that happens to a lot of players. Just a shame is happened this season as a true starter instead of with the Lakers.

  766. I’m not a doctor so I can’t say if they messed up or not…but this should be a major wake-up call for them. They need to re-evaluate their practices and see if there’s anything to change.

  767. Basketball-wise, it was great — he has a 20 PER for a reason. Health-wise, it’s his worst.

  768. ? I’m so sorry Jeremy. I feel awful for you. Our lives are a little less bright with you off the court. I pray God shows you mercy and heals you to play great basketball on the court again.

  769. just an opinion, but Lin’s aggressive style may be wrong for the motion offense. hear me out, Lin’s game since he got big was aggressive and attacking the defense through pick n rolls. but this is the motion offense, designed to move the ball aggressively instead of the pg dribbling around aggressively off Pick n Roll.
    His body can’t take it. the left hammy is like enough man , fail. let the game come to you, be smoother in the motion offense, swing the ball and run around .
    The nets have been losing games and Lin wants to lead the comback run but not gonna happen with this offense and the Nets players early in the season. they arent good enough and confident enough to hit shots and make plays in MotionO and play defense. so just play good smooth basketball Motion Offense not Linsanity PicknRoll that the Hamstring keeps getting injured
    Lin has versatile game and as a hobbled veteran he needs to adjust and be creative in the MO while not getting himself injured continually
    3-5 weeks we’ll see, and as fans now we can appeal to lower expectations bc hamstring injuries have taught us that they don’t care what we deserve

  770. An example: another poster tenten was critical of Lin’s footwork on the first injury in November. dribble attack to the rim into the defenders, stop on the one leg ,the left leg, while twisting for a corner 3 kickout using 1 left leg instead of 2 feet on the ground footwork.

  771. I think it’s just the first injury’s lingering effects.

    1) Odd “collision” + bad conditioning by Nets trainers results in a bad hamstring pull.
    2) Reinjuries occur due to not recovering 100%.

    Recovery isn’t just “healing.” It’s making sure the muscles are back to their normal level. Seems like he’s tweaking other parts of the hammy because his muscles are out of whack despite no pain.

  772. Good to hear. No one but Lin and us fans believed they could win more than 30 games, so Mark and Kenny don’t really care about being awful this season. They believe in Lin for at least another year or two and that’s that.

    TAKE A DAMN REST.. as in do performance drills or test.. no rushing back…and it will miraculously heal.
    you got yo 13 mill this year. earn it next year.

  774. He’s out 3-5 more weeks, no for the season. That’s a positive. If he comes back. He doesn’t have a career-ending injury, or a situation like Chris Bosh. That’s a positive. It’s a setback and this season has been disappointing, but the news could be worse.

  775. Conservative. It makes sense. I still think they believe in Lin and want him playing. He just has a health challenge now. It’s unfortunate, but he needs to take care of himself and heal.

  776. I agree w you. I think they want Lin for long team. Too bad why Lin is so bad luck….smh!

  777. …Don’t want to say it but obviously Nets’ performance team is too inexperienced and instead of coming back for drills after everything was checked off Lin should just rest and take it easy. The season is over there’s no need for him to come back at all. I don’t want him to have to go through the same lingering issue for the rest of his career.

  778. He needs to get healthy. If he can, I think it would be good for both Lin and the Nets to have him lead the team. The season isn’t over because there are half the amount of games left to play. And Lin needs to play in his role for the team, if he’s healthy and only if he’s healthy enough to play.

  779. Not really obviously going right to drills after meeting all the checklist and coming right back isn’t the best idea/plan. I hope both Lin and Nets staff learn their lesson to not put him for drills even after checklist. Obviously their performance staff is doing something wrong with their rehab. Maybe the head of performance staff who used to be in the military incorporated things that were too intense and made things worse for Lin.

  780. This really put things in perspective ? Ava was one sweet angel

    “Ava loved her Uncle Jeremy. Days before she passed away, Ava heard he re-injured his hamstring & so we prayed for his recovery…” ?

  781. Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said he just wants Lin to get healthy and “finish the season the right way . . . I’d love to get a good sample size of him playing with Brook and the guys.”

    Lin at Spurs game!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/display_960/image.jpg

  782. Sounds like Lin will play at the end of season.

  783. Thanks for sharing……we just need to keep things positive following Lin’s footstep

  784. with hamstring anything is possible…I had been mentioning this since his first injury…hamstring injury sucks big time….one need proper rest and slowly increasing its intensity. One day you could feel all are okay, but the next day, things start to tense up….Lin just need to keep his cool and take things easy.

    during the last stage of healing, MRI and ultrasound aint gonna help much, its player evaluation and his comfort level that determines eligibility. As mentioned earlier…been there done that…

    Thus far Nets been very supportive and positive towards Jeremy, unlike his previous ventures, he should just take a little bit longer to come back

  785. well, you ended up saying it.. so you do want to say it!!

  786. Is this place finally TROLL FREE?

    I’ll “return” if it is.

    Anyway, this is a necessary learning experience for Lin and the Nets.

    All NBA teams place practice restrictions on their starters. There is no way starters can go all out in practices and games, it causes too many injuries.

    Lin and the Nets both need to do like the rest of the NBA and rest everybody that plays heavy minutes – and Lin is not the only Net that should have his practice efforts curtailed. I’d extend that practice ban to all the starters and Kilpatrick and Acy and Foye.

    There should be absolutely no talk of this being a “wasted” season for Lin when he’s actually played GREAT in the games he did play in and when the season isn’t even over yet!

  787. problem is, will they LEARN from the experience.. no learning.. no experience.. no point.. == wasted everything.

  788. OF COURSE they’ll learn.

    The Nets are committed to improving, on and off the court.

  789. I have confidence in Nets overall. There will be bumps and bruises along the rebuilding process. This would be a wake-up call as KHuang pointed out. They will learn and improve.

  790. Glad that you are back. You were right about Lin probably working too hard. Honestly I just did not know what to think, but it seems clear that Lin needs a real recovery period.

  791. Eric Gordon is having a really nice season by having an outside game with occasional forays into the paint. Lin looks like he expends so much energy driving and probing all the time

  792. Every NBA player gets to a certain age when he just doesn’t recover as quickly from injuries and cannot sustain the insane amounts of endless practice needed to reach the NBA.

    Lin hit his limit this season.

    I should also note that many other point guards have had it much rougher than Lin when it came to hitting their physical limits. For example, Kemba Walker of the Hornets spent the prior two seasons before Lin’s Charlotte year being totally knocked out by injury. Walker had to change his game and habits in order to play more healthy, plus Lin protected him all last season.

  793. lots of changes for lin this season,
    1 starting and increased minutes
    2 superstar , team leader role
    3 lacking NBA talent or young roster
    4 PG of new motion offense for the team to learn
    5 lower playing weight or muscle mass for stamina
    6 new Nets organization teams, performance team etc
    7 losing team plays from behind
    8 chance to be an all star or all nba honors if team wins

    Lin has overextended himself and strained his leg mutliple times in the process

  794. and I think Lin needs to do that now , and needs some help as far as NBA level teammates who can score and defend against big time players
    Levert looks allright bc hes all we have at this pt

  795. Actually, I don’t think it’s big name players that are killing the Nets.

    Game after game, it is poor point guard play that kills the Nets.

    Even after Lin returns, there is a steep falloff whenever Lin sits. That will be an ongoing problem, one that was not remedied by cutting Yogi and signing Dinwiddie. It’s both on offense and defense that the Nets PGs are getting destroyed.

    If the Nets can somehow prevent opposing point guards from having career games, they’ll beat a lot of good teams.

    The only remedy this season is for Lin to play 35 injury free mpg and drastically limit the backup PG minutes. But Lin needs to raise his game by not exerting himself as hard off the court as he has been.

  796. But Eric Gordon is not half the player Lin is, and thus Gordon doesn’t draw the triple teams that Lin drew while opponents completely abandoned James Harden.

    Lin gets heavily defended and has to exert himself just to make anything happen, Gordon is not perceived as a threat by opponents and thus doesn’t have to exert himself as hard.

  797. I see no problems with anything Lin and the Nets are doing on the court, but I see a big problem with what Lin and Nets are doing off the court.

    I now believe that the military Nets training staff EXACERBATED Lin’s hamstring injury with overtraining.

    I’ll bet that the Nets did some outside research and decided to completely shut Lin down temporarily the way other teams do when their players get hamstring injuries.

  798. I keep reminding this forum of how Blake Griffin’s military trainer talked big about how he was gonna push Griffin harder than anybody’s ever been pushed and then Griffin went down for his entire rookie season.

  799. Just as I was right about Hamilton being injured and Vasquez having a poor attitude, I expect to be right about the Nets getting some outside veteran advice to completely shut Lin down for about two to three weeks before allowing a fully healed Lin to return.

  800. Reasons 1-10:

    Lin and the Nets have put too much pressure on themselves to perform well, and now they are paying the price.

  801. No, Lin MUST come back.

    He’s on the verge of completely healing up and the Nets are actually a surprisingly solid team that only has point guard as its sole weakness.

    Once Lin finally returns, the Nets will shock the NBA and nobody can say “The credit goes to everybody but the Asian guy”.

  802. proof?

  803. Agreed!

    The funny thing in life is that we won’t be motivated to learn anything if things are on our way.

    Adversity is a blessing in disguise.

  804. Khuang, please stay here. I will personally help you against these trolls. I actually came here yesterday to see your analysis, but you didn’t post haha.

  805. Injuries Happen. Nothing you can do about it. Hopefully this setback needed to happen for lin to learn how to manage his practices better, maybe ease up on overtraining and I mean, Lin should be pretty fresh whenever he comes back. His legs shouldn’t have the wear and tear of a season

  806. Groan.

    You’re so focused on Lin, you don’t see the active improvements the Nets are making.

    1) The Nets have an entire team out of Lopez that has virtually no NBA experience. Many of them are contributing for the first time in their NBA careers in new roles. Isn’t that an improvement over last season?

    2) Guys that cannot perform have been eliminated. Out went Vasquez, Ferrell, and Bennett. In came Dinwiddie and Acy. How is that not an improvement?

    3) Atkinson continues to tinker with the lineups, and outside of the horrifically bad point guard play the Nets are doing just fine at the other positions. Do you see major problems with the solid performances by the Nets’ players outside the terrible point guards?

  807. Your comments are insightful. Was surprised you didn’t comment yesterday.

  808. Is it possible that JLin changing his jump-shot mechanics and then practicing it over and over, thousands of times a week until exhaustion, is what screwed up his left hamstring and made it brittle?

  809. I doubt that. Many players change their shooting mechanics over their careers. I personally think it’s a combination of his ankle and back injuries that led to him overcompensating in his movements and straining his hamstring. But that’s a guess. I have no medical knowledge whatsoever.

  810. Just thinking, maybe Lin can take less money this season since only play few games.

    1. Show his loyalty and respect for team.

    2. Give team more flexibility to sign other marquee players.

  811. We can’t even control common cold; as much as we think we can control things, we are very vulnerable every day.

  812. Lol, I hope this means you’ll give back your pay if you ever take a sick day from work so your company can be more successful.

  813. No Sir, it will never be TROLL FREE, and you know it.
    But, please “return”. You posts are highlight to me in the absent of Lin.
    My adoration to your posts is about 50% of yours to Lin.
    You know I am not trolling, Old Man.

  814. Thanks for the “old man” COMPLIMENT!!!

    Actually, I suspect my adoration of Lin is 50% of yours. I’m a generalized NBA fan and not just a Lin fan. And there are players I like almost as much as Lin, like Jimmer Fredette and Jerryd Bayless and Tyler Hansbrough and Jeremy Lamb.

  815. Explain why should Lin do that when nobody else in the NBA does.

    Besides, you do understand that what you’re suggesting Lin do is not even allowed by NBA rules right?

  816. VERY possible –

    that affects EVERYBODY.

  817. I don’t necessarily agree with 10/10 in this case. Like khuang said, Nets may say that they are looking long term for improved play, but all players want to win. There are players that wants to win and there are players that just hate to lose even more than wanting to win. The ones that hates to lose the most are the ones who plays hard on both sides of the court and is always trying to make a difference on every play. Lin belongs in this very select few players that really hates to lose. Guys like Harden, Walker…wants to win but lacks the will to make every effort not to lose.

    Lin has had so much history to over turn that maybe he just tried too hard to make things happen when finally gets a chance to lead his own team. Linhates to lose so much that he may have tried too hard to make things happen and force things instead of letting the play develop naturally. That is how I see his twisted ankle and misplaced step.

    Upper level play must come effortlessly. That’s how athletes perform their best; that’s how they achieve the ZONE. The worst thing for an athlete to do is “try” instead of flow. I believe Lin has been just ” trying ” way too hard to force plays into reality when it just can’t be coax or willed into existence. It’s when he does this that he puts his body out of the flow and into odd twisting shapes.

    Lin wants so much to turn the Nets around to prove his worth to the world that he literally is bent out of shape by it. He really has to listen to his own prayers and trust his destiny to a greater power instead of his own wants and desires. Let it come naturally and HAVE FAITH, THE SAME LESSON HE HAD TO LEARN WHEN HE WENT DOWN JUST BEFORE THE FINAL GAME IN HIGHSCHOOL. It’s a lesson all Christians face time and time again throughout life.

  818. So do you pay your company back for sick days? *rolls eyes Sorry but it’s the Nets who needs to show loyalty to their players not the other way around. Lin can always take his services somewhere else for a chance at a ring if his prime is up.

  819. Same here, playing with bad back and baseball ankle for Hornets last season definitely took a toll on his body! But Hornets obviously didn’t care for Lin’s health! This is what happens when Lin plays through lingering injuries even if they may seem minor because it can lead to serious injury later.

  820. I want him to return but only when his hamstring is 100% healed. With the way Lin plays what happens if he gets a 4th tear?

  821. Won’t be surprised if Net’s head of performance team did the same thing to Lin which is why he kept injuring the hamstring. This should raise some red flags about the the military guy.

  822. Actually Hamilton wasn’t injured but he had bad contacts at least that’s what someone said on here. I truly hope Nets will play it smart and ask for veteran help, their inexperienced performance team made Lin have 3 hamstring injuries! Enough is enough, rehab can continue BUT after that Lin needs to take complete rest.

  823. No matter how much money Nets throws at marquee players they are not likely to come to Brooklyn. The Nets spent 9 mil on Deron and Vasquez and they are not even playing for the Nets. Nets pay Whitehead first round draft pick salary, and he is not a first round draft pick. I don’t see any reason why Jlin should take less money.

  824. He is entertaining.

  825. “@JLin7 Interviews hoping to be back to court soon and thanks fans’ support.”
    #yearoftherooster ?resolution

  826. Lin’s body just isn’t up to the task of outplaying these nightly triple teams, then.

    Let’s agree to disagree.

  827. Don’t clear about the rule. Duncan and Novisk did smilair thing, maybe before sign the contract.

  828. My company only allow taking max 3 sick days. Will go to insurance if take longer.

  829. My company only allow taking max. 3 sick days. Will use insurance if take longer. Anyway, I wish Lin take max if he play the best. Would rather he take less money than be traded to other team as backup guard until end of career.

  830. Take less money like Lin making a clarification he will stay at Nets for long term. He can hold starter position and also attack other better player to join.

  831. New thread

    Jeremy Lin Out 3-5 More Weeks due to Reinjured Hamstring
    Still Part of Nets Future, impact to Feb 23 trade deadline for Lopez, & the Nets Medical Team concern

  832. Fans started waiting since 10:00 a.m. to meet Lin at 6:00 p.m. at NBA store, Manhattan, NY.

  833. Dude… showing loyalty to your employer is good and all but there are plenty of other ways to show it. NBA players don’t do it this way…

  834. I’m feeling it right now with myself. Knee is injured at work and despite wearing a good knee brace when playing sports, my calf and hamstring feel super tight from having to compensate the weakness in my knee…

  835. Our boy is such a hottie n cuttie..*.*

  836. Even while injured, Lin had brought in more $ for the team. And as a player, he’s been well underpaid. Also there are many players in the league who’ve gone through extended injuries… I don’t think any of them gave up their salaries. So no, dont think that would be appropriate or fair.

  837. what? no. lol

  838. You are right – Tim Duncan and Nowitzki took less money but during the signing process.

    Once their contracts were signed, they were prohibited from giving up their salary.

  839. I am really worry about Lin’s situation. This maybe the last chance he has.

  840. I see. Really worry about Lin’s situation. This maybe the last chance for him be starter and run a team. He could get max. if play at the best level. But lost chance, his career maybe end as backup role.

  841. Haha, u are right, again.
    My the other 50% come form his off the court as a person.

    He may be a more dirty person than me under that innocent baby face, but he taught me a lot in putting faith and belief into real-life. To the extend that I can say “He saved my quality of life”.

    In him I saw the interaction between himself and his God. The interaction is consistently strong, it is emotional and REAL.

    I hope I can have a simple breakfast meeting with him one day.

  842. You are right
    gotta stay positive

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