Congratulations to Toronto Raptors and Jeremy Lin For Becoming 2018-2019 NBA Champion

Congrats to Toronto Raptors and Jeremy Lin for becoming 2018-19 NBA Champion!! The Raptors won Game 6 114-110 over Golden State Warriors and won the series 4-2.

You fought valiantly in the playoff with great resilience & believed in one another. It was ⁦also a hard-fought game by the defending champion Golden State Warriors who fell short due to injuries to Kevin Durant and also lost Klay Thompson in Game 6 to knee injury as he landed awkwardly. Kevin Durant is expected to miss the whole 2019-20 season while Klay Thompson injury status is unknown at the moment ⁦

Consolation Prize for Jeremy Lin in 2018-19 Season

Although it is a bittersweet moment that Lin did not play meaningful minutes in the playoff run, it is a bit of a consolation prize that in his first recovery year, he made the right decision to get bought out of his contract with Atlanta Hawks and joined Toronto Raptors mid-season. He shared how he contemplated retirement before the season began because of the injuries to his body so he has gone a long way to join a team who became an NBA champion. It is certainly something to be thankful that he’s still playing and part of a championship team.

We can only hope that Jeremy Lin will be back to 100% health and playing form next season. It is unknown which team Jeremy Lin might be able to join. With great rapport as a veteran PG who mentored Trae Young in Atlanta Hawks, there might be similar backup PG role to mentor young PGs. Lin played 74 games this season after only playing 38 games in the previous 2 seasons riddled by hamstring and patellar tendon injuries.

There will be uncertain moment for Lin fans to ponder which team can and will use him well next season but until then, it is time to celebrate the championship with champagne, lots of In-N-Out burgers, and sushi for Lin, his family and friends, and his fans!