Jeremy Lin Out 3-5 More Weeks due to Reinjured Hamstring during Rehab

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The disappointing early season for Jeremy Lin and his fans will be extended 3-5 more weeks because he was reported to reinjure his hamstring during basketball drills on Jan 21, two days before it was announced on Jan 23. The 3rd injury was a recurrence of the second injury but not as severe.

The earliest Lin might return is Feb. 15 in the Nets’ final game before the All-Star break, and his absence might last until early March.

Jeremy Lin Still Part of Nets Future

It is encouraging to hear GM Sean Marks reiterates the importance of Lin as part of the franchise for the future and he wants to take the long-term approach to let Lin heal and not rush him back. Coach Kenny Atkinson hopes for Lin to finish the season the right way and play with Brook and other guys. The Nets has not given up on the idea of Jeremy Lin as part of the building blocks for the Nets franchise, at least until next season.

NewsDay article:

“We’re now taking a conservative, long-term approach, and we’re all on board with this,” Marks said. “There’s no need to rush him back. He’s a part of this franchise for the future, so let’s not do anything that’s detrimental to his health. I mean, that’s what it’s all about.”

Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said he just wants Lin to get healthy and “finish the season the right way . . . I’d love to get a good sample size of him playing with Brook and the guys.”

Potential impact for Feb 23 Trade Deadline for Lopez

With the Nets having the worst record in the NBA, Brook Lopez trade value might not be as high as it would be if Lin played enough games to help the Nets produce more wins and help Brook get even better performance. It is possible that the Nets want to see more of Brook-Lin chemistry this season to help decide if Brook will stay for 2017-18 season.

That prompts the question of what impact Lin’s injury might have on the decisions the Nets make before the Feb 23 NBA trade deadline, especially regarding the future of longtime franchise center Brook Lopez, the object of considerable trade speculation. It was hoped that Lin would be an effective pick-and-roll partner for Lopez, but they’ve barely played together.

Asked if the organization can be sure of what it has with the “Brook-Lin” pairing with so little to go on before the deadline, Atkinson said: “Although we didn’t see them together as much as we wanted, I do think they’re compatible. I think they both believe that they can coexist together.

More Questions for the Nets Performance Team Experience to Treat Hamstring Injury

The 3rd hamstring injury for Lin of the season only begs the question if the new Nets performance team had the experience to treat hamstring injury properly. After all, before this season Jeremy Lin only missed a total of 23 games in his previous 4 seasons (5.7 games/season) so he has been quite durable. But he has missed 32 games out of 44 games this season.

But hamstring injury is known to be a tricky to rehab so there is that factor to consider. Still, Lin and the Nets will be wise to consult experienced medical team who treats hamstring injury for athletes because both will be fully invested to ensure that Lin will be fully healthy when he comes back this season. They can’t afford not being prepared because the clock is ticking.

Jeremy Lin Latest Prayer Request

Jeremy seems to be in good spirit to keep fighting and rehabbing to come back strong as he requested prayers to be joyful and grateful in his difficult rehab process.