Jeremy Lin’s Rave Reviews in Toronto Raptors Debut; Coach Nick Nurse Wants a More Aggressive Lin

It was everything that is expected from Toronto Raptors fans who gave such a warm welcome Jeremy Lin in his debut, a mere hours away after signing his contract. Standing ovation, raucous cheers when Jeremy Lin made his first basket, electric atmosphere when Lowry and Lin showed immediate PG-to-PG chemistry by connecting a few times even when Jeremy admittedly only knew three plays in the Toronto Raptors playbook.

Jeremy tweeted his appreciation to Toronto fans for the standing ovation and love, “Hectic day but ended with a win (even though I only knew three plays lol)!! Thank you Toronto for the standing O and the love!”. He posted three pictures showing his joyous celebration scream, a loving moment capturing the moment Jeremy hugged Mama Lin who can’t contain her smiles, and a picture showing Kyle Lowry helping him to learn about plays during the game. It summed up all the great moments in Jeremy Lin’s debut as a Toronto Raptors with electric atmosphere in the building, his joy of spending special moment with his always-supportive mom, and his appreciation of the warm welcome from the starting point guard who helped him to quickly adjust in a new team.

Jeremy finished with 8 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal, 3 turnovers in 25 minutes. He was part of the important 15-0 run in the third quarter with Anunoby and Siakam to contribute with strong defense to give the Raptors momentum to come back and retake the lead.

When asked about what he thinks about Lin’s performance, Head Coach Nick Nurse said,

I would have liked him to be a little more aggressive …. I think he went in there thinking pass, pass, pass tonight a little bit and I think he had a chance to take some more shots because I think he can score. But that’s okay … I think he looked good out there. His speed, quickness, ball handling, he fits in nice out there.”

Coach Nurse acknowledged Lin’s ability to score but understood these veteran players like Lin and Gasol would rather continue passing in their first game to fit in with other players.

Post-Game Conference for Pascal Siakam, Jeremy Lin, and Nick Nurse

Toronto Raptors Media coverage after Jeremy Lin’s Debut
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Know @JLin7 more.-3⃣ #GameOnTVShow Jeremy chatted about weight and laughed at his butt.

Know @JLin7 more.-3⃣
#GameOnTVShow  Jeremy chatted about weight and laughed at his butt.


  1. Didn’t want to hit 1,000 on the last page? OK, I’ll bite. Coach Nurse by saying he wants Jlin to be more aggressive just empowered Jlin to score. Jlin has not been empowered this way totally since MDA, 7 years ago! Jlin is a scorer by nature but for whatever reason he has been reigned in. Now Nurse has told him to go ahead and he did it publicly so the whole team, so the whole world in fact has been told Jlin is unleashed. I think we will see a slightly different style of play from Jlin but with greater impact. I think Nurse and TOR needs another scorer and they think Jlin is it. I am thrilled to see this chance given to Jlin and can’t wait to see the results. Throw out past comments from others that Jlin is having a hard time with his 3’s. It was a mental thing. Now that he knows he is needed to score he will be up to the task. The next few weeks are really going to be fun to watch.

  2. Thanks for creating this page. It’s a green light for JLin to be more of himself from now on. Very encourage on what I have seen and heard now. It will be fun to watch him play plus rooting for the team!

  3. LOLOL You still can go back to previous thread and make it to 1000:-)

    For me, JLin has done as good as he could in the first game. He did what he did, part of it was nerve and not knowing the plays, the major part (most likely subconscious) was he didn’t want to take over and created Linsanity 2/3 straightaway in his debut game. He just didn’t want to create the “jealousy” with the current players.

    Part of me I was glad that he did as well as he could under the circumstances. Another part of me was other 2 players took the spotlight in terms of scoring….. JLin’s story has created enough of media frenzy in Toronto once again. His teammates saw all these commodities. It was hard to control human nature esp jealousy. He didn’t need this when he just arrived in a new team.

    Everyone has a tendency to compare him and …… (fill in any player). Sooner and later “jealousy” and other emotions will show up in the locker room, court…… JLin will be the one who suffers once again. As for me I just want him to enjoy the remaining season and continue to stay healthy!

  4. Can’t believe to see this!!!! What’s going on?????

  5. yes, I thought it is very significant that the first thought that Coach Nick Nurse shared was that he expected Lin to score more because he can so that revealed the Coach’s expectation, which will translate to hopefully JLin taking more shot attempts. But he understood these veteran players like Lin and Gasol are so smart and want to fit in by doing pass, pass, pass in the first game.

    I still remember McHale said, “Don’t expect Linsanity” in one of the first few comments. It really revealed how the coach plans to use JLin. LP’s comment on ‘stabilizer’ role definitely revealed the expectation for JLin to help Trae grow in a lot of minutes, and fill in the remaining minutes. JLin made the right move to sign with the Raptors. There was one interesting article (see above) that talked about Lin wanting to win a title with the risk that came along with it. He could’ve played it safe but didn’t like his high-risk/high-reward playing style:

    Toronto Raptors: Why Lin chose Toronto and the risk that comes with it …It might just be a simple explanation that Lin wants to contend for a title, as does every player in the NBA. That’s the primary objective: win.

  6. This was from this recent interview in TOR after the game: “there was a lot of things that happened that made me give up a little bit on people, per se. And that was a huge part of the story, and that was a huge point of contention for a lot of people as to why I was getting the publicity, or why things were the way they were.” It was a reference to his time in NYK during and after Linsanity. He is revealing here that certain teammates and maybe others were jealous of his success. Lends credence to the claim that Melo, and maybe others, wanted Jlin out of NY. He really has battled powerful negative human behavior to survive and get to where he is today. Glad he brought this reference out into the light of day. Maybe this is why he made reference to being wanted by the FO, the coach and the team- no obstacles

  7. Will get a more aggressive Lin if you gave more aggressive play time. 😜

  8. Yup, I think it was a public declaration and challenge to Lin, straight from the coach’s mouth. I was actually a bit surprised Nurse would say something like that, after Lin’s first game without any practice. It means that Raptors wanted Lin for his scoring first, playmaking second. Now it’s up to Lin to forget the previous coaches that drilled into him a pass-first mentality and switch back to his aggressive attack-first mode.

    Raptors fans have been saying for months that they need 3-point shooting, scoring in general from the bench, and another playmaker. This is why Lin is such a great fit with the Raptors. He can help fill many holes all at once… and on a budget too. I think Lin will succeed in this new role. He just has to be given the consistent minutes, told by the coach to attack, and surrounded with talent, which as we’ve seen in his first game, won’t be an issue.

  9. I would not be surprised at all to see Jlin get hot from 3 pt range, consistently. Also I would not be surprised at all to see Jlin put up a 30 pt game or two, especially if he starts in place of Lowery to give Lowery a break. All he needs is permission

  10. Lin would’ve scored 30+ a few times on the Hawks if Pierce didn’t pull him early. We all know Lin is very capable of scoring in bunches. He just has to be allowed to and his mindset has to be in full attack mode. No hesitation and overthinking.

  11. Very interesting interview with a lot of tough questions for Mike Conley today. Lin is blessed to be in the position he’s in. Many other PGs, backup or starter, would be envious of Lin’s situation right now…

  12. I like that right now I actually care about the team winning even when Lin is not playing.

  13. Glad Raptors went for Lin instead of one of the over hyped starters like Conley.

  14. Jlin was the best fit by far for TOR. Conley as a starter and highly paid would not have been good fit with Lowery, or even Vanvleet. I hope that this was a conscious decision by TOR to opt for Jlin because it was the right choice, IMO

  15. Coach wants a more agressive Lin so he needs to shoot more and pass less. And no I don’t mean driving against defenders.

  16. Honestly I’m hoping Lin will actually start alongside Kawhi and Lowry for a few games! Coach has a tough decision to make, Lin, Green, Lowry, Kawhi, Gasol, Ibaka but only 5 players can start.

  17. One thing is for sure, if GSW uses their 4-5 star lineup there’s no way Lin would not be on that lineup for the Raptors. There’s definitely room for Lin to start due to his skill set when needed.

  18. Jeremy’s dad is celebrating his birthday. I bet his life has been changed in ways big and small by Jeremy’s basketball success.

  19. Yes. The full value of Conley’s contract is now $152M over 5 years, extending to 2020/21.

  20. I’m still euphoric! I never lost hope JLIN would be off Hawks and onto a Playoff Contender.

    Even with 5 minutes left until Trade Deadline – I was still convinced Schlenk finally accepts JLIN to contender for a couple 2nd rounders.

    But no — still — in the minutes immediately after trade deadline passed I was convinced JLIN would do his buyout (Plan B) and I posted this : “JLIN has paid money to his agents for a long time – his last contract made them good cash — NOW JLIN’s agents please do your job and get JLIN off this team to a good playoff landing spot — and convince Schlenk to agree to JLIN’s Buyout.”

    I just never expected JLIN could land on the team that has a chance to go to the NBA Championship Finals!!!

  21. If we win it all they will try to keep Gasol i suspect

  22. Nurse commented about JLIN’s first play which was his steal, and rather than driving aggressively to the hoop for the lay-up JLIN decided to pass it off to an unfamiliar new teammate resulting in a turnover.

    Perhaps Nurse was right, JLIN should have been more aggressive, he might have scored or might not- we’ll never know that counterfactual.

    But I won’t begrudge JLIN making that decision to pass it off – there was a guy coming up on him and had JLIN and his new teammate connected on that pass it would have garnered oohs and ahs and cemented the notion that off the bat JLIN was an unselfish team player in front of all TOR eyes in his first minute debut.

    Would have been wonderful if that pass had resulted in a teammate slamdunk – but that’s the way the ball bounces

  23. More links between the Raptors and the Reno Bighorns …

  24. Interesting to know. In some ways, not surprising. Hate to say it, but Lin’s been around. LOL.
    And the NBA circles are so small. With the Hawks, it was the GSW connection. With the Nets, obviously with Kenny. And Charlotte before that, was also Stephen Silas from GSW.

  25. Yeah, it was one play. Not a big deal either way. Didn’t impact the outcome of the Win. But it was fun to hear the crowd cheer!

  26. Lin sure has razzed his Dad a lot over the years. Gotta be very easygoing to put up with that. LOL.

    But, he sure has been supportive of JLin. JLin is very lucky!

    Papa Lin the fashionista. HaHa. Buying a guitar for new hobby?

  27. Correct. As happy as we are for JLin. And as much as the Raptors want him. It was still a good financial move for the Raptors.

    Wonder if the Raptors had known about FVV’s injury earlier, would they have been more desperate and given up some other assets to the Hawks to get JLin via trade.

    Anyway, it all worked out!

  28. Minor detail. But I think the original thought was that they would trade Lowry for Conley. Kind of a package, together with Gasol. Who knows.

    Also, as Arsenium pointed out, it was also a good FINANCIAL decision by Toronto, got JLin on the cheap. Didn’t have to give up assets in a trade.

  29. In addition. VERY IMPORTANT. They traded away TWO guards to get Gasol. Without that trade, would not have had room to sign Lin to roster. Also freed up minutes for Lin.

  30. So, Papa Lin’s birthday today.
    Buddy David Nurse’s birthday yesterday. Slight resemblance to Uncle Nick?

  31. Good job by Lin’s agent, Roc Nation announcement.

  32. That standing ovation. One more time, from fan perspective, even better. Wow.

  33. Chris Tashima, film-maker. Has every single jersey/t-shirt/cap from every single Lin’s team. That is one seriously supportive fan.

  34. Yes, what I meant by conscious decision is that TOR waited on JLin to become available rather than sign Conley with Gasol because JLin was the better player and/or fit for TOR. Replacing Lowery would have been too much. Backing Lowery up keeps stability on the team, better than changing PG’s.

  35. Lin appreciates artwork from fans. One of my personal favorites, Gary Chen, very creative. Always up to date with changes in the NBA.

  36. Agree! Yes!

  37. All our dreams come true!

  38. ICYMI. Re-post from previous thread, because I think it is very interesting story. That the Raptors official GM is actually NOT Masai Ujiri, but BOBBY WEBSTER. The youngest GM in NBA. Hawaiian, of mixed heritage.

    Wanted to play professional hoops too, but, like Lin, even though led his HS team to State Champs, got NO Div I scholarship offers.

    It is under his watch that the Raptors traded DeRozan for Leonard. And fired Dwane Casey. And signed Lin.

  39. I normally NEVER watch All-Stars game. Waste of time if Lin not in it. LOL.

    But, MAYBE, I might try to catch the replay of the Rising Stars. Only because of the many Lin connections. Old teammates, Jarrett Allen, John Collins, Trae Young. New teammate OG Anunoby. And old teammate Frank Kaminsky, and new teammate Danny Green, both doing the color commentary for that game.

  40. The Toronto Raptor’s official website archives all the videos of shootaround interviews with players and Nick Nurse. And post-game interviews. (The Nets and Hawks didn’t do that.) Good source for game highlights too.

  41. @psalm234:disqus, no need to reply to this.
    Just wanted to say, GREAT SUMMARY AND RECAP AND WRITE-UP to open the thread. Must have taken a lot of time. Always appreciate it.

  42. I aware of the details on what went on with KL in spurs prior to his move to Raptors. I knew, he was injured and it got dragged, but it seems some bitterness did alot tag along eventually forced KL to leave spurs.
    Some uncalled for words thrown by both parties, which was regretted later.

    This articles put things into chronology and very detailed…worth the read. In addition looks like KL might not play a back to back games (most of the times), they are being cautious…

    A complete timeline of how the relationship between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs fell apart

  43. Patrick McCaw is also injured. The only guards left for the Raptors were Kyle Lowry, Danny Green, Norman Powell and JLin.

    Note 3 of them started for the game.

  44. Nurse probably didn’t cared too much about it, TBH. He was probably trying to plant a meme in Lin’s head instead that unlike other teams that don’t want him to score, the Raps do!

    The problem is that Lin fans tend to have so much ptsd that they’ve become tiger fans that only see the mistakes and not the process. Nurse himself recognized it as a vet trying to ingratiate himself to his new teammates by helping them score. But he knows that Lin’s true value to the team is his bball IQ and passing. They need a playmaker badly on the second unit, they don’t need a scorer as much. Lowrey himself has taken less shots this year to become a true PG. This is why the team falters when Lowrey is t on the court and this is why they went hard for Lin.

    Lin’s always made turnovers, but they are good turnovers. The lead pass that got stolen will make his teammates better the next time. They’ll know not to slow down and think that someone else will take it to the hoop. They’ll know that Lin will reward them for hustle and fill the lanes with speed.

    Lin fans have become like Mchale in a way. Mchale hates turnovers and would see Lin as a bad player. Meanwhile, Lin turned butterfingers Asik into a good center by force feeding him with leading passes. The Raptors wants to win but Lin has to help them become even more deadly by his deadly quick passing. Raptors tend to iso too much and put up way too many contested shots. Lin will teach them to use their feet to find their spots and trust a pass will come back to them. To get this team to win the championship, Lin has to get them to stop doing iso and pass the rock instead.

  45. Danny Green joking around pretending to interview Kyle Lowry. JLin will fit right in with his easy-going teammates

  46. Kyle Lowry on what Gasol and Lin will contribute to the team

  47. This is why the Raptors have struggled mightily against the Bucks. Lowrey tries very hard on D but his size makes him a liability against the Greek Freak who towers over him. That’s why they got A defensive stopper like Gasol. Kawhi and Lin will mean 3 unbelievably great defensive stoppers. The way Lin held his own against KD makes him a huge upgrade to stop the Bucks. The Raptors have firepower but they lack defensive toughness. They should be able to hold opponents to under 100 pts. With Kawhi, Gasol and Lin…that’s a “wall of death”.

  48. Danny Green shares it’s fun to be reunited with JLin

  49. Yw 🙂 it’s an important debut to commemorate. thanks for sharing all the wonderful links …
    There are so many of them we couldn’t keep up lol

    I still haven’t finished the collage picture so hope i find some time later

  50. If you remember Mega Ran’s song about Linsanity broadcasted on ESPN the next day

  51. Here is a listing of all 16 games that the Raptors have lost this season. The Raptors have won all 6 games in February.

    The Raptors have lost multiple games to the Celtics, Nuggets and Bucks. They are 1-3 against the Bucks, with two of the losses being by 13 and 15 points, respectively. The 76ers and Bucks have made changes to their rosters while Boston has stood pat. That has to be kept in mind when reviewing this data.

    Two interesting games that are coming up soon are San Antonio (Feb 22) and Boston (Feb 26).

  52. Of course, they already have playoffs sealed and there are several stars on this team. Resigning KL and going to finals are no.1 priorities. If KL leaves Raptors might just blow it up and rebuild if they can’t replace him.

  53. I just like the skills challenge. The all star game is just a show off and quite boring.

  54. Soon as Jlin made that pass I thought wrong move and then it was deflected. He was pretty deep to the basket. Best pass would have been behind the back, OK for a pro risky for others. Actually defense got back pretty good so you have to give them credit.

  55. Lowry must be glad he’s got 2 good vets coming in to bolster his team, taking a load off of him and helping the Raptors make a deep run at the playoffs. Lin can take a load off of Lowry’s shoulders if he needs a rest or is battling some nagging back injury. Lin can also play besides Lowry when Nurse finds out just how deadly these 2 could be together.

  56. Yeah, Raptors have a lot of fun-loving, laid back guys. When Lin was on the Nets, he said that (paraphrasing) players want to play with teams that have guys who can have fun together and not dread going to work everyday. Lowry has already built a chill and winning culture in Toronto. Lin will have no problems fitting in with this team. Heck, even Kawhi looks more relaxed and happy this year.

  57. It’s crazy to see how much attention Lin has been getting since his arrival at Toronto. My highlight video of Lin’s debut is already at 424k views and it goes up by the thousands per hour. Speed of Lin’s highlight video has 681k views as of this post right now. Free Dawkins’ highlight video is at 74k.

    Everyone worldwide wants to see how Lin performed in his first game as a Raptor. The hype is real. It’s going to get even more hyped once Lin learns the Raptors’ plays, gets acquainted with his teammates’ tendencies / playstyle, and once Lin figures out that coach Nurse wants him to be in attack mode more.

  58. Congrats! It’s amazing to see the extent of coverage by Toronto media, much larger than the Nets media in comparison. I think winning teams certainly bring more excitement and all Canadians are behind Toronto Raptors since Vancouver doesn’t have the Grizzlies a while back.

    Coach Nurse’s scoring expectation, his first 10-minute straight rotation with Lowry, Lowry’s comment on Lin certainly helped to assure us that the head coach plans to use Lin as a scoring/playmaking role. They just didn’t talk about it but it’s backed up by the action in the first game. I think they see Lin as a much needed playmaker to their NBA Finals aspiration, and more importantly to try to assure Kahwi Leonard as the Finals MVP to want to stay in Toronto.

    This is certainly an exciting time to be a Lin fan and root for not only a winning team but a championship contender 🙂 Who’d have guessed after the slow start of the season with the Hawks?

  59. Toronto media is huge, none of his previous teams comes close except NYC.

  60. Lin and Gasol could and should definitely start once they get accustomed. Want your best players to mesh before facing Bucks and GSW.

  61. “He’s been completely embraced and accepted,” said Brian Cooper, CEO of sports marketing company MKTG Marketing, who attended the game. “And I don’t think it was because of his ethnicity, although there are a lot of Asian-based fans in this community. The crowd was way more supportive of him coming to his first game than they would have been for any other player, I think.”

  62. If Raptors goes to finals or wins, Lin better get the star nod next year.

  63. I know! What a strange feeling!

  64. Thanks for posting!

    This is a GOOD channel to bookmark. More like PODCASTS, using some vids on a loop.

    But, apparently, big Lin fans. Interesting to get their takes!

  65. forget the process.
    no lottery picks here

    leonard 15th pick
    anunoby 23rd pick
    lowrey 24th pick
    ibaka 24th pick
    siakam 27th pick
    mccaw 38th pick
    green 46th pick
    powell 46th pick
    gasol 48th pick
    lin undrafted
    van vleet undrafted


    Great minds think alike! 🙂 I was taking a look at the wins and losses opponents too. And the impact from Leonard’s missed games.

    I agree that I find the Bucks the scariest, given the regular season. And they added even more 3 Pt shooting with Mirotic.

    And the lower seeds and bad teams aren’t automatic outs. The Hawks and Bulls played them close. Have also lost to Nets and Pistons in close games.

    Oddly enough, they beat GSW twice. A blowout win, WITHOUT Leonard.

    I normally give these guys ZERO credibility. NO mention of LIn, of course. But it was still interesting to hear their takes on the top four EC teams. From Fox Sports. (I still refuse to click on ESPN whenever possible. LOL.)

  67. Awwwwww – THREE weeks old? That’s some serious fandom!

  68. So many talented artists out there.

  69. I find the whole thing boring and a fraud. Honestly, even the year that Lin was in the skills challenge, it was boring. Haha.

    It’s more like for the players and the media, not so much for the fans like us.

  70. Update. Tashima SPENT the money!

    Go get it – @kauaiblue:disqus !

  71. No pressure – but looking forward to it!

  72. I haven’t been this excited to see Jlin play in along time!

  73. YUP – great list! Totally exposes the whole “superstar high draft pick” scam. And not the first time either.

    Even the Warriors. Except for Durant, no one was picked higher than 5.

  74. Thanks linthezone!! Looks sharp… gonna order one!!

  75. Now that I’m following the Raptors, and catching up on the team.

    Thanks for all the insights that you bring from your knowledge of the team.

  76. Yeah, it’s unfortunate that Lin is getting his chance because of injuries. But that’s life in the NBA. Look at what Lin’s injuries did for Dinwiddie and Russell.

    Agree, the Raptors really need Lin now. So glad that the timing works out for Lin!

  77. Agree. Hard to put up 30 pts in 20-25 mins. Unless he’s really got it going and teammates are unselfish enough to feed him. AND/OR IF Lowry is resting.

    I’m always hopeful!

  78. I know what you mean. Got misty-eyed with his reception by the fans.

    But, to be honest, I was just as excited to see him able to play at the beginning of the season. Coming back from injury. That made me misty-eyed too!

  79. I find stories of how people follow their own paths to succeed in their respective fields. JEREMY LIN is the best.

    I’m finding there are other interesting stories with the Raptors staff and management. I’ve already posted about Bobby Webster the GM.

    @arsenium12:disqus has already posted about the fortuitous (pun intended) Fortius co-founder Alex McKechnie, as Director of Sports Science for the Raptors. Here’s another video of McKechnie giving a tour of the Fortius facilities. (The Raptors conducted Training Camp in 2014 at Fortius.) Some of the background looks familiar from Lin’s time there.

  80. The Raptors have a diversified staff. Always good to see.

    The Raptors have a great medical staff. JLin is in good hands here too!

    This is Jonny Lee. The strength and conditioning coach for the Raptors. He was born in Phillippines and emigrated to Canada. We will see him in the background at games, along with his daughter, who is ball-girl, until she goes off to college this fall.

  81. Looks like Kawhi can smile….wonder what his pre-game routine is like with Lowry….haha….

  82. It’s so funny with all the local businesses getting involved and jumping on the bandwagon…..

  83. Interesting trade scenario from Dec, 2013

    In December, 2013, Kyle Lowry thought the Raptors were going to trade him to the New York Knicks. The deal was Lowry in exchange for Metta World Peace, Iman Shumpert and a future first-round draft pick.

    The Knicks killed the deal, at the request of Knicks owner James Dolan, according to people familiar with the situation. Dolan was worried that Masai Ujiri, Toronto’s new GM, was getting the best of the Knicks again.

    Dolan was still “smarting” from the deal struck with Ujiri, then-general manager of the Denver Nuggets, that sent Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks in February, 2011.

    Adrian Wojnarowski said at the time: “Knicks owner Jim Dolan is sensitive to the public perception that Toronto general manager Masai Ujiri bamboozled New York in the Carmelo Anthony trade, and the chance of getting panned for giving up too much in a deal for Lowry has become a hurdle in these talks … .”


  84. Looks like it’s a good thing the deal feel through. Raptors wouldn’t be where they are without Lowry who isn’t a shot chucker anymore.

  85. And once again Durant being no.2 not no.1 proves most no.1 drafts are busts.

  86. – I love Nurse wanting Jeremy to be aggressive. Finally we have a coach who says it outright! SHOOT, SCORE, ATTACK. With Van Vleet out for several weeks after the break, Lin has the green light.

    – It feels so good seeing Lin on a title contender — every game he has is now relevant. The Hawks, Nets, Hornets…they’re all irrelevant. Houston probably is too. The Raps could have reached the Finals even without Jeremy and Gasol, and now they’re as good as anyone not named Golden State.

    – Can’t wait for next Friday. Even in 25mpg, he’s going to beast — this team is so unselfish and organized.

  87. Well not likely without Gasol. Raptors might’ve losed to the more favored Bucks or Celtics without getting Gasol. Now that they have Lin, there’s no doubt they will go to finals.

  88. Bucks have a great regular season record, but I don’t trust them in the playoffs (even before Raps got Gasol). Too young and their superstar has no jumpshot.

    Celtics are in turmoil right now. Brad Stevens is a brilliant coach but Kyrie is a fake star and Hayward just isn’t himself.

    Philly may be the biggest obstacle, but again, youth is an obstacle in the playoffs. I guess they have a couple vets though in Butler and Redick.

  89. Knicks will be terrible as long as Dolan owns the team. He’s like Trump — an entitled moron who inherited everything and knows nothing.

  90. Due to the flood of TOR media, there are too many links to manually post so I included the rolling JLinPortal twitter feed above at the bottom of the article. Important ones can still be posted here for discussion. The picture size might be a little off but clicking on it will open the actual tweet.

    Here is what it should look like:

  91. yeah, and I was surprised Brooklyn Nets media didn’t come close to NYC coverage for the Knicks

  92. yes, one article mentioned Lowry was a bit cold towards Kahwi in the beginning, probably still upset at DeRozan being traded but since then has warmed up and call Kahwi ‘Whi’ (sounded like Why)
    I saw Kahwi mentioned he loved Ibaka’s singing songs so I think he definitely enjoys the locker room. I still can’t believe the Spurs have a conflict to let go of Kahwi.

  93. Coach LP said it too. Passing an open shot is worse than a turn over

  94. Raptors lost embarrassingly big at home the last time they met and that was just recently with Kawhi in the lineup! That’s why they are in first place. That game was huge. It was worth 4 pts one way or the other and they knew it. They are the real deal and a contender going forward.

    Btw, Bucks killed the Hawks so badly that they already had a 30 pt lead by the second quarter. It was already garbage time before the half. The final score of that game was like 144-111.

  95. So Trae just owned Luka in the skills challenge. It looked like he was going to beat Tatum until Tatum made a half-court shot to beat Trae.

  96. Just be prepared for many Lin fans to comment, “Coach Nurse, Lin has played 12+min straight. He needs rest!” 🙂

    But it’s definitely a lot more exciting watching unselfish, great teams playing together with the prospect of reaching the NBA Finals!

  97. Wow, Joey Buckets (Joe Harris) beat Steph Curry in the 3-point contest. Grats to Joe!

  98. Just saw that Joe Harris won the 3-point contest champion. Impressive that he beat Stephan Curry!

    If only he is still a teammate for Lin!

  99. With VanVleet out for 5 weeks and Lowery with a history of back problems he and Jlin are going to have to take care of each other. After Jlin gets somewhat acclimated I can see where he starts 2-3 games to give Lowery a rest . I can also see Jlin taking rest too. Actually I thought that 20 -25 minutes max would be good for Jlin as he is still rehabbing but he will be called on for 30 minutes/night until Vanvleet returns. With the new “green light” to ball out Nurse will rely on Jlin more. Would rather see Jlin still have some restricted minutes in this rehab year, but if you are playing for a championship there is no holding back. With some Fortius people on the team I am sure they will be very familiar with Jlin’s status and how to treat him. TOR could use a pure shooter though.

  100. Raptors Bench Point Guard production weak against Bucks
    Examined the 4 TOR-MIL gms with a simple analysis, assess the Plus/Minus of Toronto’s bench Point Guard in each game:

    10/29 DW -15
    12/09 FVV +3
    01/05 DW -10
    01/31 FVV +3

    Grand total -19 for the bench PG … whereas the starting PG plus/minus for TOR in those same games +10 — so arguably these games were lost when Milwaukee’s bench outperformed Toronto’s

    Perhaps it’s unfair to only look at one isolated metric, but it’s clear that TOR mgt may have determined that Delon Wright was not effective and Fred VanVleet wasn’t stellar either against the Milwaukee bench.

    Of course this is a team sport but TOR appears to have decided that the addition of JLIN running the bench along with the Gasol would improve Bucks outlook — many oddsmakers have us facing the Bucks in the ECF.

  101. Playing with better players will make it easier on Jlin because he won’t have to work so hard to cover up for others. I think a big beneficiary is going to be Lowery. Jlin is 2 years younger than Lowery who has back problems. I can see Lowery sitting out a couple of games and Jlin getting the start and totally running the team. This is where Linsanity could crop up again.

  102. LP said many things – fact is that JLIN couldn’t advance, couldn’t “earn” minutes (but easily lost minutes), couldn’t have a stable role regardless of what LP “said” – and JLIN knew that – that is why JLIN engineered his buyout.

  103. I used to have friends that I visited in TOR. I visited them once in February I think, but for sure it was winter. There was snow and ice on the ground but the next day the sun was out and it was clear and beautiful so I decided to go for a walk. Walked out of the hotel and down the driveway. Went 50-75 years and decided it was way too cold, turned around to go back. I actually thought I was going to die from the cold before i could make it back to the hotel! 100 yards round trip and thought I was going to die before I could get back. They have some serious cold in Canada. I am from Cali. I can see why Kawhi would want to return to San Diego area. For a city though, TOR very nice. Much different vibe there than American cities, more peaceful even for a big city. But COLD.

  104. JLIN’s lived in NY twice so that’s almost as bad as TOR at times – hopefully he’s used to it.

  105. Jlin’s role was to “stabilize” young TY, not to play to win. LP talking out two sides of his mouth

  106. I am especially happy for the UVA Basketball team…Both Malcom Bragdon and Joe Harris are shinning in NBA!

  107. Hamidou Diallo of the Thunder just did a dunk over Shaq and did the arm in the basket thing that Vince Carter did in his dunk contest. Pretty sick.

  108. BKLN had a couple of good pure shooters. Harris who they have now and Bojan bogdanovic who wound up with Indy and is playing very well. Marks got Crabbe for like $19M/year and is mediocre and way overpaid and now an albatross contract. Bog gets $10 M/year

  109. Coldest in Cali is like 50s or something so compared to Midwest or places that snow, yes TOR will be too cold. It’s exactly why it’s so expensive to live there. Cali doesn’t have hurricane or floods like other warm climate states like Florida and Texas. Not to mention it’s a democratic state with more jobs and diversity.

    But comparing the cold in Midwestern states of US vs Canada I’d choose the later manly because it’s safer, prettier, and people there are nicer.

  110. Yes Russell is the one credited for their playoff birth and allstar nod.

  111. Doncic looked like he was just having fun and try to make extended range shots. Would’ve been nice if his extended range against Trae got in. He looked a bit slow out there, not sure if it’s how he usually runs or just being casual about the game.

  112. Wow Lin is actually younger then Lowry? For real?

  113. Yet coach LP didn’t give Lin any plays and just told him to keep passing to develop other players. LP always says the opposite of the plays he gave Lin. Lin could only pass but then LP would go diss him during media by saying he didn’t do much and that went Trae rest they miss their main PG. I’m so glad Lin is away from another bias and hating coach who never had his best interest in mind.

    Lin will gladly stay withe Raptors so long as they give him an extension.

  114. That’s the tanking Hawks totally different case. Championship is all about playing as a team and great defense. Raptors have both so they will be in the finals no doubt.

  115. Trae’s passing kept missing int he skills challenge he almost got knocked out in the 1st round if he didn’t make his shot first before the other player’s 3 pointer went in at the same time. Honestly I’m glad Trae the fake star didn’t win the challenge but would’ve preferred if Doncic took the game more seriously and beat him.

  116. Lowry will be 33 on March 25.

    He was drafted by Memphis in 2006, then was traded to Houston (2009), and finally, to Toronto (2012).

  117. Why would the Hawks give Lin minutes? They we’re trying to tank, develop. We knew that from the start, everyone one knew that BEFORE the season even began.
    It was never Lin’s team, he just hitched a ride. Hawks wanted Lin’s expiring contract that’s why they even traded for Lin. We knew what kind of team Atlanta was when Lin got traded from the nets. But still Lin got like 20 mins on average per game. I think hawks were fair to Lin when you consider they were trying to tank. Why do you think Lin ran away from the Hawks half way through the season?? It’s because the hawks were tanking.

  118. And Philly now with Tobias Harris. Three formidable vets but still not as deep as TOR

  119. It is a wonderful story. Impressive …

  120. That sounds true but Hawks were tanking as well and yet had Lin gotten the last shot instead of Trae, raptors would have lost to a tank8;g team. I’m just saying that Raptors have been struggling staying afloat with bench that’s been very unproductive. Starters have had to really step up to close games out.

    Meanwhile Bucks killed Hawks so badly with Lin, Bazemore and Len playing hard and still got killed.

    Bucks are for real good. LIN IS THE WILDCARD THAT WILL TAKE THEM TO THE FINALS. this is why I wanted Lin on the Raptors so badly. Even if VanVleet was healthy, li would have taken his minutes very quickly. This Raptors team wants to win so badly that they’ll even let Lin lead them if need be.

  121. Excellent Film Breakdown of Lin’s interaction with his new teammates in Game 1.
    It really shows the high BBall IQ of Lowry, Lin, and Gasol

  122. Lin s a combo guard. Danny Green is the starting PG who may double up as SF, Norm Powell his backup and Lin is also his backup or even his replacement. Raptors essentially doesn’t have a really bad contract but Powell is more likely to lose play time soon.

  123. difference by 2 years

  124. 2019 NBA 3 Point Contest Championship Round | Feb 16, 2019 NBA All Star Weekend

  125. 2019 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Full Highlights | Feb 16, 2019 NBA All Star Weekend

  126. 2019 NBA Skills Challenge Full Highlights | Feb 16, 2019 NBA All Star Weekend

  127. Where’s Lin’s left arm?

  128. Saw that combining too dunks into 1 but the contestants this year were pretty bad and boring. Most had to do 3-5 tries and still didn’t finish it :/

  129. JLin cancelled his trip with one day’s wages to Haiti

  130. What’s the point of tanking?

  131. Alerts and Messages | U.S. Embassy in Haiti
    Do not travel to Haiti due to crime and civil unrest. Read More. Alerts. Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince, Haiti (16 February, 2019) · Updated travel …
    ‎Updated travel advisory · ‎Archive Alerts and Messages · ‎Demonstration Alert: US …

  132. Does anyone know if there are any Chinese/Asian organizations/communities organizing trip to the 3/28 game @NY or 4/3 @Brooklyn?

  133. Looong time Lin fan, but still not very Bball savvy so really loved the Lin Lowry breakdown. Thanks for passing on the education 🙂

  134. Haha…as a born ‘n bred Cali girl I know a Canadian heat wave like 50 degrees still has me in a parka. True no hurricanes or storm surge or broken levee floods here, but Canadian cold can be pretty deadly too if the power gets knocked out. We’ve got our own version of hell in wildfires and earthquakes. Every paradise has some price 🙂

  135. you’re welcome 🙂 I also like the film breakdown because it helps all bball fans to appreciate the nuance in slow-motion so next time we can appreciate what’s happening on court in real-time.

    Marc Gasol is really good in setting the screen so it really opens up space for teammates to get rebound, have clear shot, or drive to the rim. Lowry also has great court-vision so that’s why he and Lin can click right away; it’s such a blessing for Lin to land in a great, unselfish team like the Raptors.

    Expect more converted assists by Lin’s teammates, especially Marc Gasol, Danny Green, Kahwi, Kyle Lowry, Siakam, Ibaka. Boy, we are in for a treat after the All-Star break 🙂 These are all experienced players unlike Lin’s teammates in the past 3 years. Much better than the Hornets.

  136. From the middle of December until early January, Kyle Lowry missed 10 games due to back problems. The Raptors had a record of 6 wins – 4 losses. There was talk of needing another play maker.

    Here’s an article, written around that time, suggesting Jeremy would be a suitable replacement.

  137. Much better than anybody he has ever played with in the NBA including NYK. I am confident in Jlin’s ability to play and think that we may see something we have not seen thus far, how he can execute with good players. I think his best role to being with is to lead a bench with Gasol to take advantage of other team’s 2nd unit. TOR could really use a pure shooter though for this bench unit. I know I’ve said this before but if Jimmer is available and willing he could be it. Looked at a video of him in China and saw videos of him playing in some tournament in the US last summer. Jimmer, Jlin and Gasol.

  138. If you dance in a group performance, the team works together to create the whole picture of movements. Not everyone gets to be principal dancer. The subtitles of support roles can either enhance or detract. I am sure part of the beauty comes from how to choreograph the dancers to enhance the centre of the stage. It’s very subtle to the uninitiated. Team sport isn’t much different. Support players, musicians or dancers add to the outcome of performance. Just as there are great support players, I’m sure there are great support dancers and musicians. Knowing how to fill the empty spaces to make things happen is so important. I’m sure it also requires movement IQ as well on the dance floor.

  139. Sean Marks has a problem which will come back and haunt him.

  140. Most JLIN fans agree that more JLIN and less Batum would have allowed CHA to beat Miami to make it to the 2nd Round of the Playoffs… I still remember the look on JLIN’s face in ending momements of Gm 7 clutching the towel to his face, where JLIN had a great game in every category but points and did not play ONE SECOND in Q4.

    Now, JLIN with all his experience and a team/coach/front office that hopefully understands and will utilize the fantastic asset that is JLIN in these coming playoffs, will allow JLIN to rectify all the previous injustice, bad luck and slights that JLIN has previously faced.

    We all know JLIN has paid a great price especially these last 3 years and if anyone deserves this opportunity it is JLIN

  141. Jimmer, at least in his short NBA time showed he’s not conducive to team cohesion as he needs the ball in his hands all the time to be effective, and has same defensive issues that Trae has.

    Jimmer does what he wants in China which is be the franchise player, he’s never shown he can adjust to a role, which is what an NBA team like TOR needs.

  142. Absolutely there is a bit more cerebral basketball being played between Gasol and JLIN. The way Gasol played that first P&R was completely different than the instincts that almost every bigman on the Hawks had done. ATL bigs, Collins, Len, Dedmon would have made a beeline to the basket after setting screen thus clogging the lane so that JLIN must pass over the top or wrap around (riskier) becuase the driving lane would have but shut down with the knowledge that the outlet man at the arc might not have been disciplined enough to be in his position (like Danny Green)

  143. Guess I’m pretty out of touch with the cool popular spots. Never have even heard of a Turkish steakhouse before, let alone one so famous.

  144. Nobody but Trae was giving maximum effort that is until Tatum decided to give Trae some of his own medicine by taking the half-court shot.

    Trae was chucking the ball down the floor and sprinting down without having to dribble, that shouldn’t be allowed in this challenge either, this is basketball not ultimate frisbee, dribbling is part of the game..

  145. This was the period where most likely, TOR mgt decided they could not make this Championship run with Delon Wright as one of the backup point guards, pushing the dominos to where now JLIN is a Raptor

  146. i agree with you. Jimmer on his being available and potent shooter has the tendencies to hog the ball and right now, he is hogging the ball in china because all possession comes to him except for few play breaks. Jimmer became useless in the NBA for the simple reason he can be easily frustrated when the ball is not on his hands..Like what JLIN made for himself, he relearn the basic of being off the ball and move when it is needed for a possible pass and a shot. Lin is UNSELFISH and doesn’t mind not having touches for as long as team wins. Can Jimmer come back to the NBA, time knows but he must provide himself with the necessary adjustment and learn the basic of being a team ball player

  147. ok breaking down the rest of the season raps sked more;

    raps have only 5 loses this season at home. and get this they have only 1 loss at home since dec 11 2018!

    the rest of the season sked then is heavily tilted in raps favor because virtually all the strong teams they are playing they are playing in toronto where for the most part and certainly lately: they rarely if ever lose!

    as with virtually all sports teams the raps are not as strong on the road but here the schedule is equally or perhaps mirror helpful because all their road games are against weak teams.

    as of this writing of their 11 remaining road games only 2 are against teams with a winning record! and on the season to date: they have only 1 road loss to a team with a losing record!

    so: schedule ahead looks very promising for raps success.

    (of course as the investment prospectus say: past performance is no guarantee of future results)

  148. But Milwaukee recently lost at home to the Orlando Magic an under .500 team, could have been an aberration but seeding is so important in the Playoffs.

    We need to keep beating the teams that we SHOULD beat, then everything will play out the way we want to get that top seed and face the weakest opponent early.

  149. The CHA playoffs with Miami is where I diverge from fans who think Clifford treated Jlin well. As Kemba bombed CHA out of the playoffs Clifford did not play Jlin. I have never trusted Clifford with Jlin since and was very happy he did not go to ORL (not that Clifford as far as we know wanted him)

  150. Jlin has never played with this much talent. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts. I think it will just make the game easier for him and his teammates

  151. Much water has flowed under the bridge since Jimmer was in the NBA. He is a mature player now like Jlin. He may or may not need the ball in his hands all the time, we don’t know. But one thing for sure is that the basket is 10″ in China too and the court has the same dimensions. He can flat out shoot the ball. Wouldn’t hurt TOR to interview him because a. he wants back in the NBA and will do as told b. he will be cheap, which is a factor c. if you don’t like him throw him back in the pond. Jlin has come a long way in the past 7 years also. He is now a competent SG. It blew me away to see how he interacted with Lowery on those two scoring plays as a SG. Just beautiful the fast break and the cut. I’m just making conversation until the games begin again, with Jimmer, but he can flat out score and that is what they would need him for.

  152. but Lowry did not play many games between mid Dec through early Jan due to back injury.

    So, what does that tell us?

  153. I’m going with family.

  154. That one loss unfortunately was against the Bucks and it was to decide first place. That one loss was much more significant than the stat.

  155. Lowry takes too many charges?

  156. A few friends and I are planning to go to one of the games, and I’m looking to see if there is a group, so that we can get group rate.

  157. scroll down, you will see the article

  158. I’m also on the camp that believe Clifford didn’t do Lin justice. He used Lin to his own benefit instead of being a real coach, one that looks out for his player’s game and help develop their future.

    I also found Clifford a not so smart coach that ran his team straight up against opponents, matching strength for strength in every position. It was that tunnel vision that made him believe his own team was no match for the better teams. Miami was killing them up and down and instead of changing up the tempo and stop playing into the slow pace half court game that suited Wade. Lol. He threw Lin in as a sign of surrender more than anything else. It was Lin that showed Clifford how to beat the Heat…just like how Lin showed him how to beat the Spurs! Lol

  159. That’s actually very good news for Raptors.

  160. My regard for the way Clifford used JLIN was low half way thru the CHA season and stayed that way through the playoffs …

    … but still I was desperate enough to be prepared to forgive Clifford if he had gotten the Orlando Magic to trade for JLIN … haha lucky that wasn’t a bridge that we had to

  161. No team that is coached by Clifford will ever have much success against the perennial top-half tier teams regardless of how much talent/athleticism Clifford’s players might have, Cliff’s game is a relic of the old-style NBA, the way the game is now played to success has passed Clifford by … Clifford won/loss and playoff appearance record speaks for itself.

  162. As a Lin fan with PTSD, I have envisioned all good and bad scenarios for Lin. In a new city with new coach, new management and new teammates, I hope for the best for our guy, and prepared for the worst simultaneously.

  163. Lin spent 4 years in Boston, 3 year in New York. I think he’s pretty used to the cold. I’m sure Lin would rather wear extra layer of clothing to keep warm than warming the bench, lol

  164. Aren’t these the restaurants owned by that Salt-Bae guy?

  165. 🙂 I can hardly remember him being in ATL!

  166. I think he wasn’t exactly sure what to say…..

  167. but if it’s respond.. it shows that even opponents know what lin is capable of..same about gasol..if it’s reflex respond.

  168. Watching a bunch of video and commentary about Luka. ATL is going to regret they did not take him for a long time. If ATL would have drafted him instead of TY I believe it may have been impossible to tank. Really impressive. He is almost like Linsanity but in slower motion and with a lot more hype coming in.

  169. Gasol vs Lopez might change the results.

  170. That’s why they got Gasol and Lin.

  171. Good luck, hope it works out for you. If I hear of any possible Lin post game meet and greet, I’ll let you know.

  172. no ptsd on toronto this season. it will be a meritocracy. they’re in the hunt for a ring, no need to play politics when kawhi is an UFA in the summer and lowry will be on the last year of his massive contract next season.

    the situation is perfect for lin. play well and he will continue to get more minutes and a larger role. if not, then he’s just a backup/bench player like he was on the hawks… the ball is in his hands now… with FVV out, he’ll have plenty of games to showcase what he can do…

  173. too much politics on that team. can’t put all the blame on cliff. deep down, i think he knew what was best, but for the sake of his job he needed to start guys like pj hairston (when mkg went down) and frank kaminsky (when batum went down in the playoffs)…

  174. What ATL? lol

  175. Except Doncic was no.3 draft, no.2 all star votes, and made the new franchise of the Mavericks.
    Lin was undrafted barely got top10 all star votes and kicked out of Knicks and marginalized as bench player by Rockets even until now.

  176. I do hope you are right that it is a perfect situation for Lin!

  177. say, if FVV comes back in 5 weeks, then JL has about 7 games with heavy minutes

  178. Please share about your planned trip to NY if possible..

  179. Here are some stats for the current Raptors who have played more than 15 mpg.

    ** Several have missed quite a few games in a row: Norman Powell (shoulder), Kyle Lowry (back).
    ** Generally, Kawhi Leonard hasn’t missed more than a game or two at a time. Maybe the team’s cautious.
    ** Almost all of Fred VanVleet’s starts have come since mid-December.
    ** For players traded recently: CJ Miles (40 games, 14.1 mpg) and Delon Wright (49 games, 18.3 mpg)
    ** Jeremy’s stats with Atlanta were:

  180. Jeremy needs to ball out before playoffs. He needs to secure his spot at least for a back up PG

  181. Don’t worry. Be happy

  182. He will. He’ll have a dozen games without Van Vleet and he’s playing alongside skilled, unselfish players like Marc Gasol. He even has a coach that wants him to be more aggressive.

    As someone who constantly screams for Lin to shoot more…I’m so excited for this ASB to end so Jeremy can go Linsane. He should have 25mpg for the next few weeks.

  183. For Raptors to win it all, lin has to develop the second unit as powerful as the starters. He has to get Gasol going. Make a nobody to Anunoby allstar! Lol. VanVleet, Powell can be a good shooting guards and Boucher is another youngster that can be useful. A good power forward would help as well.

    In a long 7 game series, with Lin leading a powerful bench, they will wear out everybody. Opponents will have to play their starters 40+ minutes per game to keep up.

    Lin will take the cue from Lowrey who’s much more of a pass first PG now. I’m hoping for 16/10 for double double for the remainder of the season. If he can produce that, I’m sure they’ll go seven in the final and maybe even win it.

  184. Agree. It’s a fine line between balling out and maintaining his health for the rest of this season, and for the playoffs.

    Yes, that Fortius connection is icing on the cake.

    Ideally, Toronto should have another reliable stretch 4. To back up Siakam. Ibaka is only shooting yikes 26% from 3 this year. At this point in time, it may be too late to find someone of rotation caliber.

    Maybe just another good 3 Pt shooter for some instant offense, in case.

  185. I’m not worried about Lin. Even when recovering from injury, even when under minutes restrictions in a reduced role, he was playing well. A bit inconsistent, but still played well.

    On a win-now team that recruited him, he will get the opportunity. And we all know what happens when Lin GETS THE CHANCE.

  186. Agree. With the way Lin led Charlotte to win some NOTABLE games. No one is blind, least of all Clifford.

    It’s the front offices and “star” players that hold, and wield, the power. The MJ narrative, FROM THE BEGINNING, was that Kemba, and Marvin, and Batum were the core and focus. Clifford had to toe the line.

    Coaches are always the scapegoats. Look at what’s happening with Luke Walton in LA right now.

    But, when given the chance, Clifford has commended Lin on how well he played, and extolled Lin’s defense.

  187. Agree. It should be worried, particularly his 3pt%.

  188. My point was not to make a comparison. Jlin only had a few weeks to establish himself with Linsanity but with that, hard work, perseverance he has made a career in the NBA. Luka has a whole season to establish himself, so yes, I am aware of the difference. My point was more about the skills of Luka, this 19 y.o. kid, but who has been playing with the big boys since age 13. He has the physical tools but what sets him apart I believe from others is his basketball IQ. In this regard he is the same as Jlin, whose BB IQ is what makes him. If ATL had drafted Luka, signed Jlin to school him they might have been good enough to be in the running for a playoff spot and forced to either go for it or throttle Luka back. It would have been interesting. Though they call Luka a PG I think he and Jlin could have made a formidable backcourt for this year and the future. But, we are in TOR playing for a championship and that is much better

  189. If you look at the roster, it is a 10x upgrade from Hawks. 9 men rotation, each is better than any of the players in Hawks.

  190. I think the Raptors know what Lin brings to the game. And they must have given Lin assurances as to what his role and contribution is expected to be. Hopefully they were honest with LIn.

    The current roster shows 7 guards, incl the two-way. As you’ve indicated above, the STATS are similar in that LIn is higher in some, lower in others.

    PGs – Lin, Lowry, VanVleet.
    SGs – Green, Powell, McCaw.

    It’s not that I’m “worried”. As a biased Lin fan, Lin is better, of course. Especially with the winning intangibles. And the defense!

    But, if everyone is healthy, it will be a challenge for Nick Nurse to figure out rotations and put Lin in position to succeed, to help the team.

  191. Didn’t know Danny Green could be so funny. “Batmo Beal”.

  192. Okay, another video from VaLINtine’s Day. Another Toronto fan happy that Lin is NOW with Raptors. Linsane!

  193. You’ve been an endless doubter since the signing. Tried to ignore. Cut it out.

  194. Hopeful and confident is always good to hear! Especially since you have insight from following the team.

    Me, I’m going to take a more wait-and-see, but with OPTIMISM for sure.

  195. I never worried about Lin when opportunity given.

    I only worry about him when teams mistreat him.

  196. There’s also some continuity with the current core rotation. Together in playoffs. Which should help.

    And yeah. Now add Kawhi, Gasol, LIN.

  197. 🤣 Danny is another high IQ player #BatmoBeal

  198. Trivia – Walt Frazier and Mike Breen. 20 years. Their voices will resonate forever with Linsanity. Clyde gave Lin a 3rd place vote as 6th man of the year. When Eric Collins and Dell Curry didn’t.

    When Phil Jackson was hired with the Knicks, Clyde said there hasn’t been that much excitement in MSG since Linsanity.

  199. Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer. Always treated Lin fairly. He also gave Lin a 2nd place vote for 6MOY.

    See, I remember all the haters. But I also remember all the people who supported Lin. And appreciate it as a fan.

  200. One more note about Lin 6MOY in 2016. Funny thing. Maybe follow these guys too.

    Lin only got a 1st place vote that year. From Sherman Hamilton, NBA TV Canada.
    And another 2nd place vote. From Paul Jones, TSN1050/Sportsnet, Raptors Radio.

  201. Take these comments with large grains of salt. Fox Sports pundits talking about the top teams in the East. Oddsmakers have Toronto first.

  202. I was surprised Eric Collins didn’t vote for Lin. He was ultra pro Lin in his commentaries. His jokes were funny and he made watching the game twice as enjoyable

  203. Lin will ball out but it’ll be on the defensive end that will earn his keep in the playoffs. he sparked the winning run against the wizards on that end.

  204. With CJ Miles and Delon Wright gone there should be enough minutes to go around. If everyone is intent on making things work, they’ll find a way.

    Whatever the challenges, I’m happy he’s in Toronto rather than Atlanta.

  205. Im not worried about Lin on this team at all. Unlike every other team he has been on, this team is like MDA’s Knicks team. They just want to win and they don’t care who scores or who gets minutes. This is why I wanted Lin on this team ever since we started talking about trades. Raptors are all in and they’ve put all their eggs in one basket (lol, all their bballs in one basket). Lin just has to play his game and his abilities will shine.

    Lin will prove that Linsanity never was a fluke at all. They colluded to snuff it out, just like Colin Kapernick. Unlike him, they could just kick him out, they needed to prove he was a fluke first or they’d lose the Chinese money.

  206. Right now, 16/10 for Lin is very unrealistic..I’m hoping for 13-14 ppg and about 5 assist….I suspect Lin will probably average around 22-25 minutes a night..

    I’ll be interesting to see how VanVleet return affect Lin’s minutes….Right now, Lin will get a bit more than 25 minute per game.

  207. All 35 Games with the Knicks:

    I want Nick Nurse to tell him it is o. k. to shoot open, deliberately conceded or unexpected pull up midrange jumpers, instead of always hesitating thinking about expected points per possession if he gets to this spot on floor vs. that spot on floor. Watch more tape of Fred van Vleet in Raptors offense, because van Vleet looks for his own shot aggressively, and doesn’t seem concerned about what shots modern, probability based basketball says he isn’t supposed to shoot anymore: ➡️ ( / )

  208. same here. I know for a fact that when JLIN is given the opportunity and the chance, He always deliver the goods and every STATs (against him) were thrown into the wastebasket because he always cleaned it up with a victory!

  209. maybe not all..the reason the team sucks right now is because of the FO and its coaching discipline…”TANKING”..a coach who wants to win field his best players always and discipline those erring ones. Hawk has none of it and lots of tanking so to speak!

  210. and maybe thats the reason why they trade those 2 to give their minutes to the one whose coming (JLIN)

  211. Sorry. I am not a believer like you.
    You can blame every NBA team mistreating him.

    I like him as a NBA player, not an idol.
    He is far from perfection or victim.

  212. …if Lin was mistreated by NBA teams for 9years, he should boycott NBA and go to Taiwan to play with his brother.
    And also file a lawsuit against NBA.

  213. Sorry that you are. Lin is a better person.

  214. The additions are huge. Any team with such additions will show lots of improvements on the court not to mention that the Raptors is already a playoff a team.

  215. Well spoken. 100% truth

  216. It depends on his PT, but at this point, based on his first game and what I think Lin is capable, I would say around 12 ~ 13 points and 6 ~ 7 assists per game would be excellent stat for Lin on Raptors.

  217. Good for the Raptors, a heart warming welcome to Gasol and Lin because the team has already gained half a game on the Bucks since they joined the team. LOL

  218. Part of the problem with VanVleet is that he doesn’t know how to help his teammates succeed. He is more a shooting guard than a PG. the fact that he looks for his own shot is why the second unit falters when he’s not scoring. Against the Celtics, the bench had a total of 22 pts and VanVleet had zero points in 18 minutes.

    I saw that game and I saw how badly they needed Lin. Lin always plays great against the Celtics and he would have created much better for his teammates as well as put up enough points to win the game.

    Part of the reason Ibaka has been having a good year is that Nurse has turned Lowrey into a true PG. it’s why they keep winning even when Kawhi is out. Unlike Casey, the whole team steps up when their star sits.

    If Lin can put up 16/10, it will mean that he’s helping the bench score while putting up enough pts to make him first off the bench. This number will mean Lin will put the Raptors into the finals.

  219. batmobile! Lol!

  220. Jeremy Lin is enjoying a relaxing #NBAAllStar break at South Beach, Miami. 🎥@JLin7 IG story

  221. don’t get bitten by a shark

  222. Lol one week and he had to get out of the cold

  223. Lin was in Miami ready to go to Haiti for a charity event. That trip was cancelled last minute due to civil unrest.

  224. I like how TOR runs their offense with a more dominant on-ball PG in Lowery. This is better for a JLin too. I like letting your PG direct the offense instead of the socialist motion offense. Not everybody is equally good at setting an offense. Of course you have to have the talent and TOR has two very good setters in Lowery and JLin.

  225. Oh yeah. My bad. Still nice to get warmed up, better for the muscles

  226. You should probably stop now before he makes you eat your words. There’s other sites that fits your attitudes.

  227. VanVleet went undrafted because he was too slow. He simple can’t create for himself. He’s had to rely on his mental toughness and shooting to carve out a role for himself. When I watch him play, he lacks the quick first step to force separation which in turn forces help. Lin does this routinely even without a pick. He wrecks defences because he displaces coverage and creates mismatches. VanVleet doesn’t have that ability.

    If and when he comes back, VanVleet will be SG and li. Will be the backup. Lin will earn minutes by his play. Raptors want Lin to succeed because they know he’s capable. They want Linsanity to lead the team to the title.

  228. 12-6-6 on this talented team would be good. He had 5 rebounds, quite a few, well balanced game. If he makes one 3 he would have been at 11 pts He does not have to go linsane to impact the game. TOR just has too many people that can score, but I wouldn’t be surprised at a couple of breakout scoring games

  229. Up to the coach now. Can he figure out how to mesh this talent? One thing about the makeup of this team are the number of unselfish players there are

  230. @linthezone:disqus @kastuul:disqus @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus lets agree to disagree and move on…Dont feel there would be any benefits in dragging this on.

    Opinion differs…..ALL of us are Lin fans from different background and perception.

  231. Not much new to post until next game. More TRIVIA.

    2006. Randy Foye, Lin’s ex-Net teammate was senior at Villanova. (Dante Cunningham, also ex-Net, was freshman that year.) Kyle Lowry was sophomore. That Villanova team only got as far as Elite Eight.

    Both decided to go into 2006 draft. Foye was picked at 7th. Lowry at 24th. Foye has retired after that Nets season. Other names from that 2006 draft class. 5 are still playing for playoff teams (if Lakers make it).

    2 – LaMarcus Aldridge
    8 – Rudy Gay
    11 – JJ Redick
    21 – Rajon Rondo
    32 – Steve Novak
    35 – PJ Tucker

  232. HA! The tiger fan in me says “Lin – WTH are you doing? – chill – no jumping over railings! Don’t get hurt!”

    I guess as long as he’s okay and having a good time. He should enjoy this time off. Summer vacation will be starting MUCH LATER this year! LOL….

  233. If not for the cancelled trip. Would not be surprised if he would be back in warmer California. Or maybe, not so warm NYC. I think I heard somewhere that Josh and Patricia and Jaden are living in NYC now.

  234. So, does VanVleet fit into Nurse’s system? Or not? What is FVV’s expected “role”?

  235. So, is Nurse looking for players to fit his system? Or do you think he is playing to the players’ strengths, with the players that he’s given?

    Either way – sounds good for Lin?

  236. Yeah Collins was very funny and silly. And hyped up Lin. Too bad it didn’t go further than that.

  237. No one said Lin is perfect. But if you support him, why focus on the negative, and not on the positive? Do you have ANYTHING positive to say?

    Lin has succeeded and survived. He does NOT PLAY the victim. But to say that he hasn’t been “victimized” is close-minded and ignores the obstacles he has faced.

    If you are “not a believer” in his unique story. And only as an NBA player. Then it’s pitiful for you to waste time posting here. Why not spend the time posting on NBA sites. Better yet, spend the time doing more for your community.

  238. Sometimes, it’s a fine line between Lin fans with different opinions and some who are not Lin fans at all and just spreading negativity.

    But, I will move on.

  239. Agree.

  240. Yes, makes sense.

  241. Actually, I think Lin has already proven that Linsanity was not a fluke. So glad everybody will be ALL-LIN……haha.

  242. The way I see it, I have many friends who like LIN but

    – they dont have any high expectation on him,

    – some who had, but they feel, the ship had sailed,

    – some still holding on, as long as he has an opportunity,

    – some feel he is very temperament

    and many more….hence the way they portrait Lin is different, and there is no right or wrong to argue about it…it is what it is….
    Lets see how this half a season cooks up for LIN, that would give a good indication of this future to be….alot of things need to be in place…

    With all the above….they are still LIN’s fan…jeez friends of mine, has more of his jersey than me!

  243. ABSOLUTELY. And Lin is obviously happier too.

    Good point about Miles & Wright. The only unkown is Patrick McCaw. (How he got to the Raptors and out of GSW was a weird story too. He supposedly wanted more minutes.)

    Raptors got McCaw BEFORE the Miles & Wright trade. And also BEFORE Lin. Not sure what the Raptors may have promised McCaw before signing him. Or if things have changed since Lin became available.

    Anyway, we will see soon enough.

  244. Good news for Lin! I always felt Morey was full of it.

    Have to keep the defense guessing with some mid-range shots every so often. San Antonio is still winning with those shots too.

    Lin’s mid-range jumpers are very “pretty” shots. Drive, fake out the defense, step-back, fade-away, TWO points, as good as a layup!

  245. they like him as a scorer and spot up shooter, not so much as a facilitator

  246. i think they like that Lin can do everything on both ends of the floor and that he’s faster, stronger, taller and smarter than most guards. he’s the whole package and being so versatile makes it easy for coaches to sub him into any style and lineup

  247. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

    Bryan Colangelo, who was the GM of the Suns with D’Antoni and Nash and Stoudemire, was GM of the Raptors in the summer of 2012. Given how close he was to D’Antoni, and Linsanity craze in that Toronto game. Always wondered why Colangelo didn’t try to sign Lin to an offer sheet. Or did he not bother because he really believed that the Knicks would match.

    This is the irony. Because Lowry was probably traded to the Raptors so that Lin can be signed. Goran Dragic was the backup, but a free agent, and Rockets let him go. Lin signed with the Rockets on July 17, 2012.

    From Wikipedia – Lowry drafted by Grizzlies in 2006. “On February 19, 2009, Lowry was traded to the Houston Rockets, putting (Mike) Conley in the starting lineup….With the departure of Adelman following the 2010–11 season, Lowry initially clashed with new head coach Kevin McHale….On July 11, 2012, Lowry was traded to the Toronto Raptors…..On May 31, 2013, Masai Ujiri was hired as the Raptors’ new general manager, replacing Bryan Colangelo. Ujiri believed that Lowry had the potential to be a star, but found that his reputation around the NBA had more to do with his history of clashing with coaches and his body language than his talent. Ujiri challenged Lowry during meetings that off-season to be a better player and leader….On July 10, 2014, he re-signed with the Raptors to a four-year, $48 million contract…..On July 7, 2017, Lowry re-signed with the Raptors to a three-year, $100 million contract…..”

    Once again, the irony, and comparison of Lin’s and Lowry’s journeys. Lowry lost his job to Mike Conley. Lowry was going nowhere with McHale and the Rockets. Luckily, with the Raptors, Lowry has had six straight seasons of full development and support and continuity with one team. Now the leader of a championship team. And FWIW, a 5-time All-Star.

    Am I jealous, on behalf of Lin. YEAH, FOR SURE.

    But, here we are. It is what it is. JUST LOOKING FORWARD TO LIN ALSO GETTING SUPPORT from the Raptors. To GOOD TIMES AHEAD.

  248. Kyle Lowry’s kids – SUPER CUTE!

  249. OT – “National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) announced that Andre Iguodala has been elected as First Vice President and Malcolm Brogdon, Bismack Biyombo and Jaylen Brown have been elected as Vice Presidents….Iguodala replaced Lebron James, whose 4-year term just expired.”

  250. Hi everyone, I am very happy about the trade. The one game I saw was great. We have a team that really wants to win. I believe the unselfish core will help the entire team play the right way.

    Also, it is cool that Jeremy is now in a team ranked much higher than Brooklyn. Jeremy is a nice guy but he has shark teeth and will chew up the Nets when he gets his chance. Remember all the games against the Knicks when Lin was with the Rockets? Lin would slumping but he would suddenly step it up just to beat the Knicks.

    Despite the betrayal and tanking agenda, Lin kept giving his best and now he is in a better team. I know he should start but we cannot ignore prejudice that has kept him back so far. At least he gets meaningful minutes in a good team with championship aspirations.

    Also I just realised this:-
    Lin’s goals —> Rotation Player >> Starter >> All Star >> NBA Champion >> Most famous player in the world (LOL)
    Reality for Lin —> Starter >> Most famous player in the world >> Rising Stars (LOL) >> Rotation Player >> NBA Champion?

    A little weird but I will take it.

  251. BACK TO LIN – IT’S A LIN FAN SITE!!!! lol.

    More Lin highlights from January 2019. (Will miss Bob Rathbun and Dominique Wilkins raving about Lin. But not miss Lin being on the developing Hawks.)

    Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin are doing a great job too!

  252. From RaptorsHQ (SB Nation). “Power Ranking Poll Week 18: How are the Raptors post-All-Star?” As always, for what it’s worth…..

  253. “I am very happy about the trade. The one game I saw was great. We have a team that really wants to win. I believe the unselfish core will help the entire team play the right way.”


  254. Thanks for input. Good. Then will be complements to each other. Play to each other’s strengths.

  255. Kudos to the Raptors, and Masai Ujiri. Finally, a team that will now let Lin play and do what he does best! Freedom!

  256. No Lin jerseys? Disqualified from being moderator!

    Obviously, JUST KIDDING! 🙂

    I much prefer discussing the FUN side of being Lin fan. Most of the time, anyway. So, I will gladly move on.

  257. Too cute

  258. It’s obvious Colangelo wasn’t high on both MDA and Lin. MDA did the assistant coach for the 76ers and still didn’t offer him the coaching job. Now Colangelo has resigned.

    So glad Raptors have the right GM and president who beleives in Lin.

    Lin would’ve gotten so much support from fans and FO if he went to Raptors first.

  259. Agree, had enough of boring motion offense that just moves the ball on the outside. Total waste if Lin’s PnR, playmaking, and offball talents.

  260. Did you watch the 1st game? The bench players are just as good shooters as the starters already! The odd fits right now are Lin and Gasol cause they’re not used to the team yet.

    There’s no more “developing” on this team.

  261. Yes but Hawks are still rebuilding with young players so Lin would’ve left regardless of who they drafted. And from the way LP treated him, I’m sure Luka would’ve made it that much tougher for Lin to get minutes.

    Hawks wanted their PG to lead the team right away without competition from anyone else

  262. Nicely put!

  263. Malcom Brogdon was a highly respected and leader at the Univ. of Va. He received master’s degree upon graduation, and although he was accepted by Harvard Univ. he chose UVA instead for the love of basketball. His nick name was “President”…perhaps future POTUS!

    Although he is a SG for the Bucks, I hope JL’s Raptors will make it to the final instead.

  264. The coach had stated Lin will be the third guard so it seems like there’s a bit of loyalty toward VanVleet but I doubt that will stand if in plays very well

  265. This was a league wide collusion for sure. Is it really possible that all the GMs and media were so ignorant? The few that protested, were called freaks and delusional LOF! When we look at it in the rear view mirror, we will see how deliberately Lin was cut down and sold as a fluke. ESPN wants so desperately to spitefully destroy Lin that they keep feeding the press every glass half empty feed they could find. Lowrey, John wall went through lows just as any young player does, but they’d get a pass and a glass half full view points.

  266. Jin should not start. He has not earned the right to start. He has to prove it to his teammates for the right to start. There is no reason why he should step in for the very capable Kyle Lowery. For Jlin to start would be the antithesis of team play and the type of person I believe he is. You do not know that he is a victim of prejudice on this TOR team. Each situation should be judged individually, not a blanket condemnation that Jlin is prejudged by everyone everywhere. Jlin is healthy, in a great situation with a chance at improving his future. And for us fans we get a chance to see him ball out and be the best he can be. We will be entertained.

  267. Sharks don’t bite. They eat!

  268. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Kyle Lowry and his career, here are some articles …

    Overview of Lowry’s life and career up to Sep, 2014. (Grantland)

    Becoming a father and growing as a player (The Players’ Tribune; Feb, 2016)

    Free-agent profile of Kyle Lowry (Bball Breakdown; Jun, 2017)

    Reasons for resigning with Toronto (The Players’ Tribune; Jul, 2017)

    Dealing with the departure of DeMar DeRozan and Dwane Casey (The Undefeated; Nov, 2018)

    Kyle Lowry’s relationship with Masai Ujiri (Toronto Star; Dec, 2018)

  269. I agree that Lowry should be the starter. Totally agree. Lin just coming in and taking his job would be exactly like what Harden or Russell did to Lin. I am saying Lin would have kept his job as a starter in the Knicks, Rockets and Nets if not for prejudice.

  270. For Jlin to start would be the antithesis of team play and the type of person I believe he is

    Exactly. Hope this gets drill into the head of some delusional lin fans. Those fans will affect the media and maybe ruin the team chemistry by vocally on forums everywhere doing the antithesis of what lin believe in. Good thing some ignore them.. thank god.

    We all should be happy that he is playing back to his normal self man. and let him be a team that wins.

  271. Here is the NBPA Executive Committee (shown left to right): CJ McCollum, Jaylen Brown, Bismack Biyombo, Anthony Tolliver, Malcolm Brogdon, Garrett Temple, Andre Iguodala, Chris Paul, and Pau Gasol. They’re meeting in Nassau, Bahamas. See :

  272. we would be spoiled by then.. instead of staying realistically grounded like currently.

  273. I guess that means the solo pg dominated offence should be called fascist. Lol.

    Lin has done well in any offence if given a chance. It’s NOT the system that we hate, it’s the agenda that we hate.

  274. I didn’t read into what KL wrote to suggest that JLIN should start over a healthy Lowery, I understood KL’s post to imply that JLIN deserves a starting job, in general, in the NBA — and I fully support that notion.and will continue to support JLIN starting for SOME TEAM until JLIN proves he no longer has the skills to be a starter.

    That doesn’t mean we want JLIN starting over Lowry who clearly has the skills to run the Raptors first team.

  275. Of course uncle tong … here you are with your attacks on “delusional lin fans”, who made you the arbiter of what is delusional?

  276. Many things could occur this off-season, much of it relies on how Raptors and JLIN do in the playoffs … JLIN could remain a Raptor or entertain other offers, so could Lowry or VanVleet

  277. Interesting the racial makeup of the NBA Players Assoc roughly mirrors the constituent players in the NBA, true representative democracy in the making.

  278. What struck me was the apparent diversity of the group; from the very young to veterans approaching the end of their careers, and from traditional ‘stars’ to others who’ve bounced around from team to team.

  279. Appears that JLIN is taking the relaxation route this ASB — something I fully support.

    I’ve never agreed with JLIN continually using his off-time in the gym training like a rat — apart from the one positive of ATLANTA which was proving that JLIN had recovered from serious injury and still played NBA level ball, the one other thing I wish JLIN has gotten from ATL is to find out how, just how, Vince Carter has maintained his body … I tell you this, you don’t play for 20+ seasons by killing yourself in the gym in your personal time, most of the longest tenured NBA legends loafed in practices, scrimmages, on vacation and only brought their A-game during GAMES when it mattered.

    I hope JLIN does some meditation, mindfulness exercises, we know from early season his 3 pt shot is there, the muscle memory is there — get the mind right after leaving that Hawks dreariness and the shot will fall.

  280. I’m of a different Jew point or maybe we are just saying the same thing in different ways. An aging athlete has to work doubly hard to just maintain what they’ve got. Losing half a step very 4-5 years is a natural part of aging, it’s why keeping that process at bay is so important. I’m hopeful that Nash and Fortus gave him a strict regiment to follow.

    Most athletes love to practice. The great ones love it just a bit more. Gym rats is not a bad thing imo. “In the Asian cultures Rats are considered auspicious symbols of good fortune in business. Rats are highly adaptable and relentless when trying to solve a problem (like finding its way out of a maze).
    Rat energy is not persnickety. It recognizes needs vs. wants, choosing the former (while also yearning sometimes for the latter). People who work with Rat spirit often love the beautiful things in life but recognize that essentials must come first. And if from time to time Fortune smiles with a gift, it’s held close to the heart like a treasure, kept safe for needier times.”
    “Rat are intelligent, charming, quick-witted, practical, ambitious, and good at economizing as well as social activities”.

    Older athletes has to work harder than kids because their recovery systems aren’t as good. Kids can run themselves down and be ready the next day. Lin has to have post game exercises to rid the body of lactic acids.

  281. I got it from this sentence “I know he should start but we cannot ignore prejudice…” and my brain probably inferred that he should start which is not exactly the meaning here, though close. Jlin is in a perfect position here and starting won’t improve his position and in fact might be detrimental to his play at this point, not to mention the TOR team. Way back in his ATL days I lobbied that he should go to TOR and that 20 minutes would be good because a. he would be playing for a championship and b. his minutes would be very impactful for the team as well as make it easier on him physically since I consider this whole year to be a rehab year. If had to take on a larger role then so be it because it is for a championship but not necessarily better for the long haul, at least as far as potential injury. I am upping my desired minutes to play to 25 mpg but I can see where with FVV out he could easily play more, especially if he plays well. Play well from here and the future will take of itself

  282. Ha lol. Not the best choice of words I guess guess on my part. The motion oftense can work with the right personnel and if a team does not have a competent PG maybe must be used. But if you have one of the best in the business, and TOR actually has TWO then you go with strength rather than what is currently in vogue. If Nurse stays with a more ball dominant PG then it means he is going against the trend, somewhat. And yes Jlin has done well in any offense but he and his team does BEST when he runs the show.

  283. Read the articles on Kyle Lowery the person. I think he and Jlin are going to light things up

  284. “With VanVleet out for the next while and no other point guards on the roster aside from Lowry — mid-season pickup Patrick McCaw has seen some spot minutes in the role — Lin, like Gasol, figures to be a big part of the Raptors’ plans going forward.”

  285. I fully understood what KL said but at the same time, we have to be so sensitive to haters who will use our well meaning words against us. It’s true that prejudice and racial bias has pushed Lin down from What he should have been. The fact is KL’s comment can easily be taken out of context by just ignoring the “BUT” of that sentence and we’d have a hater posting lies on a team site. Haha, we have one here twisting his words as we speak.

  286. The first game vs Spurs+DeRozan will be a key game for Kahwi and the Raptors because TOR lost at San Antonio. Kahwi would be extra motivated to win vs the Spurs after the loss.

    In the next 3 weeks, 4 out of 8 games can be very tough: Spurs, Celtics, Blazers, Rockets. The good news is the first four will be home games at Toronto.

    Fri, Feb 22, 2019 7:00p San Antonio Spurs
    Sun, Feb 24, 2019 3:30p Orlando Magic
    Tue, Feb 26, 2019 8:00p Boston Celtics
    Fri, Mar 1, 2019 8:00p Portland Trail Blazers
    Sun, Mar 3, 2019 6:00p @ Detroit Pistons
    Tue, Mar 5, 2019 8:00p Houston Rockets
    Fri, Mar 8, 2019 8:00p @ New Orleans Pelicans
    Sun, Mar 10, 2019 3:30p @ Miami Heat

  287. I agree with both of you. I hate aging and the amount of work you need to do to stay at peak level performance. At the same time I think you can over prepare sometimes. I played basketball recreationally but hung out with competitive players. A lot of guys who shoot well in practice do not shoot well in game. I think you can try to replicate game conditions in practice but it will never be the same.

  288. I was born under the Rat zodiac, but @Brent and Maknusia keep implying I’m bad luck.

  289. Experience, wisdom and smarts can and do make up for the loss of youthful attributes. An important thing many young players lose is love of the game, the sport. This is where FO activities and politics can ruin a young player. Jlin has proven remarkably resilient in this aspect, enduring the negative treatment he has received over the years. He is not the only one of course but 8 years in the league and he is definitely a survivor. In fact, if he can stay healthy his best years may be in front of him (with the right team and coach)

  290. I was going to get league pass for raptors only but there is an option for monthly or annual. What does that mean? Does it mean it automatically renews?

  291. Hi @psalm234:disqus when i’m in recent comments and click on the thread link , it’s not bringing me out of recent comments . i use it to go to the thread of the last post . is this a disqus change?

  292. Click on each pic and you will see JLin’s reply to each question.

  293. @psalm234:disqus it works good now thanks

  294. Most likely Disqus is taking All Star Break as well! 🙂 LOL

  295. Perhaps you might understand by reading my account..Since I signed up for Annual, I assume it will restart next year on 8/30/2019 with different charge.

    Welcome to NBA League Pass!
    It’s game time! Your NBA League Pass purchase has been confirmed. Watch your favorite games live, on-demand and classic games during the 2018-19 regular season.
    18-19 Full Season NBA Team Pass TOR Annual
    August 30, 2019

  296. Lin started for the Rockets for a season. The next season McHale moved him to the bench. Lin also started for the Nets. Had he stayed healthy in 2017 he was starting. Neither Harden nor Russell took Lin’s starting job. Lin was traded from the Nets, but that was after two seasons of injuries.

  297. Replicate game pressure is very hard to do and it requires dedication, dedication few rec players have. The kind of love for the game Lin has is much like that of the greats, MJ, LeBron, Kobe, Gretzky, Tiger and the list goes on. What we consider drudgery is joy to them. Few can understand that mindset, which is why few ever get to their level of proficiency.

    I’m a believer in how you practice is how you play. It’s very hard to bringthat intensity to workouts but if you slack off, that means you’re wasting time. As you say age and experience plus help from outside coaches, can show you how to practice less while reaping the maximum rewards of your efforts. IMO, it’s better not to practice lousy effort.

    The last part of that transition from practice to game situations is a very special intangible few athletes have. Lin is one that owned that clutch gene. You can practice all you want, but if you don’t have the fearless gift to bring it, you may never get it.

  298. Ooh, I’m a snake so you better watch out! Haha

  299. What? Those crooks. Are you going to renew?

  300. Thank you btw!

  301. we all deserve a break cheers!

  302. lin a dragon..
    dragon good this year

  303. Jodie Meeks is a 37% career 3-point shooter. Has played for 6 teams in 9 seasons, most recently Washington last year. Brings the Raptors roster up to the league-mandated 14 players.

    Meeks hasn’t played in 10 months after violating the NBA’s anti-drug program. This 10-day contract gives the Raps flexibility in case somebody else becomes available before the Mar. 1 waiver deadline. (via Josh Lewenberg)

  304. As long as JL stays in NBA!

  305. The Raptors’ roster is now up to the league mandated 14 players with the Jodie Meeks 10-Day Contract. (via Bobby Marks)

    The current roster is (via Josh Lewenberg):
    *** Lowry, Lin, VanVleet (injured), Loyd (2-way)
    *** Green, McCaw, Meeks (10-day)
    *** Leonard, Powell, Miller
    *** Siakam, Anunoby
    *** Ibaka, Gasol, Boucher

  306. Not my 1st or even 20th choice for a Raptors pickup. But Toronto really needs 3-point shooting since they have no consistent outside shooters besides Danny Green.
    I wish that GM Ujiri could get a buyout for Trevor Ariza from the Washington Wizards. That guy is a veteran’s Veteran. He’s been on several Championship teams. That’s the kind of experience and leadership that Toronto needs.

  307. Ok!


    “NBA scouts are concerned that Rubio lacks the foot speed to stay in front of fast, physical guards, but he does have a knack for stealing the ball. Having a 6-foot-9 wingspan on his 6-foot-3 body aids in that manner, for sure, but such thievery primarily flows from his ability to recognize visual cues and anticipate the next move of an attacker.



  309. Gotta love Cody Zeller’s sense of humor 🤣
    Note:Cody is Jeremy Lin’s ex-Hornets teammate

  310. It’s not a simple task to integrate Gasol, Lin and Jodie Meeks all at once. The team needs to design plays at their strength.

  311. It looks like Josh (TOR NBA Beat reporter) thinks the 10-day contract will give them flexibility if someone else is available before the March 1 buyout deadline expires.

  312. It might be a stop-gap solution until someone else is available before the March 1 buyout deadline. Josh’s tweet about him not playing for 10 months for violating NBA’s anti-drug problem is a bit of a red flag.concerning if he still has the same issues.

    I agree about Ariza. He’s the perfect 3&D role player. He was excellent in Houston Rockets’ playoff games.

  313. I cook a mean instant noodle.

  314. Why would anyone name a food restaurant in n out = =.

  315. Gotta love Cody Zeller’s sense of humor 🤣
    Note:Cody is Jeremy Lin’s ex-Hornets teammate

  316. Marc Gasol is a high IQ player who’s tenacious on defense with great anticipation to intercept passes (even stealing the ball from a guard) and break up plays. No wonder he was upset when JLin scored on a high-archer layup on him 🙂

  317. good to hear that 🙂

  318. The war continues as De’Aaron disagreed lol

  319. As long as Lin plays on a playoff bound team, I am renewing. if Lin goes to another lousy team, then I will cancel League Pass. I haven’t watched a single Lin game in 3 years but I watched Lin’s first Raptors game after I bought One Team League Pass. lol

  320. I know! it doesn’t say much about the food if it’s in and out. Are they trying to compete with the negative stereotype of Taco Bell? Lol

  321. Hmm, Is that in and out instant noodle?

  322. Wow web, ur becoming a believer… lol

  323. JLin’s about the 1 game with Lowry, “very very unselfish”

    This is the first time Lin’s said that about a fellow allstar guard. Goes to show those who thought Walker was nice and that Lin should’ve stayed don’t know what they’re talking about. Walker was selfish and Harden Jr for Hornets.

  324. Please there is no reason why Lin, Lowry and Leonard can’t start together! GSW has fove starts and they try to make it work as well!

    Starting and staggered minutes can work! Especially with the Lin and Lowry backcourt!

  325. Again no one said Lin needs to take Lowry’s starting role, you start your best players by adjusting. It can work so long as they move players to different spots.

    In modern basketball, positions are almost all interchangeable.

  326. i read the news today oh boy….

    going thru nba media posts no info about actual basketball play only two topics. 1. where superstar free agents like durant davis will land in off season. 2. price of tickets for zion’s game.

    the nba’s two biggest stars: cap space and tank.

  327. And despite Gasol’s lack of foot speed, seems like JLin and Gasol will probably form a terrific pick and roll defensive tandem (that 7 ft. mound of the finest Turkish granite, Omer Asik, seemed to have really fast feet and could hard show and recover for Lin, giving him a split second of extra time to recover into play after initially getting hung up on a pick. Gasol doesn’t have that foot speed, but he is really smart, with long arms, and seemgingly great defensive court vision.

    They both have great natural instincts and are both very active trying to block shots, so question is whether they might also end up being like Lin and Ed Davis, naturally gravitating to same spot on floor, going for same rebound or same block, and then colliding with each other, instead of forming a more naturally complementary defensive tandem.

    Damian Lillard always gives Lin problems in pick and roll, I think because he has a slightly larger frame and longer legs than Lin, and has that very pronounced zig than zag move where Lin bites hard on the zig, and Ed Davis isn’t positioned to make Lillard hesitate for a moment so Lin can recover into play.

  328. He is definitely flexible IMO. I like that he wants to spread the scoring and made sure the bench felt important. From what I’ve seen, he does ride the hit hand and Jonas Valanciunas has a real impact even after joining the second unit.

    Lin has a big chance to shine. He didn’t score as much as he could’ve and yet he played a lot during the 3rd. What Lin siad post game is so true. “We made some stops and offence started to click”. Nurse recognizes flow as much as scoring. Lin fans have to stop caring so much about scoring. WE HAVE TO DECIDE IF WINNING THE TITLE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WORRYING ABOUT THE NEXT CONTRACT! For me, Lin winning the title is far more important.

    Toronto fans are knowledgeable. I know a lady Raptors fan whose son plays bball for a small college in western NY. I asked her about Lin and she was so impressed with his play and how he made an impact with no practice. They have embraced Lin already and will be even more when Linsanity hits again.

  329. So true…I was chatting with couple of my Canadian friends as well, to get how they feel.

    All of them that I talked to, are really hyped on what Lin could bring to the team and winning the championship… for once they feel this the best chance.

    To them Lin is an impact player, and they really dont worry much which position or minutes, as long as he brings the impact to game and gives them the win

  330. Jeremy Lin mention at 13:00

  331. Thank God @JLin7 landed in @Raptors who is ranked 3rd in attendance/game 🙏#WeTheNorth
    Note the ranks of JLin’s previous teams (Hawks, Nets) and the rumored team to be traded (Suns):
    27. #Hawks
    29. #Suns
    30. #Nets

  332. This is the best place with the best chance in Lin’s nba career to win championship. They have all the weapons they need.

    NBA final prediction:

    Warriors vs Raptors

  333. Need to pass Bucks and 76ers first.

  334. Neither of those teams has leaders with playoff experience. That alone makes Raptors my favorite.

  335. Yes. that’s true. I favorite Raptors too, But 7 games, it is over when it is over. I am cautiously optimistic, LOL.

  336. Did not know Nets doing so poorly in attendance. Just a bad crowd or a bad product or a poorly promoted product? Jlin’s presence would have helped a lot I think judging from his attraction while at NYK. Did not know ATL attendance was so bad but not surprising since they are tanking. Jlin did not play much there and did not have a significant role so doubt his presence would have made much difference. To land in TOR though, after in-play rehab with ATL though, he has got to still be in shock. Lucky to have the break come when it did. Wednesday is supposed to be the return to practice. Should be a great game against SAS

  337. The only teams I wanted Lin on was Raptors and Kings.

    When Tsai buys the Nets and fires Marks, I may want Lin back with Nets if they pay him a starter’s salary.

  338. Nets in Rear View Mirror IMO.

  339. Say wha

  340. The signs were all there for me to see that Lin could be of value to the Raptors. The injury to Jonas Valanciunas exasperated the failure of the bench. It revealed how VanVleet couldn’t lift the play of the bench. Then Lowrey was also injured and Raptors started to lose games and was overtaken by Bucks. Then they lost at home BADLY to the Bucks with Kawhi in line up and alarms were going off. I’m sure that game is why they got Gasol and Lin.

    Many thought Lin would be 3rd string and wouldn’t get playtime. I’ve watched enough of Nurse to know he wants to win and would go with the hot hands. Lin just needs to play his game and he’ll earn his minutes. I would expect him to eventually close games with 25-30 minutes.

  341. Not if Marks is gone and Lin starts.

  342. Dlo looking good for BKLN so assume stays and is the PG of the now and future, plus they have Din. Would not like to see Jlin going to BKLN as a SG. IMO he needs to finish out his career as a PG at least for another couple of years. In BKLN it is the motion offense, not PG dominant. As he gets older he can move into SG now that he has developed those skills so well. I really hope he starts taking 3’s because I know he can shoot them

  343. Gasol and Jlin significant improvement. I get the feeling that Nurse will be Jlin’s friend once he sees more of Jlin’s play. I hope Jlin starts to shoot 3’s because I know he is an excellent 3 pt shooter. This will allow him more time to play with Lowery

  344. well there are all these minutes to replace: wright (who people dont understand was more the backup point guard than van vleet): 18.3. miles 14.1 and van vleet for the indeterminate future (five weeks and then re-evaluate highly unlikely he would resume his previous minutes immediately even if he did come back in five weeks) 26.8 minutes.

    who’s going to take those minutes? patrick mccaw? norman powell? (the only reason powell got the minutes he got was because no leonard).

    jodie meeks? 10 day players often never even play they’re just an insurance policy in case someone else is hurt. also maybe, maybe still unclear on this if they had to sign someone else to get to a minimum required if the 2 way contract player didn’t count.

    for the indefinite future there’s all those minutes to be filled by basically (with leonard back): lowrey, green, leonard, siakam, ibaka, lin, powell, anonuby, gasol. (maybe mccaw but in much reduced time, ie. powell took leonards time, mccaw took powells time).

    no reason to assume for at least the next five weeks lin doens’t get the same minutes he had in his first game.

    and after that? with van vleet back? more likely powell/mccaw minutes drop (and van vleet especially as he is eased back in) than lin’s.

    obviously we can’t know. but there is more opportunity here than has been for some time for lin. really since before russell came to nets.

    and then of course there’s toronto. canada really.

    as everyone knows canada is just the u.s. but nicer.

    for everyone.

    its like what the late roger ebert said about the muppets. “they’re just like people except nicer”.

    and we may (and everyone does) say “canada is just like the u.s. except nicer”.

  345. Samsung announces new phone and guess who’s in their demo? Respect! Good to see Asians boosting other Asians.

  346. Hawks and nets at bottom… heh heh (nelson laugh)

  347. Sweet

  348. True Raptors will get to finals for sure. Bucks will be their toughest opponent not 76ers.

    GSW will be difficult to upset, 5 stars, refs,favoritism.

    Skills and teamball wise Raptors are equal to GSW.

  349. Wow, Bucks has 5 B2B, that is 20% of the games, 1 in 5. Tough. Not to mention west coat 6 road games.

  350. For us long-suffering JLIN fans to exhalt in the Raptors move after the BKN & ATL disappointments seems logical and natural …

    … but when even mainstream non-sports related media such as Huffington Post begin running articles reliving Linsanity “Why ‘Linsanity’ Was A Major Turning Point For Jeremy Lin’s Asian-American Identity” , does it make anybody else a bit nervous that the expectations are ramping on JLIN a bit too fast and too steeply?

    The last thing any of us want is gigantic expectations in each game and then a whole bunch of ESPN, HuffPost, CBS, NBC, ABC pundits saying he’s not taking over games and he’s washed up.

  351. Tsai owes us and JLIN one big huge act of atonement — the only thing that suffices is to give JLIN a starting job offer, at the very least even if JLIN doesn’t accept because he has another team, it will raise market value on JLIN.

  352. We are grateful that JLIN will be the leader of the 2nd string for at least 5 weeks (maybe more as they ease FVV back) because that allows JLIN to be a critical factor in the race for the TOP Seed in the East.

    We want to catch the Bucks and hopefully open up minimum 3-5 game lead if possible — because as we get closer to Playoffs, both TOR and MIL will want to sit their star and key players to be fully rested…

    … if the Top Seed is still undecided by the last week then it will hurt both teams as we can’t rest as much due to the last minute jockeying —- evident in my post is my belief that JLIN is more effective than VanVleet so strike when JLIN has a big role.

  353. That laugh from Colin Cowherd seemed to me to clearly be a “sarcastic” laugh about JLIN taking over the NBA for a month — your opinion might differ, that means we differ and that is okay…

  354. I don’t pay attention to any of the “news” outlets you mention plus the other ones like ESPN etc. In fact I consciously avoid them. They need to have something to write about. They need to capture people’s attention, hence this is why sport nowadays are “celebrity sports”. It is not about basketball. It is about entertaining the greatest number of people to raise ratings. The games from here on out are going to be about playing basketball at a high, focused level and will be fun for sports enthusiasts to watch. Jlin has got to focus on the job at hand, which will be hard, and win a championship or at least TOR needs to do well. He has hardly played in 2.5 years. He played the first part of this year being the backup to a rookie gunner, a backup role on a tanking team. Now he is playing with Kyle Lowery and Marc Gasol and soon Kawhi Leonard. This has to be a shocking change and will require all of his focus. We get to enjoy the ride. The rest will take care of itself.

  355. Well that article is about racial issues not basketball issues. Don’t think anybody is expecting a linsanity revival. The only expectation I got from reading articles is that he will be a solid rotation player who can contribute in playoff.

  356. Good NBA article assessing 5 Eastern teams with NBA Finals potential

    Key points for TOR:
    -“But with Leonard, Gasol and underrated buyout pickup Jeremy Lin, this is a bolder, mentally freed squad that could be more efficient than last spring’s edition.”
    -“Lin stabilizes the backcourt, especially while Fred Van Vleet recovers from thumb surgery.”
    – “Toronto has the easiest schedule in the league from here till the postseason (only two back-to-backs, with 16 of 23 games against foes .500 or worse).”

    Toronto Raptors
    None of the East powers stood to benefit more from James’ shift from Eastern to Pacific time zones than these guys. It wasn’t just his basketball excellence that had gotten in the Raptors’ way postseason after postseason — it was his dominance in the East (eight consecutive Finals trips) that had tormented them. Not since, oh, Michael Jordan vs. the New York Knicks had a single superstar seemed to pitch a tent inside an opponent’s heads.

    Even a status quo version of Toronto, led by Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, might have seen different results this time. But with Leonard, Gasol and underrated buyout pickup Jeremy Lin, this is a bolder, mentally freed squad that could be more efficient than last spring’s edition.

    Gasol figures to keep divvying minutes with Serge Ibaka. But as well as Toronto played with Jonas Valanciunas, Gasol should be that and more. Similar size, more adept as a passer and shooter.

    “He’s so skilled and he’s really motivated,” a scout said of Gasol and this opportunity to salvage a difficult season. “And they got out of a couple contracts in C.J. Miles and Valanciunas.”

    Granted, Toronto has gone 13-3 when Leonard has not played. But keeping one of the NBA’s elite two-way players healthy is a must once the playoffs start. Forward Pascal Siakam might be the favorite at this point for the Kia Most Improved Player Award (16.1 ppg, 7.0 rpg and 55 percent shooting). Lin stabilizes the backcourt, especially while Fred Van Vleet recovers from thumb surgery.

    It was not without some downside risk that boss Masai Ujiri changed coaches, firing Dwane Casey to promote assistant Nick Nurse. But Nurse has tweaked the Raptors masterfully. They won their last six games before the break and 10 of 13. Not only are they 24-5 at home (and 16-6 against the West), but they are 9-4 in games decided by three points or fewer.

    As our John Schuhmann points out: Toronto has the easiest schedule in the league from here till the postseason (only two back-to-backs, with 16 of 23 games against foes .500 or worse).

  357. A custom designed Raptors jersey. Andy Tsang, a Toronto graphic designer, also created a Linsanity edition.

  358. he’s a Lin hater but Lin will be talked about on these shows if the Raptors go places in the post season.

  359. Jeremy put on Kyle Lowry’s practice gear by mistake …

    Kyle Lowry was excused from practice today because he played in the All Star Game. The media joked with Jeremy: “Don’t tell Kyle you wore his stuff, or at least blame it on somebody else.”

  360. If you look closely, you can see that the video featuring Jeremy is by Click, one of the posters on this site. It now has 948K views on YouTube.

  361. If Lowery did not practice and FVV is out with surgery, then did JLin, as the only other PG, run the first unit? 🙂

  362. He’s got just one shot. This is it! If they fall short of the championship, Leonard leaves. This is no time to play nice, it’s gotta be Linsanity 2.0 or nothing. I’m all in on the Raptors!

  363. @Raptors
    Count it up, count it up, count it up, count it

    @JLin7 | #WeTheNorth

  364. Newcomer Jeremy Lin said he accidentally put on Lowry’s gear before practice today because he’s used to wearing No. 7, was wondering why nothing fit right. “I was like, this is weird. Then I realized, oh, I’m not 7 anymore.”

    Lowry and Leonard were both excused from practice today. Standard extended vacation for the guys that played in the ASG. We joked with Lin: don’t tell Kyle you wore his stuff, or at least blame it on somebody else.

    Lin: “I’m still trying to learn everybody’s name… I told Marc, I was like, ‘look, you’re going to have to teach me everything’. He’s like, ‘man, I got here 2 days (earlier)’… We’re all just trying to figure it out but being on a veteran team (helps).”

  365. Lin’s 3s always look fluid in practice but it doesn’t seem to translate to games. Hopefully it does this time.

    Lin’s practice shots are so good he should take part in the 3 point contest.

  366. Lin just needs to stick with no.17 from now on. Nothing good ever comes from wearing no.7 it’s a sign. Stop denying his destiny.

  367. Fans in TOR compared to his previous teams like dead Brooklyn and ATL are like night and day! TOR’s crowd is just as good if not better than NYC!

  368. his laugh psychologically is saying that he knows there are ppl who probably thinks that’s lin run is a fluke so he is laughing as a way to defend himself in case he is taking as serious.

  369. I am into golf..Li will be a Major winner soon..He likely to be the first Asian born and bred Asian golf star..

  370. Some interviews after practice today; Jeremy, Marc Gasol, and Nick Nurse. Jeremy is articulate as usual …

  371. Lin needs to do the steph curry practice method. Run around in circles spin around then shoot a 3, repeat. If you can hit those consistently then you know your form will be there in the game

  372. He had always been good on practice. DO you remember the percentage he posted couple of times previously during Hornets period? I remember at one time he posted for 100 balls and then for 1000 balls!

  373. Once you’ve acquired the skills needed to shoot, game situation is all about getting out of the way. Pressure is only part of the reason people miss “easy” shots. Fear and expectations are also a big part of why good shooters can’t make a shot. It’s why Harden and DeRozen has failed to live up to their regular season stats during the crucial playoff games.

    Lin however also has to deal with coaches who deliberately interferes with his timing by creating doubts in his head. They manipulate playtime with irregular intervals that seems to make no sense. They yank him for just one mistake. They don’t allow Lin to get a feel for the game. They tell Lin not to take shots when the flow dictates a shot! They tell him to pass even though a pass isn’t there when low IQ players don’t know how to run plays. How does Lin clear his brain of distractions in order not to get in his own way?

    Having good form helps consistency and endurance but good form doesn’t make a good shot. What makes a good shot is between the ears. Simply put, a good shooter must believe in the shot being taken. Shooting is all about feel and you must feel always that it’s going in.

  374. I luv ramen!

  375. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Good to know that NNurse will be flexible enough with his rotations to reflect matchups and the flow of the game.

    I think one of Lin’s strengths is the open court and getting easy baskets in transition, for himself, and for his teammates. That has to come from getting stops with good defense, such as steals and rebounding. That first game was definitely a good start.

    I have to disagree a bit about winning the title. If, and when, JLin helps the Raptors get to the Finals, that would already be quite the accomplishment. There would be no need to worry about his next contract. In fact, I think if he gets the stats through the playoffs, he will be fine. I would not consider it a failure.


  376. My favorite CORRUPT official on that committee, Chris Paul. His involvement in the last CBA ended up with provisions for max contracts for a small group of players, including himself. And the players allowed him to get away with it.

    “Chris Paul stands to be one of the biggest individual beneficiaries of a subtle rule change on deck for the new collective bargaining agreement….The two other players who immediately jump out as beneficiaries of this rule change happen to be close CP3 friends and fellow union leaders LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. …”

  377. I just remember Brogdon winning Rookie of the Year, even though he was drafted in the second round.

    Good to see you have the correct priority in your rooting interests! Haha, 🙂

  378. JLin is such a pro now in handling the press. He sure knows how to win them over. Not sure who the guy is on the left yet, but look at him nodding and smiling.

  379. Can this be true? How about KJ Choi? And the Korean Women golfers? Inbee Park?

  380. JLin is so self-deprecatingly funny. #We the North is going to LOOOOVE him, if they don’t already.

    More from Josh Lewenberg: “If Jeremy’s sense of humour was as twisted as mine he’d tell Kyle that Jodie Meeks wore his stuff.” Here’s why:

  381. In one of his Instagram Story Q&As. Lin said “trust in the work you put in”. In the right situation, in the flow of the game, he will make the shots. In fact, I think the more clutch the situation, the more likely he will make it.

  382. Wonder if these are for sale. Tsang doesn’t seem to indicate that anywhere.

    Here’s the Linsanity edition:

  383. Haha. Lin the “stabilizer” again….

    Hope the easier schedule means minutes are distributed better so that no one is worn out by the playoffs. Especially the two KLs.

  384. Agree. The expectations are high on the Raptors. And from the Toronto fans.

    But from what I’ve seen so far, I think Lin will be playing much freer this time with the Raptors.

  385. No, not worried.

    In fact, if you recall, the past few weeks have already been full of Knicks fans, bloggers, Bleacher Report, Sports Illustr, etc, etc, All reliving all of the Linsanity moments. BEFORE HE SIGNED with Toronto.

    So, I think “not applicable”. In fact, I don’t think the so-called sports pundits have given Raptors any credit for having acquired Lin. Which is fine, for now.

  386. Yes, RUN away from ESPN! Nothing but click baits.

  387. Agree. If NNurse gets it right, Lin will produce.

    Also agree that Toronto needs to be clearly in first. So far, Toronto is 24 and 5 at home, and 19 and 11 on the road.

    Need to get that home court advantage against the Bucks. Can’t end with the same record because the Bucks are 3 and 1 over the Raptors, wins the tie-breaker.

    But 3-5 games gap? With only 23 games left, don’t think the Bucks will suddenly implode. I think it will be close.

  388. Yes, sounds tough. But the Bucks have lost ONLY 9 road games all year. And the 6 West teams who may be tougher to beat, only Spurs and Jazz.

    But, yikes, those 5 B2B in 25 games. That is a LOT. HOPE IT WORKS OUT IN FAVOR OF RAPTORS!

  389. Uhhhh…[email protected]:disqus…..I’m not so sure about this….

    This just looks like a YOU-TUBE PAGE VIEW. With the “Up next – Autoplay On”. You know, where You-Tube “makes recommendations” based on what videos were viewed before.

    I fell for it and looked up that video from Samsung. Watched it, then skimmed through it because there was NOTHING on Lin. Unless I missed something…….

  390. For the Raptors to finally get to the Finals will be quite an accomplishment. Especially excited that Lin will be a part of this.

  391. Hate to do it, but I have to agree with you. Haha.

    Also, the experience, or lack of. GSW players have all been there, against tough tough competition. Also the experience of the coaches. Nick Nurse is still technically only a rookie coach, against Steve Kerr.

    OF COURSE, I WOULD LOVE IT IF LIN, AND RAPTORS WINS IT ALL! Who here wouldn’t? Let’s see what happens. Not going to get my hopes up too high. If they even get to the Finals, it will be fantastic!

  392. My only reservation is the experience of the coach, Nick Nurse. He seems to have done a great job so far in the regular season. His playoff experience has been as assistant coach. HOPE IT WON’T MATTER!

  393. That Scotiabank Arena definitely LOUD and ROCKING! Maybe that’s why the Raptors have such a great home record. HOME COURT fans helps!

  394. Not sure Tsai, or that lousy Nets Brooklyn fanbase, deserves Lin. Well, it’s a big hypothetical anyhow.

    We can celebrate one Lin game at a time!

  395. Barclays was horrible. Visiting teams got louder cheers than the Nets, couldn’t even tell the Nets were the home team.

    Atlanta was actually much better than Brooklyn. May not always be full, but at least the fans were cheering for the home team. And they always cheered whenever Lin played.

  396. Cody making this publicly says a lot. It underscores that more than a few people feel like I do.

    BBall is supposed to be a team sport. But, in reality, it’s a star-driven politics-filled League. All the talk about playing as a team is all BS.

  397. Ariza has a $15M contract. I don’t think Toronto can afford him.

    So, unless he really wants to win that badly. He would have to give up A LOT of money, at the age of 33. And have to come off the bench behind Kawhi.

    Or unless the Wizards feel like being very generous. Could happen I guess.

  398. Supposedly the Rockets are missing Ariza’s defense this season.

    But not his 3 point %. He was terrible in the playoffs. 28.6% from 3. As a matter of fact, he was 2 for 9 in Game 6, and 0 for 9 in the deciding 7th game. If he had made a few, the Rockets might have won.

    That’s also why all the narratives are so silly. That the Rockets lost because of Chris Paul’s hamstring. Meh…..

  399. Pearls of wisdom from the great Jeremy Lin. JLIn for POTUS!

  400. Not too much new for us Lin fans here. But, always nice to hear JLin relaxed and chilling. The interviewer was pretty good.

  401. Found this on You-Tube. Never heard them before. But, to me, it was hilarious! “Jeremy Lin to the Raptors Reaction”.

    These guys sound just like US here on Portal! Some optimism, mixed in with low expectations. AND THE ANGST! HAHA!

  402. Was checking the RaptorsHQ SBNation site. Man, they have SO FEW comments on their stories! The Raptors-Wizards game thread had only 49 comments! I thought the Hawks Peachtree Hoops were bad.

    Anyhow, FWIW, Raptors HQ with a round-table discussion. Question 4. Interesting takes on the lower seeds.

    Let’s face it. The Raptors still have to get through 2 rounds, BEFORE playing against the scary Bucks.

    “4) Looking ahead to the postseason, what would be the easiest road to the NBA Finals for the Raptors?”

  403. JLin’s recent Instagram Story Q&A, posted by JLinFanfromAustralia. Now put on You-tube by Popo Chung for easier viewing.

    Lin doesn’t think he will be dunking anytime soon. Even if he did dunk pre-game at Atlanta.

  404. Lin said he took Lowry’s gears by mistake (#7) 😄

  405. realgm raptors forum is where the action is at

  406. Ya, I have been JL’s fan much longer than M. Brogdon’s….Go Raptors!

  407. Drum roll…and the brand is…Nike!
    Puma, Adidas, and Under Armour are very happy right now.

  408. Agree, Steph Curry has some very crazy drills that just work. Including doing flashy dribbles before shooting his 3s away from the arc.

  409. Li is a Chinese born golfer and it’s quite different from the Korean wave that’s taken over the ladies lpga. kJ Choi is also Korean so it is great news for other Chinese born golfers that one of ours is finally showing us that we too can do it. He’s very young and has a very bright future. I expect that he’ll join the PGA tour soon and we’ll hear more about him.

    What upsets me most is that we Chinese tend to believe that we’re not good enough to compete with the best of the world. Li Na the two time tennis Grandslam tennis champion was told she was not good enough to play singles and their federation set her schedule to only play doubles. She proved them wrong late in her career after threatening the Chinese tennis association with retirement. Asians are good at golf because we are cerebral and manage risk rewards very well…something good golfers must do in competition. We just need to get rid of the pencil pushers that govern the development of youngsters.

  410. It’s no secret what Curry does. Lin has redone his stroke to become more like Curry. He practices the same dribbling drills. Why would he not copy the same spin around drills as well? We just don’t know his routine enough to know he doesn’t definitively NOT do that drill.

  411. Im not much of a Bleachers report either. Most of the articles are all “rince and recycle” types anyways. Even the positive Raptors articles have him at an upgrade to VanVleet only. Heck, they even recycle our site!

    My news comes from this site only and I block all the negative bloggers I don’t like and read the ones I like. I rarely need anything from some other source.

  412. 🙂 they definitely reflect two main perspectives for Lin: cautious optimism and wary pessimism

    They have good points that the next 2 weeks are crucial to see how Jeremy Lin can contribute to the Raptors. Marc Gasol also plays into that factor. But the PG-heavy system will definitely help Lin to have the ball on his hands more frequently which is his strength. Lin definitely factored this in before deciding to choose the Raptors.

  413. NBA TV Canada has a good sports talk show. It discussed how JLin chose Toronto and also funny anecdote from one of the commentators. She was siting next to Mama Lin and noticed how adorable Mama Lin in the Lin’s 1st game as a Raptors and she should get more TV time. She was busy recording videos and cheering for JLin’s every move just like when he was a rookie! lol

  414. Great observation, Arsenium! Congrats, @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus! You made it in the big Samsung commercial 🙂

  415. So you’re saying there is hope for my golf game? 🙂
    One of these days, I need to get a lesson from you

    Haotong Li also seems to have the easy-going personality to engage with the fans. Hope to see him doing well in the major tournaments soon.

  416. Nurse is talking Lin’s language, “screen and roll blitzing, expanding defensive coverages – double low post defense, to be able to handle whatever is thrown at them with swag and confidence”.

  417. At times when his 3 is off, he was using old form, with a dip (loading at the top of his form near head) of the ball before extension. Still learning to trust his quick release for the 3. Great job Lin!

  418. These guys are funny. They’re like old friends who can get on each other’s nerves.

  419. Jeremy looks happy for the first time in a long time. hope he can stay healthy in this winning situation.

  420. I think it will be Warriors vs Raptors at the final … ha ha

  421. Haha, I can’t even teach myself. Lol. If you ever get a chance to watch the lpga ladies play, I’d suggest going. I’ve seen 4 men’s tour events and though they are amazing to witness, they are totally unrelatable. I now only go to lpga events because they show us hackers how strength is useless in the golf swing. I watch in awe of the Korean women who crushes balls high and long 60-70 yards pass my drives. We use our arm strength and they use their core speed! It’s frighteningly humbling to see ladies who aren’t as strong and most of whom are shorter than me, out drive me by a country mile!

  422. I think so.

  423. And the polite Canadian reporters certainly helped 🙂
    I’m sure interviewing JLin is a treat for reporters. He always gives thoughtful answers, not just cliche, not being sulky like many entitled NBA stars lol

  424. Yes, M. Brogdon has been playing very well as a starting SG for the Bucks ….However, I hope he will slow down when his team faces the Raptors!

  425. Lol, since MDA, this Raptors head coach preferred Lin to shoot more. He can’t afford to have 2 unselfish point guards together on the floor.

  426. Whoever has the hot hand keeps on shooting!

  427. Like Harden or Melo?

  428. Or shoot until you get the hot hand. Kyle Lowry started out cold from 3, but he kept shooting until his shot became money in the 4th Quarter, where it made a huge impact in the game.

  429. I think the short shorts helps.

  430. I agree. His misses lately looked different than the shooting form in November.
    Perhaps his back injury also contributed to him resorting to the old form.

    Someone posted his 3PT% always went back up after the All-Star Break in the past 3-4 seasons so he should be getting more practice on his 3s by now. It was a very good graph

  431. VanVleet said he thought he just jammed his finger initially, played through it for the rest of that Knicks game, got an X-ray, got a second opinion and realized it was more serious. “Thought it made sense to clean it up.”

  432. A Celtics win over the Bucks puts TOR just a half game behind — nationally televised on TNT tonight.

    Go Celtics! Help us out for once.

  433. Kahwi, VanVleet, Coach Nurse interview before the game tomorrow

  434. The last regular season game for the Raptors is April 9.
    VanVleet hopes to return a few games before the playoffs. That means the scenario is for him to be out 5-6 weeks. Jeremy might need to play at least 25minutes/game until then

  435. I feel bad for FVV sounds like he’s a team player and has been currently playing through other injuries too … but that is professional sports

  436. injuries can be tough for sure. Even Kahwi needs some rest games this season after not playing much last season. I hope Lin continues to play smart in his latest style this season.

  437. Yup, Y.E. Yang, first Asian born, major winner, and the other Asian Women golfers who’ve dominated the LPGA for 10 – 15 years.

  438. Low scoring game but Celtics with early lead over Bucks 17-6, Milwaukee in a tough one tonight

  439. instead of whoever has the hot potatoe!

  440. yeah, else it’s I passs to you and you pass to me and I do the same and then again..and then whoops.. 24 seconds is up.

  441. 2 sides of the same positive view i saw with those two friends: one is a very excited , full of hope and a better position of Lin positive way and his point was “we could only go high after Hawk experience” WHILE the second one opinion was a VERY CAUTIOUS POSITIVE view that ever since Lin played on the hardcourt were the same treatment given to him (example were Pbev, Price etc) and Raptors is no different now except we have to HOPE coach NURSE is a different one from the other (positive hope but very cautious one not to be disappointed again) and his opinion of “lets wait after 4 to 5 weeks of playing to know if they are going to make “another video of it” kinda of way..LOL

  442. Lin always plays well against the Spurs.

  443. stop being bias ahaha

  444. KJ I think retired. Korean/Asian women golfers dominate LPGA…

  445. Very tempted but $139 Canadian dollars!?

  446. Celtics lost by 1. Kyrie took 27 shots to make 22 pts.

  447. Never been a fan of Kyrie

  448. NBA plays way too many games. Too hard on players. Fans, true basketball fans are cheated too because there are too many throw away games where players don’t care because it is a long season. I would rather see 1/2 as many games where each game would count. In fact, if they ever allowed basketball to become a serious sport I would go back to watching and maybe being a fan. Never happen though because of loss of revenue from celebrity ballers. So we will be stuck with this system where injuries are too frequent and highly damaging. Speaking of injuries many comments are made by the pundits that refer to Jlin’s health problems, that he is injury prone. However he has been in the league for 8 years and played the whole year (as much as teams would let him) with minor injuries. Then he gets two back to back season ending injuries and he is now “injury prone”.

  449. Celtics Lost by 1 point. 98 to 97. But they held the Bucks to low scoring and played great defense against ththe #1 team in the East. Celtics starters were all in the positive, it was their bench that gave up points to the Bucks bench.
    This was similar to how the Raptors bench (Before Lin and Gasol) lost the game last time.

  450. Wonder who else was in the race for Jlin after buyout. Do you know?

  451. 🙂

  452. Yes, so far, the Canadian media has been very welcoming. With good senses of humor.

    Lin is just a respectful person. He knows they are doing their jobs. (Not that I’m a fan of SOME specific reporters.)

  453. I feel like I belong to BOTH camps. Cautiously optimistic, and warily pessimistic at the same time. Is that possible? LOL.

    These next two to three weeks are going to fly by way too fast. Want to enjoy each and every game that Lin will be LINNING in!

  454. Very tempted too.

    Will have to order by mail. Odds of making it to a Toronto game very unlikely.

    Do they sell “away team” jerseys? Such as, if Lin is back in MSG or Barclays, will they sell Raptors jerseys or t-shirts?

  455. Want to see the full interview! Hope they release it soon.

    Master Chef Lin. Needs to start a cooking show, like Serge Ibaka.

    Ibaka, from the Congo, but has Spanish citizenship. Supposedly has a very funny cooking show, serving ingredients strange and unfamiliar to his teammates. He just invited Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol to his show.

    TRIVIA: The three of them played together for the Spanish National Team. Which, BTW, back in 2008, when the team had both Gasol bros, with Ricky Rubio and Jose Calderon (NOT Ibaka), played in the Beijing Olympics. Were accused of making racist gestures with their eyes when posing for team photo, with a dragon motif. They subsequently apologized and Calderon said they thought it was a gesture of camaraderie because they were going to Beijing.

    Anyhow. Josh Lewenberg VERY FUNNY, implying Ibaka could maybe give food poisoning to the guy who might be starting over him, and to the guy on the opposing team. Yikes! Gotta have a good sense of humor!

  456. Like sooooo many ball hogs and flashy dribblers and SCORERS. Wouldn’t know a team-sport if it kicked them in the backside.

    It’s unbelievable that those teams win any games at all.

  457. All the double standards used against Lin. That Kyrie gets a pass on.

    Injury prone and missed games? Yup. Drafted number one in 2011, and 3 years later, could not help the Cavs to any winning seasons. Until LeBron goes back.

  458. Too many games, and each game is also too long.

    TOTALLY AGREE about any negative narrative that can be attached to Lin has been used. Looong list of players who are hurt often and missing games. John Wall, Mike Conley, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Patrick Beverley.

    Hate it when “they” say Lin played only 37 games with injuries in two years. INACCURATE! 36 games in one season due to ONE problem with the hamstring. Then the other injury is a season-ending ONE. Even though it’s true that these were serious injuries. But also ONLY TWO incidents.

  459. Boooo. Celtics lost.

    On the bright side, Nets also lost. Unfortunately, Miami also lost. Their highest scorers were DWade and Dion Waiters. What a joke. They are not helping with taking out the Hornets or the Nets.

    I look at a team like the Heat. Not bad enough to tank, but on the edge of making playoffs. With Dragic out so many games earlier (also injury prone), why wouldn’t they want to get Lin to START and get them over the hump? Spoelstra, of all people, have seen the damage Lin can do.

    TOO BAD. Miami’s loss is Toronto’s gain.

  460. SAME WITH LIN. Mr. 4th Quarter. Can be off for 3 quarters but will turn it up. Like that Wizards win, when Lin was still a Hawk. 0 for 4 thru 3 qtrs, then 6 for 8 in the 4th.

  461. These two keep shooting even when they don’t have the hot hand. Haha.

  462. Waiting for the full interview to be released! Looks like it will be funny, with Danny Green there.

  463. Raptors getting respect!

    But, I don’t gamble. Rather have a good meal with the same money. Also why I’ll never be rolling in dough. LOL.

    And I really don’t get how gambling and professional sports competition should be connected in any way.

  464. That was a fun lighthearted look. The woman commentator with the red hair is Kate Beirness. She is sometimes the sidelines reporter for the Raptors. She interviewed Siacam at the end of the Wizards game.

    Mama Lin always there to support. Wonder where Papa Lin was hanging out. Maybe in Taiwan with lil Bro Joe…

  465. You do realize that the GM and owner has the most say in who they want right? If Spoelstra had any say, Heat wouldn’t have the roster they had now.

    Also once Wade retires I suspect they will need to go into rebuild. Team needs young players and the current main starters Whitehead and Dragic aren’t going anywhere.

  466. And yet Irving felt he deserved more credit for the championships, not. He was lucky to be allowed no.2 option and score so much because he doesn’t make his teammates better. Hope he’s gone after this season.

  467. Still two seasons wasted and barely playing. Not to mention 2nd one was a career ending one. Lin loss a lot of his speed and athleticism because of the 2nd injury. Should’ve gone to Fortius right after his first injury with the Knicks. Would be a much healthier player now.

  468. my guesstimate is that he would be back beginning of April

  469. @Dinoneseus:disqus then you need to join michael’s wagon

  470. Looks like LinChef has lost quite abit of mass there…hmmm

  471. Only if you want to be a gopher.

  472. Interesting information! Thank you for sharing. I didn’t know Ibaka has a cooking show.

    The Olympic trivia – I remember the Spanish team’s “friendly-gesture” photo.

  473. Makes me happy anytime Nets and Houston loses. Unfortunately, it was LA that beat the Rockets. I don’t have as much venom against Hornets.

  474. Counting down the hours to the game!

  475. Just to kill the time!///lolz

    Strangest NBA moments of the 2018/2019 Season ᴴᴰ

  476. I can’t … raptors against warriors at the final … can’t help it

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